The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Cave paleontology, with special reference to the caves of Texas - Part II / Ruben M. Frank -- Texas cave areas, map -- Caves of Langtry out soon -- Part of "Y" cave mapped, extension made -- 1961 Texas region project information -- News of the Grottos.
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Vol. 6, no. 8 (1961)
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See Extended description for more information.

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-_ . --_ ... _--_ .... -_ . / ...... ,-rI I I A U S T 1961 ;-=;;;;:::=: : --====-= I '11. I TAATOIO"6I ... Ii" MY" '''''" HATI ,0 ."iHO ALONt THill ClRICHHO.u.. -i ___ _ ____ ... ...... ""_ .. ..... : ..... .... ... ..... ,. .. .... .,_,' .. ___ .. ..... ___ ." ..... '" .. ... --.' _ ..... ... .... ....... 1 ....... I / : / rMl /...." " . : t. I I ,,! lirA" ,. j..' i / f / I i .j f,j ..--'" ... ,.. I .,.L / -n , / / .... ... \ f ... ..... tt ? i "" ( / (0" < / ... /'1' './-; '.1 './ '/ I I ( .:;""/'",1. :.. r r ""\ 1 \ .. ,," :;",-11../ / r ; .1/ -.' It' /..'J r l.' '-/' ... ",' . -. . .., / \ / 1 : / 1 0 / .L.. ... / .\ / I J). I j 1 r . / . . II,r 1A: .. / ? '-"'''/ 1 ' "i('f,JI;I .... ,./00 ) O ) ( ,' ,;;r.e . . '*-' ..... . \"... t . ...., . 1' ..# -' I ."',,!W, ..... I I .,.., .... _._---_ .... .... __ .. ... ...... .... -.. ...... ... .. -.." ... ..... texas region Speleological Society


CAVE PJ.IEONTOLOOY, WITH SPECIAL REFEIGNCE TO THE CAVES OF TEXAS -Part II, h y Ruben 1<1. Frank -----93 'lEUS CAVE AREAS, MAP ------95 CAVES OF LANGTRY OOT SOON ---96 PART OF "Y" CAVE MAPl-ED, EXTENSION 1/.Al)E -96 1961 TEXAS REGION PROJECT INFORHATION --96 NEWS OF TIIB GROTl'OES -----------97-----------98 Over 60 per cent of the CAVER subscriptions expire with this August issue! In an editorial in January, the editor had asked a favor of the cavers of Texas. At this time another is being asked: Would each of you please remember to renew your CAVEll subscriptions lIS promptly as possible? Each issue has been wonderfully accepted by those who receive it. The majority of cavers have expressed that in their opinion the for a subscription cost was not too much, considering that a Bubstantial number of complementary copies were be ing sent to landowners and ranchers who have shown a tremendous amount of hospitality to us. You have probably noted that every month excepting one, there has been photos included, especially on the. covers. This makes them more attractive and more interesting. Cost of photo reproduction is quite high, hence their exclusion in this issue. We do not want to beg for donations, but we do want each subscriber to renew as soon as possible to keep the TEXAS CAVER on a prompt bill-payi ng basis. If very few of you 60-per-centers resubscribe, it will mean the end of higher quality newsletters, and possibly the end of the CAVER. On the address label of each CAVEll to you is your date of expiration to the right of y our nrune. If yours says "Aug 61" on it, and if you have a ye 11 ow subscription blank in your copy, please renew at the earHes t coovenient time! Thanks! Ed. The 1961 Texas Region Project to be held on the Labor Day Weekend, September 1 4, is expected to get off on a big start at least by Saturday morning. A fairly heavy turnout is also expected and it is requested of each person attending and camping at the Caverns of Sonora tha t they please not bother the operations of the Caverns and not interfere with the tourists. This project should prove to be the most successful of any the Region has had See you in So nora L3bor COVER: Our cover photograph of some cave, interest to all cavers: this month, although not a still eives something of The humor of it all. This group of carto ons was drawn by Jerry J. Johns o n of Abilene. Jerry is not a caver, but has a pretty good imagination don't you think? VOLUN E VI, NO.8 AUGUST, 1961 .sTAJT EDITOR HEIJEERS James Estes Bart Cris1ll8Il George Gray John Lanier Gerald Roberts CONTRIBu'rOHS (This Issue) Paxton Hutchison Ruben H. Frank Jerry J. Johnson Ka therine Goodbar NEWS SECRETARY James Reddell Irene Estes THE TEXAS CAVER Is an official publication of the Texas Region of The National Speleo logical Society and is published in Abilene, Texas. I-laterial submitted for publication in the TEXAS CAVER should be typed, doubled-spaced, and mailed to the Editor at 2818 South 39th, Abilene, Texas." Maps, photographs, cartoons and news will be accepted and published if space is available and will be returned upon request. Deadline for all material is the 5th of the month preceding each issue. Subscription rate" is $3.00 per year beginning 1 April, 1961, and may be mailed anywhere in the United States. T E X A S REG ION of the NA'rIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Abilene Grotto: 1626 Orange, Abilene, Texas Alamo Portsmouth, San Antonio 'Dallas-l!'t worth Grotto: 3622 Norma, Garland Permian Basin Grotto: 900 S. Franklin st., ----l-1onahans, Texas Universi ty of Texas Speleological Society : Box 7672 U.T. Station, Austin 18, Tex. CHAIR!1AN ----------Arthur Carroll ----Dudley Roberts SECRETARY-TREASURER -----James Estes TEXA::) REG ION PUBLICA' rI0NS: TEXAS CAVER (Address above) THE TEXAS S PELBOLOGICAL Box 7672 u.'r. Station, Austill 12, Texas THE TEXAS CAVE INDl!:X, Box 7672 U. T. station, Austin 12, Texas PRINTED BY R & R REPRODUCTION 1026 NORTH 4tIJ ABILENE, TEXAS


THE TEXAS CAVER PAR TIl 110 Caves of Texas Caves in Texas may be divided into thre e major groups for paleontological pUI') oseso These divisions are dependent on a number of variable and somewhat in t e r d e ) t mde n t but for simplifications 1-70;, shall consider only hlO of these, and accessabilityo Size itself do=s not have much direct relation to the rres ervation of fossil remainsg but the agents determining size do have pronounced effect on the a m ount of fossil i z : ;d spGcir:J.ens as well as thair condition 8.nd geolOGic range o It should be evident t l12t accessabili ty of the cave is a de L r:Jlining factor in the nUlllb e r of preser nO. individualso The determining the size of the cave primarily horizontali ty r:.nd v erticality, tectonic setting, type :i n a s olubility of surrounding sedilll ants(. ::: lcl. physical Le" 9 1>Thethe r the c, w e 1S in 11 creek bed or high on a ridge top" If the c a ve is a v ertica l one then erosion be less likely to it compl etely and e ven if ero;>.-;_on3.1 .e.:::;;:;nts act rapidly, the cave, or a t l east remnents of its tend to throug h a longer period of time If i t i s horizonta l an d the r ate of erosion 8 f!>_!it<;T than the rate of solution of t';,:; s vrrounding sedim ents then it could "be: cor r .pbtcly eradicated and ,,ith it, all [oc-;sH s tha t it may have contained" As for tectonic settillb, if the C"', ',,",'; 1.S j n an area of active anal cr in tecton ism it ,-",ill obviously not as lon g as i t w-ould if it 'l-lere in a .:1r-:-;a,. The fossil remains that may 8,c c umulat e d in it 1'TOuld range over a :::lO:ct e r srean of time and t h e number of in (iJviQu: ols v!ould also be deficient" The

94 as (see map). They al'e middle-aged Texas caves; th:lt i89 proba-bly fOr:TJ.ed durine lab f l etst0cene, nh3: cr: these C : J .V':: S \'li 11 dt:=; cus:.ed mors full y in the 113.::; t of this ra [,':1' 0 The major for ... :)f l:;his group the 0llenberge:r fO:IT.l.ation ', is Ordovician, and the BrJ.1tlards and Glf.:nrose fon,,: ,ti.onsy l;oth 'fhis is probably the most important a:;.'ea as far as Pleistocene paleOritoloZY is cerned. Not only because cord.i.. tio:'. 1s earlier have been nearly ideal for the past million, but also because these cave s are accessable and in reasonable proximity of a heavy hUll ,an The only peleontologic caves in the state in which extensive 'Nork has be. m done f,:111 Hi thin this groupv Western C Hveso The third group is by caves of west and southvTe s t Tex 'i s (see IlJap), This group ovcrlAV:l lith c aves of the second group and the reader should be reminded tha t the divisions are based 'priIDllrily on a nUl1b e r of variilble co, _di t:i.ons over a pr.:ri.od of timeo each group is not necessl1rily confined to a particular :lJ.'er-to 'fhe fUlljori ty of the knO\m C ,ves of thlS group are in rocks : f the l1,?;e as those of group hTOe They are probably older. the rate of erosion has bp.c:n slo, ;e r than :f1..'J.t of :rex",s 1.nd because. are a numbe r of vertiC2-1 ca-ves o Conse qu ently p these c:"ves could :..'on.tain paleontologic III.. DisClt.'3:non: In the amount of : ) a lec.-n-tologic Hork that has done l!1 -o:he c of l'.::xns) no reW3.ins than consin h v e be!!ll fOW1d.. \Yt1'y :c!3 -tlu3? fer hap s the [ollcirjnt.: :.;ill serve 8 S a 9C8Sl hIe expbnntiOiL The ] ) lcond s Ullll.f"t began in early hiocene a s evi deuced .::;;v reworked Cretaceous sediments Gf the 0a\ ville formati on on the Gulf CoasT The shallow dip of the i 'aleocene, Bo('.ene! and Oligocene plus addl tio na.} f 3cts, to in,:l icat e ; 1 s::1110;; ::ecedil1.[; duri.l1[ ; e:u-:lY Its m H r.::;i II '.\'0..S r o\ ;,shly pt:.l' .':1 2.1c 1. t) Khcl t :3 no", .!::llc0n ::r, i '1U1 t Phc s : aaLi. runount of de posl hen 1l'.3.: occurred on B e ll-taro !,) 1'1ntc2u du.r-THE TEXAS CAVER early Tertiary time completely eroded ai'jay during and after the uplifto The ouly for Tertiary fossilsp then, .Tould be caves fcrmed in the upper Cratac ... eo:..'.5 the end of the Mesozoic. or. the of the Cenozoic" The upper C re,;. taceous as we know it from around. the .. of fault zone is composed mostl y o f scft a'1.d thin bedded sediments in which t;;e:.ves would either not have formed or been quickly eradicatedo Thus caves existing today could net have been formed. un ttl the u.pper Cretaceous eroded away,, : This erosion process probably took most of l''liocene time and may have extended into t h e Plioceneo3 puts a maximum age on caves of the Edwa.rds Platea u as early ocene" Still the question rewains, what happened to the animals of the late Plio cene and early Pleistocene? It has been suggested that these caves lUlderwent a com pli'!te flushing during the glacial stages, but this theory has a hint of local catastrophism in ito As an example opposing flushing of these caves let us lookto England" Early Pleastocene remains have been found in three caves in Yorkshire which is in the immediate periglacial Many early and middle Pleistocene fossils haye discovered throughout the Brit ish Isles and in Victory Cave in Derbyshire rcrnaj..ns of i'.labre-toothp hyena. mastodon,. elepr...ant v rhino 9 horse and deer were found dated from the upper Pliocene. Ear-!.y Pleistocene fauna is also recorded from many caves and karst pockets of Czechoslovakia" The British and the Elzechs both have been engaged in cave paleontOl ogy for more than a hundred years and have literally hundreds of caveso In Texas cave paleontology had its beggmning aO:'Jclt 1915 when 00 P o Hay investigat ed Fl"eisenhahn Cave in Bexar Count Yo It did get a fOOT,hold9 hOi-16Ver9 lUltil about Ten years ago '-Then Freisenhahn '-TaS fully studied by the Texas 1-1emorial Museum. T.her e are only four caves in Texas in -rhic h arl,Y extensive paleontologic1'1ork has t'!:en and only about t1-Tenty-five in the ent. t r e United. states, it 1 S tr,is 1..r:!'1. 1:

THE TEXAS CAVEll It -is 'already' evident that much important informaticiil can be gained about the late Pleistocene from the caves of Central Texas. 4 Early and middle Pleis tocene fauna, however, is more likely to 4See References HAP LEGEND l. Freisenhahn Cave 2. Longhorn Cavern 3. Damp Cave 4. Centipede Cave 50 Levi Rock Shelter 6. Clamp Cave 7. Saltillo Cave 80 Fern Cave 9. Cave-Without-A-Name 95 be foUnd in the part of the statef where the rate of erosion has been the water table Im

96 'rh e Cave' Ili thout -A Name fossil The 'l'exas C aver, V c IV3 No. );: p 6 r a lllSH t J oR., 1957, I' eromyacu s from t he late Pleistocene of Tex a s Jour" Se i o v. 9 P o 'l'unnell, C., 1 960 V"!rtebrate rerrlinns frem twelve archaeologic s1.tes in T_x :'ts u...'1. published m a nuscr1. pts, A o ',v. 1945b. Bnlcones Luling 9 and Hexia Fault Zones in Texas: BuL A o A P G o Vo 29. 1733-1737 v THE CAVES OF LANGTRY OUT S OONv The issue of the Texas Speleologica l Survey "'ill be out Boon and the issue w ill be on seve ral c a ves i n the vicini ty o f Lang t r y V a l Verde County, Texas. So m e of the c nves included 1.n the survey >/'ill be F'i sher's F l s sure, Emerald Cave 9 Langtry Lea d C ave, L a n gtry G ypsum C a ve and Langtry Quarry If for a ny reason, you hav e not mailed in your SUbscript i on to the Texas ( a uthorized s only) 9 d o it no [ v J a mes lleddep 1.S editor a nd Dick Smi th is ass i s t ant on l the forthcoming issuev PART O F CAVE "Y" EXTEilSION HADE c O Estinn ted l ength of Cave "Y" I l n S chleicher County n01'; r1 .sen to 1.,013 feet, and ex plorers from the Abilene Grot, to h a ve yet to find a n end to a c r 9.idway Ilnd to an upper 'nrgin passagev Nappers Hutc h Hutchiscc. R obert Joyce, Tom a nd James went tc the cave on the week end of July 28 29$ and mapp ed some 465 feet of the up and dOWIl9 m u ddy, and quit e r o u g h c a ve and Estes booste d J oyce up on some large breakdown block s and a l a r g e b n t r oom w i th virgin p..CJ.ssage in both 1>laS seenv Hutch ison craHled some flO 100 feet through a o f small rooms Ilnd report2 t h e crm.;l st1.1l 0 Another trip to the c a ve js plan ned 1.n the near If you or you r grotto h a ve infor m a t io n of Tex a s p lease send s ame to Jaliles 1 1 Edi to::.'. Tex a s Speleological Su r v ey F o O Box Uo T o Sta ti.on, Austin 1 2, TexH sc THE TEXAS CAVER rD urH [E B:9<] lTrE LAS IRIECGDCOIN LP [R([)cJ II [-0-.As this will be the last issue"of t h e TEXAS CAVER before the Texas Region Project of 1961 gets underway, we'd like to ge t in a few words of additional infor mation. G ENERAL INFORl"iATION: The Project will be held in sutton County, September 1 4 (The Labor Day Weekend)o TheHeadquarters camp will be at the of Sonora 9 where all persons attending the project will stayo Ample facilities will be ava illl ble, including 'l'ra tel', e lectrici ty" and restroom facilities. There will be a c harg e of $ 2 uOO froI!1 each person attending the project to take care of cbst of mailing bulletins, a nd letters to t h e r a n che r s plus other costs incurred. SPECIAL ACTIVITI ES: There will be a free Barbeque given by the Sonora Chamber of COillffierce on Sunday nighto A spe cial tour of the Caverns of Sonora will be made for all project personnel after the Barbeque CAMPING Besides the facilities ment i oned above, other camping info is this: No Region cooking will be supplied at this Projecto Food will be h ad on an individual basis. Also, EVERY HILL HAVE TO BE MAll!! AS NOT TO IN TERFERE WITH THE OPERATION OF THE CAV ERNS AND IVITH TID.: TOURISTS. TOURIST CAMP G R O UNDS ARE TO BE LEn FREE FOR THEIR USE. PLEASE KEEP OUR DESIGNATED CAMP GROUNDS CLEAN AND ORDERLY 0 AN ALL OUT' EFFORT N U S T BE NADE TO BE GOOD GUESTS! No Reg i on members will be allowed to tour the Caverns free until Sunday night when there w ill be a special tour ,thro up;h the caVe for the people attending the projecto PURPOSE: The primary purpose of the Project w ill be to locate caves in Sutton County and to roughly determine their extent" ORGANIZATION: Chairman of the Project is Thomas Hu White of the U.T. Gr otto" Fro m the central headquarters survey teaUlS of three or four are to be sent out and each is to be given an area of the county to covero Cave leads will be each team for area and ,Continued on Page 98)


THE TEXAS CAVER 97 NEVS :{ ike GROTTOJ A B I LEN E l>iembers of the grotto met at the on July 26th to have monthly FSS Party (Folding; Stamping and Stapling Party) and grotto meetingo It started late, since it was Wednesday-eve ning and many had church to attend or choir practiceo The forthcoming Project was discussed as well as the coming Texn s Region Conventiono Severa l mem bers are planning to attend eacho A caving trip to Eldorado was made August 5 by hlO a visi and an honorary Tom Meador to Cave "Y"o Some 465 feet of cave was mapp ed and ano ther 200 feet of small rooms and crawlways '1,rere with several good virgin lea ds discoveredo Total length of the mud and type cave now stands !3-t 1,013," feeto --658N. Willis stop Abileneo ALANO (No ne,.,S reported!!! ) ??? DALLAS-FORT WORTH: Members of the Dallas-Fort Worth Grotto have been taking advantage of the swn ner 'ieekends to go underground In spi te of vacations there has been quite a lot of activit Y o Early in the month James E'it zrrtrick, Cedric Ced:r.ic Snyder 9 Sro and Hovlard Snyder took a jeep trip to Connl Count y o 0 Three caves liere loca ted ,,;hich ,'[ere notable chiefly for their cave and salalOanders As these caves had been filled by previous ra.lchers much digging \'las nec efls' ,ry and an exhausting time i>TaS had by a l L TliO i'reeks after the July 4th m a pping P3.l'ty to the Caverns of Sonora (repo!'t in the last issue) another group con of Jack Burch (The Dallas Jack Burch!) 9 Nonnie and George Yeary ; and Blair returned to do further n.aj;pineo 'All side passages t i ed into the July' 4th survey and the survey l :as exter,ded the Soda Straw Room and tied into the conunercial traH a t the 'dar Glubso MeLbers of t his party were among the first ten people to t he Helic tite room by the light of the 500 w att photofJnodo Chuck Larsen l1.'i s returned from a trip to the deep wher!!' he mad'! a trip through Turobl,Lng Rock with Jack AlIeno The of the rooms ih '"the caves of thi s area seem to present unique lighting to the photographer 0 Bill Janetsky and Blair Pitt man joined forces f o r a return trip to Bustamante 0 The trip assUllied Cantinflas characteristics when the hired guide got lost and 1" to be led" out by the two cavers . While t h e map of the commercial section of has been complete for some time, the New Room and Fitzpatrick Room map was not completed until the week end of July 22nd o Eight DaHan-Fort \vo:cth cavers including George Yeary, Cedric Snyder Steve Hare, Jearl Walker, John Cooper, Brooks Snyderp Katherine ffild Blair picked up the survey at the terminal room ane. completed the Illap through the Fitzpatrick Roomo All chil1..meys were checked out and no further passages were found in th".t area Twenty -nine members ann yjf3; tors turned out for Grotto meeting h.l.'o Lloyd lmrp e r of the Dallas Archeolo gical Society "ras a gue s t and led an int erestlng discussion on ways :l.n which our two groups can c ooperate for mutual benefitu Four news members were accepted into the Grotton Grotto Address: Mrs 0 Blrtir Goodbar 9 6621 Sunnyland Dallas 14:; Texasv U N I V E R SIT Y 0 F T E X A S: No meeting was held during the month and c aving activity dropped to a ffi1nlmum in comparison to the membership of the erotto and activity in the pasto Tommy Eva ns fina.lly returned from a month spent caYing in the East, where he such c a ve s as School house, Catmrba I-lurder Hole, and Shipp Cave, Bill Russell, now in Germany,


THE TEXAS CAVER 2818 South 39th Street Abilene, Texas Official Publication of the Texas Region The NahoIlP..l Speleological Society T 0 : AUG 1961 Dr. vlilliam R. Halliday 1117 36th N. Sea ttle i lashington (PROJECT Cont o from P age 96) it is hoped that there will be a county map for e a ch tea m to useo After all leads are exhaused and the smaller c a v e s are mapped and surveyed, t h e teams will start asking each rahcher until their area is completely covered At the end of each team s will report back to the headquarters and tunl Ll'l their. findings 0 So make plans now" "., to attend the 1961 Region Septembe ? 1-4 196L 0 just a cou ple of weeks ofL (GROTTO NEWS, Cont o from Page 97) reports finding a lOO-foot long shelter c a ve in but finds Germany cold., His brother! Philip" i s leaving for Cairo in September where his f ather will teach. Dick and E lizabeth Smi th became the parents of a nL"le pound three ounce boy and look forward to a great spelunking career for himo Only two trips went out dunng the month, one to and the other to Bustamante, Hexicq" The Langtry trip saw completion of the map of Fisher; s F issure and the Langtry Gypsum Caves and was made by Jame s Phillip Russell, and Tommy Evans Bob Phihp Russell" and James Reddell returned to BustamaIlte where they mapped an add itional 500 feet of pass age, reaching what they feel i s probably the end of the c a ve at 666 feet below the entrance. An me. ting is t v be held s oon and plans made for the for thcom ing semester. + CLEARANCE SALE!! HISTORY OF ST. UNIVERSITY SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY 1954 1959 20 Pages ----2 5 Joseph Ainsworth I 2101 Montclair, Dro Fort Worth 3, Texas HAS YOUR SUBSCRIPTION RUN OUT ?????? DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE TO RECEIVE FINE QUALITY CAVERS? R E SUB S C R I BE TO DA Y THm TEXAS CAVER 2818 South 39th St. AObilene, Texas EVERY l-lASOR TEXAS NEWSPAPER HAS RUN AN ARTICLE ON oTHE MAGNIFICENT CAVERNS OF SONORA" HAVE YOU VISITED THIS BEAUTI FUL WORK. OF NATURE YET? DESCRIBED AS THE WORLD i S MOST BEAUTIFUL! CAVERNS OF SONORA p" 00 Box 781 Sonora9 Texas JOIN TODAY TITE NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIE.TY PUSH FOR NSS CONVENTION IN DEL RIO-l964 REGION DECALs -75 = On sale at Project

Contents: Cave
paleontology, with special reference to the caves of Texas -
Part II / Ruben M. Frank --
Texas cave areas, map --
Caves of Langtry out soon --
Part of "Y" cave mapped, extension made --
1961 Texas region project information --
News of the Grottos.


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