The Texas Caver

The Texas Caver

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The Texas Caver
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The Texas Caver
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Contents: Pepto bismol halts turista: a common cure for the common trots / MWN -- Cueva de Tulillo: destined to become a 'must see' cave on the Mexican circuit / Terry Sayther -- Texas cave protection act: the TSS keeps its eye on current cave legislation / Ronnie Fieseler -- Map: Cueva Tulillo / Terry Sayther -- Ree kaver: our friend helps brin g a little sense to the ultra-cave-conservationist / Jim Kramer -- Rescue: a few thoughts from the NSS Safety and Techniques Chairman on Rescue Training / D. Davison -- TSA BOG minutes: minutes of the Winter 1977 TSA Board of Governors meeting / Alicia Wisener -- Cueva de la Sierra Minas Viejas: The TSA Chairman takes to Mexico again / Charlie Yates -- Book review: Bexar County cave maps: our 'Ancient Caver' attacks the albatross / J. Reddell -- Trip reports: faithful pilgrims telling it like it used to be / Keith Heuss -- Garbage: keeping up with the latest developments in the caving world / Ediger -- Spare bottoms? helpful hints for easier caving.
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Vol. 22, no. 02 (1977)
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!TEXftS CftUER Uol 22 Nr 2 february 1977 COVER: A photo entitled 'The Speleogenesis of Cave Popcorn 1 from an upcoming paper 'The Hallucinogenic Carbide Lamp', by M.:tgic Juan, to be presented at this year's TSA Convention. In this issue __ Staff EDI'ji'OR: Gill ,Ediger TYPING: Terri Treacy OTHERS: Carmen Soileau, Andy Grubbs, Sheila Balsdon, Mary Kay Rennie Fieseler, Thomas Moore, Preston Forsythe, Sherri Larason, Rufus. Alexia Cochrane S UESCRIPTIONS: Jame!'l JaJ?ek 1019 Melrose Dr Waco, TX 76710 23 PEPTO EISMOL HALTS TURISTA A common cure for the TSA Officers 24 24 25 26 27 28 32 33 34 35 36 comm::>n .trots MWN CHAIRMAN: Charlie Yates 510,., Cloverdale Austin, TX 78723 VICE CHAIRMAN Dale Pate Box 1341 Austin, TX 78710 SECRE.l'AR Y I TREASURER Alicia Wisener 1826 S 39th St TX 76501 CUEVA DE TULILLO Destined to become a 'mst-see' cave on the Mexict.n circuit TERRY SAYTHER TEXAS CAVE PROTECTION ACT The TSS keeps its eye on current cave legislation RONNIE FIESELER MAP: CUEVA TULILLO TERRY SAYTHER REE KAVER Our friend helps bring a little sense to the ultra-cave-conservationist .. JIM KRAMER RESCUE A few thoughts from the NSS Safety and Techniques Chairman on Rescue Training. D. DAVISON TSA BOG MINUTES Minutes of the Winter 1977 TSA B::.ard of Governors .. ALICIA WISENER CUEVA DE LA SIERRA MINAS VIEJAS The TSA Chairman takes to again . CHARLIE YATES BOOK REVIEW: BEXAR COUNTY CAVE MAPS Our 'Ancient Caver' attacks the albatross J. REDDELL TRIP REPORTS Faithful Pilgrims telling it like it used to be., .. , .. ....... "'., .. , .... KIETH HEUSS GARBAGE Keeping up with the Latest developem::!nts in the caving world.,.,,,, ..... ,,, .... ,,,,,,,. EDIGER SPARE BOTTOMS? Helpful hints for easier caving The TEXAS CAVER is :i:.(.onthly in Austin, Texas by the Texas Speleological Association. Subscriptions are $5 per year and should be sent to James Jasek at the ai::love aci.dress. Material for publication should be sent to the Editor, Box 8424, Austin, TX 78712. Please send all address chant:.e s pro1nptly to Jasek. The Pest 110 lcil6-::t sends us change notices, and :'OU risk missing issues if you fail to us. OOUUS CHRUITl CAVING CLUB Jim Cl.menta Box1',38 Corpu' l'X 78415 DALLAS/..Jit ipR1_.a GROTTO Karen 5507 Boc&' liaiol.; Dll TX ''f}i'Z3tf' c, SP!:I.JEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Barb Stranth Box 5Z.\!6 Galvuton, l'X 77550 Theresa Coo,nolly 7 l'riola TX 77036 LAREDO SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Box 603 Laredo, TX 78040 SAN ANTONIO GROTTO Chuck Stuebm 354 E Hutchins PI Sa11 Antonio, TX 78ZZ1 SOUTHWEST TEXAS STUDENT GROTTO Student Union Bldg San ll4arcoo1 78666 TEMPLE AREA CAVERS MiMi Jaaek 5315 Laurel Lake Waco, TX 76710 TEXASA&IGROTTO Box ZZ13 Texas A&I Kingsville, TX 78363 UNIVERSl TY OF TEXAS GROTTO BOJ< 767Z UT Station Auotin, TX 7871Z Grotto Secre r!eo pleaoe try to keep your addreas current with 011 so new cavers to your area Ill be able to contact yoq,


FEBRUARY 1977 23 Pepto Bismol halts 'turista' Rese archers in Mexican field trial don't know why it does the trick Visitors headed for Mexico usually set out armed with the standard "don't-drink-the-water" advice and a supply of rredicinesof questionable value -to combat the anticipated case of travelers' diarrhea. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston now report that a commonly used over-the-counter preparation containing b ismuth subsalicylate (Pepto -Bismol, Norwich) is an effective treatment for the afflication popularly known as M Qntezuma' s revenge or tursita. The research team-headed by Drs. Herbert L. Dupont, professor and director of the progra m in infectious disease and clincal mic r o b iology, a n d Char les Ericsson, assistant professor in the same department at the medical school -wac part of the same group last year showed heat-labile toxig enic strains of Escherichiacoli were the most common cause of turista in students visiti n g M exico In a field trial involving 29 U.S. students in Mexico, all the patients had acute diarrhea caused by toxigenci E coli. On admission to the hospital, 16 were treated with eight ounces of the patent medicine in does of an ounce every half ho11r for four hours; the other received placebos. As the researchers expec t ed, there was not statistical diffe r ence in the number of stools per person over the first few hours, but a significant reduction occurre d in the rest of the day for those treated with the medicine, and the difference persisted into the second day. In addition, the subjective symptoms of diarrhea, mausea, and abdominal cramps were found to be more frequently relieve d in .treated students within 24 hours of the start of therapy, Dr. Ericsson, in reporting the finding to the Sixteenth Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in Chicago, sai d the acti\'e ingredi e n t b ismuth Reprinted without permission from Medical or some similar publication. Submitted to the TC by R S, Hemperly, alone d i d not appe a r to b e the k e y to treatment. When suspende d i n the vehicle of Pepto-Bismol, effectiveness was markedly higher than when bismut subsalicylate was used s eparately "The unique combi n ation of ingredients or the method of combingin them in the process of making the produc t is to its effecti v eness D r E ricsson said, "For this reason, we feel it is accurate to refer to 'the pink preparation By trade name rather than the less specific rlescription 'bismuth subsalicylate mixture. 111 L aboratory studies,indicated tha t Pepto-Bismnl bega n to take effec t after a mr')d est delay, "Pre sumably toxin that has :already acted at the intestinal surface causes diarrhea that m : .1st first run its course, and Pepto-Bismol may then work on toxin produced subsequently," Dr, Ericsson ex-plained. Mean unformed stool ratio was: first fours hours l. l Pepto-Bismol versus I. 7 placebo; 2, 2 versus 3. 5 in the fourth through 24th hours; land 2. 2 versus 4. 2 from the 24th through the 48th hour. The inclusion of Pepto-Bismol in the clinical trial came about through the need to support one of the manufacturer's claims on the bottle label: that it is effective in controlling common diarrhea. In 1975 the FDA had warned manufacturers of over-the-counter medicines that they would have to support their advertised claims for a product or withdraw it from the marke t by S eptember 1976. At that time, Dr. Dupont and his colleagues were studying intestinal viruses and bacterial agents under a large NIH grant. "Norwhich learned o f our study," Dr. Dupont told MWN, "and they asked us to include P epto-Bismol in our research. They agreed to pay for the added cost of their part of the study." (Among other medications studies were commercial products containing kaolin and pectin.) Pepto-Bismol has been on the market since 1904. although not under that name said a spokesman for the pharmaceutical concern. Originally intended as a treatment for summer colic in babies, its name was change d to Pepto-Bismol in 1918. The ingredients have been altered through the years. he noted. but not recently. The advertisement on the label claiming effectiveness as an antidiarrheal agent has been there for some time. he said, but essentially the product is used to treat indigestion. nausea, and stomach upsets. In conclusion, said Dr. Ericsson, 11Pepto-Bismrll emerges as a quite reasonable treatment for acute diarrhea caused by toxigenic E. coli, I'm convinced it should now be studies for its ability to prevent travelers' diarrhea."


24 by Terry Sayther One Friday night last August, a group of Austin and San Antonio cavers found themselves camped in the desert north of MonClova preparing to spend the weekend looking for cave leads marked on topo maps. The following afternoon, after not finding one lead in the morning, the crew arrived at road 1 s end directly below the entrance to Cueva Tulillo. Steven Bittinger, Don Broussard, and Terry Sayther eagerly set off to map while Shari Larasen, Donna and Morgan Bittinger, and Nancy and Kelly Sayther eagerly kept themselves fresh in case the extreme length or depth of the cave necessitated a second shift. The sweet fragrance of ammonias announced the cave 1 s presence somewhat earlier than we would have preferred; a sign of things to come. Saving the best for last, we mapped the left passages first, Texas Cave Prefecfion Act Ronnie Fieseler SUPPORT THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY. THEY ARE KEEPING AN EYE ON YOUR CAVES. ENTER THE TSS CAVE MAP SALON. TSS Box 567Z Austin, TX 78763 The upper-l-evel lefthand passages are basically horizontal, dry, dusty, walking passages with few bats and little guano. A windlass and scaffolding testify to past mining activities, mainly in the lower level. The lower-level passages are of similar nature though considera-bly smaller. A line-of-sight connection was established between the end of one lower-level passage through a breakdown slope into the skylight entrance room of the upper level. After a short break at the entrance during which we barely managed to curb our enthusiam for continuing the mapping, we plunged into the righthand passage. This passage is quite large with particularly high ceilings. The first room is a prelude--guano and insect covered floor, bats circling overhead. But past this room --up the slope and past the The TEXAS CAVER narrows--is where the bats live. Here the floor is solid insects: big beetles, little beetles, cockroaches; covering e ight inches or more of guano mud; bats flying all around; a constant rain of guano and urine or saliva; walls with insects and mold; am;n.onia at nearly overpowering levels even with masks; and gross guano pools near the back, Steven felt that, for the sake of completeness, it would be desireable to know the depth of these pools, and in a spirit of self-sacrifice he determined the depth of one using himself as a yardstick. Steven's spirits somo::what dampened, we quickly finished the sketching and headed out. We immediately headed for the nearest stocktank where Donald operated the windmill while Steven washed. Cueva Tulillo has something for everyone, Dry, wet, big, and small passages, climbdowns, a skylight, multiple entrances, guano, bats, bugs, mud, you nam-e it, The dry passages should be perfect for histospores; the bat room is the classic environment for serial rabies. This cave has almost everything. A btll has been introduced in the Texas House of Represl:i l}.l:! : which is.of . vital interest to Texas caves. Known as H. B, UBh by Representative Bennie Bock of New Braunfels If 'it is passed it will be known as the "Texas Caverns Protection Act." I .have a copy of this bill and have found it to be in the best of Texas caves, It is similar to the old cave law which was omitted during the recent revision of the Texas Penal Code. Basically, provides for the and preservation of Texas caves. Various forms of vandalism, sale of speleotherns, and pollution are declared unlawful, and penalities are set: If you are sincerely in the conse;rvatioh of Texas cavef!, .then this bill should receive your Please write' your local Representative and Senator (the bill will to be voted on:hy.-the Senate i passed by'the House) and urge them to support H. B. HSl, You can obtain the names and addressea of your stat_ e congressmen at your county seat; or p .erhaps 'even your city hall. is_ ve:z-y ii?portailt that you do this immi-diatel)i. the bill will be voted on in the near:future, It will just take ;minutes eal_ l city write a letteir.or postcard, and put it mail. If'you. have never had the experience of writing a now iayou:l! best Personal letters and postcard,s:can, and do. influence tb:eir votes, do it today! The caves 'texas you,


FEBRUARY 1Y77 ,_. VUT High lewe:1 NHJ _,.. .... ,..,.... (Guano) ....-..__ ___________ near Oballos, Coahuila latitude V Lo.ogllud 101. 37" Suunto and Tape Survey l>y: Steven BIHinger Donald Brouuarct Terry Sayther ._ Sketc heel August 1976 and Drafted October 1976 by S. Bittinger AsSOCIATION ooa MEXICAN CAVE STUDIES -Bat Colony _.,.. -.r GUANO AND IIUICY -...,... noo ( I 0 5 10 meren


fror. n Contr olled Caver Pvt vP yovt" 1'. -thq, v cAY'e 'J: Y c.\t'M'b ropts, ...... _.I. I: PROTE<.T lS C.AV E. !has t: Gt"l To peopk boots f't'om up tll c:. I -.rft\, o.lj -tht .&. spi,.it oF c.ef\'StrVfll o n TODA'I. 1: ont 'l. prTtc.t i"hts Al\ i s i P l fAl \. You TlfROU G H IKlS c.AVE Yoo shQl\ b(t ELlMlNATED


FEBRUARY l 9 7 7 opinion RBSCUB by Don Davison, Jr NSS Safety _and Techniques Committee Chairman Few grottos are directing efforts towards developing personnel competent in cav e rescue. Too often, practice rescues are only basi c i n volvin g p assage in no manner complex or difficult. Situations far undexground and behind multiple ascents, descents, climbs, and crawls are briefly considered and then dismissed. The logistics of a major multi-squad relief effort, demanding rapid and continuous activity over a period o f 12-14 hours, are never considered. A 12 hour mock rescue would define the limits of individual hUinan endurance in a real manner and might actually hUinble with reality those forever stating their grotto's rescue capabilities. But, they might have to mis s dinner or tax their flabby bodies. Go tackle a cave (with one 70' drop, climbs, and straddle pits) that requires the use of a 1/2 mile of rope to rescue a stretcher case only 800 feet underground. Fail but lear n! Don't even t ackle the tightest crawl p roblem tha t you know of in a popular cave, but rescue o ver the other most difficult physical obstacles you can find: tight vertical drops, long distanc e crawls and sloping pas s ages, or straddle pits and chimneys. Don't throw i n s ubfreezing, w eather, snow, ice freezing rain, or flood. Make it ) easy! Your rescue call comes in after you have already been caving all day. Now pick your body off the floor; move accurately and think straight for the next six strenuous hours. Only four men can be quickly gathered for a resuce effort. The team moves through difficult trunk, 3/4 of a mile underground, and finds that the initial evaluation of the situation i s far too optimistic. How many members of your grotto could competently solo to the entrance? Or would your leader, with the situation demanding that he, with his medical abilities (H:lw many members of your grotto are trained at the level of Emergency Medical Technician or above?), and two others remain with the injured parties, be the only one capable of the feat? Res cues? Bulls hit. This brings us to the purpose of this article: Good Cavers are made not born! You can walk in Mammoth's trunk passage all your life and stitl get psyched at a tight crawl. You might never know a single knot (tie your shoes with c. granny) or know how to belay correctly, behave at the edge of a drop, use vertical gear, chimney, climb a ladder, drive bolts, cave dive, or know about exposure, jUinars fouling in mud, or .. For we learn by doing. You can't know what endurance is until you press its mental limits. You cannot learn to think and climb until you a c c ept the challeng e and m aybe take a few falls. An individual who thinks that a "Super-caver" is any guy who can cover 400' of rope in under 10 minutes-is pitifully naive . But too many cavers think that they are great and can handle anything, without knowing #1 about hard caving realities. This is where the accidents happen. Rescue TSA LIBRARY -T h e TSA L ibrary, run by Bob Oakley (left), maint ains TEXAS C AVER exchange publications and other material available to TSA members, For more information contact Bob at: 5625 Stahl San A ntonio, T X 78247 27 is fine, but only by striving to make yourself into an all round experienced, competent physically fit, thinking caver can you reduce your chance of being an accident. That's the key to the whole idea of resuce -Preventing the Accident! There are idiots who try to do a 500' pit without gloves and have no idea about which end of a rack goes where! Tell some people about exposure in a given cave and they act as if they are perpetual heat machines. Others don't know that it is advisable to try to keep dry and that this may take some effort from their flabby bodies. A "vertical caver" (read it on the back of his helmet) rappels into a deep pit without checking the ledge. And a 4 pound rock is sitting loose at the lip, just 6" from the rope, FOR GOD'S SAKE THINK!! Belayers belay and aren't sure if the rope they are holding goes directly to the climber or into the pile of extra rope. "Oh! I can't go over that slope. I only have sneakers on." "Why do you only hav e sneakers on in this non-horizontal cave? Who's your leaders? Too bad that between the two of you no one is thinking. 11 "Where's the handhold? 11 "You're only fifth up the climb. Find it yourself! You're not going to learn how to climb with me thinking for you, 11 Never cave alone. Never jump in a cave. Yes, parrot the phrases, Never think. Sit in your own little programmed box and grow mentally fat and contented, Don't try rock climbing. Always b e a follower. Yes little Corporal, your General will alw ays be healthy and capable o f c ontinuing You w ill always be belayed, And if you have trouble on a thirty foot climb, while pushing a lead, or while 100' down a rope, have faith, You are "not alone, For an A n gel of Mercy will fly to you and wipe your nose and tie your shoes for you, WAKE UP caver.s! It's your ass in the cave, You've been alone since you came out of your mother's womb, It's you, your knowledge, and equipment against the environment. Wise up before somebody kills y ou,


The TEXAS CA Y;ER TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Board of Governor's Meeting February 6, 19,77 Texas & M, College Station The meeting was brought to order and the following list of delegates was read and approved: Aggie Speleological Society Phil Jank Carl M:i.kule Alan1o Area Chapter Cathy Allison Steve Butting Carta Valley S. U. C. K. S. R. Glenn Fieseler Corpus Christi Caving Club James Willingham Wayne Russell Jr. Balcones Bill Russell San Antonio Grotto Gary Poole Kara Kern Greater Houston. Grotto Theresa Connolly James McLane Texas A&! Grotto Jim Clements Gandalf University of Texas Grotto Terry Sayther Tom Byrd Southwest Texas Student Grotto Mike Walsh Dave Persha Independent Jim Jasek Conservation Chairman Glenn Darilek Safety and Rescue Chairman Chuck Stuehm A total of 21 delegates were present, Charlie Yates presiding. The minutes of the previousBOG were read and approved. REPORTS Safety and Rescue -Chuck Stuehm. An effort has been made to form an advisory group to define the problem:; and then set about solving them. Nine of the twenty written to have replied. Rescue cards are available to all members and possibly some landowners. The committee is about to publish a new call-out list for the cave rescue number. Chuck reported that Terry Jones, EMS, and the cominunications group of the Dead Deer rescue are still working with us, and that the Civil Defense and Salvation Army canteen are available for our use at any rescues in the state; the MAST helicopter is available for our use within a 150 mile radius of San Antonio. There are three doctors at this time who are qualified to go into caves to assist in a cave rescue. The committee is confident of its .rescue abilities in Texas and Mexico. Conservation -Glenn Darilek. The endangered species list is cleared up now to our satisfaction. Rabid bat control by DDT is not in use in our area of the country at this time but we need to keep an eye on the Laredo rabies outbreak to ensure


FEBRUARY 1977 29 nothing new happens due to problems there. Bill Russell has written an article on this for the TEXAS CAVER. Valdina Farms Sinkhole has been visited by' the Water Control Board and photographers who are studying its feasibility for recharge. AAC is assisting them to keep abreast of developments and for safety's sake. Mike Walsh is gathering more data at this time. M:ne will be said about this later in the meeting. Ronnie Fieseler mentioned that there is some kind of cave co-nservation bill in the works at the state level at this time and that he is checking into it. Awards and Nominations -Ronnie Fieseler. The committee is considering several names for nominations for N. S. S. Fellows. Dwight Deal, Ronnie Fieseler, and Gill Ediger are not running for re-election to the N. S. S. BOG and it was suggested that anyone wishing to run should act quickly. Texas Speleological Survey-Ronnie Fieseler. Texas cave surveys are on sale at the back of the room. Caves of Far West Texas is 90% complete. The T. S. S. will host a map salon at the next TSA convention (T. S, S. keeping those maps entered for its files.) It will be judged by cartographers and prizes will be given. AMGS -Bill Russell. The activity letter reporting on the So'tano del San Martt'n ( -2500) trip is complete. Dues of $1. 00 are now due. The newsletter is 95% complete. Publications -It was brought up that C. D. Hunt is gathering publications for sale at the convention. Treasurer's Report -Alicia Wisener. A balance of $154, 66 was reported. OLD BUSINESS Ronnie Fieseler reminded the executive board that the Preston McMichael award of $20. 00 has not been awarded in recent years. It goes to the person who. has contributed the most to caving in the last year. NEW BUS! NESS Chuck Stuehm asked that $25, 00 be alloted to the Safety and Rescue committee Charlie Yates asked that guidelines for executive board spending be set up. Chuck Stuehm MOVED -That a constitution committee to write a new constitution be appointed. NO SECO:-.JD FAILS


3 0 The TEXAS CAVER Fieseler MOVED -Add by law 3D, Standing and temporary committees are authorized to d raw up to $25. 00 after approval by at least two members of the TSA executive committee. SECONDED VOTE: 0 in favor 25 opposed 0 abstentions FAILED Ronnie Fieseler MOVED -Add by-law 2G. Approval of any two members of the executive council is required for disbursement of TSA funds. SECONDED VOTE: 23 in favor 0 opposed 0 abstentions PASSED Registration fees netted $31. 16 for the TEXAS CAVER. Glenn Darilek reported on the Farms .Sinkhole situation, He suggested that TSA find out if the dam will be put there for sure, and then try to get a hearing. Nick Noe suggests attacking the financial portion rather that the ecology portion. In essence we should probably be against the dam. Our main concern is how the dam will affect the cave. Hopefully, Mr. Mathews can speak on this subject at the TSA Convention. Bill Russell proposed the following resolution: RESOLVED that if the COG is so deficient in substantive issues that they have to engage in sexist innuendoes to generate interest in their activities, then the TSA urges all individuals and Grottos not to participate in the COG as this would tend to dignify the perpetrators of the event. To refer the to Peace Corps "paying girls in Belize to cave" indicates not only ignorance of the Peace Corps' program in Belize but by mentioning the sex of the cavers it clearly implies that since girls were involved the activity must be trivial and probably useless. To expect a group of this level of ignorance and insensitivity to produce any worthwhile discussion on any issue would seem so unlikely that all cavers are urged to spend their hours at the NSS convention in worthwhile activities. SECONDED by Tom Byrd VOTE: 22 in favor 0 opposed 3 abstentions PASSED Wayne Russell MOVED -Change by-law 2G by adding: All expenditures so made will be reported by the secretary -treasurer at the next BOG meeting. SECONDED VOTE: 7 in favor ll opposed 7 abstentions FAILS Glenn Darilek MOVED -Since the fall TSA BOG meeting is to be held in conjuction with a caver party consideration should be given to have the meeting in New Braunfels during Wur stfest. SECONDED VOTE: 0 i n fa:vor 19 opposed 6 abstentions FAILS


FEBRUARY 1977 31 Dale Pate asked that sites for the TSA convention be suggested to him with Cl:ll due haste, and asked for volunteers for the photo salon. Ronnie Fieseler MOVED -It is the sense of the TSA that a 11TSA Old Timers' Reunion'' be held in lieu of a Fall 1977 TSA Project. SECONDED VOTE: 17 in favor 2 opposed 6 abstentions PASSED ANNOUNCEMENTS Mike Walsh announced that the first TCRS publication was on sale in the back of the room, and asked anyone interested in guest-editorship contact him. Ronnie Fieseler reported in the progress of the NSS Convention Committee and said people will soon be contacted on what they can do to help. John Gale announced the location of the party that evening and invited everyone to attend, MEETING ADJOURNED cave art poster This is a portion of a much larger poster by Dallas caver Wallace Hughes. See page 19 of the January 1977 TEXAS CAVER for detail of the entire poster. It is a limited edition print--only 125 were made. Each copy is signed by the artist and numbered. Poster size is 18" by 2411 in black ink on tan paper. Total cost is $2. 50 plus $.50 for postage and handling. Shipped rolled. Send check or money order only to: Wallace Hughes 2728 Welborn Apt 135 Dallas, TX 75219


32 CUEVA de Ia SIERRA MINAS VIEJAS NUEVO LEON Cueva de la Si.erra Minas Viejas is located in the state of 1\Tuevo Leon, approximately 25 kilometers northwest of Monterrey. The entrance, which is roughly 2 2 meters wide and ll meters hi gh, is visible from a gravel road in the floor of the canyon. The entrance is reached by climbing roughly "1. 5 kilometers up the canyon wall through lecheguilla, cactus, and other biting, scratching things. A typical Mike Walsh "neat" hike. During this climb, a rise in elevation of 200 -250 meters becomes quickly evident along with adjectives used to describe it. The entrance room of the cave, which is filled massive breakdown, shows evidence of previ.ous mi.ning operations Continuing down this room, a crawl is encountered that goes upward through the breakdown. This crawl terminates i n a large chamber, the di,mensions of which are 50 meters by meters. This large phreati. c t:hamber i s filled with massive breakdown and is very highly decorated. The cave essentially slopes upward, as the lowest point is at the entrance. The floor in the extreme northerly end of the inner chamber reaches a hei.ght above the entrance of 21 meters. In this northerly area, a drop i.s encountered which leads to the entrance room. "Torthward i n the inner chamber the floor slopes downward to a d irt covered floor that i s 2 meters above the .entrance. Charli. e Yates Brian F Peterson BRUNTON a TAPE SURVEY: E J

FEBRUARY 1977 33 BOOK REVIE11!. Cou;;.t A Secon'-' > Edited by C. G. Passm::.:. :ipelaen Studies, Project Re, ;rt No. L. January 1977. 33 pages, Available from: C. G. Passmore, P. 0. Box 1032, San M3.rcos, Texas, 78666. $2. oo. This includes maps of approxim3.tely 30 caves, all but three of which are in Bexar It contains no descriptions or locatior.s. A report of this nature, even lacking descriptive or scientific information, is potentially of value to cavers or scientists. A folio of maps can be a useful tool, as well as an indication of what has been done and what needs to be done. In the absence of a current Texas Speleological Survey report on the caves of Bexar County this report has some usefulness, but it is made less valuable as a result of a .num':>er of flaws, Several of the maps included are very crude sketches for which good maps exist, most in the files of the TSS. No map of Friesenhahn Cave was despite the fact that this was published in the TSS report on the caves of Bexar County, published in 1963, It is puzzling that the crude sketch map of Braken (sic) Bat Cave was included, Not only is this cave located in Ccmal County, but an excellent map has been publish.:!d. It is also surprising to find a map of Heisler's Pit, Bandera County, in a report on Bexar County. Finally, the map of ''Unknown Cave' on page 46 is actually a sketch map by David McKenzie of Er.nmett Wilson Cave in Real County, The inclusion of a crude sketch map of Christmas Cave, along with dte finished nnp seems unnecessary, as does the inclusion of two maps of Helotes Hill Top Cave. M;ra disturbing, however, is the absence of north arrows, indication of north, and scales on maps, At least in the instance of Bexar Cra 1000 feet The map of Bracken Bat Cave (Comal County) published County Cave M'l.p... by Greg Passmore and Spelaen Studies, thing seen in the entire publication, however, was a redrawn map of Robber Baron's Cave in which numerous errors in tracing have been made, Roger Bartholomew will doubtless breath a sigh of relief when he sees that his nam= was omitted from credit lines for this version of his map. The most distressing thing about this publication; however, is the failure of the editor to contact the TSS for information or to obtain permission fror.n the TSS, the Texas Caver, or many of the owners of the maps. The failure of the editor tci attempt to work with other knowledgeable cavers in the state is incomprehensible, Furtherm,ore, the. absence of credit lines for sources of published maps is an inexcusable breach of profession-al etiquette. To redraft som=one else's map without their prior permission, then fail to obtain their appro\'al d the finished product, an:i to publish it borders on the unethical, to say the least, A publication of this nature strongly suggests to cavers that in the future, if they wish to preserve their reputation as draftsm=n, they should copyright any maps in which they take pride, If future "Project Reports" are. to be issued by Spelaen Studies and Mr. Passmore it is hoped that a m,.ne ethical approach will be taken. --James Reddell


34 The TEXAS CAVER LAST ISSUE Yep, this is the last issue you'll get if you haven't sent in your subscription for the 1977 TEXAS CAVER, If I had it my way I'd give the things away; but, alas, paper, postage, and other supplies add up to a bunch of money, And it costs even more to mail out back issues that we have to send because someone failed to subscribe on time, So, please, get those checks in the mail today, And while you're at it, put in an article, some photos, or even noininate your boyfriend or girlfriend for Caver of the Month, See what that gets you, We're rapidly playing catch-up here, but are slightly delayed by lack of material, Send subscriptions ($5) to : James Jasek 1019 Melrose Waco, TX 76710 TRIP REPORTS WHERE: Emerald Sink, Langtry, Quarry Cave, Pandale WHEN: 15-17 October 1976 WHO: Philip Arterburn, Randy Bruno, John Chelf, Dale Elliott, Tom Garrett, Mike Hennessy, Keith Heuss, Alan Johnson It was raining quite hard Friday afternoon in San Marcos. A few of us were thinking that it was a bad weekend to go caving, but we decided to go anyway, The eight of us loaded into John's truck and my van and were away from San Marcos by 6:30 P. M, We ran out of the cloud cover and into clear sky outside Del Rio, We spent Friday night at the Pecos River Bridge, Saturday morning we drove to Langtry and tried to call the owner of the caves, He wasn't in, We talked to J. R. at the west side gas station for a while, He gave us several names for cave leads, We drove to the ranch house near Emerald Sink where we talked to Kendall Billings for a while, From there we drove to Lee Billings' house 6 miles down the road, After getting permission to enter the caves, we drove back and parked near Emerald Sink. We entered the cave just after noon. We all rappelled the 1401 pit. We continued down the crawlway to the second pit, We rigged the 751 rope and John rappelled into the pit. He stopped near the top when he saw the rope wasn't on bottom. Wereturned to the bottom of the 1401 pit and began out. We were out of the cave about 11 hours after entering it. We camred near Langtry Quarry Cave, After the cave, we drove to Langtry for a while. We decided to return by way of Pandale. We stopped at the Pecos River crossing to eat and clean up. We drove on to Ozona and returned by way of IH-10 and highway 46, We arrived in San Milrcos at about 12:00 midnight. WHERE: Ramby1s Cave WHEN: 20-22 August 1976 WHO: Keith Heuss, Debbie Tolar and Charlie Yates Charlie and Debbie picked me up Friday afternoon. We packed my gear into Charlie's truck and headed for Uvalde. We spent Friday night at the roadside park north of Garner State Park. Saturday morning we drive to Uvalde and headed west on highway 55 to the lowwater bridge on the Nueces River. It was a very good swimming hole, so we swam until after noon. After eating lunch we drove back towards Uvalde and turned down the ranch road to Carl Hellums' house to get permission to go to Ramby's Cave. We entered the cave early that afternoon. I took a few photographs in the large entrance room and we headed back to the part of the cave we were going to map, After mapping several short side passages, we got off down one small passage that just kept going. We were running short on time and it was very warm in the cave, so we headed out. Some biological collecting was done. After leaving the cave we talked to Mr. Hellums for a while. The cave is a breathing cave and we were talking to him about the cave, He told us of one time in winter when it was about zoe F. the cave was blowing so hard it looked like there was a fire at the entrance. It was nearing sundown so we thanked him and departed, We were going to spend the night on the Nueces where we were swimming earlier, however it was too busy and trucks were running off the road so we left. We finally got tired from looking for a good camping place so we pulled off the road in a flat area and camped, Sunday morning we headed back to San Marcos by way of back roads through the hill country,


FEBRUARY 1977 35 EVERYONE is reminded that this is the last issue you will recieve if you have lJ not paid your 1977 TEXAS CAVER sub-.. A All' scription, Send in $5 today to James Jasek at the address listed below. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY James has a new address, Please note this change: James Jasek, 1019 Melrose Dr., Waco, TX 76710. Send all TC subscription correspondence to this new address, Material for publication should still be sent to the editor atBox 8424, Austin, TX 78712, SPEAKING OF ADDRESS CHANGES, if you move or change your mailing address, you must inform James of your new address or risk missing copies of the TC. The Post Office no longer informs us of address changes and we have no way of knowing whether you are recieVing your issues or not, To recieve issues missed due to an unreported address change will cost you 50f per issue. So keep us informed, The TSA CONVENTION will be held in San Marcos on the 22nd thru the 24th of April at the BAM Building on the SWTSU campus, Camping will be at College Camp on the Blanco River between San Marcos and Wimberly. See the January 77 CAVER for maps and further information on this year's Convention, Plan to attend and make this one of the best conventions ever. TSA PHOTO SALON entrants should get their slides and prints in as soon as possible. For rules and entry blank, see the January 77 CAVER. Deadline is 13 April 77. Rush entries may be sent to Debbie Tolar, 4504 Speedway, Austin, TX 78751, The CAVE MAP CONTEST is a new event at this years Convention, It is sponsered by the Texas Speleological Survey, See page 5 of the January 77 CAVER for particulars.on the Cave Map Salon. Word is out that a cave near Diros, in southern Greece's Pe[oponnese, has been mapped to a depth of 418 meters, No other particulars are available, but it appears that the Greeks are trying to claim it beats the 410 meter drop in El Sotano, up till now considered the deepest single drop in the world. They tried this once before with Provitina and lost, PLAN NOW TO ATTEND the 1977 NSS Convention in Alpena, Michigan 30 July to 5 August. The annual convention is the only national gathering of cavers sponsored by the NSS, Cavers from all over the world, both scientists and sport cavers alike, attend this meeting tc hear talks, party, enter various competitive events, cave, and share in general fellowship with other cavers. Many new friends are always made, new techniques and equipment are exposed, and strange rituals often witne.ssed, If you've never been to a national convention, now is the time to start making plans to make it up to Alpena this summer, The TEXAS CAVER congratulates these people for joining the NSS: Cynthia Peters (NSS 17901) 1513 Lombary, Houston, TX 77024 Kelly Knowlton (NSS 17929) Box 2646, Univ of Ark,, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Michael Furrey (NSS 18074) Box 2491, Midland, TX 79702 Lawrence Griffin (NSS 18079) Texas A&M Moody College, Galveston, TX 77553 James Solimine (NSS18065) 2612 Sherwood Ln, Austin, TX 78704 Melinda McKay (NSS 18044) 4116 Watkins Trail, Annandale, VA 22003 Lynda Burch (NSS 18034) 2446 Fairway Dr, Richardson, TX 75080 NSS membership applications are available from the 'l'EXAS CAVER editor, Please note the following address changes: Dean Jackson (7081) to 50110 Lano, Hobbs, NM 88240 Dr, Roy Pietsch (509) to Box 15051, Austin, TX 78761 S.D. Wilson (9393) to 8622 S, Zarzamora #225, San Antonio, TX 78224 Jim Moore (15744) to Box 3466, Las Cruces, NM 88003 John Walker, Jr. (15453) to 400 W Otoe, Ponca City, OK 74601 Mary Carolyn Nance (17670) to 11525 E Ricks Cir, Dallas, TX 75230 James Bagley (5837) to .912 Broadmoor Blvd, Lafayette, LA .70503 Mike Bilbo (14994) to 5114 Wally Dr, El Paso, TX 79924 Gregg Manston (17686) 3930 Omeara #86, Houston, TX 77025 Ivan Peter Sue (16263) to 4804 Merwin Apt 2, Houston, TX 77027 Mdxico Word just reaching Austin at presstime is that s6tano de Yochib, near San Cristobol, Chiapas, has been bottomed at 850 feet and that Sotano de San Agust!n, near Huautla de Jimenez, Oaxaca, ended at a terminal sump at around 2800 feet with higher leads still to check. An accident at the 1200 foot level in San Agust!n resulted in a 30 hr rescue operation. Injuries seem to be limited to a broken cottar bone and minor cuts bruises. 4 Apr 77 GE


36 TSA Chairman CHARLIE YATES is the current smiling title holder in an otherwise successful line o friendly TSA Chairmen. Charlie's comment at a recent TSA BOG, "At what point did I lose control of this meeting? 11 does not really discredit his leadership abilities, but demonstrates his thorough powers to analy:>;e the situation. Welcmne, Charlie FEBRUARY 19 7 7 The TEXAS CAVER The ti:ri,te run can be greatl y s pe_eded up th,r6'4gh th7 !'l_ pafe Spare lamp bottoms are :r;elal:,ively and ca.rp),e#Hed;' with a charge of before begins to falter

Contents: Pepto bismol
halts turista: a common cure for the common trots / MWN --
Cueva de Tulillo: destined to become a 'must see' cave on
the Mexican circuit / Terry Sayther --
Texas cave protection act: the TSS keeps its eye on
current cave legislation / Ronnie Fieseler --
Map: Cueva Tulillo / Terry Sayther --
Ree kaver: our friend helps brin g a little sense to the
ultra-cave-conservationist / Jim Kramer --
Rescue: a few thoughts from the NSS Safety and Techniques
Chairman on Rescue Training / D. Davison --
TSA BOG minutes: minutes of the Winter 1977 TSA Board of
Governors meeting / Alicia Wisener --
Cueva de la Sierra Minas Viejas: The TSA Chairman takes
to Mexico again / Charlie Yates --
Book review: Bexar County cave maps: our 'Ancient Caver'
attacks the albatross / J. Reddell --
Trip reports: faithful pilgrims telling it like it used
to be / Keith Heuss --
Garbage: keeping up with the latest developments in the
caving world / Ediger --
Spare bottoms? helpful hints for easier caving.


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