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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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r thursday's ORACLE March 29 1973 Vol. 8 No. 2 12 pages Oracle photo by Steve Brier USF student Edward McCloud ... is one of many people who find outdoor produce markets beat high prices. Short quarter break blamed Grade releases delayed BY GARY PALMER Oracle Staff Writer Qtr. 2 grades will not be mailed until April 2 or later because of numbrous hangups but steps have been taken to insure that students will not be penalized by the delay Grades were to be mailed on March 31 but Dennis Goodwin, director of Records and Registration, said the short period between quarters quarters and a computer problem caused the delay. GOODWIN SAID the short five day break caused backlogs on "We would like to see as many students as possible that will be affected by this in order to straighten this out." --Dennis Goodwin. computer time since both registration and graxe programs are run through the computers there Operators caused added delay when they used the wrong College of Nursing opens in fall quarter BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer USF's College of Nursing will offer its first courses next fall after sev eral years of planning. College of Nursing's four-year program, the only one in Central Florida, is one of six four-year programs and 21 two-year programs in Florida. Applications are now being accepted to fill a limited 50-seat junior class. All applications must be received by April 13 and final selec tions will be made by June I. GWENDOLINE MacDonald who gegan as Nursing Dean in February sai d more than 140 applications had been mailed out last week. "We will have many more applications than we'll be able toaccept because of limitations on enrollment based on of faculty laboratory facilities and resources for clinical nursing pracitce," MacDonald said. Minimum standards for admission include 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours and the general education requirements with a "C" or better average. ENTRANCE also requires completion of a series of biology chemistry psychology and sociology courses. An A.A. degreee from a Florida community college also fulfills the requirement. MacDonald said the curriculum, as previously outlined in USF belletins, has been changed. Calculus and physics are no longer required THE MAJOR portion of the upper l eve l coursework will be ex perience "Nursing i s a practical profession and I don't know any other way you can learn it except through practice," MacDonald said. Students will work in homes, clinics health departments agencies and hospital s. includein the Veterans Administration Hospital. Continurd on paJr;e JO program for the computer. Good win said more time was lost in attempts to trace the problem. Goodwin waid many faculty members turned in grade sheets much later than the 9 a m Monday deadline, adding he was still recieving some grade sheets. HE SAID he realized the delay would handicap some students but arrangements have been made to deal iwth the situation Students who have failed a course and need a passing grade before taking realted courses will be allowed into the failed course even after the add deadline Those who were on academic probation will be allowed to remain at USF through Qtr 3 but must otherwise fulfill the requirements of that probationary status to remain beyond Qtr 3. "WE WOULD like to see as many students as possible that will be affected by this in order to straighten this out," Goodwin said. Both Goodwin and Douglas MacCullough acting registrar, are available in ADM 264. "The postal service is another problem, Goodwin said. "Dates will depend on how quickly they (they post work in delivery of the grades to an individual's address." inside State, World news .... 2 Editorials.......... 4 Commentary....... 4 Entertainment ......... 6 Academy Awards .. 7 Film Fare............ 7 Doonesbury............ IO Classifieds.......... 11 Food costs moving up BY ANDREA HARRIS AND RICHARD URBAN Oracle Staff Writers A little comparative shopping can make today's g A little comparative shopping can make today's food prices a mite easier on .the digestion. But if you think you've found the area store with the lowest prices and have sworn to stick by it, you may be dead wrong. SIX WEEKS AGO The Oracle took a price survey for a sample grocery list at Pantry Price in Temple Terrace, Winn Dixie on Fowler Ave., A&P on Busch and U-Save on Fletcher, and A&P won the lowest total by a clean 33c. In yesterday's survey of the same stores (except the Winn-Dixie on 56th was chosen instead of the Fowler store), economy did not originate at A&P: its prices were 26c higher than 'auy of the others. Assistant manager Bill Stratton said "in the last two weeks we haven't had that many price changes," and "everybody else may be a few days behind in price changes." THE ORACLE survey found, though that the same items which had cost $8.99 two weeks ago cost $9.92 yesterday "There is less mark-up in the grocery business than in any other retail business," U-Save manager Robert Edenfield said. According to Edenfield, who takes marketing courses here, most grocery stores earn a net profit of only % per cent to 1 per cent. PART OF THE high-price problem is shoplifting, according to H. C McDaniel, manager of the Fowler Ave. Winn-Dixie. U-Save's Edenfield estimated at least $100 worth of merchandise a week is shoplifted, and added in--store pilferage is also a factor. People simply eat the food, he said, especially fresh produce. WHEN FOODS are out of season, some managers noted, their prices automatically rise. THE BEST way to beat high prices on canned goods is to buy the house brand, such as Ann Parker at A&P, Hy-Top at U-Save,Pantry Price brand and Thrifty Maid at Winn-Dixie. These are usually lower than brand-name products, even though they are usually packaged by the major manufacturers such as Del Monte U-Save Winn-Dixie Pantry Pride A&P Wonder bread, 20 oz. .37 .39 .37 .37 House brand bread, 20 oz. .22 .27 .27 .25 Campbell's tomato soup .13 .15 .13 .13 Head lettuce .35 .29 .33 .39 Hamburger, 1 lb. .94 .99 .94 .97 Bacon (economy brand) .69 .89 .98 .89 Milk, 1 gallon 1.21 1.21 1.21 1.21 Eggs, 1 doz. Medium .59 .58 .65 .53 Large .62 .59 .69 .71 Extra large .64 .83 .72 .73 Butter, 1 lb .85 .85 .83 .85 Margarine, 1 lb .20 .23 .21 .37 Green Giant peas, 17 oz. .27 .29 .27 .27


2 -THE ORACLE MARCH 29, 1973 ITT linked to 1970 Chile election WASHINGTON UPI -In-ternational Telephone and Telegraph OTTl attempted to channel money through the CIA to prevent lhe election of Marxist Salvador Allende as president of Chile in 1970, according to a CIA agent's testimony made public by Senate investigators Wednesday. Wednesday he has learned that a mutiny, which escalated into an armed confrontation, has split the Indian militants holding Wounded Knee Assistant Attorney General Kent Frizzel said an informant got word out of the occupied hamlet that a violent disagreement erupted between two chief leaders of the Americna Indian Movement and Oglala Sioux who have teamed with AIM in the 19-day-old occupation r Id news w 0 r briefs ... Richard G Kleindienst reported Wednesday But the number of forcible rapes was 11 per cent higher than in 1971. Kleindienst released Super agency WASHINGTON UPI President Nixon proposed yesterday to combine the fragmented anti-drug efforts of a half-dozen federxl agencies in a prices yesterday appeared to be generating a backlash from farmers who threatened a boycott of their own by holding animals off the market. As the nationwide but still fragmented movement to stop buying meat gained momentum around the country, prices again d i pped at livestock markets. The 26-page transcript of testimony sa!tf ITT President Harold s : de'ne ciHried to funnel money through the Central In telligence Agency to support Jorge Alessandre Allende's chief opponent. U. S. crime drops. preliminary statistics compiled by the FBI which showed the volume of serious crime known to the police declined in 94 major cities k new Justice Department division strong enough to battle "a resourceful, elusive, world-wide enemy"--the underworld narcotics trafficker Oren Lee Staley .. president of the National Farmers Organization NFO, hinted that farmers o ay counter with a strike of their own if consumers drive down meat prices by successful boycotts. AIM splits PINE RIDGE, S D UPI A government negotiator said WASHINGTON UPI The nation s crime rate dropped 3 per cent in 1972--the first decrease in 17 years, Attorney General t lorida news briefs Crime on upswing Tallahassee ion rate is S7 per year or $2 to 1 2 3 ; 51 for Qtr. 4 President Nixon said the figures were "very heartening" and demonstrated that "we are well on our way to reversing the tide of U S crime. Last troops leave SAIGON UPI The United States' 12 year involvement in the Vietnam War the nation' s longest armed conflict, will end today with the withdrawal of the last group of its fighting men from South Vietnam and the release of the remaining 67 American prisoners held by the Communists. Another 1,800 American troops left South Vietnam yesterday leaving only 2,500 on an official roster that was more than 200 times as large four years ago when U.S. involvement was at its peak Final release CLARK AIR BASE, Philip pines UPI The long-awaited but low-keyed release of 10 prison..ers from Laos and the tumv.ltu us return of 40 American yesterday set the stage for ter mination of America's military involvement in the Vietnam war The light at the end of the tunnel to which U.S. POWs often referred during their capptivity will finally shine about 6 p.m., today when the finaly group of 67 prisoners should be airborne from Hanoi. A final withdrawal of American troops from South Vietnam is expected to take place about the same. weather .. Partly cloudy through Friday. High today and Friday near 90. I IWHEREISITAT! I 50% Nylon 50% Polyester I -AIJr-" 9350 Floriland Mall\ NW corner Busch Blvd. & 1-75 Main Entrance on Right Nixon's plan to establish a Drug Enforcement Ad minstration, whose chief will report directly to the attorney general, will take effect in 60 days unless vetoed by either the House or Senate. Tampa yesterday was 41-heavy. Air Pollution Index S<'ale 0-19 light Farmers may strike 20-:i9 .i(l-59 60-79 80-99 I 00-plu' moderalt hta"y \ er) hea\ ) extrtmely he&\') acute Hill,borou11:h County UPI American housewives' revolt against skyrocketing meat En"ironmental Prote<'lion Agent y Lindell Volkswagen Presents THE MINI-ROLLS Convert your new or used Volkswagen to the classic Mini-Rolls, both new and used now in stock, ready for delivery. 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Doctor's house call for keeps By Andrea Harris Oracle Feature Editor Quitting a profession to be a housewife and mother doesn't mean a wasted education, ac cording to Dr. Christine Martone. She recently left the Health Center where she did"a little bit of everything" to be full-time mother to her adopted baby. Martone is one of those little publiciczed women who have made it in a man's world, do not consider themselves feimists and think being a housewife and mother can be a creative wex perience. "You don't have to sit home "You don,t have to sit home and watch soap operas," Mar tone said as she sat at her dining room table feeding the sleepy and bald Angela from a Playtex nurser. "But I think when they are little you have to be home most of the time." she said. THERE was a kncok at the door, and the jean-clad 27-year old M.D. walked softly to the door in fuzzy pink slippers to answer it. Sitting down again, Martone said when her physician husband is released from the military in July they'll move to Ohio She'll work there one or two days a week, possibly in his office, to keep from "getting rusty." And when Angela and the other children the Martone's hope for reach school age, "nothing is as THE ORACLE MARCH 29, 1973 3 good as a profession to gear your hours." MARTONE disagrees with the belief that women cannot succeed at both a career and motherhood. She said it's all a matter of "establishing your priorities. "You have to limit your in volvement with your work so that you're involved with your families, too." In addition to her former Health Center duties, she also helps teach the Women's Studies course Human Sexual Behavior. But she doesn't identify with what she tersms the more "vociferous" and "radical" spokesmen for the women's liberation movement. "MALE chauvinist pig is no better a word than nigger," she said emphatically. She said she doesn't think she's reinforcing the philosophy that women are bad employes because sooner or later they quit to raise a family. "It isn't right if you just up and leave somebody," she said. "But they knew at the Health Center that we were trying to start a family, and they wanted me anyway." The Martone.'s have had Angela a couple of weeks, and Martone said the adoption has strengthened her anti-abortion beliefs "You work to save lives .. and then to see it wasted ... '' she said. "It's as bad 1as the war in Viet nam ... a disregard for human life Nixon kills federal funds USF budget covering IT Intensive Tut<'rial CIT), reeeling from budget funding mishaps, may begin the next fiscal year as part of the USF budget IT formerly operated on funds from a Title One federal grant. Title One grants were impounded by President Nixon last summer and no other federal provisions were made for IT funding. The tutoring program received an unexpected $3,000 government check Wednesday which may be the beginning of a federal grant or only a "token payment", according to Wayne Weschler, new IT director. However, plans for university funding through Academic and student service areas are now being studied "YESTERDAY we received $3,000 from the federal program," Weschler said, "we don't know if this is the first trickle of federal money or just a token payment. Whatever it is it will have to stretch over Qtr. 4," he said. That little 'extra' oracl" photos by Randy Lovely An attempt is under way to have USF fund the total IT program. According to Weschler, approximately half the budget will come from Academic Affairs and half ffom Student Activity Fees. Pres. Cecil Mackey's new car, a 1973 Buick Electra donated to the USF Foundation by Royal Buick of Tampa expressly for the president's use, has a telephone next to the driver's seat. Mackey said he has had a phone in his car since he came to USF two years ago. The University provides the phone, he said. Askew proposes $17 million cut in state university budget BY BILL NOTTINGHAM Oracle Staff Writer Governor Reubin Askew has proposed a $17-million cut in the Board of Regents' (BOR) $413-million 1973-74 State University System budget soon to seek legislative approval. The Governor's budget totaled $395,707,503, calling for reduc tions in every catagory of the BORs' budget with the exception of the Contract and Grants section--both the BOR and the Governor recommended $54,808,750. CHANCELLOR Robert Mautz reacted to the cutbacks saying, "The improvements (such as cost-of-living increases for career service and other per sonnel) have been knocked out by the Governor's proposal, but if his budget is approved it won't hurt us that much. He is in favor of quality education, so we won't suffer We just won't get the additional improvements we wrote into our proposal. The main difference between the BOR's and the Governor's budgets is that Askew stresses a stronger reliance on incidental or self-generated funds. Askew says the university system can generate higher amounts of money through tuitions, registration fees, etc ... that it is allowing for, thus boosting the supplementary funds needed from the state. The BOR gave their side of the argument in a statement released by Mautz, saying, "Since enrollment projections now encounter new factors of uncertainty an increase in projected self-generated incone exacerbates that uncertainty by increasing our reliance upon income which at best is difficult to predict." Adoption of Askew's budget could mean the loss of "a few faculty lines," said Mautz because Askew eliminated the "no lose" prov1s10n previously written into the BOR's budget. The "no loss'' provision would have assured that no faculty lines would be eliminated due to "unanticipated and extraordinary shifts in enrollment." he said. "THE GOVERNOR, in a sense, said if we're going to determine faculty based on formulas (x number of students per faculty member) then we must abide by them, even when enrollment changes," Mautz said. In the past, the Legislature has adopted a "maximum loss" guarantee, providing for no more th:m 1.5 per cent loss due to enrollment fluctuations. TEMPLE TERRACE CUT RATE LIQUORS 5303 E. BUSCH BL VD. Open 'Till Midnight TEMPLE TERRACE LOU.NGE & 8448 N. 56th Street Open Till 3 AM Robert Sechen, Student Government Finance Secretary, said that the chances are good that IT will come under the USF budget. "Our allocation must be ap proved by Dr. Joe Howell but we are in favor of supporting IT," Sechen said. FUNDS TO keep IT going cince Qtr. 1 of this year have been begged from campus sources. "About half of our budget goes toward the salaries of 12 full-time staff personnel who work in the office or run the IT pre-school centers. The rest of the money goes toward rent and utility bills aon the two pre-school centers and for supplies and educational materials. All our turos are volunteers," he said. Weschler explained most of the emergency money

4-THE ORACLE MARCH 29, 1973 -ORACLE-----------Editoria IS l Commentary Viva la vegetablelll Don't eat beef next week. endorsing and supporting a nationwide bo we sate our carnivorous appetites with he change some of the rules that currently slow down the transportation of beef raising prices. We have a chance to get together next meat ycott the first week of April. something besides beef for a week week and show the Nixon administration that we are slck and tired ofrising prices. The choice is up to you If you want to file your protest, honor the boycott of beef -tell them to stick their burgers in their ear. THE BOYCOTT movement began a month ago with the founding of FIT (Fight Inflation Together) by three Los Angeles housewives. Beef cost 5.2 per cent more at the end of February th _an it did at the start of January. Now as prices continue to climb, the movement is gaining support. This week, the Cleveland City Council voted to sup port a boycott during the entire month of April. Yesterday, the Maine House of Representatives adopted a joint resolution Buy and Fontana The admizilstration while casting about for buildings and needed space; shoulq consider purchase of Fontana and Desoto ;Halls. The located and spacious structures are on the market and the :pufchase would be mutually ad vantageous. Perhaps even the Health Center might find a new home across Fletcher but still on campus, near dorms and students. How about it, President Mackey? The boycott is more than just hot rhetoric--it's working. Pork and beef prices on the hoof ..;ropped yesterday, and are expected to go down more today as stores begin to prepare for the boycott. WHILE PRICES will not be dropped permanently by the boycott there are many things to be gained by lending your support. The united effort will serve notice to the Nixon administration that there are a lot of mad people out here, and he had better reconsider some of his policies It will expose us to alternative foods as THE INITIAL shock of the boycott will shake up the meat price structure, and any grabbers will be spotlighted, and action may then be directed their way. Everyone should observe the beef boycott and eat alternative foods. It's only for on_e week, and with a little recipe swappmg, everyone will be able to get by. WRITE YOUR Representative and Senator, urging them to support the bill proposed by Rep Wright Patman D-Tex. for a 60-day freeze on food prices Write to President Nixon and tell him how hard inflation is on students Demand EVERYONE has a chance to pitch in and get behind the boycott. All it takes is a little self control and will power. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $147,208 .42 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida e more fruitfully made by the coin-fussing method and the University should employ a professional coin-tosser; a gambler would also do fine. Paper shuffling can be left to the custodians.) 8. The number of florescent tubes. (We're overlit.) be produced with less hassle. B. REDUCED BY HALF SHOULD BE 3. The College of Business Ad-THE FOLWWING C. MISCELLANY ministration, except those portions 1. The number of persons doing adThe Medical School should either conthereof suitable to become part of a ministrative work. ;::=-=-:::-:-::::.:===::::: . m thursday's ROBERT .. -.................. ............ .... ,. ... I Editor Managing Editor Advertising Manager I 0 A A ft L f!. . MICHAEL KILGORE News Editor VALERIE WICKSTROM \. I; Entertamment Editor VIVIAN MULEY Feature Editor ANDREA HARRIS ;: i Sports Editor DAVID MOORMANN Advisor LEO STALNAKER PRESS :0 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof.) Thursday t? ANPA PACEMAKER A WARD i967, 1969 Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon forf'riday. i one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before publication m person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620


THE ORACLE -MARCH 29, 1973 5 Officer Moore: 'Whew, sure does smell like pot' Editor: Have you ever had your room apartment, or house searched for marijuana because of the per fume or cologne you wear? Well I have. On the night of March 11, 1973, a s my boyfriend and I walked innocently down the sidewalk in front of the Gamma dorm, we were stopped by one of our peerless men in the green and asked whether we had been smoking pot or if we had any on us When we IOoked totally bewildered Officer Moore told us that he smelled pot on one of us and would I mind if he "checked out" my room. Since I knew I didn t have any pot in my room and I wanted to avoid all the hassle I possibly could {I was tired and wanted to get to bed!) I consented and up we trodded. ONCE inside my room Officer Moore, doing his duty, started the search, informing me that he wouldn't "get personal." He checked out my pencil holder and finding nothing there picked up a glass that I have my ivy growing in and spilled the water all over my desk and the floor. It was then that I spotted a bottle of Patchouli Body Oil on my desk. I knew my boyfriend had some on. I told Officer Moore "There's a bottle of Patchouli if you'd like to see if that's what you thought was the smell of marijuana on us, Officer Moore." OFFICER Moore took the lid off and took one good nose hit. "Whew, sure does smell like pot!" That's what happened to me March 11, 1973. Just another episode in the long list of U .S.F. Greenie Bloopers. Something must be done. Patchouli wearers unite. Lynn Anderson 1 EDE No comparison Editor: Having attended a northern university for two years and USF for two quarters I have noted great differences between security or police forces on this campus and the one I previously attended. THE POLICE on this campus are absurd. I list their "qualities"; Inability to adapt to realistic human situations, ie. in discriminate ticketing etc. Ridiculous costumes and ar mament. Disregard for any and all criticism Infallible attitude. Who trained these men anyway? The Chicago police force? In view of their rotten attitude, I propose a revival of a very appropriate three-Jetter word to be used only as Jong as it applies James Culter 3 BIO The Struggle Editor : The Chief knew the struggle wasn't over. He had decii:ied, and his green hatted men now had their orders They must stop the evil, must punish and reform the ugly sign of corruption and decay in our perfect society-they must stop the parking violator The Chief understood his trust well. he knew the stakes-the School. the Nation and even His Moral Order in America So the Chief sent his men out once more to uncover the perpetr a tors of this one grimmest and foulest of \'iolations lllS TRAINED spe c iali s ts moved silently in their glee ming (letters] Green Units through lot after lot, looking for the hideous blasphemy searching, sear ching through the miriad of painted steel until they found it -the culprit. The evidence burning before their eyes could they face it, could they get out and in vestigate? But of course they must, the Chief was depending on them. So, tightening their belts under their middle class bellies which had grown so con spicuously round, they climbed out. On closer inspection they could hardly believe their eyes the sacrilegious symbol was now standing before them. Worse-it was a: struggle now-the nausea was rising in their throats. But they knew what they must do and so proceeded. IT WAS donn now. Minutes had passed since they left. Only one remnant of their visit remained. It was by the window under a wiper-placed there with machine like precision. Only a few letters on the sanguine paper were visible. They were enough however, the meaning was clear, the message unmistakable"parked facing traffic." Robert Christopher 3 Pol Sci 'Write me Editor: On about. May 7th 1970 a committee was formed at Kent State; now it is their right to organize such a committee but Jet's look at what it is. It was called the Committee of Kent State Massacre Eyewitnesses I have a pertinent comment about this and what happened at Kent State and is happening around the nation. THE WHOLE thing boils down to the fact that there is a revolution brewing in this country. In 1962 SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, was formed with 80 members; by 1969 it has 3 ,000 chapters and 40,000 members By June of 1969 SDS went underground and soon the weatherman appeared This group was responsible for the bombing of the Capitol Building and the Pentagon. Weatherman faction of SDS claim to be true blue followers of Marx Lenin and Mao. Their theory of violence owes much to Castro and Regis Debray who taught the "Propaganda of Action." They advocate urban guerrilla warfare as practiced by the Tuparmaros of Uruguay, who burned to the ground the offices of General Motors in Montevido. The Weatherman organized the Chicago venture of October the 8th 1969. This gives us some insight into their tactics; they were armed in Chicago with axe handles iron bars, chains bricks and bottles. They tried to provoke the police and when this failed they charged the police throwing stones and swinging bottles chains, iron bars, and sticks. NOW TO get back to Kent State The Weatherman with the same revolutionary tactics caused the trouble at KSU. The news media reported this and it is time to c ease calling mutilation, destruction of property, and murder "dissent." It is time the law must be enforced. SDS leaders frankly state that their purpose is to assist the North Vietnamese in their battle to destroy America Now in the "New Left" of Sept. 20th of 1969 I quote: "The war's not just in Vietnam. It's everywhere--in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the black colony here at home ... and the Viet namese have shown us all that the people can win despite the man's (Western) technology." MOREOVER Communist doctrines have not been discarded; the Communist ob jective of world conquest has not been renounced. The leopard has not changed his spots. This is no time for overconfidence and slumber. If we ignore the doc trines of Communism, their past history, and their present actions we are at peril not only of our own lives, but of the freedom of future generations. Behind their theory lies and lurks the view that they are an elite bent on destroying a corrupt society. Whether it be the SDS or the Young Socialist Alliance or the Peace Action Coalition they are for a new and dangerous form of Communism. This is the truth not libel! ! It is time to stand up and be counted For information on what to do just write me. Douglas Keith 4297 Main St. Perry, Ohio -., 1 6BT '81 Wl'Ill A LlmE' HSLJ> PROM MY PRIPNDs" 988-4526 Introducing '' JOSH Formerly from Penneys at Westshore Specializing in hair cutting and blow drying Susan Mancinik Owner A JACK ROLLINS -CHARLES H. JOFFE Production woody allen's "bananas" LOUISE LASSER Executr.-e Producer CHARLES H .JOFFE Prodoced by JACK GROSSBERG Directed by WOODY ALLEN As&iciate Producer and Editor RALPH ROSENBLUM. AC.E. I COLOR by Deluxe Written by WOODY ALLEN and MICKEY ROSE by MARVIN HAMLISCH IDllll APhm TONIGHT\ THURSDAY MARCH 29 I 7, 9,j 11 pmj LAN 103 j 1.00 i FILM ART SERIES


6-THE ORACLE MARCH 29,1973 Vance Schrum's "untitled" ... a graduate student work on display in the Teaching Gallery. I Oracle photos by Gary Lantrip Galleries open new shows Seven art exhibits will enhance Qtr. 3. The undergraduate student painting exhibit will continue in the Theatre Gallery through April 15. A graduate student group exhibit will be in the Teaching Gallery, beginning today through April 24. Sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and ceramics will be displayed. Joan Lahman, an artist from Miami, will exhibit 12 metal art .. sculpture pieces and a painting in the UC Gallery

THE ORACLE-MARCH29, 1973 7 Academy Awards offer many surprises BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor The 45th Annual Awards presentation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences provided some very interesting surprises Tuesday night. Marlon Brando would not accept his award for best per formance by an actor. Instead, Sacheen Littlefeather, a beautiful young Apache, accepted the award for him with deep regrets that he could not accept this "generous award." LITTLEFEATHER said Brando refused to accept the award because he does not ap prove of the way the film industry has portrayed Indians. After she was escorted off stage, amidst a hew boos and scattered applause, the Academy proceeded to cut off Rock Hudson, an emcee for the evening, when he attempted to make a comment on what had just been said. But Clint Eastwood was allowed to come on later and make some assinine remark like "there should be an award for all the cowboys killed in westerns." "The Godfather," although it received best picture of the year, did not get quite as many awards as "Cabaret" surprisingly walked off with. "Cabaret" received seven awards, including best director, best actress, best supporting actor film editing and art direction. Other interesting occurrences during the awards presentation included Charlton Heston run ning on stage five minutes late for his cue; actor Robert Duvall's uncontrollable laughter when he announced that Shelley Winters was a nominee for best sup porting actress for her role in "The Po se idon Adventure" and Raquel Welch presentin!l thQ best act1 ess award. THE LATE Edward G. Robinson was honored with a special award for his contribution to <.he motion picture industry Robinson's widow accepted the award, which was preceded by a six-minute clip of scenes from 14 of his most popular films. All in all, the awards were exciting this year, mainly because the movies nominated deserved to be nominated, even if the Academy did make up an award for the "The Poseidon Adventure" special achievement award for special effects. "The Godfather" received best (review) picture award in a group of films that included "Cabaret," "Sounder," "Deliverance" and Emigrants." MARLON Brando was awarded best performance bv an actor for his role as a Sicilian Mafia boss in "The Godfather." Other nominees in this category included Michael Caine for "Sleuth," Laurence Olivier for "Sleuth," Peter O'Toole for "The Ruling Class" and Paul Winfield for Sounder Liza Minelli's portrayal of an American nightclub singer in Nazi: Germany in "Cabaret'"" netted her the best performance by an actress in a category that included Diana Ross for "Lady Sings the Blues," Cicely Tyson for "Sounder," Liv Ullman for "The Emigrants" and best ac tress of 1969 Maggie Smith for "Travels with My Aunt." Joel Grey was picked as best supporting actor for his role as a nightclub master of ceremonies in "Cabaret." The other nominees included three actors in "The Godfather" -Robert 'Bananas' typical Allen fare BY ANN CRAVENS Oracle Staff Writer "Bananas" is another typical Woody Allen Film. That means it is an anything-but-typical film The film may contain more satire per square centimeter of celluloid than any film since "Reefer Madnes." I say "may" because it's hard to keep up with them when you're rolling in the aisle and a few might have slipped by. (films) ALLEN, WHO directed an helped write the film, is Everyman, the man machines hate, the man women scorn and men look down on, the man whose neighbor's dog disdains is lawn and uses his welcome mat instead. You can't help but laugh, even when you have the uncomfortable feeling of having been in the sityation before yourself, or perhaps that s why you laugh If it's not funny it is too sad to bear--but that isAllen's brand of humor. LOUISE LASSER co-stars as Nancy. She went to on a big career in commercials after the film and it's easy to see why She has all the appeal of a mongrel puppy Obviously, she plays Allen's girl. 'film fart A melange of quick talkes, visual one-liners and short outrageous vignettes fill in the gaps in the plot nicely. Howard Cosell as himself will give sports fans a thrill as he narrates a South American assassination and Allen on Allen and Lasser's wedding night. AUSTIN -Sounder -2, 4, 6, 8, 10. BRANDON TWINS -1. The Train Robbers -7, 9. 2. Deliverance -7, 9. BRITTON -The Legend of Boggy Creek -1: 20, 3: 30, 5: 40, 8, 10. FLORIDA -The Legend of Boggy Creek --1:50, 3:25,5, 6:35, 8:10, 9:35 FLORILAND CINEMA II -1. Steelyard Blues -1, 2:40, 4:20, 6, 7:40, 9:20. 2. The Thief Who Came to Dinner --1:30, 3:25, 5:20, 7:15 9:10. HILLSBORO I Double Feature -The World's Greatest Athlete --1:50, 4, 6:10, 8:20, 10:15 and Johnny Appleseed --1:30, 3:40, 5:50, 8. HORIZON PARK 4 -1. The Poseidon Adventure -6, 8: 15 and on Saturday and Sunday 1, 3: 15, 5:30, 7:45, 9:55. HORIZON PARK 4 -1. The Poseidon Adventure -6, 8:15 and on Saturday and Sunday -1, 3 : 15, 5:30, 7:45, 9:55. 2 Cabaret --5:45, 8: 15, and on Saturday and Sunday 1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 9:55. 3. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean -6, 8: 15 and on Saturday and Sunday --12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:45, 9:30. 4. The Heartbreak Kid --6:30, 8:30 and on Saturday and Sunday 1:45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45. PALACE -Sounder -2, 4, 5 :55, 7 :55, 9:50 TAMPA -Black Gunn -2:15, 4 :05, 5 :55, 9:40. TODD -Double Feature -Heat and Ulysses continuous showings from 11 :45 a m. TRANS LUX (Town and Country) -Lady Sings the Blues --6 :30, 9 TWIN BAYS 4 1. Across llOth Street -6:15, 8:15 and on Saturday and Sunday -2, 4, 6, 8, 10. 2 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean -6: 15 and 8: 15 and on Saturday and Sunday -12: 45, 3, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. 3. Deliverance -6, 8: 15, and on Saturday and Sunday -1, 3:15, 5:30, 7:45, 9:55. 4. The Erne migrants -7 and on Saturday and Sunday -1:15, 4, 6 :45, 9:30. ON CAMPUS FILM ART SERIES -Bananas today -7, 9, 11 in LAN 103. UC FILMS -Escape from the Planet of the Apes -Saturday -7: 30, 10; Sunday and Monday -7: 30 in LAN 103. Tomb of Ligeia Monday -9: 15 in LAN 103. THE PLOT,--well, the plot. The plot doesn't really have anything to do with the film It is just a convenient vehicle for the laughs. Anyway, it's com plicated, it's, and I'm not going to try to explain it because space is limited. What isn't limited is the endless supply of visual hysterics. Plan to stay for both shows if you want to catch all the gags, and bring your favorite hiccough cure. MONOGRAMS Needlepoint Yarn & Bags KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS Ph. 935-8168 11615 Fla Ave. at Fowler SPEAKERS Confusing, aren't they? All we ask is that you listen to a "STRADIVARI SPEAJ{ER." The finest in speakers(response from 15 to 22,000 Hz.) This line is available only at Duvall, James Caan and Al Pacino -a better deservee it seemed after viewing his por trayal of Michael Correleone. Eddie Albert was also nominated for his role in "The Heartbreak Kid. THE BEST supporting actress award went to Eileen Heckart for her role in "Butterflies are Free." The other nominees in cluded Jeannie Berlin for "The Heartbreak Kid, Geraldine Page for "Pete 'n Tillie," Susan Tyrell for "Fat City" and Shelley Winters, who gained 20 pounds (and lost it after making the movie) for her role in "The Poseidon Adventure .'' Bob Fosse received best director award for "Cabaret" in a category that included John Boorman's "Deliverance" Jan Troell 's "The Emigrants," Joseph L. Mankiewicz's "Sleuth" and Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather Best costume design was awarded to "Travels with My Aunt." "Cabaret" received best cinematography "The God father" received best screenplay based on material from another medium ;mil "The Candidate" received best story and screenplay based on factual material or material not previously published or produced. "The Morning After" from "The Poseidon Adventure" received best song none of the songs nominated however, deserved anything but maybe an award for the best trash. "Norman Rockwell's "World of the American Dream" received best achievement In a short story; "A Christmas Carol" received best achievement in animated films; "This Tiny World" received best achievement in a documentary short subject and "Marjoe" received best achievement for a documentary feature. Charlie Chaplin's "Limelight," a 20-year old film just released in the United States, received best original dramatic score. And the French film "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" received best foreign language film. JOBS The Oracle 'Has paid, part-time positions available Ad Salesmen 16 hrs. per week No experience necessary Must have own transportation (mileage paid) Apply to Bob Fant, LAN 472 974-2620 The Oracle also needs MOTIVATED reporters some paid positions Apply to Bob Fiallo, LAN 472 olll you can eat! CLAM STRIP DINNER $1 39 Includes English chips and cole With Ad slaw Dine In or take out Busch Plaza (Temple Terrace)


8-THE ORACLE MARCH 29,1973 Oracle photo by Tom Palmer Repairing your own car . is possible at the Co-op Garage near USF SG Cabinet changes in Davis' first vveek By Cbristy Oracle Staff \triter SG Cabinet posts will undergo changes in faces, pay and direction. according to SG Pres. Bill Davis serving his first official week in office. New, "experimental" positions created by Davis include secretaries of Womens' Affairs and Minority Affairs. Kerry Kennedy will head the womens' post. Davis saic! the goals of the post will be upgrading the womens' studies program and arranging far child care for students' children. GARY Finley has been named secretary of Minority Affairs. Under former president Mark Adams no projects were un dertaken in the area after the beginning of Qtr. 1, although a student was appointed to the post and paid . Pavis said he hopes the position will expand now as Finley works for granting of departmental status to the. Afro-American Studies program and organiziitg seminars on minority affairs The office will be maintained for minority students, not ex elusively blacks, Davis said. TWO members of the Adams cabinet Ben Johnson, secretary of Academic Affairs, and Robert Sechen, secretary of Finance will stay in those positions under Davis. Johnson's responsibilities will be expanded and so. will his pay, Davis said. "He got a lot done last quar ter," Davis said, citing Johnson's efforts in changing the S-U and X grading policies, and in current efforts to liberalize distribution requirements . Johnson will receive $550 per quarter under Davis. In previous quarters Johnson was paid $300 per quarter. HE WAS underpaid by Adams," Davis said, adding Johnson will also serve as a special assistant to the president. Sechen will continue as head of the Student Finance Committee at $800 per quarter through the fiscal year ending July 1. Davis said he reappointed Sechen because of "knowledge of the University" and to allow time for training his successor. Walter Smith, an Alpha resident, will serve as secretary of Resident Affairs. Smith's duties include preparation of an on-campus housing booklet, including information on rent contracts, rights of dorm residents and the role of resident assistants in dormitories, Davis said SMITH has already prepared a pamphlet of dorm students' rights to be distributed in resident halls, Davis said. Dawn Jordan was named secretary of Information (formerly secretary of public relations under Adams). Her duties will include publicity for SG through the local media and arranging the Free Speech Board in the UC. She will also assist other cabinet members in gathering information and writing housing booklets. Richard Merrick is Davis' executive assistant. Da"'.is said Merrick will take on some of his adi:ninistrative duties to allow him more time to attend student DA VIS has yet to fill the positions of attorney gerieral and secretary of Commuter Affairs and will continue interviewing for the positions. "We need someone who will familiarize himself with University regulations" for attorney general, said. He said the attorney general must be "assertive" and "must not be intimidated by position like an administrator.'' Davis said he expects the at torney general to devise a traffic ticket appeal system. INTERVIEWS will be held in Davis' office, UC 156. ext. 2401. The pay plan for cabinet members has from $200 for each cabinet head, except secretary of Finance and affairs, under Adams to different stipends for nearly all cabinet members. Secretaries of Minoritr and Womens' affairs will receive $75 per quarter ; ResidentiAffairs and Information, $200 i)er quarter; Exeecutive Assis tant, $250. Co-op Garage A place to work on your own car By Tom Palmer Oracle Staff Writer Seeking alternatives to getting ripped off by high prices is becoming more popular nowadays and the Co-op Garage near USF is an example of just such an effort. "If you want something to happen, you can't sit back and dream about it," says Robert Wright, the person in charge of the garage for the past two months. WHAT'S HAPPENING at the Co-op Garage is a place where people, mostly by appointment can get their cars worked on at low cost. Tune-ups, for example, cost only a few dollars plus parts, which the Co-op Garage can buy at garage discount prices, Wright said, comparing this to the $15 or $20 charged other places. With Wright. the idea of thP garage is a "personal thing." embodying his interest in cars and people. "IF 'iOU OWN a car, it's a major part of your life and you shouldn't have to spend as much time and money as people have to spend elsewhere Cat garages and gas stations)," he said. Commenting on gas stations, Wright said, "They're no longer concerned with treating people as people, only as money," adding parenthetically that the Co-op Garage doesn't wash many windshields, but neither, he said, do a lot of gas stations. It's the personal touch, along with its low prices that makes the Co-op Garage fairly popular within the University Com munity. EVERYTHING is pretty casual, too, in the backyard garage at 12103 52nd St., where rock music flows from speakers in the garage Mulberry and oak trees offer some shade and a spare beer or two is usually in the refrigerator. Wright, who learned a lot about mechanics during a stint in federal prison for draft Import Car Repairs Factory Trained Mechanics Gary Merrill Import Motors, Inc. Service Department open 8 -5 pm Mon. -Fri. 8 -12 noon Sat. 5804 N. Dale Mabry Tampa Ph. 884-8464 THE JEWELRY HANG-UP The Ivory Horn Pendant hung-up on a gold-filled chain. t11so OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT GordOif.J IH TAMPA SHOP AT GORDON'S 3924 BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING OTR. NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER TERRACE PLAZA, TEMPLE TERRA.CE OTHER STORES IN: ST. PETERSBURG, CLEARWATER SEMINOLE, BRADENTON, PLANT CITY AND LAKELAND. PROFESSIONAL WATCH AND '---------. JEWELRY REPAIR FREE ESTIMATES "O ., "' c w c 0 ;; "' 2 3-4-07-12 resistance, said he'll do work on any kind of foreign or domestic car, including overhauls, but not automatic transmission or body work, which he usually refers to a reasonable specialist. THEY ALSO recycle oil, Wright said, explaining, "Oil doesn't wear out, it just gets dirty and can be cleaned and used again and again." In addition, people can come and use the garage's tools to work on their own cars, Wright said, adding they will be given help and advice if they need it. "Mainly, we're just here to save people from getting ripped off," he concluded oving straight ahead, ollowing the times, keeping p-to-date, seeking the life hat's happening now. That's ou and your friends, always n the go. To keep you going onfidently every day' you eed Tampax tampons. hey' re the internal sanitary protection that's part of today, that frees you to lead 1= an active life. No reason to sit idle and "' let the fun pass you ''' by. With Tampax tampons, you're not encumbered by pins and pads, not held back by fear of "something showing." And they come in three absorbency-sizes-Regular, Super and Junior-so you get the one that's best for you. With Tampax tampons to rely on, you're always heading in the right direction for fun. OEYELOl'[D BY A DOCTO NOW usro eY MILLIONS 01 WOM[t. -'!OE ONLY'BY TAMPAX INCORPORATED, PALMER, MAS! .


THE ORACLE -MARCH 29, 1973 9 Brahmans face Embry Riddle By Dave Moormann Oracle Sports Editor Everything seems to be going USF's way now that it s taken seven games in a row And Coach Beefy Wright doesn't think the fortunes of his baseball team will change today when the Brah mans meet Embry Riddle in an away contest. I don't like to make any rash predictions," said Wright yesterday "but hell with the teams we've been beating we ought to throw our gloves out there and win. Of course it doesn't happen that way USF WILL be going with four pitchers against the Daytona Beach school which it defeated in the season opener, 12-6. Steve Steinberg is scheduled to throw first with Gary Condron, a freshman Wright recently added to the roster, Tom Lindsey and Spence Schalip following. "It's nothing more than these boys haven t thrown much," Wright said of his decision to go with four pitchers. "We haven't hit the relief pitchers. MISSING from today's action will be right fielder-first baseman Steve Gilmore, out for the season with a oroken right wrist suffered against Fairfield Monday. "Oh, it'll hurt us, Wright said of the loss of Gilmore "He gave us a solid defense performance in the outfield and he was probably our best first baseman defen sively. And early in the year he got some timely hits." Tampan Rudy Daumy will replace Gilmore at first and in right unless a left hander throws against USF, in which case John Langstaff will play the outfield. THIRD baseman Glenn expected," explained the Brah man coach "We had three hot bats at one time and now (Mike> Hazel is starting to come around. " THE pitching has been better than I expected. Mark

10-THE ORACLE MARCH 29, 1973 Student campaigns against waste BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer USF zoology student Tony Chaves is running a one-man campaign to preserve the en vironment. Recently he published a bulletin giving suggestions to help stop waste of resources, save money for consumers and provide facts about detrimental processes that are being used IN ADWIEION>ta the pamphlet, he speaks to elasses and groups about his suggestions and what he does personally. Chaves said, "I got this idea about a year ago but actually put it into writing last quarter when I had an environment class that required a paper." He explained that his family ownsa printing shop so during Gasparilla he went home and did the printing. ONE-THOUSAND copies were printed in the first edition, but Chaves plans a second which will contain the first plus additional information. The material was collected from environment magazines, Nursing-Continued from page 1 "WE TRY FOR some of the same hospitals as the College of Medicine," MacDonald said, "but because nursing will have more students than the medical we will need more places. AI. so, the needs of the nursing program and medical school are different. "We will need more different kinds of experiences, such as mental health and psychological nursing and community health," she explained. The dearr said there were ad vantage5 to a four-year program over the two-year program since more practice aild a more general education prepare students to cope with a wider variety of situations. Four-year students also have a different orientation to nursing that will allow them to move into leadership jops sooner. STUDENTS will graduate with a B.S. and then take the state licensing exam. With the B.S., nurses will be able to do graduate work which is necessary for research, .teaching, administration and advanced clinical practice. Next fall's faculty is an ticipated as 12 members and MacDonald is looking for "nurse scientists" to fill these positions. Until Phase II of the USF's Medical Center is completed in fall 1975, the USF Science Center a!1d larger facilities hopefully by next fall, when they are found. Phase I is currently tinder con struction and groundbreaking for Phase n is scheduled for Sep tember, 1973. A MULTI-MEDIA teaching center, which features facilities for independent study through use of video tape, films, lab.oratories and printed materials, has recently been added to the nursing facilities plans. The program will admit one class each year, but MacDonald forsees offering courses all year Further information and applications are available from the College of Nursing at ext. 2191. It pays to advertise in !he Oracle ext. 2620 Lan 472 reports and papers written by legislators for bill introduction. Some of the major suggestions included in his pamphlet are that florescent lights use one-third the electricity incandescent bulbs do, and that this should be con sidered when purchasing fixtue Some of the major suggestions included in his pamphlet are that florescent lights use one-third the electricity incandescent bulbs do, and that this should be con sidered when purchasing fixDOONESBURY 4 d .. tures. Chaves also warns stu_dents not to leave cars idling while parked, and if one is in the mbfket for a new car, one should remember that every new car purchased means another one to junk. CHAVES SAID he has spoken to several classes and passed out bulletins there. "One of my suggestions is to shower instead of taking a bath and if you can do it with someone else, it saves even more water. This always by Garry Trudeau f"HAI WAS yov?/ I W6t-t,, 1 Hy UN11/ \ AKAi RECORDERS IN ALL FLAVORS from chocQlate "ferrite heads" to strawberry "Quadraphonic" topped with hot "sound-onsound." 11 per cent off any recorder with this ad vertisrnent at-l!ets a big laugh," He said though that some students "really take me seriously and are very interested and enthusiastic." He said most were surprised to know refined sugar was nutritionally "wor thless ." Chaves, who is a vegetarian, said he tries to follow his suggestions and calls his Lutz home, which has six different kinds of fruit trees, a "small planet." He said he recycles everything possible, including plastics which he melts down and uses for sculpture material. HE EXPLAINED his shed is now full of cans, bottles and newspapers and plans for recycling bins "Also, I have an oil heater but did not use it this winter because I didn't want to use oil, Chaves remarked. "I take shopping bags back to the grocery store to carry my groceries instead of getting a new one each time." Chaves explained one of the greatest concerns of Americans should be Amaranth, a food coloring used in almost all canned foods. Chaves said Russian scientists had found this substances to cause cancer, birth defects and fetal deaths in laboratory animals. "BOYCOTTING such foods is an effective means of change," Chaves said. He though writing congressmen will not help because "government is just unresponsive to the people's needs." USF students can help the movement in a special way by buying used books, according to Chaves. A copy of the bulletin is posted on the UC free speech board or students can get copies by sen ding a stamped self-addressed envelope at Rt. 3 -Box 992, Lutz, Fla. 33549. "However, when a person is through with it he should pass it on .. I don't want any thrown away --1t would defeat my whole purpose," Chaves said Davis plans evening of recorded sounds Reco_rded music will waft from Hill tonight from 8 -11 accordmg to SG Pres. Bill Davis Davis a space reservation has been approved for the area and he could no regulations prohibiting recorded music on the hill The tunes will come from a borrowed stereo, Davis said. Recorded music used to be presented on the hill but no one has bothered to provide it recently, he explained. . The music will become a regular feature on Thursday mghts, Davis Actio_n,to the amplification policy was one of Davis campaign promises m January but he said the recorded concert 1s not a change in policy. REAL ESTATE as a career investments property management/sales If you haven't thought about it, we'd like to give you some insights. 1. AGE IS NO FACTOR. The average age in the Olson organization is29. 2. INCOME HAS NO LIMIT AND BECilNS IMMEDIATELY. Al I Olson first year men and women have earned $15,000 minimum. 3. OPENINGS ARE AVAILABLE. Expansion at Olson & Associates has never slowed. This multi-office firm-has a planned expansion rate, creating openings dai!y. 4. NO EXPERIENCE OR FORMAL TRAINING NECESSARY. The ability to get along with people is the only requirement. In fact, people without real estate experience are preferred. OLSON SPECIALIZES IN BEACH REAL ESTATE. Working conditions are the finest. The customers are usually more affluent, and a higher majority of sales are made for cash. Take a few minutes and hear the full story of real estate as a profession. Wednesdrf, May 16 9 to s If you can t make the meeting, a brochure can be obtained by writing:


CANOE RENTALS Ph. 935-1476 or 935-0018 PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABiAN, USF, APA, 'etc. style manuals. IBM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from USF--971-6041 after 6 p.m. TYPING-FAST, NEAT, ACc;:URATE. IBM Selectric. All types of work, 5 minutes from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St. 971-2139 If no answer, 235-3261. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Need help with PL-c;:, PL1, Jc;:L, BAL. COBOL, BASIC, etc.? Let us help! Reasonable prices 24 hour turnaround. Call 251-6390 TY Pl NG Services-I BM Selectric, pica, carbon ribbon, changes of type-USF Turabian-Campbell-Term papers, dissertations, reports, resumes, refs. Gloria 884-1547 before 10 p.m. IF you want to talk to someone about any gripe of just rap call HELPLINE 974-2555 If you need some drug info. Call or ii you want lo talk to a woman about Women's problems call the WOMEN'S LINE 974-2556 17 DAYS Jamaica -6 credits. June 11-27. Trip costs 5380 .00. 10 days Kingston & 7 days Montego Bay. Add 7 hrs can be earned for another project on return. See Lupton, OCT Prog. FAO 122 ( 2536). 1971 HONDA 750-Needs new home. Has full fairing & luggage rack. Very good condition. Call 971-6887 after 6 p .m. 1970 SUZUKI 500. Excel!ent condition. Call 974-6217 Iota 306 during week and 347-1555 on weekends. Best offer. Ask for Bob. VACANT POSITIONS AT U.S.F. The following positions are to be filled: ( 2) Secretary 111-$6285; Secretary 111 part time-54716; Secretary 11-$5554; Secretary II partlime-52777; ( 2) Secretary 1-$5032; Clerk 111-$5554; (2)Clerk 1-$3946; (2) Clerk 11-$4782; Clerk Typist 111-$5784; Clerk Typist 1-$4301; (2) Sale Clerk 1-54364; Statistician 1-$7778; Property c;:lerk 1155993; Fiscal Assistant t-S6473; Ac countant 11-$9166 ( 2l Stock Clerk-$5032; Asst: Budget Officer-$10,700; Social Work Asst.-parttime 52388; {2)Teacher Aide54155; Teacher Aide-parttime $2078; Audio Visual Specialisl-$9166; TV Studio Supervisor-$6974; Radio-TV Traffic Coordinator-$5304; Photographer 1-$6118; Illustrator I parttime-53508; Lab Technologist 11-$7371; Biologist 11-58665; Animal Technician Supervisor 1-56974; Animal Technician 1-$4573; (2) Registered Nurse 1-57788; Computer System Analyst t-S9563 ; Computer System Analyst 1-$9563 Computer Operator 11-$7162; Keypunch Supervisor 11-$6744; EDP Librarian-55554; Univ. Union Recreation Supervisor lS5032; Print Shop Mgr.-$5199; Auto Equipment Mechanic 11-$6974; Boiler Operator 1 55304; Motor Vehicle Operator 11-$5304; Groundskeeper t l-S4573; < 3) Custodial Worker-$4155 Interested per sons should contact Personnel Services 974-2530, Fao 011. No person shall, on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, or national origin, be excluded tram participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity at the University of South Florida. THE UNIVERSITY IS AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. WAITRESSES and wianted, over 21. Apply to the Pizza Hut, Temple Terrace, 988-0008. Good pay, free pizza! MOTHERS Helper (Mar.-Sept.) one 3 yr. old, live-in, separate apt, responsible, pleasant, beach & some travel. $60 per week. Phone 251-3736 FLOWER sellers needed to sell fresh cut flowers Wed.-Sunday. Work 3 to 7 hours a day. Average daily income:t $10 to $25. Call early or late evenings, Tampa 8398519 or 236-0801, 100 W. Sligh al Florida Ave., St Pete or 522-8714. "The Flower Children" I NC. "EXTRA" cash (work today-pay today) guaranteed work, work when you want as long as you want. Seven days a week. Apply ready to work. MANPOWER 1919 E. Busch Blvd., 416 W. Kennedy. Hrs. 6 a.m.-6 p.m. LOOK! Let us show you how to match your ability to the jingle of coins in your pocket. Phone 988-7125 '61 CUTLASS V-8 rebuilt trans., new tires, battery and radiator. Good tran sportation. Call 884-1681 after 2 p .m. $250.00 '64 PONTIAC LeMans. Good condition, call 626-7737. 1971 VW BUS. Sunroof and extras on engine $2495. Call 231-8421. LOST: Irish Setter last seen Monday behind Desoto Hall vicinity. Responds to name Anna. Being treated for illness, needs medicine. REWARD-Call 971-8192. COMICS, paperbacks, magazines. Sell, Buy, Trade. Fiction-Non-Fiction, Westerns, Mysteries. Comics for collectors. 9-9 daily. 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Our rates will remain less ex pensive even than the dorms-575 month or 5175 for summer qtr. Free utilities. Make reservations now while summer vacancies last. 1 .block from campus. 42nd st. 9710100 . plus Midnight Show Midnight Shows Fri. & sat. Cont. Shows from 11 :45 the Rapture A DOCUMENTARY OF THE TERROR AND CHAOS THE DAY CHRIST RETURNS THE EFFECT ON MANKIND OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MILLIONS DISAPPEAR ::--,.,J A MOVIE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! FREE! PREMIERE SHOWING APRIL 3 9 PM UC BALLROOM PRODUCED AND DISTRIBUTED BY DAVID WILKERSON YOUTH CRUSADES 11


12-THE ORACLE MARCH 29, 1973 Future frozen for new teachers By Gary Palmer Oracle Staff Writer A recently imposed freeze on the hiring of new teachers by the Hillsborough County School System has put a damper on employment possibilities in the Tampa area for education majors. The hiring freeze stems from the withholding of revenue sharing funds by the federal government, which counties use to augment their own budgets for hiri ng personnel. BUT THEproblem does not end there, a c c ordin g to Don Colby, director of the Student Career a nd Employment Center "If yo u're infl exible Fifteen -hundre d Education majors gra duat e from USF e a c h year. Gordon attributes the d ec rease in Florida to other areas. Drug analysis professiona lly y ou must be fle xibl e g e o g r a phically, and vice versa," C olby said "Larger numb ers ( o f t e ach e rs) will waqnt to stay (in T a m pa ) a nd teach." BOARDS OF Public In struction recruit experienced outof-sta t e p e ople before they will n e w instate people Larger class s i ze keeps the numb e r of pos ition s down too. Alleged content Description Pink Floyd THC pink capsule Super Duper LSD yellow bi concave coated tablet French Quaalude green tab THC-X Pinch of salt& pepper THC-X" "Prople" Cocaine White crystal Red Red-orange cap "Oblong tangelo Pressed, coated orange tablet Seconal Red -orange Lilly F-40 capsule "Down" Crushed white particles LSD White tablet LSD 2 pieces of white tablet LSD small red tab Synthetic psylocybin purple tablet Actual content PCP nothing found Methyl Quaalude Possible PCP Cocaine Seconal no positive tests Seconal no positive results LSD LSD LSD LSD The most promi s ing time of the year for t ea ch e r e mployment is May and June when contracts are open e d b y th e various school boards for th e n e xt school year, Colby s a id During this time school systems rec eive contrac t s from returning t e ach ers and d e termin e th e budg e t for th e coming fiscal year. THE OUTLOOKrem a ins gloomy. Charles Gordon. coordinator of scheduling for the College of Education says there is an "oversupply of teachPr" "The numb e r of teachers goes up a nd th e number of students is g oing down G ordon sa y s The two key word s offer e d by C olby a nd Gordon (to prosp e ctive graduates ) are persistence a nd fle xibility An individual can't b e flexible sa y s Gordon, not if th ey want a job." P e r s i s t e nc e i s th e o n e b es t w ay to get a job, Colb y says MOST graduates will g o throu g h a n average of 15-20 in t e rvi ews b e fore they receive one off e r acco rding to Colby Whe n can significant change in hiring l e v e ls for teachers be expected ? About 1980, if current patterns continue," Colby says. The evaluation is absolutely FREE, and you'll receive a graph of your tape recorder's performance! Here's what the test consists of ... I clean and demagnetize heads I check frequency response I check distortion :evels I check signal-to-noise ratio I check wow c:ind flutter ./ check speed and accuracy I check head alignment I provide a written performance report I answer any questi0ns you may have


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