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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Fant, Bob ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Nixon ordered a cover-up WASHINGTON ED HE "could not reveal the names of those recommended until they are appointed" by Mackev. However, Bill Davis SG president, said recommended by him were: Jill Cummings, Gary Finley, George Mortimer, Ann Skelly Denny Wells, and himself. Walbolt said he had in terviewed only one SG nominee, and had sent out letters to lwo of the nominees requesting they schedule interview ap pointments, but "the other person never came in." However although two SG nominees confirmed receiving letters from Walbolt, and one H. JIM VICKREY, director of University Relations, said this procedure of recommendations is standard, adding that "President Mackey has said over and over again that he wants recom -mendation from the vice president for Student Affairs." WALBOLT SAID he submitted the recommendations Friday to Joe Busta, special assistant to the President. and he assumed they "are on Mackey's desk now". However, Vickrey said he has Continued on page I.t Deans te16ct move to limit S-U courses In a seven-to-two vote the Council of Deans yesterday rejected a proposal to limit the number of satisfactory unsa tisfactory CS-U> graded courses a student may take, according to Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs. The proposal, submitted by the Council on Academic Advising, would limit the number of S-U courses taken to two per year and not more than eight during the student's USF studies The deans voted on the proposal yesterday after a week of consideration. ''The deans voted to go back to the agreement approved by Pres. Mackey and myself in March, Riggs said, adding he concurred with this decision. This policy allows a student to take any course not required for his major on an S-U basis. Riggs said this is "only an interim policy," and he will not consider a permanent policy until he receives recommendations from the Faculty Senate. Robert Whitaker, chairman of a Faculty Senate sub committee studying the policy, said his group will air their recommendation to the Senate at their May 30 meeting.


2-THE ORACLE May 23, 1973 Cod War tensions mount years --and equalled the February rate, but still was higher than for any of the 18 months in the Phase I and Phase II control periods. Blackouts begin conspirator James W. McCord Jr. from former White House Counsel John W. Dean III, but had no indication that President Nixon knew about it. LONDON ---Gov. Reubin Askew said Tuesday that Florida is not geared to the needs of the international tourist. "Our most valuable visitor is not catered to in the same manner as the domestic tourist, and we lose for this oversight," Askew said. "As tourism in the United States becomes more economically practical for foreign vacationers, we must prepare for them and market our attractions accordingly. A dollar spent by an international visitor is like a dollar generated by Keeping the faith MIAMI BEACH --Vice President Spiro Agnew called on Americans Tuesday to have confidence in themselves and their system to solve nation's problems. "This is the time to have confidence in the ability of Americans to solve new problems effectively and to reject the modern world in an atavistic yearning for a paradise lost--a Utopia that never was," Agnew said Trotting frogmen JACKSONVILLE

THE ORACLE -May 23, 1973 3 --Outdoor concert scheduledBY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer USF's first outdoor rock and roll concert in two years will be held Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. on Argos Mall. "It's time to try it," Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell said Monday. He said he ap proved the SG request as an exception to a USF policy which prohibits amplified electric music outdoors. SG PRES. Bill Davis said SG had "made use of a loophole" in the policy contained in t.he Student Handbook "I didn't even address myself to that (a loophole)," Howell said. "I just thought it would be a good time to see if we couldn t work something out." "Lutz Public Band" is billed for the evening. Davis said the band includes three electric guitars and drums. "THIS TIME we were careful to fulfill all the ridiculous requirements outlined in the Student Handbook," Davis said. Recent SG requests for electric music outdoors have been denied despite attempts to word requests to comply with handbook policy allowing such music when "incidental to the purpose of the event." HOWELL SAID his main concerns about the concert are possible drug volume level Oracle photo by Randy Lovely and attendance by non-students However, he said he does not expect any trouble Saturday and no measures .Viii be taken to prevent non-students from at tending. He said he had a "subjective, intuitive feeling" that the concert will run smoothly and his three concerns will be well handled. Approval of this request was a "compromise" rather than an appeasement to SG, he said. "I DON'T apologize that we can't sanction any activity that we know is associated or en courages use of marijuana. he said Saturday;s concert will be on a trial basis, Howell said, and subsequent requests will hinge upon the conduct of each concert. Davis said plans are under way to present another folk band after the electric band from 9 to 11 p m Saturday's concert is intended as a celebration df tlfo'end of the quarter, Davi s Senior Seminar content changed BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer Senior Seminar CBS 401, which will be offered on an elective basis starting Qtr 4, has been reorganized into three major areas, all of which deal with the nature and limits of freedom and responsibility The areas are "The Future of Man," "Practical Social Issues" and "Focus on the Individual." STUDENTS taking "The Future of Man" will read selected papers on fundamental issues facing man as he prepares for a radically different society of the future, according to Dr. Russell Cooper, course coor dinator In addition to readings, class discussions will be held and occasional papers required. panel presentations, group discussions, films and speakers will be the format and written work will be required "Focus on the Individual" will deal with chan ging life styles, sex and marriage, philosophy a.nd religion, and personal problems Students will select one or two areas to study for in-depth solutions, through oral class presentations and in writing. DIFFERENCES between the three groups will relate more to methods of approach and selection of material rather than degree of difficulty. The course open to juniors and seniors, ca-rries three hours credit and may be used in meeting the University's 60hour credit requirement in General Education. Black and Aware Week's Tuesday event "Practical Social Issues" will deal with war, pollution, environment and population problems which will be defined and alternative solutions discussed. Special investigation, Each section will be limited to 20 students on a first come, first serve basis More information can be obtained from Cooper, ADM 253, ext. 2775. ... included Linda Price, Wanda Harrison and Antar Ugandi (Otis Anthony). YOU offers 1lssues Your Open University (YOU) will offer MUS 371, Issues in Music, this summer over closed circuit TV in the Learning Lab or by radio The two credit hour course will start June 11 from 10-11 a m It will also be shown June 12 from 12-1 p.m. and June 15 from 2-3 p.m., according to Ann Mistretta, YOU coordinator. Mistretta said students can listen to the lectures on WUSF FM, 89.7, starting June 8 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. To sign up for the course students should stop by the YOU table in the UC during registration May 24-25, or add the Hotfine-------------Continued from Page I to check on as well as filling out the report." FEASABILITY OF pay-by-the hour tuition would depend on the structure," Mackey said "If the policy allows students to take more hours, free after the first 12 or 14, then it might be good. This would encourage thP. better students to take mor hours," he said But Mackey said the idea woulc be an "administrative night mare" for keeping records o drops, adds and refunds. $175/ per quarter THAT'S ALL IT COSTS TO LIVE IN LA MANCHA DOS FOR SUMMER QUARTER (June 9 August 14) 1 Block from campus on 42nd St. Phone 971-0100 1n Mus. ic' course during the drop-add period or go to the YOU office in the library basement. Mistretta said students must go through the YOU office to receive necessary mail outs and credit for the course Issues in Music will be offered S-U only and will consist of 10 lessons, Mistretta said. Dr. Jacques Abram will teach the course. VILLAGE PRESCRllPTION CENTER IF YOU HAVEN'T FOUND US BY NOW, ASK YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT WHAT YOUVE BEEN MISSING. VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER 10938 B 56th Street Between Main Street Temple Terrace Ice Cream Parlor and 988-3896Hrs. 10-6 8-10 Budget Tapes. We Have Our Own Ideas About Getting High For information on Navy Flight Programs call Navy Temple Terrace 985-1010 Fly Navy


4-THE ORACLE May 23, 1973 Future concerts up to you The administration has done it's part; now it is up to the students to make outdoor concerts with amplified music a reality. Dr. Joe Howell, vice president for Student Affairs, has approved on a trial basis, a request by Student Government to have an end of the quarter celebration ori' the Argos Mall Saturday. The "Lutz Public Band," witli' three electric [Editorials 8' Commentary] guitars and featured. drums, will be THE ORACLE applauds Howell's decision to give the students a chance to prove they are capable of handling themselves at a concert. It may have been a little slow in coming, but better late than never. Hopefully, students will act with restraint and make doubly sure that no incident occurs that will give the administration an opportunity to say, "I told you so," and ban future concerts. We feel this is a good decision and that students will prove themselves deserving of such a concert. If everything goes smoothly, this will be the first of many such outings. WHETHER THE ban on amplification is right or wrong is not the issue. The point to be proved is that students can demonstrate they can handle such concerts. Howell has said he didn't approve the issue on the basis of a legal loophole, but as a compromise to see how things would work out. That premise should set the tone for the concert. It is defintely a trial thing, and future concerts are riding on the results. Now it's up to you. ( lettns policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed '..and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be considered for publication the following day. Readers speak on thieves, sarcasm, police Editor: I am writing this letter. because recently I 1ost my purse. I was not aware at the time how much money it would cost me to have just my iden tification from the University replaced. The ID and fee card is $5. The food card is $20; and to have the lock changed on my dorm room door will be $10. That is a total of $35. I CANNOT SA Yfor certain that I lost rnY purse or itw,as ; stolen. I just want the people out there to know that if for some reason : you lose your iden tification at this University you will pay a high price to get it replaced. And for the people out there. who need money and rip other people off1 I would say, at least turn in the identification You certainly can't use it, and the person it belongs fo tias to go through a lot just to have the bare replaced. Maybe I'm ,a fool to write this letter, but it makes me feel better, and maybe it will serve as a warning to others to be more careful with their belongings. Barbara J. Toll 3PSY Sarcasm slimy Editor: Since it can be both hardhitting, directly to the point and at the same. time slimy and vague. sarcasm could wednesday's (letters) well be called the politicial tool. I too find it hard to believe one could claim Cecil Mackey's actions purely po ,litical. Especially since most government off,icials are forbidden to run for public office. However, if SG members feel this way it is almost understandable. It must do their hearts good to think some petty politicians can achieve the offices they really seek. As the New York Times once wrote "Yes dear reader there is a Santa Claus." Patrick G. Hayes 3ECN An about-:face EditOr: Well, well, we certainly have wit nessed an on the part of the Oracle in regards to our University Police . It certainly is en couraging to a student who one year ago was thought a raving maniac for using the words "Achtung," "Gestapo" and accusing Malcom Beard and KJ. Salcines of the felonious crimes <$15,000 bonds, false and brutal arrests, assault with deadly weapons, discharge of deadly weapons) in reaction to student blockade of several streets whi!e R. Nixon, in the name of America, blockaded and burned an entire nation. THE RECENT incident in Professor Vandercarr's class, the demand by Preble and his officers for the right to apply "deadly force" a fleeing suspected felon

THE ORACLE -May 23, 1973 5 Nixon admits he may have prompted cover "As president of USF, I dedicate this lake to the fiscal gaiils of private enterprise." Married housing ignored as others areas prosper Editor: A casual glance at the Oracle and a simple mathematic computation shows me that the USF Administration is cheerfully pianning to spend $1,557,178 and that The Oracle is unfortunately playing it very low key. The expenses I am questioning are: $425,000 for re-location of eight areas of administration offices: $1, 128,465 for the building of Classroom A and $3,713 in taxes for the Lake Thonotosassa property (Lake ? Where ?l ALL THIS foolishness is g()ing on the same tn:1e that the powers that be refuse to consider married student housing because it is "economically a losing proposition." If I had a nickel for every time I have walked past an empty classroom, I could buy tbem all by now. If Dennis Godwin thinks that the office re location will keep a student from having to run all over campus to get ''everything done". I'm afraid his rose colored glasses are about five shades too dark. USF will never relent in its goal to keep students and staff buried in paperwork. As for our $100,000 worth of lake property, how many students ever get to use the place? THERE ARE, however, over 4,000 married students attending this school who sincerely need moderately-priced living facilities close to campus. There are thousands of married, widowed and divorced students who desperately need a decent place to park their children while they try to better themselves and so better provide for these children. The director of Physical Planning, Clyde Hill, should be made accountable for some real planning in this year ot economic squeeze; either realistic, functional, student-oriented, physical planning, or planning for a new JOb. Marilyn M. Evon 3 MCE WASHINGTON

6-THE ORACLE Dr. Philip M. Rice May 23, 1973 Rice awarded honorary doctorate Dr. Philip M. Rice, dean of the College of Language -Literature, will receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Claremont Graduate School during June convocation exer cises Rice who is the first dean of Lan-Lit and the first USF dean selected by a student-faculty committee, served as Dean of the Graduate School at Claremont (Calif.) as well as academic dean, dean of faculty and a history professor during his eight years there. "THIS IS a special honor because it comes from my colleagues," Rice said. Faculty members at Claremont, the country's only independent graduate school, elect honorary recipients. A history professor at USF, Rice has also taught at Kansas State University", North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina where he received his MA in 1947 and his PhD in 1948, both in history. Rice is associated with numerous education committees and boards, including the Executive Committee of Graduate Deans, African Fellowship Program of the African-American Institute, the Review Committee for PhD programs in History of the American Historical Association, and recently was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. HE HAS ALSO received close to $2-million in grants from such foundations as Ford, the Car negie Corporation. the National Science Foundation and the Ame rican Council of Learned Societies. Rice is a WWII Navy Veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart. FSU bars AAU P from using mail Did my true/< do that? Acting under an interpretation of Federal Court guidelines, Florida State University (FSUl has barred the American Association of University Professors

THE ORACLE-May 23, 1973 7 Mackey, Howell, Prehle, UP employes cited Student to charge administrators BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer USF student Gary Wells, said yesterday he is "in the process of filing charges" against Pres. Cecil Mackey, Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell, University Police (UP) Chief Jack Preble and numerous UP employes after "hazing'' charges were allegedly made against him by UP. Who's Who deadline today The deadline for "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities" nominations is today Applications are and have been available from student organizations, department chairmen and University ad ministrators Nominations for students active in student organizations, publications, athletics and fine arts should be submitted to UC 226. USF, through evaluations made by the Student Organizations Advisory Board (SOABl,will forward names of 35 qualified students for inclusion in the annual publication. "I have already been in contact with the American Civil Liberties Union," said Wells, adding he plans to charge Mackey and Howell with "mishandling of administrative affairs," while UP charges will likely range "from false arrest to neglect of duty." THE SUIT action was prompted by charges Wells says are now pending against him for "hazing" a UP secretary. Wells said the alleged "hazing" took place May 14 after UP towed away his car when they found it parked in a handicapped space. Wells said he thought his car had been stolen and called UP to report it, when a secretary in formed him it had been im pounded. Wells said he asked her, "Why the hell didn't you call Finals are approaching ... arid everyone is starting to study. Practical politics course set Qtr. 4 applications for POL 571, a course where the student works in the practical side of politics, are available in SOC 357 until the end of this week "A student must be a senior or a graduate student," said Dr. John Sidor, assistant professor of Political Science. "He should also have a 2.0 in his major field, but I think maturity is much more important." I SIDOR SAID students could do research, negotiations, or study other cities' problems in relation to the Tampa area, in offices of Tampa and Temple Terrace councilmen. Bill Wadsworth, 4 BUS, one of this quarter's participants, said his latest project in the pr"ogram has been working with Tampa Councilman Joe Kotvas 'in his efforts to obtain St. Elizabeth Hospital for a Crisis Prevention Center. "I wanted to know how the Tampa City Council operates," Wadsworth said "I wanted to know if they were a rubber stamp council; if when Greco walks in, stamp, stamp, stamp. I want.ed to find out for myself." WADSWORTH SAID he spent two eight-hour days a week working in the program "We will be working ir;i Tampa, Temple Terrace, and with the Hillsborough County Planning Commission this summer,'' Sidor said. Sidor said the course offers some future job possibiliti : es. "WE HA VE TWO former students who are with the men they met in this course. You get very close to your bosses. They also give out some letters of recommendation," he said "You get to meet a lot of people and hear a lot of issues talked about before the press is involved The students and the Council are both pleased with the course," Sidor said. (Senior Yearbook) Is now available for distribution in LAN 472 Bring Your Receipt A limited number of copies are still available for sale at $2 per copy me before you towed it away?" and she replied that she "didn't have to take that kind of talk," and slammed down the receiver ACCORDING TO Wells, he called back later, and the same secretary hung up after he said only a few words. He said he then drove to the UP station and asked what the secretary's name was He said she identified herself as Jamie Kaiser, and informed him she was going to file charges against him for "verbal assault Wells said he was later sum moned by Dr. Chuck Hewitt, assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs, and told he would be charged with "hazing" l:lecause of the incident. ACCORDING TO Wells, Hewitt said he "interpreted the offense to be hazing" but would not show him a copy of the charge.. "He

8 -THE ORACLE May 23, 1973 Revised Class Schedule COURSE PFX NO Additions SEC NO COURSE TITLE ADV ACCNTING QTR HRS 03 ACC 401 001 AGE 585 003 AGE 603 691 CBS 308 404 CHM 311 800 CJP 315 002 CLS 581 005 CLS 585 005 COM 371 003 COM 376 001 COM 433 001 COM 447 001 COM 491 001 ECN 509 001 DIRECTED READING 03 SOC RSW..MTH GRN 03 HUMANITIES INT INORGN CHM CHR OFF ADULT INDIV RESEARCH DIRECT READING PHOTOJOURNLSM I TYPOGRAPHY II NEWS EDITING I PR PRACTICUM SS INTERCOM ECONOMC EDU III EDA 531 101 EXP FILM CHLDRN (3 week session) EDC 480 014 OS CRAFTS MEDIA EDC 585 944 WS CAREER EDUC (6 week session) EOC 585 984 EDC 681 011 EDC 681 013 EDC 681 021 EDC 681 022 EDC 681 032 .EDC 681 034 c EDC 681 042 EDC 681 044 EDE 415 004 EDE 415 004 EDE 426 002 EDE 519 001 EON 583 l 05 EON 583 105 EDS 423 401 EDS 511 401 EDV 445 751 EDV 506 791 EDV 631 901 EDV. 651 205 EDV 651 794 EDV 651 974 EDV 651 984 WS OSHA OS ADM PROJECT BL.K EXP CHL LIT OS SUPV PROJECT BLK EXP CHL LIT OS ADM PROJECT BLK EXP CllL LIT OS SUPV PROJECT OS FLD WK EX CH ARITHMTIC CHILD ARITHMTIC CHILD CR EXP EARLY CH SOC GROWTH CHLO ST SPA SCI WKSP ST SPA SCI WKSP ED MNTL RET L SLOW LEARN SCHL MTH TCH ADLT ED PROGRAM MGT AOL CURRENT TRENDS VO DVLP PRA OED VO DVLP PRA AOL VO DVLP PRA BED VO DVLP PRA OED 04 00 04 05 05 04 04 04 02 04 03 05 04 04 04 01 03 01 02 02 04 02 04 05 00 04 04 05 00 04 04 04 04 04 05 04 04 04 For Quarter IV J973 PERIOD DAY BLDG CODE BUS N RS ROOM NO 323 10-11 TR TB A 6-9p R Bay Campus 12M-F lTR LAN 10-11 TR CHE 1-3 TR SOC TB A TB A 10-11 w T B A 2-3TR 4T T B A 2-3TR 4T TB A 1 3-5 M-F 9-11 TR N R S N R S LAN LAN LAN N R S LAN N RS FAH FAH 6-8pTR 9pT EDU 5-9p M TB A T 13 A T 13 A T B A T B A T B A TB A T B A 10-11 MF 10-1 l w 11i TR TB A EDU N R S N RS N R S N R S N R S N R S N R S N RS CHE CHE LAN N RS 9-11 M-F PHY l 2 TR PHY BM-F 9TR BUS lOM-F llTR PED 356 102 286 127 475 454 471 282 290 215 213 102 103 205 209 211 112 104 8-4 M-F 5-9p \{ CITRUS HILLSGOROUGH 5-9p R T B A 5-9p F 5 MF 5 MF BUS 215 N R S HILLSBOROUGH FAO FAO lOON lOON INSTRUCTOR STAFF STAFF NEWFIELD RUTENBERG WORRELL I.SILVERMAN GESS MAN GESSMAN KERNS MOYSE SANDERSON GRISCTI LUCO FF STAFF PAPPAS STAFF HILL STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF _STAFF STAFF STAFF DWYER LICHTENBERG LICHTENBERG STAFF AU LETA KRUSCHlflTZ KRUSCHHITZ LAVELY JOHNSON PALMER BRADY JAESCHKE STAFF BRADY STAFF STAFF Cancellations COURSE PFX NUM SEC ACC 302 002 ACC 401 901 ACC 411 002 ACC 424 001 ACC 602 001 AFA 230 001 AFA 336 001 AFA 431 001 AFA 483 001 ANT 321 001 BOT 372 001 BOT 417 001 BOT 417 800 CBS 101 003 CBS 101 006 CBS 101 Q,08 CBS 301 002 CBS 301 003 CBS 301 901 CB.) 302 002 CBS 302 005 'BS 308 004 CBS 308 902 CJP 315 902 CJP 315 903 COM 351 001 COM 400 001 COM 483 004 ECN 331 001 ECN 331 031 ECN 331 032 ECN 371 901 ECN 423 001 ECN 683 904 EDC 480 EDC 585 534 EDC 585 544 EDC 585 914 EDC 585 994 EDC 631 144 EOG 681 434 EOF 607 903


THE ORACLE -May 23, 1973 9 Additions (Cont.) Cancellations COURSE SEC PFX NO NO EDV 651 994 EDV 671 791 EGE 444 001 EGE 445 001 EGE 445 001 EGE 480 002 EGE 499 001 EGE 680 903 EGE 699 006 EGR 421 901 EGR 560 001 EGX 406 001 ENG 691 001 COURSE TITLE VO DVLP PRA ITE ADM LOC PRO AOL LOGIC DESIGN LOGIC LAB LOGIC LAB SP ELEC TOP I DESIGN PROJECT SP ELEC PROB I RES OR DESIGN NUCLEAR ENGR I Pm4ER UTIL SYS ENG ANAL SMF SEM HEM FAULKNR ENG 703 001 ADV LIT TEACH FIN 489 004 IND STUDIES GBA 683 002 READINGS BUS AD GBA 683 -003 HTY 211 OOl HTY 304 001 HTY 699 001 through 008 HUM 581 001 HUM 581 002 HUM 581 003 HUM 581 004 HUM 581 005 HUM 591' 001 MKT 419 901 MOL 383 001 MOL 383 092 MOL 383 003 MOL 383 004 MOL 483 001 MOL 483 002 MOL 483 003 MOL 483 004 MTH 511 001 MTH 583 074 MTH 583 134 MUS 204 016 MUS 204 023 MUS 207 016 MUS 208 001 MUS 308 001 MUS 375 001 READINGS BUS AD AM HTY TO 1865 AGE OF JACKSON THESIS DIRECTED STUDY DIRECTED STUDY DIRECTED STUDY DIRECTED STUDY DI RE CT ED STUDY SEL PROB HUMAN MKT MJ\NAGM rnos GEN MOD LANG I GEN MOD LANG I GEN MOD LANG I GEN MOD LANG I GEN MOD LANG II GEN MOD LANG II GEN MOD I I GEN MOD LANG II ADV LINEAR ALG TOPICS ALGEBRA TOPICS ANALYSIS APP MUS VOICE APP MUS PIANO SEC AP MU VOICE COMPOS IT ION COMPOSITION CH ENS CH SNGRS BLDG_ ROOM QTR HRS P ERIOD DAY CODE HO INSTRUCTOR 04 04 03 00 01 02 03 5 MF FAD lOON STAFF 5-9p M HILLSBOROUGH 12 MWF 9 R l 0-11 R T B A T B A ENG ENG _ENG N R S N R. S 201 208 227D 03 ENG 201 06 T B A N R S 03 6-8p T ENG 201 03 1 MWF ENG 205 04 1 MWF 12W ENG 203 04 lOMWF llMW LAN 344 03 04 02 03 04 04 TB A T B A T B A TBA10-11 TR 2-3 TR 01-08 T B A 01 02 T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A N RS N RS N R S N R S soc soc N R S N RS N R S N R S N R S N R S N R S 03 04 05 03 04 01 02 03 04 01 02 03 04 04 04 04 03 6-7p TR 8p T BUS 03 01 03 03 01 T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A T B A l 1 R 9 T 11 R T B A T B A 12 TR N R S. N R S N R S N R S N RS N R S N R S N R S N R S N R S N R S TAR FAH TAR TAR N R S FAH 160 155 112 130 101 130 25 102 PALMER GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF DEVINE STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF. BELOHLAVEK BELOHL.AVEK STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF STAFF KAETSATOS REED REED REYNOLDS WATKINS REYNOLDS STAFF STAFF JOHNSON (Con.t.) COURSE PFX NUM SEC EDV 65"1 914 EDS 633 EDV 651 204 EDV 651 934 EGE 411 001 EGE 450 001 EGE 451 001 EGE 480 01 l EGS 507 901 EG-S 582 003 EGS-681 903 EGS 682 903 ENG 305 002 ENG 306 002 ENG 307 U03 ENG 505 001 ENG 791 001 ENV 301 001 ENV301 002 ENV 301 003 EN V 301 004 INV 301 005 ENV 301-006-ENV 301 007 ENV 301 800 ENV 301 008 FIN 201 002 FIN 301 004 FIN 301 005 FIN 403 001 FIN 501 901 1GBA 351 901 GBA 605 901 GPY 315 OOlthrough-015 GPY 407 002 GPV 607 002 HTY 222 001 HTY 231 901 HTY 381 902 HTY 591 904 HTY 691 904 HUM 418 401 LIN 641 001 MAN 311 901


. i 10-THE ORACLE May 23, 1973 Cancellations (Cont.) Additions (Cont.) COURSE PFX NUM SEC MAN 421 901 MAN 431 001 MAN 471 001 MAN 472 002 M.KT 301 004., MKT 315 001 MKT 901: MKT 414 001 MKT.419 002 MUS 204 004 MUS 204. 005 MUS 204 006 MUS 204.009 MUS 204 010 MOS 204 011 ;MUS 12 -04. Oll 205 OOl COURSE PFX NO SEC NO MUS 404 016 MUS 408 001 MUS 504 016 MUS 508 001 ,MUS 561 -213 MUS 608 001 MUS_'. 621 001 MUS 623 001 MUS 624 001 MUS 629 006 MUS 629 007 OCT 401 003 OCT 401 004 OCT 401 005 PSY'692 001 -.PSY 693 001 .. f>SY 696 001 REH 507 001 REH 508 001 COURSE TITLE APP MUS VOICE COMPOSITION APP MUS VOICE COMPOSITION MASTER CLASS SEM'COMP 20TH CEN MU LIT CHORJ\L LIT & COND CHORAL LIT & COND ENSEMBLE ENSEMBLE COMUN INTERACTN COMUN INTERACTN COMUN INTERACTN GS SOCIAL PSYCH GS CLINIC PSY GS COGN'PROC SEMINAR I PRACTICUM I REH .602 '001, IP REI+ COUNS I I REI{ 6 1 Q 001 SEMINAR. I I REH 61 l : OOl -: soc : 001 SS I 301 901 PRACTICUM II POPULATION SOC SCI STAT' QTR PERIOD HRS DAY -03 03 03 03 T B A T B A T B A TB A BLDG CODE N R S N R S N R S N R S ROOM NO INSTRUCTOR REYNOLDS STAFF REYNOLDS STAFF 1 M-F 2TR T B A FAH 1 Ol 102 STAFF 03 05 05 05 05 05 04 02 05 04 02_ 04 04 1 Mv!F 12F T B A T B A T B A T B A TB A T B A T B A N R S FAH 226 N R S N fCS N R S N R S N R S N R S N R S 10-11 TRS N R S 10-11 TRS N RS 8-9 TRS 1-4 T T B A 1-4 R 1 3-4 w T B A 10 M-F soc soc N R S 015 257 soc 257 soc 257 N RS soc' 149 6-7 MW 8pM SOC 388 STAFF STAFF JOHNSON .JOHNSON STJ\FF STAFF LUPTON LUPTON' LUPTON SISTRUNK SPIELBERGER -' ; D. NELSON P : GROSS'-., -. ... P. GROSS. P. .. ; DICKMAN DICKMAN WHEELER MUS 207 004 _MUS 207 005 MUS 207 006 MUS 207 009 Mus 201 cno MUS 207 011 MUS 207 012 MUS 207 013 MUS304 004 MUS 304 005 MUS 304 006 MUS 304 009 MUS 304 010 Mus 304 011 MUS 304 013 SSI 583 404 ST LEISURE POLCY -04 10 MWF TR SOC 384 'BLAIR KAPLAN STAFF STAPF MUS 305 091 TAR 453 001 SR SEMINAR \ TAR 483 '009 THEA FOR NEW REP TAR 501 001 DRA THRV CRIT I COURSE PFX. NUM SEC OCT 401 001: : .PHI 304 -001 ;:Pt:lf 377 001 : -;". :, .. : .. .MUS 374 001 through 004 MUS 404 004 ;:PHI_. '408 601 PHI. :69 l 001 MUS 404 005 M!JS 404 006 Mus 404. 009 MUS 404 010. MUS 404 011 MUS 505 004 MUS 562 010 MUS-619 001 MUS 629 001 POL 331 001 POL 454 001 PSY 341 001 PSY 401 001 PSY 405 901 PSY 432 901 REH 502 901 REH 507 901 REH 508 901 03 09 l'I -l 2 T 11 R TAR 11-12 TAT 2 3 4 TR 2308 03 11 MW l 2M. TAR 2308 STAFF. COURSE PFX NUM SEC .REii 602 901 .... -. sot 345 001 -soc 505-901 : .(,, __ .. : : SPE 321 001 SPE 363 001 SPE 369 .001 201 002 -'' SSI 201 003 SSI 201 901 SSI 202 002 SSI 203 002 SSI 203 003 SSI 203 901 SSI 301 003 COURSE PFX NUM 'SEC SSI. 301 004 SSI 411 001 zoo 421 001 ; .. zoo 421 002 zoo 421 800 Editor's Note: The SG revisions were complied by the Office of Records and Registration and presented here, by The Oracle, exactly as received. Any .further Inquiries or cor,ectfons should be forwarded to the Office of Records and Registration, ext. 2987. -


THE ORACLE -May 23, 1973 11 USF completes cage schedule BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor USF's 1973-74 basketball schedule has been completed pending acceptance by the University and finalization of contractual arrangements. Included among the 26 Brah-man opponents two Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools, a pair of ex-NCAA university division runnerups and a representative from this season's National Invitational Tournament

12-THE ORACLE May 23, 1973 Cinema awards to highlight f i Im f estiva I The third annual Student Film Festival held this weekend will be highlighted by an academy award type ceremony Sunday. Four original films --directed, photographed, edited and scripted by USF Mass Communications film sequence majors --will be Friday and Saturday at 7 and 9:30 p.m. in ENA. An invitational showing for filmmakers, judges and their guests will be held Sunday in LAN 103. "THE IMAGE Maker," a film about a photographer who knows only one reality images he captures with his camera --was produced by Ed McGraw and Steve Hackbarth. Scott Shelly and Darryl Shepherd's "Afterwards" concerns itself with life after a nuclear holocaust when education and literacy no longer have value. An often-ignored hitchhiker who strikes back sets the pace in "The Vengeant," by Robert Nickerson a!1d Randy Lovely. ROBERT HANCOCK and Michael Norton recreate Edgar Allen Poe's classic story "Masque of the Red Death" with their film "Masque," a medieval tale of a mysterious death. Judges from the National Association of Broadcast Employes and Technicians and the International Alliance of Theater and Stage Employes will award the films on the basis of best picture, direction, cinematography, art direction, music, editing, script, sound recording and performance, according to Dr. David Horsman, supervisor of the festival, which is being sponsored by the University Film Association

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