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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Fant, Bob ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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"A Night at the Opera" will happen again with the immortal Marx Brothers in enough comical antics to last for a lifetime. The film will be among 16 MGM classiCS Of the '30s, presented this in ENA by the Film Art Series. For a story and more pictures see page 6. ORACLE May 17, 1973 Vol.8 No. 30 12 pages Faculty grievances possibly restricted BY TOM PALMER Oracle Staff Writer Some faculty grievances may be non-negotiable under collective bargal!lning legislation sent to the Senate floor yesterday. While covering salaries, sick leave, pensions and other "monetary" issues, the .till will not apply to complaints about such things as textbooks or classroom size. "AS FAR AS I'm concerned, the bill ought to be defeated if it remains in this form and then the courts can set the guidelines," Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, member of thelocal American Federation of Teachers chapter, said. "You can't have quality education when you have big classes, increased productivity demands and a general atmosphere of mass producing the education of the students," he said. Krimsky ad_ ded that people who view collective bargaining for professors as a purely "bread and butter" issue don't really understand the issues involved. Bill goes to Senate TALLAHASSEE, FLA; University Professors CAAUP) chapter, claims the altered bill will not hold up in court. Nixon .did order inquiry "It's not a real collective bargaining bill like those in other states and it just won't be acceptable at a federal court," he concluded. IN THE SENATE. version of the bill, there are already strong anti-strike provisions and it is predicted that insertion of .. a "rightto work" provision Will be attempted on the floor. -' White House refutes Dean WASHINGTON dnesday. Cook cited "the unfortunate circumstances now prevailing. THE COMMITTEE is authorized by the Senate to investigate all "illegal, improper or unethical activities" during the 1972 presidential campaign. "People who amend it are mostly trying to make. it im potent," Krimsky said. In other action on the bill, the Senate Judiciary Committee rejected an attempt to delete the dues provision, which allows union dues to be deducted from paychecks. The Ervin committee plans initial questioning of witnesses Thursday and Friday, and for three days next week in hearings that could last throughout the summer. Also, the committee turm:d down a proposal for open negotiations, which the committee felt would be ,. \.. Protest over drainage slated for tomorrow Protesters Friday will ask Hillsborough County Commissioners to rescind a decision which would let private developers run a drainage pipe into a state-owned lake on the USF Golf Course. "We want them to stop ripping off taxpayers and the state of Florida. We're going to call on the public servants to serve the public," SG Pres. Bill Davis said last night. Davis said interested persons will meet on the downtown Tampa County Courthouse steps at 8:45 Friday to call for '_'a fair hearing for both sides of the question." More details will be announced at a press conference today at 1 p.m. in UC 156. Watergate hearings slated on WUSF-FM broadcast WllSF-Fl\I begins Ii Ye broadcasts of National Public Hadio C'O\'erage of the Senate Watergate hearings today. Norm Hale. WUSF news director, said. llParings will be broadcast from 10 a.111. to I p.111. l\lay 17. Ill, 22 and 2.J. SCHEDl1LF.n lo appear before the Senate Committee 1n \'estigating Watergate are: Hobert Cole, former office manager for the Committee to He-elect the President: .James l\IcCord Jr.. former security director for the Committee and conYicted Watergate conspirator: E. Howard Hunt Jr. and G. Gordon Liddy. both conYieted Watergate conspirators; Hugh W. Sloan ,Jr. former re-election committee treasurer: Jeb l\lagruder. former deputy campaign director: Charles Colson. fornwr special couns1t to the Presid{'nt: John Dean, r mer White House coun. Frederick La Rue. fornier ai l the re-election "n111 '2t director: Maurice Stans, director of campaign fund raising for the committee: John Mit chell. Attorney General and former director of the re election campaign committee: L. Patrick Gray. former acting director of the FBI: H.R. Haldeman, former White Hose chief of staff. The Senate committee will choose the order in which the witnesses will appear and can 1dd or delete witnesses.


2 -THE ORACLE May 17, 1973 Henry returns to Paris--again WASHINGTON -Regents remove themselves from the case. It also asks that the governor eit;her turn the matter over to the Board of Education or appoint his own reviewing board Pot laws valid TALLAHASSEE

THE ORACLE-May 1973 BOR postpones declsion on manual; 'input' needed M-G-M Classics of the 30's plus selected shorts The Board of Regents \ dialogucs with a nd staff rnemht r s na1licip;1ting on panel s includ e: Educalion--Carl Higgs. \ice president for :\cadPmic affairs Arls --Larry Austin. composer in rcsidenn'; ll;t11s .Juerg

4-THE ORACLE May 17, 1973 Drop the ban on rocl<-and-roll The recent rejection by Dan Walbolt of a request for amplified music a t an ot:1tdoor concert to celebrate the new majority rights age is indefensible not to mention absurd. In fairness, Walbolt isn't at fault, his decision" is just a manifestation of what everyone knows as Mackey 's ban (or sensitivity) on rock and roll music THE ORACLE feels it's time (1973) the administration (Mackey) realizes that USF students are adults and deserve to be treated as such Even such conservative Floridians as the collective Florida legislature has decreed that starting July 1 people age 1s and above have the exact same r i ghts and responsibilities as any other adult including our administration Taking a glance Qown a now familiar argument, the situation at USF will be that students are old enough to vote, be jailed, sign contracts, drink, sue and be sued yet not responsible enough to listen to amplified music without 'losing control.' Perhaps President Mackey needs to be reminded again that this is 1973, advanced far beyond those old myth s that rock and roll music drives people crazy and makes them do < pause ) Unnatural Things. IT IS DISCRIMINATORY and unreasonable that USF students should be deprived of a now-accepted and common entertainment medium For many students living at USF, on campus music provides their only This public document was promulgated at an :i!nnual cost of $147.208A:! or 9r per copy. to rliss!' min:itr nrws to the students. sh1 ff anrl faculty of the University of .South Florida.

THE ORACLE-May 17, 1973 5 DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau UJO!r; PHf2f), Yovl

6 -THE ORACLE May 17, 1973 Ahh nostalgia!!! BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor Some of the movie industry's most historical and influential films will make a comeback this weekend when the Film Art Series hosts the MGM classics of the '30's and selected '30's shorts. With all the splendor and glory of the cinema, these films will not only provide hours of enjoyment but will give a look at the very roots of the industry that developed from these early masterpieces DR. JOHN "Knocky" Parker, English associate professor and old movie buff, said he thought the idea of showing these classics was "terrific. "These are tremendous classics," he said "They are extremely influential and im portant. These are the roots of today's motion pictures." Dale Rose, events coordinator for the Florida Center for the Arts, said if the three day program is successful, the Film Art Series will host Warner Brother's classics of the '30's during the fall quarter. MORE THAN 36 hours of film entertainment will be featured. What's more important is that a variety of 30's cartoons and shorts will be interspersed with the feature length films. One cartoon shown will be Walt Disney's first Academy Award winner, "Flowers and Trees." "Steamboat Willie," Mickey Mouse's debut, will also be screened, along with "Three Little Pigs," "Betty Boop" and Schedule FRIDAY 7 p m -Captains Courageous 9 p.m. -Anna Karenina

THE ORACLE-May 17, 1973 7 Comparison Test Readers' Theatre comes up second best BY ANN CRAVENS Oracle Staff Writer In the Speech Department's comparison test to see whether audiences preferred Reader's Theatre or Chamber Theatre, it appears that. the Chamber Theatre production comes out on top--but it could have been a closer race. Two versions of "The Spinoza of Market Street," a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, were used in the test conducted during the last two consecutive Wednesday Literature Hours. THE STORY is an excellent choice for the test. It relies heavily on characterizations that can be easily established by voice and facial expressions and it does not involve much physical action which could give the edge to the Chamber Theatre since it utilizes physical dramatization, sets and costumes. rtilm fare AUSTIN -Class of '44 --1:25, 3:35, 5:40, 8, 10. BRANDON TWINS -1. The Family!,_ 7:10, 9. 2. Deadly Fathoms -7: 10, 9. FLORIDA Double feature (starts Friday) Five Fingers of Death --2:15, 5:50, 9:30 and The Omega Man -4:10, 7:45. FLORILAND CINEMA 2 --1. Sleuth-1:45, 4:10, 6:35, 9. 2. The Effect of the Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds --I, 2:45,4:30, 6:20, 8:10, 10. HILLSBORO I --Last Summer lT FE:\TllHE --Anne of 1000 Days -I<'riday and Saturday --7: :lo. 10 and Sunday -7:30 in FAH 101. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W. PLATT Ph. /.58-/131 Giant Hot Sandwiches "fEI'E'5 CRISPY PIZ'Z-a Giant Cold Sandwiches ?. f s Corner of Skipper Rd. weekrtavs 8:30-11 and NE Nebraska ORACLEJ CLASSIFIEDS 5 Lines $1.00 Ext. 2620 The Reader's Theatre uses none of these conventions and places a greater burden on the actors to make the story come alive. Perhaps the pressure of this extra burden or a lack of rehearsal time to convert from the other presentation handicapped the actors, but they did not turn in as fine a performance yesterday as they did last week. Lines were missed, cues picked up too slowly and concentration was broken. DESPITE THIS, the reading was entertaining, first because the readers did have a feel for and grasp of their characters and secondly because the story itself is so good. Facial expressions were sometimes distractingly over drawn (though they must be broad in this type of theatre, they were still overplayed.) One strange effect of changing methods of presentation was that the line that drew the biggest laugh in the Chamber Theatre, and was entirely due to a change in the vocal expression of Dr. Fischelson, was almost lost yesterday. DR. R. J. Schneider, associate professor of speech, adapted and directed the story His direction helped enliven the reading, but he Dance event uses images, games, faces A free hour of images and games will be presented Friday at 2 p.m. at the UC Mall by a group of advanced dance students. This "human sculpture event," a dance inspired by sound, movements and "faces in the crowd," is the result of class improvisation by upper level dance students, according to a spokesman for the Student En ( erta i nme.nt and Activities Council. ( SEAC l. hosting the event which is a part of a con tinuing program to involve all University departments in "Free hour" activities. The aud_ience will be en couraged to participate. I usually obscured the passa.ges of Spinoza's philosophy by having several people repeat them in round fashion. This was un fortunate because understanding Spinoza's philosophy added to the understanding of the story. Members of the cast for both performances were Dino Bagley as Fischelson, Brenda Tipps, Jerry Coff, Debbie Maresca, Al Pinan, Mary Saxe and Jim Flemings. Vilia Jahnson was assistant director. Mixed media offers unique exper1encP An all-night mixed-media event and two evenings of electronic music will form "Event-Complex Nos. 2a, b and c" which will be presented today through Sunday in the Theatre Center (TAR). Presented by Sycom, (Systems Complex for the Studio and Performing Arts), the Event Complex will begin with an illustrated lecture on computer music by composer Ben Johnson of the University of Illinois. THE LECTURE today at 8 p.m. in Theatre Lab 1, is titled, Regained-Toward a Real-Time Cybernetic Interchange Between Composer, Perf.ormer and Friday, two composers from New College in Sarasota, Bruce Hut cheon and Rod Kohler, will present a program of electronic music and intermedia at 8 p.m. in Theatre Lab No. 1. The audience may come and go or stay for the entire performance of ''Whisperjet,'' an all-night mixed-media event. The presentation, which will feature a variety of composer performers working in bOth aural and visual media, will be set up in the lobby and mezzanine of TAR and will start Saturday at 6 p.m. running through the night until Sunday at 6 a:m. Anne of 1000 Days Friday may 18 7:30 P,.\ 10 PM 10 l'M Saturday May 19 7:30 & 10 PM Sunday May 20 7:30 PM FAH 101 SOc W ID U.S. NAVY OVER ... ON ... UNDER THE SEA ... for more information on officer programs call U. S. Navy 8808 N. 56th street Temple Terrace 985-1010


8 -THE ORACLE May 17, 1973 Cooper's exercise system gaining national popularity BY GARY HACKNEY Oracle Sports Writer With over six million people reading their books, Dr. and Mrs Kenneth Cooper are dedicated to "preaching the gospel of exer cise Cooper, author of "Aerobics" and "The New Aerobics," and his wife Millie, who wrote "Aerobics for Women," have been traveling around the nation teaching what he terms a breakthrough in cardiovascular preventative medicine AEROBIC exe promoting the supply and use of oxygen, explains Cooper, provide for a stronger and more efficient cardiovascular-pulmonary sys tem Cooper's interest in health and fitness started in his high school days in Oklahoma when he held the state's record for the mile, 4 : 30.9, in 1949. After receiving his BS in medicine from the University of Oklahoma and a masters in public health from Harvard, he entered the United States Air Force

THE ORACLE-May 17, 1973 9 Mariners finish with losing mark BY DA VE MOO RM ANN Oracle Sports Editor USF St. Pete Campus's baseball team did what was necessary to win this season, outscoring its opponents 139-131. Yet the second-year club finished 13-16-1. '.'We'd have a bad inning every once in a while," co-captain Greg Hunsinger said in trying to ex plain the poor record. In its initial season, St. Pete Campus was 9-6-1. THE MARINERS had four men hitting .300 or better, including the other co-captain, Jim Neader, who tied Jim Valenty for the club lead at .413. Both Neader and Valenty went 33 for 80 during the season with Valenty's 15 RBI's best in the club. Neader was right behind at 13 and .300 hitter Jim Merrifield was next with 11. Discussion of Florida fishing at Hixon Hall The Florida League of Anglers

10-THE ORACLE "In some cases you need to make a judgment call, and that's what I made." -Dan W albolt May 17, 1973 Amplified music nixed BY JIM CURTIS Oracle Staff Writer See Editm-ial on page 4 An SG request for an outdoor amplified concert was denied by Dan Walbolt, assistant vice president for Student Affairs yesterday. "Springtime Harvest" was scheduled by SG to perform May 24 to celebrate the lowering of the majority rights age. THE GROUP is composed of drums, piano, harmonica, guiro with prejudice. The Regents appointed a three man committee to review the Megill case Tuesday. MEGILL HAS been embroiled in a legal battle with UF Pres. Stephen O'Connell for three years over O'Connell's efforts to deny Megill both promotion and tenure. "This is a waste of the taxpayer's money," said Dr. Sheldon Krimsky member of the American Federation of Teachers . It is open to the public and conducted in rap session format. MONOGRA .MS Needlttpoint Yarn & Bags KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS Ph. 935-8168 11615 Flo Ave al Fowler OVER A BARRE use ORACLE Classifieds 988-7059 Open till 9p.m. goin g lo h a v e to he told the y shouldn't fir e him '1 Moore a s ked adding, "This indicate s the extr e m e l e ngths authoriti es will go lo if they want to dump som e b ody." Geography Dept. stops independent study course The Department of Geography has temporarily suspended GPY 315, the series of 15 one-hour independent study courses. John Stafford, department chairman, said students "abused the program" by not reading the books and not taking the tests. EACH COURSE required a student to read one book and take a test on it anytime during two quarters. Students were allowed to re-take the test, if they didn't pass on the first try. However, Stafford said last quarter about 200 students out of 400 took the tests Stafford said the course would be suspended for Qtr 4 and Qtr 1 and that time used to clear up student records, as students enrolled this quarter would have until December to complete the course. The chairman said the course may be offered again beginning January, 1974. "However it would be on a revised format, possibly limiting the number of times a student could take the tests and limiting enrollment, he said. STAFFORD SAID beginning the course again would "just depend on the mood of the faculty" but added it did appear the faculty would favor the revised format Stafford added the courses are listed in the Summer and Fall class schedules because they were printed before the depart ment's decision was made. He said students now enrolled in the class would be allowed to finish what they started," adding students with questions should call him at ext. 2386. thCo' Graduate:. (Senior Yearbook) now available for di:->trilmtion m LA\ 4 72 your neipt -1. limited 1111111/wr rn1>ie.'i are .... till Ul'uiluhle for .rn/e at $:! j>er CO/>y. in case of rain -LAN 10.1


THE ORACLE -May 17, 1973 11 ------111( j\ S I H It A It S )--------OFFERED) TUTORING by former USF prof. Basic math, statistics, or Sociology. Call 949-6971. CANOE RENTALS BY Dav or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABIAN, USF, APA, etc. style manuals. IBM' SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from USF--971-6041 after 6 ----LESSONS-Guitar, 5-string Banjo. Private lessons by Qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissett Music, Ph. 988-1419. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM Selectric that CORRECTS OWN ERRORS, Pica or Elite. All types of work, 5 from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St. 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. TYPING NEAT, ACCURATE. IBM-ALL types of work done. One mile from USF. Call: 971-59 or 234-0443 anytime. REASONABLE PRICES! WORLDTREK-Overland expeditions across Europe; Africa and Asia. 2-12 weeks from $198. Across The Universe Student Travel Bureau, 8930 Bird Rd., Miami, Fla. 33165. TRANSPORTATION Available to New York City. Drivers needed -18 yrs .. Drivers Lise .. Student ID. Call Olin's Rentacar Tampa. 876-5111 or in Miami, 871-3710. JEWISH Student Union Weekend on May 1820. Hayride, pool party & brunch. Meet in front of UC 7:45 Fri. & Sat. nights and UC Ballroom Sun. at 11 :00. For further in formation call Harvey at 971-7519. PHYCHIC NIGHT SAT. MAY 19 7-11 pm. 1015 psychicly gifted persons. ESP, Tarot, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing, Astrology, Handwriting analysis, Psychic Art. HILARION HOUSE Creative Con sciousness Center 4618 N. Florida Ave. (Approx. 10 blocks. no of Buffalo.) MARXIST Leninist info study. Red Star Cadre ML. Ph. 251-5807, after 6pmall day Sun. Working Class WHO IS GURU MAHARAJ JI? IF vou need any info on drugs, referrals, activities or just want to rap. Call Helpline at 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556 for women's problems. MOBILE HOME 12x60, Lg. rooms, 2 bdrms .. set up in beautiful park on large corner lot. lmmed. occupancy. Very reasonable. Air-Cond. Equity-assume pymts. 886-1358. 12x50 MOBILE Home, nicely furnished, WW carpeting, AC unit. Close to USF. Call 971. 6845 after 5 p.m. MUST SELL by June 1-S6x12, 3 bdrm. trailer. Has a 23000 BTU air conditioner that can be included. Fpr further in formation call 971-7568 after 5 p.m. Down payment. assume payments of S79. & ) FOUND: Small white dog on Skipper Ave. Call and identify or if you want a nice little dog call in a few days because we can't keep toim. 971-6833 ask for Tom or Preston. 1972 HON DA 450, excellent cond., low mileage, elec. start, 2 helmets, lug rack, lots of extras. $850 Call 971-4370 alter 6 p.m. Ask for Bruce. '71 YAMAHA 250DT1 Excellent. Must see. 2 helmets, spare tire, fender, other extras. $500 or best. 971-5882 afternoons or see Jim nights, Fontana 24 hr. desk. EXCELLENT buy, top of line Wilson X31 fiberglass shaft golf clubs, 2 iron through wedge and 1 3&4 woods. New bag included. Used less than 20 times, in fine condition 5175. Call Hank 255-5261. BEAUTIFUL Flowers for all occasions for results, call: Thompson's Flower & Gilt Shop 2319 W. Linebaugh Ave. 935-8263 SHOPPING FOR a Calculator? Before you buy, call me. I can match you with a pocket or desk calculator to best fit your needs, whatever \'OUr major. Makess handled are: Summit, Bowmar, Texas Instruments, and Hewlett-Packard. All covered 'by manufacturers and retailers warranties. From $84.95 to 395. Call St. Pete collect 813-526-3362 D. White, ACI REP. HOGAN OF Silver & Turquoise: Hand made jewelry, made by the Navajo, Luni & Hopi Indians. Rugs, pottery, baskets & beadwork. 2515 E. Busch Blvd. Ph: 9353407. NEED responsible person(s) to rent my mobile home June-August. Very inex pensive, six miles from campus. Call 9861980 for details. Some responsibllltles. TRAILER behind IRONSIDE TAVERN. BR, Central AC SlOO mo. Come by or call 935-5415, 14727 N Fla. Ave. LARGE 3BR., 2 Bath, furnished house. Fenced yard, near USF & TT. Available approx. June 10-Aug. 25. Ideal for family 988-5830. SUBLET: 1 bdrm. duplex, AC, WW shag, elec. kitchen, dishwasher. June till Sep:. Close to USF, unfurnished $129. 971-3547 or after 5 p.m. 971-6109. You'll like it! SUMMER AT LA MANCHA DOS. Study & relax at La Mancha Dos this summer. We offer summer quarter contracts for 5175 or monthly rate at S75. Make reservations now while summer vacancies left. One blk. from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. GUYS move in 20 May, pay no rent till 1 June. 575 mo. till Sept. 15. 4.4 cu. ref-frzr, lits dorm closets S60 or best offer. Randy 971-7103 La Mancha Dos. 2 ROOMMATES WANTED to share 2 bdrm duplex, Central AC, close to campus, S45 per mo. plus utilites. Call Judy 988-8145. 66 MUSTANG, air, good mechanical cond. 5250. 971-8706 ... dirt rider, Bates leathers, size 32, padded, 535. SUNBEAM Tiger '65, VB, radials, needs some body work, some spare parts, 5650. Call Bob 977-5907. FOR SALE: 1966 GMC window van 1969 Chevy 250 cu in engine. 3-speed fully syncro. trans., radio, new tJres., shag carpeting. Call 971-0583. Aller Five. FORD VAN '62 Econoline, 6 cyl. carpet, new carb, recent paint, U75 or best offer. '65 Mustang, selling for parts. Two VW's selling for parts. Call 251-4087 after 6 p.m. ( ) 1966 PONTIAC Lemans, overhead cam 6 'MISC FOR SALE engine, 4-speed, new paint, battery ana electrical system. $490. Call 9!1-4224. COMICS,paperbacks, magazines. Sell, Buy, c: HELP Trade. Fiction-Non-Fiction, Westerns, Mysteries. Comics for cnllectors. 9-9 daily. Unique Books 12943 Florida Ave. PIONEER manual turntable model 12 dust cover & base with Shure M91 E cart. $100. Call EMPLOYMENT In & Out Food Stores, full or part time, must be 21. Work 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift including Sat. & Sun. Phone Jess 933.3993 till 5 p m. & 932-2157 after s p.m. Hu111a1Jizc tlw Bunatll'racv Student government is making nominations for all uni ve rs i ty-w i de committees and councils The areas covered by these groups include: Academic Policies Financial Aid Bookstores & Vending Policies Housing & Food Policies Lecture Series & Events Scheduling Athletic Policies Equal Opportunities for Women & Minorities Campus Security Any student interested in serving on any of these committees come by the Student Government office. UC 156. THIS IS SG COMMITTEE WEEK! VACANT POSITIONS AT USF. The following positions are to be filled: Secretary 111-$5951; Clerk 111-$5554; Clerk 11-$4782; Secretary 11-$5554; Secretary II 55011; Secretary 1-$5032; Clerk Typist 11-$5032;-Clerk Typist 11-$4594; Clerk Typist 1-$4301; Fiscal Assistant 1-$6473; Ac countant 1-$8206; EDP Control Clerk FILM PROF. needs good human being to help him maintain his living-work area. Close to USF. Conta.ct Will Hindle 977-5959. IMMEDIATE opening liouseparents, Resident Counselors, Dormitory For $5554; Keypunch Supervisor 1-$6744; Keypunch Operator-$5554; Account Clerk 11-$5784; Accountant IV-Sll,108; A-V Li brarian-$7788; Lab Technologist 11-$7371; Lab Technician 1-$4802; Lab Technician I Part Time-52401; Biologist 11-$8665; Registered Nurse 11 11 p.m.-7 a.m.-$8206; Registered Nurse I 11 p.m.-7 a m.-$7788; Assistant-11 p m.-7 a.m.-$4155; Computer Systems Analyst 1-$9563; Computer Operator 1-$6285; Electronic Technician 11-$7788; Crafts Supervisor-. $7371; University Union Recreation Supervisor-$5784; Heavy Equipment Operator-$6118; Motor Vehicle Operator I Florida Chauffers License-$4573; Groundskeeper 1-$4364; Custodial Worker $4155; No person shall, on the basis of raCe, color, creed, religion, sex, age, or national origin be excluded from licipation, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any program or activity at the University of South Florida. The University is an af firmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. Interested persons should contact Personnel Services 974-2530-FAO 011. EXTRA" cash (work today-pay today) guaranteed work, work when you want as long as you want. Seven days a weel<. Apply ready to work. MANPOWER 1919 E. Busch Blvd., 416 W. Kennedy. Hrs. 6 a m.-6 p.m. COOKS and waitresses wanted. Over 21. Temple Terrace, Florida Ave. and Hillsborough Ave. Pizza Huts. Apply in person. WAITERS & WAITRESSES far Banq. & Dining Room, Full or Part time. Top salary, fringe benefits. Exp. preferred but will train. Must be over 21. See Mr. Sullivan or Mr. VeVier for personal in terview 10 a.m. to 5 p .m. daily at the Holiday Inn Oowntown, 111 W. Fortune St. Only 15 min. from campus. WANTED resident director for Tampa YMCA Youth Hostel. Grad. married couple. Prefer Soc., psy ., or counseling major. Apt. & $300. References required. Contact Gerry Barton 229-6517. MEN OR WOMEN war.fed for permanent part lime employment taking inventory in grocery, drug and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialists. Phone: 879-3876. WANTED part time day & evening help. Apply in person Main St. Ice Cream Parlor, 10938 N. 561h St., Temple Terrace, Terrace Village Shopping Center. DAY or Nile-Will fit work schedule to class schedule. Weekdays & weekends. Jerry's Pizza King 8864 56 St. Temple Terrace. HAIRDRESSER wanted USF area. Busy salon. Apply Surburbanette Beauty Salon 2211 E. Fletcher. Handicapped Adults 877-07431. SENIORS Come to an Evening of Relaxation and Fun SENIOR CLASS BANQUET MAY 31, at 7:30 p.m. BARTKES DINNER THEATER Playing "Barefoot in the Park" TICKETS ON SALE AT UC, ROOM 226 $5.00 each (includes dinner & show) EVERYONE IS WELCOME DON'T fJ\ISS THE FUN!! 11 A Black Poetic Experience11 tfllwM cS-

12-THE ORACLE May 17, 1973 SG Senate votes to close USF Riverfront to public A resolution lo close the USF Riverfront to the general public was passed by the SG Senate Tuesday night. Under the resolution, all motor vehicles, including law en forcement vehicles, would also be prohibited from the property, although grounds and main tenance vehicles would not. SG Pres. Bill Davis voiced disapproval of the resolution earlier in the meeting, saying he didn't see how the general public could be kept out "unless they do it selectively." "I'm worried about selective enforcement in any form, he said. Another resolution, supporting the construction of a pavilion and adequate sanitation facilities on the riverfront, was tabled for further study. Sen. Ed Schlessinger, Social Science, said the Senate was trying to base its vote on an outWUSF-FM wants back-up rig of-scale chart which shows positioning of the pavilion and the area involved. "Measurements are needed No one knows where it (the pavilion) will be, no one knows how big it will be," another senator said. In other business, the Senate passed a resolution condemning the proposal to use the USF golf course lake "or any other presently unpolluted bodies of water" for storm drainage disposal. Second transmitter eyed Oracle photo by Randy Lovely Co-op Student Malcolm P. Thomas was selected from 97 seniors in the USF Co-op program as the outstanding student at the program's honor .reception yesterday. Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, presents the award. WUSF-FM is negotiating to buy a used 5000 watt transmitter to back up the one now in use, John Ralle, chief engineer said. The station now owns a 20,000 watt transmitter located in Riverview and operated by remote control from the studio, Ralle said. The transmitter the station is Live With Us trying to buy is the same they traded in to buy the 20,000 watt transmitter. WUSF is offering $1000 for the unit, and by the time it is in stalled the total cost will be about $7000, Ralle said. "The main problem," Ralle said, "is the transmitter is Fn'lf'lom to with orn' of llw lllt'e' like \\htn you liw at our plat't'. Youll he 11111t'h on own lo lo Ii'" llw \U.l\ You like when von liw wilh So ... make' tlw ril!hl mm e'. controlled from the studio. We can't afford to hire a staff to take care_ of the transmitter in River.view. So, we wouldn't kno w if the transmitter was burning up until it was burned up." He added that the only time an engineer is at the transmitter is when the TV station is broad casting. Conze to zehere the living is easy 42()0 Fletcher A H'llllt'. Florida :-t16 I 2 Phone (81:1) 911-9550


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