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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
Texas Speleological Association
Texas Speleological Association
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Contents: Editorial: a little bit about timeliness, procrastination, the past and future / Ediger -- TSA BOG: minutes and financial statement from the Fall 1976 TSA BOG meeting / Ruth Darilek -- Index: lined up and arranged alphabetically in three verticle columns / Carmen Soileau -- Constitutional changes: an update on the latest changes to the TSA constitution -- Steve Karp: the latest adventures of Steve Karp the cave fish / Jim Kramer.
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Vol. 21, no. 12 (1976)
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The TEXftS CftUER Volume 21, Number 12 December 1976 COVER: Another pencil sketch by Alicia Wisener. 215 EDITORIAL A little bit about timeliness, procrastination, the past and future ..... EDIGER 216 TSA BOG Minutes and financial statement from the Fall 1976 TSA BOG meeting ...... 0. RUTH DARILEK 219 INDEX Lined up and arranged alphabetically in three ver-ticle columns ........ 0 0 CARMEN SOILEAU 227 CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGES An update on the latest changes to the TSA Constitution .......... 228 STEVE KARP The latest adventure s of Steve Karp the cave fish ........... JIM KRAMER EDITOR SUBSCRIPTIONS Gill Ediger Box 8424 Austinl TX 78712 James Jasek 5315 Laurel Lake Waco, TX 76710 The TEXAS CAVER is the official publication of the Texas Speleological Association and is published monthly in Austin, Texas. Material for publication should be sent to the Editor at the above address. Subscriptions are $4.50 per year and should be sent to James Jasek at the above address, as should changes of address please help us keep your address current. tse officers CHAffiMAN Wayne Russell Box 848 Rockport, TX 78382 VICE -CRA IRMAN Jimmy Clements :3ox 7438 Corpus Christi, TX 78415 SECRETARY Ruth Darilek 11929 Grapevine San Antonio, TX 78288


DECEMBER 1976 Volume 21 (1976) of the TEXAS CAVER is now complete. Even though the issue you hold in your hand is 2 months late and the Oc tober issue is even later, the whole thing is finally out. I don't particularly like excuses, but I do feel (as you probably do, though I've heard few complaints) that some sort of explanation is in order concerning the reliability of the CAVER. you mayor may not recall, I started the year as editor well into January with virtually no nIl terial, no help, and something l ess than my total enthusiam for the job. I had high hopes, but little enthusiam. Anyway, that lirst issue was of course late. We (friends included) did continue to push the publication date up until we were nearly (within a week) on schedule. Then, things began to slip because, horror of horrors, the editor went caving-and conventioning. Even though I'm a native born Texan and find myself the editor of theTEXAS CAVER, I think it's no secret Llil t my real caving interests lie elsewhere, and in persuit of those interests I sometimes find it necessary to depart this country for months at a time. What a m :>ve like that can do to production schedules is history. During '76 I made 3 major pilgrimages to the Holy Land of OZTOTL--at least 2 of which had a significant effect on the CAVER. For many years I have professed the idea that "As the CAVER goes, so goes the TSA". If the CAVER doesn't p'.1blish, the TSA pretty much goes to pieces. In a state as large as Texas that should be understandable. The CAVER is the only means at our desposal to reach the masses and it serves as t .he one common instrument around which some semblance of a rally can take place. I am sorry to say that twice I have betrayed this basic responsibility of theTC editor by not getting the CAVER into the mail in time to announce BOG meetings statewide. If the TC were to serve no bther useful purpo se, announcing meetings, parties, and other things which get TSA members together would justify its existance and should be its guiding philosophy. It is this one aspect of lack of timelimess about which I feel most guilty. The editorship of the CAVER is not a particularly rewarding job. It has its moments of fun and satisfaction, but it also turns into work at times--and work is the curse of the human race. I, for one, am a great procrastinator. Unfurtunat'ely, procrastination does not a timely publication make. Only through some latent sense of purpose do I do as well as I do--and those somewhat doubtful re':lUlts are a matter of record. At one time I courted the idea that I had too much to do, so I took steps to eliminate a few of those duties. Since then I have decided that the problem was not too much to do, but too little time to do it in. But that's rediculous--I spend many hours a day doing nothing. Working from there, I finally figured out the problem and a solution to it--the only hangup which remains is t'1e im?lementation of that solution--a di rection in which I an now properly aimed, but slowly proceeding. At any rate I have agreed to edit the CAVER for another year--no one else, understandably seen1S to want it. I h av(; put togethe r a staff now which I think will bring better results--both in timeliness and quality, Let's hope so! Plotting the future however, foresee and the fuz.zy edges of doubt creeping in. In A:.Igust is the NSS Convention in M:.chigan, i n Septerrlber is the I nterndtional Ccnr;r<1'ss of Spele-215 ology in Bristol, England, and in October, the Cave M'lnagement Symposium in M '>ntana--all of which are on my projected itinerary. Also, the lure of OZTOTL, which supposedly hangs heavy on all of us, hangs heavy on me. Even now, as' you are reading this an expedition is underway in Mexico to push even deeper the current Western Hemisphere depth record of over 800 meters in Sotano de San Agust1'n. I should be on that trip, but alas, am not. And, hopefully, your CAVER is ever gaining on its correct publication date. I f it makes it, the question still remains whether it can stay there. My intentions are to be succe ssful in that endeavor. Several people have offe red to gue st edit issues thi s year. And if I am ambitious enough, I can leave issues in the hands of my staff to be done in my absence. However, being superrealistic, I see the need for a more responsible editor some time in the future. If you've ever harbored the notion of editing the TC I'd like to hear from you. I'm putting out some feelers at this early date to lessen transition problems if they should arise. I said when I took over the TC that I'd like to run it for 2 years. I still maintain that notion. but if someone suitable comes along I may be looking to turn it over sooner. Anyone contemplating such a move should !)ear in mind that doing all technical processes myself, paying only for postage and supplies, I managed to break exactily even financially at $4.50 per subscription. This year's subscriptions are $5. but with rising supply costs, et cetera, I imagine it will be barely possible to break even a gain. As usual, I need articles, photographs, and artwork. Surely, if we on the staff can spare 80 or so hours per month to put the CAVER out, yell can spare 2 hours to write an article Try one. There are many deserving cav ers in the TSA and we have as yet not had a Caver of the M onth since I 've been in this job. I think that's indicativ e of if nothing else. __ Ediger


216 TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Board of Governor's October 24, 1976 University of Texas, Austin The TEXAS CAVER The meeting was brought to order and the following list of delegates was read and approved: Alamo Area Chapter Vincent Orozco Karen Kastning Aggie Speleological Society Blake Weissling John Gale Balcones Grotto Ronnie Fieseler Bill Russell Carta Valley J. Katherine McClure Corpus Christi Caving Club Bill Mayne Glenda Dawson Dallas-Ft. Worth Grotto Karen Lindsley Pete Lindsley Galveston Speleological Society Dora Patterson Torn Iliffe San Antonio Grotto Chuck Stuehrn Southw e st Texas Student Grotto Debbie Tolar Wendy M')ntieth Texas A & I Grotto Fred Paschal De D e Paschal University of Texas Grotto Terry Sayther Torn Byrd Cons ervation Chairman Alicia W isner Publications Chairman Jim Goodbar Independents Merydith Turner Bob Finger A total of 24 delegates were present, Wayne Russell presiding. The minuets of the previous BOG meeting were read and approved. REPORTS: Conservation Report -Alicia Wisener. There seems to have been some confusion regarding the NSS attempt to put numerous common Texas cave animals on an endangered species list. Nick Noe, NSS Conservation Chairman, will talk to John Holsinger and try to get a specific list. Valdina Farms Sinkhole has been reported closed. A brief report on the use of DDT for rabid bat control was given. This method is mostly used in the northeast. Alicia said she will check with the Texas Parks and Woldlife to see if this method is being used here. There will be a report on caves designated as Fallout Shelters in a future Texas Caver. Library -Nothing to report. TSS -Ronnie Fieseler reported that they are working on the caves of far west Texas. It has been typed and the maps are finished. Texas Caver -Report given by Jim Goodbar. The Texas C.:. ver is slovent. After a hiatus of two months, the Caver is nearly caught up again. The August issue was mailed First C lass last M::mday. September is stripped and ready to print. About 1 / 2 the material for October is ready to type. N o material is on hand for November and December. A spec ial offer of the last 4 is sue s of 1976 for $1 ha s been made to students. Ediger see 5 no problem '.vith his editing the Caver next year. Subscriptions for 1977 are due now. Publications -Jim Goodbar reported on a new book on Cave M inerology writtfCn by Carol Hill and published b y the National Speleological Society,


DECEMBER 1976 217 Treasurer's Report -There was a balance of $162.66 following the $50 loan to help finance the TSA's bid for the NSS Convention. ANNOUNCEMENTS R o n ni e Fieseler announced the NSS approval of the TSA's 1978 convention bid. The convention will be held in Ne w Braunfels but no d-efinate date has been set. Ronni e Fieseler and Torn B yrd reported that Sand Cave and McKittrick Hill Cave are approximately 200' apart. Mi k e W alsh has the publication on River Styx Cave available for $3 each. Wayne Russell would like any information on early exploration, etc. of Cave Without a Name. OLD BUSINESS T h e subject of the proposed consititutional changes submitted by Ronnie Fieseler during the May 1976 BOG were b r ought up. Fred Paschal MO VED -All the proposed amendments made by Ronnie be voted down as a group. SECONDED -Jim Goodbar Ronnie Fieseler M OVED -Fred Paschal's motion be changed to substitute the word on for down. SECONDED VOTE : 6 in favor 15 opposed 1 abstention FAIL3 VOTE: on original motion presented b y F. Paschal 26 in favor 0 opposed 0 abstentions PASSED Ronnie Fieseler MOVED -All motions to articles and a m endments made b y him he withdraw n SECONDED V OTE: 27 in favor o opposed o abstentions PASSED N E W BUSINESS Fred Paschal proposed the following RESOLVED that no BOG TIleeting of the TSA should be called before 10 :30 AM if it falls on a Sunday after a large oUicial and preplanned Caver party. SECONDED VOTE : 19 in favor 3 opposed 3 abstentions PASSED .Tim Goodbar suggested the BOG m eeting be publishe d two w e eks i n a d v a nce. C h arles Yates proposed the following resolution: RESOLVED that a postcard b e sent to each grotto to back up the Texas C a ver. SECONDED by Chuck Stuehm V OTE: 23 in favor I opposed 1 abstentio n PASSED Ronnie Fieseler M OVED -The TSA endorse and support the 1978 NSS C o n v enti o n SECONDED b y Fred P a s chal VOTE : 2 4 in favor 0 oppo s e d C abstentions P ASSED E L E CTION OF OFFICERS FOR 1977 Nom i nations were a s f o llow s : Chai r m :3-n V i c e C h airman S e c r e t a r y T reasu r e r C h a r l e s Yates Keith Huess D a l e P a t e A l i c i a W i s e n e r Norna Hoene Ruth D aril e k


218 Ronnie Fieseler MOVED Charles Yates be elected by acclamation. SECONDED VOTE: 21 in favor 0 opposed 1 abstention Vice Chairman: Keith Huess 4 Dale Pate -19 Secretary Trea-surer Alicia W isener 13 Norna Hoene 0 Wayne Russell The TEXAS CAVER PASSED abstentions 3 Ruth Darilek 10 abstentions 3 MOVED That in the TSA Bylaws Art. II, Para. A, the words Chairman and Vice Chairman are deleted and the words Jefe and Sub Jefe be substituted. SECONDED VOTE: 6 in favor 14 opposed 3 ab stentions FAILED MEETING ADJOURNED Texas Speleological Association Financial Statement January 1, 1976 thru December 31, 1976 Balance as of January 1, 1976 INCOME Registration Fees Camping Fees-Convention Sale of Publications "Deep Cave" 4 copies "There We Was" 5 copies "Ye Olde History" 3 copies Food Tickets Convention Total Income Sub Total DlSBURSEME:1\lTS Balance due Jim Jasek for 1975 Texas Caver Fees turned over to Texas Caver Rental Fee -Camp Ben D:>or Prize Snake Bit Kite Food, Drinks, etc. Convention Coffee, D :muts, etc. Cave Res'cue Cards -2,000 Loan for NSS Convention bid Mi.scellanelous eX;F:.Jses Total Disbursements Balance as of Decem':>er 31, 1976 $118.00 43.50 2.00 2. 50 I. 50 75.00 $ 70.00 118.00 30.00 10.00 77.83 5 .00 39.00 50.00 3. 13 $315.12 242.50 $557.62 $402.96 $154.66 She saw how m,=n were all encamped here on the earth in these great tents of stone, and they wandered in the streets of life. She was not afraid of this imm,=nse and swarming camp because she knew that she and all the rest were visitors and strangers on the earth, and that only the earth endured, and that the earth would endure forever. Dow n below all the pavements and the buildings was the earth, There was nothing down below there but the earth. If all the earth had been completely covered by these there would still be nothing that endured except the earth, Thomas Wolfe The Web and the Rock


DECEMBER 1976 The 1976 TBIIS CIVBI 219 Compiled and prepared by Carmen Soileau Every reasonable effort was made to !'ave this index as complete and accurate as possible. However, index preparation is a tedious task often extending into the bleary hours of the night, and the very nature of indexing makes errors more likely than preparing text. Proofreading and spot checks turned up several inconsistancies s o we are sure that a few more exist. The quality and scope of this index are so m:lch greater than most of those in the past, however, that we feel it's usefulness far outweighs any errors or omissions. A n asterisk following a number indicates that a map appears on that page. A list of articles, by title, appears at the end. AAC, 26,29,93 Abernathy, Miles, 167 Abilene Grotto, 19,39,194 Abominable Sinkhole, 99 Adams Cave, 99,132, 133 A&:J Grotto, 9,93,150 A irman's Cave, 29,31,71,93,120, 149,167 Alamo Area Chapter, (see AAC) Aley, TOlD, 50 Alexander, Ed, 175 Allen, Mike, 167 Allison, Bruce, 206 Allred, Gov. James V., 146 Alma's Cave, 30 Altamira, 11 A lzaf a r Cave, 7 A mp-bic D /sentery, 104,107,144 Am.,rican Caves and C aving, 205 A mp.y, ---amoebas, 104, 107, 144 A n drews, Bruce, 182 A n glesby, Steve, 57,79 A r ctomys Cave, 74,90 Arden C ave, 83 A s ne s M:>lly, 31,141,204 Asnes, Pat, IB, 31, 57,141 Astyanax, 101,102 Austin, April, 59,79 Austin Caverns, 122 Austin Caver s, 3 Austin, Nan, 32 A vise, J. C., 7,8,101 -B-Babar, 5 7 Bacilla r y d ysentery 1 4 4 B aer, Jack, 2 8 36 57,12 0 B aker Dr. E v e rette, 1 6 2 Baker, Ken, 32 B aker, Leslie, Jr. 1 2 2 B a l a ncan che, 9 B a l cones Fault Zone, 6,7,83,209 B a l c o n e s Grotto, 29,136. 209 Balcones S inkhole, 93 B ald eagle, 150 B alling e r Royce, 19 4 Ballou, M r., 146 Banning R ick, 1 41,153 B arnes, K athy 75 Barnes, Denny 3 0 Barr, Dr. Thomas C., Jr., 6, 8,100,101 Bartholomew, Roger, 27,68,80, 184,206 Barton Creek, 29,30,71,120,167 Barton Road Cave, 43 Bass, Maxie, 209 Bassham, Elbert, 175 Bate m a n Ranch Sink, 14 Batsche, 1 34,165 Beach, G ale, 72 Beall, Jixn, 70 Bear Cave, 93 Bear Creek Bat Cave,31 Bear Creek Cave, 29 Beck, Barry, 32,175 Beck's Ranch Cave, 7 beefworms, 145 Beer Can Crushing Contest, 134 Bell, B ill, 175 Bell Cave,MT, 166 Benalcazar, Victor, 90 Benders Cav e 61 Benedict, Saint 11 Benfer, Bob, 132 Benter, Bob, 141


220 Berner, Fred, 194 Bexar Cave, 34 Bexar Caver, 29 39 BHole, 93,116 Big Bear Cave, 27 Big Red Sink, 136 Bilbo, Mike, 80 Binkley's Cave IN, 74 Binney, Frank, 31,151,166 Bipalium, 22 Birds & Bees Cave, 116 Bird Cave MT, 166 Bishop, Sarah, 21 Bittinger, Craig, 31,71,141,173, 204,209,210 Bittinger, Dr. Stanley, 97,98,-173 Bittinger, Steven, 30,173 Blastomyces dermatitidis 106,107 Blastomycosis, 104,106,107,204, 205 Blood Cave MT, 166 Blowhole Cave, 99,116 Blubber, Martin, B. Sh., II Blue Hole, 165 Blue Spring Cave IN, 74 Bode' Vaughn, 141 Boehm's Cave, 8,22 Boice, Nancy, 31,166 Bonfire Hill, 43 Bonner Cave, 99 Boon, Mike, 166 Borchak, Bob, 88 Borrelia recurrentis, 107 Boyette' 5 Cave, 30 Bracken Bat Cave, 34,165 Bradshaw, Evelyn, 2,4,11,21,150 Brady, John, 182 Breder, C. M., 102 Bremmer's Cave, 165 Breining, Denis, 167 Breisch Fire Pit, 164 Breisch, Rich, 164 Bridgemon, Ron, 178 Bridges, John, 146 Brison, Dave, 150 Brite, Gary, 14 Broder System Wv, 166 Broussard, Don, 30,31,165,167, 209 Brown, Gary W., 90 Buchanan, .T. W., lj,25 Buckley, John, 42,90 Buelaw, Phillip, 167 Bullet Cave, 167 Burnham, Mr., 122 Bustamante, 9,32,55,56,71,76-78,93,96-98,132,141,170 Butterfield, Dicky, 194 B yrd, Nancy, 121 Byrd, Nora, 121 B yrd, Tom: 14,29,30,31,34,42, 54,71,75,93,120,121,131,167 -C-Caecobarbus, 102 L., 8 Camp Ben McCollough, 58 Campbeil, Billy, 75,124,127,175 Candirja albicans, 107 Cantu, Amador, 9,71,86,93 Carton Pata, 72 Carlsbad Caverns NM, 74,93,164 Carnes, Ronald, 194 Carrizal, 9,30,71,93,96,141 Carter, Andy, 93 Cascade Caverns, 23,29,71,83, Cascade Sink, 71 Casi Mil, 30 Cave Dust Pheumonitius, 205 Cave Management Symposium, 150 43,71 Cavanaugh, Maureen, 30,31, 166 Caverns of Sonora, 22,29,32,44 Caves Branch River, 165 Cd. Valles, 9 Center for Disease Control, 162 Centipede Cave, 43 Chagus disease, 145 Cham:llas, 73 Charlie, 166 Chelf, John, 27,30,76,93,96,116 Chiche'n Itz.!, 9 Chiopteran Salivary Glands, 104 Christianson, 39 Cibolo Creek, 62 Clamence, Jean-Baptiste, 90 Clamp Cave, 43 Clark, Brian, 90,141,161 Clements, Ji=Y, 9,11,58,71, 76,93 Clifton, Perry, 132.133 Coburn, Cindy, 166 Coccidiodes iITlIIlitus 106 Coccidiomycosis, 104,106, Z04, 205 Cochmal, 7Z Cochrane, Alexia, 31,71 Colby, Steve, 3Z Collins, Floyd, 120 Collins, Mike, 194 Colorado River, 7 Concion, Barbara, 93 Congress of Grottos, 134 Connolly, Mike, 34 Connolly, Theresa, 9,34,124, 127,165 Connover, Mark, 75,165 Cook, Scott, 167 Cooper, John, 135 Corey, Sarah, 21 Cave, 108,109';' Coryell Co., 5 Corpus Christi Grotto, 26,71,86 Corpus Christi Speleologica l Society 32 Corwin, Torn, 96 The TEXAS CAVER Cossey, Marcia, 30,31,71,75, 76,93 Cottonwood Cave NM, 14,155,156, 173 Cowen, Dave, 72,134 Crevice Cave MO, 74 Crisman, Bart, 19,195 Crisman, Bob, 19 Cronenwett, Bill, 194 Crowther, Pat, 21 Crystal Lake Crawl, 96 Cub Cave, 34 Cuddington, Bill, 135,153,183 Cueva de Balankache, 71 Cueva de Christian, 30,31 Cueva de Huachuab, 54 Cueva d o e Juan Sanchez, 30 Cueva del Abra, 31 Cueva de la Puente, 31 Cueva del Campimiento, 165 Cueva de Llano Chiquitos, 165 Cueva de los Sabinos, 102 Cueva de los Vientos, 71,86,87* Cueva del Pacho"n, 31,101,102 Cueva del Porvenir, 29 Cueva de Maiz Tostada, 102 Cueva de San Augusdn, 74 Cueva de Tzam.:!tal, 166 Cueva Diamante, 30 Cullen, David, 75,96 CUlIlberland Caverns, 74 Cymbiodyta, 196 -DDamn Cave, 14 Darilek, Glen, 17,26,27,88 Darilek, Ruth, 26,216 Darwin, Charles, 100.102 Darwinian Theory, 100 Davenport Cave, 72 Davenport, Warren, 72 David, 75 Davis, Dr. Richard, 30,32 Davison, Don, 135, 142,160 Dawn's Delight, 165 Daw.on, Glenda, 71,93 Dead Dog Cave, 75,93,120 Dog C ave 1/2, 93, 209, Deadman's Hule, Deal, Dwight, 173,179,182,183 Dean, Bill, 34 Deep C ave, 99,116 De Forest, Ross, 167 Delano, John, 1 6 7 De Long, Aubrey 193 Denison, L aura, 14 Denn, Tina, 3 4 Dermance:-i:or andersoni, 157 Devil's H ollow Cave, 29 Devil's Sinkhole, 32,84,99,16 5 Diamond Cave, 5 diar rhea 144 Dickey Dewayne, 39 G a ry, 76


DECEMBER 1976 Dog. 96 Dogwood City Grotto. 153 Domnanovich. Joe. 135 Don Williams Cave. 43 Dorman. Jill. Doyle. M. D 3Z Drake. 146 Drennon, Dwight. 153 Driskill. Mike, 167 Drummond. Ian. 166 Dry Cave NM. 54 Duck Embryo Vaccine, 105 Dugesia dorocephala, Z4 Duncan. Paul. 71.86.93 Duncan, Re ynolds, 135 Duty, Dr. Wintrop. 157 Dwight, Deal. 134, 136 Dyas. Mike, 134,135 Dyess, John, 167 -E-Earl Yarmer's Uncle, 4Z Easy Out Cave MT, 166 Ediger, Gill, 11,12,13,26,47,53, 134,135,137,141,165,167,170, 175, 179 Ediger, Jill (see Moody, Jill) Edwards Plateau, 6,60,74 Eidrnannella paltida (Emerton), 196 E I Catorce, 30 elephant's trunk, 56 Elliott, Lisa Christine, 136 Elliott, Vernell, 54,75,136 Elliott, Wm. R., 4,6,8, 12,22,54, 75,79,80,85,100-103,119,129, 136.137,167,176.179 Ellison's Cave GA, 142 E l Ojo Grande de Mal Pais, 74 E l SO'tano del Barro, 74 Emerald Sink, 29,99,132 Enchanted Rock Cave, 167 Endless Cave NM, 14,54,75 Entamoeba histolytica, 107,144 Enteropatia tropical, 144 Erythizon muthahigbyus, 94 Eurycea, 61, 62 E. latitans, 62 E. neotenes, 61,62 E tridentifera, 62 Escabrosa Grotto, 135 Estes, Jim, 32,39,46,167 Evans, Danny, 209,211 Evans, T. R., 132,141,173,209, 211 Everage, Jon, 54,170,175 Everett, Beth Stanley, 93,167 E verette, Ben, 182 evolution (progressive), 100 evolution (regressive), 100 Exclusive Cave, 88 E zell' s Cave, 22, 83 -F-Fair Oaks Ranch, 70 Fambro, Paul, 14,30 Farr. Randy, 71 Felton Cave, 43,46 Fence Line Fissure, 96 Ferguson, Foxy, 21 Ferguson, Grant, 167 Fern Cave, 43,117,118 Fieseler, Ronnie, 5,11,12,14,19, 26,27,29,36,54,57,75,116,124, 127,134,135,141,167,1 n, 176, 178,179,182,183,201,204,205, 209,210,226 Fieseler, Susan, 54 Fieseler's Truck, 120 Finger, Bob, 161 Fish, John, 178,194 Fisher's Fissure, 99,132 Flakey Cave MT, 166 Flanagan, Debbie, 167 Flemming Bat Cave, 39* Fleming, Steve, 161 Flint-Mammoth Cave System, 74 Fomby, Ed, 54,123,176,178,204 Forestry Supplies Inc., 119 Forney, Gerry, 135 Forsythe, Preston, 30,31,166 FougerouBse, Charlie, 70 400-Foot Cave, 99 Frank, Bud, 132,141 Friesenhahn Cave, 42,43 Frio Bat Cave, 32 Fromen, Charles, 75,124,127, 165 FuFu, 174 -G-Gale, John, 74,96 Galveston Cavers, 9 Gandalf. 9,76,126,137,165,166 gangrene, 144 Garder, Will, 133 Gardner, Ernest, 167 Garner State Park, 71 Garza, Ernie, 166 Genetic Drift, 101 George, Angelo, 135 Get-Out Cave MT, 166 Giardia intestinalis, 144 Gillette, Walter, 32 Gilmore, Stephanie, 167 Gladstone Goat Cave, 165 Gnotjet Cave, 96 God, 120 Godwin, Jim, 34 Godwin, Judy 34 Gonzales, Irene, 9, 71 Goode, Paula, 71,167,226 Goodbar, Jim, 141,177 Goonarse, Craw l E., 10,27 Goris, Andy, 96 Gorman Cave, 29,71,93,167 221 Gorman Falls, 9,29,75,96,149 Gossen, Gary H 74 Gossett, Marilyn, 135 Government Canyon Bat Cave, 7 Graham, Irv, 166 Graham, Russ, 42,43 Graves, John, 161 Gray, Alfred, 146 Gray, George, 39 Gray, Mrs., 146 Greater Houston Grotto, 9,75, 165 Gregg, Bill, 135 Griffith, Chris, 9, 71 Griffith, Ron, 133 Griswold, Jack, 150 Groad Hollow, 134,135,153 Gromlette Waterfall Cave, 71 Grosser's Sink, 9,62,124,125* Grubbs, Andy, 25,30,31,46,48, 71,75,28-84,93,96,120,161 Gruesome Pit, 31 Gruta de Precipicio, 71,86,93, 96,165 Gruta de Tierrosa, 75 Grutas de Garc{a, 30 Grutas de LoltUn, 71 Gruta del Palmito (see Busta-mante) Grutas de Quintero, 30 Grutas de Xtacumbilxunan, 9.71 Guadalupe Mts. NM, 27,30 Gurnee, Russell, 32 Gutting, Steve, 27,34 -H-Haithcoat, Judy, 34 Halliday, Wm. R., 205 Hambreth, AI, 71. 167 Hamm, Hal, 9 Harmon, Russell, 135,173 Haning, Jim, 30 Hanna, 167 Hanna, Dave, 32 Hannamon, John, 167 Harding, Dr. Tom, 204, 205 Harrel, Ed, 134 Harrell's Cave, 23,83 Harrison, Blake, 31,71,166,167, 173,177,179 Harrison Cave, 99 Harwood, Jerry, 32 Hay, W. P 83 Haygood, Crickett!, 21 headache, bad, 149 Headquarters Cave, 7 Hearne, Patty, 141 Heisler's Pit, 165 Bill, 32,117,118 Helmick, Walter, 167 Helm's West Well, 90 Helotes Blow Hole, 165 Heml,le, Chuck, 72,73 Hemperly, Robert, 3,170


222 Hendrix, Bernie, 32 Hennesy, Mike, 76,93,?6 Herbein, Jay, 135 Hermit of the Ca,v ,erns, l46 Herzig, Frank, 26,29 Hester, Dr., 146 Hester's Cave, 146 Heuss, Keith, 26,27,30,66,67,71, 76,93,96,108,109,116 Hiett, David, 96 Hill, Kandy, 66,69 Hill, Ken, 31,71 Hills 8. Dales Pit, 165 Histoplasma capsulatum, 105,107 Histoplasmosis, 104-106,204,205 Hlocuts, 30 Hoehne, Noma, 71 Hog of Steel, 166,177 Holiday House Hamburger Stand, 121, Hollingsworth, Shari, 167 Holsinger, John, 83,84 Honey Creek Cave, 62,165 honky tourists, 9 Howler monkeys, 9 Hoya de Conchas, 31,71,73,74,,90, 93,120 Hoya de Guaguas, 30,74 Hoya de la Luz, 165* H. T. Miers Cave, 93,96,99 Huasteca Canyon, 165 Hubben, Henry, 167 Hubrick, Leslie, 84 Hudson, Bob, 39,122,136 Huebel, Mel, 32 Huets, M. J., 102 Hunt, Grainger, 132,133 Hunt Ranch Cave, 116 Hutchins, Dave, 167 Hutchson, Bruce, 167 Hyalella, 82 H. azteca, 84 hydrophobia, 104 -1-Ice Box Cave, 71 Iliffe, Tom, 9,34,70 Indian Council Shelter, 116 Indian Creek Cave, 132 Ingersoll, Harold, 14,29,34 Inkster, Arthur, 119 Inside Earth, 188 -J-Jackson, Harvey, 32 Jacoby, Ed, 66,67 Jameson, Roy, 30,31,72,165, 166,167 Jank, Phil, 75 Jasek, James, 3,4,19,53,57,65, 74,79,81,137,146 Jasek, Mimi, 3 Jennings, Charlie, 194 Jester Cave OK, 164 Jewell Cave, 74 John Scopes' monkey, 56 Jones, Ricky, 167 Joya de Salas, 93 Justice, Jonathan, 4,14 -K-Karen, Jody, 116 Klirp, Steve, n, 99,135,228 Kastning, Ernst, 31,75,166 Kastning, Karen, 166 Kathy, 96 Kawakatsu, Dr. Masa'haru, 23 Keider, Marlin B., 142 Keith's Crack, 116 Kerr, Kathryn, 133 Keys, Peter, 153 Kincaid Shelter, 43 King Ranch Quarry Cave, 71 Kirkpatrick, Jim, 75 Io, ,kwood Kaver Kommunity, 151 l'J,ein Cave, .43 Klein, Lou, 72, 116 Knighton, Katie, 167 Knox, Orion, 39,46,177 Komensky, Andy, 54,164 Kramer, Jim, 53,63,92,99,135, 141,228 KramJTIer, A., 121 Krauska,. Mary, Kay, 167,,226 Kristofferson, Norman R., 10,11, 15,27,40,70,90,93,121,150,168, 173,174,176,179 Kunath, Carl, 3,14,17,34,39,54, 75,120,132,141,155,156,173, 204 -L-La Bruja, 93 Laguna Grande, 30 Laidlaw, Kenny, 177 Lamarckism 100 La Nevada, 93 Langtry Crazy Cricket and Mad Spider Cave, 71 Langtry Gypsum Cave, 71 Langtry Lead Cave, 29,99,132 Langtry Quarry Cave, 29,99 Larason, Shari, 14,30,165,167 Larson, Charlie, 153 Larson, Jo, 21 Lascaux Caverns, 11 Las Grutas Villa de Garda, 93 Laubach Cave, 43 Laurel Caverns PA, 134,153 Lehman, Chris, 167 Leishmaniasis, 145 Leonard Cave, 161* Levi Shelter, 43 Lew Bicking Award, 135,153 Lewis, Squire, 8 Liebman, Bob, 72 The TEXAS CAVER Lightfoot, Rick, 167 Lillie, Scott, 209,210 Lindeberg, Mr., 146 Lindsey, Jerry,' 59, n Little Egypt Student Grotto, 29,7I Little Indian Cave, 204,205 Little Sand Cave, 54,75 Llano Uplift, 6, 22 Lloyd, Bob, 176 Loeffler Bat Cave 121 Loeffler, Mark, 121 Loltun, 9 Lone Bat Cave, 75 Longbreak, Rick, 182 Longhorn Caverns, 32,43 Longley, Dr. Glenn, 24,82 Los Sabinos, 30,31 Louie, 167 Loving, Charlie, 173,177 Lowery, Dino, 30,93,166 Ludquist, Elen, 167 Lundelius, Dr. Ernest, 42,43 Lynn, Pam, 167 -M-Ma Crosby's, 175 MadIa's Cave, 165 maggots, 145 Maguire, B. Jr., 101,103 Mammoth Cave KY. 23,166,167 Marnock Cave, 7 Mansfield, Ra y, 135 Marey, Jim, 88 Marks, Lew, 167 Martin, Barbara J., 135 Martinez, Angie, 21 Massey, John, .167 Matamoros, Corina, 167 Matamoros, Sally, 167 Maxwell, Jay, 194 Mayfield Cave, 32,46 Mayne, Bill, 9,71,86,93 Mayne, Charlie, 9,71 Meador, Tom, 173 Meander Belt Cave MT, 166 Meeks, Kathy, 161 Doug, 72,73 Medville, Hazel, 21 Member Organizations, 16 Mesclita, 167 Messenger, Kay, 167 freetail bats, 105 Mexiweckelia, 82 M. texensis, 84 McAdoo, Dave, 34 McAdoo, Martha, 34 McAnulty, John, 167 McCauley, Frances, 167 McDowell, John, 3,14,29,54,75 McEachern, Mike, 14,31,166 McGarrigle, Tommy, 5 McGee, Melina, 167 M ::Kee,, 14,30


DECEMBER 1976 McKenzie, David,S, 46, 48,93,96, 167 McKittrick CClve NM, 14,34,54 McKittrick Hill, 14,34,54,75,120 McLeod, Barbara, 21, 167 McNatt, Logan, 71,120,165 Micos, 30 Midnight Cave, 36 Miles, Harry, 132 M iller, Frosty, 135 Miller, Tom, 165 Miller's Cave, 43 Milroie, John 135 Mills, Tom, 36,131,207 M itchell, Dr. R. W., 6,7,8,22,25, 48,82,84,100,101 Mixon, Bill, 150 Mohr, C. E., 102 Monahan, Katie, 30,71,76,93,116, 161 Montell Shelter, 43 Montemayor, Allen 75,96 Montgomery, Dick, 29,57,96 Montgomery Gypsum Cave, 99,133 Montieth, Wendy, 30,36,76,93,116 Moody, Jill, 1,2,20,21,135 Moody, M ike, 175 Moore, G. W., 102 Moore, Jim, 14,30 Moore, Mike, 14,29,54,75 Moore, Scotty, 194,196 Moorehead Cave, 71 Morgan, Bartel, 132, 141 Morris, Neal, 14,30,31 Morris, Theresa (see Connally, T.) Morman, Randy, 30,93,96,167 Motherlode Grotto, 150 Mothes, Patty, 30,165,166 Mroczkowsky, Donna, 21, 134 MSR helmet, 59 mucocutaneous leisions, 105 Mundine, Bobby, 76 M .lseum of Natural Science, 9 Myoti s sodalis, 150 -N-Nagi, Bobbi, 21 Napper, Gary, 121,166 National Speleological Society (see NSS) Natural Bridge Caverns, 43 natural selection, 102 Neel's Cave, 31,59,75,83 Ne ff Canyon Cave UT, 166 Negri bodies, 105 Nelson, Andy, 193 Nelson, Glen, 167 Nerve tissue vaccine, 105 Neyrnerer s, Robert, 120 Nicholas, Bro. G., 102 Nicholson, Dr. Frank, 146 Noe, N ick, 135 N:Jrman, Jim, 206 N o vikov Larry, 27 NSS, 11 NSS BOG, 151,152 Nye, Janel, 76,116 Nymeyer, Robert, 75 -0-0-9 Well, 193, 199* 0-9 Water Well, 99 Oakley, Bob, 57,59,75,79,176 Oaxaca, 30 Ochoa, Arthur, 71 Ogden, Dr. AI, 134 Ojo del Gato, 71,86,87* Oldham, Tony, 135 Oliver Cave, 42 Om!, John, 93 Organ Cave System, 74 Organicism, 100 Origi n of Species, 100 Ornithodoros, 107 O. hermsi, 107 O parkeri, 107 O talaje, 107 O. turicata, 107 O .T.L. Cave, 132 O utstanding Service Award, 153 Ozona Grotto, 194 Oztotl, 3,17,101,135, 141 Oztotl, P. D. 87 -P-Paine, Richard, 29 Paisano Grotto, 11 Palace Cave, 18,19*,27 Palenque, 71 Pallette Cave, 14 Parks Ranch Cave, 164 Paris, Edwards, 167 Parsons, Ga ry, 67 Pascal, Fred, 93,177,201 Passmore, Greg, 19. 26. 34. 116, 138,150,206,207 Pate, Dale, 3,27,36,56,71,75,76, 93,99,116,119,136,161,183 Patterson, Dora, 34 Pediculus humanus, 107 Pennington, Mark, 14,29,34 Persha, David, 76 Peterson, Brian, 66,67,69,108, 109,123 Peterson, Mr., 146 Piccininni, John, 162 Piekost, Victor, 7 6 Pierce-Jones, James, 31,167 Pink Dragons Cave, 14 Pink Panther Cave, 14 Pitchford, Betty 167 Plateau Cave, 99,132 Platyhelminthes, 22 Pleiotrophy 101 ,102 Poer, Freddy 167 Polygeny 101,102 Poulson, T. L., 102 Powell, Richard L., 135 Powell's Cave, 46, 71 Power, Louise, 21 Prichett, Dan, 85 223 Pseudosinella violenta (Folsom), 196 Punkin Cave, 116 pupnsh, 150 Purgatory Creek system, 25 -Q-Quarry Cave, 132 Quevo de Oso, 66,67*,91 -R-Rabbit Hill Grotto, 66 rabies, 104,162 rabies vaccine, 27 Raines, Terry, 39,167,174,176, 179,194 Ralph, Ron, 73,93,134-136,177, 182,183 Ralph W. Stone Research Award, 135 Rambies Cave, 167 Ramsey Sinkhole, 165 Rapa Island, 72 Ratcliff, Mar tin, 167 Rattlesnake Cave, 34,83 Rea, Tom, 153 Reagan, Bill, 206 Reasoner, Harry, 72 Ree Kaver, 13,53,63,92 Reddell, James, 5,6,8,25,32,40, 46,48,57,62,79,84,130,132,141, 167,175,177,179,191,192,193-97 Reduviidae, 145 Relapsing Fever, 104,107 Review of M edical Microbiology, 108 Rhabdovirus, 104 Rhadine spp., 7-8 Rhodes, Linda, 21 Rick, 76 Rickettsia vickettsi, 157 Riggs, John, 122 Rio Purification, 9 River Styx Cave, 14,186,187 Roberts, David, 3,14,46 Roberts, Robin, 167 Robber Barons Cave, 165 roc k phalli, 9 Rocky Mountain Spotte d F ever, 157 Rodemaker, Jim, 30,31 Rodriquez, Alex, 1 6 7 Roper Ranch Pit, 66, Rosser, Yvette, 167 Rotten Log Ca ve, 96 Rubber Chicken Cave System WV, 165 Rudeloff, Robert, 167 Rushin, Carol Jo (CJ), 144,154


224 Russell. Wayne. 38,n, 67,71.76,,143 Russell. William. 4,5,25,29,31, 39,46,54,62,66,71,93,101,121, 124,125,132,141,167,177,178, 183,194,209,211 Rydanan, 39 -S-SAG, 165 Salamander Cave, 22 Salt Spring Cave, 186 Sand 14,34,54,75,94 Sanders, Jack, 32 Sandidge, Charlie, 167 San Gabriel River, 7 San Joaquin Fever, 106 San Luis Potosi, 30 Savoy, Gene, 72 Saytber, Terry, 30,31,93,136, 1,67 Schnake, Ann, 30,31 Schmidt, Alan 96 School Bus, 177 Schreiber, Richard, 72 Schroeder, Robert, 75 Schulze Cave, 43 Scopes, John, 56 Selander, R. K., 7,101,103 Severa, George, 54 Sevin, Paula, 167 Sewell Wrigbt Effect, 101 Sharp, H. V., 66 Sharp, H. V. '5 wife, 66 Shawcross, Mike, 165 Sheita Cave AL, 135 Siernaker, Carroll, 122,124 Sherborne, Bill, 34, 175 SheriH, 120 ShUD13te, Mark, 9,71 Shygelosis, 144 Sierra de EI Abra, 30,31 Sierra del Pino, 30 Sierra TaDlaulipas, 31 Silvertip SysteJD, MT, 166 SiJDa HUJDbolt, 74 Sitting Bull Falls, 34 Skipwortb, SaJD, 133 Sloan's Valley Cave, 74 SJDart, Chris, 166 SJDitb, A. Richard, 124,125,127, 132,141,167,175,186,191,192, 194 SJDitb, Ed, 32 SJDitb, Herman, 9,93 SJDitb, Marion, 135,153 SJDith, Martin, 120 Snellings' Cave, 167 Snider, Don, 32 Sodek, Frank, 167 Soileau, Carmen, 30,116,219 Solimine, Jim, 128 Sorrells, Roger, 30 S6tano de Ahuacatlan, 74 S6tano de Buque, 74 st5tano de Coatimundi, 74 Sotano de Cueata, 30 St5tano de Hondo de la Sierra de LOI Arbola. de Puerto de 10. Lobol, 74 S&tano Hondo de PinaUto, 30 Sotano de la Jacalatero, 30 Sotano de las Golondrias, 30,31, 74,90 Sotano de Nogal, 93,165 Sotano de Rio Iglesia, 74 Sotano de San August{n, 74 Sotano de Sauz Sotano de Sendero, 74 Sotano de Soyate, 74 Sotano de Tlamaya, 74 Sotano ltamo, 74 Sotano Lodoso, 75 South West Texas Grotto, 29,66, 71,93,167 Speleo Digest, 11,137 Sphalloplana spp., 23 Spanish Wells Cave, 23 Speleo-veranda, 177 Spencer, 39 Spieker, John, 167 Sprouse, Peter, 30,93,153,166, 167,177,201 Sprue, 144 Squaw Cave CT, 166 Staffel, R.B., 167 Stairwell Cave Mt, 166 Steele, Bill, 135,166,226 Stenostmum, 22 Streeter, Paul, 57,115 Stevens, Jan, 32 Stevens, Tom, 66, 69 Stewart, Bud, 39 Still, Rob, 72 Stitt, Rob, 135 Stock, Mark, 135 Stone, A. C. 54 Stone, Bill, 31,153,165,167,175, 177 Stonewall Cave, 124,127. Stovall, A. A., 19 Strength, Barbara, 9 Strickland, James, 167 Strickland, Pete, 30,31,177 Strong, Tom, 72 Stuehm, Chuck, 3,4,12,29, 59, 120 Sunray Cave MT, 166 Stygonectes spp., 82-84 Stygonectus spp., 22-23 SuI Ross College, 132 Joe, 93,96 Sumbera, Trish, 93,96 Sumidero de Chenalho, 166 Sumidero de la Cebolla, 75 Surface, Jim 141 Suunto, 64,150 Swallow Sink Hole, 132 Sweet, Samuel S., 60162 Sweeting, Dr. Marjorie, 135 The TEXAS CAVER Symank, DOllI, 96,149,180,181, 171-173,202,203 -T-Tandy, Mill., 32,193-197 Tanninul Cave., 31 Tanninul *4, 31 Taylor, Janet, 71 Tebbet, Don, 178 Terlingua Sink Hole, 132,133 Teshirogi, Wataru, 23 Texas Cave Report Series, 208 Texas Natural Areas Survey, 130, 183 Texas Speleological Society (see TSA) Texas Speleological Survey (see TSS) Texas Tech University, 7,48 The Great Ogden, 134 Tingle, Bruce, 167 Thomas, Bill, 76,161 Thompson, Peter, 135,166 Thrun, Bob, 150 Tom, 116 Tony, Tom, 124 Tolar, Debbie, 76 Tortuga, 174 Treacy, Terri, 116,137,166,167, 201,226 Triatoma spp., 145 Trichomonas intestinalis (bominis ) 144 tropical sprue, 144 Trout, Jerry, 54 TSA, 48-53,58,68,189 TSA BOG, 25,26,34,110,151,152, 198,216 TSA Convention, 11 TSA Delegates, 25,110 TSA Financial Report, 113 TSA Project, 68 TSS.5,19,99,130,161,167,173, 185,186,189,211 Tucker, Dorthy, 9,71,154,160 Tulum, 71 Tynes, John, 96 -U-Ubico, Jean, 75 Udden, J. A., 193 Ugualde, Felix, 209 UT Grotto, 3,11.29,30,39,71.93 165-167,194 Uxmal, 9.54.71 -V-Valdina Farms Sinkhole. 32 Valverde, Alice, 116 vam?ire bat, 105 Vandel, Albert. 100


DECEMBER 1976 Vehslage. Gene. lZ.153 Veni, George, 157,160 vice, 68 Vines, Virgil, 79 Vivian, 4Z Vinson, Barbara, 14,30,31,155, 156,167 Vinson, Dale, 167 Vinson, John, 175 Vinson, Jon, 14, 3Z Vogt, Evon, 74 Vogt, Lessa, 74 VIP Grotto, 136 -W-W agner Ranch Cave #4, 165 W alker, Greg, 167 Walker, Kathy, Z9 Wal ker, Kimberly, 96 Walker, John, 39 Walker, Pat, Z07 Walker, 34 Walsh, Mike, 59,75,76,161,186, 187,201 Ward Cave, 29,30 W arden, Torn, 89 A Bit of Nostalgia, 46 About the National Speleological 158,159 Accident Report, 70 A Storage Pillow For Your Winter Sleeping Ba g, 126 Bad Air, 149 Biological Collecting Made Easy---You, too, can help!, 40-46 Bulk Flashbulb Testing, 10 Can You Dig It?, 4Z C avernicole Corner, 12,40,46,8Z, 100 Caver of the Month, 12 Caves, 66, 122,146,161 Cave Surveying, 44 Caving in Blowhole, 20q C hairman's Column, 53 Chirp Thrills, 202-203 Comal County Files Lost, 130 Corkey's C ave, 108 DDT Licensed For Killing Bats, 1 6 2 Dead Dog Data, 209 Deep Caves of Texas, 99 Did You Say Cave Rescue?, 131 Editorial, 12,47,114,215 Editor s Take New Positions, 141 Escape From Langtry Lead, 132 Eurycea : Spring and Cave Salam anders of the Edwards Plateau, 60 Everage Suckumbs, 170 E verything You Always Wanted Wayne, 96 Weatherford, Jim, 75 Weber, Wayne, 167 Wee Kraver, lZI Weinstein, Jonathan, 167 Weissling, Blake, 75,96 Wells, William, 19 West, Barbara, 96 West, Bob, 30,71,137,166 Westbrook, Celia, 48 White, 39 White, Elizabeth, 135 Whiteface Cave, 99 Whiteman, Charles, 3Z Whitman, Charles, 72 Whittemore, Anne, Zl Wickersham, 7Z Widner, D. L 197 Widner, Don, 136 Wiley, Suzanne, 7,8,48 Wilk, Lisa, 75,76,93,116 WHkins, H., 10Z Williams, Carol, 71 Wind Cave, 74 Windy City Grotto, 134, 153 Wilson's Cave, Z Wisener, Alicia, 75,96,104, 133, ARTICLES, POEMS, ETC., BY TITLE To Know About Diarrhea But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask, 144,145,154 Fear And Loathing at the '76 NSS Convention, 134,135 Film Ca n Sewing Kit, 160 Flashguns and Ca ving, 184 From A to B and Back ot A--Sometimes, 173 Garbage. 7Z .. 90, 150 Grotto News, 9, Z9, 71,93,165 Helihead,180,181 Helm's West 182*,183 History, 3Z Kristoffer son's Kollosal Kaver Krossword, 168-169 Letters to the Ediger, 3,17,37, 57,79,119,141 Locating What?, 31 Lubbock Man Theorizes Ba ts M 'ltilated Livestock, 85 New Fears For O'.d, 85 M ':lre On USGS Maps, 37 NSS Convention 1976, 134-135, 153 NSS BOG, 151 0-9 Well, 193 197 Obituaries, 116 Plastic Garbage Bags: for Comfort and Survival, 142 Plastic Garbage Bags: the Dri Suit, 160 Poetry:It's All In The Mind, Y' Know, 128,133 140,144.201, Z06,Z13,214 Wonderlich Site, 42 Wood. Rob, 85 225 World Health COIlU"Qission, 150 Wright, Jeff, 9 Wright, Margaret, 3 Wright, Torn, 9,93 -X-Xililta, 30 Xtojil, Cenote, 9 -Y-Yates, Charlie, 4,Z9-31,44,66, 71,76,93,96,116,137,138,201 Young, Mrs. C. W., Z7 Yucatan, 9,48,54,71 -Z-Zainfield, Richard, 167 Zeman, Steve, 30,93,166 Zesch Ranch Cave, 22-24*, 43 Product Quality Report ---of Sorts. 59 Puzzle Page, 89,103 Ree Kaver, 63 Regressive Evolution in Cavern-icoles, 100 Rescue, 28,65 Safety. 94 Speleo-Apathies or Hypochondriac's Guide to Cave Related Diseases, 104 Speleo Crossword, 143 Spelu nkers Find Pottery, scor-pions, 48 Suunto Hints. 64 TCRS, 186 Texas Cave Flatworms, ZZ Texas Subterranean Amphipods, 82 The Cave Resources of Texas. 130 The Chairrna n' S Column, 38 The Fire Pit, 164 The Flash, 81 The "Kid Cave" Room. 18 The Rescue That Never Was, 120 The Rhadine Beetles of Texas Caves. 6 The TSA and Caving, 68 The Way the Map Was Done, 88 The Yankee's Are Coming! The Yankee's Are Corning!, ZOl Ticks. 157,160 Too Late. 80


226 Trilateration. 138 Trip Reports,,96, 116.141 TSA Constitution. 48 TSA Convention '76, 58 TSS Cave Map Salon, 189 Use of Citizen's Band Radio in Caving. 89 Waterproofing Matches, 154 Waterproofing: Pack or Contents?, 80 What's Up Doc? 204-2:"5 Women. in Caving?, 20 Yucatan, 54 The TEXAS CAVER -, Special are due people for their help in the '76 CAVER:. Ronnie F ieseler gets my deepest appreciation for guest ,editing and printing the October ,while 1 wa. s -in Mexico an' d Guatemala. It is no discredit to him that I didri't -get them in .themail til several week8 later. Gooc;le gets creditfor typing most of those two issue8. Carmen Soileau di d an outstanding job of stripping those i!lsues. To her also goes the credit for compiling arA typing the '76 index. eral. nights of bleary drudgery were required far tl).is nearly thankless task. Carme n'!? help in the darkroom speeded up that time consuming job. To Terri Treacy goes my thanks for typing a majority 6f theiss'ues for the 2nd half of the year and for collating a large portion of those. Bill Steele helped out in various capacities from plateburning to lending moral support. Mary Kay Krauska has lent valuable serv i c e in answering letters and filling back orders. To all these folks I can only say thanks again. With their help in the future I hope to get the CAVEP; caught up an:d back 6 n schedule . I --Ediger "ONLY $5 SUBSCRIBE NOW to the 1977 TEXAS CAVER. Twelve full issues only $5 Send fiv e bucks now to: The TEXAS CAVER c/o James Jasek 5315 Laurel Lake Waco, TX 76710 We must have your ZIP code.


DECEMBER 1976 Page 2 of 4 TSA By-Laws 3. The Secretary-Treasurer records the minutes of BOG meetings, maintains a current list of members, and acts as treasurer of TSA assets, maintaining adequate financial records. B. Nominations for TSA office may be made at any time prior to the election, including the meeting at which the elections are held. C. Officers are elected by a simple majority of the delegates voting a at the Project BOG meeting or the Convention BOG meeting, whichever comes later in the calendar year. In the event that no candidate receives a simple majority of the votes cast, a runoff election shall be immediately between the two candidates for any office receiving the greater number of votes. D. Officers shall serve from the end of the BOG election meeting through the next BOG election meeting. Eo Officers may be removed from their position by a favorable vote of three-fourths of the Board of Governors at a BOG meeting. Vacancies, for whatever cause, shall be filled for the remainder of the calendar year by the nomination from the floor and election as soon as possible. F. All voting for officers of the TSA is to be done by signed written ballot. G. Approval of any two members of the Executive Council is required for disbursement of TSA funds. ARTICLE III COMMITTEES A. Committees of TSA are two kinds: standing and temporary. 227 B. Standing committees are the following: Publications, Conservation, and Safety. Chairmen of standing committees are appointed by the TSA chairman and terms shall be concurrent with those of TSA officers. Committee chairmen may be removed at any BOG meeting by a favorable vote of three-fourths of the Board of Governors. 1. The Publications Committee shall include at least the editors of the TSA sponsored caving publications. This committee shall study the needs of the TSA members for TSA sponsored publications and shall recommend publication policies to the TSA BOG. Above are the long awaited rSA Constitutional changes approved at the Ma. y 1976 TSA and, strangely enough, the February 1977 TSA BOG.


T O L 8 L u p s n v 66 T I N Gild '5' 0 )!'IO'C! o 0 o c 0 Never sdw to Lv ith him mysel f ) not t:lI he move6. -to a c.a ve an gol' away from all -rhem \ lAh lets. ZllRl X&L flZf/g

Contents: Editorial: a little bit about timeliness,
procrastination, the past and future / Ediger --
TSA BOG: minutes and financial statement from the Fall
1976 TSA BOG meeting / Ruth Darilek --
Index: lined up and arranged alphabetically in three
verticle columns / Carmen Soileau --
Constitutional changes: an update on the latest changes
to the TSA constitution --
Steve Karp: the latest adventures of Steve Karp the
cave fish / Jim Kramer.


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