The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Comal County Cave, Extra Ordinary / H. E. Adams -- How Deadman's Hole got it's name / J. T. Meador -- Cartoon by Lilly -- 1965 TSA membership list -- Membership statistics -- News.
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Vol. 10, no. 2 (1965)
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See Extended description for more information.

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VOLUME X -NUMBER 2, FEBRUARY, 1965 Cover: This beautiful helictite is only one of lTIany that lTIay be found in the passages of the Caverns of Sonora. "Helictite on a ColulTIn" won an Honorable Mention in the NSS Salon for Blair PittlTIan, entered as you see it here -as a black and white print. CONTENTS: Page 27 COlTIal County Cave, Extra Ordinary by H o E. AdalTIs 28 How DEADMAN'S HOLE got its nalTIe by J o T. Meador 30 CARTOON by Lilly 31 1965 TSA MelTIbership List 39 MelTIbership Statistics 40 NEWS ONLY A COUPLE OF WEEKS LEFT: If you wish to present a talk, delTIonstration, slide series, or anything else relating to CAVES, then get this inforlTIation to the 1965 TSA Convention ChairlTIan: Carl Kunath, 409 W. Washington, San Texas RIGHT NOWe Date of the 1965 TSA Convention is April 3 and 4, at San Angelo. Deadline for the Third TSA Salon of Speleological Photographic Art is March 10, 1965. Mail all entries to Chuck Larsen, 3622 NorlTIa Dr., Garlandll Texas COlTIplete details given in the January "TEXAS CAVER"


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965 Page 27 COMAL COUNTY CAVE, [XTRA ORDINARY The cave nestles high up, like a cliff dwelling, against and under a cliff at the head of a deep and rugged canyon. From above it is inaccessible. On either side of the canyon are steep, rocky walls, which gradually widen out toward the Guadalupe River. It is a perfect set-up for defense from surprise attack by an enemy. There is but one approach, and that is from the boulderstrewn canyon floor below. The cave is a natural fortress, with bulwarks and ramparts. The cave, due to its location, was a "natural" as a shelter cave for primeval man. According to hand-me-down history, which I obtained from grandsons of pioneer lineage, Indians used this cave as recently as 1850. Later, it became the abode of a pioneer family. It may be said that this would be the ideal location for the filming of an out-law hide -out story. When white settlers began settling in this area, the indians dwelling in the cave abandoned their abode and retreated further into the uninhabited hinterland. In 1852 one Gottfried Erler migrated from Germany to Texas, into what is now Comal County. After living there for five years, he applied for, and was granted citi:zenship. Next, the records show that in the year 1860, Mr. Erler pre -empted 160 acres of land in Comal County under Patent 124-Survey 340. This tract of land is situated around the previously mentioned cave. Torn Darling, Roy Pens horn and I have been measuring the cave. The width of the cave is 75 feet, the depth is 30 feet, and the ceiling varies from 8 to 10 feet high. Although the cave is still very active, some screening has been done where the soil was not too wet. One perfect bird point was found. We als 0 found the front part of a human skull, as well as bones from a hand and foot. No doubt these carne from primitive Spelean inhabitants. Several buttons from garments and some spent rifle shells probably represent a more recent date. From all appearances the cave i s only a remnant of what well may have been a very large cavern; and that what is now open canyon may have been the main cave. 1 this is true, then when the roof collapsed, it left only the upper section which is the present cave. The roof appears to be held up by pillar-like columns. One can still see where the opening was walled up with stone in the past. Presumably it was done by Mr. Erler who (according to my information) lived there a number of years and reared a family in the cave. Whenever the recently completed Canyon Lake fills, the cave will be inundated, and will again be a dwelling place (by fish). Or the dwelling place of Mermaids perhaps? H. E. Adams


THE TEXAS CAVER February, 1965 Page 28 HOW DEADMANS GOT ITS NAME At the time just preceeding the outbreak of the Civil War, much controversy was raging between the secessionists and Union factions. Groups of renegades made use of the confusion to mask their many misd

THE TEXAS C AVER, February, 1965 Page 2 9 Miller and Parker arrested Bal Woods, Arthur Shelby, Ben Shelby and Billy Smith. On Monday morning the policemen and neighbors took the suspects to the hole. A neighbor, Mr. Sharp, volunteered to go down. After descending to the ledge, two blankets, another of McKeever's s hoes, and his six shooter were found. A candle was lowered on a rope and refused to burn below 50 feet. Most of the day was spent pushing burning e mbers into the hole in an effort to clear the gas. (!!) One of the pris oners offered to g o down for $10. 00. He had not been let down halfway before he cried to be pulled back up. Policeman Miller was then let down and was soon out of hearing, so another man was let down to the ledge to communicate with him. Miller was let down to the bottom where he felt the body and then hollared to be drawn back up. He was nearly exhausted, but after getting his breath he descended again and fastened the rope to the corpse. Seven gunshot wounds were found in McKeever's arms, shoulder and hands. His throat was severed from ear to ear and his head was almost entirely cut off and terribly mangled. Justice Hays held court for four days and convicted Bal Woods, Arthur Shelby, Ben Shelby and Billy Smith of the deed. The evidence was blood being found on the saddle of Bal and the gun of Billy Smith, also the murder scene was found near Shelby's house. The cave was visited by two men in 1910 and they left their names and the year on the wall at the bottom. The Marble Falls Messenger reported in 1939 that the cave had been explored by a party of six men. Patrick J. White visited the entrance and lowered a gasoline lantern 165 feet to what he thought was the bottom. He described the cave in Bulletin 10 as "a small sinkhole, about 6 x 10 feet, leads straight down about 15 feet to a small ledge which extends 5 feet into a fissure. From the edge of this ledge, the fissure is seen to fall perfectly sheer for as far as the eye can reach. In April 1951 Jim L. Riggs and Carroll Slemaker of the University of Texas decided to investigate the hole after reading about it in Bulletin 10. An Article in the school paper brought fifty phone calls from people who wanted to go. Riggs got the idea of a caving club and the "University Speleological Society" was born. They had their first meeting on April 27 and the following Sunday Tom Tony and Carrol Slemaker (NSS 1903) were lowered 165 feet to the top of a breakdow n slope. The room at the bottom was 70 feet long and 30 feet wide. The cave has a total depth of 185 feet. J. T. Meador, NSS 5202 References; Fall's Messenger, Octol! 24, 1939, Letter of ivirs. L.R. Gray Fron tie r rimes I :vIarv in Hunt e r I Volu:ne 1 8 I Number 6. Austin S t a t e sm an, September 5 1 8 7 2 bulletin Ten. T h e C a ves o f Texas, Ap r il, 1 948, N.S.S. the N e w s ( N.S.S.)Volum e 9 N u m b e r 7, July, 1 951. Austin American, "Dea d Ilian's Hole a bottomless Pit, Cave of Killings", b y iv1rs. Samuel f' o s e y March 17, 1 918. Cave liles, Texa s Speleologica l


Page 30 THB TBXAS CAVBR, FEBRUARY, 1965 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One other thing .... have Jim Medlin write one more article in the CAVER giving a detailed account of how to get his "NO GOO" cave candy off your teeth and how to pry your jaws apart without pulling the teeth or dissolving the "candy" in George Gray's coffee ( a universal solvent). Be'" (IS f'..DT LATEST MODEL U-2, COvlRACE HERO ONLY CAPITALIST SPELUNKER.) WANTED WANTED IS N.S.S. News Vol 6, No.8, August 1948, Vol. 6, No. 11, November 1948, Vol. 12, No.4, April 1954, Vol. 12, No.7, July, 1954. BATS, MOSQUITOES AND DOLLARS by Chas. A. R. Campbell Combats and Conquests of Immortal Heroes by Chas. A. Barnes Picture-Writings of Texas Indians by A. T. Jackson. THE TEXAS CAVER, Vol. II, No.3, November 1957. >:< WILL PA y* Torn Meador, Route 1, ElDorado, Texas, 76936, NSS 5202L *Look What You Get for Only $3. OOlllll 12 Issues of THE TEXAS CAVER':< (One Half the Price of Playboy)


Page 31 1965 MEMBERSHIP LIST of THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIA TION of THE NA TIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (Members are listed in the following order by: N. S. S. Grottoes, Clubs, Independent members not associated with a local organization. All persons who cave in the State of Texas, and who seek to prornote the aims and purposes of the National Speleological Society are members of the Texas Speleological Association. If you are listed here and are not an NSS member, would you consider joining today? If you have a friend who caves, would you talk to him or her about membership in the N. S. S. ?) ABILENE GROTTOp N. S.S. (2818 S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas 79605) (9) Crisman, Bart, (NSS) (Equip) 658 N. Willis, Abilene, Texas 79603 Dickey, Dewayne (NSS) (Research) 4717 N. 2nd St., Abilene, Texas 79603 Estes, James (Jim) (NSS)(Sec. Tr) 2818 S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas 79605 Feemster, Lee (NSS) 609 S. San Jose St., Abilene, Texas 79605 Gray, George (NSS) (Chmn.) 1458 Marsalis St., Abilene, Texas Gray, Jacque (NSS) 1458 Marsalis St., Abilene, Texas Lanier, Jehn (NSS) 2781 Hickery St., Abilene, Texas Lilly, R. Bryant (NSS) (V. Chmn) 1052 S. Second St., Abilene, Texas deBary, Edward 0., (NSS) Hq. 9th Af, Shaw AFB, Calif. (ABILENE GROTTO ACCOMPANIERS) (3) Hallinger, Don (NSS) 1407 Westview St., Abilene, Texas Davis, Fern Box 784, ACC Station, Abilene Boyd, Margie Box 784, ACC Station, Abilene ALAMO GROTTO, No So So (107 Adams, H. E. (NSS) Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio 78232 (34) Allison, John Balliew, Wm. (Honorary) Bloom, Jerome (NSS) Bordelon, Tommy Bordelon, Helen (NSS) Bundrant, Luther (NSS){V. Chmn) Bundrant, Ollene (NSS) (Sec. ) Bundrant, Micha el (NSS) Chicka, Mike Craven, Mike Darling, Torn (NSS) Darling, Judy Ellis, Bill (NSS) Gray, Wrn. (NSS) Gray, David (NSS) Gutschmidt, L. J. (NSS) Kohnitz, Harvey Licklider, Walter Box 646, New Braunfels, Texas Ph. MA5-2471 291 Globe Ave, San Antonio, Tex. GE2-6310 101 Susan Carol, San Antonio, Tex. DI2-6690 Brooks, AFB, Texas, LE2-8811, Ex. 21155 271 Wayside, San Antonio, Tex. DI2-7796 Sarre as above. 107 Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio. OX4-2883 Same as above Same as above 367 E. Vestal, San Antonio, WA2-2093 2914 Woodcliff, San Antonio SI4-2280 Box 646, New Braunfels, Texas Same as above Box H15, Brooks AfB, Texas 548 Babcock Rd., San Antonio, PE2 3 594 Same as above 342 Timberland Dr. San Antonio TA6-8578 4462 Walzam, San Antonio OL5-4367 Ft. Sarn Houston, San Antonio


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965 Page 32 Mabrito, Van Mayo, Robert Montgomery, Porter Owens, W. D. (NSS)(Trip Chmn) Owens, Martha (NSS) Pens horn, Roy Rhoades, Everett (NSS) Schrumpf, Ron (NSS) Schrumpf, Karen (NSS) Summar, Roy (NSS) Wesp, Erwin White, Donald (NSS) White, Richard (NSS) White, Bonnie Wilson, Leilson (NSS)(Chmn) Wils on, Beth (NSS) Wilson, Forrest (NSS) Wood, David 2132 Mistletoe, San Antonio Brooks AFB, Texas, LE2-8811 Ex. 7212 222 Pleasant Dr. San Antonio, Tex PE5 -1349 2822 Hillcrest, San Antonio, Texas Same as Above 933 Fredericksburg Ave., New Braunfels, Tex 2202 Palamino, San Antonio, OR4-0835 117 E. Norwood Ct., San Antonio CAl-5157 Same as above 212 Windingway, San Antonio, OX4-2151 617 Kay ton Ave. San Antonio, LE3-7093 424 Argyle, San Antonio, TA65807 3106 Sagehill, San Antonio, DI2 -6063 Same as above 4715 Hollyridge, San Antonio, GE4-l495 Same as above Same as above Hausman, Robert (NSS) (Honorary) 4235 Seabrook, San Antonio, ED3-l674 Surabaja, Indonesia BALCONES GROTTO, No S. S. Alexander, Andy Bob Bauer, Ogden Blazyk, Bill Brooks, Mark Brown, David Clayton, Bill (NSS) Clayton, Nan (NSS) DeLange, Jack Fields, Wayne Flint, John Glass, Richard Joseph Haydon, Eugene (NSS) Hesse, Ed Hill, Dexter Huber, Kenneth Jones, Bill Kuehner, Walter Lynough, Jim Matejowsky, Rodney McGarrigle, To:rnmy Mereditl;rp David (NSS) Payne, Harold Roebuck, Noel (NSS) (Treas. ) Roebuck, Lauren (NSS) (Sec. ) Russell, Bill (NSS) (Chmn. ) Sefcik, Douglas Sefcik, Raymond Smith, Egbert Stanco, Jim (Research Chmn) (2406 Devonshire Dr. Austin, Rt. 1, Box 69, Del Valle 4802 Valley Oak, Austin, Texas) (38) CL3-198l Texas 4513 Jinx, Austin, Texas HI2-1263 St. Edwards University ID2-ll22 3014 Fontana, Austin, Tex. ID2 -7103 Same as above 803 Tirado St., Austin, Tex., GL2 -0434 4415 Diane Drive, Austin, Tex. ID2-3880 4910 Enchanted Lane, Austin., HI2 -3271 Rt. 1, Box 3116, Austin., HI2 -15 89 Route 2, Florence, Tex., Br6-387l 1603 Glen Valley Dr., Austin, H05-8197 500 West Elizabeth, Austin., HI2-8697 8202 Sandalwood, Austin., GL3-6972 3402 Bonnie Rd., Austin 6003 Span Creek Circle, Austin, GL2 -4179 8303 Rockwood Lane, Austih, GL2-8253 4502 Bull Creek, Austin, GL38507 Box 26, Florence, Texas, ST3-2468 1603 Alameda Dr., Austin, ID2-4055 2406 Devonshire Dr., Austin, GL2-l420 Same as above 409 East 30th., Austin, GR8-1378 4416 Diane Drive, Austin, HI2-3372 Same as above 3316 Big Bend Dr., Austin, GL3-5927 2505 Enfield, Apt. 12, Austinp GR2 -0451


Stanley, Brother Stewart, Bud (NSS) (Equip) Stroburg, Jay Wlston, Mike Warden, Tom (NSS) Wells, Ernest (NSS) Wells, Marilyn (NSS) Wiseth, Bob Williams on, Dwight THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965, P g 33 St. Edwards Univ. Austin, HI2 -2470 505 Laurel Valley Ln., Austin Gr7-263l 2211 Post Road, Austin HI4-1132 Florence, Texas 902 West Bee Cave Rd. Austin GR 7 -7220 Dr. Pool Ranch, Cedar Park, CL8-l449 Same as above 1900 Foresthill Dr., Austin HI2-46l5 5913 Sunshine Dr., Austin, GL3-3000 BEXAR GROTTO, N. S. S. (204 Vista Road, San Antonio)(14) Barnette, Douglas Barnette, Thomas Berchelmann, Joe (NSS) Bleds oe, Gerald D. (NSS) Brandt, Alfred (Chmn) Brandt, Lee Clark, Leonard J (NSS)(PR) Goff, Billy Kenny, John (NSS)(V. Chmn) Knodell, Preston (NSS) Knox, Orion (NSS) Lincoln, Tommy Szalwinski, Robert (Sec. Treas.) Tally, John R. (NSS) Tomka, Albert C. (NSS) Wendel, Paul DALLAS-FORT WORTH GROTTQ Burch, Jack J. (NSS) Burch, Gloria (NSS) Chadwick, Bill M. (NSS) Goodbar, Blair (NSS)(Safety) Goodbar, Katherine (NSS) Goodbar, Nancy (NSS) Hughes, Michael H. (NSS)(Conser) Ince, David T. (NSS) Johnson, Carl F. (NSS)(Treas.) Johnson, Nancy (NSS) Larsen, Charles V. (NSS)(Chmn) Larsen, Jane (NSS) Lindsley, Pete (NSS)(Equip) Olsen, Bert (NSS)(V. Chman) Olsen, Dorothy N. (NSS) Pense, Glenn M. (NSS) Register, Larry (NSS) Register, Lois (NSS) Robinson, Norman (NSS) Robins on, Jacklyn (NSS) Skinner, Lee H. (NSS) (Sec. ) Snyder, Brooks (NSS) Tart, Fred (NSS) 454 Senova, San Antonio, Texas Same as above 110 Audrey Alene, San Antonio 131 Michael St., San Antonio 23 574 Kashmuir, San Antonio Same as above 204 Vista Road, San Antonio, Texas 815 Goodrich, San Antonio, Texas 130 Audrey Alene, San Antonio 231 E. Kings Hwy., San Antonio Rt. 1, Box 365A, San Antonio 1820 N. Sabinas, San Antonio 204 Vista Road, San Antonio 515 Tulane Dr. San Antonio 28 304 Gleneseo Rd., San Antonio, Texas 5725 Winsong, San Antonio, Texas (N.'S. S.) (P. O. Box 28, Richardson, Tex)(27) 2972 Binkley, Apt 4. Dallas, EM8-7707 Same as a )ove 319 Brandenburg, Irving, Tex., BL4-7889 6621 Sunnyland Ln. Dallas, TA3-l848 Same as above Same as above 705 S. Center, Apt. 10, Arlington, CR:4-2850 2032 E. Irving Blvd., Irving, BL3-3476 3608 Wooten Dr., Ft. Worth, AX2-2485 same as above 3622 Norma Dr., Garland, Tex. BR6-l503 same as above 4612 Watauga, Dallas, FL2 -1161 222 Mizell, Duncanville, Tex. AX8-3480 Same as above 3128 W. Fourth St., Ft. Worth, ED6-3948 438 Freddie Dr., Dallas, EX16655 same as above 13677 Littlecrest Ln. Dallas, CH7-5826 same as above P. O. Box 28, Richardson, TA7-9068 621 Pleasant View Dr., Hurst, Tex. B U2 -6048 705 S. Center, Apt. 10, Arlington, CR:4-2850


THE T EXAS CAVER, February, 1965 P a g e 34 Waller, David (NSS) Yeary, Georg e (NSS) Littlefield, Bob (NSS)(Honorary) ASSOCIA TE MEMBER Fitzpatrick, Roger 202S Oakland Blvd., Ft. Worth, JE4-0569 7052 G r eenville Ave., Dallas, EMS-OS71 2 Steenburg Court. Rt. 10, South St. Paul Minn. 4421 Geddes, Ft. Worth, PE7-9044 DALLAS-FORT WORTH ACCOMPANIERS (35) Bryan, Edgar C (NSS) 5716 Palo Pinto, Dallas Blake, Jerry Caldwell, _': /i'0 ]. Carpenter, -Roy Craddock, Steve Dickerson, Bob Dickerson, Joe Dunn, Bob Fies ler, Roger (NSS) Fiesler, Ronald (NSS) GToening, Yvonne (NSS) Hancock, Warren Hare S t eve Harper, Loyd Holstron" Susan Hutchis on, William (NSS) Hyde Ronnie Knudson, Paul L everman, Henry Lindsley, Nan (NSS) M edlin, Jim (NS ::) Medlin, Holly Moore, Dick Morgan, Brad Pittman, Blair Porter, John (NSS) Richardson, David W. Richmond, Al Smith, Dale Speece Jr, Arthur S peece, Conrad (NSS) (NSS) J. (NSS) M. (NSS) S pee ce III, Arthur Standard, Charles Whalen, James W. Wienecke, Warren R. Veteto, Bob Mac CanllTIond, Os car A. l J:NIVERSITY OF TEXAS GROTTO, A k ersten, WillialTI A. A lexander, Edwar d F Barnhill, Don Bell, Bil1 (N;':) Chmn) Bellnos ki, Bi 1 J 2300 Hovenhurst, Dallas, CH2 -41S3 4121 Rosa Rd, Dallas 1111 Claremont, San Angelo, Texas 2 S17 Wesleyan, Irving 301 E. Ridgewood, Garland 2117 Sanborn, For t Worth 11016 Lippitt, Dallas IS 305 Bayless Dr., Euless 305 Bayless Dr., Euless S02 W. College, Grand Prairie 940 Forest Grove, Dallas 4001 Southwest Blvd, Fort Worth 2540 Elm St., Dallas 3560 W. 4th, Fort Worth PES-673S 6321 Clamont, Fort Worth 400 Ko(, n Lane, Euless 540 Hurstview Dr., Hurst 3311 Longmeade, Dallas Dept. of Geo1,ogy, U. S. C., L. A. Calif. 90007 13447 N. Ct:-ntra1 Expres sway, Dallas ADl-2 S90 sanle as above 11156 Lanewood, Dallas IS, DAl-2964 11355 Gatewood, Dallas, DA 7 -7103 SIS Gregg, Denton, 3S2-954S 2964 E. Binkley, Dallas 1200 Jacks on St. Dallas 1222 Serenade Ln., Dallas S17 La Roche, Grand Prairie 816 W. Sycamore, Denton same as above same as above 322S Townsend, Dallas 719 Misty Glen Ln. Dallas 32 5 S19 Sunnywood Dr., Dallas 221 E. Tilden, Dallas, WH6-3269 112 Turtle Creek Dr., Dallas NSS (Box 7672, UT Station, Austin (76) 1307 W. 37th St, Austin, GL3-4293 lS0l N. Congress, Austin GRS-1S00 Goodall Wooten, Rm. 307, Austin GRS-2443 S07 Milam Place, Austin HI2-7627 900 W. 22nd, Rm. 300, Austin, GRS-0262


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965, Page 35 Benson, Carolyn Kay Berg, Ed Blum, Eugene (NSS) Bonine, Michael .Calvert, Carolyn Jane Carter, Gina Chapman, Faye Childers, Richard Carl Cleek, Dick (NSS) Cole, Betty Sue Collins, Linn Collins, Mike Cowles, Christopher Deal, Tommy DeFraties, Terry Dillon, Torn (NSS) Duke, Jim (NSS) Fish, John Frank, Frank, Bud (NSS) Garre tt, Jon James Guynes, Steve J. Handley, Judy Harris, Nancy Lou Higginbotham, Tol Honig, Lillie Mae Horning, Dean Huthins on, Penny Lynn Jacks on, Joe B. Knox, Orion, Jr. (NSS) McKenzie, David (NSS) Macy, Julie Makela, Robert G. Martin, Benny (NSS) Mitchell, Glenn A. Norman, Luther H. O'Connor, Peggy C. Payne, Sherry Porter, John (NSS) Prescott, Neal QuarchJ Holger Raines, Terry (NSS)(Research) Reddell, Jame s, (NSS)( Chmn) Redmon, Lynda Reed, Bob Roe, Toni Rus s ell, William Santos, Clark Sawin, Fred Schiffert, Phillip Scoggins, Jimmie G 301 Blanton, Austin, GRl-5895 2502 Nueces, Austin 604 W. 28th, Austin GR2-0955 1218 Baylor, Austin, GR6-8054 2422 A San Antonio, Austin, GR6-96l5 2501 Rio Grande, Austin GR2-l5l7 2407-B Nueces, Austin GR2-7l21 708-B W. 25, Austin, GR6-2l05 2212 San Antonio, Austin GR 7 -8755 317 SRD, Austin, GR6-9131 8300 N. Lamar, No.1, Austin GL2-9069 same as above 509 Rathervue Pl. Austin Box 40, Robt. E. Lee Hall, Austin GR8-4479 2804 Whitis, Austin, GR8-4673 400 W. 29th, Apt A, Austin GR8-7741 1107 Shoal Creek, Apt. 105, Austin GR2-2310 2055 D Sabine, Austin GR2-7566 1518 Barton Sprs. Rd., Lot 26, GR6-2387 same as above 2910 Red River, Apt. 303, Austin GR7-2204 2513-B Pearl, Austin GR 7 -4547 2501 Rio Grande, Austin GR2 -1517 317 SRD, Austin, GR6-9131 Goodall Wooten, Rm. 309, Austin GR6-8263 803 W. 28th, Austin, GR7-7579 2212 San Gabriel, Austin, GR6-3137 2501 Rio Grande, Austin, GR2-8841 909 W. 22nd, Austin GR 7 -5555 611 W. 23rd, A ,ustin, GR2-6166 2402 Seton, Austin, GR6-02l9 2505 Longview, Austin, GR6-3875 246-A Roberts Hall, Austin GR7-7739 208 W. 17th St., AUl?tin, GR8-6291 245 -B Roberts Hall, Austin GR 7 -7739 1801 N. Congress, Austin, GR8-1800 302 Carothers, Austin, GRl-3398 3809 Speedway, Austin GL2-1052 2964 E. Binkley, Apt. 4, Dallas, EM3-8094 2311 Nueces, Austin, GR6-4594 2714 Whitis Ave, Austin, GR6-1712 808 W. 32nd St., Austin GL3-2128 409 E. 30th, Austin, GR8-1378 703 W. 23rd, Austin, GR2-0087 4411 Airport Blvd. Austin, GL2-5040 208 W. 17th, Austin, GR8-6291 409 E. 30th, Austin, GR8-1378 2307 Lafayette, Austin GR8-5425 1106 Mission Ridge, Austin, HI2-3796 1103 1/2 25th, Austin, GR6-3929 709 Park Place, Austin, GR 7 -8985


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965 Page 36 Sellar s, Gary C. Shaugnes sy, Chris M SilTIps on, F. Arthur SlTIith, Janis SlTIith, Richard Southwick, TOlTI S. Stephenson, JalTIes H. Strickland, JalTIes Strickland, Barbara Str ong, Bill P. O. Box 154, Manchaca, Texas, HI2-2093 l43A Roberts Hall 3205 King Lane, Austin, GL2-8438 2207 Rio Grande, Austin, Gr 8-3029 3200 Grandview, Apt. 1, Austin GR7-8985 2401 Longview, Austin, GR 7 -9477 246 Prather Hall, Austin, GR6-4084 2502 San Antonio, Apt. 1, Austin salTIe as above 25l3-B Pearl, Austin GR 7 -4547 715 Park Place, Austin GR6-l078 Tillinghast, J. Scott Turner, Merydith (NSS)(V. Walkington, Peggy (NSS) Warden, TOlTI (NSS) ChlTIn)2305 Leon, Austin, GR 7 -1218 Wiggins, Sharon (Sec. Treas) Winsborough, Philip R. Wyche, George Young, SalTI (NSS) Young, Diane Zwald, Edwin Arnold, Jr. 2807 Rio Grande, Austin, GR7-7038 902 W. Bee Gave Rd., Austin, GR7-7220 1518 Barton Sprs. Rd. 2515 Pearl, Austin 1912 Nueces, Austin 206 E. 17th St. Austin, 206 E. 17th St. Austin, GR8-4171 GR8-4l7l Roberts Hall 143 -B, Austin CORYELL COUNTY CAVERS (114 N. 27th St., Gatesville, Texas) (13) Bales, Mike (NSS)(ChlTIn) 128 N. 29th, Gatesville Barry, Ray Fiesler, Ronald (NSS) Fiesler, Roger (NSS) Kopec, Joe Kopec, Stanley (NSS)(Equip) Langford, Wayne Lengefeld, Henry Phillips, Ronnie Reeve, Mark 2008 Saunders, Galesville 305 Bayless Dr., Euless 305 Bayless Dr., Euless Rt. 4, Gatesville Rt. 4, Gatesville Gatesville, Texas Reeve, Scott {NSS} {Sec. Treas} Thrasher, Bobby Rt. 3, Gatesville, Texas Royal Dr., Gatesville 114 N. 27th, Gatesville 114 N. 27th, Gatesville 118 N. 28th, Gatesville 707 Park St., Gatesville WillialTIs, Reed HUACO CAVERS SOCIETY, Chandler, Don Jasek, Frank {NSS} (ChlTIn) Jasek, JalTIes (NSS) Mane s s, Malc OlTI Mayo, Don Mitchell, Rick Peck, Jack {Treas.} Wood, Bob (NSS)(V. ChlTIn) {2337 Oak Cliff Drive, Waco} (8) 3821 Trice, Waco 2503 W. SUlTIlTIitt, San Antonio 2503 W. SUlTIlTIitt, San Antonio 4004 Leland, Waco 1108 N. 44th Street, Waco 740 Grice Drive, Waco 4313 N. 23rd St. Waco 2337 Oak Cliff Dr. Waco SAN ANGELO COLLEGE SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (314 S. Monroe, San Angelo)(20 j Aaron, Rick {Equip. ChlTIn} 1911 RoselTIont, Apt. 6-A, San Angelo Baker, Bill 1901 RoselTIont, Apt. 1, San Anglo CarlTIack, Pat 726 W. Ave. H, San Angelo ChalTIpion, Weldon 2106 Caveness St. Apt 3, San Angelo CheathalTI, Pat {NSS} 734 Parsons, San Angelo


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, Pag e 37 Conners, Butch (NSS) Ferri!, Larry Glen, Eddie (NSS)( Chmn) Haydon, Gunn Morris on, Dick Post, Stanley Ray, Jimmy (NSS)(Reporter) Smith, Jack (NSS )(Sec. Treas.) Standefer, Dick Vinson, Jon (NSS)(V. Chmn) Welch, Adam Wharry, John Wood, David Kenner, Charles (Sponsor) Elliot, Charles (Sponsor) 121 N. Buchanan, San Angelo 2106 Cavenes sSt., Apt. 1, San Angelo 1911 Rosemont, Apt. 6-A, San Angelo 1614 Mackenzie, San Angelo 1809 A & M, San Angelo Concho Hall, San Angelo 1813 Bailey, San Angelo 314 S. Monroe, San Angelo Box 3531 SAC Station, San Angelo 2438 Dallas, San Angelo 3571 SAC Station, San Angelo Rosemont, Rm. 8-B, San Angelo 2659 Twohig St., San Angelo 1915 St. Marys, San Angelo 1911 Rosemont Apts., San Angelo SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (Rex Shepperd, KA Box, SU Station, Georgetown) (13) Bearden, Ron Box 165, SU Station, Georgetown Cordray, C. B. Box 165, SU Station, Georgetown Cross, Harvey Box 12, SU Station, Georgetown Fischer, Marcy Box 153, SU Station, Georgetown Foster, John Box 232, SU Station, Georgetown Lowery, Martie Box 111, SU Station, Georgetown McBee, Pat Box 156, SU kStation, Georgetown Morrison, Jonathan Box 7, SU Station, Georgetown Myers, Torn Box 213, SU Station, Georgetown Rogers, Torn Box 44, SU Station, Gecrgetown Stewart, Tyles Box 350, SU Station, Georgetown Shepperd, Rex (NSS) KA Box, SU Station, Georgetown Weiss, John Box 259, SU' Station, Georgetown TRANS-PECOS SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY ( Box 771Sul Ross, Alpine)(2l) Alexander, Ken Box 133, SR Station, Alpine Bassham, Elbert (NSS)(Chmn) Box 771, SR Station, Alpine Bonner, Bill, Jr., Box 412, SR Station, Alpine Collins, Roland (NSS)(Equip. ) Box 378, SR Station, Alpine Dukes, Don Box 421, SR Station, Alpine Feller, Robert C. (V. Chmn) Box 702, SR Station, Alpine Friesen, Walter Box 750, Alpine Texas Gorma"J., Mike Box 607, SR Station, Alpine Grooves, Jan Box 195, SR Station, Alpine Horton, Chere SR Station, Alpine Huggins, Ring Box 157, S.R Station, Alpine Lichnovsky, Frank Box 924 SR Station, Alpine Matthews, J. F. Box 56, SR Station, Alpine McKee, Bill Box 706, SR Station, Alpine Nantz, Robert Box 199, SR Station, Alpine Oberkamp, Bill Box 835, SR Station, Alpine Russell, Walter SR Station, Alpine Schroeder, Robert C. (NSS)(Sec. Treas) Box 361, SR Station, Alpine


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965 Page 3 8 Stone, James Terrell, Bill Tsang, Peter Box 838, SR Station, Alpine Box 130, SR Station, Alpine Box 80, SR Statiom, Alpine T S. A. MEMBERS NOT ASSOCIA TED WITH AN ORGANIZED GROUP (INDEPENDENl Ahrens, Kenton S. Harper Star Route, Kerrville Ashford, Harvey 2305 Pecan St. Dickinson Baker James K. (NSS) P. O. Box 4012, Corpus Christi Beauchamp, Dick Carta Valley Blakemore, Wm. B. (NSS) Box 4605, Midland Bradford, Bob 2004 W. Washington, Midland Burmmett, James (NSS) Box 332, Sonora Brummett, Ann Burch, Jack C. (NSS) B u rch, Margaret (NSS) Butler, Luther R. (NSS) Clements, Mrs. C. A. Crononwett, Bill Cropley, J. B. (NSS) Dickey, Ed Estes, Jack Fenn e r Arlan L. Ferr ell, :'Richard L. Franklet, Beverly J. (NSS) Gordon, Jr., Jim Hall, J r John H H ammo nds, Charles Walter(NSS) H a r r is, John (NSS) Heath, Don Hei d elnann, Harry Hitzfelder Norman W. (NSS) Holt, Ronald L Hood David H. Jr. Igau Richard (NSS) Jacks o n David J ones, Wilton H. (NSS) Kinley, Jack (NSS) Kriedle r John M. (NSS) Kunath, Carl (NSS) Kunath, Glenda Leavitt, Keith A. Lotz, Frank B. (NSS) L o zano, Cleo Lynch, Daniel (NSS) Manning, James A. (NSS) Mantzel Car l R. M c D o nald, Arvin Mark (NSS) McMichael, Preston A (NSS) Meador, Mrs. T. C. (NSS) Mea d or, Torn (NSS) Miles Harry Mile s, Clara Box 332, Sonora Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio 513 S. 9th, Teague 5041 Spencer Hiway, Golden Acres, Pasadena 2403 Ridgeview, Austin Union Carbide Chemicals Co, Brownsville 4513 Parkdale, Midland 5557 Korth St., Fort Worth 2757 S. A. C. Ave, San Angelo 207 Liveoak, Dublin 300 Bayou View Dr., Seabrook, Texas 325 Kokerhot Hall, Baylor U. Waco 2901 Briarhurst #6, Houston 12939 Memorial Dr., Houston 4805 Denver Dr., Galveston 24-B Albrook Dr., Big Spring Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio Route 1, Box 130, Westmore, Box 48, Stamford 454 Graham Rd., Ft. Sam Houston 11403 Chatten Way, Houston 4921 44th St., Dickins on 4535 Merrie Lane, Bellaire 101 P. O. Box 415 215 North 9th St., McAllen 409 W. Washington, San Angelo 409 W. Was hington, San Angelo 601 Oak St., Sweetwater 5611 Groveton, Houston Box 196, Sonora 511 Pelican, L. Shores City, 4905 Minnesota Ave, Dickinson 2604 Albata, Austin Box 36, Lorena 1638 Courtlandt, Houston Route # 1, Eldorado Route # 1, Eldorado 109 Parkway, Bryan 109 Parkway, Bryan


THE TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965 Pag e 3 9 Morris on, Richard Mueller, Herbert K. Munsch, George F. (NSS) Newell, Phil, Jr. (NSS) Newton, Henry L. III Perryman, Calvin NSS) PerrYITlan, Jewell (NSS) Pfeiffer, Kenneth Ward (NSS) Phillips, John E. Powell, JaITles H. Pusey, Walter C. III (NSS) Ritchie, Bill Roberts, Dudley Roberts, Gerald Rodgers, JiITl(NSS) Sanger, H. P. SeITlITles, ThoITlas R. (NSS) SITlith, Brian K SUITlbera, Joe, Jr. Thorne, Eugene P. (NSS) Tracy, TOITl (NSS) T roITlbley, Ivan C. Tubb, Gary W. Uroda, JiITl (NSS) Ward, GrahaITl W. Whistler, Louis Whitley, JiITl WhiteITlan, Charles D., Jr. (NSS) Wuest, Reggie ZinsITleister, Hubert CLUB or GROTTO Abilene Grotto AlaITlo Grotto Balcones Grotto Bexar Gr otto Dallas -Ft. Worth Univ. of Texas Coryell County Huaco C S San Angelo Col. SWn. University T rans -Pecos SS Independents A c c OITl panie r s TOTAL MEMBERS 9 34 38 16 27 76 1 3 8 20 13 21 70 38 2917 Main St., Dickinson 3308 Princeton, Midland 11314 Janet Lee, San Antonio Route #2, Bis hop 819 Laredo St., Laredo Punne1a, Texas PurITlela, Texas 212 Venion Lane, San Antonio 1804 N. Julian, AITlarillo 1110 KokoITlo St., Plainview P. O. Box 2197, Houston, 3935 Wagon Rd., Dickinson 914 Grant, Corpus Christi 1316 S. Loop Dr., Waco Box 64, Troy, Texas 710 S. Jeffers on St., Beeville 132 Park Hill Dr., San Antonio Box 362, Mas on P. O. Box 1028, Dickinson Box 164, San Angelo Route 2, Box 158M, San Antonio 314 Buccaneer, Corpus Christi 4409 Wendell St., Bellaire P. O. Box 2296, San Antonio 1 8 19 SuI Ross St., Houston P. O. Box 29, Sanderson 401 Tubbs, Bishop 8 15 S. Broadway, Tyler Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio Knippa, Texas NSS MEMBERS % NSS % IN<;::REASE OR DECREASE 9 100% No change 23 76% 43% increase 12 33% 32% decrease 8 50% New 2 6 96% 6% increase 16 21 % 3 % decrease 5 38% New 3 38% 27% increase 6 30% 20% decrease 1 8% 8 % increase 3 14 % 23% decrease 35 50% 4 % decrease 1 2 32% 20% increase Cavers in the El Paso area belong to the Southwestern Speleological Association rather than T. S ../\. Please send corrections to the ITleITlbership list to Katherine Goodbar, 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214, by March 1.


The TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965, Page 40 NEWS ABILENE, No So So Several field trips have been made by grotto members during the month of January. On the 16th, George Gray, Bryant Lilly, and Bert Crisman made a trip to Kimble and Kerr Counties visiting some caves on the Y -0 Ranch, Hall Place, and Secrist Cave. Jim Estes, Dewayne Dickey, and Don Hallinger visted Aspermont Bat Cave and Creek Cave on January 24. Several-Iong-eared bats were noted. On January 30th members of both the Abilene and the D-FW Grottos meet and visted Blowhole, Punkin and Deep Cave. At a grotto meeting on February 4th, the grotto enjoyed a film on liThe Pulse of Life". Next meeting will be held on March 2 at 7:30 PM. GROTTO ADDRESS: 2818 S. 39th S1.. Abilene, Texas 79605 ALAMO, No S. S. January meeting was held at the Bundrallts horne. Several trips west were made, some noteable caves on a private ranch were explored In the following weeks various cave leads were checked out with no results. If anyone knows details on caves in Guatemala please write. Bill Gray, 548 Babcock Rd. San Antonio 5, Texas. DALLAS-FORT WORTH GROTTO No So So A group of D-FW Grotto members went south on the weekend of the 27th to meet cavers from both Abilene and San Angelo. Joining forces some breakdown pa!:;!:;age anLi crawlways in Deep Cave were checked. Pits in Punkin Cave were also checked. No positive results were observed at the Houston-Dallas Cave Development Project. Grotto meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month in Carpenter Hall, Univ. of Dallas, Irving, Texas. Slides of the early exploration of Higgenbotham (Cumberland) Cave, Tenn., were shown by Dale Smith. A trip is planned to Fort Stanton Cave, New Mexico, on March 13 and 14. Grotto Add: Lee Skillne r, Po O. Box 28, Richards on, Tex. 75081 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, No S. S. Again the spotlight was on M exico Caves. Indian Creek Cave was visited by Sam & Diane Young and Bill JohnsolJ. A smaller group including Torn and Nancy Tracy went to Robbe r B aronI s. As the As s ociation For Mexican Cave Studies, which has a numbe r of rnembe rs i n common with UTSS, is concerne d with M exico, trips containing AMCS mernbers will be r eported separate l y News of the AMCS will b e reported to the al inlc rvals. GROTTO ADDRESS: Box 7672 U. T. Station, Austin, T exas 78712 CORYELL COUNTY CAVERS Coryell County Cavers was formed Ju]y 28, 1964, to promote an interest in caving in the Gatesville area. LitUe c aving but a lot o f rope workwCEpracticed last month. Two weeks ago Yrlo!:;l of our rnernbel.s made the trip to Snow Cave in Goldthwaite. While their t echnological knowledge may b e lacking a bit, their desire to learn is not. It i s safe to s a y lhCll lhe Yn(-:mbers of Cor y ell County C a v ers possess the same true spi,oil of cOJlscrvaijoil d ll d awesornC' w onde r for the beauty lha t lie s b e neath Our feel. ScoL!. 114 r--r 27, Galesville Tcx


The TEXAS CAVER, February, 1965, Pag e 41 SAN ANGELO COLLEGE S. S. The month of January saw quite a bit of activity by SACSSers. On the 4th of Jan. a trip was made to Sutton County by Dicky Morrison, Jack Smith, David Wood and Jon Vinson to check out leads in Field Cave. The following weekend Jack Smith along with Carl Kunath, Jerry Johnson & Larry Ferrill returned to Sonora to check more leads. On the 21st and 22nd Jack Smith, Jimmy Ray, Dick Morrison a n d David Wood visited Sutton County again with the avowed intention of finishing up the job on FieldCave. The job was not completed but a large rock was removed. The last weekend of the month saw Carl Kunath and Dicky Morrison join variotE cavers from Abilene and Dallas for a trip to Deep Cave. GROTTO ADD: Jack Smith, 314 S. Monroe, San Angelo SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY S. S. Everybody in the SSS has been caught up in. finals so caving activities have been practically NIL. Rex Shepperd and Harris Armstrong made a trip to Three Mile Cave. We have decided to take the whole club there for our next trip. We plan to elect officers next month and really get things rolling. GROTTO ADD: Rex Shepperd, KA Box, Southwestern U., Georgetown, Texas TRANS-PECOS SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Trans-Pecos Speleological Society has not been very active during the month of Jan. because of finals. However, during the semester break Elbert Bassham, Robert Schroeder, Walter Russell, Frank Licknovsky and Ring Huggins went to Windless Cave, north of Kent. There was one chimney and crawlway heading back towards the surface, but the group had to quit due to bad air. The cave was mapped, but very little new was found. Barite crystals were also found in the cave. On Jan. 21, the same group plus Torn Davis, went down to Terlingua to the Little 38 Mine ( A Natural Fissure) which was once mined for mercury ore. The estimated depth of the fis sure is about 425 feet. Very Dusty because of the mining operations years ago. January 22,Elbert Bassham, Robert Schroeder and Frank Lichnovsky went to the Glass Mountains and found two new caves. The first of these caves is Javelina Hole, a fis sure which is filled with dirt and is inhabited by Javelina. The entrance is about 2 and one half feet high and 3 feet wide. It extends back about 15 or 18 feet and has a tc tal depth of about 5 feet. The second cave was named Lichnovsky's Cave. The entrance is a 15 foot drop from the entrance to the top of a breakdown pile. The cave i$ divided into two rooms. No side passages were found. Three goat skulls and a complete goat's skeleton were found along with the skeleton of a s:glall cat-like animal. There was a live ring-tail cat in the cave. There was a few cave crickets and spiders. Grotto Address: Robert C. Schroeder, Box 771, Sul Ross, Alpine, Texas ' -' ", THE TEXAS CAVER -'" $3.00 ANNUALLY 12 ISSUES


THE TEXAS CAVER 4 6 12 Watauga Road Dallas, texas 75209 Official publication of the Texas Speleological As s ociation N ATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY TO: THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association and is published in Dallas, Texas. Subscription is $3.00 per year for 12 issues. Material for publication should be typed double-spaced and sent to the editor no later than the 1 st of each month of is sue. Editor---------------------------Pete Lindsley Assistant Editor------------------Chuck Larsen Circulation Manager --------------Jim Medlin Typist---------------------------Katherine Goodbar Artwork-------------------------Norman Robinson Grotto News Editor---------------Bert Olsen Photo Tips Editor----------------Carl Kunath Current Events Editor------------Jim Estes Lithographer {Part time)----------Bryant Lilly OFFICERS OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIA TION FOR THE CURRENT YEA R ARE: Chairman-----------------------Pete Lindsley Vice Chairman------------------Carl Kunath Secretary-Treasurer------------Katherine Goodbar 6621 Lane Dallas, Texas 75214 Have any plans for March 13 and 14? If not, then attend the Southwestern Regional Meeting in New Mexico. The SWR meeting will be held at F ort Stanton Cave, Fort Stanton, New Mexico. (about 70 miles west of Roswell). W here do You want the next REGION PROJECT to be held? T ell us at the 1965 Texas Speleological Association Convention, to be held at San A n gelo College, San Angelo, Texas, on April 3 and 4. Complete information to be given in the March TEXAS CAVER.

Contents: Comal County
Cave, Extra Ordinary / H. E. Adams --
How Deadman's Hole got it's name / J. T. Meador --
Cartoon by Lilly --
1965 TSA membership list --
Membership statistics --


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