The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Contents: El Sotano del Profesor / Terry Raines -- Don't forget Project 72 -- caver of the month! -- Scenes from the 1964 N.S.S. convention -- News -- Editorials.
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Vol. 9, no. 8 (1964)
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THE TEXAS CAVER, August, 1964 / EL SO RnO DEL PiOFESOR During the f irst v:eek of June the A ssoc:i.a t i o n for Mexica n Cave Studies made a tri p to the area' of Tequila, Veracruz, to explore more i 0 deep sotanos or P ltS. Upon arrivi n g at the tOioJU of Tequila, Bill Bell and T erry Raines of the Univ ersity o f Texas Grotto, N S S wer e told of a rather unusual i nc ident that had happenee near the town back in January n It ,,,as told them that the teacher i n Tequila had gotten mixed up with a man and tvTO "mujeres publicas". The situation had gotten qu ite involved, and then out of control, and they took the poor professor, beat him ,,,ith sticks, and threw h im down E'. ,otar.o. Sh ortly aftenTards the culprits vJerz capturzd and turned over to authorities in Zongolica "There they were sentence d to thirty years each in jail. It seemed also as the ones who related the story told i t that the s6tano had a rather deep drop and without the proper equipment or means the tO v Tnspeople were unable to recover the body. That nigh t after they heard this story, the b ,ro cavers stayed with Sr. Emiliano Ixmatlahua, and he confirmed the story. H e also added that it was such a horrible way to die for a man of only years. They quest"Loned him further and decided to enter the sotano the next day. With a fee l ing of expectation the cavers ate bre akfast and headed for the cave. AccompaniEd by several local men, they soon found the pit and rigged the rope As the time for descent g r e .. n ear a lar g e crowd gathered until i t nu mbered wrell over fifty. Bell gave Raines the honor of going do v n first so he qui.ckly readied his equipment and started dOvTn the pit on a break bar rappel. Once below the surface all kinds of horrible thoughts ran through h i s head. He rappeled SlovTly at first j not whether h e ,wuld f i nd the corpse dan1?;ling a ledge or little pieces scattered up and down the walls. Eut as he soon touched bottom of t he three h undreed and fiftyoc four foot s6tano, he saw it; H e was lying face down with h i s hands above h i s head, only the head was several feet avlay i n four pieces viously bei n g torn from the bod y duri ng t he fall. At first Ra ines d i d not know vThat to do but then decided to inspect the corpse closer. The body was i n an advanced stage of pOSi t ion, but surprisi n gly it d i d not smel l too bad. After scrutinizL ng h i m for several minutes, he turned h i s attenti on to the cave l ife and bugs, and collected quite a large number, includ:Lng one g ood s i zed salamandEr. This collecti n g business lasted for about thirty minutes, after which Raines made a ascent to the surface, not looki n g back. As soon a s he r e a ched the top everyone for mil e s around gathered to hear the story. After Raines f i n i shed the story a man, talkin g in a very sincere manner, stepped forward and sai d he vTas representi n g the dead man's father. He explai.ned that the family was very i nterested i n having the bo dy for budal and that they ... TOU d be vTill i n g to pay. The caver then told him that very littl e r emai. ned he ins isted. on any 1 i .ttle sign that could be rec,vered. Af ter several m i n utes of cussion, Bell and Raines deci. ded to go down \olithout charge, only aski n g that the man sho", them all the s6tanos in the area.


TEE TEXAS CAVER} August, 1964 Pa ge 114 (Conti nu ed from previ o ils pagE ) B ell was e lect e d to do the grisly job. He rappeled down and returned an hour and a half later, sweari n g he "\>Tould never put another body in a ba a g a in. The men started hawling the rope up on which the bag was tied securely. A s soon as i t arrived the contents were dumped on a large straw mat and probed for personal articles. While this animal-like business v,as g o i n g on the hTO Texans braided the rope, staying as far away from the scene s possi ble. Much to thei r dislike, hOYTever, they were required by a local camera enthusiast a ?:-ld big .,heel, t o squat quite near that body for a photograph. this thew were taken into town .. he r e they .Ter e given a g ood meal, then escorted to many fourJ five, and six second While he promising p its, they chanced to go by the house of the de ad teacher, they saw that they had placed the rema i n s i n the c enter of the f:1.oor and surrounded them Hi th candles and othe r religi ous arti c l es; a trul y interesting ceremony. Althou g h th'Ls .Tas quite a gruesome experience i t .TaS well worth i t j u s t to see .,hat m i ght perhaps ha'l=pe:."_ t o a caver i n some careless moment It would sure be bad hauliug a fri end out l i ke that. Terry W Raines, D T Grotto, N.S.S. DON'T FORGET PROJECT 72 LABOR DAY WEEKEi'ID AT POWELL' S CAVE MENARD PURPOSE: To continue the exp loration, mapping, and study of Powellv s Cav e especial.L y the ,.;ater passage. Saturday, Sunday a nd Monday, September 5, 6, and 7 Meet und e r the br'Ld ge 'Ln Menard at AM Saturday morning, and proceed as a group to the cave sight. CAMPING: At the cave e n MI' 1 0wellis property. There is no wate r at the Site, so bring l eLty w ith you for drinking and washing. Each person sUPI=lies his own food. B ring all available Coleman stoves, as there .,ill be NO OPEN FIRES! MAPPING T ime i s limitea-to-Finish mapping this huge complex maze ... so l t is hoped tha'C each Grotto or indi vidu8: 1 will bring and put to use all available tapes, br'_ mt:::ms j a-Cid t.ripods. E Lac h person is expected to be a part of a mapping team or one o f the groups making biological or geolo ical study of the cave" D =FW ",ill furnish station markers 0 Copies of the present map wi:::'l b e ,rovi ded each team MAP The cave map will be plotted at the cave entrance as the informat;on is received. TID ':::AVE: 3.6 miles mapped 1962 ) and still seemingly endless passa e s and mazes on severa levels, C me prepared for fairly long stays i n the cave In some areas there is no "ater for recharging carbide lamps, so bri n 'va t e r Telephones w ill be i ns tailed at various points for convenience 0 LANDOWNER RELATIONS: Mr. Powe:"'l rill b e at the site at least a part of t h e time. Let us do everyth ng i n .... r pm.;er to keep our good imag e 0 TSA has waited for two years for ano ther oPFortuni .'-y to get back t o this inter= esting cave C ome prepared for fellowship, good fun, and plenty of hard \vork IF ADDITIONAL INFORMAT:ON S DESIREDo PLEASE PETE LINDSLEY} WATAUGA RD., DALLAS 9 l'EXAS 0 SEE YOU A T POW ELL i S C A V E


THE TEXAS CAVER, August, 1964 -Page 115 BOSQUE Co. V S TEO Two members of the H uaco Cavers Society, Frank Jasek and Bob Wood went to chec k out possible caves i n the County area. In the tow n of Valley Mills of Waco, they heard the local people talk a bout a cave on the Brown Ranch about miles out of tow n They heade d o u t in the directions they weJ e given, and took farm read #56 out of town until they c eme to a paved road on the right. They turned he r e and conti nueed 0n this road until they came to a two-story house. At the Brown Ranch they found Mr. Brown very friendly and "Tilling t o let them explore his cave Within an hour the cavers from Waco found cave" The cave was locate d in a hollow a n d i t looked as i f i t ras once a larg e cave, but a occ urre d leaving what i s no w called thee TvTeedy Cave. Around t he entran ce and i n the holloware larg e breakdown rocks and several oveehang cave s In one of theRe overhang caves, the cavers found a few small formations and one large column Donnin g helmets and popping carbide lamps, they crawled into the darkness o f the cave T he c eili n g of t he enti r e cave .ras from three to four fee t high, with a floor cove r e d r i th goat droppi n g s and goat bones. Th e cave consist e d of tlw r ooms, a large one thirty feet i n d iameter, and a s malle r one ",h i .ch vas s eparated by a ,,,all of d e ad formations. The r.Ja i n room is three to four feet i n he i ght and has three columns some feet i n d i a mete r At thE Jase of these columns wer e many traverti ne dams fille d -,,6th water. After craw l i ng around thi s room in hopes of f i nd:i.n g a pass a g e w a y w h ich prove d to be hopeless, they crawled throug h the "Tall of d e a d colum ns and :!nto the s e cond room. The y found thi s room to b e the best part of the cave s i nce i t h a d the only "li v e formations. T he c e i l i n g Tas co v e r e d w ith a number of small stalacti t e s that were b e g inning to grm.r a g a in. Passi n g to the right of the room "TaS a passage that l e ad off for som e twenty feet. Th e passage conti n .. ued off, but it v:as too s mall to through. Even thoug h the cave was very s mall, the Waco c a vers enjoyed i t One other cave w a s locate d i n the Valle y Mills are a duri ng the trip, but the m roer was usi n g the cave to du m p garbag e into. This made the cave impossible to enter. AGAIN NO CAVER O F THE MONTH! Since t h e CAVER s taff has recei ;,red no informatj o n to date on s omeon e for Cav e r Of-The = MorJth, another month g oes b y vTit h ou t an outstandi n g T exas cave r If your g rotto, or e v e n a n 'individual v T ishe s to make so meoo e of h igh calibre please send t he CAVER staff a profi l e of basi c informati on of that person, ho w he became inte rest ed i n cavi ng, and accompanied by a B&W photo (glossy) of same A lso please w h e n t h e CAVER contacts you.


THE TEXAS CAVER, Au:sust, 1 964 Pa g e 116 SCENESlR O M THE 1 96 4 NSS CONVENTION


THE TEXAS CAiT.8R, Augus t, 1964 Page 117 lEW S ABILENE, N.S.S. The Grotto held a regular meeting August 4, Tuesday, at the home of its Chairman, George Gray. The re -Tas a good attendance, and the group discussed taking a First Aid course in the near future, bestowing honorary membership certificates to honorary members, the future Project 72 and the Grotto's roll in same, and discussed plans for a trip to Deep Cave. Jim Estes and Irene Estes utah, camping out, sightseeing, the Perpetual Ice Cave south of tempe ra ture made a trip to New Mexico, and having fun in general. Grants, NeH Mexico and its Colorado, and They visited 31-deegree George Gray, Fife Jacque, and son Rick, left for Philmont Scout Ranch Friday; August 14 to spend the weekend. Sorry to hear that member Lee Feemster had a bad accident in a local pool, and having several stitches in a bad cut on his head. Lee claims he's ready to go caving, regardless . but will wait awhile. Bryant Lilly at the present time is in the Crescent City of New Orleans, ,vi th Naval Reserve, no doubt. Another summer employee for a couple of weeks of Uncle Sam is De,.;ayne Dickey, 1-Tho i.s preseetly tromping through the S1-TampS of Camp Polk, Louisiana. Says hE doesn't expect to find any All 1-rill be back for the big weekend at Powell's Cave on Labor Day, and some explori ng and mapping. Grrtto address: 2 818 S, 39th St., Abilene, Texas 7 9 605 BALCONES, N.S.S. Balc on2s Grotto has just about doubled in s i ze this summer. We now have 30 dues paying members and more joining every meeting. Because so many new ones are untrained and inexpeerienced, we intend to have a training session later this month. Since w e have an influx of dues, we should be able to purchase all of the ladders and ropes needed for grotto use. Our August meeting 'vas well attende d T erry Raines of the U.T. Grotto presented a slide show on Indian Creek Cave. We enjoyed it much. Our continued slide shows eve n during the summer may have some thing to do with our getting ne1-1 members. Grotto address: 2406 Devonshire, Austin, Texas 7 8 723 Seecretary: Mrs. Noel F. Roebuck DALLAS-FORT WORTH, N.S .S. A meeting 1-TaS held in Arlington on the nextto-the-last Thursday of the month of July. After duscussions on business matters, more planning for Project 72, P ete Lindsley sh01ved slides of Fitton Cave, Arkansas and Fort Stanton Cave, New Mexico. After looking at the slides of the latter cave, a trip was planned by Pete for Friday, July 24. The Fort Stanton Cave trip v1hich included cavers P ete Lindsley, David Ince, Norman Rmbinson, and Lee Skinner, got und e nTay, and after many driving hours, they arrived at the cave. They deecided to spend the night sleeping in the entrance. Bright an d early the next morning afteer a breakfast of beans, b r ead, and f r u i t cocktail, the y entered' the cave. Tv/ o and one haIf hours and a lot of sore kne e s later, w e ar;ive d at our d estination. A erson wouldn't believe that Skinner could move po fast for so long It was r eal nice having a guide like him along The cave has the same characteristics as Fitton Cave in Arkansas


THE TEXAS CAVER August, 1 964 Pag e 118 but 1. t has a lot of crawhray. It .Tas a very. impressi ve cave. After fifteen foohl eary and sore knee hours later, we returned to the surface. After a quick meal .re sacked out. The next day was Sunday, so .re headed back to Dallas More trips are being planned in the future for this area. That's t for this month Grotto address: 1 3 677 Littlecrest, Dallas, Texas 34 Secretary, Norman Robinson UNIVERSITY O F TEXAS, N.S .S. "Ye Ol e Month That Was" mainnly wasn't,. but a few brave d the heat and crawled into those cool dark holes. Bill Russell, David McKenzie, Susan Baker, Faye Chapman, and Tommy McGarr gile found no gold i n Adam's Gold Mine after looki ng all day. Another tri p wHh Bill Russell, Roger, C ynthia, and Bobby Sorrells, another couple, S u s a n Baker, and Tommy McGarr ... rent to Gorman Falls and Lemmon Caves. To help cool off,a .Tate rmelon EAT WAS HeS'];ED by "Ma" Powers and M erydi th Turner. It .Tas .Tell atte nded by old cavers who talked about the g ood old cays and by Bartell Morgan, w ho appeared frmm some.There. Bill R ussell and Susan Baker report that Austin_Caverns i s getting smalle r Terry Raines r eturne d from a three week trip into Mexico \-lith some Eastern cavers left ove r from the NSS Convention. Ed Tapp, Earl Geil, and Mason Sprout ,,,ith Terry v i s ; t e d about ten caves, the deepest bei ng 502 feet Hi. th a 3 7 6-foot free rappel. Then Terry turned around and 1 ,/i th Jimmy Peters and Gle nn Boydston,.Tent to Mexico a g a in. In the Sctano de Thamaya n a feyT drops the g r eatest bei n g 277 feet, reached a surveyed depth of 841.5 f e e t (yes, eight hundred), bei n g stopped for the lack of a 100-foot rope to do yet another p it. The f i rst of Augu s t saw Bill Russell, Susan Baker, Barbara Madden, K eith Garrett, H elen and Carol doing a bat rappel into Valdina Farms Sinkhole and collecting the bug s graw l i n g over everything. Toni Roe, EEu gene Blum, and Meryd ith Turner lead Rooney, Houston, Wayne, W allace and Jenni f e r for a n i c e syTim in Indian Creek Cave. Bill and Phil Russell, Bud Stewart, Tommy McGarrigle, and friend left for Porve nir, Northern Mexico. Grotto address: P. O. Box 7 672, U.T. Station, Austin, T exas 7 8 712 Secretary, Meryd itb Turner. HUACO CAVER SOCIETY. Huaco Cavers have for the most part befn inactive this month. However, one tri p was m ad e On July 16, Frank Jase k and Bob Wood took a trip to Sal ado to explore the Hill Cave. We got there only to find that the cave was p ermanently closed due to unauthorized entrance by some local boys and a r eported d e n of rattlesnakes. --Bob Wood Club address: 2632 Skyline Dr., Waco, Texas 76707 Rem her the B. O. G Inee-/:/ng e;i the /;e I-lJere! PASSWORD F O R T ;!E SEPTE,lBER CAVER IS: "PHORT STANNTUNKEYVE NUMECKSEAKOE" ------8UBSCRIBE TO THE CAVER. O NLY $3.00 PER YEAR 12 ISSUES. DO IT NOW----I 'tIl/l/(lJ WfLfOI'1ES YOU LA80jf [JAY SEPT. 5-6-7


THE TEXAS CAVER, August, 1964 Page 119 EDITORIAL POWELL'S CAVE -1964 In a couple of weeks upwards of an exper.tpd 50 cavers from over the State of Texas "'ill converge .at h r the region project, an annual affair of TSA. i This has been an especially busy year for us. Much caving in Mexico has been done, a Board of Governors meeting was held in San Saba, and plans and processes of the 1964 NSS Convention have been completed. Now.,.the Project! If cavers ,rho attend and work at the project put as much earnestness into it as in 1962, possibly another three or four miles of passageway will be surveyed--and possibly another mile of new passage will be found. It is not entirely impossible for this largest of all Texas caves be surveyed up to 10 miles by Monday evening, September 7th. Planners of the 1 roject, the Dallas -Fort Worth Grotto have outlined two i mportant facts, namely: landmmer relations are important, and cooperation and hard work essential for the project's success. It is expected that Mr. Virgil Powell of San Angelo, owner of the cave,will b e at the site some of the time. Your friendliness and good behavior "'ill no doubt be noticed. And moreover, the call for cooperation is w ell understood, else the project will be fruitless and no fun. At approximately 11:45 AM, fifteen minutes before the project in 1962 was to be over, and cavers were to leave the site, three or four dirty cavErs, wet from head to toe, and carrying soggy notebooks, emerged from the cave to announce that they had gone through a tight place. Beyond it they found large'virgin water passage, and mapped a short distance, giving themselveFample time to leave the cave before the appointtinie. This new passagE ""as heading towards the San Saba River. It i s important to Mr. Powell that this section i s accurately surveyed, for he is naturally irterested in finding \vater and probably drilling a vTell. Those of you "'ho Tere not in attendance at the '62 Project have much to Jook forward to: A nice dusty 25-foot entrance drop, then a crawling; passage, much duckvTalking passage, a couple of crevice crossings, mo .. : e duck\. lalking, and a vTalking crevice, or main passage that is like a grand narro,,! halhTay. There's some upper level maze too, as well as the main maZE that is not uncommon for the caver to find six or seven branching tunnels, For mapping, it's roug h to get good closures. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about Powell's Cave is its lack of formations. Only two or three very small flowstone areas have been reported. It is anticipated that the Menard Chamber of Commerce will serve another delicious barbeque this year. Abov e all, ccme prepared to work, for its been proven you will have more fun that way. QUALITY Quali ty of this publication d epends on the quality of vlOrk and the amount of tim e spent on it. The quality o f :Tork dep e nds on the time. Stri ve for quality by typing out first rate r eports and arti cles for the CAVER, Won't someone please begin a flood of g ood arti cles on certain caves you have in mind. Send them } We're now hurting


T H E T E X A S C A V E R 2P1 8 Sou t h 39th street Texa s 79605 Offi.c ial Publicat i on of the Texa s Speleological Associat' on (TSA) NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly puhUcation of the Texas Speleological A ssociation, and is published in. Texas. Material for should be typed double-spaced pnd mailed to the Editor, 2 818 S. 39th st., Abilene, T exas 7 960 5 before the 6th of each month of issue. Subscription $3.00 Yr. STAFF-----------------------George Gray John Lanier Bart Crisman Dewayne Dickey Bryant Lilly Lee Feemster Jim Medlin THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is the Reegional organization of The Nat ional Speleological Society (NSS) and is composed of all NSS GGrottoes, an d indivi dua l NSS members j n the state of Texas, and including those persons who are interested in cavi n e an d promoting the purposes and aims of the NSS. TSA Knox, Jr. Vice CHAIRMAN-----------------Pete Lindsley SECRETARY---------------Katherine Goodbar 6621 Sunnyland La. Dallas 14, Texas "TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES -LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINI:S"

Contents: El Sotano
del Profesor / Terry Raines --
Don't forget Project 72 -- caver of the month! --
Scenes from the 1964 N.S.S. convention --
News --


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