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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Fiallo, Robert ( Editor )
Teverbaugh, Laurel ( Managing editor )
Alongi, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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About 2100 USF students participate In Intensive Tutorial and University Volunteer Services, two programs designed to "help students help the com munity and gain valuable experience In the process." See Story, Page 10. tuesdag's July 10, 1973 ORACLE No. 45 12 pages University Studies Division Abolished BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer USF's Division of University Studies has been abolished according to Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell, and various functions within the division will be re-routed from Academic Affairs lo Student Affairs. A staff member within University Studies said the decision to reorganize the division came as a sudden blow to University Studies employes and that there was little prior notification or explanation for the move. BR. ELLEN KIMMEL, director of University Studies, said the move will split the division and employes know little about possible effects the plan may have on their jobs. Kimmel said she was notified of the decision only "two or three days" before it was announced to the university deans. Howell said the new plan would move Academic Advising and High School Relations from Academic Affairs to Student Affairs. ,\N INFORMEO source said persons currently holding jobs in University Studies are .. panicked" because they feel the move is part of a plan to re-vamp Ellen B. Kimmel the division and said that "some heads will roll Howell said there will definitely be a change in personnel but that the move is primarily designed to make it easier for freshman and students with undeclared majors to cope with the problem of advising and scheduling. Howell yesterday called the decision "a change in respon sibility." "THERE WILL be a change of responsibility," he said. "But all employees affected will be given a chance to look at what we have left to offer." But Academic Affairs Vice President Carl Riggs said no one would lose their job as a result of the move. Riggs said persons currently holding jobs in the division will be offered corresponding jobs in the new location under Howell before any job changes would occur. "IF THERE are some changes, it will be because those involved opt not to make the move. to Student Affairs," Riggs said. He said reorganization of the two student service programs Continued on Page IO USF's Crime Rate Reflects Increase BY GARY HACKNEY Oracle Staff Writer experiencing the same proi>lem. Mackey Returns Letter Requesting Legal Opinion USF' s crime rate for the sixmonth period ending June 30 has increased 3 93 per cent over the same period last year, according to figures released by University Police (UP l. The figures show increases in bicycle thefts. stolen state property and over 300 per cent increase in drug related arrests. IHREC'TOR OF Public Safety and Security Jack Prehle discounted any ''crackdown" on drug vilations and said the 18 arrests. up 14 over last year, were a result of routine procedures. have a letter here from the University of Florida saying they are averaging 35 bicycle thefts a month," he said, adding that students could do more to prevent the thefts of their bicycles. "If you buy a good lock and chain. something that will resist boll cutters, and use the bicycle racks there would be less bicycle thefts on campus," Prehle said. AUTOMOBILE thefts, assaults and stolen private property showed decreases from last BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Starr Writer tlw llH'f'tings be c;iuse hf' termed lhl' group ""only ;idvisory ... year's figures. USF Pres. Cecil Mackey yesterday returned The Oracle's request for a legal opinion from Attorney General Robert Shcvin concerning closed-door meetings of the Council of Deans and also hailed correspondence directed lo State University System Chancellor Dr Hohcrt Mautz. TllE OHACLE cited Florida's ""Sunshine Law'" ;is a partial basis for their appeal for a ruling. In a letter to Hichard. Editor Hobert Fiallo said the deans nH'f'lings ""consistently affects !he character and quality of ;1c;ukmic proposals made' at tlw l 'niqrsity ... .June 11. a memo from Mautz was SC'nt to all State University System presidents asking that all requests for legal opinions be conveyed through ""appropriate channels ... Four days later. The Oracle was told by advisor Leo Stalnaker that these channels were on S<'n'ral lc\e ls within llSF. He said r<'quests should be gi\en firs! lo him. then lo Dr. Joe llowell. \'ice presid('nl for Student Affairs. then Mackey. would lh<'n forward them lo l\laut7 l\lautz would !(J('n nqut'sls fat his diseret ion l to ShP\'in Prehle attributed a $9 398 increase in stolen state property to an inventory conducted by Prehle said although his staff is ''holding their own" he does n.::t know of _any police chief that would not like to increase his staff. "I'd like to increase my investigative staff," he said adding that he only has two in vest.igators currently working on 90 cases. Educational Resources. ""Educational Resources listed property missing since 1969 and some may have been previously reporte d ... he said. Included in this figure is $3 645 worth of film equipment noted missing from the l\tass Com munications department June 5. 'The less cases the investigator carries, the more attention he can give to each one. Prehle feels this would better enable the UP to recover stolen property. April 4. The Oracle form;illy requested Deputy !\llorn<'y Barry Hicharrl lo rendPr ;1 dl'cision concl'rning con ditions of !he deans s Dr. Carl lliggs. vice presidnt for Academic Affairs. has rPfus<'d tc grant nuhli c and press IN(; TO the Todds. they noli<'l'rl !hat Chl'lsi had ""started to fear going to sd1ool. which she hadn 'l d01w for ;1 long while Slw would rry and use phrast's like 'blist<'r your bottom which we rwvcr use,.. Charhn<' Todd said. "Of coursP tlwn is a lot nf hindsight, hut I have pil'ltrn's of tlw hruis1s a11d tlwy an' much 111on' than wh;1f tv1 ;1 1 011strval ivl' would say is 1w1pssary for dis(ipli111 l Tlw 'J'pdds said wh1 I h1y enrolled < lwlsi in lilt' d ;1y1";1n nnt phone when ask<'d about disciplinary methods and facililit'S


J-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 Shevin Sues Oil Companies TALLAHASSEE, (UPI) --Charging the nation s 15 largest oil co mpani es wit11 creating and manipulating" the g1u;olin e shortage, Florida Attorney General Robert Shevin yesterday filed a federal anti-trust s uit seeking to break up their "monopoly power "Onl'e the indC'ptmlenls wrn forced out, the cons1111H'r would pay dlarly al the pump," S h evi n lolct r<'port e r s ut a n ews confere n ce. F1tl1-.. d Northern l>is lricl of Florida in Tallah assee to order the compan i es to break up their "monopolies" by se llin g their crude oil exp loratior and production int erests. Our position is that there is no shortage, Sheyin said. "The alleged shortage is th e result of anti-c<>mpetitive practices manipulated by the major companies to drive out their com petitors." Shevin said it was th e first such s uit filed by 11ny state or fedcrnl agency but he pre dicted the Federal Trade C ommission Commissioner Doyle Conner said yesterday a stateWide fraud is being used to bilk persoqs seeking jobs as truck drivers, construction workers and heavy equipment operators. "The advertisements suggest a growing demand for qualified people in these fields and offer training and high-paying jobs but th.e applicant usually finds himself paying $195 for training manuals that are practically worthless. The applicant also finds himself without a job," Conner said. Tampan Chosen TALLAHASSEE Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Herboth Ryder of Tampa was named by Gov. Reubin Askew yesterday as chairman of the State Drug Abuse Advisory Council. [florida news briefs Property Tax TALLAHASSEE State officials riding herd on county property tax rolls under the new "Truth in Taxation" ,Law, were told yesterday they are expected to be hard-nosed and recommend suspension of local assessors who fail to do their job properly. Corporate Tax TALLAHASSEE The Florida Public Service Com mission

THE ORACLE -July 10, 1973 BOR Queried On Rice Counsel .Philip Rice BY SANDRA WRIGHT Oracle Staff Writer USF Pres. Cecil Mackey has requested the Board of Regents CBORl "pass a resolution" allowing University Counsel Larry Robinson to represent Lan Lit Dean Philip Rice in a civil court suit. Rice has been charged with assault and battery, false arrest, and defamation of character by a former student, George Martin Trigona. "WE NEVER turn one R. JOE 11ow1-:1.L. vice president for Student Affairs at USF, said no policy changes will be made until final BOR decisions are announced. He said Dan Walbolt, assistant vice president for Student Affairs, has prepared a report outlining possible effects the new majority rights law will have on University regulations. "We'll wait and see what happens at the July BOR meeting," Howell said. The BOR meeting will be July 25 in Jacksonville. Ray King, USF director of Housing and Food Services, said he forsees "no problems" if the expected regulation revisions are approved. He said he feels the change will be a "simple process.'' "I would suspect that about the same number 88-;>229 Kerry Kennedy Center has not yet beP.n established. The ideal situation, according to Dinkel, would be tO have the center operating in dependently from any one organization. "We have had contact with various groups and individuals promising donations but nothing's final yet" o;nkel said. factor." However, Robinson said he did not feel the person's "status" matters. "I don't see it as limited to just administrators," he said, but noted only administrators have been granted counsel .. Robinson denied a USF professor legal advice last quarter wben Dr. David Vandercar was threatened with arrest for ob struction of justice. "Since I've been at the University, no person has been defended in civil action but Mackey, Riggs,

4-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 Is ROTC Really Relevant? It's absurd that whik most of tlw University is recovering from s t vert' budgPt cuts. work overloads and spal'e l'utbacks. our administration should lw actively pushing a proposal to start ROTC at USF The l\fackey Machine Militia would be an e xtension of our current agreeme nt with the University of Tampa that allows USF students to take ROTC downtown. 'l'he n e w proposal seeks to establish military courses on the USF campus, leaving th e drill and weapons training downtown THE ORACLE opposes suc h a plan for several rea sons : there is not enough space at USF to h a ndle current demands, no less added ones: ROT C is actually a vocational program to train soldiers. not an academic endeavor; and most importantly, a ROTC unit is philosophically incompatible with the atmosphere of our University C om mW1ity When approache d with n e w academic programs such as the propose d Film [Editorials & Commtntary) Dtpt., our administration c ril's th ( 'l'l' is a spact' crunch," but now th e y wish to t a k e on additional classroom load s. W e havr to wond e r about this rus h for an HOTC program that cutTt'ntl y h a s only six U S F students e nrolled at UT whil e such student n eeds a s a day care centtr married s tudent h o using etc., continue to g o un a tt e nd e d The administration i s basing p a rt of its argume nt for in stituting HOT C on the f a ct th a t USF stude nt s are already e nroll e d a s s p ecial students a t the University of Tampa for ROTC training. Th e proposed plan will save th e curre nt six USF R O T C e nrolle e s s om e tuition and travel e xp e nses. Y e t th e n e w propo s al al s o calls for weekly l eade r s hip labs. w e apon tra ining a nd clos e orde r drill to b e held a t U T VOLUNTEER ('i\1)1-:TS IN HO'l't' HI'(' paid $100 a 1nonllt for a total of u s uall y $'.lllO q11artt" Currently the y pa y $ l lll al U T and th l' ftt> al llSF would h e appruximatdy p e r quarte r W e have to wond e r if llw $ 7 0 a quarte r tuition saving to th e f e w who arc paid to take HOTC would b e worth th e cxptnse lo th e r e st of llw Univer sity and its programs If th e Univ ersity i s rrally d edic at e d to s avin g a f e w doll ars for U S F s tud e nt s int e rest e d in llOT C they might furth e r e xplor e th e p o ssibility of a n agreem e nt with th e UT th a t would allo w USF s tud e nt s to e nroll for H O T C d o wnt o wn but at US! r a tes a s in th e c rossr eg i stiatio n r e l atio n s hip USF has with Hillsborough Community C oll ege. Su c h arrange m e nt s mi g ht b e easily SFC Move Upsets PBE Member Editor:. The suggestion that the Student Finance Committee may lose its office is disturbing to me as a member of the Student AffairS Committee on Plan ning, Budgeting, and Evaluation CSACPBE). SACPBE, composed of College Council representatives, recommends and evaluates the budgets for all accounts annually funded by approximately 1.6 million dollars of student Activity and ServiCe Fees. The Student Student Finance cs:F.C.) office in ADM '288 tias 6eeti : < 1ilvaluable to SACPBE as--uource No one person has the time to gather the background information needed to make good judgements concerning the many different accounts fonded by student Activity and Service Fees. Therefore; having the information gathered and stored by S.F.C. readily accessible to members is requisite for (letters) proper functioning of SACPBE. MOVING THE S.F.C. office from the Administration Building would impede information flow to SACPBE in two ways: first it would take S F .C. out'of proximity to its main information sources in the Administration Building; and secondly, not having the S F .C. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. 1 s < rio11slv p11rs11l'd. Tiii' Oracl e has to wo11d1 r if 1111' administration ha s hl'l'n a s am I ii l iou s in ing ot hl'r ; ii t 1 : 1 11al iv1s in co111p;1rison w ith their m111 proposal lo s impl y eslalili s h HOT(' 011 lltt lJSF campus. Til e Oracle rl' c ogniz e s the 1 alu c ol c at e rin g lo th e minorit y a s w ell ;1s majority w i sh, but feel s that w h e n r esources arc in s hort s uppl y they s hould l w used to best a dv anta g e f o r a s many s tud e nts as possibl e Th e right ol lJSF a nd ha y area s tud ents lo tak e lJTC w ill not lie dimini s h e d if USF r ef u ses lh e military prog r a m It is s t ill available at th e U niv of Tampa. THE FEW S'l'l'llEl\'TS w ho wis h t o t a k e H O T C a l a s t a t e sc hool a l so h a\'e th e o pp o rtunit y to take it al FSU. Florid a A & M U niv o f Fl o rid a and Florid a Technolo g ical Uni v e r sit i n Orlando. Th e s t a t e univ e r s it y syst e m has hcc11 quit e clear in its s t a nd o n dupli cating spec i alize d a cade mi c pro g r a m s F o r eco11o mi c and admin i strative effici e n c\' th e d uplication o f prog r a m s have hce11 a v o i ded a n d discouraged ye t the CSF a d m ini stratio n i s n o w pu s h i n g !or J pro g r a m t h a t i s av ailabl e a l f o ur o ther st a t e uni\' e r s ities as well as 1 0 mile s down th e lnt e rst;Jt e in T ampa M os t importantly i s th e phil os ophical impli c ation s o f ins titutin g R O T C a l USF. Th e lon g w a r in Vie t n a m i s finall y winding down, so why sh o uld USF wind up its military in vol ve m e nt ? In th e past. R O T C pro vide d a draft d e f erme nt for th ose wis hin g to continue their s tudies, hut such a d e f erme nt i s no longer need e d with th e a bsol v ing o f th e draft. M e n in th e military can use th e Boot strap program, t a king class e s at domestic coll e ge s to pro vide c olleg e-educated officer s for the allv olunt eer Army. Th e O racle feel s th e a dmini stra tion i s usin g th e guise o f h e lpin g students to have R O T C in s titut e d o n campus O nce h e r e. H O T C mi ght w ell co ntinu e t o grow i n i m p o rl a nce. w h i l e m a ny o ther s tu dent nee d s \\'ill be neg lect ed W e do n o t f ee l thi s s itua tion i s be n ef icial t o th e Unive r sity Community a nd s h o uld not b e a pprov e d \\'E .\HE I:\ th e bu siness o f e ducation in th e b elie f th a t e duc a t e d p e opl e so l\'P th e ir probl e m s ratio nall y y e t th e ad mini stratio n w a nt s t o in s titut e R O TC. wh e r e p e opl e a r e t a u ght viol e nt mean : of settlin g disagree m e nt s. When the F a cult y S enate meets t o discu s s th e proposal tomorrow. w e urge them to join their own committee. Student Government and The Oracle in renouncing the institution of anv ROTC program at USF. ( lttttrs policy) The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone iumber. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be con sidered for publication the following day. Mail boxes are located in the UC and Library for letters to the Editor.


DOONESBURY 71-1& CHlllR C/lllS !"OR. !HE NEX1 W!1N&SS.1 r I ir t'fAX'IG, 11Y t.A!J, I 1H!NK fV RNllUY Htf ON A WAY 70 8RING S0/'1c RE/IL VIGOR 1V !HE \ 1-10 Hl5 ORIO/ JI/ SHAllSl/8RJNA 1H& UIOY! BUI OF 1HINK 5Hll COME? I ),.J l '/;,. i;; I ;; l -Bulletin Tn:sn, \ Y Coll<'g<' of Educ a lion ,\ssodalio11 /\ stud e nt faculty s oci a l for College of Education stucl 8E R/N .. Board <'nlerlainm<'nl. charge. \\Fil:\ ESll \Y El'kankar So1irh Tht:re will ht' a dis c u ssion 011 1-:ckankar. lhl' an c ienl s\i ern 1 of soul lraHl. al 7 : : lll p .111 1n l 1(' 204 TIH' 1111hlic is invil e d WOMEN there will he a to an interim hoard of directors for the New Women's tenter lo open in the UC. The meeting is at 8:00pm TONIGHT in the UC Ballr .oom. All intcrf'.Stcd women arc with Qtr. Ill or Qtr. IV fee <'anls may vote. No one without a USF ID card will be admitted to the meeting. This acl sponsorctl hy Stmlt nt (;ovannwnl THE ORACLE -July 10, 1973 5 Mackey, Riggs Decline Publishing Of Response To Recent AAUP Survey BY LINDA BUMANN Oracle Starr Writer USF Pres. Cecil Ma c key and Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs Carl Ri g g s yesterday again refused a n O r a cle offer to publish their r espo n s e lo the Ameri can A ssociation of University Profess or s ( AAUP l survey, in which 72 p e r cent of the USF faculty would not express con fidence in them. Last Tuesday, The Oracle offered Mackey and Riggs editorial space for their statements. Mackey declined the offer on Friday and again yesterday. "I'M NOT GOING to comment," he said, adding that this is the most appropriate course to follow in the situation." Riggs said Friaay he did not have enough time to comment for today's paper, but would have a r es ponse for the Thursday issue. lie met with Mackey yesterday afternoon. however, and refused, when contacted last night, to comment on the survey. Riggs said that, although the survey wa s communicated to the pub through a newspaper, the correct wa y to respond would not b e through the paper. He s aid he would rather respond to f a culty m embers. the Faculty S e nat e. or the AAUP. of the USF Faculty Senate, also expres s e d unhappiness with the small percentage of participation in the survey. He said he qu e stions the validity of it, not onl y because the return was low, but b ecause several faculty m embers told him they never recei ved copies of the qu estionnaires. "Surveys of this type are not scientific Only people who want to respond do respond, and some people have an axe to grind," Binford said. Despite the results of the survey, Binford said if a full faculty vote were taken, Mackey would receive a vote of con fidence The survey only ex pressed the "real trend of feelings for some faculty members." AAUP PRES. Jack Moore disagreed that the survey lacked validity "I think it expresses general feelings that exist for the entire faculty, he said. The opinion poll gains validity with each additional year. The lack of confidence the faculty in the administration for two consecutive years has gained importance, he said. "There is definitely an in creasing feeling as shown in the survey, that the Administration is an opposition force," he said. A full faculty vote of confidence in Mackey taken now would reveal the same lack of confidence shown in the survey, he said. MOORE SAID that he and Riggs had talked about holding an informal meeting with faculty to discuss the results of the survey. "That may be all they 're going to do. It may be enough, he said. The faculty is already aware of the significance of the survey, but the Administration will need t ime to recognize it. "Things come down from above very rapidly, but findings like those in the survey drift back up very slowly," Moore said. Grace Period For Expired ID Cards A one month grace period for expired faculty and staff ID cards will end July 30, according to Merrily Taylor, USF cir culation Librarian. ID cards which expired June 30, 1973 will no longer be accepted for checking out books after the July date. Faculty and staff may have photographs taken for new ID's on Wednesday s from 1-3 p.m. in the basement of the library. llE llAS :\0 plans however to c all a meeting with them and will only respond to questions raised b y the AAU P poll if he is d irectly approached b y th e faculty or the /\AUP Hig g s co mplained th a t the s urvey had included only a small percentage of the USF faculty Although he doesn't completely dismiss the r e sults on that complaint. he said he doesn't "know how to judge what it means. CAMPUSCYCLERY r'aculty refusal to express confidence in Riggs has grown from only Tl per cent in 197 2 to 72 per cent in 1973 l>H .I ESSE Binford. c h airman BICYCLE SALES and REPAIRS 8 BIG REASONS TO SEE "Endot The Road" 5224FOWLER 988-9316 East From USF \ entrance STID lfACH. MIS YllJN, IDllTHY TP.ISTAN JAAIS A1. .INS HAil lIBRYSLllilHFRN ..... STEPHEN F liESIEN i!RRY )l)i lllilRN ARAM 1 .h,:'f11d:1 tht' R,i,iJ ..,JOHNBARIHINCOLOR Wednesday July 11 8:00 p.rn. LAN 103 Film Art Series


8-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 the Pooh' Kicks Off. Summer Children's Festival The Speech Communications Department will present A A. Milne's classic children s story, "Winnie the Pooh," Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p m. in LAN 103, kicking off their Sunfmcr Festival of Children's Literature George Randolph speech communications instructor said the show, which is approximately 50 minutes, ties together eight "Winnie the Pooh" stories and presents all of the "Pooh" characters. "ALL OF THE stories in the book are separate but start somewhere and lead somewhere," Randolph said "They all tend to feature each character." Randolph said there will be a slight "blackout" between each story while the characters change stage positions on the "'shallow" sl't Tlw stori(s ra111-:e from five minllll's to 11 rni1111t1s, he said Tht rharactcrs include .Jan Powell as the narrator. Terri .Jo Hogan as Winnie the Pooh Neil McCord as Eeyore, Lee Ahlin as Owl, .Julie Murray as Kanga, Marian Hush as Hoo. Wanshy Hancock as Habbit. Barbara Correia as Piglet. fletcher <'larkl' as Tigger and Sam Flannigan as Christopher Robin. The costumes, designed by Margaret assistant director, and Handolph, are colorful but not compltlt'. All of the characters will not wear tails, Handolph said. but the costumes will suggest the character. Handolph stressed that the free productions will lie enjoyable to both children and adults. "They can attach different meanings," he said. Dancer Royos Fernandez To Teach At USF Royos Fernandez, a member dancer with the American Ballet Theatre for 20 years, will teach advanced dance classes begin ning Qtr 1 at USF Fernandez, who has been corning to USF as an artist-inresidence for the last three years, has Qeen performing for 25 years. Last quarter when he conducted classes on campus, he told the Oracle he wanted to "teach and coach" people in the art, style and techniques of dance HILL llllG, dance department chairman, said a number of other schools had asked Frenandez to teach but he decided to coach at USF ''We're very fortunate to get him," Hug said "It will help the dance department greatly Hug said plans for a dance repertory company will come to light with Fernandez's help and position at USF'. Quartet Explore Visual Realm Into Music With Ravel Piece FERNANDEZ, who began studying at the age of 8 has danced wth the Ballet Husse of Monte Carlo, the National Ballet of Australia, the New York City Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre His tours have included a 12 week world tour with Dame Margot Fontayne and Hudolph Nureyev, as well as appearances in Moscow and South America BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor The Guarneri String Quartet, four of the world's leading music connoiseurs, opened an element of visuality in the realms of music with the exciting and pleasurabl.e. Ravel piece -"Quartet in F Major" during a P.erformance Saturday evening in the University Theatre. Violinists Arnold Steinhardt and John Dalley, violinist Michael Tree and cellist David Soyer, who are visiting USF during their two-week residency as a part of the Summer Music Chamber Series, exhibited their musical expertise with intent facial expressions during the second half of the concert. The first half consisted of 's "Quartet in C minor, Opus 18 No. 4" and Session's "Quartet No. II." GUARNERl'S of. (musit) the Ravel piece attempted to put the almost sold out audience into a hypnotic trance where they could visualize any type of flowing movement in their minds, be it brilliant colors, leaves falling off a tree, or a beautiful ballet. The Ravel piece, completed by Ravel in 1903, was a fine flowing rhythmic composition. The second and third movements highlighted the piece with their cross-rhythms and rhapsodic, vigorous harmonies, but all four movements reflected on the mood which the first movement began. The expressiveness and in tensity with which the Guarneri provided an insight FLORIDA CENTER FOR THE ARTS ,-: .THE GUARNERI STRING QUARTET "Singly and as a group, IT HAS NO SUPERIOR ON THE WORLD'S STAGES': .. N Y. Times In Residence July 2-14 into their degree of musical quality and abilities. They ex pounded as polished artists of the highest caliber. The Guarneri will perform again in concert today, Thursday and Saturday at 8 :30 p m in the University Theatre Tickets are $3, half price for USF students, and can be purchased in the Theatre lobby or by calling ext 2323. The concerts are almost sold out, according to a box office spokesman Royos Fernandez Jones, Keach In Film James Earl Jones, as. Doctor D, and Stacy Keach, as his newest patient will star in "The End of the Road," adapted from the John Barth novel. The film, which also stars James Coco, Dorothy Tristan and MANDOLIN! Harris Yulfn. will be shown Wednesday ars p m in LAN 103. Admission to the film. which is about a college professor paralyzed by inaction and his treatment in a hospital for psychotics, is 50 cents Also have guitars, banjos, autoharps and accessories. Always at everyday low prices. SURVIVAL BOOKWORKS 1203 Nebraska Ave. open 7 Days a Week 11:00 ti) 7 :30 Tuesday July 10 Wednesday July 11 Thursday July 12 Frid.ay July 13 Saturday July 14 SOI EDU LE Morning l 0:00-12:00 Master Class Master Clas.s OF EVENTS Afternoon 2:00-4!00 Master Class Open Rehearsal Master Class Open Rehearsal July 10 -14. Evening 8:30 Concert: HAYDN MARTINU MENDELSS HN Concert: BARTOK MOZART Concert: DVORAK HINDEMITH WEBERN Program content subject to change. STUDENT RATE: CONCERT TICKETS: .HALF-PRICE to 1 USF full-General Admission: time students who present Series Tickets begin at current fee card at Box $7 .50 per thre. e concerts. Office. Limit of two tickets Single tickets at er concert per student at $3.00 per concert. ._h_a_ s....L._ri-'c;....;;e;...;.. _______ OPEN REHEARSALS and MASTER CLASSES held in the Fine Arts Auditorium

USF Talent Performs Well At Lawtey Blue Grass Fest BY RICHARD URBAN Special to the Oracle Vifteen indi viduals and six blue gra s s b ands from across Florida competed at Lawtey, Florida, in th e "Firs t Ole -Time Blue Grass Jamboree" Friday and Saturda y Individual awards were given for b est banjo and fiddle picking. Contest s were planned for mandolin and guitar pickers but not enough contestants were there Friday night fur the contest to b e held. THE PHOBLEl\1 with the twoday fe s ti val was only 400 people attende d Festi val promoter Ken Clark of Jacksonville s:,id, ''I was scare d the turr -out wouldn't be g ood enough tu come close to breaking even. The only reason I did it was so many people aske d for it." O n e problem. according to Clark. was the show was not Ken Clark planne d until after the big convention in April, so the people at tha t convention did not know about the amateur show. CLARK SAID another problem was the lack of support for blue grass music from commercial country r adio stations. which won' t p la y grass lwcause most stati on ma11agl'r s think it will not s e ll. He said newspapers also ignored the festival. When individuals and bands were not competing on stage, Tampa's Friends of Blue Grass with Tom Henderson, host of WUSF-FM's "This is Blue Grass" performe d And, as is usual with blue grass festivals, the best music was heard in the camp ground where pickers got together for informal jams, lasting till the early morning hours. ONE BAND competing in the contest was formed in the parking lot only hours before the competition began. USF Library security guard Gene Austin, who plays mandolin, got together with a guitar and banjo picker from Miami and managed a third place showing. The Blue Grass Pioneers from Tampa were voted b y the judges as the best blue grass band in Florida. Electric Light Orchestra Real Genius At Edgar Winter Show BY 1>1:\NNE STEPll1\NIS Oracle Starr Writer Polished rock and roll in stumental mastery and mellifluous vocals blende d tog ether to produce an outstanding evening Sunday at Curtis Hixon Hall. The few unappreciati v e "fan"-atics who allowed wayward balloons and frisbecs t o blemish a nearly flawless concert were outnumbered many times over b y true fans who were e n v eloped in the musical grandeur of the Edgar Wiuter r;roup and England' s 1-:J ectric Light Or chestra r ELO 1. TllE :\1:\1:\ attraction of ttw evening, Winter Group. had a solid composition of rock and roll whi c h s prvf'd as" a foundation for th e show. The music was bas ic. though. nothing n e w o r drama ti cally diffPrPnl: lh P PX c it e m c nt sP c m c d In r adial<' 111 s t ead from the "1xlras" suc h a s both on annringe r join r d !hf' group for llw sci several songs of which Ill' had wriltPn. l11s successful in t egration into the group was cvirkncP:on Bo x ()ffi< a11d 111 S I l 'f'!n:;l1111"J'. ;ii 1Vli1cl1'1"11 l\'lli si<" ;111cl 1111' l<1;al 1'1;11 (music) "LET'S (;t:T It On." "Great flail s of Fire.. and Winter's saxophone in "Fireside" rounded out the (;roup"s offerings. But the real gPnius c anw a t the start of the three hour c on cert. wh e n former l\lo\"C' mrmbe r Jeff I y nn P showed how a n id e a c a n 111;1tf'ri;11izc into a r eality. h o w a oriPntc d chambe r group can hlf'nd with roc k and roll 1\1\ l\<\;rn s drum Hich;1rd kl'yho;ird 1rntrol ;111d guitar l1;1111f'cl with llw string ac <"ornp ;11111111nt of lhrtf' lornwr 1111mlwrs of th!' I .ondon Svrnphonv I >rdH str; 1 lo n s ult i11 ;m 111slr11ml'nlal SJll'l" t ;11"uL1r 1-:ll'llric Light Or dwstra. lndi\idu;ll ;!lent was highlightl'd wh1n Wilf < ; ihson s \ 1 oli11 s olo drift Pd into ; 1 diffirnlt l '; 1g;111ini Sl'leclion: group 1111ifil"alio11w;1s1ph; 1 siz1d when lw ldt tlw st;1g1 lo J\nan. l._ rn1w ;111d l\likl' :\llwrqwrqiw on bass 11 i I a r for a 11 o Id I\ 1 o \ l' rol"k e r "I lo Y ;1 .. :\llKI : 1:11\\".\l!llS. 0111 filll'd 111 t;1ils amt a h o od aslmmded tlw ;1udiPn c e in hi s i nlrod11\'tion to tlw m xl song. wlwn lw 11s1'd an or; rngl' lo lhl' r d lo llis 1111iq11ely 1oncl'i\"l'd solo ll'd i11lo ""Tlw J!;ill of till' l\lo1111l;1in l\ini.:. ; 1 soni.: has1d on ; 1 \Tar nld 11111!' (;ihson 11s!'d lh1 di\"l'l'J!tnl moods of llw piPt't' as an opSl'<>HTS< :\H SEH \ I< : 1 : Professiona I Sethoven." This song was evidence of what Move' s metamorphosis into ELO was all about: it was in fact one of the most impressive creations ever of rock music sprinkled with classical o\ertone s Oracle Photo by Ann Cravens Black Folk Music Josh White Jr. will perform in three free concerts, sponsored by the Student Entertainment and Activities Council, (SEAC) during a special "Josh White Jr. Week" this week at USF. He will perform today at 9 p.m. in LAN 103, Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Empty Keg and Friday at 9 p.m. on Crescent Hill. White is the son of the famous Negro folk musician. He has recorded two albums. .... .................. t SCHOOL KIDS t t RECORDS t SPECIAL SALE NEW FROM SHELTER RECORDS distributed by t t CAPITOL RECORDS Inc. t t LEON LIVE t t ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY t t $6.69 Black Grass ............................... $3.39 Freddie King t Women Across The River ...... $3.39 t ALL OTHER SHELTER RECORDS -tc i' ON SALE FOR ONLY .......... $3.39 -tc t WE OFFER THE LOWEST PRICES t f IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA!!! t SCHOOL KIDS RECORDS -tc t 4237 Busch Blvd. (corner of 46th St.) t Mon.-Sat. 11am-9pm


8-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 Three Pitchers Sign With USF BY l.ENOIL\ L:\KF Oral.'lt Sports Editor Three pitchers. one from Hillsborough Community College tHCCl. have signed with USF. John J. "Jay" Keller. from HCC: Charles Mishoe. from Sulfolk Community College, NY: and Steve Ruling, from Brt'vard Jtmior College, l\lelbourne: will rebuild the mound corps. Three starters --Don Ellison. Charles Baldwin and Jack Wolfe --were lost through graduation. KELLER. Aright-hander. had a won-loss record of 5-3 in the 1973 season. He pitched a total of 71,1-3 innings, struck out 54 and walked 26. His earned run average was 2.15. In 1972, Keller was named Most Valuable Player for the HCC Hawks. Baseball Coach Beefy Wright said, "We think Jay can be one of the better pitchers in the state next year. We have watched him all through high school and junior college and I think he's getting better all the time." JAY SAID HE selected USF for several reasons. His father, who is in the service, is being tran sferred to Turkey for over a year and he wanted to stay in Tampa near the rest of his family. "Also, they

THE ORACLE -July 10, 1973 9 New PE Electives Proposed BY LENORA LAKE Oracle Sports Editor grade. IF THE PROPOSAL is approved, the courses will be divided into three areas, Laboratory Exercises, Human Movement Response and Behavior and Special Com petency Courses. The Laboratory Exercises will be leisure sports and the majority will be scheduled for two 2-hour sessions each week The Human Movement Response and Behavior courses are designed for the student interested in expanding his knowledge of the human response to vigorous physical activity. Both faboratory and classroom sessions will be used SPECIAL Competency Courses will prepare students with the skills and techniques applicable for conducting or directing community activities related to sports and movement. Life Saving and Water Safety In struction are included in this area as well as additional courses in the future as the specific needs are identified THE PROPOSAL requests implementation of the changes Qtr. 1, 1973 but Richard Heescherr, assistant athletics director, said, "It probably won't be possible until Qtr. 2 because of the lateness of any action." Dr William Scheurle, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs said, "I did review it and gave it to Dr Higgs last Thursday." However he said, "I'm not telling you" what recom mendations were made to Riggs because "any action that is taken comes from the office of Academic Affairs." ANY NEW course proposal can be accepted in part, according to Scheuerle, but he did not say if he made such a recommendation. Riggs said he has received the proposal but "I have not looked at it. He will make a decision "as Sportscar club Members In Top Five At Palm Beach BY BOB VAIN Special to The Oracle USF S(lOrtcar Club members placed in the top five out of 120 entries at the Palm Beach In ternational Raceway on June 20July 1. Craig Pearce, a management major, entered his orange MG Midget in the F-production class at the Florida Regional races. His best finish over the 2.3 mile course was a fourth in a field of 33 entries. He earned nine points Allen Aderly, a mass com munications major. driving the same Dodge Colt he drives to school, won fourth place in the Showroom Stock class. Allen, in his first season of competition is sponsored by Brooks Massey Dodge Junior Golf Tourney Here Right behind Aderly in the fifth slot was the Gary Davis and Don S a hlman team in another C olt Although Davis has been a C TBAC champion for two years, thi s was his first time in SCCA < Sports Car Club of America l competition. Sahlman an e n g ineering major. uses the car for daily transportation and competes in USF autocrosses. BY MIKE KASZUBA Oracle Sports Writer The Florida Golf Association will hold its Junior Golf Tourney at USF's golf course starting tomorrow and running through Friday. Open to male or female Floridians up to age 17, the tourney is returning to USF after using the golf course facilities for the first time last year. Bob Shiver, golf course manager, said, "They were real pleased with the golf course and the entire set-up here at USF and decided to return this year. Although Shiver said all 120 entries for the tournament had been filled, he said there niight be some stand-in vacancies and urged those wishing to par ticipr te, who have not already signed-up, to report tomorrow to the course. CAH SALES 11650 N. Nebraska _A,ve. (corner Fowler) 971-0990 GAS SAVER 1973 FORD PINTO RUNABOUT 2,00oC .C. Engine Auto. Trans. Radio, Heat, Tinted Glass, W.W. Tires $2636 1973 MUSTANG 2Dr. Hard Top Sport Roof V B Auto Trans. Fact. Air Radio Heater Tinted Glass W .W. Tires, Power Steering $3150 Bank Financing Open 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sun. t :00 to 5 :00 Shiver s aid there will not be an y one from USF participating in th e tourn ey. The university do e s not hav e an y thing to do with th e tourn ey exc e pt for providing the course. he said. Tourney play will begin early ea ch morning and would con clude by I : 30 p m .. so to allow students and faculty use of the course. Shiv e r said. Aderly. Pierce, Davis and Sahlman are expected to be on hand July 29 when USF is host to the sixth CTBAC Autocross Championship of 19.73. Lindell Volkswagen Presents THE MINI-ROLLS FROM $1599 197" VW Fastback sedan, 4spd, radio heater very low mllage, stock no. 2109 l970 1137 Bug, radio, heater, 4spd, low mllage no. 2128 1972 VW 1131, radio, heater, no. 2139 1971 VW 1131, radio, heater, 4spd, no. 2205 1988 VW auto, radio, heater, very low mllage no. 2178 1972 7-passenger bus, radio, heater, very low mlJage no. 4132-1 1971 Pop-top Camper, radio, heater, air cond, save no. 3040-1 Our u .... VW'1 Com Sllhtly New LINDELL VOLKSWAGEN 3900 W. KENNEDY 872-4841 ''It is all part of the philosophy at USF where a siudent should be able to find out what he is good at and what turns him off." --Richard Heeschen quickly as possible," he said. HE SAID HE may present it to the Council of Deans "as an in c formation item and see how it would affect credits in the colleges." Ben Johnson, SG secretary for Academic Affairs, said the proposal came through his office and "we backed it because we have always been in favor of increased hours and expanding the program. THE INCREASED offerings were proposed because "the changing nature of society and more specifically the ever in-$72 -creasing amount of tinw there is also a need for gnattr diversity of this type of offl.'ring according to the proposal. Heeschen said, "It is all p;;rt of the philosophy at USF where a student should be able to find out what he's good at and what turns him off The increased hours a re proposed because "the time involvement and nature. of :the experience is commensuratl' with oth'er courses in the University which receive more credit," according to the proposal. .. A STUDEl"T should be. adequately rewarded as he can intellectualize in a .game situation as much as in a class. Heeschen said. "The grading change is a request stimulated by student reaction to surveys ad ministered, according to the proposal. "It does seem reasonable that the choice of S-U or letter grade should apply this is thl.' policy for other elective courses in the various colleges."' the proposal continues. Thursday: A look at new proposed offerings. $90 month *FURNISHED APTS. *WALK TO CLASS *SWIMMING POOLS, TENNIS, REC BLDGS T.V. PAIVA. CY ,.i-' Reservations now being accepted for next ta11.Specific Apts. reserved on a 1st come -1st served basis. 1 Block from USF on 42nd Phone: 971-0100


10-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 I IT, UVS: For Those Who Give A Da .mn UY l>li\NNE STEPHAN IS Oracle Staff Writer People who want to "reach out to someone," people who "give a damn can help underprivileged children and unfortunate adults through two university-run volunteer programs. Intensive Tutorial dcral grants. LISI' gav e the program emergency funds which enabled it to continue until two weeks ago, when the full budget was restored The money, Wec hsler said, goes mainly to finance tqe two pre-schoQI programs under !T's jurisdiction The se are located in Sulphur Springs and Ybor City poor areas," Wechsler said -and they service about 11!0 children between the ages of 3 and 5 Aside from the rent and main tenance costs for the two facilities, salaries must be paid for two USF graduates and their assistants who supervise the programs. Patti Hayes different programs which it sponsors Patti Hayes, UVS director, said about 200 people volunteer per quarter, and positions are found for all kinds of backgrounds in places where "people can use their skills." "Students are helping the community while they gain ex perience," she said Their en vironment could be anything from a home for wayward juveniles to the Hillsborough C ounty Family Planning C linic Hayes said. Psychology majors are used in the wards at the V eteran's Administration ( V /\ > Hospital, To s ucc ee d in UVS, Hayes said, you hav e lo be able "to .get along with all kinds of people." The volunteers often complain about the working conditions, she said, and agencies often react un favorable to volunteers BUT THOSE WllO succeed help more than themselves, she said "They help a blind person in a rest home, a retarded child who needs a friend, a frightened hospit a l pati e nt or a lonely juvenile d e linquent looking for a way b ac k to soc i ety. The s tudents involved in IT are not restricted to straight tutoring Many take "their children" to different areas, while they "get used to the kids and get the kids used to them." Hayes and Wechsler stressed that both IT and UVS are in need of volunteer students who really care. University Studies __ The Model Cities Pogram, through the Metropolitan Development Agency ( MDA >, supplies IT with four full-time staffers "They couldn't give us money, so they gave us people," Wechsler said Another com munity organization aiding IT is General Telephone, which donated a combination projector and cassette player to the project. UNIVERSITY BICYCLE Continued from Page I was to develop "a more efficient student services package / and that "There is no basis for fear" of University. Studies employes : .. losing their jobs. "During any stage of the '.decision to relocate there was any. plan or mention of a elan to eJ,iminate anyone in any mggs said. .::-........... :? LEON RUSSELL 'i -& THE SHELTER PEOPLE KIMMEL SAID many "loose ends" remain before the new plan will go into operation and employes are still somewhat in the dark about how it will effect them. UVS. A SMALLER group of volunteer workers which reserves most of the budget from Student Activity fees has 54 CENTER "The decision has been made, but details have not been worked out," she said "There is kind of a haze around it right now. I'm afraid it s too soon to tell Pellets for Bean BaJ Chairs CONEY'S INfERIORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. 258-2131 SALE FRIDAY LAST DAY new 3-Record set for RA/Ek.SN "'Franchi1ed Dealer SALES and SERVICE J 220 E. Fletcher Ave. Open 8:00 am pm PHONE 971-2277 $6.99 All other shelter records $3.59 REALLY BUDGET TAPES AND RECORDS 10944 N. 56th Street Woman Across The River FREDDIE KIN -'t"REDDIE KING


( ASS 1 l!Jt 4 (SERVICES OFFERED) SPECIALIZED TYPI ST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or el ite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St.,971 -2139.11 no answer, 235-3261. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 9 3 5 -1476 PROFESSIONAL TYPIST--TURABIAN, USF, APA, etc. style manuals. I BM SELECTRIC with type changes & Greek symbols. 5 min. from lJSF--971-6041 afte r 6 p .m. THESIS & Dissertati on typing. Experi enced. Call Mrs. D;ini e ls 971-7508 after 6 p m. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5+ Years of Quality term papers dlsserta tlonss t a tis ti ca I data-thesl sTurablanU SF-Campbell--1 BM Selectric, carbon r ibbon, 4 type styles, p lca R E FER E NCES on request. Call Glori a 884-1969 CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 935 -7854 Eyeglass RX. Sunglaues & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold w i r e frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate b roken lenses & repair frames. LESSONS -Guitar, 5 -string Banjo. Private les sons by qualified Instructor s. Guitar rental available. Grissett Musi c Ph. 988-14 19. ( HELP WANTED ) RASPUTINS need s part-time employee. Apply 11 a m 8 p m i n p e r s on only ; no p hone calls. 800 W K ennedy Blv d VACANT POSITIONS AT USF. The follow ing posi t ions are to b e f illed : Secretary lllS628S; S e cret ary IVS6744; Secretary t t emporary, S5040 ; S ecre t a r y II, parttime, S2777 ;Secrelar y 1 l S5SS4; C lerk T y p is t II, p artli me, S2S16 ; Clerk Typist, S I P e t e r sburg Campus 545 94; Clerk T y p is t II, SS032; Clerk T y pist 1 -5430 1 ; Stock Cterk55032; Cashier I -55784 ; Director, Inform ati o n Servi ces SU, 900; Staff Assist a n t 57162; Program Directo r 1 1 5 9 709; Accoun t ant t t 59166 ; R a d io-TV Engi neer I, part-lime, S36U; Resid ent Counselo r 57500 ; R1>sid ent Counselor, p a rt-l i m e 52400; Resident Counselor, partl i m e 5510 0 ; Assistant Universit y L lbrarianS 7600-511,200; Lab T echnolog ist 11-573 7 1 ; Lab Techni cian 115 5846 1 Medic a l Techn o l og l s l 57788; An i m a l Techn i c ia n 1 -545 7 3 ; Computer Syste m s Analyst 11-510, 524 ; Compute r Sy s t e m s An a ly s t 1 -59543; Compute r Operator Manag e r 1 510, 0 4 3 ; Photographe r t 54118 ; Custodial Work e r 541 SS; G rounds keep e r 1 -54264. Inte rested person s shoul d contact Porsonnel Services 974 -2530 -FAO 011. T h e Un iversity i s an affirma t i v e acti on Equa l Opportuni t y Employer CLERKT y p is t good w ith f igures. S t arti n g sal a r y n o a week All company benefits. Call 8 77 535 3 for appointment EXT RA'. cash (work todayp a y today) g u a r anteed w ork. w ork w hen you want lo ng a s you want. Seven days a week 'lpply ready l o work. MAN POW E R 1919 E.. Bu sch Bl v d .1 416 w K e n nedy. Hrs. I a m 6 p m COOKS WANT E D Part and F ull ti m e H illsboroug h Plua Hui. 405 E Hill s borou g h Must b e 1 8 Free P iua. TV, RADIO, STEREO NEW Arvin Stereo components with stand and tapes. Ori g inal pri c e S232. Will lake S125. Call 626 1314. BRAND NEW DYNACO FM5 Tuner-list 5250, now S175. SCA -80Q amp-list 5250, now 5175 Stereo World 988 -7059. NEW Complete Thorens Turntables; in cludes base, dust and earl 5199.95 Stereo Wo r ld 988-7059. HITACHI B -Track car ste r e o 6 months old. B est offer. Tape s 5 2 .50 each. Jon 974-6477. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS HONDA CBlOO, owne d one month, 15 miles, 5399 cash. Call 949-6784 after 6 ( AUTOMOTIVE ) 1968 OPEL RALL YE. c urrent I n spection sticker; w ill take bftSI offer. Asking 5495 Call after 5 p m Allen Mast, 9861547, Thonotosass a 1966 SUNBEAM Roadste r Convertible. Very good condi t i on One owne r Excellent gas mileage S49S.OO. Call 626-7769. '69 SUPER BEE 383 automa t i c new sports 500 t i res, new shocks and exh a u s t s y s t e m 51300 8720 213. FOR sal e'68 Olds D e lt a 88. Runs Greatl Best off e r 971-2494. NICE 197 1 Toyota Co r oll a stick, green w ith green v i n y l lop. S14SO o r bes t otter. 1557. ( MOBRE HOMES ) 12X60 mobile home 2 bedroom, c entral heat & air 10 m i nutes fro m USF' l n adult par k 54900, o r small down payment and usu m e 597 per month. C all 949-2095. ( FOi RENT ) N O L EASE R E Q U IR E D N ear USF. N e w 2 bedroom f urnlsh"d apt. C entral heat & air. Wall lo wall carpe l S lB0.00 p e r m on t h 238-16 7 1 or 988-5614. ON E B EDROOM APT S ., fully f urnis h e d c arpe t e d A C S14 0 .00 and 514 5 .00 mo. Terrace Apartments, Sk ipper R d Call lier S :30 p m 971-4179. NEW 2 B R lux pis C entra l A H WW carpets d ishwas h e r d ispoI. k i d s & p e t s OK 5 160-unl, S180 lu r Lib erI Landl o r d ( sludeno. Call Bess Carter A ss o c or A ngela B r a n l le y Asso c Ann Da vis Reg. R E Broke r 932-4308 LA MA N C H A DOS APARTMENTS. S72-90 p e r mont h One block from campus, off Fletche r o n lnd Street. 9 7 1 0 100. -----------NEW, b i g 2 Br. O upl u u n f u r n h h od. carpels, drepes, pan e lin g S l O Water, g arbage Cll a ft e r S H.5-2' OllA Wh l lew1y D r All day Sal I. Su n ( FOR SALE ) C...._ __ RE_A_l_ES_TA_T_E_,,,) ...._ ____________ ,,. TOWNHOUSE like new near U niv J L IVE "Toddy Bears" (Registered Saini B ernard Pups ) Only SlS0 .00 C all Kristi n at 911 5'73 or B a r r y 11 H l -st91. MAR ANTZ 1060 stereo amp S170 G i b s on oc o us. g u i tar s 150. Panason ic cassette S2S. G E FM d i g ital clo c k r a d io 515. C all M a r k 9 7 1 -7375 alte r 9 wknd>. B EAUTIFUL Flowe r s for all occasions for best resul1s call: T h omps on's F l ower & G ill S hop 231 9 W Lin e b a u g h Ave. 915-1263. UNDERGROUND COMIX L argest s e lect i on in Ove r 1 00 T itlei. Sur-vlvI Book work-; 12JOl Ave. Ope n 7 a w ee k THIS I s you r L EVI s t o r e W e hAve d enim & corduroys. in r e gulars & B olls Als o b oots, shirt s & w e s tern h a ts Only 1 0 min. from c ampus B ermax We s l ern Wear ft702 N ebrask a -----------KLH LOUD S P EAKER S yr. warr a nty. excellent conditi o n Call Tom, 988 2002 105 0 2 N hrd SI T emple T erra c e. NE W 1 0 s peed Englis h racer. SSS cash Call 949t784 alte r 6 ( MUSICAL ) H A ND CRAFTED FLUTES. B u ulifully han d made c oppe r llute s Av11il ablo now n l Survi v I Book works, 12301 N obrask1. 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12-THE ORACLE July 10, 1973 ROTC Rejected By Committee BY LINDA HUMANN Oracle staff Writer See Related Editorial, Page 4 The Faculty Senate special committee on ROTC voted yesterday to recommend rejection of University of Tampa's proposal for a UTUSF cooperative ROTC program. The committee will make its recommendation to the Senate at its 2 p.m. meeting tomorrow in the KIVA. Under the ROTC proposal, USF students enrolled would take all required ROTC courses at the USF campus extept for a leadership Jab including drill and weapons !mining held at UT once a week. The six lJSF students currently enrolled in HOTC go to UT for their ROTC courses and pay a $120 fee in addition to lJSF fees. However, they receive $100 Mackey ________ Continued from Page 1 Howell said he also advised When five of the deans were "an internal problem" within Mackey to hold the request polled last quarter, only Fine USF. "IfDr. Mackey is willing to because he felt it should be "an Arts Dean Donald Saff said the press I'm willing to take you," Mautz University General Counsel would be completely barred from said, after a request for speedy Larry Robinson had told him the meetings. Deans Philip Rice, access was directed to him. June "Sunshine Law" did not apply to Donn Smith, Ed Kopp and 20, The Oracle resubmitted the the deans' meetings, but noted he Theordore Ashford had am-request for Shevin's opinion, this felt a ruling from Shevin "could bivalent opinions toward the idea time via the specified channels. go either way." of open meetings. Fiallo alS<. sent Mautz a personal Robinson said he felt the Mautz said it was within copy of the request. "Sunshine Law" did "not at all Mackey's authority to halt the However, yesterday the official apply" to The Council of Deans. request for an opinion and noted request and letter to Shev_in was He said he felt the law was "very this was "one reason" fee the returned to Fiallo by Mackey and clear" about this. channels. However, he said his the letter to Mautz was returned "HE just said office "usually forwards" by Howell. 'Would you request an opinion if requests unless they may "upset it were up to you?' and I said negotiations," or a related .. ON THE BASIS of the 'no,"' Riggs said. "The deans opinion is already available, or recommendations from Vice are clearly against it." there are conflicting policies. Pres. Riggs and Howell and in Riggs said he felt the view of the University's General should remain closed because of "You have an issue between Counsel's opinion, I have decided "the nature of the matters the President and yourself," that the University will not discussed and the modus Mautz said. "The President has request an Attorney General's operandi used." He. said the to speak for himself." opinion," Mackey said in a letter deans also wished the meetings Mackey was unavailable for to Fiallo. remain closed. comment last night. Live With Us a month from the government for taking llOTC. THE COOl'EHATIVI: HOTC plan was initially considered by lJSft' as an alternative source of income for students who could not otherwise afford to attend the University, said Dr. Jesse Bin ford, Faculty Senate chairman. Tuition and books, plus $100 a month, is paid by the Army during the student's last two years in the program. It might make a difference of whether the student could go to school or not,'' Binford said. The program would also allow transferring students par ticipating in ROTC at their junior colleges a chance to finish their last two years of college at USF rather than going to UT or Florida Southern College University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida Technological University or Florida A & M University. USF is the only four-year school in Florida that doesn't offer ROTC ARMY COL. Walter Turner of the UT ROTC program told the committee of various logistical facets of ROTC training. He stressed a need for "collegeeducated officers" now that the new Volunteer Army is drawing what he termed "good men, but to visit with friends is only one of the mce things you'll like when you live at our place. You'll be pretty much on. your own to to live the way yr. William Sdwu1rl1. assistant vic1 pns1d1t !or Academic Affairs. said Philosophical differentl's and priorities in space usage at USF were also cited as reasons for the rejection of the proposal. IN A LETTER to Binford. SG Pres. Bill Davis stated that ROTC instruction of 'the techniques of international warfare" isn't consistant with University goals of "furthering reason as the method bv which we must solve our ... The ROTC program would put a strain on classroom space that USF needs for its programs already in operation. Davis said. and shouldn't be allowed to get "its foot in the door." Come to where the living is easy. 4200 Fletcher Avenue, 'F:. pa, Florida 33612. Phone 971-9550


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