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Contents: The UIS between the 13th International Congress of Speleology in Brasilia D.F., Brazil, July 15-22, 2001 and the 14th International Congress of Speleology in Athens, Greece, late August, 2005 -- Minutes from the UIS Assembly General -- Documents approved by the General Assembly of the UIS, during the 13th International Congress of Speleology, Brasilia DF, July 15-22, 2001 UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries -- The Report of the UIS Secretary General for period from August 1997 to July 2001 July 15, 2001 -- UIS Prizes -- UIS Bureau 2001-2005 -- Reports from UIS Bureau meetings -- Reports on Commission Meetings -- National Delegates and Substitutes -- UIS Departments, Commissions, and Working Groups.
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Vol. 48, no. 1 (2002)
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Contents: The UIS between the 13th International
Congress of Speleology in Brasilia D.F., Brazil, July
15-22, 2001 and the 14th International Congress of
Speleology in Athens, Greece, late August, 2005 --
Minutes from the UIS Assembly General --
Documents approved by the General Assembly of the
UIS, during the 13th International Congress of
Speleology, Brasilia DF, July 15-22, 2001 UIS Code of
Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign
Countries --
The Report of the UIS Secretary General for
period from August 1997 to July 2001 July 15, 2001 --
UIS Prizes --
UIS Bureau 2001-2005 --
Reports from UIS Bureau meetings --
Reports on Commission Meetings --
National Delegates and Substitutes --
UIS Departments, Commissions, and Working


UIS-BULLETIN Union Internationale de Splologie 2002 Volume 48 Number 1 Editor-in-Chief: Pavel Bosk EDITED IN JUNE 2002 EDIT EN JUIN 2002 AUSGEGEBEN IM JUNI 2002 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The UIS between the 13 th International Congress of Speleology in Brasilia D.F., Brazil, July 15-22, 2001 and the 14 th International Congress of Speleology in Athens, Greece, late August, 2005 The 13 th International Congress of Speleology was successfuly taklen part in capital of Brazil. Nearly 600 cavers and cave scientists from 41 countries met in Ulysses Guimaraes Convention Centre. The special topics of the Congress was: Speleology in the third millenium: sustainable development of karst. The event was associated by another important events: the 4 th Spe-leological Congress of Latin America and the Carribean and the 26 th Brazilian Congres of Spe-leology. The scientific programm was held in 6 specialised symposia: Geoscience, Speleologi-cal survey and techniques, 2 nd Symposium on Archaeology and Palaeontology in Caves, 15 th Symposium on Biospeleology, 1 st Symposium on Cave diving and Symposium on Protection and Management of Tourist Caves. There was also SpeleoMedia Brazil 2001. The programm included also General Assemblies of the UIS, Braziliand Speleological Society (SBE) and Spe-leological Federation of Latin American and Carribean Countries (FEALC). The official pro-gramm was accompanied by numerous cultural and social events. Stands of numerous organi-sations and individuals were located in the ground floor of the Convention Centre. Field excur-sion before and after the Congress were successful and introduced participants into beauties of Brazilian natural heritage. The Congress was organised by the Brazilian Speleological Society and supported by Brazilian governmental bodies (Ministry of Environment, IBAMA and CECAV). The Congress was successful, attended by plenty of participants, associated by fantastic cul-tural and social events, not only duiring the Congress itself, but also during preand post-Congress activities. We have to admit that any principal document was accepted during the As-semblies General of the UIS, except acceptance of the stable UIS address in Slovenia and im-provement of the UIS Ethic Code, but both sessions indicated increased interest in our activi-ties. The composition of new UIS Bureau documents the trend initiated by the past Bureau, i.e., the World wide representation a co-ordination of activities. Pavel Bosk UIS Secretary General 1


Minutes from the UIS Assembly General First session, July 15, 2001 Brasilia DF, Ulysses Guimaraes Congress Centre The Assembly General was opened by the welcome speech of Mr. Clayton Lino, the President of the Or-ganising Committee of the 13 th International Congress of Speleology. He declared the 13 th International Congress of Speleology as opened. The General Assembly was introduced by the speech of Mrs. Julia James, the UIS President, who sum-marised achievements and failures of the UIS Bureau in time between the 12 th and 13 th International Congresses of Speleology, i.e. for the period of August 1997 to July 2001. She declared the Assembly General as opened. After opening, all participants tokk a while of silence for all cavers and scientists who left the international audience inbetween congresses (Faraco, Renault, Dzulynski, Habe, Anavy, Jimenez, Habic, DellOca, Petrochilo, etc.). In the moment of the opening, totally 33 member-countries (from 56) were registered (Argentine, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Spain, USA, France, Great Briatin, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norvay, New Zealand, the Nether-lands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine). During the session, other delegates of 3 member countries appeared. The Assembly General approved the minutes of the last Assemblies General from La Chaux-de-Fonds 1997 by 30 votes for. The Secretary General of the UIS presented his report. After the Commission, Working Group and Com-mittee representatives presented reports and information of the activity. The Assembly General elected two auditors. Andrew Eavis (Great Britain) and Grace Matts (Australial). They were elected, both, by 29 votes for with 1 abstention. The Assembly General elected the Commission for the elections of the new UIS Bureau composed of Hubert Trimmel of Austria (30 votes), Nicholas White of Australia (30 votes) and Clayton Lino of Brazil (30 votes). The Cave Expo 2002 in Samchok, Korea, was presented by the City Mayor Kim Il Dong. Short presentation of candidate for the 14 th Congress of Sopeleology was shortly presented by the Pau team (France). During the Assembly, the motion on another 2 delegates of candidate country arrived. Several materials were presented to the Assembly General. Pavel Bosk presented the UIS Bureau pro-posal to establish stable address in Slovenia (Postojna city) and bank account in Luxembourg. There were pre-sented also proposal for UIS prizes the best discovery, the best book and the best poster. The Prize Ad-hoc Committee will be chaired by Mrs. Julia Mary James (Australia) as President. Mr. Andrew Eavis (Great Britain) will be responsible for discovery prize, Mr. Urs Widmer (Switzerland) for publication prize and Mrs. Julia James for poster prize. The last point of the first session was the presentation of candidatures for the next Congress by the repre-sentatives of Brazil, Australia and Portugal who officially applied for the organisation of that event. Second session, July 22, 2001 Brasilia DF, Congress Centre At the moment of the opening, totally 39 member states were registered (Argentine, Australia, Austria, Bel-gium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Spain, USA, France, Great Briatain, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Korea, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Swit-zerland, Ukraine, Venezuela). The second session opened the UIS President, Mrs. Julia M. James. She presented results of the decision of the UIS Prize Committee. The program continued by the information of the UIS Commissions and Working Groups and by the approval of reports, plans and chair persons by voting. The voting on Commission/Working Group activity was proposed to be approved en block by 39 votes. The reports were approved by 39 votes. Two budget auditors (A. Eavis, Great Britain and G. Matts, Australia) reported on the result of the audit re-port: Report on the audit process of the books of account of Union Internationale de Speleologie for the period August 1997, to July 2001 Having examined the books we wish to report that, in accordance with the recommendations of the previ-ous audit in La Chaux-de-Finds, the bank accounts have been simplified as followsThe three currencies aciounts are Czech USD 28,278 USD Czech Crowns 21,186.36 CZK (approx. 500 USD) the working account for the General Secretary Austrian Sgilings 81,410 ATS (approx. 5,000 USD) Cash in hand 200 USD 2


The Austrian Shilings account is invested and will mature in October 2002 at which time it will be transferred to the USD account. To do so before this date will incur heavy penalties. Investigations have been made with a view to transfrerring all accounts (with the exception of the Czech Crowns) to Luxemburg. This is currently ongoing in cinjunction with Mr Hubert Trimmel. Completion should occur in 2002. It is opinion of the auditors that, having examined the books and records of accoun t of the Union Interna-tionale de Speleologie, they show a true and correct record of the financial dealings of the organisation for the pe-riod August, 1997, to July, 2001. Andrew Eavis Grace Matts Mr Pavel Bosak is to be commended for his meticulous record keeping and his dedication. We would suggest that the General Assembly should seek the assistance of one other person in the collec-tion of fees. Approving voting resulted as follows: 39 votes for acceptance. At the end of voting procedure it could be stated that the audit report was accepted as it obtained absolute majority of votes approving properly evidenced financing of the UIS. The Assembly General than voted for proposals presented during the First Assembly voting for estab-lishment of stable address in Slovenia 39 votes for. The voting for establishment of bank account in Luxembourg 39 votes for. The elections of the New UIS Bureau was introduced by Mr. Hubert Trimmel (Austria) by explanation of the procedure following the UIS Constitution (20 votes minimum for election in the first round). Three scrutators were selected: Mr. Arrigo Cigna (Italy), Mrs. Helena Hercman (Poland) and Mr. Amos Frumkin (Israel). He introduced candidates for the UIS President (Mr. Aleksander Klimchouk, Ukraine, Mr. Jos Ayrton Labegalini, Brazil, and Mr. Claude Mouret, France), for the UIS Vice-Presidents (A. Eavis, Great Britain, Zhang Shouyue, China), the only nomination to the UIS Secretary General (Mr. P. Bosk, Czech Republic), and nominations for UIS Secretaries Adjoin (Mrs. K. Bolner-Takcsn, Hungary, Mr. R. Hapka, Switzerland, Mr. G. Huppert, USA, Mr. R. Ko, Indonesia, Mr. S.E. Lauritzen, Norway, Mr. A. Mihevc, Slovenika, Mr. F. Nader, Lebanon, Mr. B.P. Onac, Romania, Mr. A. Osborne, Australia, Mr. J.P.v.d. Pas, the Netherlands, Mr. G.J. Redonte, Argentina, Mr. Y.Y. Shopov, Bulgaria, Mr. Song Lin-Hua, China, Mr. A. Vale Portorico, and Mr. C. Mouret (France). The UIS President Mr. Jos Ayrton Labegalini of Brazil was elected in the first round obtaining 30 votes. The UIS Vice-Presidents were elected in two rounds. The Senior Vice-President Andrew Eavis of Great Britain was elected in the first round by 32 votes, representing necessary absolute majority. In the secoind round, there were nominations of Mr. Aleksander Klimchouk (Ukraine), Mr. Claude Mouret (France) and Mr. Zhang Shouyue (China). Aleksandser Klimchouk was elected the UIS Vice-President in the second round 17 votes, more than any other candidate (3 invalid votes). The UIS Secretary General Pavel Bosk of Czech Republic was elected in the first round obtaining 35 votes, i.e. absolute majority of votes, with 4 abstentions. The UIS Secretaries Adjoin were elected in two rounds. During the first round, following members were elected: Mr. Roman Hapka (25 votes), Mr. George Huppert (22 votes), Mr. Andrej Mihevc (24 votes), Mr. Fadi Nader (31 votes), Mr. Armstrong Osborne (25 votes), Mr. Song Lin-Hua (28 votes), and Mr. Abel Vale (24 votes), all obtaining necessary absolute majority of votes. The unsuccesful candidates from the first round were nominated to the second round of election. Mr. Claude Mouret was elected by 13 votes obtaining more votes than any other candidate. During elections, there were some additional votings. The ammendment to Code of Ethis proposed by the FEALC was approved by 38 votes, 1 vote was against. During the elections, short presentation of candiadte countries for organisation of the next Congress took place, i.e. Greece (Athens, Mr. Theodorou) and France (Pau, Mr. Mouret). Elections of the country organising the 14 th International Congress of Speleology 2005 followed elections of the Bureau. Delegates voted by 25 votes of 39 for Brazil, Australia obtained 11 votes. After voting, the Greek representant, Mr. G. Theodrou presented short wel-come. The Statement of the new UIS President was presented by Jos Ayrton Labegalini in Portugese with short summaries in English, Spanish and French. Mr. Arrigo Cigna (Italy) proposed to elect Mrs. Julia Mary James, the UIS Past-President as the UIS Hon-orary Member, which motion was accepted by 39 votes. Mrs. James thanked in a short speech to all organisers the successful congress, which was attended by more participants than we expected. The UIS Past-President Mrs. Julia Mary James in a short conclusive speech declared the Assembly General as closed at about 11:45 a.m. 3


Documents approved by the General Assembly of the UIS, during the 13 th International Congress of Speleology, Brasilia DF, July 15-22, 2001 UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries UIS support the international activities of speleological societies, caving groups and karst scientists because they are important for; discovering new caves and extending old caves; investigating their contents, for example, minerals, biota and archaeological and anthropological remains; distributing knowledge of karst and caves throughout the world; enabling the exchange of safe caving practices and assisting in the protection and preservation of caves and karst. To avoid misunderstanding by indigenous and local people, government and local and national caving organisations in the country in which the proposed cave exploration or scientific investigation is to take place. The UIS Bureau has prepared the following recommendations. 1. Before leaving your country In many cases it will be necessary to obtain official permission from the authorities in the country being visited. In addition, inform the national speleological organisation of the country to be visited, if there is no national organisation contact the UIS national delegate. If possible organise joint expeditions with cavers from the country to be visited. The national speleological organisations will be familiar with the official requirements for visiting expeditions. They will be well-versed with the requirements for the lodging of expedition reports and other published material and the regulations pertaining to the removal of materials by the expedition from the caves and to other countries for scientific studies. 2. During expedition The expedition members should respect the laws of the country and local traditions and understand that some caves may be sacred sites and be of religion and/or cultural significance; exploration and research studies in these caves may be restricted. The expedition members should not damage either the karst or its caves. They should were possible educate and advise local communities in the protection and preservation of their karst and caves. 3. After the expedition Samples from the caves and karst collected by the expedition should only be taken out the cave and country if the correct export procedures are followed and their export is permitted. Copies of all printed material produced by the expedition, together with the location and maps of the caves should be sent to the participating caving clubs and the national speleological organisation and/or the UIS national delegate. Assistance received from the organisations within the country visited should be acknowledged in all the expedition publications. 4. The respect for the work of other groups Before undertaking and expedition to a region, a group should do research on previous work or current explorations by local or foreign cavers, in order not to interfere with current projects. Credit for previous explorations should be given in expedition reports. If several groups happen to be working in the same area, then the opportunity should be taken to learn from each other and to co-ordinate further work. Addenda to the UIS Code of Ethics Accepted by the Assembly General, Brasilia DF, Brazil, 2002 1. The UIS urges all their Bureau Members and National Delegates, that if they know of any expedition being orga-nised to foreign countries, to immediately contact and inform the National Delegate of the target country. 2. If a member of the UIS Bureau discovers a violation of its Code of Ethics regarding a foreign expedition, it will contact the delegate of the expeditions country of origin suggesting that the expedition findings and reports shall not be accepted in their official publications, nor shall they be accepted in any UIS sponsored publication or event. 3. For expeditions organised by countries of high speleological development to countries of lower speleological development, the expedition group shall do its best to offer transfer of knowledge and promote local speleological activity. 4


Table results of votings and elections + abst. inv. approved Voting Minutes 1997 30 1 yes Audit 39 yes Stable addres Slovenia 39 yes Bank account Luxembourg 39 yes Auditors Andrew Eavis 29 1 yes Grace Matts 29 1 yes Commission for Elections Hubert Trimmel 30 yes Nick White 30 yes Clayton Lino 30 yes The First Round of Elections 2001 President KLIMCHOUK Aleksander 2 no LABEGALINI Jos Ayrton 30 yes MOURET Claude 7 no Vice-President EAVIS Andrew 32 1 yes ZHANG Shouyue 9 1 no Secretary General BOSK Pavel 35 4 yes Adjoint Secretaries BOLNER-TAKCSN Katalin 10 no HAPKA Roman 25 yes HUPPERT George 22 yes KO Robby 12 no LAURITZEN Stein-Eric 19 no MIHEVC Andrej 24 yes NADER Fadi 31 yes ONAC Bogdan P. 7 no OSBORNE Armstrong 25 yes PAS Jan Paul van der 9 no REDONTE Gabriel J. 11 no SHOPOV Yavor Y. 2 no SONG Lin-Hua 28 yes VALE Abel 24 yes The Second Round of Elections 2001 Vice-President ZHANG Shouyue 6 no KLIMCHOUK Aleksander 17 yes MOURET Claude 15 no Adjoint Secretaries BOLNER-TAKCSN Katalin 5 3 no KO Robby 5 3 no LAURITZEN Stein-Eric 5 3 no ONAC Bogdan P. 7 3 no PAS Jan Paul van der 1 3 no REDONTE Gabriel J. 6 3 no SHOPOV Yavor Y. 2 3 no MOURET Claude 13 3 yes Selection of country hosting next Congress France 11 1 no 5 Greece 25 1 yes


The Report of the UIS Secretary General for period from August 1997 to July 2001 July 15, 2001 Dear Cavers and National Delegates Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests It is a traditional duty of the UIS Secretary General, to present short but exhaustive report to the Assembly General on the activity of the whole Union Internationale de Splologie, especially of its UIS Bureau and the UIS Secretary General. The task seems to be simple, but only up to the moment when you start to compile it. At the present time, my task is relatively more simple, as the UIS Bureau informed regularly on its activities and resoluti-ons in the UIS Bulletin, which is the tradition since Beijing Congress. Therefore, I will comment only highly impor-tant items. But at the beginning allow me, please, a short note. The time from the last speleological congress in beautifull La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland in 1997, passed fast. According to the number of participants, the event was the greatest Congress since the beginning of that tradi-tion in 1951, Paris, France. We spent 4 years of intensive caving and/or research, looking forward and thinking on the new Millenium and on the next meeting in 2001 in Brazil, for the first time on the Southern Hemisphere in South America. Our time was filled with lot of discoveries; we found karst and caves even in the centre of deserts, where the occurrence of caves was accepted only by crazy persons. Now we know lot on fantastic caves e.g., in Saudi Arabia and other regions of Arabian Penninsula. We improved our knowledge on tropical karsts, subterranean flooded world, on speleogensis, hydrothermal karst and on other aspects of caving and karstology, sometimes very special and specific. We push our knowledge on forms similar to karst also in other rocks, in salt, gypsum, sand-stones, volcanic rocks, magmatites and metamorphics and even in ice. We contributed important data for deciphe-ring and predicting global changes and evolution of the past, modern and future climates and climatic trends. Spe-leothems represented one of the first objects for such analyses. Commissions and Working Groups have been pushing the limits of our knowledge up, we have to thank all of them. New discoveries and research results have been presented in numerous national and international conferences, symposia, workshops and meeting, in nume-rous cases during events having nothing common with karst research and speleology. The results of research was smoothly incorporated to main streams of our present science. How simple, but without the effort of many cavers, any achievement in research can be done. The scientific mainstream in research connected somehow with the karst is a result of hard work in deep shafts in cold mountains, in hot and wet caves in tropics, in flooded karst both offshore and inland. The co-existence of fun and sport with research and science is unique for speleology, it is the principle of our Union; we cannot meet such conditions in other branches of human activity. This activites and co-operation were utilized also for nature conservation, another important issue in our Union life. Also thanks to the UIS bodies, numerous parts of our unique and wonderfull World were introduced to the UNESCO World Heritage List, e.g., caves of Slovak and Aggtelek Karsts, Mulu karst, several other proposals were compiled, too. I am loo-king forward to SpeleoBrazil 2001, to meet all of you cavers and scientists in nice number during pleasant and successful event. I am looking forward to exchange experience, knowledge, results as usual, but also to have fun and entertainment, to meet new friends. The preparation of the SpeleoBrazil 2001 was nothing easy. The UIS Bu-reau took care on the whole procedure. Although slow at the beginning, the organization accelerated in last several month promising the successful event. Nevertheless, the UIS Bureau followed all the caving activities in member and also non-member countries. We worked in nice harmony, using the advantages of recent electronic and global World. We were in daily touch by electronic post. Thefore I am looking forward to the SpeleoBrazil 2001 and period after with optimism. I am not taking care at all to the number of our 2001 Congress. I would like to thank all of you very much, indeed, for your willing co-operation to know our nice karsts, pseudokarsts, historical underground and caves, for protection and conservation of nature on our planet Earth. Now we will return to our duties. The Report concerns the time period from mid-August 1997 when the Assembly General during the 12 th International Congress of Speleology elected the new UIS Bureau up to the present time, i.e., the beginning of July 2001. The Report and financial reviews finish by July 4, 2001. The activity of the UIS, its bodies and member countries can be deciphered from the List of Events, regularly published on the UIS web pages, in the UIS Bulletin and in other speleological magazines, journals and newsletters. There were organised several tens of events each year, some of them very important and internationally acknowledged (I do not want to mention only some of them), some of them with local or regional importance. Nevertheless, only a few of them were organised under the auspices of the UIS or of the UIS body, which is probably caused by the motion from Bowling Green concerning the per capita payments to the UIS budget. The UIS Bureau acted in a following composition: Julia Mary James (Australia) as the President, James Andrew Eavis (Great Britain) as the Senior Vice-President, responsible for contacts with the SFEU, Claude Mouret (France) as Vice-President responsible for contacts with the UNESCO, and Stephen A. Craven (Republic of South Africa), George Huppert (the U.S.A.), Aleksander Klimchouk (Ukraine), Robby T.K. Ko (indonesia), Jos Ayrton Labegalini (Brazil), Franco Urbani (Venezuela), Abel Vale (Portorico) and Urs Widmer (Switzerland) as Secretaries Adjoint. The Report was prepared by Pavel Bosk (Czech Republic), the UIS Secretary General. The function of the UIS Secretary General and Treasurer was not divided. The sessions were attended also by Honorary 6


Presidents (Paolo Forti, Italy, and Hubert Trimmel, Austria) and by some of our Honorary Members (e.g., Arrigo A. Gigna, Italy, Vladimr Pano, Czechia, Adolfo R. Eraso, Spain). The UIS Bureau met personally three times, i.e., in August 1997 in La Chaux-de-Fionds for the inaugural meeting, in 1999 in Jedovnice, Czech Republic and several hours ago, in 2001 here in Brasilia DF (Brazil). Nevertheless, the UIS Bureau members were in contacts by electronic post; this is the real advantage of the global World. Finally all members of the UIS Bureau and Honorary Members were accessible by e-mail. We also used all the possibility to discuss the UIS affairs when more members of the UIS Bureau met in one place, for example in Australia 2000, Poland 2000, Lebanon 2001, Slovenia 1998-2000, Turkey 2000, South Korea 1999. After the reduction in 1997, the UIS consists now of representatives of 56 member countries from all continents. Nevertheless the UIS Bureau has no contacts for a long time with some of them, especially with Albania, Algeria, India, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Those countries have also substantial financial debts concerning the annual contributions. Nevertheless the financial debts have also other countries, some of them more than 5 years. It means that they act against the UIS Constitution, article 1, paragraph (f). I will not mention the names of countries here, but the membership of most of them is proposed to be canceled by the Bureau. Totally, the debts of member countries in annual payments for period 1999 and before are 6,480 USD now, which represents the rise of debts in about 1,000 USD since August 1997; we are not calculating debts in payments for period of 3 and less years. I have to repeat here again, like 4 years ago, that the form of contacts with member countries via national delegates is sometimes very problematic, especially when there are several so-called national federations or associations in the country. In some countries the legality of so-called elected or selected national delegate(s) is questionable, e.g., in Albania, Croatia, Mexico, Lebanon. To be the national delegate to the UIS represents duty and no honour, it represents the service for national caving bodies and cavers and no income. In some cases the national delegate, like the members of the UIS Bureau and Presidents of Commissions and Working Groups, must see deeply in own pocket to cover the service duties and expenses. Like Gremans say: Titel ohne Mittel (Title without funds). The UIS Bureau focused its main efforts to solution of several problems and tasks, e.g., establishment of stable address, diversification of financial sources, financial state-of-the-art, Commissions and Working Groups, UIS future, co-operation with other non-governmental institutions, connection to national delegates, public relation. Common operational agenda was discussed, too. The finances. The UIS at this moment has one account in USD in the Czech Republic and one bankbook in ATS in Austria. At the present time, the account totals 28,278.00 USD, when the total income was 22,814.25 USD and total expenses reached the sum of 4,482.39 USD. From the income, annual member state contributions and per capita payment from the 12 h International Congress of Speleology were 18,799.29 USD. The transfer of USD to CZK reached a total sum of 650.00 USD. The total income in CZK was 129,234.51 CZK and payments totalled the sum of 108,375.90 CZK, resting in cash 21.186.31 CZK (i.e., about 536 USD). From the expenses in CZK, the most substantial was the mail of four numbers of the UIS Bulletin, vols. 44 to 47/2 in a total amount of 102.378.00 CZK. The state of the ATS bankbook will be presented by Hubert Trimmel 81,410 ATS). We obtained also totally 9,495.04 ATS, 1,000.00 DEM, 1,520.00 CHF and 14,172.00 SKK, which were transfered to the CZK to cover expenses of the mail (including UIS Bulletins) and office expenses, which were connected with the distribution of the UIS Bulletin, too. The annual income of the UIS is now from 2,562 to 5,781 USD and 0 to 45,000 CZK. Expenses are from 592 to 1,063 USD and 1,700 to 47,200 CZK, when costs of the print and mail of the UIS Bulletin are recalculated to proper years. It means, that average annual income of the UIS is 6,265 USD and expenses 1,643 USD. Nevertheless, the positive saldo of about 4,600 USD per year is insufficient to support all organisation bodies of the UIS, especially Commissions and Working Groups as we have 24 active Commissions and Working Groups. If we dissolve all our saldo, there are only less than 200 USD of contribution to Commission activities. The task for future UIS Bureau will be in the optimalisation of fund management and search for additional money income, which was not so successful in the past. Commissions and Working Groups. The structure of UIS Commissions and Working Groups was traditionally the same as in the past. A lot of Commissions and Working Groups worked nicely with substantial outputs (publications, symposia, conferences, workshops, field trips, etc.). As an example, the UIS Commission on Bibliography can be mentioned here. The progress in bibliography and publication of BBS is worth of mentioning, in spite of personal problem connected with the retirement of Reno Bernasconi, we have to thank all persons involved, especially to Patrick Deriaz. Nevertheless, some Commission were completely inactive with no or very limited contact with the UIS Bureau, e.g., Commission on Artificial Cavities, Commission on Cave Diving, and Working Group Children and Caving. Several Commissions did not deliver summary reports for 1997-2001, although Presidents were kindly requested by the Secretary General. Nevertheless, we have to mention extraordinary efforts of some commissions. The UIS Informatics Commission runs the UIS web pages, now also the UIS domain is functioning (www.uis-speleo.org). Thanks to Peter Matthews of Australia, we are present in a World web. It is strongly recommended to all the UIS and national bodies to collaborate with Peter. The nice progress was made also by the UIS Commission on Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis of Karst headed by Aleksander Klimchouk of Ukraine, who prepared an excellent book on Speleogenesis in collaboration with the NSS (USA). Excellent results can be mentioned also in Commission on Pseudokarst, the newly erected body in 1997, Permanent Commission on Speleotherapy, Commission on Cave Rescue, Commission on Volcanic Caves, Commission on Glacier Caves and 7


Karst in Polar Regions. The new UIS Bureau has to deeply analyse the situation of individual Commissions and Working Group and to search for future solutions. Relations with UNESCO. The relation with cultural and educational organisation of the United Nations is at zero level. The UIS is now under informal contacts with UNESCO, which means nothing. The responsible for the UNESCO from the UIS Bureau Claude Mouret was unable to change anything, although he tried. The UIS Bulletin. The Bulletin was published more or less regularly. I have to apologise for some smaller troubles in distribution of Vols. 45 and 46. The delay was caused by total collapse of electronic database of addresses. This year we published two numbers of Vol. 47, nevertheless the number 2 of Vol. 47 is just now in the print owing to failure of server of our publisher. Nevertheless, the volume can be copied on xerox here. Except of 2001 (Vol. 47), one volume (two numbers in one) was published, similarly to the past. Some volumes are available on the UIS web pages, the rest, which is available in electronic form, will be available this year. Totally 2,000-2,200 copies has been printed for each volume and distributed to approximately 1,600 addresses available in the UIS Data Base. Some about 200 copies have been distributed personally in Europe. The costs of each copy represents now about 0.24 to 0.26 USD in average, i.e., on comparable level as in 1993-1997 period. Neverthelsess, the mailing expenses are higher as the cost of the Bulletin production, i.e., about 0.40 USD per copy. International Journal of Speleology As you know, the UIS established years ago the International Journal of Speleology as the top medium for publication of latest scientific achievements. There are two series of the Journal Physical Speleology and Biospeleology. The editing and publishing now is the task of our Italian collegues, especially of the Italian Speleological Society. Nevertheless, in last years long delays in print can be observed. The solution of the problem should be also a priority task of the new UIS Bureau. Co-operation with other NGOs, governmental and private bodies. As you know, we signed an agreement with the International Union of Geography (IGU) in 1997. The co-operation brought numerous fruits during the organisation of international scientific events and participation of the UIS Commission and Working Group persons on the IGU activities and publications. Also the contacts with the International Association of Hydrogeologists (AIH) improved a lot. Numerous our colleagues co-operated with the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on the preparation of protected areas in karst and with the Commission of UNESCO for World Heritage List. Also thanks to the UIS some important places were inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List. As I am informed, the results of collaboration with national governmental bodies concerning the conservation issues in karst are numerous and in some cases also full of sense (Indonesia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium Portorico, .). On the other hand, the collaboration with private mining companies on exploration of exposed karst features can be prevent by owners or shareholders, as they are afraid of eventual problems with the site developments. We have to make more intensive public relations to inform private bodies on importance of exhausting all available information on karst in mined areas. The UIS future. The future of our non-governmental organisation was the notorious theme of the UIS Bureau session in the past periods. The UIS has all disadvantages of the international body, which integrates all speleologists of the whole World, on the other side the UIS has a great profit from such situation, which I mentioned at the beginning of my report. We can see that both the scientific and sportive activities improved in a past period after La Chaux-de-Fonds. Cave scientists and karstologists co-operate with the UIS on a broader scale, which is visible on international congresses, conferences and symposia, as well as on UIS publications. Dear colleagues, at the end of this week you will elect the new UIS Bureau. I have one comment to the composition of this body. Please, elect persons who are geographically dispersed over all continents. The concentration of members from one continent is not very useful for the Bureau activities, our operations need persons from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America/Carribean and also from Africa. There are established regional speleological bodies, like Speleological Federation of European Union (SFEU) or Federation of Latin American and Carribean Countries (FEALC), the second body has its meeting also in the time of this Congress. More tight collaboration can utilise the effect of synergy. We are friends and no enemies. Dear Colleagues, I hope that I gave you information concerning the most important topics of the UIS life. Commentary to all our activities can be given on request. UIS Prizes Most Significant Speleological Discovery Ukrainian Speleological Association the deepest World cave Voronja Cave ,710 m. Best Book First Prize SPELEOGENESIS: Evolution of Karst Aquifers. Klimchouk Aleksander, Ford DerekC., Palmer Aarthur, Dreybrodt Wolfgang, Editors January 2000 National Speleological Society, the USA Prize for scientific relevance and importance for the world speleology. Second Prize 8


GRANDES CUEVAS Y SIMAS DE ESPAA 1998 Federation Espaola de Espeleologa, Spain A well produced publication about the gerat caves of Spain. Third Prize LIVING WITH KARST Veni George et al. 2001 A booklet about the understanding of caves and karst for the general public. Best Poster Public inquiry votes for 24 posters, 6 posters clear favorites First Prize Reconstruction of Palaeoclimatic Changes in Europe for the Last 200 kyrs Basing on U-series Dating for Speleothems No. 085 S1 Hercman Helena (PL) Second Prize Equal New Rafts and Old Rafts No. 012 S1 Contos Annalisa, James Julia Mary (AUS) Dark Coloured Laminae Within Speleothems as an Indicator of the Prehistoric Man Activity: Case Study from Domica Cave No. 206 S2 Gradziski Michal (PL) Highly Commended Uso da Msica de Caverna no Processo de Educacao Ambiental No. 129 S6 CECAV + IBAMA (BR) Comparison of Culturable Bacterial Flora from 3 Microenvironmwents from Peina v Bottu Cave (Slove-nia) No. 073 S3 Mulec Janez, Rupnik Maja, Zupan-Hajna Nadja (SI) A Novel Method of Radon Sampling in Caves Barnes Craig, James Julia Mary, Hyde Michael, Whittlestone Stewart, Zaharowski Wlodek (AUS) Julia James UIS Bureau 2001-2005 Honorary Presidents Paolo FORTI (Italy) Hubert TRIMMEL (Austria) President Jos Ayrton LABEGALINI (Brazil) Vice-Presidents Andrew James EAVIS (Great Britain) Aleksander KLIMCHOUK (Ukraine) Secretary General Pavel BOSK (Czech Republic) Secretaries Adjoint Roman HAPKA (Switzerland) George HUPPERT (USA) Andrej MIHEVC (Slovenia) Claude MOURET (France) Fadi NADER (Lebanon) Armstrong OSBORNE (Australia) Linhua SONG (China P.R.) Abel VALE (Puerto Rico) UIS Past-Presidents Arrigo A. CIGNA (Italy) Adolfo ERASO ROMERO (Spain) Derek C. FORD (Canada) Paolo FORTI (Italy) Mrs. Julia Mary JAMES (Australia) Hubert TRIMMEL (Austria) UIS Bureau Honorary Members Maurice AUDTAT (Switzerland) Reno BERNASCONI (Switzerland) 9


Arrigo A. CIGNA (Italy) Adolfo ERASO ROMERO (Spain) Paolo FORTI (Italy) Mrs. Julia Mary JAMES (Australia) Vladimr PANO (Czech Republic) Hubert TRIMMEL (Austria) Reports from UIS Bureau meetings July 15, 2001 The session started with the information on establishment of the stable address. Invited guest Dr. Andrej Kranjc (SI) explained the situation, presented short information and review, after the approval by the Assembly General, the Slovenian Speleological Association with the help of the Karst Research Institute will apply to the Min-istry of Foreign Affairs. Prof. Cigna (I) reviewed the origin of idea, explained why (problem of taxes, the UIS was establised in Ljubljana), there can be no objections against the idea. Dr. Bosk (CZ) explained situation in Czech Republic and Luxembourg (no taxes or tax bureaucracy when stable address in other country). It was agreed for General Assembly to establish stable address in Slovenia (address: UIS c/o Karst Research Institute, Titov trg 2, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia) and stable bank account in Luxembourg after the stable address is set up. Review of finances was present by Secretary General (see minutes from Assembly General). UIS Bulletin. The Bulletin will be distributed both via classical post (packages) and by e-mail. Most of respondents of public in-quiry printed in the Bulletin wish to obtain hard copies, some both hard copy and electronic form by e-mail. Never-theless, there can be problems with the size of attachements to e-mail. The final data base has been under proc-ess of preparation. The Secretary General presented the review of member countries and problems of annual fee payments. Assembly General.The problem of presentation of absent member countries was discussed. Each pro-posed candidate for the function in the UIS Bureau has to dedliver his/her agreement. The UIS Prizes Prof. James has to decided the form of preparation. International Jourmal of Speleology Prof. Cigna (I) informed on state of the art the finasncial situation and legal registrations stabilised. Need of contributions. Co-operatioon with the ISCA (International Show Cave Association) Prof. Cigna (I) informed on proposal of co-operation presented inmletter of Jorge Cabezsa (B), the ISCA President. July 16, 2001 The session was dedicated to review of activity of individual UIS Bureau members for a period of 1997-2001. Thre were presented statements of: Prof. James (AUS), Mr. Eavis (GB), Dr. Mouret (F), Dr. Bosk (CZ), Dr. Huppert (USA), Mr. Labegalini (BRA) and Dr. Bosk presented activities of Dr.Ko (IND) and of Dr. Klimchouk (UA). Thre was broad discussion so individual themes open by speakers. July 17, 2001 Presentation of activites of the UIS Bureau, continued by short reports of Dr. Urbani (VEN), Mr. Vale (PR), Mr. Widmer (CH). Than started the control of Minutes form the last session (Jedovnice). The use of the UIS logo was discussed. The use has to be specified in Interim Reglement. According to Prof. Cigna, not only the use of the UIS logo must be specified, but also utilisation of logos of other organisations. The UIS Statute to be translated, but translation should be consulted with some law office. Italian version was presented by Prof. Cigna (I). Prof. Urbani (VEN) will try to translate to Spain and Dr. Mouret (F) to English. Financing of Commissions. There is a letter of the Commission on cave rescue to be funded from sources of the UIS. There was discussion concerning the concept, in general with no clear decision. July 19, 2001 Advertisement information booklet. The booklet will be prepared by Julia James and she will discuss the layout with Mr. Widmer. Some help can be contributed by other Bureau members, too. Code of Ethics. Foreign Expedi-tions, regulations. There was the proposal to implement several additional sentences into this document. There is question how to arrange. There is also some other FEALC comments concerning the application of the Ethic Code. The discussion was very broad, concerning especially the adventure nad trekking caving. They were found as a global problem. Most of countries have been not approving any legal constraints. It was agreed that the UIS is strictly against making bussiness form such activities. The problem rests for next Bureau. It was recommended to insert this point into agenda of Assembly General. Commission activity. There was the proposal: Commissions who do not reprt over a period of 4 years should be deleted from the U.I.S. list of Commissions. Not reporting over such a time shows a disregard to U.I.S., or the lack of requirement of such a commission. Proposed by: Jan Paul van der Pas, supported by: C. Chabert, S. Zhang. The proposal was accepted. In discussion it was stated that each commission should consists also from national delegates of member countries who will represent the mem-ber country during voting (according to valid Internal Reglement). There was a proposal, that national delegates to the UIS should report their activities. Co-operation with the ISCA. The proposal of colaboration there is no prob-lem. There have been intensive contacts among the UIS Bureau Members and UIS Commissions with the ISCA 10


Bureau (Prof. Cigna, J.-P. Bartholeyns). The relations of cavers and owners of caves have improved a lot during last 30 years. Pavel Bosk Reports on Commission Meetings Cave Rescue Commission July 20, 2001 following persons were elected: Perseident: Andr Slagmole (B), Vice-Presidents: Grace Matts (AUS), Efrain Mercado Vazquez (PR). Report by C. Dodelin (Chairperson of the session) Commission on Archeology and Paleontology in Caves July 18, 2001 Co-Presidents were elected: Dave Hubbard (USA) and Roman Hapka (CH). Main plans for 2001-2005: promotion of archeology and paleontology in caves, establish www page. Report by R. Hapka (Co.-Prasident). Commisssion of Lava Caves July 16, 2001 President elected: Jan Paul van der Pas (NL), organisation of Lava Caves Symposium in Iceland September 2002. Report by Jan Paul van der Pas (President). Commission on Pseudokarst July 17, 2001 President elected: Istvn Eszterhsz (H), organisation of sdymposia 2002 in Austria. Report by Jan Paul van der Pas (Chairperson of the session). Informatics Commission July 20, 2001. President elected unanimously: Peter Matthews (AUS). General wish of participants to contribute the activities. Report by Philipp Huselmann (Chairperson of the session). Department of the Protection July 21, 2001 participants decided to have only one commission: Copmmission on protection, exploration and touristic caves and karst regions. There is the proposal of the ISCA to collaborate with the UIS with the main aim to proclaim International Year of Caves for 2005 or 2009 within activities of the UNESCO. Commission board was elected President: Jean-Pierre Bartholeyns (B), Members: Badr Jabbour Gedeon (Lib), Olimpio Martins (P), Marc Metni (Lib), Evelyn Moreno (BRA), Marlo Petersen (ARG), Nikos Poulianos (GR), Nichlas White (AUS). Reported by Jean-Pierre Bartholeyns (President). Commission on Speleochronology and Paleokarst July 19, 2001 President was elected: Stein-Eric Lauritzen (N), proposed project of book: Climate Change, the Karst Record. State-of-the art and case studies (time-window compilations), interlaboratory calibration of U.-series, alpha and TIMS. Reported by Stein-Erik Lauritzen (President). Commission on Cave Diving July 21, 2001 Board was elected: President: Jean-Jaques Bolanz (CH), Vice-Presidents: Owen Clarke (GB), Michal Pikula (CZ), Arjan van Waardenburg (NL). Regulation of cave diving by public authorities is undesirable. Commission will improve international contacts. List of national cave diving bodies will be prepared. The www page will be prepared (in co-operation with the Informatics Com.). Reported by Arjan van Waardenburg (Vice-President). Commission on Bibliography July 19, 2001 there are numerous countries willing to co-operate on the BBS. Problems of accents was dis-cussed. Each collaborator will obtain free copy of the BBS. Reported by Jacques Deriaz (President). Commission on Education July 21, 2001 the commission analysed the activity and decided to held Speleology intarnational teching meetings during each next UIS Congresses. National Delegates and Substitutes Dlgue titulaire: Grace MATTS Albanie-Albania Dlgue supplant: Nicholas WHITE no data Membre votant: Grace MATTS Algrie-Algeria Autriche-Austria no data Dlgue titulaire: Hubert TRIMMEL Allemande-Federal Republic of Germany Dlgue supplant: Gnther STMMER Dlgue titulaire: Michal LAUMANNS Membre votant: Hubert TRIMMEL Dlgue supplant: Guido HOFFMANN Belgique-Belgium Membre votant: Dlgue titulaire: Alphonse DOEMEN Argentine-Argentina Dlgue supplant: Jan VLOEBERGS Dlgue titulaire: Gabriel Jose REDONTE Membre votant: Jean-Pierre BARTHOLEYNS Dlgue supplant: Carlos A. BENEDETTO Bolivie-Bolivia Membre votant: Gabriel Jose REDONTE Dlgue titulaire: Rodolfo BECERRA DE LA ROCA Armnie-Armenia Membre votant: Rodolfo BECERRA DE LA ROCA 2 no data Bosnie et Herzegovine-Bosnia and Herzegovina Australie-Australia 11


Dlgue titulaire: Jan Paul van der PAS Dlgue titulaire: Amos FRUMKIN Dlgue supplant Jasminko MULAOMEROVI Dlgue supplant: Azriel REIKIN Membre votant: Jan Paul van der PAS Membre votant: Amos FRUMKIN Brsil-Brazil Italie-Italia Dlgue titulaire: Jos Ayrton LABEGALINI Dlgue titulaire: Arrigo A CIGNA Dlgue supplant: Augusto S. AULER Dlgue supplant: Franco CUCCHI Membre votant: Jos Ayrton LABEGALINI Membre votant: Arrigo A. CIGNA Bulgarie-Bulgaria Japon-Japan Dlgue titulaire: Yavor Y. SHOPOV Dlgue titulaire: Dlgue supplant: Alexei JALOV Dlgue supplant: Membre votant: Shun-Ichi UNO Canada Dlgue titulaire: Daniel CARON Liban-Lebanon Membre votant: Kirk MacDouglas (CAN) Dlgue titulaire: Hughues BADAOUI Dlgue supplant: Fadi NADER Chine, Rpublique Populaire Peoples Republic of China Membre votant: Fadi NADER Lithuanie-Lithuania Dlgue titulaire: ZHANG Shouyue Dlgue titulaire: Encas LAICONAS Membre votant: ZHANG Shouyue Luxembourg Costarica-Costa Rica Dlgue titulaire: Claude BOES Dlgue titulaire: Guillermo CORTES PADILLA Dlgue supplant: Frank ERNZER Dlgue supplant: Franklin CHANTO DURAN Membre votant: Jean-Pierre BARTHOLEYNS (B) Membre votant: Jos Ayrton LABEGALINI (BR) Malaysie-Malaysia Croatie-Croatia Contact person: Liz PRICE Dlgue titulaire: Mladen GARAI Dlgue supplant: Tihomir KOVAEVI Mxique-Mexico Membre votant: Mladen GARAI Dlgue titulaire: Jos PALACIOS VARGAS Dlgue supplant: Jos Antonio GAMBOA V. Cuba Membre votant: Juan Antonio MONTAO-HIROSE Dlgue titulaire: Ercilio VENTO CANOSA Dlgue supplant: Angel GRAA GONZALES Namibia Membre votant: Abel VALE (PR) no data Espagne-Spain Norvge-Norway Dlgue titulaire: Juan Carlos LOPEZ CASAS Dlgue titulaire: Age KARLSEN Membre votant: Juan Carlos LOPEZ CASAS Membre votant: Henriette LINGE Etats-Unis -USA Nouvelle-Zelande New Zealand Dlgue titulaire: John MOSES Dlgue titulaire: Paul W. WILLIAMS Membre votant: George HUPPERT 1 Membre votant: Paul W. WILLIAMS John MOSES 2 Pays-Bas the Netherlands Dlgue titulaire: Jan Paul van der PAS France Dlgue titulaire: Claude MOURET Membre votant: Jan Paul van der PAS Dlgue supplant: Paul DUBOIS Pologne-Poland Membre votant: Claude MOURET Dlgue titulaire: Micha GRADZISKI Dlgue supplant: Jerzy GAZEK Grande-Bretagne United Kingdom Dlgue titulaire: Andy J. EAVIS Membre votant: Micha GRADZISKI Membre votant: Andy J. EAVIS Portugal Dlgue titulaire: Orlando Caetano CORDEIRO Grce-Greece Dlgue titulaire: George THEODOROU Dlgue supplant: Jos Antonio CRISPIM Dlgue supplant: Nicolas SIMEONIDIS Membre votant: Jos Antonio CRISPIM Membre votant: George THEODOROU 2 Puerto-Rico Portorico Dlgue titulaire: Abel VALE Hongrie-Hungary Dlgue titulaire: Lszl KORPS Dlgue supplant: Efrain MERCADO Dlgue supplant: Pter BRCSK Membre votant: Abel VALE Membre votant: Szabolcz LEL-SSY 1 Rpublique de lAfrique Sud-South African Republic Katalin BOLNER-TAKCSN 2 Dlgue titulaire: Stephen A. CRAVEN Inde-India Rpublique du Core-Korean Republic Dlgue titulaire: M. Narayna REDDY Dlgue titulaire: Kyung Sik WOO Dlgue supplant: Deok-Hyun YOON Indonesie-Indonesia Dlgue titulaire: M.R.K.T. KO Membre votant: Paul WILLIAMS (NZ) 2 Dlgue supplant: Ir HANANG SAMODRA Rpublic Tchque-Czech Republic Dlgue titulaire: Michal PIKULA Irlande-Ireland no data Dlgue supplant: David HAVLEK Membre votant: Pavel BOSK Islande-Iceland Dlgue titulaire: Sigurdur Svein JNSSON Roumanie-Romania Dlgue supplant: Gudmundur LOEVE Dlgue titulaire: Bogdan P. ONAC Dlgue supplant: Calin VODA Israel Membre votant: Bogdan P. ONAC 1 12


George PONTA 2 Membre votant: Philippe HUSELMAN 1 Patrick DERIAZ 2 Russie-Russia Dlgue titulaire: Bulat MAVLYUDOV Turqui-Turkey Dlgue supplant: Grigori SIGALOV Dlgue titulaire: Bihan ALTAY Dlgue supplant: Beril BASKURT Slovaqui-Slovakia Dlgue titulaire: Jn TULIS Ukraine Membre votant: Jozef HLAV 2 Dlgue titulaire: Aleksander KLIMCHOUK Dlgue supplant: Bogdan RIDUSH Slovnie-Slovenia Membre votant: Andrej MIHEVC (SI) Dlgue titulaire: Andrej MIHEVC Dlgue supplant: Dorotea VERSA Uzbekistan Membre votant: Andrej MIHEVC Dlgue titulaire: Vladimir DOLGYI Sude-Sweden Vnezuela-Venezuela Dlgue titulaire: Rabbe SJBERG Dlgue titulaire: Rafael CARRENO Dlgue supplant: Anders LINDN Dlgue supplant: Ilich RAMREZ Membre votant: Rune MAGNUSSON Membre votant: Rafael CARRENO 2 Suisse-Switzerland Vietnam Dlgue titulaire: Ren SCHERRER no data Dlgue supplant: Patrick DERIAZ UIS Departments, Commissions, and Working Groups The Commissions and Working Groups are where the actual speleological work is done. Anyone who wants to contribute is invited to collaborate in the work of a commission under the co-ordination of its President(s) UIS domain: http://www.uis-speleo.org http://rubens.its.unimelb.edu.au/~pgm/uis/comms.html Departments: Protection and Management. Research Documentation Exploration Education Advisory Committee Department of Protection and Management. Dpartement de la Protection. President: Jean-Pierre BARTHOLEYNS, Belgium COMMISSION ON PROTECTION, MANAGEMENT AND TOURISM IN CAVES AND KARST REGIONS COMMISSION POUR LA PROTECTION, LEXPLOITATION ET LE TOURISME DES CAVITS ET DES GIONS KARSTIQUES Presidents: Jean-Pierre BARTHOLEYNS, Belgium Department of Research Dpartement de la Recherche Scientifique COMMISSION ON PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY AND HYDROGEOLOGY OF KARST COMMISSION DE LA PHYSICO-CHIMIE ET DE L'HYDROGOLOGIE DU KARST President: Yavor Y. SHOPOV, Bulgaria COMMISSION ON PALEOKARST AND SPELEOCHRONOLOGY COMMISSION DU PALOKARST ET DE LA SPLOCHRONOLOGIE. President: Stein-Erik LAURITZEN, Norway COMMISSION ON GLACIER CAVES AND KARST IN POLAR REGIONS COMMISSION DES GROTTES EN GLACIRES ET DU KARST DES RGIONS POLAIRES. President: Adolfo ERASO ROMERO, Spain COMMISSION ON VOLCANIC CAVES COMMISSION DES GROTTES VOLCANIQUES. 13 President: Jan Paul van der PAS, Netherlands




COMMISSION ON MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES COMMISSION DE MATRIEL ET TECHNIQUES President: vacant CAVE DIVING COMMISSION COMMISSION DE LA PLONGE SOUTERRAINE President: Jean-Jacques BOLANZ, Switzerland Department of Education and Teaching Departement de l'Enseignement splologique President: Marcel MEYSSONIER, France COMMISSION OF SPELEOLOGICAL EDUCATION COMMISSION DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT SPLOLOGIQUE President: Marcel MEYSSONNIER, France ADVISORY COMMITTEE COMIT CONSULTATIF Members (alphabetic order): Arrigo A. CIGNA, Italy James Andrew EAVIS, Great Britain Alain MANGIN, France Friedrich OEDL, Austria Franco URBANI, Venezuela UIS Addresses Addresses of members and honorary members of the UIS Bureau and Presidents of the UIS Commissions and Working Groups. http://rubens.its.unimelb.edu.au/~pgm/uis/address.html ALTAY, Bihan 1.Cad.7sok.21/2, Behcelievler, Ankara, Turkey Magara Arastirma Derneg, Cave Research Association, PK.370 Yenisehir, 06445/Ankara, Turkey Fax: ++90-312-4350488 E-mail: baltay@saglik01.saglik.gov.tr AUDETAT, Maurice 10, Avenue de Neuchtel, CH-1450 Sainte-Croix, Switzerland AULER, Augusto S. Sociedad Brasileira de Espeleologia, Rua Minas Gerais, 221, Cx. Postal 56, CEP 37580-000 Monte Siao, MG, Brazil Tel./Fax.: (035) 465-2041 BADAOUI, Hugues Splo-Club du Liban, P.O. Box 70-923, Antelias, Lebanon BARTHOLEYNS, Jean-Pierre c/o Commission Wallonne d'Etude et de Protection des Sites Souterrains, av. Rodin 21, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium Home: Patrijzenstraat, 16, B-3078 Everberg, Belgium Tel.: ++32-2-7599201 E-mail: jp.bartholeyns@profor.be BASKURT, Beril Magara Arastirma Derneg, Cave Research Association, PK.370 Yenisehir, 06445/Ankara, Turkey Fax: ++90-312-4350488 BECERRA DE LA ROCA, Rodolfo Sociedad Boliviana de Espeleologia Edif. Mcal. Ballivin Piso, 17, Of. 1706 La Paz, Bolivia BENEDETTO, Carlos A. Tomasa de San Martn 752, (5613) Malarge, Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina. Tel.: +54-2627-15583830 Fax: +54-2627-470455 15


E-mail: inaefae@slatinos.com.ar Web: www.pettersen.com.ar/fae/inae BERNASCONI, Dr. Reno Hofwilstrasse 9, CH-3053, Mnchenbuchsee, Switzerland Fax: ++41-31-8691919 BOES, Claude 9, Avenue Salentiny, 9080 Ettelbruck, Luxembourg Tel.: ++35-2-810571 BOLANZ, Jean-Jacques Losiardes 8, CH-1000 Lausanne 26, Switzerland E-mail: skipah@vtx.ch BRCSK Pter Hungarian Speleological Society 1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri t 35. Phone: 36-1/346-0494 Phone/Telefax: 36-1/346-0495 E-mail: mkbt@axelero.hu BOSK, Dr. Pavel Home: Hlavn 2732/145, CZ-141 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic Work: Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Rozvojov, CZ-165 02 Praha 6, Czech Republic Tel. (office): ++420-2-20922392 Tel. (office): ++420-2-33087209 Tel. mobile: ++420-603-834188 Tel. (home): ++420-2-72772795 Fax (office): ++420-2-20922670 E-mail: bosak@gli.cas.cz, inst@gli.cas.cz BOTEZ, Mihai Romanian Speleological Federation, Piata 14 Iulie, nr. 4, 3400 Cluj Napoca, Romania Tel./Fax: ++40-64-187657 Fax: ++40-64-433623 E-mail: speo@mail.soroscj.ro BURRI, Prof. Ezio Editor of the International Journal of Speleology, Physical Speleology Department of Environmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, Via Vetoio-Loc. Coppito, I-67100 L'Aquila, Italy Tel.: ++39-862-43 32 22 Fax: ++39-862-43 32 05 E-mail:burri@aquila.infn.it CARON, Daniel c/o Socit Quebecoise de Splologie, 4545 av. Pirre de Coubertin, C.P. 1000, Succ. M., Montral H1V 3R2, Canada CARRENO, Rafael Sociedad Venezolana de Espeleologa, Apartado 47.334, Caracas 1041A, Venezuela Fax: ++58-2-730.64.36, 978.3177 E-mail: rafaelcarreno@hotmail.com CHABERT, Claude 49 avenue Jean-Moulin, F-75014 Paris, France CHANTO DURAN, Franklin Asociacin Espeleolgica Costarricense, Apartado 265-2050s.p., San Jos, Costarica CIGNA, Prof. Dr. Arrigo A. Frazione Tuffo, I-14023 Cocconato AT, Italy Tel. (office): ++39-161-48 33 61 Tel.+ Fax (home): ++39-161-907 265 E-mail home: cigna@tiscali.it CORDEIRO, Orlando Caetano Av. D. Nuno lvares Pereira, 74, 5. o -E., 2800 Almada, Portugal CORTES PADILLA, Guillermo Asociacin Espeleolgica Costarricense, Hatillo 1, Cassa no. 291, San Jos, Costarica CRAVEN, Dr. Stephen A. 7 Amhurst Avenue, Newlands 7700, South Africa Tel. rooms: ++27-21-7979065 Tel. res.: ++27-21-6744338 Tel. pager: ++27-21-6712924 16


Fax: ++27-21-7610526 E-mail: cravensa@cpcqualicare.co.za sacraven@mweb.co.za CRISPIM, Dr. Jos Antonio Av. Infante Santo 54, 5. o -Esq., 1300 Lisboa, Portugal CUCCHI, Prof. Dr. Franco Istituto die Geologia, Universit, Piazzale Europa 1, 34127 Trieste, Italy E-mail: cucchi@univ.trieste.it DERIAZ, Patrick Chemin des Invuex, 1614 Granges, Switzerland Tel : ++41-21-947 40 68 Fax : ++41-21-947 5378 Natel : ++41-79-250 85 35 E-mail: ssslib@vtx ch DLUHOLUCK, Prof. Dr. med. Svetozr F.D. Roosevelt Hospital, Children Clinic, SK-975 71 Bansk Bystrica, Slovakia Tel. (office): ++421-88-4139544 or 4412166 Fax (office): ++421-88-4134813 E-mail: dluh@bb.psg.sk DOEMEN, Alphonse Rue Belvaux 93, 4030 Lige, Belgium DOLGYI, Vladimir Commission on Speleotourism, c/o Tourist Sport Club, Shevchenko str. 44, Tashkent 700060, Uzbekistan DROUIN, Philippe c/o Groupe Ulysse splo, Chavannes, F-38390 Bouvesse-Quirieu, France Chavannes, F-38360 Bouvesse-Quirieu, France (home) DUBLYANSKY, Dr. Yuri Viktorovich Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch, University Ave. 3, 630090 Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia Tel.: ++7-3832-333 608 Fax: ++7-3832-332 792 Telex: 133 123 KORA SU E-mail: dublyan@uiggm.nsc.ru EAVIS, James Andrew Tidesreach, Redcliff Road, Hessle, North Humberside HU13 0HA, England Tel.: ++44-1482-64 86 58 or ++44-1482-64 64 64 Mobile tel.: ++44-(0)860513790 Fax: ++44-1482-64 44 46 E-mail: kay@windcrown.co.uk eavis@windcrown.co.uk ERASO ROMERO, Prof. Titular Dr. Adolfo Universidad Politechnica de Madrid, Escuela Technica Superior de Minas, Catedra de Hidrogeologa, Ros Rosas 21, E-28003 Madrid, Spain Tel.: ++34-1-336 6978 Fax: ++34-1-336 7068 E-mail: aeraso@dinge.upm.es ESZTERHS, Istvn Kztrsasg u. 157, H-8045 Isztimr, Hungary. FORD, Prof. Dr. Derek C. Department of Geography, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. West, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1, Canada Tel. (office): ++1-905-525 9140 ext.24535 Fax: ++1-905-546 0463 E-mail: dford@mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca FORTI, Prof. Dr. Paolo Dip. Scienze della Terra, Universita di Bologna, Via Zamboni 67, I-40127 Bologna, Italy Tel. (office): ++39-51-35 45 47 Tel. (home): ++39-5122 12 93 Fax (office): ++39-51-35 45 22 E-mail: forti@dogon.geomin.unibo.it FRUMKIN, Dr. Amos Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Cave Research Section, Jerusalem, Israel Tel.: ++972-2-9975541 ; 5883352 ; 5883355 Tel. : ++972-2-9973474 17 Fax: ++972-2-5820549


E-mail: msamos@mscc.huji.ac.il GAMBOA VARGAS, Jos Antonio Calle 44, No. 519, M.e./69 y 71, 97000 Mrida, Yucatn, Mexico Fac. Ingenera, calle 14x14, Col. Industrial, 97150 Mrida, Yucatn Tel. (home): ++52-99-246248 GARAI, Prof. Dr. dipl. ing. geol. Mladen Hrvatsko Speleoloko drutvo, Nova Ves 66, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Tel./Fax: ++385-1-277548 E-mail: Mladen.Garasic@public.srce.hr Web: http://jagor.srce.hr/~mgarasic/speleo.html GATICA, Dolores c/o Gruppo Espeleolgico Argentino (GEA), Est. YPF, Ruta 22 acceso a Las Lajas, Las Lajas, Neuqun, Argentina Tel./Fax: ++54-2942-499155 E-mail: gea@mail.retina.ar GAZEK, Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Institute of Geology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Ul. Makw Polnych 16, 61-606 Pozna, Poland Tel.: ++48-61-8257332, 8257674, 8257695, 8257715 Fax: ++48-61-8257845 E-mail: glazekj@main.amu.edu.pl GRADZISKI, Dr. Michal Institute of Geological Sciences, Jagellonian University, Oleandry 2a, 30-063 Krakw, Poland E-mail: gradzinm@ing.uj.edu.pl GRAA GONZALES, Angel Ave. 9a A No.28228 entre 282 y 284, Playa de Santa Fe, Habana, Cuba Tel. home: 537-2097135 E-mail: angel_grana@yahoo.com angel@fanj.cult.cu GUSTAFSSON, Thomaz No data GUTIEREZ DOMECH, Roberto Calle 9na, no. 8402, esq. 84, Playa, La Habana, Cuba HANANG SAMODRA, Ir Geological Research and Development Centre, JI Diponegoro 57, Bandung, Indonesia Tel.: ++62-22-7211424/7800325 Fax: ++62-22-702669 E-mail: bpggrdc@melsa.net.id HAPKA, Dr. Roman Home: Fontaine 12, CH-20022 Bevaix, Switzerland E-mail: hapka@vtx.ch HUSELMANN, Dr. Philipp Haldenstrasse 32, CH-3014 Bern, Switzerland Tel.: ++41-31-332-0174 E-mail: praezis@mpi.unibe.ch HAVLEK, Dr. David Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Hlavova 22, 128 43 Praha 2, Czech Republic Tel. (office): ++420-2-21952362 E-mail: havlicek@prfdec.natur.cuni.cz HILL, Dr. Carol 17 El Arco Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123, USA Tel.: ++1-505-296 2705 E-mail: carolhill@compuserve.com HOCHMUTH, Doc. RNDr. PhD. Zdenko Department of Geography, Faculty of Sciences, University of P.J. afrik, Jesenn 5, SK-041 54 Koice, Slovak Republic Tel. office: ++421-55-6258594 Fax: ++421-55-622 21-24 Tel. home: ++421-51-7747255 Tel. mobile: ++421-905-488028 E-mail: hochmuth@nextra.sk hochmuth@kosice.upjs.sk HOFFMANN, Guido Begonienstrasse 58, 44289 Dortmund, FRG Tel.: ++49-231-401788 18 E-mail: g.hoffmann@ghspelis.ruhr.de


HOLLAND, Ernst Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust, P.O. Box 1495, Bathurst, NSW 2795, Australia Tel. (office): ++61-63-32 58 88 Tel. (home): ++61-63-37 36 61 Fax: ++61-63-32 93 99. E-mail: jenolan@ix.net.au HUBBARD, Dr. David A. jr. Woodlake Dr., Charlotesville, VA 22901-1330, USA P.O. Box 3667, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA Tel.: ++1-804-978 7998 E-mail: hubbardd@hq.forestry.state.va.us HUPPERT, Dr. George Department of Geography and Earth Science, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, La Crosse, WI 54601, USA Tel. (office): ++1-608-785 8333 Tel. (home): ++1-608-787 0499 Fax: ++1-608-785 8332. E-mail: huppert@mail.uwlax.edu JAMES, Prof. Dr. Julia Mary School of Chemistry, Chemistry II, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia Tel. (office): ++61-2-3512743 Tel. (home): ++61-2-5191415 Fax: ++61-2-23513329 E-Mail:jmj@chem.usyd.edu.au JONSSON Sigurur Svein P.O. Box 342, 121 Reykjavk, Iceland Tel.: ++354-588-9275 Mobile: ++354-863-1863 Fax: ++354-568-8896 E-mail: ssjo@s.is KARLSEN, Age Norsk Grottenforbund, a-o Rana Museum, Nat. Hist. Avd., Postbox 301, 8601 Mi-i-Rana, Norway KLIMCHOUK, Dr. Alexander P.O. Box 136, Kiev-30, 252030 Kiev, Ukraine Tel./Fax: ++380-44-5128283 E-mail: klim@klim.carrier.kiev.ua KO, Dr. Robby K.T. c/o Federation of Indonesian Speleological Activities, P.O. Box 154, Bogor, Indonesia Tel.: ++62-251-254376, 255343, 257049 Mobile: 0811117886 Fax: ++62-251-2553 43,318160 E-mail: finspac@indo.net.id KOPECK, Ji Husova 154, CZ550 01 Broumov 6, Czech Republic KORPS Lszl, Dr Hungarian Speleological Society 1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri t 35. Phone: 36-1/346-0494 Phone/Telefax: 36-1/346-0495 E-mail: mkbt@axelero.hu KOVAEVI, dipl. ing. Tihomir Hrvatsko Speleoloko drutvo, Nova Ves 66, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Tel./Fax: ++385-1-277548 LABEGALINI, Jos Ayrton Rua Ernesto Gotardelo 410, 37580-000 Monte Sio (MG), Brazil Tel.: ++55-35-465 1451 or 465 1011 or 465 2041 Tel.: ++55-35-465 1332 Tel. mobile: ++55-35-984 3051 Fax: ++55-35-465 2041 E-mail: jal@overnet.com.br LAICONAS, Ericas Speleo-info-Centras, P.O. Box 203, 3000 Kaunas, Lithuania LAUMANNS, Michael Hehner Strasse 100, 41069 Mnchengladbach, FRG LAURITZEN, Prof. Dr. Stein-Erik 19


Geology Department, Bergen University, Allgaten 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway Tel.: ++47-55-58 35 08 Fax: ++47-55-58 94 17 E-mail: stein.lauritzen@geol.uib.no LINDEN, Anders c/o Sverige Speleolog Frbund, Box 16013, 72016 Vsteras, Sweden Tel.: ++46-23-31492 Fax: ++46-23-31470 E-mail: ahl@sgu.se LOPEZ CASAS, Juan Carlos C/Ayala 160, 4o DCHB, 28009 Madrid, Spain E-mail: federacion@fedespeleo.com LOEVE Gudmundur P.O. Box 342, 121 Reykjavk, Island Tel.: ++354-551-1555 Fax: ++354-551-1566 E-mail: gl@info.is MacGREGOR, Kirk 78 King High Ave., Downsview, Ontario M3H 3BI, Canada E-mail: kirkm@globalserve.net MAIS, Dr. Karl Messeplatz 1/7a, A-1070 Wien, Austria Tel. (office): ++43-1-5230418 Tel. (home): ++43-1-5243625 Fax: ++43-1-5230419 E-mail: hoehle@nhm-wien.ac.at, speleo.austria@netway.at MANGIN, Dr. Alain Laboratoire souterrain du CNRS, Moulis, F-09200 St-Girons, France MATTHEWS, Peter 66 Frogmore Crescent, Park Orchards, Victoria 3114, Australia Tel. (office): ++61-3-9876 1487 Tel. (home): ++61-3-9287 2333 Fax: ++61-3-9876 2013 E-mail: matthews@melbpc.org.au MATTS, Grace 176 William Street, Bankstown 2200, Australia Tel.: 0297900314 Mobile ph.: 0429990328 E-mail: gmatts@bigpond.com.au MAVLYUDOV, Dr. Bulat Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Staromonetny per. 29, 109017 Moscow, Russia Fax: ++7-95-2302090 Tel. (home): ++7-95-9064072 E-mail: geography@glas.apc.org bulat@aha.ru MERCADO, Efrain HC-02 BOX 7429 Camuy, Puerto Rico 00627-9112 TEL. 787-383-9252 E-Mail emercado@caribe.net MEYSSONNIER, Marcel 28, rue S. Janin, F-69005 Lyon, France Conseiller technique et sportif splologie Rhne-Alpes Comit Splologique Rgional Rhne-Alpes, quai Saint-Vincent F 69001 Lyon Tl. Fax : rp. mailto:comite.speleo.rhone-alpes@wanadoo.fr MIHEVC, Dr. Andrej Institute of Karst Research, SAZU, Titov trg. 2, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia Tel. (office): ++386-5-7001916, 7001900 Tel. (home): ++386Fax: ++386-5-7001999 E-mail: Andrej.Mihevc@guest.arnes.si MOSES, John El Paso, Texas 20


Tel.: 1-915-921-0535 E-mail: johnmoses@excite.com MOURET, Dr. Claude 10, Chemin du Milieu, F-64800 Borderes, France Tel./Fax: ++33 559 139017 e-mail: claude.mouret@wanadoo. com Fax (FFS Paris): ++33-1-49 23 00 95 MULAOMEROVI, Jasminko (home) B. Zenuni 6/IV, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH BZK Preporod, Branilaca Sarajeva 30, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH Tel.: ++387-71-531988 Fax: ++387-71-663835 Earth Science Institute, S. Tomica 3, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH Tel./Fax: ++387-71-652423 NADER, Fadi Splo-Club du Liban, P.O. Box 70-923, Antelias, Lebanon Tel.: ++961-1-283929 E-mail: benga@cyberia.net.lb NEYEN Norry No data ONAC, Dr. Bogdan P. Institute of Speleology, Clinicilor 5, P.O.Box 58, 3400 Cluj, Romania Tel & Fax +40.64.195954, or Quaternary Research Group, Department of Mineralogy, University of Cluj, Kogalniceanu 1, 3400 Cluj Romania ORBONS, Joep P.O. Box 1614, NL-6201 BP Maastricht, Netherlands E-mail office: j.orbons@raap.nl E-mail home: jorbons@xs4all.nl OSBORNE, Dr. Armstrong School of Development and Learning, Faculty of Education, college of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sydnes, Education Building A35, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia Home: 127 Wyndora Ave., Harbord, NSW 2096, Australia Tel. office: ++61-2-93516266 Tel. home: ++61-2-99391894 Fax: ++61-2-93512606 E-mail: a.osborne@edfac.usyd.edu.au PALACIOS VARGAS, Prof. Dr. Jos Lab. Ecologia y Sistemtica de Microartropdos. Faculdad de Ciencias, UNAM, 04510 Mxico D.F., Mexico Fax: ++52-2-622 4828 E-mail: jgpv@hp.fciencias.unam.mx PANOS, Prof. Dr. Vladimir () Pavelcakova 20, CZ-770 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic Tel.: ++420-68-5223096 PAS, Jan Paul van der Vauerhofweg 3, NL-6333 CB Schimmert, Netherlands Tel.: ++31-45-4041600 PFEFFER, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Geographisches Institut, Hlderlinstrae 12, D-72074 Tbingen, Germany PIKULA, Dipl.Ing. Michal Tel.: ++420-5-7276347 or 7276360 Fax: ++420-5-7276343 E-mail: piskula@icp-brno.cz PRICE, Liz 10 Cuepacs Apt., Jln Thamby Abdullah, Brickfields,50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: ++60-3-22731605 E-mail: lizprice@hotmail.com http://members.aol/blpays/malaisie.ht RAMIREZ, Ilich Centro Exploraciones Espeleologicas, Universidad Simn Bolvar, Apartado 80.659, Caracas 1080A, Venezuela REDONTE, Gabriel Fraga 1593, (C1427BUE), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel./Fax: ++54-11-4552-1716 E-mail: gredonte@miteasa.satlink.net gea@mail.retina.ar 21


Web: http://www.pettersen.com.ar/gea/uisarg REDDY, M. Narayna c/. Dr. V.V. Narayna Reddy, 234 Organic Dn. III, I.I.C.T., Hyderabad, 500 007 A.P., India REIKIN, Azriel Cave Research Section, Geography Department, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 91905 Tel.: ++972-2-9975541; 5883355 Tel.: ++972-2-9311304 Fax: ++972-2-5820549 SCHERRER, Ren Bruggwiesenstrasse 6, 8442 Hettlingen, Switzerland SHOPOV, Prof. Yavor Y. General Physics Dept, Sofia University, James Baucher 5, BG-1126 Sofia, Bulgaria Tel.: ++359-2-512838 Fax: ++359-2-9625276 Telex: 2396 SUKO R BG E-mail: yyshopov@phys.uni-sofia.bg SIGALOV, Grigori box 41, Dolgoprudny-1, Moscow region 141700, Russia Tel.: ++7-95-5763463 Fax: ++7-95-4085144 E-mail: dubrovsk@barrier.mipt.ru SLAGMOLEN, Andr Rue Adolphe Marbotin 113, B-1030 Bruxelles, Belgium Tel.-Fax: ++32-22-167529 E-mail: aslagmolen.uis.@misc.irisnet.be SONG, Prof. Dr. Lin-hua Karst and Speleology Group, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sci-ences, Building 917, Datun Road, Beijing 100101, China Tel.: 0086-10-64889333 Fax: 0086-10-64851844 Tel.+Fax (home): 0086-10-68515544, ext. 4418 Mobile ph.: 0086-13801201448 E-mail: songjyn@public.sti.ac.cn songlh@igsnrr.ac.cn STUMMER, Gnther Pretschgasse 21/1/4, 1110 Wien, Austria Tel. (office): ++43-1-5230418 Tel. (home): ++43-1-7688802 E-mail: hoehle@nhm-wien.ac.at, speleo.austria@netway.at TRIMMEL, Univ. Prof. Dr. Mag. Hubert Draschestrasse 77, A-1230 Wien, Austria Tel.: ++43-1-6155845 E-mail: hoehle@nhm-wien.ac.at TULIS, Dipl.-Ing. Jn Slovak Speleological Society, Brezov 9, 052 01 Spisk Nov Ves, Slovakia TULUCAN, Prof. Dr. Tiberiu West University Arad, Romania E-mail: tnt@uvgar.sorostm.ro URBANI, Prof. Dr. Franco Sociedad Venezolana de Espeleologa, Apartado 47.334, Caracas 1041A, Venezuela Fax: ++58-2-272.07.24 or 730.64.36 E-mail: furbani@reacciun.ve VALE, Abel Cond La Cumbre Gdns Apt 209, Rio Piedras, PR 00926-5404, Puerto Rico or FEPUR, 497 Ave E. Poli, Box 230, PR 00926-5636 San Juan, Puerto Rico Tel.: ++1-809-760 2100 E-mail: enlacepr@caribe.net VENTO CANOSA, Dr. Ercilio Guma 93 A, Matanzas, Cuba Tel.: 552-242413 VERSA, Dorotea Speleological Association of Slovenia, P.P. 44, 1109 Ljubljana, Slovenia Tel. (home): ++386-61-1233345 22 Tel. (office): ++386-61-1261151


Fax: ++386-61-215459 E-mail: dorotea.versa@guest.arnes.si VLOEBERGS, Jan Broekstraat 23, 3030 Heverlee, Belgium Tel.: ++32-16-237899 VODA, Calin Romanian Speleological Federation, Clinicilor 5, P.O.Box 58, 3400 Cluj, Romania Tel & fax. +40.64.193254, email: calinvoda55@yahoo.com WARILD, Alan 41 Northwood St, Newtown, NSW 2042, Australia E-mail: alanw@jna.com.au WILLIAMS, Prof. Dr. Paul W. Department of Geography, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand Tel. (office): ++64-9-373 7599 ext. 8459 Tel. (home): ++64-9-445 1680 Fax: ++64-9-373 7434 E-mail: p.williams@auckland.ac.nz WOO, Prof. Dr. Kyung Sik Kangwon National University, Department of Geology, College of Natural Sciences, 192-1 Hyoja 2-Dong, Kang-wondo, 200-701 Korea Tel. (office): ++82-361-250-8556 Fax (office): ++82-361-242-8550 E-mail: wooks@cc.Kangwon.ac.kr JALOV, Alexey Bulgarian Speleological Federation, c/o BTS, 75, Vasil Levski Blvd., 1040 Sofia, Bulgaria Tel./Fax.: +359-2-878812 YOON, Dr. Deok Hyun Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Ansan PO Box 29, Seoul 425-600, Korea Tel.: +82-31-400-6239 Fax.: +82-33-408-5934 E-mail: dhyoon@kordi.re.kr ZHANG, Prof. Dr. Shouyue Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica, P.O. Box 9825, 100029 Beijing, P.R. China Tel.: ++86-10-2023377, ext. 584 Fax: ++086-10-4919140 ZIMELS, Josef Zamkova str. 9, kv. 21, Tarnopol 282000, Ukraine UIS WEB DOMAIN We have now got a preliminary working of the UIS domain name. If you go to address: http://www.uis-speleo.org you get redirected to the existing UIS pages, i.e. both old and new addresses point to the same original site Peter Matthews 23


24 !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!VALID BANK!VALID BANK All payments for the UIS should be directed to (bank transfer by the SWIFT is prefered): Pavel Bosk, Jivensk 1066/7, Praha 4, Czech Republic Bank account: Czech Saving Bank a.s., Bud jovick 1912, Praha 4, account No.: 004028-0272534233/0800, SWIFT: CSPOCZPP, Payment Code: 622 !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!VALID BANK!VALID BANK ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS The UIS General Assembly decided to rise annual contributions of the UIS member countries. Beginning with 1994, the annual contributions will be as follows: Category A 300 USD Category B 200 USD Category C 50 USD Each UIS member country has the free choice of the category in accordance with its own financial possibilities and with the number of speleologists or speleological societies/ associations/ federations/ clubs/ institutions The UIS Bureau is authorized to reduce or to remit the contributions, if the UIS member-country makes a respectively written demand. If the UIS Bureau requires, the UIS member country has to give reasons for the difficulties of a payment. The authorization of the UIS Bureau to reduce or remit the contributions confirms that the impossibility of a payment by actual political problems or difficu lties will not be an argument to exclude any member country from the international collaboration within the structure of the UIS. Older numbers of the UIS-Bulletin The volume 38 of the UIS-Bulletin as well as earlier volumes are available on the request by the UIS PastPresident Univ. Prof. Dr. Mag Hubert Trimmel (Draschestrasse 77, A-1230 Wien, Austria). The volumes 39 to 48 are available on the request by the UIS Secretary Gener al Dr. Pavel Bosk (Vol. 43 and 47/1 was not distributed by mail!). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELEOLOGY NEW SUBSCRIPTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELEOLOGY ARE VITAL: PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO GET MANY MORE! Published quarterly by Societ Speleologica Italiana, with the support of Mi nisterio dei Beni Culturali i Ambientali, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Museo di Speleologia V. Rivera, LAquilla Address: Prof. Ezio Burri, Editor Ph ysical Speleology, Department of Envi ronmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, Via Vetoio-Loc. Coppito, I-67100 L'Aqu ila, Italy, t.: 0039-862-433222, f.: 0039-862-433205, e-mail: burri@aquila.infn.it Prof. Valerio Sbordoni, Editor Biospeleol ogy, Department of Biologia, University of Roma Tor Vergata, Via delle Ricercca Scientifica, I-00133 Roma, Italy, t.: 0039-672595951, fax: 0039-6-2026189, e-mail: sbordoni@utovrm.it ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Editor: Dr. Pavel Bosk, Secretary G eneral, International Union of Speleology, c/o Czech Speleological Society, Kalinick 4-6, CZ-130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic : home ++420-2-72772795, office ++420-2-20922392 and ++420-2-33087209; fax: ++420-2-20922670; e-mail: bosak@gli.cas.cz or inst@gli.cas.cz Published by the Publishing House "Zlat k ", P.O. Box 8, Kaprova 12, CZ-110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic


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