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The 14th International Congress of Speleology Kalamos, Greece, August 21-28, 2005 -- Reports from UIS Bureau meeting -- UIS Bureau members -- National Delegates and Substitutes -- Commissions and Working Groups -- From Member Countries and Regions -- Obituaries -- Events.
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Vol. 50, no. 1/2 (2004)
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The 14th International Congress of Speleology
Kalamos, Greece, August 21-28, 2005 --
Reports from UIS Bureau meeting --
UIS Bureau members --
National Delegates and Substitutes --
Commissions and Working Groups --
From Member Countries and Regions --
Obituaries --


-BULLETIN Union Internationale de Splologie http://www.uis-speleo.org 2004 Volume 50 Number 1/2 Editor-in-Chief: Pavel Bosk EDITED IN JULY 2005 EDIT EN JUILLET 2005 AUSGEGEBEN IM JULI 2005 The 14 th International Congress of Speleology Kalamos, Greece, August 21-28, 2005 http://web.otenet.gr/ellspe The Hellenic Speleological Society (H.S.S.) and the Hellenic Federation of Speleology (H.F.S.), in collaboration with the Ephorate of Paleanthropology and Speleology of the Ministry of Culture, invite you to participate in the 14th UIS International Congress of Speleology. This event of worldwide interest is scheduled to take place in August 21-28, 2005 in Kalamos. Invited to attend, in addition to all the members of the Bureau of the International Union of Speleology (U.I.S.), are academics, scien-tists and researchers who work on all aspects of karst and caves, and more importantly, speleologists and persons interested in speleology and caving from all over the world. With more than 10.000 recorded caves, Greece still has many unexplored, awaiting the eager speleologists. All types of karst formations can be found in the country, and many in the touristic islands.The caves are precious archives of nature many of which are discovered and visited for the first time by speleologists; they provide valu-able information, concerning fossil man and fossil faunas, particularly those caves used by prehistoric man; all these in their natural state and touristically developed can be explored in Greece. Speleology started in Greece in the last century, first recorded exploration in 1841; modern Greek speleology has its roots in the 1950 founding of the Hellenic Speleological Society and has been continuously developing since, more recently with the founding in 2001 of the Hellenic Speleological Federation and in 2002 of the Balkan Spe-leological Union. It will give us great pleasure to see you in Kalamos in August 2005 and learn about your old and new speleological finds, speleo activities, explorations, research, equipment, photos and films, etc. In the 14th ICS all subjects and activities of interest to caves and speleology are welcome. August is a perfect month to combine holidays in the beaches, or the mountains, and caving all over Greece, and in the neighbouring countries (the Balkans are known for their karst history and interest). There will be meetings, conferences, exhibitions, photo contests, entertainment, speleo exploration excursions underground and to touristic caves, archaeological sites and other attractions. We call on you to pre-register, to keep informed of all the activities, and welcome any suggestions you may have for the Congress. The Organizing Committee and all the Greek speleologists await you in 2005 for the best Congress ever. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of the 14th International Congress of Speleology 1


Reports from UIS Bureau meeting Regular Session of the UIS Bureau 2004 The UIS Bureau met in the capital of the Vietnam Socialist Republic Hanoi on the occasion of the Trans-KARST 2004, International Transdisciplinary Conference on Development and Conservation of Karst Regions, September 13-18, 2004. The UIS Bureau met three times, on September 11 and 12, 2004. September 11, 2004, morning: present: J.A. Labegalini, A. Eavis, A. Klimchouk, P. Bosk, A. Mihevc, C. Mouret, F. Nader, J.M. James, H. Trimmel, G. Veni, guests: J.P. Batholeyns, Ch. Groves, P. Kamkesis, 3 Vietnamese col-leagues (N.X. Khien, N.Q. My, T.T. Van). September 11, 2004, afternoon: present: J.A. Labegalini, A. Eavis, A. Klimchouk, P. Bosk, A. Mihevc, C. Mouret, F. Nader, J.M. James, H. Trimmel, G. Veni, guests: J.P. Batholeyns, E. Hamilton-Smith, N.Q. My. September 12, 2004, morfning: present: J.A. Labegalini, A. Eavis, A. Klimchouk, P. Bosk, A. Mihevc, C. Mouret, F. Nader, P. Forti, J.M. James, H. Trimmel, G. Veni, guests: J.P. Batholeyns, Ch. Groves, E. Hamilton-Smith, N.Q. My. At the beginning, Mr. Eavis was selected the Chairman of the session. Mr. Labegalini thanked to Vietnamese col-leagues for the hosting the regular Bureau session. Prof. N.X. Khien, Director of the Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources, on the behalf of Vietnamese governmental bodies, and wished good session. While of Silence for dead colleagues Prof. Song Linhua and Dr. Jacques Choppy was carried out. The question of re-placement of late Prof. Song, Secretary Adjunct of the UIS was solved by no replacement for resting one year, the Bureau is composed of more members than in the past. Agenda 2004 was completed and approved, and Control of Minutes from Regular Session in 2003 (Athens, Greece) was done. Review of finances was taken into account with short discussion on coverage of annual fees. The coverage of costs of domain of the UIS Speleogenesis Commission for 2003 to 2005 was accepted by voting (voting: 9 votes for payment, 0 votes against and 0 absten-tion votes). Intensive discussion concerned the 14 th International Congress of Speleology, Athens 2005. The discussion was entered by the review of activities done both by Congress organizers and individual Bureau members. Some or-ganizational items were approved (e.g., prolongation of low fee period, support for students and participants from developing countries, excursions, scientific program, involvement of the UIS Commissions and Working Groups). Problems of circular and proceedings were treated in detail. The question of UIS Prizes was discussed from the point of view of prizes for books (individual achievements vs. encyclopaedia). UIS Constitution/Statute in French version was corrected (only grammar) and other translations (finished: English, German, Italian and under preparation: Spanish, Russian) should follow this corrected text. It will be presented to the Assembly General. The question of the Internal Regulations/Reglement Interieur was commented with propos-als of modification of presented proposal, especially concerning webmaster, description of individual functions and structures, etc. Recommendations for Organizers of Events will be modified according to experiences of organizers of Congress in 1997. The question of the UIS Departments, Commissions and Working Groups provoked intensive discussion, dealing especially in reporting of activities and of the present state-of-the-art in the field of Commission/WG activity, and if the Commissions should represent the permanent bodies. The role of commissions probably has changed, which should be taken into account in the future. The necessity of Departments was discussed from the historical point of view. Vacant is position of President of the UIS Informatics Commission. The personalistic problems of Presidents of the UIS Commissions/WG were processed, too, especially dealing the procedure of selection or attraction of prominent cavers and scientists to such posts for better promotion of the UIS activity. The discussion on the UIS Bulletin confirmed decisions adopted in 2003, i.e. mostly electronic presentation, high cut of the hard prints. International Journal of Speleology has been underwenting substantial changes. The Editor-in-Chief resigned and new one is expected in about 6 months. Changes of the Editor-in-Chief and some changes in Advisory Board will ensure the regularity in print. Print will be arranged by Societ Italiana di Speleologa like in the past. Problems of advertisement, subscription policy and other topics were discussed. The internet and web policy will focus on presentations and to links of the UIS with other electronic media hold by caving organizations and karst institutions. The possibility of application of system of digital object identification (DOI) will be followed after obtaining more detailed information (voting: 9 votes for application, 0 votes against and 0 abstention votes). Foreign policy of the UIS. Situation in Tunesia changed after letters of the UIS. Pakistan sent the demanding letter to become the UIS member country. Voting with 9 votes for, 0 votes against, 0 abstention votes agreed with the presentation of Pakistan to Assembly General as the new member country (must be approved by voting of the Assembly General 2005).Tanzania project of the UIS expedition (5 teams, 20 cavers, 11 countries) to help to de-veloping country to establish the unified caving body. Tanzanian speleological association was established (Tanga city). The FEALC President informed of situation in this organization, stating that new activities appeared in El Sal-vador and Jamaica. Concerning the bilateral problems between Sociedad Venezolana de Espeleologa and Slo-vak/Czech expedition to Roraima, it was stated that relations must be solved on bilateral basis and Slovak/Czech team should apologize for not properly formulated letter. Concerning Guatemala (from the last Minutes), detailed 2


data concerning the situation in the country were presented. Problem of quarrying cave with endangered species in Bemuda and the reaction of the UIS will be solved, after voting, by the UIS letter to Bermuda government (voting: 7 for sending the letter, 0 against and 2 abstentions). The representative of the IUCN, Mr. Ellery Hamilton-Smith, informed on the activity of the IUCN and its Karst-Task Commission. It was proposed to prepare the Memorandum on co-operation with the IUCN. The representative of the National Speleological Society, USA, presented detailed bid for the 15 th International Congress of Speleology 2009. UIS Bureau members Changes Dr. Fadi NADER American University of Beirut Geology Department P.O. Box: 11-0236/26 Beirut, LEBANON Tel: ++961 (0)1-350000 Extension: 4167, Secretary: 4160 Fax: ++961 (0)1-744461 National Delegates and Substitutes Changes Costa Rica Dlgue titulaire National Delegate: Ferdinando DIDONNA c/o Grupo Espeleolgico Anthros (GEA), PO Box 4729-1000 San Jos, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 396-1059 Fax: 245-6383. E-mail: ferdidonna@hotmail.com Web : http://www.anthros.org Dlgue supplant Deputy National Delegate: Gustavo QUESADA c/o Grupo Espeleolgico Anthros (GEA), PO Box 4729-1000 San Jos, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 396-1059. Fax: 245-6383. E-mail: gquesada@racsa.co.cr Web : http://www.anthros.org Hungary: Dlgue titulaire National Delegate: Attila KSA died Mexico: Dlgue titulaire National Delegate: Rodolfo GONZLEZ LUNA E-mail: gonza142@msu.edu Norway: Dlgue titulaire National Delegate: Stein Erik LAURITZEN Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Allgaten 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway. Tel: +47 (55) 58 35 08; +47 91 54 67 33(mobile). Fax: 58 33 60. E-mail: stein.lauritzen@geo.uib.no 3


Commissions and Working Groups IGU Karst Commission The karst commission (C00.15) has three sessions, at 11.50-13.00, 14.00-15.20 & 15.30-16.00 on Monday & if anyone who wishes to attend has not yet registered it is still possible to pay on the day. The programme for the Glasgow IGC has now been published on http://www.meetingmakers.co.uk/IGC-UK2004 John Gunn Working Group on Speleothem Protection? Here, there is included part of the discussion concerning the trade with speleothems, which is widely distributed. There are copies of e-mails or their parts by P. Bosk, E. Hamilton-Smith, C.A. Hill. The theme is very actual, so maybe some body within the UIS and co-operating with the IUCN and other bodies could be established. Carol Hill, July 28, 2004: Tom, in your letter of this morning to me you said "Finding the right person to lead this effort will be most effective and important". This is absolutely correct, and that person is not me! I am a geologist and not a politician and know nothing about international law in this regard. Here is the history of this UIS group: (1) I set up the official UIS Mineralogy Commission in 1997 in Switzerland to deal with a number of problems in cave mineralogy. One problem was protection of speleothems from being ex-ported/imported. I appointed Phillipe Axell of Belgium to be the Chair of the Working Group on Speleothem Protec-tion because he seemed to have inroads into important Conservation groups in Europe. (2) However, Phillipe did absolutely nothing in this regard (he even changed his E-mail and I could no longer get ahold of him), so in January of 2001 I asked Tom Lera to be Chair. Tom accepted an interim position until someone else could be found. (3) From 2001 to 2004 this matter has languished, not to surface again until Liz's letters on speleothem sales in Ma-laysia. (4) Now, what to do? Who is qualified to lead such an effort? I have no idea. Probably someone in Europe who has an "in" with conservation efforts there would be best. Tom and Elery you both could act as "co-chairs" trying to identify someone to fit this position if you want. Just keep me posted by E-mail as to what you are doing. Right now, we need to GO for anything. And, we can have a meeting at UIS IC in Greece next year to "regroup". I'm sending copies of this note to Jim and Val Werker who are Conservation chairs for the NSS, and to Patrick Cabrol who works with conservation groups in Europe. Carol A. Hill Elery Hamilton-Smith, July 30, 2004: First of all, thanks to Patrick for sending us the European documentation this provides a useful context. Let me put a proposal that: 1. I will add the issue to the work program of the IUCN/WCPA Task Force. 2. Let us agree to invite Tom Lera to be the acting co-ordinator of this program. 3 Tom, if he agrees, will prepare terms of reference for that program, and do what he can to find a permanent co-ordinator. 4. A resolution on the lines of that by the European Ministers should ultimately be approved by UNESCO. 5. This will include also looking at regional groupings for action at the regional level to parallel the European action. 6. I will also search for a co-ordinator in conjunction with Tom and will take up with UNESCO the issue of an international resolution or convention. Further, I note several opportunities at which this can be explored and further discussed: The UK September con-ference on Geoconservation, at which Steve Bourne, manager of the Naracoorte Caves WHA and a member of the task force, will be speaking; At the same time, I will be meeting with the UIS executive committee in Hanoi to dis-cuss possibilities for co-operation; his will be followed by Transkarst and a karst conference in China. A few weeks later we have our own Limestone Coast Meeting here in Australia. Finally, Liz is chasing up the developing commercialism in Kuala Lumpur and at least endeavouring to get both better information and seeking a possible response. It seems pretty certain that the problem person has been iden-tified and if this is right, he has a long record of inappropriate trading in heritage objects. The question is what can be done in the absence of any legislative control? Can we find the source of the speleothems concerned? Elery Hamilton Smith IUCN Pavel Bosk, July 30, 2004: All probably started from Malaysia, when Liz (from Malaysia) contacted Carol Hill. As I understand, the affair is long-terming. I do not know, why Carol did not started with the UIS and she is immediately not contacting UNESCO people (IUCN etc.). Trade with speleothems is world-wide problem, here in Czechia there also exists business with speleothems from active quarries. I know in Kirghizia paleocave with variocoloured speleothems of metres thickness being used as underground quarry for onyx (small souvenirs are local products produced even by cavers). The only possibility is to include speleothems on list of forbidden items like corals of some marine shells. I do not prefer this, as it can make serious problems with scientific research of speleothems and of their dating. Neverthe-less, if customs or police find speleothems for sale in shops or "bazars", why not. This is highly sensitive topics, differing from market with rare animals, e.g., if speleothems are from active quarries, it can be said they are res-cued from to be milled into cement or lime. Pavel Bosk 4


Contact to: Patrick CABROL, Charg de mission Patrimoine Souterrain, DIREN Midi-Pyrnes, Cit Administrative Bt G, Boulevard Armand Duportal, 31 074 Toulouse Cedex, Tel: 05 34 45 15 31, Fax: 05 34 45 15 39. patrick.cabrol@midi-pyrenees.environnement.gouv.fr UIS Commission on Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis The "Www.Speleogenesis.info Bulletin" is produced occasionally in-between and simultaneously with releases of regular issues of the web-based Journal of Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers (www.speleogenesis.info) in order to alert subscribers about current updates and new features on the site and content of regular issues. The Editorial Board selects papers from various sources in order to concentrate in a single and easily accessible resource much essential knowledge about speleogenesis, hydrogeology and evolution of karst. The Journal also publishes original research papers that conform to the Journal policy and criteria outlined at http://www.speleogenesis.info/policy.php and pass a peer review procedure. Registration and all services on the site are free. The Speleogenesis team does not disclose e-mail addresses of subscribers to third parties. You are kindly invited to submit your views, ideas and suggestions either to the site Forum (http://www.speleogenesis.info/forum) or to the managing Editor-in-Chief (klim@speleogenesis.info). This address should also be used when submitting original contributions for publication (please, send an abstract and indication of illustration number and format before submitting actual materials). Now online volume 2, issue 1, November 2004 We are sorry for some interruption in the regularity of the Journal appearance. The new issue is online now. The Speleogenesis team will make every effort to keep the Journal on schedule during the next year. The current issue contains 4 articles. The content follows at the bottom of this Bulletin. The content of the current issue appears on the main page of the site, from where one can jump to HTML or PDF (screen) versions of papers, or download PDF-printable versions to your computer (recommended to those who prefer to print a hard copy for personal use). You can download selected papers, or the whole issue by just one click (from the Journal Archive page). Papers published in the previous issues of the Journal are available via the Jump to: line or in the Journal Archive section (http://www.speleogenesis.info/archive). Starting from the third issue, we include to the main page titles of relevant papers published in the mainstream journals, which are available online. Links to the host sites are provided, either as URL or DOI. Next issue in preparation The next issue will be posted soon, before the end of January at maximum. This issue will be dated by 2004 and will close the Volume 2. Call for papers for the next volume The Journal invites original papers that conform to the Journal scope and policy. Please, consider submitting your contribution to Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers (send to klim@speleogenesis.info). Special Features available on the Journal's website: Online access to all papers Ability to download printable PDF versions of all papers, formatted according to our house style. Bibliography a growing fully-searchable database of recently published papers and books (since 1996) pertinent to physical speleology and karst hydrogeology (http://www.speleogenesis.info/bibliography). Abstracts are avail-able for many titles. For publications available on Web, we include their URL or DOI address in the Abstract field. You can also download a list of titles contained in the database either as tab-delimited text or DOC files. Contributions of bibliography massifs to this database would be highly appreciated (please sent to klim@speleogenesis.info). Publication Alert interactive feature that makes it possible for authors and publishers to directly post information about recently published works. Make your colleagues aware of your recent publications. Titles and abstracts posted through the Publication Alert are then included into the Bibliography database. Go to http://www.speleogenesis.info/pubalert to view recent Publication Alerts or post a new alert. Thesis Abstracts contains titles and abstracts of BSc MSc and PhD thesis relevant to karstology and geospe-leology. Scholars and thesis supervisors are invited to send thesis titles and abstracts, which can be supplemented by the link to full works if they are available on the web (send to klim@speleogenesis.info). Currently posted ab-stracts can be viewed at: http://www.speleogenesis.info/thesis/. Online Glossary "A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology with Special Reference to Environmental Karst Hy-drology" Dr. Malcolm Field, recently published by US EPA is available on the site. It can be browsed by letters 5


(PDF files) or searched through online. Available on the main page. Event Calendar A special page, with a link from the main menu, is intended to inform karst and cave science community about scientific meetings of international significance. It contains information from meeting circulars, as well as additional announces, changes, etc. Organisers have a possibility and are invited to directly post informa-tion about meetings to this page: http://www.speleogenesis.info/symposiums.php SCIRUS SEARCH ENGINE the best search engine to locate scientific info on the Internet. Scirus delivers rele-vant search results because it focuses on scientific information only, indexes complete documents, searches the whole Web including access-controlled sites, and reads non-text files like PDF. It covers more than 60 million sci-ence-related Web pages. E-mail alerts of new issues for registrants (through www.speleogenesis.info bulletin) search options there are three main search options on the site: 1) search in Journal Archive (for papers published in the Journal), 2) search in Bibliography database and, 3) search through the site (all materials contained on the site). Speleogenesis wallpapers for your computer download a selection of impressive original karst/cave related wall-papers for your monitor http://www.speleogenesis.infp/wallpaper Alexander Klimchouk Managing Editor-in-Chief, klim@speleogenesis.info From Member Countries and Regions Turkey Evren Gunay Dudemi 1429 m new depth record of Turkey and Asia The Cave of Evren Gunay Mehmed Ali Dudemi (EGMA) so-called Peynirilikonu Magarasi is located at 1900 m a.s.l. in the western part of Taurus Mt. 17 km SW from the Mediterranean town of Andmur. It was discovered in 1991 from Bogazici University Speleological Club (BUMAK) Istambul. Till 1993 the cave was explored to 232 m. The expedition in 1997 made the cave 1,377 m deep but it goes further. The next expedition was organised in 2001, but unexpected heavy rainfall made a flood during which the BUMAK lost the caver, Mehmet Ali Ozel, in the depth 1,280 m. After the flood the cavers were forced to leave the cave, where they left all the rigging. Death in a cave was a situation never encountered by Turkish authorities of law, so they showed little understanding to the situation. The body of the victim was left in the cave. Only three years after the BUMAK were able to organize another expedition. Most of the experienced club mem-bers were out of Turkey and others cant take part in the expedition. The Turkish colleagues needed some help so they decided to invite the nearest cavers Bulgarians. In 13 July 2004, 8 members of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology from different clubs departed from Sofia to Is-tanbul. Just before reaching the city one of the Bulgarian cars had a road accident and only the good chance pre-vented the expedition from tragic beginning. The Turkish colleagues helped us and after several minor difficulties the united team gathered in Istanbul. Then the cavers moved to the expedition place by a small bus, provided by the University! On the 10-th day from the beginning of the expedition the joint team reached the record depth 1,429 m. It was stopped by a large and deep underground lake, which the cavers explored by a plastic boat. The water level was very high, so the lake ended by a sump! The passage from -1,377 to -1,429 was surveyed. Some Turkish cavers, who had been there during the expedition in 1997 told us that the lake appears periodically and after this passage there is a pit! It is obvious, that there is a necessity of organising a new expedition, which should prove whether there is a pit behind the lake! In spite of this, due to the joint efforts of Turkish and Bulgarian cavers, the EGMA cave now is the deepest (-1,429 m.) cave in Turkey and Asia so far. It may be generally considered as a hard one. The passages are narrow, the drops are small 3-5-8 m, the longest one is about 40 meters. Thats why the amount of equipment to rig the cave is very large. The joined team used more that 2000 m of ropes, 250 an-chors and carabiners. Going to the record depth there were created 3 underground camps on -418, -684 and -1,300 m. The cave was rigged by telephone line to -684 m in order to prevent the cavers against new floods. Meanwhile with united efforts of the cavers the remains of the body of Mehmet Ali Ozel were taken out of the cave, which helped in concluding of the investigation. The body of Mehmet Ali Ozel was buried by his relatives. The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology is very grateful to its colleagues from BUMAK for the invitation and warm hospitality! We hope that our cooperation with them will continue by making new joint expeditions in Turkey or in Bulgarian mountains! Alexey Jalov alex@speleo-bg.com 6


Albania From 27 July to 5 August 2004, eight members of the SC Helictite Sofia leaded by Alexey Jalov made its second expedition in Golo Burdo Mt., Eastern Albania. 1/3 of mountain area is build by Jurassic limestone and it is covered by well developed surface karst dolines, uvala, karren. During the expedition, 7 new caves were discovered (see the table below): Cave name, village (cadaster) Length (m) Depth (m) Shpella Alles, c. Borova 112 -2 Shphella Gur I Jaut, Borova 157 -2 Shpella Lopes, Borova 34 2 Shpella Natov (Guri Graghkame), Borova 41 +14 Shpella Fusha Klenje, Klenje 12 -22.80 Shpella Pesthnik, Ostreni I Madh 41.50 -11 Shpella Qutetit, Ura Qutetit, Bulciza 123 During the expedition were collected important number of cave fauna from different groups (Coleoptera, Areanida, Crustacea, Opilionida, Chilopoda, Diplopoda etc.) After this expedition the total number of caves explored by Bul-garian cavers in Albania grew to 220, including the deepest Albanian cave BB-30 (-610 m). Alexey Jalov alex@speleo-bg.com Easter Island A travs de la presente y con motivo de nuestra proxima expedicin espeleolgica a la remota Isla de Pascua, les solicitamos nos avalen en dicha expedicin como tcnicos en el organo cientfico-tcnico de la UIS. La expedicin en este momento est avalada por dos universidades, la asociacin de arquelogos submarinos profesionales, la Sedeck, la federacin espaola de espeleologa etc...La pgina web que abajo se describe, esta semana tendr el proyecto completo con los estudios que se realizarn, participantes etc... http://expedicinrapanui2005.com. Jabier Les Presidente de la Sociedad de Ciencias Espeleolgicas Alfonso Antxia Tanzania I am very glad to inform you about the progress of the Tanzania International Expedition. My basic idea is primarily to help and support the Tanzanian future-cavers. For more than one year, I've been working silently and here is the result: http://tanzania.speleo.tv To complete the idea we need to purge the international team with members of the UIS Bureau. In effect, I would like to merge the world of cavers (including the Tanzanian beginners) with the UIS on the ground and underground. So I would like to have your permission in order to launch a call for all members of the Bureau, if they would like to join our expedition and to represent the UIS vis--vis the Tanzanian authority, the Tanzanian future cavers, and to live 2 weeks with an international team of cavers in Tanzania. The exact date of the expedition will be set very shortly, but it will be around next Christmas time (Dec 2004 Jan 2005). Fadi Nader UIS Secretary Adjoint From the correspondence of the UIS Bureau Members Rwanda Just for your information a exploring team led by Michael Laumanns (which included J.P. van der Pas and Chris Newton) mapped over 8 kilometres (5 miles) of lava tube caves in N.W. Rwanda. Jan Paul Gustaaf van der Pas President of the UIS Commission for Volcanic Caves December 20, 2004 7


Peru Seor Dr. Jos Ayrton Labegalini Presidente UIS Estimado colega: Con la satisfaccin de saludarle en nombre de los espelelogos peruanos, aprovecho la oportunidad pera recordarle de la constitucin de nuestra asociacin nacional desde hace ya un ao y la cual me honro en presidir, la Sociedad Peruana de Espeleologa y Carstologa (SPEC) cuya referencia ya se encuentra en la base de datos que la Secretara General UIS ha actualizado y nuestra formalizacin la haremos lo mas pronto por intermedio de la FEALC. El motivo principal de la presente es, lamentablemente, para denunciar la violacin del Cdigo de tica de la UIS para las expediciones en pases extranjeros, por parte de una expedicin Norte Americana que ya se encuentra explorando en el Norte de nuestro pas, adjunto copia del correo que le hace referencia. El colega Steve Knutson ha venido realizando exploraciones preliminares los aos 1997 y el 2002 sin dejar reportes ni coordinar exploraciones conjuntas con los peruanos. Este ao 2004, tras varias demandas de nuestra parte para participar en la nueva expedicion que el esta organizando en Peru, y demarcar las reas de exploracin, no hemos tenido respuestas de su parte. En fin, este colega nos demanda informacin de nuestras reas de exploracin y tememos incluso que su expedicin cubra las mismas que acabamos de explorar con nuestros colegas franceses del GSBM (FFS). Sin otro particular esperamos que su instancia exija las explicaciones del caso ante los organismos pertinentes. Atentamente, Lima 21 de Julio, 2004 Carlos Morales-Bermdez L Presidente Pasaje La Mariscala 115 El Olivar, Lima 27Per. C. Electrnico: specperu@yahoo.com Publications WWW.SPELEOGENESIS.INFO BULLETIN n. 5, December 19, 2004 WWW.SPELEOGENESIS.INFO BULLETIN n. 6, December 27, 2004 The "Www.Speleogenesis.info Bulletin" is produced occasionally in-between and simultaneously with releases of regular issues of the web-based Journal of Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers (http://www.speleogenesis.info). Obituaries Guy-Christian COLLET (*1929 ) Membro fundador e atual presidente do Conselho Deliberativo da SBE (Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia), nascido em 1929, na Frana. Iniciou sua carreira espeleolgica ativa em 1962/1963. Em 1964, na Caverna Casa de Pedra, encontrou os paulistas do Espeleo Clube de Londrina, onde aconteceu o primeiro contato com Michel Le Bret e Pierre Martin. Deste momento em diante a espeleologia em sua vida no mais parou. Ele e os amigos percorriam mais de 1.000 quilmetros nos finais de semana para se ir s cavernas, no percurso de Caapava/Iporanga (ida e volta). Tudo era novo, tudo estava "zero quilmetro". Topografaram ou exploraram as cavernas Pescaria, Chapu, Casa de Pedra, gua Suja, Morro Preto, Marreca, Alambari, Ouro Grosso, Arataca, Areias de Cima e de Baixo, Santana, Gruta do Pierre, Bethary, Caverna do Diabo, Jeremias, Stio Novo, Abismo da Paoca e mais 20 outras. Junto com seu grupo de companheiros, participou da fundao da nova SBE, aps tentativas infrutferas de contato com os remanescentes da primeira Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia, no Rio de Janeiro. Em 1969, participou da travessia da Caverna do Diabo com Michel Le Bret, Valla e J. L. Bret. Foi eleito presidente da SBE em novembro de 1973. Foi, dentro da SBE, alm de presidente, vice, tesoureiro, secretrio, diretor cientfico e conselheiro deliberativo. Em 1974 fundou o Laboratrio Subterrneo. Criou o Departamento de Arqueologia da SBE que, mais tarde, descobriu os primeiros sambaquis fluviais do estado de So Paulo, vrios abrigos sob rocha de grande interesse arqueolgico e oficinas lticas gigantescas no abrigo Pavo. 8


Collet foi credenciado pelo IPHAN para pesquisas arqueolgicas em vrias regies do Brasil. Participou de vrias expedies espelelogicas interestaduais: Gois/Bahia (1971), Gois (1972), Gois (1973), etc..Topografou, junto com outros, a Caverna de Mangabeira-BA, Lapa da Terra Ronca-GO, So Matheus, So Vicente, Anglica, etc. Foi autor de inmeros artigos em revistas e jornais e do "Glossrio Espeleolgico". Fundou o Grupo Bagrus de Espeleologia. Proferiu inmeras palestras com projeo de slides para a divulgao da espeleologia em faculdades, colgios, clubes, etc. Participou de todos os congressos brasileiros de espeleologia e, com trabalhos, em vrios congressos internacionais. Com a morte de Collet, a SBE e o Brasil perdem um espelelogo atuante, um cientista nato, um explorador competente e meticuloso, um batalhador incansvel, um mediador sensato, um amigo leal, um companheiro de todas as horas. Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia Events All other events, national or international see UIC Calendar on web pages: http://www.uis-speleo.org February 2004 XXIII. Szkoa speleologiczna, Macocha, Moravian Karst, 3-8.02.2004 Patrycja Pawowska, e-mail: ppawlows@wnoz.us.edu.pl Andrzej Tyc, e-mail: atyc@us.edu.pl, Pracownia Bada i Dokumentacji rodowiska Krasowego, Katedra Geomorfologii, Uniwersytet Slaski, ul. Bdziska 60, 41-200 Sosnowiec, tel. (32)3689281 lub (32)3689289, 270, fax. (32)2915865. April 2004 Symposium Plio-Quaternary Fillings in the Karst Systems, from Friday, April 16 th to Sunday, April 18 th 2004 in Trieste, Italy, AREA Science Park, Padriciano 99, 34012 Trieste (Italy) Organizers: GSSG Gruppo Speleologico San Giusto, ONLUS, Organizer, in the Jubilaeum of the foundation: 1954-2004, and AIQUA Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario, Partner Co-Organizer (affiliate of INQUA International Union for Quaternary Research). General Secretariat: Paolo Paronuzzi: Dipartimento di Georisorse e Territorio dellUniversit di Udine, Italy, paronuzzi@dgt.uniud.it Ugo Sauro: AIQUA and Dipartimento di Geografia dellUniversit di Padova, Italy, ugo.sauro@unipd..it, Rino Semeraro: GSSG and Geokarst Engineering srl, AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy, rino.semeraro@area.trieste.it Registration and informations: Smile Service AREA Sci-ence Park, Padriciano 99, 34012 Trieste (Italy), tel. +39 040 3755639; fax +39 040 3755638, E-mail info@com.area.trieste.it 23. Speleofrum 2004,16. 18. April 2004, Dlnick dm Tumperk, Rudice, Moravian Karst, Czech Speleologi-cal Society, Roman ebela, Rudice 266, 679 06 p. Jedovnice, nebo roman.sebela@seznam.cz. Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas. The session (no. NH8.03) is included in the Natural Hazards Program of the 1 st General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union, to be held in Nice (France) from April 25 to 30, 2004. I am organizing the session along with John Gunn of the Limestone Research Group at the Univer-sity of Huddersfield, Alexander Klimchouk of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, and Philippe Audra of the University Nice-Sophia Antipolis. < http://www.copernicus.org/EGU/ga/egu04/index.html >. Mario Parise, CNR-IRPI, Sezione di Bari, c/o Ist. Geologia Applicata e Geotecnica, Politecnico di Bari, Via Orabona 4, 70125 Bari, Italy, tel. +39-080-5428137, fax +39-080-5567944, e-mail: cerimp06@area.ba.cnr.it. May 2004 International symposium Karstology XXI century: Theoretical and practical significance, 25 30 May, 2004, Perm (Russia). International Association of Engineering Geologists, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. Organizers: Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the problems of Geoecology, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Institute of Geoecology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Mining Institute, the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm State University, Institute of Karstology and Speleology, JSC Permtourist. Valery N. KATAEV, ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, Karstology XXI century, Department of Geology, Perm State University, 15, Bukirev St., Perm, 614990, RUSSIA, kataev@psu.ru or natasha@mpm.ru, fax +7(3422) 134 967; tel. +7(3422) 396 506; +7(3422) 396 614;All the information of the Symposium will be placed on the site www.science.psu.ru/karst/. 9


June 2004 Genesis and formations of hydrothermal caves, International conference on the occasion of the 100 th anniver-sary of the discovery of Pl-vlgyi Cave, June 21th, 2004, Budapest/Hungary and The Caveday (25 th June, organized at the same location Pl-vlgy), closely related to the conference, offers possibilities of further cave trips (in overalls) in hydrothermal caves of Budapest and outskirts of Budapest (Mtys-hegy Cave, Btori Cave, Stork-puszta Cave, Devil Cave of Solymr). Organizer: Hungarian Speleological Society (Magyar Karszts Barlangkutat Trsulat), 1025 Budapest/Hungary, Pusztaszeri t 35., Tel.: 36-1-346-0494, Fax: 36-1-346-0495, E-mail: mkbt@axelero.hu, http://www.barlang.hu/pages/thermal.htm July 2004 International yard of young's voluntaries, Sentier Karstique du Grand Bois .... la dcouverte du Pays Calcaire Mrey-sous-Montrond, July 48, 2004, We search also, young's people, between 14 and 25 years old, interested by splological's yards. This yard concern essentially: Realisation of "direction barriers" (ramps), Develop "sentier karstique du Grand bois's" ways and his karstic's forms, Contact with other country's young peoples, Sporting ac-tivities (speleology, hike, canoe...), Nathanal LIGIER, Chantiers de jeunes du GCPM. July/August 2004 10 th International Young Cavers Education Camp, Sportground Schmiechen near Schelklingen / Swabian Alb, 30th of July 15th of august 2004, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hhle & Karst Grabenstetten e.V., Please direct your reg-istration only via mail (for the signatures) to the camp organizer: Petra Boldt, Hauptstr. 4 D-89601 Schelklingen Schmiechen. Tel. 0049-(0)7394-1566. September 2004 Celebrations for the 50th. anniversary of organised speleology in southern Africa, 11 18 September 2004. Old Transvaal and in the Cape. Dr. S.A. Craven, 7 Amhurst Avenue, Newlands 7700, South Africa. Tel. (27)-21-7979065 (rooms), 021-6744338 (res.), Fax. (27)-21-7610526. e-mail: sacraven@mweb.co.za, cravensa@cpcqualicare.co.za October 2004 38. Sympozjum Speleologiczne, Zakopane, 07-10.10.2004, Patrycja Pawowska, e-mail: ppawlows@wnoz.us.edu.pl, Katedra Geomorfologii, Wydzia Nauk o Ziemi, Uniwersytet lski, ul. Bdziska 60, 41-200 Sosnowiec, www.stj.krakow.pl/38speleosympozjum/. Limestone coast 2004, The closing workshop of IGCP 448 Global Karst Correlation, and The First International Workshop on RAMSAR Subterranean Wetlands, 10-17th October 2004 Naracoorte Caves World Heritage Area. KEY CONTACTS: Formal mail address: Limestone Coast Karst 2004, PO Box 134, Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia, 5271.Convenor: Professor Elery Hamilton-Smith, PO Box 36, Carlton South, Victoria, Australia, 3053. Telephone 61 3 9489 7785; Email: elery@alphalink.com.au. Program and papers: Susan White IGCP 448 123Manningham Street, West Parkville, Victoria, Australia, 3052. Telephone/Fax 61 3 9328 4154; Email: S.White@latrobe.edu.au Program and papers: Andy Spate Subterranean wetlands Optimal Karst Manage-ment, 2/10 Victoria Street, Hall, ACT, Australia, 2618. Telephone 61 2 6230 9966; Email: andy.spate@aliencamel.com On-site arrangements Steve Bourne, Limestone Coast Karst 2004, PO Box 134, Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia, 5271. Telephone 61 8 8762 2422; Email: Bourne.Steven@saugov.sa.gov.au Workshop secretariat: Kent Henderson, PO Box 332, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, 3016. Telephone 61 3 9398 0598; Email: kenthen@optushome.com.au 10


Events of Balkan Speleological Union in 2004 Name Period Place Organizer Contact address for detailed informa-tion Balkan Cave Rescue Exercise 1-2 May AthensGreece BSU Greek Fed-eration of Speleology K. Adamopoulos: kostas.adamopoulos@selas.org or info@fhs.org Caving Camp years Organised Spe-leology in Bulgaria and Speleological com-petition for the prize V.Nedkov&V.Chapanov 6-9 May Karlukovo Bulgaria BSU Bulgarian Federation of Spe-leology Bulgarian Federation of Speleology : bfs@nat.bg Speleological Camp 16-25 July Bosnia & Herzego-vina Speleological As-sociation of BiH Speleological Association of BiH: jas-minko_mulaomerovic@hotmail.com National School of Spe-leology 30 July-8 August Caput Romania ARESRomanian Federation of Spe-leology RFS Alexandra Oprisan: sacha-o@personal.ro or sachaoprisan@yahoo.com Complex National Camp June Cetatile Ponorului Romania Romanian Federa-tion of Speleology RFS Alexandra Oprisan: sacha-o@personal.ro or sachaoprisan@yahoo.com The National Speleol-ogy Congress 23-26 Septem-ber Brasov Area Romania Romanian Federa-tion of Speleology RFS Alexandra Oprisan: sacha-o@personal.ro or sachaoprisan@yahoo.com SpeoARTA (speleo-art Festival) 19-23 May Timisoara Romania Romanian Federa-tion of Speleology -Speleoteam RFS Alexandra Oprisan: sacha-o@personal.ro or sachaoprisan@yahoo.com Vol. 42-43 (2003-2004) Le CD 17 ans (1988-2004) 6520 rfrences. 446 pages il cote 220 CHF, 145 euros Prix: 90 CHF, 60 euros 11


12 !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! CHANGE !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! CHANGE All payments for the UIS should be directed to (bank transfer by the SWIFT is preferred): account name: Pavel Bosk-UIS, Jivensk 1066/7, Praha 4, Czech Republic bank address: Czech Saving Bank, Branch 04/226, Bud jovick 1912, Praha 4, Czech Republic account number: 004028-0272534233/0800 IBAN CZ77 0800 0040 2802 7253 4233 BIC GIBACZPX SWIFT CODE CSPOCZPP, Payment Code 622 !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! CHANGE !VALID BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! CHANGE ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS Beginning with 1994, the annual contributions will be as follows: Category A 300 USD Category B 200 USD Category C 50 USD Each UIS member country has the free choice of the category in accordance with its own financial possibilities and with the number of speleologists or speleological societies/ associations/ federations/ clubs/ institutions The UIS Bureau is authorized to reduce or to remit the contributions, if the UIS member-country makes a respectively written demand. If the UIS Bureau requires, the UIS member country has to give reasons for the difficulties of a payment. The authorization of the UIS Bureau to reduce or remit the contributions confirms that the impossibility of a payment by actual political problems or difficulties will not be an argument to exclude any member country from the international collaboration within the structure of the UIS. OLDER NUMBERS OF THE UIS-Bulletin Volumes 1 to 38 of the UIS-Bulletin are available on the request by the UI S Past-President Univ. Prof. Dr. Mag Hubert Trimmel (Draschestrasse 77, A-1230 Wien, Austria) Volumes 39 to 49 are available on the request by the UIS Secretary General Dr. Pavel Bosk (Vol. 43 and 47/1 was not distributed by mail!). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELEOLOGY NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELEOLOGY ARE VITAL: PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO GET MANY MORE! Published quarterly by Societ Speleologica Italiana, with the support of Ministerio dei Beni Culturali i Ambientali, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Museo di Speleologia V. Rivera, LAquilla Address: Prof. Ezio Burri, Editor Ph ysical Speleology, Department of Envi ronmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, Via Vetoio-Loc. Coppito, I-67100 L'Aqu ila, Italy, t.: 0039-862-433222, f.: 0039-862-433205, e-mail: burri@aquila.infn.it UIS WEB DOMAIN http://www.uis-speleo.org The UIS is registered as non-profit nongovernmental body according to Slovenian law at District Municipality in Postojna, Slovenia, under No. 211/1146149, on June 20, 2002. The stable address is: UIS, Titov trg 2, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia. Editor: Prof. Dr. Pavel Bosk, Secr etary General, International Union of Speleology, c/o Czech Speleological Society, Kalinick 4-6, CZ-130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic : home ++420-2-72772795, office ++420-2-20922392 and ++420-2-33087209; fax: ++420-2-20922670; e-mail: bosak@gli.cas.cz or inst@gli.cas.cz


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