The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: A proposed constitution for the Texas Region -- Bad air caves of Texas -- The policy of giving away cave information -- Regional convention at Uvalde -- News of the Grottos: Abilene, Alamo, Dallas-Fort Worth, University of Texas, News from the independents -- Cartoon -- Preliminary results of the 1961 region project.
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Vol. 6, no. 10 (1961)
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See Extended description for more information.

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teXQ 5 re 9 io n National Speleological Society


A YrtO, ffii::ll FOrt T'& T.::xAS 111 BAD CAVr;S OF 112 T!L OLlCY GIVI1;G A ',IAY (;A::; mtx:ru :ATI011 112 lU:;GlONAL C0IiV.;;;TIO;/ AT UV.Al.ll: 113 l';t; ',is ili' 'r:-G GitorI'iliS 114 iWlW: E 114 ALAl; O -114 DALLi.S-FCiiT -114, 115 OF 1EXAS -115 l<'HO!. lID: IN.:E.l'E!iIJE;;1'S 115 CAhTOC H P:tZLU:Li,\.i{Y OF TIt:: 1961 m;GION .PROJECT . . . . . . . 116 117 118 first of all, many than.1{s for those have re merahered to reneli their subscriptions to the CAV.:.:R hope you enjoy read!ng it as l!lUch as we, the staff,enjoy putting it torrether. If you have suggestions, please l e t u s lmo::. to the convention cOILing up, it see;ns that no one so far has voiced any disconcern or un-int e r est in it. It should prove to be very worthl,hile to all { ho attend. It cay not be nel'1S to some, but to most C(lvcr!' "'\10 receive the CAVBH, it see;JS a sihlple chore to Ilrrc.n; : e time, place, publicity, special events, and !'IO on :m r j on to get a convent-i.on such as the one coming U F in Uvalde on ; ;ovember 4 and 5. This is no easy lIIlltter. A very hard i/orker behind the scenes" and the 1'Iho is for most all the in arrangi ng t!l e cooventi .on, is Dudley Roberts of Austin. One WRy we C R n e x;ress our to him is by attend ing the mee t a t UV: ;lde. Just about everythinc that can he )1'1S nOli been cOr'.pleted--noH, success of the con v c t i r'O 1i in its attendance. A ',wrci about conservation and land-01-mer relations A copie n 'lrti.cle by i .arlin Kreider appears i n this i t-s u e I ,hich should be of interest to all. Dr. ;'-rcid e r i.s ChaiI1Jl'.n of the Boston Grotto. Some t h needs to be said concerning our Texas :.ipelc olocica l Survey in the l-ray of inforuation that is to G O in each issue. An expression of nprr e c btio n i s in order to its editors, JB.!:!es r:.eddel l '1Ild J ill .:u'-'sell, and to their tea l ; of helpers composed of J'.cl{ :.iei t h iJud Franl(, and others who have put in rnny houra an::! come up with t,iO excellent issues to date. And of hard ,,ork-it has been noted at vilr 10us t i m e8 s or : e people complain about not getting out of their N.:';.:';. membership, and t:'erefore, in so: n e C.'lS.:?S they ei the r neglect to renew their mea.ber o r j u d "fo r,::et" to send in their dues. The easiest 'ray to E;8t S OI,et ing out of anything (and not in a cm;;, l ::;n ; 1 1[; 8e lfish 11 ttt tu:!e), is to put soC'.ethlng into it. Jeco n e Rcqll.'1inted llith some phase of speleolocy or s;ce u nl:i n::, :md ,d til much interest and with a more earn e s t lltt' t ude of p r omo til1' the purposes of the N.S.S. you .'1ill llutrrrn ti.cally receive not only "someth:ine''', but sat i c f 3cti on in C J V ::; 1 \ : T ex s h e!,;; on CRvers are dwarfed by the huge bre-"doh'n n nd lIIlljestic srlendor of Busta:nante in the C3v e thr. t "'!'IS t he site of the 1960 Reeion ?roject. VOLUJ.:;;!; VI, rW. 10 -October, 1961 STAFF EDITOR NEI-lBiRS NEvlS Dr. James Estes Bart Crisman George Gray John Lanier Gerald Roberts Paxton Hutchison .Dudley Roberts Russell I arlin B. Kreider H. D. Doyle Katherine Goodbar James Reddell Irene Estes THE TEXAS CAVER Is an official publication of the Texas Region of The National' Speleo logical Society and is published in Abilene, Texas. l-laterial submitted for publication in the TEXAS CAV'!i:R should be typed, doubled-spaced, and mailed to the Editor at 2818 South 39th, Abilenet Texas. Maps, photographst cartoons and news will be accepted and published. if space is available and will be returned upon request. Deadline for all material is the 5th of the month preceding each issue. Sub scription rate is $3.00 per year beginning 1 April, 1961, and may be mailed anywhere in the United States. TEXAS REGION of the NA'rIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIE'fY Abilene Grotto: 658 H ,lillis, Abilene. Texas Alamo Grotto: 3735 Portsmouth, San Antonio Da'i"la's-l!'t \yorth Grotto: 3622 Normat Garland Permian .Basin Grott;: 900 S. Franklin St., -l

THE TEXAS CAVER III PROPOSED REGIONAL new constitution has been proposed for the Texas Region because our present constitution has been obsoleted by the NSS de cision to remove the regions from active organization. The Pro posed constitution, as below, has been draT!m up to provide the Region with a workable foundationo It has been kept as brief and flexible as possible. Please give it your consideration and be prepared to cast your ballot for or against at the Convention on November 4th. PROPOSED CONSTITUTION OF THE TEXAS REGIONAL ASSOCIATION Article 1 0 The name of this association shall be the Texas liegional Associ a tiono Article 110 The pur p ose of this association shall be a. To coordinate the speleologica l activities of the grottoes and members of the Speleological Society in the State of Texas bo To promote the aims of the National Speleological Societyo Article III. all grottoes Speleological Texas 0 l'1embership shall be open to and members of the National SOCiety in the State of Art icle IV. The governing body of the Texas Regional Association shall be the Board of Governorso The Board of Governors shall consist of the officers of the Texas Regional Associationg two representatives from each of the member grottoes v and two representatives at large representing the members not affiliated with a member grot to o No member of the Board of Governors may exercise more than one vote at the Board meetings o Article Vo A regular meeting of the Texas Regi onal Association shall be held at least once every calendar year at a time CONSTITUTION and place designated by the Board of Gov ernorso Article Vl o Amendments to the constitution shall be proposed by a tl .... o-thirds major ity vote of the b.)ard of Governors o A proposed amendment shall beco m e effective upon its ratification by a majority of the members of the Texas Regional Association, provided that ratification becomes effective within one year from the date of the proposed amendment" PROPOSED BY-LAWS OF THE TEXAS REGIONAL ASSOCIATluN 10 In pursuance with the aims of the National Speleological Society, inforrJa hon concerning speleolog y in the terri tor' Y of the Texas Regi,onal Association be distributed periodically by IIleans of a publication< II. Designation of the time and place of a Board of Governors meeting shall be the responsibility of the Chai rmnn 0 Notification of such meetings shall be made by mail at least 14 days in advnnce t o all members of the Texa s Region a l Associationo 111 0 Notification of the meetings of the Texa s Regional Association shall be made at least 30 days in advance t o all members of the Associationo IVo An official membership list of the Texas Regional Association shall be published at least once each calendar year. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the publication of this listo V o In the absence of specific rules of order in the Constitution and By-Laws of Texas Regional Associationv the current edition of Robert 1 s Rules of Order shall a puly 0 VI. The. By-Lal"S may be amended by a twothirds majority vote of the Board of Gov ernors. Plan to November 1961 TEXAS REGIONAL CONVENTION Central Power and Light Auditorium Uvaldeu Texas


112 THE TEXAS CAVER U3LACD LAOfR (\ W[E$ (]) [F The TEXAS CAVER has recently out the dangers of Bad Air Caves. t THE TEXAS CAVER, Vol. VI, Nos. 6 and 7) Though these caves are fortunately rare, in an area the size of Texas there are several. Some of these caves are listed below in hopes of preventing anyone from entering thew unaware of the danger involved. Additional information on these or other bad air caves will be appreciated. TEXAS BAD AIR CAVES: 1. Frio Bat Cave, Uvalde County-one of the most frequently visited Texas caves has bad air at times in the lOt-Ter and inner parts of the cave. The air in the Incubator Room and the passage leading to it at times will not sustain a carbide light. One of the largest bat colonies in Texas. 2. Webb Cave, Kinney County--The back section of this cave has air which gets increasingly poor until it reaches the point where a carbide light will no longer burn. Air is apparently good at infrequent intervals. (Immediately after floods?) Cave drains surrounding area and contains bats. 3. Margarite Cave, Hondo County--Poor air at bottom of entrance drop gets worse. Car bide light burns for about the first 1500 feet. Cave entrance is in creek bed. 4. 10-Mile Cave, WNW of Hondo--Poor air at bottom of 15-foot entrance drop. Car bide light \'Tas extinguished about 40 feet beloyt entrance. Cave drains about 1 acre and has a sruall bat colony. 5. Kyser Cave, Nason County--One of the best knOtoTn Texas bad air caves. Very bad air below entrance drop sometimes forms a definite level. Cave entrance is in creek bed. 6. Longhorn Bad Air Cave, Burnet CountyC02 at times forms a definite level. In one case a strongly burning carbide light went out \"hen lowered less than one inch. Cave drains about I acre. 7. Sne 11iM Cave, Burnet County--Bad air in lower and inner portion of cave. Cave drains surrounding area. The factor that almo s t all Texas bad air caves seem to have in common is recelvlng large amounts of flood water. Thi s water carries in organic debris which probably decays to produce the C02. Though by William H. Russell much poor air and some bad air (Frio?) appears to be caused by bats, by far the most severe bad air caves are these which drain a fairly large area. One should be especially careful when descending drops in these caves as rapelling into a bad air cave with no quick way out could be most unpleasant. THE AWAY POL ICY CAVE William H. Russell 20Bth Sig Co (Spt), APO 189, NY, N. Y. G I V I N G INFORHATION (BOSTON GROTTO NEWSLETTER, Vol. IV, Po47) by Dr. filarlin B. Kreider The grotto has been receiving an increasing number of requests for information about the location and description of caves. (Also the CAVER--Ed. ) Occasionally, total strangers seek this information and desire to buy published cave guides or lists. To give this information to one who has never visited a cave and has not been indoctrinated in the importance of cave safety, conservation, and ethics seems to be contrary to the general philosophy of our society. To deny them this information, hotorever, may snuff out enthusiasm for caving, which some members of the Society are trying so hard to stimUlate. From this dilemma there is evolving a policy which has not yet been perfected. There are certain concepts and practices which are important for the individuals welfare, as well as the future of caving, which should be understood by every cave explorer before he enters his first cave. It would therefore be the responsibility of the grotto, as well as each cave explorer, to impart this knowledge before any information on caves is given. Here is some of the more important information: 1. Safety practices will not only protect the caver and his party, but will prevent unfavorable publicity. News of cave accidents is not only unpleasant (Continued on Page 116)


THE TEXAS CAVER 113 C (() (ffN \lilt IN T () flIN me big new's in the Regi on these days is the coming convent i on of the Texas Region which is to be held in the Central Power Light Auditorium in Uvalde,Texas. A bulletin giving all the important in formation of the meet has been mailed to over 250 cavers in the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Letters have also been sent to secretaries of grottoes a nd groups of independent cavers" It i s hoped tha t publicity through this means and also through the CAVE R might sti r up a great amount of enthusiasm for the firs t convention held in this Region sinc e 1959. Cave Trips. Naturally the most exciting part of any spelunking conventio n is the field trips and this year's trip s will be i n no way disappointments, Indian Creek Cave, longest surveyed cave in the and Rambie's noted for its floatstone (Dubbed enigmatite ) 9 will be the principle attractions. There are other caves in the area and in the county Those who are l -1ell acquainted with the cave, mostly cavers from .the University of Texas Grottop will lead the trips in Indian Creek Important Meeting Perha ps one of the most important meetings of region al concern in many years w ill be convened at Uvalde s Kincaid Hotel Rooster Room" This is the Regional Board of Governors meeting and the time is set for 6:30 a o m o Saturda y morningp November 4th" Every grotto is requested to be represented by tvlO qualified members Two representatives-at-large from the ranks of the many independent cavers throughout the state shOuld also be represented. Come early! If at all possible, those to be represented a t the BOG meeting should leave e arly on Friday evening to be on hand bright a n d e arly S aturday morning The agenda f o r the BOG Meeting \,Till be: Breakfast Ninutes of Last Neeting Treasurer' s Report N OVEM BE R 4 5, I 9 6 f Project Repor t Evaluatj.on o f Pro ject a n d choice of new Pr,:-j ect f o r l S 62 v Study of ne,., C onsU tution proposaL Any othe r business Flection of officers for 62 General Business. There will be a General Business IVleetbg preceding the actual convention progra m and will con sist of the Repor t on tile BOG Introduction of ne," officers for the ye a r 1962,_ CAVER Report" Sur vey Re Project Reports Treasurer' s Report, Discussion and vote on the new Constitu tion9 and any other business or a nn ounce ments Registration. Regi stration ,.,ill begin promptly at 8 g00 a .mo ,,, Carol Ann Roberts and Jacque Gray in control. Registrati on fees are only $10 00 0 Identification tags9 convention programsp and maps shm 'Ting the directions to the Fred l'ilason Ranch 'rill be availableo Everyone must register to be eligible for the door prize dra" rings to b e given a\'lay later. Regi stration desk will be located i n the C o Po and L 3 3 0 N Getty St. Campir..go Plenty of camping space ,.,ill be available at the Fred Mason Ranch north"lest of Uvaldeo Secure maps at the registration desk o Publica tions 0 There "Till be a Publications booth where items of a re Cion& l n ature may be purchased or ordered. Program 0 Tent ative program will be as follows g Welcome Address Recognition of Visitors l'itr o Grady Mahaffey Vice President of Ed'trards Under g round \vater District. Program of general interest talks so m e of "Thich will be the fol101"ing: Regression in Cave Dome tave Bats, CO? Caves9 Cave Cave Swallows; and Fossilization of Bats in The C arlsbad Cavern s o The convent i on \'lill adjourn at (Continued on Page 115)


114 THE TEXAS CAVER NEWS 3' GROTTOES A B I LEN E: Gerald Roberts has returned to Abilene and Hardin-Simrwns Un iversityo His this year is an ex-Caver from Ozona, Lanny Bretz, Gerald a n d another student from H-SU, Buddy Brinkley and Jim enjoyed a day cav ing in 1lcCulloch Count Yo l!:ight ne' T caves lolere located, none of them very largeo jJiembers are looking fOr1o[ard to a I.;rent time at the Regional Convention at Uvalde and many are planning to attendo Jim Estes and Tom Heador of Eldorado spent the Saturday the 30th of Septelliber for caves in Schleicher County and staking out Cave "Y" on the surface. An interesting discussion was had with melflbers of the county civil defense committee in regards to the use of a cave in the county for a fallout shel -ter. Another caving trip was made on Saturday, October 7 by Bart Crisman, Pax ton Hutchison, George GraY9 Tom Meador, and Estes. A v ery enjoyable tim e was had by alL Grotto address: Bart Crisman, 628 North Willis St., Abilene, Texas 0 A L A r'l 0: Sorry to been so sloppy in reporting the doings of the Alamo Grotto, but I h:!ve personally done very li ttle c aving during the past felO[ months. The grotto, hovTever, sparked by Bill Gray h."lS been quite active. Few new caves h nve been reported, but quite a bit of work hn8 been done on old sites. Our meetings h n ve been held at fairly intervals and have been most Porter Montgomery 1 s t alk on Geology gave us an entirely new slant on thjnO's o \'ie recently enjoyed a t nlk nnd a discussion on bats which was led by Lt., CoL Anslmv, the Post Vet.9 from lo'ort Sam Houstono He is intere sted in a nei,' rabies vaccine which is being develope d and 'vhich I understand is nO"T on the mar ket. CoL Anslow was joined by Wing Comm:1nder Rexford-Welch of the Brittish Air Force, a hedical 100ho is by ho b by, a na turalis t. Dr. Rex ford-Welcn is a new member of the Grotto. We arranged a trip to the Bracken Bat Cave for him and he l1ary's new find, the NuB.Co (1). Orion Knox took over and ''I'e were treated to a real subterranean fairyland. The meeting broke up about midnight 9 after which the members of the U vT. took me off and made a fe"T well chosen remarks about my laxity in reporting the Grotto news. Chairman M D. Doyle 249 Wo Sunset St. San Antoni09 Texas D A L LAS FOR TWO R T H: DallasFort Worth Grotto members have been devoting the mselves more to the lofty pursuits of higher education than to earthier cave crawling. Many are fighting the rigors of the first year at college and others are back at college after some years ab sence. Cedric Snyder is nOIoT at Tulsa Universityy Glenn Pense is at TCU, James Fitzpatrick is at Arlington State, and Pete Lindsley is in his senior year at SNUG Chuck Larsen, George Yeary 9 and Bill Janetsky are also back in school, taking night classes at Arlington State College. This along l

THE TEXAS CAVER (Dallas-Fort Worth continued) pretty one too\ Jack J Burch and Gloria Buxtcn were married on September 8,. Gloria is a charming English and we are looking forw'ard to ha7ing her a}_ong en future caving trips. Has anyone noticed ,[bat an international representation the Texas Region is getting? The 'VTeek end of September Lindsley and Gerald Olsen made a trip to Nills County to check out SOme leads that Gerald h a d spotted the ."eek before. After checking several sipjcs severnl even more they located one cave vlith about 600 feet of passagevlay Th e y are planning another trip soon to check farthe r in the county, Since the Trentons Georgia inc i dentg vle (the editorial II WE ) been "londering" 0 Does the Texas State Police or the Civil Defense have names of ca'1e:::'s in each area to call upon for leadership in case of a caye accident? If they did is anyone prepared to take charge of the situation? Katherine Goodbar 6621 Lan8 Dallas 14 s Texas U N I V E R SIT Y 0 F T E X A S: The club got off to a fantastic and m addening start with t he beginning of the 1961-62 school year j We } 170 pe:

116 Continued from page 112) f o r the owner of the cave involvedp but i t also frightens other cave o rmers into refusing e ntra nce to their cave for fear of being sued, in spite of release waiv-ers. 2. T h e value of cave conservat ion should be emphas i zed This needs to be d o ne for the preservation of a beautiful obj ect of n ature and for the prevention o f closure of c aves by the Eve n t he boy scouts trained in nature co n s erva t i on, may not r eadily apply thi s principle to unti l it is clearly p o inted out. 3. Perm ission from t h e o vmer is proper a nd may be a major factor in keepi n g a c a ve open to other cavers. By ask i n g p ermi s sion, one not only shovTs respectfor the moffier, but als o avoids trespassin g and entanglements w ith t h e law. The policy would then follow that no one w hethe r scout leader, member of a n a u d i e nce a t a c a ve lecture for the purp o s e of enterta inment, member of a local outi n g club, etc. would be given in of the location of caves e xcept possibly som e cave alrea dy known by most peopl e a n d therefore damaged beyond the p o int o f s a l v a g e B y all means, the cave guides s hould n o t be m ade ava ilable to them. I lvoul d heartily support the idea suggest ed by Bl anchard (Cave Guides -A Sec o n d Look" by Hugh Blanchard) that the s e guid e s be made available only to s e r i o u s-mi n d ed grotto members who have p rove n the mselves throug h numerous cave t r i p s ,."i th t he grou p to practice the principles f o r which the grotto stands. P erhaps t h e p o l i c y of publ ishing the exact loca t ion o f a c a ve in thi s NEWSLETTER s h ould b discourage d Thos e w h o d e s ire cave information for t h e purpos e of v i s iting should first b e en c oura ge d to parti c ipate in a regul a r t r i p p l ann d and l e d by the grotto or a w ell-tra i n e d mem b er. If thi s is impossible, they s h ould atten d a grotto m e eting ,,,here t h ese policies w ould be discussed, o r d i s c us s them privately w i t h officers of t he g rotto. Under t h e s e c ircumstances s ome cave e ntra nces properly chose n for a b e inning pa r t y may b e mad e available E xce p t for un usual conditions no informat o n s h ould b e g i v e n wit hou t a thoroug h d i c ussion o f t hese ca v e p r oblems. Mem-THE TEXAS CAVER bers of the grotto taking University bud dies? scouts, etc.9 are responsible for making these policies known to each member of the party. It also would be good to mak e the s ame for the indi vidual who claims to have caving experience, since it does not follow that he practices t h e proper rules. Another reason for withholding c a ve information unti l the individual has h a d m o r e contact with the grotto i s for the bu ildi ng u p of the struggling grotto which is for the mutual b enefi t of all the cavers, This i s not really a selfish reaso n at for in order that caves may remain open for any cavers, the proper policies and rules must be taught by someone--the grotto. If a membe r of the grotto take s a group of ex plorers(Personal friendss un iversity buddieso etc ) h e should do h i s b est to interest then in the grotto m e etings in order to propogate the teaching of the grotto. Any refusal of information must be done with tact so as not to insult, an ger, or discourage the It should be ex plained that this is grotto poli cy and the reasons for this policy should b e given. At the same the conti nued interest of the inquirer should be encourag ed But I beli eve that the policy should be firm or there may be none at all. Let us protect our caves by protecting our_ information and assure caving for tomorrow


THE TEXAS CAVER 117 PROJCT REPORT summarize results of the 1961 Texas Region Projectg held in Sutton County, and. having its 1 base of operations at the Caverns of Sonora, 16 caves were located and explored (with possibly due to some missing reports)i four cracks or filled caves and numerous ranches checked which yeilded no caves. Al though no spectacular fines ,rere made in the Project, it was a tremendous success from the vie\'1point of a quick preliminary examination of a large county. Since only nine caves l'1ere knO'l'ffi in the county, the knovm caves have been almost tripled, and the numerous leads picked up on the project should add at least twice as many caves as are now known. Three of the caves found were mapped to a large extent, \"1hile others are marked for future trips to finish exploration or mapping. The following is a sununary of the 1oTork done on the Project in the way of cav e s explored. A more complete and accurate report will follow this as soon as possible. CAVES OF SUT'rON COUNTY 10 Allison Sink--This cave is a 26.5 foot deep pit with no passages leading off. 2. Black Widow Cave--The cave is entered by a 10 foot deep sinko From the bottom two passages extend, one ending after about 20 feet, while the other leads to about 400 feet of crawhTay maze. 3. Field Cave--Located southeast of Sonora, this cave has three entrancesy each dropping betl'1een 10 feet and 22 feet to a breakdo1m slope 20 feet dO'lID and 30 feet wide9 leading into a lOO-foot long, 30-foot high room. There are cave swal Im'ls nests in the room. A hole in the breakdown leads to a lOO-foot long break d01m cral'll. Air vTas blmring out of a filled cral'll at the end9 and digging l'lill possibly lead to more passages. 4. Foster Cave--The cave is en tered by a solution sink and consists of one room about 50 feet belO'l"1 the surface. 5. Galbraith Cave-This Cave is entered by a 6x8 foot solution hole, and six foot deep. From the entrance a break d01'ffi slope leads into a 20 foot high room by .r::t """. oS Red J e. II intersected by a passage which extends about 100-150 feet as l8-inch to 8-foot high passage. A second low collapsed entrance is found after about 100 feet Progress might be made along the main passage but digging tJu-cuGh IDlld fill 1'lould be necessaryc 6, Ca.,reThe cave is a sink measuring l8x20 feet in diameter and 15 foot deep 9 requirlng a cable ladder for entrance. A slop e leads into a 50-foot 'tTide room. From this room a passage leads to the left at the end of the room, and extends to a 30-foot-1'1ide room 1ri th standing height, A passage leads out of this9 but fills vlith silt .. 7 0 HuntVs Cave--The cave is entered by a hro-foot ''lide chimney in flat rocko This drops into a low l5-foot 'ITide room from 'IThich three passages extend, the one to the le,."t ending in a 5-foot high v 10-foot wide room, the one straight ahead being merely a tunnel, and t h e one to the right extending back to a 30-foot 50-foot 10ng9 2-foot high r oom. It is very muddy. 8. Javelina Sink--This cave is entered by three entrances of the breakdown type. It is better than 300-foot long and 50-foot deep and ''las not complet-ly explored" 9. Johnson Cave Noo 1--The cave is entered by a vertical shaft and consists of 200-feet of crm' Tling and ''lalking passage and attains a depth of about 50'. lOu Johnson. Cave, Noo 2-Entered by a breakdown slopep the cave is better thru1 2CO feet long and attains a depth of about 50 feet. I-c is located five feet from the entrance to Johnson Cave No. 30 11 0 Johnson Cave No. 3--The cave is entered by a rubble slope and is a low passage about 100 v long" 120 Neil Ranch Cave No. m-The cave is entered by a 3x2 foot hole droping 50 fee t!, wi th hTO ledges on the way downo At the first ledge a cravTl leads to a series of two drops. At the bottom of the entrance pit there is a 30-foot passage v All leads are plugged by mud. Total length about 240 feet" Fifty foot of ladder is reqUlred" 130 Neil Ranch Cave No. 2 --It is


THE T EXAS CAVER 2 8 1 8 South 3 9th Street Abile n e T e xas Offici a l Publicatio n of the Texas Region The National Speleolog i cal Society T 0: (Continu e d f r o m a g e 117 PROJECT) a s mall so l u t j o n pit l eading to a room ab out 1 2xlO f e et, with an e i ght-foot dead en d crawl a t the e n d 14. Tom Davis Cave No. I--The c a v e has a dro p entrance. Fro m the entrance a stra i g h t passag e exten ds to an en d but a duck-under permits one into a pa s s a g e leading to a five-foot the n a 1 5-foot nlt. Thi s lead to a complex maze of ,Talking an d cra Nling passag e s B ette r t ha n 500 f eet was mapped and m u c h left unmapped 15. Wad e Cave--The tota l depth of t his c a ve is a bout 60 f eet and is entered by a 4 5 degree slope about 18 feet deep 16. Windmill is r equired t o ente r this 20-25 foot deep sillic. The c a v e w a s left unex plored bec a u s e of the brus h in the bottom, hiding a t lea s t one r attlesnake! C A V ERN S o F SONORA I S DE S C RIB E D A S THE MOST BEAU 'rI 1"U L CAVERN I N T H E W 0 R L D SEE I T T 0 D A Yl Po O Box 7 8 1 S onor a Texas THERE WE WAS!" Cartoon Clas sic by Bill Helmer Now 50 fun! Dudle y Roberts 3 2 0 7 Bever y Drive Austin 3, Texas Dr. WiHiam R. Hallifa;t I:.;t 1117 36th N Seattle, Washington SUTTON CAVES AT A GLANCE: (Project Only) NAME LENGTH DEPl'H Allison Sink ? 2605 Black Widow Cave 420 1000 Field Cave 200 65.0 Foster Cave ? 5000 Galbraith Cave 150 3000 Hackberry Cave 80+ ? \"; .. , Hunt's C:'lve 75 ? Javelina Sink 300 5000 Johnson Cave # 1 200 5000 Johnson Cave # 2 200 5000 Johnson Cave # 3 125 ? Neil Ranch Cave # 1 240 50.0 Neil Ranch Cave # 2 20 ? Tom Davis Cave # 1 500+ ? W ade Cave 60 18 0 0 Windmill Cave ? 2500 --Available Average 198 38.6 ADVERTISEMENTS REGION DECALS 75 Each "Put one on your helmet!" ORDER FROM THE TEXAS CAVER THE TEXAS CAVER $ 3000 PER YEAR SUBSCRIBE TODAY! HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? NSS CONVENTION IN DEL RIO, TEXo -1964! SEND IN YOUR NSS DUES TODAY MAN!

Contents: A proposed
constitution for the Texas Region --
Bad air caves of Texas --
The policy of giving away cave information --
Regional convention at Uvalde --
News of the Grottos: Abilene, Alamo, Dallas-Fort Worth,
University of Texas, News from the independents --
Cartoon --
Preliminary results of the 1961 region project.


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