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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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Reactions to peace are mixed By Marilyn Evon Oracle Staff Writer USF's students greeted the end of the longest war in United States' history with marked skepticism and cautious optimism. In sharp contrast to c itizen reaction at the end of this century's other major wars, peace in Vietnam wasn't met with dancing in the stre e t. and hysterical glee THE GENERAL fee ling on this c ampus was apprehension, and relief. "The American people cannot be sure y et, said one "Our primary concern is seeing the guys back home The honorable peace part is a joke. friday's There can't be an honorable peace to a dishonest war." Many students agreed international problems would not stop with the sign i ng of a paper. "AS LONG as governments play the 'good guy bad gu y game there will always b e conflict," said one dorm resident. "Personally, .. I think that within one year South Vietnam will be in the same it was before we got there." "I have a 10-year-old brothe r who has never known anything but the war and the s pace race Hopefull y now he can relax and live a normal child's life, replied Cathy Smith of Brandon. One unusual reaction came from a chernistry major who said he was concerned about his job prospects with Dow Chemical Corporation I reall y want peace, he said, "but you might say I have a conflict of interest." A FEW students noted the irony of the peace announcement coming the day after the d n gmost expressed regret that Johnson-died before seeing the war s end. One student however, had a different reaction conc erning Johnson. "As a Buddist, I must say that Johnson's bad karma kept the war from ending long before now lmmediatel:ii after his influence was removed, peace was announced." A celebration of peace is planned Monday at 2 p m. on the mall between the UC and the Administration Building. Sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs and the USF Chaplin Association, the celebration is to signal the end to the Vietnam war. "This is a great event," said Phy llis Marshall, Student Affairs coordinator. "We want to bring together faculty and students who have a need to express their awareness of the -process of peace negotiations. -' --.. ---The celebration is scheduled to begin with songs by Elizabeth Wrancher, associate professor of Music Arts. Presentations of thanks for prophets of peace and martyrs of war will be followed by a litany of confession of wrongness of war. A look to the future stres s ing the need for responsible judgements and dedication to continue to for peace and justice will conclude the program, Marshall said theORACLE January 26, 1973 Vol. 7 No. 104 12 pages Hooker's Point Oracle Photo by Gary Lantrip .. sewU{!;e plant has r eac h e d it s ca p ac ity Tampa sewage system beyond its capacity Ed. Note: Rapid growth in urban are a s has caused many problems, but one of the most serious i s what to do with the large amounts of sewage produced b y mass concentrations of people. This article, ffr s t in a two part series, investigates the growing sewage cris i s in the Tampa area. By Jack Carlisle Oracle Staff Write r Tampa is fast approa c hing it s sewage treatment limit s. (analysis] At Poirit c ity officials are considering allowing septic tank trucks to dump in orange groves. Court of Review recommends go ahead on reapportionment ENVIRONMENTALISTS contend sewage dumping in groves would seep back into cit y water supplies via underground streams. They say putting the sewage through Hooker s Point and passing it into Hillsborough Bay would cause less harm to city water supplies. By Christy Barbee Oracle Staff Write r Following inaction b y the Student S e nate with only a week remaining before Student Government electio n s, the Student Court of Rev ie w a dvi s ed SG Pres. Mark Adams Tues d ay to go ah e ad with a pla n for reapportionm e nt of th e Se nate Adam s ordered a r evis ed apportionm e nt plan inclu de d in the t e xt of th e court d ec i s i on, to b e impl e m e nt e d imm e di a t e ly. The p l an i s base d o n Qtr. 1 enro llm e nt figur es for eac h c oll e g e in dis tri c t s d e t e r min e d b y th e s tud e nt s m a j o r THE C O URT rul e d A d a m s c o u l d orde r th e plan into e ff ec t b eca u se o f hi s c o n s tituti o n a l res p on s i b ilit y t o in s ur e rop e r co nd uc t o f s c h e d u l e d e ler.tions. T h e S e na t e t able d t h e Lill on r eappo rti o n m e nt Th m s d a y o f l as t w e e k a nd fail e d t o alla in a q u o r um in a s p ecial sess i o n c alled on t h e m a tt e r M o mla y This constitute d a n e m erge ncy jeopardizing the SG ele c tion s the Court ruled. The stor y below s hows candidate s for SG a cc ordin g t o college, and unopposed. those races. The n e wly apportioned seats, and the candidates running for e a c h in W ednesday's election arc: College of Social Science (2310 enrolled-five senators): Distric t (86, 0 enrolled-Anthropolog y G corgraphy, Latin American studies, Non-West ern studicH, lntcrnutional R elations, Politic ul Science, Afro-American and History-two senators ) -Ed Schlcssingcr und L eonard Connors; Di strict 2 (953 cnrolled)-Audio, S peech P athology P s y chology, Gerontolog y und Rclmbilitntion-two si!"lriel ()O:.! cr ollcl-two Educalion anil Edt1t'alio11)-Jt>ff :ri .... 111n11; * Distric t 4-(502 enrolled-one senator-Aduit Education, Guidance,Visual Library Ed. Distributive Ed.) Carly l e College of Engineering (1085 enrolled-two senators-includes all Engineering majors)-Michael Cre w .and Douglas MacPhe r son. College of Fine Arts (713 enrolled-one senator distrie t includes all majo r s)-Dulc Broadfield. College of Language-Literature (1533 enrollcd threc senators): Distric t l ( 5 4 8 enrolled-tine senator-Eng li s h S p e e c h E n g li s h/Spcech)-Larry Flegle : Distriet 2 ( 432 enrolled-one senator-French, Gcr1111111, M o d ern Lungunges, Al\IS, Philosophy, Heligion. C.lussics, Linguistics, Hussian, l-lnmanitit.,;)-no candidutcs. Oi s trit"I :{ (553 enrolled-one scnntor-Mns s ( :01111111111ic11t ions)-Uori Wind. Colltg of N 111tiral Sci ences ( 1885 enrolled-four !'it'nators ) : Dis t rid I ( nrollrd-onc senator-Div i sion of Natural S .. ie nt"c, Muthrmatic,, Phys ics) D cnnis \'1111i1t r Murphy. Joh11 Giglio: Dis lritI :.! p .;311 t'llrollt'd orH' st1111tor-U111 t criolog)' ( ; ,olol-(\". Botny 1111d C lu rni str) ')-Ft li x Bndtn 1111d llownrd S tt t lt: Di stri.-t :1 (5(,t) t 11ro llt-tl011t se1111to r-l're-111cd. Nors inl-(. \ltdi .. irot)l'eltr llollund. John F lt-mini-(: Di ,i.ritI t ( i.:-;:1 c11rollt d -0111 '<' 1111torZool o g y and But City Water Resources Director Dale Twachtmann argues that sludge dumped from septic tanks and unloaded into the Tampa sewage plant is passing out of that plant virtually untreated because the plant isn't designed fo process that kind of sewage. ,. "IT GOES straight through our plant. Our plant doesn't do a whole lot with it," Twachtmann said addr ; essing the city council on Dec. 15. He explained the truc k s pi c k up oil and gr e a se from se rvi ce s tations and r estaraunts as w ell a s s e pti c tank w as te. About 10 p e r ce nt of th e ar ea us es the se pti c t ankt y p e o f dis po s al sys t e m," h e s aid. ON NOV. 28 a nd 29 around 3 0 mil lion g allo n s of se w age w e r e po ur e d int o th e bay b eca u s e valve c ov e r s at H ook e r 's Po int had t o b e r ep l a ced. Conlinut:< I on pu:c


2 -THE ORACLE JANUARY 26, 1973 Fierce fighting in fin al war days PHNOM PENH (UPI) Government tro ops fell int o a fierce battle with Cambodian Communist forces Khmer Roug e Wednesday only 16 mil e s south of the capital along Highwa y 2 War goes on SAIGON (UPl)-American warplanes and South Vietnamese and Communist troops pressed on with the Vietnam War Thursday, each side trying to gain additional territorial advantages in the less than three days remaining before the cease-fire. wtath tr Partly cloudy with a 20 per cent chance of rain today, 40 per cent tonight. Low temperatures will be in.the upper SOs with the high near 80. Id news w 0 r britfs Laos cease-fire WASHINGTON (UPI)A cease-fire will go into effe c t in Laos Feb 11, mor e than two weeks after Saturday's scheduled cease-fire in Vietnam, it was reported Thursday. Indonesia, Hungary a nd Pol a nd on the supervisory group a s s oon as peace documents wer e sign e d by all four parties to the Pa r i s Spying LOS ANGELES (UPI)Serious doubts Documents taken from secret files by Daniel Ellsberg could OITA WA (UPl)-External have given enemy powers an Affairs Minister Mitchell Sharp insight into operations of the said Wednesday Canada-alCentral Intelligence Agency, a .. though_ it had "serious doubt.s"_.,_ witness testified Wednesday at was prepared to serve on a peace thePentagon Papers triaL supervisory team in Vietnam for LBJ buried up to 60 days. Sharp told Parliament Canada STONEWALL, Tex. (UPl) would formally agree to join Lyndon Baines Johnson, who Judge bans flag PENSACOLA (UPl)--Hailing a federaj order banning .the Confederate flag at Escambia high school, a state NAACP leader Thursday urged all citizens -of Escambia Cciunty to try to unify the community "in the spirit of one family one people and one nation." deferred TALLAHASSEE (UPl)--The law enforcement department report on .the undisclosed $25,000 spent by the Democratic Party on Gov. Reubin Askew's campaign will be referred to a future grand jury, State Attorney Harry Morrison said Thursday. pollution florid a news briefs Housing dollars TALLAHASSEE (UPl)Gov. Reubin Askew's Housing and Community Developement task force recommended Thursday that the state set up a $10million loan fund and form a housing division to help more than a million housing-poor" families find suitable homes. _Milk money WASHINGTON (UPl)-Florida Dair y men Thursday asked their Congressmen for help in getting an increase in the government support pri ce for milk suffered from the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis and now is in a nursing home where Thomas said she is unaware of what is going on and unable to do even the simplist things for herself. UM tuition up MIAMI (UPl)--The University of Miami Board of Trustees voted Thursda y to increase undergraduate tuition by $100 beginning in September. The Board said the tuition hike was nec e ssary becaus e o f inflation and the university s desire to enhanc e its s ought p eace a nd p ro p eri t y for his country but was plague d b y a war in a r e mot e l a n d was bu r i e d Thurs day in th e rain ju s t 100 yards from whe r e h e was b o rn 6 4 years ago. Abortion opinion ATLANTA(UPl)-Any licensed physician, who in his "best clinical judgment" believes an abortion is necessary and says so in writ i ng, can legally perform such an operation in Georgia, the stat e att o rney g enera l 's offi ce said W e dn esday Asylum MEXI C O CITY (UPl) Th e Mexican gov ernment said Thursday it has grant e d poli t i cal asylum on a provisional basis to a group of Haitians, who exchanged kidnaped U .S. Ambassador Clinton E. Knox and his consul in Port-au-Prince for $70,000 and a flight to Mexico. Replace Student Gov't. with College Councils VOTE Joe Chaitkin The future of S.G. lies in the College Councils which are established in each college-representative of the college views and productive for all students-riot iust a few! By replacing S.G. with college councils it will allow students a direct outlet for their problems. Vote to help Joe Cha-itkin. help you. The pollution inde x in Tampa yesteday was 36--moderate. Love story undergraduate programs and facilities PAt D POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT ____ _..., === Air Pollution Index Scale 0-19 light 20-39 4-0-59 60-79 80-99 100-plus moderate heavy v e r y heavy '.extremely heavy acute Source! Hillsborough County Environmental Pro.leclion Agency ST. PETERSB URG (UPl) Howard Thomas works nights and devot e s the r e st of hi s waking to car e and devotion of a wife he loves enough to divorc e as the onl y means of ge t ting ne c essary medical assistance to keep h e r alive. His wife Ruth ha s l o ng Thi: Ora..!1 : i s o ffi c i a l slu

THE ORACLE JANUARY 26, 1973 3 Prof works to dispel/ sickle cell myths By Lenora Lake Oracle Staff Writer Curtis Wienker, USF physical anthropologist, is working to dispel! some of the myths surrounding sickle cell anemia Working in conjuction with the Hillsborou-gh County Health Department, Wienker analyzes data collected to determine if there is any age or geographic of the incidence of the sickle cell gene "THE MAIN problem 1s people are not fully aware of what it means to have sickle cell traits. The mythology is continually perpetuated," Wienker said. "We are trying to Sewage Continued from page 1 In September, a septic tank dump was found near USF, where an extimated 400 million gallons of raw sewage had been dumped, untreated, in a wooded area. Since action has been taken to stop the dumping near USF, Hooker's Point plant officials have noted an increase in septic tank truck traffic. "SHORTLY after the raid on that dump, we had haulers coming in here that we had n ever heard of," said William Johnson, superintendent of waste water treatments. He said the plant was nearing its capacity, the lim i ts set up by the pollution con trol department. "The state people a llow us to dump 27,000 pound s of so lid discharge per day," he said. "Last month, we averaged 23,000 pounds per day." BUT HE said yesterday that Tampa is doing something about alleviating the situation. "We're changiQg some of our equipment to handl e the septic tank waste, Johnso n said. "We have to send their loads through the facility twice for their load s to be brought down to an acceptable discharge l evel." He explained it i s only a matter of time, though, before Tampa outgrows its sys tem. THREE plants are slated to handle additional sewer hookups in Tamp a's growth areas. :-HELPLIN_E_ I t for Friday & Monday f t Oracle t t Anyone who is interested int f beco'.11ing a Helpline operator t can sign up for training in AOC t 211. Training will be held f t February 3 and 4 from 9 :00 t a .m. to 4:00 p m at Argos f Fireside Lounge. If you have f f any questions or just want t general information call f Helpline 974 2555 or 974 t t1::.6:_ ____ anemia occurs in two forms, trait and avoid oxygen-deprived or disease Trait is when only environments such as one parent contributes a mountains. "The mythology of con tinually perpetuated. We are trying to correct some of these misconceptions." recessive gene and most peopl e V 0 LUNT EE RS are lead completely normal lives screened at the mobile testing but, however a crisis m ay unit or at the Lee-Davis Clinic. A occur," he said. Disease is due to blood sample is taken and is presence of recessive genes from electrically tested. both parents and is usually fatal Wienker said all reports are --Curtis Wienker by the age of 30. confidential and if a person has correct some of these misconceptions." Sickle cell anemia is a heredity pathology affecting the blood which is due to a recessive gene It results imabnormally shaped hemogloban cells. The cells are shaped like .or new moons, and body cells are deprived of a normal supply of oxygen. SICKLE CELL anemia only the tra{t, arrangement is made affects the black population but, for genetic counseling and Wienker said, "this does not instructions .in case of crisis : indicate biological inferiority "We hope to get at least because Caucasions, Oriental 40,000 volunteers for this and Mediterranean people all project. It began about one and a may exhibit some forms of half mon!s ago and we have abnormalities." taken about 3,000 samples so One is currently under construction near USF, another planned not far from Tampa International Airport, and a third is being considered near Highway 301 and Hillsborough A venue, site of the new Florida State Fairgrounds. By Dec., 1975, Tampa plans to have a $136 million "tertiary" treatment Construction on the plant is scheduled to begin sometime before March. Wienker explained sickle cell can cost anywhere from $200500 to process the same amount, depending upon the quality people are willing to pay for." Next Tuesday: Financing for more and better equipped sewage treatment plants is bogged down in red tazpe. The second and concluding article in the series shows why funding has been held up and what the prospects are for the future. J Wienker said 10 per cent.of far," he said. the black population have the -After the analysis is trait and one out of 500 have the completed, Wienker plans to disease. have his results published in a Curreiitly there are no few years. preventions or cure. s for the This is Wienker's first year at disease but the symptoms of the USF. In Arizona he studied trait such as dizziness and ma j or hem o g 1 ob an fainting may be treated Persons abnormalities to assist in genetic may receive transfusions, rest counseling: JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 114 BUFFALO AVE: PHONE 232-0661 1-75 South to Buffalo Exit 1 Y.z blocks west of Florida Ave QUALITY BICYCLES, ACCESSORIES AND REPAIRS AT REASONABLE PRICES TRY US YOU'LL LIKE IT -"TERTIARY treatment will remove all nutrients from the 1 I waste," Johnson explained. "Our present primary treatment plant mainly just removes the I chunks." I I He explained the difference between the two treatments this way: "If primary treatment (30 per cent effective) is used, it might cost $30 for processing a million gallons of sewage. "BUT IF tertiary (90-plus per cent effective) is utilized, it I I I I I I I I ,_ LP's -$399 Doubles -$699 Concert tickets for major shows ALWAYS Waterbeds -(King, Queen, Double) $14.50 HOURS 11 :30 8:30, Sat. Close at 6:30 1112 BUSCH BLVD. _ _ P .S. WE ORDER A_NY!_HING 988-7059 4812 E. Busch Blvd. (4 blocks east of Busch Open 7 days a week reo d wor We guarantee, absolutely nothing compares with the Harman Kardon Specifications -Come in and Compare! Tampa's largest dealer for "Quadrasonic" sound systems, tapes and records. A world so different, you may never go back to the old one. FREE PARTSon any one stereo item "repaired." (Excluding mech. friction parts) Bring in coupon. I I I I -: -t\_ .,:: \. : 010/o OFF ON ANY. ITEM IN THE STOri'E l WOrJd (Ju' I /. QFR. EE PARTS ON ANY ONE ITEM REPAIREo-'"note / 'D. 1 o Mr. exciuslen t.J G !J1 H I O Mrs. /,4 -.ccer f ..-<'. () l [] Miss f Print full nnme .'C, '/'! .I Q Nowf O he o.bove. .-p trl Addrc s "------------------------8 ha '("\ '.Al City State MA? rman / kard o 9 10 00 on (,J Telephone No. pen -: "G4 O")'l 4812 E. BUSCH BLVD. I I


4 -THE ORACLE -JANUARY 26, 1973 -ORACLE--------------- I I I -Vietnam peace fin ally a reality On Dec. 22, 1961 Sp. 4 James Thomas Davis became the first American combat fatality in Vietnam Over 50,000 lives and 11 years later the agonizing involvement for the \ United States has come to an end. at 7 p.rn. EST, the glorious light at the end of the tunnel will at last shine brightly, for the U.S anyway. How ,.much more bloodletting remains for the people of Vietnam is riot known. Prayerfully, their struggle will be restricted to the political arena. \, _. -' BUT THE COSTS of Vietnam extend far beyond the paths of the young men who died there. The dollar cost has been staggering. The official Pentagon figures, up to the middle of 1972 and before the enormously expensive prebombing, put the figure at approximately $110 billion 'Qie "'.ar's true burden. is probably not calcuable. How do you put a price tag on the lost productivity of the men who died or those who with a hideous drug habit? How "-cal\ the diversionfrotii domestic programs be tabulated? ',The political can be summed up by David Halberstam, who won a Pulitizer Prize for his reporting Vietnam -and recently published his book of the esca lation of the war ep.tilted ,"The Best and the Brightest." The effect of the war, he says, is "a growing skepticism about politicians in general a nd the political act as a creative force in life." .THE SOCIAL frabic of the country stretched to the limit and itwill be painfully difficult to repair Was it worth it? Did. it have to last this long? Those are some of the questions that will ring in our minds and consciences for decades to come. : \ Even "though they were bitterly learned, some invaluable from the experience hopefully can be learned by the 0-llnited States. Lessons in the form of what is to be the roll of die U.S. on the global power stage and how to minimize the possibility of future Vietnams. And some for government will be healthy. PRESIDENT will get and deserve the credit for -the peace we have now. Whether or not the struggle was ti'nnecessarily prolonged is not and may never be known. he ended it. The diplomatic skills of Henry Kissinger can only be praised. \. Contined bitterness _on the part of Americans Cl!n serve no It is a time for reconcilliation and thanksgiving. fo pray Jot who gave the. ir lives in a war no really U:' nderstood., At last, the anguish of POW families wiil come to an ehd. utilizing all the diplomatic resour_ cefulness -we ,cti (o maintain a peace in Southeast Asia, it is our to help the land we almost "had fo de _stroy-,to save." .. Thank God it's over. , This pubiic document was promulgated at an ,annual cost of $147,208.42, or 9 per._copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff faculty ofthe University of South Florida. (Forty per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advert.ising. revenue.) \\. ns w SINS HE.'U. Go ALONG---" PSC requires open deals By Ralph Nader W ASHINGTON--Here's some good news for citizens who are struggling for open government and less secrecy in the dealings of bureaucrats and business lobbyists It comes from Missouri and Massachusetts and in it there's a model other stales might emulate. The Missouri Public Service Commission has issued a ruling requiring trucking companies and utilities that it regulates to submit monthly reports listing any gratuities given or received and "any and all contacts in person, oral or written, concerning 'Or bearing on Missouri PSC business," with the date, time and purpose of such contacts._ Similarly, on their side the members and employes of the Missouri PSC are now required to file monthly reports on "gratuities, meals, services, gifts or travel given or received," and any contacts oral 'or written between the regulated companies PSC employes. THE CHAIRMAN of the Missouri PSC, Marvin Jcines, says these reports, which were strenuously opposed by the companies, are, publicly available in Jefferson City, the state If; for e)lample, the federal government had such a requirement, the secret contacts between ITT and the Justice Department last year would have been made public or, in anticipation of such, would not have been made . Also earlier this year, Gov. Francis Sargent of Massachusetts, issued an executive order requiring most regulatory agencies to report l!-ll contacts with regulated companies and gifts or gratuities each month to the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs. There is a possible loophole in an exemption for "routine inquiries or routine reports," and some agencies resent the order's being applied to them but not to the Executive Office of the Governor. However, such disclosure, available to any interested citizen at the State House in Boston, is a step forward in charting more openly the murky, behind-the-scenes influence peddling that goes on. IT'S MAJOR step, that is, if there is full comp l iance. Toward this objective, the agencies, such as banking, insurance, public utilities, milk control, occupational licensing units, alcoholic bev erages, were ordered by the governor to issue regulations no later than July 1, 1972 requiring regulated companies to file detailed reports 'Yith them. These reports are to be periodic and "fully --disclose the -l_obbying activities -of such licensee directed at such agency, including the official actions sought to he affected" and "all gifts and gratuities given to any official." Freyda Koplow, the state hanking commissioner, say's t hat there has been little follow-through thus far on this part of the governor's order She the delay to bureaucratic changes in the executive office and legal matters which had to be out. There are indications that a number of agency officials in Massachusetts are. discomforted by what they are required to report to the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs, which in turn has staff people who doubt whether the reports are sufficiently complete and candid. SUCH RESIT ATIONS and maneuverings point to the importance of such disclosures in providing people with information about the close fraternization between government and business and the way the telephone and meetings between the two circumvent the rules which the less powerful have to follow before these agencies. Citizens in all states whould 1recognize the important tools for which such Missouri and Massachusetts directives could open up to them in their areas. These tools for consumer protection and honest, open government will work only if they are utilized by the public. Citizens and citizen groups might wish to ask the governors and the White House why they do not direct thei r agencies to make similar disclosures. Sunlight, as Judge Brandeis once said, is a fine disinfectant.


The sound and Zolno lives Editor: Contrary to rumors, Marty Zolno does exist. After leaving my job at the airport Tuesday, I was very busy working with the Student Court of Review, and was unable to meet The Oracle deadline for submission of candidates' platforms This SG election is a very important election. Not iust for president but, for vice president as well. The vice president chairs the Student Senate meetings. The present Senate is operating with a very limited voice and extremely low input by the students. We need to turn this trend The vice president must take the initiative, and as vice president, I intend to turn things around, establish a communication link with the students, lplan to establish a hot line to answer and receive vastly : needed input by the students. The Senate committee structure is too vague, consequently inactive We must reevaluate and revamp the .present structure and establish a sound criteria based on what students feel are their problems Apology By way of reply to a letter from Dan Wilensky, let me say it is not my intention to engage in a running battle with the Sechen Levine campaign committee of which Mr Wilensky is a member, but I feel obligated to reply to his misleading allegations. first, let me agree that one of the Sechen-Levine ads, which measured 6" by 2" did cost $16.80; however. in Wednesday's Oracle they had two such ads, which cost $33.60. My original figure was based on a price of $2:40 per inch, which is what ads cost a student. I was not aware that my opponents were working through a student organizatio .n, which enables them to buy ads for $1.40 per inch. My mistake was not a "blatant lie" but a failure to realize the extent of the political machinery behind my opponents. Second, as to the "comical" reference to my fliers costing $76, let me say that I don' t have the time or money to print 20,000 fliers, and even if I did, I probably couldn't find 20,000 different students to hand them out to. When I said in my flier that "500 of these cost $1.91" -it's because 500 were all I had printed. I can't believe anyone would contemplate printing 20,000 fliers. And finally, I would like to comment briefly on "political integrity," which seems to be the issue at hand. Twice since the campaign has started, letters to the editor have appeared written by members of the Sechen Levine campaign committee -the first one under the auspices of an SG official and the second under those of a "concerned-student," at Monday's candidates' debate the question mentioned in Mr. Wilensky's letter was raised by a person I recognized as a Sechen Levine campaign worker, who amidst his allegations forgot to mention his affiliations I have not (and will not) deliberately lied to the students, nor will I attempt to mislead them by planting campaign workers in audiences and in The Oracle without identifying them. To those students who felt misled, and who are not part of anybody's "campaign committee" I apologize-m y mistake was unintentional. Richard Merrick Candidate-SC Vice President and "master of sophistry" Vote Joe Editor: Did your professor change the time of the only course offered in the area and the new time is exactly the time you start work in the afternoon? D i d you sign up for a class at registration only to find it does not exist? Or perhaps your department decided to add new requirements for graduation, last quarter your senior year Ma y be it is as simple as an always empty coffee machine Whatever the woe r,our college has an organization specifically designed to aid all student problems. Ea c h colleg e council is comprised of all regularly enrolled students, carrying seven or more hours. These students are eligible to participate in council meetings and elect council The presidents of each council meet weekly to unify the suggestions of their individual colleges Students always have a direct line to the administration through this system of college council input into University affairs. The college presidents seek answers to academic problems specific to their colleges as well as social problems common to the University. If the college council system is incorporated to replace the present SG at USF, students will find an increased awareness and student unity at the colle g e VISI IDlff 1 1\ ID ltl 1E i& @r:i J 50 J 0 FLORIDA A VENUE (6 Blks South of Hillsboro) 232-0081 All leather goods from purses to custom bicycle seats Our Specialty is Low Prices . 10% Discount to USF students with ID (letters] The Oracle welcomes letters to the ediior on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Names will be withheld upon request. Letters shou Id be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. level, allowing close, personal i .nteraction between college and their constituency. By participating in the democratic process of each council, .elected ,student representatives can make advisory decisions on the operation of their college The college councils, as a form of student government will directly provide through student leadership, a dynamic recognition of individual st'udents and their education as primary goals for this University. By voting for Joe Chatkin you show your confidence in direct student leadership through college councils A vote for Joe is a vote for a much needed change on campus of USF. Student body leadership must move awa y senseless referendums and toward an increased awareness of student well being and education. Vote for Joe Chatkin on Jan. 31. Gar y Ostoski 4 FIN USF students for Joe Chatkin Sechen-Levine Editor: Student Government Presidential and Vice Presidential elections will be held Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1973. OFF CAMPUS HOUSING When looking for a new apartment, how can one tell a rip-off Landlord? A poor contract? A piece of shoddy construction? Student Government should expand and continue the Off-Campus Housing Service started in 1971. Better service is needed by all students and the Off-Campus Housing Booklet should be updated. THE ORACLE "'JANUARY 26, 1973 5 the fury Robert Sechen and Mark Levine need only ot be elected to establish a mass transit system for the off and on-campus students of USF. How many of you are apartment residents without a car, who must rely on friends, a bicycle, or your thumb to get you to classes, shopping, or to visit friends. I am one of the stranded ones. I totally support Robert Sechen and Mark Levine and urge everyone to get out and vote for these students on Wednesday; We need this transportation system desperately. Other have it. Please and vote for Sechen/Levine. Cindy Schwessinger 2 Mass Com SA TU RDA Y NIGHT BLUE GRASS BLUE GRASS BLUE GRASS Featuring STAN BAILEY AND SHARE CROPPERS MI BACK YARD 6902 N. 40th St. 2 Mi. So. of Busch Gardens Afternoon FREE BEER JAM SESSION Bring Your Own Ax


Oracle photo by John Osborn Students examine replicas of masterpieces The prints may be seen and purchased at USF next week Mobile art museum malces fora very rich ex_perience By Darrel Hefte Oracle Staff Writer Imagine a mobile art museum in the Tampa Bay Area ... an art lover'!! answer to the paperb a ck. Well, people who stopped b y the activities desk in B-Building at USF's St. Pete Campus Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday were open to a very r ic h experience From 8 a.m -6 p.m. during those three day s approximately soo different prints of the world's finest paintings were on display. Just a short time spent (about two hours) leafing through th e stacks of prints was a fantasti c experience. Many of t he p e opl e who stopped and shared expressed a similar rea c tion to the fine quality prints of the replicas of masterpieces. THE REPLICAS of nearl y all the major painters' masterpieces were presented and program about dope smuggling An investigative five-part series on 'marijuana smuggling from Mexico will be broadcast weeknights from.Jan. 29-Feb 2, beginning at 7 p.m. on WUSF"All things considered," progi:am. The program will include illegal drug despite federal efforts to curtail the smuggling Alcoholism, the social could be purchased The artists ranged from Da V i nci and Rembrandt, to Van Gogh and Seurat, to Dali, Wyeth an d Picasso. More than one of ea c h painting were display e d on heavy white paper. A few prints were on c anvas : Van Gogh 's "Starry Night," for example. The prints c ould be purc has e d for $2 25 each or three for $6. The canvas prints ran about twice as much. Mary Beeson and Dan Mannix, the two art sellers, keep a daily record of their sales and resupply their stock by air from the New York distributer. Joan 'Sudsy' Tschiderer, St. Pete campus recreation director who arranged for the display to be exhibited at the Bay campus, said Beeson and Mannix plan to display the prints at Eckerd College today and then at USF some time next week. The USF Student Organization Advisory Board will meet today to determine the time, place and amount of assistance to be given in presenting the display in Tampa. Weel, Bring this ad and your student or staff l.D. lor an honest 10% discount


THE ORACLE -JANUARY 26, 1973 -7 TV fare ma Ices at home worthwhile TODAY 8 p.m., Ch. 4-4--NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks vs. Buffalo Braves. 9 p.m., Ch. 8--Circle of FearBarry Nel son and Susan Dey in "Doorway to D eath," about a old man who lives upstairs and always carries an ax . 9 p.m., Ch. 10--Burt Bacharach in Shangri-La--an hour with Bacharach and his guests Richard Harris and Chris Evert. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 13--Mo vie--H.P. Lovecraft's "Die Monster Die," with Boris Karloff. 1 a.m., Ch. 13--Movie--Peter Lorre in "Island of Doomed Men." 2:50 a.m., Ch. 8--Movie Corne! Wilde in "Sword of Lancelot." SATURDAY 10 a.m., Ch. 44--Movie--Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in "The Time of Thei; Lives." 10:30 a.m., Ch. 8--Children's Theatreunderwater photograPby highlights "The Blue Edge," a film about the Caribbean coral reefs. 12:30 p.m., Ch. 8--Talking With a Gjant-David Steinberg discusses "What's So Funny?" with clips from films with Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and W.C. Fields. 'TU highlites .. 1:30 p.m., Ch. 13--College Basketball--Tennessee vs Alabama. 2 p.m.. Ch. 8--Movie--Peter Cushing in "The Brides of Dracula." 3 p m Ch. 10 Pro Bowling. 4:30 p.m., Ch. IO Wide World of Sports. 6:30 p.m., Ch. 13--National G eorgraphic ."."The Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee." 8 p.m: Ch. 3--Movie--Jean Renoir's antiwar classic"Grand Illusion." 9 p.m., Ch. 8--Movie--'Michael Caine in "Pla_y Dirty." 10 p m Ch. 10 . Bellevue "Anatomy .of a Hospital," what makes New York's Bellevue Hospital tick. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44--Douglas Fafrbanks Sr. in the classic "The Mark of Zorro." a.m. Ch. 44--Movie-James Stewart in "Anatomy of a Murder." SUNDAY l p.m., Ch. 8--Tennis. l p.m. Ch. 13-CBS Golf 2 p.m., Ch. 13--Jacques-Yves Co u st ea u 0 s c a r winning documentary "World Without Sun." 3 p.rit., Ch. 44--NHL Hockey Dehoit vs. Canada. 3: 15 p.m., Ch. 8 Lana Turner in the Fannie Hurst sto_ry "Imitation of Life." 3:30 p.m., Ch. 13 Sports Illustrated. 5 p.m., Ch. 10 Golf. 7 p.m. Ch. 44--NHL Hockey Atlanta.Flames vs. Buffalo Sabres. 8:30 p.m., Ch. 8-Mystery Movie Richard Boone in "Hee Ramsey." 9 p.m., Ch. \OMovie-Part one of the epic "Lawrence of Arabia." 11 :30 p.m. Ch. 10 Movie Susan Hayward and Robert Preston in I l:ao p m Ch. 13 . Movi e . Debbie R eynolds in "The lJnsinkable Molly Brown." MONDAY 8 p.m. Ch. 3--Heifetz Conserta special featuring violins! Jascha Heifetz. 9 p.m., Ch. 8--MovieCarrie Snodgrass and Richard Benjamin in Eleanor Perry' s "Diary of a Mad Housewife. 9 p.m., Ch. 10-Movie--Co!'clusion of "Lawrence of Arabia." 9 p.m. Ch. 3--Birth and Death of a Star-a study by renowned scientists. Four flicks Sunday Foui: Frankenstein flicks will be shown Sunday at 8 and 10 p.m. in the Andros Lounge Admission is free. G.R.E. Preparation L.S.A.T. Preparation Private Tutoring in All Subjects Grades 1-12 5Ul S DALE MABRY 75U E. WATERS A VE. 879-2581 933-3128 r--------, For a trial size package of Kotex I tampons (5 tampons). a pretty purse container. and a very explanatory book e ntitled "Tell It Like ft Is". mail this order form with 25 in coin to cover mailing and handling to: Kotex tampons Box 551 CN1 Neenah, Wisconsin 54956 N ame_. A dd ress C i t y ________ St ate ___ Zip ___ Al l ow 4 weeks f or d elivery. Offer expires D ece mber 31. 1973 Li m i t o n e p e r customer 0Femininlty today from Kimberly-Clark


8. THE ORACLE JANUARY 26, 1973 Venoml ess Moes fall 95-82 By Ray Wolf Oracle Staff Writer Taking away Florida Southern's inside game, the Golden Brahmans fought their Brahman action Three,Brahmans go up for a rebound, while a loneFIOrida Southern 'watches (above). F!'ed Gibbs goes up for an_ easy shoi as Glen DuPont (25) watches (right)., way to a surprising 95-82 basketball victory Wednesday night. Citing an outstanding performance by substitutes, Coach Don Williams termed the Sports this weekend Coach _!iob swim t eam faces anofher tough ynive_r _sity divisio_ n _squad tomorrow at -in the Tulane -Green Waves.' The meet: ; peing held in the Natatoriml)., will find the .. Brahmans goingfor their second win against five losses. Pete Montero who sei a one-meter diving record last week is USF's bright spot. * USF Club and WFLA TV (USF soccer team) play Sunday at 2 p.m. on the soccer field. USF DANCE DEPARTMENT DANCE CONCERT Friday and Saturday 8:00 p.m. TAT Admission $1 for fulltime i>hdents -$2 for others. victory a team effort, as five Brahmans finished the night i n double figures JACK JAMES and Glen DuPont led the team with 21 points each. Hot-shooting Jam es hit seven of 10 from the floor, seven of seven at the foul lin e, and 11 assists. Fre d Gibbs totaled 18 points, fiv e rebounds and four blocked shots. John Kiser led the t ea m with 12 rebounds and 11 points, and little Larry -Berrien hit for 12 points. After jumping out to a quic k four-zip lead, the Brahmans .turned cold and fell behind 10-4 The game tied at 18-all, and the lead see-sawed for three minutes before USF grabbed the lead at 24-23 on a Fred Gibbs jump shot, never to trail for the remainder of the game, leading 50-36 at the half. LEGISLATIVE IRRESPONSIBILITY Irresponsible Legislation, which does nothing more than create disorders, cannot be allowed to continue. Responsibl e leadership. and a fair and consci encious Vice P resident can form the Senate i nto an a, truly representative part 9f the University. STICKING a lm os t entir e l y to a zone defense in the seco nd half, the Brahmans took away Florida Southern's in s id e game and coasted to the win, th e ir l ead neve r going b e low 10 point s . All night, USF hustled on rebounds, loos e balls, d efense, and in breaking the full court pres s, us e d by Florida Southern in desperation as the second h a lf wound to a close. With play g etting rough on the court, Florida Southern 's coach Jim Jarriett had three successive technical fouls, in addition to two earlier ones, ca lled on him and was e jected from the gam e. Coach Williams s aid th e game greatly enhances the Brahmans hopes of a play-off in th e NCAA college division, but a victo ry over a very tough Old Dominion at home this Saturday would help a lot more. Tip off is scheduled for 8 p m. at Curtis Hixon. EXOTIC FINS NORTH 13516 N. Fla. Ave. Special 10 gallon aquarium, pump, filter, floss, charcoal, tubing & boolc. ONLY $ JQ98 ($15.00 value) (THIS FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY() Also, small pets & sal t water fish CUT STUDY .. TIME! DOUBLE. YOUR GRADES! Yei;, you really can cut your study time and get better grades. We guarantee it! This "Speed-Study" course is designed espe cially for students. Not for ditc h diggers, lumber men or business people "Speed-Study" has you in mind. It is a home speed-reading -speed-learning course designed especially for you-t he student. It's been proven that slow readers do not learn, do not use information nearly as well as fast readers And, their G P.A. is substantially lower. (Carswell, J.A., "Reading Habits a Study in Comprehension and Application" Doctoral thesis ) We even followed up on previous buyers with this question, "Did our course save time and improve your grades substantially?" The overwhelming (92.3%) response was, "Yes!", "I wish I'd known about it before!" So, if you really want to b9ost your G P A .... if you wa'nt to cut your study time ... order "Speed-Study" today! Any delay means more work and poorer res\)lts. And, withthe time you save you can take more units or have more i time for yourself. Either wa y it's better than long hours of.slow reading. More important, though ... your new G.P. A will put you in the highest group! You'll get better grades with less time and work. The cost? Only $9.95 ($10.50 in Calif.) for the "Speed-Study" course. Less than four ho urs of work buys you hundreds of hours of freedom ....:.... and better grades! Your satisfaction is totally guar anteed! So, order from: Speed Study, P. 0 : Box 594, Goleta, Calif. 93017 PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT s E c H E N _L E v I N E TONIGHT thru SUNDAY MELTING POT S. Dale Mabry Girls minimum age 18


r Personal foul Baseball goes Mod (Mad)??? Baseball's adoption of the designated pinch-hitter (DPH) rule is a welcome change. However, the Iule should apply to bo t h leagues. The new rule allows a manager to designate a man to hit in the pitcher's batting spot, without the pitcher leaving the game. WITH attendance falling off, the American league felt more runs would create more fans, thus more dollars. However, the National league, not suffering from lagging attend,ance, wanted no part of the new rule. So we will have baseball play ed under two sets of rules. The DPH rule will not be used in All-Star games or the World Series. An American league team will play one way all season, make it to the World Series and have to change style of play completely. An American league pitcher quite possibly will make his first appearance at the plate in a World Series game. The reasoning behind the adoption of the rule is sound. The National league averaged .248 at the plate last year, the American league .239. In the run scoring department, the Nationals showed the way with 824 more runs. THE AMERICAN l eag u e is in dire need of superstars. Last year only six American leagu e rs drove in more than 80 runs, while the National had 17 reach that number. Most fans will like the DHP rule, and the National l ea gue may adopt it as soon as 1974 But when baseball de c id ed to take this gamble, it should have gone all the way, instead of this halfwa y approach which can only further se perate the two le agues . While it should improve American l eague attendance, the new rule will hurt the drive for parit y with the National l eague Ray Wolf ****** Though some people, myself includ ed, think baseball would remain the greatest sport eve n if no changes are introduced, it is necessar y to alter the game to me et th e demands of the public. And the new designated pinch-hitter rule should be a crowd pleaser. Not since 1903 when the foul ball became a strike has such a major innovation been created. John Heydler, former Nat ional Leagu e president, did attempt t o put the tenth man in bas e ball back in 1929 but he was soundly defeated. IT'S ONLY too bad that the more esta blished National L eag u e didn't go along with its weaker sister, the American League, and adopt the rule to h elp increase it s run production and batting average to that of the NL's. The most s triking effect of the new rule will be the lingering on of aging pla yers who can still hit. That's the big reason the Boston Red Sox acquired Orlando Cepado whose knees are nearly worthless. But the former MVP athlete c an still swat th e ball and Fenway Park's short left field fen ce should please him e ach tim e it 's the pitchers turn to hit. And it m ea ns that Al Kaline, Harmon Killebrew Frank Howard, Rico Carty and a host of othe r legless hitters can play batter for the remainder of their career. ALSO NO more can a bumbling pitcher, whose job it is to throw the ball not hit the thing, be blamed for killing a big rally There's now a man to bat for him. Although next year's All-Star Game a nd World Series won't h ave the tenth man becaus e of th e NL's r e fusal to accept the rule, the success the AL should experience with it s hould make it a regular baseball feature in 197 4. --Dave Moormann I I I FRIDAY, JAN. 26: I SPAGHETTI-VEGETABLE CASSEROLE t i Made with whole wheat spaghetti, onions, I li squash, eggplant, tomato sauce and natural I, e Muenster cheese w /steamed carrots, crisp I garden salad, wholeJlSt bread & butter I I I i EVERY MONDAY: All the vegetable stew, brown I I rice, salad & bread you con eat. 'J'S 9 I li THE NATURAL KITCHEN ii 5326 E. BUSCH BLVD DAIL y LUNCH (NEXT TO PANTRY PRIDE) I SPECIALS TEMPLE TERRACE. FLA. 988-3008 I Open l 1-9 Mon-Sat. i THE ORACLE JANUARY 26, 1973 -9 MONOGRAMS Needlepoint Yarn & Bags KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS MENARD PAWN & GIFT SHOP 14038 N. FLORIDA AVE. BUY SELL TRADE PH. 935-7743 OPEN 10 TO 7 EXCEPT WED Ph. 935-8168 11615 Fla Ave. at Fowler 1 THE IN-FASHION STORE WESTSHORE PLAZA DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN ST. BRITION PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER A WINNING ''TWOSOME'' A ''baby'' print top combined with a brush denim jean. Tops and jeans in new spring c o/ors. It's to. be fashionahle .. . just charge it!


10 THE ORACLE -JANUARY 26, 1973 ORACLE muckraker Q: I would like to make a formal complaint against the St. Petersburg Times. In September 1972 I paid, in advance, for a one year student subscription to the Times. The solictor assured me .that the paper would be delivered before 6:30 a.m. each day. The paper is consitently late, however. On many occasions I have diligently attempted to call concerning late deliveries and have had consistent busy signals. As a last recourse, I am presently forced to consider legal action to have my entire subscription .refunded. I would appreciate any help you could give me in this matter. Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip Presidential candidate Art Bullard Robert Ingle Jr. speakes to about 75 p e opl e n e ar Social Science Buildin!{ A: THE TIMES has heard of your complaint and has tried to reach you personally, but they had no luck at getting you, either. Ed Norris, administrative assistant to the circulation director says your complaint on delivery is justified. They originally did not intend to extend the special studen. t offer to your area of town, but the solicitors goofed and Candidates air views the Times is trying to make the best of it. They don't want to loose you as a subscriber, but will gladly give you a refund still desire it. If in the future you have any more trouble, call Wally Henry, district manager for Tampa at 229-2300, or Ed Norris will accept a collect call to St. Petersburg if you can't get through on their dir e ct line. Q: Do we have have to wait for someone to get killed before we get a light at 131st Avenue and 30th Street? John Shelly, alumni A: OUR LAST story on the subject gave a six month period before a light could be installed because of budgeting restrictions, but apparently the date has been moved up. The present construction at the intersection is paving the way for installation of a traffic light, said N .S. Digioia, county traffic director. It should be installed shortly. Students may also be interested to know that a new signal will be installed at 22nd and Fletcher, with all the lights on Fletcher to be syncronized to facilitate traffic flow. Furthermore, the county is conducting a study to include a light at Palm Drive. This should help alleviate the traffic situation until Fletcher Avenue is four-laned,. still slated everal years hence. Disabled vets get aid ,Disabled veterans who use artificial limbs or other prosthetic devices are eligible for a _$1150 monthly clothing allowance, according to the Veterans Administration (VA). cost of replacing clothing damaged by wear or tear from artificial limbs or prosthetic devices, including wheelchairs. This law gives a 10 per cent \ increase in benefits to 2.2 million disabled veterans. The issues in the SG presidential and vice presidential races emerged this week as a question of what direction Student Government should take and how best to implement student services. SG candidates spoke at a rally Wednesday to familiarize students with their platforms. Presidential candidates Bill Davis and Robert Sechen and running mate Mark have taken up the call for a legal aid referral, academi c service for children of students. students. TIM MOORE and Dentise Radio to offer time WUSF-FM, 89.7, has offered free air. time to all SG candidates ; Candidates may come to WUSF studios and record their presentations today from 8 a m.. 5 p.m. There will be a 10 minute time limit on the presentations which will be .aired Monday and Tuesday.from 4-5 p.m They reported that by Oct. 31, however, than half of eligible had applied for these--benefits or, 26,500 out of about 60,000 UNIVERSITY BICYCLE CENTER This allowance, -under Public Law 92-328, was passed bY. Congress last June and the VA. saidit covers all veterans discharged under any but dishonorable conditions. It is, designed to defray the /UE/t#H Franchised Dealer SALES and SERVICE 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. Open 8:00 am -6:00 pm -PHONE 971-2277 SOU.TH FLORIDA VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR YOUR NEW VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR SERVICE 13301 22nd Street (Fletcher & 22nd St.) South of Frank & Rita's Restaurant ************** * Rebuilt AN INDEPENDENT SERVICE CENTER ltEngine * PH. 971-1725 REBUILT ENGINES TRANSMISSIONS TUNE-UPS 40 H.P. with-exchange :: $275 :: BRAKES :: ALL VOLKSWAGEN**************. REPAIR WORK 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED NOTE! WE ARE NOT A SERYICE ST A TION Pearcey, presidential and vice presidential running mates are campaigning on the platform of establishing a Florida Students Union. Joe Chai t kin has proposed disbanding the Senate and replacing SG with the college council syst em. Art Bullard, running for president, advocates revision the parking system and developing a division to serve married students. TOM APLIN has proposed a rion-profit student bookstore to which he would donate half of his presidential salary ($400). THIS FANTASTIC SELECTION OF POPULAR HI-RISE JUNIOR PANTS WITH WIDE FLARE LEGS GIVES YOU A LOT OF FASHION FOR A LITTLE MONEY! PICK FROM 1,000 PAIRS! POL VESTER PRINTS AND SOLIDS PINWALE AND 7-WALE CORDUROYS e TWILLS AND BRUSHED DENIMS 'JUNIOR SIZES 3 TO 1 S Your Choice! You must actually see this amazing collection of fashion pants to fully appreciate the tremendous value. Y9u'll find 40-inch flare legs, wanted hi-rise styling in popular fabrics ... pastel and mid-tone colors. Hurry in. You'll want several pairs at this price. EXCESS BllllBE THE FASHION FACTORY OUTLET STORE 9301 56th STREET TEMPLE TERRACE SHOPPING CENTER


Receptionist Fil e Clerk, sophomore 3.4 or better, parttime. Hours flexibl e, 8728424 ask for Mrs. Comfort Legal Assistant Junior Senior. 3.0 or better, parttime, mornings. Call 8728424. Men or Women wanted for perinanent parttime employment taking inventory in grocery drug and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialist 5445 Mariner St. Suite No. 208 Tampa, Florida 33609 WAN TED : Male Video Tape Operator $2.00 an hr. begin immediately-Has tci have mornings free and access to car Call Lynn 9742100, ext. 223. Growing young firm requir e s 4 men part time Earn top pay for fun t y pe work. Flexible wcrking hours. 2 interviews at 11 a .m. & 3 p.m. Rm. 370 So c Jan 31 Wed. 'La Mancha Dos S75-mo (per person) including util. 4 bed luxury townhouses. Pool, rec room. TV lounge, parties : Mov e in now or reserve a place Feb. or Sprinf, quarter. 1 blk from USF 971-0100. Must sellLa Mancha Dos contract. Can move in Feb. or Quarter Ill. Contact Sheldon Apt. No. 45 971 ?OS2. Would like to sublet 4 br. La Mancha Dos Apt. All 4 rooms vacant lst of Feb Call after 5:()() 971-7830. HIGH SCHOO. L TEACHER' Apartment for rent.Male wanted to take Tryon School will interview over my lease. The lease expires in Mid for the 1973-7 4 . school year. June. The renl-is$83 per month. Call Jim AltS) SINGER SEWING MACHINES These machines have never been used and are equipped to Z i g Zag, m;,_ke buttonholes, sew on buttons, monogram & much more. Only $49.95 at: United Freight Sales 4712 N. Armenia. Mon. thru Sat. 9-7. Do you you have a The best Valentine is a charcoal portrait. I do them from 10 mi11. 'photo sittings deliver i n 1 wk. Call Lois 974-6266. Sl5-S25. Opal Ring beautiful setting. How about a Valentine's Day gift? Sacrifice, must sell . Call 971-4262 after 4:00 p m Appraised at $65 asking $55 Waterbed pedastel and frames sanded, stained and installed S80.00. Further info after 6 p.m Interviews Monday-Friday. 971-5548. MARRIAGE AND TRADING STAMPS 11401 Davis Road, Temple Terrace. ... A seminar to enable young Tryon School is an Equal Opportunity marrieds to put it together. Insights ai:id Employer. options on fulfilling the marital contract. J A NI T 0 RS, P AR T TI ME. 1970 850 Fiat Spider. New tires and top. Meets Mondays 7:30-9:30 P.M. Catt Bill .. -MORNI N G W OR(( Body Excellent. Need to sell. SllOO or Lipp, University Chapel Fellowship, 9886:30 a .m.-9:30 or 6 liesn>ffor. -call Jan. Delta 313-974-6405. ll85. First !MlSSion January 29th. Alsohaveopeningnight work6p.m.-9 --. ---------I w 1 custom p in. st "10 RAIND RIVER"toplay -Sunday .La P.m.,1oblocated\12mi.from-USF,call . rtpeyourcar., -ea11 B 988 4956. Mancha Dos by pool. Free B eer. Crystal C\eaning 872-2729. up. ruce VACANT POSITIONS AT U.S F. The Get into SCCA Racing Healy Bugeye following positions are to be filled : (3) Sprite complete! y race prepared Secretary 111-$6300; (4) Secretary II-w/trailer.Will be glad to lend tech. $5556; (t) Clerk 111-$5556; (t) Clerk experience. S 1000 Allen V-$6756; (l) Clerk Typist Adderley 988-7958. (2) Oerk Typist 11-$5040; (3} Clerk '66 VW Bug. New engine! Runs Typist 1-$4320; (3) Clerk 1-$3920; *(l} GREAT,. FM radio, "Alice" needs Teller 1 $4380; (l} Stock Clerk-$5040; gciod owner. Only $600 Call 226-(5) tab Technologist 11-$7371; '(2( Lab 7342 after 6 p.m. ask for Chris or Technologist 11-$7371; (1) Marine Bruce Biologist II-$7191; (1) Lab Helper$4155; Assistant Director-$10;398; Computer Systems Analyst I-$9564; Computer Systems Analyst II-$10,524; Computer Systems Analyst Supervisor $11,108; (2) A-V Technician-$5554; Campus Security Police Sergeant-$8220; Safety Officer-$916"6; Animal Technician Supervisor-$6974; Museum Guide II-$5304; Custodial Worke r $4155; Groundskeeper II-$4573. *REQUIRE TESTING. Intereste d persons should contact Personnel Services 974-2530 FA0-011. THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Now accepting applications for summer camp counselors at Pinewood for boys and girls in Henderson, N .C. Conservative, clean cut students appl y to Box 4585, Normandy Branch Miami Beach, Fla. 33141. Waitress es over 21 needed. Temple Terra c e Pizza Hut. Good pay free pizza. 988-0008. SEAC office needs light man for coffeehouse and major events. CWSP preferred but not essential. Ext. 2637 or UC 159. SEAC office needs cr e ativ e p e rson to do artwork; silkscreen experi e n ce dr.s ired but nof necessary. Ext. 2637 or UC 1.59. CWSP preferred. Waitresses pt. or fulltime, nights 5:30 p.m to closing. Must be 21. Apply in person. 8420 N. Florida Avenue. Phone Interviewers Part Time Sl.65 pri.ts Bonus Work from our office during hours 9-1 or 5-9 (flexible) for Appt. phone 877-9583 8 a.m -noon. 1972 350cc Harley. Davidson Sprint Low Mileage 971-7662. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Also Systems Design Fast, Reasonable 2.51-6390 TYPING FAST, NEAT, ACCURATE. All types of work. Nina Schiro 11110 N 22nd St. 971-2139. If no answer 235-3261. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST TURABIAN, USF, etc. Term paper s theses, etc. IBM typewriter e lit e or pic a w/type changes. 5 minutes from USF. 971-6041 after 6 p .m. LS.A. T Complete R e view Course. LAW SCHOOL ADMISSION I S HIGHLY COMPETITIVE. BE PREPARED! American Educational Services Tampa 971-0997. If no answ e r c all Miami 1-305-651-3 8 80. XTRA HELPERS Temporary Personnel S e rvice Newest Service In Town Anne Biggs invites you to call for an appt. to com e and discuss the possibilities of earning xtra money in your spare time working for xtra special companie s WORK A DAYA WK. OR MORE Never a fee. Call Ann e 877-5861 1211 N Westshore Suite 310. H PING SERVICE. IBM S e l e ctri c Termpapers manuscripts. th e ois, lett e rs and other. 10 min. from U .S.F. Call Lor e Schmoll 971-2673. Everyone invited 2-4, BRING CUPS. NEW FRIENDS ., Thru computer dating. Why spend a lonely evening again? Let modern lechnology organize you social life. we have new friends eager to be introduced to you. Send S3 for application and minim-um of 3 new friends. Immediate results. Write to New Friends P.O. Box 22791 Tampa 33622 Contributions are needed to help finance Bill Davis' campaign for S.G. President. Any size gratefully accepted. Mail to Ctr. Box 448, accepted Mail to Ctr. Box 448, USF c/o "Caucus for for a New Student Government" or drop by 12726 N 20th St. Graduate student urgently needs quiet clean cheap (around S75) living space. Will share apt. house or frailer within 15 miles of campus. Call Jim 971-5548. Are you a Jewish girl? Do you stay here alone on the weekend? Well if the answer is yes, and you want to meet a Jewish boy Call 971-75 9. Roommate wanted to shart' two bedroom duplex :y. mile from us F Call Bruce 988-4956 or leave number. Male Roommate needed! My roommate split & I need some on e to share luxury 1 -BR Apt. n e ar campus. Rent $75 mo. Plus utiliti e s PH. 971 -7289 after 6 p.m. Male or Femal e. 0 wn a room in at wo bdr mobil e home. Central air & h e at, wall-to wall s ha g carpeting. Available Feb. 1st. 3mi. from USF. CallJoe97 18808. Own e r s ays, ' S e ll!" A lov ely, custom built 3 bdrm 2 bath hom e with formal dining room, larg e living room, e at-in kitchen c entral heat and a ir plu s insid e utilit y room-d ee p w ell and s prinkl e r syst e m-fen ce d bac k yard-man y oth e r e xtras. Qui c k posse ssion c cn lrall v loc at e d Low 40 s, C all t o s ec Paulin; Ferr aro, Ass o c Tampa H e ally, in e Off. B 79-57 00. e v e B 76 -0350. THE ORACLE -JANUARY 26, 1973 11 2 Story Temple Terra ce Call to see thi s series changer Reg. $449.00 only roomy, 4 br. l Y2 bth. hom e, c omplet e $289.00 United Freight Sales, 4712 N. w/Cent. H & A 10 closets, 23' x 15' LR, Armenia. Mon-Fri. 9-9; Sat. to 6 large DR, c arpeted throughout. Tennis Cassette Stereo-.Record e r with two courts nearby owner anxious & has speakers, microphones, set o f head priced to sell. $25,700 Call Pauline phones and 29 cassette tapes.-Very good Ferraro, Assoc., Tampa Realty Inc. Ofc condition and a good deal. Call Debby 879-5700, Res. 876-0350 988 1086. Mobile home 197 l 12x64 Kimberly 2BR, Form Din Rm, Shag carpet, F/F Ref, Washer & Dryer, Furn or Unfurn, Choice lot in nice park, landscaped. Info call 886-1393. FREE COCKTAILS all evening for SINGLES 21 & over every Fri. at 570 S. MacDill. Low admission incl free drinks, hor d'oeuvres great bands. For info 251-3030. Marxist Leninist-Mao Tse-Tung Study Center open 4-8 Sat. 2023 Platt St. Tampa Reading Rm., Study Groups forming. No Fee Peking Press, other papers. Not a Book Store. QUARTER, the University Journal needs: staff.faculty or students essays, poetry, reviews-subscribers, send 25 cents to GSU CTR459 or call Mark, ext. 2741. STEREO COMPONENT SETS (3) AM/FM stereo component $99.00 (2) 200 watt components with 3 way 10 speaker system and Gerr!lrd Professional Stereo Components 203 to 503 off lis! price. All new equipment. Full Factory Warranty. Mail order direct from distributor. Call Bob. 238-5423 Tampa. Sansui Receiver 100 watts 32RMS per channel push four 80 watt speakers AM/FM multiplex tuner. Will handle 2 tape decks and 2 turn tables. 1 yr. old 932-2734. WAN TED: 2 riders to Calif., share expenses and driving in a campervan. Must be able to leave within I week. Willing to tour with .the right (on) people 971-2456 or 773-0855 A.C. 305. Would like to form car pool from Clearwater-Dunedin area. Must be on campus M-F, 10-6 Call Joe 784-2129. LOST It FOUND FOUND! Dog. Around Chem. Bldg. Contact Humane Society : Phone--8797138. -FOUND! Green wallet belonging to Valerie Morvan Please call Karen 223: 6823. LI [!JTHEATRE 111 NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 .al . .. J. i NOT JU$T KIND l'r OF MASSAGE PARLORS. P''HER, SHE AND HIM" s ST ARTS_ TODAY UNITED AMERICAN MIDNIGHT SHOWS FRIDAY & SA TU RDA Y CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 11 :45 AM TAMPA'S MAGNIFICENT NEW SHOWPLACE! FLORILAND 935.4423 FINAL WEEK Reduced prices 'til i I & 2 5 PM 1 :Deliverance Exe. Sun. A JOHN BOORMAN FILM & Holida .ys Starring JON VOIGHT -BURT REYNOLDS "Eno"lh split. ancl thrills i.. .. for half a .clOzen helt-ancl1action mov1e1 . l'l.AYtlOY 1 :15 3:15 5:20 7:25 9:20 PANAVISIOH 9 TECHNICOLOR 9 'RJ A Warner Communications Company From 8ros. fj***************************' ST ARTSTODAY! the greatest JAMES BOND DOUBLE FEATURE of any year! CPG) "THUNDERBALL" "YOU.ONLY LIVE TWICE" 2:30 and 6:55 only 4:40 and 9:00 PM only Last complete double Feature 6:55 p.m. Parttime work for students as car r ier for afternoon delivery of the Tampa Tim e s motor route, 6 days a wk. No Sundays Must hav e reliable tran s portati o n & furn. moderate c ash bond. Call Sam P e rrone at 22477 48 bet wee n 9 a .m. & 5 p m Mon. thru Sat. This i s y ou r L EVI s t o r e wt' havt' Li

12 -THE ORACLE JANUARY 26, 1973 DOONESBURY /ttVO Vie/I/ IJGIJM// ,.<;l/O Ille# 6'R,l}Ol/AT701/ /,t//Tfl Pfl! 86TA KAPP/J ... 1111/f} rfleN Jl1RE. j .. d 0 Y:: SAY IT?. .. I 0.K., Pet!<, .I'U .Pf.IT YOllR. ltJ/NTF:R conr1N rHI: HAil-FIRS! 1/-11.A/6 rOMM/WtU "' 1-f,qRk;.0&41<, OTJICR s,q775nqcr10Ns YOV NAY !lcR!llc F.ROH 71-11.5 .sc.HOt..Mt..Y AClll&tl&HENJ; :r f/OP6 YOU KNOUJ YOU'l/e HAOe YOIJR. F/lrfle'R t/eRY ......... HITPPY. by Garry Trudeau yov 861" HeHl15! .1;1,.vp J:'f/6 Gor ff rt*t.1N6 IT'S ON't..Y II Be61NN!Nt?! fies Gt./1/G ro HllK& rHAT Pel/N's UST 1}6/1/N Ne)(! / l&"RH! / Setvice needs -sitters. The Babysitting Referral Service offered by the SG Off Campus Housing Service does 'Dot have enough babysitters. Sally Si mons of the Off. Campus Housing service said babysitters are needed at all times of the day. The Babysitter Referal Service was started last quarter when plans for a day care center for students with chi ldren failed to materialize. Students willing to babysit and students who .need babysitters contact Simons in the Off-Campus Housing Office, UC 156, ext. 2401. paper I Sales letters Envelopes I I Catalog Sheets Letterheads I I Bulletins Circulars j Forms Handbills j f' Notices Post Cards I I - Direct Mail Brochures j Instructions House Organs i Data Sheets Cost Sheets : I i.l ... Order Forms P"rice Lists I -f,,';t;/, Work Sheets Resu't'es j_ 1 W/A'. Announcements Stuffers \ TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER I l insty-prints J,_-1 ;;$ 4347 W. Kennedy Blvd 5101 E Busch Blv d j Tampa, Flo. 33609 Tampa, Flo. 33617 l i 879-46B4 985-2083 I Growing trees cuts noise By Lenora Lake Oracle Staff Writer USF's had a noise abatement program since the University was founded but its effectiveness has never been measured. The noise abatement program consists mainly of planting trees around the campus to t he noise from surrounding streets. Trees have been planted around the perimeter of the campus to reduce the noise problem but no noise reading has ever been made. "IT'S HARD for us to determine the results at this time, but hope we will reduce the noise in years to come and make the campus more attractive," said Bill Andrews, Grounds Maintenance supervisor. Last week as part of the program, 1500 slash pines were planted around the perimeter of the campus. Trees are planted about every two years, Andrews said. THE TREES will take five or Suhurhanette Beauty Salon Distinctive Hair Styling and person alized Style Cuts For Men & Women 2211 E. Fletcher 971-7432 ,. "II "It's hardfor us to determine the results at this time, but hopefully we will reduce the noise in years to come and make the campus more attractive." '--Bill six years to reach a height of five or six feet, but will grow rapidly after that. The trees were furnished by the Hillsborough County Extension Service, free, except for a shipping charge of $20 "Each time we receive about 2,000 trees and plant about 1500 of them and save about 500 to add to our tree farm," Andrews said Trees from the farm are used to replace trees that do not live or for special projects. "WE TOOK small oaks from the land that is now the golf course and kept them in the tree farm and are now using the m around the dorms as a buffer," he said. Andrews said that one of the biggest threats to the trees is, from bicycle chains. "Tying bikes to the trees abraises the cambium (bark) and allows for infection. If a virus infected squirrel should contact an opening, the tree can become infected and this can spread to the other trees," Andrews said. Lindell Volkswagen Presents THE MINI-ROLLSConvert your new or used Volkswagen to the classic Mini-Rolls, both new and used now in stock, ready for delivery. Good Used Car Specials ............................ -$129 5 .. $129 5 '71 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle 1131. radio, heater, loath $1590 erette i nterior, ice cold air.# 2414 .... ... . .. .... ... .. ... . : :. . . $99 5 '72 VOLKSWAGIN 7 passenger bu1 2211. radio, heat $3199 er, ice cold air.# 408.5-1 ... ... .. ... ... ... .. .. ... ... .. .... .. .... .. .. $179 5 .. $599 Our Used VW'1 Come Sli9htly New LINDELL VOLKSWAGEN 3900 W. KENNEDY PHONE 872-4841 The Proud Lion is happy to announce the GRAND OPENING of their Gourmet WINE SHOP Imported and Domestic Wine FREEeWine given away I (\e h,.s 0-oe(\'"' ?.q Wme tasting I 1 t" )O(\ 4f. o.,,, (\ Join Our Wine Club o,, .. S. .. >A .. t.. o o .'1. "1. For BIG Discounts! REMEMBER The Pub. still has Deli-sandwiches .------------, I Bring in this I I coupon for a I ; FREE I I Draft I ; 4 p.m. til closing ; I valid 1-29-73 thru 2-3-73 I ._ ___________ ... Draft beer Old English atomosphere Game room Pub hrs: 11 AM 1 AM Mon. Sat. 1 PM 12 1!-M Sunday The Proud Lion Pub Busch Plaza (next to A & P) 4070 Busch Blvd. 985-2013


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