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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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; ecor blossoms Creative handicraft... Oracle photo by, Gary Lantrip decorates the wall of a faculty member's office tuesd'ay's March 6, 197 3 theORACLE 12 pages Vol. 7No. 125 Hodes proposes TECO study move By Bill NottinJr;halll Oracle Staff Writer State Richard Hodes, has proposed the Tafi1pa Electric Company (TECO) sponsored environmental study by USF' s Engineering Department be moved to "another part of the: to avoid possible in local political issues, Richard Hodes worked closely TECO and was at fhe center of the county's pollution problems. ''IF THEY. want to do a study like this," he said, "they should do it in an area other than Hillsborough County, like Dade County. Miami has the same type of im'\Tironmental problems Tampa has." By moving the study . from Tampa, Hodes sal.d, neither USF, Rogers, nor TECO could be aCCl1Sed of any conflict of interest. ''Theri all they would have to on page 3 B:y Andrea Harris Oracle Feature Editor Stained-glass windows, canvas chairs, REAPS and hanging beads prove that all cramped, concrete offices need not be ugly. For example, Dr. Al Lowe's office is s-o decorative; its fame spread beyond its confines in the Education building. COLORED beads hand strung; on strands of catgut adorn the entrance to an office that doubles as a miniat.ure library. A portable radio is constantly tuned to an FM station. Add an eye chart covered with buttons, such as the one proclaiming "Kiss me, I'm Serbian," and you have what some consider the place to go after Disney World and Busch Gardens. Richard Loveless conquered the proplem of Art Education c..>ffices by simply removing his desk. IT LEIT more room for his large, ancient Philco radio -and black canvas chair. A shag rug 'Continued on page_ 5 Faculty ... are taking on a more li'tjely appearance TECO granted $25,000 to Don Rogers, former Hillsborough County Pollution Control Director now working in association with USF, to poll the attitudes of county leaders concerning environmental The study results are to be made public. LAST Thursday, Hodes said the timing of the study was bad. At that time TECO was involved in a public controversy that has since been settled. But Hodes said hdears USF could be drawn into the middle of future political confrontations between TECO and environmentalists, .thus jeopardizing the study's objectivity. Feminist Kennedy hits status q.uo "Considering all the publicity," Hodes said, "I can't see how the study is going to be valid. People will be on their guard now." Hodes also said Rogers could face possible conflicts of interest smce m his former role as pollution control director he r inside State, W orl ,1 . . p.2 Editorials,Letters. p.4 Entertainment p.6, 7 TV ... p. 7 Sports ......... p.8,9 Bulletin Hoard. p.10 Job Mart ...... p.JO Classifieds ..... p. l l Doonesbury Ji. 12 By Andrea Harris Oracle Staff Writer' It's the good people in society who are supporting the oppressors, black feminist lawyer Florynce Kennedy said, last night and it's up to the good people to demand what they want. "Do not let .the oppressors tell you you can't have something 'cause they ain't got the money, 'cause they always got the money," she said in the gym, speaking _as part of Women's Week activities. SHE SAID if students could persuade USF's administration to close a swimming pool one week of the year, the money for the chlorine bills would pay for a black studies program, a women s studies program, a day care center or whatever students want. Kennedy compared America to a Volkswagon on her ankle ("it doesn't feel any better (just) 'cause a Mack truck's h e avier''), blasted liberation mov e ment resisters appearing on the Cavdl show said being scard1ed in airports is Florynce Kennedy another step toward a police state, and that women are on a pedestal surrounded by "a rrioat of boiling water." Women end up in the moat, she said, if they move a little too far one way or the other. TOO FAR one way, and they're whores, Kennedy said. Too far the other, and they're lesbians. If a woman tells a man she doesn't dig him and he labels her a lesbian, Kennedy offered a succinct retort: "Are you my alternative?" Kennedy said the women's liberation movtmicnt 1s for "brave, intelligent and political people," and dismissed women who say publically 'Tm not for women's lib" with ''.My point is, honey, who asked you." She said ifs possible to jar the establishment without using any violence and getting arrested (she calls getting arrested a "masochistic trip"). "WE'VE GOT to discommode. t he establishment .. .lf we use our heads a little bit and thinkabout it, we can confront the establishment in meaningful ways without getting arrested," Kennedy said. "We ought to move toward the major advertisers and teach them a lesson," she continued . She said advertisers tell women "Your special feelings give you special odors." AND NOW they've got a new campaign: "You don't just smell under yourpretty little arms," she said, "you smell between your pretty little legs." She said many states evading the recent Supreme Court decision liberalizing abortion, and the violators are "the law-and-order people." She ended on a note 'of feminist unity: anybody tells you you ain't ready, you say 'Ready or not, here we come;'" *** Women's schedule Men'sliberation, the Equal Rights Amendment, and women in history are topics : for today's Women's Week events. A panel discussion on the image of today's man and men's liberation will begin at 10 a.m . in UC 251. Subjects for discussion include male and female chauvinism and the Playboy syndrome. A presentation entitled ''A Suffragist and Others Look at the Past," will begin at 2 p.m. A focus debate on the Equal Rights Amendment is scheduled for 7:30p.m. in UC 248. Helen Davis, lobbyist for the League of Women Voters, will argue theaffirmitivewith Ann Loughridge Kerr, Tampa attorney, speaking for the negative.


2. THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 Crippling strilces sweep Britain LONDON (UP 1)-Labor strikes spread across Britain Monday, cutting short crucial gas supplies to thousands of homes and forcing hospitals to discharge critically ill patients. British trade unions voted for a day of national protest against government wage controls. The wave of strikes also closed schools and disrupted mass transportation in the London area Hospitals reported the situation was "grave." Continued partly' cloudy and warm today and tomorrow, with a chance of rain. With the low temperatures in the low 60s, the will bw in the mid "'"80s. JMC walkout SAIGON (UPl)-The Communists walked out of a meeting of the Joint Military Commission Monday in a dispute over the exchange of Vietnamese prisoners of war. They said the argument could jeopardize future American POW releases since the MJC i s responsible for making arrangements for the releases. Henry to pow wow? WOUNDED KNEE, S D (UP.1)-Leaders of niilitant Indians Monday demanded a conference with a high-rankin g Interior Department official and a White House aide, possibly Henry Kissinger, before ending their six-day oc c upation of this Oglala Sioux hamlet. news r Id w or briefs Airliners collide NANTES France (UPl}-Two Spanish airliners collided Monday in a layer of cloud s high over western France. On e of them crashed in a ball of flame s, killing all 68 p e r s ons aboard and the oth e r, carry ing 108 p e r s on s, landed safe! y mor e th a n 100 miles away. Economists to meet BRUSSELS (UPI) Eur o p e an monetary markets w e r e clo se d Monday and Common M a rket finance minist e rs, havin g fai led to agr ee on how to ease the international mon e y cns1s, asked the United Stat e s to meet with th e m Friday in se ar c h of a solution Good and had WASHINGTON (UPI)Hoping to e nd co n s um e r confu s ion ov e r th e qualit y of automobile tires, the gove rnment Monda y propos e d a syst e m to grad e and l abel tires ac cording t o hig h sp ee d performance, tra c tion and wea r Wasted dollars WASHINGTON ( UPI)e ight Pal es tinian g u e rrill as who killed two American dipl o mat s and a Belgian c harge d' affaires would be e x ec ut ed, U .S. s our ces said Gaullists PARIS (UPl)-President Georges Pompidou c alled in hi s top strategi s t s Monda y t o plot ways of kee ping Fran c e' s Communists a nd Socialists out of power following their fir st round electi o n s u cc ess. .. If you wish to make any suggestions to The Oracle, suggestion boxes are located in the Library and the UC. Typhoid epidemic termed Federal housing and u r b a n renewal programs hav e only squandered taxpay e rs' mon e y and frustrated local official s, HUD Se c retary Jam e s T L y nn said Monda y. Tampa yesterday was 26 11!,0dcrtile. :\ir l'oll;tlion Index Srale 0-19 li;hl 1severe' in migrant camp 20-:l9 nuul1rah'. I0-59 -Ml-79 : H0 -99 hia\ utult HOMESTEAD (UPI)-The Dade county public health director said Monday a typhoid fever epidemic could spread to as many as 100 residents of a sprawling migrant labor camp before the outbreak is checked. is probably the most severe typhoid outbreak in the United States in at least 10 years," Dr; Milton Saslaw said aher 35 typhoid cases had been confirmed and 66 "suspect''. cases were close watc!i in hospitals . Inquiry begins TALLAHA .SSEE (UPl)-A l egislative committee secret subpoenas Monday for an of Lt : Gov. Tom Adams' alleged mis-use of state and the gov'.ernor demanded a rep ort on .another public officials' acceptance of a rental car from a company he .helps regulate. In a related development, Adams said he was mailing to the secretary of state for public disclosure the bank records of his fund drive to pay : off a campaign debt. submitted TALLAHASSEE (UPI) Reubin Askew Monday un. wrapped a people-oriented $2.2 billion state spending program coupled with $27 million in tax savings for senior citizens of moderate income trying to put something away for the future. florid a news I briefs The total budget recommendation -first $2 billion annual spending program in state history--would accelerate interstate highway construction, catch-up on school classroom needs, relieve over-crowded state prisons and purchase $90 million of park and envirpnmental endangered lands. 1-75 routing TALLAHASSEE (UPl)-Gov. Reubin Askew said Monday he is "leaning toward" rec.ommending that the southernmost extension of Interstate 75 be built along the route of Alligator Alley. "The greater chances are that this will be my recommendation," Askew told a press confererwe in which he disclosed that he is recommending that $120 million in state surplus funds be earmarked to accelerate completion interstate Florida. of the entire system through Reluctant TALLAHASSEE (UPl)The Board of Business Regulation relunctantly threw its full support behind Senate Pres. Mallory E. Horne's bill to let the state eavesdrop on the telephone sales pitches of land salesmen Monday in an effort to catch "swamp peddlers." Tlw Ori u lt i s tlu; offidal sluclt>nl-t>cli1td nt>ws papt>r of lht> University of. South Flori.ta ancl is publisllt'd four titm s Tuesday through during lht atadtmit pt>rlod S..ptt>mb..r through midJune; lwi1 clurin; lht ata1lemit pt>riod mid-Junt' through August, by the l of Soulh_Floricla. Fowltr Aw . Tampa Fla. 33620. C i11ions 1 xpresst>d in The Orarlt art> !host of the editors or of the wrihr and nol 1hos1 of lht t : nivt>rsih' of South Florida. Address torr1s1u111cl1t lo The Orat le. Lan -1-72: Tampa, Fla., 33620 . Tht Ormlt is t>nlered a s Second Class matte r al the United States Post Offi1 111 Tampa. Fla . and printed oy Peerless Printers. Inc., Tampa. Th. Oradt rt>serns the right to regulate the typographical tone of all aclnrtisemeDts and lo revis e or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Substription rate is $7 per year or $2 for Qtrs. I. 2. 3: $I for Qtr. -l. J. T. Williams, a member of the Land Sales Advi s ory Council and a busines s partner of Horne's in Killeam Properties Inc., told the powerful business board that most land sales companies approved of Horne's bill and would willingly c onsent to having their telephone sales monitored. Master TALLAHASSEE (UPl)-An advisory committee recommended Monday that guidelines for Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) contain some concept of "master plan approval" so a developer wouldn't have to get a separate okay and environmental study. for every addition to his project. The Environmental Land Management Study (ELMS) committee said the provision should pertain to all projects that are considered to be DRI's which are projects that would have a substantial effect on the health, safety or welfare of citizens of more than one county. Death assurance KHARTOUM (UPI)-Sudanese offi c ials a ss ured the United States Monda y that the So11r11: Hillshornu;h County Erl\ ironmtnlal l'rolt>l'lfon We've Lowered Our Prices ilU_ s" -not.<>' 3 ,, .ileR. f'-.tirad1. M1.d aMdh 'YIAIA> "19 a< Open Daily Until 9 PM Busch Store Sunday 12 -6 4237 W. Kennedy Blvd. 872-5661 4962 Busch Boulevard OS SOUTH .FLORIDA VOLKSWAGEN_.REPAIR YOUR NEW VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR SERVICE 13301 22nd Street (Fletcher & 22nd St.) South of Frank & Rita's Restaurant ************** AN INDEPENDENT VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE : Renuilt CENTER : Engine : REBUILT ENGINES 40 H;P. : TRANSMISSIONS : with exchange : : $275 a * ALL VOLKSWAGEN************** REPAIR WORK 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED NOTE! PH. 971-1725 WE ARE NOT A SE.RVICE ST A TION


Bunches of Books are on display in the Instructional Materials Center throu11;h March 23. There are 400 newly published _iuvenile books for children up to sixth A University spokesman said the University buys 200-250 new books a year upon comments received durinJl; the exhibits. An exhibit of new _junior and senior hi;h school books will be on Clisplay here second quarter. eading in the right direction TECO------------------oving straight ahead; following the times, keeping upcto-date, seeking the life that's happening now. That's you and your friends, always from page 1 do is apply the results to the Tampa area," he said. Engineering Dean Ed Kopp said he didn't think the study would do any good for Tampa s environmental problems if it centered around another location. "Miami's problems are different from ours Kopp said. "They ha .ve thermal pollution problems, whereas Tampa has a greater air pollution concern. "IF WE were to transfer the study it would mean additional expense to move Mr. Rogers to that area, and we still wouldn't be sure his results could be applied to Hillsborough County." Kopp said the TECO grant money also pays salaries for student assistants helping in Rogers' research. As to Rogers' previous involvement in county affairs Kopp said, "that was four years ago." Thursday, Kopp and Rogers met w ith members of the Hillsborough County chapter of the Sierra Club, a national environmental organization, "We showed them the study and explained the details, Kopp said. "When they left, they seemed enthusiastic about the project." SIERRA Club Vice Chairman, Ray Likens said yesterday his group has been concerned about the st"1dy and wanted to !tpeak to Rogers and Kopp personally. "We are not as concerned about the project as we once were,:' he said, "but we still want **** Senate eyes grant Clarification of the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) grant to the College of Engineering will be among the items on Wednesday's Faculty Senate agenda at 2 p.m. in the Kiva; Engineering Dean, Ed Kopp, doesn t explain what it's all about," said Prof. S.A. Zylstra, who will make the motion, adding, "I don't like the smell of it (the grant)." TECO's grant has been attacked by environmentalists as a, means of focusing on personalities rather than issues by gathering information for dossiers. The Senate will also be asked to appoint members to an inter University committee which would. discuss state-wide faculty concerns. During Wednesday's meeting, the Senate will receive reports from the By Laws Teacher Evaluation and Election Committees in addition to a Committee on Committees report on the structure of University councils. to meet with TECO." Likens said his group is scheduled to meet with TECO officials Thursday. "We are confident of the participation, but we' re still against tbe basic concept of studying environmentalists," Likens said. on the go. To keep you going confidently every day, you need Tampax tampons. They're the internal sanitary protection that's part of today, an active life. No reason to sit idle and ' that frees you to lead I' CARL Gustin, TECO public let the fun pass you , by. With Tampax.tampons, information supervisor' could you're not encumbered by not say whether or not hi s pins and pads, not held back company would still fond the by fear of "something study ifit were moved to another showing." location. And they come in three "A lot would depand on absorbency-sizes-Regular; Super and Jynior-so you get whether the researcher (Rogers) the one that's best for you. thinks the study would be With Tampax tC:upons to rely applicable," he said. "Miami's on, you're always heading in conditions are somewhat the rightdirection for' fun. different thanour's." Gustin admitted Rogers' presence in the study was a in TECO's agreeing io fund the research. "We knew he was a respected man in the environmental field and could do a good study," he said. State .film producers favor USF film program When asked if TECO would fund the project if an equally respected en vir.onmen t al personality from another area of the state co.nducfod the research, Gustin said, "we would have to consider the person's credentials before we could make a co .mmitment." Dr. David Horsman said yesterday he had received favorable correspondenc e from Florida film producers to provide help in establishing a film program here. The major deterant to the development of a film program has been lack ofspac e according to the latest rriemo from Carl Riggs; vice president for Academic Affairs. SP ACE "is not available on the campus and cannot be provided from state re s ources in the forseeable futur e," Riggs said in a memo to Philip Ricre, dean of Language Literature. Horsman, who has be e n pushing for a separate department of film since October, 1971,said int e rnships had been offered by th e National Association of Broadcast Op<'ll 11:00 am 6:00 pm l'llONE 971-2277 Workers, Trans-International Horsman said if USF c annot and Trans-World Films, all of provide a film program, Miami. Internships were also "another place in the state offered by Sear c h Productions should be sought for it. and Cinema City of Tampa . Horsman said a letter from the A local producer has offered Commerce Department to Pres. assistance "to he 1 p in Mackey said the department is G.R.E. Preparation approaches to both public and "extremely interested in the private sources of funds." success of the film program to Grad11s 1-12 Horsman said. provide edu c ation in a field that 501 S. DALE MABRY may offer future employment 750 E. WATERS AVE. owuuoevMllL1oowo PRES. Cecil Mackey agreed and be an asset to Florida." __ _.1MoEoNL'tBYTMPAX1NcoPoro,PALMER,Mss. DEVELOPED BY. A OOCTCR on F eh. 21 the College of Language Lit e rature, could formulate a graduate film program stipulating the program be funded outside the University. "Money i s not c urr e ntl y available to support the immediate expansion propos e d for this program," Riggs said, "nor do we ex pec t it to be in th e futur e SANDALS brown I blue suede lhll8 NEW LOOK Buck's Shoes Temple Terrace Shopping Center 9233 56th St. Ph. 988 ... 5356


4 THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 Diapers and diplomas USF needs a day care center. One fourth of the student population is married and it's time their needs were recognized and acted upon. Students at the USF Bay Campus have a day care center because Wayne Hoffmann, director of Student Affairs ar the St. Petersburg campus, properly' evaluated the situation and moved w provide space and funds. The Bay Campus; day care center opened within University' facilities in January 1972. TAMPA administrators, claiming day care centers are the" trend of the future," are not encouraging the development of a Tampa USF center. They offer the usual excuse of no space and no money. But even if money came from the federal government it is doubtful this would change the University's 'priorities' for space utilization. An administrator's statement that "federal support will come sooner or later" sounds terribly like a request for foo'd stamps because the welfare check won't buy enough. The Oracle feels the University should be a testing ground for innovation and change, not waiting complacently to catch up with "future" trends. MORE SO, we feel that day care centers are not a trend or of the future. The responsibilities of a family and a selfsupporting job weigh heavily today on ail married USF students who seek to continue their education. They deserve equal and proper benefit of the student fees that were used for the Bay Campus center and that are set aside, still waiting, for a "future" Tampa day care center. A day care center should be instituted on the Tampa campus without delay. Any married students who find the load of a family, work and an education too much, and are forced to leave school before the institution of a day care center, must be classified as a product of an administration not receptive to student needs. -ORACLE,------------f d ito ri a IS & C m nt ry Readers query police Editor: k' h l' h [ ] ma mg pap erna 1a t ey strap to Your editorial on the 50 per cent 1 t t themselves. They walk around MY for USF police/persons at the t t rs campus, with loaded guns, Mace, an local Burger King raises three interesting assortment of Tinker Toys, and a GI Joe questions. Walkie-Talkie no less!!!! F t 't 't t l' t This event has serious implications in irs 1sn 1 agams po icy 0 use a The past history of the USF campus t t d t h 1 f 1 terms of the amount 0f authority we have s a e-owne mo or ve ic e or persona does not warrant such a show of military b u ? S 1 th ff' d th permitted our police force to affect. (The smess. ure Y e 0 icer nvmg e force. We could save anyone from getting d'd 't t f 1 h d h t .people who were dancing, stopped car 1 n s op or unc urmg a 0 hurt if we changed this situation. 't ff immediately when told, asked no pursm 0 campus. The state should stop buyinl!: all that S d d 't 50 t d' t questions, sat down passively, despite the econ oesn a per cen iscoun hardware, its a waste of money. t 1 d l'k ft? fact that they were asked before the o a po 1ceperson soun 1 e gra not h' 'f h Gertrude Ederly Third, if the USF police don't direct concert oegan to use t ts space 1 t ey 4 EGX traffic at that dangerous intersection wished to dance.) This police force has because of a fear of legal responsibility off now the power to control our emotionally campus, what's going to be the official expressive lives to the point of line if one of those police cars being used restraining the need for moving, for personal business has an accident? rhythmically, to what is. fine and Law and order, like charity, begin at beautiful in people. home. L d WHY h I h d eonar A. Granato t en, am teac ing ance in Asst. Prof, Mass Comm this University? I guess what is being stated In this incident is that people can Editor: USF A Police State? This past Friday evening I put on a dancing skirt with some excitement to go to the Earl Scruggs concert. These people come to us with a very special kind of sound, which is part of our cultural heritage. It seems important to me that all young people (6-60) in this country experience the richness in feeling that is embodied in this music. "Embodied:" an experience of the body. WHY IS IT then that young people were told to. stop dancing during the concert? There were no more than fifteen people dancing off to the side, where they were infringing on no one's rights or comfort. In short they were just into sharing a joyful feeling through movement. When I questioned a "security" official as to why these people were told to stop, he replied, ... because we can't handle it." Handl, e what? Joy, communication, spontaneous expression, movement, youth the very things that are the wonder. of life? This kind of restraint is, I believe, a grave sickness of the spitit, manifested socio-politically. dance only if they have permission; and must dance when they want to earn a "good" grade in a class Carol Turoff Dance Instructor Editor: I have been here at Mattel, or should I say USF, for three and a half" years. Not only has the assembly line stamped out increasingly more students with pieces of paper to hang on their wall, but an arms build-up has become obvious within the USF security force. GI Jack (Prehle) has created a large Boy Scout Troop of tin soldiers. What is happening? I HAVE nothing against the individual officers, but they all look like toy store specials equipped with all the accessories. I absolutely resent the 106 pounds of war-This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $ a.t.7,208. 1-2. or 9Cl' per copy. to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the of South Florida. (Forty percent of the JH'r issue cost is offset by ad'\ertising rennue.) Editor: Upon entering the north entrance to campus the morning of March 2, 1973 at 8:09 AM, my bladder cried out to brain control that it could not wait another moment. The nearest facilities were at the Andros Center so I bee-lined into parking lot No. 13 and made a dash for the rest room.. Upon returning I noticed the empty parking spaces undoubtedly Andros residents who had commuted to the Mardi Gras, the night before. The next realization was that there was some sort of la:rge red paraciticle insect on my windsheild. Two steps more and it ocurred to me that badge no. 91 had struck, in less than 5 minutes, totally ignorant to the laws that govern nature. Ripped off again, blaaaaaaa. This was further confirmed by the USF Police desk sergeant three minutes later. The sergeant replied to my argument based on a sense of reality with the same old shuck and jive... "the parking regulation book states that. .. THE GENERAL consensus judging from past student complaints that our parking police behavior shows a definite and consistent lack of concern for independent judgement. Other legal systems realize this lack of police mentality for interpreting the written law and have established courts of appeal. It is about time that student government gets off their cans and sets up a similar interpreting body. Brian O'Neill 3POL MY NEW PE:T 15 bOING TO ASSIST ME IN 'SOLVING PRESSING SOCIOLOGICAL 'PROBLEMS. WA1lM CARE:FULL'/ HE l?EACfS 10 THIS POVERTY.. STRICKEN S1RE.ET --. IT$ CALLED AMANVA-TE. . PRESS l>E..\ULl'i ES: (;t'nf'ral nt>ws :i p.m. for following day issue. (with proof) Thursday noon for ;;; :::: ANPA PACEMAKER A if ARD 196(, /969 noon for noon for Thurrsday, Tuesday noon for l'riday. Ueadlinbe .. :!_: 1xhncltcl one without proof. ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before publication in person or y mail with f'ntlost>d ..\dt>rlisinit ralt>s on request. 97 -1-2620, Monday through l'riday. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ;::: ACP All-AMERICAN SIACf.; /96/' b .. ::;: Storit's and of intf'rt>l to ht> submitted lo The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion ox l's .. :;:: in 1h1 Lihrar and l 'C. .. e. ::: ::::::::!::::: .: ;: ; ::: ::: e; t :::::::::::: :: e: : t: ! :: ;:::; 0 t: =: t:.:.: ::: t: o:;: o 0: : t: t: 0 0' '.I 0;:;: 0 :: :: : : : : : ; : : t :::: :: ::: :: ::: : : ::: : : : : : :: t :: : t::::: :: :: : :: : : : ; : ; ::::::: :: :::: 0 :: 0:::; :::.: :: t t:.: 0: 0 : :-:: :; t: t :: t :: e ::: ;.:::: :: ::: :: :: = ::::; :::::;::!:;:::: ::: : :: ::::: :: :: : : :: :::: ::::::::: :: :: ::: : :: :: t:': t: t: :: ; : :


say can you study" Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip Professors often express creativeness or in their office decorations. Offices--------------Continued from page 1 completes the cozy den image Dr. Raymond Patouillet's FAO office is overrun by REAPS application, product; it is what of all shapes and sizes. REAPS Patouillet's students do instead s tands for reaction, exploration, of term papers. Term papers out; REAPs By Andrea Harris Oracle Feature Editor Ever heard of a REAP? Probably not. 1n But it could conceivably replace those true-false, matching multiple guess exercises in regurgitation as tests. THE REAP, you see, is an unorthodox alternative to the term paper invented by Dr. Raymond Patouillet, chairman of Applied Educational Sciences. It stands for Reaction, Exploration, Application, Product. It all began one sunny day when Patouillet, sitting in the shade of a tree, was allegedly conked on the head by a Golden Delicious Apple and realized that to learn, one become involved with what one is learning. From then on, the REAP was standard operating procedure in Patouillet's classes. REAP's can be sculpture, recording, dancing or any other form of expression students can conjure up. AND THEY have. Patouillet's office has REAP's hanging from the ceiling, smothering his desk and.growing from the floor. Patouillet uses REAP's primarily as instructional' tools, but added they also do thre e things tests are designed to do but invariably fail: First, one cannot help but l earn when one produces a REAP Second, REAP's measure openness, depth, discrimination, c r ea tivity, professional judgement and organization, as any experienced asses sor of REAP's will tell you. ONE REAP is a large golden cloth poster symbolizing fulfillment. Another i s a colorful painting-"The Lonesome Road." And th e re's a REAP made of paper flow ers, thorns and Michelob bottles set in a cardboard box The office of Dr. Ernest Cox, chairman of the Visual Arts Department, is an example of man's ingenuity in adjusting to a hostile environment. His office came complete with an ugly, concrete, column in the center, dissecting the office from floor to ceiling. THAT column was transformed into the most attractive asset the room has by Dr Bruce Marsh who air bushed fleecy clouds with a pale blue background on it. Tom Walters, a programmer analyst in the Scien ce Center, programmed the computer to make designs for his walls as ''part of the eternal quest for truth," he said. They are done on white 8 x 10 sheets of paper, and look almost like something a young engineer toe might produce on a Spirograph. ROBERT Specker and James -McKillop's Lang/Lit office has as its main attraction a stained glass window. It also contains a Miller High Life hanging lamp and a brown pastoral-scene tapestry. Perhaps these are all extensions of Dr. Lowe's philosophy: "If you're going to have a cell, you might as well have it interesting." THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 5 Discover the World on Your SEMESTER AT SEA Sails each September & February Combine accredited study with educational stops in Africa, Aus tralasia and the Orient. Over 7500 students from 450 campuses have already experienced this interna tional program. A wide range of financial aid is available. Write now for free catalog: WCA, Chapman College, Box CC40, Orange, Cal. 92666 I I I charlie robertson, terry bag by 1MAR. 9-10 EMPTY KEG9-12Pm.75cw/id. I I sponsored by seac I . L _______________________ J NOW R>. AT Rl \WI LINDELL \1111 VOLKSWAGEN ALSO FEATURING OUR NEJY ''1-YEAR NEW CAR WARR.4N'l'l' PLAN. LINDELL TAMPA'S ORiGINAL VOLKSWAGEN DEAUI 3900 W. KENNEDY BLVD. 1 BLOCK WEST OF DALE MABRY Ph. 872-4141 Thi rd REAP's are good dean fun (if th ere is such a thing). REAP'S can h elp students l ea rn how mathematics relates to th eir lives, for examp le, or what tho se word s Shak espea re wrote really mean. -=If you passed her on the street S tr etch the co nrcpt o f tfw HEAP a littl e farth e r and th e S tatu e of Libe rt y and 1lw Mona a could he cla sse d as [{EA P's. ff REAP's eve r do 111ctl10ds uf l eaching and testing, then over Da Vinci -got cornpl!lilio11. wouldn't notice her ... on the screen she is unforgettable. 103 w / l.D. Fri.& Sat.7:30&10P


. winner Vittorio De .. a\; ''The (;arden of the Finzi-l:ontinis," wimH'I' of ihc firs! pl'iz(' at tlw !971 Hedin Film Festival, wi mwr of i lw Bona!dlo Award foi thc bes t !tali au film of 1.97 l and wi mi;r of tiw lwc;l foreign film of lhe i 9 7 i Academy Award,.;. will he ,.;hown Wcducsday and Thursday at 7 and ();;)O p.m. in ll,1\!"\' IO:{. Admi,.;,.;ion to the film, praised for its visual beauty and sympatlwti

Oracle photos by.Bill Phillips and Tom Palmer Weekend concerts The Earl Scru,,;gs Revue and Herbie Mann provided the musical entertainment on campus this past weekend in two sold out concerts. Earl Scruggs Revue mixes fine bluegrass, fo/lc, roe/< By Tom Palmer Oracle Staff Writer The Earl Scruggs electrified a gym full of people Friday night with a mixture of bluegrass folk and rock which bridged .a lot of musical gaps that may have existed before they came on stage. Their material ranged from traditional style songs like "John Hardy'' and "Freight Train" to "Lady Madonna" and "Both tu highlites TODAY 8 p.m., Ch. 8 Movie -James Coburn and Godfrey CambridRe in "The President's Analyst." 8:30 p.m., Ch. 3 --Bill Moyers' Journal --amnesty is discussed. 9 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie RinRo Starr and Peter Sellers in "The Christian." 10 p.m., Ch. 8 --First Tuesday work experiments and draft dodRinR are the topics. IO p.m., Ch. 3 The Eternal Tramp a film montaRe trachtR the development of Charlie Chaplin's talent for slapstick and pathos. WEDNESDAY 8 p m., Ch. 3 America '73 "ChallenRes to the.Military" features a look at an island's use as a naval practice base, the implications of a volunteer army and court martial charRes. 9 p.m., Ch. 3 Eye lo Eye foll$ art. THURSDAY (music] Sides Now with some bluegrass tunes like "T is for Texas" and "Flint Hill Special" mixed in. EARL. Scruggs' s()n, Gary, did a pretty decent job with the vocals, also playing electric bass and harmonica and introducing songs with something catchy like, "There have been a lot of songs written, and this is surely one of them," as they led into Elizabeth Cotten s "Freight Train." It's somewhat of an interesting composition since it was written by a woman who learned how to play the guitar upside down, but Randy Scruggs and Jody Maphis added a new twist by playing a duet of sorts using the same guitar. Randy was playing guitar and doing some really Jine flat picking, while Jody was on drums, creating an interesting effect with the cymbals in "John Hardy." Later on, Randy slowed it down and did his own arrangement of "Both Sides Now." JOSH Graves did a really fine job on dobro, especially in "Tis for Texas" and a tune he wrote called "Just Josh in." replacing the usual fiddle without losing the effect They got a standing ovation full of whistles, whoops and foot stomping which coaxed two final numbers from them -"Carolina Boogie" and "Bugle Call Rag DURlNG AN interview after the show, the elder Scruggs said he liked getting into new material and wanted to expand the banjo beyond the traditional bounds of country, folk and bluegrass. During one of their final selections, "Lonesome Reuben," he got some fine blues notes out of that banjo of his, showing just what he meant. He said he had been influenced a lot by his sons adopting some more contemporary material, but he still stands out on stage in his dark suit against the wild colors and long hair of his offspring. FRIENDS and Neighbors played for a while before the Earl Scruggs Revue came on, doing some of the same type of material, but the comparison isn't fair. They came across pretty well in an original piece called "Painted Faces," and another number called "No Vacancy," but at times their instruments drowned out their vocals and the banjo player transferred the Travis picking he learned on guitar, which isn t as effective as real banjo picking. THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 -7 Sound problem besets Mann By Vivian Muley Entertainment Editor Saturday night's Herbie Mann concert provided an interesting insight into the art and talent of a man and his flute, but unfortunate! y the concert was spoiled by continuing difficulties with sound technicalities Mann seemed beset by the sound problem from the minute he walked on stage and at one point he even commente d that "It's not the equipment that's bad but the sound people." DESPITE THIS misfortune, he played his music with a ease of a professional who knows that after years of determination, this is the way his music should sound, inaking it very apparent why he is considered America's music foremost purveyor of the Afro Cuban jazz sound. Mann's music cannot be labeled jazz, however. He fuses the Afro-Cuban sound with some mellow improvisations of comtemporary rock and jazz and produces a new style of music. He did a Steve Stills song that Stills could probably not have recognized. David Newman, the saxophone and flute player with the. Family of Marin, Mann's back-up band, performed excellently picking up the slack withQut difficulty. WORLD OF CERAMICS Lessons in Ceramics Greenware Firing Evenings 7 -9 p.m. Sat. 10 6 p.m. 11103 N. 56th Street Phone: 988-3685 Temple Terrace, Florida PHONE 986-1400 AGUILAR CYCLE SALES WE SPECIALIZE IN CHOPPERS ALSO USED BARLEYS & PARTS AND. OTHER MOTORCYCLES AUTf/ORJZED HODAKA ALSO 5 and 10 SPEED BICYCLES 1 MILE WEST OF 301 ON FOWLER AVENUE TheBestof the First Annual NY. Erotic Film festival Saturday, March 10 7:30 & 10:00 PM USF GYM NOTE: Program open to USF students, faculty and staff and their guests ID required (2 admitted with each ID) Admission $1.00 No one under 17 admitted Florida Center for the arts Film Art Series TAMPA, FLORIDA 9 p.m., Ch. 3 -Movie a would-be fall pilot series recalls an actual murder in AuRUSl 1963 in "The Marcus-Nelson Murders," starrinR Telly a detective and ex The man everyone came to see, however, was Earl Scruggs, one of the people you think of when you think of banjo pickin' and bluegrass or "Foggy Mountain Breakdown," which he played at the end with Gary coming m on harmonica, Dolf Waldneier Marjoe as a dope addict. SAAB* FIAT Sales, Service & Parts GARY MERRILL IMPORTS, INC. 5804 N. Dale Mabry Phone 884-8464 Wed. March 7 8 PM UC252 11 Alpine Treking and Mountaineering" ( a kind of natural yoga ) Folk Music & Color Slides


8 THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 Ellison fires USF by Huskies By Dave Moormann Oracle Sports Editor USF s pitching corps, which has been horrendous to date, registered its first complete game yesterday as ace Don Ellison checked the Connecticut Huskies on five hits as USF won 5-1. The victory over last. season's fifth team in the nation haltt!d a two game losing skein for the Brahmans and evened their record at 3-3. ffl)()ES IT feel good to get back on the good side," Coach Beefy Wright said with a sigh of relief after the game. "Don had good control with his breaking stuff today." For five innings Ellison and Huskie starter Steve Lake matched zeroes on the scoreboard but USF brok e it open with two runs in the sixth Back to back doubles by Mike C.ampbell and Ellison and a single by Bill Berkes who moved to third.on Steve Gilmore's two base hit and scored on a wild pitch, added three more run? for USF in the next inning. Lefty Ellison, who ha s been plagued by tendonitis in hi s pitching elbow since the opening Sears buys on of the-season, los t his s hutout in the eighth by surrendering a triple to Jim Brasile and a run scoring single to Brad Linden PRIOR to y e sterday's victory USF gave third ranked Temple wins Saturda y and Sunday. In a 6-2 loss to the Pennsylvania school, the Brahmans allowed three unearned runs and indefinetly lost the services of third baseman Glenn Alvarez who broke his right thumb diving for a foul pop . In Sunday's 4-2 loss, all Temple runs were unearned. In a double-header against Junior Bazaar What super sports ... nine nifty bags in all. They're popular over-the-shoulder and double-handle styles brimming with trimmings ... chains, buckles, rings'n things. Fashion-happy colors in vinyl. See them at Sears today! Florida State Friday, USF lost a ten-inning. game, 11-5 as FSU scored six in the tenth, but the Brahmans came back to outslug the Seminoles in the second contest, 87 A quamen sink to last in eight tourney The best USF could do was a fourth in one event as the Brahmans finished at the bottom of eight teams 10 the Independent Southern Intercollegiate Swimming Championships this weekend Pete Montero gave USF its best showing as he finished fourth in three meter diving and seventh in one meter competition. Fred Fritz took 10th in the 200-yd. individual medley, and Mike Sheffield, the only other Brahman participant, did not place. Montero will go to the NCAA College Division Swimming and Diving Championships, March 15-17. .go places ... in polyester multi-dresses from Sears Junior Bazaar Sears low price Dates, parties, city sprees. One little dress can do it all ... one of our polyester knit multi-dresses! Dresses with jackets. Dre sses with vests, Skirts and tops, too. Just the versatile looks you'll be needing when the Spring whirl is in full swing. And 'cause these dresses are made of polyester knit there are a whole lot of other pluses .;. like great fit and feel, Pastels or navy .. with white. Juniors and Petite Juniors . SHOP AT SEARS AND SA VE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back I Sears I SEARS, ROEBUCI AND CO. at All Full Line. Stores .in: TAMPA ST PETERSBURG CLEARW A TER LAKELAND WINTER HAVEN SAR A SOT A


THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 9 Tennis team talces 5-4 for fourth victory Win The bottom of the lineup came through for USF in its tennis match against Appalachian State, Saturday. Kevin Hedberg and Mike Huss, top two singles players, lost but the next four Brahmans compensated by winning. And the only doubles team to triumph was the third squad of Gary Roebuck and George Falinski who clinched the 5-4 victory. "That was a shaky match. We could easily have been 3-2," Coach Spaff Taylor said yesterday of the 4-1 Brahmans. "I don't mean to say I expected it," Taylor said of USF's impressive record; "but I'd be disappointed if we weren't where we are. It's encouraging." Women win two Taylor said the big thing the team is working on at the moment is the improvement of the doubles game, which dropped two of its three matches Saturday Two lopsided victories over the weekend brought the USF women's tennis record to 4-1. In a rematch last week's 7;2 victory over Florida Southern College, USF prevailed Friday 6-3. Saturday, USF met and destroyed Flagler College 9-0 at St. Augustine. The weekend games were played minus the services of number two player Glenda Smith, out with shin-splints. Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip USF's top player, Gail o'Conner, prepares Coach JoAnn Young was . extremely happy with the showing of Vicki Oppenheim as she came off the bench to take a ... to serve in Friday's victory over Floirida Southerri. Pitchers trade curves By Milton Richman UPI Sport& Editor TAMPA (UPIFNew York Yankee pitcher Fritz Peterson announced Monday he was divorcing his wife to marry the wife of fellow pitcher Mike Kekich and that Kekich planned to marry Peterson's wife. But Kekich said Mrs. Peterson later decided she did not want to go through with it and "I am out in the cold." Peterson said he and Mrs. Susan Kekich "have been living together as man and wife since October." "Some people are going to think it's a wife swap. Mike and I agreed it was a life swap. Don't make this out to be cheap," Peterson said by telephone from Fort Lauderdale, where th e Yaqkees are in spring training Peterson said the men and their wives had agreed that Mrs Marilyn Peterson and Susan Kekich were to exchange husbands. "We've known each other for three or four years," Peterson said. "In the beginning, it was fun just being together, the four sports brief ID The USF golf team finished 11th in a field of 24 top notch southern teams in the Seminole Invitational Tournament this weekend Pat Lindsey shot 72-7370 for a 215 to lead the Brahmans, and tie for seventh in individual honors. . USF's Judo Club defeated 41 other teams to finish third in the Eastern Collegiate championships this weekend. of us. Then as things went along it became more serious. "Mike started to campaign for my wife about in August. He talked to me seriously about it. He told his own wife, Susan, that he loved Marilyn more "That started it. There wasn't anything dirty about it. Marilyn didn't think he was serious at first. She thought it was funny at first, and so did I. Then we all discussed it seriously and we agreed. "We both found we were unbelievably happy with the other . We each had found omething we had been lacking. Divorces are now in progress," Peterson said. JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 14 Buffalo Ave Phone 232-0661 1-75 South to Buffalo exit west of Fla. Ave. Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Discounts to USF Students and Staff Continued. place in the lineup with Smith out. "Vicki played better than I thought she could. Her style is unorthodox, but she knows strategy and keeps her cool," Young said. USF plays twice this week, both away contests. Tomorrow the Brahmans travel to Winter Park to face always tough Rollins, and Friday they meet Eckerd in St. NOW IN STOCK: Nomadic Furniture l'ndependent Filmmaking Crack in the Cosmic Egg Anthology of .Am. Folk Music All the Straight Arrow Books -Books on chess Survival Book ,works Between Fowler & Fletcher Hours 11 7:30/7 days a wk. lOo/o off with this acl The Finzi-Continis were rich, beautiful, and unapproachable. In 1938, their world began to change . Cinema 5 presents the Garden of the FinziContinis Directed by Vittorio Oe Sica. Starring Dominique Sanda Lino Capollcchio, fji1 Helmut Berger. Produced by Arthur Cohn and Gianni HechtLucari, in Color. I!!! ACADEMY. AWARD WINNER Wednesday, March 7, Thursday, March 8 7:00 & 9:30 PM LAN 103 $1.00 Film Art Series Fla. Center for the Arts


10 THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 Notices for Bulletin Board must be sent lo Joanne Barbieri. The Oracle, LAN l 72. All cop)' for Tuesday must be rectin'll b) noon Mondav. All notices he uccompanictl by 111mw and telephone number 10 assure accuracy and vtrification. 8u I I tt in Board Fonner/y Bulletin Board, For Your ln/ornw.tion and Calendar. Produced every T;tesdayj(Jr the publication of official University notices and public events. TODAY Marine Biology Club The Marine Biology Club will present a lecture on "Characterization of Red Tide Toxins" March 6 at 7:30 p.m. in LIF 272. Plans for the formation of Pl'ii Sigma Society, National Honors Biology, will also be discussed. Focus Debate A Focus Debate on the Equal Rights Ammendment will be March 6 at 7 :30 p.m. in UC 248. Affirmative speakers are Helen G. Davis and Ann Kerr. Eckankar Society The Eckankar Campus Society will meet tonight at 7:30 in UC 204 to discuss "How Eckankar differs from all the other paths to God." WEDNESDAY Ski Club sponsoring a Career Night March 7 in the UC Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. This evening is designed to make women aware of the careers open to them. World Affairs Council The World Affairs Council will meet March 7 in UC 158 at 2 p.m. NMUN delegates will also meet at this time. Economics Club The Economics Club will meet March 7 at 2 p.m. in BUS 113. PSI Club Psi Chi will meet March 7 at 2 p.m. in SOC 37. Student Accounting Edward A. Pennell will address the Student Accounting Organization March 7 at 2 p.m. in Bus 107. Topic: Accounting and Law. All iriterested persons are invited. Sports Car Club I nl'nrmntion for Hullt'lin Board or ( ,('llfo1' lo the Editor ca11 ht lf'ft in Tiu OrnI mailhoxc' prol'idtti in the or tlu ( iC. The USF Ski Club will meet March 7 at 2 p.m. in UC 201. Women skiers are needed. The USF Sports Car Club will meet March 7 at 2 p.m. in ENG 206. Traditional Greek Walk Ash Wednesday Services. The start of the Season of Lent will be observed on campus with _special Ash Wednesday services tomorrow as follows: THURSDAY Baha'i Club Kappa Alpha Phi Fraternity performed their traditional Greek Walk Friday in the UC mall in honor of their Chartering Ceremony. Catholic Student Center 7:30 and noon Episco pai University Center 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Personnel Society The American Society for :Personnel Administrators will meet March 7 at Shuron Coritinental at 8:30 p.m. Ken Singleton, personnel manager from Maas Brothers, will be guest speaker. Career Night Women's Prografuming is The Baha'i Club will meet March 8 in UC 156 at 8:30 p.m. Health and Sexuality Women's Programming will discuss "Non-sexist ways of Raising Children and Natural Childbirth" March 9 at 11 :30 in UC 204. SATURDAY Parachute Club The Sport Parachute Club has planned a sunset barb-que for March 10 at the Ruskin drop zone. Night jumps are also scheduled. Bring your own food and first jump, first free-fall students must bring beer. A Revel A Revel will take place at the University Chapel Fellowship on 10 at 6 p.m. For more information call ext. 2731 after 10 a.m. Monday-Thursday. Ask for Paul Camp. St. Pat. Dance A St. Patrick's Dance will be sponsored by the Catholic Student Center and the Blessed Sacrament Church March 10 at 13005 N. 50th St. from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. SUNDAY Bicycle Olympics The Bicycle Club is sponsoring a Bicycle Olympics March 11 in the P.E. parking lot at noon. Anyone with a bike may attend. There is a 50 ct:mt charge to enter the race and a $1 charge for those entering the pro race for experienced racers. Frat Retreat Lambda Chi Alpha is having a fraternity retreat March 11 at the University Thonotosassa Lake Front from 10 a.m. midnight. Food will be provided. All those interested call Richard Rexrode at 9719806. MONDAY Catholic Center Dr. Sergio Garcia Miro will discuss the Anatomical and Physiological Point of View of E' Sex, March 12 at 8 p.m. in the c Catholic Student Center. Love that Alka-Seltzer Having just downed a Dominos' pizza faster than any of his competitors, Rick Merrill (above), takes a refresher of that m 1gic elixir; Alka-Seltzer. The competition was held by the Greeks Saturday behind Dominos'. "' .... Scuba Club The Scuba Club will meet March 12 at 8 p.m. in UC 202. Blood Drive USF is having a Blood Drive during the week of March 5 Students will be contacted as to appointment times. If you are not contacted but are willing to climate time and blood please call Digna Hampton ext. 2264 by Mon. March 12. ADS The Advertising Club will present the '72 Clio Awards Film, March 12 at 7:30 and 9 p.m. in BSA 101. CONTINUING EVENTS Help Line If exams have got you down and you need to rap or you need some drug info call Helpline, ext. 2555. If you're a woman and want to speak to a woman about job problems, call the Women's Line ext. 2556. Cooperative Education Every Wednesday in AOC 101 at 2 p.m. a Career Planning Session is held for students interested -in the Co-Op Education Program. Wednesday, March 21, Dr. Clement will meet with students taking PSY 313 by correspondence in SOC 148, 2 p.m. Also, Dr. Nesman will meet with students taking SOC 156 at 2 p.m. f job mart For further information, .contact the Stu.dent Career and Employment Center AOC 105 . On Campus CWSP Printing helper Clerical 6 Clerical and peer advising Work in information b ooth 3 Lab assistant Typist 7 Technical typing 2 General offi c e work 6 Night patrol 6 On Campus Special CWSP General office 5 Swit chboard operator T y pist Input and output cl e rk Custodian 3 Night work Clerical 3 Ushers 4 Oeric al and peer advising Errands Clerical bookkeeping Statistic:; Sculpture lab Learning center On Campus OPS Sec r e tarial T ypis t Painte r Sal es 5 Stoc k bo y 4 Typis t 3 Hab y s itt e r Off Campus TuJor Orderly Clerical 4 Funeral home att e nd ant Driver Waitresses Warehouse work and delivery Restaurant work Food service Clerk typist Flight line helpers Service line h e lp ers Secretarial help Night porter Business education t ea r.her -Traveling teachers Draftsman N e wspaper carrie r Switchboard op erator Bookkeeping Key punching Utility clerk Data balancer D elivery drive r Payrool vault w o rk Adv ertising reprcsc ntativt: lraine t G e n e ral ne'"'S w ork Billing clerk Utilit y clerk part-time Mental health t ec hni c ian Custodian Pharmacy he! p e r Off Campus cwsr R ecreation, w o rkin g with kid s-:);) C l eric al 6


Telephone Sales parttime, M-F 5-9 p.m. S2 per hr guaranteed salary plus bonus Pleasant working cond. Exp. pr efe rred not necessary if you are enthusiastic and have pleasant voice. Will train. Variabl e Annuit y Co. 221 N. Howard Suite 207, 253-2841 after 3 p.m. Flower sellers needed to sell fresh cu t flowers Wed.-Sunday. Work 3 to 7 hours a day. Average daily income: SlO to $25. Call early or late evenings, Tampa -8398519 or 236-0801, 100 W Sligh at Florida Ave., St. Pete -526-3141or522-8714 "The Flower Children" INC. Wanted : Someone qualified to edit and re-type 300 pages of Give written repl y with date and place for interview. O.J. Warmack, Rt. 2Box 1 38 1 Auburndale, Fla. 33823 or t elephone person to per so n ph. 686-3082 Lakeland Need immediately-waiter must be experiericed, outgoing, mature, dependable. Fri-Sun. nights Small gourmet rest. Top Salar y & tip s . After 5 257:7271: 839-2075 Mam1gement tra1mng with larg e co mpany. No degree requited. Send. resume to Box 9184; Tampa for interview. Part-time employment. Flexibl e hours. Earn $200-$400 per month. For interview phone 877. 5768. WOMEN! JOBS ON SHIPS! No expe rience required Excellent pay. Worldwidr travel: Perfect summer job or caree r Send $2.00 for information. SEAFAX, Dept. F-3 : P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles; Washi.,f!,ton 98362 Student employment in Yellowstone and all US National Parks. Booklet tells where and how to apply Send $2 to Arnold Agency, D-206 E. Main, Rexburg, Idaho 83440. Moneyback guarantee. VW Fastback 11000 miles, new paint, new tires, radio, ht., Porsche Dist : Hd. oil pump 2 carbs. 14610 #l Northside Villas . '63 XKE Roadster, new top. new rebuilt engine, best offer. On weekendsPete. 347-1555; during week 9746352 Beta #36 Bob. 1966 VW full factory camper, excellent call Rich Beta 431after8 p.m. at 97.4-6369 or 974-6368or leave number to call back . 1965 VW Bus. $400. Call 626-5608 or 996-2644. Has radio and carpeted. 1966 c;;ro, PS, AC, Good Condition. 1750 or best offer. 971-1173. 1973 Pontiac Ventura Hatchback. lt/H, AC, PS, Rally II wheels, Rally stripes, carpeting, autoi;natic 350 V-8. Must sell S450 dn., take over payements. 971-5012 before 5, 971-3212. FOR RENT , .. l.aMancha Dos $75-mo. (per person) incl. utiL 4 bed. luxury townhouses Pools, TV lounge, billiards, pin ball, parties. Several Vacancies now Other vacancies end of quarter Make reservations now. 1 blk. from USF 9710100. Sublet 1 bdrm. unfurn. apt. College Pk. S150/mo. Move in Mar. 28. Lease expires June 30. Will throw in S90deposit. 9713442 anytime. Ask for Richard . MISC .. FDR 1"tE. -._ 0!t/d /,b,. ,, , SINGER SEWING MACHINES These machines have never been used and are equipped to Zig Zag, make buttonholes, sew on buttons, monogram & much more. Only S49.95 at : United Freight Sales 4712 N . Armenia. Mon thru S 9-7. This is your LEVI store. We have d enim & corduroys in regulars & BELLS. Also, boots, shirts & western Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. '72 Honda 350CL, 4,000 miles, good condition $550. Call 988-2871. Comics, Paperbacks, Magazines, Sell, Trade, Fiction Non-fict. Sci-fict., Westerns, Mysterys. Comics for Collectors. 9-9 Daily. Unique Books 12943 Florida Ave. Girls Columbia 3-speed bike, green, good co ndition. Five months old Call after 5 p.m. Mon-Fri. 974-6282 Room 122 .. Ten-speed bike, ride s great. Must sec, S25. Call 977-5945 ask for Mik e or co m e to LaMancha Dos Apts. No. 16. 24" PANASONIC COLOR TV Very good condition. Must sell at $135. Call 971-7363 after 5:30 p.m. Mens 21" Liberia JO-speed bik e in ctm auto rack lock, extras New $ 1 40. Ask $100 for all. Call 971-3113 aft e r 5 p .riL Fontana Hall Contact for sa le (emergency). 3rd quarter male or fema l e. Call 971-6663: THE ARISTOCRAT OF DOGS, GREAT DANE PUP. BLACK F. Gl/ \NTESS TO be needs loving home. I n eed money. $100, call 971-8706. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Need help with TL/C, TL/I, JCL, BAL, COBOL, BASIC, etc.? L et us help! Reasonable prices. 24 hou r turnaround. Call 251-6390. TYPING-NEAT. ACCURATE IBM All types of work done. On e mile from USF. Call: 971-5948 or 234-0443 anytime. REASONABLE PRICES. TYPING : Term pap e r s, Thesis, etc Oosf' to University Call 988-0836 anytime TYPING FAST NEAT, ACCURATE. IBM Selectric. All types of work, 5 minutes from USF. Nina Schiro, llllO N. 22nd St. 971-2139. lfno 2353261. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST TURABfAN, USF, etc. Term papers, theses, etc, IBM typewriter, elite o r pica w/type changes. 5 minutes from USF. 971-6041 after 6 p m Typing, accurate, Turabian, manuscripts, theses, term papers and others. Very close to USF. Call Lore Schmoll 971-2673 CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 9357854. Eyeglass RX. SuiWasses & photO,!ll'aphy; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenaes & repair frames. ;.; J ESTATE : '" New home 10 min. to USF Walk in to entrance foyer & then intoa24xl4LR& DR; from there into a very large fully equipped kitchen which incl. DW, GD, self-deaning oven, Cabinets galore & a large pantry. Fam. Rm. is next to Kit. & dwn hallway are 3 large Br's & 2 full tile B's. W /W shag carpeting throughout. Cent. HI A, oversize DBL garage You must see! Call Pauline Ferraro, Assoc Tampa Realty Inc. Ofc. 879-5700 Res. 876-0350. Lost: Turkish puzzle ring Sentimental value Reward. Long 974-2100 ext. 320. Lost! Young male Siamese cat Feb 24. $5.00 reward for return to 2330 Liberty St. 1 block N. of 109th St. Corner of 26tli and Liberty St. --Lorrain e May. REW ARD: Lost ring on tennis co urt. Life or death. 971-1247, ask for David or Ted, or call 971-5597 ask for Sandy. LOST: Royal III Calculutor Phy. Aud. 2/23. Reward. Ph. 977.5949 eve. or for sale Royal II I Charger and Inst m e t ion booklet $40.00. Ph. LOST WALLET, Brown, don't ca r e about money, but need lice nse registration. Please co ntact John Pecora 9887784. REW ARD. FOUND: Chrysler Corp car key Inquire at LAN 472. Found at Busin ess Bldg THE CHEESE SHOP 1906 S. Dale Mabry. 300 varieties of cheese ... 1500 bottles of imported & domestic wines .. fresh bread Lots of munching food . Ph. 251-9258. Girl for 3rd place bowling team in USF league. Beginning 3rd term Need a 125 avg. & meets Thurs. at 7:00p.m. For info, call 971-2439 IT'S CHEAPER THAN YOU THINK. Protect your car and stereo. Call AAA Burglar Alarm for a free estimate. We sell security. 237-2031. FREE TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE Miami to Tampa or Orlando. 18 yrs. old, studt ID, dr. lisc. U-dri ve ca r we'll pav gas. Qlins Rent Car. Call 876.5111 Mia, Staff member rid e to work 8 and 5 from Sligh and Armenia Jerri' Morri s 2980 ext. 33 or 932-6364. Share expenses 17 DAYS JAMA CI. A 6 cre dits 6/11-27. Trill costs $380.00. 10 days Kings ion & 7 days Montego Bay Add. 7 hrs ca n be earned for another project on return. Lu_pton, OGf Prog. F AO 122 (2536). Honda 1971 SL350, low mileage excellent condition, S550 or best offer. Call 974-62I 7 ask for ioe in 3I 7. For Sale-Honda 350CL 1972 excellent conditionn extra!! Contact Ken Woodall after 5:30 977-5105 1969 Triumph 500 Daytona. Excellent condition Must sell $600 Call 9887881. 1v; ' ', Stereo for sale Standard amplifier, 40w IHF acoustic suspension loudspeakers 12'' woofers 2\12' tweeters BSR turntable. New, need best offer over $200. 971-8719. PELLETS. FOR BEAN BAG CHAIRS CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W. PLATT Ph. 258-2131 TINA'S LAUNDERETTE AND DRY CLEANING WASH DRY FOLD Also Drapes 1 004 30th St. 7 am 9:30. pm The Sound Room Inc. MARANTZ JBL KLH SAE SONY' 813/879-6970 3216 W. Kennedy Suite 1 Sales Service accessories, burglar alarms, intercom systems THE ORACLE MARCH 6, 1973 11 MENARD PAWN & GIFT SHOP 14038 N. FLORIDA AVE. BUY SELL TRADE PH. 935.7743 OPEN l 0 TO 7 EXCEPT WED. CAMPUSCYCLERY BICYCLE SALES and REPAIRS 5224FOWLER 988-9316 1h Mile East From USF entrance "HOLLYWOOD p L u ,, s BABYLON'i Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Continuous Shows from i l :45 MUFFLERS LIFETIME GUARANTEED ALL ONE PRICE COMl'LETI EXHAUST SYSTEM SHVICE ANYIN OUR STOCK NO UPS lONC AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR PARTS AllD TUNEUP LABOR Al R COND: n.oo PLUGS $2.50 MORE OllHDMIWtMDTllCDMDITIOMIDIPIUGl $ 14 9 5 $16. gs MIW TUMGlllM "" MUCHllPOlTI WHILE ' ' YOU '. _, All,MD11ra11uro1 co111crowm en. WAIT YI CMICI OUTPUT.IND IOTlll 1YlllM . ..:. BRAK.ES RELINED ALL FOUR WHEEU LININGS AND 'LABOR ;;.; YOU OWN YOUI CAR u.s. cARS HEAVY DUTY LAIOI LIFETIME GUAUNTEED HOCKS s4 99. ucH wnH TKtS AD GUARANTEm AS LONG AS YO U OWN YOUR CAR OUR IH'I': NO SWl'l'CHING YOU Hl(fHER PRICES ROD EXTRA LOAD FRONTS OR REARS AIR COHO. OR ro1s19N BAR CARS EXTRA PREMIUM TIRES-DEALER PRICES-DIRECT TO YOU SUPER WIDE 60's RAISED LETTERS POLYESTER-FIBERGLASS BELTED 660-14 ""'.'"" 3.18 F.E. TAX s28.SO 660-15 -3.17 F.E. TAX S29.13 WE MOUNT....;, NO TRADE-IN REQUIRiD PRESTO CHANGO DISCOUNT SERVICE AND WHOLESALE TIRE SUPPLY BETWEEN FLETCHER AND FOWLER EXITS OF I75 13124 NEBRASKA PHONE 977-5091 TWO LOCATIONS 5 BLOCKS SOUTH OF COLUMBUS DRIVE 2007 NEBRASKA PHONE 225-3331


l2. THE ORACLE. MARCH 6. !')n DOONESBURY Hef',HU1 .SH NOJ<.t1/f O{){f:St/1r :SEAN!Sfl'/ 5 QVIT HEl-W 10 o SO 5CARe.0 Ml/\ ... OF Hli NM o I Tf/OR ... wow ... you KNOW, THO!?/ /T's ION/} OF F/213",L;KY tllHc!I YO() 1fl1NK /f/E eFFecr you 1wo :r eotJW HIJ//f; ON HR uF&-HE'R HOR/l(...5_, V/JtA.1 Vc/2Y7111!16.' I 'Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W. PLATT Ph. 258-2131 by Garry Trudeau SETl/f/T? 5HE' f)/65 YOO, Hllrfi. I Oracle Classifieds 5 Lines $1 oo ( 31 spaces ea.) 472 EXT. 2620. We've Lowered Our Prices illl. 59 7'Un11 111' acadcmi!' fp('(lor11 i\l11111L11 .111d u 11 a 11 i m u I v ad u p t "ti procedurtes fnr gradi 11g 1 li1 performa11ct nf al I university prokssor;;. Most of t lw guidt'ii ll("s w1Te worked oul bv a s1wcial committee !waded by Dr. Carl Riggs, USF Vice Pnsirl


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