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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Mystery cave in Comal County / H. E. Adams -- Convention program -- Photo tips: build a camera bar / Pete Lindsley -- Cartoon by Dodge -- From the Editor -- From the Chairman --T.S.A. emblem contest -- Speleo images -- Food for the hungry caver: make your own / Jacque Gray -- Publications -- Caver of the Month: Dewayne Dickey -- News.
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Vol. 12, no. 3 (1967)
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THE TEXAS CAVER Volume XII, Number 3, March, 1967 COVER THE FRACTURES COLUMN in the Entrance Room to Felton Cave, Sut ton County, Texas. Photo was taken by G. Gray. The fallen slab makes one wonder at what type of earth movement it took to make this happen. CONTENTS 39 MYSTERY CAVE IN COMAL COUNTY -H. E. Adams 41 Convention 42 Photo Tips BUILD A CAMERA BAR Pete Lindsley 43 Cartoon by Dodge 43 Advertising Rates 44 From the Editor 44 From the Chairman 45 T. S. A. EMBLEM CONTEST 45 Speleo Images 46 Food For The Hungry Caver -MAKE YOUR OWN -Jacque Gray 46 Publications 4 7 CAVER OF THE MONTH -DEWAYNE DICKEY 48 NEWS THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of, by, and for the cave explorers and scientists of Texas, and is published in Abilene, Texas. Subscription rate is $3.00 per year for twelve (12) issues. Material for publication must be double spaced type and sent to the Editor no later than the 5th of each month of issue. Mail inquiries to: The Texas Caver, P. 0. Box 143, Abilene, Texas 79604. STAFF EDITOR------------------------George Gray PUBLISHER---------------------James Estes LITHOGRAPHER-----------------Bryant Lilly ADVERTISING MANAGER-----Bart Crisman STAFF-------------Abilene Grotto,NSS PHOTO TIPS EDITOR------Pete Lindsley PRESENT OFFICERS OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION ARE: CHAIRMAN-------------------------------Jack C. Burch VICE-CHAIRMAN----------------------E. Dewayne Dickey SECRETARY-'!REASURER------------------Ollene Bundrant 107 Tomahawk Trail San Antonio, Texas 78232 "TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS"


THE TEXAS CAVER Page 39 Mystery Cave In Comal County The following story is a translation from the original German by H. E. Adams, member #6398 of the National Speleological Society and a resident of New Braunfels. The book from which the story is taken was written by the renowned German immigrant, Professor Hermann Seele and is. titled The Cypress, and published sometime in 1846 or 47. Somewhere in the foothills overlooking the city of New Braunfels, there .a:r:e caverns of vast proportions as described in the story from "The Cypress". The story is woven around the strange adventures of a young doctor and naturalist, who was traveling to New Braunfels to join the infant colony spon sored by the Nobleman Prince Braunfels. He was traveling, for safety's sake, with a Company of Mexican soldiers led by Colonel Veramendi. they were camped on the banks of the Guadalupe River, tae young botanist asked for the permission of the Colonel to do some exploring in the surrounding area. After being admonished not to venture out too far, permission was granted, and with one of the soldiers, set out on what turned out to be an amazing ad venture. Being in the summer, the weather was very hot, and when they came to a grove of trees surrounding a spting of clear cold water, they decided t o tarry awhile and rest. They lay down and were soon lulled to sleep by the babbling brook. Suddenly they were rudely awakened by the yells of a band of savages, who quickly overpowered a n d bound them. Their hands were tied behirid their backs, they were placed on horses and their feet were tied together under the horses' bellies. The troop of about a dozen braves set out with their captives, towards the hills following along the river. After a considerable distance, they came to a place where a huge Cypress tree grew close to the 200 foot bluff on one side of the stream. Between it and the tree there was a crevasse leading into the bluff. To enter they had to lean forward over their horses' necks to be able to get through the entrance. It was a narrow passage, and required that they ride single file. After some distance they found the passage widening, with cave openings on either side. Here they called a halt and the prisoners were pulled off their horses a n d dragged into one of the caves. There was no chance for escape for. there was but one small entrance and an opening overhead, too high to reach. Two indians guarded the entrance. Later that day an indian woman brought them water and some dried venison to eat. In the dim light, the young doctor noticed some thin veins of silver ore in the. walls of the cave. Day after day they were thus guarded, and the only thing to break the monotonous existance was the daily procession of


Page 40 squaws and children who came to stare at them in stoic silence. come they other Frequently the Chieftain would to sit with the captives, and tried to communicate with each as best they could by signs. One day the Mexican soldier was taken out, never to be seen again by the doctor. After a time the Chief was convinced that the captive was not a hated Mexican soldier, but a great Medicine man from afar, m any moons travel. One day the Chief went on a b ear hunt and was terribly wound e d b y a bear. Several carrie d him in t o the doctor, who set to w o r k to clean the awful wounds, and treat them with wha t mea n s h e had a t his dispo s a l which the Indians provided. A fter a very long c o nv alescense, the old Chief recovered almost completely. After his broken bon e s had mended, h e was a gain able to walk. A s a reward for saving t h e Chiefs life, the Doctor's life w a s spared, and h e was a l lowe d a little mor e free d om; however he was neve r p ermitte d out of the c a verns. There was, how e v er, o ne r oo m which he was n ever permitted to enter. The entrance to this room was carefully screened wi t h a b l a nk et. O ne day there was a n Hnusual amou n t o f activity among the India n s The r e seem e d to b e some kind of a f estive occasio n All the war r i ors were dressed in their finest garments. Th e D oc tor was f inally permitted to enter the secret chamber. He a mazed a t what he saw. It was a tre m e nd o us room with a high vaulted ceil i ng with a circular op ening at the top which admitted sunlight. In t h e center o f the vast r oo m there was a hu g e stone platfo rm, in the middle of which w a s a de p ression like a bm?l. The b owl w a s fille d with clear w a t er, an d a r o und this table were gathered all the w arriors, and a t o ne e nd stood the old chieftain. T he y were b edecked with their w a r bonnets and had their b ows, arrows and s p ears. Their faces and bodies wer e p a i n t e d w ith brilliant c o l ors. THE TEXAS CAVER Suddenly a captive was broughtm and tossed onto the table where he was fastened spread-eagled, face up. Sol e mnly the tribe's medicine man approached. In his raised hand he held a flint knife. Walking to the table, he dipped the knife in the water, and plunged the blade into the breast of the victim and cut out his heart. All whiie, the warriors wailed and chanted, as the sunlight streamed in from ab ove casting a weird light on the g r uesome scene. When the convulsive movement of the p athetic victim ceased, he was tossed into an opening nearby into a subter.rania n stream, which quickly swept t he b ody away. Month after weary month the Doct o r was kept prisoner, Finally,he became infatuated with the Chief's daughter, who m he took for his wife. Ev e n so, h e was never allowed to leave the caverns, but was constantly guarde d and a s a result he gave up all ho p e o f every escaping. I n t h e year 1 845, while the new colo n y w a s developing, two youn g Germ an yo u ths, also immi grants, were out searching for a tract of land which the y c o u l d claim and develope. They were h ackin g their path through the dense underbrush when suddenly they came to t h e River at what appeared to be the main springs. W alter, the youn ger of the two, kne l t down for a drink when to his horror, he beh e l d the b o dy of a man on the gravel bar i n the water. H e called to his companion Willie, who quickly came and tog e ther they pulled out the victim. They were amazed when instead of a dead body, they discovered that the m a n was alive t hou g h unconscious. Walter volunteered to run for help, w h ile Willie remained with the man Soon Walter met a man with an oxoodrawn wagon who had been to the hil l s for a load of cedar log s for his intended logc abin. As q uickl y a s the sluggish oxen p ermitted, they went to Willie's aid. 'I 'hey loaded t h e victi m o n the c art and proceeded t o t he colo ny The kind hearted P rince took the p oo r man into


THE TEXAS CAVER his tent and made him as comfortable as circumstances permitted. T he colony's doctor was summoned who examined the man, and stated that all the patient needed were stimulants and good care and food. The doctor's name was Koester, and some of his descendants still live in Comal County. When the patient was sufficiently recovered and could talk, he told the foregoing story,, for b.e was none other than Dr. Arthur Bonpland, the one cap tured by the and imprisoned. And he told the story. In addition to what has been told before, he said that while he was captive, the Indians captured a troop of Mexican soldiers, and along with them, weapons and several kegs of gunpowder. During the attack and capture-of the soldiers, several of the tribesmen were slain. As a reprisal for the killings of the Indians, the captured Mexicans were sacrificed. At intervals of perhaps a month they were, one by one taken to the ritual chamber where they were killed by having their heart cut out by the Medicine man. Finally 1 there was but one captive left,and he, knowing what his fate 'muld be, decided on a course of action. He had gained the confidence of one of the warriors, and he told lim that in one of the kegs was a great wealth of finery such as beads and silver ornaments, and that he would be glad to show him which one of the kegs contained the treasure. Therefore, one day when they were unobserved, they entered the cavern where the kegs were stored. The captive opened one of the bungs of a keg and with flint and steel struck a spark which ignited and caused all of the powder kegs to explode. The explosion was so intense that the entire caverns collapsed, killing all of the occupants except the Doctor who ed to be in the subterranean tunnel of the stream, having gone below f o r water. He was carried unconsciously along the underground stream, and spewed out at the springs. This story was told in the presence of many of the colonists, among whom were the Prince Braunfels, Herman Page 41 Seele and Dr. Ferdinand & both of the latter recognizing the speaker as Arthur Bonpland. Search parties were never able to find the caverns. Comal County abounds with caves, and for all we know, some of us, spelunkers, may have unwittingly been near or perhaps even in some remaining sections of the afore mentioned caverns. It is also conceivably possible that Canyon Lake has forever covered the mysterious caverns The powerful explosion may have rendered i n t o rubbie what was once the cave and it is therefore not recognizable as a cave. Put some fun in your life, go caving! CONVENTION PROGRAM Boerne, Texas 8 April 1967 Episcopal Church Basement 7:30 AM til --Registration (1) 9:00 AM 12:00 N Program 12:00 N -1:30 PM Lunch 1:30 PM -4:30 PM Program 5:00 PM -6: 30 PM Board of Governors Meeting (place to be announced) 7:00 PM -til--Barbeque (2)(Cascade Cavern Park) Slide Show Salon Mapping Contest (1) Registration $1.00 Adults, 50 Children under 12. (2) Barbeque $1.50 Plate (Beverage furnished) Convention Program will include: Arkansas Caves Mexico Caves New Mexico Caves Paleontology Geology Chalkification (AND Texas Caves!) Board of Governors Meeting topics: 1967 Work Projects 1968 National Convention site TSA status in NSS Sites & dates of BOG meetings.


Page 42 THE TEXAS CAVER Photo Tips by PETE LINDSLEY BUILD A CAMERA BAR Got too many cameras? Want to use them all at once? Then what you need is a camera bar. It is easy to build one and you can custom-make this gadget just to fit the cameras that you own. Pictured are two models in between all those cameras. What is a camera bar? Well, just what did you think was holding up all those cameras at once? Enough of the questions. Now for the answers. A camera bar is simply an aluminQm bar that attaches to your tripod and will hold all your cameras. To build one, first you need to find a piece of aluminum heavy enough to hold up your cameras, but still light enough to carry with you into a cave. Pictured are two types of bars. One is constructed out of l-l/2 x 3/4 inch angle l/8 inch thick. That's the one attached to the tripod and it is holding up 13-3/4 pounds of cameras and attachments. The heavy camera bar weighs less than 1/4 pound. The small bar is almost hidden and is attached to the small tilt-top on the left holding up the two cameras on the left side. Dimensions are 1-l/2 inches some good contact cement. Then after in length. The big bar is 11 inches things are dry, cut out the rubber at long. the hole locations and insert your After you obtain the aluminum hold down screws. Later, in a cave, the bar you need to mark the locations if you wan t to attach a camera to one of the floles. These need to match up sid-e of the screw, just back the screw with your tripod and the holes on the out of the hole and move it over to cameras that you plan to use. Be sure the next hole. that you have plenty of holes for any Have you spotted the other _photo-occasion that might arise. When the tips in the picture by now? cameras are attached the complete unit That tilt-top sure is useful on should balance on the tripod mounting the edge of a camera bar to swing your hole for best stability. It is always camera over for a vertical shot. Also, g ood to have extra holes so that bal-it helps to align the second camera ance may be achieved with any set-up. after the first one is aimed properly. All the holes should be drilled The tilt-top is part of the $2.00 and tapped with a 114-20 thread. The Edmund Scientific Tripod ( Cat. No. camera hold-down screws may be obtain-50,229) mentioned in a previous Photoed at a camera store for about 50 Tips (TEXAS CAVER, Sept. 1965) section each. Be sure to get the kind that on "Cave Pods". just have threads on the end so that If you balance your camera bar once you thread them through your carefully you can even hold up every-camera bar they will be loose. thing with the super lightweight The final step in Edmund tripod. And speaking of tripods the camera bar is to cover the top notice the tripod in .the picture holdwith a layer of rubber or soft plastic. ing up that 14 pounds of assorted cam Glue on this non-akid surface with era gear.


THE TEXAS CAVER For the caver who needs a heavier weight tripod,the Ponder and Best Mod. 1100 shown is a very good buy. 3-section elevator tripod with deluxe pan head weighs only 2 A pound less than many similar tripods and 2-l/2 less than other tripods of similar stability. Cost is about $9.50 in the discount stores. The P&E is 53-l/2 inches fully extended and 21 in ches closed down. One last tip in that picture. Notice the SLR camera in the upper left hand corner. The neck strap is made nylon parachute cord (test is 550 pounds) with the knotted part covered with silicone rubber (see TC, Sept. 1966, "Glue for Cavers"). The knot won't come loose unless you work at it and the strap won't rub the plating on your camera, either. The final bonus is that this kind of strap packs quite easily in your ammo can when try to pack things in before you close the top. With camera bar in hand, grab your Press #50's and camera(s) and head for the big room at Page 43 TEXAS CAVER ADVERTISEHENTS Advertising rates for general commercial use available from the Advertising Manager. Classified ads are for the sole use of members to sell personal items, locate wanted items or-state personal notes! RATES First Insertion: 20 Words for 50; 50 words-$1.00 Each additional word over 50 -l Succeeding insertions in consecutive months 25% discount. Telephone Number (Area Code-Prefix,etc constitutes one word. Name, address & town constitutes five words. Total price (dollar sign & figures)-one Send to TEXAS CAVER, P. 0. Box 143, fl.b ilene, Texas 79604 before the 5th of the month that you want ad to run. Your favorite cave picture may be suitable for a TEXAS CAVER cover. Send 8"xlO"glossy print with details to the TEXAS CAVER, PO Box 143, Abilene 79604 ... Did I see what I thought I saw when that flash went off ?n


Page 44 .f. a.4;t 14 Cfl!J[R Wa.4 ort.e of .tlto4e 'Jhinecl-1.4e4, j-l-1.4t. a.r:. a.polofj-lf a.r:.d :the p-tolii.V...e :tha-t. .i.t. w-U..-L be beUe-t in :the fu.:tu.-te. Oh, ort.e :thine;, :thai. {-i..c;u.-te in :the co-t-tec.ted K ert.rt.d Ra.t.-i..ort. 4hou.!d have -tead 4 OJ. peca.n4 27). 'Jhe ot.he-t i.fOU. 1 U j-l-1.4.t have :to f-i..c;u.-te ou.t. fo-t. fl4 :the point.ed ou.t. .in hv... rt.ow V... :the cha.r:.ce. fo-t 'fOU. ;to rA.ak.e 'JSfl hV...t.o-tz.f. [n..te-t ljOu.-t -i..dea. a. 'JSfl emblem .in :the cort.t.e4.t, U j-l-1.4t. be :the ort.e. IJ.ou. be -i..nt.e-te4t.ed -i..r:. point. :the cort.t.e4t., :the p-te l-i..nt-i-na.-tlj w-U..-L be dor:.e b!f a. co mbwed c;-tou.p of a.r:.d 'Jhe q, of .the ut. w-U..-L be :the p-t-i..nt(}..l(..'f c t.Ue-t-i..on, .the -i..rt.cluded wW be p-te4ert.t. :to pa.44 or:. :the ca.UWtf a.4pect.. 'JhV... cpt-ou.p w-U..-L come u.p w-i..t.h .the :top t.h-te e a.r:.d :the a.t. a. f u.t.u.-te !SOq w-i..U ntak.e :the f-i..rt.a.l 4elecuor:.. !Jn.c-i..denULf, no ent.Jc.a.rt.t. w-U..-L be a.llo wed :to .:...i.t. or:. t.h-i..4 'Jhe Cor:.uen:tA,or:. V... u.port. u.<>.! ']he p-to ea.4 -i..rt. 1968? Of cou.-t:4-e eue-tljone wUL have :to p-i..:tch -i..rt. a.r:.d r;.et. :the j-ob dor:.e, bu..t -i..t. wodd be wo-tt.h .the ef{o-t.t. We m-U;kt euen 4u.-tpa.44 .the /964 a..t New 15-ta.u.nfe-l.4, no or:.e e-l.4e ha.4 b een a.ble :to .thu..:.. /a.-t. find t.ha.t. con..te4.t? 9.t14 a. fo-t 'JS / 7 a.r:.d 4hodd CJA-ue ljOu.-t .te aJif. a.r:. U ea. o f f-u.<>.t. ho w c;o o d .i.t. V.... 'Jhe Cor:.uen:tA,or:. 40u.rt.d4 and !) hope 9 1 U 4ee If ou, t.he-t.e. Oh, bq :the wa.q, Q.aM-4 4 4 .theq h a.u e I 0 S a.c-te4 o f i]A-OUnd a-t. C a.4cade C P rvc.k.. .j. f-i..U .U u.p or:. :h.Ua.q n-i..-u.-t.e !fOu. 1 ve. n.o.U.C.ed. Su.r;.c;.e..:..:t-i..or cz..t.e al..wa.q<>-weLcome. fll<>.o, -i..f 'fOU. ha.!.Je a. ca.v-i..rt.r;. fJcA.,.e,rt.d t.ha..t do e<>.n 1 t. :to :the. Cfl !J[R., help U-4. bq hA.. .tha,t. he 4-hodd. flrt.d, .if qou. cha.rt.f, qot,U, add-t.e44., elea.4e le.t 4-0on. a.4. When. !fOU. don.1t., U co4.U t.he Cfl!J[R a.rt.d down. or:. :the f.uu/.4. t.ha,t. we. ha.ue. :to p-t,(.rt.:t wUh. J. a.t.e 9'te.nt.: fl4 o/ 6 Ma-tch I 9 6 7 ( da.-te. of :the. lette.-t) t.he flbUen.e 9-tot.e4'ft:'e 9-tot.t.o -i.4 a.r:. o ft -ic..t.a;Uq cha,..t,.t'.e..t,ed N. 5. S. cyt.o t.t.o. ?he wo.W ha4. fU.lan. P l/a.a-t-t., t.he fo-t.. 9,n.t.eA;.n.a).. 0-t.-ff a.r:.-i.. a..t-i..o 11.4 9t.'4 a.r:.ot.he.-t. to-t ?Sfl, -t./te7 f/U-9emde 9-tot.t.o .t.n. t.he. N.S.S


THE TEXAS CAVER Page 45 T. S. A. E M 8 L E M C The Texas Speleological Association needs an official emblem. The TEXAS CAVER and the Texas Speleological Association are co-sponsoring a contest to establish & new emblem. It should be colorful and eyecatching but have significance of our sport and the geographical area that is the Texas Speleological Association. Jt should be artistic. The preliminary judging will be done by a panel of cavers and artists with the three finalists judged by a future Board of Governors meeting of the TSA. First prize will be $10.00 in cash Second prize will be a new hard hat . Third prize will be a new carbide lamp . You might win $10 with your idea . and become a real partof the Region and its History .. Check the rules listed below and get started now Plans for the emblem include putting it on a flag for use when the TSA is in session or on project location . on decals for hard hats, car windows and equipment, and embroidered patches to be sewn on coveralls, jackets, etc. Contest closes 1 May 1967, so get busy TODAY send in your entry or entries Ru I es-1. First Prize $10.00 CASH!!! Second Prize -New Hard Hat. Third Prize -New Carbide Lamp. 2. Entries must be postmarked bef0re midnight on 1 May 1967. 3. Member may enter as many times as he wishes. Name and address must be shown on back of each entry. (No identification may be on front of entry.) 4. All entries must be mailed flat and entrant may send any number of entries in one package. 5. All entries must be on white or off white paper or poster board no less that x 11" and no larger than 16" x 20". Design should cover at least 50% of paper. (Must be large enough to be viewed by large 6. Emblem may be any shape. 7. All emblems shall have at least two colors besides black and white. Entrant may use any art medium that he wishes. (Crayon, oils, pastels, etc.) 8. All entries become the property of.-.the TEXAS CAVER. 9. No one in the Abilene Grotto or the Abilene Grotesque Grotto or their relatives is eligible to enter.


Page 46 THE TEXAS CAVER Food For the Hungry Caver MAKE YOUR OWN by JACQUE Invented by the Indians, steeped in the history of the American West, and yet as modern as today. This describes the dehydrated foods Jerky and Pemmican and they are good things for cavers to know about. The simplest way to preserve meat is by "jerking" it or drying it, and it is also one of the most delicious methods . There's nothing complicated about making jerky. You cut lean red meat into strips about l/2 inch thick. These should be hung apart from one another in the sun, in the attic or someplace where, when kept dry, they will gradually lose most of their water content. If a fire is used at all, i t should be only enough to keep insects away; not hot enough to cook the meat at all. True jerky is black and hard and will keep indefinitely away from damp and insects. It is best eaten as is, just bite off a chunk and chew. It may be cooked in stews. Jerky is very concentrated and nourishing and a little goes a long way. WARNING: Be sure and trim all the fat off meat before drying because it will turn rancid. If you want to go one farther with your jerky, turn 1t into pemmican, a food that contains the fat that jerky lacks. You should pound or shred a q_uan tity of jerky. Render raw animal fat over a slow fire, never letting the grease boil up. Pour the resulting fat over the shredded jerky, mixing until you have the consistency of ordinary sausage. Pack in water-proof bags, and NO salt. Dried berries.may be added for flavor only. ideal proportions of lean and fat in pemmican is, by weight, approximately e qual amounts. Pemmican can be eaten as is or cooked in stew. But either way it contains the greatest amount of nourishment in the most compact form and therefqre is a g ood ration for cavers. Publications Help the unitiated among your family and friends understand ''Why" spelunk. Give them a subscription to the TEXAS CAVER or present them with the history of the TSA or the cartoon book on caving. TEXAS CAVER subscriptions are $3 per year and some back issues are available at 25 per copy. YE OLDE HISTORY an d THERE WE WAS available at 50 per copy. For back issues and subscriptions to the TEXAS CAVER send check or money order to: THE TEXAS CAVER P. 0. Box 143 Abilene, Texas 79604 For YE OLDE HISTORY and THERE WE WAS send check or money order payable to: THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION 107 Tomahawk Trail San Antonio, Texas 78232 For your own use, CAVE SURVEY booklets are also available. These contain spaces for 4o stations, 15 sketch pages, map symbols, Rules of The Game, and spaces for information about mapping team members and their jobs. These are also available prepaid from the TEXAS CAVER, 10 each or $1.00 per dozen. Look for us at convention at Boerne. We'll have the publications booth and will be looking for you to drop by and at least say "Hello';.


THE TEXAS CAVER Page 47 Caver of the Month Dewayne Dickey The CAVER would like to introduce you to your 1967 Vice Chairman of the Texas Association, E. De wayne Dickey of Houston, Texas. Dewayne is a native Texan, having attended elementary school in Big Spring, and high school in Monahans. He has had college work at Odessa Junior College, Abilene Christian College and the University of Houston, with a major in chemistry. At the present time Dewayne is Chief Chemist for Sav age Laboratories in Houston. Dewayne states that his primary interests in caving are geochemistry, geology, hydrology, and zoology. He is also a photography bug, and likes to collect and study cave fauna. His activities at the 1965 Project "Deep" were in planning, communications, and Assistant Director to James Reddell in Biological study. Our Caver of The Nonth has been quite actiye in Texas speleology. In addition to having attended many NSS and TSA conventions and meetings, he is usually seen at most all Projects. He was Chairman of the Permian Basin Grotto for four years, Research Chairman for the Abilene Grotto for two years. He is now Chairman of the Houston Grotto in addition to his TSA office. In response to what he thinks would be good for TSA, Dewayne states that perhaps there should be more joint trips between grottoes. Dewayne likes guitar, most all of the types of music, and likes to read technical books and magazines. His library attests to that fact. Dewayne and his wife, Evelyn, are residing at 9658 Beverly Hill,Houston, Texas. NEEDED-Material and photos for publication in the TEXAS CAVER POEM OF THE MONTH A caver from Texas named Clyde Had a girl friend with hips so wide That where ever she went In the walls left a dent, And often left parts of her hide. WANTED Couple with no pre-school children to work at Cascade Caverns. Man to work by the month, wife to work bY. the hour. G9od salary, with house and all utilities furnished. Contact: James Brummett at CASCADE CAVERN PARK, Route 1, Box 57A, Boerne, Texas, or call Balcones Excha n ge 755-9285.


Page 48 N [ W S ABILENE GROTESQUE GRO'ITO, NSS Whoopie: Only in the state of Texas would you expect--an all female grotto?? NSS Charter has been granted our group of caverettes, we are hoping to be 100 percent in attendance at the coming convention in Boerne. "This is the first all-female grotto in the United States," states Allan Haarr,Chairman of the N.S.S. Internal Organization Committee. No caving of late, but we have been trying to design a suitable emblem for such an organization as ours. Jacque Gray and husband, George attended an Oil Belt Teachers conference inAmarillo, & the National Con ference for Supevvision and development in Dallas, May_l3-14. Irene Estes tells.of baby sitting and digging up quartz crystals near Enchanted Rock. Don't worry, she'll not touch a cave formation or such. Blanche Lilly? Well, she's been a busy beaver moving into a new home with hubby, Bryant. Jaylene Crisman's father in Carlsbad, N.M. seerr.s to be improving, for which we are all very well pleased. Our Chairman, Fern Davis, is as usual covered with studies and activities at ACC. She's been trying to get some interest in caving from her roommate. Watch for more news in each issue of the TEXAS CAVER! Grotto address: Jacque Gray, 1458 Marsalis, Abilene, Texas 79603. **-*-fd:.r.trtrt:rtrt:drtrtrl:rt:rtrt:rk*-*-*** ABILENE GROTTO, NSS Caving anyone? Jim Estes and accompanier, Larry Kirschner, of ACC, made a return trip to Aspermont to map the newly located cave, ]V]c Caslin's Cave A s reported in the February issue of the CAVER,this cave was thought to be only about 300 foot in length. A survey brought to light its over 600 feet of length, however. This time THE TEXAS CAVER two little brown bats were huddle together in the "Bat Room". The cave has a second entrance on the bluff face of the Salt Fork of the B razos River. This entrance is horizontal & has a terri_fic sag in the bedrock above the entrance. Another trip by Crisman, Lilly, and Estes, along Meador was made two weekends later to check out leads. Work on the CAVER takes a considerable amount of time of late, and a new process, paste-ups, is being tried. We' 11 see The grotto plans to man the publications booth at the coming Boerne convention. Please drop by and buy a few things cartoon books, map books, extra CAVERS, etc. We need money,man! Grotto address: 2818 S. 39th St. Abilene, Texas 79605. ALAMO GROTTO, NSS (No report this month) Grotto address: Till1e Owens, reporter, 225 W. Poplar, San Antonio, Texas 78212. ****** BALCONES GROTTO, NSS (No report this Grotto address: Austin, Texas 78712. month) Box 7551 UT Sta., DALLAS -FOR' r WORTH GRO'ITO, NSS Grotto meeting brought a different kind of fun this time. Four real con-artists from the Traid Corp. came out to sell us the Fotron Camera which was guaranteed to take pictures in the dark -no infrared. It turned out to be a glorified Instamatic with a built in strobe unit. The salesmen stoutly maintained that there were no batter.ks in the camera, but it could be recharged by plugging into an electric outlet overnight! The real thigh-slapping part was the price. They could let us have this magnificent piece of equipment for just under $500.00 payable in ten yearly installments (non -transferable so you can't unload the thing) pro-


TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION LIST OF MEMBERS 1 9 6 7 (Officers of each organization within the TSA are designated thusly: 1 -Chairman or President, 2 -Vice Chairman or Vice President, 3 -Secretary, 4 -Treasurer, 5 -Research Chairman, 6 -Equipment Chairman, 7 -Reporter, 8 -Safety Chairman, 9 Sgt. at Arms, 10 Organization Sponsor) ABILENE GROTESQUE CAVING CLUB Crisman, Jaylene(2-6).(NSS) Davis, Fern (l)(NSS) Estes, Irene (NSS) Gray, Jacquelyn (3)(NSS) Lilly, Blanche (4)(NSS) (NSS Pending): 1458 Marsalis, Abilene, 79603 658 N. Willis, Abilene, Texas 79603 Box 784, ACC Sta., Abilene, Texas 79601 2818 S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas 79605 1458 Marsalis, Abilene, Texas 79603 1050 S. Second, Abilene, Texas 79604 ABILENE GROTTO, NSS: 2818 Crisman, Bart (6)(NSS) Estes, James H. (3-4)(NSS) Gray, George W.(l)(NSS) Lilly, R. Bryant (2)(NSS) S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas 79605 Accompaniers: Dodge, David Feemster, Lee Hinkles, Don 658 N. Willis, Abilene, Texas 79603 2818 S. 39th St., Abilene, Texas 79605 1458 Marsalis, Abilene, Texas 79603 1050 S. Second, Abilene, Texas 79604 709 Sayles Blvd., Abilene, Texas 79605 3915 S. 20th, Abilene, Texas 79605 757 Forest, Abilene, Texas 79603 ALAMO GROTTO, NSS: 225 W. A dams, H. E. (NSS) Bundrant, Luther (NSS) Bundrant, Michael (NSS) Bundrant, Ollene (NSS) Poplar, San Antonio, Texas 78212 Dorum, Mike Druding, Vince Ellis, Bill Felton, Ross (NSS) Graeber, Nella Graeber, Peter Gray, William R. Hausman, Dr. Robert (7)(NSS) Howard, Dr. T. M.(Past 1) Nontgomery, Porter Murphy, Ernest E. O wens, Tillie (3)(NSS) Pennington, Courtney(2)(App.) Pennington, Hilda (App) Rausch, Bro. Clyde Reardon, Michael (4)(NSS) Russell, Wayne Summar, Roy, Jr.(6)(NSS) Volk, Bro. Norman (NSS) White, Bonnie Hhite, Richard L. (l)(NSS) Box 646, New Braunfels, Texas 78131 107 Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78232 107 Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78232 107 Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78232 315 Denton, San Antonio, Texas 78213 8332 Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Texas 78212 7134 Blanco, San Antonio, Texas 246 E. Lullwood, San Antonio, Texas 3011 Shadow Bend, San Antonio, Texas 3011 Shadow Bend, San Antonio, Texas 548 Babcock Road, San Antonio, Texas 322 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas 9138 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas 78232 1517 Milam Bldg., San Antonio, Texas 78205 c/o 107 Tomahawk Tr., San Antonio, Texas 78232 225 W. Poplar, San Antonio, Texas 78212 7827 Paint Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78227 7827 Paint Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78227 285 Oblate Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78216 946 W. Magnolia, San Antonio, Texas 78241 406 Demya, San Antonio, Texas 78227 219 Winding Way, San Antonio, Texas 78232 285 Oblate Dr, San Antonio, Texas 78216 3106 Sagehill, San Antonio, Texas 3106 Sagehill, San Antonio, Texas


TSA Member ship List -2 Donald (NSS) Wil s o n Beth WiL:oon, Leilson Accom2aniers: Allis on John Balliew, William L. (honorary) Bro wn, Bro. J. L. Doyle, M. D. (honorary) Hau sman Helen (NSS) Schru mpf Karen (NSS) Schr .tmpf, Ronald L. (NSS) Spears, Franklin (honorary) Wilscr., F orrest BALCONES GROTTO, NSS: Box 7551 Jack (2)(NSS) Hay do n Eugene (NSS) Herz og, Gary Hickers o n Riley Hickerson, R ussell Hill, Dexter L 2hnhardt, Wolfgang Leh nhardt, Linda LEhnhardt, Thomas M cGarrigle, Tonnny Meredith, David (NSS) Lauren (NSS) Noel (NSS) R _ :-sel1 Bill (1) (NSS) Carol (3) Smith, Egbert S : e:var t, Bud (NSS) Route 2, Box 22, C.> c l,;on, Jim Dierks. Jolyn l c : h P:>un, Jewel D o ug (2) Chris .Max:well. J ohn P RE-.ed, .. John ( 9) Sch midt, Larry ( 1 ) Seidensticker, Eddie T c.;vers John (7) Trav l or, Mike Wertheim, Frances Wertheim, Pat (3-4) Larry k. der ::.on, Gary E ( Exp) (NSS) B.r rh, Jack J (NSS) B .rch, Gloria L. (Lib)(NSS) ck, Bi 11 M (NSS) Pieseler, Ronald G (NSS) 424 Argyle, San Antonio, Texas 4715 Hollyridge, San Antonio, Texas 78228 4715 Hollyridge, San Antonio, Texas 78228 291 Globe, San Antonio, Texas 101 Susan Carol, San Antonio, Texas 285 Oblate Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78216 Kerrville, Texas 322 W. Summit, San Antonio, Texas c/o 107 Tomahawk Tr., San Antonio, Texas 78232 c/o 107 Tomahawk Tr., San Antonio, Texas 78232 1014 Melissa, San Antonio, Texas 4715 Hollyridge, San Antonio, Texas 78228 U.T. Sta., Austin, Texas 78712 4815 Blueberry Tr., Austin, Texas Box 27, Florence, Texas 305 E. Liveoak, Austin, Texas 4826 Timberline, Austin, Texas 4826 Timberline, Austin, Texas 4917 Bull Creek Rd., Austin, Texas Clauson Rd., Austin, Texas 4206 Clauson,Rd., Austin, Texas 5806 Libyan, Austin, Texas 4502 Bull Cr., Rd., Austin, Texas Box 26, Florence, Texas Star Rt. A Box 873, Austin, Texas Star Rt. A, Box 873, Austin, Texas Box 7672, Austin, Texas 78712 Box 7551, Austin, Texas 78712 3316 Big Bend, Austin, Texas 505 Laurel Valley, Austin, Texas Boerne, Texas 78006 707 Lovett, San Antonio, Texas Rt. 1, Box 72, Wetmore, Texas 78006 Box 1026, Boerne, Texas 78006 Route 2 ; Boerne, Texas 78006 313 E. Laurel, San Antonio, Texas Route 1, Beeville, Texas Boerne, Texas 78006 Route 2, Box 22, Boerne, Texas 78006 Comfort, Texas Route 2, Box 92, Boerne, Texas 78006 Box 66, Kendalia, Texas 78006 Boerne, Texas 78006 Boerne, Texas 78006 4311 Renault, San Antonio, Texas 78218 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214 4704 Abbott Ave., Dallas, Texas 75205 8636 Forrest Green, Dallas, Texas 75231 8636 Forrest Green, Dallas, Texas 75231 319 Brandenburg, Irving, Texas 75060 305 Bayless" Euless, Texas 76039


TSA Membership List -3 Fieseler, Roger A. (NSS) Fitzpatrick, Roger (NSS) Goodbar, Katherine R. (3)(NSS) Goodbar, Nancy (NS) Goodbar, Ellen (NSS) Hodges, James L. (8)(NSS) Hughes, Michael H. (NSS) Ince, David T. (4)(NSS) Johnson, Carl F. (l)(NSS) Johnson, Nancy (NSS) Johnson, Tracy (NSS) Larsen, Charles V. (NSS) Larsen, Jane (NSS) Lindsley, Pete (6)(NSS) Mallett, Billy (NSS) Moore, Dick (2)(NSS) Olsen, Bert (NSS) Olsen, Dorothy N.(NSS) Pense, Glenn M.(NSS) Register, Larry D. (NSS) Register, Lois (NSS) Robinson, Norman C. (NSS) Robinson, Jacklyn M.(NSS) Rominger, Chuck (NSS) Snyder, Howard B.(NSS) Tart, Frederick D. (NSS) Yeary, George L. (NSS) Out of Town Members: Littlefield, Bob (NSS) Skinner, Lee (NSS) Accompaniers: Alexander, Danny Blake, Jerry Carpenter, Roy Davis, Walt Dunn, Robert J. (NSS) Eddlemon, Carolyn Goodbar, Jim (NSS) Goss, Dick (NSS) Harper, Lloyd Harper, Ruby Head, Claude Hooper, Tom Masterson, Tommy (NSS) ' 'Moody, Mike (NSS) Mo!'gan, Brad Pettigrew, Tom Pierce, Art (NSS) Pierce, Bill (NSS) Ratzlaff, Jerry P. (NSS) Rice, Bobby Watts, Terry (NSS) Webb, Gordon (NSS) Whalen, Bill Widener, Don (NSS) 305 Bayless, Euless, Texas 76039 4421 Geddes, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214 9446 Waterview, Dallas, Texas 705 S. Center #10, Arlington, Texas 76010 1326 N. Irving Hgts., Irving, Texas 75060 3608 Wooten, Fort Worth, Texas 76133 3608 Wooten, Fort Worth, Texas 76133 3608 Wooten, Fort Worth, Texas 76133 12719 High Meadow Dr., Dallas, Texas 75234 12719 High Meadow Dr., Dallas, Texas 75234 4612 Watauga Rd., Dallas, Texas 75209 808 9th St., Terrell, Texas 11156 Lanewood St., Dallas, Texas 75218 222 Mizell, Duncanville, Texas 75116 222 Mizell, Duncanville, Texas 75116 3128 W 4th St., Fort Worth, Texas 76107 438 Freddie Dr., Dallas, Texas 75217 438 Fr4ddie Dr., Dallas, Texas 75217 13677 Littlecrest La Dallas, Texas 75234 13677 Littlecrest La., Dallas, Texas 75234 Rt. 2, Box 274, Fort Worth, Texas 76135 621 Pleasant View Dr., Hurst, Texas 76053 705 S. Center #10, Arlington, Texas 76010 7052 Greenville, Dallas, Texas 75231 918 Bidwell, W., St. Paul, Minn. 55118 3425 N. Cleveland #14, New Brighton, Minn.55112 3141 Hillglenn, Dallas, Texas 10923 Park Oak Cir., Dallas, Texas 226 Stephens Pkway, Grand Prairie, Texas 439 Scotland, Irving, Texas 11016 Lippitt, Dallas, Texas 6417 Lantos, Dallas, Texas 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214 11621 Tuscany Way, Dallas, Texas 75218 8727 Redondo, Dallas, Texas 8727 Redondo, Dallas, Texas 13316 Spring Grove, Dallas, Texas 75240 8030 Fall River, Dallas, Texas 10707 Clearbrook, Dallas, Texas 75218 3225 Grayson, Dallas, Texas 11355 Gatewood, Dallas, Texas 75218 10689 La Mans, Dallas, Texas 1602 Centerville, Dallas, Texas 1602 Centerville, Dallas, Texas 3222 Cedar Plaza La., Dallas, Texas 3331 Ruidosa, Dallas, Texas 4641 Hedgron, Dallas, Texas 75235 3500 Euclid, Dallas, Texas 719 Misty Glen, Dallas, Texas 1513 Meadow View Richardson, Texas 75080


TSA M embership List -4 HOUS'rON GROTTO NSS (Pending): Blum, Carmie B lum, Eugene (NSS) Coll ins, Lynn (3) (NSS) Collins, Mike (NSS) Collins, Max D i ckeyj Dewayne (l)(NSS) Evelyn (NSS) Flsher, F'red Haenn, David Igau, Richard (2)(NSS) K nox, Glomie Knox Tommy (NSS) M u llen, Barbara Ann Parchen, Ray Richter, Paul 3c r u t:!hin, Penny 3eaton, Charlie Thomas, Meri RIO GRANDE VALLEY CAVING CLUB: Al b ach, Dr. Roger (NSS) ( l) de l a Cr uz, Richard A. dto. l a Rosa, Hector Fucik, Dr. John (NSS) Grtffi ths Dr. F. P. (NSS) K Yeidl er, John (NSS) K'r .::d dler, Colly Filmore (2) (NSS) Redman George H. R':':dma.n, John 0. Don ( 6) S a.ld, Guadalupe Sml t h R. C. (3-4) Tnoma :>, J. R. ( 8) lt'I' ,Jrn'3r, Merydi th (NSS) Wa.:-:-den 'Tom B ( (NSS) Wismer, Robert J ames A. 5317 Griggs#33, Houston, Texas 77021 4440 Graustrock #c-6, Houston, Texas 77006 4440 Graustrock #c-6, Houston, Texas 77006 5317 Griggs #33, Houston, Texas 77021 5}17 Griggs #33, Houston, Texas 77021 2030 Oak Lawn, La Marque, Texas 9658 Beverly Hill, Houston, Texas 77042 9658 Beverly Hill, Houston, Texas 77042 3801 Cullen Blve, Houston, Texas 77004 1919 w. Main #21, Houston, Texas 77006 9150 Gulf Freeway #113, Houston, Texas 77017 9150 Gulf Freeway #111, Houston, Texas 77017 9150 Gulf Freeway #111, Houston, Texas 77017 2101 San Sebastian Ct.#l25, Houston, Texas 77058 9150 Gulf Freeway #132, Houston, Texas 77017 6117 Cavanaugh, Houston, Texas 77021 5317 Griggs #34, Houston, Texas 77021 9150 Gulf Freeway #132, Houston, Texas 77017 220 2 Robinhood, Houston, Texas 77005 119 North Bermuda, Weslaco, Texas 78596 1105 Valley View, Weslaco, Texas 78596 820 Chicago Ave., McAllen, Texas 78501 562 Missouri, Weslaco, Texas 78596 1001 S. Illinois, Weslaco, Texas 78596 910 W. 6th St., Weslaco, Texas 78596 215 North 9th St., McAllen, Texas 78501 215 North 9th St., McAllen, Texas 78501 1103 W. 5th St., Weslaco, Texas 78596 909 S. Kansas, Weslaco, Texas 78596 909 S. Kansas, Weslaco, Texas 78596 N. 13th St., McAllen, Texas 78501 1121 N. 27th McAllen, Texas 78501 P. 0. Box 694, Donna, Texas 78537 1104 W. 5th st., Weslaco, Texas 78596 Box 8536 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 119 N. Bermuda, Weslaco, Texas 78596 1118 S. Texas, Mercedes, Texas 7 8 57 0 Apartado Posta 815, Monterrey, N .L., Mexico 3T. Y iAFf.{'S UNIVERSITY CAVING CLUB: #28 Chaminade Hall, St. Mary's U San Antoni o 78228 3t. Mary's Student's home addresses given below) :Ba'X"-:::" ( 1) 3 911 Gasper, Dallas, Texas 75220 Da:::-ger.t :E:d Pedro Ventura 385, Lima, Peru G c m;: .aJ. es, Bay 1342 Oblate, San Antonio, Texas 78216 (2) 9218 Kens tan Ct., St. Louis, Mo 63123 K lrk ( 3) P. 0. Box 1174, Victoria, Texas 77903 Malrr;qJi.s t C hris 2517 Arkansas, Laredo, Texas Raba .' Erni e ( 4 ) 295 Jeanette, San Antonio, Texas 78216 o, Bob 119 Ballard, San Antonio, Texas 78226 LarrJ 431 Mulberry, San Antonio, Texas 78212 Aiill'ONIO GROTTO: 8332 Frederieksburg Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78212 Bobbi e 202 Oak Valley, San Antonio, Texas 78227 A:.:-r, 8(wndo, G e o r g e 202 Oak Valley, San Antonio, Texas 78227 :Sa;:oke::-, I:io"o 3819 Crossette, San Antonio, Texas 78228 *Also member of an other organization


TSA Membership List -5 Barker, Kay Collins, Mason Cox, Jeffrey {c'Dorum, Mike (Bd. of Dir.) Druding, Mike *Druding, Vince (Bd. of Dir.) Ellis, Richard Mick, Larry Nunnelly, Doug Prejean, Patricia (Bd. of Dir.) Sorrells, Roger (Bd. of Dir.) Suess, Jim Weldon, Jim 3819 Crossette, San Antonio, Texas 78228 254 Club Drive, San Antonio, Texas Box 18673 KAFB, Texas 315 Denton, San Antonio, Texas 78213 8332 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78212 8332 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78212 234 Babcock, San Antonio, Texas 78201 315 Fox Hall, San Antonio, Texas 78213 211 Briarcliff, San Antonio, Texas 78213 415 Sharon Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78216 Rt. 1, Box 126, Von Ormy, Texas 78073 31 Franklin Av., Plainville, Conn. 217 Herweck, San Antonio, Texas 78213 SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY: KA Box S.U. Sta., Georgetown, Tex 78626 Andes, Helen SU Box 127, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Armstrong, Harris 605 Redbud, Hurst, Texas Baer, Carolyn SU Box 177 Georgetown, Texas 78626 Bearden, Ron (2) 8345 Stoney Cr., Dallas, Texas Blakewell, Jim 4501 Selkirk, Fort Worth, Texas Bohmfalk, Robert 34 Meadow Lane, Del Rio, Texas Brunson, Bonnie SU Box 77, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Campbell, Karen D. 322 23rd Ave N., Texas City, Texas Detweiler, David 3839 Sun Valley, Houston, Texas Dillard, John SU Box 196, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Fischer, Marcy 721 E. Warren, Kingsville, Texas Heatley, David 1615 W. Lucas, Beaum ont, Texas January, Sue SU Box 153, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Johnson, Maribeth SU Box 230, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Kinerd, Stan SU Box 331, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Langdon, Marion (3-4-) 2418 Stanmore, Houston, Texas Linsey, Robert Box 104, Gilmer, Texas .Mercer, Rozanna SU Box 134, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Nielsen, Bob SU Box 27, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Seymour, Margaret 111 Lophill, San Antonio, Texas Shepperd, Rex (1) (NSS) 611 Grimes, Navasota, Texas Shepperd, Roy 611 Grimes, Navasota, Texas Smith, Karen SU Box 301, Georgetown, Texas 786 2 6 Smith, James 413 Travis, Mart, Texas Standifer, Mary SU Station, Georgetown, Texas 78626 Walton, Linda SU Box 334, Georgetown, Texas 78626' Zaumeyer, Gay SU Box 301, Georgetown, Texas 78626 TEXAS TECH SPELEOLOGICAL Akard, James Arthur, Lane kDunn, Bob (3-4) (NSS) Fowler, Suzanne (NSS) Hart, Bill (1) Lewis, John McNulty, Dan k Moody, Mike (NSS) Smith, Sharon Vinson, Jon (NSS) SOCIETY: 2404 Tenth St., #107, L ubbock, Texas 79401 2105 State St., Texas 79401 1805 Ave. I Pl., Levelland, Texas 11016 Lippitt, Dallas, Texas 75218 2210 Shoreline Dr., Abilene, Texas 79602 2404 Tenth #111, L ubbock, Texas 79401 3428 Winifred, Fort Worth, Texas 4329 Southcrest, Dallas, Texas 3225 Grayson, Texas 75224 2518 Redbud, Odessa, Texas 2438 Dallas, San Angelo, Texas 76903 Listed with more than one group


TSA Membership List -6 INDEPENDENT MEMBERS: Baker, Victor R. (NSS) Baker, Harold W.** (NSS) Baker, William D. Bales, Mike (NSS) Barnes, Rodger (NSS) Bauer, Gregory A.** (NSS) Blakemore, William B. Bridges, Thomas P. *** Broxton, Mark I **(NSS) Brummett, James (NSS) Brummett, Ann Butler, Luther R. Burch, Jack C. (TSA-l)(NSS) Burch, Margaret (NSS) Carmack, Pat "iddc Carver, Robert G.** (NSS) Clements, Rosa Dee *ir* Clements, Chester *"k')'r Conner, Sidney D (NSS) Campbell, Newell P. ')'(* (NSS) Cooley, Joe P. ** (NSS) Cooley, Chris (NSS) Darling, Tom (NSS) Dowd, Donald A.** (NSS) Evans, Charles W. Evans, Diane *** Evans, T R. Fa uss, R ae (NSS) Fromen, Charles W *** Eddie *** John H Jr. (NSS) Thomas H. ** (NSS) Harry (Inst.) He i d eman Mrs Harry (In s t ) H:i:tz f elder, Norman, W. (NSS) Honea, David L. ** (BSS) Hood9 D a vid Henry Jr. (NSS) hutchinson, P enny L. ** (NSS) Jac k son9 Davi d *** *** (NBS) 9 Frank James (NSS) Jas e k9 Shirley J o h nson 1 Jerry *** Jones P Kenneth ** (NSS( Kinle y .9 J a c k (NSS) Stanley (NBS) Carl E (NSS) K u, Glenda (NSS) La:lfal, Ric hard K. ** ( NSS) Lawrence, Joseph D ** (NSS-L) David C. (NSS) Lotz Frank B. (NSS) M anning, James A. (NSS) M eador, Jo e l Tom (NSS)-L **New Member to Region 9220 Rusk Circle, Kileen, Texas 1509 13th, Wichita Falls, Texas 76301 1529 Pine Chase, Houston, Texas 77055 128 N. 29th St., Gatesville, Texas 76528 6205 Nasco, Austin, Texas 78757 309 Overdale, Houston, Texas 77017 Box 4605, Midland, Texas 202 W. Hutchinson, San Marcos, Texas Box 3331, Austin, Texas 78704 Rt. 1, Box 57-A, Boerne, Texas 78006 Rt. 1, Box 57-A, Boerne, Texas 78006 513 So. 9th Ave., Teague, Texas 75860 Rt. 3, Box 515-A, San Antonio, Texas 78218 Rt. 3, Box 515-A, SaH Antonio, Texas 78218 726 W. Ave. H, San A gelo, Texas 102 S. Main, Texas 79714 5041 Spencer Hiway, Pasadena, Texas 5041 Spencer Hiway, Pasadena, Texas 121 N. Buchanan, San Angelo, Texas 76901 4319 W. Dengar, Midland, Texas 79701 8034 Donore Pl., San Antonio, Texas 78229 8034 Donore, Pl., San Antonio, Texas 78229 897 Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, Texas 78131 216 N. Dewberry Dr., Midland, Texas 79701 2500 Marilee #3, Houston, Texas 77027 1111 Early St., Sweeny, Texas 77480 2214 W 49th St., Austin, Texas 3936 S tanford, Dallas, Texas 75225 814 LaMonte, Houston, Texas 77018 Box 3o6, Bronte, Texas 826 Heather Ct., Houston, Texas 77024 15911 Buccaneer, Houston, Texas 77858 Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio, T e xas 78218 Rt. 3, Box 515, San Antonio, Texas 78218 Rt. 1, Box 130, Wetmore, Texas 8145 Jet Pilot, Houston, Texas 77034 454 Graham, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 78234 5317 Griggs #34, Houston, Texas 77021 Read Hall, SWTSC, San Marcos, Texas 78666 P. 0. Box 4, Ede9, Texa s 76837 2632 Skyline, Waco, Texas 76710 4021 H u a c o Lane, Waco, Texas 76710 4021 Huaco Lane, Waco, Texas 76710 37 W. 27th, San Angelo, Texas 104 Black Hawk, Antonio, Texas 78232 Box 415, Bellaire, Texas 77402 Rt. 4Y Gatesville, Texas 76528 216=A S. Pierce, San Angelo, Texas 76903 216=A s. Pierce, Sa n Angelo, Texas 76903 Texas College Texas 77843 115 GershwinJ Houston, Texas 77024 c/o 107 Tomahawk Tr., San Antonio9 Texas 78232 5611 G r oveton, Houston, Texas 77033 4905 Dickins on, Texas Rt. 1, Eldorado, Texas 76936 ***Member by Registration


TSA Membership List 7 Meador J Mrs. To C. (NSS) Mitchell7 Robert w. ** (NSS) MooreJ Go Richard ** (NSS) Morrison, Dickey *** Horace S. ** (NSS) Arvin M o (NSS) N i xon Karen *** New,ellJ Ph i l Jr. (NSS) Perryman7 Calvin (NSS) Perryman7 Jewell (NSS) Peters7 Jimmy *** Pittman7 Blair *** Pittman7 Tink *** Pusey Walter C III Ran ge7 Paul *** Reeve, Scott (NSS) Rodgers, Jim (NSS) Schroeder, Robert Co (NSS) Smith, Bry an K. (NSS) S mith 7 J a c k *** S peece, Arthur J Jr (NSS) Speece, Arthur J. III (NSS) Speece, C onrad A o (NSS) Speece, Ver a (NSS) Standard, Charles Mo (NSS) Strauss, Sgt. Stephen (NSS) Sumbera, Jo e P ** (NSS) Taylor, Roy G. (NSS) Thorne, Eug ene P (NSS) Walker, Al exa L ** (NBS) Walker, Dr. Harry M ** (NSS) W ells Ernest S. (NSS) Wil l iams, Larry R *** David *'** Wood, W illiam B. Jr. (NS) Zimmerman9 Rod ger *** Zinsmeister, Hubert E. (NSS) Z ti'ber:; James D (NSS) UNIVERS:rrt' O F TEXAS GROTTO 9 NSS g Akersten, Bill A lexander, Ed. (NSS) Anderson, Michael A AtlasJ Richard E Mary B anks . P enny Barrett, Dennis :Sarrett .9 Richard G B ateman, Arnie Ed. B ook Wayne B ound s )I Gary Mary Br oad us Jerry Br ook s R D Br ooks, J ohnnie ** New Member t o R egion Rt. 1, Texas 769 3 6 D ept. of Biology, Texas Tech Colle ge Lubbock 11156 Lane Woody T e xas 7 5218 1809 A&M7 San A n g elo, T e xas 1710 29th St., L ubb oc k 9 Texas 79411 Box 3 6 Lorena:; Texa s 509 M cGowen7 Texas 4705 K endall, C orp us Chr isti7 Texas 78415 Purmela T e xas Purmela Texa s 1229 Corona, Austin, T e xas 2118 Minneso t a Houston, T e xas 2118 MinDesota Houston, Tex a s Box 431 M idland, T exa s 79701 c/o S hamr oc k Vet eranary Cline, Shamrock, Texas 114 N 27th, Gatesville, Texas 76528 B ox 66:; Troy, Texa s 1215 Orr St., College Station, Texas B ox 3 6 27 Mas o n9 T exas 3 14 So San A n g elo7 Texas 81 6 W Sy camore9 Texas 816 w Sycamor e7 Denton, Texas 816 w Syc amore, Dento n7 Tex a s 816 w Sy camore, Texas 322 8 Tex a s 337 Arnold Dr.9 L ubb oc k9 Texas 79415 Box 1028 Di kinson9 Tex a s 77 5 3 9 Box C olleg e S t a.J Abi lene, Texa s 79605 B ox 164:; San A ngelo9 Texas 854 3 EustisJ Dallas, Texa s 7 5218 R t 17 Bryo n Dr.7 Dick i n s on, Texas 77539 B ox 1096 Sul Ross, Alpine7 Texas B ox 1 3 09 O z o n a9 Texas 2659 Twohig San A n gelo:; Tex a s 7 6903 7 10 E. Al t o r f #lOB Texas 787o4 R t li B ox K i ngsville7 Texas Gen Del.J Tex a s 7 88 7 0 B o x 266 Freer9 Texas 78 357 B o x 7672y Texas 7 8 712 12 09 W St.:; Apt. A Austin7 Texas 40 7 W 3 0th St., Texas Roberts Hall Rm 335 A9 A us tin, Texas 3311 Speedw ay y Austin7 Texas 2501 Spring A us tin, Texas 3001 R ed River @ 205, AustinJ Texas 44 1 5 Ave. D.i Tex a s 2 700 N ueces A us t iny 7o6 w 2 1st T e xas 251 5 Pearl7 Austin9 Tex a s 1 2 08 Elm Apt. # 37 A u stin, Tex as 2612 Guadalu p e Rm. Austin.)> T exas 20 00 Pearlj Tex a s San J acinto Dorm H Austin7 Texas 102 Laurel Lall:!e;.9 A usti:nJJ Texa s 102 Laurel Lane, Austin:; Texa s M e mber by Registration


TSA Membership List 8 Barry Beth Brown3 David Carey Bob Reva Chip Helen CepedaJ Joseph Chaney, Cissy Connally, Tom C" C ook, Bill Coyne, Michael Davis .s> Jonathan Deinp Barbara Anne D u k e 9 Gina Duke 9 Jim ( NSS ) Dupuy, Charles Ev;;k Lowell Emo:ry.s> Sue Engle!r' Allan Don Mike (NSS) F':lsh.s> John Ghigo.s> Frank Do G:lLllet9 Ronald Cecilia Ann Tom Green.9 Randy Griggs.s> Erie Mike Guyer, Scott Gyger, Clifford Harris.s> Foffy Barbara Jim H illp Pa t Ho Hol combe 5> Jerry Jan Hoyt .I' Suzan n e Jack Tim Jen.ndLngs J Charles S o hns on J Bob J o hnson, Lynda J o h o z ton .9 Bill J o nea laudia Jon re:s,. Thomas Joys ,Jame s Jumonwillre 9 Phillip Knoxo Oltt o n (NSS) Koivula.s> Betty Jane Sharon Lshn hardt.s> Wolfgang lf.:.o:rlla :r'd ? Li.s ted more 1302 Harriet Cto, Austin, Texas Scottish Rite Dorm #?50, Austin, Texas 904 Wo 21st Sto1 Austin, Texas Apto D 2604 Speedway, Austin, Texas 78705 Box 7672 UT Sta", Austin, Texas 78712 Box 7672 UT Stao9 Austin, Texas 78712 16o6 Austin, Texas 2000 Pearl St .s> Austin, Texas San Jacint o Dorm #lo6 Texas 719 Park Place9 Texas 5901 Highland Hills Dro9 Austin, Texas 31o6 Speedway Texas Robert Eo Lee Hall, Texas Pearl Apt. Bp AU8tin, Texas 21o8 Sabine, Austin.s> Texas 3803 Avec Fo Austin, Texas 3803 Avec F o 9 Austin, Texas 1916 Texas 78705 2512 Pearl St., Austin, Texas Box 7672 Texas 78712 Box 21772 Bergstrom AFB3 Austin:J Texas 611 W. 23rd, Austin:J Texas Box 7672 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 4415 A ve nu e Do3 Austin, Texas 2402 Se t on Avenue p Austin, Texas 5o4 Wo 37th Sto, Texas S cottish Rite Dorm, UT, Austin, Texas 4719 Harmon #108, AustinJ Texas Moore Hill Hall A, Austin, Texas Prather Hall #142 Austin, Texas 4oo East 39th Sto, Austin, Texas San Dorm D #308, Austin, Texas 4203 Bellvue Texas 2307 Apto B, Austin, Texas 16 o6 Sabine, Texas 16o6 Sabinre9 Austin.s> Texas 2204 Bowman, Texas 2612 Guadalupe.s> Texas 27o6 Texas 7o8 East Austin, Texas Apt Ao 212 W. 5 1st S t o9 Austin, Texas Apt A. 708 East Austin, Texas 4415 A venue Austin, 3 103 Burleson Rd"' Austin, Texas 3103 Burleson Austin, Texas Box 76 72 Austin, Texas 78712 3o6 Wo 29th Sto3 Austiny 3o6 W o 29th St Austin9 2011 Melridg e9 AUBtinj 2707 Rio Grande, Austin Texas 611 W o 23rd St.:. A ustin-,. Texas Dexter Texas 11o6 W 22nd St" Apt Texas 5806 Libyan Drivep Texas Blanton Dorm Austin)) than one group


"TSA Membership List 9 Char les Loving y Susie (NSS) Mark Martin J '!'om Tommy McCask:illll Mik e M cCullough .9 E d H cKnight9 Clyde Ka.y Meredithj Marsha M:lllerJ Freda Glen Ao Mitchell, Karen Moc:kJ Jay Moseri Christopher Murphey:. M i k e 706 Upso n9 Aus"tin9 Texas 7o6 Upson T exas 2604 Speedwa y9 Austin9 Texas 78705 2707 R i o Grand e9 Texas Moore Hill Hall #272p Auatin9 Texas Bra c kenridg e Hall # 42 1 Auatinj) 1 514 Forest Trail #202, Texas 201 P ratrterJ Dorm Bo, Austin, Texas 2500 Austin9 Texas 1801 Rio G randey Austin, Texas Box 7672 UT9 Austini Texas 78712 P o O o Box 7038)1 Austin, Texas 78712 Blanton Dorm9 Rmo 512J Austin, Texas 4514 Avenue B o Austin, Texas 807 East 30thi Apto B i Texas 708 East 2 3rd2 .A.pto C i Austin, T exas Jerry Roberts Hall #104 Texas Gail 3001 Riwer9 Mike 2 318 Swisher Apto B9 Austin, Texas Plemons9 TerrJ B o x 7672 Texas 78712 P l 'l.illl1ee :J John 2612: Gua dal't1 p e 9 Austin J Texas Prenti;r;e j) Margaret 2108 Sabine 1/=202, Texas Paul 15 3 0 Bra c kenridge1 Apto AoJ AustinJI Texas Sherry 1 5 3 0 Apto a"JI Texas Ra.inei6 7 Terry ( NSS) 407 W o 3 0 t h,, Texas Ron PO Box 8107 UTJ Texas 78712 Rat l:iffi H i lda Dexter .A.ust:in9 Texa s 3219 Texas J ames 1201 Town Creek #255)1 Texas Redd e 11 James R o (NSS ) 915 Idlewild Ct." Kentucky E sddell9 Janie (NSS) 915 Idl e wild C t o .9 Kentucky Eric 2710 AustinJ Texa s R::-nzJ Bergstrom Austin, Texas Robert L o 261 2 Guadal'll.pri! Austin J Texas Robert Edo San Jacinto Dor m H #lo67 Texas .Riekett.9 Johnny 4914 F'!"ance:i'i Aastin7 T exas Rob:ll,nsonJ Mik e 1100 E o 32nd #103;; A ustin;; T exas Ru5sell7 Will iam R o { NSS) 609two Auatin3 Texas C a rol Wo ( NSS) 6092 W o 2 3rd_. Austin.9 Texa s J.:;:bruchard t, Allen 1910 R i o Grande 9 Austin J Txa s : :neppard 7 Bill 1905 Nue ces .9 Texas 3 i gmund Philli p 709 '\olo 26th S t o )l #20 3 Aus t i'9 .9 Texas .;k: Ulman9 Sherry 2505 Enfie l d)) Austin9 Texa s 3 mith;; A o Richard (NSS) 1211 Apt. F9 Austin, Texas Elizabeth 1 211 .9 A p t o F, Austin Texas Jrrdth9 Richard 611 W o Austin9 Texas Strickland, James 604 E. 47th St o J :3towell, Ha rold 2 105 Enfield, Austin, Texas ss t are 1 Dennis 1415 Apt o A7 Austin, Texas Judy 1h15 Brac kenr idge Apt o A, Austin, Texas Tracyj Cindy K insolving Do:rm # 56 9 AustinJ Texas "''racy J Diane Blanton Dorm #5089 Texas rrac:y 1 "rom 1 2 0 7 Bra ckenridge Apt o F J Austin9 Texas Nancy Lou 1 201 Brac kenridg e Apt o F y Austin9 Texas .;...I'urnerj Meryd i .th (NSS) 604 E 47th StoJ Austin, Texas Lis ted 'With more t han one grou p


TSA Membership List 10 Weiler, Jim 4415 Avenue D, Austin, Texas Wiggins, Jeanne 6o6 W. 17th #403, Austin, Texas Wiggins, Lanny 3505 South Lamar, Austin, Texas Wiggins, Sharon 3505 South Lamar, Austin, Texas Willcox, Ray San Jacinto Dorm #2o6, Austin, Texas Wilkins, Robert A. 2612 Guadalupe #412, Austin, Texas Winsborough, Philip (NBS) 16o6 Sabine, Austin, Texas Wooten, Roy 205 San Jacinto Dorm F, Austin, Texas Wouf, Barbara 4211 Venado Austin, Texas Wright, Cindy 3o6 w. 29th St., Austin, Texas Zais, Elliot 202 E 31st St. Apt E, Austin, Texas Williamson, Shirley Box 7672 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 Johnston, Faye C. Box 7672 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 Because of elections having been held a month later than anticipated, UT Grotto officers will be listed in the April issue of the CAVER.) T 0 T A L S: ABilENE GROTTO 1 NSS Accompaniers AoGoC .Co (NSS Pend o) ALAMO, NBS :SALCONES, NSS BOERNE CAVERS DALLAS-FT. WORTH, NSS HOUSTON, NSS (Pend) R.G.V .CoCo ST. MARY'S CAVERS SAN ANTONIO GROTTO SO'OTHWESTERN U. S .so TEXAS TECH S .S. u.T.soso cococ .A. HUACO CAVERS INDEPENDENrS ACCOl>iPANIERS NSS T 1 5 15 7 0 34 6 1 0 0 1 4 11 0 0 69 14 1967 TOTAL TOTAL !NSS 1966 4 100 9 3 33 3 5 100 0 28 54 41 17 41 34 16 0 17 34 100 32 18 33 0 18 39 10 9 0 2 16 0 0 27 4 0 10 40 13 140 8 66 0 0 15 0 0 7 93 74 103 33 46 21 178 4bl"* 376 8 Persons listed with more than one group ** Percentage nss less than 1966's TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Box 7672 ur, Austin, Texas 78712 STAFF: A. Ri chard Smith, Editor (Address above) John Fish (Address above) Tom Meador Rt. 1, Eldorado r1 Texas James Red de 11 Dept. Zoology, U. of Kentucky, Lexington, Kent. William Russell Box 7672 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 ASSOCIATION FOR MEXICAN CAVE STUDIES (A.M.C .So) Box 7672 UT, Austin, Texas 78712 Corrections to the TSA Membership List should be sent to Ollene Bundrant, Secretaryy 107 Tomahawk Trail, San Antonio, Texas 78232


THE TEXAS CAVER viding we purchased our film from them and let them do the developing. They had no of slides or B/W that it took e.s they are interested in making color prints only. Needless-to-say, some of our more avid photographers had a real ball with them. Finally, with red faces, they conceded that their little (?) jewel was not designed for any kind of special effects -only pictures of record. They made one more half-hearted effort to convince us that it really was better than an instamatic for this purpose. We have since heard that the better business bureau has had several co:nplaints about them. A good time was had by all . Nancy Johnson has joined the Hernia Club of TSA, but hers was considerably more serious -a Hiatal Hernia; she is in St. Joseph's Hospital in Fort Worth. A grotto trip to Gorman Falls on 10 March will introduce some of our visitors to our favorite passtime; an Easter Grotto trip heads for Sutton County; and many of us are planning on attending the convention. I am interested to know if anyone else in the state has read the new caving fiction book, "Amid A Place of Stone", by Frank Butler. I would like to know your opinion of it if you have read it. Grotto address: Katherine Goodnr 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75214. HOUSTON GROTTO, NSS (No report this month. We areall busy with convention preparations.) Grotto address: 5317 Griggs# 33 Houston, Texas 77021. RIO GRANDE VALLEY CAVING CLUB On the weekend of Feb. 25-26, 12 of us; Roger Albach, Fil Meredith, Tom Warden, Buddy de la Rosa, John Redman, Geor g e Redman, Robert Wisner, B o b Smith, with four visitors; Willie Moore, Richard Suarez, Ranney Thomas, Page 49 and Zeke Pumarejo went to the Galeana area to check out Cueva Diablo on Mr. Hibbler's Property. Dr. Griffiths had already written, mentioning that we were coming. The Spanish speaking members got us across the border in a hurry with little of the usual graft; being of Spanish extraction sure helps on the Mexican side. After we had checked vri th Mr. Hibbler, we 1ere up to the cave. He said that if we did not like this one, he could show us another or two. Cueva Diablo was something of a disappointment. It was not so big, as Mexican caves go, and left much to be desired in the way of beauty. Com pletely devoid of formations, the floor covered with chalkification ashes, it was a maze of passageways in and around a jumble of breakdown. We found only one place where it may de scend further. We had hoped to drive up Cima Potosi, 12,000 ft., but by the time we had finished with the cave on Sunday, it was time to go home. If any of you come across the at Reynosa, be sure to say "Hello' to our Equipment Manager. Don Riley is an entomologist on the Texas side and may check out any collections that you bring back with you. Club address: Tom Warden, 119 W. Bermuda, Weslaco, Texas 78596. ****** SAN ANTONIO GROTTO (CLUB) An advance party left San Antonio Feb. 1 9th for a visit to Chivo. Those in the party included Jim Weldon, Pat Fisher, Mason Collins and Mike and Vince Druding. We think that we checked out all the passages, but were unable to find an easy entrance to the Ballroom. Sev eral entrances were found in the Ballroom ceiling, but our equipment was lacking so we were unable to dance. A cave mouse was encountered in one of the lower levels near the Ballroom. She ha.d made a nest of some die carded twine and had four babies. The reserve forces arrived at our base camp on the Franklin Ranch at ll


Page 50 PM Saturday night. Mike Dorum w a s leading the group of Patrica Prejean, Bobbie and George Arredondo, Richard Ellis, Doug Nunnelly, Keith Arnold, Lee and Liz Ellis, Bob Barker and Pat Ward. These nasty guys brought rain from San Antonio to give us a very wet night. After a damp breakfast, we sought the dry shelter of Blowhole for the next six hours. Future plans call for a tion of "Caving as a Hobby" at Witte Museum. Scheduled for 22 March, it will be open to the public. Also the Grotto will assist the Explorer Scouts of District One on 18 March as they enjoy a "Cave Day". Club address: Vince Druding, 8332 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas 78212. The TEXAS CAVER P. O. BOX 14.3 ABILENE, TEXAS 79604 Returned Postage Guaranteed PRINTED MATTER THE TEXAS CAVER SO't1rHWESTERN UNIVERSITY SPELEO. CLUB (No report this month) Club address: KA Box, SU Sta., Georgetown, Texas 78626. TEXAS TECH SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY (No report this month) Club address: 2404 Tenth St., #107, Lubbock, Texas 79401. Who do you think deserves to be a CAVER OF THE MONTH? Send photo and details to the TEXAS CAVER! MOVING? Be sure and notify the TEXAS CAVER of your change of-address! 1. 5.A. ANNUAL CONVENTION AP All 8

Contents: Mystery cave
in Comal County / H. E. Adams --
Convention program --
Photo tips: build a camera bar / Pete Lindsley --
Cartoon by Dodge --
From the Editor --
From the Chairman --T.S.A. emblem contest --
Speleo images --
Food for the hungry caver: make your own / Jacque Gray --
Publications --
Caver of the Month: Dewayne Dickey --


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