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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Contents: The two Crystals (Crystal Sixty by Richard Finch, and Crystal Sixty-Three by Tom Dillon -- N.S.S. convention report -- The Caves of Amistad (Condensed from "Texas Highways") / G. P. Brown -- Abilene Grotto visits Guthrie Caves / J. Estes -- Cartoon by McMichael -- News of the Grottoes -- After almost a year - Abilene's plan works / George Gray -- Cartoon by Easley.
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Vol. 8, no. 7 (1963)
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C 0 V E R: this for a Texas tale? (Tall cave too!) Preston A. McMichael makes his cartooning debut in this month' s issueo How long has he been hiding this talent? Now turn to page 73 for another McMichael a different approach to cave vandalism. THE TEXAS CAVER Volume VIII, Number 7 July, 1963 CONTENTS THE T\10 C R YSTAlS (Crystal Sixty by Richard Finch9 ---69 and Crystal Sixty-Three by Tom Dillon) H .S.S COtmN T I O N REPORT ---------------------------71 'rHE CAVES OF MlISTAD (Condensed from Texas Highways) --72 by G o Po Brown ABILENE GROTTO VISITS GUTHRIE CAVES --------------------73 by Jo Estes CARTOON b y ]vIcMichael -----------------------------------73 NEW S of Th e Grottoes -------------------------------74 AFTER ALiIiOST A YEAR ABILENE? S PLAN It/ORKS -------------75 by George Gray CARTOON by Easley --------------------------------------75 THE TEXAS CAVER is a mont hly of the Texas Speleological Association R nd is published in AbLene, Texasv Subscription rate is $3 "00 per year for 12 issueso Items s ubmitted for pUblication should be doubled-spaced and sent to the editor a t 28 1 8 South 3 9th Stv no later tha n the 6th of each month. EDIT O R ----------:..-------------James Estes CAVER STAFF -------.-----------George Gray John Lanier Bart Crisman Bryant L illy REP O R T ERS ,----------------------Jim Reddell Orion Knox Carl Kunath Pete Lindsley L o T o Coles NE'i/S SECRETARY I BOOKKJ:..;EPER ------Irene Estes THE Tr;X A S S ffiLE LOGICAL ASSOCIATION is t h e Texas Region of the .Nat ional Speleo-10,icnl S o c i ety, .:ln d is cor r ,posed of four N u S o S o Grottoe s and four caving clubso In I1drl' t ; 011, '111 p e r'"'ons ",ho a r e interested in caves and ,"ho seek to fulfill the purpose s of the NI1 t' o n n l Spe leolo ical Society are members of 0 S u A v IN HID-JUIf S OF NEXT' YEAR (1.964) THE NAT I ONAL SPELEOLOOI CAL SOCIETY WILL HOLD ITS fu ' U A L CONVt;NTI N I NS';l BHAUNFELS s TEXAS, IT IS OF VITAL UlPORTANCE TO EACH TEXAS A vtR IN THAT HE Nt;EDS TO PLAN QUITE EARLY" 0 0 TO A TTENDo PLAN TO ALSO ATTEND THE REGION PR JE A i m THE Rr; I N C NVc;)lTI O N I N NOVEF.BER, AS DISCUSSION AN]) PLANNIN G WILL BE DONE FlY HE N ATI l 'AL C I VE1';TION AT BOTH THESE EVEIT S Geod caving!


THE TEXAS CAVER July. Vol o VIII, Noo 7 69 THE TWO CRYSTALS CRYSTAL SIXTY by, Richard Finch November three year s ago I had the privilege and thrill to enter one of the most beautiful caves I have ever seeno The quarrying operations five miles south of Georgetovm had broken into a virgin cave, a not unusual. occur r e nce for the Texas Crushed Stone Co. r was fortunate enough to have a friend Horki n g in the quarry who lmew of my cavin g interests and vTaS obliging enough to take m e out to see it one Sunday a few d ays after it h a d been opened o The cave '-Ta s not a big one, estimated at about 90 f e et, but was split into two levels, the of ,,hich had not been explored by t h e quarry "IoTorkers who had ventured in by light of burning ne,-rspaper. I, dressed in Sunday suit, saw enough to lmOi" I had to return, for the second level was a r a re bonanza of crystal formationso From the forman I learned to my dismay t ha t the cave "ioTaS doomed to destruct ion by dynamite the very next day s so Dr. Gordon Wolcott and Laura Weir, a loca l girl, and I returned that night det e r mine d to save what little of the cave! s great beauty we could by collect i ng v I regret to say the only pictures made T ere taken i"i th a Brownie camera in bl ack a nd -Thi te v which of course could not d o t h e cave justiceo (If anyone who vis i ted vTh a t was left of the cave after blasting and has pictures, we would ap preciate hearing from theno ) The upper level heiz h t v Tith large blunt, mi t e s Hhich remi n ded me i n H'lyS a nd ha d almos t e;;:eep t a feiv short ones of the tunn e 1 0 was all w alking powdery stalagof bryce c a nyon no along the sides Afte r a drop of a p p roxim atelY six or eig h t f e e t the lOiver level V T a s entered through an easy sque e ze o A ch a n g e vTas obvious: this section was q uite liv e (with pools of '-Tater severa l mehes deep i n places a n d all form ations glist enin g v r i th moisture) a nd was pro : usely d e co r ated ",ith highly crystalline, very pure calcite s peleothemso One section of the floor of t his room was co m pletely covered with Nayfield type coralloids six inches or more in height. Great destructi on of these coralloids ,,,as unavoidable in crossing this area. The ceiling was he a v ily hun g l"i th soda stra\'1s, as throughout the entire lower level. These were much lik e those found in Station "c" Cave near Hunt, Texas, but ,,,ere pure ,,,hi te or transparent. \ fuen broken (and everything touched was likely to break) they ,,,ere found to be full of water. These soda straws averaged around 8 inches, but at least a dozen were collected exceeding t,,,o feet in length and some near 30 inches. In addition to the soda straws and cave coral there were larger columns up to four inches in diameter and six fee t tall, still of the pure crystalline form of c alcite. Also there were in places som e small helictite s an d severa l war club typ e of stalactites somewhat like those of Nayfield. On the wherever coralloi ds and columns were absent, flowstone took over, and there were some colors ranged from brown through buff, orange, cream and snow white. Nany format i ons ."ere translucent 9 and wher e thin enou g h quite transparent. T,'1O rather unusual forma tions ,,,ere found in thi s cave c alled t h e Kin g O s Scepter, is a 23-inch t all sta l a gmite found grovl ing in the midst of a thick patch o f coralo Beautifully formedp it is wide at the base onntinues up seve n inch es w ith almo s t no chan ge, the n there i s a lmobby t hickening afte r which t h e d iameter shrinks to 3/4-inch and continues evenly until it t e rmin a tes in a rounded swelling not unlike the b all o f a Kin g s scepte r Thi s top is w i d e r by one & 3/8 inch than the b ase, making the formation a sort of miniature totem poleo It is pure white.


70 July. Vol o VIII, Noo 7 THE TEXAS CAVER The second formation of particular note is a brovffi long and almo s t perfect in form: it is 33 inches long and one and 3/16 inches in diameter throughout its entire length. \fhat makes both of t hese s r eleothems unusually in -teresting is the presence of a central c anal found supposedly only in stalac tites. The central tube of the King s Scepter seems to run the entire length of the formationp but 1s sealed off by the bulbo us end That of the brmm stalagmite however is all the way and except for a slight bend in the formation, one vTould be able to see all the way dmm it. Along the side of this speleothem and near the top is a portion of a tube or soda stra\v partially built into the large r stalagmite. Appar ently these phenomena were caus ed by the p artia l destruction of soda sbravTs which once spanned from ceiling to floor (as sOHle ",ere found to do in port ions of the cave) These remarkable stubs left standingv rather than were then coated with successive layers of crystal. Stubs of soda straws found riSing from the floor of Crystal SixtyThre e seem to confirm t his theory, As far as we knmof; no competEllnt geologist h a s made a study of any of the formations from Crystal Sixtyv however, this is possible, for to the surprise of the quarry men, the cave remained parti ally open ev e n after blasting and was accessible for a bout a duri ng which a numbe r of University of Texas Grotto cavers and some geoloeists and rockhounds fro m Waco and Burnet visited and collected i n the cave u It may be said from ca& ual observa nce that the formation structure seellls to be that described by George W 0 oore in his article v "Th e Grmofth of Sta l nctites" in Part II of NSS BULLETIN # 240 CRYSTAL SIXTY-THREE by Tom Dillon Tuesday, Hay 21, 1963, Rex Shepperd, Russell Ramsey, and I were fortunate e nou g h to be the discoverers of anothe r virgi n cave at the Texas Crushed Stone Company quarry. We named it Crystal Sixty-Three. Vie f o und it after checking several smaller leads in the quarry, and were somewhat astonished when reached the first roomQ The feelingreminded me of the cover of the April issue of the CAVERoooit was truly a beautiful sieht! After a short look aroundi we rushed back to school to get our two photographers, Mike Lorfing and Richard Fincho We also got two other cavers Paul Earls and David Anderson o Returning to the cave, the photographic crew entered first, follm.,ed by the hammer and chise 1 gang ("vandals") 0 Let me explain here that we hesitated to do any collecting in view of the N o S o S o conservation code; however, under the circumstances ,.,e felt that we might be able to preserve some of the natural beauty of t his cave through both a selection of slides and photographs and the specimens collected. This cave tooD was scheduled for immediate destruction by the quarry:L"lg o The specimens will be on exhibit at the second annual speleological display of the S u S oSo (Southwestern Speleo logical SOCiety) in the Southwestern Lib rarY9 held in conjunction with the Texas Speleological Association convention here in Novombero It is hoped that such beauty can be preserved--at least in part --through this means o In view of this, we collectedo We left the cave after only an then returned the next day, when we opened severa:l hundred more feet of beautiful rooms and passageso In this party ,,,ere Russell Ramsey 9 Joseph McCorkle9Bill Gill! Jim Fisher9 Rex Shepperd and my selfu We entered the cave about 6:30 PM, remaining in it until aboul. ,.,hen we were "scared out of our ,'11 ts" by an air drill immediately over our headso This was very surprising, to say the least, for the quarry officials knew we were in the cave; in fact we had all signed a release to get inooosafely? Needless to saY9 we left i n a hurryo This cave, though not as beautiful as Crystal sixty, surpassed it in several respectso It was much larger (over one hundred yards) and had an abundance of larger helictites than were in the oth erp rru1ging from transparent through op aque rust-br01ffi and yellowo This cave


THE TEXAS CAVER July, Vol o VIII, Noo 7 71 also had many large beautiful bacon-rind ,lr/,O totem pole s t a l agmites over five feet high, and about an inch in covered with encrustations of dog-tooth sparo One peculiar phenomenon in many sections of the c ave l>/'a s a calcite sheet a bout 3/8 inch t hick completely covering the H i t h stalactites grmiing off it in quan t ityo In our collection we were able to g e t several sections of this about onefoot squareo These had been shaken from ceiling in sections with a n d d r a peries in profusiono Another int e r estin g sight IoTaS the soda strRl" columns H h i c h had been broken off, perhaps during b l a stingo This gave the appearance of soda stra'l'TS growing up from the floor as stalagmitic depositionso Actually, it Ivas v ery confusing until lie realized ,,,hat had ha p p ened to cause it. A peculiar form of breakdown was noticed. Apparently the ceiling l>/'as of thin -bedded limestone 'I'lhich at one time f e l l in huge slabs, which upon landing, then shattered into a sort of giant jig sal" puzzle 0 The pieces all remained perf e ctly in place, to be l ater cemented in p osi t ion by dripstoneo Before leaving this beautiful cave I I paused a moment in a sense of mel a n choly (even with the drill rumbling o v e r h ead). No one but us would ever see thi.s s peleological gemo 0 0 o e xcept in a few pic tures 0 Considering both C_ystal Sixty and Sixty-Three l"e feel tha t a siGnificant discovery has been made9 for th e hro !ould i nd i c ate t he possi bili ty of oth ers per h a p s even more outstandingo \"e d efinitely feel that vlillia mson County i.ay hwe g reater s peleological promise has been previously thought and c avin,; ','rill [So on--in h opes of one d a y a dis Cov ery tha t does not have to be blovm up f or man i s of times questionable progresso T e x a s Speleoloeical Association REGION PROJECT Labor Day Weekend 'Ivatch for Announcements N o S S CONVENTION REPORT The Nationa l Speleoloeical Society convention I'TaS held in beautiful Mountai n L ake hotel in Vireinia from June 9 to the 150 Until lilednesday noon caV'e trips l>/'ere m ade to area c aves, which included some .of the best in the stateo Registra all sessions, a nd the banquet 'l'TaS held at the hoteL T he ses s i o ns included som e of t he best papers ever presented, a nd the att.end a nce a t 350-plus .vas per h a p s the best ever, Your editor attended most of the sessions exce p t for the first half of the Pra ctical Session because o f moving camp dmm off the 'I'Tindswept mountaintop. For the first time a C)nservation-General Session l>/'as held including papers and a slide series on conserva t iono This proved quite s atisfactory, and l>/'ill prob ably b e continued at s uc cee ding c onv enti ons o As far as be determined, only seven people from Texas attendeduoothree from Abilene one from Fort vlorth one from Waxahachie9 one from .A&.M College and one from Plainviewo There a r e approximately 100 NSS members in Texas and more than 350 kno m spelunkerso Beautiful Lake hote l is situated on Bald Knob at a n elevation of over 4 9 000 feet and overlooks a natural l ake fed b y s prings. The weather l>/'as cool and the air invigorati ng o It "Tas a perfect place to hold a convent ion of the type, The only tvlO T exa s grottoes re presented at the Cong r e s s of Grottoes was Abilene and Dallas-Fort Worth o The Editor represented D-FWG by proxy a nd Ed deBary represented Abilene o The c ongres s was v e r y intereshng and g a ve each an opportunity to voic e opinions a nd sug gestions o At the Conserv a t ion-General Sess ionp the slide series by Orion Knoxp Jro Natural ]ridge Cavernsp was presented by Jim Estes, "Tho also used the oppor tunity t o advertise the N e N Br aunfels convention next summer 0 The series receiv8 d wild applause 0 An outs tanding conservati on paper, A..Yl Integrated Pla!!, For Regional Cave Protect ion9 'I'18.S presente d by Vic NSS Conserv a tion Chairman Saturday n i eht. the b anquet, Mc' d by Fred Benn i n gton broug h t the convention t o a close9 a successful one lidded 0


. i l 72 .July, VoL VIII, Noo 7 THE TEXAS CAVER THE CAVES OF AMISTAD (Digested from Texas Highways, Hayg 1963) By G o p" BroT,m; Supervising Resident Engineer Editor' s Note: The following was taken from an article that appeared in Texas High"lTays, official journal of the Texas Highway Department. It is reprinted here in digest form so that Texas cavers may have some knowledge of caves in the Amistad areaa ) Tom Sawyer would have loved them even if there were no Indian Joe to add to the suspenseo Indeed, Tom probably would hRve found the seven caverns of the Amistad Dam and reservoir project beyond h t s wildest dreams He would hav8 watched awe-stricken as explosives shook the earth and thudered as the caves were opened up for exploration. The grinding of trucks and machinery would have been an exciting background of sounds as workmen descended into the unknown c.averns to chart their paths. Tom would h n ve gasped ,.rhpn a five-foot-long diamond bad: ra ttlesnake suddenly loomed u p around a corner to confront the explorerso Barefooted, he "Tould have tiptoed bravely but apprehens i v-ely behind the meng wind ing their way through the silent, wander ing cavel-TElYs, '.'fa tching as the light from the miner I s l amps fl ickered on cavern w alls tha t had never kn.own anything but underground darknesso Explora t ion of the caverns is a f ncet of the joint program of the United States and r jexico for construcdon of the Amistad D R m a nd Reservoir project, The Amistad to be located on the Hio Gra nde 12 miles upstream from Del Rio Texas, and Ciudad Coahuila i will be the second major international storage dam to be constructed jointly by the United States and pursuw. t to the Water Treaty of 19440 After construction ioTaS startedr severa l underground caves and solution channels i>lere discoveredo These caves were opened up" explored and mapped by geologists of the International Boundary and \'Ia ter Commission., Some of the caves were almost 100 feet deepf with narrow fingers leading off in all directions. All of the caves are under the maximum reservoir elevation of the proposed lake and require filling to prevent leakage 0 They were mapped by the IB & WC to determine if a definite pattern existed which might cause failure in the highway project under constructiono Seven caves were discovered and filled! requiring 751 cubic yards of con 'Jre te and 98 cubic yards of rock. The largest cave required 236 cubic yards of concrete and only 10 cubic yards of rock. Dtrcing the filling operations, a repre sentative of the Boundary Commission was present to decide when the large boulders would be addedo The lean concrete was plac ed first" and allo'.'Ted to flow into channe:s and creviceso As soon as the main C2ve started filling up,the boulders were thrOi-ill in to help force the concrete into the solution channels and creviceso An of the large caves were discovered in the embankment section of the highvray projecto Some small caves have been discovered in the bridge section, and adjacent to or under pier foot ings "rill be filled with class "A" con crete" a bridge footing has been excavated to grade, test borings are made to discover if caves are located under or the footingso Cores are taken to the types of material under footings to a minimum depth of 10 fee-t., A i>lagon drill is then used and drilled on a 45-degree angle and watched to see if any c avi ties The angle drilling will determine if a cavity has been missed by vertical core drillingo


THE TEXAS CAVER July, Vol. VIII, No. 7 73 ABILENE GROTTO VISITS GUTHRIE CAVE by J. Estes Fol101ving a lead in EdvTards Coun t y three c avers from Abilene checked out one small cave and several smaller shel ters on the Perry Guthrie Ranch near Rocksprings. The Guthrie Ranch is located not far (about four miles) cross country' from t h e Devills Sinkhole, and prospects were g ood to find a nice cave The c a ve 1v8.s located in a ,shallow dra:'T ,'rest of the highway 377 and about a mile from the house. The entrance was concealed by a thick gr01vth of cedar and scrub oak, a feN vines and brush. ItO s measurements ,vere about eight feet east a n d \"lest and six feet north and south. After dropping six feet into the s m all entrance sink9 a stoopw-ay leads to an entrance room with a four-foot ceiling. The room measures about 25, to 30 feet in diamet er, and the floor is covered with a sine.ll breakdown. To the right of the room after e ntering is a small hole tvTO feet in diameter "Thich drops about 20 feet into lar-ger breakdown blocks. The drop is climbable. At the bottom 'the cavers could work their ivay behleen breakdown to a small room "There three leads led out. The best lead ivent down about five feet to a crawlway, thence to a 40-foot in diameter room with a three-foot ceiling. Another lm-T craivlway led out of this room, but ended in small breakd01ffi after twenty feet. The other two leads extended the cave only about 20-30 feet in each. There were no notable formations in the cave,although there was quite a bit of dripping moisture. Total length of the cave was estimated at 150 feet, and a depth of only 35 feet, possibly forty. The cave was not mapped. Several small rock shel ters w'ere checked on the ranch9 but none exceeded 10 feet in depth. One of the shelters high up on a bluff emitted hissing sounds that the cavers thought ,-Tere bobcats. It turned out to be the bIovTing of small d01ffiey baby buzzards. A small boy had been cave exploring and was reprimanded. His mother told him he must take a whipping. He flew upstairs and hid in a far corner under a bed. When the father came home, the mother told him what had happened. He went up_ stairs and proceeded to crawl under the bed toward the youngster. Excitedly the boy whispered, "Hello Pop is she after you too?" / .. / . '-: . . / ..... /. ... ... / . ....


li.____ N E w 5 N 3 S T h e grotto met a t the hJm e c f G e o rge G ra.y J uly 2 t o dis eu:;::; a n d bo t e o n a n el'! by-lavT c hange in regard to fieJ.d trip tra n s p oriimtion exp e nses. p l a n future a n d enj o y t h e f ellol/lShip vTith E d deBary, v r h o :.s l eaving for ove:'seas" T h e n ext g r otto trJ_p will be on J u l y 20 to Ed\"la rds G eorge., J a cque, and Ricky G ray;-8 lent thelr vaca a t Yhilmont S C O l"t lt a neh, and Vi8 i ted oth e r par t s of N eT!T Mex ico a n d dest T e xas. No caves visited. but S1 t huc .oull J i m has r e hu"ned f r o m a t w o week. t rip b tJ"S u S u a t o u r of Vlas h1 n g-to r D o C o 9 and at w1.riou s places in t he A ppalachi a n s B :-y ant Lilly leaves i n a T ( [sek for Chicago on his Says hE. may c h9ck i nto t h e cnv ine sltu a t ion :1..1'] t h e I owa Rnd Wiscons1 n areas o A tn. p \ vas made t o G uthr i e Ra.nch n b(lHal d s c ount y recem 'ly to c h eck Olit a 8m1111 c a v e 0 Grott o 28 l n South ; 9+:h SL Abllene:, T e xas 79605 Look for t h e next e d o n o f t h e C A VER. for Alamo Grott o a ctiv i ties a n d n e\-;;,. G r ot"o address. \ vh:i. t e Sec:.-e l;ar y 3106 Sage hill D r.. v an A ntonic; T e x a s [ S r J T o hfe ivee k e n d 1>l a y 1 8 ---. 1 9 faun d ott o Ill' lber B ert O lsen .. NOTl:lB...l1 H obin s n [md PI? te LUl d,-1 ley ('h e eking several lead in tlu'ee coun t ie8 YleRT sonora. N o elv cave' o f any l e n8th ',ve r e foun d9 h O H c v r s V'eral mor e lead s Her e liI l c o vere d ::ia turdny n i,:,:hL f o r n c ouple of h ,)u.-::-s ,the ba t; flieht f roUl Punkln H ead C'a\re c ,a5 c b THE TEXAS CAVER serve d Th e NSS slide series "C3 Expedi tio:c" was ShOTtffi a t the 1>1ay grotto meetingo This most i n teresting series told of the N SS expedition into Floyd Collin1s Crystal C ave; and is a-vailable t o all NSS g r o ttoes 0 D a v i d Walle r w a s 1-Telcomed as a new membe r o f the Gro ttoo Geor g e Yeary, Dav i d Pete N o r man Robinson and family cove red oVer 75 0 m iles and four Texas counties i n sea r c h of neTt; caves on the June I weeksn do Al thoug h the d eep lead (165 i ) w a s not located9 many neTtT friends were mad e wit h the possibility of uncovering some more Placing iTtTO dye absorbe r s 1 n Gorm a n C ave for a possible fluores cein t e s t I "ve were surprised to find the Colorado R i v e r i n floo d with the muddy and turbule n t "mter l apping only about six fee t b elmv the Gorma n e ntranceo Wi th an other 10-12 feet rise of the Col.orado the e ntrance Ttlo u l d s i phono We found that abou t 30 p e ople had vis ited the cave since a month a g o vThen I 'Te placed the NSS registe r in t h e cave Gorm a n itself ivas very dryo La s t w ord f r 'om the Larsens is that they mad e i t to Californiao Chuck has been t r ansfe r red t o California for s elTe::' a l m o n t h s and promises to send word to 'l.I S abn u t t h e caves on the west coasto D-FWG [',Oi'l has memb8 r s r.tip ranging from Cal i f ornia t o fIlinnescta, Gr o t t o addre ss: P e t e L indsl e y v Sec :reiary 461 2 Wat auga Rd o Dallas 9 Texas I UNIVE RSITY OF Watch for 'c:he neTtTS Goncerning UT Grotto a ctivities and news in t h e next issu e of she CAVER 0 Gro tto address: P., 00 Box 7 672 Uoll'o Sta t ion Austin, 12p Texas HAS ADDRESS CHANGED? P Jease inform the CAVER if i t haso o a n d include your new Z o I o P o numbe r s


TH6 TEXAS CAVER July, Vol o VIII, Noo 7 75 AFTER ALMOST A YEAR -ABILENE i s PLAN WORKS by Georg e Gray For a number of years, the Abilene Grotto rocked along w'i th its small membership, meeting only at called sessi o ns an d making sporadic trips 0 The treasury of the grotto was nil a nd e quipment de preciating with no possible vray to repla ce it in sight. Late last summer, the officers of the Grotto vTOrked out a solution and the a pproved it unanimously o Members of several other grottoes have expressed interes t in t he plan a nd \ve ,.;ould like to su':Jmit it h ere for y our informationo ( Per ha;,s there is some f eature in the pla n thB.t H ill a ppea l to you and your grotto, o r p erhaps it ,.;ill give you a n idea t ha t can be adopted for your grotto.) 1) \'I e set the f irst Tuesday o f each month as a regular meeting date. 2) W e reserved the third ''lee ken d of ea ch month for a regula r grotto field trip. Other trips may b e made, but bas ically t he grotto vlill be som el-There in a hole on tha t third vreekend. 3) These r egu l a r field trips are financed throug h the grotto with the vehicle O1iller recelvlng compensation for the ga s a nd oil used and an addition a l l per mile for "Tear and tear o Participants are bille d for their proportionate share of the cos t by the grotto. 4 ) Esta blished a n initiation fee of J12000 f o r r egular membership and $ 2 0 00 for dep e nden t membershipo This fee covers the membership dues for NoSoSo an d subscrip tion to the Region a l publication, the remainder g o e s into the grotto general fund. 5 ) Since it is easier for most to pay as-you-go, monthly dues Here se t a t $ 1050 ( $ 18000 annually ) for regular membership a nd 25 monthly ( $ 3 0 00 annual l y ) for de pe nd ent 0 This provides for an automatic reregistration in t he l;,S,S, an d subscription to the regional publi cation. The remainder to go into the erotto ge ne ral f un d 0 N01' T almos t a year later, the A bi lene Grotto is 100% N o S o S o9 100% TEXAS CAVERs and has a bank b a l a nce to be used for equipment repla cement In oth e r \'lords the plan has worked for u S o Perhaps the idea may ,'lOr k for others o DALLAS, H OUSTON CA VERS DISCOVER BEA R BONES 0 0 0 Pete Lindsley r eports t ha t the mystery of the hu g e scr atches on break dov m bou lders in Deep Cave may be solvedo Pet e and George Yeary made a trip to the c a ve a nd checked out a s mall pit, A bear skull and a f el'; bon e s I'lere all t ha t remained of the scr atch-making crit ter. T he bones were identified by Bob Sla u ghter of a nd an estimation of the date of the bear' s dea t h w a s from 50-4 000 years a go Fe mOu$ L Worc!s


T H .:., T ::; X A S Cl.VER 2<:1>3 :::0'li:' 39th 3treet A h l lr;rl c, 'l'l.;X!l5 79605 a __ Cffl-::i aL puhUr::!ltion of the T x:": A S c:ociauon H ATIC,,,A L socrr;TY TAKE NOTHI N G BUT P ICTUltES 0 0 LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS! REPBA'I' N OTICE: A f ter ove r two and one h alf years v the edltor of the C AVER is looking for someone to take o v r the reins and edit the CAVER 0 If you do not think y ou can do the job yourself" perhaps you kno,,; of someone \'ho ",oula like too Drop me a lineo --Ed.

Contents: The two
Crystals (Crystal Sixty by Richard Finch, and Crystal
Sixty-Three by Tom Dillon --
N.S.S. convention report --
The Caves of Amistad (Condensed from "Texas Highways") /
G. P. Brown --
Abilene Grotto visits Guthrie Caves / J. Estes --
Cartoon by McMichael --
News of the Grottoes --
After almost a year Abilene's plan works / George Gray
Cartoon by Easley.


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