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The 11th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF SPELEOLOGY -- Preparation of the General Assembly of the Union/ Preparation de l'Assemblée Générale de l'Union -- Errata and changes of addresses -- The UIS Life: The regular session of the UIS Bureau -- UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries -- Inaugural UIS Prizes -- Agreement with IGU -- Statuts de l'Union Internationale de Spéléologie (proposal of improvements) -- Commissions and Working Groups -- From member countries -- Call for Exchange -- Caving in Kyrghyzstan --Directorio de la Federacion Espeleológica de America Latina y el Caribe (FEALC) / Address List of the Speleological Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Countries -- Speleological Events in 1996-1998.
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Vol. 41, no. 1/2 (1996)
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Preparation of the General Assembly of the
Union/ Preparation de l'Assemblee Generale de
l'Union --
Errata and changes of addresses --
The UIS Life: The regular session of the
UIS Bureau --
UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and
Science in Foreign Countries --
Inaugural UIS Prizes --
Agreement with IGU --
Statuts de l'Union Internationale de
Speleologie (proposal of improvements) --
Commissions and Working Groups --
From member countries --
Call for Exchange --
Caving in Kyrghyzstan --Directorio de la
Federacion Espeleologica de America Latina y el
Caribe (FEALC) / Address List of the
Speleological Federation of Latin American and
Caribbean Countries --
Speleological Events in 1996-1998.


UIS-BULLETIN UNION INTERNATIONALE DE SPLOLOGIE 1 996 41 No. 1/2 EDITED IN MAY 1996 EDITE EN MAI 1996 AUSGEGEBEN IM MAI 1996 The 11 th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF SPELEOLOGY According to the decision in Beijing 1993, the 12 th International Congress of Speleology will be held in Switzerland in La-Chaud-de-Fonds. It will be held on August 10 to 17, 1997 and it will include several special events as the multimedia festival SPELEMEDIA on August 6 to 10, 1997. Some special conferences, like as 6 th Conference on Limestone Hydrology and Fissured Aquifers, symposia and workshops will be held, as well as the preand post-Congress excursions and camps. Just after the post-Congress activities, the 4 th International Conference on Geomorphology will start in Postojna, Slovenia by specialised meeting on the Classical Karst. The Congress will be hosted by very pleasant location, the city of La-Chaud-de-Fonds in Swiss Jura, close to the city of Neuchtel. La-Chaud-de-Fonds is one of the centers of Swiss watchmaking industry, the city constructed on plans prepared by famous architect Le Corbusier. We suppose this site an the ideal for our Congress with nearly equal distances from the whole Europe and close to main European airports. The pleasant atmosphere of the city together with broad scale of entertaintment possibilities, partly prepared specially for the Congress participants, will frame the scientific and bureaucratic sessions of our basic event. The information on the Congress prepared by its organizers you can kindly find inside this volume of the UIS Bulletin. It contains basic data, information on general program and on fees. Do not hesitate and fill the registration forms! Do not miss this event! Two sessions of the Assembly General of the International Union of Speleology will be held at the beginning and the end of the 12 th International Congress of Speleology. Inside the Bulletin, the General Secretariat gives important information concerning the preparation of the Assembly General of the UIS. We are presenting the information in advance as compared with last Congresses for the better information of national delegates and of all it may concern, and also for the reasons to keep certain dead-lines for the delivery of materials. Concerning the General Assembly, inside this volume there are published some materials prepared by the last UIS Bureau meeting in 1995 (minutes are included here, too). Those materials i.e. proposals of the UIS Code of Ethics, the system of the UIS Awards, and improvements of the UIS Statute are directed by this way to the critical discussion and commentary by broad speleological public before they will be presented for the authorization and vote procedure in 1997. All comments and proposals are welcome.


Preparation of the General Assembly of the Union Preparation de lAssemble Gnrale de lUnion DELEGUES DELEGATES DELEGIERTE Important note The national delegate and his substitute representing the member country in the UIS, have to declare his validity by the official letter declaring that he is the representant of all speleologists of the country. When more than two speleological organizations (i.e. federations, unions, societies, associations) are existing, all have to declare that the national delegate was democratically elected. F Les pays-membres dont les splologies ou lorganisation splologique sur le plan national autorise reprrenter lensemble des splologies ont dcid deffecture leur droit de vote dans lAssemble Gnrale de lUnion Internationale de Splologie par un nouveau dlgu, sont pris de faire parvenir une information par crite au Scretaire Gnrale jusquau 15 Juin 1997 le plus tard. E If the speleologists or the national representative organisation of speleologists in any member-country have decided to give the authorization for voting in the General Assembly of the International Union of Speleology to a new delegate, it is necessary to inform the Secretary General of the UIS by letter at least before June 15, 1997. D Jene Mitgliedslnder, in denen die Spelologen oder die zur Vertretung der Gesamtheit der Spelologen berufene nationale Organisation beshclossen haben, die Ausbung des Stmmrechtes bei der Generalversammlung der Internationaler Union fr Spelologie durch die neue Delegierte vornehmen zu lassen, werden gebeten, das Generalsekretr der Union bis sptestens 1. Juni 1997 darber zu informieren. DROIT DE VOTE RIGHT OF VOTES STIMMRECHT F A lAssemble Gnrale chaque pays-membre dispose dune voix. Le drit de vote est li au membre titulaire (dlgu) ou au membre supplant du pays respectif. Selon les dcisions des Assembles Gnrales, il oblige en cas dune absence de tous les deux personnes a lAssemble aux pays-membres dautoriser un "dlgue votant" avant le commencement de lAssemble par lettre. Ces lettres peuvent tre adresses au Secretaire Gnrale de lUnion avant le 15 juin 1997. Selon les dcisions des Assembls Gnrales prcdentes (Bowling Green 1981), les pays-membres qui sont en retard avec le paiement des cotisations annuelles a lUIS plus que trois ans perdent le droit de voter; si le retard atteint plus que cinq ans, le pays respectif ne compte plus comme membre de lUIS. Le Prsident de lUIS prie donc de rgler en cas de necessit la question des cotisations aussi tt que possible. Les sommes des cotisations annuelles sont publies dand chaque des derniers numros de lUIS-Bulletin. E Each member-country has one vote on the General Assembly. The right to vote is given to the official delegate or to his substitute. If the two persons are absent, it is necessary in accordance with the decision of the GeneraL Assembly in the past for the member-country to nominate a "voting delegate" by the letter before the beginning of the General Assembly. This leter have to be sent to the UIS Secretary General before June 15, 1997. According to past decision of the General Assembly (Bowling Green 1981), the member-country with a delay of more than 3 years in the payment of the annual contributions do not have the right to vote. If the annual contribution has not been payed more than 5 years, the country will not be included longer in the membership list. All member-countries are invited if necessary to contact the President as soon as possible in questions concerning the payment. In last number of the UIS-Bulletin, the amount of annual contributions has been published regularly. 2 D In der Generalversammlung der UIS verfgt jedes Mitgliedsland ber eine Stimme. Das Stimmrecht ist von Delegierten oder seinem Stellvertreter auszuben. Wenn beide Personen bei der Generalversammlung abwesend sind, kann das Mitgliedsland jemanden anderen zur Stimmabgabe als "stimmberechtigen Delegierten" ermchtigen. Diese


Ermchtigung mu aber vor dem Beginn der Generalversammlung schriftlich vorliegen. Im voraus vorgenommenne Ermchtigungen mssen beim Generalsekretr der UIS vor dem 15. Juni 1997 eintreffen. Nach den Beschlssen frherer Generalversammlungen (Bowling Green 1981) haben Mitgliedlnder, die mit ihren jhrlichen Mitgliedsbeitrgen an die UIS mehr als drei Jahre im Rckstand sind, kein Stimmrech mehr. Lnder mit einem Zahlungsrckstand von mehr ald fnf Jahren werden in der Mitgliederliste nich mehr gefhrt. Der Prsident der UIS bittet, falls derartige Rckstnde bestehen, zur Regelung der Beitragsfrage mit ihm baldmglichst Kontakt aufzunehmen. Die Hhe der jhrichen Beitrge der Mitgliedslnder an die UIS ist in den letzten Nummern des UIS-Bulletin jeweils verffentlicht worden. NOUVEAUX MEMBRES MEMBERSHIP DEMANDS NEUE MITGLIEDER F Des demandes de devenir membre de lUIS doivent tre parvenues au Secrtaire Gnrale de lUIS avant louverture du prochain Congrs Internationale de Splologie, en cas exceptionnel encore pendant le Congrs, mais avant la deuxime partie de lAssemble. Des nouveaux membres doivent dnommer immdiatement leur dlgu et participent de co moment aux votes et aux lections. E Demand for membreship are possible before the opening of the International Congress of Speleology by an information to the Secretary General of the UIS, eventually also during the Congress, but before the opening of the second part of the General Assembly. The demands are to be accepted by the voting delegates of the member-countries durign the General Assembly. New members have to nominate immediately the official delegate and participate also on votes and elections. D Antrge auf Mitgliedschaft bei der Union sind nach Mglichkeit von Beginns des kommenden Internationaler Kongresses fr Spelologie dem Generalsekretr der IUS schriftlich zu bermitteln, knnen aber in Ausnahmsfllen auch noch whrend des Kongresses, jedoch vor Beginns des zweites Teiles der Generalversammlung eingebracht werden. ber die Aufnahme neuer Mitglieder entscheidet die Generalversammlung. Neue Mitglieder haben unverzglich ihren Delegierten nahmhaft zu machen un nehmen sofort nach der Annahme ihres Aufnahmeantrages an allen Abstimmungen und Wahlen teilen. CANDIDATURES POUR LE PROCHAIN CONGRS PROPOSALS FOR THE NEXT CONGRESS KANDIDATUREN FR DEN NCHTEN KONGRESS F Des candidatures poure le 13 e Congres International de Splologie qui doit tre ralis en 2001, doivent tre prsentes pendant la premiere sance de lAsemble Gnrale de lUIS a La-Chaud-de-Fonds en aot 1997. Un repr sentant de chaque pays qui est candidat aura la chance de donner un rsum concernant le programme prvu et les rgions visites pendant les excursions. Les dlgus de pays-membres peuvent, avant de voter la fin du Congres, discuter leur choix pendant le Congres avec les autres participants de leur pays; en cas de necessit lutilisation dune salle de runion soit assure par les organisateurs du Congres. Selon les dcisions prcdentes en cas que lAssemble Gnrale accepte une invitation dun pays en dehors de lEurope, une "Confrence rgionale europenne de splologie" sera organise soit en 2000 ou 2002. La prire dorganiser une telle confrence sera prsntr un des pays europenns qui on t candidat pour le Congrs. E Candidatures of member-countries for the 13 th International Congress of Speleology to held in 2001, have to be presented no later than in the opening session of the General Assembly of the UIS in La-Chaud-de-Fonds in August, 1997. In this session, each country will have the possibility to give a short summary concerning the region foreseen for the main events of the Congress and the excursion areas. During the Congress, voting delegates can discuss the proposals with the other participants from their contries. If necessary, a meeting room for this discussion will be reserved by the General Assembly, a decision is made by vote. In the case that the 13 th International Congress of Speleology will be held outside of Europe, in accordance with previous decisions an "European Regional Conference of Speleology" has to be organized in 2000 or 2002. The organisator of such Conferece will be the European country which candidate for the International Congress of Speleology. 3


D Kandidaturen fr den 13. Internationaler Kongress fr Spelologie, der im Jahre 2001 durchzufhren ist, sind sptestens in der erste Session der Generalversammlung der Internationaler Union fr Spelologie in La-Chaud-de-Fonds im August 1997 vorzulegen. Ein Vertreter jedes Landes, das sich um die Abhandlung des Kongresses bewirbt, wird Gelegenheit haben, den vorgesehen Veranstaltungsort und die wichtigsten Exkursionsziele vorzustellen. Die Delegierten jedes Landes haben whrend des Kongresses Gelegenheit, ihre Entscheidung mit allen Teilnehmern aus ihrem Land zuberlegen; die Veranstalter des Kongresses werden im Bedarfsfall ein Sitzungszimmer fr diesen Zweck bereitstellen. Fr den Fall, dass die Wahl im zweiten Teil der Generalversammlung der IUS am Schluss des Kongresses auf ein aussereuropisches Land fllt, nach den frheren Beschlssen hat die Abhanltung einer "Europischen Regionalkonferenz fr Spelologie" entwerden im Jahre 2000 oder 2002 beschlossen. Um die Durchfhrung dieser Veranstaltung soll ein Land ersucht werden, das selbst Kandidat fr den nhsten Internationaler Kongress gewesen ist. COMMISSIONS, GROUPES DE TRAVAIL ET COMITES COMMISSION, WORKING GROUPS AND COMMITTEES KOMMISSIONEN UND ARBEITSGRUPPEN F Les Prsidents des Commissions, Comites et des Groupes de Travail ont t invit denvoyer au Secretaire Gnrale de lUIS un rapport concernant lactivit de leur groupement respectif depuis le dernier Congres Internationale de Splologie le 31 janvier 1997 le plus tard. Jusqua cette date, on attend aussi des propositions concernantes les travaux proposs pour le futur. Il est prvur de publier lensemble de ces rapports dans un nmero spcial de lUIS Bulletin avant le prochain Congres et de distribuer ce numro aux participants de lAssemble Gnrale de lUIS a La-Chaud-de-Fonds. Pendant le 12 me Congres Internationale de Splologie, des sances de tous les Commissions de lUIS sont prvues. E The Presidents of Commissions, Committees and Working Groups are invited to send the report concerning the activities during the last period of work and the intentions for the forthcomming four-years-period to the Secretary General of the UIS before January 31, 1997. It is foreseen to publish all reports in a special number of the UIS Bulletin before the 12 th International Congress of Speleology and to distribute this number to the participants of the General Assembly of the UIS in La-Chaud-de-Fonds. Sessions of all Commissions are foreseen during this Congress. D Die Vorsitzenden der Kommissionen und Arbeitsgruppen der UIS wurden eingeladen, dem Generalsekretr der UIS bis zum 31. Januar 1997 einen Ttigkeitsbericht ber die zu Ende gehenden Arbeitperiode zu bermitteln, sowie Vorschlge ber die zuknftige Zielsetzung zu erstatten. Die Berichte sollen vor der Generalversammlung der UIS im August 1997 in einem Heft des UIS Bulletin zusammengefasst und dort vorgelegt werden. Whrend des 12. Internationaler Kongresses fr Spelologie sind zwar Sitzungen aller Kommissionen vorgesehen. AGENDA OF THE ASSEMBLY GENERAL The detailed version of agenda will be presented in the UIS Bulletin 1997/2 before the Congress. Errata and changes of addresses The UIS Bureau Petar Kirilov BERON Natural History Museum Bul. Tsar Osvoboditel 1 BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 4


phone: (00359-2) 88 28 94 (office) (00359-2) 62 22 25 (home) Aleksander KLIMCHOUK e-mail: klim@klim.carrier.kiev.ua Julia Mary JAMES phone: (02) 351 2743 (office) (02) 519 1415 (home) fax: (02) 2351 3329 e-mail: jmj@chem.usyd.edu.au ZHANG Shouyue Institute of Geology Academia Sinica P.O.Box 9825 100029 Beijing, P.R. China phone: (0086-10) 2023377, ext. 584 fax: (0086-10) 4919140 Past-Presidents Hubert TRIMMEL phone: (0043-1) 6155845 Commissions and Working Groups Peter MATTHEWS fax: (0061-3) 9876 2013 National Delegates RUSSIA Grigori FAJNBURG Perm State Technical University 29A Komsomolsky Ave Perm, 614600 Russia fax: (007-3422) 341147 e-mail: my@admin.cclearn.perm.su 5


The UIS Life The regular session of the UIS Bureau The 3 rd regular session of the Bureau of the International Speleological Union was held in Breitenbach, Switzerland on October 4-6, 1995 on the occassion of the 10 th National Speleological Congress. The session started by the control of the agenda from Jedovnice, 1994. It was stated, that the preparation of the information brochure on the UIS have to continue owing to the complexity of the problem. The sportive and scientific activities should be pointed out separately. The distriribution of the internal responsibility to Secretaries Adjoint will be the obligatory task of the new UIS Bureau. Contacts with Namibia were established, there is no official speleological organization, therefore it annual contributions are frozen. Contacts were established with Bolivia, annual fees will be covered during 12 th International Congress of Speleology. The Bureau adopted the resolution that both dead and living persons will be included into the List of Honours. According to the rules accepted and after the proposals of the national delegates and Commission/Working Group Presidents, the list will be prepared in the next UIS Bureau Session. The idea of direct financial sponsoring of expeditions which appeared in last Bureau Session was fully rejected. The UIS finances On the October 3, 1995, the UIS has 5702.79 USD deposited on its account in Prague, 65 000 ATS on bank book in Vienna and 2683.30 CZK cash by the Secretary General. Costa Rica promised to pay annual contributions for 1994-1997 during the 12 th International Congress of Speleology in Switzerland 1997. The Code of Ethics was prepared, based on version of Labegalini and Forti, completed by James. The Bureau adopted the resolution that the proposal of the Code of ethics is approved and recommended for the authorization during the Assembly General (see the text in this volume). The UIS Awards The system of the UIS Awards was proposed. Awards can be supported by a total sum of 1.000 USD. The Bureau adopted the resolution that the proposal of the system of the UIS Awards is approved and recommended for the authorization during the Assembly General (see the text in this volume). The agreement with the International Geographical Union was proposed by the IGU After the long discussion, it resulted that such agreement will have general political profit for the UIS and will enable to closely cooperate on the edition of the BBS Abstracts which could have broader market. The Bureau adopted the resolution that the improved proposal of the agreement is approved and recommended for the voting procedure during the Assembly General and to deliver it to the IGU (see the text in this volume). UIS Commissions According to the elections by the correspondance, Prof. Dr. Stein-Erik Lauritzen (Bergen, Norway) is confirmed the Acting President of the UIS Commission on Paleokarst and Speleochronology. Dr. Carol Hill asked the Bureau to establish the UIS Working Group on Cave Mineralogy to standartize new names of cave minerals. As the establishment of the WG is supposed only for 1997, the idea was accepted with thanks. The establishment will be one point of the Assembly General 1997. The Hungarian proposal to establish the UIS Commission the League of towns above caves has a strong support of the UIS Bureau. Nevertheless, the proposal lacks some of major information and also the idea to focus main problems of management of towns (settlements, villages) in the karst is limited only to some problems and fits rather to the rank of nongovernmental organization. The UIS supports the idea of establishing of such NGO and will help it by consultations and active participation. If there is the will, the UIS Bureau is proposing to Hungarians to establish the UIS Working Group on the Urbanization of Karst. There appeared the information of the UIS Commission on Informatics on the character of its system of storage of information (WWW) and the information of Klimchouk on UIS Servers which are set up (for actual information, rapid data exchange, cannot store the data, only to distribute). Y. Shopov (the UIS Commission on Physico-Chemistry and Hydrogeology of Karst) delivered to all UIS Bureau Members the Proposal for improvement of the scientific work of UIS by formation of UIS Scientific Steering Committee. The UIS Bureau mentions that the material maybe can represent good idea but the form is in not acceptable look, it introduces the mechanism of parallelism and contributes to further deeper separation of cavers and scientists. As the UIS Bureau chosen other rules (e.g. during the 1994 Session), the material was rejected. During the discussion, there appeared the proposal to insert the definition of the UIS Permanent Commissions and the UIS Temporary (ad hoc) Commissions into the UIS Statut. Improvements of the UIS Statut. As the present valid text of the UIS Statut was confirmed in 1964 and completed in some paragraphs in 1969 (Stuttgart), 1977 (Sheffield) and 1981 (Bowling Green), the necessity to complete it arosen according to demands of speleological and karst institutions, UIS member countries and individuals. The whole text of the valid Statut was thoroughly discussed comparing the French version with the German and 6


Russian translations. Both translations are somewhat changing the sense of the French version, the Russian version is very imperfect. There were several basic problems to be discussed and solved, i.e. the problem of the institutional membership (affiliated institutions), definition of Commissions and Working Groups, and the statut of the UIS Bureau. After the discussion, the UIS Bureau members decided to improve the UIS Statut to reflect present situation in the international speleology. Nevertheless, the improvements are not changing the general sense and basic ideas of the original text. Affiliated institutions. It was mentioned, that such bodies cannot be named members. It was proposed to use the term affiliated institution. It means that the designation of such form of "membership" cannot be against the sense of the UIS Statute, therefore the UIS Statute have to be improved. The UIS Bureau adopted the resolution the UIS Bureau agrees with the implementation of the affiliated members into the structure of the UIS Statut. Such bodies will have no voting rights during the Assemblies General. The height of annual contributions and other practical consequences will be prepared during the 1996 Session in the form for the voting procedure during the Assembly General 1997. The UIS Bureau Statute: the statute of the UIS Bureau should be changed to the Executive Bureau with the executive power for better, clear and more rapid decisions in the effective and fast way. The UIS Bureau should have possibility to establish, cancel or freeze e.g. the Commissions or Working Groups. The General Assembly can cancel all decisions of the UIS Bureau, but with the validity only after the date of the cancellation by the Assembly General (to exclude back validity of such General Assembly resolution). UIS Commissions should be divided into the UIS Permanent Commissions and to the UIS Temporary (or ad hoc) Commissions. The Temporary Commission will be established for the solution of well-defined project with clear output (results) and they will be time-limited in their life. The change of the Temporary Commission to Pernament Commission have to be confirmed by the Assembly General. The Permanent Commission will be established for the field of permanent interest in speleology and within the UIS. Such Commissions have to be confirmed by the Assembly General. Working Groups will be established by the UIS Bureau, their change to the Permanent Commission have to be confirmed by the Assembly General. The Assembly General will approve the activity of Commissions, Working Groups and Committees. The UIS Committies are non-scientific equivalents of the Commissions (e.g. Advisory Committee). All other minor improvements are included in the proposal of the improved version of the UIS Statut (see this volume), where the French text of valid UIS Statute is completed in new improvements and old inserts from Sheffield and Bowling Green are incorporated into the French text. Request of support of the Chinese project The Chinese Institute of Geography (Academia Sinica) asked the UIS Bureau to support the idea to include the Stone Forrest of Yunnan (Lunan County) into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The UIS Bureau adopted the resolution, that the UIS Bureau strongly supports the idea and will support the proposal by the recommendation letter to UNESCO. Cooperation with the Speleological Federation of the European Union The Bureau was informed on prepared changes of the SFEU Statut which should be discussed during the 1995 SFEU Assembly General in Ireland. The idea of the change is that the SFEU will be the constituent of the UIS. If the proposal is accepted, than the UIS and the SFEU should discuss the problem of the hierarchic incorporation into both Statutes. Relations with UNESCO As the relations with UNESCO are limited owing to the problem of time demand, personnel and the UIS statute in the category B, the UIS Bureau started to prepare the specialized Committee or Commission for the UNESCO which will be based on the group of people who are able and experienced with international bodies. It was stated, that within the structure numerous professional associations (i.e. NGO's associated with the UNESCO like as IAH, IGU, IAG, etc.), there are bodies (karst commissions) dealing with karst which are changing their activity in direction of the UIS work and interests. It should be useful to cooperate with them and to try to delegate all karst problems to the UIS. Resolutions of the Bureau meeting: both dead and living persons will be included into the List of Honors the proposal of the Code of ethics is approved and recommended for the authorization during the Assembly General the proposal of the system of the UIS Awards is approved and recommended for the authorization during the Assembly General the improved proposal of the agreement with the IGU is approved and recommended for the voting procedure during the Assembly General and to deliver it to the IGU the improved UIS Statute was approved and prepared for the discussion 7


the UIS Bureau strongly supports the idea to insert Yunnan Stone Forrest into the UNESCO World Heritage List and will support the proposal by the recommendation letter to UNESCO Next UIS Bureau Session will be held on August 5 to 6, 1996 on the occasion of the NSS Convention, Salida, Colorado, USA. UIS Code of Ethics for Cave Exploration and Science in Foreign Countries UIS support the international activities of speleological societies, caving groups and karst scientists because they are important for; discovering new caves and extending old caves; investigating their contents, for example, minerals, biota and archaeological and anthropological remains; distributing knowledge of karst and caves throughout the world; enabling the exchange of safe caving practices and assisting in the protection and preservation of caves and karst. To avoid misunderstanding by indigenous and local people, government and local and national caving organisations in the country in which the proposed cave exploration or scientific investigation is to take place. The UIS Bureau has prepared the following recommendations. 1. Before leaving your country In many cases it will be necessary to obtain official permission from the authorities in the country being visited. In addition, inform the national speleological organisation of the country to be visited, if there is no national organisation contant the UIS national delegate. If possible organise joint expeditions with cavers from the country to be visited. The national speleological organisations will be familiar with the official requirements for visiting expeditions. They will be well-versed with the requirements for the lodging of expedition reports and other published material and the regulations pertaining to the removal of materials by the expedition from the caves and to other countries for scientific studies. 2. During expedition The expedition members should respect the laws of the country and local traditions and understand that some caves may be sacred sites and be of religion and/or cultural significance; exploration and research studies in these caves may be restricted. The expedition members should not damage either the karst or its caves. They should were possible educate and advise local communities in the protection and preservation of their karst and caves. 3. After the expedition Samples from the caves and karst collected by the expedition should only be taken out the cave and country if the correct export procedures are followed and their export is permitted. Copies of all printed material produced by the expedition, together with the location and maps of the caves should be sent to the participating caving clubs and the national speleological organisation and/or the UIS national delegate. Assistance received from the organisations within the country visited should be acknowledged in all the expedition publications. Inaugural UIS Prizes To be awarded at the 12 th International Congress of Speleology in La Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland, August 1997. 1. UIS prize for the most significant discovery May 1993 May 1997 (USD 25O) Nominations for this prize are to be sent to the chair of the UIS Prizesa Committee prior to May 1997. Late submissions can be made at the 12 th International Congress of Speleology, La Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The UIS Bureau reserves the right to nominate additional discoveries for this prize. 8 2. The UIS prize for the most significant publication on a cave or karst topic published in 1993-1997 (inclusive) (USD


250) Nominations for this prize should be sent to either the chair of the UIS Prizes Committee or to the Secretary General. From the nominations a short list will be prepared. Copies of the short-listed publications may be required for final judgement and display at the 12 th International Congress of Speleology, La Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland. 3. UIS poster prize (USD 250) This prize for the best poster display at 12 th International Congress of Speleology, La Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The poster can be on any cave or karst topic. However, entries in the cave photographic and surveying competitions are ineglible for this prize. The UIS prizes will be judged by a panel of international experts chaired by the senior Vice-President of UIS, Dr. Julia M. James. The prize together with a certificate will be awarded during the closing session at the 12 th International Congress of Speleology, La Chaud-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Agreement with IGU (the proposal) The International Geographical Union (IGU) and the International Union of Speleology (UIS) have reached an agreement to improve scientific cooperation The International Union of Speleology agrees to the proposed affiliation with the International Geographical Union. The International Geographical Union agrees to the proposed affilitaion with the International Union of Speleology. The Internationa Speleological Union regards this affiliation as an acknowledgement of the important role of the International Geographical Union in the development of geographical and environmental sciences, and as a method of close cooperation. The International Geographical Union regards this affiliation as an acknowledgement of the significant contribution of the International Union of Speleology to the exploration, documentation, and research activity in regions and environments with underground cavities, and particularly in the karst areas. Neither Unions intends this affiliation to imply mutual subordination. Agreement has been reached on the following: (1) The International Geographical Union wants to improve speleological and karstological research, encouraging physical geographers to constitute a Commission working on karst environments ("Karst Commission") in cooperation with the Internationa Union of Speleology. (2) One contact person will be nominated by the Executive Committee (Bureau) of each Union. These contact persons will, ex officio, become members of the IGU commission dealing with karst, and of one the UIS scientific commissions. They may be invited to attend the meetings of Executive Committee (Bureau) meetings of both Unions as non-voting members whenever matters of common interest are on the agenda. (3) The Karst Commission of the International Geographical Union and scientific commission of the International Union of Speleology will exchange newsletters. (4) The commissions of the International Geographical Union and the International Union of Speleology will endeavour to organise joint meetings in order to avoid duplication of expense and effort. (5) One year before the congresses of the International Geographical Union, the International Union of Speleology will give its recommendations for the Karst Commission's programme for the following four years to the President and Executive Committee of the International Geographical Union. (6) One year before the congresses of the International Union of Speleology, the International Geographical Union will give its suggestions for the UIS scientific commissions' programme for the following four years to the President and Bureau of the International Union of Speleology. (7) The International Union of Geography and the International Union of Speleology will collaborate closely for a stronger involvement in, and representation on, all international programmes about conservation of natural environment, resources, cultural heritage anf global change with reference to the karst areas, especially within the 9


International Council of Scientific Unions and all other governmental and non-governmental organisations. (8) During the 1996 Congress of the International Geographical Union in the Netherlands the IGU Karst Commission will endeavour to organise its meeting in cooperation with the International Union of Speleology. Similarly, during the 1997 Congress of the International Union of Speleology in Switzerland the UIS scientific commissions will endeavour to organise joint meetings with the IGU Karst Commission. This agreement of affiliation between the two Unions is regarded as temporary by both Executive Committees (Bureaus). It will become pernament if ratified by the General Assemblies of both Unions, i.e. at the 1996 IGU Congress and 1997 UIS Congress. Statuts de l'Union Internationale de Splologie (proposal of improvements) Here enclosed, you can find the proposal of all improvements of the UIS Statut adopted by the UIS Bureau meeting in October 1996. The text is available for detailed discussion by member countries, national delegates, UIS Commissions, Working Groups and Committees. All comments are welcome by the Secretary General. All new inserts, grammatical and other corrections and all changes to the Statut are expressed in italics. Changes adopted in Sheffield and up to now listed at the end of the Statut as "Decisions of General Assemblies in addition to the Statutes" are inserted translated to the French text and expressed in underlined normal types To the discussion, there are devoted inserts and changes expressed in italics (except of grammatical corrections). According to the Article 6 of the valid Statut, all comments and proposals have to be delivered to the UIS Bureau (i.e. to the Secretary General) not later than 4 months before the start of the International Congress of Speleology. Nevertheless in this case when a lot of work for the Advisory Committee is expected, we are not able to discuss any of proposals for substantial changes after February 10, 1997!! Thank you. Article 1: But L'Union Internationale de Splologie a pour but le dveloppement des relations entre splologies de tous les pays et la coordination de leurs activits sur le plan international. Article 2: Membres de l'Union (a) L'Union Internationale de Splologie est une association des personnes (reprsentants nationaux) habilites reprsenter les splologues des pays (pays-membres) adhrents l'Union. (b) Il appartient aux splologues de chaque pays de dsigner suivant la mthode qui leur parat la meilleure deux reprsentants nationale, dont l'un est membre titulaire et l'autre membre supplant de l'Union. Ces reprsentants sont membres rgulaires de l'Union. Ces reprsentants doivent servir de lien entre le Bureau de l'Union et l'ensemble des splologues de leur pays, notamment pour les questions portant sur l'information, la documentation et le financement de l'Union. (c) Chaque membre reste en fonction pendant la priode comprise entre deux Assembles Gnrales de l'Union. Chaque pays peut renouveler sa confiance son membre titulaire et son supplant la fin de leur mandat, ou peut dsigner de nouvelles personnalits qui deviennent de droit les nouveaux membres titulaires et supplants; il doit faire connatre par crit cette dsignation au Bureau de l'Union avant l'ouverture de l'Assemble Gnrale. 10


(d) Les institutions qui s'intressent au dveloppement de la splologie et aux activits de l'Union peuvent adhrer l'Union en faisant une demande ecrite. (e) Les institutions adhrentes l'Union dsignent leur reprsentant pour l'Union qui est le membre adhrent et non votant de l'Union. Ce reprsentant maintient les contacts avec le Bureau et assure l'change d'informations entre l'institution adhrente et le Bureau. Article 3: Bureau de l'Union (a) Lors de chaque Assemble Gnrale, les membres titulaires (ou leurs supplants en cas d'indisponibilit des titulaires) lisent au scrutin secret un Bureau comprenant un Prsident, deux Vice-Prsidents, un Scretaire Gnrale, qui doit assumer aussi les fonctions du Trsorier, et des Scrtaires Adjoints en nombre fix par l'Assemble Gnrale. (b) Les membres du Bureau doivent tre des membres en foction (titulaires ou supplants) ou des personnes proposes ou recommandes par l'Assemble Gnrale. Ils doivent tous appartenir des pays diffrents. (c) L'lection de chacun des membres du Bureau et obtenue la majorit absolue des suffrages des membres prsents au premier tour, ou la majorit relative des suffrages des membres prsents au deuxime tour. En cas d'galit de voix au deuxime tour, la relation de voix du premier tour est dcisive, s'il est pareil, l'lection est valable aux bnfice du candidat plus g. (d) Le Prsident, les Vice-Prsidents et les Secretaires Adjoints ne sont immdiatement rligibles qu'une seule fois dans les mmes finctions. Le Secrtaire Gnral est rligible sans limitation de dure. (e) En cas de vacance du poste du Prsident, ses finctions sont assures par le doyen des Vice-Prsidents jusqu' L'Assemble Gnrale suivante. En cas de vacance du poste de Secrtaire Gnral, ses fonctions seront assures par un Secrtaire Gnral provisoire choisi par le Bureau. (f) Le Bureau de l'Union represnte le comit excutif qui livre les dcisions entre les Assembles Gnrales. Article 4: Assembles Gnrales (a) L'Union se runit en Assemble Gnrale au cours de chaque Congrs International de Splologie et entend les rapports du Prsident et du Scretaire Gnrale. Pour les dlibrations chaque pays dispose d'un seule voix. (b) Les reprsentants des pays membres qui doivent leurs cotisations plus que trois ans au date de l'Assemble Gnrale perdent leurs voix. Les pays-membres avec le retard plus long que cinq ans seront exclus de la liste des members de l'Union. (c) Au cours de son Assemble Gnrale, l'Union choisit la majorit relative des membres titulaires (ou supplants) prsents, parmi les diverses candidatures, le pays charg d'organiser le Congrs International suivant. En cas d'absence de candidature au cours d'un Congrs, ou en cas de renoncement du pays choisi, le Bureau de l'Union provoque de nouvelles candidatures et procde une consultation de la totalit de ses membres par correspondance; le choix est alors fait la majorit relative des votes reus dans les dlais prciss par le Bureau. 11 (d) Sur demande de son Bureau, ou la requte d'au moins dix pour cent des membres de l'Union adresses


au Bureau, l'Union peut se runir en Assembles Gnrale Extraordinaire ou procder des votes par correspondance pour rgler au mieux tout problme important intressant la splologie internationale. Ses dcisions majoritaires sont sans appel. (e) L'Assemble Gnral approuve l'activit des Commissions, Groupes de travail et Comits. (f) L'Assemble Gnrale peut donner, sur proposition du Bureau sortant, des titres honoraires aux membres sortants. Article 5: Fonctionnement de l'Union (a) Le Bureau est responsable devant l'Assemble Gnrale. Les activits du Bureau sont rgies par un Rglement Intrieur en accord avec les prsents Statuts. Ce rglement prcise les prrogatives, les attributions et les roles de chacun des membres du Bureau. (b) Le Bureau dcide de la cration de Commissions Pernamentes, Commissions Temporaires ou Groupes de travail charges d'tudier des problmes particuliers, et Comits non scientifique. Ces Commissions, Groupes de travail et Comits comprennent tous les splologues qui dsirent en faire partie. Au moment de leur constitution pendant un Congrs ou une Runion Internationale, elles lisent un Prsident qui est responsable de la Commission, Groupes de travail ou Comits devant le Bureau. Ces Commissions, Groupes de travail ou Comits doivent tenir le Bureau de l'Union au courant de leur activit. Dans le cas ou cette activit serait juge insuffisante ou devenue sans objet, le Bureau peut provoquer les mesures ncessaires pour accroitre ou suspendre l'activit des Commissions, Groupes de travail et Comits. (c) Le Bureau dcide de l'admission des institutions adhrentes l'Union. (d) Les langues officielles de l'Union sont celles des Congrs Internationaux (Franais, Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol, Italien et Russe). (e) Les moyens financiers de l'Union sont obtenus: 1. par une cotisation individuelle des participants aux Congrs Internationaux et toute le Runions Internationales patronnes par l'Union. Le montant de cette cotisation est fix lors de Assemble Gnrale et encaiss par les organisations des Congrs et Runions en meme temps que leurs droits d'inscription. 2. par des cotisations annuelles verses par les associations splologiques des pays adhrents l'Union ou alloues par des institutions officielles ou prives. 3. par des cotisations annuelles verses par les institutions adhrentes l'Union. 4. par des contributions exceptionnelles de sources diverses (institutions officielles ou prives, socits savantes ou commerciales, etc.), sous rserve que ces contributions n'engagent pas la position morale de l'Union. 5. par la vente de publications diverses offertes l'Union ou ralises sous son controle. 6. par tous autres dons et legats destins l'Union. (f) Le Secrtaire Gnrale-Trsorier est habilit recevoir et grer, selon les directives du Bureau, toutes les resources financires de l'Union. Il tient un comptabilit, dont il est responsable, et qui sera verifie, lors de l'Assemble Gnrale par deux commissaires aux comptes lus par cette Assemble parmi les rprsentants de pays autres que celui du Scretaire Gnral-Trsorier. Article 6: Commissions, Comits et Groupes de travail 12


(a) Les Commissions et Groupes de Travail (scientifique) et les Comits (non scientifique) sont dirigs par le Bureau. (b) La structure des Groupes de travail, des Commissions et des Comits de l'Union est suivante: 1. Departements qui devraient s'occuper de la protection, recherche scientifique, exploration, documentation et ducation. Le Dpartement se compose d'une Prsident nomm par les Prsidents des diffrentes Commissions et Groupes de travail dans ce Dpartement et approuv par l'Assemble Gnrale. Le Dpartement sera responsable d'envoyer le rapport et les propositions des Commissions et Groupes de travail l'Union pour sa postrieure transmission l'UNESCO. 2. Des Commissions qui seraient charges de problemes spcifiques et qui serviont pendant quatre annes, renouvellable par vote au l'Assemble Gneral suivant. 3. La transformation du Groupe de travail la Commission doit tre approuve par le prochain Assemble Gnrale. (c) Pour le fonctionement des Commissions et Groupes de travail, le Bureau donne les recommandations suivantes: 1. L'activit des Commissions, Comits et Groupes de travail doit ete organis sous la forme la plus simple. 2. En gnral les Commissions, Comits et Groupes de travail ne devaient pas avoir besoin d'un vote formel pour leur fonctionnement. 3. Si un vote formel est ncessaire il serait sur la base d'un voix par pays-membre qui participe d'une forme active aux travaux de la Commission, Comit et Groupe de travail. 4. Si une Commission, Comit ou Group de travail dsire organiser une activit dans un pays-membre, elle doit le communiquer au Secrtaire Gnral de l'Union pour obtenir l'accord de l'organisation splologique du pays en question par le dlgu national officiel. (d) Les membres du Bureau sont ex officio les membres de toutes les Commissions, Groupes de travail et Comits sans droit de voter. Article 7: Modification des Statuts et Contestations (a) Tout projet de modification des Statuts de l'Union doit etre soumis par crit au Bureau de l'Union au moins 6 mois avant l'Assemble Gnrale devant se tenir lors du Congrs International suivant. Ces propositions seront tudies par une Comit des Statuts en meme temps que celles relatives aux Congrs et soumises au jugement de l'Assemble Gnrale. Si les projects de modification importants pour la splologie internationale seront prsents entre les Congrs Internationaux de Splologie, la procedure de vote est ralise par l'Assemble Gnrale Extraordinaire ou par correspondance. (b) En cas de contestation sur l'interprtation des prsents Statuts, le text Franais fera seul foi. Commissions and Working Groups Working Group "Children and Caving" Commission "Children and Caving" had been formed within the Ukrainian Speleological Association in 1992 and it coordinates relevant activity within the CIS countries. 13 Coordination of children caving activity is perhaps more important for the CIS countries as there is great number children caving groups in Russia (over 40) and Ukraine (20). Such groups also exist in Turkmenia, Bulgaria,


Czech Republic. Activity of some groups is not confined to occasional visiting simple caves but is provided on regular basis in form of youth and children clubs or sections of adult clubs, and includes regular training, advanced vertical caving, search, exploration and survey of new caves, conservation projects, etc.) Exchange of information and literature have been provided between most of groups. Caving seminars and camps for young cavers were held every year (1993 and 1994 in Western ukraine, 1995 in Crimean Mountains). Competitions on caving technique for children were held in different countries (Russia, Turkmenia, Ukraine) in 1991-1994 and is being held in 1995 in Crimea. Young cavers from many places of Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenia, Bulgaria took part in these competitions. Some young caving groups from Russia and Ukraine provided for joint research projects. Conservation programs make a big part in teaching and training of young cavers. Some cave clean-up projects have been realized. American booklet for young cavers "Help Save the Caves" have been translated into Russian and sent to all our corespondents. In 1995 large ecological children camp is organized in the Western Ukraine, with archeological research, clean-up and gating projects in Verteba Cave included to the program. Large 12-days children caving camp is also organized in July in Crimea, Tchatyrdag Plateau, with about 130 participants from many places of Ukraine and Russia. Caving training seminar, vertical technique competitions and clean-up of some caves are included to the program. We would like to suggest a closer information exchange and coordination between group leaders and young cavers of different countries within the UIS Commission "Children and Caving". It can be achieved by preparing every year a special newsletter to be distributed to all groups and leaders concerned. For such newsletter, we ask all groups and leaders interested to provide for the following: 1) Prepare and send us a report about activities of your group (something like traditional season letters), and/or short information and notes on interesting trips, projects, events. It is recommended that children prepare such materials themselves. 2) Send us lists and copies of different publications about children activities in caves, information about educational and training programs concerned, etc. 3) Send us information about national events for children interested in caving, in which participation of groups from other countries is welcomed. We also suggest for discussion a possibility of organizing a children art and photograph exhibition on cave topics within the UIS Congress in Switzerland, 1997. The first issue of the above mentioned newsletter could be released by the end of 1995. Any other discussion of topics relevant to children activity is encouraged. Nataly Jablokova Commission on Physico-chemistry and Hydrogeology of Karst Report for 1995 Commission is preparing 2 nd completely new edition of the book "Cave Minerals of the World". Over 15 commission members are authors of different special topics and top 10 caves chapters of this book. It is complete up-to date, stat-of-the-art review of all cave mineralogy, based on papers of over 4 000 authors. The book is prepared to be interesting and useful to every caver, but have high scientific value. It is expected to be printed before next UIS Congress in Switzerland. Recently Commission has been restructured to improve its activity. Now it have national representatives producing contacts between members and board of commission and responsible for activities of members from every country. Commission also formed number of sections on specific topics: "Cave Mineralogy", "Speleothem Research", "Cave Climate", "Karst Geology and Geomorphology", "Karst Geochemistry", "Techniques for Location of New Caves", "Hydrochemistry", "Infiltration Research", "Climatic Impact on Karst" and "Radioactivity in Caves. More sections can be formed under request of commission members. 14


Luminescence of cave minerals program A: manuscript of monograph "Luminescence of Cave Minerals" was prepared in 1993, but has not been still published, because of luck of money for printing. Search for such funds is still in progress and this book may be prepared before the next Congress. Working Team on Speleothem Records of Environmental Changes: Significant advance in speleothem records of paleoenvironments has been achieved in 1995 year. It has been demonstrated that: 1. Calcite speleothems luminescence depend exponentially upon soil temperatures that are determined primarily by solar infrared radiation in case that cave is covered only by grass or upon air temperatures in case that cave is covered by forest or bush. In the first case, microzonality of luminescence of speleothems can be used as an indirect Solar Activity (SA) index, but in the second as an paleotemperature proxy. So in dependence on the cave site we may speak about "solar sensitive" and "temperature sensitive" luminescent speleothem records like in treering records, but in our case record may depend only on temperature either on solar irradiation: In case of Cold Water cave, Iowa, US we obtained high correlation coefficient of 0.9 between the luminescence record and Solar Luminosity Sunspot index and reconstructed sunspot numbers since 1 000 AD with precision in frames of the experimental error of their measurements in case of Rats Nest cave, Alberta, Canada we measured correlation of 0.67 between luminescence intensity and air temperatures record for the last 100 years and reconstructed annual air temperatures for last 1 500 years at the cave site with precision of 0.35 o C, but of the direct measurements 0.1 o C. No paleoclimatic method has ever demonstrated such good precision. Intensity of luminescence was not dependent on actual precipitations and sunspot numbers (zero correlation). 2. Striking correlation (with a correlation coefficient of 0.8) was demonstrated between the calibration residue delta 14 C record and a LLMZA speleothem record. The 14 C record represents the Cosmic Ray Flux (CRF) and modulation of the CRF by the solar wind. Using a luminescent record from Duhlata cave, Bulgaria we obtained a reconstruction of the solar modulation of the CRF during the last 50 000 years with resolution of 28 yrs. Original luminescent record exhibited correlation of 0.78 with an independent record of variations of intensity of the geomagnetic dipole for the same time span. Observed dependencies of the geomagnetic dipole intensity on the orbital variations and solar luminosity variations correlates excellent with the established theoretical equations. 3. Speleothem growth rate variations represent rainfall variations. Speleothems luminescence visualize annual microbanding, we used to derive proxy records of annual precipitations for the cave site. In case of Rats Nest cave, Alberta, Canada we reconstructed annual precipitations for last 280 years at the cave site with precision of 80 mm/year. By comparison of luminescent records with other solar proxy records we obtained reconstruction of growth rates and precipitations in Bosnek karst region near Duhlata cave, Bulgaria for the last 50 000 years and for the last 6 400 years with averaged step of 41 years (157 points) for Iowa, near Cold Water cave, US. 4. Luminescence microzonality was used to reconstruct Galactic Cosmic Rays Flux (out of the Solar System) during the last 6 500 years with 20 yr resolution by subtracting of an inverted luminescent SA record from residual 14 C record. Last result is a qualitative confirmation of recent views on origin of Cosmic Rays from superposition of Supernova explosions in our Galaxy. 5. NASA used a record of luminescence of a flowstone from Duhlata cave, Bulgaria to obtain a standard record of variations of Solar irradiance ("Solar constant") for the last 10 000 years by calibration of the luminescence record with satellite measurements. 6. Uplift of bedrock with the cave can be detected and precisely dated if speleothem luminescence is due to epithermal mineral forming waters in the older part of speleothem, but mixing of this waters with surface waters containing organic appear in younger parts of the speleothem. Next meetings of the Commission on Physical Chemistry and Hydrogeology and its Working Group on Speleothem Records of Environmental Changes will be held during the Symposium on "Climatic Change The Karst Record" in Bergen, Norway, August 1-4, 1996 and International Conference on "Scientific and Applied Methods for Discovering of New Caves" in Karlukovo, Bulgaria, August 8-11, 1996. Intensive search for external funds for commission activities is in progress. Commission call for proposals for new International programs. Yavor Yavorov Shopov 15


Commission on Volcanic Caves 8th symposium to be in Kenya. As a result of the formal responses to the "Response Form" attached to Newsletter #6, it is clear that most of the vulcanospeleological world wishes the 8th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology in 1998 to be in Kenya. (Good support for Giuseppe Licitra's proposal came from France and Spain, however.) Symposium Chairman or Co-Chairman will be: Hon. Jim Simons PO BOX 47363 Nairobi, Kenya The date has not been fixed. At the 7 th Symposium, the Commission and its friends expressed a strong preference for the week of February 1998 during which European universities will be on holiday. I have asked Jim Simons to work with UIS President Paolo Forti in setting the exact dates. More details will be supplied as soon as possible. Persons with information on hot to obtain "bucket shop" ("consolidator") fares to Nairobi are asked to send it to the Commission President as soon as possible. Possible Second vulcanospeleological conference of the Atlantic Islands. Alfredo Lainez has determined that it is not practical to convene a 2 nd Atlantic Islands conference int he Canary Islands in 1996. As Chairman of this Commission, I have expressed the hope that a similar conference will be possible at a later date. Siggi Jnsson also had proposed such a conference in 1996, to be held in Iceland. No recent word has been received about this. If the Icelandic society proceeds with this proposal, it will be announced in this Newsletter as soon as possible. William Halliday Techniques and Equipment Commission Here are the specific plans for the Techniques and Equipment Commission for 1996 and 1997. Vertical Usage Survey. In March or April 1996 we will send out a questionnaire to find out the types of SRT equipment used and the type of vertical pits done by cavers in their countries. It will be sent to Commission members, all national caving organizations, several selected publications in Europe and in other countries, and to cavers on the Cavers Digest on the Internet. (Caver Digest is in English, but it has many readers worldwide). The questionnaire will be a simple one with only five or six questions that can be easily answered and sent back by mail, FAX, or Internet. It might be appropriate to publish it in a forthcoming issue of the UIS News. This would held spread it to the widest possible audience. Please let me know if I can send you a copy for use in the UIS News.We could also use a copy of your mailing list of member organizations and their publications. Please send us a copy when convenient. 1996/1997 Issue of Techniques News. Results from this survey will be published in the 1996/1997 issue of Techniques News, the occasional newsletter of this Commission. It will accompany a 1995 survey made among the U.S. and Canadian members of the NSS Vertical Section. Research for History of SRT. For presentation on SRT History at the 1997 UIS Meeting and for publication in the 1997/1998 Techniques News, I am beginning to gather information. This will be presented in a paper at the Techniques and Equipment Session at the 1997 Meeting. I am also encouraging commission members to give a short verbal reports on the state of SRT in their countries at this Session. This material and their reports will also be published later in an issue of Techniques News and distributed to caving newsletters worldwide for their publication. David McClurg 16


La Commission des grandes cavits Rapport d'activit 1995 s'est inscrit dans la continuit des annes prcdentes, soit: mise jour constante de la liste des cavits dpassant 1 000 m de dnivellation, mise jour constante de la liste des cavits dpassant 40 000 m de dveloppement, mise jour des listes nationales "au coup par coup": il devient draisonnable d'entretenir la mise jour rgulire de toutes ces listes (201 prcisment). La Commission prpare pour le prochain Congrs International de Splologie (1997) un Atlas des grandes cavits mondiales en roches non-calcaires, ce qui l'obligera, provisoirement, dlaisser les cavits en roche calcaire. Enfin, en 1997, l'actuel prsident de la Commission, en exercice depuis 1973, souhaite et espre trouver un successeur. Considrant que, quoi qu'il advienne, il laissera une succession lourde grer, puisque la Commission travaille sans discontinuit depuis 1965, il conviendrait d'envisager un autre mode de fonctionnement: ce sera l'objet essentiel de la runion de la Commission lors du Congrs de 1997. Claude Chabert La commission des speleo-secours Rapport d'activits pour l'anne 1995 La Commission a poursuivi ses efforts d'informations et de contacts, tant avec les splologues qu'avec les organismes nationaux de secours et les fdrations qui dsirent en crer. Elle exerce une action de prvention en rpondant aux demandes de renseignements et en rdigeant des articles et exposs sur le sujet. Elle a eu la possibilit de diffuser de l'information via le bulletin du Corpo Nazionale de Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico qui met ses colonnes sa disposition. Elle encourage les Splo-Secours nationaux ouvrir leurs stages de formation aux splologues trangers. La Commission de Secours utilise au maximum les possibilits de rencontres que prsentent les Congrs organiss par les fdrations nationales; en 1995, elle a notamment particip des runions en France et Cuba; la participation de dlgus trangers lui permet de nouer des contacts et de mieux connatre leur organisation. Dans le cadre du prochain Congrs UIS, d'excellents contacts sont entretenus avec le Splo-Secours Suisse pour la mise sur pied d'une "Journe du Sauvetage souterrain" et avec le Splo-Secours Franais qui organisera aprs le congrs un "Camp International de Formation et de Rencontre sur le Secours". Une excellente collaboration existe avec la Commission Enseignements UIS et le Prsident actuel de la Commission Plonge est galement membre du Bureau Secours. Si l'loignement des membres du Bureau vehant de 8 pays diffrents handicape la tenue des runionselle est enrichissante pour la diffusion de l'ide Splo-Secours que chaque membre diffuse autour de lui et lors de ses dplacements des congrs ou des expditions. Le Commission est toutefois freine dans ses activits par une absence total de subventionnement: ses rlisations se font sans la moindre aide montaire, la prsidence et les membres du Bureau de la Commission doivent supporter tous les frais (timbres, fax, tlphone et mme le cot des dplacements vers les Congrs et runions). Projets et objectifs pour 1996/1997 1) Poursuivre les activits ci-avant anonces, soit: aider la cration et au dveloppement du secours dans le monde, rtablir les contacts pardus avec diffrents pays, tenir jour un listing des responsables du secours slo de tous les pays avec leurs spcificits (mdicins, para-mdicaux, artificiers, plongeurs, etc.), promouvoir le prvention, tablir un maximum de contacts relatifs aux secours avec les plongeurs, mdicins et splos secouristes, 17 intensifier les relations avec les Commissions Enseignement et Plonge de l'UIS et avec les Splo-Secours et Commissions Mdicales nationaux.


2) Apporter son soutien aux organisateurs suisses du prochain Congrs de l'UIS dans la mise sur pied d'une "Journe du Sauvatage Souterrain" et au Splo-Secours Franais dans l'organisation d'un "Camp de formation et de rencontres sur le secours" qui suivra immdiatement le Congrs de l'UIS. 3) Participer des Stages de Formation et des Sminaires de Splo-Secours (project actuels: Aguadilla Puerto-Rico 30/3 7/4/96 et Jaca Espagne 1-3/11/96). 4) Rechercher un pays organisateur pour le prochaine Rencontre Internationale de Secours. 5) Poursuivre la recherche de subventions. Appel: La Commission remercie les Fdrations qui soutiennent l'action de la Commission en faisant de la formation ou en mettant leurs revues notre disposition. Elle souhaite toutefois que davantage de pays ouvrent leur stage secours aux splologues trangers (comme c'est le cas notamment en France, Espagne, Italie, Bulgarie, Puerto-Rico). Par ailleurs, elle demande toutes les Fdrations splologiques et aux Splo-Secours de lui faire connatre leurs activits, nouvelles techniques et matriel de sauvetage. Enfin, suite aux changements go-politiques intervenus ces dernires annes, de nombreux contacts ont t rompus. Aussi la Commission demande-t-elle instamment aux fdrations concernes (entre autres la Rpublique Tchque, la Slovaquie, la Pologne et les nouveaux pays de l'ex-Yougoslavie et de l'ex-Union Sovitique) de reprendre contact avec elle. De mme, elle demande aux Fdrations ne possdant pas encore d'organisme de Splo-Secours d'tablir un contact avec alle. Composition du Bureau de la Commission: Prsident: Andr Slagmolen, rue A.Marbotin, 113, B 1030 Bruxelles, Belgique tl/fax 32/ Vice-Prsident: Dr.Gyorgy Denes, Borbely u. 5.II.4, H 1132 Budapest, Hongrie tl. 36/ Scrtaires: Edith Bednarik, Rebengasse, 49, A 2700 Wiener Neustadt, Autriche tl. 43/2622-21763 Trifon Daaliev, rue Esperanto, 8, BG 1225 Sofia, Bulgarie tl. 359/ bureau: Federation Bulgare de Speleologie, bd Tolbuhin, 18, BG 1000 Sofia, Bulgarie, tl. 359/ Alejandro Tellez-Gottardi, c/Serenata, 3 4 o -10, E 29600 Marbella (Malaga), Espagne tl. 34/952-77.67.68 bureau 34/952-77.67.53 Dr. Ercilio Vento Canosa, Guma 93A Ap.Postal 185, 40100 Matanzas, Cuba Responsable Mdical: Dr. Vladimir Pashovsky, Sportnastreet, Bloc 0 Apt. 8, BG 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgarie Responsable de la Sous-Commission Dblaiement: Jos L.Menjibar Silva, Ap.Correos 227, E 18080 Granada, Espagne Responsable des Traductions: Alejandro Tellez-Gottardi (voir ci-dessus) Membres: Alessio Fabbricatore, via Fattebenefratelli, 26, I 34170 Gorizia, Italie, tl. 39/481-53.15.14 fax 39/481-53.68.40 Walter F. Gutt, rue Aninoasa, 8, R 2200 Brasov, Roumanie 18


International Working Group Glacier Caves and Karst in Polar Regions Main outputs, projects and view of future: Spain A.Eraso: Application of the Prediction Method of underground drainage main directions: June-July 94: Expedition "Urales 94" with scientists from Russia and Ukraine Publication of the book: "Cuevas en hielo y ros bajo los galciares", written together with M.Pulina, and edited by McGraw-Hill (this book is to be translated to English) Feb.95: Participation to the International Glaciological Expedition "Hielo Patagnico 95" with scientists from Italia and Argentina 95-96: restructuration of the INTAS Glaciological Project with incorporation of scientists from Italy, Kyrgyzstan and Russia (expecting qualification) Summer 96: Organization and participation to the expedition "Islandia 96" September 1-7, 1996: Participation to our 4th Symposium in Salzburg Russia M.Moskalevsky: Spring 94: Franz Josef Land (FJL): Airborne radio-echo sounding Jan. 95: Antarctica, South Schetland, King George ice ca. Mass balance measurements and ground radio-echo sounding INTAS Glaciological Project (expecting qualification) Spring 96: FJL. Deep ice core drilling on Graham Bell ice cap Russia B.Mavlyudov: 94-95: Several international expeditions to study the Inilchek Glacier, Tian Shan (Kyrgyzstan) INTAS Glaciological Project (expecting qualification) Italy G.Badino: 1994: Inilchek Glacier, Tian Shan (Kyrgyzstan) Expedition "Hunza 94" to the Karakorum (Batura Glaciers) INTAS Glaciological Project (expecting qualification) Feb. 95: Expedition "Hielo Patagnico 95" (Argentina) Czech Republic J.Rehak: Summer 93: 2nd polar expedition to Spitzbergen. Investigations on Werenskiold and Torell glaciers Summer 96: 3rd polar expedition to Spitzbergen. Investigations on Werenskiold, Torell, Hans and Horn glaciers Poland M.Pulina, W.E.Krawczyk, J.Jania: Investigations on different glaciers in Spitzbergen Results of the investigations made on glacier caves have been used to write part of the book "Cuevas en hielo y ros bajo los glaciares" (author: A.Eraso and M.Pulina) published by McGraw-Hill in 1994 Austria H.Slupetzky: Investigations on cryo-karst phenomena on glaciers in the central Hohe Tauern (eastern Alps) Organization of our 4th Symposium (Salzburg 1-7, 1996) Canada 19


J.Schroeder: Aug-Oct. 94: Co-operations Universit du Qubec a Montral and University of Silesia: investigations of Hans Glacier (Svalbard, Spitzbergen) Video film "Svalbard, 78 o latitude Nord" well competed in different international meetings (Trente, Italy and Columbus, Ohio) Switzerland R.Wenger: 1994: Exploration and observation of about 20 shafts (moulins) in the Gornergletscher glacier 1995: New explorations of the Mer de Glace glacier in collaboration with French glaciologists 1996-97: Open to explorations of other glaciers with glaciologists of any country. We offer our experience in topography and photography. France M.Griselin, L.Moreau, L.Reynaud, E.Perrot, etc... 1993-1994: Argentiere glacier: measurements of the velocity of the glacier through the "cavitometer" (L.Moreau's doctorate thesis/Institute of Alpine Geography of Grenoble). Greenland and the Mer de Glace: investigation and exploration of glacier moulins ("Inlandsis 93" and "Inlandsis 94" expeditions). Spitsbergen: hydro-glaciological expedition on the Loven East Glacier and realization of the "Loven Story" video film (26 minutes) on the hydrology of the Loven East glacier. Organization of the 3rd Symposium of the Commission (Chamonix, Nov. 1-6, 1994) and publication of the corresponding proceedings. 1995/96/97: "Inlandsis 95" to Greenland: exploration of moulis and investigation on the wall deformations with realization of a 16 mm-movie. Spitzbergen: new hydroglaciological/geochemistry investigations in the polar regions glaciers. Presentation of M.Griselin's film "Vie et Science en Arctique" at the CNRS "30 Years of French Scientific Investigations in Spitzbergen", Oct. 1995, in Paris. Eraso Romero G.T.I.C.E.K. (Grupo de Trabajo International sobre Cuencas Experimentales en el Karst) 1994/1995: Publications of the Proceedings corresponding to the 1st meeting of the group (Matanzas, Cuba, April 1992). Editors: H.J.Llanos, I.Antigedad, I.Morell and A.Eraso. 2nd meeting of the group in Pinar del Ro, Cuba (April 1994) with the participation of scientists from: Cuba, France, Israel, Mxico, Republika Dominicana and Spain, and publication of the corresponding proceedings (Editors: A.Pulido-Bosch, J.R.Fagundo and J.E.Rodrguez-Rubio). 1996: III meeting of G.T.I.C.E.K. in Topes de Collantes, Sancti Spiritu, Cuba (Nov. 10-15, 1996). For more information, please contact: Dr. Juan R. Fagundo Castillo Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cienficas Av. 25 y 158, Cubanacan, Playa 20


Apdo. 6990. La Habana. Cuba or: Dr. Ignacio Morell Evangelisto Dept. Ciencias Experimentales Universitat Jaume I Apdo. 224.12071 Castelln. Espana E-mail: morell@vents.uji.es Commission of Bibliography The Report for 1995 Editing activity: The annual issue of the Speleological Abstracts SA/BBS/CTS No. 32 for 1993 was published in August 1994; it contains 244 pages and 4307 titles and abstracts. The annual issue of the Speleological Abstracts SA/BBS/CTS No. 33 for 1994 was published in August 1995; it contains 293 pages and 4932 titles and abstracts. Many thanks to all correspondents and contributors, mainly to Ray Mansfield, for their support and help. Other activities: No international working session, but a lot of correspondence, and some internal meetings. Some of these meetings are devoted to aspects of informatics, e.g. a bundle of SA/BBS/CTS on CD-ROM as a relational database; the access to SA/BBS/CTS data through Internet; the legal aspects of the copyright. And last but not least the care for finance in order to ensure in the future the print of the SA/BBS/CTS annual issue. Plans for 1996-1997: We work now on the next issue No. 34 for 1995, it will be published in the summer 1996. Subsequently we will begin the database for the issue No. 35 for 1996. In August 1997 we plan a working session of the Commission of Bibliography during the 12th International Congress of Speleology at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Dr. Reno Bernasconi Advisory Committee The Secretary General of the UIS obtained an official letter from Dr. Friedrich Oedl, Salzburg, Austria, who represented the Committee for a very long time, that after the 12 th International Congress of Spelology he will not be able to serve as the President of the Advisory Committee. Many thanks Friedrich! Nevertheless, there appeared the problem of the constitution of the new Advisory Committee which represents an important body within the UIS structure. The UIS Bureau welcome all proposals for the new personnel of the Committee as well as the nominations for the Committee President. He should be lawyer preferrably. From member countries ALBANIA The payment for caving in Albania resulted from governmental law and the payment is explained by the safety situation in Albania. There is the positive change as expeditions up to 10 persons and less than 15 days of stay are paying totally 50 USD, expeditions either stronger than 10 persons or staying longer than 15 days are paying 100 USD per stay. ITALY 21 The Italian Speleologial Society made an agreement with Milano Assicurazioni spa on the insurance of cavers. All foreign cavers with planned activities in Italian caves can use the insurance. The text (Convenzione Assicunsurance tra


SSI et Milano Assicurazioni spa) and necessary information is avilable in the Istituto Italiano di Speleologia, Via Zamboni 67, 40127 Bologna, Italy. Call for exchange I would also be interested in exchanging ideas, pictures and information with speleology enthusiastic like myself. Could you please include my name and address in your news or notice board? Many thanks in advance. Alexandre Lopes Camargo Rua 2 de outubro, 270 So Bernardo do Campo So Paulo, Brasil CEP 09780-120 Caving in Kyrghyzstan The Union of Kyrghyzstan speleologists will organize the SPELEO-FORUM "Kyrghystan-96" in the honour of the 30 th anniversary of speleology in the Republic. The activities of the SPELEO-FORUM will be held in karst region of the Osh Hills near the city of Osh in the South of the Republic on September 4 to 10, 1996. The participation in the SPELEO-FORUM can serve as an opportunity for new contacts, for the growth of new ideas and for new projects as well as to became acquainted with rare natural complexes of Kyrghyzstan, its people, customs, history and today's life of the historic place of the Central Asia. The program and terms of SPELEO-FORUM "Kyrghyzstan-96" September, 4 The arrival and registration. Location in the Camp. September, 5 The arrival and registration. The opening of the SPELEO-FORUM. The presentation of the program. Invitation banquet. September, 6 The observation tour to the region of the "Osh hills" (the Osh City, the ascent on the Suleiman Mount, market, historical and cultural monuments, caves and others). The organization of Round Table on the "Opportunities of the Development of Ecology in Speleology". September, 7 The visit of the Chill-Ustun Cave, the SPELEO Club and the Museum. September, 8-9 The open competitions of speleologists-climbers. The excursion to the Tuya-Muyun karst (30 km) the visit of Dangi Gorge and Big Barite and Surprise Caves. Round Table "The common problems in speleology". September, 10 Official ceremony of the SPELEO-FORUM and the opening of the Festival (videoshow, degustation of national dishes of Central Asia's people, the fair of souveniers and many others surprises). The Farewell Banquet will finish the SPELEO-FORUM. The participants of SPELEO-FORUM are served by transport, seats in campgrounds, group equipments and 22


appartments, full board. The interpreter's services are offered, the first medicine aid and excursions' services are also suggested. The reservation of return tickets in advance are not in committee's possibilities. The cost of the main program in the SPELEO-FORUM for one person is 240 USD. After the main program of the SPELEO-FORUM following possibilities can be offered: 1. 4-hours flight by AN-2 aircraft to the Pamir Mts. with the flight over the highest summits of the Lenin's and Communist's Peaks (the price will be stated at the place). 2. The rest in the mountain camp of Akh-Tash on the northern slopes of the Allay Mountains. The ascents on 5-thousand's mount, trekking to the glaciers, parties in bars, saunas, comfortable rooms, the complex passion of meals, ... The duration of 5-7 days is supposed. The cost for one person is 28 USD per day. 3. SPELEO-trekking "Along the caves of Southern Ferghana" in the duration of 5-7 days. The transport, campings, special equipment, food, interpreters and light are served. The cost for one person is 38 USD per day. 4. The mountain trekking "The Exotics of the Alay Mountains" in the duration of 5-10 days. The transport, campings, food, interpreters are served. The cost for one person is 43 USD per day. Address and contact telephone of the members of Organisation Committee: State Committee on Tourism and Sport of the Kyrghyz Republic Dudashvily Sergey Davidovich str. Togolok-Moldo, 17, Bishkek, 720023 Kyrghyzstan phone (3312) 22-04-78, 21-28-46 fax (3312) 21-28-45 SPELEO-Club "Chil-Ustun" district 8, h.40, f.19 Bishkek, 720020 Kyrghyzstan phones (3312) 46-36-77 Shmelev E.V., 41-47-63 Pichenjuk O.V., 22-48-30 Galtsova M., 43-40-11 Pak N.G. fax: (3312) 21-85-22 Dudashvily Sergey Davidov XXII Partycongress street, h.18, f.11. Aravan, Osh District Kyrghyzstan tel: (33251) 2-29-51 Directorio de la Federacion Espeleolgica de America Latina y el Caribe (FEALC) Address List of the Speleological Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Countries We are presenting here the new changes of addresses and of personnel of the FEALC as they were published in Mundos Subterrneos, No. 6, September 1995. Anguilla David Carty Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society. Rock Field, Anguilla Argentina Carlos Benedetto Fax (54) 1-661.6661 Secretario General FEALC Instituto Argentino de Investigaciones Espeleolgicas (INAE) Casilla de Correos 103, (5600), San Rafael-Mendoza, Argentina 23


Delegado FEALC Rolando Vergara Fax (54) 943-29876 Grupo Azul de Espeleologa y Montanismo del Neuqun C.C.285. 8300 Neuqun. Argentina Aruba Julio Maduro Tarabanaweg #9, Oranjestad. Aruba Bahamas Jill Yager Fax (513) 767.1891 P.O.Box F-931, Bahamas Department of Biology, Antioch University Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387, USA Belice Harriot W.Topsey Archaeological Commissioner. Dept. of Archaelogy Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture Belmopan, Belice Bermuda Thomas Illife Tel. (409)-740.5002 Department of Marine Biology Texas A & M University P.O.Box 1675, Galvestone-TX 77553 USA Bolivia Rodolfo Becerra de la Roca Tel. (591) 2.32.1619 Asociacin Conservacionista de Torono Casila 1749-La Paz, Bolivia Brasil Jose Ayrton Labegalini Fax (55)-35-465.2040 Rua Ernesto Gotardelo, 410 37580 Monte Sio MG Brasil Colombia Eliseo Amado Gonzalez Ludis Morales Tel. (57) 1-415.2968 Calle 34B, n o 96-19, Int. 2, Ap. 203, Bogot D.E.Colombia Costa Rica Guillermo Cortes Padilla Hatillo 1, Casa #291, San Jos, Costa Rica 24


Cuba Antonio Nunez Jimenez Tel. 22.5025 y 29.2760 9na. n o 1842, esq.84 Playa, La Habana, Cuba Ecuador Giovanni Onore Fax 593-2-565912 P.U.C. Quito-Apartado 2184-Quito Ecuador Mexico Jose G. Palacios Vargas Tel. (52.5)658-4747 Prol.Moctezuma 100 B, Col. Romero de Terreros Del. Coyoacn O4310 Mexico, D.F. Tel. 622-4902 Fax (525) 6-22-4828 Jose A. Gamboa Vargas Tel. (99) 24-62-48 Calle 44#519 M, por 69 y 71 97000, Mrida, Yucatn, Mexico Peru Carlos Morales Bermudez Fax Treck Per 51-14-468030 Ave. Brasil 1815-Lima 11, Peru Puerto Rico Carlos Conde Costas G.P.O. Box 4424-San Juan Puerto Rico, 00936 Republica Dominicana Domingo Abreu Tel. 531-562.2080 Espeleogrupo.Apartado B-100, Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana Uruguay Alejandro Olmos Flores Fax 598-3-64-26-54 Centro Espeleolgico Uruguayo "Mario Isola" Rivera 380, Durazno, Uruguay Venezuela Franco Urbani Sociedad Venezolana de Rspeleologa Apartado 47.334 Caracas 1041-A Venezuela Tel. y Fax 58-2-662-78-45 25


Comite ejecutivo de la FEALC (1992-1996) Presidente: Franco Urbani (Venezuela) Vicepresidente: Antonio Nunez Jimenz (Cuba) Secretario General: Carlos Benedetto (Argentina) Secretarios Adjuntos: Jos G. Palacios Vargas (Mxico) Jill Yager (Bahamas) Rodolfo Becerra (Bolivia) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELELOGY NEW SUBSCRIPTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPELEOLOGY ARE VITAL: PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO GET MANY MORE! Address: Prof. Ezio Burri, Editor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of L'Aquila, Via Vetoio-Loc. Coppito, I-67100 L'Aquila, Italy, t.: 0039-862-433222, f.: 0039-862-433205 A NNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS CHANGED The UIS General Assembly decided to rise annual contributions of the UIS member countries. eginning with 1994, the annual contributions will be as follows: B Category A 300 USD Category B 200 USD Category C 50 USD Each UIS member country has the free choice of the category in accordance with its own financial possibilities and with the number of speleologists or speleological societies/ associations/ federations/ lubs/ institutions c The UIS Bureau is authorized to reduce or to remit the contributions, if the UIS member country makes a respectively written demand. If the UIS Bureau requires, the UIS member country has to give reasons for the difficulties of a payment. The authorization of the UIS Bureau to reduce or remit the contributions confirms that the impossibility of a payment by actual political problems of difficulties will not be an argument to exclude any member country from the international collaboration within the structure of the UIS. Older numbers of the UIS-Bulletin The volume 38 of the UIS-Bulletin as well as the most earlier volumes of the UIS-Bulletin are available on request by the UIS Past-President Prof. Dr. Mag Hubert Trimmel (Draschestrasse 77, A-1230 Wien, Austria). The volumes 39 to 41 are available on request by the UIS Secretary General Dr. Pavel Bosk. Editor: Dr. Pavel Bosk, the Secretary General of the International Union of Speleology c/o Czech Speleological Society Kalinick 4 6 CZ-130 00 Praha 3 Czech Republic 26


Published by the Publishing House "Zlat K", (P.O.Box 8, Kaprova 12, CZ-11001 Praha, Czech Republic) 27


SPELEOLOGICAL EVENTS IN 1996-1998 (For events in the U.S.A. see the Calendar in each number of the NSS News) N Cave Science Symposium 1996 02-24 Stafford, UK BCRA Dr. Terence M. Whitaker, Greenfoot Barn, Low Bentham, Via Lancaster, LA2 7EQ, UK I Stage International de Perfectionnement de cadres aux methodes de desobstruction souterraine 1996 03-01 03-03 Fromelennes, France FFS Jos Prevot, B.P. 149, 08205 Sedan Cedex tel.: 24292173 I 1st International Competition in SRT 1996 03-29 04-08 Liupanshui, P.R. China Academia Sinica Ms. Du Rongyun, Institute of Geology, Academia Sinica, P.O. Box 9825, Beijing 100029, P.R. China tel.: 86-10-2027766 fax: 86-10-4919410 Fee: cca 140 USD N NCRC Cave Rescue Seminar 1996 03-30 04-07 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico NSS National Cave Rescue Commission, Carribean Region, Mimi Ortiz, El Monte Sur, G-711, Hato Rey, P.R. 00918 Fee: 130-140 USD I 3rd Regional Geomorphological Conference 1996 04-09 04-21 Budapest, Veszprm, Hungary Int.Assoc.Geomorphologists, Hung.Geogr.Soc. Hungarian Geographical Society, Budapest, Hungary N 38. Tagung der Hugo-Obermaier-Gesellschaft 1996 04-09 04-12 Regensburg, FRG Hugo-Obermaier-Gesellschaft Hugo-Obermaier-Gesellschaft, Universitt Erlangen, Kochstrasse 4, 91054 Erlangen, FRG N Speleofrum 96 1996 04-18 04-21 Rudice, Czech Republic Czech Speleological Society Czech Speleological Society, Kalinick 4-6, 130 00 Praha 3 fax: 0042-2-272460 cca 30 USD I Festival International de l Image Souterraine 1996 04-30 05-05 Nice, France FFS Patrick Bessueille, Club Alpin Francais, 14, Avenue Mirabeu, 06000 Nice, France N Symposium on Research, Conservation and Management 1996 05-01 05-05 Aggtelek, Hungary Aggtelek Natl. Park, Speleol. Inst., CEE-WEB, Slovak Karst Landscape Protected Area Rbert Horvth, Aggtelek National Park Directorate, Jsvaf, P.O.BOX 6, 3758 Hungary tel. 0036-48-350006 fax: 0036-48-343073 N Pseudokarst features in 1996 05-17 st nad Labem, Czech Agency for Nature and Landscape Conservation Dr. Lubo Strka, Management of Protected Landscape Areas, Kaplanova 1931, 28


neovolcanics of the Czech Republic 05-19 Czech Republic 148 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic I 2nd International Symosium of Geotope Protection 1996 05-20 05-23 Roma, Italy ENEA Francesco Zarlenga, ENEA/CRE -CASACCIA, S.P. 105, Via Anguillarese 301, 00060 Roma, Italy Fee: 300 000 LIT I ALCADI 96 1996 05-21 05-27 Postojna, Slovenia Speleol.Assoc., Karst Res. Inst. Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Titov trg 2, 66230 Postojna, Slovenia tel.: 00386-67-24781 fax: 00386-67-23965 e-mail: IZRK@ZRC-SAZU.Sl Fee: cca 150 USD N Jahrestagung des Verbandes der deutscher Hhlenund Karstforscher 1996 05-24 05-27 Blaubeuren, FRG Verband Dtsch. Hhlenund Karstforscher Thilo Mller, Storchenweg 13, 73630 Remshal-den-Rebseck, FRG I XIVth International Symposium Theoretical and Applied Karstology 1996 05-26 06-01 B_ile Herculane, Romania Emil Racovi__ Speleol. Inst., Prospectiuni SA Emil Racovica Speleological Institute, Bucharest, Romania Fee: 30-60 USD I International Conference on Karst-Fractured Aquifers Vulnerability and Sustainability 1996 06-10 06-13 Katowice, Ustro_, Poland Univ. of Silesia, IAH Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, University of Silesia, ul. Bedzinska 60, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland tel. 0048-32-1916888 fax: 0048-32-1915863 e-mail: rozkowsk@us.edu.pl fee: 125-300 USD accom: 180-325 USD I 4th International Karstological School Classical Karst 1996 06-24 06-28 Postojna, Slovenia Karst Res. Inst. Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Titov trg 2, 66230 Postojna, Slovenia tel.: 00386-6-24781 fax: 00386-67-23965 e-mail: IZRK@ZRC-SAZU.Sl I International Conference Caves in Arts 1996 07-23 07-26 Jsvaf_, Hungary Slovak Karst and Slovak Paradise, Slovakia MKBT, Inst. Speleol., Aggtelek Natl. Park MKBT, F ut. 68, 1027 Budapest, Hungary tel.: 0036-1-2019493 fax: 0036-1-1561215 Fee: cca 200 USD I EUROLAT 96 1996 07-28 07-31 Aveiro, Portugal Univ. de Aveiro EUROLAT 96, Departamento de Geocincias, Universidade de Aveiro, 3800 Aveiro, Portugal tel: 00351-34-370200 fax: 00351-34-370605 Fee: 17500 PTE Exc.: 5000 PTE (karst bauxites) I Climatic Change 1996 Bergen, University of Bergen Karst Symposium, Department of Geology, 29


30 The Karst Record 08-01 08-04 Norway Allegaten 41, 5007 Bergen, Norway fax: 0047-55589417 e-mail: Stein-Lauritzen@geol.uib.no Fee: 2500 NOK Exc.: 1200-7500 NOK N NSS Convention and UIS Bureau meeting 1996 08-03 08-09 Salida, Colorado, USA NSS Skip Withrow, 5404 South Walden St., Aurora, CO 80015, USA, t.: (303)693-0997 I Pre-Congress karst excursions Nos. T107, 108, 114, 117 30th International Geological Congress Karst excursion No. 206 Post-Congress karst excursions Nos. 337, 342, 346, 347, 349 1996 07-27 08-03 1996 08-04 08-14 1996 08-10 08-11 1996 08-15 08-23 Beijing, China International Union of Geological Sciences Prof. Zhao Xun, Deputy Secretary General, P.O.Box 823, Beijing 100037, China, t.: 0086-10-8327772 and 8323188, f.: 0086-10-8328928, E-mail zhaox@bepc2.ihep.ac.cn, fees: 100-350 USD, karst excursions: 161-1578 USD without local transportation I 28th International Geographical Congress: Land, Sea and the Human Effort incl. World Coastal Karst Environments Symposium 1996 08-05 08-10 The Hague, The Netherlands IGU Congress Secretariat, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University, P.O.Box 80115, NL-3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands, t.: 0031-30-532044, f.: 0031-30-540604 I 11th International Symposium on Speleotherapy 1996 08-06 08-11 Berezniki, Ural Mts., Russia Russian Acad. Sci., UIS Prof. Dr. Arkady Krasnoshtein, Mining Institute, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 614007 Perm, Russia fax: 007-3422-640969 I International Caving Conference: Discovering of New Caves and Cave Systems 1996 08-08 08-11 Karlukovo, Bulgaria Club Extreme and BFS Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, 75 Vassil Levski Blvd., BG-1000 Sofia tel.+fax.: 878812


Scientific and Applied Methods Excursions 1996 08-12 08-15 I VIIth European Bat Research Sympoium 1996 08-12 08-16 Konigshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands Peter Lina, 7th EBRS, c/o National Reference Centre of Nature Management, P.O.Box 30, NL-6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands fax: 0031-8370-27561 I 4th International Symposium on Glacier Caves and Cryokarst in Polar and High Mountain Regions 1996 09-01 09-07 Alpinzentrum Rudolfshtte, Uttendorf (Salzburg), Austria Int.Working Grp. Glacier Caves... UIS Univ.Prof.Dr. Heinz Slupetzky, Institut fr Geographie der Universitt, Hellbrunnerstrasse 34/III, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria, fax: 0043-662-8044525 cca 480 USD N Touristic Caves, Research, Conservation, Exploitation 1996 09-18 09-20 Medzev, Slovakia Management of Slovak Caves Management of Slovak Caves, Hodova 11, 031 01 Liptovsk Mikul tel: 0042-849-20158 fax: 0042-849-24550 cca 50 USD I 5. Pseudokarst Symposium 1996 09-19 09-22 Galyatet, Mtra Mts., Hungary Vulkanoszpeleolgiai Kollektiva, MKBT, Hungary Eszterhs Istvn, Kztrsasg u 157, H-8045 Isztimr, Hungary N Sixieme Rencontre d Octobre 1996 10-05 10-06 Grotte d Osselle, Doubs, France FFS Splo-Club de Paris, c/o Club Alpin Francaise, 24 Avenue de Lumiere, 75019 Paris I International Meeting of Show Caves 1996 10-14 10-20 Aggtelek, Hungary MKBT, Inst. Speleol., Aggtelek Natl. Park, SSJ, ISCA MKBT, F u. 68, 1027 Budapest, Hungary, tel.: 0036-1-2019493 fax: 0036-1-1561215 cca 250 USD I SPELAEUS FLUMEN 96 1996 11-O1 11-03 Fiume Veneto (Pordenone) Unione Speleologica Pordenonese C.A.I. Unione Speleologica Pordenonese C.A.I., 33170 Pordenone, Italy t.: (434) 28806 fax: (434) 959429 I IIIrd Meeting of G.T.I.C.E.K. Primer Taller Cubano de Hidrogeologia 1996 11-10 11-15 Topes de Collantes, Sancti Spirita, Cuba GTICEK, UIS Dr. Juan R. Fagundo Castillo, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cientficas, Av. 25 y 158, Cubanacan, Playa, Apdo. 6990. La Habana, Cuba e-mail: dqcenic@informed.sld.cu N III. Congreso Nacional Mexicano de Espeleologa 1996 12-26 12-30 Estato de Campeche, Mexico UMAE UMAE, Apdo. Postal 150 Cordemex Mrida, Yucatn, Mxico tel.: (99) 41194 fax: (99) 410189 I Tercer Congreso Espeleologico de FEALC 1997 02-02 02-08 Malargue, Argentina FEALC III. CEALC, C.C. 103, (5600) San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina fax: (54) (0627) 70470 Fee: 70 USD I 7th International 1997 Portoro_, ATH, Karst Res. Inst. SAZU Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Titov trg 31


Symposium on Water Tracing 05-26 05-31 Slovenia 2, 66230 Postojna, Slovenia tel.: 00386-67-24781 fax: 00386-67-23965 e-mail: IZRK@ZRC-SAZU.Sl Fee: 80-400 USD Exc.: 90 USD N NSS Convention 1997 07-23 07-27 Sullivan, Missouri, USA NSS Pam Saberton, 3820 Juniata St., St. Louis, MO 63116, t.: (314)772-6956 I Pre-Congres camps and scientific excursions Multimedia festival 12e Congrs International de Splologie UIS Commisson activities and specialized colloquia Post-Congres camps and scientific excursions 1997 07-27 08-09 1997 08-07 08-09 1997 08-10 08-16 1997 08-17 08-27 1997 08-17 08-27 La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland Schweizerische Gesellschaft fr Hhlenforschung 12e Congrs Internationale Case postal 4093 CH-2304 La Chaux-de-Fonds 4, Switzerland I Meeting M3 Classical Karst Fourth International Conference on Geomorphology 1997 08-24 08-28 1997 08-28 09-03 Postojna, Slovenia Bologna, Italy Int. Assoc. Geomorphol., Univ. of Bologna Fee: 850 000 LIT IV International Conference of Geomorphology, Planing Congressi s.r.l., Via Crociali 2, 40138 Bologna, Italy tel.: 0039-51-302980 fax: 0039-51-309477 e-mail: 32


33 MICHELE.GALANTINO@PL ANNING.INET.IT Fee: 300 000-800 000 LIT I IXth International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology 1998 09-12 09-18 Catania, Italy Italian Speleo logical Society G.M.Licitra, Centro Speleo Etneo, Via Cagliari 15, 95127 Catania, Italy fax: 0039-95-437018 Note: I International event, R Regional event, N National event IMPORTANT NOTE to all organizers of the speleological events. The use of the name and/or logo of the International Speleological Union (UIS) in the title or subtitle of the event brings some duties: (1) the use of the name and/or logo have to be confirmed by some of the UIS Bureau membbers and (2) the use of the name and/or logo is against the payment. According to the motion of the Assembly General of the 9th International Congress of Speleology, Bowling Green, USA, July 22, 1981, point 4, the payment per capita in the UIS events are set at 5% of the event registration fee, with a minimum of 3 USD (see UIS Bull., 22, 1/2, p. 28).


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