The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Regional Speleology ( local )
Technical Speleology ( local )
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United States


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Contents: Meeting dates -- Note from state health department -- Regional convention -- Lo unto others... / J. C. Pearce -- The fauna of Contex Caves / Dave Kyser -- In memorium: Charles Hilburn -- Introducing: Holmes Semken, Arthur Carroll, Bill Helmer -- First aid for accident victims in caves / R. T. Scott -- Correspondence.
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Vol. 1, no. 10 (1956)
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See Extended description for more information.

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''. .1",.';1..,.,, .. ,. :.'.-}; I ; .,:;;, ''"' Xc:i'.3S Olk'll>ter; ._: t:a!t.1 IJ:r ilOllt.b ... . \ . n-:;o:lt,.!;.}" ll'IJ.!IJ.dJ.I"{?;.) or P. G:\cup o LWAO t:rll3S, lllli-ro.miw :3t:lt:ton, TW:L.-\6,; . Fl.\'Bt 'unatlt.ty vf eva:ey :.r.>, Cuntnct: : :J a Go ti'l:t-3 AVr:Jn\'lt;) o .A:us'tjJl ._. \t : _Cn;.&tar:rii IJnklnlo. L., Solta JJa1lr.i1J_ St "3 $oc1e t r .; Box Wi-7 aon A-o.ton:J.o, o :. .. . :Be:U't or; l3"b 1625 <>rangs ... .. U:.aitll .. . :<' 1 r."_:.4J __ ,_,'l'\.t"_,.;1. ,-),...,.,.,,.,..,.z,..t, r .\ -,. ... ... ....... M.a'iji'f1.;g:S .. "Wll1. be ))S;l{l e.i; [to ei-u e.-ull.i. on . -t;ho tt.e Pf'.rt'-m:l \:T.1ll l.0ao;n (;\!Gl:i=.\r.te t,c ttJr.t lJ:JJl co (Jf. \'.1"-t.t tbe 'tllelt i :r.ttS(l t"./31 T.Jlal'l$,.. . C"i!U. J.'()l' .tbig tl.Ul'l'l.OUi;. ;t.AiS l.e : beaf:; tJbl\t v.1o l,v.vo J}ltt'l!o . : : : \ . . to s Dn'Vo U\m:.a.b, J a cy. lloy _e.nd 1JS.ll . ,. , R To fR'.(ttt,; r lY.l'nc. I!t.:Jl."'"-t'l", l)ose Kyf.tsl11 Al"";1wl: .tll)J:l. L'H'Il'P.I H'U"L1:.v;W":


Do -ctha:r a o o o. l:: y J o Co f'C&t-Ca Does tc&.s tl. strike yc.u as a :u.ttJ.e ;cntt of place tor an o.1'i;j.cJ.e on c:e.vmG;:? l\'nt nt e.l.l 11' . yot: a.t it the Wl:l1 I doo F'or c it may seem to .. n 5.n my of th:tl'\ss 0 I ''{1. to day 0 cr.J:S 0 a hous (1 bgu.t t '!..ud wbnt h&.,e . 'Jti.'\ pl .. with my otln ,m Ii.; '''o'llld '>e a ras!n. m'IJ.i : cave '"r/'.1"--i'l'-:7 .(>Q't'"''r."ions ca:vo .I,J "'"' .li:J ""',."'-=I l J. .,1. Ao\U';I, fl ...-Q ,. 1Jc, l '' d llll.Ul'b to ,.,r "'''."'''"' , ,1'.'11 .,..l., lutvro t!!J2,,.,_ .; .. .. j : ..._, b t;j A-Le\ "-'.lt U' .-.. :: ;..., .,, '!.! .... t } .. ... J .. ,..... "' .,\. \,; ....... s .... ,._. ..&oll.. J,. ?'iOpJ'.a I -1:; 1lf:tte to tiX.rougb. ;:,,if (!rt';o? Ljlcn 31\)tn9 ot"lnars I l1.<:1vo '\'Ill<' ho.d mlfoLi;m'!.:l't:e a;,cpru. .. ;lal'\ees 9 1-t e'ould 110t :j:.i 1;11-a :t:m11viiius.J. o:r tha g:-rgup_ my p::. .. .:>p3rty and f1.rst as1dng rrzy per ri,3:lther would lt be to 'I:Jl:.n tb.air !lash bulbs cti. ::v'EJ.7." tl1'3 0 and 1neitlently C.l:roiilG 0 'Which 1:ti a Yit.h poor ei:reul.at1on 'fl'.A"J :..xi.l'l :tt fol" ava.n weeks or 1Jl1)l1ths o I used carbide dt."iJJlpecl a outside tha cave so cr eould i:e the pie i:.hely Dlll.:V have r.u:.tde ruta fJ.; anf. vf fl01nf5 thl."(j .. :, by h'UJ.'"lail l.l..'l').llCi:J n -: : di.scoVfi'.!I'."Y fl'r l:llly Texas spol\mkt-,rC) lr,ver.te'brotes occur in g.J:'f>E\t Zl\1Ll ... 1.1Gls c:nvfl:J co I hn.vo noon _. sflall. in nlznoot every :t rR .. l'e v;lE.:.S.tccl 11 Acmu-ato .... '. t):!' thoso W'!>uld vo:..t 11'\_., im1J.t., OC(!llr . ,.-:,_,....... :: ... v t\J-1 ' . . .. '''"'' .. .--.. .., .. \(';-/,'' \ ., ;. '"-, . ; . . { \ f 'l A 1 t' I'-._ .... ,----... --,-. 1"-... .: .. =-; ;.'". "' "'---"], ., . J ......

:. .-Jat:r5 of the DGVil'S Sinlt-.: 4 .JA !l !!;:r.ell e s Ca\"'6 t an(l Sally 10 stat,gs that these have fo\ll'ld in Cuba indicating t this i:t'le:rt,;b:ra.te is wide 5 1:ccud in. d ist:('1but1ono e.x-T:1'9.";{ sll.;vr differences in cave to cave as to ez1st in \.Zidely sep-. syste:ms .. : "' Ei?:ell s CfJ.\':' e.lso yields sli.i:'j mr: r,nd .a. both white and oelJ.cate o Examination ot' ... -;,:at,el' area caves for .these :r .:::s f1ui tf'ulo These an:l.mals 0:cs very smallo .... coi:t] .. Ci been overloolr.ed in otl:e.:r caves o sully cave,. one or the 0 hr:tS 1ntal.''OS1iSll(!; :. liJ.'a o A t11b:tp scorpion a .cti:(lv;i,:cl-m tr:e:re obse:z'Ved o) Tha \'I hip s<:vrp1011t, a species or is P. seorp1on ... l1ke a:racbnid ::. lmJ.1?=1ike (no whip):. and tl.\E; paj.r o:r l.egs de"'eloped . i::.r:;(\ antennC\e-lilte feelers o This shmed no l'eaat:ton to light o The gll)"jJ\;orr!l 1s a co.te:'"J)1lla7.'-lilm a::.ina.:t. o -nossibly a \'llli,!h hus ti. sp9t o:r lum1nessonce eaeh ; let; jo;tut and on .. head. Stra11gely l?.il:'l';h :-;1 11s an:lrnal also had no :\j:i}"(:( light.., At t;;,:; smu3 t i!.il., TNh:!. teto ; observed i:;:J.'le Go light . IJc W;)u1d 1f. an.'f o:r the .::.uc;ve listin.'as WO"lld contact. cavel .. or \ I I 4 r' I {\J u ll I I '.1 Th.i.u &l'tiele .ls acd'lcat;ed too ulil l>o a:\\d o.ov.bJ!e &> Ull ' :tn mafi'ar:L!J.l ed1t1ng by s t.;111f.:!' o . for ).oeo:f.V1t\,Q; ... 6:t'"il!\.l tllG i1.ax1; is oua :ta 'llrt)elt:a to S'll?>sCl.ipt:.t.on CtJ.\T'l:tl' La u mmlt hly pub:tic:!at1oo. l>"'Jl}J.lnb:.u:J C1> Of: o.ll C.':l'VO!'S in too o l'G3 mn.i11 ru,-,ct;lon 1a to incaving .,ct1v. i ty !n orutJ:r til reoa1ve this name on:1 Oildrass along 'd1til onl dolltll' t9 Texas Caver 7.l3 .trvcnw G Auat1n, T-o:.tss liavt:a):9 1et t rJB:to : (;o .. o .. 1>eaucy was i.leJ:-o., 1Dlti.1 lW.,1!


HOLMES SEJ1KEN is a well known . AUstin cavar \'lho 1s presently serving his aeoond term as president of the UTSS. He haa ..... ..-' .. been caving in the atato .for. the ... :fe\ tfliif"..' /'" pr1mar1l;y 1n the geologic aspects . c .olleotor: t(\ . . .. .. ARTHUR CARROLL 1a well known around. AUatin ca.v1ng o1rclee aa ... . J.,. .. the hardest l'iorl{eJ: of thl3 UTSS. ,. r. \f . Arthur has held Seveial J.>OUts :; w1 th the grotto anc:. praaer),tly' / ('"'-. Arrtllv" .. __ : : . .. 1a expedition ot.\91rmen. He is """ an NSS member, vlco preeic.ont of .the Texas Reg1or1. and come a .... from Taxe.s City,. He 1o e BjJ:.L HELMER is also a phys,.cu : at UT (junior) nnd comes to A us tin from Pharr 1n. tho Rio Chu.nrle Valley o Ho 1s an NSS member . cU1d of the UTSS, ; ,' 1nteresi;ad 1n plio oography_ .. .. r.:.Ild mup l'JOrk 1n caea. Some ,of his lnterasts ara amateur l.'n0i o ( \.JR), photography. nnd hl-flo He 1s starrartist foi." the Texas Caver. senior physj.cs student at : with ca'"'.ng interests 3.n bio Jne.pp1ng ..........


pago 5 1'ol' Victims . ;r:; no scott Xf ail Wh1l\l opl!l:lt to the limb. o:r 1:!11 in whl,;:. n .ti' thr, :l.llju:rod eaver 1s cut i.;li:21 of bonsa "to extent tlnt an artery 1o thG s.ntam;:1J. organs e%1sts .1nvoJ.Vl)!J., one should a.ppl1 a. tour-mn:y n:'d.quert, mdfJ a. t ol :!!h:d :i."!i. a:.'l o n 11. :Sho 9 1ac o ThiD be epp-jjlwx--a 'f!JJl:v ba stteh s variety of !or :tlve m:lnutas and renease4 Q:C tho fo:r O:CN). m.i>nt:rtG9 r:;,nd t.tsn e.ppl1ed i'.:>l'lc'.:r11'lt; inf.o:rma rr .. <:J.y be 'Used as-ain tDr i"1vta (\ Th1s ui'G. h l')Iopel". aeeor'Cl. s.twuld be until the bleed:i:r.: (;he t:f:'l.At o : 3xlg stoppee o Com.rJrGfH),.on .;> I1' tb.e llf.\s i'alJ.en 'l>ft a 'bandages should be nppl1E!d along J..:&;;s do;m a slcpe ana. is l'!lnder-an 1Uat:l.r:;e}lt1co Tha 1nj\trf:ld 'by this :fall sbo1:::ld bG to s plws1c1an \i'lltll a,.d ru1 es possil)l'f'J m tas o l:f' 11 as o; ltE)St!l t this ln:.t t nu1ah blood o i;t;s cv: i?er .a.1JY btllWS I lmv.s t.o thia all!lS Of.' lUi px. t;. 'Vtl3.n : : of t;t .. e ''ar:to1;y oi" . intolf!..a..l. : :: coui.<..\ ax1at :Ln . . J',f 1:!t of tJlEt CtiVtl e.t t .. ot' t:n,,l.;.e.n 'il10V"tilezrli VO'J'Y .. It t.m.t t.t.Lt;t patient tc) fleJVt'll' ar < . lll:>t 1mti1 91lttab.l.o u:td is could folull!t, 1'!f tha ht :i.t! I) .. to 'bl!) o;r o ttl!! .. s \lucon<,1o.,l9. .. If &"'J:f t,.)f the fz:L:U D A'S sbc,\lld bll ;. pleaso t t.o .\>I :loth wlla1;e-vmt ,.;rnp is llo T illl (J:f tb's to p:.. .. Do ncot 1 :Caver, l wi:t:t tr:v to ;9.n.'3'ttmr a:r,.:ru0(;1 oX. DJt-h9.Vtl tt\19 quolto :t:t'iati .1:n!iiv1dual t.mlmo A :li)!)Ulll 'bm S2 90Qn . : U 3 to f":l:nd a. pJ)Jra:1e1an i : I :!} .,,-::1.11 c.ome aJ3Y (:)Jacar') :tf tbH ca-v sr 'b:rok'Eln a leg :::..u; :3:m1 the atu>ul1 'ba ) ., pe:rs oil'/. at' ::1bould not 'broll:.9n bciO.ep but l'lhoUI.d ;g ao t11at i 't 3.s l=-'I ... .. -:-, ... -.l .. ,;;;ol;l trom u:;;y OI bOfl:r"dS in the .. rc:r way by a . :; .. :f 0 t"lq\laJl.y u:i:'C.\iie.Ct tiw l1Yib \7lltll it a .s,;t,pporto l ::.:,y ,A.Il:':O. a f.i.t:'lld 6 or. a tlcbt,G:& 'tJ.elt T!il."J ba tt..CJed o'i.D. or ; .:.:; h11 r11ay used to l>itv:l too : :race l9tte:rs tsvce be.'!ln 1nce1'Ad :roeantl,y from Don. off' Mal.s :tt"lorida, and Claude F.tSad 'D:f o Martin itS p:toa1d,,nt of Flor3.dl:t. B:paJ.eoloi;ical society which is assor.:j.atw 111 th sk1.u ... (l;l.v!Ijg 119 had. :!f'{:liid e.111 &I'ticle i.n tha la.tast on e jttSC t1nt exp1ct:,l'St1cm. Qf o s and "''o.nh:a, to taclm1c. .ues t .be d:l.vclca o Claude fi..)e.d0s d3.3

SUlJJ/lER ADLRESS LIST section 1 o Abilene Dpe!eolog1cal society"ah Crange1 Abilene v: .. E .. Ele.k.,'3more--P .c. Box 22'1'8 la.nd NcS . . I Bob e.nd Bart Crisme.n--1625 Orange. Ab1leno Nss Tommy \:alnut, Cdeasa 'Ul:SS Jan stephens--1409 Tilden, \';5.ch1ta Fo.lls. : UTSS Eo p o Thorne--P .0. Box 164 a San l\ngelo .: NSS osca:r :.eisz--F .. o . Box 3042,. r.un /,ngelo. . ';: :.1ight,. Jr.--24.08 south seventh11 Abilor.te Nss Section II o Balconies Grotto--;; R,.chard ncott. 5"/13 AvenuG G., Aust3.n Dallas .. cal Don :.idener, 10527 soJ:ta Dallas .. University of Texas University station. Austin; or ; Dav :td Fannahjt 715 D, 321\ Aust:tn Allman--911 t:illo\11 1 Austin ( Gr69842) UTSS Ken bnke:t'--1110 B /). f,:rackenridge l1ptso, 1\ustin (G:t) .. UTSD . NSS Don I ennight ... -1507 Colorado. Austin ( Gr21366) I u.rns Fred Berner ... ao715 B,. East 32 .Aust:Ln ( Gr72056) . : "(JTSS Davld Bosi:Iell--2304 San Anton1o, Austin u.rss . . Bltsh Breland ;J, .. o-.. Dro, Dallas 24 lJSfJ r.o) R ._ But.lcr.-o.513 S. N:tnth Te;ague NSS .. . ';.'illirun Cronemriett--2504 B a Lo:ng-{1ew 11 .Austin fuss Cb:t:c-les Dean--Route 1908 Grapevine Sam GoldlJatel ..... -1810 Cong1ess /mstl:n U'rss David H::tm1ah-... 715 B II East 32 8 .Austin u.rss . Bob Holder .. -916 t:est Liv-e Oalt11 Au.st1ll (Gr65914)' .NSs. tr.I.'SS Robert IlUdSOl'l-2117 Streett ;:aco NGS . . Nan Jones-,..2ID2 East 1811 .Austin (Gr25297) urss . .. Da\7:td K;rsel .. --715 B, East 32, Austin (Gr. 72056) I urss .John J..aphwn--2700 l;e5te:rn ,. J.i"'t o .. . ....... .' . Austin NSS Bill r,:la.ples--1104 Guadalupe,. A u.s tin u.rs5 : . Joe F.11 Comal Sto, Austln NSS Dotti Pa.ynG--325 Andre\vS Dormo II .Aus"Gin ( Gr66611) urss. Joe rea:rce--5713 Aveo G., Austin !'ISS .Bal. Roy Fietsch--2304 \:est 49. Au.stin ( Hcl55(:',J.O) NSS Bal. TeJ.9.S Region; Boax'd of "NGS .. Clarence P:rinca11 Jro .. -3117 Sto11 Dallas 5 Jac-k F:ropsma .. -9'/0 Post (ak,, Austlr. (Gr60788) urss Richurc1 (Scotty) 6 Burnett /,us tin (.Gir30967) .Bal. NSS Dlrectoi' and to the Board. of . Governors o the NoS fi r tho Texas Reg1cu : . .. . . .. Holmes rost Oak Place :Rockdale liDS UTsn Ja.mie Spence,..' ... z : : o2 Gcaton11 Apt. B, Austin UTSS .. Charles .. 2522 Dabney Place,. Grand Prairie NSS rlol'm .Templc... 24C 5 Sabine St. .Austin .l'IDS Don l:idenc.r--lo.rt' Solta D1ve, Dallas (FA 9654) NSS DSS Bnk"n:l.e 2:;.12 san Gabriel, urss Gntde:r ..... J j'inllJY A'llstiu ( GTJ56ll0) :s-loyd Potter., 1 .,c. -120'7 Richcrcel<: Hd .. ( ib508fJO)


--'1 .; On J. r.1nry 11 s Unlvcrsity soc!t.e1;:y-... J3c:t:.t 5'17 san. ii Ol" Ht.lrve;l' 13341" Texas Avo o., G o.n Lmto:a:Lo ( Pa5 .. l.l51) EjJ..lCi.. .. 1\J:.:::mr:;;f"or .. StCI r..ra.t'1'S Un1vers:l:ty. Hnll:.. snn Ar1.ton:Lo J oc 1\in::a;o:r.cll .... :;,.r.; o M9.ry' s I) Ch'3.11l1nade 11all. san ... 'l.nton.1.o pnga : "' Hj.cinrd ... -40'7 East :3t0 0 Del .R1o NSS }};.:.'v3y ... 234l rexns A'TS. San Antonio ( Pe5115l) .. NSS. SMOSS ol7 "th3 Regio11 Fox-... 5o'5 Kl11gs HigblJ:a.y o san .Ani;on1o Sl'I.USS ...... lHZ En st Sa:!n Ho\1st::>a0 Pharl' H35 UTSS Hl.uor.:> ... Sto Mar;vs Un1versi.ty. Eilll0.San !ii':.ton1.o . Bot Jones ... -8422 Magnolia, se.n Antcn1o u.css 211 Edirl"burg Jokm i.v:e.rltey--230. Holly St. t Se.n Antonio SMUSS sect ;i. (l:tl :tv o cm::rcll .. flle, 18" N 1 ) T(:!.Xas C1 ty rms 'OTSS v; .. ce-Gb.a1runn of reJ:as Reg5.m.1 : Pn 'i; I -412"'/ I-tJusto:n ( Ga3:1260) G:tt;J.i H':n"},Wl'--5!555 Aspenn UTS.S. Blue Bo11net Dr .. NE'S Dnvi.d .. 2o122 David st .. D Ch-r1ul;i NSS B:t7.l ... -5201. Green Tree Road,. rvuston !9 (lVIa33368) t.tckel-.. 5206 Dieppe. Houstou rJ"'t. "l$0 r .... e -. 'A II \. J. ..,t;., \t Nnn lli.\::rt:ln ... -5515 S.ha:.-rell Dro Atlanta. Ga liES tT.rSS o:f' tr:.e Region rJr ..... Apto 911 1305 lr:ls0 I..os Alamosa Do.u Good3on--5-15 I.aurel Sto. San Diego., Cal. NSS. lJTSS . D:ro Ber.nle J o s.,, Ap't 303.: Chicago, lU. Nf.iS Bal. .. D:Lc}: So .Yale11 Tulsa, ukle.o :. : Dick Teriney, .l304 s.-Yale .. :'l'ulsa CJkla ..

Contents: Meeting
dates --
Note from state health department --
Regional convention --
Lo unto others... / J. C. Pearce --
The fauna of Contex Caves / Dave Kyser --
In memorium: Charles Hilburn --
Introducing: Holmes Semken, Arthur Carroll, Bill Helmer
First aid for accident victims in caves / R. T. Scott --