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The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Texas Speleological Association
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TSA Projects update Contents: Feature article: TSA Project Aftermaths / George Veni -- Partner Rescue in Hell Below Cave / David Locklear -- A Bit of Speleohistory, Revisited / Jay Jorden -- Wind Cave Trip / Kenny McGee -- Caving Horror Stories / Frank Reid -- Speleonews: China Cavers / from staff reports -- TSA news: TCMA: Arguments for New Water Regulations / Mike Walsh -- Illumination: Illumination: Why, Indeed? / Debbie Yore -- Equipment tips: Electronic Compass / Frank Reid -- Dispatches -- Trip reports.
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Vol. 33, no. 05 (1988)
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the Texas Caver Vol. 33, No.5; October, 1988 CONTENTS Feature Articles ..... ............. .. ...... .. ... ......... ..... ....... ...... ....... ... .... ... .. 95 Speleonews ................... .... ... ....... ..... ... ..... .............. ...... ... .......... .... ... 100 TSA News .... ... ... ...................... ........... ... ....... .............................. ..... 105 Illumination .... .... ............ .... ......... ........... ........ ...... .. .. ... ........ .... . .... ..... 108 Equipment Tips ........................... .............................................. ........ 109 Dis p atches ..... ........................................................... ... ... ................ ... 110 Trip Reports ........ ............. .. ... .... ....................... .......... ........ ........ ........ 112 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPH Rappelling into the man made 117-foot free drop at Bracken Bat Cave. Photo by J ames J asek, February 1988. I NS IDE FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPH Tw o cavers begin tandem climb out of Sotano de l as Golondrinas Photo by Jay J orden, November 1987 BACK COVER PHOTOGRAPH Randy Waters (1), James Lof tin (in cave), and Jim Sc hro eder exploring a. small cave l ead in north San Antonio Hills Photo by J ames J asek, May 1988 Co-Editors Dallas Staff CAVE RESCUE .Jay J orden 1518 Devon Circle Dallas, TX 75217 214-398-9272 214-220-2022 Photogr ap h er Dale Pate P. 0. Box 1 25 1 Austin, TX 78757 512-452-5184 James Jasek Managing Editor Tony Sanders Call Collect 512-5850234 The Texas Caver i s a bi-monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association (TSA), an internal organization of the National Speleo l ogical Society (NSS). It is published in February, April June, August, October, and De cember. The Texas Caver openly in vites all cavers to submit arti c l es, new s events, cartoons, cave maps, photographs (35 nun slide or a n y size black St. white or co l o r pri n t), cav ing tec hnique s, a nd any other m a t erial for publicati on. T SA due s a r e $10/year whi c h include s the Texas Cave r. Snbsc rip t i o n rate i s $G per year for out o f state s ub sc rib e r s Purchase s ingl e and b ac k i ssues f o r $2.00 eac h by mai l po s t paid ; $1.00 each at .:on venti o n s Send s ubs c r ipt-ion a nd ba c k i ss u e reque s t s t o the C aver U T. Station, Box 80:2G, Austin, Texas 7871 3-80:2G. Plr: nse include o l d address in address change corresponden:e. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the T e xas Cave r U. T. St.a ti o n Box 802G, Au s tin Texas 78713-8026. DEADLINES : A r ticles, a nnou ncements, and material for pnhlication mu s t be submitte d to the editor by the 12th o f th e m o nt h prr: ceding p ublication. EXCHANGES: The Texas Caver will exchange new s l ette r s with o th e r grottos at the Editors d i sc reti o n. Contact. o n e o f th e co-ed it o r s. COPYRIGHT 1988 Texas Speleo l ogical Association Internal o rg a niza t i o n s o f the Nation a l Speleological Soc iety rnay reprint. any it-ern lir st. a ppearing in the Texas Caver as long as proper credit. i s g iven and a co py o f the new slette r containing the material i s mai l ed to the co edito r s Other o rganizati ons s hould cont.act the co-editors. Printed in the Republi c of Texas (..lp) by Kestrel Printing (Ro nnie Fie se l e r a nd D eborah J. Tol a r). Typese t a t CONVEX Cornpute r Corporation, Ri chardso n T exas.


the T e xas Caver O c tober, 1988 Page 95 TSA Project Aftermaths by G eorge V e ni Since I've found myse lf v e ry clo sely inv olve d wi t h the l as t two TSA projects, I thought it appropria t e t o submit an update on what's happene d wit h the m as of 13 A pril 1988.' Kickapoo Caverns State Park Site During the Octobe r 1987 project all o f t h e known caves on the property w e r e s urv ey e d ( except fo r Ki c k a poo a nd Green c a v es ), as w ell as on e o f t h e six caves newly discov e r e d by project ridgew a lkin g team s Follo wing that project, I led three trips b ac k t o t h e p ark s i te: Tha nksgiving 1987, 27-28 F ebrua r y and 1-3 A p ril 1988 M y trips were primarily to look a t the cav e ge ology a nd in doing that, perform a d e t aile d survey of Ki c k a poo and Green. The status on those m a p s a re tha t G r ee n i s c omple t ely sketched, but the survey will wait until J anua ry 1989, when the b ats and gn a t s are gone, and Ki c k a poo was surveyed by use of a transit. Although the p e n c ildraft of that map is complete, the fina l ink e d m a p will n o t be produced until the p ark a dd s wh a t e v e r tra ils and such to the c a v e in its comme r c i a l d e v e l o p m ent' After is done, I 'll a dd t hat inf ormati o n to t h e p e ncil e d m a p and produce the fina l m a p In addition to the work on G reen a nd Ki c k a p oo, t h e trips I "led" t o the p ark s i te w e r e in fact co -l e d b y J oe Ivy, who i s coordinating t h e pro ject t h e re. J oe too k g r o u ps out ridgew alking, survey in g and b i o l og i zing. C u rrently, all of the 13 known caves in t h e p a rk ( e xcept f o r G reen) h a v e b ee n surveye d A p p r o ximatel y 2 0 p e rcen t o f the 6300 + ac r es t h e r e h a v e been walke d The c h ances of finding more cav es o n t h e r e m a inin g 8 0 p er cen t a re pretty good. The participants on these three t rip s inclu de d: Gar y G odwin Jeff Johnson, Ric h Knapp a n d Geo r ge Ve m (Nov 1987) ; Ging er Bloome r Alla n Cobb, K e i t h H e u ss, Joe Ivy Do t ti e K ern, Linda P alit, D a l e Pear so n Gar y Poo l e Mark Ulmer and G eorge V e ni (Febru a ry 1 988 ) ; G e r a ld Atkinson, Carolyn Bi e g ert, B o b Burnett, Alla n Cobb, Joann DeLuna, Janet M arkette, Al a n M ontem a yor Linda Palit D a le P ears on C hri s tin a Phippe n G ar y Ron Scott Rote, Suzi e T o msett a nd Georg e Veni (April 1988). The current status for the p ark s i te i s to p oss 1 b l y h a v e it ope n for primitive camping a nd hikin g as earl y as September 1988. As for full park d e v e l opment. and t h e commercialization of Kick a poo, I've h eard estimate s of 3-5 years A lot will dep end on t h e winds of bureaucra cy and which w a y funds are blown The Caves of Comal and Kendall Counties Following the January 19 88 proj ect, to survey c a ves in C oma) and Kendall Counties, I'v e l e d some attempts to mop up unfini s hed survey s and check on some l eads. On 21 February 1988 Allan Cobb, Joe Ivy Linda P alit and I w ent to Wil ey's C ave (Coma ] County) t o continue the survey. Allan a nd I s ubs e qu ently returned on 2 3 and 2 5 F ebruary and o n 7 Marc h to all but w r a p up t h e c ave exc ept for a h ammer-lead wi t h a ir and water flow. The current l e ng t h of t h e c a v e i s abou t 260 tight and often ve r y j a gg e d m e t er s. Joe Ivy and I adde d 182 m t o the survey o f Little B ear Creek Cave (Coma) County), on 5 March 19 88. W e stopped just past the cav e's op enly major p as s age junction, and a 1967 mud-graffiti warning tha t up ahead "It gets like shit." So far, it has be e n a pleas ant and moderately well decorated stream cave. We pl a n on returning during the summer to finish the exploration and surve y. Looking for something wimpy to do t h e n e x t d a y Joe and I surve y e d Jan' s fissure (Kenda ll County) whi c h w as r e di s cover e d during the Janua r y proj ect. The cav e i s a fissure-entrance, on th e e dg e o f s a s inkhol e, t hat lead s t o a 3 m drop which conn ects in t o a p a r a ll e l fissure p as sag e m easuring 1 3 m long 4 m high and 0.4 m w i de. Two team s r eturne d to t h e Kl a r pro p e rty o n 1 2 Mar c h 19 88. John Sp ence l e d Joann D e Lun a and Scott R o te t o co mpl ete the s urv ey of !G a r 's Cave. They s ur veye d through the T est ies" ( a series o f littl e to r t i o nist tests") the n d own a fine 21.6 m d eep p1t mto t h e termina l mud room. The team came o u t o f t h e cav e mutterin g s omething about i t b e in g t h e m os t in c r e dibl e v olum e of mud the y h a d eve r seen and h a d to g o thro ugh Meanwhil e, Kim M a l o y l e d K a r e n Ma.rkette, M ark U lm e r a nd I to P ytho n Pit. This w as a l so a fine pit, m easuring 28.2 m deep and was surveye d do wn a n a dj o ining 12.6 m deep pit to a t o t a l d e p t h o f 4 0 6 m Lots of g ood c av ing need s to b e d o n e and co n tmues to g e t don e o n the Kick a p oo and Comal-Kenda.ll Co unty Cav e Projects Any on e inte rest e d in h elping is w e lcom e to call me for more information a t 4 019 Ramsgat e, S a n A n to nio T exas 78230 ( 5 1 2 ) 699-1 388.


P age 96 October, 1988 the Texas Caver Partner Rescue in Hell Below Cave by David Locklear On Aug. 19, 1988, I was ascending out of the 50foot pit in H ell Below. Halfway up my ch es t harness f ailed. This would not have been a big proble m if I were u s ing a n accepte d system. How e v e r I was u s ing the L oc klear System This system i s similar to a Mitchell s ystem o nl y in that it u ses Pruss ik knots instead of juma rs. The only proble m was that on thi s climb, I had no safety asce nd e r attached to my seat harness. Fort unately wh e n the harness failed I grabbe d the rope. Othe rwi se, I would have flipped upside down. I yelled down to Tim Jones to help me. So he began to climb the rope. As he climbed, I made another Prussik knot with one hand while I he l d the rope with the other. I c lipp e d my seat harness into the knot and r es t e d. Fortunately, there was a small ledge b e low m e for Tim to sit on. This enabled him to take off one of his three ascenders and give it to me. Also, h e h e lp e d me pi ece my chest harness back togethe r. ascended to the top and then Tim rappe lled off the l edge, back to the bottom. I lowered his ascender back to him and h e came up. Analysis: Why did my chest harness fail? Well, the webbing slipped out of the buckle. The webbing could not be put through the buckle correctly because the sewn end of the webbing was put on the wrong loop of the buc kle. Here is the way it was: H e r e is the way it should be: A se lf-r esc u e would h a v e b ee n possible if I were b etter prepared, but I was ascending u s ing a flashlight and only had one mechanical ascender. If I would have h a d a cow's tail, to my mechanical ascender, it would have h e lp e d make a self-rescue eas i e r. My buckl e i s now correct and the next day, I ascended out of W e n Cave with no proble m s. A Bit of Speleohistory, Revisited by Jay Jorden It was a little early to return to Padre I s l and, but on Aug. 3-5, Sheila and I journeyed southward to Corpus Christi. Texas cavers have been returning lik e l emmings to ocean for year s, and this was jus t the latest c h apte r in the saga. Several years had passed s inc e I h a d j o urneye d to the Sparkling City by the Sea. Corpus Christi r ema ins a j ewe l on the T exas Gulf coast. While the easte rn sea board is sullied with debris from hospitals and other gar bage, even Nueces Bay appeared almost pristine b y com parison. The Texas sun reflected off shrimp boats tie d up at the T -heads along downtown, with their cap t ains hawking fresh catch of the d a y, iced down in cool e r s With names like "Pop-a-Top", "Good Luck" a n d "Sea Maid," the boats looked weathe r-beat. en but still sea worthy. A ride along the palm-lined Ocean Drive resembled a trip through California. Stucco-walled, r e d tile r o o fed estates were arranged neatly along the bays id e drive bravely fronting their facades against the con s tant, warm Gulf winds. Then before the drive took us in a gentle arc to Corpus Christi State University and the Naval Air Sta tion we took the short-cut to Padre Island Drive and were climbing across the JFK Causeway to the i s le. The afternoon sun glanced across the shallow w aters on both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway, as we r etraced the steps of many a caver to the national seashore. Toes in sand, drink in hand, we joined others near Bob Hall Pier at the Nueces County Park. Gentle waves coaxed us into the water soon as the t empe r atu res climbed. Large pelicans, with wingspans six f eet a n d more, glided soundlessly inches above the fo a m g race fully plucking out fish from the ebbing waveticles. Gulls shrieked and dove along the shore while we bod y -surfed in the waves. The curls and whitecaps reced ed into the distance from shore until hidden by the earth's curva ture. In the great distance, a few isolate d oil rig s stood poi se d lik e m etal flamingos in the deep. In the evening, we pitched a tent among t h e seem ingly limitless b eac h sand curving away f1:om u s, Wtth a blanket of stars overhead and campfires fiick ermg 111 t h e far distance. The constant, soothing drone of t h e s urf lulled us to sleep. One of the first recorded caver trips to P adre was Ill 1969 when Ozloll the Texas A&I University n ews let.ter h a d begun its third year of publication. In Vol. III, No 2, p. 15, Gill Ediger gave the following trip r eport: 1 "There was a trip to Padre Island on the 26th anc 27th of September. Everybody got drunk. Nobo d y went skinny-dipping. Everybody got wet when it r a in ed. And it r a ined like hell. M erb and Lillie caught s om e fis h which everybody else ate. Everything to eat was good: Nobody got s ick (from the food, at l east. ) The w a t e r wa> ruff ( s i c ) and the r e were no phosphorescent plankt -on.


the Texas Caver October, 1988 Page 97 Saturda y a ft ernoon, we blew a five-pound sti c k of dyna mite in t h e middle o f the beach. It made a hole 7 feet across and 3 1/2 feet deep .... Then, in 1972, the cave r s returned to Padre Island Nati onal Seas h ore. On the April 22-23 trip were Fred and Dee Dee Paschal, Jimmy Casp er y un amigo, Paul and Jan Vass, Deni s Breining, Janet Whee l er Tom Wrig ht, Paul Duncan, Wayne Russ ell, Termite, Neal M orris and Mary Sue Ho e lzel. Thi s year's activities includ e d fis hing sunburning, sw1111111in g, g irl watc hin g, l og dragg ing sandcastl e find someone else out there .... We arrived to find much of the beach under liquid substance-@# *o/o-first the rain, now this! We drove to the 4WD sign, without getting stuck, and after helping some A&I dudes unstick their machine, we parked ours. No cavers! We decided that Cantu being chairman, should partake of the water. After much contemplation and with the help of a large crab applied to his gluteus maximus, h e immersed his bod in the balm y, antarctic waves. -Shumate. Another article, entitle d "Padre or Drown," ,-----------------------------------, mentioned of the same trip, H<:lict.iLe b u < h in \o\ lnd C wc, S.D .. s ighted on L:wor 0:\y 1088 Lrip. K e nny M cGee photo. nwking, hot dog roasting mars hm a llow toasting bonfir e v i gils a nd b ee r drinking and oth e r thing s The caver Beer Braw l a nd Body Roast beach party was not publi c ized this year b u t n ext year, we'll p l a n early." Act ually the cave rs could n't even wait until the next yea r. On Sept. 22-24, 1972, t h ey returned to the nationa l seashore, a nd migrated down to the four-wheeldrive a r ea. Sand Cave, whi c h was being dug (blasted) out o f the living sand and had cost not a few eardrums tn the process, had be e n the sce n e o f a n ew passage discove ry. The s urvey continued. In April 1973 p l a n s w ere again m a de for the First Annual Beer (Eardrum) Bust a nd Body Brawl at Padre. "On Friday, Tlaloc, o r Barry Beck u sing long range lllflue nce, r ipped th e bottom out o f the clouds and the P arty. So l arday dawned with be a utiful b l ue s kie s and L i z Amador Can tu a nd 1 took off about 12:30 hoping to "We finally decided on a campsite (as Fred had to take a l eak. ) By the time we positioned al l cards, the rain had stopped and everyone was ready for a cold drink to add to the chill. The colder it got, the happier everyone got. Of course, \Ve were quite upset no o ne else dared to venture out but to hell with t h em; we were t here to have a good time. .. Everyone awakening with the clouded out sun, decid e d to take a nap, which was interrupted by invasion of waters from the high tide. As the two remaining cars tried to beat the tide out, one car motor died As Jim and I tried to pull the other car out, we both got stuck' Tha nk s to the big truck, we r e still here. V/ e finally arrived on the pavement and remained till we f elt we cou ld return to the wood w e had hidden. When returning to our camp, which h a d s hif ted about 40 feet, we began to make s ign s for any more cave r s and b ega n building a fir e "Well, th e time p asse d and the t ime passed and I co uld w a i t no l o n ger than 5:00 to start my cocktai l hour. Jim, John and l continue d t h e party and e njoyed the big fire. By 3:00 in th e morning, we g a ve up but had a hell of a time w a i ting. Our provisions from Fred never s how e d up but w e m a naged fr om e l sew h e re. '0 l e did have a few non cavc r s vi sit u s Amador Cantu t h e n wrote, "Markus S hoemateus, Liz and t h e Magnificent One took off for t h e beach party. And th e n we ca m e back. Seems as though there w e r e seve ral f olks th e r e but on different parts of the beach Wait until t h e n ext 1st Annual Beer (Eardrum) Bust and Body Broi l sometime in Septembe r.


Page 98 October, 1988 the Texas Caver Wind Cave Trip by Kenny McGee Destination: Wind Cave, South Dakota Personnel: Andy Flurkey, Phil King, Rachael Mays, George Sanders, Carol Carlson, Kenny McGee, Houston; and John Scheltens, Hot Springs, S.D. Dates: L abor Day weekend 1988 Frustrate d afte r both planes were d e layed over two h ours t h e first a nd second groups of three arrived at Stap e lt o n Airport around 10 p.m. Friday. We rent.ed "dinky" cit._v cars for the ride to John S chelte ns living room on hi s South Dakota ranch. W e thank Pat Schel te n s for the g reat breakfast and with too little sleep, we m a k e it. t o \ Vinci Cave National Park headquarte rs a r o und !)::30 a .m. where Andy a nd John negotiate the trip f o r u s. !t i s to be a 9-hour inv entory/survey/photo trip. J o hn took Phil and Rachael on a sidetrack survey, while Andy guided t h e r es t of us to inventory, s ketch a nd gawk at som e really neat stuff. We all entered and exited through the elevator barn. There is a supply of rescue equipment h e re that hasn't been used. For those of you that didn't make it to the convention, this is a "kneepad, discover new muscles" type cave. We stayed out of the water, on the dusty, multilevel trails that offered wild underground scenery. We found the trails w e r e pretty rugged, thanks to an the "boxwork", chim n ey c r awls and false floors to play on. Although the survey stations were well identified, we soo n found out that if either Andy or John were separated, it would be a real challenge to get to the exit ... W e follow e d the "CC Survey" back to the Helictite F o r est, in th e low e r passage. Pure white gypsum flowe rs, tree-like helictite bushes g r o wing fr o m th e floor (ple ase see photos), a pure white "active l y g rowing calcite/aragonite riv e r s pherical geo des (som e broke n open, r evealing the internal cry stallization) t hat w e r e embedded within and symmetri cally bisecte d by pl a nes of mineralization which m a de up the "boxwork" structure, and ornate presse d gypsum flo w e r s (pl ease see photo; they reminded me of G r andma's doilies) w e re only a few of the things that m a k e m e w ant to go back for more. 'vVc didn't, get to "Andy's Icebox" but w e had a lot of fun working our way, one at a time, through the "Boxwork Chimney" and under the "Hornet's Nest". At o n e p o int., I w as so r agge d out th a t I mi sse d viewing th e most impress iv e ornament. I wa s the last to wind my up the infamous Box / Chimney, a 50-foot trip up through a n a rrow crack with more fing e ra nd toe-hold s than you can im agine ( t h e result of intricate and ornate boxwork on both sides), an d th e r e w as no r es t a t the top-the others w e re r eady t o go .... A s hort. whil e l a t e r at their n ext re s t s t.op Carol i s really excite d: Look at t hi s, K e nn y and g overhead (ov e rh ead? I could only look at t h e floor; I was so exhausted.) I briefly tossed my head, in a gesture of good inten tions, and I paid the price .... I didn't see the two-foot tall huge, white, feathery aragonite bush that looked as if it could be blown off the ceiling The hair-fine cry stals were now white. Has this ever happened to you? W e all lost some weight on this trip. The cave was heck on my camera-the dust, humidity and physical abuse (even on a w ell-protect e d case) fina lly resulte d in shutter-sti cking probl e ms and w as t e d film. W e head e d back to John's ranch, the NSS Conven tion site thi s year. John still h a d so m e of the conv entio n facilities rigged up. Fort Tub w as still there, without t h e tub. How e v e r Dirty Dave's Bathhouse and Emporium still had about six hot water heaters to the him n hers showers, which w as great. W e decid e d t.o g o cruising all day Sunday, v i s iting Custe r Park, Rus h more and also playing around o n t h e Needles P ark pinn ac l es Vle fue l e d up on buff a lo burger s after a s h ort t rip to a p eg matite quarry ... (gian t book s of Muscovite, Tourma line, Feldspars and pink qua rtz a Ia mode.) Short stops at Cascade Spring and the m ammoth exhibit wer e trip pluses Great weather ... Sunday night, the Milky W a y was as vivid as chalkma.rks on a blackboard.


the T exas Cav e r October, 1 988 Page 99 for d e p artures. Carol and I w e r e ki c k ed out o n the freeway (Gree ley/Estes P ark exit) f o r a coupl e o f extra days of Rocky Mounta in adven tures T h e Yello wstone National Park fir es had clouded the Col o rado s ki es 'n eyes. I wis h I would h a v e counted t h e numbe r o f times I remove d my pack-a close estimate woul d be about 300 l .imes. Caving Horror Stories b.v Frank Reid Indiana Bats Last 4th o f July w ee k e nd som e o f m y friends w e r e exploring a cave whic h i s par t i ally co m m e r c i alized ( J esse Jame s Cav e, near Park C ity, l(cnl.u ck l). A group o f fully e quipped caver s c n co un c d a guided o f louri s ts. A f e m a l e tourist. was ove rhc;1rd explainin g to wicks) for light! At first I thought she meant that these bombs w e r e used as torches, but then she said "You have to throw them and run." The cave i s large and has multiple entrances, which is probably why the group was not kill ed by oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide European Underground A caver from A ustri a w h o recently visited t h e U.S. tol d so m e grim tal es about caving in Eastern Europe, especially E. Germa ny. He's translatin g CAVER O F FORTUNE into German, w i t h added advi ce o n how to do ke e p a l ow profile w hil e cavin g in E. Europe. East Germa ny has a l a w against goin g underground. Lite r ally interpre t ed, it says that you must stay o u t o f your own basement. Apparentl y, t h e law was e nacted a fter a f ew p eop l e tunne l ed their way out o f E. Ber lin The government d oes s upport sports, however so caving clubs a r e allowed. The p a rty t ri es to p l a n t s pi es in t h e cave club s b u t eve r ybody knows w h o t h ey are, so t h ey Lake t h e m on extr e m e l y r o u g h cave t ri ps and t h oroughly trash t h e mt C lu b news letter s are r equire d to con tain p arty-line materi a l about how cavin g adva n ces the cau se o f the state; t hi s i s u s u ally accomplis h e d by duplicatin g the sam e page 111 eac h n e wsletter i ss u e. European caver s explore o ld mines a n d tunne l s, as w e ll as natura l caves. Networks of a r tificia l tunne l s a r e commo n unde r o l d Eur o pean c iti es; t h ey a r e a n c i ent, sewe r s w e r e u se d to hide from invaders, et.c. a n d t h e ir locations are unknown to present. cit.y go v ernments. The in a n E. Cerma.n c i t y (which must. r e m a .in n a m e l ess) d i scove r e d a n ir o n door o n t h e n ve r bank, overgrown w i t h weed s. They p i c k e d t h e J oc k m ade t heir ow n k e y a..ncl exp l o r ed the tunne l s. T h ey f ound t rea.sure whi c h wa.s hi d den t h e r e during Worl d Wa. r II b y the l ocal inha.bil. a .nts, most o f whom were kill ed w h en the c ity Wi1.S b ombed Deing ca u g h t Carol Carlson looking at geodes e mbedded i n min cr:\J v e i n o r [l(lxworkerl st .:\J:l{,otiLc. K e n ny Jl,lc'(_';c>C p hoLO in t h e tun n els mean s ; 1 one-way her c hild tha t the cav e r s we r e bat ext erminators, t h e r e t i c ket to S i be ri a, so it' s t h e ultimate stca.. lt.hcaving1 to rid t h e cav e o f bats to m a k e it. saf e f o r t o uri s t s Lik e, Cave locati o n s a r c stat e sec ret.s in eastern-b l oc W h o ya gonna call'?... BAT BUSTEH.SI co un t ri es; so m e French caver s we r e cau g h t at t h e border Innovative Lighting I r ecently talke d to a lady w h o t.olcl m e about v i s i t Ing a cave near G lasgow, K entuc k y, u s in g Mol ot.ov coc k lai\s ( g lass bottl es fill e d wit. h g<1solin e with fla min g rag o f Yugoslavia wit.h a roadmap o n whi c h t.h e ) h <1cl m a rk e d cave locat i o n s; they w e r e j ailed as s p i es, a nd i t wa.s three w eeks b e f o r e t h e f

October 1988 the Texas Caver China Cavers from staff reports CARLSBAD N .M. -Large river caves and remote village inhabitants were enchanting to a Carlsbad caver and other spel eo logists who traveled to China. In one of the more beautiful caves, Ron Kerbo of Carlsbad Caverns National Park said he climbed down a high wate rfall, flowing over orange flowston e . Addi tiona! cavern s had fortifi e d wall s WI t h a n c i ent writing. The battlements w ere built centuries ago as a protect i o n against e nemies, said K e rbo. . H e r ecently returne d from a three-w eek cavmg tnp to C hin a K erbo and 11 others were part of a U.S. cav in g e xp edition to China. "They were what w e were expecting and more," h e said. "The y w e re big, they were beautiful and they w e re v ery exciting." Another Carlsbad caver, Jim Goodbar, a U .S. Bureau o f Land t natural re source specialist, was a lso on t h e expedit. ion. H e stayed in C hin a and planned to visit Southeas t A sia before r e t urnin g state side The U.S. d e legation joine d by a group of Chinese caver s, t .rave l e d two hours one clay by bus on a dir t road leading from the C hin ese c ity of Ruyuan. At t.he e nd o f t h e road, they carried their gea r o n root for almos t t .lnee rnile s through fie ld s of rice a.n d veget abl es until they r each e d a r e mo te village sai d 1--:crbo. "Everythin g wa s cove r e d with cry s t al-clea r icc," sai d K erbo. "There 11e r e huge towers of rock. W e wer e w a lkin g in a valley bet. w e en huge buttresses o f ston e He said the village r s, many of whom h a d n ever seen for e ign e r s, were afraid at first and stayed back. But K erbo said the children's curiosity overca m e Members o f th e D>!l:ls(Fort Worth G rotto enjoy th e Brazoo River :u1d Pete S trickl:uJd' s h o t tub. Jay Jord e n phot -o.


the Texas Caver October, 1988 Page 101 their fear and they started commg closer to the strange rs. He said the villagers carried bamboo baskets containing hot coals -hong longs -to keep their hands warm and to provide warm spots over which to congre gate. Finally, the children and adults -and more res idents of a nearby village -began following the expedit.ion until they were all crowded around the huge pit of a ca. ve to watch the explorers, he said. Calle d Tongtianluo, the pit was about 200 feet in diamete r and surrounded by a forest of palm a nd orange t .rees, said Kerbo. Also on the same trip, Chinese journalists brought t h e ir television and camera equipment, said Kerbo. "We didn't realiz e that the C hin ese ce lebrate every thing with firecrackers," h e said He said someone had hauled in fireworks for the occasion. A man-made light show in cluding l o ud spinning, sparkling noisemakers gave t h e exped ition a royal send-off into the pit. "The pit turned out to be not much of a cave-just a big s h aft," h e said. But Kerbo and anothe r expedition m em ber found and explored a small, nearby cave that was steaming beca use of its inne r warmth. They called it Hong Long Cave, because of its similarity to the native bamboo hand warmers. When everyone came out of the pit that night, nature provided its own light show, complete with t .hun der and lightning, and accompani ed by r a in In hi s journal, Kerbo wrote: "Jim played the h a rmonica and sang a n armadillo song. Phil sang caving songs and Irish ballads .... I walked the entire distance without a light through the s weet C hin a r a in su rrounde d by ston e giants wearing soft beards beneath t h e t hundering heaven. Bat Recovery Task Force from s t .afT reports Richmond Area Spel eo logical Soc iety i s proud to r e p ort that we are in the process of initiating a Bat Recovery Task Force. This project i s still in the beginning stages, but reception from the Fish and G a m e Com mission, t h e Department. of Agriculture and the VCU B i o l ogy Department is encouraging. An init. ial committee or five members i s investigating the f eas ibilit y or estab lishing a program on a local l eve l whi c h quite possibly could exp and to educate and assist the genera l public on a national l evel. A program i s also being implemented in t h e Roanoke area by Marvin and Meredith Johnson of Blue Ridge Grotto (they are also membe r s of Richmond Area Spel eo logical Society). M arvin and Mcredit. h a r e pla nning a seminar to be held next Spring for exterminators an d pest control companies. They are a l so w orking to initiate a broader range educationa l program s pecifically related to bat.s, hope fully with the VPI extension. Our Richmond team is striving to educate veterinarians, exterminators and the general public about the ecological advantages of bats, as well as to dispe l many myths associated with bats. W e have already had several incidents where the public has contacted RASS to remove or relocate bats from sensitive a reas. One of these leads came to us from a veterinarian. Most people do not know who to contact when they have a problem with bats. We know of an individual in the Goochland area who would like to establis h a co l o ny o f bats o n their farm and family in the city who would lik e to get rid of a colony of bats they have living in their attic. So, why can't we assist both of these people? We would lik e for our program to be r ecogn ized by the n ecessary public organizations, so we would be t h e organization to contact s h ou ld problems with bats a ri se. As stated above, it i s our hope t hi s program will spearhead a national mov e m ent to discontinue the poli c i es of eradicating and/or destroying bats when f ound in dwellings. With the u se o f publications suc h as Bat Con servation International new sletter, and the m any new s papers, we hope to ac hi eve this goal. We a r e anxious to work with any group which has an interes t a long these line s. Contact Mary Barrett or Ron Morton if you would like further information co n cerning this program. Write or call the RASS office at 8 04-35 3 -6776 3457 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221 any day of the week. W e will get in touch with you! Editor's Note: From the RASS Registe1 of October, 19 87. Radio Locations In KY by Frank Reid On t.h e w ee k end of D ec. 19 I did two cCJve-rn. di o location s in Bowling Green, Kentuc ky. The growing c it)' plans a new street ove r State Troope r Cave, a t.ribut .ary o f t h e Lost River system. The e ngin eer in g compa n) in charge of planning t h e road commi ss ioned D r. i c k C r aw ford of Weste rn K entuc k y Unive r s i ty Lo conduct n study of the a rea. The cave map indicates t.hat. t h e over burden is rather thin, and t h ey w a nted to Hnd the exact position of t h e cave r e lative to t h e surface. Cave radio finds th e surface locati on directl y above a n underground transmitter, within a few in ches, and measures d ept. h within about 3%. Seve r a l of N ick's "mercen a r y cavers," a. k. a. "Fume Busters" (in r e f e r e n ce to a n ongoin g a n ti pollution projec t) took t h e transmitter int. o t h e cave. Nick and I did t h e surface work. One membe r o f the cav in g party was Ray Frye, a m ember of t h e engineering company. H e h a d n eve r been cav in g before, a nd it wa s a wetsuit trip He had a g reat t im e and t.ook u s all to dinner a f te rw a rd. Vole did not have two-way communications o n thi s trip becau se I didn' t bring t h e surface voice-transmitte r. Two-way contact isn't n ecessa r y for cave-rad io survey but it' s g reat for caver morale. I lik e


Page 102 October, 1988 the Texas Canr to play "Ride of the Valkyries" {helicopter theme from Apocalypse Now) to signal a successful location. The radiolocations indicate that the overburden is about 25 feet. They intend to plot the outline of the cave passage on the surface and move the planned path of the road if nec essary. A coupl e of years ago at Fort Knox, K entucky, an army tank f e ll through the roof oi a cave landing on the floor about 20' below the s urface. The panzer wasn t d a m age d but r e trieve! w as v ery difficult The Louisvill e Grotto new s l ette r publish e d a humorous s tory about the Army s n e w "Cave Fighting V e hicle" NSS Convention Notes from s t aff r eports Cav e rs ri d ing into the 198 8 N S S Conve n t ion in Hot Springs, S D. mu s t h a v e t hou ght the y h a d stumble d onto t h e se t o f a W es t ern mov i e R eg i strati o n was head q u arte r e d a t the Engineer 's Offi ce a reconstructe d old W est buildin g a long a dusty dirt str ee t co mpl e t e with hitc hing po s t s To the l eft of the r egistration offi ce w as Dirty D a ve 's Bathhouse and Emporium, a lovingly r ebuilt turn-of-the-century facili t y that conta in e d an iron bathtub, was adorne d with horses hoes brands, saddle tack and rope and lit in the e v ening by kerosene lamps. For the first time in recent recoll ection, the NSS convention had a r e al atmosphere about it. B ehind some wooden s t o r efronts adorne d wi t h tavern l ettering and equipped with s winging w oode n d oors b ee r k e gs w e r e se t up. H a y b a l es lin e d the m a in stree t for the o p e ning cer e mony and g unfigh te r s roam e d around, s poiling f o r a fight The o nly b ank in H o t Springs w as eve n h e ld up in broa d d aylig h t I t w as all in good c lean fun but a l o t of curio u s towns p eople turne d o u t to see what in the Sam Hill w as g o in g o n Of course, t h e r e w as a m a r s h a l 's office o n t h e J o hn Sc h e l te n s r a n c h, with its wid e fr o n t p o r c h u s u ally p o pu lated wit h so m e unsav o ry l oo kin g c h a racter s. Sc h e l te n s, t h e n e w N SS pres id e n t, l oo k e d t h e p a r t wit h hi s tin star c h a p s, Festu s s t y l e co w boy h a t a nd b a nd a n a. H e w as inv a ri a bl y see n stomping a r ound the C ivi c Cente r o r campground l oo kin g lik e h e w as a m o d ern-day Matt Dillio n H e w as o b v i o u s ly havin g a g o o d t im e a nd h a d a d opte d t h e r o l e f o r hi s o wn lif es t y l e In Sunda y 's Hot S p1ing.s Spa1, the conventio n n e w s l ette r the r e w as a noti ce t h a t cave r s pl ease n o t mol es t intimida t e both e r a nn o y o r f ee d ne ig h bo rin g liv estoc k (four-footed t y p es )." As it turne d o u t, the r e w e r e pl e nty of oth e r things for cav e r s to d o. A t t h e r eg istrati o n office, t h ey co uld s i g n up for spaces on trips to Wind a nd J e w e l Cav es, locat e d o n n a ti o n a l parkl a nd in t h e state/territory o f South D akota. O n Sunda y J ay J orde n S h eila Kni g h t, Mike W a l s h a nd m a n y oth e r T e x as cave r s dro v e out t o t h e Badl ands near \ Vall, in t h e w es t ern p a r t o f t h e s t a te, t h e n w e n t t o Hill City in t h e e v e nin g to cat c h a Cav e r 's Special 1880 train trip into the pin e -cov e r e d n atio n a l for est. Some scen e s from The Wild, Wild West Gunsmoke, General Hospital and othe r TV s h o w s b e en filmed on the train. Al s o on the 1 1 / 2-h o u r ride w e re Donna Ande r s on and h e r hu s b and. Early Monda y, cav e r s w ere aw a k e n e d by th e roar ing sound of hot g as b e ing pumpe d in t o a hot a ir b alloon at the c ampground. The b allo on soo n took o f f a n d drifte d a w a y to ki c k off the ope nin g d a y cere m o nies. A pl a n e pulling a b a nn e r tha t read "\,Y e l co m e NSS Convention", circl e d the r a n c h as Sc h elte n s began the p rogram tha t included a w e lcom e from t h e mayor o f Hot Spr ings and the s up erinte nd ent o f Wind Cave National Park. The co nv ention staff h a d asse m b l e d bundles of bill s and bo xes of w oode n nic k e l s (qu a r te r s, actually) whi c h w e r e f o r cav e r s t o spend in to wn The c h amber of c omme r ce t y p es w a nted to t r ac k s p e n d in g by conven tionee r s a t the l a r ges t s u c h ga.t.h e rin g in t h e city's his t o r y. Outsid e t h e m ain r a n c h co mpl ex, in t h e so uth 40, sat a lo g e m e n t n a m e d. Fort Tubb. Be hind it stood a 10-foot-di a hot t ub co nstru cted o f plywood. ll. w as located in t h e m o u t h o f Out l a w Can yo n som h of the Cav ern W e ll s entra n ce p arking a rea. Al s o on M o nd ay, the N SS Board o f C:overnors b e g a n m eeting a t the Muelle r C ivi c Ce n te r The Nationa l Cave R esc u e Commiss ion h e ld its bus in ess sess i o n at the Hot Springs High Sc hool. Othe r sess i o n s included cave biology, paleontology, anthropolog y a nd a r c h aeo logy. In the hi g h sc hool the Assoc iati o n f o r Mexican Cav e Studies h a d set up sal es booths, whil e at t h e same f ac ili t y w e r e s p e l eo v endors lik e t h e NSS Book store, Spe l eobo ok s a nd con s i gnment sal es. "tvJik e Fisc h esser was se win g cav e gear. The B l ac k Hill s Park s a n d F o rest. s A ss o c iati o n h a d a n exhibi t a n d t h e Tex<1s Cave M ana.gc m e n t Assoc iati o n h a d co nstru cte d a standin g display of cav e conse rvati o n and e ducati o n informat.i o n At vVind Cave, L h e co mpu t e r prog r a m t hat com bin es S1viAPS a nd A utocad to pro du ce maps wa.'3 d e mon stra t e d. B ac k at camp Sam a n t h a J a n e seL u p her chuc b...:agon to se r ve up camp coffee ( complete w ith grounds ) a n d k ee p a l a rge ir o n kettl e o f c hil i b ubbling m ost. of the conv e n t i o n w eek. B l ac k Hill s Caterin g a lso se rv e d bi g breakfasts f o r t h e f irst coupl e o f d ays V e nd o r s a t B r eezy a nd Ge m S treets in Cavern Wells includ e d Inn e r Mounta in Outfit.te r s, L &S S p o Good s, D e nv e r Museum of Natura l Hi s t o r y, JD Rock s p o r t E a r thly Impress i o n s, A lph a Ce ntari Kellstadt. Tra din g a nd B o b & Bob. B o b Liebma n l oo k ed p a r t i cula rl y f o r e b oding t .his co nv ention wit h a p a t c h ove r o n e eye. It turne d o u t t hat. h e h a d been scratche d by a do g 's p a w The sc r atc h dam age d hi s cornea, h e tho u ght. H e h a d r es i g n e d fro m t h c Board o f Gov erno r s, e v e n tho u g h h e h a d b ee n r e e lcct.ed in the r ecent e lecti on. Sc h elte n s h a d co nstructe d a water t o w e r with t h c n a m e of the mythical t o wn Cav ern W ells, a l o n g B reez)' Street B ill Mi xo n b r o u g h ( his W orld's Seco nd L o ngest.


fhe Texas Caver October, 1988 Page 103 Cave from Austin. It was near the corral where horses were available for trail rides. Monday evening, most of the 1,300 or so conven tioneers returned to the campground for the traditional Howdy Party. The Circle B Cowboys, dressed in Western attire, served up mounds of barbecue, potatoes, beans and rolls, then played traditional kicker music for the crowd. They worked hard and were crowd-pleasers. A more progressive country band, The Foggy Notion, followed. They played on a flatbed truck stacked with hay bales. In the n ewsletter Monday: Jeanne Pridmore (NSS ofllce st.a ffer) has clothes this year. Ask her about it. She had lost most of them in an airline baggage foulup a.L last year's convention. At the high school the Cavin' Inn served up buffalo sl.caks a nd burgers, buffalo joes, tacos, fre s hly baked pies, assorted fruit and other goodies Board members came to r e ly on the establi shment for noonday meals. O n Tuesday, caving authors gathered at the book sellers' area. to autograph their works. Papers wer e presen ted at. the co nservation and manageme.nt section s essi o n and the NSS Communications and Electronics Section had its meeting. Also meeting were the Congress o f Grottos, workshops of the NSS News and Bulletn and the vertical contestants, vertical techniques and Speleo l ympics. The traditional NSS Auction was held Tuesday evening, along with an international film festival that featured a hilarious Petzl ad, the NSS logo and a series of Fre nch productions, including tracing the lif e of a drop of water across Australia. Annando Kramer pres ented a s lide show of Caverns of Sonora and caves of Missouri Fo llowing these three events, the country's l argest indoor spring-fed swimming pool opened its doors to the cavcr cro wd Evans Plunge use s the water of the city's l;ngest spring t o funn e l through a rock -floor e d pool that iucludes lon g slides, water volleyball, saunas, hot tubs, h club and other activiti es. Undoubtedly, there had never been a. bigger crowd there. In t he back patio, ribs and potato salad wer e served up. The p arty lasted until midnight. At the U.S. exploration session Tuesday, one s lide show included grotto members Woodrow and Janis Tho mas who explored a borehole system in K entucky. Woodrow is giving this month's program at the grotto. Conventioneers were reminded of the fire hazard in forests and brushland because of the drought that h as gripped the midwest. An ad in the Spar read "Wanted: cavers/kayakers/rafters for after Christmas expedition to Santa Maria River Canyon, southwest of Ciudad Valles. Riddled with virgin caves, the river b egs to be used for access to them. Contact K e lly at us ed gear booth ... Bids were taken for the 1992 NSS Convention. A symposium on the geology of the Black Hills was h eld W ed n esday. Barbara Am Ende of Farmington, N M ., presented the cave ballad competitiOn as well. Donna Anderson of Fort Worth won an honorable mention. Dawn Burrow and Pooch Amy of Texas had prizes as well. Other sessions included soc ial science, basic survey ing, cave biology and history, l arge scale cave projects, survey and cartography, vertical contests continuing from Tuesday and a cartographic salon. Wednesday was also a good day-perhaps the only one in a n otherwise crowded convention schedule-to go caving. Many Texans did just that. (See separate article. -Ed.) Three n ew records w e r e set in the vertical contests. Dan Gruss had a. time of :35.5 in the 30-meter mechanical, age group 1 3 -16 K en Hon ebrink set two records in the knots category for the 13-16 age group. They w e r e 2:5:3.7 in the 30m a nd 14:46.2 in t h e 120 respectiv e l y. A fine Lechu guilla. cave s lid e show, n arrated by Rick Bridges of Denver, was rerun from Tuesday. Ron K erbo a l so discussed t h e Lechuguilla Cave vVilderne ss Act p r o posal a ft e r the show ing. Mike Walsh h e ld a planning sess ion for the 19 89 National Cave Management Symposium, sc h eduled for next October in J e w Braunfels a t t h e Faust Hotel. H e a l so provided information on Mexican caving tours. The National Speleological Foundation h e ld its co nv ention meeting. W a l s h was a l so se lling Solano de las Go londTina s coffee grown on the s lop es of the deepest fr ee f all drop in a cave in the world. The pit IS being developed as a. national park in Ivlexico. The Mother Lode Grotto in Calif o rnia. i s working on a two-year project on two "bad air" caves in the Gol d en State. Cave Capers i s A u g. 12-14 north o f Sal e m Indi a n a. Featured will b e 50 caves o f whi c h llv e are over one mile l o ng. Glacier Grotto o f Alask a will be conductin g a sear c h exp l o ra.t i on a nd surve y p r o ject. on Prince of Wales I s land in So utheast A laska. The a.pprox imak dates arc Aug. 8-:l5. R ece n t l ogg in g and road building have opened u p karst. a r eas. Some caves h ave been located. Caver s wis hin g t o a .tte nd mu s t drive t o Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada a nd tilk e t h c Alaska Marine Hig h way to Prince of Wales I sla nd Cont.

Page 104 October, 1988 the Texas C aver In fact, it would have been if it were not for the fact tha t cave r s with hardhats-not cowboys-were chasing the stee r s o n foot It started a little late because of a thunderstorm that drenched camp and sent a lightning bolt hurtling into t h e ground, knocking over and stu!lning four camper s. Forme r DFW Grotto Chairman Noel Sloan admit tedly provok e d the attack by traipsing around camp with a n open umbrella. Witnesses said the bolt split into three p:1.rts zap ping the point of the umbre lla traveling clown the s h a ft a nd exit, ing in c h es befor e r eac hing Sloa n 's h a nd t.hen r ave lin g over to a n a wning 's metal U nd e r it sat four cavers from Ne w State who w e r e w aiting out the storm. The bolt tiav e l ed clown th e meta l fr a me bl as ting furrow s into the grou nd and hitting the camp e r s one of whom was sitting on a coo l e r The bolt cut a furrow und e r the cooler a nd threw a dust c loud into the air. S l oa n f elt a charge down his l eg, but was oth e rwi s e un sca.t h ecl. The charge burne d th e enamel off t.he umbrella in t.wo pl aces S l oan say s h e will retir e i t Cavin' Inn added buffalo rib steak to the menu. The cel est ial fireworks didn t discharge the enthus i as m of cavers who were ready to tackle broncs at the rod eo. Team No. 3, comprised of Central Indi a n a Grotto caver s Dean "Mad Dog Myer Smilin' Scott Fee a nd Crazy Doc Sloan, took third place. Second place w ent to Team No 12 the Southern Cal Grotto, com p ose d o f Bruce Naas, Matt Escobar and Bill Liebman. Top honor s w e re earned by the Lechuguilla group, Team No 1-5, including Rick Bridges Dave Jagnow and Barb AmEnde. In the r op ing and tieing e vents, r eal cowhand s w o uld r ope (or attempt to rope) calves as they came out of th e chute, th e n caver s would follow behind to c h ase t h e m down t hrow them to th e dirt, turn them ov er to their right sides, hogti e them and brand th e m with a s pecia l NSS l ogo. The brand was real but not hot, u sing c h a lk ins tead. One of the highlights was when a cowhand had been fru strated in three o r four attempts to rop e the calf and a cave r said, I s it just okay if we tackle it in stead?" H e proceeded to do ju s t that in r ecord time. In a noth e r event, Scott Fee sustain ed a kick to the g r oin from his struggling ani mal. It hurt but the audi e nce wa s sympathetic. His team later placed Additi o n a l r eco rd s were broken at the Vertical con tests. Dan Gruss brok e his own r eco rd in the mens' mech a nical, age group 13-16 with a time of : 34.4 Dan a l so broke th e re cord in his age group for the 120-m climb with a time o f 5:36.7 Women's records in knots included Emily G raham, 4 :25. 1 group 13-16 ; Cyndie W a l c k 2:42.8, 20-29 ; and Martha Clark, 1:54 7, 30-39. M artha's time a l so se t a women's knots overall time r eco rd Ire ne Strickland grabbed 9 :26. 3 in the women's mechanical age 0-12. Ginger McPhee came in with 11:02.4 in th e 1 20 m o n age gro up 13-16. The NSS Au c tion rai se d $1, 7 5 0.50 o n Tuesday Proceeds will be divided between the Photo Endowm e n t and Exploration funds. On Thursday, Jim Smith presented a talk on the hydrology of the Sistema Huautla Karst Drainage Basin. A short course entitled "Spel eo logy for Cavers, was also held. Rane Curl hosted a symposium entitled "Management of Private ly Owned Unde velop e d Caves,: M eetings included the youth group liai son, cav e diving section, saf ety and techniques, cave photogra ph y cnv e video workshop, interna l organization publi cat i o n s grotto roundtable, geology and geography, in te rn a t i o nal explorati on and others. Jay Jorde n presented a talk on public r e lations an d the NSS committee's work, and a brief overview o n grotto n ewslette rs In t h e fir s t sess i on, PR lia i s on s a n d other inte r ested p eo pl e attende d. N ewsl ette r edi tor s ;1nd cave r compute r joc k eys cam e to the seco nd. The NSS wom e n 's section agreed to disband s ince i L wa s f e l t the group's b asic purposes had been fullillcd. groups will spon so r a. lun c h eo n eac h c onren tion, b u t without. a forma l meeting. Vid eos of the co n ve n t i o n a nd t h e photo salon will be availabl e through the NSS Bookstore \Vinci Cave s ponsor e d a restoration field camp f o r a po s t -convention gatherin g The Dogwood City Grotto will ce lebrate i t s 2 5 t h anniversary with a party and picnic Aug. 21 in A t l anta Write to Diane Cousineau at Rt. 4, Box 1365A L aFay ette, GA 30728. Her phone is {404) 764-2296 The Denv er Museum of Natural History i s pr oduc ing a video, "Silent Splendor," base d on filmi n g in Lechuguilla in New Mexi c o Cavers w e r e s hown t h e uncut version at convention. The ed ited v e r s i o n i s to air on PBS in three or four months. It is availabl e f or sa le. Cavin' Inn a dd e d buffalo rib steak to t h e m enu Samanth a Jane came out with buffalo chi li at o n e dol l a r a bowl. A note in t h e S par read: "Word h as it t h a t the r e are no cave s to speak o f in Arkansas. Rick D a y, f orm e rly of Arizona, h as m oved to Arka n sas. His award winning photos have b ee n featured many times a t con v entions. Colin Jone s o f T e x as celebrated hi s 13 t h birt.hda)1 and compl ete d his first 100 foot climb during conv ent.i o n we e k. It was reporte d that the D a lton gang rod e int o H o t Springs and held up the Norwes t Bank. The m ayor a n d on e teller w e re shot befor e loc a l law offi ce r s gunned clown one desp erado and stretche d th e neck o f a second a ft e r an appropriately swift trial. Two oth er gan g m embe r s escaped with the strongbox and an un specifie d amount of cash, u s in g a f e m a l e hostage for cover. Later in the day, the gang r eporte dly wa y l a i d numerous local busin ess p atrons for a. total sum o f a b oul, $50 which they u sed to bail out one gang m e mb er fro m the March of Dimes Jail. In the c l os in g minutes o f t.hc Spe l eoRocleo, th e D altons offered up their h o s tag e and strongbox in e xch a ng e for a song and p a r ty. Once freed th e di stresse d d a m se l s hot, o n e Da.l t o n. The ot her


the T exas Cav e r Octobe r, 1988 P a g e 10 5 desp e r ado a t the scene was dis p atche d promptly by member s of the Powde r Rive r B and, whic h the n sang for entertainme n t Co nv e n t i o n ee r s a t t h e 19 86 Tularosa c onvention formed t h e NSS Spa Assoc iati o n and t h e ir g e n e r o u s donat.ion s h e lp e d pay f o r the n e w fu.el oil heat e r for the t .ub. Jo hn Blum o f O r ego n enginee r e d and in s t a ll e d the new heate r T h e Association Espel eo logica Costarrice n se h os t e d a m eeting during the int.ernati o n a l ex pl o r a ti o n sess i o n o n the NSS/ AEC j o in t expedi t i o n t.o Costa Rica. C'aver s bou g h t keys to a Spcl eo Treasure C hest t hat 11as hijac k e d during t h e bank robbery. Mor e t ri es w e r e m a d e to open i t a s t h e a w a rd s b a n quet got unde r way F riday n i g ht . The cater e r s f o r t hi s massive affa ir we r e a lso reeding fir efig hter s o n t h e s lopes of the B l ac k Hill s, c l ose to Mount Rushmo r e w h e r e a IHge wildfi r e was ragin g. W e we r e told t h at. t h e food might. be a liLLi e s low, bu t i t wou l d come .'\s u s u a l a. yia n l ben c hball w n.-; bo un ced a r o un d t h e banqud h all, a l o n g w i t h b at. b : : dloon s t h a t eve r yo n e got. at set. tings. During L h e lllL' < 1 1. caver s s u cceeded in build ing a massi ve h elictit.e Ollt o r p l ast. i c c u ps a n d f orks. Bruce Smith and Al a n Padgett, coauthors of the vertical manua l On Rope, r e ceiv e d a s peci a l service award in the ce r emony f ollowing the b anque t The Richmond Area S p e l e olo g ical Soc i ety got the annua l co n serv ation aw ard. R e d W a t son, a u t h o r o f Unde r Plowman's F loor a n d othe r works, r ece iv e d a s peci a l NSS a w ard. H e has w orke d with Cave Resear c h F oundation f o r m a n y year s. F o llowin g t h e awards was a s peci a l mult im ed i a prese ntati o n whi c h feature d s i x sc r ee n s o f slides a n d v id eos o n t h e B l ac k H ills cavi ng, a n d cowboys. The t h e m e was a wrapu p of t h e fun-filled wee k i nc l ud i ng slides o f t h e co n ve n t i o n 's acti v i t i es a n d live foota. ge fr o m t h e SpeleoRod eo a n d oth e r eve n t s. I t was well-exec uted wi t h o nly a f ew glitc h es. Postco n ve n t i o n a P latte R i ve r float t ri p began at t h e di sc h a r ge o f t h e G lendo Dam near Glendo, Wyom ing Oth e r s, in c lu d ing t h e Da.llas g r o u p went t.o Devi l 's Tower in Wyoming.


Page 105 October, 1988 the Texas Caver TCMA: Arguments for New Water Regulations by Mike Walsh The Texas Cave Management Association is a nonprofit organization involved in the study of Texas caves a nd the aquifer. We attempt to "find solutions to cave-re lated problems." Currently, we are working with c i ty and stat e agencies as well as with engineering com panies and l a nd developers Many of our associates have 20 to 25 years of cave-related experience. From 1970-1980 Texas a population inc r ease to 28 percent, one of the highest in the nation The resulting development has create d many new prob l ems. While many people have expressed concern over the effects this will have on the aquifer, few have ack nowledg e d the close relationship between caves and the aquifer. Caves, sinkholes, fissures are nature's plumbing syste m. In some cases, it takes less than ten minutes for rainfall to reach the aquifer. We must investigate and protect this relationship. Karst topography in Texas is characterized by sink hol es, s inking streams, caves and well integrated subsurf ace drainage networks. Most gov ernmental agencies h ave littl e understanding of th e so urce of their water supplies. Why does this lack of knowledge exist:? One r easo n i s t hat the cave researchers have for the past 30 years f e lt the knowledge must be kept from the public or t h e caves would be vandalized. The concerns of thes e te c hni c ians who do the s ubsurfac e s urveys collect a ir a nd water sampl es, biological collections, etc., a r e not unf o und ed. Over .50 caves, including many recharge caves h ave been d est roy e d or sealed in Bexar County a l o n e (San Antonio area.) U ntil r ece ntly subsurface activity has not been taught in the university As a result, Texas g eo logists a nd eve n hydrologists have little knowl edge of caves. In San Marcos, T exas there i s a hole ne a r the top of a hill. A geo logist would note that it drains only about 5,000 square f eet. The Edwards Aquifer is only about 90 f eet b e l o w this s mall entrance. This is Ezell's Cave home of the T exas Blind Salamander, a federally 'protected enda ng ere d s peci es. Dye tests have shown this water e m e rges at Aquarena Springs, three miles to the east. Without entry into this cave to determine its r elations hip to the aquifer, this would seem jus t to be another hol e in the ground. In th e past f e w years, the attitude of the cave r esea rch e r s has changed. As a result, vast amounts of inr o rma.ti o n o n caves a nd th e a quif e r i s available. Ove r 3.0 miles of underground streams have been surveyed in Texas caves. In the 1940s or early 1950s, oil entered t h e recharge area of Perry Water Cave. Following heavy rains, oil is still being discharged from the Water and oil will seek the lowest level and its pathway may be through caves. Nonprofit organizations such as the T e x as Cave Management Association, the Texas Speleologic a l A > soci ation and the Texas Speleological Survey a re willing to work with state agencies to protect the aquifer. The big gest problem is that no state agency has taken the responsibility to regulate caves as related to the prot .ec tion of the aquifer. The result has been the m ass ive des truction of recharge caves and many bad deci s ions In 1978, a Texas state law was passed making it illega l to dump chemicals sewage or hazardous waste into caves. In 1981, this law was repealed. The act of clumpin g hazardous wastes into caves and on to the aquifer i s no longer illegal in this state. Once the groundwater i s pol luted, we have neither the money nor the technol o g y to return it to its natural condition. On Feb. 12, 1987, the Texas Cave Management Association gave testimony at a Texas Water Comm i s sion hearing in Hondo, Texas. New regulations wer e pro posed concerning the investigation and the protection of significant recharge areas. The recommendations below w e re given to the Texas Water Commission. In order to protect. the groundwater qu a l ity in urban areas, the Texas W a.ter Commission must nowlcdg e t.he r elationship b etwee n caves, sink h o les, fissures and t he aquifer. The Texas Water Commission must. accept t.hc respon s ibility for the protection of caves, sinkhole s and fissmes when they are proven to be significant re charge areas. Regulations must be passe d to require invest.iga. tion b e for e alteration or dest.ruction of these s ignificant. recharge features. A surface and subsurface d escription of the cave and/or t.he si gnificant. recharge area s h ould be required in order to understand the relations hip wit. h th e aquifer. The Texas Commission must. h ave t h e authority to require the preservation of such f eatures when they are proved to be significant recharge f eatures or have value toward monitoring the aquifer. 1\.B obscr vation w ells are important, so are these windows to the aquifer. The Texas Water Commission should work with cave research organizations such as the Texas Cave Management As sociation, The Texas Spel eo logi ca l Asso ciation and the Texas Speleological Survey in order t.o gain mor e information on caves and the aquifer. These


the T exas Caver October, 1988 Page 107 o rganizations have collected cave data for the past 30 years and are able to provide assistance available nowhere e l se. The Texas Water Commiss ion must develop a tech n ique o f groundwate r monitoring u s ing se lected cav es. In a recent c h e mical spill in Austin, vapors were d etected in caves up to two mil es from the site. Air and w a ter sam pling a.'3 we l l as observations o f cav e life can provide prompt determination of the entry o f hazardous mat, e ri a l s int o the groundwa t e r syst e m. t.hc T exas \V at.c r Commis s i on mu s t ide n t ify problem a reas s u c h a s sinking s t ream s cav es w i t h sewer lin e s running t h r o u g h or near them, surfa ce r e c h a r ge caves etc. Actions should b e taken to m1mmize the possibility of hazardous sp ill s which may enter the aquifer. From 1971 to 19 85, 15 260 pipe line oil spill s were r eporte d to the T exas Railroad Commission. One major oil s pill in t h e wrong place could do major damage to t h e Edwards Aqu if e r We must id entify proble m areas in o rd er to respond rapidl y if a spill occurs. Add r e ss : Texas Cave Management Associati on; P.O. Box 3 107 32 ; Ne w B r aunfe l s T e x as 7 8 131 'f'e.x:\S r in : \rk:u l SJS c:tvc. 'TC rry H ol singer photo.


Page 108 October, 1988 the Texas Cave Illumination: Why, Indeed? by Debbie Yore At our last Grotto meeting, John Neak h anded me a. clip (conc erning a n act of viol e nce against endangered bats) with a caution: "Read t his tomorrow; I don' t w ant to s poil your evening by bringing you down." Thank yo u John. I would have thought this sort of act more probabl e 10-20 years ago. But in the 80s? A fter all, we tli:l. tion g rowth. With eac h g r oup and indi v idu a l doing what w e can, we will all m a k e t hi s impact needed to r esc u e enda ng e r e d s peci es and p ro tec t our geological and biological r esources. I t i s certa in t hat our own conservationo riented cav in g will make littl e diff e r e nct. But by k eep in g a l a r ge r p e r s pecti ve w e can get t.he j o h done. If our gri e f and a nger f o r a n act. o f vio l e nce t.o s u c h 'IC r ry Hosllnger in E:lgl e Qeek Cave Palo P int o Co unt y TcxJS. St:UT p h o to. a gent.le anima l as the India n a bat gives u s t.h e clei.CJ'Illi nation to educate, then pe rhaps the bats in Th ornhi H Cave did not di e needl ess l y. L et.'s do somethin g f o r t h c u sake. For t heir l egacy. E(htor'.s Note : from Th.e E l ectric C aver, Jun e 1 9 8 7 p. 49.


the Texas Caver October, 1988 Page 109 Electronic Compass by Frank Reid Pop11lar Science magazine, April 1988, p. 94 has a ;mall article about a new e lectronic digital compass calle d "Autohelm Personal Compass" by Nautech, Anchorage P ark, Eastern Road, Portsmouth, Hant.s P03 5TD, England. (Price not given). Austrian caver Pete r Ludwig told m e t hat h e saw this dev i ce at. a boat show in It. a l y ; it costs $160 the r e but. h e believes that it. should be onl y about $100 in t h e U.S. That's cheaper than a Brunton, and Brunt. o n's qualit y has b ee n terrible for some year s Peter beli ev es that t he compass is truly e lectroni c u si n g t h e fiu x-gat.e princ iple and a microprocessor. T he Autohelm appears to be about G x 3 x 1 /'2" It has one-degree resolution, and t he reading i s updated every 1 / 2 second. There are 9 m emories. S in ce it's made for boats, it's probably waterproof. There appear to b e 3 pushbuttons and maybe a n L C D readout on top. The pe r son in the photograph was s i ghting the compass in th e same manner as a. Suunto; I could not otherwise discern the sighting or readout method. If anyone gets to play with this device, p lease evaluate it in the context of caving and post a report. l t would be interesting to kno w how it. i s t h a.t t.he devic e b e level its sensitivit. y to external iron objects its linearity whet.l1e r it i s sen s i t iv e to temperatur e a nd bat. tery variations, battery type and lif e and if it will disp lay magne ti c clip (v ertical component. of t h e eart h 's magnetic field) if pointed n orth and turned o n 1(.;; side At the Hl 8 7 NSS Convention, Ray Col e s h o w ed m e the e lectronic compass which i s an option inst.a.lle d in hi s Chrysler mini-van. I t only has :.J5-degree r esolution (dis plays "N", "NE," etc.) whic h i s a d eq uat. e f o r car navigation. It is fast-responding wit.hout t h e overshoot and settling c haracteristics of m ec h a nical mag neti c compasses I have complete plans and softwa. re listin g for t h e NAS A "Smart Compass," which I will Xerox for anyone who s ends me a. SASE with 2-ounce pos tage ( 47 cents U .S.). Peter Ludwig recently sent additional informat10_n on the "Autohelm." It's in German, but I ha.v e deciphere d the following: Dimensions: 150 x 59 x 10mm Weight: 100 grams. The plastic case i s waterproof, and hQs a neck lanyard. Power source: Two coin-sized 3-volt lithium cells. Battery life: 1 year Sights : There a r e two sets of tritium-illuminated sights molded into the plastic case, for l eft or right-hande d operation. The front sight i s a post, the rear sight i s a "V" notch, lik e open gunsigh ts. T o operate: Aim at target, push large bu tt. o n o n top to stor e reading, read digital display at l e i sure There a r e two other buttons o n the top, for st.epping t h e nine memories and activating t h e stopwatch feature ( m emories and timer are useful in boat navigation): The Autohelm u ses the fluxgate pnnc1ple, w1th no moving p arts. The sensor is a s p ec i a ll y-wound toroida l magnetic core. Like a. conventional compass, t h e e lectroni c compass probably must be h eld level dunng operation. Otherwise, the vector sum of the. horizonta l and vertical components of the earth's magnetic field wil l produce an erroneous direct.ion reading. The e lectronic compass should be immune to acceleration error s (a problem in aviation but not in cave survey). John Ganter found the "Ul timeter e l e ct.ron1c a l ti met. e r /barome t e r unsuitabl e for e i t h e r cave o r surface survey [Compass [j Tap e vol.5 # '2, Fall 1 987 ] If e lectronic compasses fulfill the rigorous r equire m ents of survey, i t may b e p ractical to build instruments wh1c h measure and stor e bearing, distance and v e rt.ical angl e. !vlayb e we'll also see binocul a r s lik e Luke u s ed in STAR WARS, with internal di gita l readout. s1


October, 1988 the Texas Caver Dispatches from staff reports Editor's Note: The foll ow ing was excerpted fr o m articl es by The Austin American-Statesman and The Associated Press on t h e week of Sept. 3, 19 88: AUSTIN-A world-renowned cave expert blasted members o f an environmental group for h o lin g up in se v eral caves in Northwest Travis County, calling the acti o n "absurd, counterproductive" a nd possibly threatening t h e a nim a l s the activists a r e trying to save. "They've go n e compl ete ly overboard," Dr. James Reddell said of the actions of Earth First1 t h e g r o up which has been occupyin g t h e caves s in ce early Monday. "Th ese action s h ave come as a s ho c k to me," h e said Travis County s heriff 's deputies o n Tuesday reported that one perso n occupying a. cave was arrested for trespassing. Earth First' r ep r esentativ es say two other activists r emained in s id e other caves, w hi c h they said have be e n occupied to k ee p them fr o m b e ing destroyed by d evelopment near Ranch Road 2222 and Ranch Road 620. The group acc u se d the owner of the property, Dr. Fred Purce ll, o f risking damage to the caves by allow in g se wer lin es, detention ponds a nd roa dways to be built. on t h e l a nd which i s being d eve loped as a s hopping center Purcell has denied these c h a r ges, saying h e i s wo rking with city offic i a l s a nd r esea r c h e r s to k eep t h e ca.ves intn c t. Reddell who h as written abou t 100 arti c l es, on cave said Purcell h as been "totally coope r a t ive" with himself a nd oth e r U niv e r sity o f T exas r esea r c h e r s who have exp l o r e d a nd studi e d t h e caves. Reddell a nd Earth F irst! r ep r ese ntati ves agree the ca ves, kn ow n as Tooth Amber a nd Kretschmarr caves a r c pric e l ess biologically. Tooth cave has five spec ies o f inv erteb rates f ound nowhere e l se on Earth, and Reddell said it, h as more cave adapted spec i es t han any oth e r cave in Texas." Reddell, who h as edited a j ourna l o f Texas caves since 19 61, a nd who di sco vered the caves two year s later, said t h e prese nce of people in s id e m ay hurt. the rare spec 1 es. "Th ose caves are s m all, a nd a n y time yo u have so m e o n e inside yo u c h a n ge the tempe rature," sn id Reddell, who has studied caves all over t h e Unite d States a nd in Mexi co "Breathing c h a n ges the amount o f carbon di ox id e in t.he cave. l m not saying that by being in s id e the caves, are h arming the a nim a l s But. it i s certainly not the kind of thing that is good for the cave ecosystem Earth Firs t! coordinator Barbara Duge lby defended the actions of the group. Late Tues day, Trav i s Count) sheriff's deputies said Christi Stevens, 25 who occupi e d Tooth Cave, was arres t e d for t r in g a. C lass 13 mis d e meanor. She r e m ained in custody p ending t h e filing of forma l c h arges, officials said. Dugelby said E arth First! wants t h e U.S. Fi s h nnd Wildlife Service to place the five species-two becllcs. a spider, a "pseudoscorpion" and a "cave 3clapt.ed claddy longlegs" on its list of enda n ge r e d spec1cs. W e have been fighting this battl e within t .hr; svs t.em for eight months," Duge l by said. "The r e i s no more talking t o be done. Peop l e say we're intrudin" on these caves. \V c think construction o I and destruction are intruding o n these caves," s h e sa1c. Dugelby said Earth First' members a r e not occ11p1 ing the caves as a publicity stunt. She also said the caves are not be1ng da1n<1ged because the people occupying them a r e stayin g as as poss ibl e and "are moving on roc. k s and they clo n t c h s turb the so il. "If we w e r e doing this for glory, we'd b e out Lhcrc holding banne rs," she said. "But we're out there just sitting in t h ese caves Lechuguilla Cave from staff rl'port> So m e m ajor n ew discoveries have been m;1.cle in one o f Carlsbad Caverns National Park's 7 4 unci<'' cloprd backcountry caves, Park Superinte nd e n t H i c k S111ith a nn o un ced. The n e w di scove ri es a r e believed t.o be t.hc 1110-'1 s i"nific ant find s s inc e the Guadalupe R.oom in t h e 111'1111 c:vern w as f ound in the mid-1960s a nd poss ibl y t h e 1110 '1 important si n ce Carlsbad Cavern was first opened t o t .he public as part of the National Park System in 1U:2:3 The cave wh e r e the discoveri es have b ee n made 1 within the park's d es ignated wilderness a nd i s f our mdrs I It ) tilE' pnrl 's nort. h I rom t 1 e m a m cav ern. I S a :so nea1 L boundary and close to adjoining BLM l a nd s in t h e conl.r: ove r s i a l Mudgett's Wilderness Study Area. Known. Lechu guilla Cave, and name d for a. variety o l splll)'l f I t ] 90 foot verLIC mined for guano. Howe v e r the floor in the room t.he entra n ce drop was disturbe d by t ; h e g u a n o mlnlllo a.ct.ivity which took place befo r e the p ark wa>


:he Texas C a ver October, 1988 Page 111 established This, along with other events, apparently bloc k e d a small opening through natural rubble on the of the entrance room, which has since been uncovered and has l e d to the n e w di scove ries The cav e has be e n explore d to a d epth of 1 ,2 07 feet below th e surface. This makes it the deepest known cave i n t h e state of N e w M ex ico and the third deepest in the coun try. This a lso mean s t hat i t i s a lready 170 fee t dee p e r tha n the lowest point in the main Carl s b ad The cave's l ength to date h as b ee n surveyed at jus t ove r se v e n mil es, m aking it t h e second longest in th e park a nd third longest in t h e State o f Ne w Mexico. A l t h o u g h sever a l very l a r ge rooms and m a n y o ut formations have b ee n found, tec hnical climbing s kills ove r a diffi cu l t and dange r o u s route a r e r equire d to reach most o f the n e wl y discover e d a r eas Superinte nd e n t Smit. h s aid a t .otal o f 1 8 ropes, r anging in l ength fr o m 3 0 feci. Lo 30 0 f eet, were use d in t h e most r ece n t exploration trip in October These n e wl y di sc ove r e d areas contain nunll: ro u s limestone and gypsum d eco rative formati ons and clear pool s, with o n e po o l b e in g 12.5 f eet long, according to S mi t h !\s earl y as 1 984, cav e r esea r c h e r s a nd p ark e m ploy ees h a d become s u s pi c i o u s t hat t h e r e mi g h t b e more to the ca ve than was apparent, wh e n strong a ir flow, late r meas ured at a v e lo city o f up t o 3 0 mph, was note d at o penings through t h e rubble o n the floo r of t h e cave 's e n tr ance room. A request was the n m a d e to t h e park supe:intendent to allow r emova l o f silt a nd r oc k s in t h e a r e a d isturbed by the g u a n o mining. vVork on t h e r e m oval b egan in Novembe r 1984 and was co mpl e t e d in M ay 1 9 86. Exploration in 19 8 6 after t h e initia l break thro u g h resulkd in 3,252 feet o f n e w cave b e in g f ound, which took t.he cave's depth down to 692 f ee t bel ow t h e s ur face. Exploration the n r esume d in July Hl8 7 with exp e d i t i o n s in Septembe r and Octobe r 19 8 7 r es g in e ven more o utstandin g di sco v e ri es, in cluding t h e 1 ,:207 foot dl'pth mark and t h e latest l e n gt h o f 7 06 mil es. Park ofl1c i a l s that. s in ce t h e cave i s n ow down 111 r nassive r ee f limeston e a nd t h e r e a r e still many llltc h e c k e d lead s both in pits and in oth e r are a s o f th e Con o f th e Nation a l P ark Se rvi ce. F o r tysix cave r s fr o m states p articipated in the Octobe r expeditio n. The cav e h a s be e n ga t.ed a nd i s k ept. l oc k e d both for safety and to protect its delicate and beautiful formations. Access to the is limited to qualified expedition m embe rs Unusual formations found in the cave include a vari ety of gypsum flow e r s and gypsum nee dl es, aragonite anthodites, including several in the shape of Christ mas trees measuring up to six feet in height, hydromag n esite balloons (whi c h are found in only four other caves in t h e U.S.) "moonmilk," cave popcorn, cave pearl s, and boxwork, a m ong others. Also found were underwater h elictites up to 12 in c h es long, which are not know n t o b e in a n y other cave in the world, according t o p ark offic i a l s Yet to be id e ntified fo ss il bones, poss ibl y o f P l e i stocene age have a l s o b ee n found. Dispatches from staff r e p o rts WOODWARD, Okla.-Whe n in doubt, c r oo n a t u n e counse l s Tommy Meritt, who s p e n t 10 hours lo s t in a cave with hi s younger broth er b e fore t h ey w e r e resc u e d. Tommy 1 3, and Travis, 10 w e re found Thursday night huddle d in a cave at t h e Alabaster Caverns State Park, oH'icia l s sai d. The boys said t h ey found a string in t h e cave a nd follow ed i t down about 100 feet when t h e batteri es in t h eir flashlight fail e d and t h e string broke "At fir s t we w e r e pretty scar ed, Tommy said. "The n we starte d s in g in g songs and as we went o n w e w e r e n t nearly as scar e d. W e were m ainly hoping soomeone would g e t clown t h e r e and find us." S h ortly afte r noon on Thursday Tommy and Trav i s told t h e ir mother t h e y were go in g to play at a natural bridge. \ V h e n t h e boys did not return, t h e s h e riff T o m Matth e w s o r g a ni ze d a sear c h p a rty. W e called t h e s h e riff about 4 p.m. The y sent som e m e n to sear ch t h e m a in cav es but t h ey d idn' t find

Page 112 October, 1988 the Texas Gorman Falls by Keith Reuss Destination: Colorado Bend State Park (formerly Gorman Falls State Park) Personnel: Pooch Amy, Connie Chaney, Christina Chaney, Jerry Chaney, Lorea Chaney, Clay Chambers, David Finfrock, Shari Finfrock, Butch Fralia, Sheila H artman, Keith Heu ss, Alvi s Hill, Terry Holsinger, Jay J orden, David McC lung, Bobby Moore, Debra Morris, Jod y Robertson, Brent Sheets, John Thompson, Jarvis Tousek, Anna Turnbow, Quinta Wilkinson Teresa White Dates: M ay 13-15, 1988 Purpose: continuation of overland survey, cave exploration, cave mapping, air quality sampling of severa l caves a nd mor e c ave hunting. Friday ea rly found me on the road early as usual. Before heading to cam p I removed the flagging tape from Blue Ribbon Pit (SAB 184). With the expectations of h av in g a transit available thi s weekend, I scouted out a poss ibl e s urvey plan originating from the benchmark south o f the residence h ouse. I talke d to Dave Paddie and got o n e of t h e "Pr ohibited D ange r signs which is proposed to be p l aced in t h e entra nc e of the ca ves. "Campfire discu ss i o ns" about t h e s igns produced only negative concern s abo u t t h e wording of t he s ign. Feel s w e r e t h e wording m ay invite rather than discourage cave v isitation Some s ugg est i o n s wer e "Restricted access, contact park personnel o r "Cl ose d Scientific Study". No ob j ect i o n s were e xpressed about the s ign being detri mental t o the cave. Back to Friday, a ft e r talking to Dave, I he ade d to the camp a r ea at the windmill I installed permanent sc rew benchmarks at se v e r a l s t a tion s from the previous month's over l and s urvey. The first w as a station at the center o f the ro ad near t h e tank at the southwest co rner o f the Lively Ranch Sec tion SC8, SClO, and the entr a nce of Space Heater Cave, which by the way was n ame d for the old Ivanho e brand space heater near the entr a nce to the cave. Much other tras h was in the cave, including some tar melted into the b ed ro c k at the entrance. All flagg ing w as r emove d and the SAB 203 identification tag was inst alled n ea r the entrance. Saturday morning, things were s low to get rolling We waited for a whil e on the transit to s h o w weather and spring f e v e r h a d take n its toll. After dec ing the tra n sit w as not to s how w e b ega n Pl a n Butch, Jarvis, Anna, Quinta and I began overlan d sur vey s tarting at t he stati o n ending at t h e T in th e lines north of the windmill. We mappe d out to th e and follow e d the ro a d eastw ard to t h e point Ti e Creek exits the park. V./e sat a permanent sc rew ben mark near th e creek b o t .tom and about five f eet from fence D av id Finfrock a nd c rew arrived amid o u r and decided to j oin u s a ft e r a lunch break. W e a lso a break and ate afte r set ting a benchmark at Ti e Early afternoon we were j oined by David, S h ari Teresa and Brent as we pick e d up o ur s urv ey. Frc m S lide, w e took t h e s urv ey south to pick up se v eral features. Butch ran point and spotted caves and I low ed, settin g b enchma rk s at cave entr ances significant features were located and are: 1. Small h o le, m ay b e a cave. 2 Almost cave. 3. Sinkhole. 4 Cave tagged SAB 204. 5 Ne a r cave (pit) 6 Near cave (fissure) 7 Near cave. 8. Fissure too tight but deep S h a ri 's Diet. t agged SAB 2 05. 9. 100 foo t by 200 foot k a rst area, possi I entran ces. By mid-afternoon, we w e r e finis h ed. The flrst leg of survey was 2,007 f eet a nd the secon d l eg, from Ti e S l I south into cav e area, was 4 440 feet for a total of 6,4 feet total surv eye d l e ngth Saturday morning, a n ot h e r team Terry, C l a y, D av id McClung, A l vis a nd five caves a nd took a ir quality readin gs The w eather the day was clear and t ,emperatur e w as in t h e 70s in morning. The area h a d so m e r ain the previou s Oxygen re ad ing s taken a r e listed below: 1. SAB 183 (Gorma n Creek Crevice) 2 0 % in junction ro om. 2. SAB 185 (Ricotta Razor Rift) 18 1 / 2 % near bottom. 3. SAB 1 86, 2 1 % throughout. 4 SAB 188 (Mystery Cave) 1 8 1/2 throughout wal king passag e. 5. SAB 018 (Cicurina Cav e ) 1 8 1/2 p e rcen t in parts, 20 p ercent in the rest of the cave.


be Texas Caver October 1988 Page 113 Saturday late evening, I joined Terry and others on n overland survey from SAB 206 to the road and along .he roa d south then east to a fence. We sat out bench arks at SAB 206, west of the road, when w e first eached it and south of the road and we s t of the f e nc e vhere we ended the survey. T h e survey totaled about 2,300 feet AB we wer e tarting the survey, at SAB 206, John and Clay wer e appelling into the cave. A 50-foot chimn_ eyable drop ead s to a n intermittent stream passage wh1c h goes two direction s. They exp lored downstream 200 to 300 f eet vith no encl. At. l eas t four s id e passages w e r e note d but not exp lored. Clay and Alvis had explored the up stream passage about 200 feet with no end in s igh t ay morning. Alvis made the comment, 1 h1s I S a himne ye r 's deli ght" on that first expedition into the ave. And so SAB 206 whi c h was found by T erry Hols'nger o n the March trip will b e kn ow n as C himn eye r 's elig ht. Sunday morning, Butc h Jarvi s, Pooch a nd D av id infrock ente r e d Gorman C reek C r ev ice to continue the map starte d on earli e r trips. They exte nd e d the s urv ey another 150 feet to m a k e a total surveye d l ength of 625 feet.. T h e cave i s not yet explored to the end. A pus h trip into t h e cave is planne d for the near future. Another Sunday morning mapping trip by Jay, Clay John and David McClung entered Chimneyer's elight They mapped down the 50-foot drop. 230 feet of passage leads to a point where the passage 1s 2 0 f eet wide but only 1 foot high. Downstream, 250 feet t h e pas sage is 18 feet wide but only 1 foot high. In both direction s, no end is in sight and good airflow was observed, es p ec i a lly upstream Goat s kull s and a lot ?f dry crystalline white travertine dams w e r e observed Ill the pass age. A down stream s ide p assage leads int. o a large room but a constriction prevente d entrance mto t .he passage. v,r alking passage wi t h l a rg e breakdown and formati o n s w e re b eyond this empasse. Tota l surveyed l ength i s 480 feet and total d e p t h i s .50 feet. A l v i s, D ebra, Jody, T erry and I s p e n t Sunday l oo king f o r caves in a new a rea. A l vis ente r e d Cavity Creep Cave an d observed several mice in the cave. H e en co unter e d bad air in Crowba r ne arby .Jody T erry and I found t wo caves eas t of Blue Ribbon. One i s a 12-foot chimn e y with crawlway a t the The othe r is a s m all entra nc e at the end of the long road just befor e t h e road to Blue Ribbon Pit. Sunday, Quinta and Anna located and id e :1tified f our l o ng known caves locate d north of the residen ce house. They located and installed tags at Cat Cave (SAB 009) and Lemons Coon Cave (SAB 07 4) on the area near the power lines on the east side of the ro a d. They a l so located and tagged Big Bad Air Hole (SAB 005) and Lit t l e Bad Air Hole (SAB 076) on the west side of t he roa d nearby. In conclusion we have almost. comple t ed the over l and s urvey the Lively p asture. Only a few small entrances are left to be located on the map. Du e to the ensuing summer months, ov erland survey will be l e ft for coo l er weather and plans are to begin entering the caves and doing in-cave work Mapping, writing cave descriptions and cave photography will be the emphasis on upcoming trips. GUADS AGAIN! by Greg Mooty Destination: Hidd e n Black, Pink Panthe r Pink Pallette, D a m and Pink Drago n Caves. Dates: Jul y 3 1-August 2, 1987 Personnel: Mike Cagl e, Chuck Cluck, Terri Cummings, J an i s Laugh lin a nd Woodrow Tho m as (r a mou s K entuc k y caving co upl e), Gre g Mooty, Mike Ponder a nd Troy S h e l to n Eve r yo n e man age d to r e nd ezvo u s a t Cagl e 's Friday a f te r work and w e w e r e off by about 6:15. Three vehi cle s w ere r e quired to transport th e cr ew and their gear comfortably. One o f t h e vehicle s got se p arate d e n route, but eve r yo ne m a n age d to grab a bite and make it to the Goodbar re s idence by about 2 : 00 A M. Jim and Andy had l ef t for the NSS convention the day before but had left our cave permits there for us. We all bedded down on the back porch a nd in t h e yard, but the roosters didn't let u s get too mu c h s leep and we were eating breakfast at J erry's by 7 : 00 that morning. The food was m e diocre as u s ual bu t w e did chance upon some Tennes see cavers who wer e a l so eating there and h a d just moved to Carlsbad. After gassing up w e managed to make the Pink' s camp by 10:30. Janis' s m all 2WD pi ckup truck made t h e trek quite impressive ly. T ents w e r e pitc h e d and w e all pil ed into Troy 's J s u z u an d Cagl e's big steel dog and wer'c rapp e lling into Hidd e n cave in n o time at a ll. tourist trip into t h e cave d a bout t wo and a h alf hours. So m e of t h e group climbe d out. on cab l e l a dd e r whil e others used t.he r ope. P o nd e r eve n attempted a fre e climb (bel aye d o f cours e ) Black cav e wa s n e xt on our list a nd w e m a n a g e d to locate it a ft e r only a minor detour. A short one and a half hours later we w ere b ack o n the surface. At the camp, co ld beer flo w e d profu se l y whil e fajitas sizzled on Cagle 's porta bl e gas grill. Coleman lant. e rn s ht u p the nicrht as we sat on Cagl e' s porta ble pi c ni c table swappmg caving lies. Somehow this was mu c h too comfortable _to be a Gua ds trip. I s uppos e multiple Brooks burn tnp, death m a rch es kind of warp your p e r s p ect ive. This was the first Guads trip for Janis and Woo drow who h ave been acc u st omed to K entuc k y cav es. No mud, no knee pads no wet suit, it didn' t h a rdly see m like caving! They decide d that moving b ac k to T exas wouldn t be so b ad a ft e r all; although, they would h ave to get used to the driv es. Now Woodrow thinks a cave i s too far away if yo u h ave t o leave t h e c1t.y hm1ts


Page 114 1988 the Texas Cav of Bowling Green to get to it! The troop of fat and ugly cavers soon decided that their eyelids were as heavy as their bellies and retired to the few rockless, flat spots which had been staked out and coveted since our arrival. The last of the stragglers were up and drinking coffee by 8:30, Sunday morning. Miraculously, we were on the trail and hiking by 9:30 that morning first stop Pink Panther. With Chuck in the lead (who had been there b e fore; he had been lost there before too) and with John Brooks' excellent map, the cave was found with only minimal in co nveniences. The short drop was rigged and everyo n e managed to negotiate it with ease. The group split up and toured the cave at their l eisure The complete ske l eton at the bottom of the cave (which I have been inform e d is that of a bear, not a panther) was well worth the trip. One of the upper l eads was a l so worth the chimney required to reach it. After some SRT and cable ladder climbs we exited t he cave and relaxed at the entra nce to Pink Pallette were caving f easts took place. A short bop here and then a quick trip into Dam cave, wh e re a sizable gate is being constructed, brought us to the spectacular entrance to Pink Dragon. It was six o'clock by this time and while we didn't mind hiking the ridge trail in the dark, no one wanted to climb back up to the ridge in the dark. We set our sights on a 7:30 departure time and managed to tour the cave at a lei surely stroll and be back at the entrance by 7:10. The hik e up to the ridge was uneventful as was the hike back to camp for all but Woodrow, Janis, Troy and Terri who manage d to scare up a rattler about dusk. Low cost luxury prevailed again this evening. No one ran out of beer The food was wonderful and The Three Bobs accompanied by .Ponder on flute provided the nights entertainment. The bright Monday morning sunligh t splashed the s l eep a way and coffee flowed as the beer had the night b e for e After breaking camp, w e stopped by the fire tower and manage d a short conversati on with Ranger Ransom (?) be f ore heading down to view the entrance to Cottonwood Cave. A long awaited detour to Sitting Bull Falls brought good feelin gs and a few goose bumps to the group. It was agreed that the water was consider ably warmer than the last time we were h ere in May. All b ets on hypothermia were off, but Woodrow and Greg still went away with a pact to eat Cicadas when ever one could be caught emerging from the ground -they aren't any good after they've hardened. And they must be prepare d a nd cooked properly, only uncivilized people would eat raw insects No Cicadas at Ef Ranchito, only bien and mucho comidas -the re commended eating establishment in Carlsbad. Cagle and Mooty made spectac les of themse l ves, e.ach an El Rancho Grande ($5 99 and a bargam at twice the price). No caver can walk away from one of these unsated. Unfortunately there was no time for siestas. Good-byes were said to Woodrow and Jnnis who w e re headed for more relaxation in Color ado prior to their return trip to Kentucky. And we were 0 The lights of Ft Worth showed on the horizon 500 enough and it was the end of another one of thos e Gu experiences. Caves of Travis County by Jay Jorde Destination: Goat Cave, Mapl Run Cave, Big Sink, B lowin Cave, Whirlpool Cave, A usti Caverns and others Personnel: Mike Warton an girlfriend, Mike Walsh and ot h e r University of Texas Grotto D Merlin Tuttle, Bat Conser;atio International; Raale n Brown Terry Holsinger Sheil Knight, Jay Jorden, Dallas-Fort Worth Grotto; P a t J o den Dates: March 15-16 1986 Early Saturday morning, Raalen, Terry, and Sheil boarded the Hol s inger Hilton for the drive to Awstu They arrived in River City mid-afternoonish and Raale and Terry proceeded to Whirlpool and Austin Caver and thought about, albeit briefly, entering Airman Cave. They reported the stench issuing from A u sti Caverns, located under a manhole cover in a residen t i area near Town Lake, was overpowering. They did n enter. They went to Go a t Cave and the preserve area al located in a r esidential subdivision, and met Warto n an others for continuin g the t.ask of gating Goat. Concret forms w e re built around the entrance. Saturday afternoon, Jay caught a Southwest fligh from Lov e Fi eld and met Sheila and Mike, who had bee sightsee ing in River City. The Dallas cavers m e t in t h e v e ning a nd ate at one of the finer vegetarian resta.uran in Central Texas, Mother's Caf e and Garden i n H y d Park. The barbecued tofu with tossed salad w as supe r (Editor's Note: watch for upcoming restaurant review o same.) The next morning, everyone awoke with anti cip tion o f finishing the preliminary work around Go Cave, though several people were suffering from a.llergi because of Austin's early spring and other maladies. Th Dallas group met with e lectronics wizard and re a l estat tycoon Pat Jorden at another local eatery for breakfas following which all departed to the four winds, som going to church, others going caving and still othe. going back to bed because of their maladies. Terry, Raalen, Mike Walsh and Jay went to Go Cave and found Mike Warton a lready hard at work the entrance. As we were getting out caving gear an talking, Dr. Tuttle a rrived with an assistant. M erlin ha just moved to Austin from Milwaukee, where h e ha


;he T e xas Caver October 1 988 Page 115 been a curator of mammals at a zoo, and brought with him t he headquarters and expertise of Bat Conservation Internationa l. Coincidentally, he had been in Dallas the week previous to give a talk at the Museum o f Natura l flis t o ry and was now visiting hi s first Austin cave. H e want e d to look around Goat Cav e for evi dence o f bats and g a t h e r information that could late r be used in n egotia t i o n s with the developer and city ov e r preservation o f the c a ve. Terry, Raalen, Mike W arto n Jay and M erlin rap p elled into Goat and lo o k e d a r ound. Tuttle sai d marking s o n t h e cei lin g indicate d tha t a c o lony of se v e r n bats -perhaps as many as 10 000 -o n ce occ u p i e d t he cave. But h e said human d i s turbanc e in the hca,:Jy populated area was probably s uffi c i ent to h a v e driy,n them a way. Terry, looking in o n e small passag e l e a d in g fr o m the a rg e b reakdown room t h a t basi c ally makes up t h e cart found a bat in an a l cov e H e t.old M erlin o f it, and a c c ; e ction was ma. d e Tuttle preliminarily id e n tifie d the bat 3 S a .Myotis, but s a id i t was possi b l e i t w:1s n o t n ati e to t h e a rea and could b e :1 wid e-ra n g ing" H e ascende d from the cav e wi t h the b a t and plm e d to r e turn to h is offic es a t the U ni v e r sity of' Tcx s to k e y o u t the s p e cime n and l a t e r r e lease i t Tuttle gave warton valu a b l e info rmation o n how b e s l t o co nstruct a cave gate to a llow the bats e asy ingrs s and eg r ess saying a gate with b e v e l e d wides was p r c f rabl e to flat c r o ssbars b ecause of t h e bats' trajec as t h ey would b e leavin g t h e cav e e n trance Jay and other s visite d M a pl e Run and B i g Sink. Thr;J Raal e n and T erry vi s ited B l owi n g Cave. A s t h e a f k n oo n progressed, all began journeying toward Nor t h A u ,. ; n w h e r e S h eila was p erformin g at a Middl e E ast.crn dan c s em inar. All in all, i t was a n a ctionp ac k e d w ee k end and w e a return trip will be made soon. A s t h e sa:vin g in Ccn r a l T e xa s goes when you di e if' you r e good -go1 > A u s t in. Sonora Photo Tour hv Troy S hl'lt.o n Destination: C a x erns o r Son o r a S utton County T e x ns Personnel: Troy S h elto n Conni e S h e lton Rac h e l S h e lton, T erry Hols in g e r Mike Brown Sta pleton, Don Metz n e r Le slie Dates: Oct. 1 8 19 8 7 T h e r e was a n add e d attracti o n t h e same w ee k e n d of' t h e TS A Project at Kickapoo and G r ee n caves Tro y had Tnnge d a s p ecial p hoto tour of t h e comme r c i a l c a v e w it.h its manage r Jac k Burc h a famous Okl a homa. caxe explo r e r In l95G, h e made seven trips from A rdmo r e, Okla., s p ending a w e e k at a time campe d in t h e cave. At. that. e t h e cave was jus t b e in g ext. e n sive l y expl o r ed. Burch e nter e d a partne r s hi p to d e v e lop t h e caverns f o r commerci a l applications Major trail cons t ruction was completed in 1961. The last work in 1979 was when h e opene d a n ew t r a il. I t was b es t job tha t any had s e e n of commer c i alizing a cave N o m a t e ri a l was remove d from the cave. The materia l was u se d instead to fill l ow spots in passages a n d t h e crystal s w e r e used as light s hi e ld s .Ja ck s h o w e d t h e photographe r s hi s camps ites and r e g a l e d them with hi s adve ntures in t h e ca v e. In o n e are a h e h ad worke d f o r a. m onth digging thro u g h i1 f ee t of' r oc k t.o connect t.w o p assage;; for the comme r c i a l tour. At o ne p o ini. t h ey blasted int.o a g i ant geo d e, fille d w i t h l ,OOO g allo n.: o f w a t e r a nd lin e d with dogtooth spar and othe r c rystal s. H e the n s h o w e d t he photogr a ph e r s a n ot.h e r a rea '27 feet l o n g and a b out. e igh t r ee t d ee p t .hat h e l wei chise l e d t.hro u g h c a l c it.c and 00\rs t o n e f o r a m onth i n co nstru cting a C r a il. .Jac k co nveyed a ric h o f t h e cav e. f-Ie s h o mo:d o n e Yjunc ti o n t o whi c h f our other uppe r passages w e r e c o nn ecCe d \rit.h a h a l f mi l e o f ext.e nt . i\ n othe r a r e a the llal o L ab: Hoom c o n t.ain s a : 3 50 foot. l o n g l a k e passage. A t t h e e nd of' i t i s L h e H elictit.e Room, fill e d with t.h e delicate f ormation s Burc h said i t i s t h e mos t in c r edible room h e ha s bee n The tour last e d m o r e tha n three hours far l o n ge r t han a n average p a id v i sit. Bur c h s n i d t hat Pete L in d s l e y o f D alla s h e l p e d map the ca r e T h e D alla s a rea ca.v e r s tha nk e d Burch f o r t.he vi s it, nnd offe r e d their assistan ce in nn y future e xpl orat i o n and mnpping in sec t i o n s o f t h e cave. Durc h said h e was v e ry d elig h t e d to g i v e c.:w e r s a s p ec i a l t our of t.h e cav e a n d was g lad tha t D a l la s -fi' o rt. W o rt.h Grotto h a d t n k e n nn interest in it.. Thr ca r r r s came t:<]uippe d wit h cam e r:1s. e l ect r onic sLr o bLs, flashbulbs t.r ip o d s ; 1nd e n n a. ridco c ;1me ra.. 1\hny r olls o f co l o r film w e r e s h o t . in cluding c l oseups of' r o rlllid i o n s Rurc h s a id t h ; lt. t h e c ;w e h a s b ee n pu::>hl'd cxt e n::>iYely H e :1llowecl c;1Ve r ph ot.og r:1ph e r s i o procee d a t t h e ir O \\n p;H e. 'Sav e film unt.i l w e ge t t.o t h e p a r t o r the cnr c Burc h w o uld ::;ay. t o t.he cavt"rs' ; 1::;t onis hm c nt . T h e l own sect.i o n s w e re a \\o nclerland o f f o rlllilt i o n s and s n cceeding passa ge was m o r e b c a ut.if'u l th

The Texa s Caver P. 0. Box 8026 Austin, Texas 78713

TSA Projects update
Contents: Feature article: TSA Project Aftermaths / George Veni
Partner Rescue in Hell Below Cave / David Locklear --
A Bit of Speleohistory, Revisited / Jay Jorden --
Wind Cave Trip / Kenny McGee --
Caving Horror Stories / Frank Reid --
Speleonews: China Cavers / from staff reports --
TSA news: TCMA: Arguments for New Water Regulations /
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Illumination: Illumination: Why, Indeed? / Debbie Yore --
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