The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: T.S.A. convention report -- SSS activities -- The nearsighted professor -- News of the Grottoes -- Other little bits -- Daffynitions.
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Vol. 7, no. 10 (1962)
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See Extended description for more information.

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\CONTENTS\ T. S. A. COmE lTION REPORT ------119 SSS ACT IVITIES -------------------121 TIIE N1!:ALC IG!I'l'':;D P R O ruSS OH. ---------121 H E 'vI S OF ',:-t:; GROTTOZS --------122 OTHER BITS ----------------123 DAFFYNI'rIONS 123 --------------------12 4 Whsreae and mor eover, eerioue and reportulg of hae been rather recsntly in Texae ae compared t o other of the c ountry, grea t ndva ncee hav,e nevertheleeebee n accompliehct d. Thanke to more conscientious porting, Texas r a n ks third in the nation with respec t to number of caves--lp1 80 pluG. This compares with the less than 200 reported i n NSS BULLETIN 10, in 1 9 4 8 0 The state has about 350 kno m cavers, but alas only less than one third of these are NSS members Each year hundr ed of ne w cav e s are repor t ed, at least one being a major find. Whe r e will it all end? We hope it doesn'to and a t an y rate, we would like to shOl" off som e of these 1,180 caves to othe r s p ossibly at a 1964 NSS conv entiono C 0 V E R: THO formationfl tha t may i"ell b e reme m bered by persons visiting Kinca i d C a v e in soutlern Crocket t County Number 1. could be called "The Unfinished Column" or "Be DOIm t o Meet Y a Ina Century, Honey" Numbe r 2 was dubbed b y recent Abilene and San Angelo vis i t ors as "The V ulture," DON'T G O \'TAiIDERING Oli'F Tlli: TRAIL, TIE CAVE lASTER WELL. Y O U r Y NOT lOWIi 'ffiAT IT l'lAY COST IE' Y O U LET CURIOSITY GET YOU LOST! t/ze TEXA5 CAVER 2818 South 39th Street Abilene, Texas EDITOR -----------------James Estes STAFF NEMBERS -----------Bart Crisman George Gray John Lanier NEWS SECRETARY -------------Irene Estes REPORTERS ------------------Bonnie White James Reddell Pete Lindsley Forrest Shade Judy Love THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publica -tion of the Texas Speleological Associa -tion of the National Speleological Socie ty and is published in Abilene, Texas. Subscription rate i s $3000 per annum, and mailed anywhere i n the world o Material for pUblication should be typed double-spa ced and mai l ed to t he Editor by the third Friday of the month preceding the date of issue. The date of issue is usually aroun the first Tuesday of each month. THE TEXAS S PELEOLOGICAL OFFICERS (1962) --------------Dudley Roberts VICE CHAIRMAN ---Ruben Mo (Bud) Frank SECRETARY-TREASURER ------James Estes T h e Texas Speleological Associa -tion is an organization composed of spel eolocists and spelunkers in the State of Texas Publica tions include The Texas Ggver p a monthly news magazine, Texas Speleological Survey, a clearing house of all physical data about all the lmOivn c ave s in Texas Editor of the Sur vey is James Reddells PoO o Box 7672, U.T. Station9 Austin 12, Texas N S,So GROTTOES AND OTHER GROUPS: ABILENE GROTTO--2 8 18 S o 39th, Abilene,Te x. ALAMO GROTTO--Bonnie White, 3106 Sagehill Dr., San Antonio, Texas DALLAS-FORT WORTH GROTTO-Pete Lindsley 4612 Rdo, Dallas 9, Texas UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS GROTTO--P 00 0 Box 7672 UoT. Station, Austin 12, Texas SAN ANGELO COLLEGE SOCIETY Box 3712, S u A o C o Sta., San Angelo,Tex SOUTHWESTERN SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY--Rich ard Box 213 S.Uo Station, Georg e t own, Texas


THE TEXAS CAVER October, Vol. VII, No. 10 119 CONVENTION REPOhT Perhaps the most significant thing about any gathering on a Regional scale is the fact that spelunkers and int e r ested. persons g e t togethe r and make n eif friends, greet old ones, and hash o ver their favorite subject-caves. That is exactly ... hat hap p en ed at the Speleological Association's 6th Annual Convention held in the Student Center of San Angelo College. on November 10 and 11, 1962! Almost 50 persons got together and did not near exhaust the subject. And in between sessions the air buzzed \'1i th cave-talk between cavers from Abilene San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, The University of Texas, Houston, San Angelo, Alpine, Iraan, Bishop, Eldorado, and many othe r places. Subjects ran everywhere from unfriendly raccoons, rattlesnakes and new beetlw species to histoplasmosis ca ves and blowing holes. Many new cavers on the state s cene h a d an opportunity to get acquainted \vi th some old pros, such as the returning Bill Russell, who has been in the service for two years. Several new spe in the S a n Angelo College Speleo logical Society, host group, had a chance to svlap stories with members from other parts of the state. BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEET. At 6: 00 AM Saturday morning, the lOth, the TSA B o ard of Governors met for breakfast and h e ard reports. Among these were a report concerning a proposed site for an NSS national convention in 1964. Of the four sites mentioned by those attending a, meeting in San Saba last summer,New Braunfels Vias shosen by the group of ten officers & r e presentatives present. Vice-Chairman Bud Fra nk called for election of n8W officer s for TSA to take office January 1. Elected unanimously by acclaimation were: Chairman Chuck Larsen of the Dallas-Ft. '.forth Grotto, Vice Cruiirman Orion Knox, J r o f Alamo Grotto, and Secretary-Treas-urer -Katherine Goodbar of the Da11asFort Worth Grotto. Jim Estes was asked by the Board to chairman the proposed New Br aunfels convention if it .. Tere chosen by the N.S.S. WELCOMED TO SCHOOL AND TOWN. The President of San Angelo College, Dr. Cavness, welcomed the group to the college, rem arking as a boy he had explored caves in the San Marcos area; Mr. Dick HOvTard, city manager of San Angelo, wel corned the cave cra\vlers to the city. SLIDES AND LECTURES BEGIN. At about 11:00 AM the program of lectures and slides began ''lith the series, "Natural Bridge Caverns" by Orion Knox,fo11ow ed by an interesting and informative lecture, "Cave Diving" given by Bob Rodgers of Austin. The now well-known series, "Cave Conservation" was shown before the meeting was adjourned for lunch. Bill Russell, well known caver in the region, called the attention of the conventioneers to the comparative differences of Kentucky and Texas caves as the program resumed at 1:30 PM. Some differences in methods of cave mapping among grottoes of the region w a s pointed out by Chuck Larsen. Chuck also noted many things that might imp rove any subsequent mapping attempts at Powell Cave or other region mapping projects. After a brief coffee break in the College dining hall, Grainger Hunt of Alpine, Texas r e viewed som e of the caves of Trans-Pecos Texas including those .in the Kent area, Van Horn area, the Balmorrhea caves, and those of Terlingua. A particularly interesting cave w a s a deep one in whi ch Grainger and othe r members of the SuI Ross Speleological Society became ill and had to be hospit alized. Asked if he thou ght the group had contacted histoplasmosis, Grainger replied "We11,if we did, I guess we'd still be sick, wouldn't we?" Terry Raines of Austin showed the gathering som e v ery interesting slides of


12 0 October Vol. VII, No. 10 THE TEXAS CAVER InMan Cr eek Cave, a nd too k us on a t rip b eyond t h e siphon on the Upstream Ri gh t hRn d passage Some beautiful pictu r e s of the format i o n g r e a of Alice's Wonde r l and WE.lS alsc shown Follo'trj lIZ' Terry s slide show9 Jim Reddell e av e B. history and r eport o f t h e rrexa s Survey a n d n o t ed m an y significa n t C:-l:l. g e s t ha t has t a ken place i n Texas the past fou r tee n y e a r 8 .03t n otable o f these is the number o f r eporte d c aves froUl abo u t 1 6 0 i n Bulletin 1 0 o f 1948 t o the pres en t nur l bel' of 1,180. Reddel l also gave t he audi en c e what t o e xpec t in the future of the surve y When compiled, a book l'1ill m os t cert a i nly be publis h e d by the Bureau of Economic G eoloGY of t he University o f Tex a s on "The C a vcs o f Texas Another feature in the maki ng is a d istribu tion map of the caving areas of t he state and den s j ty m a p While c .1.rryin g a t one o f s erio u s ness in c aving safety, the slide-tape ser i e s produc ed by the D alla s For t W orth Grotto broueht guffalis and laughte r to those present. Cl e v erly pos e d color slides f!,R v e the onlook ers wha t not to d o as f a r as caving safety is concerned" BARBEQUE AND F IL M Follo\

THE TEXAS CAVER October Volo VII (Attendance, continued) Bill Russel] UT, Austin J ames Reddell Austin J ohn Baldwin SACSS, San Angelo R e x E no chs SACSS, San Angelo Jim Estes -AbG, Abilene Phil Newell Bishop Jim vlhitley Bishop Pete Lindsley -D-FW, Dallas Robert Green San Angelo Frank UT, Austin Bud Frank UT, Austin Robert Auberg -SACSS, San Angelo Roland Collins-sACSS, San Angelo Janie White UT, Austin Tom White U T, Austin Chuck Larsen -D-FW, Garland Fred Tart -D-FW, Ft. Worth Larry Dublin San Angelo Frank Lichnovski SRSSs Alpine Paul Harzke -SACSS, San Angelo Grainger Hunt -SRSS, Alpine Barbara Hunt SRSS, Alpine Stephen Iraan, Texas Debbie Hail, Iraan, Texa s Noo 10 121 PR.OF!:S5oR. -sss ACTIVITIES On the weekend of October the 1 9th, the Southwestern Speleological So ciety sallied forth for its offic i a l overnight spelunking trip9 held at Gorman F alls which surely is caving a t its pleasantesto We had a good turnout, ''lith twenty tvlO members and four guests attending, and all twenty six ing a blasto Arriving Friday evening, everyone spe n t a while looking around the camp, which, as anyone who has been there can tell you is beautiful. Some of us scramb l e d down the cliff to Gormlettevaterfall Cav e When everyone finally got som e''lhat settled in their cabins we had a weiner roast and then a brief meeting to set a few rules before setting off to Gorman Cave. Gorman C a ve is so "Tell known that there is n o call to describe it here, excep t for one thing 0 We found in the section kno,m as the Swiss Cheese, a fair amount of boxwork. While of course not comparable to that found in Wind Cave, this definitely was boxwork, and a s this is to be such an unusual speleo themp we wondered why it is not mentioned in the TSS Report, or other reports on the cave. Surely this has been noticed by other cavers? A second trip was made Saturday mornin g in a drizzle which had increased to a real showe r by the time we reached the entran ce o As everyone was quite grubby anY\'lay after emerging again, conditions being ripe outside after the sho wer, fun a nd games began on the trek back. Severa l members wound up considerably muddier before we got bac k but eventually everyone regai ned their senses. One other thing of note: Mike Lorfing, an SSS member and art major at SU r eports that the red clay of Gorman Cave, though beautiful in color, is not really very g ood for pottery because of the high mineral content. However, h e did m a ke a few satisfactory dishes out of it. Our next group outing is to Cobb Caverns here in Williamson County, a report on same to follow shortly. -R. F.


N 10 THE TEXAS CAVER ___________________ ______________ 122 UNIVERSITY OF N [ W 5 ABILENE A meetin g was held a t the hOllie of Jim E stes 6, to discuss the ASGocia tional co nve ntion, and t o transportation i f necessary. Also vras a co ming r e gular grotto trip on Nove l Jber 17th to Kinc aid C a ve in Crocke t t ounty. I t i s planned to map as much of thp. cave as p ossible, and to c o l lect faun D l specimen s for J ames R e d dell. Persons attending the co nv ention in San Angelo were G e r ald Roberts and Jim Estes. Grotto a ddre ss: A L A l a 281 8 S ou t h 39th St. A bilene Texas Persons a ttendi n g the conv ention in San Angelo "Tere Orion Knox a n d Robert Szalwinski, w ho a l so represen t e d the a t the Board of Governors meeting Orio n was e l ected the new Vice Chairman of T.S.A. at this meeting Grotto address: Bonnie Whi t e 3 1 0 6 S ag ehill Dr. Sa n Anton i o, Texas DALLA S-FORT WORTHI Whe,. what a drive f rom Dallas to Sa n Angelo! Chuck Larsen, Pet e Linds l e y an d FredTart drov e down Friday E v ening ,Nov e mber 99 and arriv e d in the wee h ours o f the morningat the S A.C. cabjn on Lake N asworthy. Thes e Board of Governors meetings sure d o COllie early! Some maps (the statio n and line variety) are out o n Powell's Cave Not the inished product. Work Hill h a v e t o b e one by the different teams to fill in the \'[.llls a n d othe r i nfor m a tiono It is by no means compl ete, and anothe r project would be v ery wor thwh i l e to finish i t Grotto address: Pete Lindsley 4612 a t uga Rd. Dallas 9 Texas Miles Baker, a newcomer to Texas caving, has recently joined our ranks.He i s residing at 909 W 22nd, the guest of Ron and P atsy Bake r Quite a turnout made i t to the T.S.A. convention h e l d a t San Angelo Col lege. A l ucky 13 out of 48 cavers that attended were from UTa A trip was made t o a ne w cave, Neals C a v e on Sunday, Nov. lltho It could be compared to Cave "X" f o r rou g h caving--2fOOO fee t of soupy mud c r a v l l a nd still no end in sight. Its still c atching--marriage, that i s R o yce Ballinger w a s marrie d two weeks a g o (The Editor d oes not }mov, who to.) Grotto address: \vHITE P.O Box 7672, U .T. Station Austin Tex a s SAN D S The White S a nds Grotto of N.S. S. because of its remoteness from the other grottoes in the state, a nd b ecause o f many of its members resi ding in the state of New M e xico, has decided to j oin the newly created (or I shouiB.d s a y organized) South'vestern Region Their reuorts "lill b e sent for publication in t he Caver, SR's new s lette r N eiVs o f any Texas caves visited lvill b e reported to the Texas Speleologi c a l Survey. The CAVER wishes to express cong r atula t ions to the new Southv lestern Region, a n d IIHucho bueno' luck to hard workin g grotto e s of thlS organizatlon. SAN A NGELO COLLEGE[ Mem bers o f the Sa n Angelo College Spe leolo gical Socie t y hos ted the ToS .A. conv e n tion and a m arvelous tim e doin g so. Officers for the year elected o n O ctobe r 9 a r e as follo1Vs: President Ron Cauble V-Pr e sident Larry Dublin Seco-Treas. Jimmy Carson S tudent C ouncil Representative --Frank Abbot t R e porte r --Forrest Shade On N o ve m b e r 3, a groupd went 0 u t to hunt for c a ves f o r field trips for the


THE TEXAS CAVER October, Vol. VII, No. 10 123 convention and checked out a cave on the Neasl Ranch in Z,lenard County. A fair size "later cave ,.,as found and so far no end in sight. Other members of S.AoC.S.S. are Norman Ikunce, Billy Gotcher, Bob Auberg Howard Bond, Jim Schumann, Paul Harzke, Robert Green, Larry Herrington, Marvin Gibson, Roland Collins, and Rex Enochs. Sponsors for SACSS are Hr. John Baldwin, IIiI'. Charles Kenner, and Hr. Reed l 'la tthe'l'[s. The club is interested in apply ing for a grotto charter from the National Speleological Society. Address: Jimmy Carson Box 3861 SAC Station San Angelo, Texas SOU T H W EST ERN U N I V. Southlvestern Speleological Society took no official trip s in the month of September, but the month was.spent organizing the group and recruiting nelv members The membership now stands at 310 Richard Finch and other S.S.Sers acc ompanied Jame s Reddell and other UTers in mapping Chinaberry Cave. Club address: c/o Judy Love, Secretary Box 95, SU Station Georgetown, Texas SUL ROSS I Those who made the trip to San Angelo and the T.S.A. convention were Frank Lichnovsky, Carl Kunath, Grainger Hunt, and Barbara Hunt. Club address: (Only one known-Ed.) c/o Frank Lichnovsky Box 56, Sul Ross State College Alpine, Texas EDITOR'S NOTE--As you can see, the nevrs of the grottoes is rather slim due to my l.;anting to get a CAVER out as soon as possible. News request blanks will be sent to all grottoes and clubs in a day o r so to be included in the November issue. All news requests are accompanied , .J1 by a return self-addressed stamped envelope for convenience and promptness in replying Please excuse the rather brief news this month. OTHER LITTLE BITS The 1963 National Speleologi cal Society Convention will be held in Mountain Lake, Virginia, June 7 16. Do make your plans to a ttend and mark your calendars. It would be good to have a large representation from Texas. .ouIt happens every month! We have to put in the latest count of caves in the state. The last number is 1,180, unless more has been added since November 11th. Thats a gain of 41 over last month . Did you know that during the caving year ending September 1, 1962, there were an average of 1.37 new caves discovered each day?! . Next month's CAVER will have geological and biological reports of Project "48" and Po",ell's Cave. Look for it and also a brief report on another cave called Punkin Cave. DAFFYNITIONS (Picked at random and used without permission from the Sep.62 Netherworld News. ) Aviamamalian Speleofauna: Bat Artesiahydrosuperficies: Water Table. Cave Conservation: Keeping everybody out of a cave but you and your friends. Cave Preserve: Accomplishes t h e above. Keeps scurvy spelunkers out of your laboratory so you can have fun in it all by yourself. Cave Science: Me collecting formations ---rsee Vandalism) Hypoartesiahydrosuperficiesspeleovoid: \vet Cave; Speleologists: A brave but mostly misguided band of men searching for the up-till now unknown Universal Theory of Cave Formation. Spelunkers: A scurvy band of men who only ,.,ant to have fun. Speleoexodus: Advisable action when studying a hypoartesiahydrosuperficiesspeleovoid a nd it begins to rain. You collecting formation


TEXAS CAYER 2 8 1 8 South 39th Street Abilene, Texas Official pu blication of the TEXAS SPELEOLCGICAL ASSOCIATION, NATIO NAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCI ETY T 0: 5 PL SUPPLY G21 A PR_/C LIS:. T H e l m ets, carbide lamps, reflect ors, extra lamp bottoms tip cleaners, flin t assemblies etc. ORDER F ROI1 SPELEO SUPPLY P 0. Box 7673,U. T Station Austin 12, T exas A C A R T 0 0 N C L A S S I C "THERE \VE viAS" b y Bill Helmer 50 per c opy \Vell worth it! BUD l<,RA.t iK P 0. Box 7635, U. T Station Austin 1 2 Texas CAVERN S OF SONORA P. 0. Box 781 Sonora, Texas \ vorld' s M o s t Bea utiful!" NexT I10NTH1 S CAYER 1tJILL CON T A IN: -------A PRELIMINARY REPORT ON THE BIOLCGY OF PO\tlELL1S CAVE, TEXAS -------A PRELIMINARY REPORT OF THE GEOLOGY OF P O\IlELL 1 S CA YE I1ENARD COUNTY, TEXAS ------MAPS OF PO\'lELL I s CA YE' TEXAS (This particular item is not a promise as such a map cannot be r educed to CAYER-sized pa per and still be v e r y practical.) ------SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF PUNKIN C A YE T EXAS. / All in the November CAVER!

Contents: T.S.A.
convention report --
SSS activities --
The nearsighted professor --
News of the Grottoes --
Other little bits --


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