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The Texas Caver
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Contents: Convention held in Kerrville -- Photo pages: convention at Kerrville -- Howards Creek Cave area / Jim Estes -- The Lippset Ascender / Tom Meador -- Texas speleological survey news / A. Richard Smith -- The first rappel / James Jasek -- Kaver krossword -- From the Editor -- News of grottoes and clubs.
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Vol. 13, no. 05 (1968)
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THE TEX, C A V E R May, 1968 VOLUME XIII NUl:BER 5 cover SIGHTSEEING ON THE WAY DOWN in Bee Seekers Cave during a field trip during the 1968 TSA convention at Kerrville, Texas. The caver is unidentified, Photo by James Jasek, Nikon F, 28mm lens, Tri-X in D-76. THE TEXAS CAVER is a monthly publication of the Texas Speleological Association and is published in Abilene, Texas. Material for publication should be typed, double-spaced, and sent to the Editor no later than the 6th of each month of issue, Subscription price is $3.00 per year for twelve issues. Editor: P. 0, Box 143, Abilene, Texas, 79604. staff GEORGE W. GRAY JAMES H. ESTES BRYANT LILLY EDI'IOR PUBLISHER PHOTOLITHOGRAPHER BART CRISMAN ADVERTISING MANAGEH. PETE LINDSLEY PHOTO TIPS EDITOR ABILENE GROTTO. ASSE!IJBLY THE TEXAS S PELEDLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is an organization of caving and speleological organizations in the State of Texas. Its aims and purposes are similar to those of the National SPELeological Society (NSS). Present officers of the Texas Speleological Association are: JAMES R. REDDELL . CHAIRMAN JOHN FISH ........ VICE-CHAIRMAN OLLENE BUNDRANT SECRETARY-TREASURER 107 Tomahawk Trail San Antonio, Texas 78232 contents CONVENTION HELD IN KERRVILLE PHOTO PAGES Convention at Kerrville HOWARDS CREEK CAVE AREA by Jim Estes THE LIPPSET ASCENDER by Tom Meador TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL SURVEY NEWS by A, Richard Smith THE FIRST RAPPEL by James Jasek KAVER lQID SSWORD FROM 'lliE EDI'IOR N E W S of Grottoes and Clubs . 55 .56,57 58 58 59 59 60 61 61


THE 'l'EXAS CAVER May, 1968 Page 55 convention held in kerrville TSA's II th "The 1968 Texas Speleological Association Convention will come to order . 11 With these words, Chairman J ames R. Reddell called to order one of the most successful TSA conventions. Held in Kerrville's LCRA Auditorium, more than seventy persons jrurnned the round meeting room to hear lectures, view many slides and discuss pertinent items relating w caves, caving, techniques, and NSS and TSA problens. Registrar was Glenda Kunath, giving, our own Secretary, Ollene Bundrant a much needed reprieve from that duty she has performed thru several years. Glenda did a magnificent job, and all went well. Helping was Car o l Russell from UTG. Nearby were representatives of the Texas Caver (Jim Estes) and Texas Speleological Smith), and AMCS (Terry Raines). Selling cavers subscriptions, extra copies, maps, etc. went on for a long time. The activities mentioned here tcok p lace on the veranda of the LCRA Building. Free coffee was served inside the building during Vice-Chairman John Fish was in charge of all ar!'angements for the convention. His enlisted help included: Door Prizes -Alamo Grotto; Photo Salon -Pete Lindsley, DWGF; Field Trips Jim Norman d San Antonio Grotto; and Printing -Terry Raines. Arrangenents were well planned. Early papers presented were: "Troglophiles Indigeno us to The Southwestern United States 11 by Carl E. Kunath of San Angelo; "Semuc Champey" a disappearing stream in Guatenala by A Richard Smith; and "Powell's Cave, Texas" presented by Charles V. Larsen of Dallas. Incidentally PO\vell' s Cave contains just Wrl e r ten miles o f surveyed length at the present time. After a short break other presentations consisted of "Cavern Development and Paleodrainage in The Cd. Nante area, Tamps., Nexico 11 by Bill Russell; "Vertical Cavin g in the G uadal upes" by Dwight Deal of Alpine; "The Lipsett Ascender" by Tom Meador of Eldorado; and "Errors in Hand-held Brunton Surveys" by A. Richard Smith Following an hour break for lunch cavers returne d to the LCRA Building for two remaining presentations: "Cave of the Swords: Chihuahua, Mexico" by Pete Lindsley of Dallas and "Caving Annual Meet in The Aquismon Area, S.L. P., Nexico by J o hn Fish. N any excellent slides were shown Immediately following t he Board of Governors meeting was held, Reddell in charge ( For more information o n t his meet i n g the minutes will be published in the Texas Caver at a later date. Since the B O G meeting t ook m ore time than expected, there was but little tin e to get ready for the convention banquet. This was in the dining r oom of Kerrville' s Bluebonnett Hotel and attracted most of the convention goers. A buffet meal was served. The entries in the Photo Salon prints (black and white) were displayed around the dining room. Shortly after the meal Pete Lindsley w ith he l p from Car l, John Fish, and C h arles Larsen set up the salon and showed all slides entered. Slides were acco m pmtied by taped re mar k s by members of t h e Dallas C amera Club the judges for t h e show Walking off wHh most of the prizes 1-1ere Carl K and Pete Linds ley. Charles Larsen rem arked that t here were many entries, but few people represented. H e u r ged TSA members t o participate more in the future salons. The Caver hopes to print a full list of winners in this year' s s alon if and when such a list i s available. Following the salon show, individual members Kunath, Lindsley, Deal and others showed s ome of t heir l a test slides take n in c aves in New Hexico Big B end area, and 11exico Sunday, trips were m ad e to S to\-;e r s Cave and others in the Kerrville area, some n ot. fully e xp lored, and others n o t mappe d Significant item in the Board o f Governors M eeting was the fact t h

Page 56 May, 1968 THE TEXAS CAVER Photos, in order are: TOP ROW -LCRA Bldg, site o f t he convention, and The Registration table man ned by Carol Russell a nd Glenda SECON D ROW -Discussing the big Powell's Cave Map. Fish and Meri Thomas. AMCS and TSS sales table. THIRD ROW -Bill Russell explains paleo-drainage. Kunath digs c ave dirt. Doo r prize winner from Waco gets $10. FOURTH ROW-Chuck Larsen explains Powell's Cave. Lindsley and Reddell exhibit Powell's map. A. Richard talks about Semuc Champey cave bridge ; \.. I PHOTOS COURTESY CARL E. KUNATH AND JON VINSON T.S.A.


THE TEXAS CAVER Terry Raines and Carl checking out a brunton compass. courtesy James Jasek, May, 1968 RIGHT: Pete Lindsley of Dallas checking the focus before a convention slide lecture while Sandy Deal looks on. (Photo courtesy James Jasek, Waco.) Page 57 LEFT: TSA1s illustrious A. Richard Smith. 11Wouldn 1 t you like to buy a subscription to the Texas Speleological Survey?11 (Photo courtesy James Jasek, Waco.) BELOW: There's nothing like catching a snooze during a break. (Photo courtesy James Jasek, Waco.)


Page 58 May, 1968 THE TEXAS CAVER HOWARDS CREEK CAVE AREA by Jim Estes This third in a series of articles about caving areas concerns a relatively little touched area along the main Howard's Creek watershed in Crocket and Val Verde Counties. The area is characterized by steeply eroded limestone hills, wide dry creek bottoms, and generally brushy country. Most of the ranchers seem friendly enough (if they can be located on weekends)and permission and cav8 locations will no doubt be available. Not many caves are known in the Howard's Creek watershed, however this does not indicate a lack of them. Leads exist, as well as rumors--and the geology is excellent. Perhaps the largest cave in this area is Dondole Cave. It is a long, straight crevicetype affair w ith a ceiling in places over 60 feet high. The cave is not wide, averaging m more than four to six feet. A warm cave, it is dry with few form a t ions and some guano deposits. Mills Tandy and members of the old Ozona Grotto The Lipsett Ascender by Tom Meador In December 1964 Dale F. Lipsett and the author were discussing vertical caving techniques. We had a theory that a wim could be used to climb a rixed rope. In early 1965 we built a working model. The basic parts of the Lipsett Ascender are shown in Figure l. The wim is mounted horizontally like a winch. Unlike a winch, it has the advantage of not taking on rope (weight) as it climbs. A stubbing block was employed at the bottom of the ascender to keep it from spinning. Tens i on must be applied to the standing line below the machine either by manually applied tension or by weight on the standing line beneath the ascender. No problems have been encountered in passing knots throug h our model. Advertise in the Caver Bart Crisman 658 N. Willis St. Abilene, Texas 79603 located and explored Dondole Cave. It was later visited by UTG and Abilene Cav.ers. All this happened in the late fifties. The cave is about 1,0001 in length. The cave is not well known, especially by it's name. The ranch owner, Hr. Everett should definitely be contacted before attempting to visit this cave or any other cave on the property. He lives on the Pecos River near Pandale. There are many ranches along the creek road which is paved almost all the way from U.S. 290 south to Pandale. Most of these ranches have not been checked. Tandy has told of a cave lead on the Clyde Childress ranch which is about 20-25 miles south of U.S. 290. Please keep in mind if you visit the area that any caves found should be reported to the Texas Speleological Survey, c/o A. Richard Smith, PO Box 7672, UT Sta., Austin, Tex 78712. Good caving to any of you who deciL you would like to check out Howard's Creek. Frame Stubbing Block Control t To Anchor Control pulley Frame to


THE TEXAS CAVER May, 1968 Page 59 TfXAS SPflfOlOGICAl SURVfY NfWS by A. Richard Smith The Texas Speleological Survey is happy to announce the publication of the Caves of the Stockton Plateau, Volume III, No. 2. This issue of the Survey covers the Trans-Pecos extension of the Edwards Pl8teau, including western Val Verde County, all of Terrell County, and the east half of Pecos County. Caves of the Langtry area in Val Verde County, covered in 1962 in The Caves of The Langtry Area, Vol. I, No. 2--long out-of-print--are revised and reprinted in this issue. This issue of the Survey shows the continuing improvement of presentation and format. Two plates printed in four colors and another three in two e;olors continue the useof color where necessary for clarity. The text is printed on both sides of the page for economy, but the issue is still over sixty pages long. of the caves in this issue have accompanying maps than for any previous issue. We only regret that the caves covered are probably only a few of those to be found in this vast region. We urge you to examine the cave location maps and note the extensive areas where no caves are known, especially along the Pecos River. The Stockton Plateau offers many weekends of successful cave-hunting for those who can break away from the oft-visited caves of the Langtry area. The First Rappel By James Jasek Did you ever think back to the tin e you made your first rapell? Remember the feeling of anxiety and the empty sensation in your stomach? That giant step over the edge usuaHy takes all the courage in the world. "Well, here we are at. the entrance to the cave, a pit some feet in diameter and falling straight down for fifty feet! For a beginner, that fifty foot pit looks like a journey to the center of the earth, and the thought of going over the edge makes me think I should have stayed in bed." As I started thinking about that first rapell, that familiar feeling started creeping into my stomach. To make matters wotse the cave was under.cut, so it was a free rapell all the way to the bottom. After getting into the Swisr seat, the rope was attached into the break-bars. The butterflies got worse as setp-by-step the edge of the pit came nearer and nearer. Once at the edge, the bending of the knees brought on the point of no return. My nerves were completely shot, and I closed my as it was--OVER THE EDGE AND AWAY WE GOt Now the fear was gone, and the trip to the bottom was short and sweet. These are my impressions, feelings, a n d thoughts as I now watch a new caver make his first rapell. Forthcoming issues of t h e Survey will include the Caves of San Saba County (greatly revised from first publication), The Caves of Kimble County--results of the 1967 Texas Speleological Association Project, Vertebrate Paleontology of Texas Caves (reprint of Vol. II, No. 3), and the Caves of Hays County. lf you can offer information on caves of San Saba, Kimble, and Hays Counties, please do so soon, so it can be published. The TSS would also like to express its thanks to the Texas Speleological Association for its generous grant of $25.00 to assist in reprinting Vertebrate Paleontology of Texas Caves. Subscriptions to the Texas Speleological Survey consisting of one volume of eight numbers are available for $3.00. Volume III h a s begun with the first two numbers, The C aves of Medina County and the Caves of The Stockton Plateau. All of Volume II is still available for $3.00. Individual issues are 50 each. Address inquiries, cave reports, and subscriptions to: Texas Speleological Survey Pox 7672 Austin, Texas 78712 "No, 'I-DoN'T KNOW WHY TilEY CALL IT f:MERALD SINK.''


Page 60 May, 1968 THE TEXAS CAVER Ka-ver Krossword This way t o the cave! Which direction does the c ave go? Fill in tne crossword arrow. The long word, number 22 across, is the direction in which the cave lies. A simple puzzle anyone can work. ACROSS: l-Advertisement (abrev.) 2 -From Dallas to Abilene (dir) 6 -Preposition 8 -Carries wate r & waste 11-Very small 13-None less 14-Trig. function 20-Western Power s Org. Compo und direction 23-To consume food 25-. T o emit again 26-New Hampshire Entomological Organization / "'fOU SURE GOT THE. RIGHT CAVE LOCATION MAP'! 11 J 27-Doesn't eat 29-Article (Ger.) 30-Direction 31-Ending syllable 32-Conjunction OOWN: 3 -Spanis h for "is" 4 -Southeast 5 Couple 7 -Lightweight object 9 -Spanish word for 11on11 10-He when tired 12-Space "substance" 14-Mongrel dog 15-Den---, to indicate 16-Female 17-Computer company 18-New York Institute (abrev.) 19-Eastern Standard Time 21-Office of Economic opportunity. 23-Estimate (abrev.) 24-Preposition 27-Husic syllable. 28-H ence TSA MEMBERS AND READERS ARE INVITEU TO SEND THE CAVER THEIR VERSION OF A GOOD CROSSWORD OR SIMILAR PUZZLE. ,1-*'1 .01-


THE TEXAS CAVER May, 1968 Page 61 FROM THE EDITOR ... 9 .t 4.1!.e&4. tha.t l artd-0 U) n.e.-t. -ul cz..t.i_o 114 -i.n. 4011 1!. C!4.M-a. &U fu.;!!.-t .thtUt!-4., pe.-trtwty... 111el U be b ack on. w a.n.o.the.-t of ,1n.d o { thr..t. . -i-t a..LwCL!f<> he.lp-1-wh.en. ma..tu-i.a..L .to woll-k wah. News Etc ... WHEHE IS THE NEWS FROM ALAMO GROTTO? DALLAS-FORT WORTH ? HOUSTON? TEXAS TECH? TEXARKANA? RIO GRANDE? Ho\-1 about nudging your secretaries, saying, 11Where was our news in this month 1 s CAVER, I missed it somehow. 11 abilene Something went wrong--at least for those persons desiring to go caving the day after the convention at Kerrville. First of all, we lost Tom Meador s omewhere in a rainstorm (we learned later that his windshield wiper was malfunctioning. After searching for ha l f the afternoon, tried to enter the lando'-lners property via the r anch road, and \'las too muddy for a stationwag on. Had a flat tire in the rain, just after seeing the results of a big ha"ilstorm about ten ffiiles north of Leakey. O h well, some othe r time, perhaps. No meeting was held at as it slipped u p o n us. A put together the April Caver be held in a fev1 days. the r egular time, called meeting t o and mail it will Grotto address: 2818 S. 39th St., Abilene Texas, 7 9605 a & No news fro m A&I last rronth Reason .. no caving. O r almost n one. First there were finals for the fall semester, then registr ation for the Spring semester and getti ng settled into it, and then followed a multitude of various and sundry fortunes and misfortunes which prevented us from caving as much as w e1d have like d to. Afte r thing s finally got settled down around here, we got a chance ourselves to settle do'-ln . to do some serious caving. The three Bitttngers--Doc, Craig and Steve took Nea l Morris with them on a trip to Busta mante that was called off then put back to gether on the spur of the moment. Their main objective o n the 10 February trip was to check for leads in the relatively unknown small passages and rooms past and below the rice room. several leads were found and, with some difficulty, checked. All eventually ended without any exciting finds. That wee k end also marked the first a nniversary of the TAISS. A good deal o f progress was noted in our rookie year, but quite a bit is


Page 62 May, 1968 THE TEXAS CAVER still needed before A&l can have a real firstrate club. The next v1eekend found John Kreidler, Jo Allex, Laura Gass and Paul Snider at Bustamante. But they didn't find Bustamante! They found rain!! Oodles and bogs of the stuff. So much in fact tha t they returned without a trace of c a ve mud. Thei r remarks on the trip did contaj n some dirty phrases. Ediger made a trip to Austin on the week end of 24 February to take care of some business and talk caving with some of the cavers at the "head shed". On the way he stopped at Alzafar \later Cave to check the water condition there f o r a planned m apping trip two weeks later. Everything was OK. Sunday afternoon found him at NBC where he visited with Jack Burch for a c ouple of hours. The next weekend, that of 2 March, was very fruitful for 7 A&I tjpes who joined the annual UT trip to the Devil's Sinkhole. The fraternizing with fellow cavers and other aspects of the trip were enjoyed by all. Those making the trip were Ediger, Kreidler, L e v i, the three Bittingers and Danny Bowen. A planned three way trip by David Meredith of Balcones, L arry Schmidt of Boerne Cavers and some A&I t ypes to map Alzafar Water Cave had to be c alled off at the last minute when t onsils didn't agree with him. A few weeks later when Kreidler had the same trouble plight was realized. On the weekend of 16 March, Ediger, Cliff Tubbs, Sha ron Wright and Bonnie Nelson made a quick trj p to Carrtzal on a picture taking project. At Bustamante on the same weekend were the Bittingers with Forest, Bertha and K I rn Witcher, Ann Edwards, Lucy Clouser, George Swih art and Joel Hallan. They made a sidetrip t o Carrizal on Sunday of the same weekend. Friday, 5 April, seven c avers including Edi ger, Craig and Steve Bittinger, Neal Morrid, Bill Gregorcyk, Mike Daley and Joel Hallan, up Ediger's Power Wagon and headed south into the land of the "Great Ones" Mexico. Kreidler was also supposed to go but his tonsils proved his nemesis. The seven that made it had as their objective the limestone outcropping east of Ciudad Victoria and north of Tampico known as Sierra de Tamaulipas. The area was previously unchecked by cavers and although several caves were found in a small portion of the area checked, nothing truely great turned up. This was expected before entering the area but no proof was available. Better limestone toward the center of the outcropping may yield better caves than the several half mile long o n e s found. A full re].X>rt on this trip will be available from the AHCS at a later date. At one of the first meetings of the semester the TAISS elected its officers for the new year. Those elected were: CHAIRMAN-Gill Ediger V.CHMN.-John Kreidler SECRETARY-L aura Gass TREASURER-Steve Hulsebus SAFETY -Torn Levi EQUIP.-Steve Bittinger Caving courtesy pays big dividends. san antonio On March 30th Jim Normand and Roger Bartholomew went to visit a cave in North Bexar Co. The pit was about 100 feet deep .witha few leads off the bottom. With a little digging the leads might be pushed of quite a ways as the pit takes quite a lot of water. There is a lot of poison ivy around the cave entrance. No caving was done over Easter because most of our cavers were out of town. A small pit (fissure) was discovered in the north part of San Antonio and Jim Weldon with Pat Ward checked it out, it was just a hole with bad air. It has sure been filled, as to the bad air, a lighted match would to out when lowered two feet into the cave! On the weekend of the 20th April Jim Normand and several of the members of the San Antonio Grotto went to Kerr Co. to set up the field trips for the oonvention. We spent most of Saturday running aroUnd in the rain. Sunday we went out to contact some people we missed Saturday. We also visited two caves. We went to a new cave above Kerrville which was small and had a nesting buzzard in it. Checked a collapse shelter cave on the way back home. The ones that went on .the trip were Jim Normand, Jim Weldon, Gloria Adams, Pat Walker, and Roger Bartholomew. Sunday, after the oonvention (April 28th) Jim Normand took a group to visit a. real pretty cave. It had a lot of old growing formations. This cave needs to be mapped soon by the cavers that went into it. We also hunted for a reported big cave on the Panther Creek Ranch. We found that at one time it was a cave, but had caved-in recently. The daughter of the foreman said it had been blasted closed since 1960 because of snakes. We gave up about that time because of heavy showers that would not quit. Those on the trip were Pat Prejean, Nancy Barron, and Jim Normand. Roger Bartholomew took a group to Bee Seekers cave where after a 35 to 40 foot drop a fast visit was made after a discovery of some bats that were in the cave. Those on that trip were Judy Hart, Roger Bartholomew, and Pat Walker. The San Antonio Grotto meets the last Monday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Agudus Acum Scout Bldg at Donaldson and St. Cloud Sts. Grotto address: Mike Dorum, 315 Denton Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78213. southwest texas April l, Brian Peterson, Jim Mcintire, Hruss, Bill Miller, Jimmy Jarl, Sharon Cathey, Joe Sumbera, Ed Fomby, and Bill Elliott of UTG assaulted Fisher's Pit 25 miles west of San Marcos in Carnal County. The waterfalls in The cave were down, so we were able to map the pit, which taped out to 125' deep.


THE TEXAS CAVER May, 1968 Page 63 The next day, six of us, Brian Peterson, Jim Mcintire, Ed Fomby, Joe Sumbera, Jim Shepperd, and Bill Elliott, assembled at InnerSpace Caverns to begin to complete the mapping of the cave. We resurveyed the commercial trail to the cement wall, and then surveyed 1,092 feet of passage into the Volcano Maze. Brian and Bill are planning to map more in the cave this summer, especially in the passages beyond the Mud Room; The water in the Mud Room was found to be about one and one half feet higher than it was in March. Friday night, April 12, Keith Heuss, David Jackson, and Joe Sumbera began the sutrvey of Boyett's Cave in Hay's County. They mapped about 150 feet of passage down to the Lake Room, and left only the upper level maze crawls. Saturday, David and his wife, Kieth, and Joe took a non-caving trip to Enchanted Rock and Longhorn Caverns. In Longhorn, Keith took several pictures of the cave's good solutional features. The weekend of the 20, 21 Sharon Cathey, Keith Heuss, Jimmy Jarl, Brian Peterson, and Joe Sumbera visited Indian Creek Cave to take pictures in Alice's Wonderland and the Virgin Room. They also penetrated Benfer's Hell to see if it is possible to get around the upstream breakdown, however, high water prevented any exploration. (Remember ICC is still closed to the general caving public and permission to visit the cave must first be secured from A.R. Smith before approaching the owner.) We were represented at the TSA convention by Jim Mcintire, Jimmy Jarl, Bill Miller, Jim Shepperd, Joe Sumbera, Brian Peterson,and Keith Heuss. The convention was quite successful,& everyone thoroughly enjoyed the talks, slide shows, and buffet. (Much credit should be given to John Fish and the grottoes who contributed their time.) Sunday, after the convention, we went to Boerne, and mapped two caves. TwoStep C ave was found to be 73 feet deep and Moonlight Cave was 98 feet deep. Neither cave had much horizontal extent. April 30, our constitution was approved by the college, and now we're in the process of becoming a grotto. Probably we'll receive our confirmation during the summer. On May 6,we initiated our first club newsletter. Next year the Vice-Chairman will be responsible for publication. Keith Heuss has created a chart for converting directly from mills to Sin and Cosine readings. Mainly this is useful in computing the vertical distance if a slide rule isn't handy. If anyone's interested, He'll. be glad to send a copy. Mike Walsh and Brian Galligan, of course, have been busy.around the county. Last count, they had visited Boyett's (again), Big Mouth, Fenceline, Donaldson, McCarty's, Ash, and Tarbutton's. On one Wednesday night Mike Walsh, Brian Galligan, Keith Heuss, and Jimmy Jarl mapped newly discovered Ash Cave. Friday evening, April 26, Mike Walsh, BriGalligan, David Summers, and Ray Trowbridge entered Tarbutton's Cave hoping to map it. They were unable to map it due to a siphon fifty feet from the entrance. It is hoped that when the cave is completely maped it will exceed one thousand feet. Mike and Brian on Taylor's Bat Cave, Hoskins Hole, Nance Bat Cave, and Hays City Cave, but found little due to the landowners refusing to give permission. At Nance Bat Cave, they did have a nice hike, even though it was in vain. Last weekend, Brian and Mike obtained permission to check caves north of San Marcos. Two new caves and two sinks were found. At that time only one of the caves was entered. The cave found in a high bluff consists of a long 150' crawlway back to a single room about thirty feet across. One of the sinkholes is an estimated thirty feet deep. The ranch manager told of several other sinkholes nearby. Jimmy Jarl located two more small caves near Ash Cave, but they haven't been investigated yet. Jim Mcintire and Keith Heuss dug awhile in Heimer's Ranch Cave several week s ago, but didn't find the expected cave passage. Club address: SWT Caving Club, Southwest Texas State College, San Marcos, Texas 78666. univ. of texas During the second week in April, many University cavers took advantage of Spring Vacation and he a ded to Mexico. Always anxious to try something new, Terry Raines set an unusual goal for his trip--taking aerial photographs of the El Abra Range from Mante south to Valles to the Sotano de Las Golondrinas. During the first part of the trip, Don Erickson, Frank Ghigo, Lee Warrington and Terry explored caves to the west of Valles near Hi cos. The group then rented a plane in M onte for about $10 an hour then made their planned flight. The success of Terry's first attempt at aerial photography and the siting of a large, yet previously overlooked, cave near Golondrinas made the exciting excursion even more rewarding. Later, the four cavers continuee the exploration and mapping of the downstream passage in Sotano de Montecillo s. Jerry Broadus, Russell Harmon, Jae Cepeda, Donna Lovelace, Miles Abernathy, Bill and Dennis Fortassain comprised a two-car expedition to the Mexican state of Guerrero. Following John Fish's leads on Grutas de Acquitlapan, rWIDred 'to be the "largest cave in Mexico" the seven were taken by locals to a religious cave bearing that name. The group mapped 3000 feet, but reported that it was of little significance, Following other leads, the cavers finally found .the right cave, Grutas de las Granadas. Through the five by five meter entrance with breakdown and into the entrance room with its winding river., they explored. From the entrance room three small passageways continued,


Page 64 May, 19,68 THE TEXAS CAVER each leading into a lake room at a different level. After descending 15 feet from the lowest level into the Lake Room, Miles swam about 75 to 100 feet across the lake and then began w ading d own the river which led from the lake. However, after about 300 feet the water became too deep; so Miles reported back to the others. L ater, Jerry and hls passengers continued on to Cacahuami l p a and Dos Bocas. Other adventures and mis ad ventures of the trip included repairing a broke n tie r o d and leaking brake drum cylinder, replacing a missing muffler, and more enjoyably, shopping in Taxco, surfing in Acapulco, and sightseeing in Nexico City. On another trip t o the state of Guerrero, Howar d Crow an d Howard Gready, along with Lloyd G r a y from Rice visited Juxlahuaca. This cave has been noted for its early O lmec rock painti n g s done in r ed ochre and not for the more recent g r affiti whi ch obscure the Olmec works and deface the c ave. On April 5, J o hn Fish, Meri Thomas, Mike Collins, and Dwain Faith left for Valles, and thus be ga n still another Mexican caving trip. Dwight and S an dy Deal met the four at. Sotano de T i gre, wher e they h ad the exciting experience of meeti n g an a pp roxim ately four-foot long tige r at close r ange. Caving proceeded, how ever, an d about 1 000 feet o f passageway was mapped Afterwards, all visited Aquismon and Golondrinas and then found other c aves a nd pits. John and Dwight descended 414 feet into one of these pits and reported beautiful flowstone. Before leaving Mexico, the cavers traveled to Cueva de San Nicolas, where they went down about 300 feet to the top of an 80-foot drop. Squire Lewis, Nancy Walters, Jonathan Davis and Janet O'Mara also went to Mexico and spent the vacation "searching for caves on the beaches of Acapulco." But, alas, they found none! Were there any caving trips in Texas? Well Bill and Carol Russell went out to the Del Rio area and found t\-10 new caves. In one of these caves, a maze type, Bill almost got lost. The club meets the lst and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:30PM, Geology Bldg., Rm 100. Club address: Box 7672, U.T. Station, Austin, Texas 78712. LOOK AT THIS Texas Caver subscriptions Guide to The Caves of Texas Deep --There We Was (Cartoon book) The Texas Caver PO Box 143 Abilene, Texas 79604 $ 3.00 .80 .50 .50 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE TEXAS SPELEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Printed matte r RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED

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News of grottoes and clubs.


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