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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Ye curse of ye dodge boys by The Rain God (Epic #5) -- Cartoon / Bill Elliott -- Editorial -- Caver of the Month: Jon Vinson / Mike Moody -- Cup of tea / James Jasek -- Carto0n by Loving and/or O.M. Wisdom -- Photos -- TSS (Report by A. Richard Smith) -- TSA patches (sold only by Neal Morris) -- Accident report / Barry F. Beck -- Real county survey -- Letters to the Editor (letter and cartoon by Claude Vallee) -- For your information / James Jasek -- Cartoon / Bill Elliott -- Courtesy (reprint) -- Trips -- News and history -- Speleo-mart -- Speleo-calendar.
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Vol. 16, no. 02 (1971)
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THE TEX.AS C.Av-Eillt February 1971


COVER: Photo by Pete Lindsley of a nice crystaline formation. No technical data but most likely taken with Nikon equipment. The TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological As sociation and is published in Euless, Texas. Material for publication shoul d be typed double-spaced and sent to the Editor at 305 Bayless Dr. E uless, Texas 76039 no later than the first of the month of publication. Grotto news and trip reports should be sent to the Assistant Editor, Mike Moody, at 306 Park Drive, Apt 107C, Euless, Texas 76039. Subscriptions are $4.00 per year for 12 issues and all subscriptions begin wjth the January issue. All requests for subscriptions should be sent to James Jasek at 1213 Melrose, Waco, Texas 76710. Persons subscribing after the first of the year will receive all back issues for that year. S ingl e copies are available at 40 each postage paid anywhere in the U S (c) 1971 by The TEXAS CAVER STAFF Editor------------------Ronnie Fieseler Assistant Editor--------Mike Moody General F lunky----------C A Vemonger Printer-----------------Jon Everage Assembly----------------Rice Grotto Distribution------------James Jasek C l ub Correspondants-----Neal Morris (A&I), Scott Harden (AAC), Mike (STSUG), Barry Beck (Rice), Karen Lindsley (DFWG ) THE TEXAS CAVER, V O L UME XVI, NUMBER 2 -)(* * * -)(* CONTENTS PAGE 23 YE CURSE OF YE DODGE BOYS by The Rain God (Epic # 5) 24 CARTOON by Bill Elliott 25 EDITO R IAL 26 CAVER OF THE MONTH-Jon Vinson by Mike Moody 27 CUP O F TEA by James Jasek CARTOON by Loving and/or O M Wisdom 23 PHOTO S 29 TSS (Report by A Richard Smith) TSA PATCHES (sold only by Nea l Morris) 30 ACCIDENT REPORT by Barry F Beck REAL COUNTY SURVEY 31 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (letter and cartoon by Claude Vallee) 32 FOR YOUR INFORMATIONb y James Jasek CARTOON by Bill Elliott 33 COU RTESY (reprint) 34 TRIPS 3 3 NEWS AND HISTORY 39 SPELEO -MART and SP ELE O -CALENDAR * * * * * EXCHANGERS: Address copies to 305 Bayless Dr. Euless, Texas 76039 *


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Page 23 Epic # 5 pe of pe 11\obge Jjops by Th e Rain God (alias Barry F B eck) "We'll pick u p Jean Claude Horiot at 4 :25 i n the morning and then pick u p Don Tebbet at 4 :35 and head for Mexico. 11 Y e h right, o u r plans were perfect. Well, not quite. Actually, what happened wa s that we (Pat, Erik, and I ) picked up Jean C laude at 4 :35 and w ent over t o Don1s plac e at 4:45 where we wasted s e veral minutes pou nd ing o n the door and doorbell, which wa s all necessary to arous e Don from his nocturnal slumber. Anyway, we finally got going about an hour b ehind schedule, which i s better that usual. For once the trip across the border was uneventful and we arrived at Gruta de Garcia later that day to look up o u r Mexican caving friend Roberto Garza. Rober to had promised to show us several little known caves in the area surrounding Gruta de Garcia and vJe were anxious to go to it. Roberto finally showed up after dinner ( which was not his fault since he had no earthly idea that we were coming) and much gaiety and beer drinking ensued and a few tentative plans were made. Friday we headed north to Sabinas Hidalgo to look into some of the caves near there, Roberto having needed a day to make arrangements back at Garcia. However, between Monterrey and Sabinas, my truck dealt us a dastardly blow in the form of deciding not to wor k properly, o r hardly at all. Luckily both Jean Claude and Don speak Spanish a nd we were able to get hold of the local English speaking mechanic and char l atan and attempt repairs on the engine. However, each time we altered something, we would drive through Sabinas and it would work fine, but as soon as we got outside the city it would not work quite so fine and commence t o buck and sputter. Finally, we dropped J.C. and my wife, Pat, off at t h e caves and Don and I went back to attempt to correct the problem. Much later, after many trials, it appeared that we finally had it fixed. W e p icked u p our cavers, who had found two little, bitty teensy, weensy cav e s w a y far the heck up on the side of an ungodly steep mountainside covered with cactus and unstable boulders and who were, consequ entl y in n o better frame of mind than Don and I But, at least the t r uck was fixed and tomorrow would bring caves galore. About ten miles outside Sabinas Hidalg o my dear truck, which I really am quite fond of, returned to its uncooperativ e habits and I split the quiet Mexican evening asunder with loud and profane epithets. However, we finally found that by removing the air filter and p utting a perforated lid from a margarine tub in its place we could proceed more or less satisfactorily, if Don held the lid in place. This i s all pos sible, you see, since the motor of a van is accessible from the inside; however, driving with the motor uncovered does severely limit polite conversation.


Page 24 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Finally we arrived back at Garcia where we camped and Roberto once more saved the day with many Carta Blancas and promises to help us get m y truck fixed in the morning. Saturday morning we commenced to exhume all the various possible culprits in the motor and finally got around to the fuel pump, which we had replaced the night before and then unreplaced since replacing it didn't fix the trouble. It seems though, that Mexican fuel pumps do not exactly match their American counterparts and apparently this indeed was the culprit. Once more, Roberto Garza to the rescue, and we finally put the truck on the road for a test r u n after a heart transplant in which my '69 Dodge Van received the electric fuel pump from an ancient and doddering Mexican dump truck which just happened to be l ying around the cave grounds. As it turns out,this was exactly the problem and I ran three months on that fuel pump before I replaced it with the proper American counterpart just for good measure Now this takes us from morning at 4:35AM until Saturday evening about 4:00 PM, with Sunday scheduled for return. Needless to say we were still anxious to do some caving so we picked u p a local resident who knew the location of one of the caves Roberto had long ago visited and we headed for Cueva de Agua Dulce. This cueva consists of a sinkhole with a talus slope leading down into the cave at which point you are standing at the bottom and looking up another talus slope which, it turns out, goes to another pit entrance. If you think about this a moment you can visulize the cave and will have some idea of our la6k of particularly considering that there wasn't one furshlurgina speleothem in the whole thing. On the other hand it did have one neat former opening plugged with humongous boulders wedged into it and all resting against one chockstone type thing in the middle which gave one all sorts of comforting thoughts like death and entrapment and other hilarious goodies. Following t his adventure we returned to Gruta de Garcia, which was closed for the evening, and Roberto said we could go up if we liked, although the cable car wouldn't be running. There is a long, but fairly easy switchback trail winding up the mountain to the cave. As the trail is little used and hard to find, and it being dark, we decided to walk right up the funicular tracks of the cable car (which would be easy to follow). In case you have (read on, dear hearts)


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Page 25 never been to Gruta de Garcia, let me inform you that these tracks g o straight up the mountain. The degree of slope increases as you climb until it seems to exceed 90 degrees. If we had not been able to hold onto the cable, I am more than sure that all three of us (Don, J.C., and I) would have tumbled back down the mountain and kept on going f o r 472 miles up the canyon. We finally did get to the cave and and I must say that how ever spectacular the Gruta appears on the tour, it is many times more impressive by the light of only a headlamp. W e were able to r oam as we pleased through the cave, on and off the trails, and even rigged a rappel from one of the high balconies near t h e entrance. W e also found a wall of white helictites off the tourist trail with several unusual formations among them. All in we thoroughly enjoyed o u r visit in Garcia. But, we finally succumbed to total exhaustion and headed back dovm the tracks. As we neared the bottom, we all knew that we must take a shower with the hose behind the restaurant since we were extremely hot and sweaty. However, after drinking our last Carta Blanca and relax ing briefly, we notjced that the night air was a good bit colder tha n we had previously thought. With this in mind we advanced on the hose with a good deal more reservation now and began to wash up, I finally talked the others into actually showering and then almost talked myself out of it as they jumped and cursed i n the cold night air. However,. I had visions of being beaten to death by my two companions if I opted out of the shower after having talked them into near refrigeration. So with much trepidation, I too went under the hose and froze. This,then, was the only notable caving of our entire trip. Sunday was devoted to a quick trip to Sa ltillo and the return to Houston. All in all, we had seen three very insignificant caves and one commercial cave, becoming thoroughly exhausted in thPprocess. And of course the troubles with my poor truck .... oh well, at least it didn't rain. * * * ..... lS l!? l!J lliJ OFl * As some of the more discerning readers may have already noticed, we have altered the appearance of the TC by changing typewriters. itJhile this may make for a small discontinuity in the 1971 TC, it will at the same time make for a more timely publication. Mik e Moody has just obtained a fine typewriter of his own which we will be using instead of the one at his office. This means we will not have to rely on the accessibility of his office to t ype the TC. \.Vhen we receive material_ we can now retype it almost as soon as we get it, which will aid in our getting each issue out faster. Just keep that material coming in! We'll do the rest.


Page 26 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Jon Vinson started caving in his high school days. He continued to do so when he attended San Angelo College. It was about then that he joined the NSS. He left Angelo to attend Texas Tech, and his caving activities increased as he became a member of the Texas Tech Speleological Society. Being an extremly likeable and active caver, he was elected as Chairman of the club during his second year there. Eventually he moved back to San Angelo to live and go to work. Jon continued caving in South Texas, New Mexico, and the Carta Valley area. He has managed to attend most of the TSA projects and conventions. Jon was a founding member of Carta Valley S UCKS group. He has helped in the survey of the area, both in mapping thecaves and at the drafting table. Jon worked with Carl Kunath on the 1970 TEXAS CAVER until about October, being helpful in getting the TC back up on it's feet. He was included in the Preston McMichael Award to the staff of the TEXAS CAVER As host to the memorable 1970 January TSA BOG meeting, Jon did a fine job as everyone will remember. He also arranged for the 1971 January BOG, which also turned out a great success. Besides arranging for the College Lakehouse and the camping and/or party area, Jon even jury rigged a light pole so the party-goers could have some electricity for the slide projector and stereo system. Delegates to this BOG recognized his ability as an organizer, and immediately took advantage of it. Jon was elected Vice-Chairman of the TSA for the remainder of 1971 at this time. He is already at work planing the 1971 Convention, and has some good ideas, which should assure a fine convention. Perhaps one of Jon's most notable and impressive achievements is his manufacturing of the famous "Speleo-Bumper". After a couple of practice bumpers, Jon virtually perfected the design and there are now three of them in existance; these being on the trucks of Bill Elliott, Ronnie Fieseler, and of course, Jon's. It seems that everyone who has seen one of these giant jungle crashing bumpers immediately wants one of his own, anu Jon is rightfully proud of his famous "Speleo-Bumper". Ccngratulations to Jon Vinson, the tall, thin man from West Texas, and Caver of the Month! Mike Moody


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 27 A Cup of Tea by James Jasek Most of us cave a little on the hungry side: we either grab a bite to eat immediately b efore entering the cave, or bring along a few candy bars to hold us over until we leave the cave. With all the compact freeze dried foods on todays market, why not have yourself a hot meal in the cave? You sill be amazed at the en ergy received from a well balanced meal and you will feel much better about caving for another six or seven hours. All you need is a small light weight sto v e to boil a cup of water. Just recently, I made myself a small stove from an empty 35 mm film can, and thought other cavers might find this interesting. The idea i s by no means new; in fact, small alcohol stoves have been on the market for many y e a r s (Ed. note: The Co-op has a good selection of small stoves.) The stove is made by filling an empty film can with glass wool or just p lain cotton, then soaking it with denatured alco hol. Be sure you use denatured alcohol as it contains a very small percentage of water and burns with a good hot flame. Ordinary r ubb-ing (medicine cabinet) alcohol will probably work, but since it contains a higher percentage of water, it will not produce as hot a flame. When you get ready to use the stove, remove the screw-on lid, and light it with your carbide flame. Three flat rocks can be arranged around the stove for supporting the cup of water you are heating. It will take about five minutes to boil one-half cup of water. A very good brand of freeze dried food is sold under the trade of Tea Kettle and is distributed by Recreational Equipment, Inc. (the Co-op) at 1125 llth Avenue, Seattle, Washington 9 3122. Send one dollar for their catalog. They have a tremendous selection of this brand and several others, all good light weight food. The one man servings are a very convienient size and only weigh about 1.3 ounces. They are prepared by adding l/3 cup of boiling water and shaking for a few minutes to dissolve and soak the food. While your buddies are munching a cold candy bar, you can have a hot meal and while you are at it, have yourself a cup of tea! * -)(* * * -------........


Page 2 3 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 PHOTOS It seemed to us that a few more pictures were needed to bring this issue up to par. Unfortunately, those you see here are the only ones we had available. If you have a print that you think others might enjoy seeing, send it to us. It doesn't have to be an enlargement or of cover quality Send photos with your articles too. Photos make a more interesting TC, so send us some! Left: Bob Lloy d in Cueva de la Boca, near Monterrey. (photo by R. Fieseler) Below: Your editors, Moody and Fieseler, somewhere in Mexico. (photo by Ed Fomby )


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Page 29 TSS Another new issue of the TSS? YES! T hanks to a little housecleaning by our printer, the manuscript of 11A Key to the Bats of Texas and Adj9.cent Regions", Volume III, Number 5 was found and has now been completed for distribution. Although this issue is another short one (21 pages), it should inter e s t everyone who is trying to identify the bat that just bit him. Tony Mol lhagen, a graduate student at Texas Tech, has prepared an easil y used key to all the known bat s of Texas (27 species), and has illustrated s ome of the identifying characteristics Also included are details of habitat and range of all known Texas bats and about 15 others that might occur in the state but haven' t been found yet. Several subscribers have not yet receiv e d their Lubbock County issue; this will be mailed with the Bat K e y to save postage. Because of several moves and othe r reasons, no records were kept of the many contributors to the Survey during 1970. However, one s that did included Scott Harden Roger Bartholomew, J immy Schroeder, Dan Watson, Barry Beck, and Dave Litsinger. The Surve y s thanks to these and all the others that I simpl y do not remember. Without you, w e're nothing. I n January, the T SS received c a v e reports, maps, and clippings Bill Elliott, Ronnie Fieseler, Scott Harden, Neal Morris, Jimmy Schroeder, and Dan Watson. OZTOTL sent it' s latest issue. \ATe h a v e received nine new subscriptions, mostly at the TSA BOG i n San Angelo Final drafting is in progress on the Kimble County issu e It'll b e out in a short while, so make sure the Su r v e y has your correct mailing address. The correct TS S address is still (four months in a row e ven! ) : * Texas Speleological Survey A. Richard Smith 241 4-C Branard Houston, Texas 77006 * .atches * The four inch, four color TSA emblem decal s are still available for only 35 each. The sew-on patches are now sold out. Persons desiring the decals shoul d make checks payable to TSA Patch Fund, and ad dress to: N e a l Morris 1205 W. Richard Kingsville, Texas 73363 E very TSA member should display at least o n e of these colorfu l decals. Order Now!


Page 30 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Accident Report by Barry F. Beck Although the following accident did not actually happen while caving, it occured in a cave related context and may have value for other cavers in the retelling. Friday evening of the BOG weekend in San Angelo (January 29), following some mild festivities, our family adjourned to our van-converted-to camper for some sleep. With the possibility of a cold evening ahead, I lit our catalytic heater and, after it burned down, placed it in the inside of my truck. Thinking only of sleep, I failed to open any windo w s in the truck for ventilation. Saturday morning we all awoke feeling absolutely horrible. My wife, Pat, and I had headaches the likes of which I hav e never felt before, and both my son, Erik, and I experienced severe a n d very uncomfortable nausea. After analyzing the situation it appears that these symptoms are due to a lack of oxygen caused by using t h e heater in a non-ventilated condition. Let me emphasize that the accident was the fault of the operator, not the heater. These heaters are quite safe and helpful when used properly, but they must be reasonably ventilated . No prolonged affects or difficulties were noticed in this but the improper use of a catalytic heater for long periods of time may bring about worse cases. It could possibly result in asphyxiation similar to the ruany cases which result from using open-flame gas heaters in non-ventilated rooms. So watch that ventilation! * * * * leal Neal Morris, T.C. Ferret, and several others of the Texas A&I Grotto have initiated a Real County Cave Survey. They have started at the southern end of the county and say tha t they are slowly working their way northwards. Already they have several maps, descriptions, locations, leads, etc. By personally contacting every rancher and landowner, they hope to have complete a survey of the county as possible. But they would still like (and need) information of any kind concerning caves in Rea l County So all you cavers out there with any info on this subject send it to Neal at the address below. Let1s help to finish another county s urvey by contributing what we can, regardless of how little or seemingly insignificant it may appear to be, to these cavers who have gotten this survey started. Any information is better than none at really appreciate your helping them out. h j story or scientific info, trip reports, Neal Morris all, and these guys will Send maps, leads, locations, etc. to: 1205 W. Richard Kingsville, Texas 78363


T h e TEX A S CAVER, Februar y 1971 Page 31 To The IDITOR Montreal, le 1 3 Janvier 1971 Dear TC editor, I v e decided to make a little contribution to your great publication So I am s ending you som e cartoons and photographs These are s ome o f the first pictures that I took underground. And it will sure b e an entertainment for me to see one of them i n t h e TC. Anyway, I am very pleased i n giving som e material for publication. I think it should create a friendship between cavers from p lace s so far from each other Sincerely, Claude Vallee S Q S Exped. Chmn N SS 12 635 (Ed note : I receiv e d this letter f rom one of our good friends u p in .... r Montreal, Canada. He 1s a member of the Soc1ete Que bececo1se d e Sp e -r leologie. His pictures were very interesting, but unfortunately, t h e y were color prints so w e can' t print them in the TC. I thought you would enjoy reading his letter and a lso in seeing his cartoon. Thanks for writing, Claude ) -X* * * Vts ,,.. TO A * * ARE WE FAR T\4E.. (3\G. ROOM? /


Page 32 The T EXAS CAVER, February 1971 Jl'oR YouR NFORMATIONThe TEXAS CAVER now has the long awaited bul k mailing permit that will allow us to mail the CAVER at a reduced rate and save us a bout one hundred dollars per year. This saving will insure you a better publication. Th e thanks for the bulk permit goes to the Tom Padgitt Company in Waco They are central Texas' largest camera and photographic supply house and have donated the money f o r us to get the permit. In retu r n w e are running a m o nthly ad that appears on the back p a g e of the TC. I have been doing business with Padgitts for about nine years and have always received top name equipment and a ver y fair price. As you can see from the ad, they carry everything. Padgitts is what I would call a full service camera store; they will trade for your old equipment, sell you new stuff at a discount ranging from 1 0 to 20% depending on the item, and supply you with any technical assistance you may need One hidden advantage of doing business with a long e s tablished business like Padgitts is that over the years they have buil t up a large supply of a l l types of items. This comes in mighty handy when yo11 are looking for an outdated accessory to fj t your camera. There is a darn good chance that t hey can help Th e best way to do business with Padgitts is to ope n a charge ac coGnt. This can be done by writing and telling t h em of your desires They are accustomed to mail o rder business and ship orders out the same day they are received i f t h e item is in stock. They pay p o s t a l charges on all orders over fifty dollars. When you need a price quotation o r technical advice, call Mr. Gardiner Ellis, who will be able to answer any question and give you a firm quotation. Give our advertiser a try next time you are looking for a camera or accessories, or if you plan t o stock your darkroom. You'll be glad that you did. * * * / James Jasek * * NO usr 1RYtNG 1o IR AI N Nos HAl RS


The TEXA.S : :1\VER, February 1971 Page 33 flouRTESY Number 2 in a series l. Because many caves are on private land, cavers are uniquely dependent upon the goodwill of people who are often totally disenter e sted in the sport of caving. Rudeness and thoughtlessness have resulted in many popular caves being declared off limits by the owners. Therefore, get permission to visit a cave in advance, preferably b y a visit with the owner. 2 In crossing an owner's land, don' t damage fences or other pro perty. Leave gates open or closed, as found. Replace cave cove rings such as brush or boards, even while people are in the cave. 3 Don't tease or chase livestock Take special care not to startle flocks of poultry. 4. Never camp on t h e cave owner' s land unless he invites you. Don' t e ven ask. Pick up your own trash and any t h a t others may have left: As k where to park your cars. 5 Thank the owner as you leave. Send him a letter of appreciation including, if possible, pictures taken inside the cave. (Reprinted without permission from article b y Robert Crawford, Indiana, Pennsylvania. ) * * * * * SUPPORT the OFFI CERS OF THE TEXAS S PELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION FOR 1971 ARE: Chairman--------------Barry F. Beck, 1302 Driscoll, Houston, Texas 77019 Vice-Chairman---------Jon Vinson, 2438 Dallas, San Angelo Texas 769 0 1 Secretary-Treasurer---Suzanne Wiley, Box 4563 TT, Lubbock, Texas 79409


Page 34 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 D ATE: 17 October 1970 D ESTI N ATIO N : Gruta del Palmito PER S O N NEL: Gill Ediger, Clark Tillie and Paul Vass REP ORTED B Y : Neal Morris Attended t h e U T thing at Bustamante. DATE: 17 O ctober 1970 DESTI NATIO N : Wilson's Cave, Real County PERS O NNEL: Neal Morris, Craig Bittinger, Paul Duncan, Robert Bensen, S u san Bensen and Ruth McCreary REPO RTED BY: Neal Morris T h e group surveyed in Wilson's Cave and did some lead checking in Real County. DATE: 2 4 October 1970 DESTINATIO N : Devil's Sinkhole, Fountain Cave and Wilson's Cave PERS O N NEL: Clark Tillie, Brad Hubbard, Donna Dierickx, Fred Paschal, Neal Morris, Paul Vass, Jim Clements, Harold Ra y Romike (Termite) and Tom Wright REPORTED B Y : Neal Morris We meet cavers from P.A.S.S., R.G.V. and U.T.G. for a training session at t h e Sinkhole. We then split up to do more work on the Real County Survey DATE: 7 November 1970 DESTINATION: Wilson's Cave PERSONNEL: Paul Vass, Ron Stringer and Neal Morris REP ORTED B Y : Neal Morris We visited Wilson's Cave and had some trouble with a crumpled radiator after lowering the deer population. DATE: 21 November 1970 DESTINATIO N: Four Mile Cave PERS O N NEL: Craig Bittinger, Paul Vass, Ruth McCreary and others REP ORTED BY: Neal Morris T h e group did Four Mile Cave and went home.


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Page 35 DATE: 16 January 1971 DESTINATION: Real County PERSONNEL: Paul Vass, Ronnie Stringer, Termite, Ruth McCreary, Tom Wright, Neal Morris and T.C. Ferret REPORTED BY: Neal Morris We surveyed six caves continuing the A & I survey of Real County. DAT.E: 31 January 1971 DESTINATION: Devil's Sinkhole PERSONNEL: Ronnie Fieseler, Ann Whiting, Jon Vinson, Bill Elliott, Suzanne Wiley, Terry Raines et al, Tracy Johnson et al REPORTED BY: Ronnie Fieseler We went to the Sinkhole fr)m the BOG meeting. We rigged one B l uewater and one Goldline rope for the drop. About half of us went down to see the cave and help Bill and Suzanne collect some bugs and varmits. Almost all of us climbed out on the Bluewater and found it far superior to Goldline for this kind of drop. Spin and strech were almost nonexistant and climbing was almost fun. Jon and Ronnie took some pictures of the activities. DATE: ? December 1970 DESTINATION: Hammett's Cave, Travis County PERSONNEL: Dave Litsinger, Andy and Jack Maxwell REPORTED BY: Dave Litsinger Two afternoons were spent exploring and picture taking. A very beautiful area. DATE: 3 January 1971 DESTINATION: Dawn's Delight Cave PERSONNEL: Richard Payne, Vincent Chuck Steuhm, Susan Burke and Dorothy Llewellyn REPORTED BY: Vincent Orozco We combed the area for leads and found three or four rock filled holes. Dorothy and I found the cave entrance. The cave consists of two pits. Richard and I were able to go to the top of the second pit. DATE: 7 February 1971 DESTINATION: Dallas-Ft. Worth Regional Airport PERSONNEL: Mike Moody, Richard Taylor, Bill Murphy, David Osborn and C.A. Vemonger Work was started on the exploration and photographing of the extremely vast and complex drainage system at the airport site. It is hoped that enough information and photographs can be assembled to have an interesting program at the upcoming convention. More will follow on this thrilling and varied underground complex.


Page 36 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 DATE: 17 January 1971 DESTINATION: Dawn's Delight Cave PERSONNEL: Richard Payne, Vincent Orozco, Robert Morris, Star Rangel, Charles and Rick Rangel and Dorothy Llewellyn REPORTED BY: Vincent Orozco We cleared out a second entrance to the cave but it was still not big enough to crawl through. We found a few leads in the area and found frogs in Dawn's Cave. We took pictures and left nothing but footprints DATE: 24 January 1971 DESTINATION: Medina Lake, Helotes, Villa's Real Cave PERSONNEL: Joe Smith, David Dorycott and Scott Harden REPORTED BY: Scott Harden We tried to find Medina Sink with no success. We then headed for Helotes and Villa Real's Cave. Cavers, just because deer season is over don't be relieved, while walking from the cave we wPre nearly exterminated by a stray bullet from a closeby rifle range. After a little vertical practice on a nearby cliff we headed ror home. DATE: 30 January 1971 DESTINATION: Frio Bat Cave, Concan Park David Allison, Scott Harden and Joseph B. Smith I REPORTED BY: Scott Harden We observed fantastic weather phenomena while driving to the cave. A few hours were spent looking for the ranch forman. We spent four hours in the cave walking amongst the guano and in the incredibly huge rooms. Surprisingly, there are nice formations in the cave, some not even guano stained. We explored several hu.ndred feet of maze type passage. We then ventured to Concan Park and the Frio River, where we started to jump in the water but chickened out. It was in the middle of winter mind you! DATE: 24 December 19704 Jama:y 1971 DESTINATION: Northern Oaxaca, Mexico PERSONNEL: Roger Bartholomew, Bill Wright, Bob Burney, Ross Felton, Roger Sorrells, Roger MacMillan, Robert Henry and Scott Harden REPORTED BY: Scott Harden Roger B. had obtained a lead from a missionary working in the area. It is a highly karsted area and many pits and caves were found. Most impressive was Sotano de la Bruja, so named because in 1956 a "witch" had her heart cut out and was thrown into the pit. The cave is slightly over 600 feet deep. Also entered was Comedor del Diablo (Dining Hall of the Devil). This cave is about 400 feet deep ending in a very deep pool. The longest cave was Cueva de la Laguna, a water cave with large passage. The cave is supposed to extend beyond the siphon where exploration ceased, about 600 feet from the entrance. One cave was called Cave of the Demons because of weird legends. A few smaller


The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 Page 3 7 caves were entered. The group then split up. O ne group went home while the others went to Monte Alban ruins. Then they went to Puerto Angel for a swim in the Pacific. O n the way home they stopped to give two rather bloody accident victims a ride to Puebla. The y arrived home Monday about 4:00 AM. DATE: 29-31 January 1971 DESTINATION: Big Gorman, Little Gorman, Gorman Sink, a sink ne a r Gorman Sink PERSONNEL: Dick and Mary Moore, Bill and Lonnette Pierce, Lynn and Marge Croxdale and Bob Dunn REPORTED B Y : Bob Dunn We shunned the big blow at San Angelo and headed for Bend, Texa s T aught some ropes on the cliffs, and visited Big and Little Gorman Gorman Sink and another nearby sink. We also dug at a couple of I ndian cooking mounds, without too many results. DATE: 23 January 1971 DESTINATION: Real County PERSONNEL: Brad Hubbard, T.C. Ferret, Neal Morris, Paul Duncan and. Roger MacMillan REPORTED BY: Neal Morris We checked leads and found two sinks for the Real County Survey. DATE: 30 January 1971 DESTINATION: BOG Meeting, San Angelo PERSONNEL: Neal Morris, Craig Bittinger, Tom Wright and T.C. Ferret REPORTED BY: Neal Morris The group attended the BOG meeting and the fine period of fellowship which followed. Afterwards they went _to Real County and continued the Glorious Groad Hole Survey. DATE: 10 October 1970 DESTINATION: Gruta de Carrizal PERSONNEL: Gill Ediger, Clark Tillie, Craig Bittinger and the Terry Raines 11 Speleo Bus 11 REPORTED B Y : Neal Morris We did the cave and several people tried unsuccessfully to scale the mighty pinnacle called ''El Candela 11 DATE: 9 Janua r y 1971 DESTINATION: Devil's Sinkhole PERSONNEL: Nineteen AAC people REPORTED BY: Danny Willett Doug Nunnelly drove the gear up to the hole and we spent about six hours in the cave. We then went to Heart of the Hills f o r the n ight.


Page 33 The TEXAS CAVER, February 1971 News & History Rice Speleological Society Recentl y the Rice Speleo. Soc. has initiated a series of organized programs following our regular meeting. Previous programs had consisted of recent slides, good or bad. At our January 13 meeting A Richard Smith narrated a slide program on his famed trip to the "Sacred Caves of the Mayans", as seen on national television. Dick's slides of the natives, the caves, and the karst of Guatamala were both interesting and informative, particulary when combined with Dick's own inimatable narration. At our January 27 meeting Henry Walker showed slides and discussed some of the more famous caves in Missouri, particularly Berome Moore Cave, Missouri's longest. Current plans include a loca l climbing session to test many of our novice cavers prior to a club trip to Indian Creek Cave later in February. Since Indian Creek has a hundred foot entrance drop, it is necessary to practice on a pulley-rigged rope (in Houston) to si.mulate the long climb out. The Rice Speleological Society meets alternate Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM in the Geology Building at Rice University. DallasFt. Worth Grotto The highlight of the month for Dallas-Ft. Worth was the super BOG meeting at San Angelo. Thirteen members and friends journeyed west to socialize and legislate. Everyone soaked up considerable amounts of good times and spirits at the party which followed. Some of the more venturesome went to the Devil's Sinkhole following the meeting. Several made the drop and all came away impressed. Everyone is looking forward to February and the grotto trip to Gruta de Carrizal. To end the month we are celebrating our tenth anniversary as an NSS Grotto with a party at Katherine Goodbar's. The grotto meets the fourth Thursday of each month in room 101 of Carpenter Hall, University of Dallas, Irving, Texas. Mailing address is 2403 Springvale, Dallas, Texas 75234. Texas A & I Grotto Over the Thanksgiving holidays various members of the Grotto went to Mexico. A dome lead was pushed in Tinaja and several other caves were visited briefly. During the Christmas holidays the Bloomington Indiana Grotto and the A&I Grotto got together in Mexico. Two miles of passage were mapped in Sotano de Pichijumo and Sotanito de Montecillos in the "El Abra". Two pits on top of the range were finally reached. One entrance drop was measured at 200 feet while the second was undetermined except that rocks were timed fdlling for ten seconds. The Texas A&I Grotto meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 3 :00 PM in room 210 of the University B & S Building.


The TEXAS CAVER, Februar y 1971 P a g e 39 Alamo Area Chapter Despite the deer season December was a fairly good month caving wise. Chuck Steuhm checked leads near Hunt and Medina Lake. On Dec ember 20, 1970 Andy Sandoval and Roger Bartholomew mapped Hills and Dales Cave. The highlight of this month was the trip to Mexico. Action started picking up in January. Two trips were made to a new cave near NBC. Other caves visited were Villa Real's, Hammett, Devil' s Sinkhole and Frio Bat Cave. A few members were in on a rec ent discovery at Inner Space Cave. Several good trips are being planned for the near future. The Chapter meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. The grotto address is 115 Auditorium Circle, San Antonio, Texas, 7 3 2 0 5 -)(--)(* * -)(--)(* -)(* Need to be rescued? Contact Luther Bundrant at 512: 6942383 for help -)(* * -)(* * * SPELEO-MART F O R SALE: K enko variable a uto teleplus, 2X3 X fits Pentax screw mount; leather case; good telephoto results for only $ 1 2 Contact Ronnie Fieseler. * * * LOST: (In Dead M a n s Hole) O n e carabiner: If found, pleas e return to Jon E verage, 332 W ,27th Houston, Texas 7 7003 * * * PLAN NOW T O ATTEND THE ANNUAL TSA LABOR DAY WORK PROJECT Take nothing b u t pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. * * * * * SPELEOCALENDAR 20 Feb-----DFWG lOth Anniversary Party 1 3 Mar-----Last day to mail entries to NSS Photo Sa lon (Person s entering TSA Salon may be able to wait until after TSA Convention, we ':.rill let you know as so) n as we hear from the NSS ) l Apr-----April Fool' s Day-also last day to mai l entries f o r t h e TSA Photo Salon to Mike Moody 24-25 Apr--TSA Convention (location to be announced) 14-19 Jun--NSS Convention, Blacksburg, Vir ginia 31 Jun-----Bilbo Baggins Day 4-6 Sep----TSA Project


THE TEXAS CAVER 1218 MELROSE WACO, TEXAS 76710 RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED TO BULK RATE U.S. Postage PAID WACO, TEXAS Permit No.1423 Caver's Photographic Headquarters Technical assistance and quotations available from Gardner Ellis. All Mail Orders Given Prompt 24 Hour Service for quick delivery! P. 0 Box 650TC Waco, Texas 76703 PHOTO EQUIPMENT CHEMICALS Nikon Bolex Leica Cannon Kodak Enlargers Film. Bell & Howell Cinema-Beau I ieu Hasselblad Light Meters Enlarging Paper KODAK LUMINOS Pen tax Omega Beseler Color-Tran Yashica Graflex Weston Gossen Miranda Argus Durst Honeywell Polaroid SUPREME AGFA 401 South 13th Street Phone (817) 752-6561 STEREO KLH Dual Sansui Sony Ampex Norelco Fisher Bose '" I.

Contents: Ye curse of
ye dodge boys by The Rain God (Epic #5) --
Cartoon / Bill Elliott --
Editorial --
Caver of the Month: Jon Vinson / Mike Moody --
Cup of tea / James Jasek --
Carto0n by Loving and/or O.M. Wisdom --
Photos --
TSS (Report by A. Richard Smith) --
TSA patches (sold only by Neal Morris) --
Accident report / Barry F. Beck --
Real county survey --
Letters to the Editor (letter and cartoon by Claude
Vallee) --
For your information / James Jasek --
Cartoon / Bill Elliott --
Courtesy (reprint) --
Trips --
News and history --
Speleo-mart --


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