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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Budget cutbacks expected BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer Cutbacks in budget requests from Activity and Service Fee accounts called for by Joe Howell, vice pres. for Student Affairs, are expeeted to reduce and eliminate some services expected to be provided by University councils. Howell requested last week all arms receiving Activity and Service fees reduce their 1973-74 budget requests to a figure 10 per cent below their 1972-73 funding levels. reviewed by the division heads in the service areas. $1.65 million is the anticipated allocation for Activity and Ser vice Fee accounts. Budget requests already exceed that figure by approximately $250,000, Hewitt reported earlier this quarter. ROBERT SECHEN, chairman of the Student Finance Committee

2THE ORACLE May 22, 1973 The Cod War British Navy to protect trawlers LONDON (UPI) The Monday for political asylum but wound up instead in the limbo" of American bureaucracy UN forum government said Monday the British Navy will take only "defensive action to protect trawlers harassed by Icelandic gunboats in the fast escalating "Cold War between the two countries. British naval vessels Will take only such defensive action as is necessary to protect British trawlers exercizing their lawful rights to fi1sh the high seas," Foreign Secretary Sir Alec told Parliament. Ruperto M Baliao former acting Consul General in Los Angeles who last week slashed his wrist to sign in blood a statement against Philippine Pres. Ferdinand E Marcos, formally sought asylum from the District Director of Im migration and Naturalization in San Francisco International Court of Justice to stop France temporarily from atmospheric nuclear tests in the South Pacific. UNITED NATIONS -A woods fire east of this southwest Florida coastal town tripled in size Monday and sent state foresters looking for emergency help "It started Sunday from two fires which were deliberately set in Rattlesnake Ham mock said a spokesman for the State Forestry Department in Tallahassee. "It was burning on 1:100 acres this morning but by afternoon, it had jumped over State Road 951 and 2,300 acres were burning." Fire fighters called for the loan of a B26 tanker planeto bombard the fire front, racing eastward just south of the Alligator Alley east-west toll road, with chemical retardents. The B26, owned by the U .S. F:'orestry Service at DeLand, was reported enroute. Grand jury indicts mayor FERNANDINA BEACH The Nassau County Grand Jury handed down an indictment Monday charging the mayor and two city commissioners with bribery and conspiracy to bribe. State Attorney Donald G Nichols said the indictment named Mayor Joseph S "Smiley Lee 45, and Commissioners John Beckett, 38, and Curtis W. "Topsy" Smith 45. The three officials were arrested Friday on charges of accepting a $6,000 bribe from general contractor James R Johnson in return for their favorable votes in the in stallation of city sewage lines to the Heritage Plaza Shopping Center. Plane wreckage holds clues MIAMI Jhe Finance 'J'.ax : raises the limit a small loan company lend froni $Soo to 2 ;500' and reduces iiltrest rateS. The rates on the first $300 would drop from 36.4 per cent to 30 per cent, and .on the second $300from 33 to 24 per cent. The interest on. the amount over $600 would be about 18 per cent FTC approved A "little FTC" Consumer Protection Act called the "strongest in the nation cleared a Senate committee Monday with a new name and a few changes. The Senate Commerce Com mittee voted 5-3 to give the At torney General's Office tools to fight fraudulent businesses after voting to exclude insurance !!ompanies from the bill's : insurance A compromise bill raising the require

THE ORACLE -May 22, 1973 3 CBS system replaced Distribution requirements set BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer Th e list of acceptable courses for fulfilling the new distribution requirements has been released to adv isors, but it is not the same list which will appear in the 1974 ca ta log according to Dr. William Scheuer le, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs. The distribution require m ents syste m will replace the CBS system now in use a t USF as the method of fulfilling basic education requirements. Students will take 60 hours in courses listed as acceptable in five major areas, which include: English Composition, Mathematics-Quantitative Methods N atural Sciences, and So cial and Behavioral Sciences. SCHEUERLE S A ID the list was compiled too late to meet catalog deadlines but said all advisors now h a ve copies of the correct requirements. Students may continue under the old CBS system or swit c h to the ne w distribution requirements In most cases, onl y prefixes of acceptable courses are listed on th e handout giv e n to advisors, and a n y course w ith that prefix is suitable to fulfill requirements. The cours es are: English Composition -Eng 101, 102. 103 Fl:'\E ,\HTS -Humanities AMS, ART C LS. DAN. E N G ( e xcluding 100. 101. 102. 1o: i. >. HUM, HII MOL, ARA. FHE. GER, GRE. HEB ITA. POR ROM RUS SPA MUS. PHI. .oo DRESSES $"1".50 : .1.4.Cl\ET:-i $:).()() $lO.oo : i ONE WEEK ONLY!!! MAY 21st THRU MAY 28th ... SllMMER HOURS: MONDAY FRIDAY lOam -8 pm TUESOA Y & SATUHDA Y lOan1 -6pm ophie's : 2227 Sout. h Dale Mabry ....


4 -THE ORACLE May 2.2, 1973 Lake issue again has Nature vs. the dollar Once again we find Mother Nature pitted against the almighty dollar, in a fight that may well be to the death. Students should come to the aid of Mother Nature and let their support for the preservation of a USF lake be known at. the Countv Commissioner's meeting tomorrow at 9 a.m. THE COMMISSIONERS will be reconsidering a propl)sal they previously approved to dump storm drainage from a private apartment complex into a USF lake. Community outrage at the signing of such a death warrant for the lake has brought about [!!uers policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be considered for publication the following day. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the Editor. r Editorials ... the reconsideration and a good showing at tomorrow's meeting may bring about its reversal. There are many questions unan swered in this issue and unfortunately many involve USF personnel. WHY DID Dr. Mackey approve of the plan when his own biology professors voiced protest against the plan? Why did Mackey say, "The county does things for us," when asked why he approved such a deal? Why does Dr. Richard Bowers cwn part of the apartment complex, and have control over the golf course as USF's Athletic Director? Has Dr. Bowers ever heard of a conflict of in terest? WHY DID the CountyCommissioners approve the plan, without even hearing from Roger Stewart, the county en vironmental protection director? Why did Dayne Piercefield, county engineer say, "We have just as much respon sibility to the developer as he does to his stockholder," when questioned as to why he objected to the extension of the pipe into a nearby swamp, at an added cost of $100,000 to the developer? The Oracle feels these questions must be answered to the satisfaction of all concerned, or the plan should be rejected and the money be spent to extend the pipe into the swamp, as Stewart has urged. Joel Kuperberg directo r of the State Internal lmprovement F'und, has pointed out that the has a "nutrient trap" for absorbing pollutant s, yet Pierce field continues to argue the added dollars aren't worth the ecological benefits to be gained. USF HIOLOGY Prof. Bruce Cowell has said once they start dumping in the lake, it will no longer be of any value as a classroom as it currently is used. The lake now has 33 of the 42 species of fish found in this area. We feel the question here is why should a private builder have the right to destroy public property to save a few dollars? We don't think they should have that right, and we urge the County Commissioners to vote against the proposal tomorrow Students should go to the meeting at the Court House in room 214B starting at 9 a.m. If you can't go, call the Commissioners' office today at 223-1311 and ask to speak to Bob Lester, Betty Castor, Carl Carpenter, Bob Curry or Rudy Rodriguez, for they must decide if the lake should live or die. This public document was promulgated at an cost of $147,208.42 or 9c per copy, to disseminiite nf'ws to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. . IF THE LAKE is to be saved, it must be done between now and the con. clusion of Wednesday morning's meeting. It is clear that no help is forthcoming from Dr. Mackey. It is also clear that it is not enough for us to be "disgusted" with his all too typical unresponsiveness: since he will not accept his responsibilities, the people of Florida (students and taxpayers alike l must accept them for him. We must make our County Commissioners aware that as students and taxpayers we are detrmined not to let a private business destroy public property. Bill Davis t U e S d a y S Editor Managing Editor Advertising Manager 1 I 0 R A C L E E ii i'llESS DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising Thursday ::;: :;:I noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. :::: ANPA PACEMAKER A WARD 1967, 1969 Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before ACP ALL AMERICAN SINCE 1967 publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted :::: SDX MARK OF EXCELLENCE 1972 toThe0racleinLAN469orthesuggestionboxesintheLibraryandUC. }


THE ORACLE -May 22, 1973 5 Is Mackey avoiding a hearing on Ortwein? Editor: It would appear that Pres. Mackey, at the University of South Florida, is Hell-bent on denying faculty member, Phillip Ortwein, a hearing. What prompts Mackey to be so persistent in avoiding the hearing? This case has been in tne public eye for a considerable period of time, at a considerable cost to the taxpayers of the state of Florida. There has to be some suspicion raised as to the reason for the concentrated effort of the University to avoidputting its position on the line in a hearing for Ortwein. IT BECOMES inclusively apparent that Pres. Mackey feels that a hearing for Ortwein will uncover some em barrassing, and indefensible, actions by some of his administrative hierarchy at the University. If this proves to eventually be the case, then it can be assumed that the Wedgewood Apartments' pollution of the USF golf course lake, with Mackey's blessing, is another of a series of decisions he has made with little regard for the con sequences. B. L. Downs I read in the papers where Cecil Mackey and the University of South Florida are going to spend some more of the already overburdened taxpayer's money appealing to a higher court in New Orleans the Phillip Ortwein case. (letters) A YEAR or so ago the head of the Physical Education Department, Dick Bowers, termhated Mr. Ortwein's employment with the University offering at that time absolutely no reason for his action. Mr. Ortwein un derstandably requested a hearing with legal council. His request was denied so Mr. Ortwein took his case to the federal court and was granted an injunction stipulating that his employment with the University of South Florida could not be terminated until he is given a hearing with legal council. The University is appealing this decision to a higher court. One is bound to wonder if maybe Dr. Mackey and certain of his lieutenants might not be involved in their own Watergate. Their reluctance to openly discuss before an impartial body a matter that could profoundly affect the livelihood and reputation of an individual is very difficult to understand. Frank L. Hornbrook Repeated insanity Editor: The county plan to run storm drainage into a USF lake has been approved even though it is almost certain to pollute and possibly kill the lake. The insanity is being repeated. The lakes belongs to you and me. They didn't ask me if they should do it, did they ask you? But, we didn't tell them they couldn't did we? Oh well, it's just another lake. t.hP.rP. are thousands more. I think I'll go and say goodbye to it today. It's the least I'd do for any friend. Kathreen Epple 3 PSY New deal no deal? Editor: The University with the aid of Saga Food services has, in their usual discreet manner, figured another way to remove extra monies from the USF student. The new soft drink vending machines placed in the USF Fine Arts building can be added to the already list of srnall hassels which the USF student is forced to endure. The old machines, as undependable as they were, gave 12 oz. cans of soft drinks. The students had four CIT five selections to choose from, the price was 20 cents. The new machines, which are usually more attra

6 -THE ORACLE Ram Dass to speak on 1trips' May 22, 1973 Baba Ram Dass, formerly Dr Richard Alpert, psychology professor at Harvard University. fri e nd to Timothy Leary and author will speak about his"trips 'in search of himself today at 8:30 p m. on Crescent Hill and Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the UC Mall. In his book, "Be Here Now, R a m Dass tells of many of his experiences including his studies of yoga and practiced meditation under the guidance of highly regarded saints and holy men in India MOST OF US, he says spend the first part of nur lives living in the future and the rest living in the pai::t In order to live in the moment totally fulfilled, one must be free of attachment to unending desires he says. "We have all had tastes of the here and -now experience : sailing on a perfect summer day or sitting with a group of especially close friends, when there is an absence of wariting of needing more," Ram Dass says "We are, briefly, outside time, outside desire." By "working on yourself Ram Dass said, a person can progress toward inhabiting that state more frequently. RAM DASS has been called "the master metamorphisist" for undergoing many changes brought on by drugs, psychoanalysis bisexuality, yogic influences, ego trips and transcendences. Ram Dass met his guru at an ashram in the Himaiayas. Maharaji helped to influence him through a "complete per ceptual reorganization of who I am. I am without form, without limits, beyond space and time. I am light, love, consciousness, energy, Ram Dass said adding, "It's a hard one. I'm still doing it." In this scope his kind of self work leads ultimately to the end of the ego--the end of the self as people know it. "IT'S INTERESTING," Ram Dass explains, "because as a psychologist I always treated the personality as real and terribly serious. That's what the whole growth movement, the encounter t hing, all of western psychology does. "But it's not real," he continues "It's all just stuff. Pain, pleasure, anger, guilt-they're only mind moments, and there's always a new moment. Ram Dass concludes, "When you meet a realized person, you see there's nowhere he isn't, nor is there anywhere he is Dance productions host student, faculty works Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip Art on display USF graduate student, Jason Strawn' s master thesis .art work is on display through this week in the USF Teaching Gallery In the Fine Arts Building. The art is a sculpture-type ','kinetic" piece, untitled. A copy of Strawn's thesis accompanis the work. Two final Qtr. 3 dance productions will give USF and the Tampa area an opportunity to witness the latest works by USF dance students and faculty. A Dance Department Workshop will be presented today and Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the Theatre Center, Theatre Lab No. 2 vement piece "What Can I Say?" Susan McCarthy choreographed and will dance in "Solo for Grace." Cindy Maloy's "And You and I" will be danced by Maloy and Dana Smith AND DANCE instructor Carol Turoff, advisor-director for the workshop, will present her theatre piece "True Confessions A Passion Play for Mature Adults Turoff wili perform with Robert Bullock, Sheri Griffin Susan McCarthy and Rob Besserer. The workshop is presented every quarter in order to give stude n ts the opportunity to put on their work in front of an audience and for anyone who want to learn about any phase of dance work, according to Susie Nicola, a dance student who is handling the publicity for the event. "All the students are not choreographers ; said, "but they want to put on a dance The advisor only makes suggestons." CHASE Robinson. assistant professor in Dance, will present a program of modern dance and ballet, along with 10 student at the Ybor City Arts Festival, Friday at 8 p.m. in the Mona Lisa Ballroom of the Italian Club, on the corner of 7th Avenue. and 18th Street. Admission to both recitals is free. director of the play. Shaw en joyed working with contrasts in types and social levels, Downs explained. "Z," a telephone operator meets "A," an author of gui

Careers in writing Tom Sanders, assistant professor in English, speaks during a panel discussion of Monday night's English Forum's "Careers in Writing Seminar." Seated from left is seminar chairman Doris Enholm, St. Petersburg Times writer Dudley Clendinen, General Telephone public affairs manager Billy Bowles and poet Marjorie Schuck. At right Damon Knight, popular science fiction writer, and his wife Kate Wilhelm speak on science fiction writing as a career. The free seminar started out with a panel :liscussion on the aspects of writing as a career, then broke up into individual workshops of their specialties. Oracle photos by Ann Cravens THE ORACLE -May 22, 1973 7 Jacques Abram: a man with talent plus BY ALICE HENRETIG Oracle Staff Writer Jacques Abram was professional right down to his tails in his concert piano per formance Monday night. Abram strode on stage, brushed his tails over the back of his chair, sat down and played 75 minutes of technically complicated music without the aid of a written score if U highlites TODAY 4 p.m., Ch. 10 --conclusion of ''Cheyenne Autumn.'' 9p.m., Ch. 3-Behind the Lines "The Press and the Presidency." (Ch. 3 will carry Watergate hearings when they are held this week, preempting regular programming.) 9 p.m., Ch. 44 -MovieJames Mason in "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman." 9:30p.m Ch. 13--Emmy News and Documentary Awards 10 p.m., Ch. 8 -t-..BC Reports" American Communism Today" is discussed 11:30 p.m Ch. 13 --Movie -Ann Blyth and Paul Newman in the Helen Morgan Story." 11:30 p.m., Ch. -14 --Movie -Humphrey Bogart, Gene Tierney and Lee J. Cobb in "The Left Hand of God." WEDNESDAY 9 a.m., Ch. 8 --Movie --Part one of Ernest Hemingway s "The Sun Also Rises" with Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner, Mel Ferror and Errol Flynn. 8:30 p.m., Ch. IO --Movie -Ethel Barrymore, Dorothy McGuire and George Brent in the 1946 thriller about a psychotic killer -"The Spiral Staircase." 9 p.m., Ch. 44 --Movie -"The Road lo Glory," a World War I yarn with Fredric March. Lionel Barry mor e and Warner Baxter II :30 p .. m., Ch. 44 --Movie -Humphr ey Bogart and L ee .J. Cobb in "'Sirocco." 11 :30 p m., Ch. 13 --Movie --E. G. Marshall. Tre vor Howard. Hila H aywo rth and Yul Brynner in "The Poppy is Also a Flower about the searc h for a contraband opium shipment. TllLHSI>: \ Y 9 a.m., Ch. B -Movie --con clusion of "The Sun Also Hiscs' 8:30 p.m Ch. 16 --June Wayne --views on art and artists with the prominent feminist lithographer 9 p.m., Ch. 13 --Movie -Michaelangelo Antonioni 's "Blow Up" with David Hemmings, Venessa Redgrave and Sara Miles. (edited for television) 9 p m., Ch. 44-Movie --Loretta Young in "The Accused 11 :30 p.m., Ch. 13 --Movie --the Marx Brothers in "A Night in Casablanca.'' il :30 p.m., Ch. 44 --Movie -Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Robert Morley and Gina Lollabrigida as double dealing swindlers in John Huston's "Beat the Devil." ABRAM SPOKE once in the middle of the concert to explain that he was about to skip the ten minute intermission. Otherwise, he let the sounds speak for themselves in intricate patterns, rising and falling volumes and chameleon moods. Performed were Bach's "Partita in C Minor,' Beethoven's "Sonata, opus 78," Chopin's "Sonata, opus 58 and an encore. THE RHYTHMS flowed and intermingled and contrasted. They were sometimes circular with both rising and falling momentum, and sometimes the music was stern, rearing its head to clamp down onto a sur prisingly gentle melody SUMMER JOBS $500 monthly Any Major Fla. City APPLY Thursday May 24th Rm 205 UC 11 :00 a.m. or 1 :00 p.m. (music] At other times the music rambled along like an undercurrent until it found a niche in a different mood and lingered for a little while only to trans-form again. Abram performed with magic fingers minus distracting em bellishment in his gestures He played with precision in timing and overall execution, which is a marvelous understatement of the man's talent. He mesmerized the audience. THE FI:\'.AL presentation of the May cluster for Traditional. Contemporary and Experimental Music will be performed today at 8:30 p.m in the University Theatre. Eight faculty musicians will perform in the String Quartet. comprised of violinist Edward Preodore violinist and pianist Armin Watkins, violist Jerzy Kosmala and cellist Cooke, flutist and harpsichordist Martha Rearick, harpist Marilyn Marzuki, trumpeter Don Owen and tenor Frederick Black Tickets at $1 for students are available from the Theatre Box office, ext. 2323. CAMPUSCYCLERY BICYCLE SALES and REPAIRS 5224 FOW 'LER 988-9316 ,,., \lilt From t';F crun,t International House of Pancakes Bre!lkfast Lunch Dinner 6 A.M. to 1 A.M. Sun. -Thurs. 6 A.M. to 3 A.M. Fri. & Sat. 8604 N. FLORIDA AVE. Across from Northgate Shopping Center


8 -THE ORACLE May22, H7S Big crowd on hand for ""Run for Fun,, The weekend's 24-hour "Run for Fun" at times seemed like a campground (right) as many people pitched tents to rest during the long ordeal. Dr. Richard Heeschen (left), associate professor of elective physical education, was probably ready to hit the sleeping bag after his run around the track. Webb Junior High School was the event's star, establishing a national marathon record. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey ran 24 miles. Oracle photos by Steve Brier Webb establishes marathon mark BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Webb Junior High School highlighted USF's second 24-hour "Run for Fun" as it established a 10-man national junior high record this weekend. The local school, aiming for 240 miles, fell short of its goal, but ran 237 and one-half miles to crack Bedford Junior High's

THE ORACLE -May 22, 1973 9 Bishops race to victory in Falstaff BY GARY HACKNEY Oracle Sports Writer Dick and Linda Bishop topped 95 entries to take first place in the fifth annual Sir John Fallstaff Fun Rallye, Saturday. Sponsored by USF's Sports Car Club, the event represented the club's largest affair of the year. THE RALL YE course took participants on a 63.32 mile jaunt starting in the Fine Arts and Humanities parking lot, traveling through Sarasota-Riverview to their destination in Brandon. The first-place Bishop team took top honors with 17 points defeating Chuck Smith and Barbara Baier's second-place score of 35. Joe Governale teamed with Scott Peters to take the third spot with 38. Jan Jackson and club president Danny Canton placed fourth followed by Kt:u Ward and Nick Leto. Betty Walter and Cynthia Eckhardt placed sixth. LOCAL businesses provided door prizes and trophies were awarded to top ten finishers. The Rallye ended in a free beer fest sponsored by Falstaff. All entrants received dash plaques. "We had a real good turnout," said rallyemaster Steve Specht. "We gained some ground on at tendance over last year." This year's rallye had 19 more cars than last year's 53 mile contest won by John Hussar and Glenn Dorough. THE RALL YE was the last event of quarter for the Sports Car Club. Sprecht said the club has no definite plans at this time for Qtr. 4 events. The club's next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow in UC 201 at 2 p.m. For more information contact Specht at 986-2052 or Sandy Hover at 974-6571 or 974-6572. Plans made for summer golf instructions at USF VSF has announced plans for a junior golf program, July 10 through Aug 2. The classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11 a.m. on USF's golf course. Children of USF .students, faculty, staff, alumni and Foundation members, 8 through 15 years of age, are invited to attend. Wes Berner and Leroy Parr, USF professionals, will instruct students in all phases of the game, including rules and playing procedures. A tournament will be staged the final day. The fee for eight sessions will be $10, payable at USF's Pro Shop during registration. The course is open to the first 30 children who sign up. These students seem to be having trouble .. finding their way in Saturday's rallye Orule photo lly Steve Brier RECORD SALE TODAY ALL REGULAR PRICED LP'S $3 79 (EXCEPT WFLA-TV beats Hollywood to take Amateur Cup title DOUBLES) WFLA-TV < USF soccer team l took the Florida Amateur Cup title Sunday. as it defeated llollywood International. 2 -1. With scores by halfback Gavin Turner and forward Frank Bono, Gavin Turner scored half of WFLA-TV's goals ... in championship 2-1 victory Sunday PHONE 98b-1400 AGlJILAR CYCLE SALES WF SJJU,"/AUll: IN C/10/'PERS A/,SO lJS"/:IJ /IAR/,/:"YS & FARTS A N IJ OT!iFI< A UTl/01<17.UJ flUf}: I KA Ul:".tl, / : R ALSO 5 and IO SPEED BICYCLES I M/l,E Wf<:.5T OF JOI ON FOWLlo"I< AVENUE TAMPA, F/,ORIIJA Coach Dan Holcomb said his team. "played a very good game and Tom Steinbrecher did an outstanding job at the goal." STEIJ\BHEC'llEH received an eye injury late in the game as a result of a foul, but Holcomb said the damage is nol serious The contest was the final one for Turner. Mike Costello. Greg Mcf:<:lroy and Max Kemick who played out their eligibility at usv. The Amateur Cup cham pionship was the third crown WVLA-TV took this season 1<:arlier in the year. the Brah mans won the Florida West Coast Socnr League < FWCSL l title as \\"ell as winning the league s All Star game and the FWCSL Invitational. TWO DAYS ONLY Tues. (May 22) and Wed. (May 23) LIBERATION MUSIC SERVICE 1112 Busch Blvd. Phone 935-5912 ---. -----. ---. --. -... --W -7'0. .c/ .. ... a ltij; 0 .... 7*"0: FOR YOUR FUTURE_/ INQUIRE NAVY FLY NA VY ____ -.-----. .......... ...,.iilll' ... ...... ., For information call Temple Terrace ----985-1010


10-THE ORACLE May 22, 1973 Pavilion okayed; BY JIM CURTIS Oracle Staff Writer Construction of a pavilion originally proposed for the USF Riverfront has begun, but officials aren't sure if the building will be erected near the Hillsborough River property or on campus. vironmental Survey Committee, USF students indicated Riverfront Park was a good location for the pavilion. The pavilion is a new concept in building, according to Tom Thomlanson, engineering shop supervisor, who is in charge of building steel forms needed to mold the concrete shell wastes less space Thomlanson con tinued adding "this is due to the ability of the catinary arch to withstand stn'ss." When completed, the pavilion \\'ill en compas s 1200 sq. ft. having a 40 ft. diam e t e r and a height of 12 feet. It will have lighting and be available for picnics and social events. location unknown we have authorization from the Board of Regents wiH meei May 23 in UC 205 at 7:30 p.m. Model tr.N. USF's delegates to the Nationai MOdel tTnitecl"NatiOns last montb in New York City will pm.Qt it Slide show. and report of. their. partid. pation iJr the UN. May Zl at I p-.m. in UC m. Plans for futuft. Model UN's--wiU also Scuba Club The Scuba Club will meet May 23 in UC 200 at 8 : 00 p.m. All interested divers should attend. TDURSDAY Baha'i Club Baha'i Club will meet May 24 at 8:30 p.m in the UC. PRSSA PRSSA will hold its last meeting of the qurter May 24 at' 7:30 p.m. in LAN 471. Interested students are invited USF Vets The USF Veterans Awareness Council will sponsor an "Open House;" for all USF Vets, war" widows, orphans and service men and women, May 24, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and May 25 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in UC 255. Veterans tuition deferments for early registration will be available in UC 255. FRIDAY Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi initiation May 25, at 8 p.m. in Kiva-Ed. Bldg. Initiates please come at 7:30 p.m. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS Judy Peterson; attorney for controversial University of Florida Philosophy Prof. Ken neth Megill,will speak FI-iday at 2 p.m. in LAN 116 on "Megill's Fight for Tenure." SUNDAY Enviornmental Film "Come to Florida Before It's Gone," an environmental comedy film, will be shown at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, located on Davis Road, 0.3 miles south of Fowler, just east of the Hillsborough River, Sunday May 27, at 11 a.m. AUCTION Argos Planning Council is sponsoring a Flea Market and Auction, in the quadron between Alpha and Gamma dorms, May 'Xl at noon. Resident students only may sell, anyone can buy. WOMEN'S LIB .. The University Chapel Fellowship will holda panel discussion on the "lss' ues and Conce .rns of. Women'sLibetation," May: 71, al tJ\e Chapel Fellowship at & p.m. MONPA.Y. s1 .... Den. (;bf !'11Jn Delta-" :Chi will holcl aiiCl of otflftin m .. at 1:30-p;m:. LAN 205. All members should attend. Libraries Libraries in the Tampa Hillsborough Library System will be closed on Memorial Day, May 28. Sierra Club The Sierra Club will present a film titled, "Come to Florida Before It's Gone," May 28 at 7'30 p.m. in the RIVA. Computerized Registration The Division of University Studies will present an overview of computerized registration for undecided majors, lower level med technology and nursing students, May 28 in LAN 103 at 2 p-.m. CONTINUING EVENTS Anthro Course New course on anthropological aspects of warfare will be offered Qtr. 4 by Dr. Smith. Yoga Kundalini Yaga classes are being taught at the Catholic Student Cen .ter, 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and 11 a.m. Saturdays. Classes are free and a person can begin taking them at any time. HELPLINE If you want info on arbecuing in each ;courtyard, all residents young and single. By next fall there will be 'two 2-story buildings, 3 pools, sauna, b1lhards, exercise rooms, tennis, basketball, volleyball, pingpong, color T. V. lounges_. meditation room. ".Trees, flowers, shrubbery beauty outside. A place where the outdoors can be enjoyed. Reservations now being accepted for next fall arid for this Retlu.ced rates for signing early. SfH!cific apls. reserved on 1st come-1st serve hasis -LA MANCHA. DOS.APTS. l Bk>Ck. from USF on 4iffft St. Phone 97l-cJl8e


! P' ... SERVICES OFFERED .... TUTORING by former USF prof. Basic math, statistics, or Sociology. Call 949 6971. SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM Selectric that CORRECTS OWN ERRORS, Pica or Elite. All types of work, s minutes from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St. 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. ----LESSONS-Guitar, 5-strlng Banjo. Private lessons by Qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissett Music, Ph. 988-1419. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABIAN, RENT ONE bedroom furnished apt. Cathedral ceiling. S160 a month. Close to USF To sublet from June to August, for further information, call 971-5232. SUMMER AT LA MANCHA DOS. Study & relax at La Mancha Dos this summer. We offer summer quarter contracts for $175 or monthly rate at 575. Make reservations now while summer vacancies left. One blk. from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. r-:-1 \... ..... ____ TRANSPORTATION Available to New York City. Drivers needed. 18 yrs., Drivers Lise., Student ID. Call Olin's RentaCar Tampa. 876-5111 or In Miami, 871-3710. EARN $440 PER HOUR Expanding Nat. Co. seeks several people for Tampa and other major Florida cities this summer. Only the sharpest, most disciplined, will be considered for this high paying job. May 24 University Center Rm 205 11 :00 AM and 1:00 PM. ANYONE with van going to Miami a quarter's end? Will pay 510 to take rocking chair and light frame couch & cushions to my home. Call Sue 935-8602. PART TIME helper in drywall. strong back required-good hour to dollar ratio for fast worker. Will work on a time available basis Call 257-7511 for Durant. SALES POSITION at clothing store. Full or part time. No calls. Apply in person at 800 w. Kenned'f Blvd. THE ORACLE -May 22, 1973 11 (:MISCELLANEOUS PISGAH WILDERNESS COMMUNITY BUILDING EXPEDITION August 18-31. This is unlq11e opportunity to experience new ways to self and other awareness through the rigors of strenuous and creative back packing. Led by a climber and a group specialist. Registrations by June 1. call Bill u.c.F. 9118-1185. ,,KITTENS; c all Kathy or Susan. 977-5676. HONDA 450 Scrambler low mileage, luggage rack, elec. Start, lots of extras. $550. Call 977-5290. If no answer call 971..0997. 1972 HONDA 350 CB, sissy bar and pad, 2 helmets, low mileage. Call 971..0059. $700. LEAVING TOWN this summer. Must sell a like new 1970 Honda 175 with a mere 4700 miles. Comes with a helmet tool kit etc. 5375 or .best offer. 343-2030 St. Pete. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE USF, APA. etc. style manuals. IBM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from USF--971-6041 after 6 CANOE RENTALS By ,Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 ( ) ORGANIST or elec. piano player wanted tor established group. T op 40 & comm. ercial. AUTOMOTIVE Must have own equipment. Steady fulltime employment. 988-8149. ELECTRIC guitar and amp. $250.00 Call ii interested or come by: 2615 E. 1101h Ave. Ph. 971-1480 from 9:30 A.M.-2;30 P.M. 2 ROOMMATES WANTED to share 2 bdrm duplex, Central AC, close to campus, $45 per mo. plus utilites. Call Judy 981-8145. NEED 2 FEMALE roommates to share furnished 2 bdr, 2 bath, cen. A-H, WW carpeted apt. 1;,mi. from USF. Rent: $60 per man. For more information; Call Sandy 971..0162. MODERN CAMPSITE, five minutes from USF. 177 wooded sites. All hookups. Heated paol. Ideal location tor visiting parents with RV's. US 301 and SR 579. Tel.: 986-2415 Spanish Main Campground. (,_M_o_a_1L_E _H_o_M_E_s_...) MOBILE HOME 12x60, Lg. rooms, 2 bdrms., set up in beautiful park on large corner lot. lmmed. Very reasonable. Air-Cond. Equlty.,.ssume pymts. 886-1358. 12x50 MOBILE Home, nicely furnished, WW carpeting, AC unit. e1ose to USF. Cail 9716845 after 5 p.m. MUST SELL by June 1-56x12, 3 bdrm. trailer. Has a 23000 BTU air conditioner Iha! can be included. Fpr further in formation call 971-7568 after 5 p.m. Down payment. assume payments of no 1965 CHEV. air, good tires & brakes, automatic, power steering. $499.99 Must sell. Please call 238-7270 after s. PINT0-'71 low mileage, AC, radio, automatic, yellow with black interior; Must Sell, 51500 orf>esl offer. Call 935-2482 after 7:00 PM. '62 vw BUG. Good condition Rebuilt engine. Has had loving treatment. S425. Call evenings. 988-2629. 66 MUSTANG, air, good mechanical cond. 5250. 971-8706 .. dirt rider, Bates leathers, size 32, padded, $35. SUNBEAM Tiger '65, VS, radials, needs some body work, some spare parts, $650. Cail Bob 977-5907. r --, wedge and 1 3&4 woods. New bag in cluded. Used less than 20 limes, in fine condition 5175. Call Hank 255-5261. BEAUTIFUL Flowers for all occasions for best results, call: Thompson's Flower & Gitt Shop 2319 W. 1. inebaugh Ave. 935-826: C.Jn11CS,paperbacks, magazines. Bui" Trade. Fiction-Non-Fiction, Westerns, Mysteries. Comics for collectors. 9-9 daily. Unique Books 12943 Florida Ave. THIS is your LEVI store. We have denim & corduroys in regulars & BELLS. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min from campus. Bermax Western Wear 870 Nebraska. I-TRACK Tape Players tor auto 529.95. Menard Pawn & Gift Shop 14038 N. Florida Ave. '35-7743. LOVE is: kittens purrfeclly adorable. Well-cared for, 986-1154. Registered and unregistered. INDY 500 tickets for sale. Paddock block of six value. SIS, All for s100. Call Mark 971-0933. GIRL'S s-speed bike; only 6 mo. old, excellent cond. Has warranty on parts & repairs. Mustsell before June 6. Call Jane 971-7687 or 971-5582. ( "\ FURNISHED apt. new, North Tampa; air conditioned, 1 bedroom, bath, I iv Ing room kitchen, single person only sas month. Call now. 235-4311 or 232-0011. NEED responsible persondule. Weekdays & weekends. Jerry's Pina King 8864 56 St. Temple Terrace. COOKS and waitresses wanted. Over 21. Temple Terrace. Florida Av@. "nd Hillsborough Ave Pina Huts. Apply in oerson. HAtRDRESSEI! wanted USF area. Busy salon. Apply Surburbanette Beauty Salon 2211 E. Fletcher. -------------IMMEDIATE opening Houseparents, Resident Counselors, Dormitory For Handicapped Adults 87' HJl FILM PROF. needs good human being to help him m"intain his living-work "rea. Close to USF. Conta .ct Will Hindle 977 5959. MALE students wanted for part-time laborers as indoor landscapers. Good hourly wage approx 30 hrs per week. Call !he Planter Box 876-5343 9:30-S:JO Ask lor Mike. NEW TRAVEL LODGE Motor Hotel opening close to USF campus, Fowler & 30th. Need complete staff. Front desk, PBX, Waiter, Waitresses, Bellman, Cashiers, Cocktail waitresses, Cooks, Bus help, etc. Tking applications now al temp. office, 1915 E. Fowler, Shady Oaks Mobile Homes Sales. PART TIME help wanted. Al least 3 full days per week. Will work around your schedule. Weavers Lawn Service. 177 4800. 5803 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa Fla. DONATE.ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Fla 33602 ...,,..,,,..,, ..... to dlss scheduM call 21i3-28tU Monday through 1AM., to 2 ./'M ... IF you need any info on drugs, referrals. activities or just want to rap. Call Helpline at 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556 for women's problems. WHO IS GURU MAHARAJ JI? ---.... Meet Athletic Morons ORACLE Classified Ads EXT. 262d. LAN 472 5 Lines $1.00 tt 0 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS \ 1972 HONDA 450, excellent cond., low mileage, elec. start, 2 helmets, lug rack, lots of extras. S850 Call 971-4370 alter 6 p.m. Ask tor Bruce. MALE ROOMMATE own room in a nice CA two bedroom mobile home 3 miles to USF at( Village Tampa) 570. Available June lo For more information call: 971-1108. HOUSE in country atmosphere. Liberal female roommate needed. $75 monthly plus electric. 10 minutes from USF. Call Kathy 933-2033 after 2 PM. U 0 (!:l [!JTHEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971 _0007 SHE'S RADIO'S ANSWER TO FANNY HILL TURN HER ON AND YOU ON!! I HARRY NOVAK SHE'LL presents the Dirty Mind of Young Sally ADMISSION USTIUCTID A BOXOFFICE INTERNATIONAL PICTURE plus SOUTHERN COMFORT Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11 :45 Summer's a drag in a stuffy, old classroom ... so take Donald's advice and cut to an all-new scene ... a summer job at WALT DISNEY WORLD. Exciting vacation employment opportunities are available in many areas including roles as :tv1onorail Pilots, Butlers in a Haunted Mansion, Submarine Captains, Custodians, Merchandising, Food Servicr\ Ri\'erboat Skippers ... the list goes on and on. Casting for summer jnbs is no\\ in progress. so make the scene! Call, write or visit tlw W/\LT DISNEY \VORLD Employment Center at tlw of and SR 5:!5 southwest of Orlando, (:Hl5) n:2n-:14 1 n. V\'ork \\'htn it's happening this summer 1 Walt IV)isney World :\n Equal Opportunity


12 -THE ORACLE May 22, 1973 Mackey: No serving of warrants during classes BY TOM PALMER Oracle Staff Writer Arrest warrants will be served before or after classes, not during them, Pres. Cecil Mackey told the Faculty Senate yesterday. "There are no legal obligations to do this, but it is highly desirable not to interrupt classes," he said, in discussing the controversy interruption of a lecture by Prof. David Van Dercar, recently by police. MACKEY SAID he reached this understanding with Hillsborough County Sheriff Malcom Beard and has been promised cooper a ti on. Senate members also ex pressed concern over the role of USF General Counsel Larry Robinson and the formation of a policy delineating courtesies due prefessors in the classroom by University Police (UP). "The General Counsel's office was never established with the idea that he would represent individual administrators, faculty or students," Mackey said HE ADDED, however, that the University would represent an employe who was charged in connection with the performance of official duties. He declined to say, however, whether VanDercar's situation represented such a case, saying the advice VanDercar was given by Robinson at the time was ''the best." Returning to the question of police courtesies to faculty, Mackey told the Senate he had had several discussions with UP and felt they would cooperate. "If there's any doubt that they got the message, I want to dispel that," Mackey concluded. He responded favorably to a suggestion by Senate Chairman Jesse Binford that a policy on interrupting classes be inserted in the State Security Manual. Registration times scheduled BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer USF's last de-centralized early registration will be Thursday and Friday for Qtr. 4 and computer registration for Qtr. 1 will begin Monday, May 28. However, Doug MacCullough, acting registrar, said a Fall Schedule of Classes will not be available until Thursday or Friday. STUDENTS WHO attended USF Qtr. 2 and Qtr. 3 may register for summer classes, however only Qtr. 3 students will be allowed to register for Fall. Students attending Qtr. 4 (but not Qtr. 3 ) will register for Fall on July 16-20. All students, except those in language-literature and engineering, will pick up course request forms from the first floor of the Administration Building on the north side. LanguageLiterature students will pick up their forms in LAN 105 and Engineering Students from EGR 105. If students cannot find their forms in language-literature or engineering, they should check with the Office of Records and Registration


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