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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Contents: The first S.S.M. field trip / T. R. Evans -- An important note about the Caver -- Letter to the Editor -- S.S.S. reports on the Bat-Well -- Bat-Well map -- The nearsighted professor (cartoon) -- News of the Grottoes -- Index to volume VII 1962.
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Vol. 7, no. 12 (1962)
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\ c o" f Ii T S \ T i U JIiCT i lc.:r.D THI ? 135 L.:':I''l' ... it T O f.L:.: i:;DITOil. 138 T i[;:; .. m (CClrtoon) 142 Ii ....; ./ S OF T I L C;; W TTOl::S. 143 TO VII, 1 962 144 At this tiL.'" of the year it is 1'1'011 t o r ;i v",: ).'l.use t o thou,::h t r ; o f Christmas a.nd r o'11 "-1 nrl t""U8 spirit of the 88 280n to thh Juleti(le s pirit, instead of an ecl; t ah()ut caves, l e t l!le reprint here "A Clu'i H.ecipe" t h a t [ll)IJea r erl in the il_c_c;_t.:.r:iJ::. Till(;f" D ') cem b e r 1 S62 issue, paG e l R : T al c. t" : cri. s cold. o f a Decomber n i::;'rl t 'l'l r ] lX1.rts of 8nm!, stir i n r:i r ;'0 c1c;.r i t Into'. hc:'.rt, I n i x the Honr lnl' o f :, li ttlG ,:::irl, t h e f jrnrl'.:l e ofa y ounG : IllC\ ; t':1..J o f I>1.r ; :nts, n nrl set .' 1.! C Ii A 1 i o f a rein-'l', ) r < : '1. s )ri o f hr J lly, ,q scent l "If [ j 1'. :,) .;\; rai -:tlC\; to 'Ln t11-3 Wlr. (ll" 1 11' ; o f ....; O()-1. r; 1. -j t o H1C:rl. I t "iil. n ; 1': .. to -i t h : .,.-i fGc:, ill :'th t' \ C l i -h t o f rt 8t: :1' sct I I t'" I, .' 1':\ i '.h I r ; til : ; l1i.n :: 1.)" 11s of ',) l t ;; i 1 "":1' !lci. l'C' l l .l;r; t>0 tLU18 o f .\ I 11., 1\ t C r) 1. i 1l. \C t' :( ? f 1 I 1 !ci ; i .. :.] 1 \ .1 i.{ : A f ilbd t ) :),'5. 'ri tll l1.l -iw's of ho.'e3, t ..... ;-----_. _ -lie TEXAS 2c n : Sou tll 3 9 t h Street A'bi1 ene, T9:<'-'.S ------.----. ----------James i!:sh STA?li' ___________ M ___ Bart Georg8 Gra John --------------Irene ... --.-----------------Bonnie it1i:2 J ali!2S Pete Lindsl-:;: ]'orrcs t Judy LOVe (r8XAS CA'lr:;R is a monthly p u l ) L cD.han of the Texils Speleolo,:;ica l tion of the Nation'l1 SpeleolOGica l Soc i e t y lnrl is l:mblishcd in Abilene Tex2.s, Subscription Tate is $3.(')) per annUL A.nY' ,rhere in the ,rorld. i:at: :::': l for t; o n should b e typed dot,')lG s::: Ellvl lll',Jl ecl to the editor by the third Fricl:J.y of the i ;on th precedinr; the d ::: ; .:=; 0 : issw; T h,; of issue istlSu<.llly C'_I'OLL:rJ the firs t 'I'LH']s ; 0 i T e x 8 ruhli c .tions i nclude f he Cavel:', a monthly nel'TS l'l

l'HE TEXAS CAYER December, Vol. VII, No. 12 135. SUR Vii.;Y OF N EXICO by T H.o E v a n s T E The firs t trip for t h e SpeleoloS \).."T 2 Y o f Mexico (SSN ) started H i t h t h e ToS.Ao S a n Ang e l o co n ve ntio n It ended lL At 8:00 Al1 1-18 g o t our pa c1{:s to a nd 1ITe n t to ca t ch t h e bUG to Te t:;'1 V e r n cruz so m e 2 0 k ilomete r s from Vl'i'03.h:1 a n d 2 0 0 0 feet hig h e r t han t he t runninG' 1va t e r h a d missed the mor n i ng b us '.:1'1 t o until 4 : 3 0 tha t a fternoon ::01' <'mot h e r I n the m e an t ime, 1 1 e l.,rent i ,--l.lki n g i n the n e a r by m ounta i n s a n d located a pit area Terry a n d Bill came aCi'o:;r) the area a n d h a d t i m e t o mak e a (;Ui ck reconnaisan c e of o nly o ne shaft, ',-hLch occurr ed 1,000-1,500 feet abo v e t h e TL:tr':;st resu r ge nce A r o c k f ell fre e ror [ o ur 880 0 n d s a n d boun c ed for another hl0 b efore rea c h i n g the botto m Tim e i n0t p e r mit e x plor a ti.o n of t his pit :.n 1 ,'1n I n(lian farm e r a s su r e d t he m that :u"'n,Ye xisted i n t h e area. Finally, t he bu s f o r T e q uila arr i v(?(l find 'Ie vrer e off t o o n e o f the tvlO F RST main areas that w e had come to examine, an area of karst that I hap p ened on to this summer by pure chance. We arrived in Tequila around 6:30 PM and went to the house of the secretary of the village with a letter of introduction that Professor M endoza had written for us. The follo1-.ring three nights were spent at his house. That evening, accompanied by some ten Indians, we explored a sotano (pit), that I had seen this but did not check out. The Indians watched from above as w e entered. After a series of climbable amounting to a total of 100 feet, we were at the bottom and the end of this cave. Wednesday morning at 7:30 we proceeded to a "150-foot" that I had located this summer, but did not check out becau s e I had no equipment along for vertical work. This time, we were prepared: 600 feet of duPont 707 NYLON, 100 feet of 9/16 NYLON, 100 feet of FERLON, and a 30foot cab l e ladder. The 600 feet was 1/2-inch in diameter. We rigged-the pit w ith the 600 feet and two of us rappelled in u sing breakbars. The spectacular is 20 feet in diameter at the top and bells out to 100 feet at the bottom. F i v e wells comprise the pit and the vertica l fluting in these wells makes them even m ore impressive. After finding no pas s a g e s at the bottom, we started prussiking out. About 30 feet off the floor, I had loop trouble, and after holleri ng for a 1'lhile, finally m ade Russell (topsi de) und e r s t a n d that I wanted him to lower my other set of on his p ERLON. When he did thus and I could not even see t he end of t h e FE RL ON we suddenly realized w e were far more than 150 feet down! In m e asuring the rope after we got out (a 35-40 minute prussik), we found that the pit was 364 feet deep.


126 December. Vol. VII, No. 12 THE TEXAS CAVER B y no' it vTD.S noon, and we ate S OlUe tortas ('lexica n sandwiches of vort s), and dra n>: numerous "refrescos" ( onA. water). F o r the aft:rnoon, vre divided int o hlO eroups "ln d beeA.n 10s aJ ing and chec kinoou t o ther shallm.,rer pi tso A t t h 'l t evening a r o und six 0' clock, 1 '1e dis cussed ,ha t c 'le had found. Raine s and I found b,O pi ts, one ov e r 200 feet deep anrl t he other 300 feet plus. V ie had a lso c h ecked out s i x pits nn2ing from 3 0-75 fee t deeJ:!. Ii-ussell and Reddell had done I>l ell t oo They found three pits w hich s t re,lILs e n t e r (these s t rea!lJs resurge and sin k in the nalflc a r ea) one w a s a spect acular pit at the bottom o f a 100-foot v I a t erfall. A s i phon, a drop, a nd l a c k of time stoppe d exploration in these. I t was decide r l t o s )end Thursday morning che cking out t he 300-foo t plus deep pit Terry n nd I f ound. Th e t op of the pit is s o m e 15 feet in d i ameter, not t oo impressiveo A t minu s 100 f e e t the ceiling cuts back and out so that ':.'e found ourselves a t one end o f a roo m 7 5 feet H i d e and 100 fee t long. Th e floor TIlRS out of sight som e 2 5 0 feet be 1m-I. A series of six wells r a n 8.r o und the room, making t h i s room the Illost i m pres!Jiv e I hav e seen in any cave. At minu s 1 5 0 feet, a l e d g e was encoun t e red which the rope Iven t by, a nd wh' c h may he used as a resting place 0 At t he bottom of the 350 feet, Vie v,'er e i n a r oo;n a t leas t 7 5 fee t by 1 0 0 feet and sOille 250 high. Th e floor was chiefly of football-s i ze brenkd01'ffi0 When we r ached the bottom we w ere at on e e nd o f t h e roolll a t the top o f a fissure ",hich d r ops anothe r 100 fee t and shortly thereaft e r anothe r 100 feet--the latter drop throllu h 11 slli..'111 lvaterf all. Our 600 feet of r ope r m out h e r e ; hOlvever, 1'le Here able to continue down the pass age som e 50 fee t a n d encountered a 405 0 -foot drop .,hich Ive could not negotiate. The r est o f our e qu ipment WJ.S o n the surf ace. Wa t e r mov e d dOlm this passage and air lms m ov'ng out. The cav e c ou l d vel' possibly drop anoth e r HOO feet or so before the Hnt r resurge". r hese l a s t tHO dropsl (the hlO lOO' s ) a r e dO\YJ1stream in the m!' fis"ure Upstream I'e exp lored about 1,000 f e e t in a fissure ssage which contained tle treaD, nd \Vhic h t e rminates in a dome-pit 2 5 feet in diameter and over 100 feet high. The bottom of the dovmstream end o f the u pstream \-Tater p assag e ends in breakdo''ffi under the big room and e merges a t the top of the second 100-foot drop on the other side. This upstream passage is a fissure 100 feet high entered 7 5 feet a bove t h e runninG I 'la ter. Il{e got out of t h i s cave most imp ressed, a t e lunch, a n d again s pent the a f t ernoon loca hng other p its. 'rhe most notab l e find H'l S the "Infinity Pit" found by Russell some lrOOO feet above the entrnnce t o the 350-foot pit. A rock can be heard distinctly for 1 0 seconds after it i s drOI )ped--a f t e r 1-Thich it fades from a u dibility! Thus, the pit is probably at least 350 feet deep and possibly more. The v erti c a l po t entia l is a t housand feet mor e t h a n lilO S t of the pi ts .. Ie visited. Host of the p i t s o ccur near Tequila. which is near 69000 feet above sea level. There are prominent resurgences in a vFtlley at 4pOOO giving a g ood 2,000 feet ver t i c a l possibility o We packed our gea r e arly Friday morning and spen t severa l more h ours guided by t h e Indians locating othe r "sotanos" In all, \'Te found over 15 pits which are a t l e ast 150 feet deep and had tim e to explore only hro of the deepestc Three horizont a l type c aves l'rere partially explored "t(ld nllinerous 15-20-foot deep pits checked" A pretty good shOl'lin g for hro and one half d ays of caving. T g e pits and c aves \'re explored I-Tere all si t u a t e d vri thin t mile from the house vIe stayed in and literally hundreds o f other pits exist i n the area tha t i, e did not eet t.oo 1;le arrived in Orizaba around 7:00 Frida y evenine. S aturday N ov e mher 17th \,re journeyed t o Cordoba, V e r ncruzJ to inquire about c n ves in thn t area and tur ned u p nothinG startling. Sunday 9 ,ve \Vent to Veracruz, t o visit a c a v e r e ported i n PEr-lEX I s The caves a nd Cav e r ns of rr.exico", a tra v e l bulletin publishe d by the PEJ'iEX Travel Clubo We mana ged to find an oil but no c ave. rto ncl:ly vIe J.eft Orizaba for Val les, S a n Luis Potosi, a n d a couple o f d ays n t Xilitla to check out E l Sotano de Hui t z m o loti t l a othenrise knovm a s 6 Second Sink" v 'rhe pit is 100 feet in dia meter and 350 f eet deep--larger t hru l any 0,( the pits a t Tequila, but not deeper,


THE TEXAS CAVER Dece mber, Vol. VII, No. 12 137 althoue-h the vertical potential in the vicinit y of X ilitla is in excess of 5,000 feet. rrhe maxi mum depth of Huitzmolotitla i s proba bly around 2,000 feet. We arrived in the Xili tla area Tuesda y and had to Hait until Hednesday t o rig the pit as 'lie had to secure pe rmission t o enter from t h e Presidente de Xili tla. W e i'Tere arL'Ci ous to enter because w e h a d heard about the pit from B ob Hitchell, vlho first re p')rtc d it, and \ rho rigged the 350 feet i'Ii th ;) h and "linch som e years a go. This past L a bo r Day, Gle n Jvierrill, Bill Cud B u c k Cuddy, and som e other "[811-lmO'.m s p elunker s a lso riGged the 350-foot drop. F rom accounts of these tioTO trip s I 're ImeH what w e .. Tere up agains t before ,re Got there and the p l ace to rig the drop. ;/e also kneH that at the bottom of the first 350 feet, a second drop o f at least 125 feet existed i'lhich "TaS unexplored. Havi.n e just rie ged the pits o f Te quila, had ou r syst e m dmm pat and "forked togethe r v e r y smoothly. Again 600 feet o f N YLON ,vas used. After bott o min e the 350 f e et, Raine s and I drov e a bolt at t he s econd drop (16 0 feet), and r e-tied the 6 0 0 feet t o it, then r a p peled on dmm. This second drop is through a slliall vlR.t erfalL At the bottom \'le "Ter e o n one edge of a shallow pool looKing d Ol-m a fissure passage which He explored for ove r a mile. The passage i'laS all vTalking and som e climbing i n a passage e ic;h t to ten feet .. lid e and 30-100 feet high, ,\"ith ankle to chest deep ,.,a ter. The pElss'1. g e showed no sig n of ending vThen i.,e turn e d back. I ivill s a y that the l a rgest obstacle in exploring this p a ssage i s a flows tone block under "Thic h t he ,.l2. tel' sip ho n s A cable ladder or handline o f some kind would b e necessary f o r some. Vie e n c ounte r e d no l a rge drops in the mile of passR.[;o loTe explored. HO'vever, the neare s t r e sLlreence is thE: rho Huichihua y an, fed b y large spring s some 2,000 feet be101' 1 P lans are in t he makine; for a return t r i p to start mapping a n d to contin ue eXt,lora tion. [e entered the c a v e a t 3 : 0 0 P around 30 minutes after vie started rig g ine; the firs t 350-foot drop. W e r e ached the s urface a t 8:30 PM just six hours afte r \'r o arrive d a t the pi t and afte r ex plorine a mile o f Iva tel' passag e and prus siki nE: over 500 feet. \ve prussiked two at a time as we had done at the pits at Tequila, and thus s aved som e tim e that ,.,ay. The system ivorks well, esp e cially whe n no bad ledges are present and the 6,600-pound test NYLON will easily stand the strain of hvo people. Returning to V alles Thursday morning w e proceeded immediately to Los Sabinos to continue mapping and exploring "El Sotano de la Arroya", ,.,hich h a d been visited a year earlie r by the UT Grotto for mapping and exploring About 1 5 UTG members shm.,ed up this year and a v i r gin l'fa tel' passage was explored and anothe r passage mapped 1,500 feet to its end. A fe"1 isop?,ds ,'fere collected along wi th othe r specimens ,vhich will b e identified sometilue in the future. In all, our trip was v ery success fuL \ve accom plished i'fh a t we went for-namely to see if the Tequila V e r acruz area and the Xilitla, San Luis Potos i area v[arrant an all-out assault for map ping exploring collecting, etc. Dr. F Bonet of the University of I>exico (U.N.A. r l ) has done work in the Xili tla area and as h e s ays, "There i s much more to be done, m uch more. II Finally, I ,.,ould like to s a y the success of this trip is due l a r gely to Professor Gabriel J'olendoza, SenorErmiliano Ixtmatlahua and Senor Modesto Gomez, who h elped u s locate pits, secure permission to ent e r them and gave u s p l a ces to stay. Th anks also to Bob Mitchell and Glen I>ler rill ''fho gave us much information regarding the riggi. n g difficulties of "Huitzmoloti tla", ,.,hich m a d e our trip there so successful. T.R.E. by Bill Helmer HILARIOUS CAVING CARTOONS O NLY 50 Even if you've already seen one, you will wan t one for y our caving library. Send for on e today! Bud Frank P.O. Box 7635, UT Sta. Aust i n 12, Tex.


December, Vol. VII, No. 12 THE TEXAS CAVER A N II1PORTAUT ABOUT THi!: CAVEl{ y e llr s ago, 24 issues and seve ral thousa n d co pies, your T.S.A. public a t ion starte d to b e put out by the Abil e n e Grotto, and edited by Jim Estes. In t h a t t Ho-year s pa n severa l things have not ee'ca r ed not i c e a n d b elo;'T rill be listed as man y a s c a n be recalle d. These t hings a r e impo r t 'm t in order to be of the best servi ce 'to you, the readers, and contributors You miGht say that these are the r u les or t h e publication policies. 1. A s ne a r a s possible, grotto sec r ) taries o r r eporters w ill be contact e d a bout eig h t to t e n d a y s b efore the expecte d publ i c a t i o n d ate. The contact w ill be in the form of a reminder for all r e c en t g r o t t o nevTS. In addition, an add r essed s t amped e n v e l ope Hill accom pany t h e l e t t e r t o ic.a}:e it conv enient on those vTho are n o t i n the h abit of ansHerine letters. P lease [jet yo u r nel'TS in o n time,as th:i.s i s the o nly I'my all reGion a l grottos c a n keep t a b s o n one another. 2. Keep y our subscription add ress up to da t e Thi s cannot be stressed e n o u g h Espec i ally those i n school ,.,ill nee d to :eep t he e d i tor posted as to their SU1;.JI1er adrlresses. 3 All chan g e s in personnel in grottoe s A n d chrl. n ges in officers etc. mus t be sen t i n to the edi. tor. Hmo[ "Till w e e ver k::no ;r unless "Te hear? 4. T he sen ds complimentary co p ies to I nndo1mer s a n d/or othe r s pecial p e r;;ons a t the request of [illY c aver, how"o v e r \'Fe must r e ques t t h'1t a swall don a tion b e f o r ( Postage rgt e s are up 1n Jruluary, partly b e c'l use o f infla t ion and s u c h. If vFe had 200 r egu l R r s u bscribers ins t e a d of 75, we c ould sen d the C A V2,i/. out a t ab out a penny anrl. a h alf p e r c o p y instead of 4 p er.) 5 rho CAVJ:;R cannot corne out on a c e r tl'ti n d.::tte ea ch lllonth. Its a srare t ime, n on-payin g job. It will probably b e m o r e late thm early 6 The i s pai d for b y subscription s ( that's not news), and better issu e s (pic t u r e s etc.) c annot be included unless iVe h 'we II ore s ub scribers Each rott o i n the T.S.A. should be 100 percent subs criber s Get bu s y and selll 7. The CAV3R accepts any article regnrdless o f CJ,ualit y for publication. It is not necessarY that all articles be of a scientific nature, as most cavers are definitely not scientists. Articles on a particular cave exploration are always good for reading. We need an adequate and continuous supply of articles not onlyon this, but interesting research articles at the same time. Please type and double-space before sending. 8. Pictures? Weil, yes, if you get much more subscribers and renew your subscription at the proper time (Notice your expiration d ate to the right of your name on the address label). Pictures must be accompanied by the name of the pictures, who took it, and where it was taken. It should be black & ,.,hi te glossy and have something in it for scale. That is all that can be remembered now, but please keep these points in mind. \O[e ,.,ill appreciate your help very, very much. Thanks! L e /Ie r TO THE EDITOR: As you may know, we have started a survey of the caves of Mexico, officially called the "Speleological Survey of Mexico" and abbreviated as the At the present we are gathering information regarding Hexican caves-locations, descriptions, scientific work carried on in the cave (such as archaeological excavations, etco), and references to Mexicrul c aves in books (Spanish or English or any other language). We welcome any and all information that readers of the CAVER may have. Tharu< you for your cooperation,as your assistance and the assistance of many other cavers is necessary to make this undertaking a success. Sincerely, (ss)T. R. Evans, Editor of SSM 2214 liest 49th Street Austin 5, Texas NOVI IS THE TIME to begin makin g plans to attend the big National Speleological Society convention to be held in Nountain Lake, Virginia from June 9 to 15 1963. Keep posted to the NSS NEWS for all the information regarding this convention. Let's have a large group from Texas.


THE TEXAS CAVE R Dece mber, Vol VII, No. 12 139 s s. S. REPORTS THE by Richard C o Finch I firs t he ard of this c a ve last year throug h a close friend a nd fellm'l c aver, Edlvin Dornbu$ch, vrho had be e n try ing to locate it for som e time. Three's the lucky number they s ay, a nd I and another G eorgetmmi te with Edwin com posed the party of three that finally located the c a ve on Ed"Tin' s third trip. To reach the Bat-Well, one must trav erse about five miles of roug h ranch roa d through the and Logan r anches, therefore, a pick-up is much preferred over a passenger car. The road splits numerous times, so it is best to obt ain directions from Pir Hausenfluke Tilho seem s to mOl" more about the property than its owner, rlr. John Sudde th of Georget01'ffi. Durin g a school ye ar, I or another member of SSS ''lill be ha p py l'Thenev e r possible, to g o along with anyone. ,'li shing to visit the cave Berry' s Creek is the closest a f our wheel vehicle can co m e to the c a ve A dry streambed runs into Berry' s Creek from the south next to where the road fords the creek:. A quarter mile walk up t his creek will bring the cav e r to the e ntrance 'lhich is in the bottom o f the dry stre a m bed A person mus t enter only -Ih e n the i'lea the r is g ood The cave quite obviously t akes great volumes of water during storms. This is testified by pi e ces of 'lOod lodge d along the ceiling i n p l aces ''lell above head height Another "attraction" ''lhich this cave may b o ast is a rattlesnak e den in the entrance. Snake s keletons may be s e en, a n d the mmer says he ,vouldn t set f o o t in the pla c e b e cau s e he ha s heard the! buzz inside. One sn8.k e cralded acros s the end of the rope above m e a s I Has climb i n g out of t he shaft to t h e 3 ec ond l e v e l this las t April. Anoth e r party o f s p elunkers was once driven from the cav e b y a nes t of rattlers d01m o n the se co n d level. W e r e commend boots and ex---------trem e caution. Entrance to the cave is generally preceeded by rock thrm'ling to try and see if anything c a n be roused. Vie also keep away from ledges and cracks as much as possible, and carry a snake-bite kit just in case. The entrance is located in George tmm limestone, but about 20 feet back there is a shaft which drops 25 feet to the second level, "Thich is mostly in the Ed,-rards limestone A handline is needed to enter, and may be secured to a very convenient stone arch a fel i feet from the shaft. The tunnel runs in two directions from the shaft, approximately NW-SE (see m a p o n p a g e 141) The main "west" tunnel is the largest and is fairly i mpress i ve as far as size g oes9 but has no formations w h atsoever. It is generally heav ily p opulated ,'lith bats and accompanyi n g p ests. From the shaft to the end it i s 3 45 feet long One feature of interest is the numer o u s chimn eys throughout the cave Some of these could possibly hav e tunne l s running off them as does the entra nce from its shqft. Indeed one chimney in the east tunne l does reach the surface and allows a small skyligh t The East Tunnel, a tall but narrOvT passaJSe runs 121 feet and then fork s into t he Downstream a nd Upstream Tunnels I n places some dripstone has covered the walls, but i t is not extensive. The U pstrea m Tunnel is ente r ed by Here's a n A-B-C of caving -Al1'lays 1!e Careful for safety's sake!


1 40 Dece mber, V ol. VII, N o 12 THE TEXAS CAVER a short cra" l and then co n tinues f airly for a total dist a n c e o f 163 feet. AlonG t he cra ,1 are found some short and dra Jes, the only o n e s in tl-Je entire C 'l v e o f any interest. Ne2.r t he enr of tl1is a sll lall stream enters from the right \r a l l crosses, and d is:.J.Pfru' s do 'Tn a hole in the left H all. It .TO Id be possible to begin belly-cra.ll ine d O'lln t h e stream at thi 1'3 point but no atterflpt to do so h[1.s yet been made The Do:mst ream Tunnel a passa g e iri th 8. ImT ceiling and rocky flo or, runs 9 0 fee t a round sev e r:ll bends t o l'lha t is re, wned to be the s a e s treFl.llJ men t i oned earlier. I:Te p l a n to put dye in the in the Upstren Tunn e l a n d Hai t f o r i t in this passl1Ge to c he c k rhether i t 'lctU Hlly is the S"lme stre, m o r not. A short p<".l.ssage, the Pocket Tun n c 1 i, a 32-foot branch of the DOImstrenm Tunn el. In t he Po cket Tunne l the stre III mny b e see n again, bu t not entered. Nearhy the P ocket Tunne l is a hole in t he Hall Hhich a ppe a r s to lead someT:There ( rnarkect l ri th a questic n mar k on the rn':l1)L Excavation of a mud b ank mi g h t enlarge ; t e nou e h t o penni t entrance. At the end of the d r y portion o f the Do\mstret'lm Tunne l a belly -craw l throug h a pool of Iva t e l' bring s the guanoho cave r i.nto the streaIlI p r oper. The ntl\)[1Il inte rsec t s l'lith the cra i 'il a t rieht a n g l e and c a n be explored in both direc tions, hO'ie ver the on l y e x plora t i o n has been do mst r e n m FlS this seemed folore pro ruisin,::;. About 20 feet dmmstream a second stream j o ins the first. Our guess i s thrJ.t this i. t he strcClln that may b e see n from the P ocke t Tunn e l but it is tra v er sable f o r no more than a few fee t a s the tUIlne 1. hecoll18s t oo SlJlall. Last lilonth, \vhile the rest o f the group cor llpleted the mappin G of the dry c'lVe Garry Leav ell and J ohn o n ctmm the iVa t e r passage into vir n CElv e Cra rline for one and one 11.'11 r hour;, the y cove r c cl. an e s t imated minimwn rlictrmce of 2 50 feet Th e stream o to!' varies frow s ilt and rftUd to solid r o c r :l[l(1 r veragec about 8 inches deep. I I"'ll C8S f on: t u 'ee to ten feet ,,ide T ,18 8 i 1 i r ;;, hmre ver, neve r penlli ts mor e ft CY'1w l an the end of the 2 50 f e t d' I s 10'." as to v ery nearly be c o m e a siphon. Thou g h Le a v e l and Brockman could see that t h e passaee continued and appeared t o open u p aSAin, they could not pass this p o int without going under water Being unsur e of the exact difficul ties imposed. such a s hO\07 long 0 n e .[Quld be forced to do \'li thout oxy gen, a nd being tired and cold anY\'lay, they decided this Has a g ood p l ace to halt operations, at l e a s t for this tri p The tota l s urveyed distance of the c ave is 7 5 1 feet, plus the estimated 250-foot cral.;l bring s the tota l footage to over 1,000 feet. A somewhat more detailed map h a s been sent to the Texas Speleologica l Survey. As l'le vTere makin g o u r las t c ompas s readings, hOi'lever, lie discovered tha t the t a pe vlaS pulli n g a little on the compass. A double check f o r accuracy of these readin g s ,rill 1)e made this f all to make sure the map is correct. Althoug h the c ave was mined in 1 90 9 for guano, the outstanding f act is tha t in only one p l ace can any v a ndalism b e fOUl1d At one spot in the East Tl.lnne l a fel f aint initials had been scratched in the flOi'lstone years ago. Biology. In addition to the less welcom e form s of c a v e life mentioned previously there is a grea t deal of other flora Rnd f auna. Th e usual algae and fung i a r e found and the usua l c a v e crickets, h arvestmen, millipedes, etc. A specie s of frog the Tex a s Cliff therodact y l u s l atrans h a s been the c a ve. This frog to i n hab i t areas wher e there is still some light. \ve found n one in tota l darlmess. The bat colonie s are infested with the usua l vermin which ,,,e did not care enoug h about to observe 9 othe r than to see where to swat. Crayfish and a g r e a t number of small 1'1hi te snails ruay be f ound in a nd along the streams An occasiona l non-poisonous snake is lm01m to h ave strayed into the c ave. Th ere i s some question as to ho w the snakes f ound in the c ave lea ve the l::lwer level s \oThe n the only way out is u p throug h the v ertica l and o verhung shafts. It doe s not seem that all the snakes could h ave just f allen in. Both the U p stream a nd Pocket Tunnels end in stee p mud banks leadin g u p to small tunnels,


THE T EXAS CAVER D ecember, V o I D VII Noo 1 2 141 o 1 0 2 5 n BAI-WELL Tape a n d c o mpass survey b y Ro Finch, B. W all, G Davis, and D o L e m ons 5 0 May, 1 962 100 Scale = vat e r (if running arrON is direction of flm.,) = Estimated c eiling heig h t bat colo nies thrOUGhou t t his section Stream P oc ke t Tunnel I , r / / J ,-----/ ---. Stream sketched by G. Leavell a nd J o B rockman Stream D mms t ream T unne l Upstream Tunnel ...-.__ Dripstone L i ght seen thro u g h chimney SHAFT V ertical section of e ntra n c shaft: 3 0Q \ plAIN T U N N E L T r ail soall to c ontinu e


1 2 Dece m b e r Vol. VII N o 12 THE TEXAS CAVER the ends o f ,hich cannot b e seen. These could lead to the surf ace. This is a bou t all tha t is k nol'm so f a r about t he B a t -'H'ell, hOv,ever, in nearby B erry' s Creek is sOffiethine t o stir anyone s imag ination parti c ularly tha t of t he Bob Rodge r s type c aver (dive r s). There is s up p os e d to be a steel or iron t rapdoo r ins t a l l ed i n the fla t rock bottom o f t he creek n ear where t h e road fords the stream Althoug h to d a t e all effort s to l oc a t e it ha ve been to no a v ail, vre knov r vrithout a d o ub t tha t t his t rapdo o r exists, a n d has existed for many years. It is generally cove red by only abou t 1 8 inches of vtater, but is located near the middle of t he stream a n d the w a t e r has ahra y s been to m u dd y to see anyth i n g There is also the possibility o f its being burie d beneath mud o r gravel. This t r apdoor w a s ins t alled ye ars a g o b y t h e Hausenfluk e family w h e n this pro p erty was a part of the old family estate. It ,as p l a ced ove r t he mouth of an underground stream fed b y Berry's C r e e k. This was d one presul!leabl y to prev ent livestock from step ping in the hole. r. 1'. Hausenfluke recalls seeing and open ine t h e doo r severa l times as a youn g boy a nd r eports seeing fish in it. 110re recently, howev e r owner S ud deth s a", the trapdoor onc e when Berry's Cree k ran dry duri n g the d r outh. T his ',vas abou t 1957 and I"as t h e only tim e he ever sa,,, it thou h he has heard a lot about it. N1d s o a n e lusive trapdoo r hides the ntr'lnc e a n JJIld e rc-round stream Hhich, i f e ver loca t ed He ",ould like to d ye. .. I e definitely p l an to dye the tre'l m i n the c a v e l a t e r this ye a r and trce i t f a r possible If anyon e h1.f1 any s u e g e stions as to d ye or pro cerlu r I '.reuld like to hear froUl them a t Box 2 1 3 s U Statio n G eo r ge t01m, Tex a s o --Richard Finch, SSS CAVE" ADS . A d v ertiselJ ents may be mnde in the f o r only 5 0 per colwnn inch Hhich i "Ivide a s t his particular colunm9 He n ee d y our mon e y a n yo u n e ed our space. lEE SAFE ... TIL VEL S J F S L Y AND CAVE SAl"ELY THE NEARSIGHTED PROFESSOR: "RcThscHILD DON', G-O iN' THAT CAVIE. I 1-I 'lIN FOI;tN.J) A 'PoS/ED' SIG-IJ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! Gift subscriptions 1 the CAVER To: M i s s Nan Lindsley Loomis Hall Colorad o Colleg e Colora do Springs, Color. From: Your brother Pete To: Jack J o Burch 3705 Tr avis, Apto H Dallas, Texas From: Blair & Kath erine Goodbar C A V ERN S o F SONORA Open all Year Adults $ 1 .5 0 Students .:0 75 "TIlE 'tIORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL" Po O. Box 781 Sonora, Texas


THE TEXAS CAVER Dece mber, VoL VII. No. 12 143 N E w s ABILENE: Georg e Gr ay, Jim Estes, Ed deBary, Bryant Lilly, and H ar vey H olling s1>Torth made a trip to northern E dxa rcl s 2.nd Sutton Counti-.:s ov e r t h e lreek end of December 15th to check out nUllors of caves in that area Nothing o f any import"ll1ce Nas turned up, but the group made t he usual stop in S o.n Angelo for a p latt e r full of hot enchiladas, f avorite of all Abilene grottoers. Th e "largest" cave checked lms a 10vT ceiling crm-rhmy j-,ith a probable total of 175 feet. There 1 Tere a fe1'1 damp, but dead formations in the rear of the cave. The slide-tape series, Cave Safety, produced by the D allas-l!'ort i'lorth Grotto \Vas viel-Ted a t the last regular meet ing held on Dece mber 6th. Cong r atulations to D-FI,VG for a eood job. We enjoyed the shoN v ery much. The grotto has severa l cave l e ads t ha t the y "Till endeavor to check out in the nex t feN months. Also som e investi cat i on into the Christoval Hol e lIlay be ;;!ad e in the not too distant future. 'tie are happy to have Lt. Edward O. deBary as our nel 'lest full-fledg e d mem ber. Ed is stationed a t Dyess Air Force Base a nd lives at the c orner of Hulber ry and North 3rd Sts. in Abilene. Anothe r novice is e x pected to b e coH,e a m embe r i n a fe,-! d ays. Grotto address: 281 8 S. 39th 0t. Abilene, Tex a s A LAN 0: The nel 'TS from Alamo Grotto has not been returned at this date, Dec., 1 9 1 962. See y a next month, Alamoers! ALL A S FOR TWO R T H : I Well, here i t is deer 3811son aeai n BetHeen certain cavers hunting for venison steaks and others be inc s c a r e d off by venison-steak-hunters, n o t too fn!3.ny c arbides have been fired u p in the l ast month. But just l -rai t until JanuarYi one l ist o f cave-leads does no t h a v e dust on 11;1 Th e Th ank1;leivine holidayw 'ee kend of Nove mber 22-2 5 lvas put t o g ood use b y Grotto m r s G eorge Y e ary Pete Lindsley, Glen Pense, Fred' T art and guests, J ohn Hatkins s Gordo n Peadonl and David lialler. In efforts to check ou t the m any stories l.,re h a d heard about F itto n Cave i n the Arkansas the above g r ubby g r ou p mad e the long voyage to the c ave. The tri p w a s a complete success and v,e learned a lot about t he c ave. A c o mple t e report i'Till b e i n the Janua r y CAVElL Grotto address: Pete Lindsley 461 2 Rd. D allas Texas SAN A N GEL 0 COL LEG E: Jimmy Carson, secretary of the San Angelo Speleological Society reports that several trips wer e made toSchleiche r COe last month, and that some novices ,,,er e taken on a trip to Arden Cave o SOU T H W EST ERN U NIV. : SSS has no t as ye t r e t urned t heir n el'rs report" Guess there's been s o much a ctiv i ty, the r e I s been no tim e to write it all up. Sav e t110se stamped envelope su U N I V R SIT Y 0 FT. X A s.1 After the l"exico tri p everybody' seel. led to b e s pe nd.ine; a l o t of t i m e r ecov erin g p hycic2.11 y -2nd financially-s o li ttle c:wi n:{ ]vas lone durinG the month. B ob Rodgers l e d 11 l a r ge group of p r ospective c a v e dive r s t o practice in Jacob s the l a r ge 1-mt er-f:i.l led c aye in Hays Co. They r e a ched a de p t h of 1 05 wi t hout l' e a c h i ne' a n Gnd to t h e c a v e Dr. 8 r n est Lundelius o f the U T Geology Depa r tmen t t o ok a o f U T c a v e r s to Boerne t o ex plore c a v e s on the pro perty of t he Golden Falm Club. Th e cluh asked h i to see i f any of the C"l. ve s Here co ; ,Jlllerci aliz able They found all to b e eit he r shall0 sinks, excep t f o r Gol de n w11ich l-Tas a siJrine9 enter a b l e f o r only a short d i s t ance b e f o r e si. p ho ning. D ecem be r 12th D a vid EacKenzie a nd (continued on p a g e 1 44 )


144 Dece mber, Vol. VII, Noo 12 THE TEXAS CAVER the ot'18r boy removed the breal.;:dm m in Cave "X", en'l.hlin-, t he;a t o e n t e r t h e Los Poll i.Ct08 Hool f o r t h e firs t tirr,e in t1'TO y ,,:-,rs. A tri.l J i s l'llnnrled for t h e ',reeke n d of the l')t h t o p r8.ct i c e npIJellinrr and rur;qi d n,3 on t 18 )eco s Hive r Hig h Bridg e ;";v eryon e pl0.nnin e to g o to ; ;exico Christ:[18::; to e" plore s u rvey 2 1 Sotano d e H u i tzmoloti tla is eXI J ecte d to do rOLleHork o n th. ; "lr idge. The club held its r e::;u l a r w8eting ,/ednesr ,'l.Y D eceI!.h e r 12th, I 'Ther e the y saN lides o f "lCxi c o by Glen herrill. Grotto addre s s : P O. B ox 7 672, U.t Station Austin 12, Texas arrI8R LIT T LE: BrrS o From the newspa p ers, Bill Penman AU8tr alin has froEl a limes t O l L c a v e system Ilfter nearly 64 days un e r eroun d H e b eat the 62-da y record th3. t h n d b e e n claimed by a you n g French scie n tist, Siffre. o 0 : l anted! Any information lmo v m about a n 1 3-inch '{Tater vrell hole near the tovr.1 of Christoval, Texas. Contact the CAVER, please Be thin..1dng about it-is there anyone in Texa s rea d i n g this CAV8R ""Tho is or \Till be interested in waking a trip to Virginia in June to the !f.5S convention? If y ou are e.nd c a n t :3.k e your car, please co n t act the C :.VER editor. o It i s not too soon to ask, but the February issue of t h e CAVER, as las t year's, I'Till include as complete a list a s possible o f all ImOim c avers and caving in the state. Please, if you h ave not s e n t in a list of your m embers or othe r indepenct ell t cavers y o u know along H i th their addresses, do it nmT. Already in h r m d are SOllthi Testern Speleological So ciety, A bilene Grotto, and Texas NSS mem bers listed in the NSS NE\'[So .o.oAny inforrn'.l.tion regarding the caves of Texas, biology, geology, etc. 11m sure Nill be most ,relcomed by James Reddell of the Texas Speleological Survey,Box 7672 U.'.Lo Station, Austin 12, Texas INDEX TO VOLUlIJE VII 196 2 Amista d Dam, 47 A r cMco] ogy, 47, 4 9 51, 57 Aus t r a l i n n C9.ves 77 ilal.ling er, n oyce, 4 B a t Cav e Cavern, 46 b a t s 129, 139 B lt-, i elJ., 138 Bellfl?l' Alice & Bob, 41 !:li g Brarl \ 3 B i g Doo r C a v e 89 biology, 128 b ison, 4 5 Board o f G o v ernors, 69 Bord e r 12, 1 8 rnap BUild A Snap Link 6 5 Burial C3.v e ,H, 43 Dur i 3 1 C a v e f auna l list, 44 J u s t':rr.qnte 1 0 3 c m lbEtl a n e c a Loomi s 128 CCl.V C bear, 45 O w e C Ollserva t ion, 4 4 Cnv e Livin G--7,OOO B.C., 57 c a v e s c r e v ice, 3 cherno zem, 41 Christoval Hole, 88 closed caves, 80 Constitution of T.S.A., 63 Convention Report (ToS.A.) f 119 Corrections to Nembership List, 37 Caves of San Saba Co., 3 cricitedae, 43 Cridlebaugh, l';argaret, 43 Cronemrett, Bill, 9 cultura.l dep o sits, 42 D eep Cavep 62, 100 Deep Cave mapp 100 Devil's River, 47 Devil's Sinkhole, 11 dipodomys, 44 diprotodon, 78 Dive in In:i i r'-l1 Creek, 102 ecology, 43, 44 elk bones 103 Ellenburger limestone, 3 "El Sotano de Huitzmolotitla", 136 Emerald 87 Estes, J ames, 3 Evans, T. R o 135


THE TEXAS CA YEll Dece mber, Vol. VII, N o o 12 145 f aunal list of POI'lell's Cave, 129 Felton Cave, 31 Felton C a ve map, 35 Finch, Richa r d 121, 138 Fisher's Fissure, 8 7 Batteries for 9 fossil s 77, 127 Fr::tn k Ruben H ( Bud), 51, 127 geoloGY, 3, 51, 97, 127 Gorman Cave, 3 Gra s s hop ?er C ave, 3 Gray, ll., 45 Harrell Caverns, 3 he sperus, 44 heteromyidae, 43 h ydrology 128 Ice Age Centra l Texas, 45 Indian Creek Cave 41, 102 Infinity Pit, 136 Iron Cave, 3 Jennings, T;l a yne, 48 Knox Orion, Jr., 109 L angtry, A trip To, 87 l atifrons, 45 Lead Cave, 87 Lin dsley, Pete 65 Lines, 27 Ll a no Uplift, 3, 127 Cavern s 3 Los S abinos San Luis Potosit 136 Love Judy, 103 1 m'Ter Cretaceous 127 L undelius E. L., 77 Hamrlloth C ave, Australia 78 H c Culloch County, 3 Ecl'lichael, Prest on Ao, 62, 1 0 0 Joel Tom, 12 It,embership list, T. S.A., 19-26 135, 103 mid0 e n de posits, 49 Honeu e Cave, 36 Nan n u p Cave, 79 N a tural Bridg e Caverns 107, 109 Natur a l Bridg e C a v erns map, 109 insert n eotorna 44 n otothe riurn, 78 p a l eontol08Y, 43, 45, 51, 77, 103, 127 pal eontolog y vertebrate, 127 P a l eontoloG Y of Buria l Cave, 4 3 p erog n athus, 43 Pith,an, Bl air, 97, 9 9 201,rell's C ave, 9 7, 127, 128 P m -rell's Cave f a una.l list, 129 20'. rell' s Cave map 128 i nsert P ro j e c t Arden, 4 Project "48", 89, 9 7, 99, 127 Cave, Texas, 129 Quarry C a v e 8 7 fuli nes, T e rry, 87, 1 0 2 R e a e on Ce.nyon Shelters 49 R e d dell, Jam e s 47, 128 Rhadine beetle 128 Richlan d Spring s C a v e n1 s 3 Rio Gra nd e 4 7 H.o dg e r s B ob, 69 rop e lmots 2 7 Roundtre e C a v e 13 fulssell, Willia m H o 31, 61 S oAoCoSoS. Visits Long horn C a v erns, 46 SSS Act ivities, 121 S a n A n gelo Colle g e Speleologica l Society, 4 5, 46 San Sab n 8 1 S a n Sab a County, 3, 13, 81 Schleicher County, 12 Seminol e C a n y on, A 8 shelte r c a ve s 47, 49, 57 Siru c Bottom Types, 12 s keleta l relila i ns, 42 South, v e s tern Speleologica l Society, 1 0 3, 121 Speleologica l Surve y of Mexico, 135 stratig raphy 127 Tequilas V e r acruz, 135 thy s anura 128 TaSo A Convent ion, 8 1 thylacoleo, 7 8 Use s of Texa s Caves, 61 Val Verde County, 47 vertebrate paleontology 51 Vertica l C a ve Burial, 41 1'later, 128 Ivestern Australian C a ve Fossils, 77 \{estmorela nd C a r o l (cartoons), 8 5 93 White f a ce C a v e 3 1ifui t e S a nds Grotto, 92 \Viggley C a v e Texas, 1 8 X i l itla, Ver acruz, 135 S PELEO SUPPLY Bud }'ranlc P o 0 0 Box 7635 U a To Sta t ion Aus t i n 1 2 Tex. For h e l mets a nd c a rbid e lamp parts.


T H r X A S C A V R Soth 39t h =:treet Offi c2.:. 1 f.I'Jlj C'l tio n of the 'l':XA::; ::;J ,\.SS08INriCH I hh0nA.l Society TO: T llli takes this o pportunity t o wish each and every subscriber a very Herr y Chris tmas & a har5py and prospe rous Nevr Year, Nay 1963 be the year in trhich your cave leads be truer. your accidents fe> rer o your caving 1rishes corrte true. Best of luck to e ach of you Ne11 T "S A officers t a1dng o f f ice January lst, 1 963 include : Chai..rman Charle s V (Chuck) Larsen, Dalla s Vice Chair r r .. -=m -Orion Knox, Jr", S a n Antonio Secretary-Treasurer -Katherine Goodbar, D allas L e t u s all help these ne'I'T office r s a s they endeavor t o rna::e the n e1r y ear rnos t successful and more for each o f us.

Contents: The first
S.S.M. field trip / T. R. Evans --
An important note about the Caver --
Letter to the Editor --
S.S.S. reports on the Bat-Well --
Bat-Well map --
The nearsighted professor (cartoon) --
News of the Grottoes --
Index to volume VII 1962.


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