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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Return to Fitton Cave, Arkansas / Pete Lindsley -- About rattlesnakes / H.E. Adams -- Annual membership list - please note -- Less mail? -- A speleological postage stamp? -- News of the Grottoes.
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Vol. 8, no. 1 (1963)
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See Extended description for more information.

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COYBl1: A portion of Po;>(ell's Cave caver "'like Huches of Dallas. C 'hoto bj 'fer!"} Ihines) THE TBXAS CAVER Volume VIII, Nuwber 1 January, 1963 C 0 H T :c.: N T S &;'I'URlJ TO CAVE, AlL'Gi.ii SAS, by Pete Lindsley ------3 ABour by H .I!l. Adfl/IiS -------------------4 ANHUluJ LIST --PLEASE NOTE --------------. 5 IJ:i:S:3 ;,.A.IL? ------------------------------------------5 A POO'rAGE STA;':P? ----------,--------------5 If E 'vI S of the Grottoes -------------------.-. ----.------6 Cl .. is a monthly l)uhlicllticn of the SpeleoloGical Association <111, 1 i .f! i.n Al)tlene, Texas. Subscri1,tion is per year for 12 issues. 'mhlili tted for publication shou ld. be t,,::i,)ed, double-spn.ced and sent to the 8dit()r at 23lQ Joutll 3Jth street, Abilene, 'r8xas. l!:di tor-----------------Ja.118S Es tes CAVEl-{ Staff--------,---Geol'ge Gray John Lanier BElrt Cd. sHiml Ed. rn.rd deB8 .ry Bryant LilJ.y Re t Sh9 .de Judy Love Ji41 11 Orion Knox Carl Kumlth Pete Lindsley NW:r8 Secretary----------Irene Estes T iL:: ASSuCIA'rrON is the Texas reG':lon of the National Speleo-10 .-:ic.1.1 :':;oci,}ty,wi is composed of four N.oS.;;). Grottoes mid four cllving clubs. In acU it; on, all p ersons Iho are inter'3sted in caves and. ,rho seek to fulfill the purposes of t \ l C j ;nt;.o iwl Society are i iiCJI;bers of T.S.A. Ahil: }l1e Gro'!;to 2:-n n ::iout:-t 3;th t. Ahi l e : w Grotto 12 : n t 'lu:'",n il,,1. .:.hll:;:-) :.', AI.'" 1 ; 10 ( ; 1'0 t; to 31C(j I i n A:1 t oni 0, 'I'IJ::as Univer8i of Texas Grotto Box 7672 U.J:. Station Austin, Tex a s CAVING CLUBS San Colleee Speleo Soc. Box 3712 S.A.C. Stati.on San An,:;elo, t':;l'f l Speleo 30c. Box 95 S.Ll. Stlltiorl G eorccto-,'n, T 0 X.S SuI Ross Speleo Soc. Box 3C8, S.R. Station Alpine, Texas St. l 'ia:Cy's Univ. S.S. (Address unlmorm) San Antonio, Texas PUBLICATIONS The TEXAS CAVER (Etc .dress above) TEXAS S.i:)EIEOLOOICAL 7672 U.T. Station Austin 12, Texas


RETURN TO FITTON CAVE, AR K. by h:.b Lindsle y In an effort to c heck out the ;;;any stories about .!i'i tton Cave in Arlm n -sas four D n llCl s-l!'ort j./orth Grotto 1:181.: -2.n ( l tlu'ee guests llinde the lon' tri:r to the Ar1cc:nsa.s Ozarks. The tri 11 reri.uireel ten to eleven hours from D r,llas to the cave entrmlee, excludinc a short detocr to Ol:lahoma' s CottomlOod Cave. The cave is on private property and is protected one of t h e b est cave entrance Gates the author ha.s seen. 'l'hrough careful planning, permisf'lion had. been obtained to enter the c ave over the Th anJ.::sgivinp; holidays 13.10ng H i th the ll;issouri School of J.:ines Grotto. After a quick check of the cn tr'mce room, it '-Ta S decided to IllI'l.J.:e our h ase cal!Jp at Camp 2 in the c ave. After SOtiG four hours of CI'lHllirl8', elil!,bing, cl.uck ,ral lcing, a n d too little we fiJlnlly rea ched our de8tinatiori ;.,:i th sever'l r1t.:.nclred pounds of food l1y arrived at a larg e slE, b of rode r!i th "Out" written on it. \>/e then realized. re had entered the Out Room from the bacl-. and the cave suddenly u:.ade a 180 dee-ree jwup. He ,yere no longer lost. Re to t h e others, w e found that the sot.m.d of :v2.ter simrly a fine mist at the baf:l8 of a :ra.terfalJ., and ,{e still had no vater. From the looks of the prussik 100f)S thr,t Fred brought b ac!" it Nas a mucUy, pit. An hour or so later after tI'Bversing a difficult route throug h craw lwnys awl breakdown, 1"e reached the g YfSlliil need le paflsa{':"" c'ur lulin destinati on for the c flv i nt3' trip \ /e had to be very careful to step onJ.y 1rhel'e others had stepped, be-cause the long needle formF..ti.ons had cov most o f the s::lndy-;'loored crawlway. \.je found two "helix" needles. Instead of strfli{';ht lik e::111 the others, these needles hl'l.(l er01m in aln.ost a per fect circle about b T O inches i n d iameter. About hlO ho ur:, aHd wmy rolls of film l ater, the rest of the g TOU p pulled George and I a m y from t h e heautiful g.Ypswn flow ers and nn[;c 1 hrdr nn d ,,e beean the trip bacl( to b n::e C U lIi;'. After 80):,e sixteen hours of eavin2 a -ar m m e a l and bedroll : releollle s ; 5:hts indeed. 'rhe next Ii're d a n d Gordon FeD/Io n "rellt north up the "I'leanders" as far RG t h e Round Eoom. The "i ''Canders'' is a hii';h jinding p assar-:e (very simila r to the Crevice Fasr;age in .Powell's C ave) 1 Ti th a n active strea ;lJ running under the P:l8S

4 January, Vol. VIII, No. 1 THE TEXAS CAVER "d :ile G.c.-wrge a nd I t o o k sor,e more pictures of the flo lers. Returnine to c amp 3 0me l,q t er, 'tie f ound that all h u t J ohn 1:.-1c. rleci ded to r e tlJ.rn to t h e sur [''' c o Af t e r a hot !'. l and severa l hours s12C:; ) the t hree of u s also began the tr8' t o t h e entrance. A e found that ;"13 h arl s e t ,q G rotto record ,'ri th sorlle of t h 8 group s trl ying in the c ave for 66 con tinuOIl:1 hours (not Quite as long as l'ir. 1-'en w;-.n's 6 4 ( b y [> tn.Y). The trash bag for ::leV f m c v e r s lls ee. c l ; 'bide a n d flattened c n n s t :e reL,ov o d from the cave i : ei c:-hecl 30 to 40 pounds! A 1 t hou o nly f o u r llli of C : lVe h'.v e l)ee n lIF 'l)P .:d, it hr'J.s been estimp..ted t h' t t ( :';1'13 nre 2 8 uile s of c ave in all ( i Jon't 1-:110'; :'lCl'G it is thoUf Sh, as He m:re sec it). Of interest to any ;Lshin'S t o the trip to Arkansas, it :::;hould b e n o led th.:, t t h e c ave is closed :lHe1 locked ( and hm r!) a n d is on pri v l.t e prop 2rty. If my i nformation i s corr e c t t'.:O p e o :le lmve already been put in thfJ cl for tres f ,"l.ssin:::-. Anyone .rish ing to I:h .. trip should first obtain peni:is8 i on <'.nd a l s o the key to the cave. Als o ilTlport 'lll t is a e;uide in the c ave if poss i othe r,riso you l i .ll spend too tilJ, e s-ettinf,' "un-lost". Addi tional ini'on::; t i o n m .. y 0 b t nined f rom the Dall:l:::; -l,'ort ',: o:r-t h G rotto. On a e lwin.': ; trill in e:.'11'l ) Spring o f 19G2, 11 o f s J )ohil'L-::8rs from Al-:iflo Uro t to :i. cc. cleve r bit o f stratecy i n ;.'i.l;h 1 r 't ttlesn:l1-::e of t h i.s c'.elic"lte s it u, t i m tL: l '!l; ) r l '

TIlE TEXAS CAVER January, Vol. VIII, No.1 .5 Al'l"NUAL H E:?lBERSHI P LIST -PLEASE NOTE 'rhe Februar y issue of the CAVER i'Till incl u n e the annu a l mem b e rshiIJ list of the Texas Speleologica l Associc l tion of the Ira t:i onal Speleological S ociety, (Texa s Re eion). It will list a pprox imat ely 300 )8r 3 0n S inte:;"8s ted in and exp lori n g c a v e s from OV3 r the State o f Texas. All ;h o r eside in the s t a te, a n d 1ho are interested in the purpose and a ir.:s o f the NatiOYlal Socie t y a r e mem bers of T.S .A. The member:qhip lis t w'ill include n ames addresses, i'Theth e r or not N S S m embe r s n .nd xill b e groupe d into grottos, clubs, and independent c avers In order to make this as complete a list -a s poss-i..r ) l e "Te m u s t have thf name o f all c a v a r s If grottoes or clubs h ave not sent in a lis t of members and associates, p l e ase d o so a t your earliest convenience. in are: Those 11ho have sent in lists are: Abilene Grotto D allas-l"ort \'/orth Grott o Sul Ross Speleologica l Soci e t y Southwestern Speleo. Society San Ang elo College Speleo Society Those I-rho do not h ave lis t s sent University of Texas Grotto Alamo Grotto (On the i -lay) This is absolutely the last c all for memhersni p lists In addition, thHre shou l c l he a roster o f grotto club offic e r s included. If you blOH of othe r independent cav ers in v a r ious parts of the state, i t ,-rill be mucp a p preciated if their n."J.mes addres ses, are sent in s .nd a lso i.f they a r e N .;.i. S members. Th a n k y ou very much. Please sello l i.s t s to K atherine Goodbar, 6621 Sunnyl,:-md L a n e D alla s 14, rrexa s (T. S A SecG or to the T EXAS CAVER, 2 8 1 8 South 39th s t., Abilene, T exas. H i g h t nON!! --------------------------------------TID:; NEED S Y O U R I N G p lease c o n ta.ct us for i nforms.t i o n T here is a c:-H.r g e of only 50 per colulUn inch f o r a n y t y pe ad. LESS N AIL ? Five per cent of seem s all t oo much t o p"y or taj.ling one ounce of firs t class m a t e rial. Perhaps it is, and yet p e rh.." it i s n o t All according to from 1,here you l oo k a t j t---civil serv ice elhplojee v i ei-;po i nt---o r from s ervan t civilians! At any r ate (po s t a l rate that is) 1 8 arc still sendin g ou r the C A VER, but for 2 5 percent more cost. ( Haybe, it has n o t be e n che c ced yet ; A t vl'lri o u s times \1e (Th e CAVSR) ask readers t o sen d in something, or to \';ri te u s about s omething o r send in an article photo, or tna l 1--to keep the old p u b on t 1e G O i th .?t leas t s o mdhing in e ach iss u e to b e o f interes t to m o s t all N o,,', will the mai l w e've been re ceiving still C OHle in? lill there be less lUa:i.l in o u r mailbox since t h e po s t a l incre!-ls e n ? ,ie h o pe not. 'vIe rill prol) [lb l y have skimpier C A VERS-t : le one c ent incren s e in pos t a g e is t h e S rlJl18 : .;'; "1;118 cost o f printin g t w o full i, a g e s of a n issue! Keej l the mail co in; in, especially the s u b s c riptio l S Hrf"-J C A Clememts of P a sadena, TeX!lS Viri t e s t h:o.t it 1 1 0tlld be a c;oo d idea to s e e ,n, po s t E'se s ou t (a 5-center ) COl,le; ioret tine: at t e n t .. o n t o or -'ih:l t ll q v e you, t'r; e Nat ional Spe leoSoci e t y Think its :3. G oo e l idea? do. I f you d o ].;r te your ide a s and any cOIlc.rrd.1l3 such and !'ln y COJ ,lments to ei t11e1' the CAV6H. o r to V I' s Cle ment s 5041 Spence r Hi g h my Golden Acres B ranc!1, Pasadena, T e xas. Maybe you' r e a n artist and c a n de sivrl a s t wr'lj. Or maybe y ou knOl-r h o'(1 to get this t h i ll:; thr'OUc:>}l. If you would like t o see this d o r i e l e t u s hear from you. DW'T Tlle; Hational Speleologica l S o c i e t y s allnual con v ention 1-:r L a1.-e V a JWle 9 -1 5 1 963 Y ou be t h ere. You'll w iGS L,r e ... t if you don't!


6 January Vol VITI N o 1 T _IE TEXAS CAVER 1\ [ W s -I 'SUI"ROSS C O LLEGE T h e Sul Ross S pel-A BILC:l,j::: Gr{CYl"EO, i J SS A regul a r bTotto meetint: W"i& s held at the h o m e of G ooree G ray, .arsB.lis a t 7:30 pm Tu.:.,,::, l r>.y, January 8th. At the meeting f u t u r e c a v e tri p s 'fT ere dis cussed, ',xl : l a n s ; a de for rO:pf lork tra in;i:n g Gr o t t o melJb e r s are urged to bring in :lues a t tile next raeetine for the 1 ,1Onth of J anuary, if y ou h'1ve not already done s o A s pecia l trip m s made to San County on t:1 8 12th to check ()1J t flo v e r'-i,l c a ves. Only hro persons did t: 1 C i diotic t hing a n d made the trip Th e y '..rere J i m l..:8tes and T o m Ileador. Needless to 8ay it ''''1 S a v e r y c old Hinte r d"l.Y >,!h e n t he b o i(liot s bra ved t h e e l ements and in 0 n e \Thol e d!.lY did n o thille 1Il0 r e than check out one smnll c ave--a n d got the brunt of t he 7-degree cold Sleeping out, n o less G eoree and Jacque Gray and hlO pll.b l i c 8c',001 t eacher s (femnle) went to s cnrl V1C d n,Y R t C a v e rns of Sonora to d o 2.01'le [InrI looking around A tri p h, being p l<:l.lmed to g o to io r ri.::-lon C,'t v e i n C rocl<::et Cou nty a n d begin L1 of the: c a v e 'Ehe grotto Uiont hly trip .I s ah:nys on t he third I'Teekend o f each mo. p lan to 1cee.o t his a n open d a t e.The n e x t trip \rill be o n 'ebruary 16th! Grotto address is: 2 0 18 ;.)ou t h 39 t h St. ALA>10 GRarTO ; A o f the G rott o l'lill b e hel d !<' r i d ay, Januar y 1 8 New offi c .'r:'> f l' t h e c O I .. y 8 l r be e l ected F ive \Vent do m i nto 'the Old 'exi c o C O lt!1try on D e c e mber 27-3C and 1:1 COLl 1e C ::.b':1 1 1o, La J'le s a de Ch' t 1P. Obispado, Huast cca' Canyon :lil( Gru tas .le C "I'cia. came back by y , t i 110 nei enr ured tile first see n o n the desert north o f there in ten year! t1rot to rl l r ess: i lrs. Bonnie ) h i te 3 1 0 6 ..J8.e;e bill S a n Antoni o Te x a s e olog ica1 Socie t y elected officers i n October, an, ) they ar2 a s fo110'1'Ts: President -Carl Kunath Vice P r esident -J i m S e cret::l.ry-Tre9.sure r -Elain Everett R e porte r C here Hort o n Th e club has :lp rroxirJat ely t hirty five mp.mbers I'Ti t h a bOl, t hrenty active one s SRSS r.ncl e il.b ou t ele v e n trip s S Ol:le o f th"n;; h'.we bee n to O 'I' .L. Lan g try, Ozon a T e r l incua, lvlar a t h on, Bakersfie l d Gotto n"Jo od a n d 1':arfa fu ture trips a r e 'Plnnned t o 'India n 'Creek C ave, F awcett's Cave, and Fern Cave. At the T e x a s regional meeting in San Ane;elo N o ver:lber 1 0 Grainger Hunt ob t ained sli des of Bus t amante from Bud Frank: of the Unive rsity of T e x a s Grotto to s hOl'l the club. ,I e ,'!Oul d lik e to expres s our g r a t i t ude to h im f o r his gener o s i t y ','ie 1tlou l d also like to 'men tion that Scotty Ivloore formerly of the Ozona Grotto, has b een kin d enou g h to show the club h i s trelIlendous slid e series on fie l d Cave. Early in D ecember a trip rlas made to Cottomwod Cave 'fhere .. .rere a fe1' T hectic moments a s H e tried t o find the proper goat trilil to get to Dark-Lookout, but 08.11 turned out \ rell eventu3.11y, and we were a happy group of c a v a r s a s rTe got o:J.r first vie w o f this iwpressiv 8 cavern. Club acl.c.ress: t.:arl Kunath Box 308 SuI l{osf'l State College Alpine, Te x a s DALLAS-FORT ,JOH T H GHO' fTO Our Grotto treasurer is h al) f 'y to an nOlL.'1c e t he n e'1 a r ri val of a future c a v er, Jerry }'Oelemall, Jr. vie T-:ill b e look ing f o r him in a f e l years "Then ore nee d SOl!le one t o p ush P'lOSC 1 0 '; crmil s G e orge g!we a n excellent "In troduction to C aving" t a lZ: t o a g roup of Dillla s boy scout s anrl, finished up Hi t h a !?;r ou p o f CA.V 8 p i c t ures ,hich eve r y o ne en j oyed. C hucl: Jane L'lrsen made a holi d,3, y t rip to AlalY'llla 'Ii.t h a s.9. c k of .t'ress # 50' s in hopes o f li.: -:'hting up the big roo m in .. Uabama s T w n bHng l\.ock Cav e But t hey were sno',;ed ou t and 1':i.ll h a v e to make ano t he r t:ri,p b efor e i:i. l l see ilha t this


THE TEXAS CAVER January, Vol. VIII, No. 1 certain }101e i n the ground looks like. When someone says "work or project", only n few cavers shm'; up; b u t : lhen SOllleone says "party", looks lik e everyene C8.n find. the tim e to appe ar. The Christ rras Grotto meeting-party saw the largest gathering of cavel's in m any a dey. SOlUe o f the expensive gifts tha t ,,,ere e x ch..anged were: a n tmidentified cnn of ??, a c melle used flashlight batteries, and a pair of very used gloves! Gordon Peadon received the boot sole that fell off his boot in Fitton C ave along lTi th a tube of glue. The party was finished up wi th' a :slide Sh01. on Fitton Cave which was .enjoyed by everyone. Grotto address: Pete Lindsley, 4612 vlatauga Road Dallas 9, Texas I SOUTHWESTERN Mid-semester exams and bad weather etc. h ave tended to put the quietus on SSS caving this month. True, it's only bad 'reathe r on top of the ground, but anyway spirits were dam pened. After such a sorry pun you may not feel like readine any further, but for those that do, ;'1e did mana g e to have one group out t his month, going a go .in tp Cobb Cavern8. The Harx brothers have recently o pe ned a crmlhlay underneath and to the side of their stone stairs at the COillll l-Jrci 3 1 en trance. ThifJ cral'llI-ray (approxi mately 50 feet of very tight and uncomfortable passage) leads to the '!!est passage of the cave, formerly inaccessible because of the stairs. Some of our'group explored this end of the c a ve "rhile others, who had not been to Cobb before Sal,. the commercial portions 1 lrJ d the rest of the east end. Tho s e \-,ho sa;-; the wes tend \-lere very much surprized flith I'lhat they saw. The -Test end, thouc;h som eHha t sn. aller, is in many more be&utiful tha n the east. There is more color to be seen in the west end and wany extremely beautiful snow-white formations of a highly crystalline structure Hhich sparkled u .nd reflected any light sho" m on them 'lie also the new entrance t h a t 1 1 e opened on the first trip It is no c ; possibl e to enter the rear portions o the east passage without to g o throug h the tig h t belly crawl which for mArly m nde i t b 1 e for hefty c a v ers to enter t h i s pa r t of the c ave. We r e commend seein6 Cobb Caverns! Over the Thanksgiving holidays, a couple of our members descended into a S a n Antonio c a v e hONever, the main object ,.ras not s pelcology, but to recover a los t which had accidently been drop ped off a t1'lenty-foot ledge. They found it ann the r emains of a larGe hunting mife, too. Club il:ddress: Judy Lov e Secretary South.,estern Speleologic!11 Society Box 95, S.U. Sta t i on Georg etOlffi, Tex a s UNIVERSITY 01:<' T EXAS The Chris tmas holidays saw a lot of caving done by UTGers. Al thoug h many .. rent home for the holidays others made trips to Mexico and still others returned early to get som e c aving in before school reswned T. R. Evans, Terry Raines, and Terry Plemon s returned to E l Sotano de Huitzmoloti tla to begin map ping one of the grea t C 2ves of the North Alnerica n Continent. 'rhey succeeded in map ping just under one mi l e of cave passag e a t the bottom of the hw entrance drop s (total o f about 500 feet) in a trip lasting 2 4 hours. They 1'31so i n ves tie-a ted t his and surrounding areas for other pits l o cating 1 5 and 20 ranging i n depth from 10 0-300 feet plus Bill R ussell, James Reddell, and Dick Smith manEl a trip to t he Del Rioarea. The y con f erred 1'lith g eoloe;ists there at Interl1:lti onal Bound!1ry & I later Commis s ion about the nUlilerous caves in the area of the Al11ist':l d Daw and explored six c a v e s to be plue ges or floo ded b y the reservoir. They also resurv eyed Indian Creek C ave from the entr' ll1ce past the deep 1,rater i n a n attemp t to brinG the map of the cave u p to t h e quaE t y of othe r wap s nO'1l bei{Jg put out by the Texas Speleoloe i c a l Survey }la r sh:'lll Bat Cav e visi ted and surveyed, beine; the firs t trip back to this i n t e restin.,::, bat not t oo l a rc;e, cave in f i v e or six yep-. r s Sharon vloolsey, ',/alldngton, a nd l'iike Collins Moe a trip to Station "C" Cav e III to do furtht-: r 1

p JanuE..ry. V ol. VIII N o ......... --"-,:--z:::""', k=S:. C A V E R C' ... '..1 .1 O .'.I.';cl:'l t h e '1'8 ::".:::; !j :,el '::olo' : ; iC,'ll ,a,'i. 1 ,1.1, :":;OCET Y I :.', "r-l' ;:(". 8 HtC!, J S cont. ) tri..; ..I.'i.ui.sll map T 0 : '1'1 ) 1'1': l "'1.I:e8 : ;1 ( 1 l'OlfUn y Phillip<. 1 ;111 1.. : I. V 31'. c o l d fl'i,::; i ,.. l' ly' VISIT C A V E It S o Ii' SOrlOH,A "';lorld's I :ost B eautifn l Adu lts 50 S t u/ l en b -75 O pe n all year A s you can see by t l-:i s issue, the needs Illor:3 n.rticles, cartoons, and v:e dislike to p u t out non-worth "hile iSflues, anrl it !uu s t b e illlderstood t h a t the l e n gth of 8.p: :e::tr s i n t h e p8)C r i s u p t o you. Let's h ave t ose c,".ve explo:cflt; .on refi orts descriptions of c wes Y OLi vis:l t or SOI!:e project that you } n v e been calTyine on. It Jllay be inte r o to som e o f t h e readers, and you wi II h ,we conti"ib uted s orn6tr'iing to the orIel. of Sl)eleoloG Y Tl-L..;HE IS OtlE HAY T O C AVE -

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Fitton Cave, Arkansas / Pete Lindsley --
About rattlesnakes / H.E. Adams --
Annual membership list please note --
Less mail? --
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