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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: More mileage at Powell's / Jim Estes -- T S S issues Medina County / A. Richard Smith -- T S S news -- Food for the hungry caver, "Mexican delights" / Jacque Gray --From the Chairman -- From the Editor -- News -- Penny Warden (in memoriam) -- Cartoon by Lilly -- Speleo images.
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Vol. 12, no. 5 (1967)
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T H E T E X A S CAVER, MAY, 1 9 6 7 VOLUME XII, NUMBER 5 COVER "TUNNELS OF \illiTE", a photo of the upper levels of Caverns of Sonora at the rear entrance. Such areas exemplify 'chalkification'. Photographed by Bart Crisman. THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association, and is published in Abilene, Texas, Material for publication should be typed, double spaced, and sent to the Editor no later than the 6th of each month of issue. Subscription price is $3.00 per year for twelve issues. STAFF GEORGE GRAY JAMES H. ESTES BRYANT LILLY EDITOR PUBLISHER PHOTOLITHOGRAPHER BART CRISMAN , ADVERTISING MANAGER PETE LINDSLEY PHOTO TIPS EDITOR ABILENE GROTTO ASSEMBLY THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is an organization of caving and speleological organizations in the State of Texas. Its aims and purposes are similar to those of the National Speleological Society (NSS). Present officers of the Texas Speleological Association are: JACK C. BURCH DEWAYNE DICKEY OLLENE BUNDRAN T 107 Tomahawk Trail CHAIRMAN . VICE CHAIRMAN SECRETARY-TREASURER San Ant onio, Texas 78232 CONTENTS MORE MILEAGE AT POilliLL 'S b y Jim Estes T S S ISSUES MEDINA COUNTY by A Richard Smith T S S NE\o/S FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY CAVER, "MEXICAN DELIGHTS" by Jacque Gray FROM THE CHAIRMAN FROM THE EDITOR N E lo/ S . PENNY HARDEN (IN MEMORIAM) CARTOON B Y LILLY SPELEO UlAGES . "TAKE NOTHIN G B U T PICTURES -LEAVE NOTHIN G BUT FOOTPRIN TS" Page 69 71 71 72 73 73 74 74 75 76


T HE T E X A S C A V E R Page 69 MORE MILEAGE AT POWELL'S by Jim Estes Some 35 or more cavers of the state met at Powell's Cave over the weekend of May 6-7 to take another crack at the Powell's Survey. Final results are not yet known, but it is certain that the length of Texas' longest cave, and surely among the longest and most intricate in the world, will be extended another two or more miles. Mappers gathered at the cave entrance site late Friday evening, May 5, and began setting up camp. No mapping tent was provided, n o big turnout was expected. Organizers of the event was Dallas-Fort Worth Gr otto N SS, and a member of that group m entioned the fact that they did n o t want all the frills of a project, but just a few hard-working individuals t o do some surveying. Cavers divided into teams early Saturday morning, and left immediately for those sections of the cave which needed attention. One group went to map the Third Crevice another to do further work in the Medlin's Attic upper levels, and others went to the H-Survey area, the upstream areas, and the old F Survey section. By mid -morning 31 workers were in the. cave. No one remaine d topside. Perhaps the mos t noteworthy discovery that first day was finding that the H-Survey area A caver gets ready t o survey in P o w ell's Cave. One o f the larger rooms of the Powell's Cave upper levels. was really quite long. A. Richard S mith and crew mapped about 3,700 feet of passage tha t roughly paralleled East Broadwa y Other teams mapped 1,000, 900, 700, and 83 feet that first day. By the end of the day a few other cavers arrived from San Antonio. Some people have referred t o Powell' s Cav e as the Amazing Maze Although the cave has been known for quit e a number o f years, it is just now being pushed for a c onsiderable amount of distance. Scouts and local people have visjted the cave frequently, but hav e never reached e nd of some of the passages. It is easy even at this stage t o find a virgin passagevay unmarred b y human toe and knee prints. The work at the cave of course becomesrrore a nd mor e difficult. By the time most of the crews reached unmapped areas during the two-d a y project, it was almost lunch time. Quite a few thousand feet of duck-walking and crawling have t o be undergone in order to reach areas t o work in, a nd it becomes more difficult all the time. Some of the persons attending the project came fro m Abile n e Dallas-Fort Worth, San Anto nio, Austin, Lubbock, Florence, and San Angelo. At the time of this printing, the final outcome of the project is n o t known, but the complex network of Powell's Cave is already amazing!


Page 70 Pe t e Lindsley get the Powell's Cave map out and begins giving out assignments. Lun ch time in the Medlin' s Attic area of Potvell' s Cave. A n o n t yp ical P o w ell's Cave passage. You can stand up i n this o n e T HE T E X A S C A V E R B. Lilly says its too doggone early to get up and go in anyone's cave. Everyone signs the project register, using the Feiseler brother's car for a table. David Dodge, the one in the white hat looks up t o say, "Two thousand feet of this?"


THE T E X A S CAVER Page 71 T S S ISSUES MEDINA COUNTY by A. Richard Smith The Texas Speleological Survey still lives! The first issue of volume three, The Caves of Medina County, has been mailed to subscribers. This issue marks another step forward for the Survey with its many new features. The cover is heavy book paper, a little sturdier t han thosecl the past, and is of a distinctive color (avocado). The entire issue is o ffset-printed, even the maps; this marks the end of dittoed maps in the Survey. For the first time there are separate location and geologic maps, both printed in two colors. Also included is a geologic cross-sectio n Medina County has an unusual collection of caves. Most of the caves lie in the EdwardsDevils River Limestones, but there are several in the Austin Formation. Three especially notable caves in Medina County are Ney Cave, largest bat population in Texas; Valdina Farms Sinkhole, a long, biologically important mud, water, and guano cave, and Marguerite Cave, Texas' longest mapped bad air cave. This issue includes information of 27 caves in the county, certainly n o t all that occur there. In fact, during preparatio n of the geologic and location maps, it became obvious that a very large area of the Devils River Limestone between Ranch Road 699 and the western county line had only two known caves, Koch and Valdina Farms. The area around Lake Medina in the northeast and an area north of D'hanis certainly offer additional possibilities for major cave finds. It is hoped that this issue of the Survey will serve as an impetus for further investigation in Medina County. TSS NEWS TSS SCOREBOARD Abilene G. Grotto Abilene Grotto Alam o Grotto Balcones Grotto Boerne Cavers Dallas-Ft. Worth Grotto Houston Grotto Rio Grande Valley C.C. St. Mary's Univ. C C San Antoni o Gro tto Southwestern Univ. C.C. Texas Tech S.S. Univ. of Texas Grotto Texas Independent s (Total) Ross Felton Jam e s Jasek Texas Speleological Survey Subs. 0 2 4 2 0 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 1 0 8 6 Informatio n mailed Cav e Reports Location Maps Cave maps ou t by TSS (2): 5 9 1 Contributors Report Maps 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 1 6 14 0 11 6 3 (l)As o f 30 Apr 67 (2)1 Feb 30 Apr 67, Incl. The Texas Speleological Survey is happy t o announce the addition He will serve as publisher, handling all the Survey's p rinting. latest issue of the Surv ey, The Caves of Medina C ounty. ( A s n oted issue has been placed in the hands o f the subscribers. ) of Terry Raines to the staff. A samp l e of his work is the elsewhere in the CAVER this Work has begun on the reprinting of T h e Caves of Williamso n C o u n ty, Two, which has been out of print for some time. The BOG of the T S A very purpose during the Convention recently the first issue of Volume kindly voted $5 0 for this It is hoped that the issue c overing m ost o f the caves of Trans-Pecos Texas (Ex cluding a few counties) will be out in late summer; the preparati o n of the manuscript is now i n p r ogress. Maps and report s from that area would be especially appreciated before July 1. Throug h careful m o ney management and fortuitous acquisitio n of certain supplies, t h e TSS is still able to offer subscriptions t o Volume III at $3 ; all of V o lume II b e avai lable in June for the sam e price. The chart (above) shows the continue d participati o n in the Texas Spe leol og ical Survey by members o f the TSA. Comparison of this chart and the one in the Feb. issue o f The Texas Cav er, p.24, shows that subscribers have increased by a t otal of nine, largel y subscriptions taken at the TSA C o nventi on. Likewise, it may readily be seen tha t most grottoes a n d caving clubs have still n o t contributed any materi a l this year t o the TSS. In fact, the charts suggest that independent cavers are d oing most o f the caving in Texas! THE TEXAS CAVER $3. 00 Per Year full Issues


Page 72 THE T E X A S C A V E R FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY CAVER Mexican Delights Maybe it's just us out in Hest Texas but it seems to me that every caver I've met is almost as crazy about Mexican Food as he is about caving .. (I'm including such authentic Mexican dishes as cabrito in the same category with Tex-Mex dishes like chile con carne and enchiladas. on For those of you who do not come equipped with solid asbestos linings, you might as well go to the next article in the CAVER because this one is apt to cause acute indigestion justby reading it. My Pappy instilled a love of almost any Mexican food in me at an early age. One of my earliest memories is getting violently ill after eating Huevos Rancheros and Strawberry Shortcake which he had prepared for two of my cousins, my younger sister and me. One day while mother was staying at the hospital with our grandmother he did this. It wasn't that there was anything wrong withilie food ... we loved it ... it was just that that was all we had to eat while she was gone. All joking aside, he is an excellent cook and has prepared many a pan of enchiladas, refritos, tacos a nd other delicious foods for us and as many o f our friends as we cared to invite over. To make enchiladas the way pappy does, you start with a large skillet and about 1/4 cup of melted shortening. To this you add 1/2 cup flour and enough chili powder to make it a deep, dark red color (2 heaping tablespoons or more). Add about 1/2 teaspoon salt and 3-4 cups water. The sauce should be like thin gravy. Hhile the sauce is simmering, grate about half a pound of longhorn cheddar cheese (you may need more) and chop one or tw o onions very fine (depending rn how well you like onion). Dip each tortilla in the hot sauce, r emove, sprinkle with about 1 tablespoo n of cheese and one teaspoon of onion, roll up and place in a baking dish. Hhen you have finished rolling all of the enchiladas pour the remaining sauce over the enchiladas and sprinkle the remaining cheese and onions on top. This recipe makes about two dozen enchiladas and they are l arrapin! (By the way ... if you are lazy and don't care to roll the enchiladas, yo u can put a layer of tortillas in the baking dish, pour sauce over then, sprinkle with cheese and onion and add a layer at a time until the ingredients are used up.) These enchiladas should be baked in the oven about 20 minutes at 300 degrees F. TEXAS CAVER subscriptions available at $3/year. Some back issues available at per copy. Wirebound TEXAS CAVER for 1966 (Vol.XI) $4 each YE OLDE HISTORY and THERE HE WAS per copy. PROJECT DEEP -Preliminary report each. Send check or money order payable to: The TEXAS CAVER P. 0. Box 143 Abilene, Texas 79604 For a delicious (and very calorie laden) dessert to finish off your meal of enchiladas, try this one ... guarantee it's good no matter what it sounds like. Prepare one small package of lemon or lime jello according to directions on the box. In a blender combine the following: 2 med. avocados, peeled and pitted 3 med. bananas 3 tbls. lemon juice dash of salt 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar (to taste) If you do not have a blender, mash the avocados and bananas with a fork and blend with an electric mixer.) Add 1/2 of the jello mixture and blend again. Pour into a mold or a large bowl. Carefully pour the rema1n1ng jello over the "pudding" to prevent discoloration. Chill in the refrigerator about two hours and serve with whipped cream and fresh or frozen strawberries. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a column for feeding hungry cavers, but they have to be fed before and after the caving trip too, don't they? Hhy not subscribe to the CAVER? $3.00 per year. MR. ADVERTISER HERE IS SPACE FOR YOUR AD. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION HRITE: BART CRISMAN, ADVERTISING MGR. THE TEXAS CAVER P. 0. BOX 143 ABILENE, TEXAS 79604


T HE T E X A S C A V E R Although it is still over 3 months away, there should be some progress on the Labor Day weekend PcgJect. This, of course, will be one o f the top items of business at the 18 June Board of .Governor's meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend at the Cactus Cafe in San Saba. Planning ahead makes for successful projects and the vital planning is done mainly at TSA meetings, Don't let a minority run the show, be there to represent your club or grotto. (Bonus-the latest news as well as lots of story swapping and fellowship.) Now a word about this all important CAVER OWNER RELATIONS, This is the time are really "hitting the Texas ranchland, really patience and temper. of the year when cavers trail". He is invading trying the owners' The owner reluctantly gives his permission fo r the caver to look in a specific sinkhole, a nd immediately the invasion is on. The caver apparently assumes he is free to do anything he pleases. Down the road he flies, scattering the young livestock from their mothers. He tosses out beer cans right and left (what can it hurt out here?). He climbs over fences in total disregard for that hard to build fence a nd if he sags the wire or breaks it, he could not care less. He pitches his camp at the only water tank in the pasture.,,disregarding thirsty animals that won't dare come near. He drags out his rifle and shoots at anything that makes a target, he assumes that he has full hunting privileges. And that fishing is good, he will bring his buddies back soon for another try at that. A nd on and on .. to mention nothing of grass fires. The Ranch foreman has to bury the pile of garbage left at the camp (and too often has to put out a burning campfire). He tells his friend, another foreman of another ranch about the trouble he is having with cavers, and then the 'var is on. Let us all, each and every one, work to improve our CAVER-OWNER RELATIONS. Happy JOIN THE N.S.S. IT IS WELL WORTH IT. REGULAR MEMBERSHIP$7.00; STUDENT OR ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP $5.00. Pa ge 73 !Jt. wodd be. t.o know j-u.4.t. how "fVI.I/ 0 f Ou-t. -t.e.aJi.e-!:41 and p Ou-t. t.ha.t. we. do haA.Je. a. 9 k.no111 t.ha.t. whUJ. t.he. pub.UCcz..t,i.on da.t.e. a4 .U ha4 w.uh U4. t.he pa4t. fe111 on.t:.M., .U -i4. t.o <>peak. o{ a. but. 111e. do hope t.o 4-t.a.-t.t. 9-et.t.Ut.9-t.h-W. .;,. t.he. "'aA,l. a.t. a.b ou.t. t.he 4.a4e .U..e eve.-t.'{ ont.h and t.o do IDe mu.d.t. ha.v and t.he a-te-t-i-d bC( a. ce-t.ta..iA .U..e. ( !Jf rre had 9-0ne t.o p-t-&4.4. on U..e. ccu.plt. of on.tfw., "" 111odd ha.vt. haJJ. a. f -t.e nt and a b at:Je co v u and t.ha.t. .U 4ko ,u; all. ) Plt.a4t. t.-t.'{ t.o haA.Jt. '{OU--t. cz.te..t..(.czl M..u bC( tht. rt.h of .the. ont.h onth. lldp U4. hdp ou.-t.-4-dvu.. IJ.u. and 111 t. do 111 a.nt !f o u.t. "'cz.te..t..(.czl, We 111 a.nt th4.t tho4-t. p-i.c..tu.-t.u. ( S & W) t.hc4-t. 4-k.t.tchu. and '{Ou.-t. ccz..t..Coon4., th4.t CfOU. wodd .u..k.t. t.o 4-ha.-t.t. w.uh otht.-t. ca.vt.44., 'Jh.i..d. -i4. Jt.t. al.tCf '{ o u.-t. pu.b.UCa..Uon and 111 t. cM.t.a..iA./..Cf wan-t and nt.t.d '{Ou-t. We. hope t.o 4-t.t. C(OU. t.he /8t.h ? a-t Sa.n Saba., and bt. 4-u.t.t. t.o t.he. Da.C( .,uk.-UJ.d open. ADVERTISEMENTS Advertising rates for general commercial use available from the Advertising Manager. Classified Ads are for the sole use of members to sell personal items, locate wanted items o r state personal notes! First Insertion: 20 words for 50 ; 50 words for $1.00 Each additional word over 50-1. Succeeding insertions in consecutive months 25 % discount, Telephone number (Area Code, Prefix, etc. constitutes one word Name, address and town constitutes five words. Total price (Dollar sign & figures) one word. Send to: TEXAS CAVER P 0. Box 143 Abilene, Texas 79604 before the 5th of the month that you want ad to run,


Page 74 News Abilene Grotto, N.S.S. Chairman Gray showed slides and talked with several interested students at Abilene Christian College May 15 about caving. Some of the young men seemed very interested and expressed desire in making a field trip. Those taking part in the work project at Powell's Cave the weekend of May 6-7 were James Estes, Bryant Lilly, and David Dodge. A meeting was held May 2 to assemble the CAVER and discuss grotto business. Most of the members will be away at various times during June, so if a trip is made it will be on the spur of the moment. Estes is going to Utah the latter part of May. Gray is planning on a Mexico trip. Grotto address: 2818 South 39th Street, Abilene, Texas 79605. PENNY WARDEN PENNY WARDEN, the cave dog, passed away at 2:10PM Thursday 20 April, 1967 after a short illness, at her home at 119 N. Bermuda Weslaco, Texas. Graveside ceremonies were held at 4:ooPM the same day at a private cemetary with a few close human and canine friends in attendance. She had been becoming progressively weaker due to a kidney ailment and finally died quietly of Uremia. Penny will be remembered by those spelunker friends who went caving with her, named a cave after her and saw her writeup in the NSS NEWS T HE T E X A S C A V E R Alamo Grotto, N.S.S. Spring has sprung, the sap is rising and the Alamo Grotto is on the move. Small groups are constantly venturing out, either mapping or blasting in some known promising caves. New discoveries beyond a host of small sinks and mini-caves have not been made recently. Signs are unmistakable that the old camaraderie is returning; The Alamo Grotto is contemplating a group project very much like Indian Sink, which unfortunately turned out too big to handle. Although digging has been temporarily suspended there some of the more persistent members may soon resume this activity. Grotto address: Robert Hausman 322 W. Summit Ave. San Antonio, Texas 78212 Texas A& I Cavers We've been pretty active here since our first report and we're beginning to find out which of our members are really gung-ho and which are not. Over the Easter Holidays Jay Wakefield and Gill Ediger headed north to Boerne where they joined a group of Boerne Cavers led by Pat Wertheim. They checked out Wilson Cave No. 1 and Robber's Cave and several other "holes" that had been reported, but none amounted to anything. The nine members of the group returned to Boerne Saturday. Easter Sunday Doug Koepke of the Boerne Cavers and Ediger spent 5 hours in Alzafar Water Cave. They got as far as the first siphon but lamp trouble and chills from the cold water persuaded them to turn back. At the same time, Larry Schmidt, also of the Boerne Cavers, and Wakefield were checking out some nearby sinks. Two weeks later it was back to Boerne for the TSA Convention. John Kreidler, Gill Ediger, Tom Levi, and Jay Wakefield attended from A&I. Old friends were seen and new ones made, Saturday night, after the Bar-B-Q, the four from A&I and David Meredith of Balcones Grotto took a trip out to Alzafar Water Cave. They shot the first siphon and proceeded a couple of hundred feet before chills once again made them decide not to go further. On the way out they chained passage from a little this side of the siphon and found it to be a little over 1,900 feet from the entrance. Out of the cave at 3:30 AM they spent the remainder of the night at Kreidler's cabin at Camp Alzafar. John Kreidler, Gill Ediger, Tom Levi, and Lee Cantile spent the weekend of 15 April at


THE T E X A S C A V E R Gruta de Carrizal in Nuevo Leon State in Mexico. They shot the siphon in 88 water there and found some beautiful gypsum formations. No gyp formations were found in any other part of the cave. These were completely free of vandalism. So far we have 14 members that have been on club trips and about that many that haven't. Several have applied for NSS membership. One more trip is planned before the end of school, probably to Mexico. A week long trip the last week in May is being planned by Kreidler and Ediger to contuct preliminary exploration on portions of the Sierra Guadelupe which is east of Cuidad Victoria, Tamps. Several large (?) unexplored caves are reported by a ranchowner there. Any one interested in going is invited to contact us (especially if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle). Club address: Gill Ediger Texas A&I Speleological Society P, 0, Box 2213 Kingsville, Texas 78363 Rio Grande Valley At the March 29 meeting, we selected our delegates for the Boerne Convention. Tom Warden and Bob Wisner were selected, Wisner was selected because he was not NSS (We are not NSS yet). Page 75 Warden, Wisner and Zeke Pumajero attended the Convention. Penny was not feeling well and did not go, After the Convention, Warden took the others to see Little Gem Cave, where they met Mr. Adams, and to Bracken Cave. After a quick stop-over at the Alamo, they returned home. We are all saddened at the death of Penny, Tom Warden's cave dog. She came to all of our meetings and was liked by everyone. At the April 26 meeting, Warden, Wisner and Pumajero reported on their trip. We also voted to go up into Texas on a trip the last long weekend in May, 26 thru 29. We have contacted several Grottos for their cave suggestions and possible leadership. Club address: 119 North Bermuda Weslaco, Texas 78596 San Antonio Grotto A trip was intended for Webb Cave but the party wound up at Dragool. Those in the party were Richard and Lee Ellis, Patty Fischer, Mason Collins, George and Bobbie Arredondo, Doug and Maxine Nunnelly, Tom Taylor, Marshall Eiserer, James Wormand, Phillip Goodrich, Roger Saathoff, Mary Czaszar, Andy and Marion Wood, Jim Weldon and Mike and Vince Druding. A trip for new people was made on 16 April to Corkscrew and Loose Rock. Making the trip r:r "Pete, it has been brought to my attention that you have been back to Powell's----"


Page 76 (San Antonio News cont. from Page 75 were Jim Weldon, Doug Nunnelly, Pat Prejean, Roger Sorrells, Scott McElvain, And an d Marion Phillip Goodrich, Jim Normand, Mike Dorum and Mike and Vince Druding. While everyone else was enjoying Fiesta on 22 & 23 April, a small group consisting of Jim Normand, Phillip Goodrich and Mike and Vince Druding paid a return visit to Webb Cave and then went on to Rock Springs and Chivo Cave. The Ballroom had about a foot of water on the floor so there was no dancing. We closed the month on the 30th with a trip to Dead Man's Hole. Those making the long drop (est. 135') were Wayne Russell, George and Bobbie Arredondo, Pat Prejean, Pat Ward, ,and M ike and Vince Druding. In May we hope to assault the deepest as well as the longest single drop in Texas Caves. We are also planning a trip to Mexico SUPPORT THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY SEND I N YOUR CAVE REPORTS PRONTO! The TEXAS CAVER P 0. BOX 143 ABILENE, TEXAS 79604 Return Postage Guaranteed P RINTED HATTER T HE T E X A S C A V E R

Contents: More mileage
at Powell's / Jim Estes --
T S S issues Medina County / A. Richard Smith --
T S S news --
Food for the hungry caver, "Mexican delights" / Jacque
Gray --From the Chairman --
From the Editor --
News --
Penny Warden (in memoriam) --
Cartoon by Lilly --
Speleo images.


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