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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: TSA Constitution / submitted by A. Richard Smith -- Cartoon / Ken Griffin -- Letters to the Editor -- Garbage -- Outward bound / George Sevra -- Cartoon / Bill Elliott -- Review / Carl E. Kunath -- Accident report / submitted by Dan Watson -- Carta Valley / R. Glenn Fieseler (a poem of the 1st water) -- Gross error -- Sanchez sez... -- Caver of the Month: Roger Bartholomew / Scott Harden, etc al. -- Pictures / Russ Harmon ('71 Project people) -- Cartoons / Ken Griffin (more on the Project!) -- Midnight closed / Ronnie Fieseler -- Quote -- Cartoon / Bill Elliott -- Speleo-mart, etc.
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Vol. 16, no. 08 (1971)
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THE TEXA.S CA.v-EIEt August 1971


COVER: Dorothy Eldridge in a part of Longhorn Caverns during the 1971 TSA Project. Photo by Mike Moody with a Nikon F, pan-X, 35mm, f5.6, multiple flash. The TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological /".s soc ia t ion, an internal organization of the National Spe leo logica 1 S ociet y a n d i s published in Euless, Texas. Material for publication should be t y ped double-spaced and sent to the Editor at 305 Bayless Dr. Euless 7603 9 no later than the first of the month of publication. A l l G rott o n ews and trip reports should be sent to the Assistant Editor. Mike Moody, at P.O. Box 533, Euless, Texas 76039. Subscrip-tion s are $4.00 per year for 12 issues and all subscriptions begin with ti!e J an uary issue. All requests for subscriptions should be sent to Jam e s Jasek at 1213 Melrose, Waco, Texas 76710. Persons subscribing after the first of the year will receive all back issues for that year. Si n gle c o p ies are a vailable at 40 each postage paid anywhere in the U S (c) 1 9 71 by The TEXAS CAVER STAFF Editor-----------------Ronnie Fieseler Ass i stant Editor-------Mike Moody Genereral Flunky-------C.A. Vemonger ?rinter----------------Jon Everage Ass e mbly---------------Rice Grotto b istribution-----------James Jasek Cl u b Correspondants----Neal Morris (A&I), Scott Harden (AAC), Mike Wals h (STSUG), Barry Beck (Rice), Karen Lindsley (DFWG) Jack West (Red River), Dwight Deal-Larry Williams (Paisano), c. Edwin Kunath (CV SUCK S) THE TEXAS CAVER, VOLUME XVI, NUMBER 3 * * * * CONTENTS PAGE 151 TSA CONSTITUTION (submitted by A. Richard Smith) 152 CARTOON by Ken Griffin 153 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 154 GARBAGE 155 OUTWARD BOUND by Goerge Sevra CARTOON by Bill Elliott 156 REVIEW by Carl E. Kunath ACCIDENT REPORT submitted by Dan Watson * 157 CARTA VALLEY by R. Glenn Fieseler (A Poem of the lst water) GROSS ERROR SANCHEZ SEZ .. 153 CAVER OF THE MONTH -Roger Bartholomew by Scott harden, et. al. 159 PICTURES by Russ Harmon ('71 Project People) 160 CARTOONS by Ken Griffin (more on the Project!) 162 MIDNIGHT CLOSED by Ronnie Fieseler CARTOON by Bill Elliott 163 SPELEO-MART, ETC.


The TEXAS CAVER, Aug ust 1971 Page 151 Constitution As an organization grows, it's rules must change. Thus, the new Constitution of the Texas Speleological Association. What follows is the Constitution only. By-laws are being revised by a committee chaired by Ken Griffin and will be presented for consideration at the Project BOG Meeting on Labor Day weekend. CONSTITUTION OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Article I The name of this organization is TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSO CIATION, hereinafter called TSA. Article II The purposes of TSA are to promote interest in and to advance in any and all ways the study and science of speleology, the protection of caves and their natural contents; to promote fellowship among those interested therein; and to promote and coordinate speleological activities in the State of Texas. TSA supports the aims and goals of the National Speleological Society. Article III Membership in TSA is open to all grottoes and members of the National Speleological Society in the State of Texas, and to any person or group of persons whose purposes and aims are consistent with those of TSA and who meets the membership conditions set forth in the By-laws. Articie IV The governing body of TSA is the Board of Governors, hereinafter called BOG. The BOG consists of those officers of TSA, group delegates, delegates-at-large, and chairmen of standing committees present at a BOG meeting. Each BOG member may exercise only one vote. No person may have a regular vote and also vote in behalf of another person by proxy. Article V At least two BOG meetings shall be held each calendar year. The time and place of a meeting shall be announced at the previous meeting, through a regular publication of the TSA, or by mail to all members of record. BOG meetings may be called by written petition of 5% of all TSA members. Article VI The life of TSA shall be perpetual or until terminated by a simple majority vote of the membership upon recommendation of the BOG. Distribution of assets shall be made by a majority vote of the BOG.


Page 152 The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Article VII Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed by a simpl e majority of the BOG and within ninety days of it's proposal must be published in a regular publication of TSA or mailed to all members of record. A proposed amendment shall become effective upon it's ratification by a three-fourths majority of all TSA members present at the B O G meeting next following it's proposal and publication. * * Adopted April 24, 1971 by unanimous vote * * ,. LOOK) K lt) I TOLD YOU AIV\ A I )...JOW G.\T t3ACK W\l\-\ '(ou ""D::X...lR\ 0 0 Dedicated to Ed Fomby (heh-heh)


The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Page 153 Letters To The Dear Ronnie, 29 March 1971 I think that your readers would be interested in knowing that the articles on Safety and Courtesy -and possibly Conservation, in the future -that you have been reprinting have a long and honorable history. The story goes back ten years or more when the Society first started a close discussion of the Boy Scout in caving with Donald Higgins, Health and Safety Director of the BSA. Finally, in 1965, the NSS established a Committee to work with the Scouts toward the establishment of a joint NSS/ BSA Policy statement. The effort culminated in 1968 when the NSS Board and the Boy Scout National Council adopted the document that is printed in the December 1968 NSS NEWS. We plan on having the complete statement available through the Caving Information Series in the near future. What you have been reprinting is one of several shorter versions of the NSS/BSA policy that has been circulating in Scouting circles. Those that worked on it must be particularly pleased that a number of caving groups have come across it and commented favorably, not knowing that it was very much the product of NSS members. Dear TC, Sincerely, Rane L. Curl President, NSS 15 September '71 PASS has as one of it's tentative plans---the cleaning up of a badly. littered Texas cave. We sould appreciate your dumping some names of trashed-out caves on our organization and PASSing the news around to other clubs who would be interested in helping us with our project. We hope to do this in October so please give us a speeded-up reply. Guanoishly yours, PASS (Ed. note: One good one would be Gorman Cave and the parking/camping area along the river. Rice has cleaned the p/c area before. However, it is a cave and p/c area that is highly visited and gets trashed out often and probably needs a good cleaning. Cave is located at Gorman Falls Fishing Camp near Bend between San Saba and Lampasas. Check at Camp office. Any cavers with other needy caves or groups that would like to help, contact PASS 'at Pan American Speleo. Society, Pan American Uni ver., Edinburg Texas 78539 c/o PAUSA Office.)


Page 154 c.. The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Ediger and Vinson, after hearing abou t some ca ver /owner problems at MFP, went to speak with the owner about the posibility of puting a gate on it so cavers would have to check with him before entering the cave. The owner figured he didn't $ need one. Said his locked pasture gate and Keep Out sign should stop most and if he did catch anybody in the cave without permission he would just cut the rope. Ediger said he sounded very serious and that cavers should take him at his word. Bill Russell, upon hearing that Dwight and Sandy Deal are expecting a new arrival had this to say: "I don't know if I approve of them reproducing." Project goers may remember Jon Everage's showing up with his arm in a cast. It's hard to believe he made the complete trip through the cave with little trouble. Some of us began wondering about the true nature of his ailment when we saw him stru g gling down the passage with one leg dragging behind him and heard him muttering sometning about tanna leaves. When Fieseler was asked why most cavers gave their trucks feminine names he thought quickly and replied "Things of beauty, grace, and speed, are commonly refered to in the f e m inine gender." At a recent caver party at Moody's and Fomby's, Everage an d Vemonger circulated among the drinkers and dancers handing out party favors. Some were quite grossed out when they discovered that the favors were in fact a stick of dynamite. "Hey Vemonger, I hear that you went to the Billy Graham Crusade last night." "Yeah." "Why?" "Well, it was free and I wanted to see the inside of the new Texas Stadium, and besides, someone has to keep an eye on those Christians." The testing of the Speleo-bumpers continues. Of the five in existance, three have been tested. The scoreboard at present reads: Ronnie Fieseler--one Volkswagen smashed, a bridge railing hit, and a gas station sign backed into. Jon Vinson--two deer killed. Sir W. Rawleigh Elliott--a sneak attack from the rear by a car with suicidal tendencies. In all cases, the only damage suffered by the caving lorries was paint scrapes and blood stains. Impressive, eh wot?


The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Page 155 by George Sevra Texas now has an Outward Bound School. Richard executive has asked for people interested in helping establish a caving program. Outward Bound is a non-profit educational organization supported by contributions from the general public. It deals with the educational developement of the total human being by conducting 26 days long courses of a highly both physically and challenging nature. Outward Bound provides a means through which an individual gains a better understanding of his own and outer limits. This is accomplished by using man's natural by presenting its' participants with increasingly difficult by basing these challenges upon the confrontation of unknown and by presenting various situations of understandable stress. Among the courses Outward Bound hopes to offer in Texas are caving expeditions. The purpose of the course would not be to teach caving techniques, although sufficient skills to move safely underground would be taught, but rather to use the cave environment and it's unique challenges as a means of promoting personal growth. Any caver interested in possible involvement with this program as an instructor or advisor should contact: * * Richard Galland, Jr. Texas Outward Bound School 4611 Cole Ave. Dallas, Texas 75205 (214) 521-0202 * * *


Page 156 The TEXASCAVER, August 1971 REVIEW CANADIAN CAVER. Julian Coward, Editor. Department of Geology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Quarterly Appx. New caving newsletters Eppear quite regularily. They fold with even more regularity. Thus, one often hesitates to recommend that a subsscription be taken until some reputation for regularity and quality has been established. The Canadian Caver deserves your subscription. The CC sounds expensive at $1.00 a copy, but consider that the most recent issue (#4, May 1971; which is typical) contains: (12) photographs, many of which are full page size; (3) cave maps, several of.which are of the over-size, double fold-out types; (35) pages of text and several other pages of area maps and other illustrations. The CC is clearly a bargain. The photographs are generally of good quality and the entire publication is offset printed. The text is well written and had few errors (though an occasional "whilst", "draught", "kit", or "aven" remind the reader that he is into something a bit different---without the tongue-twisters that occasionally confronted readers of THE SPELEOLOGIST (may it RIP). Many of the maps are magnificient. Those by Tich Morris are of particular note and much may be learned by a careful study of his work. In fact, the CC is worth the money for the maps alone. The scope of activities covered by the CC staggers the imagination. The most recent issue covers caving activities in: B.c., Canada (Nakim u), Speleothem dating (thorium deficient method), Nepal (Gupteswary Cave), Kashmir, India (Amarnath Cave), West Virginia, USA (Cutlip Cave, Hills Creek Cave, Beards Blue Hole), Oaxaca, Mexico (Cueva de San Agustin, et. al.) (Joya de Salas), Guatemala (El Cimarron, Seamay, and Sejul Caves--which were connected, et. al.). If you are not impressed after reading the above list, you are either not a caver or you are incredibly dumb. From an exploration standpoint, the Canadians are on the forefront of speleology and their newsletter is where it's at. The CC is an invaluable supplement to the all-to0-infre quent AMCS Newsletter. Send them your $5.00 for the next five (5) issues plus 25 exchange charge for American Checks. Do it now! You might even be able to get all the back issues if you hurry. Carl E. Kunath * * * * * Accident Report Tom Meador, Pete Jones, and a caver from Spain were injured Tuesday, September 7, 1971 in an auto accident in the Guadalupes. Pete Jones was in intensive cave in an El Paso Hospital with a fractured skull. Tom Meador was admitted to a hospital in Carlsbad. Reported by Dan Watson (Ed. note: This is all we have right now. More later, if Dan can find out more details or progress.)


The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Carta Valley Greatly braver, An intrepid caver, On highway and in alley, Had journeyed long Singing gross songs In search of Carta Valley. But he grew dreary, This caver weary, As he added up the tally. Alas, he found No spot of ground That looked like Carta Valley. And as his light, Failed him one night, He met a shadowed ally. "Shadow said he , "Where can it be, This land of Carta Valley?" "By the triangle North of town, In the Stock Tank you must sally. Dip, boldly dip," The shade did quip, "If you seek for Carta Valley." R. Glenn Fieseler (With apologies to E. Allen Poe's fine poem, "Eldorado".) * * * * Gross Error Page 157 * For those who are wondering about the reprinting of the Gypsum Plain map in the June issue---the first map was printed large by mistake. It looked so bad with all those folds that we decided to reprint it. So-that's why. * * * * * Sanchez Sez. Brake bars will let you down.


Page 153 The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Roger Bartholomew, although a resident of Texas for several years, hails from the northeast. He has visited such notables as Schoolhouse, Sinks of Gandy, Grapevine, etc. Here i n Texas he is perhaps best noted for his mapping skills. Roger has headecl suc h projects as Robber Baron (3,430' and very mazy), Stowers Cave (over l mile and also quite complex), and a gross Kendall County water cave about l 1/2 miles of Last Christmas he led a trip to a comple tely new area in Mexico where many caves were found, explored, ana m a p ped. He is expert photographer: at the last NSS Salon (1970) he won both medals for best color slide and best color print. He also received more awards a t the 1971 NSS Salon. Roger has won many ribbons in the past few TSA Photo Salons. He has contributed articles on caves, mapping, and photography to the TEXAS CAVER and the NSS NEWS. Roger has just completed a term as chairman of the Alamo Area Chapter. Under his leadership the San Antonio cavers have been pepped up. He played an important pa_rt in merging the two Grottoes in San Antonio into one. When Roger isn't caving he's usually zooming around in airplanes, his other hobby. Unfortunately, the TSA has lost this fine caver. He has moved to Louisana His address for the next couple of years is below. We're sure he would like to hear from some of his old caving buddies. Con gratulations to Roger Bartholomew, TSA Caver of the Roger V Bartholomew St. Charles College Grand Coteau La. 70541 Photo by: Wayne W. Russell Jr.


The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Page 159 R uss Harmon views the '71 Project People---Above-B Gillum Ediger Top-TSA Officers '71 Middle-Sir W. Rawleigh & ? & Bill Murphy Lower-Bob Lloyd '71 Pr0ject Chairman


Page 160 The TEXAS CAVER, A 1gust 1971 I I (\ AFTER T\-\E 'TOUR' LONG\-\ORN __ WE:'VE GOO TO 0\G H.\B OUD HE'S GOO BRDDTOD


The TEXAS CAVER, A ugust 1971 Pa g e 1 6 1 ) -----CAV\NG \R\PS SU"RE ARE. NEXT "'"\R\ p \I\\ 'E:\JE:N \ N CA'VI:... )) A.LA.'K.}./\ Qoi-.)' T To Ou O\.J -------------------A. T -nt PRo.)EC.T I S0)-.\E. S


Page 162 The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Midnight Closed At a recent Carta Valley SUCKS trip, we found some information that we would like to pass along. Texas cavers will be interested to learn that the Frenchmen who have been looking for a cave to hold an experiment in (see Trip Reports TC July 1971 report by Carl Kunath), have decided on Midnight Cave. They have already leased the cave from it's owner, Dr. T.E. Harding, for their work, and talked to the deer hunters involved. The Frenchmen have already begun preliminary work. The experiment will involve one of their members spending six to eight months isolated in the cave. His only contact with the outside world will be by telephone. The people involved have done this type of experi ment before, in Europe. Due to the nature of the experiment, Midnight Cave will of necessity be CLOSED to ALL cavers for the duration. We are sure that cavers will understand and do their caving elsewhere. Please do not bother Dr. Har d ing or the Frenchmen with requests to visit the cave or to watch the e xperiment. It will be appreciated by all concerned. We will try to pu b lish information about the experiment as we receive it here in the TC. Thank you for your cooperation. Ronnie * * * * * You just can't borrow good equipment any more. Ronnie Fieseler 1970 * * * * *


TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION on the Chaikma 516 Su.t RoM HotL6to, Tex.a..o 77006 B U L L E T I N OF THE NATIONAL SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Camping facilities have been secured for the Guadalupe-Carlsbad Wilderness/Master Plan hearings. They are as follows: 1. Torn Mayes Park, El Paso. No facilities, just campground. 2. Pine Springs Campground, Guadalupe Mountains National Park. 3. Jim White Campground, Carlsbad, New Mexico. This has the advantage of being close to the hearing site. The facilities will be free of charge. A word of caution. In order to remain welcome at Pine Springs, we abide by the "Backcountry Use Policy" printed with this bulletin. Please do not abuse the privileges of the campground lest we should not be welcomed back. On Sunday, November 21 there will be both hiking and caving for those interested. Hiking will be permitted in Guadalupe Mountain National Park although trips to McKittrick Canyon will be limited. Trips to Cottonwood and Hidden Caves are being planned. Those interested should send their names to Dan Watson, 100 W. Robinson, #F-7, El Paso, Texas 79902, so that he will have some idea how many groups, leaders, etc., need be planned.


3 L""'o: c-,.&ITa (sa&d&i'..:l.,.p.) H. t.HidA'i [!IJ Jl' s" Ill),. y N liM h. r" tJ o .. +.:l .l Fox Sr. RUNE S1: T. EL + NoTf, NoHt DF -rHE To BE C!tiNSTRI.JEJ> AS BINitt, Ttl St!At.E. F-a 1 ,. o .... Jo..o ... Ar1 DAJ ,..._.,, N I Q VIIID41..U P t ffln. NIIITJIIN .. L INr:trNt


BACKCOUNTRY USE POLICY GUADALUPE MOUNTJ,INS NATIONAL PARK Hikers are requested to register at Information Station 1. Fires Open fires are prohibited in the backcountry. Only containerized fuel is permitted, limited to the designated campsites. Fire danger can be extreme during parts of the year. During these periods, park travel may be limited to day use with no fires or smoking permitted. 2. Campsites Several primitive campsites are designated in the backcountry for use when fire conditions are normal. All trash must be packed out. Water is not available in the high country and must be packed in. 3. Trails Until funds are available for maintenance and repair, park trails are in poor condition and poorly marked. Hikers must exert caution in traveling these trails and have adequate maps to chart their trip. Topographic maps are available at the Information Station at Frijole Ranger Station. 4. Horse Use Horses are permitted on a day use basis The backcountry is too fragile to provide for overnight use. Likewise horse use is limited to the west rim trail in the high country and the low country trails. No horses are permitted in McKittrick Canyon or in the vicinity of springs. Certain trails can be dangerous for any horae use, Obtain information from the Information Station before taking horses into the park. 5. McKittrick Canyon The McKittrick Canyon drainage is a particularly delicate ecological area. Limited foot travel is permitted. Due to access over a rrivate road to the mouth of the canyon, daily travel is limited. A high clearance vehicle is required to reach the trail head. No vehicles are permitted in the Canyon. Vehicles must not block the private access road to the Canyon or disturb anything on the private land. Hikers must stay on the designated trail through the Canyon and not disturb plant or animal life. A gate key may be checked out at the Park information station as available. 6. Mountain Climbing Because of the poor rock structure, technical rock climbing is not recommended, 7. Caves Because of the dangers and potential damage involved, no cave exploring is permitted without prior arrangement and permission of the Superintendent.


8. Preservation of Natural Features Hikers are requested to refrain from disturbing wildlife, geologic structures or plantlife and help us protect this delicate ecological area. 9. Prospecting Searching for treasure or archeological artifacts is strictly prohibited. 10. Hiker Safety The Park is rugged, with steep trails and sheer clifis leading off many ridge tops. Taking short cuts or cliff climbing is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. Have adequate maps with you to avoid becoming lost. Do not attempt the strenuous hiking involved unless you are in good physical condition. Wear good hiking and clothing to protect you from the elements. Carry plenty of food and water in case you become lost. Rattlesnakes are native to the area. 11. Emergencies Report all accidents, fires, injuries, or lost persons to a Ranger or to the Park information station as soon as possible.


The TEXAS CAVER, August 1971 Page 163 SPELEO-MART FOR SALE: "The Amazing Under ground Adventures of Speleo T. Agnew". Send $1. 25 to Ken A. Griffin, 511 Electra, Houston, Texas 77024. FOR SALE: Kenko variable auto teleplus, 2X-3X, fits Pentax screw mount; leather case; go0d telephoto results for only $12. Contact Ronnie Fieseler. LOST: Cassin-D carabiner at junction of Monos road and the trail to Sotano del Soyate. Write John Mikels, 107 Sunrise Lane, Mission, Texas 79572. WINDMILL SERVICE: Good, fast service; Windmill Truck available day or night. Cave resques a specialty. Contact Rodney Cottle, Rocksprings, Texas. * * * LOST: (In Dead Man's Hole) One carabiner: If found, please return to Jon Everage. FOR SALE: The Cave of Denton County. proceeds g0 to the TC. Order from R. Fieseler, 305 Bayless Dr. Euless, Texas 76039. LOST: Jumar in La Gruta de la Sierra Tamalabe, O campo, Mexico. Contact Kenny Johns')n, c/o Repose Apts., Edinburg, Texas 79539. LOST: (Cascade Sink) One carbide lamp, in entrance passage at low ceiling area. If found, please contact Scott qarden, 9019 Riata, San Antonio, Texas 79227. F O R SALE: "My Daddy Was a $1.25 from The Speleo Press, P.O. Box 7037 Austin, Texas 79712. * * NOTICE Would the caver in Ft. Worth who ordered The Cave of Denton C)unty please drop me a postcard or letter. It seems that I have lost your address before I was able to mail you your copy. I have even forgotten your name! I regret this has happened and hope we can get it straight. Ronnie * * * * * Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. * * * * * OFFICERS OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION FOR 1971 ARE: Chairman--------------Barry F. Beck, 1902 Driscoll, Houston, Texas 77019 Vice-Chairman---------Jon Vinson, 1222 s. Abe #20, San Angelo, Texas 76901 Secretary-Treasurer---Suzanne Wiley, Box 4563 TT, Lubbock, Texas 79409


THE TEXAS CAVER 1218 MELROSE76710 WACO, TEXAS RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED TO Caver's Photographic Headquarters Technical 88$istance and quotations available from Gardner Ellis. All Mail Orders Given Prompt 24 Hour Service for quick delivery! P. 0. Box 650TC Waco, Texas 76703 PHOTO EQUIPMENT CHEMICALS Nikon Bolex Leica Cannon Kodak Enlargers Film. Bell & Howell Cinema-Beau lieu Hasselblad Light Meters Enlarging Paper KODAK LUMINOS Pen tax Omega Beseler Color-Tran Yashica Graflex Weston Gossen Miranda Argus Durst Honeywell Polaroid SUPREME AGFA 401 South 13th Street Phone (817) 752-6561 STEREO KLH Dual Sansui Sony Ampex Norelco Fisher Bose

Contents: TSA
Constitution / submitted by A. Richard Smith --
Cartoon / Ken Griffin --
Letters to the Editor --
Garbage --
Outward bound / George Sevra --
Cartoon / Bill Elliott --
Review / Carl E. Kunath --
Accident report / submitted by Dan Watson --
Carta Valley / R. Glenn Fieseler (a poem of the 1st
water) --
Gross error --
Sanchez sez... --
Caver of the Month: Roger Bartholomew / Scott Harden, etc
al. --
Pictures / Russ Harmon ('71 Project people) --
Cartoons / Ken Griffin (more on the Project!) --
Midnight closed / Ronnie Fieseler --
Quote --
Cartoon / Bill Elliott --
Speleo-mart, etc.


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