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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Region convention, a smashing success! big virgin cave found -- T.S.A. salon winners: an array of fine photos -- Attendance at TSA convention: best since 1957 -- Photo page: convention goings-on -- Springdale Ranch Cave: electrometer in use -- Convention door prize winnders: you should have been there -- Caver of the Month: A North Texas -- Photo page: starting November off with a bang -- News of the Grottoes -- Here's an idea for you.
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Vol. 8, no. 11 (1963)
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C 0 V E R: First time seen by anyone! Pete Lindsley of knows what it is to view virgin territory in a brand new, formerly entranceless cave. Laubach Cave, sometimes referred to as H.B.C. {Highway Bridge Caverns), so far after two or more short weeks has not revealed all its secrets. Over 4,000 feet have already been mapped, and an unofficial Region Project is planned for this now doomed-to be-sealed cave almost beneath the city of Georgetown, Texas. Photograph was taken by Jerry Fogleman of Dallas. THE TEXAS CAVER Volume VIII, Number 11 November, 1963 CONTENTS REGION CONVENTION, A SMASHING SUCCESS! ---------------111 Big Virgin Cave Found T.S.A. SALON WINNERS 112 An array of fine photos ATTENDANCE AT TSA CONVENTION-------------------------113 Best since 1957 PHOTO PAGE 114 Convention goings-on SPRINGDALE RANCH CAVE 115 Electrometer in use CONVENTION DOOR PRIZE WINNERS ------------------------116 You should have been there CAVER OF THE MONTH -----------------------------------116 A North Texas PHOTO PAGE -------------------------------------------117 Starting November off with a bang N E W S of the Grottoes ------------------------------118 HERE's AN IDEA FOR YOU ------------------------------118 THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association and i s published in Abilene, Texas. Material submitted must be typed, double-spaced, and sent to the Editor, 2818 S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas no later than the 6th of each month Editor James Estes Staff ----------------------George Gray Bart Crisman John Lanier Bryant Lilly Jim Medlin Reporters -----------------James Reddell L.T. Coles James Schumann Norman Robinson Carl Kunath THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is the Texas Region of the National Speleo logical Society, and is composed of Five Grottoes, three caving clubs, and any indivi dual caver i n the state of Texas ineerested in carrying out the purposes of the National Spe leological Society. OFFICERS, 1963 Chairman -------------------chuck Larsen Vice Chairman ----------Orion Knox, Jr. Secretary ------------Katherine Goodbar "TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES, LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS."


THE TEXAS CAVER November, Vol. VIII, No. ll lll REG on COnVEnT on S SUCCESS VIRGIN CAVE SEEN ''What a wonderful convention 1" was the consensus on the Seventh Annual Region Convention held at Southwestern University in Georgetown, November It combined the best of business meetM ings, papers, and f ield trips. t1ftyseven registered for the two-day session, the greatest number we have had at a convention since 1957. We hope this will be the beginning of an upward trend. The 7t00 AM Board of Governors meeting saw representatives from Abil ene Grotto, Worth Grotto, UT Grotto, Southwestern Speleological Society, Balcones Grotto, and San Ang elo College Caving Club. The tion Committee reported on details of the gating of Dead Dog Cave in Austin. The suggestion was offered that each grotto submit one article on conserva tion with black and white pictures to be offered to county newspapers in the caving areas. Each article could be sent at monthly intervals to each paper. The conservation committee is compiling a list of landowners who are not willw ing to admit cavers, to keep those who may hear of leads on these properties from making a long drive for nothing. Representatives were asked to remind their grottoea that it is important to honor the promises of meps and pictures made to ranchers. They are understandingly irritated when these products do not arrive. Jim Estes reported that THE TEXAS CAVER is doing very well though there ie always a need for more artim cles and more prompt reporting of the club news. THE TEXAS CAVER received an award this year from the Speleo Digest. It was suggested that each Grotto stage a subscription campaign to insure the continued financial success of the mag azine. The following officers were el ected for 1964s CHAIRMAN Or1on Knox VICE CHAIRMAN Pete Lindaley SECRETARY .. Tm:ASURERKatherine Goodbar Bill Russell reported on the Speleological Survey of Mexico, and the eervicea that it oould render to Texas cavers. It was decided by the group that this survey, like the Tex&a ologioal Survey would be a very valuw able unofficial organ of the Texas Re gion. The Spring BOG meetin8 was set for April 12 at the Cactus Cafe in San Saba, Texe.e, Jim Reddell reported that the Texas Speleological Survey now has over 70 subscribera; reporta are in tor 1400 caves and there are 200 maps. He emph asized the fact that the Survey on the cave reports of all Texaa ape lunkara, and it 1e important that each one continuea to report as acourately aa poeeible all cave finds. Jim Estes gave a report on many of the which have been made for the l964 National Conven tion. This report makes the convention sound so exciting that it 18 hoped that the entire report can be published in the TEXAS CAVER The t1r Grotto reports that field tripe are planned to Caverns of Sonora, Devils Sinkhole, I n d i an creek Cave, Braoken Bat Cave1 and of couree, Natural Gridge Caverne. Trips to Bustamante, Mexico will be after the convention. An information booth for people who want to go caving will be open during the entire time. The program ot lectures a n d elides began at ll,ooAM with a slide series by the DallasFort Worth Grotto on the gypsum needles and other gypsum formations from Cottonwood Cave in New Mexico i Bud Frank gave an intensely interesting talk on "Pleistocene a n d Climatic Inter&relations by An alysis of Paleo Soils from Texas In spite of the awesome title, the talk


112 November, Vol. VIII, No, 11 THE TEXAS CAVER vas presented so graphically vithcharts and explanations that even the more un scientific types of cavers felt vise through understanding. Pete Lindsley fired our imagin ation with a demonstration of his tuned magnetic coils one a transmitter, the other a receiver. This allows a surface team to follow the progress of the cavers underground Many uses can be invisioned for this device vhen the process 11 refined. Interest in Natural Bridge Cav" erne is running high throughout the state and so all were looking forward to hearing the progress report on the commercialization from Orion Knox. His slides convinced us all that the trip through this beautiful cave will be a high point in the 1964 convention. Jim Reddell's fascinating talk on the "Biology of Texas Caves" made us all aware of the fact that there is mucy more to cave life than the common ly seen crickets and harvestmen. S o little has been done in this field in Texas that Jim's Biological Survey,when published, will bear great significance. But, for the moment, all who heard him will view each pool of water as the po tential home of some tiny creature who may not be found anywhere else in the world instead of just a hindrance to getting into the rest of the cave. The quality of slides and the prints entered in the Photo Salon was high. The judging was done by the Dal las Camera Club and as each slide was projected on the screen, the Judges com ments were played on tape. Suggestions for improving the picture were given and reasons for the awards were explain ed. The slides were Judges as compositions rather than being judged for subJect matter. The competence of the panel of Judges gave weight to their criticisms and commendations and should encourage many of the entrants to enter the National Photo Salon. Bill Russell took his audience on an imagicary aerial survey of the cave-rich mountainous regions of Mexico. The potential there is so great and Bill's enthusiasm is so infectuous that snatches of conversation overheard for the next two hours concerned the next trip to Mexico or better still, just moving the residence there permanently. A delicious buffet dinner was served in the University Commons. It was a far cry from those cold pork and beans cavers usually provide themselves with. After a short time of singing and (what else) cave talk1 many atten-ded the school Hootenannyl Sunday morning's field t r ip took on all aspects of a full tledsed Resion Project, Never before have we had a totally oave at our diaposal tor a convention, Almost the entire registration attacked with vi&&h the aeemingly endless cavern 1y1tem ot the newly discovered Laubach Cave near Georgetown. The entrance register show ed 47 people underground at one time;at least two mapping parties wer@ busy, photographers were trying to capture next year's salon winner; but m o st everyone was just caving. Most groups reported having caught glimpses of oth ere, but the system is so.large that each party could almost feel that is was alone. Members of the Southwestern Speleological Society headed by Mike Lorfing did an outstanding job of ar ranging the myriad of details and pro blems and those things which made this session so enjoyable and comfortable. From all of us, Mike, thank you for a really great weekend. Katherine Goodbar,Sec. T.S.A. SALON WINNERS: Color Transparencies Scenic First James Wood, 11Looking Towarct the Mud Room" Second Carl Kunath, "Cave Idol" Third George Yeary, "Bat Flight" Honorable Mention awards to: David Wal-ler, George Yeary, Mike Hughes, Blair Goodbar, Jim Rector, Rich ard Finch. Color Transparencies First Pete Lindsley, 11Torture11 Second Pete Lindsley, "Entrance" Third Pete Lindsley, Safety Rope?" Color Transparencies First George Yeary, 11Gypsum Needles" Second Richard Finch, "Seein'Double"


THE TEXAS CAVER November, Vol. VIII, No. 11 113 (Salon Winners, continued) Third Carl Kunath, "Helictites" and Richard Finch, "From The Twi -light Zone" (tie) Honorable Mention awards to: Jim Rector, Chuch Larsen, Richard Walker, & Jack Smith Monochrome Prints Scenic First Jerry Fogleman, 11Angel 's Wing" Second Pete Lindsley, "The Caves Be yond" Third Mike Hughes, ''War Clubs" Monochrome Prints Activiti First -Jerry Fogleman, "How 'Bout That? Second -Mike Hughes, "Coral Canyon" Monochrome Prints First ..; Jerry Fogleman, "Where'd Y ou Come From?" Color Prints Scenic First George Gray, "Silent Giants" Second -Pete Lindsley, "Blue Ice" Third George Gray, "Big Room" Honorable Mention George Gray, "Tem-ple Room" Color Prints Activiti First Pete Lindsley -11Happy Caver" Color Prints First George Gray, "Contrasts Second -Pete Lindsley, "Relicti te Hatchet" Third George Gray, "Cave Crystals" The photographs on the page were all made by Jerry Fogleman at the Texas Speleological Association an nual convention at Georgetown o Thoseon the following page are also by Jerry Fogleman, D -FWG o Photos, oppesite page: Top left: Pete LindsJey of Dallas demonstrates an electrometer as Orion Knox, Region Chair man, looks on. Top rigb.t: A mapping crew and photographer wait in the first room of Laubach Cave for a caver to de scend. Middle left: Orion Knox discusses business in a general meeting at So uthwestern University. Middle rigb.t: A caver admires some nice ribbon for mations in Laubach Cave. Bottom left: Rather chilly Southwestern Univ. coeds watch Mike Hughes of Dallas being low ered into Laubach's 20-inch entrance. Bottom center: Youngest caver, little Mike Frank, is held by his mother,Marge as region secretary,. Katherine Goodbar, Pins on his badge Bottom rigb.t: Jim Estes tells the Region business meeting some plans for the NSS convention next summer. ATTENDANCE AT TSA CONVENTION (Registered) NAME GROTTO OR CLUB HOME TOWN BWr Goodbar, D -FWG Dallas Katherine Goodbar, D-FWG Dallas Jerry Fogleman, D -FWG Dallas Martha Fischer, SSS Kingsville Fred Tart, D -FWG Arlington Tom Dillon, UTG Austin Orion Knox, UTG San Antonio Frank Lotz, Ind. Houston Merydith Turner, UTG Austin Russell Ramsey, SSS Houston George Gray, AbG Abilene Jacque Gray, AbG Abilene David McKenzie, UTG Austin Rex Shepperd, SSS Houston Brooks Snyder, D-FWG Hurst David Waller, D-FWG Fort Worth Roger Fitzpatrick, D-FWG Fort Worth Jack Smith, SACSS San Angelo Jon Vinson, SACSS San Angelo Tom Meador, Ind. Eldorado James Brummett, Ind. Sonora Ann Brummett, Ind Sonora Belvin Brummett, Ind Sonora Joseph McCorkle, SSS Georgetown James Reddell, UTG Austin Gene Marsted, 'l Houston Bill Russell, UTG Austin May Richburg, SSS Dallas Charles Patterson, Ind. Alice Tom Warden, BG Austin Ron Bearden, SSS Dallas Jack Estes, Ind. Fort Worth Jim Estes, AbG Abilene Michael Lorfing, SSS Georgetown Mike Frank, UTG Austin Bill Gray, AG San Antonio David Gray, AG San Antonio Mary Johnson, D-FWG Fort Worth Carl F. Johnson, D-FWG Fort Worth David Bell, UTG Austin Mike Bundrant, AG San Antonio Leilson Wilson, AG San Antonio George L. Yeary, D-FWG Dallas Larry Thornburg, Ind. Irving Tom Myers, SSS Fort Worth Harris Armstrong, SSS Georgetown John R. Porter, UTG Austin Mrs. Bill Hail, Ind. Iraan Bob Hall, Ind. Iraan Roy Harper, Ind. Iraan Mrs. E. F. Kennett Marble Falls (Continued on Page 114)


-I I (


THE TEXAS CAVER November, vol. VIII, No. 11 115 SAN SABA COUNTY SPR First reported by Blair and Katherine Goodbar, Ranch Cave was first entered on the 1963 Texas Region Prcject in San Saba County On SPptember 1, the Goodbars and Tom Dillon attempted to cross the second of two pits near the entrance of the cave without much luck. The walls of the pit were too muddy for climbing and the bottom of the 15-foot pit was a deep pool of soupy mud. On September 21 with the aid of Norman Robinson, Bert Olsen, Pete Lindsley, Fred Tart, Brooks Snyder, and others, the second pit was bridged with a section of angle iron ladder obtained from the rancher. The group crossed over into virgin cave. A couple of and a crawl led onward into mostly walking passage. Our footprints in the mud led into rooms that averaged 15 feet wide, eight to 15 feet high, and perhaps 20 feet long. Suddenly we heard a shout from the cavers in the lead, then silence. When we arrived, we found ourselves at the top of a mud slope that went 20 feet to the brink of a dark and apparently deep pit. By making your way down to the ledge overlooking the pit, one could look down and see a small lake or pool of water about 25 to 30 feet below. We rolled big hunks of the mud floor into the pit and listened to the tremendous splash of water from below. Since we had no more equipment with us, we decided to save the descent of this next pit until another day. A couple of weeks later we made our return trip. This time we were more prepared. Besides the usual ladders and ropes, we brought two rafts, a 30-foot skyhook, and our On greeting the rancher, we found that it had rained about two inches a week or so before. We soon discovered that the first two pits were almost ely filled with water. Since there were clouds in the sky and there was the possibility of rain, we began to unroll wire from our 31000-foot spool of phone line. When the afvance party reached the third pit, approximately 600 feet deep in the cave, word was phoned out that the third pit was also filled with water. The water level was now only five feet below the ledge. Our small raft was brought in to the third pit and inflated. Robinson and Snyder volunteered to get wet, although we heard the usual complaint when they hit the colo water. (Yiii!) After playing out about 130 feet of safety line, and crossing several rock divisions between different lakes, dry land was reached. The cave went on, but quickly dead-ended as far as we were able to determine. Perhaps if the water level in the third pit drops to the depth at which we first found it, a lower passage leading on will be found. Such a passage appeared to lead off when we were first in the cave on September 2nd The cave is leading under a hill and if there is any more lower level passage i t will almost certainly lead under the hill. About a mile away in the direction the cave is leading are located s e veral sinks in a dry creekbed which are said to take a large amount of water when the creek is running. Since we knew the lake was at least 25 feet deep in wet weather, and still had a good amount of water at the bottom in dry weather, we decided to exactly locate this potentially good water supply on the surface. Phoning back to the surface for the electrome ter, we tried to guess exactly where on the surface the spot would be located. We also talked to the rancher at the entrance and found him to be most interested in our new discoveries. He was particularly interested in the water. After about 20 minutes on the surface, the location of our 2 KC transmitter was determined and the spot dir-


116 November, Vol. VIII, No. 11 THE TEXAS CAVER above the transmitter in the cave was marked wi tb a pile of rocks We stepped off the proper amount of steps a t the correct azimuth and placed a steel spike at the location we believed to be best for the most productive wat er supply. Mapping backto the entrance o f the cave in six easy stations we termined that the present water level was about 75 feet below our steel spike, 600 feet away from the entrance to the cave. The rancher, not entirely con vinced that our electronics were was most impressed when we called with cur walkie-talkies to the cave entrance from the side of the hill above the water in the cave. From the cave entrance we called back to the remain der of our team with the transmitter on the ledge over the water. When the re ceived signal on the surface correspon dingly cut on and off with ourcommands, the rancher was thoroughly convinced of our efforts. We were able to save a great amount of time in this case by using our cave-to-surfaceomapper. From additional tests, D-FWG has decided that this is a good methos to use if the approximate location of the passage lay out is known on the surface. It ap pears that the receiver should be at least 500 feet from the transmitter or closer in order to receive a signal. Perhaps this range will be increased with additional circuit refinements or transmitter paver. At the present time, the 2 KC transmitter draws slightly more than a PR-13 bulb (about 3/4 amp). Additional is b e i np planned in or der to test the electroneter further. --------------T .s .A. CONVENTION DOOR PRIZE WINNERS Mrs. E.F. Kennett 10 lbs Carbide Frank Lotz Carbide Lamp Bob Hal l Lantern with a warning blinker Roy Harp e r ---------CAVER Subscription Marge Frank Two lbs jerky C harles Patterson prize, his $1.00 Registration fee refunded. CAVER OF THE MONTH It takes a real genuine inter est in what you are doing to make such stridges in spelunking as bas Pete Lind sley, this month's Caver of The Month. Pete lives at 4612 Watauga Road in Dallas, and is Chairman of the Dallas-Fort Worth Grotto. In addition to working full time at Texas Instru ments, hP also goes to graduate school at Southern Methodist University, as an engineering major. He is a top notch cave photo"rapher, winning first place awards in National, Region, and Grotto photo salons. It is always a joy to spelunk with this avid caver because he gets such a kick out of everything that goes on, whether it be mapping, photography, guano hopping, name it, there is no hole too small or too large that Pete wonv t go into and he can get his narrow frame in many a little crevice. Pete is a single man in his twenties. He recently was elected Vice Chairman of the Texas Speleological Associat1on. He is also past Secretary and past Vice Chairman of the Dallas Fort Worth Grotto. Pete is featured on the cover of this month's CAVER. PHOTOS, OPPOSITE PAGE: Top left: Some spelunkers help Mike get into a harness for a 50-f oo t descent. Top Right: The interior of a virgin cave with photo graphers at work. Center left: Frank Lotz of Houston Orion Knox, and Jim Estes discuss CAVER sales as Jacque Gray studi ously reads nearby. Center right: Bill Russell of Austin gets us all excited about Mexican caves during his lecture. Lower left: All pooped out, but still in wonder at the many scenes of Laubach Cave is Nancy Good bar o f Dallas. Lower right: And what to be interesting Tom Meador Jim Estes, Jim Reddell, and Jack Estes, is that roast beef and gravy with all the trimmings served at the Region Banquet. DON"T TAKE THOSE LADDERS FOR GRANTED,TEST!


118 November, Vol. VIII, No. 11 THE TEXAS CAVER FOF THE DECEMBER CAVER Calling all Texas cavers: Send to the CAVER a list of your five favorite caves in order of preference. We want to know just for interest how the caves of New Mexico, Texas, Mexico are stacking up in the minds of Texas cavers. Send in today on a postcard. AN IDEA FOR YOU To improve the and size of the CAVER, tiate something new. immediately. They are: service, quality we want to ini Two things begin 1. Make a little extra money for your grotto or club by selling lots of gift subscriptions during the next month, or until December 2oth. B y selling two subscriptions in the name of your grotto or club, your organization will receive 25. In other words, if your members know of ten persons who are interested in caving, or who would enjoy reading the CAVER, a check would be sent to your grotto for $1.25. And, the more you sell, the more you receive. All gift subscriptions will be accompanied with a Christman Greeting Card, & signifying who i t is from. 2. All CAVER subscriptions that are purchased by grottoes or clubs for their favorite landowners to be sent as complimentary will receive a 10% discount. In other words, if you buy a subscription for farmer Jones and designate it as complimentary from your grotto, you pay only $2.70: In addition a letter will be sent to caveowner notifying him of your act of appreciation. In addition to these two items, we still have advertising space available at all times for 50 per column inch. Help the CAVER buy now! 1964 CONVENTION National Speleological Society New Braunfels, Texas June 14-20 ABILENE, N.s.s. The opinion of the Abilene Grotto members who attended the T.S.A. Convention in Georgetown say it was about the best yet. Those making the trip were George, Jacque, and Ricky Gray, Jim Estes, and brother Jack Estes from Fort Worth. The regular grotto trip for the month of October was a surveying and exploring trip to a ranch in the Hill Country. Over 2,200 feet of new cave was mapped, and information and details of the survey will be made known some time in the future. At a recent meeting, the Grotto voted to buy 147 feet of goldline climbing rope, and purchase a set of photos for two landowners of their cave. Election of new officers will take place at the regular December meet= ing.on the 3rd. In addition to the election, plans will be drawn up for the regular January field trip which willbe in the form of a Grotto Project. New NSS member in the grotto, but really a long-timer is John Lanier. John has been caving with the Grotto for about four years. Grotto address; 2818 South 39th St. Abilene, Texas 79605 ALAMO, N.S.S. As yet, there has not been any grotto news received from Alamo Grotto, however, many members made the T.S.A. Convention at Georgetown, and at the field trip next day to Laubach Cave many signed the register. We '11 try to get word from them for next issue. DALLAS-FORT WORTH, N .S .S. The grotto made ano ther trip to Taylor's Mud Cave (Springdale Ranch) at Richland Springs the weekend of Oct. 19, 20, to survey and do some more exolorinQ;. Everything was Hk!" we bad


THE TEXAS CAVER November, VOL. VIII, No. 11 119 left it the previous month. The weather looked like rain, so this time we ran telephone lines to the pit. This came in handy. Since the last trip two inches of rain had fallen in the area, and the lake was up 10 to 15 feet er. BroOks Snyder and Norman Robinson jumped into the cold water, and with the help of an innertube swam the lake, which looked to be around 40 or 50 feet. Another two lakes were encountered and immediately afterwards what seemed to be the end of the cave was a siphon. The cave appeared to move upwards, and the ceiling was fairly high. After about 300 feet of new cave, a 70-foot crawlway ended an upper level. T h e walls of the cave were unstable and rotten, and when Robinson grabbed for what appeared to be wall, it broke off and fell. When the two went out of the cave, there was a mist falling, and the weather looked worse. A trip was then made to Gorman Cave, and we noticed approximately 300 bats in the Bat Room. As they were in the process of increasing their population, we did not disturb them. A vice type sink was checked out, and some real nice white coral was found on the walls. Looked like cottage cheese. On Friday, October 20, we had a regular meeting at the Arlington Lone Star Gas Building. The guest speaker was Mr. Walker from the Fort Worth Children's Museum who spoke and showed a slide series on cave life. The talk was excellent. Grotto address; Norman Robinson, Secretary UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, N .S .S. Several members of the club made it for just a few miles tothe T.S.A. convention at Georgetown. Many of our members took part in the program and we all enjoyed the fun, the Hootenanny, and above all, the wonderful ing at Laubach Cave and its virgin pas sageways. Bill Russell headed amapping party in the cave, then several returned the next weekend to do more mapping. (We promise a better report next month) SAN ANGELO COLlEGE CLUB A meeting was held on October 31 to discuss the possibilities of attending the T.S.A. Convention. Two members of the club, both NSS members, attended. They were Jack Smith and Jon Vinson. Plans for a Christmas holiday trip to Cottonwood Cave, New Mexico,was tossed about among the various members. The club made another trip to Arden Cave to break in the new members who did not go on the first trip. This trip went very well. The officers of the club held a meeting and plans were made for a trip to Clarkson's Cave, Sonora, Texas. This trip will be made on November 16, 1963 if all goes well. The possibilities of going to the Gene Whitehead ranch (also known as Rocking Chair Ranch) 17 miles out of Eldorado was discussed. T his ranch has several small caves which have a large amount of air blowing out of them. The club made a couple of trips last year to these caves. Also on the trip the club killed several rattlesnakes which were rather .. _,in size. A regular club meeting is ned for November 13. We have been very active so far and look forward to a real fine year of caving. So long for now! Club address: James Schumann, Reporter I sourHWESTERN UNrv. cLUB. Members of the club enjoyed hosting the T.S.A. Convention,and look forward to attending another one next year. A lot of members have been busy with school work, but have found time to get out to Laubachs several of the weekends to explore this vast tem. Club address: Mike Lorfing PROPER SAFETY NEVER CHEATS YOU.


THE TEXAS CAVER 2818 SOUfH 39th STREET ABILENE, TEXAS 79605 Official publication of the Texas Speleological Association NATIONAL SPElEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (NEWS of the Grottoes, continued) I SilL ROSS COLLEGE CLUB J SRSS has not been so act ive this month due to six-weeks exams around the old ctlrllpus, but we have managed to_get caving.. Of. course,--of maiti in: terest was our trip to Cottonwood Cave in the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexi co that we took the weekend of October 4, 5, and 6. We went in three groupsthe first arriving late Friday night. The rest of our cavers arrived Saturday morning to br1ng out total people in the cave to 17. For some of our cavers this was their first trip to Cottonwood. All were impressed with the beauty and size of the cave. Several members took along their cameras and were busy ping flashbulbs and playing photographer the whole time. After about t w o days in the cave, we emerged Sunday to return home: tired, dirty, .hungry, and very glad we had made the trip to see this really beautiful cave. Saturday, October 26th found some of our members out at O.T.L. Cave. It is a small cave near Alpine. Since it had never been Carl Kunath, Joe Compton, Jack Whi.t.e, :'lnd Bob Yeller made a Brunton and survey or the cave. After much struggljng to get through all the breakdown, they finally quit after mapping the ma,,or portion. The same weekend sa.v (>Orne of our members mr out some lf:'ads 1 n t.he Brewster County area. Ron Griffith and his group checked out a small cave near Marathon; another group investigated a few other small leads around Fort Stock ton, but found nothing of interest. weare sorry that none of our members were able to attend the George town but are sure it was a o'ig success anyway We promise to make the convention next year, if it is not held in Amarillo. Our next trip has been planned for the weekend of November 9th and 10 to Indian Creek Cave. After Carl told us how wet and muddy the cave is, those who are going resolved to wear their hard hats, tennis shoes, and bathing suits. We'll let you know how this trip turns out next month. Club address; P. 0. Box 308, S.R. Station Alpine, Texas r---------------------------JOIN THE N .S .S. TODAV. YOU WILL Nar REGRET ANYTHING BUT YOUR NOT JOINING SOONER THAN YOU DID. GROTTO AND CLUB REPORTERS: If you are responsible for getting your club news ln to the CAVER, remember the deadline of the 6th of each and. every month. Next news due Decem -ber 6th. Don't let us down! THE TEXAS CAVER 12 issues $3 e. year!

Contents: Region
convention, a smashing success! big virgin cave found --
T.S.A. salon winners: an array of fine photos --
Attendance at TSA convention: best since 1957 --
Photo page: convention goings-on --
Springdale Ranch Cave: electrometer in use --
Convention door prize winnders: you should have been
there --
Caver of the Month: A North Texas --
Photo page: starting November off with a bang --
News of the Grottoes --
Here's an idea for you.


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