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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Project "Push" / Pete Lindsley -- Letters -- From the Editor / George Gray -- Triangulation / A. Richard Smith (Texas Speleological Survey) -- Minutes of the Board of Governors meetings--TSA --Kimble results / A. Richard Smith -- "Caverella", a drama (author unknown) -- News --The evolution of a spelunker / JMS -- Back issues available.
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Vol. 12, no. 10 (1967)
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OCTOBER, 1967 COVER The CAVER office has a stack of black & v1hit e p hotos and sorr.e of them are unknowns. \ve would appreciate the photogre.pher of this month 1 s cover >'II'i ting us and letting our subscribers know who you are and a little something about the picture. like it. THE TEX. ill':ibOClA.'l'j,UJ'J is a n org.:mizil t i on of ca.ving and s peleo l ot; i cal organizations in the State of Texas. Its airr.s and ar<; similar to t hose of the Na tional Speleological Society (NSS). Present officers of the Texas Sp e leological Association are: CONTENTS JACK C BUnCH OLLu;;:; BUNDH..iJ> T 1 0 7 Tra i l San Antonio, Texas Chairman Vice Cha::_rm

THE TEXAS CAVER Octob er, 19 6 7 P age 131 PROJECT "PUSH" Pete Another mile of passage was added to the Powell's Cave Survey on the September-october weekend. Cavers from Austin, Alpine, Lubbock, Dallas, and other fine towns met in the Menard County pasture to push the limits of Texas' longest mapped cavern. The survey teams found the cave even more difficult this time because the remaining unsurveyed portions of the cave were long distances from the entrance. But an end to the extensive maze of passages was not reached on this Project. There are still many passages heading off the surveyed portions that must be explored and surveyed. First survey team into the cave was David Meridith, Eugene Haydon, Tom Meador and Fred Meyer. Heading out for the "Z" section between the Crevice Station 3 and Station 4, the team pushed north into maze passage and upper level rooms. Mapping about 700 feet, the four spent 9-1/2 hours in the cave. Tracy Johnson and Bill Greene decided to go to the end of the Crevice Passage and check things out. Several leads were checked at the "end" but nothing was pushed for far. Apparently the crevice is blocked by breakdown and fill at the point the surface wash crossed the cave below. 11 hours in the cave were marked up for these two cavers9--probably representing of the TSA cavers who have been to the "end" of the cave! Next into the cave were Jim Reddell, Dwight and Sandy Deal, and Carl Kunath. Starting with the "H" survey near station 3, approximately 1, 500 feet was added on the maze level T h e many closures with previous surveys tied down this section of the cave except for the "7H" and beyond survey which was being covered by another team. Nine hours later the team was seen sneaking out of the cave. (Yes, this team gave up firAt.) A. Richard Smith, Karen Mitchell, J o e Sumbera and David Jackson headed out for that New Section that runs completely off the northeast end of the map. Yes, they ran it off the map even more And it still goes And goes And goes. Want to guess the location of survey station 10H-12A? Would you believe it is under the ranch road east of the cave? That's only about 9 inches (450 feet) off the edge of our 3 'xlO' master map Anyone want to trace off almost 10 miles of passage for a new 4'x10' master map? It should only take a year to do it! Eleven hours in the cave resulted in another 1500 feet of passage surveyed. But almost half of that 11 hours was spent in just walking and crawling to get there! It takes 2-1/2 hours between the entrance and the "Be yond the 7th Section!" Not to be outdone by a certain survey team that enjoys running off the map, Chuck Larsen, pete Lindsley, Jack Jarvinen and Jim Morriss headed -out for the upstream water passage. Starting at station U3l (placed in 1964 by a Project 72 survey team), they pushed on through more mud and water. 1400 feet later at u65, they called a halt. The location was the Rapids Room, 2600 ft. upstream from the Crevice Pas sage "Entrance". A breakdown slope at the water's edge caused a small rapids in the approximately 15x20 foot room. A bone was discovered here and was later identified as the leg bone of a camel! The bone was actually in the water and was completely fossilized. Small chunks of missing bone looked like the teeth marks of a large cave varmit. Taking only 2-hours for the return trip, the team was in the cave for 10 hours. The upstream water passage now runs off the map in three places-on the exact opposite side of the map where the "H" Survey also leaves the paper. Some cavers will do almost anything to keep out of Powell's Cave! Glenda K u n a th Janie Reddell, and Bill Russell decided theyhad to do some stream tracing. Industrious cavers as they were, they talked the upstream passage team into placing the dye in the stream system while they headed out to place the dye markers. Markers were placed in Neal's Cave as well as the spring-fed lake at the nightclub. We have to take Janie Reddell off the lazy caver list, however. Sunday, Janie and James Reddell in company with Robert Mitchell {Tech) elected to rig the mine shaft and hunt for cave critters in the water passage below. Others going in the cave Sunday included Haydon and Meredith who went to the downstream water passage via Chuck's Chimney in order to tie in a couple of survey points. Carl, Nicky, and Tracy Johnson with Bill Greene headed out for Station 5 in the Crevice to retrieve some gear left the day before. Guy Owen; Tom Tracy and Gary Smith headed out for the "Beyond The 7th Survey" area. But only a small bit of additional passage was surveyed due to lack of


page 132 O ctober, 1967 time. Other well known Austin cavers (i.e. Terry Raines, Suzie Loving, John Fish, Jonathan Davis, et. al.) visited the Project Sunday morning but were not seen entering the cave. In all, about 35 cavers attended PrOject PUsh (not including C. Thumb and A.Woola, who also signed the Project Register.) Dear George, Well, now we are country. It has already grees. up here in been down the cold to 35 dewe visited the local caverns---secret and Howe Caverns. Howe has been enlarged and now offers a boat ride. They have a small lake, 8 to 12 feet wide with ceiling 12 to 15 feet high and it extends for about 1/4 mile. The water is 3 to 6 feet deep. Both of these are fissure type caves with many places narrowing to 12 to 18 inches. Spelunkers in this area pretty bad reputation. They people in the last two years, seem to be organized. I have for information. seem to have a have lost two and they do not written the NSS If I have any interesting information,I'll drop you a line. Mike and Vince Druding Church Avenue R.D. #1 Germantown, New York 12526 {})W!. 4-e. ca.u e. cccUe.n-t4. -in :the. -in :the. p a.4.:t few ca.u e and .i4. o cut a.-in -in :the. .L.U. e. .L-U;ht.. fl nd P a.p4-.U .i4, j-.u'.t a.4. weLL t.ha.t. Cau. -i-4-4-u.e. of :the. 'J[X i15 'Jha-t .i4., no a.4., -in :the.;A-on, bu.-t -tha..:t ca.ue.Jt. a.n.d be and w-i..L.L-i.n.t]--to 4-hou..Ld t.lte. ne.ed cu.-W-e., !Iu..:t no-t :the. p-L= -i-4-w'ut lt.e.nta.-i..n :the. o{ ca.Uelt. t.o rJ;U. lrA.m.4-e..L{ -to -in a.n. [ a.n. ca.n. .:take. Wt-1!..-t. a.nd i{ e.nou.ifh meMbt-11.4-o{ lfOU.It. iflt.O-tt.o a..u -to pa..t.:t-i.e-i. p a..:te. !J fe.u :tha.:t M a.ccdua..te.d COU-It.6.t. CM be. 91&.0111 'fOU. CM j.uA.t. e.x:a.c.:t-Lq "'ha..:t co .t.h.e. e.c, e.n:t. 9n ra..t. -too m=

THE TEXAS CAVER October, 1 967 Page 133 Triangulation by A. Richard Smith (TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY) When in doubt, triangulate!!! perhaps not, unless you are surveying, preferably in a cave. Triangulation is a very useful simple method for locating points, but is often ignored for two reasons--ignorance and fear. This article is designed to enlighten cave surveyors so that they will no longer be afraid to try a technique that has been in use on the surface for many decades. Plane geometry, you may recall, says that if any three parts of a triangle are known, then all the other parts can be readily determined. For example, if you know two angles and a side of a triangle, then you can figure out, by math or plotting, the other two sides and the remaining angle. There is one exception; knowledge of all three angles alone will never permit computing the length of any side. Sometimes there are caves in Texas and Mexico that have ceiling heights beyond guess-ing. A helium balloon is easy---if you carry the helium cylinder and I carry the balloon. Tbe height can be determined very simply though, with the usual surveying equipment ; a Brunton compass and a tape. Let's take the simplest example for this ceiling height or stalagmite height computation (see figure 1). All the necessary data are shown in the table in Figure 1 with the profile. For simplicity, notice from the table that all the points lie along the same straight line and that Stations 1 and 2 are at the same elevation. A simple formula nov enables us to figure out how high the ceiling is above Stations 1 and 2. H = s ent A cot B where H is the h eight above Station 1 or 2, S is the distance between 1 and 2, and cot A and cot B are the cotangents of the vertical angles measured at Stations 1 and 2, respectively. Don't worry about cotangents; just look them up in any b ook o f mathematical tables. So, for our examp l e h : 30 ft. cot 300 -cot 456 : 30 1.732 -1.000 II JO 0.732 = 41 feet. Of course, this case is so simple that it's very easy to plot. But what if' everything hadn't lined u p so neatly? Is your descriptive geometry good enough to plot something like the complicated case described below? ST/'1.\ s Ste.. Fro m -';:'o Dist. 1 -2 )O' 1 Stal. --2 Stal. -1'IGURE 1 I :h. I I I B ___ t A 15 00 1 500 1500 Vert. An;:;le oo +)00 + 450 In mapping large rooms it is often convenient to determine the height and width of a room, or the heights and positions of formations or other features some distance from the survey line. If you have the time, you could run the survey line over there; if' you don't, then shoot a few additional shots from the stations already in use on the survey line. Tbe computations look a lot worse but save a lot of time in the end. Let 'a take an example of' the most complicated case. Tbe necessary survey data and profile are all given in Figure 2. The equation to be used is: (next page)


Page 134 October, 1967 THE Tl0JtS CAV!ili h : S cos A-tan A+ sin B sin (B + C) where h is the height above Station 1, S is the distance between stations 1 and 2 in feet cos A-is tbe cosine of the vertical angle from 1 to 2, tan A+ is the tangent of the vertical angle between 1 and the triangulated point sin B is the sine of the horizontal angle be tween the sight lines 2-1 and 2-triangulated point. Sin (B'C) is the sine of the sum of the horizontal angle B and the horizontal angle C, between the sight lines 1-2 and !-triangulated point. That all sounds very terrible, b u t let's try it vi th the data shown in Figure 2. TRII'\!{G\JLI'ITED PoiNT" --7 ---/ / 1so 0 fLAN .x'''? Str 2 T F 2-TP Dist. Az. *(S) FIGURE 2. V e rt. : n :o;l c By inserting the appropriate numbers in the above equation, we have: h 30 ft.x cos 10 x tan 300 x sin 1450 = 30 (0.985) (0.577) 0 0.259 = 37.8 feet. sin (1450f.200) It's usefUl but not necessary to know that the sine of an angle is the same as the sine of 18oo minus the angle; that is sin 145 is the same as sin (18o 0 145) sin 25. The more complicated equation used above will suffice for all possible cases (I think) by just putting zero in appropriate spots; that is if the vertical angle between station 1 and 2 is zero, use zero in the cosine term(cos 0=1, sin 0 0). When only the location of a point is needed without height information, the situation reduces to the simple case shown in Fig.3. The angles A and B are determined from t h e azimuths of the lines 1 and 2, 1-TP, and 2 -TP. Remember that the three angles of the triangle add up to 18o 0 and then find C by: C 18o 0 -A -B A handy trigonometric formula,the Law of Sines, then gives us: x _JL_ : _s_ or Siii""'B sin A sin C x = S sin B sin C y = S sin A sin C We have assumed that S is the horizontal distance. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of collecting the proper data. The failure or success depends on your ability to bring back to your slide rule the minimum data shown in the tables in figures 1 and 2. Lack of a single point will make triangulation impossible. Better too much than too little. Knowledge is useless unless applied, so start triangulating. When you finish, be sure to send the finished map along vi th a report to the Texas Speleological Survey. 5 Sta. Vert. From-To Dist. Az. Angle 1 -2 30' 150 -10 l T.P. -130 +30 2 T.P. -ll5 --FIGURE 3.


THE TEXAS CAVER Oct ober, 196 7 Page 135 minutes Of The Board of Governors Meeting -T SA The TEXAS SPELEOI.OOICAL ASSOCIATION Board of Governors met on Sunday, Sept. 3, 1967 at the Project camp -grounds on the W. M. Allison Ranch, Kimble County, Texas Chairman Jack C. Burch called the meeting to order at 9:30A.M. Delegates present: Abilene George Gray; A.G.G. -Jacque Gray; Alamo -Butch Summar and Luther Bundrant; Balcones -Eugene Haydon and David Meredith; D-FWG -Jack J. Burch and Pete Lindsley; Houston Dewayne Dickey and Tommy Knox; U.T.G. -Merydith Turner and Orion Knox; A.& I. -Gil Ediger; Boerne -pat Wertheim and Larry Schmidt; R .G. V. -Tom Warden; S .A .G. Vince Druding an:l Roger Sorrells; Texas Tech Jon Vinson and Mike Moody; Independents James Jasek and Tom Meador. Not represented were St. Mary's Univ. and s.w.u. All officers were present. The minutes of the June 18 B.O.G. meeting were read and approved as read. Treasurer's Report: Balance 18 June $178.78; Income $1.50; Expenditures -$51.25; Balance $129.03. SURVEY (A. Richard Smith): Most of the SURVEY staff were involved in field work for most of the summer, therefore the current issue has been delayed. The Williamson County report will b e reprinted; those who got ditto copies may obtain copies of the reprint for a fee; the fee will be set at a later date. Vol. II may be obtained for 50. The question was raised as to t he possibility of getting copies of Vol. I. Smith answered that it is very unlikely; pete Lindsley once auctioned his copy, but decided to keep it when the bidding reached $15. The cost and effort of re-printing would be formidable, therefore there are no plans to do so; however, sections of Vol. I will be included in other issues. There are currently about 60 subscribers; more subscribers are still badly needed. A.M.C.S.: N o report; all members are in Mexico for the weekend CONSERVATION: The secretary read a rl!sume of S.B. 2040 (The National River Bill). Lindsley reported that a group from Dallas-Ft. Worth had made a trip t o Arkansas but got conflicting reports from the citizens there on the issues involved. A short discussion ensued on the pros and cons of the Bill and it was unanimously decided that T.S.A. shall not take any stand on the issue. It was recommended that individuals who may wish to write should recommend a status quo. TEXAS CAVER: (G. Gray) Monthly mailing currently includes 169 subscribers, 33 exchange issues, and 11 complimentary issues. Finances are currently solvent, but more subscribers are needed. Bryant Lilly has gone out of business so future publication will be more expensive. (Ed. note: Lilly has since reopened) The CAVER needs more c ave stories and articles as well as grotto news. Any pictures sent for publicati on should be black and white prints. The CAVER staff welcomes any help, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Current publication is slightly ahead of schedule. 1970 N .S .S. CONVENTION: A motion was made by Gray, seconded by Lindsley and unanimously approved by the Board that the issue be dropped. REGION CAVE RESCUE COORDINATOR: The Secretary gave a brief of a letter received from Don Black, National Cave Rescue Committee Chair man requesting a T.S.A. representative for the N.C.R.C. The concensus is that no one person could fulfill all the requirements as outlined, but that the committee member should be someone who could be easily contacted, and who could readily contact the emergency team members listed on the brochure "Your Cave And You". Luther Bundrant was elected by unanimous vote to fill this position. There ensued a discussion on preparedness in case of an emergency. It was pointed out that each member of a rescue team should have advance First-aid training as well as being welltrained in techniques and fully equipped for an emergency. Equipment is available from the Naval Reserve for cave-rescue use, but the person obtaining the equipment is required to have advance instructions in its use. The Red Cross also has litters available for emergencies. Nominations and election of Officers for 1968: CHAIRMAN James Reddell was nominated by Orion Knox, seconded by David Meridith; Dewayne Dickey was nominated by G. Gray, seconded by Luther Bundrant. Vote was by secret ballot; James Reddell was elected by a majority vote. VICE-cHAIRMAN -Tom Meador was nominated by G. Gray, seconded by Dewayne Dickey; A. Richard


Page 1 3 6 Octobe r 1967 THE TEXAS C A VER Smith vas nominated by David Meredith but declined. Jacque Gray moved that nominations cease. Tome Meador vas elected by a majority. Secretary-Treasurer: Ollene :Bundrant vas nominated by G. Gray, seconded by several voices; Glenda Kunath vas nominated by David Meredith but declined. Ollene Bundrant vas elected by a majority. G. Gray suggested that the Chairman appoint a committee to work with the Vice Chairman to plan the Convention and the Project, but the concensus vas that it should be left to the Vice .Chairman to select his committee. Chair man Burch suggested that another Board meeting should be beld before the convention so that any complications in planning should be resolved before convention time. Reddell will announce the date in the TEXAS CAVER in December. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for the first part of February at the Cactus Cafe, San Saba. The meeting adjourned at 10:50 A.M. Respectfully submitted Man is still the most inexpensive, non-linear all purpose computing system that is capable of being produced in mass form by unskilled labor. .... ,., Advertisements Advertising rates for general commercial use avail ab l e from the Advertisin g Man ager. Classified Ads are for the sol e use of m ember s t o sell personal ite ms, locate wanted i tems o r state p ersonal n otes RATES: First insertion : 20 words for 50 ; 50 words for $1.00 Eac h additio nal work over 50 1 Succe edin g insertions in consecutive m on t hs 25/ discoun t Telephon e n umber (Area Code, Prefix, etc. c o n stitutes o n e word N a me, addres s and town constitutes five words T o t a l Price (Dol lar sign & Fig ures) o n e word. S end to: TEXAS CAVER P 0 B ox 14 3 Abilene T exas 79604 before t h e 5th o f the m o nth that yo u want ad to run Kimble Results By A Richard Smith T o m an y spel un k e r s who a ttended the Labor Day Project i n K i mble C o unty, i t was less t han a g reat s uccess. Some s u g geste d tha t i t was even a failure And this only because n o great, large c a ve s wer e f ou n d (exce p t o n e tha t vtas o v e r 9 0 0 feet l ong ) When the TSA Pro j ect was set up f o r Kimb l e C ou nty, e ve r yo ne hoped tha t Kimble w ould turn o u t t o b e as good or bette r than s ome ad.ioining c o unties such as Edwards a n d Kerr. T he geo logical situation was rig h t for t he c o unty t o h ave more t han the 1 5 caves l i sted f o r it i n the last TSS Che c klist. A s it t urned out, 70 spel unkers did a lot of wor k fo r 2 -l/2 d ays checking ranchers an d talki ng t o local peo p l e t o f i n d out tha t if ther e w e r e a lot of big c aves i n t h e c o unty t hey were all closed. However, e ven t h o u g h on l y o n e l o n g c a v e w a s f o und many o nP.s were foun d e n ou g h to give u s a good i dea abo u t the s p e l eology of Kimb l e County. In many w ays, Kimble r esemble s T ravi s County ... Lots of sma ll, short c rawlwaJS caves and a few nic e b u t n o t t o o lon g caves. Mor e specifically, 2 4 new caves were found i n Kimble County, 5 o f whic h wer e mapped. The l o ngest, Zilch Cave, is m o r e than l on g ; 3 mor e were longer than 1 0 0 feet. In additio n, 11 new caves wer e found in Sutton Cou n ty, 3 i n Edwa .rd s ( l marped), an d l i n S c hleicher, for a total of 3 9 new caves in Texas. E nough leads wer e l eft to keep a c rew bu s y f o r t1 .. 1o month s o f weekends, t oo The membershin of TSA, part icularly those attending the Project, a pn r eciat e the effo r t s o f the Balco nes Grott o who provided a l a r ge nu mber o f leads fro m several weekends of ranch v i siti ng. G R A N D T OTAL: 3 9 new caves, 2 inche s of rain, a n d a good time. Pa trick Henr y sh ould co m e bac k n o w a n d see w hBt taxat i o n with rep resenta t i o n i s like. Girls with curves a r e usually surro un de d by men with an gles.


THE TEXAS CAVER Oct ober, 1967 Pag e 137 \\CA\IEI

Page 138 OctobAr 1967 THZ 'l'ElAS CJ..Vcii sixth egg.) F.C.:This one is cracked, don't expect too much from it. (Produces broken carribiner.) (Takes package of popcorn, changes it into a light.) C.: What's that? F. C: No horse and buggy caving for my dear, the very latest in lights, a laser. C.: Wonderful, but how does it work? F.C.: The first button produces a light far superior to any light ever used in a cave. (Pause) The second button removes all opposition, it's a death ray. The third and last button is the most powerful, cuts through rock. If you get lost direct its beam upwards and it will cut its way out of the cave and flash a signal on the sky. (Author's note: For the laser light, we wanted a powerful flashlight, so that we could flash the message on the It would have read "It goes". Unfortunately we bad no such powerful flashlight, s o compromised with a little black bat pasted onto the flashlight.) C.: Oh, thank you. (Starts to go.) F.C.: Wait, here is the power supply for your laser. (Author's Note: The power source for the laser presented a problem, we found a pretty large cardboard carton and wrote on the side, any number to begin w1 th and then ooo,ooo,ooo & so on until we ran out of space, the bigger the carton the better and it has to be suddenly brought out at the last minute for impact. If no large carton, then go to the other extreme, perhaps as sugar cube.) CURTAIN Narrator: Two later the Fairy Cavemother drops in to hear all about the trip. CURTAIN F .c.: Well, how did it go? C.: (Doubtfully) Pretty well, I guess. I met them in the cave. They were very happy to see me. F.C.: (In disbelief) They were? C.: Yes, they were lost! Their only light was 1/2 inch of candle and two matchbeads. F.C.: Oh? c.: (Suspiciously) About over here helping started to disappear. to climb the ladder, the time you were their equipment One of them started bad one foot o n, reached for the step amL :tbe ladder..: disappeared He got hit on the head with a cake mix and they did not remember packing a cake mix, six eggs and popcorn. F .C.: (Peevishly) Well, I bad to have some -thing to work with you know. The magical business isn't what it was. Nowadays we just have to rob Peter to pay paul. We can't work with fresh air. (pause) Did you rescue them? C.: I tried to. They followed me a little way then refused to come any further. F.C .: Why? C.: My false beard fell off, they wouldn't follow a girl. F.C.: You, you mean C.: (Nodding) Yes (sadly) there. They are still CURTAIN Narrator: Any resemblance to known cavers is just unfortunate. The authors, actors and producers wish to remain anonymous "'As tie need ... 1ses, y;u qu'O:Iy d-oc.hrl jv'!>\: -the nurnPet-of steps yoiJ nee

THE TEXAS CAVER Oct o ber, 1 96 7 P a g e 1 39 News Abilene Grotto members met at the home of the Chairman, George Gray, to assemble the last issue of the CAVER. The homemade chocolate chip cookies were so good that we couldn't keep our hands off them so if you had any chocolate splotches on your CAVER, it just couldn't be helped. The program for the meeting of the month, held the same night, was talking about a cave trip. A good lead is known in Edwards County, and the Abilene Grotto will be accompanied by a few members of the Abilene Grotesque Grotto for the jaunt. Jim Estes made a trip to Colorado and says the colors of Autumn are beautiful. No caves on the trip were found. Accompanying him were B. Lilly, Blanche Lilly, and Irene Estes. A class in conversational Spanish is underway. Hope we learn at least enough to get by. No trips of late, however grotto members are quite busy people, and this is just not the right time of the year for much caving. Grotto address: 2818 South 39th Street, Abilene, Texas 79605. Abilene Grotesque Besides helping out with assembling the CAVER a few times, most members have not been very active. Fern Davis, our Chairman, was in a car accident and bunged up her leg. She will be "off her feet" for a short while. Blanche Lilly has taken up full time work in the Lilly Litho business, and stays busy all the time. Irene Estes has been a little under the weather lately, however is much better now. Jaylene Crisman's housekeeping and takes a full time. Jacque Gray's teaching in Abilene schools requires much time and work sooo, not any caving lately. We do, however, look forward to a trip with the Abilene cavers in a week or so ... some of us, that is. Grotto address: 1458 Marsalis St., Abilene, Texas 7o3. Alamo An error was made in the report concerning the Wilson family. Leilson, Beth, son and two daughters were involved in a nasty traffic mishap last August. Their family bus collided with a trailer home pulled by a passenger car on a South Caroline highway and both v e h i cles overturned several times. Everyone, including the two occupants of the passenger car, was banged up but only Leilson and daughter Holly had to be hospitalized for various broken bones. Both of them are up and around and doing quite well, although Leilson can't go back to caving for another few months. The "dig" described last month was continued and another piece of human skull recovered. The artifacts have not been classified as yet. The coming of the hunting season has put a crimp in the plans of the grotto. Believe it or not, hunters are "casing the joint", putting up blinds and droolingly surveying the killing areas. Cavers would disturb them and the deer! This is the time for cavers to hibernate at home until the New Year. Alamo Grotto has recently junked the old constitution and By-laws and amendments and adopted a new set of, hopefully, simpler rules. This was voted in unanimously which promises well for the cohesiveness of the group, but only time will tell whether the difficulties experienced under the old consitution and Bylaws have been eliminated. Election to membership and expulsion of wayward members have become more flexible. One difficulty, which we believe, is also besetting other caving groups, has been circumvented by the creation of regular memberships Only regular members, who have to be NSS members, can vote and hold office and the Associate members "join for fun". Caving continues unabated each weekend, but no earth shaking discoveries or feats in the past month. D -FW Have you ever seen a white bat? A real albino bat? An August D-FWG trip to Bracken Bat Cave (BBC) found several cavers blinking their eyes in disbelief as an albino bat (Mexican Freetail) fluttered out of the cave with the million-plus black bats. The only other white bats we have heard about were several albinos seen at Carlsbad Caverns several years ago. Does anyone else have any white bats to report? (Yes, one at a flight at the Devil's Sinkhole a beautiful sight indeed! --Estes ) August 19-20 marked the weekend of a trip to our favorite Arkansas caving area in the Ozarks. Making the trip were Pete Lindsley, with visitors Bill Greene, Jerry Blake, Jack Jarvinen and Jim Morriss. 1200 feet of new passage (the lost passage) was mapped by the group. Congratulations are in order for one of our better looking cavers Nancy Goodbar, now Mrs. Long. Nancy will be living in Denton. D-FWG cavers visited the Kimble County Cave Finding project, but found more rattlemoccasins than caves. Numerous small caves were located, some were mapped, some were dug, and we all decided to skip the next Kimble


page '._4 0 County Cave Finding Project! Making the trip were the Burches, Robinsons and Lindsley, Jim Goodbar, Morriss, Bill Greene and Hughes. Mike Hughes reports that both he and Fred Tart will be heading north for snow and graduate school. The August Grotto meeting featured an ex cellent slide show of several Florida and southeast U.S. caves. Jack Jarvinen and Jim Morriss who were active members of the Florida Speleo logical Society related some adventures o f their caving group. FSS cavers mostly u s e Nicad batteries and electric lights because the caves are less than eight hours "long" and often are wet. PROJECT PUSH and back to Powell's cave! Well, you guys at the Labor Day project wanted more punishment: so you see, it wasn't all our idea! Making the scene at Powell's cave were the Johnsons (most of them), Larsen, Lindsley, M orriss, Jarvinen, Greene, and Not the Burches, and the Robinsons (they at the last minute). Tracy Johnson and Bill Greene went to the end of the cave (The Upper Crevice Passage). The rest of us went up that most miserable of all passages, the Upstream Water Passage. We found something besides mud, but you will have to read the Project PUSh article to find out exactly what! Grotto address: Katherine Goodbar, 6621 Sunnyland Lane, Dallas, Texas 75214. San Antonio August ended with a bang in the San Antonio Grotto. A group led by Vince Druding went back to Langtry Lead where we found the goats and fleas were gone. The passage to the long drop in the end was blocked by water. We de cided not to try to swim it as there was of showers in the area. After checking a tight dusty crawl at the back of the big room we came out and raced a shower to the high bridge over the Pecos. Checked out the big shelter cave below the over-look park and then headed to Rocksprings, ran into a cloud burst outside of Carta Valley. Went to the Project to attend the BOG where we picked up some leads to caves near Junction, spent most of the afternoon running around in the rain, gave up and went back to Rocksprings. Went out to Devil's Sinkhole Monday and made the long drop in. All except one man on top as sentry. Those making the trip were Jim Weldon, Roger Sorrells, Ralph Bartholomew, Doug Nunnelly, Vince Druding, Joann Lada and Jim Normand. On Sept. 5, Vince and Mike Druding left for New York. (Ed. Note: see "Letters") A 1 1 of the cavers wish them the best of luck. On. 16 and l'l. Mike Dorum and Jim Normand led a trip back to Edwards County. The group was composed of Explorer Scouts of which Jim and Mike are leaders The two explorer Posts specialize in cave exploration. We set out to explore Chivo and Dunbar Caves. However we again had picked out a nasty weekend because once again it rained. We had planned to hit Chivo first but found water pouring into the cave. Mike and one of the boys decided to rap pel anyway to find out if it was safe for the rest of the group to follow. After getting drenched from the waterfall, the idea w a a abandoned and we decided to wait for the rain to stop. It did stop, but the water kept flowing into the hole. While we were killing heads near an indian mound foot rattler. time hunting arrowwe killed a three When the 4un came out and we returned to the entrance we found the rancher waiting for us. He told us of another cave that he wanted us to check. We found it after a short search and what a cave! It had two entrances about 6 x 10 feet two feet apart. We dropped in a rope and went down to a ledge about 20 feet in. About 30 feet below the ledge was a natural bridge. After killing a two-foot rattler there, we went on to a mud plug which sounded hollow. The cave has several more leads but we beat a hasty retreat. The cave (sink hole) is about 100 feet deep and we plan to return to eliminate the snakes and do some more checking. We named the cave "Venom Pit". Those making this trip were Robert Jay Shapiro, Al Terrazas, Merv Greenburg, Bramsford, Jim Weldon, Jim Normand and Dorum. Henry, Dale Mike The grotto ended August and our first year as a grotto with the election of officers f6r the next year. New chairman is Mike Dorum, Roger Sorrells is Vice Chairman and Jim Normand is Sec-Treas. Grotto address: Mike Dorum, 315 Denton Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78213. It is extremely important to your grotto or club to get your news in to the CAVER. Re mind your secretary or reporter often to get it in before the 6th of each month. Thanks! There ought to be a better way to start the day than by getting up in the morning.


THE Ti!:.X.Ati CAVER October, 1967 Page 141 Issues The following back issues of the TEAAti CAVER are available to complete your file at 25 per copy: 1967-Vol. 12 1966-Vol. ll 1965-IJ:>l. ll) 1964-V";:,l, G .8 1962-Vol. 7 Any issue 1961-Vol, 6 Any issue Any i.ssue except Jan,,July, & Aug. 1960-Vol. 5 Any issue except Sept. Only Mauch, April, May & June are 1959-Vol. 4 available. 1958-Vol. 3 Jan., Feb., March, June,,Oct., Nov., & Dec. available. Any issue except Jan., Feb., & l 1arch. The old bi-monthly Jan-Feb. issue and H11rch-April issue is available Any issue except the Jan.-Feb. Mar-April issue and Eay-June issue is available. Make che ck or money order payable to The TEXAS CAVER, PO Box 143, Abilene, Texas 79604.


Pa g e 142 October, 1967 The greiltest asset a \..OmR.n c;;n is a man 1 s imaginaUr m Don't bcrroK trouble. B e oatient and you'll soon h a v e enough of your 0\m. LOOK! TEXAS CAVER subscriptions available at $3/year. Some back issues available at per copy. Hirebound TEXAS CAVER for 1966 (Vol.XI) $4 each YE OLDE HISTORY and THERE HE HAS per copy. PROJECT DEEP -Preliminary report each. Se n d check or money order payable to: The TEXAS CAVER P. 0 Box 143 Abilene, Texas 79604 Return Postage Guaranteed PRI NTED MATTER TH:6 TUA::> CAVlili t} L V\1 USE coo

Contents: Project
"Push" / Pete Lindsley --
Letters --
From the Editor / George Gray --
Triangulation / A. Richard Smith (Texas Speleological
Survey) --
Minutes of the Board of Governors meetings--TSA --Kimble
results / A. Richard Smith --
"Caverella", a drama (author unknown) --
News --The evolution of a spelunker / JMS --
Back issues available.


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