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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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TENURE: Collective bargaining a factor a series BY TOM PALMER Oracle Staff Writer One factor which may change the whole concept of tenure and along with it, conditions of employment, job security and academic freedom, is collective bargaining. "It's going to hurt, but it's hard to say what the impact will be until the bill is passed and we see what if finally says," said Dr. William Scheuerle, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs. would implement guidelines this year if the Legislature didn't. "It will define more closely what tenure is, but we don't need collective bargaining to do this," Scheuerle said. "I'M CONCERNED about the current version of the collective bargaining bill which says the faculty can only negotiate on monetary issues," said Dr. Irving Deer, president of the local chapter of American 'Federation of Teacher (AFT), which has pushed for strong collective bargaining legislation. count should be the result of both tenure and collective bargaining. At a recent state AFT meeting, Deer said the consensus favored job protection form,the first day of appointment, in effect giving non tenured faculty many of the same protections as tenured faculty have always had. THIS HAS LED some critics of collective bargaining to claim that some of the groups favoring it, like AFT, want to do away with tenure. "Collective bargaining in the University will not eliminate tenure or allow incompetents to keep their jobs, but it will insure faculty members fair and equitable procedures," said Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, another AFT member. "It will insw-e that tenure decisions are not made by irate administrators who are disturbed by the public views of a professor," he said, citing an apparent instance of just such arbitrariness in the case of Dr. Kenneth Megill at the University of Florida \UF). ALTHOUGH Megill was recomn1ended for tenure by his college and appropriate university committees, UF Pres. Stephen O'Connell tried to deny him tenure, apparently because of his union activities, Krimsky said, adding the case is now before the Board of Regents. Continued on page 7 LEGISLATION to implement collective bargaining guidelines for public employes is before the Florida Legislature this year, and it is fairly certain some kind of collective bargaining bill will be passed under warnings qy the Florida Supreme Court that it "This bill's language may foreclose any serious discussions on tenure or anything else but wages," he said, adding he felt participatory governance and an atmosphere where the professional opinions of faculty ORACLE \ay 25, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 35 16 pages Police officer suspended Ii"'' r The car driven by King ... was 'totaled' because of the accident. BY MARILYN EVON Oracle Staff Writer A University Police (UP) officer who ran a red light while in pursuit of a speeder and smashed into a car has been suspended for two weeks according to UP Chief, Jack Preble. Kerry King, a USF career service employe, was crossing Maple and Holly Drive early May 13, when a patrol car driven by officer Jeanie Reutter entered the intersection against the light in pursuit of a speeder, according to King. "I DID NOT see her coming. She definitely did not have her blue light on and there was no siren," King said."lthappened so fast that I did not have time to put on my brakes." Manual review committee plans meet with Ferguson BY SANDRA Wf{)GHT Oracle. Staff Writer Three former student members of the ad hoc committee reviewing the proposed State Security Manual will sit in on Monday's committee meeting when members plan to request a meeti ng with Chester Ferguson, chairman of a Board of Regents rBORl committee reviewing the manual. I am now in the process of scheduling a meeting with Mr. Ferguson's committee and a subcommittee from our committee," Dr. Charles Arnade, committee chairman, said ARNADE SAID he plans to appoint a subcommittee com posed of a staff member Phyllis Marshall, a faculty member, (himself) and a student (Bill Davis). He said he will schedule the meeting after he submits the committee's comments on the manual. However, Davis said he will attend the meeting and join the subcommittee "as a represen tative of SG" and not as an ad hoc member because he objects to committee selection. "I will not belong to a h a nd picked committee." Da v is said. AT MONDA Y'S committee meeting, Arnade said the group will review all members' criticisms, which were compiled yesterday by members Marshall and Paula Cunningham, with the aid of University Police Chief Jack Prehle. "I am not a member of the committee and I am not exerting pressure on them, I am acting as an adviser on state statutes said Preble. Preble said he wiil not attend Monday's mee ting but will send Lt. Charles Wilson "as an ad visory source." ALHERT HARTLEY. vice Continued on Page 11 Environmentalists, county officials seek drainage ideas BY BILL NOTTINGHAM [ an a 1 y s i!]s Oracle Staff Writer County officials will meet environmentalists today to consider alternatives to the s tate approved plan to run storm drainage from a private development into a USF lake. Schedules available Fall Class Schedules are available in ADM 264 and the UC. Computer registration for Fall b eg ins Monday when students pick up course request forms according to the schedule listed on page 17 in th e C lass Sc hedule book Hoger Wilkin s, a Hill sbo rough County Environmental Protection ,\gency (EPA l biologist, will meet USF professors Dr .. John Betz and Dr. Bruce C ow e ll. and County Engineer Dayn e Piercefield. Piercefield has been instructe d by the County Comm ission to meet with environmentalists and developers to arrive at a n "agreeable alte rn ativl'. ENV I HON l\'I ENT/\ LISTS s trongl y object t o the Com mission 's current plan, approved last week by th e stat e Cabirwt. on grounds that environmental fac t.ors were not fully considered. EPA Director Hoger Stewart '> drainage would pollute and eventually kill the lake. Jcining Stewart was state Internal Im provement Fund Director Joel Kuperberg who advised the Cabinet against the plan U.S. Home Corp. and Wedgewood Apartments own land north of the lak e, and most oft he dr;1 ina ge would originate at their d evel opm ent:-. Th ey would pay jointly for all dra inag e costs. TllE l'Ol'NT\"S current plan, s upport ed by Piercefield but objected to by environmentalists. would pipe drainage directly into the lak e. Estimated cost of the pla n is $ to b e paid by dev e lopers --U.S. Hom e and Wedgewood -who hav e said th ey Continutll on Pagt' 11 Michael King, who owned the car his brother was driving, sai' d the vehicle was totalled in the accident. Kerry King said he required treatment at University Community Hospital for an eye injury he received when his head hit the steering wheel on impact. KING SAID HE was taken to the hospital in an ambulance where he received x-rays, twelve stitches and later, plastic surgery amounting to $230 to date. King says he has at least one more appointment with his plastic surgeon. The accident was investigated by a Florida Highway Patrol officer. PREHLE SAID Reutter had been suspended from the force for two weeks, and that she had elected to take a week's vacation following the end of that suspension. King maintains Reutter was using no warning devices of any kind, and that she turned on the flashing light after the accident to warn other motorists approaching the crash site. PREHLE SAID a police officer must obey the same traffic rules as other citizens and can only proceed against the light in cases of emergency or pursuit while using all warning devices and extreme caution .. Prehle agrees Reutter failed to follow those directives but maintains that Reutter was "running under the blue light." ''Her suspension resulted from the fact that she had failed to notify the sergeant at the station that she was using the warning light." Preble said. THE SECOND reason for her suspension was, according to Preble, that she had not used proper caution in running the red light. The desk sergeant on duty last night said Reutter was "in Pennsylvania" and not available for comment. Oracle ohoto by Gary Lantrip Everybody loves it .. and 'it' is registration. See Story, Page 6.


2-THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 US balance of trade in black WASHINGTON WPll The United States achieved its first trade surplus in 19 months in April as the value of exports exceeded imports by $196 million. the Commerce Department reported Thursday. It was the second straight month of dramatic improvement in foreign trade. Despite two dollar devaluations designed to make exports more competitive abroad and imports more ex pensive for American con sumers, the trace balance has been in the red for the past year and a half. Prime interest up NEW YORK

THE ORACLE-May 25, 1973 3 Women's Center proposed-BY TOM PALMER Oracle Staff Writer A Women's Center at USF may become a reality if the Ac! ministration approves an SG proposal to use office space lef vacant when Student En tertainment and Council facilities "to serve the public better," according to UP Chief Jack Preble Plans approved by the Space Committee show the UP building will be enlarged by 21 feet on the south and 27 feet east and west, with the entrance relocated to the parking lot side of the building. The new entrance, according to Preble, was proposed because people now must walk around the building to enter and "this is rather inconvenient in rain or hot sun The new main office (where business is conducted l will be moved to the southeast side and lmpoundment of funds won't harm med school Nixon Administration im poundment of funds will have li.ttle effect on the USF medical school, Dr. Donn Smith, dean of the College of Medicine, said. In a recent United Press In ternational story, officials at George Washington and Georgetown University medical DUS sets briefing The Division of University Studies WUSJ will present a briefing on the new com pu tcr registration for Qtr. t al 2 p.m Monday in LAN JO:l. DUS adviser Ucrnard Mackey will offer an overview of proc1!sses involved in I.he ucw registration system. schools said unless overdue funds are released, they would be forced to stop admitting medical students. Georgetown University has already rel eased some faculty mernhcrs from its medical and dcnlul school:i "Some of the older schools have build up many programs with federal funds involving faculty lines and many programs. They will be hurt by the fund cut-off," Smith said. USF Medical School is only dependent on federal funds for research, Smith said. The federal construction grant has already gone through, so a cutoff would not affect that. "Fortunately, we're young enough that any cul in fedenil funds wouldn't cause us to cease operations," Smith said. the present office will .be con verted to three cubicles and "work space Q rt I An additional telephone line ua er will also be installed so callers will be able to contact UP more d quickly. Three lines for outgoing Computerize UP calls will be installed "so they will not tie up incoming calls," Preble said R t t I f t Prehlesaidheisalsoplanning eg1s ra ion n orma ion to install a rotary file for parking decals so they can be located "a lotquicker."Hesaidhefeelsthis 10 to 2 Mon. Through Friday will make things "quicker and more convenient." Walter Bertosi, Physical In front of Science Center Planning consultant, said plans have been approved and con struction bids wiil be opened. soon.


4 -THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 (letters policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be considered for publication the following day. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the Editor. This public document was promulgated at an eonnual cost of or !le pr! copy, to diss<>minall' lll'WS to thr students. s!?ff and fa of th<> l lnivn<:ity of South Florida. < F udy ve1 cent of the per issue cost is offset by ad\'ertising revenue.) fu. nds tight and must fall With funds getting tight, USF has to pull the belt buckle a notch tighter and hope the situation improves next year. In a situation such .as this, The Oracle feels it would be better to have a few healthy programs instead of numerous programs, all budgeted below ef ficiency. A 'major area apparently headed for some big cutbacks is the already scantily funded athletic program. And the question is not whether money should go to athletics or academics, but rather which sectors of the athletic (Editorials & Commentary) program should be cut back in funding. IF THE AXE must fall, The Oracle feels it imperative that the funds not be cut from spectator sports that involve and entertain large sectors of the University community but should instead be cut from the marginal sports which offer few opportunities for ad ditional participants and draw few spectators. A secondary but valid consideration should be the impact or recognition the USF sports programs have outside the University community. The basketball team averaged 2,080 spectators per game, was telecast both by WFLA Radio and Teleprompter Cable Television and received ex tensive coverage from the state press, including Bay area television stations Let's use voting block power Editor: I have just come from the hearing_ of the Hillsborough County Commissioners on the USF lake issue. The most noticeable fact was the absence of Mr. Stewart, the county environmentalist whci supposedly supports .the USF side of the issue and Dr. Cowell, the USF ecologist who was supposedly teaching a class at that time. If the ecologists cannot get enough interest in an issue such as this as to appear for 20 minutes before the county officials, then we have indeed lost the case before it can get to first base. WHEN THE environmentalists have to on a biology student and a microbiology teacher for our defense when experts such as. Dr. Cowell and Mr. Stewart are available, then we might as well give up before. we begin. I would like to commend Dr. Be ti and the biology students who tried in an admirable manner to turn the tables on the dollar-minded

THE ORACLE -May 25, 1973 Wright missed point; sprinklers didn't Editor: The Ora de art.i<:I<." ,m th<'. t 1l'1' Program (May :N \ hi<:,; < hm<' :rn i n justice to the L'niv<.":r-sity a dministrnti, r n of which they are no i dt>Serving. The article is also t o me. TM manv mistakes were made t o let this matter stand as it is A few rea.i facts are as follow:s: 1. The article suggest:s the grant supported all the staff. This is not true. My line item has been supported by the University for three years. The grant has not contributed one cent to my salary support. 2. WE FORESEE no "financial troubles facing OCT" in the sense that we anticipate less funding for expenses and student assistance in the future than in the past. There have been no bad "vibes" about budget at all and this was clear to Ms. Wright. 3. Our concern for the future is very simple but Ms. Wright missed the point altogether Our only possible future problem concerns a line item to provide for a professi onal person to continue. in addition to me, after the grant expires Ju.11e 30 and a secretarial line which we have never had. Perhaps Ms. Wr ight does not understand the distinction between funds provided in budget for expenses and staff support and line items allocated the university and, in turn, to departments. 4 We also wondered why it was s t ated we had only one professional staff member th is year when she quoted both Ms. Bara bra Hofer and me ( ge nerally incorrectly ) which makes t wo. SINCE THE article was initiated by i'l'!.s. Wright and considered what I believe are sensitive matters, I specifically requested her article not be contro versial in nature. I believe she f ell quite short of comply i ng with this request. It cert ainl y was sensational journalism. However OCT needs support not sensational i sm. EI _ton John-Don't Shoot Me [letters) T ht-O C T Program has gained nation a l prominence ; University of ficials have been enthusiastic in their support: and all system are "go" on OCT. Our only concern is about the University taking up the slack on line items supported by the grant (again, not mine ) when the grant expires on June 30. The article could have done us a great service if it could have ac-l'Urntdy < 1ttd sensitively concerned its<.'lf with this point which is what I thou g ht th e telephone interview was about in the first place. Editor: D. Keith Lupton, Director Off-Campus Term Program I would like t o m a ke a small request of the gro und s m a intemmc.<: peop l e concern i ng t he s-pr i nkl e r;; on lhe m a i n entrance road of our cam p u s MY ."1 1AJO.R c om pla i n t is t hat m any of the sprinklers do not water the grass but sprinkle the road and passing motorists. I drive a small convertible sports car. On a nice day I like to put the top down and I do not take kindly to being attacked by a misguided sprinkler. It couldn t be too difficult to point the sprinklers toward the grass and not the road. With all the water problems we 're having nowadays it would be nice to see water on the s;rass instead of me. l 11 Jeff Mayer 2 zoo SO MUCH FOR Pl-iASE ONS-BRtNG ON PHASelWO!" Latest Wishbone Ash Daltrey BUDGET TAPES AND RECORDS Speedy Keen SALE Latest Mose Jones THESE 6 LP'S $3.59 Righteous selection Most LP's Just follow the Map Most tapes $3.99 $4.99 USF Fowler Ave. Normandy Pork Brown ShoppinQ Ct.nter 10944 N. S61.h ( HERE!! Street Lots of LP's $2.99 YES WE HAVE (;HJCAGO TICI(ETS!!! 12 noon-9pm. We Still Ain't Got Ne !Jand 'lhe Per.tua.sions 'We Still Ain't No aattd. MCI\ 5


6 -THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 Registration .,slow, smooth Ham operator Lou Richardson Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip ... warms up WB4BNH, the USF Amateur Radio Club's station call letters. The club is planning a field day in June. Superman's 35th birthday METROPOLIS, Ill (UPI) -Superman, fearless crusader for truth, justice and the American way, will be feted tonight at a 35th birthday celebration in the town that adopted him Since the comic book do-gooder hails from the Planet Krypton, naturally they're billing the affair the "first birthday party. for an alien." BUT METROPOLIS has taken Superman to its heart, and the birthday party is -0nly a prelude for bigger things to come Saturday, as 1,000 helium-filled balloons are released and the last notes of the national anthem played by the Ft. Campbell (Ky ) "Screaming Eagles" waft across the Ohio River, the "amazing world of Superman exhibition center will be opened to the public. This Southern Illinois town of 7,000 persons adopted Superman Jan. 21, 1972. City fathers say it's the only place the world named Metropolis--the name of the imaginary city in which Superman, masquerading as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, performed his good deeds. THE LOCAL newspaper, the Metropolis News, changed its name to the Metropolis Planet, Clark Kent's newspaper A locally organized group, Metropolis Recreation Inc., negotiated with National Periodical Publications Inc of New York, owner of Superman rights, for permission to present the world's largest collection of Superman memorabilia-including the world's largest mural of Superman, a model of Superboy's home and "Kryp tonite Superman will be on h' and, of course, to greet and talk to youngsters,and already the promoters have booked visits by children of seven elementary schools Homeward bound loads lightened at flea market ORACLE CLASSIFIEDS 5 Lines $1.00 Dorm students are lightening the loads they have to lug home for the summer, and a flea market will sell the suiplus Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. in Argos Mall. The Flea Market, sponsored by the Argos Program Council, will offer items given up by dorm students. Everyone is welcome to buy. A car, bicycles, records, stereos, clothing, books and craft items will be available during the day and ata 3 p.m .. auction Harley Herman of the program council said the Flea Market may become a quarterly event. ---------1 i Appearing This Week : I ufriends & Neighbors" ; I Thursday, Friday, Saturday : I I I FREE BEER I I Thars. & m. I 8:30 9:00 p.m. I I I I I 1 Mi Back Yard I 2 mffes South of Busch : Students interested in par ticipating should contact Herman, 6360, or Bev Hoper, 6303. LAN 172 WANTS YOU!!!!!!!!! EXT. 2620 Summertime positions will be available commencing June 1. Here are a few of the. areas which might interest you: Waitresses Busboys Custodians-Housekeeping Night Utility If you are interested, please apply in person at the personnel office, CAROLANDO MOTOR INN, at the intersection of I-4 and State Road 192, 15 mikes southwest of Orlando, or submit your resume' to: Director of Personnel CAROLANDO MOTOR INN P.O. Box 1768 Kissimmee, Florida 32741 on 40th St. I J An Equal Opportunity Employer. ,!. ------. BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer Early registration yesterday was "slow and smooth ac cording to work e rs in several registration areas. "It has been real smooth and we are running about half an hour ahead of schedule," said Alfred Crews, assistant registrar. CREWS SAID about the same number of people were registering this summer as in past summers. "However, early summer registration is always slow because many summer students are teachers and they can't come now because they are teaching, so they register in June," Dennis Goodwin, director of Records and Registration, said. 'We'll expect a fairly heavy t urnout then Few students signed up for the cross registration with Hillsborough Community College, but the monitor said, "HCC has been registering for several days and some students have already signed up with them before today rEW LINES were reported at any area in registration. J<,ive cashiers w ere open and only two or three students were in line at each. The fee assessment desk reported they had "no lines at all." Approximately two dozer. people signed up for the only YOU course, Issues in Music. Mor e s tudents signed up for CBS 401

Faculty nominees BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer The proposed sec urity advisory committee m embers will be appointed "as soon as we get names from Faculty Senate;' according to Pres. Cecil Mackey needed for Dr. Jesse Binford, Faculty Senate chairman, said the Senate will elect its nominees at Mon day's meeting and forward them then. ALBERT HARTLEY, vice president for Finance and Ac counting, said all other groups (Career Service Senate, Ad ministrative and Professional Council, and SG) have already submitted their nominees. although SG's list was revised by Student Affairs. committee Continued from Page "Proper appeals procedures would also protect a professor from punitive actions by his colleagues," Krimsky said, adding, "It could protect unor thodoxy, which is sometimes confused with incompetence." "Collective bargaining, if used effectively, could be another way (besides tenure) of guaranteeing proper job security," said Dr. Jack Moore, president of the local chapter of American Association of University Professors

8 -THE ORACLE ,. ... Asolo group to present opera spoof The Asolo State Theatre will present its first full-scale musical comedy, "Little Mary Sunshine," today for a protracted run in the State Theatre's professional repertory through Sept. 2 at 8:15 p.m. "Little Mary Sunshine" is an operatic spoof which in corporates the folk heroes of the brave and clean warrior and the sweet and simple virgin to portray a simple world in which good triumphs over evil and love conquers all. THE PRODUCTION will be guest-directed by Peter J. Saputo, past Asolo performer and currect director of the acting program at Florida State University. Rick Besoyan directed and wrote the script, lyrics and music for "Little 'Mary Sunshine." which is set in 1902 and which began its two-year run in New York in 1959. Reservations may be made at Maas Brothers in Westshore Plaza, St. Pete and Clearwater or by calling the Asolo Box Office at (813) 355-2771. Tickets are from $2.90 to $5.90 ORACLE CLASSIFIEDS PAGE 15 May 25, 1973 Student film fest I Hcvcnge, death and nonrcality g arc the theme s ex1>lored by Mass t Communications film sec1ucnce f' majors in the third annual Student Film Festival. Four films will be shown today and Saturday at 7 and 9 : 30 p m. in ENA. Robert Hancock and Michael Norton recreate the Edgar Allen Poe classic with "Masque," left. Ed McGraw and Steve Hack-barth 's surrealistic images are captured in "The Image Maker," right. Below, Scott Shelly and Darryl Shepherd's "Afterwards examines l ife after a nuclear holocaust. An often ignored hitchhiker strikes back in Robert Nickerson and Randy Lovely's "The Vengeant," bottom. A private awards ceremony will be held Sunday. A $1 donation will be asked to go towards film scholarships. Oracle photo by Randy Lovely "liOT TO GO" COMPLETE DINNERS regul:;.pricel &Oo/o OFF I with The makers of CHEF BOY-AR-DEE dinner products proudly invite you to try the newest concept in convenience dining ... the "hot to go" COMPLETE DINNER. The idea is new but the food is the same that makes Chef Boy-ar-dee America's most popular producer of fine dinner foods. And now that same TOP QUALITY food, piping hot and ready to go, is available to you at your nearest Majik Market con venience store. What you get choice of 10 delicious entree selections, potato or bean salad, dessert pie, plate, knife, fork, napkin ... But most important you get "SATISFACTION of QUALITY GUARANTEED" or your money will be refunded. *** This coupon valid only at Majik Market store at 20th Street and Fletcher Ave. (Next to Domino's Pizza). GOOD ONLY May 25, 26 and 27th ... Limit 1 per customer please. NIVERSITY BICYCLE FROM $1599 1970 VW Fastback sedan, 4spd, radio, heater very low milage, stock no. 2109 1970 1137 Bug, radio, heater, 4spd, low milage no. 2128 1972 VW 1131, radio, heater, no. 2139 1971 VW 1131, radio, heater, 4spd, no. 2205 1968 VW 1132, auto, radio, heater, very low milage no. 2178 1972 7-passenger bus, radio, heater, very low milage no. 4132-1 1971 Pop-top Camper, radio, heater, air cond, save no. 3040-1 Our Used VW'1 Come Sli9htly New LINDELL VOLKSWAGEN 3900 W. KENNEDY PHONE 872-4841


THE ORACLE-May 25, 1973 9 He had a 'nice career' Harry Hurwitz talks about his seduction BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor Harry Hurwitz was seduced by a camera. Hurwitz, the director of the film "The Projectionist," which was screened on campus last night, used to be a painter. "I HAD a nice career," he said. "But I got my first camera and was seduced --pure seduction and I haven't been able to draw since." The husky, jovial m.'m, who [! highlitts TODAY 4 p.m., Ch. 16 --The Performers --nostalgia music featuring The Recorder Consort of Sun City Center. 9 p.m., Ch. 44 --Baseball Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals. 11: 30 p.m., Ch. 10 --In Concert with Dr. John, Miles Davis, Albert King, Slade and Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44 --Movie Humphrey Bogart as an ex serviceman in post-war Tokyo and his involvement in a plot to smuggle war criminals into Japan -"Tokyo Joe." 11 :30 p.m., Ch. 13 --Movie -Steve McQueen in one of his first roles stars in "The Blob." 1 a.m., Ch. 8 --Midnight Special with Dr. John, the Staple S ingers and Gladys Knight and the Pips. 2:30a.m., Ch. 8--Movie --Gary Cooper in "Good Sam" about a good Samaritan whose efforts net hardships for him. SATURDAY 2:15 p.m., Ch. 8 --Baseball Chicago Cubs vs. Ci ncinnati Reds. 2:30 p m ., Ch. 10 --Movie Preston Foster in "King of the Wild Horses." 5 p.m., Ch. IO --Wide World of Sports --Gymnasts from the People's Republic of China competing again s t American gymnasts and, the Daytona :ioo Stock Car Race. 8 p.m., Ch. :i --Movie --l{ob e rt.o Rossellini 's "The Hise of Louis XIV," a film chronicling the lif e of the "Sun King." WUSF-TV show hosts nostalgic music program Television viewers will have a chanc e to experience a program of nosta lgi c music w hen WUSF TV presents "Th e Perfor111ers .. today at 4 p.m. and 9::!0 p .111. on C h. 16. The Recorder Consort Df Stm City Center, featuring Dr. Hans Ne uberger. Mia Neuberger. Dr. Maurice and Betty Whitney. Dean f{andall anrl Donna Richards will perform works of the medieval, baroque anrl renaissance periods. A modern work will a l so be presen!Prl. The recorder. th e ancestor of the modern flute. disappeared from orchestras about 17:10. Interest in the instrument. was revived about. 1925 and has grown in popularity s ince. 9 p.m., Ch. 8 --Movie --William Holden, Vince Edwards, Cliff Robertson, Michael Rennie and Dana Andrews in the World War II thriller "The Devil's Brigade." 10 p.m., Ch. 3 --Advocates -"Saving the Nations Railroads" is discussed. 11 p.m., Ch 3 -Conversation with Mrs. Coretta King --an interview with the wife of the late Martin Luther King. 1 a.m., Ch. 8 Movie -G ary Cooper won an Oscar for his rGle in Fred Zinnemann's suspen::;e western "High Noon." Thomas Mitchell, Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges, Otto Kruger and Lon Chaney also star. SUNDAY 11 a.m. Ch. 13 --Camera Three a look at Jerzy Grotowski, whose experiences with the theatre have sparked con troversy. 2 p.m., Ch. 44 --Movie Baseball --Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals. 2 p.m., Ch. 8 --Movie -"The Grapes of Wrath" based on the John Steinbeck novel about dust bowl farmers looking for work. Henry Fonda, John Carradine and Jane Darwell s t ar. 3 p.m, Ch. 13 -CBS Sports Spectacular --track and field and swimming. 4::!0 p.m., Ch. 13 -CBS Tennis C lassic -Bob Lutz vs. Arthur Ashe. 4::!0 p.m., C h 8 --Legacy --a lo ok at Holland's cultural history tracing its art work. :i p.m .. C h. IO --The Racers --a view of the Parnclli .Jones racers. 7::l0 p.m .. Ch. : Come to Florirla Before It's Go n e --comic Pat Paulsen takes a satirical l ook at Florida s problems. 8::lo p.m .. Ch. B --Mystery Mov i c Peter Falk as "Columbo" try ing to track down a murrlerer (Hobert Cu lp l. !Op .m C h. 8 -Night -Stevl' Forrest in the story of an Afri('an gorilla all(! his a n thropologist captor 11 ::Hl p.m .. Ch. 1:l -MoYie .John Vcrnon and Fritz Weaver in "llunter. a drama about an agPnt tryi ng to pn'Vl'nt a dearll:-1 germ virus from destroying h a lf of Anwrica. MONDAY B p.m .. C h :3 --NET Opera Theater -Mozart's comic opera "Abduction from t he Seraglio." B : I:i p.m .. C h B --Baseball Oakla!lrl Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers. 9 p.m .. Ch. 10 --Indianapolis 9 p.m .. C h. 4.4 -Movie Den111s Hopper in The Young Land." says h e has always been a "movi e freak," has hi s own sure to-work technique for making a movie. He doesn't use a script. "I WORK for a very clear idea of my structure --the only thing that gets written is an elaborate shopping list," he said. During an interview, Hurwitz said his films are "very structured" but in terms of dialogue "I'd rather give the performer preference. I let the actors find many variations," he said. "Many actors can't improvise, however. Some performers though have great intuitive quality; that's why I like working with comedians. They have a way of twisting tragedy. And tragedy is comedy ass-backwards." HURWITZ POINTED out that the rea l construction in a film is in its editing, thus the year and a half it took him to edit "The Projectionsit." Mexican tour students meet Students who w ill be attending th e USF-National Un iversity of Mexico o\erseas Stu1j y Center in Mexico C it y are requested to meet today at 2 p.m. LAN 208. Airline and hotel reservations. as well as independent study projects, lours and excur ; ions w ill be discussed. For information on the USF program in Mexico, call ext. Need help? Cliff Notes and Monarch Notes From urn.c PROffSSOR SOOKCCNTCR Floriland Mall Florida Ave.& Busch Blvd Ph. 935-4641 ''FRIENDS AND NEI(;HB()RS" : FRll)AY 3-7 WEDO 5-7 Ff{l. :)-7 the COLLAGE Nebraska and 131st Avenues "I have a fixed idea of how to cut a scene," h e said. "I don' t lik e being on a schedule. You're dealing with rhythms --a very important part of film_ Hurwitz got off the subject of filmmaking to talk about Hollywood --the recorder of "distortion and abstraction. "THE NOSTAGLIA that has grown up out of Hollywood is that we've accepted as reai what is fantasy," he said. "Psychologically, Hollywood has molded an entire attitude of war, sex, love, regardless of how false it may seem." Hurwitz cited one reason for the flamboyancy of the '60s as that concept and vision of Hollywood filtered down into everyone. Everyone discovered "we can all live like movie stars. "WE NEVER had a revolution," he said. "It was just a movie --everybody Harry Hurwitz Hurwitz insisted that the audio visual influence on people's lives is "fantastic. It's the last step in a whole lifestyle," he said. Hurwitz talked about his new movie, the second in his trilogy of "movie movies"--"The Comeback Trail," a film about two producers that hire an old cowboy star, insure him for $2 million and try to kill him in a Western. 8 <9 .. .;) .. ,. Chuck Mccann, Captain Flash -the projectionist in "The Projectionsit" and Buster Crabbe star win the film. .-!> <.;. OPHIE'S IS HAVING A KNOCK-OUT SALE! t I OUTRAG.t!:OUS VALUES I I e '!! ., ) .. J> l\TS $5.00 : $.>.oo TOPS -$:!.00 l)RfJ,""'""fJ,S $/ .. 1lJ ./I Ck ETS $.).()() P-1 \TSETS $/O.oo 01\E \\EEK lL\LY!!! \L\Y 2bt THKli \L\Y 28th \10"\D-\Y FH.lll\Y IOam H pm Tll \ Y ... HD\ Y I Oa111 (l1n11 .t ophie's : 2227 South Dale Mabr} .. .. ... 0.


IO-THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 Veterans' legislation 1bottled up KY TOM PALMER Oracle Staff Writ e r Legislation which would authorize state e ducation a l benefits for Vie tnam veter a ns is being bottled up in the Hous e Appropriations Committee by Chairman Marshall Harris D Miami, and he must be pressured to send it to the floor, W.B. Mackall said Wednesda y night. Our onl y hope is sending telegrams to Hartis and telling him to get off his 'ass on HB 1942," said Mackall director of the Florida Division of Veterans Affairs in his address to Veterans Awareness Council members. HE SAID THERE was a companion bill currently in the Senate Ways and Means Com mittee being held until Harris' committee acts, but added, "If the Senate waits for Marshall Harris, time may run out. What this legislation would do i s a llow ve t erans who qualify to partiall y waiv e f ee s at sta t e univ e rsiti es a nd offe r subsidi e s t o v e t e r ans attending priva t e coll e g e s. M a ck all s aid this bill i s im pQrtant because a lthough Florida ranks ninth in tot a l veteran population 0 ,044,000, including 244,000 Vietnam veterans), it ranks 3 4th in state benefits for veterans. DURING HEARINGS before the House Select Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs where the bill originated, representatives from the Board of Regents tried to "argue the bill to death but backed off in the face of 150 veterans present at the hearings on the day of the vote, Mackall said He said a similar demon stration by at least 200 veterans from Florida State and Florida A & M Universities was planned Wednesday evening at the Capitol and aimed at Harris. "We cannot cheat, swindle or defraud these gallant men who use these instruments of war as they are now trying to use their GI Bill and medical benefits." --W.B. Mackall Turning to the state of veterans benefits at the federal level, Mackall a ttacked cuts in the Veterans Administration . Good, Fast Service, _,,_ 'f6'; rs our way of saying thanks 14727 N NEBRASKA AVE. BEFOREYOU GO. PICKUP YOUR PANTS AT THE BETTER HALF Hours 10-8 Ph. 971-4254 10024 N. 30th Street Across from Busch Gardens on 30th Street r-------------------------.... 1 -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L-fCOUPONI Customer's name ...... ................... .... Address .. ...... ................... ........ Phone ..... ... ... ... ........ ............ $1 off the price of any large pizza -; ;-'.) ('.\'fJ. ,) -I.) DOMINO'S PHONE 971-7875 THE PIZZA PEOPLE, PERIOD. FOR FAST FREE HO,_f DELIVERY I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ---------------------____ .J



12-THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 USF to conduct athletic banquet BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor For the first time, USF will name a female athlete of the year along with a top male performer as it conducts its third annual athletic awards banquet today The 6 p.m event is to be staged at the Lake Thonotosassa Center as an informal cookout. In the event of rain, the festivities will be moved to the natatorium IN THE P A$T, USF had only one women's sport, tennis, but this year it ventured into intercollegiate competition in basketball and volleyball also. The prime candidate for the female award is Mary Ann Holmes, a St. Petersburg Junior College banquet. In 1971 Morehead, a six time All-American and record holder in the 200-yard breaststroke was victorious and last year DePieza of the now defunct USF cross country team and now running for University of Florida grabbed the trophy A Brahman scholar-athlete shall also be chosen at today 's ceremonies. sports program yearly success their only college division opponent. TENNIS WAS thP other USF sport to finish below the .500 mark, dropping to 12-13 on the final day of the season The golf squad, defending runnerups in the NCAA college di vision tourney, recorded a 5-5 mark in dual competition Although the Brahmans have received no written invitation to this year's NCAA meet, acting coach Leroy Parr said the squad has been contacted by phone. TWO basketball and baseball experienced their best seasons at USF. In their second year of varsity play the ca gers finished 14-ll as the Brahman nine went 23-16. their best in eight years. Oo/o OFF ANYTHING IN STORE!! Strakivari, A R., Garrard, KLH, Harmon Kardon Dual Marantz, TEAC AKAi, Sony Dynaco Craig Sanyo QUAD Records & Tapes, Nikko Pickering Shure, Koss 4812 Busch Blvd. (5 blocks east of Busch Gardens) GET ON DOWN!!! doe s not necessaril y apply to all fair trade 988-7059 Open til/ 9p.m. DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit your class schedule call 253-2844 Monday through Friday 7AMto2PM El>flFIJ by EFUA T. SUTHERLAND OF GHANA Directed by ERROL HILL MAY 24 -26 8PM University Theatre PHON. E_. 974 -2323 .. ,.; DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE


THE ORACLE -May 25, 1973 13 -. ::--. --, Live With Us Happiness is being where the action is. That's why we plan a variety of social activities for your entertainment. Take 'em or leave 'em. Bring a friend or come alone. Either way, you'll enjoy the fun things wh en you live at our place. So... make the right move. Come to where the living is easy. 6Fontana -J 4200 Fletchn ,\ Wll lH'. Ta 111 pa. Florid a 12 Phone (SB) 9 71-9 ;);)()


Women to be honored The Awards Day and Spring Conf erence for women's intra murals is scheduled for Thursd a y in the Baptist Student Union. Awards will be presented for Sportsmanship, Outstanding Sports Recreation and the IM' er, going to the woman who has accumlulated the most points throughout the year. JILL BARR. recreation coordinator, said students will have a chance to provide "input into what programs they want for next year." r intramurals The awards presentations will begin at 4 : 15 p.m. and tickets for the banquet following the presentation may be purchased at the intramural office for $1. Personal foul Finals in women's volleyball and co-ed basketball will be played Tuesday in the gym with volleyball starting at 4:30 p.m. and the cagers getting under way at 7 p.m. ... A look into the future This being the final column of the quarter it seems appropriate to make S\.me predictjons about sports world happenings Before you go taking my prophecies as gospel truth, however let me caution you about my soothsaying powers. IN THE PAST year I picked the Reds in the World Series, the Redskins in the Super Bowl and the Lakers in the NBA play offs. Needless to say they all lost. But I'm a firm believer in the law of averages and sooner or later I'm going to have to end my jinxing ability. To begin with I'll make one of the easier predictions-Secretariat will win the Triple Crown. Only Sham kept close to the horse in the Derby and the Preakness, and only Sham will make a race of it in the June 9 Belmont Stakes. THE ONLY possible way Secretariat can lose is if he gets boxed in while starting off in his usual last place. Barring such misfortune, Secretariat will become the ninth Triple Crown winner in history. Monday s running of the In dianapolis 500 offers more of a challenge Actually the race could go to almost anyone. I'll pick Gary Bettenhausen mainly because I've pulled for him since he started in the event. But his position, the middle of the second row, doesn't hurt either. BEFORE THE baseball season began, I chose Pittsburgh, Cincinnati Baltimore and the Chicago White Sox to take their respective divisions I still do. The Pirates have been stum bling around for awhile but should soon start to play like the 1971 World Champions are capable Their biggest opposition will be the Cubs. Of the four top teams in the NL West, Cincinnati is the only one which has consistently played well the entire season, a plus in their favor I THOUGHT the O's would be a better team this year. They aren't, but neither is the rest of the mediocre Al East. Baltimore should back into the title. Even I'd be somewhat sur" prised if the Chisox won their Green League crown decided as TEP wins With its 6-3 victory over Delta Tau Delta Wednesday, Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) became the first fraternity entered in Monday's intramural softball playoff. The triumph which raised TEP s record to 9-1 enabled them to take the Green League title. Seven teams have now earned their way to the campus playoffs with only the Gold League and Staff League winners yet to be determined division but they have the per sonnel to do it. Wilbur Wood, Dick Allen & Co. have a tough division but it's their turn to take it. One of the year's biggest questions is, 'When will Hank Aaron break Babe Ruth's home run record? It's almost a sure bet that if the Hammer doesn't get injured the record's his. WITH just 29 homers to tie Ruth

THE ORACLE -May 25, 1973 15 ( 1.4 A S S I H It A It S ) OFFERED J SPECIALIZED TYPIST ISM Selectric that CORRECTS OWN ERRORS, Pica or Elite. All types of work, 5 minutes from USF. N 'ina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St. 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. ----LESSONS-Guitar: 5-string Banjo. Private lessons by Qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissett Music, Ph. 988-1419. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST:-TURASIAN, USF, APA, etc. style manuals. ISM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. lromUSF--.971-6041 after 6 CANOE RENTALS Sy pay or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 MODERN CAMPSITE, five minutes from USF. 177 wooded sites. All hookups. Heated pool. Ideal location for visiting parents with RV's. us 301 and SR 579. Tel.: 986 Spanish Main Campground. ANYONE INTERESTED in University child care service, or .food co-ops to buy food at wholesale prices, call 971-3358. r I MISC. FOR SALE ... l I I .; BEAUTIFUL Flowers for all occasions for best results, call: Thompson's Flower & Gift Shop 2319 W. Linebaugh Ave. 935-8263 10 SPEED Murray bike $45. Speargun, Magnu m Toploader, excellent condition. Queen size waterbed S15. Ph: 971-3344. BEAUTIFUL German shepherd puppies AKC registered, shots, range of colors $50-S8S. Call 251-5796. LOVE is: Siamese kittens purrfectly adorable. Well-cared for. 986-1154. Registered and unregistered. IN DY 500 tickets for sale. Paddock block of six value. S150. All for SlOO. Call Mark 9718-TRACK Tape Players for auto $29.95. Menard Pawn & Gift Shop 14038 N. Florida Ave. 935-7743. THIS is your LEVI store. We have denim & corduroys in regulars & BELLS. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min from campus. Ser max Western Wear 870 Nebraska. FOR SALE: One complete set of Titleist Golf Irons. 2 through sandwedge. 1973 model slightly used. $150.00 Call Dick or Sill at 988-0164. MUST sell boys 10-speed Schwinn bike. Excellent condition. 971-4122. (( RENT l FOR J} .............. .. ............ .................... ... FOR RENT cottages and-or efficiencies. 8.y week or month. At Mi Sack Yard. 2 miles South of Busch on 40th Street. See Bobby or George. FOR RENT: Quaint, 2-Bedroom completely iurnished cottage. Beautiful oaks, fenced .backyard, 2 mi. from campus. Couple only. $150-mo. first & last. Phone 988-9246. ONE SR FURN, cent AC, dishwasher, self cleaning oven walkin closet. Available June 1. S143 plus deposit. 971-1458 after 5. RENT ONE bedroom furnished apt. Cathedral ceiling. $160 a month. Close to USF. To sublet from June to August, for further information, call 971-5232. SUMMER AT LA MANCHA DOS. Study & relax at La Mancha Dos this summer. We offer summer quarter contracts for $175 or rnonthly rate at $75. Make reservations now while summer vacancies left. One blk. campus on 42nd St 971-0100. ....__ __ j TRANSPORTATION Available to New York City. Drivers needed 18 yr., Drivers Lise., Student ID. Call Olin' Rentacar Tampa. 876 or in Miami, B71-3710. r HELP. EXTRA" cash (work today-pay today) guaranteed work, work when you want as long as you want. Seven days a week. Apply ready to work. MANPOWER 1919 E. Busch Blvd., 416 w. Kennedy. Hrs. 6 a.m.-6 p.m. MEN OR WOMEN wanted for permanent part iime employment taking inventory in grocery, drug and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialists. Phone: 879 3876. IMMEDIATE opening Houseparents, Resident Counselors, Dormi1ory For Handicapped Adults 877 7431 HAIRDRESSER wanted USF area. Busy salon. Apply Surburbanc1te Beauty Salon 2211 E Fletcher. COOKS and waitresses wanted. Over 2 Temple Terrace, Florida Ave. Hillsborough Ave. Pizza Huts. Apply in MALE students wante d for part.time laborers as indoor landscapers. Good hourly wage approx JO hrs per w ee k Calt the Planter Box 8765343 9 : 30 5 : 30 A s k for Mike. PART TIME 'help wanted. At least 3 full days per week. Will work around your. schedule. Weavers Lawn Service. 877 4800. 5803 N. Armenia Ave., Tampa Fla. ORGANIST or elec. piano player wanted for established group. Top 40 & commercial. Must have own equipment. Steady fulltime employment. 988-8149. NEW TRAVEL LODGE Motor Hotel opening close to USF campus, Fowler & 30th. Need complete staff. Front desk, PBX, Waiter, Sellman, Cashiers, Cocktail waitresses, Cooks, Bus help, etc. Taking applications now at temp. office, 1915 E., Shady Oaks Mobile Homes Sales. ANYONE with van going to Miami at quarter's end? Will pay SlO to take rocking chair and light frame couch & cushions to my home. Call Sue 935-8602. SUMMER Jobs-Serve youth at Camp Flaming Arrow, SSA, Salary open. Located in Lake Wales, Fla. 7 wks. Call for Appointment or Application, 872 Jim Hall. PART TIME employments men's clothing store. Summer and part time employment. Phone: 879-1794 between 9 a.m. & 5 p.m. COUNSELOR -male, female. Work at camp upstate N.Y. Teach kids the outdoors sharing-love. If you care about young people, call Gary at 879-1799 after 7. OPPORTUNITY for persons 19 or over to learn management on full time basis with rapidly growing theater circuit. Please apply in person at Britton Theater, Britton Plaza. '71 VW BUG-MUST SELL. Light with black interior; radio; excellent condition $1500 or best offer. Call 935-2482 after 7 p.m. 1970 BUICK Skylark GS 350'automatic, power steering, power disc brakes. Must sell by May 26. $1600 or best offer. Call 988-9497. APTS. & HOUSES'\ TO SHARE NEED 2 FEMALE roommates to share furnished 2 bdr, 2 bath, cen. AH, WW carpeted apt. ;,mi. from USF. Rent: $60 per mon. For more information, Call Sandy 971-0162. MALE ROOMMATEown room in a nice CA two bedroom mobile home 3 miles to USF at (Village Tampa) $70. Available June 1. For more information call: 971-8808. FOR SUBLEASEOne private bedroom in three bedroom house. Fully furnished with AC, color TV, carpeting and piano. Located in residential Temple Terrace. Call Sill or Dick al 988-0164. NEED roommate to share trailer, 2 miles from USF. $62.50 a inon. & utilities Available June 1. Phone 971-9747. 12407 N 11 St. Campus Court Trailer E. WORKING at Disney this summer? Roommate needed, share apt. with 3 other girls. 10 min. from WOW in Kissimmee. Contact Mary Jo. Ph: 6258. .1sso 7034 w. hillsborough 13112 n. florida ave. (peacock alley) beanbags $19.95 TODA Y'S WORLD ( ) ( __ M_o_e_il_E_H_o_M_E_s_) plus TEMPORARY WIVES ELECTRIC guitar and amp. $250.00 Call if interested or come by: 2615 E. !10th Ave. Ph. 971-1480 from 9:30 A.M.-2:30 P.M. KITTENS Four Toms and a Teddy Bear. A real mixed bag. 238-2566. PISGAH WILDERNESS COMMUNITY BUILDING EXPEDITION August 18-31. This is unique opportunity to experience new ways to self and other awareness through the rigors of strenuous and creative back packing. Led by a climber and a group specialist. Registrations by June 1. Call Sill U.C.F. 988-1185. ( REAL ESTATE J LIBERATION Music Service S4000 will buy all stock and fixtures. Call Tim. Ph: 935:5912 (MoTORCYCLES--1 \. & SCOOTERS .) HONDA 450 Scrambler low mileagl!, lugg&ge rack, elec. Start, lots of extras. $550. Call 977-5290. If no answer call 971-0997. LEA'llNG TOWN this summer. Must sell a like new 1970 Honda 175 with a mere 4700 miles. Come with a he lmet tool kit etc. S375 or best offer. 343-2030 St. Pete. 1972 YAMAHA lOOcc LS2. Only 1500 miles. Excellent condition. Two helmets with windscreens included. S390 Call 884-4806. 1965 CHEV. air, good tires & brakes, automatic, power steering. $499.99 Must sell. Please call 238-7270 after 5 PINT0-'71 low mileage, AC, radio, automatic, yellow with black interior; Must Sell, $1500 or best offer. Call 935-2412 after 7 :00 PM. '62 VW BUG. Good condition. Rebuilt engine. Has had loving treatment. $425. Call evenings. 988. '66 FORD Mustang, factory air, PS, vinyl rool, excellent condition. '71 Honda great for dirt or to beat USF parking problems. 971-3547 before 5 or 977-5569. CLINT EASTWOOD HIGH PLAINS DltlFTElt TECHNICOLOR PANAVISION I: 00 2: 50 4: 45 6: 30 8: 20 10: 10 1971 12X60 REGENT: 2 bedrooms, 32,500 STU 1\-C, awnings, 10x7 shed, WW car peting, privately set-up, 6 miles from USF, must sell! SACRIFICE! $470 down Ph: 186-1738. IF you need any info on drugs, referrals, activities or just want to rap. Call Helpline at 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556 for women's problems. VALERIE MORTON or Stanley West of Florence N .J. olease contact Celestine Pratt at 2917 Angela Ct. in Knollwood Manor Apt. off 30th Street, soon as possible. TERRY Happy Birthday!! I love you. Chris. Need a ride? Check the ORACLE CLASSIFIED LAN 472 EXT. 2620 iORAl GllllUTIOll Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. $175/ per quarter THAT'S ALL IT COSTS TO LIVE IN LA MANCHA DOS FOR SUMMER QUARTER (June 9 -August 14) 1 Block from campus on 42nd St. Phone 971-0100 NUCLEAR POWER FOR THOSE ENROLLED IN PHYSICS, MATHMATICS, OR ENGINEERING CURRICULUM WHO WANT TO GET TO THE TOP. For more information call U.S. Navy, Temple Terrace 985 1010 I


16-THE ORACLE May 25, 1973 1 Quench your thirst for adventure. Discover New Spaitada. ': r : : .; : : -;. The men of Spain sailed the seas in search oi new worlds. They tarried the ; tasteoi home in a wine !hatcelebraied their glories and inspired Spanada :Ne.;y Spanada : a wine worth discovering today A superb red wine. lightly touched with citrus fruits It brings adventure to fine wine drinking. Serve new Spanada ... a taste worth discoverinp today ,.


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