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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Fant, Bob ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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May 30, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 37 16 pages 1No area power shortage' BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer The power shortage currently facing most of Florida is not expected to affect the Tampa area. or the USF campus, according to Tampa Electric Company (TECO) spokesman. "We in order to improve managerial decisions and actions. (analysis) TllE CUB.RENT one-to-four supervisor-worker ratio was also questioned by Zureich. He said maintenance supervisors should be better informed of their job dut.ies and he giv e n a ssistance in scheISTRIBUTION of funds is not recommended," Zureich said, "as the funds might not be utilized for needed repairs ... The last of Zureich's recom-mendations called for a review of the 10-hour, four-day work week now being used in the main tenance department. In a report to USF Pres. Cecil Mackey, Ken Thompson, assistant vice president for Administrative Affairs, said steps were being taken by plant Continued on Page 8


2-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 POW collaboration charged WASHINGTON --Firefighters got some relief Tuesday in their battle to control a raging fire in the Big Cypress Swamp. Reforms for air force TALLAHASSEE llousl' calendar Tuesday, apparently insuring that the. courts--ralhcr than the legislalure--will write the bargaii1ing ground rules. lleject ing warnings of higher auto insurance rates. the House Tuesday passed 104-8 a bill that increases mandatory coverage .' limits from "1020-5" to "15-30-5" on January 1, 1975. The bill amends a law scheduled to go into effect July I, 1973, that raises the limits to "30-:io-5"." *** The senate approved Tuesday *** The Senate took up its own $779 million public schools finance formula Tuesday, junking a more expensive distribution system passed by the House. The basic philosophy of both the Senate bill and its $829 million House counterpart is essentiallv the same--giving county school administrators greater discretion in the setting of priorities for spending state and county funds for education, and shifting the state's distribution forumla a per-classroom l perrchtl4 footing. ....... TEXACO DON'S ---TEXACO u CORNER 30th & FOWLER U-HAUL RENTALS Now taking reservations for the end of school Lindell Volkswagen Presents THE MINl-RO ,LLS FROM $1599 1970 VW Fastback sedan, 4spd, radio, heater very low milage, stock no. 2109 1970 1137 Bug, radio, heater, 4spd, low milage no. 2128 1972 VW 1131, radio, heater, no. 2139 1971 VW 1131, radio, heater, 4spd, no. 2205 1968 VW 1132, auto, radio, heater, very low milage no. 2178 1972 7-passenger bus, radio, heater, very low milage no. 4132-1 1971 Pop-top Camper, radio, heater, air cond, save no. 3040-1 Our Uaed VW'1 Come Slightly New LINDELL VOLKSWAGEN 3900 W. KENNEDY PHONE 872-4841 Despite stolen tests and the fact that applicants cari bring any book or material they need into the eicams all 2,149 persons who took it last March failed ; until the .wEer:e. s01:11e arhb. iguous qu estions "' 'ere throw out f t,'887were gi grades. *** House Speaker-Designate Don bms -.t!Je, Contr.ol : .Board's moratorium on construction in areas without proper sewage treatment facilities and setting guidelln e for control of development projects that affect rnore than one county. : COME SEE THE ALL NEW ACCENTS ON SPORTS e 9228 56th St. 4424 W. Kennedy Blvd. : Tucker hailed Tuesday as the 'first of its kind" a bill. establishing Lake Jackson in Tallahassee as an acquatic preserve. The bill requires the Cabinet to maintain and direct the preserve, eliminating future sale or transfer of sovereign submerged lands in the lake, one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country. *** The Senate approved a hike in workman compensation benefits Tuesday in a debate that sparked a Democratic caucus in which angry Senate President Mallory E. Horne told Senators to keep their minds on business The Oracle Is the official student-edited newspaper of the University of South Florida and is published four times weekly, Tuesday through Friday, during the academic year period September through mid-June; twice during the academic year period mid-June through August, by the University of South Florida, 4202 Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fla. 33620. Opinions expressed in The Oracle are those of the editors or of the writer and not those of the University of South Florida. Address correspondence to The Oraci, LAN 472, Tampa, Fla., 33620 Second class postage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or lurn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Op portunity Employer. Temple Terrace 988-7047 Tampa 876-6131 e T S 1.00 OFF!!! .-\ Pf\G PO\G \ e Every Pair of I\. Butterfly Paddles ADIDAS S Nittaku Balls & LI Sriver Rubber e : CONVERSE l Carrying Case T (with student ID) s Complete Selection COMPLETE GOLF & TENNIS SELECTION e Raquetball Handball Basketballs e WE HA VE ADIDAS T-SHIRTS \ 1


Faculty group airs objections Faculty Senate will discuss proposed changes in Board of Regents chairman. Named by USF for the 1973 edition of the national register were : Beth Bell, Mike Berger Shirley Chennault, Robbie Lynn Cooney, Paula Cunningham, Bill Davis, Mack Davis, Susan Davis, Roxanne Dow, Robert Fiallo, Gary Finley, Judi Gessner, Fred Gibbs, Warran Harris, Patti Hayes, Kevin Hedberg, Nancy Hutchinson, Ben Johnson, Arthur Jones, Mehboob Kizilbash, Jim Larkin, Mark Levine, Barbara Little, Jean Mcintyre, Bob Milhoan, John Patterson, Fred Peterson, Georgann Petros, Pete Popejoy, Vernon Powers, Lloyd Rhodes, Ellen Ross, Diane Sch weicker, Robert Storr, Barbara Twine, Rick Welch and Gary Yellin. Three faculty members were given special recognition by host Pres. Cecil Mackey. Dr. John Betz, Dr. Hans Juergenson, and Dr. Charles Obermeyer were recognized by Mackey and were later initiated into Omicron Delta Kappa CODK) during ceremonies in the UC following the banquet. The proposal would also require doctoral candidates to pass a written comprehensive qualifying exam at least one quarter before the degree is awarded. Current policy requires this written exam to be taken one year before the degree is gran ted. The final change proposed would require the chairman of the final oral exam to be a person outside both the department and the supervisory committee. The group has also recom mended that next year's catalog state that admission to PhD 1 programs is "highly selective" and criteria for selection may 1 vary among departments. DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit your class schedule call 253-2844 Monday through Friday 7AMto2PM 2 Free Cokes with Each Pizza ORACLE CLASSIFIEDS LAN 472 EXT. 2620 -AN ALTERNATIVE LA MANCHA DO& La Mancha Dos was designed as an alternative for students with no taste for dormitory rooms but without the budget to afford high rates of most conventional apartments either LOW COST $Iii .00-$!10.00 per month. That should be less than even a dormitory. *WALK TO USF : We are located I block from USF. You don't need a car to get to classes if you live at La Mancha Dos. PHIVACY f{ HOOMINESS : i:t HECHEATION : n BEAUTY Bedroom-study to yourself. Sleep when you want. study when you want, decorate and use as you want. Fully equipped all-electric kitchen, separate dining room. spacious living room two full bathrooms, patios overlooking beautiful courtyards. Thick shag carpet wallto-wall. Bar, ... / celona-style furniture, luxury a(cum .odations throughout. Planned parties at least .once a month. grills for i>arbecuing in each courtyard, all residents young and single. By next fall there will be 'two 2-story buildings, a pools, s au 11 a, b 1II1 a rd s. exercise rooms, tennis, basketball, volleyball, pingpong, color T. V. lounges. meditation room. Trees, flowers, shrubbery --beauty outside. A place where the outdoors can be enjoyed. lks<'rvalions now IH'i11; a<'<'<'pled for next fall and for 1 Ii is su 11111wr. lfrdmed rates for si;nin ir Parly. Sp('('i fi(' apls. ns1'l'V<'d on. bt come-bl r S('r\C liasis. LA MANCHA DOS APTS. 1 Block from USF on 42nd St I Phone 971 .....


4-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 Watergate just another expose Editor: The Watergate inc ide nt did no harm to the reputation of politicians It only exposed a nottier facet of political degradation. As a student, I venture to say ( with regret) that 80 per cent of young people from 14 to 24 would express a "minimum high regard" for the integrity of all elected officials. MANY OF US are aware of Mr. Roosevelt's attempt to "pack the Supreme Court," Mr. Truman' s "Harry Vaughn," General Eisenhower' s "Sherman Adams." the Kennedy's ''purchasing power,'' L.B.J.'s "Bobby Baker's .. and Mr. Nixon s "Checkers." You, the media, plus thousands of books and teachers who are interested in current affairs keep us informed. WE NOTE THAT a new technique is born occas10nally, such as an idea to walk around asking for help to become "your servant in Washington." This, we agree, is a clever means to an end, but we do not expect to see our Johnny Appleseed with holes in his shoes again. If elected, he has arrived, and is swept into that exalted club of 100 where the by-laws consist primarily of immunities, privileges, franks and fringe benefits. CHECK HIS NET worth two terms later, and you will run to your spiritual advisor for restoration of your faith. While he has been a party to a squandering program of spending and giving away your tax dollars, he has acquired u ranch, another home, and stock in vario.tL" corporations, as well as blind trust funds In addition, he has traveled the world over, (several times), with his entourage, studying the mating habits of the Margarine Butterfly -rare in deed. No, Watergate brings us nothing new nothing fresh. nothing interesting. WHAT WOULD really open our eyes? A full disclosure of the Chappaquidick indident, motivated by a member of the aforementioned club, As thi.-; is th e /mt isstu of (Jtr. :J, th e Omde feels (/// editorial todmr would ulloll' no opportunity j(1r rewler res1wns e Three puges will lw utili ze d instead to jJllhlish as 111a11 \ f el/ers .fimn readers as J>ossih!e. The (>rude trill resume /Hil>lication .l1111e I :2. -/<,'ditor who says of Watergate, "The people have a right to know." Then open the vaults, Sen Kennedy, and let us take a look HA VE SENS. Tunney, Bayh and others who are having domestic problems make a full disclosure of these problems. as well as financial holdings before election and today? Give us the certified details ot now L.B.J. really acquired $30 to $100 million dollars in office. Show .tax returns of senators and other elected officials from the year they entered office and every year thereafter. GIVE US attendance reports and health evaluations of these high-priced servants. In general. turn the lights up so the young and old. who have become calloused to gro.ft and corruption, can see them as they are. And, who knows; one day we may pause to read with interest the headlines that say "Sena tor (or Congressman, or Governor) Convicted of Income Tax Evasion." To view congressional panels interrogating prosective appointees is to witness an act of hypocrisy, to be found nowhere from here to Plato and Dante. You simply dub it "The Pot and the Kettle "and enjoy a farcial comedy. C. B Motsett A little sunshine Editor: Seeing as how most of the letters I see on the editorial page are gripes, complaints, and other assorted negative vibrational mind trips, I though I'd send in a little sunshine. I JUST thought I'd let everybody know, especially SEAC, that Baba Ram Dass was the best speaker I've ever had the opportunity to see on this or any other campus. I might expand that statement to add that it was the best presentation I've seen of any kind that I've had the opportunity to see on any campus. It is, I believe, very safe to say that 99.9 per cent of the human race is presently caught up in ego-centered mind games. This goes from an in dividual level all the way to a nation's ultimate ego trip .... the armed forces. Oh, what b aiJes we trul y are' /\'.';Y\\'1\Y. it i s ob v iou s to m e that the more speakers that we can gel that operate from a highiESS Ted Harazda Divine Light Mission A suggestion Editor: I!1 response to Bill Volker's letter concerning Saga vending machines which dispense fewer selections and less quantity for more money, the following suggestio1, may prov ide Mr. Volker and other similarly interested persons with a partial solution to the problem: Until s uch time that the Saga people decide to make an attempt to help our economy by discontinuing inflationary practices in their operations, concerned individuals should patronize other ,vendors. Perhaps a small privately owned grocery or sundry store. Furthermore, the concerned indi victual should tell that independent owner the reason he has decided to patronize the smaller store. If a good arr;.ir :e mP!lt between customer and vendor fs established, the customer -..


THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 Why must pub'. d ilC prove Editorra1nage plan harmful? (letters) The issue of th certainly seems t golf course pond but like the pond surface, complex below th it is far more e surface. _various diversionar arisen during th -Y problems have Commissioner Rodrie u recent protest. has publicly for example, absence during th oger Stewart's Mr. Carpenter h e May 23 meeting petitioners' arguas also weakened th ment bv 1n t' e volumes of s .. sis mg that documenting the eff literature on lakes and pond ec s ?f storm runoff this particular ps aJe to clearly reflects His attitude the value of scie a misunderstanding of d nee Aswas urmg the meetin pointed out value of the info g, it_ is the predictive applicability not its direct 'Now that I've cleaned u basis for ccitidsm '.c ([f a sound p around here I' 50 ca" into a w ti etrmt smashe.. Ag 1 n g m off to Europe! each is killed a and the m the t only divert mvolved. Mr;owo: Government and Student question of whether a the should profit f private mterest public of added the questio o this should be pr?posed retention n of w?ether the umversity grour d if built on public money is, s with or without the issue which JUSt another form of others. concerns Mr Davis and The other essential has received b 1 prmc1ple which a so utely recognition co no public ncerns the m which the pet t anner in I 10ners ( t d ment and the bl' s u ent governrequired to have been drainage will d the proposed burden of the lake. The developers to sh s ould rest on the ow that th will not be of d eir actions M Pi has set a d r ercefield angerou"' p d deftly def' rece ent uy mmg the a those whom he am! agam.:n supposed to r omm1ss1on are epresent Th m1ss1on must not be e comthe attiutude t.h permitted to adopt at the generate the pro f people must proper to halt imErnest E;;! 8 BIO / / lazy Dav Specials at the USF BOOKSTORE / 10% off Cool R p -ay oloroid Sunglasses Men's and Women's thongs Reg Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Products Beach Towels at $4.39 5


6-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 Reader airs1certain facts' on UP 1::. uH1e LO ormg out c ertam facts r e garding the rol e of the Univ e r sity Police of supervision by a senior officer while on duty During all this training the rookie officer is on full -time pay. AS A PART of their training, they are required to take the following com munity relations courses : Human Relations (6 hrs. ) Police and Minority Groups (4 hrs.), Public Relations (6 hrs .), and finally Social Agency Ser vices <2 hrs. l. In addition to these courses there is an Orienta ti on Program dealing with Ethics and Professionalism C 2 hrs l, Introduction to Law Enforcement (I hr.), and The Police Image <2 hrs l all of these in volving community relations. The main point expressed in every classroom is to be Courteous to the public. It is hoped that everyone understands that Courtesy is a two way street. And an officer would l i ke to be treated with the same amount of respect and with a civil tongue. It appears that one of the biggest complaints by many is the right of the to worry about be i ng attacked, night or to carry th e m at a ll. Why should of '"ice r s carry fir earms'1 The firearm carrie d b y th e UP i s a 1 ecessary tool so that a n offic e r may 1pe r a te su cce s s fully on c a mpus The urearm is a d e t e r a nt (si c) to pr eve nt crim e s on camp u s. A criminal would not h a ve an y worry at all if the UP were arme d with only a can o f Mace. It would t a k e only one arme d robb ery on c ampus for peopl e to see the app arent n ee d of fire arms. If the p e ople of USF hon es tl y b elie v e th a t thi s campus is ex empt from a ny serious crimes, then it i s sugg e sted th a t th e y check the r e c o rd and let th e fact s speak for th e mselves. THE REASON USF at this tim e has a low crime rate is due to the officers being armed. During 1972 there was nearly $9,000 in state property stolen or "misused" on campus, this is 5 0 per cent less than 1971. Compare this figure with the University of Florida whose thefts of state property totaled over $250,000 in the same year. There is very little difference in size of the two Universities, bot h in population and in area. Yet there is a lower crime rate at USF due to the (letters policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the Editor. umme[11 School Double occupancy, private rooms, and 15 meal plan are a 11 available for sum,mer quarter with prltes as low as $315 4200 Fletcher Ave. prompt a nd e ffeci e nt use of manpow e r on c a mpus. One la s t issu e must b e cleared and that deals with th e s erving of warra nts. Chie f Prehle Vice Pres. Hartl e y and She riff Beard h a ve dis cussed this problem a nd th e following policy ha s been propo s ed The officer would cont a ct th e profe s sor prior to the class or j ust afte r the class had concluded to see if th e person being s ought was prese nt for clas s. This would s erve as "standard proc e dure with the un d e rstanding that if the Judge ordered an immediate serving of a warrant, th e n the officer would have to go into the classroom Many people do not rea lize that when a warrant is issued by a Judge it must be served immediately. Anyone who does not do (sic) is ob structing the law, as stated in the Florida State Statutes and is subject to a fine or imprisonment or both THE QUESTION was posed by The Oracle as to whether or not the University or Professor could be sued if the person was innocent due to warrants issued against him The answer is a definite NO. The only person who could possibly be sued was the officer who originally had the warrants issued by a Judge. It would truly be a refreshing change if The Oracle, instead of asking questions would "dig" a little and find the answers But then this might be asking too much of our campus paper. Chief Prehle has said that, "the officer represents the people and it is the people who make the laws." If someone feels a law is unfair then it is up to that individual to petition and call his

Oracle photo by Randy Lovely The first time For the first time, the Administration Building received a roofcoating by Physical Plant workers Harold Brookshaw (front) and Glenn Stone. Graduation: 4,000 to receive degrees William Reece Smith, president of the Florida Bar, will ad dress about 1,000 graduates and their guests during com mencement exercises June 10 at 8 p.m. in Curtis Hixon Hall. Special awards and recognition of Outstanding Professor and Senior, as well as 4,000 degrees will be presented. The Alumni Association will host a reception in the hall following the ceremonies. Torch Light services will be Friday at 8 p.m. on Crescent Hill. Walter Griscti, last year's outstanding professor, Pres. Cecil Mackey, and Jim Larkin, senior class president, will address the audience Caps and gowns for graduates are available at the Bookstore for $7,80. eoqe wantsP.D his pants. George ltd, 1708 So.Dale Mabry, Tampa ID Shop Monday "til 9 PM THE ORACLE -May 30, 1973 7 Saturday classes slated for summer quarter only BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Staff Writer USF will have Saturday classes for the first and last time this summer. Doug MacCullough, acting registrar, said USF will go on a "common calendar" with all the other state universities this fall, and that calendar does not in clude Saturday classes. "THE_RE ARE NO plans for them -1.... I I:,. who say drainage would irreparably pollute the lake. Davis,whowillattencttoday 's9 I FEATURING HAND MADE SANDALS I a.m. meeting along with I AND LEATHER ACCESSORIES PLUS I I HAND MADE STERLING JEWELRY I members, said Pres. Cecil I I Mackey "didn't help us a bit," I 10 PERCENT DISCOUNT ON SANDALS I and recalled that Chancellor I I Robert Mautz had called the ( WITH THIS AD) drainage controversy a "closed I I issue." I .. 4239 E. Busch Blvd, I "We're not going to allow the I ( 2 blocks east of Treasure Land) -I lake to be destroyed," Davis said. L I --------------------r%".,,,,,.,,, .. .. f ii!'''iAf i.AL".,,,,il.f THE NATURAL KITCHEN WILL BE OPEN ALL SUMMER SUMMER HOURS: Jmw 7th.)_ l1:00am.-8:(H)pm. Mon.-Sal. 1 FOR THOSE WHO WON'T BE HERE THIS SUMMER. ::: THIS TIHJHSDA Y IS YOUR LAST CHANCE FOR OUR FAMOlJS EGGPLANT PARMESIAN ii) } WITH BROWN HIO:, SALAD, & BREAD ::: ::: :: :::: :::: ::::. :!!! ::: $1.75 THE STAFF AT TllE NATURAL KITtHEN WOULD LIKE TO WISH ALL DEPAHTIN(; STllDENTS A HAPPY AND HEAL THY SUMMER. :>:tH1 E. Bwwli Blvd. (nn:t to Pantry Pridt') T<'111 pl<' T('rrac(' 988-:WOB


8-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 First computer registration on BY LENORA L.\KE Orad!' Staff Writer USF' s first computer registra tion began Monday and reports yesterday showed 1,500 students picked up their course request forms on Monday. "If it F 801111 it' '-!\:. Cl vdc I 0 :aO p 111 S1111 ti;." .I 1111c Bonnie & Clyde LAN lO:i Friday June l 7::iO & 10:00 p111 Saturday Junr 2 7:30 & 10:00 pm Sunday June 3 7:.10 & 10:00 p111 50 with ID SPO i\SORf;J) JO IC I I I I _J TODAY IT TAKES TWO TO FLY .... YOU CAN BE ONE! I I l For l 11 formal io11 011 \ '" Fl i l Pro.em 111, 11 [ .,. :::111 ,1:1.1,111: Jli



10-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 Howard enjoys doing fun films BY VIVIAN l\HJ L E Y Entertainment Editor Movie producer S anford Howard fe e ls the motion picture industry is giving the public too much junk." At fir s t glance, Howard looks like a t y pic a l tall fairly good look i ng middle aged business man in a business suit. But he s not. HE'S THE producer of the science fiction adventure The Neptune Facotor -An Undersea Odyssey," which opened this past weekend at the Horizon Park 4 and Twin Bay 4 theatres in Tampa. He criticized the industry saying that a "good motion picture will die and a bad one will make it." Howard blamed this on the manner the film is pres.ented along with being "at the wrong theatre at the wrong time. Sometimes pictures often well received by the critics are often those that the general audience will not see," he said. Sanford Howard HOWARD SAYS his film is simple, unembellished by im portant sub-plots and most im portant "it was made for the audience to have fun." You can just relax, lean back and have a good time. And that's what the audience wants, he insists One, Two, Three ... Sandra DiMarco, center, professional dancer and dance instructor, was a guest teacher Tuesday in the advanced Modern Dance __ class. DiMarco and her husband Robert Karl gave a modern jazz demonstration in the class but their background includes ballet, tap, elocution apd acr()baJicsr They appeared in the original Slde Story," Man," and "Lil Abner,;' as well as"the movies; 2Mary Poppins," and "Bye Bye Birdie." The couple is now living in Tampa where they recently opened a school of theatre. Oracle photo by Randy Lovely 8cmy O\LS 'SaA?S W 1-0.Ul. TW/..-Y l.ASf --- Mf>,N! (., \ OT\-\

Oracle photo by Gary Lantrip 'Door with Sea' is one of Bruce Marsh's artworks on display through June 24. :: has been selected as chairman for the Art Department in the :: :::: College of Fine Arts, according to Fine Arts Dean Dr. Donald ;:;: Ne"" a rt S::ff 'aid the ,.Jecting committee focmed to ceview moce than I 70 applicants. ... chairman chosen I He said he chose Pappas because he felt Pappas had the best credentials aPd a much better level of administrative background than any of the others. Pappas said he did not know when he would be taking over the new position but that Ernie Cox, chairman of the Art Depart men', would be leaving at the end of this quarter, so he would probubh be taking on some of those responsi!>1lities along with his responsibilities as chairman of art education since a new chairman has not yet been chosen to take his place. Pappas said he is waiting to hear from Pres. Cecil Mackey and Dr. Carl Riggs, vice president for Academic Affairs, to find out when he will be taking over Summer speech tryouts set Tryouts for the Speech Co.n munication Department's ,July productions of three major worb of children's literature -"The Little Prince," "Winnie the Pooh" and "The Wind in the Willows" --will be held June 11 and 12. All USF students, regardless of major. are invited to participate. TRYOUTS FOH "The Little Prince," which will be the major production of Qtr. 4 will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. in LAN 478. "Winnie the Pooh," which will be presented as a Literature Hour, will hold tryouts from 4 to !i P-11\ in LAN 478. Tryouts for "The Wind in the Willows" will also be held from 5 LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you car repail'ed correctly. to 7 p.m. in LAN 4110. THESE Qtr. l productions will be presented on the following dates: July 11 and 14 for "Winnie the Pooh:" July 18 and 21 for "The Wind in the Willows ; and July 27 and 28 for "The Little Prince." For additional information, contact Dr. H.J. Schneider LAN 422, ext. 2159 The South Florida Review AMPERSAND Now on Sale LAN-LIT LOBBY and LAN 472 Limited Supply THE ORACLE -May 30, 1973 11 Mystery lacking Marsh exhibit 1n BY ALICE HENRETIG Oracle St.aff Writer If you like photography you may appreciate the 14 paintings by Bruce L. Marsh on exhibit through .June 24 in the University Theatre lobby. Marsh's recent works, which reproduce form. with austere photographic accuracy, seemed like windows gazing into a silent, emotionless void. HIS PAINTINGS seem technically perfect in their exercise of color and lighting, textures and form. But their creativity lies in juxtaposing dissimilar images and .color surprises. His canvases seem over-designed and lifeless. Marsh's use of an air brush in copying photographic sources sometimes blends his colors into soft, pleasing impressions, as in his rich forest scenes and water studies. The painting "Door with Sea" is interesting in its sudden effect of concrete structure looming over iridescent waves. art left with little else than some unpleasant associations frum seeing a smear of concrete over a peaceful forest. Another painting, "Corner with Bush," was interesting in the contrast between the stark walls and the fluid, opr 11e coloring of the surrealistica "v painted bush. But, as with the other works, my interest was persuaded by sensational content or color or precision of detail and not by a personal or mysterious at traction. Marsh is an assistant professor of Visual Arts at USF. He com pleted his undergraduate work at the University of California and received his Master of Fine Arts from. California State College at Long Beach. Dasylva's paintings MY FAVORITE, "Wall with Ten paintings by Mark Woods," strikes heavily on the Dasylva will be displayed June 9 eye and imprints a photographic 17 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. image on the memor But I'm m the UC Gallery

12 -THE ORACLE May 30, Weekend concert Lou Reed, whose recent hit single, "Walk on the Wild Side," skyrocketed on the charts, will appear in concert with recorcUng Wet Willie and Eric Tate Saturday at 8 p.m. at Tampa's Fort Homer Hesterly Armory. Tickets are $4 in advance and $5 the day of the show at the Armory box office. Student to present .black culture show "Young, Gifted and Black," a black cultural arts show put together by USF student Leon Hayes will be presented Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory. The revue features local black talent groups such as Uhurha Sasa, The Gospel Faith Band and the Insanity Jazz Band THE SHORT comedy, "A Gentleman Caller," !itarring USF's Kaydette Grant, who recently appeared in the USF theatre production of "Edufa," will also be presented. Hayes is producing the show as a first venture in his dream to open a local black cultural entertainment business. "This is not only going t o make me successful," Ha y es said. wiH help others." .. Leon Hayes and appreciation for drama. art. music arid literature a" uul icl <;for expression of the blac' < c: n-.c Tickets are on sa1e for $2, $2 50 the day of lhe .. l W and are available at the !\froAmerican Office. SOC 107. Clever senior project aims barbs at society BY ANNE CRAVENS Oracle Staff Writer "Loot," this weekend s USF Theatre offering won't be ap preciated by anyone who respects the police, the church law and order or funerals (but that shouldn't cut down its at tendance at USF) Senior theatre student Donald Gregory directed the black comedy by Joe Orton as his senior project, but the play has a more professional touch than one might expect from an relatively unguided student production. IT IS A BIT disconcerting to walk into what one expects to be a "radical" play and find an English drawing room for a set

THE ORACLE-May 30, 1973 13 Live With Us Unltss yo11"n \\orki11g 011 a B. \. in housecleaning. you know doing housework is a

14-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 New York in future for Ellison BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor What's left for Don Ellison to do'? This past year he represented United States baseball in Columbia and Nicaragua, an<;l he was recently named USF's Male Athlete of the Year. If he has his w;.iy, Ellison will be playing for:;,the New, York Mets The Mets have in dicated they'll pick USF's second leading hitter in the June draft. BUT THE Melbourne senior, who will be chosen as a first baseman-vutfielder, looks at his shot at making the major leagues in realistic terms. "I'd like to," he says of playing in the pros, "(but my chances are) slim to none. Hell, there will probably be 300 guys competing for that position If he doesn't sign Ellison says he'll play baseball in a Virginia College league this summer. In the fall he plans to return to USF to receive his degree in criminal jusUce. "I WOULDN'T want to be a policeman on a beat," explains the Georgia Military Institute transfer student, "but I'd like to get into corrective work some day, possibly as a customs agent. I'm undecided about my future outside of baseball." Baseball and Ellison have not always gotten along well. Not a sales pitch Ron Lonzano pitches for Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) in its 13-7 victory over Kinks yesterday. ATO plays the intramural championship game today against Anything Will Be Good which won its semifinal match against Tau Epsilon Phi, 7-0. The championship meet gets underway at 4: 15 on the IM field. "There was a time in high school when I didn't think I was good enough, but with the experience I've received I know I'm as good as anybody. You keep on playing till you reach that level where you can't improve." --Don Ellison "There was a time in high school when I didn't think I was good enough," he says, "but with the experience I've received I know I'm as good as anybody. "YOU KEEP ON playing 'til you reach that level where you can't improve. That's one thing .I appreciate about athletes--when you can't get by, you know it." This season a fractured shin bone kept Ellison out of a few games but he feels the only way sports brief 1n During quarter break the gym will be closed due to registration The equipmenfroom will be open 8-5 p.m. however. Argos Pool will also be closed but Andros Pool will observe it's regular Qtr. 3 hours of 2 p.m.-10 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. USF's Bowling League begins its summer session June 14 not the 12th as reported yesterday. If interested in participating in the league, come by Florida Bowling Lanes before 6:30 p.m. June 14. USF's Sailing team ended its Qtr 3 competition Saturday with an overall second place finish in the All Florida Championship Regatta. the injury will bother him is that "I won't get a bonus in the draft because they don't like injuries But I don't think it affected my ability." Although he was handed a broken trophy Friday, Ellison didn't feel it detracted from the meaning of the award. "I HAD AN idea (I'd win), but you don't get your hopes up too high. It doesn't mean anything that it's broken." During USF's 23-16 season, its best ever, Ellison slipped to 3-3 on the mound but ended 35th in the nation with a .39:l batting average. LAST YEAH there was talk of dropping basketball from USF's intercollegiate athletics but the sport was kept. and Ellison believes the team's performance this season has helped baseball at the University. "I view it as a success in terms that the program is still going. Ellison says of the 197:3 season. "I guess you could say those were our main objectives as seniors." Ellison's objective now is landing a job with the New York Mets. Henry's Compl.ete Foreign and Domesti.c .Repair and Service FAST SERVICE 28 Years Experience All Makes, All Models Phone 971-916! 13614 Tampa VtU SALES SERVICE PARTS Cycles Are Our Bus iness -Our Only Bu5iness! ALSO DEALERS IN GREEVES AND OALESMAN Good, Fast Service, is our way of saying thanks 971-8171 MONDAY 9 TO 9 CLOSED WEEKDAYS t; 'Tll 6 "ct "rf8 'b" 0 ;;, Holmes enjoying sports after tardy introduction t SLAPPY HOUR; .. "" 0 Friday June 1 d b 3:30 5:30 PM p BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor USF's first Female Athlete of the Year was lucky enough to have four brothers to run bases with, but found she siill had to depend on a few area softball leagues to fill the void in organized women's sports. Mary Ann Holmes grew up in Dunedin playing a lot of what she calls "streetball." After entering St. Petersburg Junior College hone 97 1-787 5 For hot delivery I


THE ORACLE -May 30, 1973 ( 1.4 A S I IJ II Giant Hot Giant Cold Ir I 1 : SERVICES OFFERED SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM Selectric tha t CORRECTS OWN ERRORS, Pica or Elite. All types of work, 5 minutes from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N 22nd St. 9712139. II no answer, 235-3261. SUMMER AT LA MANCHA DOS Study & relax at La Mancha Dos this summer. We offer summer quarter contracts for 5175 or monthly rate at 575. Make reservations now while summer vacancies left. One blk. from campus on 42nd St. 971-0100. ONE BR FURN, cent AC, dishwasher, sell cleaning oven, walk-in closet. Available June l. $143 plus deposit. 971-1458 alter 5 NEED 2 FEMALE roommates to share furnished 2 bdr, 2 bath, cen. A H, WW carpeted apt. 1/2mi from USF. Rent: S60 per mon. For more information, Call Sandy 971-0162 MALE ROOMMATEown room in a nice CA two bedroom mobile home 3 miles to USF at (Village Tampa) $70. Available June 1. For more information call: 971-8808. ----LESSONS-Guitar, 5 -string Banjo. Private lessons by Qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissett Music, Ph. 988-1419 CANOE RENTALS By ,Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 .._ nm a -, ( NEED roommate to share trailer, 2 miles from USF. $62.50 a mon. & utilities. HELP WAN JED J Available June l. Phone 971-9747 12407 N 11 St. Campus Court Trailer E TEMP. OFF. HELP, M-F, 1 pm:m. 20 hrs ( ) weekrlavs 8:30-11 wee_k, $2hr. Light typing, answer phone, MOBILE HQMES b egin June 6 and work thru mid Aug. ----MODERN CAMPSITE, five minutes from USF. 177 wooded sites. All hookups. Heated pool Ideal location tor visiting parents with RV's. us 301 and SR 579. Tel..: 986-2415 Spanish Main Campground. I MISC. FOR SALE i ,,,j BEAUTIFUL Flowers tor all occasions for best results, call: Thompson's Flower & Gift Shop 2319 W. Linebaugh Ave. 935-9263 10 SPEED Murray bike $45. Speargun, Magnum Toploader, excellent condition. Queen size waterbed. 515. Ph: 971-3344. BEAUTIFUL German shepherd puppies AKC registered, shots, range of colors S50-S85. Call 251-5796 8 -TRACK Tape Players tor auto $29.95. Menard Pawn & Gill Shop 14038 N Florida Ave. 935-7743. 3 ELECTRIC typewriters tor sale: Smith. Corona model 250, automatic and in good condition! ( 1 J $75.00 (2) $125.00 each. Call New Port Richey: 868-6395, 531-2251. MUST sell boys 10-speed Schwinn bike. Excellent condition. 971-4122. HOGAN OF Silver & Turquoise: Handmade j ewelry, made by the Navajo, Zuni & Hopi Indians. Rugs, pottery, baskets & bead. work. 2515 E. Busch Blvd. Ph. 935-3407 MUST $ELL sofa, chair, huge couch, dinette set and two lamps. Take it all, $100 after six any day 971-4236 or 988-2862 GIVING A PARTY? Lei us play the records. 1500 h its to pick from. Professional stadium equipment, handles large crowds. Only $50 for 4 hours. Call 877-190? after 5 p m ask for Ed. MOVING. MUST SELL refrigerator. Third. hand G E revolving shelves, door shelves. Only $35. Call Sue: 935-8602. PE 2040 AUTOMATIC turntable. Used less than 30 hours. Like new condition. Call Allen 9715779. AKC IRISH SETTER Stud Service Cham. pion blood l ine, Champion dog. Very reasonable. 949-1600. RIDES ) TRANSPORTATION Available to New York City. Drivers needed 18 yrs., Drivers Lise. Student ID Call Olin's RentaCar Tampa. 876-5111 or in Miami, 8713710. WANTED RIDE to USF from SI Pete. for 9 am class M-F Qtr IV Will pay. Call Kathy 974-6262 HAVE camper with space & facilities. Will leave for Calif June 10. Can lake one or two on share expense basis. Destination San Francisco. 9322905. ) FOR RENT. cottages and-or efficiencies. By week or month. Al Mi Back Yard. 2 miles South of Busch on 401h Slrel. See Bobby or George. RENT 2 BEDROOM, unfurn duplex. WW carpet, central air, pets allowed. Close lo USF. Takeover lease S180 mon. For further info Call 9882457. Woodcrest Apts. FOR RENT 3 b edroom, 2 bath, AC, car peted. Mobile home. S180 mo, plus utilities. Less than 4 miles from campus. Available June 7 Sept. 22. Call 977-5786 alter 6. TWO bedroom house furnished. Private lake, 20 acres. Near USF. June 10. Aug. 31. S175 mo. Also collage. SITO month. 9322905. GEMINI Apts. 2 bedroom, central air, shag carpet, furnished S180, unfurnished Sl,O, 1 1 mile W USF 13111 N 23rd SI 971-1316 Great place, small off. and alone quite a b it. Call Bonnie at 872-9236 alter l p m EXTRA" cash (work today-pay toila guaranteed work, work when you want long as you want. Seven days a week. Apply ready lo work. MANPOWER 19h E. Busch Blvd., 416 W Kennedy. Hrs. 6 a m .-6 p m MEN OR WOMEN wanted tor permanent part time employment taking inventory in grocery, drug and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Specialists. Phone: 8793876. IMMEDIATE opening Housep.arents, Resident Counselors, Dormitory For Handicapped Adults 8777431 HAIRDRESSER wanted USF area. Busy salon. Apply Surburbanelle Beauty Salon 2211 E. Fletcher. COOKS and waitresses wanted. Ove r 21. Temple Terrace, Florida Ave. and Hillsborough Ave. Pizza Huts. Apply in i.ier s on COUNSELOR male, female. Work at camp upstate N.Y. Teach kids the outdoorssharing-love. If you care about young people, call Garv at 879-1799 alter 7 OPPORTUNITY for persons 19 or over to learn management on full time basis with rapidly growing theater circuit. Please apply in person al Britton Theater, B ritton Plaza. PART TIME employments men's clothing store. Summer and part time employment. Phone: 879-1794 between 9 a m & 5 p m SUMMER Jobs-Serve youth at Camp Flaming Arrow, BSA Salary open. Localed in Lake Wales, Fla. 7 wks. Call for Appointment or Application, 872-2691 Jim Hall. NEW TRAVEL LODGE Moto.Hotel opening close to USF campus, Fowler & 30th Need complete staff. Front desk, PBX, Waiter, Waitresses. Bellman, Cashiers, Cocktail waitresses, Cooks Bus help etc. Taki ng applications now at temp. office, 1915 E Fowler, Shady Oaks Mobile Homes Sales. SALESMEN, Saleswomen, full or part time, n1J experience necessary, work own hours. High commi ssion Need Mgt. Trainees. Clearwater, 447-0838. ( ... REAL ESTATE .... LIBERATION Music Service S4000 will buy all stock and fixtures. Call T i m Ph: 935: 5912. l & 2 bdrm. A C furnished mobile Apls. N Tampa lac. Easy access to USF Mori. Elem ., 1 -75 Univ & VA Hosp. 1112 E 142 Ave. 977-4833. TEMPLE TERRACE. 3 bdrms, 2 baths, family rm. Excellent condition. Across from river & school. Lg lot carpets, drapes. 535,000. Call 988-4729 or 974 -2594 (8-5). (MOroRCYCLES l & / 1971 KAWASAKI Bighorn 350cc, very reasonable. Leaving town Must sell. Dirt or street. Call 949-1600. HONDA 450 Scrambler low mileage, luggage rack, elec. Start, lots of extras. S550. Call 977-5290 If no answer call 971-0997. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE 2 BDRM APT. to share, duplex on shady st., a c. prvt bdrm., for summer or longer, only 2 miles from USF Total S75.00 per month. Call 971-6162 for details. RESPONSIBLE FEMALE roommate lo share 2 bedroom, 2 bath delux mobile home in park with pools recreation, and privacy. 10 min from USF. Call 876-3623 12.9 weekdays for information. I Married Students Union I I Bar-B-Que I I $1.50 per couple I I June 10 at 5pm I 1 I For information call I 11 I University Chapel Fellowship I I 988-1185 I L ask for Bob Hayward I ____________________ ,,,I 1971 12x60 REGENT: 2 bedrooms, 32,SOO BTU A-C, awnings, 10x7 shed, WW carpeting, privately set-up, 6 miles from USF, must sell! SACRIFICE! $470 down Ph: 986-1738 IF you need any info on drugs, referrals, activities or just want to rap. Call Helpline at 974-2555 or Women's Line 974-2556 for women's problems. plus TEMPORARY WIVES Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. 69 BMW 1600 Very Good Cond. in & out; excellent running order AM-FM, radials etc. Call Sam 971-7354 1960 OLDSMOBILE. Good condition, dependable transportation. Call 977. 5028 after 5 p.m. '71 DATSUN 240Z, 25000 mi. Needs some work, best offer over 3000. 971-3662 bet ween l and 4 pm. 1970 VW CONVT for sale, canary yellow w black vinyl lop and upbolstery, factory a-c, heater, radio, rebuilt engine, asking Sl,300. Call 971-6162 for detai ls '71 VW BUG-MUST SELL. Light blue with black interior i radio; excellent condition. 51500 or best offer. Call 935-2482 alter 7 p.m. '66 FORD Mustang, !actory air, PS, vinyl roof, excellent condition. '71 Honda 350SL, great for dirt or lo beat USF parking problems. 971-3547 before 5 or 9775569. CLEAN 1969 Camaro. Runs great, good tires, economical on gas. Low mileage s1200. Call Tom 971-8538. 1962 FORD Galaxy 500 XL. Must sell going noi-lh for summer. Runs good Call 971 0161.. Sl85 Truly a trucking machine. 1963 GALAXY 500 for sale. Really good shape -have to see! New tires, power steering, convert. Call 971-1905 before it goes! ORACLE CLASSIFIEDS EXT. 2620 LAN 472 Natural Science Majors Computerized Regjstration Information 10 to 2 Mon. Through Friday In front of Science Center SENIORS Don't Torchlight June, pm Be there at 7:45 -Empty Keg Guests are welcome Be sure to wear cap and gown Also: the senior class banquet is Thursday, May 31 at Bartke's Dinner Theatre Tickets on sale UC Room 217 $5 each 15


16-THE ORACLE May 30, 1973 Quench your thirst for adventure. Discover New Spaftada. The men of Spain sailed 111e sei:ls in searcl1 o! new worlds They carried !he taste of home in a wine !hat celebraled t11eir glories and inspired Spanada New Spanada. a wine worth discovering today A superb red wine. lightly touched with citrus fruits It brings adventure to f i ne w i ne drinking Serve new Spanada a taste worth discovering today


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