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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Fault Cave / B. Campbell, B. Sherborne, R. Harmon, B. Beck -- Map of Fault Cave (plan) / Campbell, Sherborne, Harmon, Beck -- Review (What is an OZTOTL?) -- Adventures of Speleo T. Agnew / Ken A. Griffin -- Editorial (Kunath's 1 1/2 cents worth.) -- TSA Project 1970 / Ronnie Fieseler -- Map of Little Sand cave / Fieseler, Fieseler, Loose, Carmen -- Map of Boyd's Cave / Ronnie Fieseler -- Garbage (Trash for your mind.) -- Trips (Where they went, what they did.) -- News and history -- 1970 TSA photo salon results -- 1970 convention photos -- Photo captions -- Solution to Texas Caver's crossword -- Speleo-mart -- Speleo-calendar.
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Vol. 15, no. 5 (1970)
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See Extended description for more information.

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TEX.A.S C.A.-v.EIJ: l MAY 1970


COVER: Pat Beck and Billy Campbell prepare to enter the NW entrance of Fault Cave. Photo by Russell Harmon. The TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association and is published in San Angelo, Texas. Material for publication should be typed double-spaced and sent to the Editor at 2302 W. Avenue J, San Angelo, Texas 76901 no later than the first of the month of publication. Grotto and club news and trip reports should be sent to the News editor at 306 Park Drive Apt. 107-C, Eueless, Texas 76039. Subscriptions are $4.00 per year for 12 issues. All requests for subscriptions should be sent to James Jasek at 1218 Melrose,. Waco, Texas 76710. Persons subscribing after the first of the year will receive all back issues for that year. Single copies are avaliable at 40f each postage pai<;l anywhere in the U.S. (c) 1970 by the TEXAS CAVER STAFF Editor--------------Carl E. Kunath Assistant Editor------Jon Vinson News Editor----------Mike Moody Assistant Assistant ---Glenda Kunath Proof Reader---------Frodo Baggins Printer--------------Terry Raines Assembly------------?variable? Distribution----------James Jasek The TEXAS CAVER * * * PAGE VOLUME XV, NUMBER 5 * * * 83 FAULT CAVE by B. Campbell, B. Sherborne, R. Harmon, B. Beck 84 MAP OF FAULT CAVE (plan) by Campbell, Sherborne, Harmon, Beck 85 MAP OF FAULT CAVE (block diagram) by Billy Campbell REVIEW (What is an OZTOTL?) 86 ADVENTURES OF SPELEO T. AGNEW by Ken A. Griffin 87 EDITORIAL (Kunath's 1 1/2 f worth.) 88 TSA PROJECT 1970 by Ronnie Fieseler MAP OF LITTLE SAND CAVE by Fieseler, Fieseler, Loose, Carmen 89 MAP OF BOYD'S CAVE by Ronnie Fieseler 90 GARBAGE (Trash for your mind.) 91 TRIPS (Where they went, what they did.) 95 NEWS AND HISTORY 97 1970 TSA PHOTO SALON RESULTS 98 1970 CONVENTION PHOTOS 99 PHOTO CAPTIONS SOLUTION TO TEXAS CAVER'S CROSSWORD 100 SPELEO-MAR T SPE LEO-CALENDAR OFFICERS OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION FOR 1970 ARE: Chairman---------------Gill Ediger, Box 2213 A& I, Kingsville, Texas 7 Vice Chairman----------Ronnie Fieseler, 305 Bayless Drive, Eueless, Texas 76039 Secretary-Treasurer ----Suzanne Wiley, Box 4563 TT, Lubbock, Texas 79409 Printed by SPELEO PRESS


The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 Page 83 FAUI. T CAVE By: Billy Campbell, Billy Sherborne, Russell Harmon, Barry Beck Hidden away in the hill country southeast of Carta Valley, Fault Cave seems to be aptly named as it is developed along either a fault or a well developed joint. Displacement, the factor defining the difference between the two, is difficult to prove, but from the solution characteristics of the floor and ceiling of the cave, it appears that a small amount of vertical movement has occurred. Fault Cave is totally out of character for a cave of this area. Generally the caves in the Edwards limestone as far southwest as Carta Valley are shallow solution chambers that have undergone moderate to extensive speleothem development. This is not true for Fault Cave as it appears to be a cave that belongs in the San Marcos area and associated with the Balcones fault zone. The development of Fault Cave has occurred almost totally along the plane of a fault that dips at an oblique angle to the surface. (see map) The cave appears to have been almost totally developed just below the water table by erosion from ground waters flowing along the plane of the fault as the path of least resistance. Thus, the cave has a general liner trend approximately 0 0 South 60 East while dipping 75 along the plane of the fault to a depth of about 140 feet. Except in one or two areas where some horizontal development has occurred, the cave is usually not more than three or four feet wide throughout its entire length. The cave is in a small shallow depression just above a small arroyo at a basal intersection of two hills. The two entrances to the cave extend from -opposite sides of the depression and except for a small crawl through which an air current can be felt, two sections of the cave do not intersect, due to filling by breakdown and later cementation by calcite rich waters. Fault Cave was first visited in 1958 or 1959 by some unknown cavers. Then in 1965 it was visited by Dick Beauchamp and Richard Bilbrey who explored in the Southwest part of the cave, stopping when the breakdown began to look very unstable. On 16 July, 1966 Len Lindsay, Carl Kunath, Preston McMichael, and Rex Shepperd visited the cave and explored in the Northeast section of the cave, digging out two tight places before stopping. It might also be noted that another name for Fault Cave was Cathole Cave. Although Fault Cave is not one of the more scenic caves of the Carta Valley area, as it contains only a few stalactites and some "bacon strips", its unique character and rugged nature made it afi enjoyable day of spelunking. * * * * * * If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Thoreau




The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 Page 85 * * * * FAULT CAVE EDWARDS COUNTY, TEXAS BLOCK DIAGRAM BY BILLY CAMPBELL 1970 * REVIEW * OZTOTL, T. 0. Pundit, Editor. Published by the Texas A&I Grotto, Kingiilville. OZTOTL is the unofficial voice of the Texas A&I Grotto, NSS. It ilil published at unpredictable times of madness by someone. The outrageous sum of ONE BUCK entitles the subscriber to receive this fair-to-middlin' publication for as long as the postage holds out. This dittoed newsletter is second only to the UTG Newsletter and third only to the Carta Valley SUCKS Newsletter in quality. With such outstanding companions for comparison, you can easily see that you can't go wrong in subscribing to it at once. This enlightening publication contains up-to-date trip reports of the A& I cavers, editorials, short articles, maps, of good caving practices, a BS page, and poems by the eetcemed member!! of the Grotto, not to mention free .ads for the CAVER, the NSS NEWS, and the AMCS. OZTOTL is truly and enjoyable newsletter for the quality-minded caver. With such highly qualified people as T. 0. Pundit, Gill Ediger, Beowulf, and Gandalf on the staff, you will certainly get your money's worth from OZTOT L. (However, at last report, the dollar was worth only about jwv


Page 86 The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 . from the book, THE AMAZING UNDERGROUND ADVENTURES OF Speleo T. Agnew by Ken A. Griffin Chapter l. I looked up from the drawing board as my manager came into the small office. The ink on the vellum was drying, and the illustrator was capping his rapidograph with a feeling of satisfaction and relief. I was proofing the layout of a full isometric Lunar Module for one of the NASA/TRW technical reports. I said hello to Gary, noticed his air force hair style, withheld comment, and gave a technical editor's "ok" on the lower -right side of the drawing. Gary and I left the illustrator (making jet engine noises as he lifted his work from the board). As we walked across the hall to my office, Gary, the manager and friend, introduced me to a whole new diversion---caving. He suprisedly asked if I'd ever been spelunking before, and I quickly retorted with a "he llnodoyouthinki 'mcrazy?" Sure, I went in Carlsbad when I was six years old, and again last summer with my wife and little girl on our vacation. But that was organized and lighted and safe and guided and clean. Man, I watched a documentary on TV about spelunkers. It was sponsored by Bell :Telephone and the show was good, but the actors were fools, and my chair was cozy, dry, and comfortable as I watched some weirdos crawl around in the mud, water, and dark somewhere under Kentucky. No thanks, not me! Then I made a comment about his hair being too short must be indicative of a flaw in his intelligence. He laughed as the friendly bite rolled off his good nature, and suggested I think it over. He knew I'd go before he ever asked. He knew I was a pushover for adventure, a sucker for excitement, and a big enough fool to do anything, but a big enough chicken to do it carefully. Sure enough, the more I thought about it, the more interested I became. Later that day, he showed me some pictures of his cave exploits in Arkansas and explained how simple it was. I looked at the pictures and noticed two women were in the group; then I methodically tallied the quantity of persons in the before and after photographs. The amo-unt was the same. The proposed trip was to Austin. Vern King, supervisor of the Reproduction Department, knew where several caves were located and had explored them as a teenager. He REPORT: BATMAN IS ALIVE AND WELL IN MEXICO!


The TEXAS CAVER, 1970 Page 87 and Gary discovered their mutual interest in caving and decided to organize a trip. Two engineers from _the Mission Analysis Laborator_y, Chuck Bennett (who had explored underwater caverns in Florida with scuba-gear) and Oskar Cerbins (who had never even been in Carlsbad) were invited to go along. I still had decided. We held a meeting at noon the next day, and Vern described the anticipated caves. Gary outlined procedures and listed the required gear. I knew I would go, but stated that I would see .what my wife thought. This brought on the barrage of sissy-flak, but I reserved my right to speak with counsel. ''Oh, by the way," icasually said to my wife after. dinner, "Gary wants me to g o cave exploring next weekend---think I ought to go?" She casually replied with a "hellnoareyouctazy?" Then came a tirade of wifely soap-box maxims about death, critters, evils, insurance, accidents, money, weekend widows, and other related, less pleasant topics. I retorted with logical parallels about freeways, lightning, sun stroke from yard work, VietNam, air pollution, and nuclear attacks. I began looking through my camping equipment for anything that could be used for caving .while she continued to enlighten me on matters of male stupidity. She knew I would go anyway. I knew she'd give her permission, but not without a struggle. Finally she threw up her hands in resignation, and kissed me on the cheek like a mother would a son who had just received a draft notice. I returned the kiss like a soldier going off to war would kiss his girl. After all, 1 was about to become a caver! * * * * * * You'll notice a change on our masthead this month---Russell"Harmon NASA and. TSA in search of knowledge at Penn State. We'll miss Rqss_ for his contributions to TSA and the CAVER have been significant and his colorful personality has made for some interesting adventures. Effective 1 May 1970, the NEWS&-HISTORY section of the CAVER will be edited by Mike Moody. W e .welcome Mike to the staff and urge the readers to submit trip r eports and organizatiati news to Mike at: 306 Park Drive, Apt. 107-C, Eueless, Texas For your facts and figures, the distribution o f the CAVER as of 1 May 1 970 breaks down as follows: Paid subscribers---167, Complem_entary copie!!l---29, Exchanges ---20 Of. copies, 14 are b eing s ent fo the members o f the NSS Board of Governors by the TSA at the r educed r a t e of $2. 50. R ecently, there were a great many but We cut _down due to the If you know of a good publication, drop us a line-and see about add1ng 1t. (Wlll someone please send me .the address of WINDY CITY SPELEONEWS and. SPELEO TYPE?) Incidentally, the bulk of the exchange: issues are with the ellus1ve Dewayne Dickey in A few of the more issue s are at. my and as accu mulate the y will b e 'forwarded. Thts. library of materials m a k e & good and you are urged to contact Dewayne (9658 Beverly Hill, Houston 77042) for lnfor-mation'regarding to these materials. ,


Page 88 The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 TSA Project 1970 This is the first of a series of articles about the caves of McKittrick Endless Cave, Sand Cave, Little Sand Cave, McKittrick Cave, Boyd's Cave, and Dry Pot. I will attempt to give a description of each cave and a summary of the general area. My intention is to familiarize as many people as possible with the caves of the project site and to give them some idea of what to expect when they attend the project. McKittrick Hill is the highest point of the Azotea Mesa and is located 15 miles west of Carlsbad, New Mexico. An oil drilling crew has, in years past, bulldozed a spacious, flat "platform" on the north end of the hill. This is the best campsite. This portion of New Mexico is a windswept, arid or semi-arid country of foothills covered sparsely with low scrub brush, cactus, and other spiny plants. Cavers should bring water and a wind break of some kind. Cavers should be self-reliant as it is about 20 miles to Carlsbad should supplies be needed. However, this should cause no difficulty as many successful trips and one project have already shown. More on this in the future . THE CAVES LITTLE SAND CAVE Little Sand Cave is just west of Endless Cave. The entrance appears to be an old mining excavation and has a pile of tailings around it. The short entrance chimney leads to a muddy crawl which leads to a series of crawls and small rooms. Halfway in, the passage forks with the left passage curving around to meet the right after a short distance. This connection, known as the "Frantic Fingers Passage" is only 2 inches high. Dr. Harris, from .. c '0' CHIMNEY SINK 7 0 FEET LITTLE SAND CAVE EDDY COUNTY, NEW MEXICO BRUNTON a TAPE SUfiM:Y 9/66 FIESELER, FIESELER, LOOSE, CARMEN


The TEXAS GAVER, May, 1970 Page 89 El Paso, collected some bones in the left hand room, and a few bats were seen in the right hand room. Total length of the cave is about 300 feet. It has been mapped and all leads checked, but it would still be an interesting cave to visit if you have a spare hour at the project. BOYD'S CAVE Although it is some distance east of the Hill, .Boydis .is ...._;ith the other caves. The entrance is on the side of a hill and has a tree growing out of This entrance was formed by the collapse of the ceiling at the end of a large room' where it came close to the surface. The cave is essentially one large r "oom ing back into the hill. Enough liunlight is admitted by the entrance. to allow one to visit all but the extreme rear of the cave without c .arrying a light. The back of cave is dry and dusty and several excavations have turned up various bones and per. haps some artifacts. Total length of the cave is about 400 feet and i( has been checked out and mapped. The project will probably not be too concer.ned with this. cave except perhaps for some scientific digging. However, like Little Sand Cave, it would be interesting to visit if you have time. m 0 25 FEET DIRT BOYD'S CAVE EDDY COUNTY, NEW MEXICO SKETCH. MAP I APRIL 1970 RONNIE FIESELER Future installments will deal with Sand Cave, McKittrick Cave, and the two major caves, Endless Cave and Dry Pot. Information on project plans will also be published as it becomes available.


Page 90 The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 All members of the NSS Board of Governors are now receiving the CAVER compliments of TSA. A good move. Bob Burney has returned! Yes, one we-ek in Arizona was all it took to convince him. Have you seen Bill Elliott's new SUPER BUMPER? More structural steel there than yousee in many aU-Tote-M. Says he wiped out 13 horse:s, 2 1/2 cows, and 7 unwary natives on the last trip to Valles. Take heed! Recent rumor has it that Ron Bridgeman has or will soon become a NARK! Yes, that's right, old ''Flat Top Ronnie" has turned on us, Something about chemical analysis for the L.A. Police Department, Late word has it that FuFu came out on the short end of a hassle with a rather large Mexican bus. No one injured, and Terry says that FuFu will soon be as good (?) as new. Ken Griffin, a member of the Toastmaster's Club, recently won 1st place with a talk about caving. (Ed. Note: Who furnished the shovels?) Want to try a REAL crossword? Latch onto a copy of the latest UTG NEWS. Carol Russell has outdone herself with a GIANT caver's puzzle. Rumor has it that even William was unable to solve it! Jon Vinson's new camper /pickup--"Body by Frankenstein". The localized Earth-Tremor phenomenon is spreading. First noted by G. Ediger and J. Moody at Carta Valley, they subsequently spread to San Marcos where they were again noted by Ediger and also by Mike Moody and Pete Lindsley, the later two experiencing "tent failure" as a result. At Carta Valley, the first weekend in May, Ediger was again a hapless victim, and reported that the tremors reached 8 on the scale These tren10rs can be downright distracting at times. Recipients are advised to remain calm and keep a sharp eye out in the future for conditions which might spawn such tremors. Did you hear about the fellow that rappeled in Golondrinas Nude? See, Burney, you were too slow! You can attend Elliott's wedding wearing your CV Tee shirt to make up for it. RECIPE: "Terrible Tea" 2 cups water 3 heaping tablespoons grass Boil covered for one hour. Drink. Vomit. Very mild high. From: A Child's Garden Of Grass by J.S. Margolis&: R. Clorfel


The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 DATE: March 7-8, 1970 DESTINATION: Midnight Cave Page 91 PERSONNEL: Viola Boyer, Erik Beck, Pat Beck, Ken Drake, Robert Keeper, Keenan Carstens, Paul Keeper, Mike Robinson, Kenny Rhoades, Randy Hodnett, Carl East, Russell Parker, Donald Crawford, PhilTaylor, and Barry Beck REPORTED BY: Paul Boyer Viola and Erik, who had been there three weeks before, guided the twelve others on a seven hour tour. Ken Drake did some underground photography, after talking with Carl Kunath in San Angelo. Everyone got to the very end of the cave, and got out again in spite of a mislaid map, with only minor mishaps Sunday the Carta Valley fieldhouse was subjected to a thorough spring cleaning. DATE: March 7, 1970 DESTINATION: Cricket Sink, Cardiac Cave PERSONNEL: Barry Beck and Paul Boyer REPORTED BY: Paul Boyer Barry and Paul found no one horne at the Hutto Ranch, except a Mexican, who was able to give them directions to Cricket Sink. They spent about two hours mapping while missing the eclipse outside. A large low room is reached directly from the entrance collapse cone. Three other rooms are reached by stooping and crawling around the circumference of the entrance cone, although one low room, the Raccoon Room, is reached by a crawl away from the entrance. This room is dusty-floored and has numerous goat and raccoon remains. They then rigged the 24 foot entrance drop into Cardiac Cave. A climb down the tall talus pile at the entrance leads to a high, flat-floored room about 150 feet long. A crawl to the right of this room leads to another large room. Many beetles, millipedes and spiders were noted in both caves. Barry found the corpse of a brown centipede about six inches long under the drop into Cardiac. DATE: March 20-22, 1970 DESTINATION: Fitton Cave, Arkansas PERSONNEL: R. Fieseler, M. Moody, B. Murphy, E. Fomby, B. Lloyd, D Harris, and M. Doughty REPORTED BY: Ronnie Fieseler The group left Dallas in the rain, which turned to snow. Fomby suggested a U-turn and a trip to Acuna, but the group forged ahead. The blizzard stopped more, next page


Page 92 The TEXAS CAVER, May,: 1970 when Oklahoma was reached .and good, .but cold, weather ,prevailed for the rest .of the trip. With seven in Moody.'s truck we but arrive_d in good spirits despite a rriuddy and slick climb up the hill. We entered the cave_and began to take pictures, hoping (or :salon winners. Thirteen h ours later we emerged with a couple of do.zen rolls of exposed film Starting for home break. fast Sunday we arrived in Dallas'about sundown, surely a rec'o!d arrival time for a Fitton trip. Unfortunately, our last for. saion was almost a failure in that only two, of pictures taken on the t-rip won recognition DATE: March 20, 21, 22,-1970 DESTINATiON: Lower Pecos River and Rio Grand region PERSONNEL: Louise Power and John Treichler REPORTED BY: Louise Power Friday night we drove directly to Carta Valley to spend the night. There we ran into a group from Texas A&! with whom we shared the hospitality of the field house, Saturday morning we left for the field. The bigger part of the day was spent walking Mile Canyon and photographing the shelters and artwork there. Later .that day we spent a good deal of time on the caver's favorite pastime, looking for the rancher who owns the property. We were unsuccessful in this venture. W e also spent some time interviewing some of the businessmen in the area and Sunday morn ing was spent at the dam site photographing the dam and the rising water. We also talked to more people from the area concerning their opinions on efforts to commercialize the area. That afternoon we returned to Houston. DATE: March 24-31, 197 0 DESTINATION: La Sierra de El Abra, Tamps. and SLP, Mexico PERSONNEL: Suzanne Wiley, Jim Shepperd, William Elliott REPORTED BY: William Elliott Our trip purpose was for Suzzane and I to continue work on our theses while Jim went for fun and to collect animals for acours' e he was taking. We visited Sotano de las Piedras to collect fish for some German biologists and also Arroyo Yerbanize. -The trip was plagued by much truck trouble and after continuous driving we arrived back in the Heart of God's Country (Lubbock) without further incident.-(Note: A more detailed report of their trip will appear in a later issue of the CAVER) DATE: March 26-30, 1970 DESTINATION: Gruta Del Palmito, Bustamante; Gruta de, Candela; Golondrinas Iron Mine, Candela; Phosphate Mine in Bustamante Canyon; Gruta de Villa de Garcia. PERSONNEL: RSS members and guests Bill Sherborne, Sue and Billy Campbell, Charles Lauderdale, Mike Connolly, Jim McLane, Russ Harmon, Charles Fromen, Barry Beck, Pat Beck, Erik Beck, Don Tebbet, Lloyd Pond, and Farrel Pond REPORTED BY: Paul Boyer This large group descended on a campground Bustamante Canyon and visited Gruta del Palmito, where the entrance was about to be gated by the commercial developers. Several groups tried to lead the climb up the flowstone slope to the Birthday Passage, but apparently without success. Several groups went over to Candela either to tour Gruta de Carrizal or to visit the iron mine. The operators more, next page


The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 Page 93 ') of the mine were happy to permit Bill Sherborne and Charles Fromen and others to visit the extensive horizontal drifts, reported to be several miles long. Barry Beck's car went on a tour of Gruta de Villa de Garcia, where negotiations .were made for permission to rappel in the skylight over the christmas tree, an impressive 300 plus foot drop. Jim McLane, Charles Fromen, Charles Lauderdale and others visited several smaller shelter caves on a ridge near Candela which had very well preserved pictographs. Perfect weather was enjoyed by all. DATE: April4-5, 1970 DESTINATION: Cave, Hidden Cave, New Mexico PERSONNEL: Mike Moody, Bill Murphy, Dick Moore, Ed Fomby, Bob Lloyd REPORTED BY: Mike Moody We arrived at the top of Dark Canyon around 5:30 am Saturday. After four hours of sleep we drove over to Hidden Cave and took a few pictures. We then went back to Cottonwood Cave to take a few more pictures. We all crashed early due to lack of sleep. Sunday morning we admired the scenery and left for home tired but satisfied. DATE: April 12, 1970 DESTINATION: Fischer's Pit, NBC PERSONNEL: R. Fieseler, M. Moody, B. Murphy, M. Doughty, M. McGee REPORTED BY: Ronnie Fieseler Leaving Wimberly Sunday after the convention we proceeded to Fischer's Pit. It looked deep, muddy, and tiresome so we dropped a couple of rocks in it and left. We then went to NBC for the convention photo trip and greatly enjoyed it. DATE: April 12, 1970 DESTINATION: TSA Convention, Cowan Ranch, Boyett's Cave, Jacob's Well PERSONNEL: Vi and Paul Boyer, Carl and John East, Robert Keeper; Hubert Morton, Albert Stevens, and Dan Watson REPORTED BY: Paul Boyer and Dan Watson Three small leads were checked with the help of Randy Cowan, the owner's son. All leads were within about one -half mile of tre ranch house. Cowan Pit has a three by four foot entrance pit dropping about fifteen feet into a room about twenty feet square. The floor slopes another seven feet to a tight crawl. This leads downward five feet and horizontally ten feet to another room about eight feet high and about ten feet by twelve feet. Cowan Cave had a sinkhole entrance about four feet by six feet and dropping six feet into a low breakdown floored room about twenty feet by twenty feet. The room has some dead flowstone, and is inhabited by scorpians and numerous crickets. A dead raccoon was noted. Coon Crevice is entered by a fissure about twelve feet long and one foot wide, with a tight crawl that leads off both ends. One of the leads becomes too tight to follow after about ten feet, and the other end leads to a low bedding plane room, in which Dan Watson reported a live raccoon. No more trips will be allowed here. more, next page


Page 94 DATE: April 12, 1970 DESTINATION: "T" Cave The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 PERSONNEL: Pat, Barry, and Erik Beck; Patti, Jesse, Billy, Dawn, and Eric Hurst REPORTED BY: Barry F. Beck After locating the vertical descent entrance of the cave, a few minutes were spent finding the less obvious, but climable lower entrance. Both families navigated the canyon type passage to a large bat colony about 400-500 feet inside, at which point progress was halted. Patti Hurst and Pat Beck took the children and returned to the entrance, while Jesse and Barry explored some short, lower level water passage. Following a short photography session, all emerged and went swimming in the nearby river, finally departing for home refreshed and much cleaner. DATE: April 24-26, 1970 DESTINATION: Endless Cave, McKittrick Cave, Boyd's Cave, Little Sand Cave PERSONNEL:. R. Fieseler, M. Moody, B. Lloyd, W. Burkes, M. Mooney REPORTED BY: Ronnie Fieseler Departing Fort Worth Friday evening, we arrived at McKittrick Hill about four o'clock Saturday morning. After about four hours of sleep we went into Endless Cave and spent about seven hours taking pictures before leaving. Later, Lloyd, Burkes, and Mooney took a tour through Little Sand Cave, while Fieseler and Moody stayed outside and took pictures of the colorful wildflowers. Sunday morning we went to McKittrick Cave where Bob Lloyd (alias the transistorized man, or thPhuman micro-dot) pushed two tiny crawls but was stopped for lack of a shovel. Moody and Fieseler once again were taking pictures of the escapades. After about three hours we left and went to Boyd's Cave. Fieseler needed some info for an article he was writing and the rest wanted to look around. After about 15 minutes we started for home. Moody had great fun speeding over the rough roads in his new Toyota, and was sorry to arrive back on paved roads for the long trip home. DATE: April 25, 1970 DESTINATION: Natural Bridge Caverns PERSONNEL: Pat and Barry Beck, Don TebbeL REPORTED BY: Barry F. Beck We entered NBC by the commercial exit and descended through the Valley of the Fallen Lords. We continued into the rear, non-commercial portion of the cave. After crawling several hundred feet, we reached Belayman's Bluff and rappelled into the much larger, final section of the cave. The entire trip was spent walking and stumbling through thick, wet clay. Except for a few small lakes and their immediate surroundings, the rear portion of NBC is rather bare and unattractive. Following exploration to the end of the known cave we returned and ascended the fifty feet to the bluff with mud continuously caking, but not fouling the jumars. Despite the muddy conditions and our generally tired state, all ascended safely, although rather slowly, and exited to hot showers at Mr. Heidemann's new camping facility(which we cleaned up afterwards). The camping facilities at NBC are extremely nice with hot showers and flush toilets, but since they are not yet a full time business the gate is locked until the next morning. If you can put up with the latter condition, I heartily recommend them. more, next page


The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 Page 95 DATE: May 2&3, 1970 DESTINATION: Carta Valley area-Midnight Cave and others PERSONNEL: Pat, Barry, and Erik Beck REPORTED BY: Barry F. Beck Pat and Erik crawled into Midnight and proceeded to the pit room where Barry joined them after rappeling in with some Dallas folks. We made a slow circuit of the cave proceeding to the corks.crew, but did not go through. Instead we spent much time taking numerous, poor quality pictures. Finally we returned to the pit room where Barry clirnbedout onhis own style spring-loaded earns, with never a single lost step. We joined the rest of the party at the lower entrance and returned to the fieldhouse. The following day, joined by Frornen, we made two stops at the Dul)bar ranch, but could not find anyone horne. In lieu of caving, we stopped at Garner Park on the way horne and refreshed ourselves with a dip in the Frio(that means cold) River. The was highlited by the Sunday morning initiation of Pat and Erik Beck into the ranks o the Garta Valley Society of Underground Cavers, Karstologists, and Speleologists, andtherebyrnust be considered an overwhelming success. DATE: May 2, 1970 DESTINATION: Hutto Bat Cave PERSONNEL: H. Benes, P. Lucille, M. Moody, E. Fomby, R. Fieseler, C. Kunath, and J. Vinson REPORTED BY: J. Vinson We left the Fieldhouse about mid-morning and headed for the Hutto ranch to check o ut a lead we had received eariier in the year. After searching for about two. hours on the wrong hill, the rancher carne along and showed us the cave. It turned out to b e a very large room with a large breakdown filled passage leading off at an oblique angle to the room. After checking the cave, Howard and Peggy returned topside to rest(?) while the remainder of the group made a complete survey of the cave. The length turned out to be about 400 feet. We left for the Fieldhouse with only minor difficulty, ie. Frodo, the supervan, managed to hang-high center on a small rock and required the concentrated efforts of all to move it off the rock. We later held a slide show back at the Fieldhouse. News& History Southwest Texas Grotto We visited Boyett's Cave with a group from SWT led by Mike Walsh. Although a ladder would have made the entrance drop a cinch, everybody made do with a handline. The cave has recently been surveyed to a depth of about sixty feet, and a register installed. It consists of about six levels of rooms and passages connected by several pits and domes. After Boyett's Cave we .dropped into Jacob's Well on Cypress Creek to swim and clean up. more, next page


Page 96 The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 San Antonio Grotto On 7 March, 1970, R. Bartholomew, D. Litsinger. A. Brandt, D. Allison, and J. Maxwell went to Brehmmer Heidrich Cave and finished gathering mapping data on the cave, On 22 March, 1970, Doug Nunnelly, Mike and Beverly Cox, and Gary Caldwell went to Devils Sinkhole. Doug took a few snapshots and Gary went down first. He was impressed because this was his longest vertical drop. On 25 March, 1970, Roger Sorrells, Ron Hudson, Robert Henry, Bob Burney, and Roger Bartholomew went to Sotano de las Golondrinas. A twelve hundred foot length of Blue Water II, which is Richard Newell's new caving rope, was used, The rope worked out very well. Bob Burney, Robert Henery, and Roger Bartholomew rappelled into the cave, The rappels took about twenty-five minutes on the average, Good control was maintained using five brake bars on a rack for the first half of the drop at which point one more bar was added for: the rest of the drop. After looking around a bit and taking some pictures, we signed the register and started out. Roger started out and pulled as much slack as possible through the MLG Ascenders when he found that after five steps he was off the ground and climbing. Roger and Robert took about 83 minutes to go out while Bob Burney took two hours because his Gibbs Ascenders would not set on the rope and he had to set them by hand. Roger Sorrells and Ron Hudson did not go down, but it was reassuring to us that they were on top helping us over the edge and watching over the rope and gear. A unique movie sequence was taken by Roger Bartholomew who rappelled down from the edge on another rope to about minus 100 feet and shot Bob Burney coming over the edge on the main rope and rappeling down past him, eventually becoming a small dot far below suspended in a sea of blackness. Roger was lucky to get the shots at all because the rope he was on was a 200 foot length of Goldline which spun him into a state of nausea which, when added to the psychological effect of hanging on a short line in such a deep drop, tended to cause his mind to wander from the task at hand. Balcones Grotto At the April meeting, officers were elected for 1970. New officers for the year are: Chairman-Wes Loder; Vice Chairman-Bill Russell; Sec. -Treasurer-Barbara Haydon; Equipment Chairman-Mike Bradley. Slides were also shown at the meeting by Tracy Blashill, Mike Bradley, and Wes Loder. During the Easter weekend, Tracy Blashill, Mike Bradley, Bill Russell, Wes Loder, and wife Linda made a surveying trip to "T" Cave. On 5 April, exploration of the stream level in "T" Cave was made by Bill and Carol Russell, Wes and Linda Loder, Wolfgang Lenhardt, Mike Bradley, and Brian Peterson. For the past few months several members have been exploring Back Bone Ridge looking for new caves. Several caves have been found and mapped. Tracy B lashill, Eugene and Barbara Haydon, Wes and Linda Loder, Bill and Carol Russell, and Dan Watson attended the TSA convention. Wes Loder and Dan Watson were the voting delegates for our grotto. Balcones also donated two carbide lamps for door prizes. Grotto meets the first Tuesday of each month, Howson Library, 2500 Exposition, Austin, Texas. Grotto address. Rt 2 B 89C M T 78653 ox a nor, exas more, next page


The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 Page 97 Rice Speleological Society Members of the RSS were active during March in Carta Valley and in Mexico (see trip reports}. The constitution was signed by charter members pursuent to application for an NSS charter, and finally sent in. Practically everyone went somewhere during the spring break, most preferring to tour Gruta de Palmito, Carrizal or the commercial cave at Villa Garcia. Louise Power did some field checking of the shelter caves of the Amisted Dam area. Louise continues to publish and mail a calander, which is becoming a sort of newsletter. On Thursday, 16 April, Dr. Jean-Claude Horiot gave a special talk on the caves of France: Burgundy and the Pyranees Mountains, sponsored by the RSS in our usual meeting place at 106 Geology Building. The last regular meeting of the school year will be 25 April, but meetings will continue throughout the summer every other Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. We welcome the participation of any active cavers in the Houston area in meetings and activities. Inquire, Barry Beck, Geology Department, Rice University, Houston, Texas, 77001. * * * * * * 1970 Photo Salon Results Entrants for the i 970 TSA PHOTO SALON: Billy Campbell Jose Smith Jim McLane Mike Moody Ronald Fieseler Michael Doughty Bill Murphy The categories and the winners in each: 1-A Scientific B& W Prints First-"A Study of Speleothems" by Harmon 2-A Scientific Color Prints First-"Two Beauties" by Russ Harmon Third -"no title" by Russ Harmon HM-"Birthday Beauty" by Russ Harmon 3-B Open Color Slides First-"no title" by Jim McLane Secorid-"Rimstone Dams" by Bartholomew Third-"no title'' by Mike Moody HM-"no title" by Jim McLane HM-"Quiet Pools" by Bartholomew HM-"Psychedelia Blue" by Bartholomew HM-"Tomahawk" b y .Jon V1nson 3-D Story Series Colo'r Sli<;ies First-"no title" by Bartholomew HM-"Before and After" by Jon Vinson Don Broussard Roger Bartholomew Barry Beck Jon Clayton Russ Harmon Jon Vinson 1-B Open B& W Prints HM-"no title" by Mike Doughty HM-"Rest Stop" by Bill Murphy 3-A Scientific Color Slides First-"Bloody Mary" by R. Fieseler Second-"Dry Pot Bones" by Fieseler Garden" by Bartholomew 3 -C Activity .. Color Slides First-"The Photographer" by Moody Second-"Rappel into MFP" by Fieseler Third-"Mapping" by Bartholomew 3 -F Humor Color Slides First-"Cave Nymph" by R. Fieseler Second-"It Didn't Go" by R. Fiesel'er Third-"Atlas" by Bartholomew




The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 CAPTIONS FOR PHOTOS OPPOSITE: (All photos by Russell Harmon.) TOP ROW 1970 BOG meeting. Current TSA Chairman, Gill Ediger. (Did you vote for this man?) MIDDLE ROW College camp at Wimberley waiting for the barbeque. Bi 11 Elliott presents his talk on the caves of the El Abra. Bill Elliott models the latest(?) in caving headgear. LOWER ROW Karen Bradley (now Mrs. Lindsley), looks her best for the camera. The CAVER Editor and Assistant-Assistant man the publications desk. Page 99 Cavers gather around to have official CV Tee shirts made. (proceeds to CAVER.) BOTTOM ROW Carol Russell's art work decorates the meeting area. Stout souls the morning after the party. * * * * * * Texas Caver's Crossword -Solution


Page 100 FOR SALE: The TEXAS CAVER, May, 1970 I SPELEO -MART LOST: Used 35mm f/2.8 Auto Nikkor lens. One small bubble from the bubble Lots of good cave pictures made with this lens. $60.00. Also, brand new 135mm f/3. 5 Auto Nikkor lens with hood and plastic case." Never used. thingie in Pete Lindsley's Brunton. Reward of one quart of Pete's homemade raddish wine if found. Contact Pete Lindsley. $100.00 or what do you have to trade. Contact the Editor. NEEDED: Any used caviuz gear fo r donations FOUND: One smallbubble, about 1/4 inch to the cavers in the Lubbock tornado. Send all items to the TEXAS CAVER. in diameter, smells .like raddish wine. Contact Sam Gamgee, Box 222 Hobbiton, Texas, 77091 * * * * * SPELEOCALENDAR 22 May-----------Day of mourning for Lin.dsley, Dallas. 23 May-----------Day of mourning for Elliott, San Marcos. 22 June ----------Summer Solstice---plan on this one. 3 1 June --------Bilbo Baggins Day. 1 August ---------Day ofmourning for Ediger, NBC. 15-22 August ---:---NSS Convention, State College, Pa. 5-7 September ----Hobbits Holiday---TSA Project at McKittrick Hill. * * * * * * . * EXCHANGERS: Address copies to: 2302 W. Avenue J, San Angelo, Texas 76901 The TEXAS CAVER 1218 M elrose Waco, T exas 76710 The official publication of the Texas Association affiliated with the National Speleological Society ' H<' ro RrcnARo w. c LEMENT .... 'II '\

Contents: Fault Cave /
B. Campbell, B. Sherborne, R. Harmon, B. Beck --
Map of Fault Cave (plan) / Campbell, Sherborne, Harmon,
Beck --
Review (What is an OZTOTL?) --
Adventures of Speleo T. Agnew / Ken A. Griffin --
Editorial (Kunath's 1 1/2 cents worth.) --
TSA Project 1970 / Ronnie Fieseler --
Map of Little Sand cave / Fieseler, Fieseler, Loose,
Carmen --
Map of Boyd's Cave / Ronnie Fieseler --
Garbage (Trash for your mind.) --
Trips (Where they went, what they did.) --
News and history --
1970 TSA photo salon results --
1970 convention photos --
Photo captions --
Solution to Texas Caver's crossword --
Speleo-mart --


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