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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Crisis Team is always available BY ANDREA HARRIS Oracle Feature Editor "We were doing 80 m.p.h. in Temple Terrace hoping to get pul1cu over so we could get a police escort," Mike Short recalled. It was a Sunday afternoon last fall. He and another member of USF's Crisis Intervention Team were racing to Lakeland to prevent a potential suicide. BUT NOT A cop was in sight, and the pair sped on their way unescorted Situations like this are common to the Crisis Intervention Team. Kids who want to steer clear of cops, hospitals or parents but who need emergency help can call the Team 24 hours a day. They've been operating for about a year as part of the Rap Cadre, a student counseling and drug analysis program. They're an offshoot of Helpline, a telephone counseling and referral service operated by 13 students from a nonpublicized campus location. MARGIE Silberman heads the, six-man student team. Others are George Orras, Gary Dudell, Marilyn Jenks, Linda Blackmore and Short, director of the Cadre. The team developed when it became apparent that the over the-phone service of Helpline urs ay's ORACLE t Princess Redwing of the Seven Crescents .. illustrates some Indian dance steps. for Prof. Tom Sanders' Indian literature class yesterday. oracle. ptioto by Gary Lantrip Prehle says complainers don't like 'law and order' BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer Many students who complain about University Police just "don't like .what we stand for: law and order," according to University Police (UP) Chief Jack Prehle. "In the case of most com plaints, the officer is just doing his job," said Prehle. He added that "anyone with a documented complaint can call me." PREHLE SAID there is no problem concerning his officers' attitudes. He said when mem bers of the force "get upset" because of something they read concerning them he tells them "to consider the source and forget it." Prehle said he sees "no legitimacy" in a SG proposal that a Civilian Review Board be established to interview potential University Police candidates. He said additional "hasseling of applicants" would result in the men taking higher paying jobs with the city or other law en forcement agencies. "The big problem is the lack of communication between Bill Davis < SG president) and myself." commented Prehle. He said only one complaint had been referred to him "through SG" but D:wis said he has sent no com plaints to Prehle. "WE ARE STILL taking written complaints," Davis said. "I hmatil' way to deal with them." He said SG is filing all complaints pending establ.ish ment of the proposed Civilian Review Board. Davis said he has received about 12 complaints and that complaint forms are available at the UC desk. "Most of our complaints deal with overt harrassment and there really isn't anything anyone (but the Continued on Page 5 Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip Traffic study underway A survey to determine when an officer is needed to direct traffic is in progress, according to University Police Chief Jack Preble, at the intersection of 30th and 13lst streets. Preble said that, so far, the heaviest count is at 11 :45 a.m., leaving the campus. wasn't always Students call. the Team direct during the day. At night emergencies are referred to them by Helpline. Margie said most students call because of an overdose of quaaludes, a nonbarbituate sedative. "ONE THING about quaaludes is if they do three of them sometimes they forget how many they took and they take more. April 19, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 14 12 pages They need somebody to walk them for awhile, keep them up," Margie explained Give him coffee, give him water. Don't let him go to sleep until he's said a few coherent words... If you're asleep and you're on your back and you throw up, you'll choke and you'll die." She remembered how once in DeSoto a 250-pound guy took fiye quaaludes and two pitchers of Continued on Page 5 Guidelines for 'equality' must be met BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer All Florida state universities will comply with Department of Health, Education and Welfare

2 -THE ORACLE April 19, _1973 Nixon abolishes oil import taxes WASHINGTON CUP!) To avert the threat of a genuine energy crisis," President Nixon yesterday erased all oil import restriction s and proposed other drastic steps to increase supplies One result would be higher prices at the gas pump but at least no rationing. In his long-awaited energy message fo Congress, the President outlined a series of measures, including a plea for citizens to adhere fo a national conservation ethic," which he promised would help U.S. in dustry meet domestic fuel and energy needs. No more patience PINE RIDGE, S .D. (UPI) Government negotiator Stanley Pottinger said yesterday the patience of U.S. marshals surrounding Wounded Knee has "run out" and indicated they will return fire quickly if militants holding the hamlet stage a new planned assault" on federal officers. Pottinger said one militant who was wounded in Tuesday's gun battle remains in "very critical condition in a hospital. An Indian source said four more wounded men were in the village, one of them very near death In Cleveland, Ohio, Russell Means a leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM), predicted, "there will be many more Wounded Knees because the white man has no eyes and no ears." Cong accusations PARIS Act, the State Board of Admi11i:;lration--the cabinet--can make such designations and require local governments to protect environmentally en dangered lands from uncon trolled de v elopment. PSC authority TALLAHASSEE whether the state needs any more electrical energy The 1 II takes power plant siting a 11thority from all other state agencies and vests it in th<' P o I u t i o n -C o n t r o 1 DPpartment. It also requires the industr y to submit plans for sites Ill years in advance to allow time for statt study f lorida news briefs Consumer program TALLAHASSEE, CUPI}---A consumer protection office, controlled by the Legislature rather than the Governor or a single cabinet officer as proposed by others, was proposed yesterday by Chairman Alan Trask of the Senate Consumer Affairs Committee. Its said the Fort Meade Democrat, would give Florida "as strong and complete a consumer protection program" as any in the United States "A legislative landmark, it would give Florida the un disputed lead in providing a comprehensive consumer protection program for all citizens." Easter migration DAYTONA BEACH, CUPIJ-In a migration as predictable as that of Capistrano's swallows or Canada's Caribou, college students by the tens of thousands are swarming onto the beaches of Florida this week with their and bikinis and baggles of grass "We don't have much troublE out of them until at night when they get up in the balconies of the hotels, banging their beer cans on the rail and ringing their cowbells," said Police Capt. David G Ogle at Daytona Beach, wtathtr Cloudy and warm today with a chance of showers. The highs in th

THE ORACLE -Aprll 19, 1973 s Recycling programs re-activated BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer Recycling programs for glass, aluminum and steel will be reactivated this quarter, ac cordfrig to Walter Smith, SG secretary of Resident Affairs. Smith said Housing and Food Service will collect glass and Physical Plant will pick up steel and aluminum. All materials will be stored near the Physical Plant until enough material 1s collected for recycling by Reynolds Aluminum and Pepsi Cola. "IF IT DOESN'T work now, people don't want to make it work," Smith said. No material from the bins was recycled last quarter because of poor coordination between SG, Physical Plant, Housing and Food Service and Students Smith said all materials in the glass bins would have to be dumped now because trash and garbage was mixed with the glass and glass was not separated by color. Last week Smith said the main problem was Kurt Spitzer, for mer SG sectretary of Resident Affairs,had "set up the bins and then left town." IN ADDITION, Bill Andrews, grounds supervisor, said Spitzer had not designated a storage area for the material collected from .. "If it doesn't work now, people don't want to make it work." -Walter Smith the bins. However in a letter to The Oracle, Spitzer said he had chosen a fenced-in area near the textbook center and informed Andrews the area would be "ideal." Spitzer said the main problem was Smith's lack of "factual information" which allowed the University staff the "to pass the buck." SMITH SAID his lack of factual knowledge was because Spitzer did not inform him of duties or the decisions before he left town. Smith said last week that he had only recently discovered the recycling program was not working. Smith said he plans to distribute flyers to the residents explaining the use of the bins. "ALSO, BUSCH Gardens gave me some 'Pitch In' signs, which are about 8 by 10 inches, that I plan to put up by the bins," he said. "In addition to the flyer, I plan to post signs with general instructii;>ns "The stencils on the cans ob-viously were not enough to instruct the students, Smith added. He outlined some general rules and asked students who did not want to folleiw the rules to not use the bins because it would ruin the entire bin USF would not be able to recycle the materials. SMITH SAID students should --separate the recycL materials from each other --strip glass of labels and remove all metal lids and clear glass --remove paper labels from cans --not take paper to the bins at 1this time because provisions were made for recycling paper. USF's Upward Bound said largest in nation The largest Upward Bound program in the nation will be housed at USF this summer, according to Richard Pride, head of Upward Bound. "We expect about 200 students this year, which is an increase of about 25, "Pride said. "We will place every student in college. About 15 will go to USF but we've had some students go to MIT and West Point." "ONE OF THE main economically, socially or educationally dis11dvantaged. He must also have a "C" average. "We get students from the 10th grade on up," .Pride said. "THE PROGRAM is fully integrated,"Pride said. "But we only have 28 per cent white enrollment. We don't have any discipline problems. White and black students often rouut together." USF students will be studying a way to turn the nutrient pollution of Tampa Bay into fertilizer for a commercially valuable algae this summer thanks to a National Science Foundation grant. reasons the majority of students don't go to USF after the program, is that they want to get away from home," Pride said. This year's Upward Bound students will be housed in Kappa with men on one floor and womeri on the next floor. "About 50 students who graduate fro.m high school this June will be housed separately in a different dorm," Pride said. Oracle photo by Ann Cravens Student receives national grant To qualify for Upward Bound a student must prove he is BASF BY ANN CRAVENS Oracle Staff Writer A group of USF students will be studying a way to turn the nutrient pollution of Tampa Bay into fertilizer for a commercially valuable algae this summer thanks to a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The $13,240 grant was one of two awarded in Florida and one of 79 funded nationally out of 395 proposals. MARK MOFFLER, a junior majoring in zoology, submitted a proposal to NSF for a "student originated studies grant." The proposal was entitled "A Study of the Ecology, Biology, Extraction and Economics of the Red Algae Hypnea Muscifor mis." HYPNEA MUSCIFORMIS is an algae that grows in Tampa Bay. An extract called carageenin can be made from it that is used as an emulsifier stablizer' anp controller of flavor, moistlife, texture and appearance. CARAGEENlN is used in making ice cream, mayonnaise, chocolate, meringues, canned meats, sauces, suntan lotion, a constipation for the clarification of wiie and beer "You name it," Moffler said. Moffler said there is a great demand for carageenin for commercial use and that his project will study the plant in the Tampa Bay environment to see if there is a possibility of using the nutrient-rich pollution that flows into Tampa Bay as residential and industrial waste for a growing medium to com mercially "farm" the algae. "Tampa Bay is the second most highly nutrient polluted marine body in the country," Moffler said. AFTER THE summer of study and analyzing their fin dings, Moffler said hopefully they will be able to estimate the feasibility of beginning an experimental project on algae mariculture in Tampa Bay, utilizing the available nutrients that are now a source of pollution. Moffler is assembling a MEN'S HEAL TH CLUB 8834 N. 56th Street c11f JJr\ (/"; v 1, 1 ));";' 988-2032 SAUNA SHOWERS OLYMPIC WEIGHTS HOURS 9-9 Mon.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. Weight Reduction Body Building Professional Instruction COME TRAIN WITH STAN Available only at STEREO WORLD. group of students, all un dergraduates, to work on the project June 10 through Sept. 8. The students will earn $80 per week or $960 for the summer, tax free. But Moffler said, that $80 is expected to cover at least a 50 hour week. BASF -the Inventor of the magnetic recording tape, the finest magnetic tape on the market. From Chromdloxed Cassettes to Suptr Low Noise Reel tapes, BASF offers a full line. Already on the team of student researchers is Bill White, a junior zoology major, Denny Foster, a senior zoology major, Mary Hughes of Ripon College, Ripon, Wis., and Mike Young, a senior engineering student. STILL NEEDED for the team, Moffler said, are an economist with a statistics background to study the economics of mariculture in the Tampa Bay area, a botanist (or biologist) to study laboratory cultures and a chemist to run the seawater analysis. Any interested students may contact Moffler through the Marine Biology club, UC box 396. 10% off on any BASF Purchase 4812 Busch Blvd. ( 5 blocks eost of Busch Gardens ) GET ON DOWN Ill Senior Class Elections Support Pete Popejoy PRESIDENT OPEN TILL 9 PM Peggy Schaefer VICE PRESIDENT Mary Sigman SECRETARY Barbara Coogan TREASURER To vote, a student must have at least 90 hours credit and plan to attend USF next year TODAY UC LOBBY


THE ORACLE -Aprll 19, 1973 5 Crisis Continued from Page 1 beer. She and others dragged him up and down the halls for hours. "Finally we got him to throw up. For a very long time he was throwing up., By the time he had fallen asleep he had spoken ten coherent words," she said. ONE OF THE first things Team members do when they arrive at the scene is check the pulse, heartbeat and other signs. "We try our best not to take somebody to the hospital so they won't get hassled by the police," Margie said. But if the caller needs his stomach pumped or other medical attention, the Team checks him into a hospital. "It depends on the situation," George said. "Like the guy who took 40 secomils--1 just made him throw up." THE TEAM memoers received training both formally and by experience. "We all (except two) at one time in our lives have been in volved in drugs,'' Margie said. "Lightly, heavily, it varies.'' Each one has had about 300 hours of training under the psychologists, psychiatrists and br. Ed Allen of the Couseling Center, and most have had training with Helpline, Mike said. Mike Short .. "The goal is to get them past. the immediate crisis situation. The person wants to be stopped or he wouldn't call." SOME TEAM members make calls alone, but Margie always takes another member with her. Often, the caller will ask specifically for a person of the opposite sex to come out. "If I get a call and it's a chick, it's best for me to take a chick with me,'' Mike said. "If it's another guy I have no qualms about going alone." Along with drug overdose problems, the Team gets calls -Drug Analysis Results Description alleged analyzed contents contents 1. White tablet line on one side methaquaalude methaquaaludes 2. Blue capsule containing white powder methaquaalude barbituates 3. Red granules from LSD Red LSD a tablet microdot 4. Small white tablet codine(KO) negative for codine 5. Brown liquid liquid opium unknown complex mix not psychoactive A small white tablet was turned into the Clearwater Free Clinic April 8 as a possible opiate. Analysis revealed that the tablet is strichnine. Observatory move awaits estimate No action will be taken on a proposed move of the USF observatory until the Astronomy Department provides the administration with cost estimates, according to Dr. William Scheuer le, vice president for Academic Affairs. Scheuerle said he and Dr. Edward Devenny, Astronomy Department chairman, had agreed Devenny would furnish the estimate. "As soon as I get an estimate, we 'H talk," Scheurle said. natural foods restaurant Here is one good reason why you should come by and EAT with us TODAY: our own EGGPLANT PARMESAN with brown rice, salad, bread $1.75 Also try our home made pinto bean soup We have pure vegetable scraps for your garden open : Mon. Sat. 11 :00am-8:45pm. 988-3008 5326 E. Busch Blvd. Pantry Pride Plaza Temple Terrace Margie Silberman ... When I saw my friends OD from quaaludes--that's when I thought I should be equipped enough to help them out." from people having "bummers," or bad trips. A method used by the Team to discourage a suicide is to point out his alternatives. "Something that might be very obvious to you he just might not see,." he said. "If all else fails you can lay a trip on them like 'if you kill yourself you're going to destroy your children's lives.' With mothers that will very often work," he continued. MIKE S-AID people have bummers when the environment is bad or if the person's mind is Police-Continued from Page 1 board) can do with them," Davis said. All complaints should be handled by a board rather fhan UP according to Davis because Preble shoUid not serve on a complaint-processing board because of his "vested interests" with UP Davis. said complaints SG had .received reflected University Police attitudes which "are not excusable. It seems as if they're using (control of) crime to have greater control over the lives of students. They are stepping out of bounds,'' he said. Film Art Series George Orras ... ''Some people think we're against drugs. That isn't true. We're here if you get into trouble with them." set on having a bad experience. Margie agreed, saying she tells the trippers. over the phone to take a bath 'or do something relaxing until she gets there. When she gets there, she said, she tries to take the person's mind off his bad experiences. George.described a case where a guy saw "snakes coming o.ut of the walls,'' and Margie said: "You get them off the snakes and into something that's much nicer." Another problem that doesn't occur much with student callers but does with nonstudents is suicides. "THE GOAL IS to get them past the immediate crisis situation,'' Mike said. "The person wants to be stopped or he wouldn't call." In a few weeks the Team will be licensed as a drug abuse agency by the state, Mike said. When that happens they'll be able to answer any call anywhere. Margie got interested in crisis intervention work when. one of her high school friends died of a heroin overdt1se "IT WAS SO:JStU'j>itl, so silly to lose a life'l:lecause of that,'' she said.' Her interest became in volvement after living in De'Soto for three quarters: .. ,When I saw my friends OD from quaaludes--that's when I thought I should be equipped enough to help them out." George shares Margie's reasons for working in crisis intervention. Mike, however, said he "just drifted in .. .I just dug it and kept going." THE TEAM'S main problem, besides being understaffed, is that pe1>ple perceive them as anti drug crusaders, Margie said. She stressed that no value judgements are made by any member of the team. Mike seconded that when he summed up the purpose of the Team: ''Some people think we're against drugs. That isn't true: We're here if you get into trouble with them." .1raternitp RAZOR CUTS HAIR .STYLING PH Appointments Available Hours D"ily 9 Thurs. & Fri. ,9:30 13520 UNIVERSITY PLAZA ACADEMY AWARD WINNER "Tristana is superb! Tremendous everpresent sexuality. Present too is Bunuel s fondness for the bizarre.'!.... N.v. TIMES Somewhere between the innocent girl and the not so innocent mistress is the bizarre, sensuous story of TRI.STANA LEE HESSEL PRESENTS ''Tristana . .is one of the finest." LIFE MAGAZINE "A TIME MAGAZINE "A brilliant witches brew of sex and sadism." GANNETT NEWS SYNDICATE CATHERINE DENEUVE IRBANA A FILM BY LUIS BUNUEL ""FRANCO NERO ....i FERNANDO REY LAN 103 Admission $1.00 A CAMBIST RELEASE Written and Directed by LUIS BUNUEL A Forbes Film Ltd., EASTMANCOLOR Thu-sday April 19 7 & 9:30 pm


6-THE ORACLE April 19,,1973 . I . Oracle photos by Steve Brier Bon a tirers' on display are George McNeil's "Untitled"(left) and Dorothy Dehner's "Untitled" Print making exhibit explains lithography An art exhibit focusing on the techniques of lithography is on display as the first kind of its kind on campus through May 20 in the Library Gallery. The 38 "Bon a tirers," printer's proofs, were produced in various professional lithography studios in the United States including art and the master printer from the initial conception of print through its final production Equipment tools and supplies used in lithography workshops are also exhibited along wiht lithographic plates, stones and crayons; inking rollers and drawing tools. Faculty lit hour --entertaining USF's Graphics studio, and loaned for the exhibition by current USF master printers Charles Ringness, Paul Clinton and Julio Jurist. "BON A TIRERS"are perfect impressions of the image which the artist wishes to produce and are used throughout the printing process as the standard of quality to which all other copies of the lithograph are compared. "Bon a tirers" on display in clude works by James Rosenquist, Ellsworth Kelly, Nicholas Kruchenick, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Frank Stella, Robert Gordy, Mike Nevelson, George McNeil, Dorothy Dehner and Fritz Scholder BY ANN CRAVENS Oracle Staff Writer The Faculty Literature Hour, an innovation in the Speech Department's weekly literature hours, got off to an entertaining start yesterday. Three readings by speech faculty members Raymond Schneider, Bernard Downs and George Randolph provided a varied and interesting hour. THOUGH LAN 103 was far from empty, (attended largely no doubt by students who had come Asolo Company needs actress for Zindel play An elderly lady is needed by the Asolo State Theatre to play a nonspeaking but ''vital" role in its summer production of "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in-the-Moon Marigolds." The triple-award-winning play by Paul Zindel will run in the theatre s rotating repertory from May 4 through July 18. Anyone interested in auditioning for the part of "Nanny" should call Jody Peary at the Asolo office in the Ringling Museum, Sarasota, 335-rus. To audition, the actresi;:must be available for daytime rehearsals immediately as well as for all scheduled performances. to see if their instructors could do as well as teach), there was room for another couple of hundred students who might have enjoyed spending their free hour with some good entertainment If you're a mass media oriented person, it might take some getting used to to ap preciate the art of oral in terpretation. As with yesterday s presentation, the performer uses no props or costumes and may carry a script. He may also play several different parts. But this should not affect the realism of the scene and yesterday's readings were certainly examples of realistic readings. RANDOLPH'S "The Black Cat," by Edgar Allen Poe, per fectly demonstrated. the way the reader sets the stage and controls the story development. His gestures could have been a bit more crisp, but the tale of terror was aptly told. Downs' portrayal of Richard III and Lady Anne from Shakespeare's play was exA !WHEREISITAT! I CHILDREN'S EASTER PARTY Saturday -April 21 CTR 252 9:00 am -12:00 pm FREE Children's Movie Alakazan the Great" Easter Egg Hunt on Crescent Hill Refreshments Served Sponsored By SEAC cellent, especially toward the end, but he needed more of a voice differentiation between the two when they were screaming at each other He also spoke a little too fast at this point but settled down to a thoughtful and moving interpretation Excellent as these two were, the most entertaining piece had to be "Shneider's selection from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.'' Schneider managed five different male voices, each distinct and five characters, each hysterical. A Faculty Lit Hour will not be repeated this quarter, but may be given two or three times next year, Schneider said, but the regular student presentations will be held each Wednesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. MONOGRAMS Needlepoint Yarn & lkl9s K INGCOME'S TRIMMINGS Ph. 935-8168 11615 Fl, a Ave. ot! Fowler The display attempts to explain the process of print making. A series of photographs describe the process of fine arts print making and explain the collaborative effort of the artist -THE DISPLA y, sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts, is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 to 5 p m and on Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m Admission is free. ... I l.fflllRT of Poor Service? -S.:\.\11 Factory Trained Mechanics -,.,,._ ltaf Sii ii -'lt.t -Tri111111th I .,, 11 I "' GARY MERRILL IMPORTS 5804 NORTH DALE MABRY PHONE 884-8464 Tampa's Only Authorized Fiat Saab Deale The New Student Government Needs A Secretary of Information The job entails: -writing occasional booklets, press releases, leaflets,letters etc. -maintaining communications with local media. We need someone who has a lot of time and energy and wants to help assert students' interests within the university community. Apply at the S.G. office U.C. 156 (974-2401) before Friday, April 20. This is a paid po s ition.


THE ORACLE Aprll 19, 1973 7 Wuorinen piece premieres at April series The world premiere of a new instrumental piece by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Charles Wuorinen will highlight the April concert cluster of the Series for Traditional Contemporary and Experimental Music. The three day series will open Easter Sunday with Wuorinen 's "On Alligators," conducted by Don Kneeburg, USF assistant music arts professor. The work was specially commissioned by USF and was composed by Wuorinen for string and wood wind quartets. "FACADE," a musical entertainment comprised by William Walton, with nonsense verse by Dame Edith Sitwell will also be featured Dr. Armin Watkins, music arts professor will narrate the poetry and the F'aculty Chamber Players under the direction of music arts professor Edward Preodor, will perform. Samuel Barber's "Dover Beach," featuring faculty harpist Marilyn Marzki, will wind out the evening's program. A variety of solos, duets and music quartets from renowned operas will be sung Monday by vocalists All performances will begin at 8:30 p.m. in the University Theatre

8-THE ORACLE April 19, 1973 Brahmans confident following loss BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Is it possible to beat a team 13-4 and be outplayed? Rollins' baseball coach, Boyd Coffie, thinks it is. "It sounds dumb," said Brah man boss Beefy Wright yester day, "but their coach came up to me after the game and told me, 'your team played better than ours today.' For the Brahmans the loss was their third in succession, ending a five game road trip, and dropping them to 20-11. USF returns home at 3: 30 p m. today against Eckerd College of St. Petersburg. "IT WAS JUST that one in ning," Wright said of the seventh inning when Rollins came up with nine runs to break a 4-4 tie "Other than that we played a good game." The Tars jumped out quickly, getting four runs off Charlie Baldwin in the opening frame. USF tied it in the fifth as Mike Campbell followed Bill Berkes' example of the prior inning and smacked a two run homer. Then came the seventh and Rollins sent 13 men to the plate, scored nine runs on seven hits, eight of the runs with two out, and picked up its 17th win in 31 decisions. "OUR RELIEF pitching just didn'fhold up, it's that simple," said Wright who used Mark Baum, Spence Schalip and Tom Lindsey in the inning. "Everything they hit were shots." Baum was charged with the loss, his first defeat against four victories. The Brahmans collected eight hits, three by Mike Hazel, and the homers by Berkes and Campbell, Berkes' hitting the top of the fence and bouncing over. National tourney in store for pair of USF fencers On the basis of their per formances last weekend, two USF fencers have qualified for national competition this sum mer. Sue Weeks took the women's class of the American Fencing League Association Divisional Championship, Saturday, and Dan Daly placed third in a field of 30 competitiors in men's division to qualify for the trip to Tuscon, Ariz. Pat Sullivan, Lynn Huling, Rick Welch and Dennis Dunbar also competed for the USF Fencing Club in the Dunedin tourney. The Brahmans next see action in sectional competition at Tallahassee in M!iY. intramurals Men's Softball Circle K 7, Awareness 0 (forfeit) Beta 3 West 7, Beta 2 East 5 KMA 10, Bali Hai Grape Stompers O Pi Kappa Alpha 5, Kappa Sig 4 Tau Epsilon Phi 18, D T D 2 Lambda Chi 20,, K.A.Psi 3 Alpha 1 West 12, Alpha 3 West 9 Sigma Nu 16. S.A.E. 5 Space Cade'ts 12, The Family 2 FHAC Penthse. 31, Basal Gang 3 Again 7 Delta Sig. Pi o \forf't) Coach Beefy Wright ... still optimistic "We didn't exactly tear the cover off the ball," Wright said, "but any time you score four runs you ought to be in the game I think." ALTHOUGH THE Brahmans have played .500 ball their last eight games, Wright optimistic about the final eight contests of the year. ''I don't think we're dead," explained Wright. "Where you die is defensively and we didn't do that yesterday. We had two errors in the first inning but turned in some good infield plays the rest of the game. ."The are hustling and they still believe in themselves he said, of the Brahmans who con;pleted three double plays agamst the Tars. USF, WHOSE playoff hopes were dimmed Tuesday, will face a potential post-season par ticipant in Eckerd, today. The Tritons, 20-4 prior to yesterday's game with Quebec City, swept a doubleheader from St. Leo Sunday The Monarchs split two games with USF this season. "They have a good ball club," Wright said of Eckerd "They're not impressive but they don't know when they're beaten. Lick salt off your hand. Drink the Cuervo Tequila straight. Bite into a fresh lime. Take it easy. Take it easy with your own Cuervo Copita set. It's the hand,made, hand, painted pottery tray that holds your shot, lime and salt as shown. 8 0 PROOF. JOS E CUERVO TEQUILA. IMPORTED ANC' BCTILED SYl973 HEUBLEIN, !NC., HAR T FORD. They're for real." The Tritons, laden with fresh man and sophomore talent have only two juniors and no seniors on the squad. INCLUDED IN their 20 wins are 26-1 and 19-0 victories. "You find that from young players," Wright said. They'll jump on somebody and try to pour it on." Jack Wolfe, hit hard in his last start against Florida Sow.them, will open on the mound for the Brahmans. "I THINK WE have a good chance of beating them as long as our defense holds up," Wright said of USF's chances against Eckerd. "Our pitching will probably be more stable than Tuesday.'' Goolagong in action Second-seeded Evonne Goolagong. and Jeanne Evert, 15-year old sister of top-seeded Chris Evert, highlight Masters Invitational Tennis Tournament action in St. Petersburg with a 8 p.m. match today. Evert rolled over Pat Bostrom of Seattle. Wash., yesterday, 6-0, 6-0, and Goolagong had no trouble defeating Illinois' Sue Stap, 6-1, 6-4. Chris met Ireland's top player, Sue Minford, last night. Sherry Bedingfield, formerly a USF player, won her first round qualifying match in the St. Petersburg tourney, but was eliminated Tuesday. Competition, which continues through Sunday is at St. Petersburg's Bartlett Park on 18th

THE ORACLE "-"." Aprll 19, 1973 9 Man the ship USF has announced plans for its second annual Great Raft Race. Competition will be Saturday, April 28, at the Riverfront recreation area. Entry deadline is April 25 in the Intramural Office (PEDlOO). For more information call ext. 2125. USF sends Trojans tumbling, 7-0 BY GARY HACKNEY Oracle Sports Writer A confident USF women' s tennis team took to the courts yesterday and easily shut out St. Petersburg Junior College, 7-0. Only six matches were played with the seventh point coming to the B r ahmisses on a default when the Trojan s arrived without one of their players. WINNING singles matches for USF were G ail O Connor with a 6-1 6-0, victory over Nanc y Briner and Robin Edenbaum who mastered Laura Parry, 6-3,6-0 .. Terry Sherlock who ordinarily play s in the Brahmisses second p o sition, moved to thin;! be.::ause sh e was feeling ill. Hovever She rlock seemed to hav e little difficulty in winning her singles mc.tch.6-1 6 -0. Also in singles play was Frankie Wilson s 6-0, 6-2, win over Jane Haden League ruled by Thornton Sue Thornton was lone victor in women's competition, in USF Bow ling League action last Thursday, as Carl Frerichs and Tony Busciglio shared top honors in the men's class. Thorton took high singles with 214 and rolled 552 to take series honors with men's singles belonging to Frerichs at 221 and Busciglio's 566 the number one seri e s tital. S t a rt learnrng to love G o d by loving those whom you canno t love. The mor e you r e memb e r o th e r s with kindnes s and g enerosrty, t he mo re you forget your self. a nd wt1en you com p l etely forg et yourself, you frnd G od MEHER BABA IN THE doubles matches, Coach JoAnne Young put Judy Brooks in with O'Conner and the duo beat Briner and Parry, 6-1. They are a good combination in doubles, "said Young of the pair. "It' s important that doubles partners compliment each other. They're both net rushers and they can close up the holes." Sherwood Model 7050 Receiver 2 Soundflex Model 100 Speakers Garrard Model 42 ms Turntable Edenbaum teamed with Ronnie Kudler to win their match, 6-2, 6-2 THE CONTEST was the Brah misses next to the last match of the season and brought the women's record to 8-4. Young used all her players in the match so they could stay in shape for the upcoming match with the University of Florida. -with Shure Cartridge $219.9$"::WITH NEWSLETTER


10-THE ORA<;LE Aprll 19, 1973 Health food regulations proposed BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer Proposed federal guidelines for the sale and labeling of vitamin and mineral supplements have sparked a campaign of petition signing and letter writing among local health food consumers and store owners. At least one local health food store . is certain the new "wipe out" the h'ealtlt :fo()d; industry PROPOSED: published Jn the Jam1ary 19 Federal Register by the Food and Drug Administration

' .. ' .. ,'!'" < v ,Z CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 93S-147' PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABiAN, USF, APA, etc. style manuals. IBM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from USF--971-6041 alter 6 TYPING, turabian, term papers, theses, etc. All your typi ng needs. Close to USF 988-0836 Lucy Wilson 4220 S. Sandlewood Circle . ----LESSONS-Guitar, 5-string Banjo. Private lessons by Qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissett Music, Ph. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM Selectric that CORRECTS OWN ERRORS, Pica or Elite. All types of work, 5 minutes from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N 22nd St 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. TY Pl NG, Accurate, Turabian, Manuscripts, Theses, Term papers, and others. Very close to USF. Call Lore Schmoll 971-2673. AKC white German shepherd male, 11 weeks old. All shots except rabies. SlOO to good home. Call 971-1336 after 6 p.m. 7 FIBERGLASS surfboard $70. 8305B Semmes St. after 4 p.m. West of Rowlett Park on E. Waters, south on Semmes Ask for Jerry. SINGER SEWING MACHINES These machines have never been used and are equipped to Zig Zag, make buttonholes, sew oh buttons, monogram & much more. Only $49.95 at : United Freight Sales. 4712 N. Armenia. Mon. thru Sat 9-7. FOR Sale: 1 Q11arter Horse, 1 pony, both in excellent condition. Sacrifice. s200 takes both. Call collect St. Pete. 526-1446, after 5 p .m. Ask for Hank. COMICS,paperbacks, magazines. Sell, Buy, Trade. Fiction-Non-Fiction, Westerns, Mysteries. Comics for c01.1.ectors. 9.9 daily. Unique Books 12943 Florida Ave. 14 FT. Chris Craft, 3Shp Chrysler elec. start, never used in salt water. Custom weighted trailer, excellent condition, racing hull, beautiful lines $600 949-6568. 3SPEED bike, new tires, light, air pump, basket. Call Cary 974-6563. TIRED of those long hours around the dorm when there's nothing to do? Why not liven the place up with a pinball machine? We have many in perfect condition to choose from. 5100-$200. Call 971-2899 between 4 and 6 p.m. GREAT Danes, AKC, Big boned fawn puppies Sl25 233-6051 after 3 p.m. WEIMARANER puppies $40. Also baby rabbits, ducks and terrariums. Call 933. 1885. MUST sell-Yoshica Super-a movie camera with Super-a projector. Almost new, great results. Sacrifice. 5179. Ph. 971-8808. REFLECTIONS from Master Subramuniya. Complete series. Available at Survival Bookworks 12303 Nebraska Avenue. Open 7 days a week 11 a.m.-7 :30 p m 1972 12x65 Mobile home; fully furn. AC, WW carpet; frost free relrig. Young people s community. Low rent; beautiful park; Olym. pool; All rec. facilities. Make offer. Call alter 5 p.m. 884-5881. MAN, SJ, retired heart patient needs clean cut college girl to stay in private room, bath and phone Some food, AC car to and from school Possibly six months or longer. Wife is in Europe. Must furnish two references, have Fla. drivers license. Call Friday 988-5972 for interview. FOR a knowledgeable understanding of th.,. news, read the Weekly People. 4 mo. Sl.00 Socialist Labor Party, 4530 9th St. N. St Petersburg, Fla: 33703 GET to know your kind of people. Meet your compatible date. For your instructions, just send your name and address to : Partner, PO Box 17812 Tampa, Fla. 33612 ANYONE Interested In Learning About Avartar Meher Baba is invited to attend Sunday evening meetings. Please call 971. 9729 for more information, time and place. A movie of Meher Baba will be shown this Sunday, April 22nd. IF you need any info on drugs, referrals, activities or just want to rap. Call Helpline at 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556 for women' s problems. MARXIST Leninist info study. Red Star Cadre ML. Ph 251-5807, 4pm-5pm, all day Sun Working Class Organization. THE new Student Government needs a Secretary of Information. Please see Display Ad11 in today's Oracle. 1/4 Mile From USF 2 Bedroom Duplex, unfurnished, $145 mo., new, carpeting, big. 4609 Whiteway or. or 985-2941, Apt. A, Spacious 3 br, 2 bath, lakefoont home near USF. Furnished, carpeting, washer & dryer, central air & heat. For more i n formation, call 971-7015 evenings GKEEN .::ak vi11:; .t.j.:S One .. .:! """ bedroom apts., furn. l mile N of USF on 42nd St. from 5125.00 Call 971-1424. SUMMER Qtr contract ends (Aug 12) :5175. Monthly contract ends (Sept 14): 575 per mo. Free utilities if apt. is full. La Mancha Dos 971-0100. LA MANCHA DOS is expanding. Next yr. we will have apts. for over 1100 students Our rates will remain the lowesl around 567 $85 per mo., if you sign up early. A few plush lbr efficiencies will also be available next yr, 5135 per mo. We are located one block from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. PSYCHIC READINGS TRY IT YOU'LL LIKEH! 971-6159 GUIDANCE ANO INSIGHT IN PROBLEMS OF A PERSONAL NATURE. 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July-KLM to Amsteerdam, Cologne, Steamer Cruise on Rhine, Basel, Lucerne, Lugano1 Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Italian & French Riviera, Nice, Grenoble, Paris, London, New York, Tampa. Beautiful, memorable 23 days of fun. All inclusive cost 5883. Escorted by known educator, traveler. Call Or. Flizak: 813-443-4901. 1417 Flagler Drive Clearwater, Fla. EUROPE-SUMMER '73 TRAVEL STUDY Earn credit. Paris, Spain, Vienna, Italy: Rd. Trip 747 & all costs included. From $740. For Brochure Appllcalion contact: Center for Foreign Study, 207 Michigan Theatre Bldg., Ann Arbor, Ml 48108, (313) 662-5575. ONLY.MINUTES FROM USF FULLY carpeted, Jbr, 1 bath home, w-living & dining room, pretty kitchen, &Higle gara;ie. fenced in back yard & sidewalks .. Has 24,000 BTR A-C unit & wall f\trn"ce with thermostat. Only 523,000. Coyle Realty 877-8227. Call Pauline Ferrara, Assoc. 839-1654. SMALL 2BR house $8000 cash total or $4700 down and assume mortgage $3300. 7009 No. Orleans. Barbara 932-4071 or 974-2440. MEN or women wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in grocery, drug and variety stores. Reply .RGIS Inventory Specialists. Phone: 879-3876. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W. PlATI Ph. 258,2131 The Hogan of Silver and Turquoise Handmade Indian Jewelry Navajo Luni Hopi Rugs -Pottery Baskets Bead work 2512 E. Busch Blvd. 935-3407 Failing? Find Tutors in the Oracle Classfieds Ext. 2620 $1 per 5 lines THE ORACLE -April 19, 1973 TEMPLE TERRACE CUT RATE LIQUORS. 5303 E. BUSCH Bl VD. 0 en 'Till Midnight TEMPLE TERRACE LOU.NGE & PACKAGE, 8448 N. 56th Street Open 'Till 3 AM ----Henry's Complete Foreign and Domestic Car Repair and Service FAST SERVICE 28 Years Experience All Makes, All Models Phone 971-9161 13614 Tampa LI r!J f!J l!JrHEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 Sugar Cookies plus 7 Days Too Long Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont: Shows from 11:45 VAN DEREN COKE ... explosive material to rock modern painting to its very foundations ... .N.Y. TIMES THE PAINTER AND THE PHOTOGRAPH 8pm UC ballroom FREE TOYOTA PUTS IT ALL TOGETHER Quality Economy Roominess Fun


12-THEORACLE Aprll 19, 1973 A hamburger made with a quarter-pound of 1003 beef. That's all beef ... no filler. Served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and chopped onion on a toasted sesame seed bun. McDonald's f; 1971 McDonald's Corp.


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