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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Alongi, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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State Officials Check1i1g Foam Insulation BY MARILYN M EVON Oracle Staff Writer State fire officials are looking into the exposed polyurethane foam insula t ion lining USF's Textbook Center, according to David Rodgers of the State Fire Marshal' s office USF comes under the jurisdiction of t h e State Fire Safety Authority as do all state operated buildings THE Center's open foam i nsulation would be in v iolation of Tampa building codes if USF were within Tampa city limits, according to Fire Marshal Joe Gomez -Rodgers saici there a r e no blanket building regulations for state-owned buildings "What we do hav e however, are regulations for each type of building, such as dormatories, classrooms, meeting rooms and temporary structures," he said. Rodgers said the Textbook Center may come under the classificati on of temporary structures but said he would investigate the matter further. USF has submitted plans to the Board of Regents . said h e f e l l i t was "a m a tt e r o f o ri gina l sen s iti vity BY SA:'\DR A WRI GHT Oracle S t arr W riter A USF a d hoc committee r ev i ewi n g th e propo e d s t a t e security m a nual. last ni g ht recomme n de d a c i v ili a n r e v i e w boa rd for U nivC'r s i t y Polic e 1 LP\ a ppli c a n ts b e C'S tablis h e d. a n d Class Action Suit Filed By Student; Tuition Cited BY S A N ORA WHIG ll T Oracle S t arr Writ e r A USf stu d e nt has filed a class actio n s uit whi c h m a y requir e s t a t e univer s ities t o r eturn extra f ees c h a rged to s tud e nt s who hav e b ee n r es id e nt s o f Fl orida l ess tha n o n e year. S u s a n W e it ze l who cam e t o F l o rid a last J u n e a nd ente r e d USF in t h e f all, ask e d f o r r eturn o f all out-of s t a l e tuiti o n fees s h e h as p aid since th e n li e r a t torn ey Jack so n Bou ghne r said yes t e rd a y if h e win s ot h e r s u c h stude nt s will ge l !.he ir mo n e y b ac k a ut o m atic ally SAii> t h e ca s 1 was r eturned fr o m Cir c uit. C o u r t M ay 29 becau s e it h a d n o t specified th e num be r o f s imil a r s tud e nt s at USF Th e j ud ge w as n o t sure if ind eed th e s uit was a "clas s-actio n Bou g hn e r sai d h e file d a m otio n "ar o und June 1 :>" asking th e court g r a nt a dditi o n a l tim e for refilin g th e case so USF o ffi c i a l s could co111p11tP th e num be r o f s tudent s in W cit1 c l' s s i lu ntio n Acc o r ding t.o B o11ghnc r he a n int errogator:-.. dire c ted l o thl' t : ni ve r s it:-. re qu P s tin g ht' IH' 11oli fi1d how 111a11y st11d1'11ts ;1rt' \'UITC'ntl:-.: payi11g o ut o f stall' l11i lion h e(':iw.;1 llH' Y h av t h1'l'l1 h o n n fidr r 1 s i d t'n l s for l l' S S t.ha n 0111 y

2-THE ORACLE July 3, 1973 Cambodia Bombing Increases WASHINGTON lUPll The Pentago n i\Io nday announced a sharp inerease in the U.S. bombing of Cambodia. but d enie d it violate d a presidentia l agreement with Congress not to wide n the w a r without provocation before A u g. 1 5 A Defense Department spokesman. William Beecher, said the number of dail y tactical bombing strikes had increased more than 30 per cent since the middle of last week to a level of o\er 200 er day a record high si nce-Vietifa lii.eeasefire On mostdays since the in crease, the number of tactical strikes has run in the low 200s, Beecher said. He refused to say what the maximum number for any one day had been. Mass Transit Strike OAKLAND sm a n for th e nation's g rocery manufacture r s said today the food industry i s facing a crisis of "Unprecedente d proportions and said th e onl y solution was for Presid e nt Nixo n to immediately in stitute hi s Phase I V eco nomi c pl a n R. H a l e Dean c h airman of th e board of Ral s ton Purina. te s t s ifyin g on beh a lf of the Groce r y Manufacturers of America l Gi\!A ) to ld the Food Adv i s ory Committee of th e C ost of Living Coun ci l: As yo u gentlemen are w ell aware. the food industry is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions that threate n s th e American people s confidence in private industry's ability to provide adequate food supplies." Dean said that inventories of processed foods, particularly canned fruits and vegetables, are lower than any time during the past two decades due in large part to the self defeating" nature of the present price freeze (wor Id lnewsbriefs Sirhan Sentenced LOS : \ NCELES ( U PI l S h a rif B Sirhan. broth e r o f co nvict e d assassin Sir han 13. S irh a n wa s sentenced to six months in f e deral priso n Monday f o r threat e nin g th e lif e of lsrueli Prim e Minist e r Golda l\1eir Sirhan .\0, wa s found g uilt y of m a iling a l etter to Secretary of State William P Rogers threatenin g M e ir during h e r visit to th e U nit e d Sta t es e arli e r thi s yea r His broth e r i s servin g a lif e term for th e murder of S e n Rob ert F K enne dy Calley Turned Down C aJl ('Y Jr. t o make tlie go\'l'J'll ment disc l o s e unv Whit e lous e invol ve m enl in tJ{e inv e stiga tion of th e My Lai massacre. A ttorn evs for Calley. who i s und e r a :Wyea r se n t e n ce for killin g a t l ea s t:!:! ci, ilian s ill My L ai. had so u ght June t B tu disdosur c of th e ro l e p layed in th e My Lai inv e stigatio n b y John J Caulfi eld and Anth o n y F U l asew i cz. who have b ee n link e d t o th e Wat e rgat e co v e rup. The Calley d e fense team prese nted th e U.S C ourt of IV!ilita ry Appea l s with publi s h e d r e ferenc es th a t Caulfi e ld a nd U lasewicz interviewed par ticipants in th e 1968 M y Lai massacre on behalf of th e Whit e House t o d e t ermine if th e fir s t account s of their a trocity were corr ect." Th e defense asked the "1111rt t11 J orl'l' dis c l u s11r1 ol tr:tllSl'ripts of int l'J'l ll'\I S w i r\' t ;1ps. ;111d any 1Jtlit T f'l'l't1rds tl1;1t li;t\'( not l'Onl' t11 ligltt Ecology Threatened ll The highest court of military law Monday turned down attempts b y attorneys for 1st Lt. William L. Position Available: Fireworks Warning Issued ORACLE PHOTOGRAPHER TALLAHASSEE (UPI) -State Fire Marshall Tom O Malley Monday warned Floridians not to play with firecrackers and cherry bombs but to "see your fireworks at a public display this Independence Day." The National Commissions on Fire Prevention and Control predicts that up to 15,000 citizens will be blinded maimed, or burned by fireworks this year, O Malley said. "It is illegal to sell any fireworks in Florida except sparklers and paper caps for toy guns," 0 'Malley warned Violation is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by one year in jail and $1,000 fine "Tourists should be aware that although they may legally pur chase fireworks in neigboring states, these items are illegal in Florida," O'Malley saw. "Sparklers, which are legal, should be used with great care, as they can easily set curtains or dry shrubbery on fire." Gas Shortage Felt TALLAHASSEE CUPI) Chancellor Robert Mautz said Monday that the effects of a gas shortage are being felt in the State University System. Mautz said a recent bid in vitation issued to 19 companies for the bulk purchase of gasoline supplies, resulted in only one response. This bid, by Standard Oil Co., contained provisions that the supplier could change prices upon five days notice with the buyer able to terminate if the price was not acceptable, and that the gasoline and diesel would be provided only to previously serviced lo ca lions. It also required that the minimum offered be purchased. The maximum it offered to supply to 22 of 36 University System Locations, Mautz said, was 45,600 gallons below annual needs established by the InterInsti tutional Committee on Purchasing. r--.. 1f lorida nn; brl .. No Teen Troopers TALLAHASSEE, (UPll Although the age of legal majority in Florida is now 18, the heads of law enforcement agencies said Monday they hope that other restrictions will keep them from having to hire teenagers in these "highly dangerous jobs." Highway Patrol Director Eldrige Beach said he proposes to add experience or educational requirements, beyond those now on the books to insure that no trooper will be under the age of 20. "It would be unthinkable to put an 18-year-old with no experience in the outside world into a uniform, give him a gun and send him into a riot," Beach said. Narcs Face Court TAMPA

OrCI pllet1I by Steve Brier Classroom Building A Construction continues during the summer as a worker aids machinery in packing the land on which the building will rest. A combination of sand and water Is being pumped into the earth to strengthen the site so no sinking will occur once the building Is completed. Saga Officials Rap Nutritionist's Opinion See Editorial, Page 4 Saga Food Manager John Lyndes yesterday said Saga doesn't offer "as much meat protein" as County Nutritionist Mable Blewfield recommends. "But other Uems we offer like milk, salad, bread and vegetables, make up more than the USDA requirements." Manager Fred Venables criticised Blewfield, saying her recommendations were higher than the USDA's. Last week Blewfield said Saga should provide "four ounces of meat per serving" in their entrees, because students generally don't eat balanced meals. John Lyndes have as much meat protein per serving as Blewfield recom mended, students could get "all the protein they want" by "coming back for seconds." Blewfield last week said the responsibility for selecting an adequate diet at Saga i s "left up to the students THE ORACLE -July 3, 1973 3 Career Women At. u.Sf 1 Under-Represented' In High Pay Positions BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer Special Assistant for Women and Minorities Phyllis Hamm said last week women in USF Administrative-Professional, and Career Service jobs are under represented in higher paying positions. She said several important recommendations from the Presidential Committee for the Status of Women at USF haven't been implemented, despite the appointment last year of two special assistants; Maxine Mackay in Academic Affairs, and herself in Administrative Affairs. IN JANUARY 1972 the com mittee recommended that "More qualified women should be sought out and considered for Ad ministrative and Professional positions, particularly at top levels." The committee also found "Top Career Service positions appear to be reserved for male staff. "There has been very little change," Hamm said. "Few women hold positions .in the Administration. Most of the women in A&P are in the traditional areas like nursing and in the library. THE CURRENT organization chart of top administrators lists 56 jobs under USF Pres. Cecil Mackey. Six positions are filled by women; Dean of the College of Nursing, Director of Libraries, Director of Cp Education, Director of the Division of University Studies, Director of Student Organizations, and Director of Student Health Services Equal Opportunity Coordinator Dr. Jim Vickrey said yesterday the question is not how many women are employed in top A&P jobs but "how many women are available to hold these positions "The University is committed to equal opportunity," Vickrey said. "But you can't hire more people than are available." VICKREY SAID that USF's Affirmative Action Plan is "very close" to being revised, and that it will hopefully result in long term improvement of hiring and recruiting in A&P and Career Service positions Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S IN fERIORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. 258-2131 "The commitment is there," he said. "What we're trying to do now is design an instrument to implement the committment." Hamm said a study last year revealed that in the top seven Career Service pay grades, with salaries ranging from $10,242 to Sasser Named Mass Com Chairman University of Georgia jour nalism professor Dr. Emery Sasser accepted the chair manship of USF's Mass Com munications deparbnent Friday, according to the acting chair man, Walter Griscti. The depart.ment has been without a permanent chairman since the 1972 resignation of Dr. $16,684, men outnumbered women 104 to 33. "THE FIGURES haven't changed much," she said. Currently a salary study is in progress to determine the extent of sex discrimination in Career. Service positions." Dr. Emery Sasser Arthur SandersQn. Griscti, who assumed the job after SaildersOO, will' be replaced by Sasser iJl September. Sasser' 41, is married and has no children. He has degree5 iii advertising and journalism from Georgia and a Ph.D. in Com munications from the. University of Illinois IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY Carriage !-fills, a com-1 Cherry Creek, in the demunity of gracious homes slrable Lake Magdalene in Temple Terrace. area. Phone 933-1043 Phone 933-1043 HORATIO 3 and 4 bedrooms prir.ed from Equal HousinJ $37 ,600 Opl)(J11un1ty J.!!l I=I CXlRP. OF FLt\. BUILDERS OF "CRAFTED QUALITY" 'COMMUNITIES JOSH WHITE JR Venables said Saga must work on the assumption that students are going to eat right at every meal, and therefore will get USDA minimum meat protein requirements. Lyndes said although Saga's menus don't ,,_,_._, _________________ SPOHTS CA H SEHVl<:E Professional ServicP at Tampa's newest shop by Tampa's oldest sport's car dealership Authorized M.G., .Jaguar, Lamborghini Sales and Service DAVE HEINZ IMPORTS' 1101 E. Hillsborough Ph. 238-8485 CELEBRATE YOUR 4th of JULY IN CLOTHES FROM SLIK CHIK 10024 N. 30th St. 971-2494 open 10 -1, Sat. 10 -6 ----------


4 -THE ORACLE July 3, 1973 Faculty Need Answers Results made public three weeks ago of an American Association of University Professors

THE ORACLE -July 3, 1973 5 Poison: 1Kromex' Spermicide Found To Contain Mercury;. Has 400 Times Limit Of Mercury In Fish NEW YORK (LNSl--ln the past couple of years information has surfaced about the dangers of mercury in our environment and the poisoning that can result from it. Mercury is many industrial processes, athelete's toot medication, cosmetics, suntan lotion, diaper rinses, interior paints, fungacides (applied to a majority of crop seeds), fish, car batteries, and cavity fillings to name just a few uses The most well-known effect of mercury poisoning is damage to the nervous system. An En vironmental Protection Agency report entitled "Position Document Mercury" was withheld from the public for 3 months in 1971, columnist Jack Anderson charged, because it was so alarming. THE REPORT cited a "16-year old boy exposed for only a few months ... was unable to work for years because of persistent ataxia tremors and inability to recognize objects by touch." In Alamogordo, New Mexico, a farmer fed his hogs grain treated with a mercury fungicide. His family ate meat from the hogs and one by one his five children were striken. And once mercury finds its way into the air and water, the report said, it remains there for a long period of time. Mercury is of particular concern to women for two reasons. First, methyl mercury, the most ubiquitous and dangerous form of mercury, is known fo cross the placenta from the mother to the foetus and to preferentially concentrate in the foetus. It is the most potent agent known for inducing damage to chromosomes and hence cause certain birth defects. SECONDLY. a well-known brand of spermicide (for use with the diaphragm l, "Koromex." contains mercury in the form of phenyl mercuric acetate c PMA l. All 3 Koromex products. produced by Holland-Rantos Co .. contain 200 parts per million of PMA. A Japanese researcher. M Shimizu, studied the effects of Koromex in rats. His results, published in July of 1971 by the Japanese Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, proved that mercury can be absorbed through the vagina wall and that some injury to the kidneys may occur by the repeated use of PMA as a contraceptive. CAR SALES 11650 N. Nebraska Ave. (corner Fowler) 97 L-0990 1973 MUSTANG 2Dr. Harri Top Sport Hoof V-11 Auto. Trans f<'act. Air Hadio Heater Tinted Glass W.W. Tires, Power Steering $:H50 GAS l!l7:1 i"fJHD PINTO lllJNABOlJT 200 C.C. Engine Auto. Trans., Hadio, Ilea!, Tinf('(I c;fass. W.W Bank Financing ( lJll'll H: 00 am t o !I: 00 pm Sun. l:OOfo!i:OO Koromex contains 400 times the Food and Drug Administration's limit on mercury in fish angrily declaring that a factory that cannot protect the environment "should promptly cease operations. But as Shinobu Sakamoto a 16 year old girl who lacks muscular control and walks with great difficulty because of the mercury poisoning, said on the day of the court's decision "I hate Chisso. Money will not cure the disease. I want them to restore my body. MOVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL INNER AWARENESS Tuesday 8 p.m. ll.C. 255 Desperately seeking people to form an organization with the object of eliminating wiretap evidence from the State Constitution. wntact: Lee Tidwell, Jr. 8419 Ola Ave. or call 238-5770 paid advertisement De Broca's Crowning Touch! /, I I ) \ '/. ALAN BATES PIERRE BR..-'.'..SSEUR JEAN-CU'.'..UDF: BRl1\LY GENEVIEVE BUJOLD ADOLFO CELI FRt\NCOISF CHRiSTOPHE" GUIOMi\R f\1llCHELINF: PRFSLI lvllCHEL SERR/\UI T.


"The King of Hearts" The humorous and partially surrealistic tale of the World War I take-over of a French. town by the inmates of an insane asylum after the other vlllagers and retreating German forces have fled will set the mood for Phillippe deBroca's French film today at 8 p.m. in LAN 103. Alan Bates and Genvieve Bujol star in the Film Art Serles presentation. Art Seminar to Offer Chaplin Films, Techniques By Hurwitz USF's Art Department will offer a special seminar course on the films of the silent screen great Charlie Chaplin during the fall quarter. "Techniques Seminar" or in F,\ll 102. Ca II !I a rn ;; pm werkcla.vs Box Office Op1 I : I;; -l : :w pm wrrkdays USF To Honor Josh White Jr. In Special Week .Josh While Jr. lhe son of one of thl' all -ti111t greats of N1gro folk musil' will lw honorl'd al USV during a special ",Josh Whilt .Jr. Wtek nl'xl wel'k White will 1wrfonn in lhrl e free coneerls, sponsored b y lhe Sludtnt E:nlertai11111ent and Aelivil i es Cmineil tSEA C l He will b e featured .July 10 at Y p m in LAI'\ 10: 1 : .July 11 at \l p.m in th1 Empt y Kt g and .July 1:1 at Y p .111. 011 C nseent Hill 1111 ease of rain he will Ill' presented in the UC Ballroo111 l. \\'lllTE ENTEHEI> into the world of musical entertainment at the age of four lie spent his early childhood years perfecting his craft and during the summer performed in concerts with his father and sisters He studied at New York's Professional Children's School and appeared in five Broadway plays which included "'The Long Dream and 'Only in America." He appeared in the off Broadway production of "Take a Giant Step" and numerous dramatic television productions. In 1961, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps so he en tered into the world of music. His first solo engagement was in a small nightclub in Detroit and from there he has traveled throughout the country earning .critical acclaim as one of the top black folksingers in the country. JN 1967, WHITE acted in, wrote Josh White Jr. the music for and performed and sang in "The Freedom Train," a documentary aro junior and senior high schools. He has recorded two albums on the United Artists label -"The Josh White Jr. Album" and "One Step Further. Critics have referred to him as an outstanding stage performer and musician. "He dominated the at will. His spon taneity moved one close to tears, and then, without warning, slapped him into hilarious guf fawing ... according to one critic. "He is excellent." Tiie FOUNTAIN 13116 FLORIDA I.VE. R o 0 M TAMPA STANLEY J, TEL 935 1946 and MARY A. FIJAL 11 .A.M. TO 11 :30 P.M. EVERY DAY In Residence July 2-14 Performing Six Concerts Conducting Master Classes Playing Five Open Rehearsals CONCERT TICKETS: General Admission: STUDENT RATE: .HALF-PRICE to US fullSeries Tickrts begin at $7.;;o per three concerts. Single tickets at $:1.!lO per concert. time students who present n11Tl'nt fee card at Box Office. Limit of two tickets per concert per student at !his priCl'.


THE ORACLE -July 3, 1973 Begins Residency ........ The Guarneri String Quartet will begin a two week residency program at USF today A prepared program for the Guarneri follows. All concerts will begin at8:30 p.m. in the University Theatre. TODAY Open rehearsal. ...... 2 p m. in FAH 101. Concert ......... Mozart's "Quartet in E flat Major, k. 428," Brahms' "Quartet in B flat Major, Opus 67, No. 3," and Debussy's "Quartet in G minor, Opus 10." THURSDAY Open rehearsal. ...... 2 p.m. inFAH 101. Concert. ........... Beethoven's "Quartet in A Major, Opus 18, No. 5," "Quartet in E minor, Opus 59, No 2," and "Quartet in B flat Major, Opus 18, No. 6." SATURDAY Concert. ... ....... Beethoven's "Quartet in C minor, Opus 18, No. 4," Sessions' "Quartet Number II" and RavelS"'Quartet in F Major." JULY 9 Open rehearsal. ...... 2 p.m. in FAH 101. JULY 10 Concert. ....... Haydn's "Quartet in B flat Major, Opus 76, No. 4," Martinu's "Three Madrigals for violin and viola" and Mendelssohn's "Quartet in E minor, Opus 44 No. 2." JULY 11 Open rehearsal. ...... 2 p m. in FAH 101. JULY 12 Concert. ....... Bartok's "Quartet No. 6" and Mozart's "Divertiento for Trio K. 563." JULY 13 Open rehearsal. ...... .. 2 p.m in FAH 101. JULY 14 Concert. ....... Webern's "Five Movements for String Quartet," Hindemith's "Quartet Opus 22 No. 3" and Schubert's "A min or, Opus 29." Tickets to concerts are $3 each but may be purchased for all events. Full-time students may purchase tickets at half price. Tickets to open rehearsals are $1. For more information about ticket orders call the Theatre Box Office ext. 2323. The Guarneri String Quartet Neon Rainbow Arches Highlight Pappas Display REVIEWED BY Alice Henretlg Oracle Starr Writer series of one woman s smiles from nose to chin. KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS Needlepoint, .Monograming, Alterations Rugs & Pillow Kits Dressmaking Wedding Accessories !O per cent Off on purchase of needlepoint crewel. and yarn. 11615 Fla. Ave. at Fowler Ph. 935-8168 VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER .Need Sun Lotion? Super Summer i\1akeup? 7 George Pappas' art exhibit, "Religious Stuff With Lights," begins sacriligiously with its first piece of art, a framed photograph of Chico Marx. Icon With Bags" is a large work which includes rainbow neon lights and rows of gold leaf c money> bags. Pappas. who is the new head of the USF Art Department. has written two books on art and numerous essays for art education niagazines. He holds a doctorate of edu('ation from Pennsylvania State liniversity and has been the recipient of four research grants for work in painting and design. A Different Perfume Than Your Old Usual? From then on, rainbow arches of neon light, photographs and gold leaf predominate in his 23 art works which will be on display through July 13 in the USF Teaching Gallery in the Fine Arts-Humanities Building THE MOST AMUSING of Pappas' icons, which are pain tings usually with neon Vigil Lights," screens a film of a frying egg when you stand before it. It could even be a sort of religious experience for someone who doesn't realize he's standing on the gizmo that turns on the film. "Wall Cloth," a huge wall hanging glossed with gold leaf and hung under a fluorescent light, held no religious im plications for me other than gilt Pappas' drawings. of which there are 15, are tight neat little assemblages of images inclurling figures faces, a Greek and a Madonna. "Dlli\WIN(; WITH Faces" was quite effective with its series of a face in progressive agony. "Drawing Lesson" embarks on an exercise in piecing together a finished product by adding something new to each of the several sub-drawings. 1Lord Jim' Shown as UC Feature l'ef< r O'Toolc will join .Jam e s Mason, J:li Wallach and Curt .l!rgf'ns in 'Lord .Jim," Ill!' adv1'.11!11rf' film ha sp d 011 lllf' .Jos "l>h <'011rad nov f'I Frida y ;11 7:\o ;111<111 :wpm ;111d Sal11rcla:;111cl S1111d;1y ;ii I\ p .111 Ill I.A N 10:1 A d 1 : ; :,fl '1'11 I'.; George Pappas A pair of sculptures are C'ach made up of encased neon arches mounted on all chrome and all plexiglass pedestals. "IC01\ WITH Mouths 1s a small photographic display of a His works have been exhibited in art galleries and competitive shows throughout the U.S. in cluding the Boston l\luseum of Fine Aris. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Hingling l\luseum in Sarasota. DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit your class schedule call 253 2844 Monday through Friday lAM to2 PM Shop the Village Prescription Center and get your STUDENT DISCOUNT on all Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938 B N. 56th St. 988-3896 Lindell Volkswagen Presents THE MINI-ROLLS FROM $1599 197, VW Fastback sedan, 4spd, radio, heater very low milage, stock no. 2109 1970 ll37 Bug, radlo, heater, 4spd, low mllage no. 2128 1972 VW 1131, radio, heater, no. 2139 1971 VW 1131, radio, heater, 4spd, no. 2205 l 968 VW I U2, auto, radio, heater, very low milage no. 2178 7-passenger bus. radio, heater, very low miJagc no. 4U2-l 1971 Pop-top Camper. radio, heater, air cond, suve no. :l040-l Our UHd VW'1 Come Sll9htly New LINDELL VOLKSWAGEN 3900 W. KENNEDY PHONE 872-4841


8-THE ORACLE July 3, 1973 Pool Maintenance Is A Lot Of Work BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Sports Editor Take 3 pools, add 701,000 gallons of water, a health in spector and you've got a lot of work. "We have a problem that some people just don't give a damn. They act like the pools belong to the University, but what is the University but the students." 1\vo USF maintenance men, Lowen Perkins, known as "Pool" Perkins to his friends, and his assistant; Bob Miller, work daily to keep the three USF pools clean and up to health standards. PERKINS SAID there are no set rules foJ pool care, but he checks Ut'e chemical levels everyday and "when it needs it" uses a vacuuming system. "Everything changes from day to day. This isn't the thing you come around and do the same thing day after day," he said. The amount of used per day depends on the weather and the amount of use the pool receives. Sunlight absorbs the chemicals, he explained. "TWO OH THREE days of cloudy weather, and consumption is way down," he said. Throughout the year $1,500-$2,000 worth of chemicals are used. Perkins said most of the work this summer is done at Argos pool because the Natatorium and Andros pool are receiving only limited use. CHEMICAL levels are checked between 7 :30 and 10 a.m. and all cleaning must be done during this time. Pools are vacuumned about three times a week. To clean the pool, Miller dons a Brahmans Sign Top Short-stop MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Writer Charles Adams, 19, a .351 hitting shortstop out of Middle Georgia College at Cochran, will be scooping-up ground balls for the USF baseball squad next spring. Coach Beefy Wright, in an nouncing Adams' signing late last' week, said, "Adams is the top shortstop in Georgia. He missed the first part of the season with Middle Georgia College and the team was seventh or eighth in the state when Adams joined them. Then, they won 26 out of 29 games which gives an indication of his abilities." ADAMS, A MEMBER of the JC All-State team for two years and chosen to the All-Tournament team this year, was hailed by his Georgia College coach as the man he would build a team around at a four year school. "This is quite a compliment for a coach to make," Wright said, "because he had the pitching and hitting to win the state junior college tournament." Explaining how he found the native of Wright said, "We had recruited up there before and the same coach that recommended Don Ellison to us told us about Adams. Besides that, I also went to the junior college tournaments and saw Adams play." "llE -Gordon Johncock, winner of the rai .n. shortened 1973 500, turned in the fastest qualifying tirrie Monday during the seeoricL 'beat:: of time trials for the July. 4 'Firecracker 400 NASCA'R:: Raee : : Johncock toured the Daytona International Speedway tri-oval at 177.756 miles per hour in a 1973 Chevrolet to qualify for the 16th position in the 40-car starting field. Bobby Allison of Hueytown, Ala., took the inside pole position Sundily with a time of 179.619 M.P.H. Cale Yarborough of Tim. nionsville, S.C., nailed down the outside pole position with a speed of 178.837 M.P.H. in another 1973 Chevrolet. ThntY ctrlver s have now qualified for the $115,000 Firecracker, Ii.chest 400-miler in Nascar History. The remaining 10 places will be determined Tuesday Evert Advances To Semi-finals Fourth seeded.Chris Evert of Ft. Lauderdale, advances to the semi finals at Wimbledon by beating Rosemary Casals of San Francisco, the fifth seed, 6-2, 4-6, &-2 in a match of long baseline rallies featuring by Evert's accuracy and Casals phenomenal ability to cover the court. Evert broke service in the first game of the match and broke again in the fifth and seventh games. Casals' got a service break in the fifth but most of her rallies to the net from the baseline were greeted by lobs that kept her respectfully in the back court most of the time. --Lowen "Pool" Perkins mask, takes a compressor hose and heads to the bottom. With the system, a person can stay under water up to two hours. However, even with the system, the limited hours do not allow for all work to be com pleted. ''Often it is a case of doing what is the most critical at the time," Perkins said. MANY PROBLEMS arise while cleaning or maintaining the pools, according to Perkins. The greatest being some of the people who use the pools. "We have a problem that some people just don't give a damn. They act like the pools belong to the University, but what is the University but the students," he said He said one of the main problems is sun tan lotions and oils. After a hot sunny day, "there's a ring like a ring around the bathtub, left," which must be vacuumned and rernove'1. MECHANICAL failures and corrosion are also high on the list of problems. "Chlorine is highly corrosive, so parts don't last very long," he said. People stealing or breaking equipment also creates problems for the men as well as additional expenses for the University "ANYTHING LEFT out, like umbrellas or sheppard crooks, will be taken or broken. People just love to mess around with them and this makes for constant replacement and added ex penses." Perkins said. Miller said on one of the favorite things stolen is "inlet plugs, the things that go on the bottom of the pool to cover where the water comes in and cause it to spray out." There are 25 on the bottom and each costs the University $6.50, he said. Two weeks ago, six were taken. Miller said although he orten finds the plugs are missing he does find combs, bracelets, earings, money and "lots of hairbands" on the bottom. Johnson, Buxton Top Bowlers Dave .Johnson was the top single bowler with a 202 last week. In series play, Roy Miller scored a 536: -. Sheari Buxton was the top woman bowler with a 167 i n a game and 434 series total. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you ar repaired correctly. 907 I 29th Ave PH. 971 -111 5 Kathy Howton ... pitches for The Low Balls, one of the teams, ln the Summer Softball League. TODAY EGGPLANT PARMESIAl\J w/Brown Rice, Salad & Bread $1.75 5326 E. Busch Blvd. open 11-8:30 Temple Terrace Mon.-Sat. 988-3008 WOMEN there will be a meeting to elect an interim board of directors for the New Women's Center to open in the UC. The meeting is at 8:00pm on Tues. July 10 in the UC Ballroom. AU interested women are invited--those with Qtr. Ill or Qtr. IV fee cards may vote. This ad sponsored b} Student Government


AHHHI A refreshing pause. Fountaln.S, located at the entrances to the Andros courts, are available for players. Sportscar Rallye Provides Thrills For A Novi.Ce .. Editors Note: Saturday n_lgbt the newly formed Tampa Bay Rallye Club held its fint rallye, "Novice Rebellion." The pur pose was to Introduce people to the fun of rallyes, although many wno participated were not beginners. However, for a no.vice, It was especially thrilling. BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Sports Editor "Novice Rebellion" sounds like a takeover by beginners, but actually the novice is overtaken by the joys of sportscar rallyeing. When I arrived at 6:30 par ticipants were registering their cars and club members talked about past ralleys. PEOPLE HAD COME for several reasons; some had never been in a rallye and wanted to participate, others had been before and knew the fun. One man said he used to race sportscars while two women said they were out for a "little family competition" as their husbands would be in another car. Registration continued and the talk grew louder. Everyone kept saying "we are just here for fun" but their eyes lingered on the gold mugs for the top three cars. JOE, THE rallyemaster, said people participate because "it's like a puzzle. It's not really a race, its' more like winning at a game of monopoly." Then mimeographed general instructions were given and questions asked. The participants waited and kidded about who would get lost and finish last. The cars lined up, according to number. I was in lucky number seven. We were given our course and on our way... Through a residental section and passed a man who starred at the passing numbered cars. Suddenly w.e were on the interstate, gaining speed, overtaking another rallyer, hoping not to be last. OUT TOWARD USF and "Slow down, I've got questions to answer." Participants are required to answer questions pertaining to signs or landmarks along the route. Winding through USF, we are following two other cars. We turn off they don't. "Are we right or are they?" We are right but suddenly we're lost and "Slow down I missed four questions." Intramural Deadline Today SUDDENLY. it got dark, I wondered if I could even see the signs The roads got longer, the questions harder and the light dimmer. Then the lights of Dale Mabry, more questions, the Causeway and the finish. Today is the last day to sign-up for the 3-man basketball, pad dleball, and tennis intramural activities, which will begin July 10. Sign-up sheets and rules are available in the Intramural Office, PED 105 ANDY HONKER, coordinator of Recreational Sports, said although entries for 3-man basketball were running low compared to paddleball and tennis, "We'll probably get some last minute sign-ups today." Honker said schedules would be made up and out on Monday. Honker said he will set up deadlines to complete play, which will only be on a tour nament basis, instead of having actual game times and also give each team schedules and phone numbers of other teams to arrange matches The matches will not have referees and can be ,,. intramurals Summer Softball Every-y'1 ln Low Bll-double forfeit S A O 10, Again B Brother> and Sliter> 9, Sigma Nu 2 Summertime Blues 16, Orcle Muckr11ker' 4 The Fellow 2l, Tho Folk s played on any regulation court, Honker said "It will be up to the teams to arrange the contests within the time limit and report the scores The only thing we'll be respon sible for is keeping track of scheduling an

10 -THE ORACLE DOONESBURY L Ht//) /J I.ONG RllP NI/TH -r# Jll/J6E H HllSN'T fJDU> o '/fl WHE1HER. OR Nor Heil S&T -Mil FOR I 'ytll/.. '.'.. ( "-JO July 3, 1973 by Garry Trudeau VNltSS H [)(JES, JIJS-r N01}{/N6 I 01N {}()/. SON, I Fl. SO DllRN f/Et.Pl.ESS/.. .4 MTHER 5HO Jake, he was right inside the door on state time and state money." Davis said he felt Prehle at tended the protest "to identify us

THE ORACLE -July 3, 1973 11 Aas) Giant' Hot Wl'!'S clfun m1a Giant Cold Sandwiches Sandwiches (SERVICES OFFERED) ( AUTOMOTIVE ) ( LOST & FOUND ) MATURE TEENAGER available for daytime or evening babysitting or child supervision throughout summer. Call Karen 932-3091. PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABIAN, USF, APA, etc. style manuals. IBM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from USF--971-6041 alter 6 p .m. THESIS & Dissertation typing. EX perienced. Call Mrs. Daniels 971-7508 after 6 p.m. x. .. .. EXTRAORDINARYTYPIST 1970 CAMARO, air-conditioning, bucket scats, vinyl roof, power steering, 8 cyl. 200 hp engine, AM radio. Excellent condition. $1900. Ph. 971-5522. '69 SUPER BEE 383 automatic new 500 tires, new shocks and exhaust system. S l300 8720213. FOR sale-'68 Olds Della 88. Runs Greall Best offer. 971-2494. '59 Chrysler New Yorker, loaded, perfect condition, 77,000 original miles, make offer ... 974-2651 or .985-1038 l\flCE 1971 Toyota Corolla, stick, with gteen 111nyl top. 51450 or best offer. 876 1557. FOUND Kiiien around portable post office. Striped, grayish color. Call 988-2037. Debbie. LOST BLUE SPIRAL notebook on Tues. June 12. Contains very important notes. Please call Jan 977-5344 A PAIR OF MEN'S sandals were left in the Department of Political Science during early registration. Please contact the office, SOC 352, to retrieve your sandals. LOST red, wire haired terrier, white paws and nose, very friendly, reward. Contact Sieve Sherman 9882523 1 weekdavs 8:30-11 Corner of Skipper Rd. and NE Nebraska AN ALTERNATIVE s+ Years of papers di sserl a l ions-st atisflc a I data-thesl S Turabian-USF-Campbell--1 BM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles,: pica. REFERENCES on request. Call Gloria 884-1969 CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 935 7854. Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Dupllcate broken lenses & repair frames. c ...... _M_OB_ILE_H_O_M_ES_,,) C ...... _M__sc_E_llA_N_EO_u_s_.....) LESSONS -Guitar, 5-slring Banjo. Private lessons by qualified Instructors. Guitar rental available. Grissel! Music, Ph. 988 1419. 12X60 mobile home, 2 bedroom, central heat & air. 10 minutes from USF In adult park, 54900, or small down payment and assume $97 per month. Call 949-2095 BEAUTIFUL SPOT FOR mobile home. For rent sso per month, s min. trom campus. secluded, shady,on creek. Ready to move on. Call Margaret 988-4085 C..,..._HELP-WANT-ED_,,J ( FOR RENT ) EXTRA cash (work today-pay today) """" guaranteed work. work when you want as long as you want. days a week. Apply ready lo work. MANPOWER 1919 E. Busch Blvd .. 416 W. Kennedy. Hrs. 6 a.m .. 6 p.m. COOKS WANTED. Part and Full.time. Hillsborough Pina Hut. 405 E Hillsborough MUSI be 18. Free Pina. NEED companion for 2 children. Daytime hours can fit around class schedule. Car required. 932-1130 eve. ( FOR SALE ) MARANTZ 1060 stereo amp Sl70 Gibson acous. guitar S 1 SO. Panasonic port. casselle SlS GE FM diyilal clock radio SIS Call Mark 971-7375 after 9 wknds. BEAUTIFUL Flowers for all occasions for best results. call: Thompson's Flower & Gilt Shop 2319 W Linebaugh Ave. 9358263 ----------UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Over 100 Titles. Survival Bookwork 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week. THIS is your LEVI slore. We have deni m & corduroys in regulars & Bells. Also booh. shirh & western hats. Only 10 m i n from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8701 Nebraska. KLH LOUDSPEAKER S yr. warranty. excellent condition. Call Toni. 988 1001 10S02 N 53rd SI. Temple Terrace. NEW 10 speed English racer. SSS c .. h Call 949.6784 alter 6 ( MUSICAL ) HAND CRAFTED FLUTES. Beautofully. handmade coppe r flules. Avatlable now at Survival Bookworks. 12JOJ Nebraska Opcn7d.1ys.1weck 11: 00ttll 7 : J 0 p m MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS C\10'J. own"d n111_ month. IS ')l?? (,1,h c.111 91? 6/0,l .tffi! r ,, NEW, bl9 2 Br. Duplex, unfurnished, car pets. drpes. paneling, 5145. Wler, 9arbe. Cll lier s. 98S-2'141 4611A Whlteway Dr. All dy St. & Sun. NO LEASE REQUIRED. Near USF. New 2 bedroom lurnished apt. Central hut & a i r Wall lo wall carpel. S180.00 per month. 238-1671 or 988-5614. ONE BEDROOM APTS. fully furnished, carpeted, AC. 5140.00 and 5145.00 mo. T errace Apartments. Skipper Rd. Call after 5 :30 p.m. 9714179. NEW 2 BR lux apls. Central A H, WW carpets. d ishwasher. disposal, kids & pets OK. Sl60 unl, suo.fur. Liberal Landlord (student). Call Bess Carter Assoc. or Angela Brantley Assoc. Ann Davis Reg. R E Broker. 9324301. LA MANCHA DOS APARTMENTS. S7290 per month. One block from cmpus, off Fleleher on 42nd Street. 9710100. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE FREE PRIVATE ROOM and bath in AC house on lake I spttd boat & cancx available) 1n exchange for cooking (dinner only) and cleaning. Call 9332575. HOUSE in country atmosphere. 10 min. lrom USF. Your own bedroom. S75 monthly plus eleClriclty. Conlacl Leigh or Kathy 9JJ20JJ ( REAL ESTATE ) 10 ACRES near 1 1s and Hernando Pasco College sile. Sccmic h ill top view. Isolated. SB0,000. R E Batten. RI I Box 419. Dade City. Fla. Phone Brooksville 904 7964BlS J \ 1 BDRM AC furnishe d mobile Apts N T.lmpa foe. E.lSV tlCCCH lo USF Mort. Ellm. 1 .75 Univ. & VA Hospital. 1112 E 1 4 2 f\vc 977.48)) ( PERSONAL ) IJNI T ( Wllh R d Sl,H C,1c1r1 M.11 Wtt.,I l.1111111" 1 Un1v1. t..,1f\t ( h,1plP1 proc1r ..,..,1vr. p t o1>lr t o r "'' Tu11 c 1 thouqht c.111 qn iaternitp RAZOR CUTS HAIR STYLING ,1!.JouS'e PH-971 Appointments Available Hour1 Daily 9 6 Thuri. & Fri. 9-7:30 t 'ilVl: H."'ilT\ PLAZA I Pl \Z;\ ASPIRING WRITERS-articles now being considered for magazine with .. 1ational distribution. Prefer pictorial articles concerning aspects of Florida (eg. gar dening, boating etc.). P.O. Box 622, Tampa 33601 or 985-1809 THEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 x THREE FOR A PARTY PLUS TIU: EROTIC DREAMS OF C\SSAi\O\' A Mid night Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11 :45 The South's Number One La Mancha Dos was designed as an alternative for students with no taste for dormitory rooms but without the budget to afford high rates of most conventional apartments either i:t LOW COST i:tWALK TO USF 'i:tPRIVACY l ROOMINESS ti, PLUSHNESS 'i:tSOCIAL LIF..::: 'tr RECREATION '{,:(BEAUTY $72 -$90.00 per month. That should be less than even a dormitory. We are located I block from USF. You don't 1need a car to get to classes if you live at L8 Mancha Dos. Bedroom-study to yourself. Sleep when you want, study when you want, decorate. and use as you want. Fully equipped all-electric kitchen, separate dining room.spacious living room two full bath-rooms, patios overlooking beautiful courtyards. Thick shag carpet wallto-wall, .classy Bar celona-style furniture, luxury accomodations throug"out. Planned parties at least once a month, grills for barbecuing in each rcourtyard, all residents young artd single .. 3y next fall there will be 1two buildings, 3 pools, sauna, b 1111 a rd s exercise rooms, tennis basketball, volleyball, pingpong, color T.V. lounges, meditation room. Trees, flowers. shrubben beauty outside. A place where the outdoors can be enjoyed. Rescnations are now being accepted for next fall. Specific apts. resened on a 1st come 1st sene basis. LA MANCHA DOS APTS 1 Block from USF on 42nd St.Phone 971-0100 Rock and Roll Club 14929 N. Nebraska TUES.-SUN. featuring CISCO FROM Atlanta DRAFT 15c a glass, $1.00 a pitcher-12:00-7:00 BEER 25c a glass, $1.50 a pitcter-after 7:00 til 1 :00 No Hassle Atmosphere No Rip Off Prices


12 -THE ORACLE July 3, 1973 1Unification Movement' At USF BY ANN CHA \'ENS Oraclt> Feature Editor The campus community can add another name to its growing list of exotic religions The Unification Movement is the latest to spread their truth on campus. Robert Willamson of Scotland and Kimiyo Chogo from Japan are two young movement workers that came to Tampa 10 days ago to start a Unification Church Center. Their center is located at 4311 Obispo Ave. LEADER OF THE Unification Movement is Sun Myung Moon a North Korean who started to preach his Unification Prinicipal in 1946. P.e was imprisoned by the Communists and liberated by Americans at the close of the Korean War when he moved to Seoul. South Korea The movement is now active in 50 nations. Williamson said It has its roots in Christianity but seeks unity of all relig i ons a clean cut young m<. in a white shi r t with tie described himself as "long haired hippy before learning of the movement at 4 a .m one snowy morning in Edinberg CHOGO JOINED the movement while working as a nurse in Germany. She worked with a "mobile unit, the One World Crusade. in Europe before coming to the United States in January with a group of 100 lay ministers. The movement seeks world unity by changing the hearts of man," Williamson said. "No matter what kind of religious background, mankind can now work together in harmony." All that is necessary to achieve this harmonv is to become "God centered," he said. This can be accomplished through study of the Unification Principle. THE PRINCIPLE discusses the nature of God and creation, the origin of evil, whether Christ fulfilled his mission, the con sumation of human history, the spirit world and resurrection, the IS Vacancy Still Exists No replacement has been named for Dennis McClendon outgoing USF director of Information Services, and nc decision is expected "for several weeks," according to Dr. Jim Vickrey, director of University Relations. McClendon resigned his post June 15, calling working conditions in his office "tOtally unfair." He said his office was assigned too much work and he would not continue "to ask people to butt their heads against the walls "I don't expect to make a decision for several weeks," Vickrey said yesterday. "There is no rush." Vickrey said he was "letting applications come in," but noted he had no one particular in mind at this time. "Contrary to speculations in the (Tampa) Times, there are no hot can didates and no insiders," he said. News reports last week pointet to several persons in USF's mass communications department as likely candidates for Mc Clendon's position. However, Vickrey said he'wants to "give people a chance to apply" before naming a replacement. McClendon's resignation is effective Oct. 1, but he said he will leave "around the middle of August," because he has ac cumulated six weeks leave which be plans to take. workings of history. and the significance of tht 20th Cl'ntury in history The men a nd woml n at tlw Tampa center live as a "family of brothers and sisters," Williamson said A service is held every night at 7 Sunday is the group's day off, but the evening service is still held Thev make candles and candy to sell.and also sell flowers to help finance their work. Donations also help In Korea the! exports Gin Sen Herbal Tea to finance its ac tivities Though conservatively dressed and dl void of lwlls. thl' hl'ars many n spmblanc!'s to the llan K r ish n a nlOVl' ml'nl. Both claim to tmbrnc c all rt'ligions and their organizational and recruitment procedure s are similar. Both also stress the organization over the individual even to giving "(;od dir<.'cted advice" on whom to marry. Though Williamson s aid the organization has no position on the birth control issue Uhey an definitely against abortions ) Chogo said birth c ontrol is discouraged because "the movement needs people Robert Wiiiiamson Live With Us Klmlyo t.;hogo Unless you're working on a B.A. in you know doing housework is a drag. When you stay with us we go the cleaning for you ... weekly. You'll have more time for social activities and the other fun things in life. This is just one Jf the reasons why you'll like it here. So ... make the right move. Conie to where the living is easy 1200 Fhtc-lwr .\\t'111w. Ta111pa Florida l'hom (8B) 971-9550


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