The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Regional Speleology ( local )
Technical Speleology ( local )
serial ( sobekcm )
United States


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Contents: Meeting dates -- UTSS training program -- Notice to Texas Grottos -- Note from Don Widener -- Note from NSS editor -- Note form Bob Hudson -- Mayfield Cave -- The square knot and the granny knot / Wm. Thomas -- Discussion of Stokes' Law.
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Vol. 1, no. 7 (1956)
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See Extended description for more information.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Contents: Meeting
dates --
UTSS training program --
Notice to Texas Grottos --
Note from Don Widener --
Note from NSS editor --
Note form Bob Hudson --
Mayfield Cave --
The square knot and the granny knot / Wm. Thomas --
Discussion of Stokes' Law.