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The Oracle

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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Albert Rejects Congressional Investigation BY GENE BERNHARDT United Press International Speaker Carl Albert yesterday rejected Vice Pres. Spiro T Agnew s request for a congressional investigation into his alleged misconduct, but Republicans introduced three House bills calling an inquiry into a c cusations made against the former Maryland governor The developments came a s Agnew and the White House made apparently conflicting sta tements as to whether the vice president and President Nixon discussed a possible Agnew resignation, and as the government prepared to go to a grand jury today with information on its investigation of Agnew's alleged part in a Maryland politi ca l k i ck back scheme. AFTER MEETINGS wit h fellow House De mocrati c leaders Albert told r e p orte r s h e had turned down "at thi s time" Agnew's written reque s t th a t a special committe e b e se t up to review allegation s he was in volved in a kickback s chem e while serving as Baltimore County executive and governor of Maryland, Before the day was out however: -Rep. Paul Findley R-Ill introduced a measure calling for a 14-member bipartisan select committee to investigate "whether th e H o ui:;e s hall undertake impeachm e nt proced dings" a gains t A g n e w and report back t.o Cong r ess. -llEP. IWBERT E. Bauman, R-Md., off e r e d a bill lo create a committ ee o f the sa m e s ize eight D e mo c r a t s a n d six Republic a n s l o inv e s tigate the See related commentary on 'page 4. charges made against the vice president and recommend a course of action "at the earliest practicable date." -Rep. John B. Anderson, R-Ill and William S Cohen, R-Maine introduced a measure calling for thursday' ORACLE Sept. 27, 1973 Vol.8 No.55 16 Pages "Fat Chance" rips Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Oracle photographer Robin Clark The band played at the first street captured this unique view of Fat dance of the quarter last night. (See Chance through the use of a zoom lens. related photo on page 14.) Contractor : Calls Bid Explanations 'Fishy' BY SANDRA WRlGHT Assistant News Editor A USF department chairman, named in connection with alleged bid collusion and conflict of in terest yesterday professed his innocence while a local con tractor called his explanations quite fishy." "All they had to do was wrap it up." -Art Maynor project work before getting a contract. He cited a contract with Montgomery Wards in which the company completed all the preliminary programs before we had any hope of receiving the contract. "MAYNOR said the work w a s "a lot more involved than Wimmert contended He said h e knew a person who worked on the project prior to bidding "It was unusual to me because I didn t know anything about it,'' Maynor said. "But after I looked into it, I found it was not unusual at all for this University The incident will come up for review Oct. 9 when the Florida House-Senate Legislative Auditing Committee plans an open he a ring in Tampa. Pres. Cecil Mac k e y s aid the Uni versity i s preparin g "a c omprehensive report but d e clined comment prior to the m ee ting Albert to d e signate a committee lo d etermine "whether cilleg a tion s of improprieties again s t th e v ice pre sident certain to his tenure in the office he now holds." At the White House, deputy pres s s ecretary Gerald L Warren told reporters that Nixon and Agne w discussed, during their meeting Tuesday, the possibili t y o f a vice presidential resignation But he said the President neither encouraged or discouraged the idea. A short time later, Agnew told reporters on Capitol Hill : "The President and I have not discussed that possibility. I want to make it very clear that I am not resigning Spiro T. Agnew AAUPToAir Prat 1Needs' BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer The USF chapter of the American Association of Universit y Professors tates : Continued on Page 6


2 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 Worker Strike in Argentina BUENOS AIRES Gov. Melvin H. Evans of the Virgin Islands became the first black to serve as chairman of the Southern Governors Conference yesterday when he was named to secceed Alabama Gov. George Wallace Evans' unanimous elevation from vice chairman came in the closing minutes of the 39t)1 annual conference in which the Southern governors demanded that the Nixon administration include the Southern states in any national plan to ease the energy shortage "Belt Tightening" SANTIAGO, CHILE -The. three Skylab astronauts returned to their native soil yesterday in surprisingly good condition after their record 59 days in space "I was a little surprised at how really well off they were," Dr. Robert L. Buchanan, the Skylab crew surgeon, told newsmen when the recovery ship, the New Orleans arrived here Viet Fight SAIGON -South Viet namese forces backed by air support fought to recapture a ranger base in the Central Highlands overrun by the first JACKSONVILLE ::0 z G) ("") :c ::0 Cf) -I ::0 m -I 0 z Cf) :c ""C TAMPA, FLA.

THE ORACLE-September 27, 1973 3 I Advisory Committee Appointments Madel Dan Walbolt BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Official appointm e nts to the new security advisory committee were sent to potential members yesterday according to Vice President for Ad ministration Ken Thompson However, the student mem bership was select e d by the Studen t Affairs office and not SG. Thompson However the student mem bership was selected by the Student Affairs office and not SG. Thompson said he thought the nominees came from SG and other elected University bodies, but Dam Walbolt, assistant vice "I think I have as much ability to choose students for a into a position where it can pick and choose student represen tatives. committee as anyone on campus." But Walbcilt, however, said "I wouldn't try to stack a com mittee president for Student Affairs said he revised the original list of nominees from SG. "THOSE names came from me," Walbolt said I think I have as much ability to choose students for a committee as anyone on campus." Walbolt said he revised the SG nominations because there was somebody I thought would be perfect to serve on it." Thompson said he felt the process of Dan Wal bolt membership selcetion is a little less important than getting people who are interested in getting the job done." SG Pres. Bill Davis said, "The administration is maneuvering Thompson would not release names of selected members, "to give them the opportunity to not serve if they so wish.'' He said the group will probably meet within two weeks. The Hogan of Silver and Turquoise "W e' :re back from the Reservation with a new shipment." Priority Bike Path Plans Get Action HANDMADE INDIAN JEWELRY rugs, pottery, baskets, beadwork Navajo-Zuni-Hopi handmade leather goods 2512 E. Busch Blvd. 935-3407 The first of three top priority" bicycle paths for the USF area is scheduled for construction in early October, according to Joe Hamilton Hillsborough County design engineer The path will be along the north side of Fl e tcher Avenue extending w es t to the Univ e rsity Plaza. Construction on the path has been stalled becaus e Fletcher Avenue is a state route Plans for construction must be Department mOTl. on a state route approved by the of Tra nsportation Hamilton said he hopes to receive the DOT permit later this week and have the construction c ontract go up for bid n e xt week The other two paths one along 1 3 1st Street and th e other on Fletcher Avenue extending from t he University Plaza. to Nebr a ska Avenue aretentatively scheduled for completion by midFebruary. The Hillsborough County Commission authorized $50,000 through a federal ''revenue sharing" plan for the con struction of the bicycle paths. Additional plans for other bicycle paths in the immediate USF area are being drawn up by the Hillsborough County Engineering Department, but as yet lack funds necessary to begin A11ewl1lmby Levitt New Director Of USF Admissions constrU<; tion. Pressure on the County Commission for the bike paths began last spring when the USF Bicycle Club sponsored a mass bicycle ride to the Hillsborough C ount y Courthouse April 11. More than 50 cyclists participated in the ride including Pres. Cecil Mackey and SG Pres. Bill Davis M r Vo nnf:'gut"s n i g ht t e rr o r s o ve r y funny lioJI n11rJ n ho ll ... 1111 MA< ;AZ INf I enl1Jr111q l1.111d Roy. Hill I I H ':nd !<.t'vlf\ M1 <.n11li; D111 l 1 d liy r.rttl Bu r t {k l1v t<'wl \/.mnf'q u : Jr Robert Levitt is the new director of Admissions for USF. He was promoted Sept. "I, s uc ceeding David Jordan Levitt has been acting director ajnce July 1, 1973 and assistant director .since 19!i8 when he moved from Florid a Southern College in Lakeland to USV. The new assistant direct o r of admissions is Thelmu B e nton a former. admissions officer who has been at USF sin ce I!Hi8 Levitt, who r eceived a bachelors d egree in s ocial science and a masters in education from City Colleg e of New York, said h e pla ns no srartling changes but will be emphasizing servic e. The basis of operation in lhP Admissfons Office a c c ording to Levitt is to help a pplicants decide whether th e y are ready for USF. If not. h e s aid various other programs are describ e d io the prospective stud e nt. One alternative i s e nterin g an articulation program with Florida community coll eg e s under which s tudent s can r ec eive full cre dit at USF for c ommunit y college cours es. Once the a pplic a nt i s ac ce pted ************* : JEWELRY_* *30/o to 80/o 0 FF: # LEATHER *(Belts, Wallets, : : Key Cases, Etc.)* 50o/o SILVER : :30o/o to 50/o 0 FF* : FACTORY : : JEWELRY : OUTLET : : 4812 E. Busch 988-9467 Blvd # '************ for a dmis sion, th e Admis s ions office is often the only contact new students and parents have with the University Levitt said Giant Hot }tE:P!'S CR1$FY.J>IZ'Z-a Giant Cold Sandwiches 3 doors north of Skipper weekrJavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. l111c1l1)r rn111 ,. J 1 \/./ I 1111' { 1111 '/11! I :_ .;. '. ... =.-. .. .:.= .. .. = = .-.}./itHfg ... .. = .. : ,:,, ... :<}::::::::.::;: :.::;::-: = .'. .... .. ,= .. :,:.=., : '._., : #, .. = .. -.=.=,, : .. .... : .:."''.:.'' '. .=.', :'.,.==... .. .. :.:.t .. ,.: .. ':.::. = : .: ::=::::::;::=::: ,:::;. :; .... :, V,--)f'...JNE"UTc ..... -\. I \. ..7 ,} A SPACE FANTAS Y EXCLUSIVE AHEA SHOWING Fri. Sept. 28, S a l. Sept. :29, Sun. Sept. :io 7 : 30&\J: :lOprn 1<;:--.JA Admission $1.00 Film Art Series Brand New INDIES EAST APARTMENTS corner of 46th st. and Whiteway Ave. Ph. 988-7186 Just 7/10 of a Mile from the Main Entrance to U.S.Fe Within Walking or Bicycling Distance to Class 1 bedroom furnished $1SS.00 2 bedroom furnished $18S.00 Unfurnished Apts. Also Available Swimming Pool All Apts. Fully Furnished Laundiy Facilities and Carpeted Rese1Vations Now Being Accepted For The Fall Term


4 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 (Editorials l Commentary) Problems Unlque In Hlstory By Robert J. Taylor United Press International WASHINGTON -If anything is clear about Vice President Spiro T. Agnew's legal troubles it is that an opaque cloud surrounds-the edges where the separate powers of the judicial executive and legislative branches mee. t and sometimes seem to overlap As in the case of President Nixon and the Watergate tapes just how to resolve the unique conflicts raised by the Agnew problell1s was not spelled out by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Nor have practical remedies evolved from case. by case court ex per:ierice Histqry has provided few cases of any simila r ity. BASICALLY, Agnew found himself the subject Of a federal investigation in Maryland of allegations he was in, in violations of bribery, tax fraud extortion and conspiracy laws du :6ng pre-v j c e presidential as Maryland s goverrior and Baltimore C ounty's c,hief executive He denied the charges, offered to cooperate and made fina ncial records available .to the prosecutors The investiga t ion continued but no charges were filed and no grand jury indictments were sought. Only on Tuesday, weeks and perhaps many months siI)ce the secret federal inquiry began did the Justice D"epartment announce it was taking the material to a grand jury but with no mention of seeking indictment countered with a dramatic move, asking the House of Represen tatives to conduct : a full inquiry of its own in order to demonstrate his in nocence and clear his name. It was, Agnew contended, his orily path to vindication because ; ;is his v i ew it, the constitution prohibits any grand jury from indicting him while he serves as vice president. : He also contended leaked information form the federal investigation made jt impossible for him to get fair con sideration from any grand jury. There is, however, removal from office by impeachment-that is, for the House to consider bringing charges of, in the Constitution s words "high crimes and misdemeimors against Agnew after an investigation and for the Senate to try him on any charges brought. CONVICTION can be punished only with removal from office and a bar to future federal service, but would not bar subsequent criminal prosecution in the courts for the same offenses. Agnew did not suggest impeachment proceedings to the House, although he acknowledged that was a possibliity The full inquiry Agnew asked the House to make coul(:I, however, ultimately form the basis of im peachment even if it d i d not start out that way While acknowledging some con stitutional experts agree with Agnew's position, some skeptical members of Congress_.:.mostly Democrats-said they viewed the move as one way to either head off any judicial action against him or at least defer it for perhaps as long as the remainder of his term: Did the federal prosecutors as Agnew again asserted Tuesday, deliberately leak information about the investigation ? And if so, why? To distract attention from Nixon s Watergate problems, as some Agnew supporters i11sist and the White House vehemently denies? To force his resignation so the Nixon ad-. ministration can make a new, un. clouded start, as the White House just as vigorously denies ? TO FORCE his resignation to preclude an ugly drawn out successful prosecution while he remained at the President's right hand? Or perhaps to test in advance the legal theories upon which Nixon is basing his refusal to turn over the Watergate tapes to the Senate Watergate Com mittee and the Special Watergate prosecutor? Between the camp that tends to think Agnew seeks to save himself and the camp that tends to think he is fightiilg a Wl.Jite House move against him is a middle ground typified by Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D-Minn., a former vice president himself. "He obviously believes he is in nocent, said Humphrey. "He demonstrated courage to take it before a representative body of his peers so to speak in public l j fe. I can t help but feel he has gone through a rather torturous, agonizing period with all these allegations." 1Live' Campus Perhaps it s just the storm before the calm or maybe summer was more boring than it seemed but things are happening at USF Street dances, speakers, and movies almost every night of the week ... you might wonder if this is the same school you left last spring This weekend for the first lime in almost three years -live electric rock 'n roll will fill the gym Street dances, also non-existent for almost three years, have returned Outdoor rock music disappeared at USF after Sheriff's deputies swept across the campus in an effort to stop a student-organized "Celebration of Life" festival during the politically turbulent fall of 1970. The Student Entertainment and Activities Council

DOONESBURY v et/ '0!WJ J fli11' -HR. HA6RUOER, 0 ARE YO// Gt.AP yOf/1//G COME CLEAN7 / (o!f YEA, 1HE SCAlES FEU FROM MY EY!35, ANO I SAW WATERGA1!3 RJR 1HE INSIPIOVS, UGLY MONSTER 11 REAllY WAS!/"--.. by Garry Trudeau vvc:_, Or COURSE.I I'U-NEVER. FORGET 1H MOMENT WHEN :I. REAL!ZEO THAT UIAT&R6ATE WAS U/RtJN6 I IT WA5 ... '-..... 8Af/Tlrf//.... WHGN WAS 1HA17 I ro VIE 8E5T OF HY R&COUCCTION, AB(}(ff M/P-Jf/Ne. \ r, 2102 IZ. 5iJJ!H BLVD. \:, ) HOURS // \': { a 5uitWAY /2 AM tJ ffrt : (i )-.l(/;5 I r s (\tCQH.,ot\ /1, II/ /U \ I\ \ I 11' l A OCT 19/20 PINK FLAMINGOS A N EXERCISE IN POOR TASTE STARRING DIVINE FRI /SAT HALLOWEEN SPECIAL OCT. 26/27 TO BE ANNOUNCED FRI/SAT TVl\O 30' S HORROR GREATS THE BRIDE OF NOV. 2/3 THE BLACKCAT KARLOFF -LUGOSI FRIDAY 1/.1/.!.// .l\ \lll\/.!.'\I. 'I II..\' 11.\RUH\ FRIDAY THE BEST OF !ip's SCIENCE FICTION ATI"ACK of the NOV. 16 THEM CRAB -MONSTERS ACADEMY SPECIAL EFFE(;fS SATURDAY '\'\: ''l'i .. \(-\C'[''\ l'\c'l. ':'1'\ C 'oEST \-'"c'c: \ I FEDERIW FELLINI'S NOV. 17 2 ll\\lll\l\H:ll"-\ll FRI/SAT Ill 't IH)(,.\f{ T l..\l'RIS 11.\C.UL l, RUlll'-!<>Ll' NOV. 30/ HR'.'>t tlL\I TOt.tltH.R\ \S DEC. 1 TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT LIITLE CAESAR


6 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 Daycare __ Continued from Page l "... College$ and shoulq be responsive t Dir1:c1r:d rr1 8 1ir/ fr'. V1r1:ren by K ;,, /onnf>lf' ones in the 71r!J!:ORA CLE CLASSIFIEDS THE 1#-FASHIOll STORE WESTSHDRE PLAZA DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN ST. BRITION PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DENIM Come on. m .odern in the. old-fashioned -western IOok It's easy to be fashionable ... justcharge it!


Oracle photo by Duke Hamblin Information and an ice cold Pepsi ... come with the mobile information booth set up for commuters. Information Center Helps Commuters N ew USF commuting students are getting free Pepsi along with a n s wers to their questions in v arious campus parking lots Proposed b y the Student Affairs office, the mobile in formation center opened Monday in a trailer loaned b y Pepsi Cola south of the gymnasium in the university s busiest commuter parking lot. Over 800 students have used the mobile trailer information facility in the first two days of its opera ti on, according to the coordinator of the project, Assistant UC Operations Dir ector D a v e Pulliam. Veterans' Toll Free Number V eterans may now reach the Vetera n s Administration Office in S t. P e ter s burg toll-free The VA has established local numbers state-wide to allow v etera ns to call the regional offi c e directly for advice a nd as si s tance. The numbers are for the b e nefit and convenience of th e ve t eran, the VA offici a ls s a id The director of USF s Office o t Veter a n s Affairs, B o b .Jelt, disagr ees with the .VA 's c on t e ntion that this toll-fr ee numb e r would b e of real benefi t to th e ve t e r a n. Th ey don t have the tim e o r per s onn e l Jett said "to h a ndl e earh v e t eran on an individu a l b as i s." The ve t e ran would f a r e b e tt e r ca llin g his off ice first h e s a ys. I f y o u call the VA, you woul d n t ex p ec t the m to call y ou b ac k w ith an a n swer but they are callin g LIS J ett says the v et e r an s questions are more lik e l y to b e a nswe r e d i f t hey are all chan n e l e d lhr o u g h one office. \ V c' r e <1 rapport \\'i t h the VA now. They're callin g u s back ll'i t h answer s to \'Clc r

8 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 European 1n roll' comes to USF BY PAU L WILBORN Oracle St a rr Writer It' s ten o'clock on a hot r a iny Friday night in St. Pertersburg. The four French musicians on the Eckerd College stage are in the middle of an extended boogie number. Most people around the stage have stopped dancing and are standing around the stage clapping, stomping their feet and shouting for more. While the drummer and bass player lay down a solid wall of sound, the band s pint sized lead guitarist, who smiles like a happy vandal fresh from a window smashing spree, motions the crowd to move closer to the stage. The bass and drum boogie builds until, lashing out at his fuzz switch with his boot, the guitarist goes into action His music is driving and relentless. He seems to feel the reaction of the crowd and responds to it, building his music to an energy level that is almost breath taking Soaked in sweat, he seems to draw energy from the oppresive heat in the hall. WHEN THE number finally ends many people walk outside for a rest and a little fresh air. The band barely taking time to catch its breath, begins the old rolling Stones hit "Satisfaction." The lead singer, sneering and strutting-a la Jagger-drops to his knees and beg s his listeners for ju s t a littl e bit... just a little sa tis fac tion. The four Frenchmen Jo L eb, lead Voc als; Marc Tobaly, guit a r ; Jacques "Petit Pois Gr ande, bass: and Jacky Britton, drums; are known collectively as Les Variations." Though relatively unknown in the United States, the group is one of Europe's hottest acts. Their new album, "Take It or Leave It," has climbed to thefour spot on French record charts, topped only by Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and the two History of the Beatles albums. USF STUDENTS will have a chance to hear "Les Variations" in concert this Friday and Saturday The 9 p.m. dance concerts, sponsored by the Student Entertainment and Activities Council (SEAC), will also feature the outlaws. Student aomission will be $1. The band has been together, without a single personnel change, for over six years. During the '60S they toured Western Europe with Jimi Hendrix, Manfred Mann and Cream On Christmas Eve, 1968, "The Rolling Stones," "The Who," and "Les Variations" appeared together in a'n all-night television special broadcast all over Europe In 1970, along with Johnny Halliday, "Les Oracle photo by Duke Hamblin MarcTobaly lead guitarist and composer for Les Variations. A new film by Kurt Vonnegut Mr. Vonne g ut's n ight t e rr o r s a lun ny hour.and a hul l l ll f MAGA71 N E Feuturiny Bob ond Roy Bill nnd K evin McCirlhy. Dire cte i J by f : r::J 81Jr/'f k Wr1::en 1,1K 1H:1ionnp' 1 L : Jr i' r J lr ;r i 1rr 1 Jr,: : l r1(' C :11rrr1q VONNEGUTS BE1WErM TIWE AMD TIWBUKTU A SPACE FANTASY EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING Fri. Sept. 28, Sat. Sept. 29, Sun Sept. 30 7:30&9:3 0pm ENA Admission $1.00 Film Art Series Les Variations (above) and the Outlaws will appear in concert Friday and Saturday. at 9 p.m. in the Gym. Variations" sold out the 60,000seat Palais des Sports 14 nights in a row IN AN interview with The Oracle last Friday, guitarist Marc Tobaly described the bands music as "hard, funky rock 'n roll. Kind of...ah ... below the belt music While Jo Leb sang "Lord Ah was born a ramblin' man," to no one in particular, Tobaly talked about music "We really feel confortable in the south," he said in surprisingly good English. Motioning at Leb he said, "We've beeen listening to a lot of Allman Brothers and Freddie King. We got our early influence from the black bluesmen of the south Muddy Waters, King and others. This is where rock 'n roll began." Seville Square To Be Site Of Art Festival Sevil!e Square, Pensacola's earliest settlement, will be the site of that city's third annual Fall :\rts Festival, Oct. 13 and 14. The art show is open to any artist, sculptor or craftsman who wishes to participate and com pete for cash and ribbon awards in the following categories: painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, ceramics and handicrafts. There will be a $250 award for "best of show." Interested artists should write Lew or Jean Dahlstrom, cochairmen of the show, at G;i.lleries. Adams and r t D. n \i lCt'i f>( .,.,. :?. :t::;-_;n 1 ry1 phz)nf. : TR. VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER Reme1nber us from last year? The only pharmacy in town with a Student Discount on Rx's ........... (Enuff said) Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 join the smart set with the new looK at Josies WINTER HAVEN MALL Winter Haven, Florida FLORI LANO MALL Tampa. Florida So. Dale Mabry Tampa FIELDS PLAZA LAKE PARKER MALL Leesburg. Florida Lakeland, Florida r r::-' '.TlV( rLA!,A CUTLER RIDGE CENTER :1orim Yesterday at Shakey's,a man in a red cape with an"S" on his shirt asked us to hurry his sausage pizza-he'd left his suit in a phone booth.


THE ORACLE-September 27, 1973 Creates' Provides Diversified Variety of Art Ordcle Ad Office: LAN 472 Ext. 2620 BY PEGGY SCHROEDER Oracle Staff Writer Diversified, multiformed, and multi-dimensioned "Florida Creates 1973," an exhibit in the Library Gallery through Oct. 9, offers a wide variety of unusual art media including paintings, unusual piece of work photos, graphics, drawings and JASON STRAWN, also of sculptures, created by Florida Tampa, created a "People Plow" residents. sculp from wood, steel and "No Goldfish," an acrylic by rubber. Resembling a ricksha, Lewis Harris of Tampa, might be the seatless carriage is supported of particular interest to students. by bicycle tire_s,-the rest of the The 33"x48" canvas pictures a piece is very much like a plow. reflection pool as a background A .glazed terracotta sculpture face or form of a person. The traveling exhibit had eight scheduled stops this year and Tampa was sixth on the list The display is co -sponsored by the Florida Gas Co. of Orlando and the Florida Art Museum Directors Association The Library Gallery is open Monday through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p .m. and from 2 to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p .m. Admission is free. Wed., Thurs.United Artists Sept. 26, 27 7 & 9:30 p .m. LAN 103 Sl.00 KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS for two pair of multi-colored by Robert Willson of Miami is Needlepoint, Monograming, Alterations striped jeans and, of course, no descriptively named "People Rugs & Pillow Kits Dressmaking Wedding goldfish in the pool. The pleated Wall." The 18"x91/2"x3" free Accessories and puckered canvas adds tex-standing piece consists of several ll615 Fla. Ave. at Fowler .... Ph. 935-8168 9 .... .. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Orac1e photoby'Blll. Phillips "People Wall" a sculpture on display. (film fare] AUST.IN-Closed for remodeling. BRANDON TWINS1. Paper Moon-7, 9. 2.: Romeo and Juliet-7, 9:20. BjlITTON CINEMA lll-1. ; Godspell-1: 50, 3: 50, 5: 50, 7:50, 9:50. 2; 0 Lucky Man-2, 5:15, 8:30. Bang the Drum Slowly-2, 4, 6, 8, 10 FLORIDA-Double Feature SSSS-2: 15, 5:50, 9:25 and Boy Who Cried Werewolf-4:05, 7 :40. FLORILAND CINEMA 111 Jesus Christ Superstar-1 : :45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45. :2. Bang' the Drums Slowly I, 2:45, 4 :3 0 6:15, 8 9:45. HILLSBORO I-White Lightning-2, 3:f\O, 5:45. 7:40, 9:30 (Red Sky at Morning starts Friday) HILLSBORO II-Last Tango In Paris-2:30, 4:50, 7:15, 9:40. 1t HORIZON PARK l1. Soylent Green-2, 4 6:45 8:45. 2 Paper Moon-2, 4: 15, 6::rn, 8 :30. 3 H;irry in My Pocket-2: 15, 4:3'6r 6 :45, 8 :55. 4/Double-SSSS-4, 8:45. and The Boy Who Cried Werewolf--2 : 15, 6:45. PALACE-Double Feature Black Gunn-2: 15. Ii, 9 :40 and Buck i;ind the Preacher4 : 10, 7 :55. TAMPA-Enter the Dragon 2:10, 41 5:55, 7:25, 9:20. !Detroit 9000-starts Friday-limes unavailable). TODD-Double Feature. Boqby Trap and Sidewalk Cotrboy-continuous showings fr6m 11:45 a rn. TRANS-LUX mtt uucl lrl1it11c11. \i/'('}'<1/t i."! 1111' lury<'.>f di1i-]Jelling-marine vessels. s io u ulcs. of the statl:-of-tlw-art. P&WA is a g:reat place for that 'vVe C'.'pecL to in this gTO\\th ... and shal'l:' mate-irnpol'tan t ]ll:'t'sonal testing-. Further, our projected lk1e' s how and g'l'm\th-rnk faster-than-usual advancement ll"it/1 .. .. ad\ ;rnc(d ainrnll e11gi1ws g-L'11e 1 ating up to opportunilil's fol' those capaole of inno\ative thinking. G0,000 pounds of takeoff thrnst that \\'ill W e ha\" e attractive career oppo1tunities for cnsun ou r rn11li11uing \\'orld ll'ad l'rsliip i n L' and sc ientists in \ 'ittually ever y }JO\\'l 'l'illg' the' or ('()lllllll'l'l'ial ail' technical tield. :See Collcg-e Placement trnnspods. Ottice fol' l'equireme n ts, inte n i e\\' dates and ll"i//1 ..... pollulio11-!'n't' !'wl cvll pmn'l' pL111ts nur

10 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 SG Promotes Mass Transit BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer Nine thousand commuting students may soon be riding to school on USF's own busline if project funds and Board of Regents Organs j Data Sheets Cost Sheets 1 I i.I Order Forms Price lists f.'.t;!l Work Sheets 1, "i0'R- A;inouncements TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER insty-prints 4 3 47 W Ke nn e d y S lvd T ; imp.1, Fla. 33609 8 7 9-4 684 afe appealing to him to "save the Rail Road." HE SAID m a n y students he has spoken to are indignant that the decision was made while they were away from school"behind their backs." Lucoff said he has received mail about the cutback-although not a n "overwhelming" amount-and acknowledged that most of it has been un favorable to his action He said he had even received one postcard threatening physical violence against him but termed it "insignificant. DA VIS SAID when he talked to Lucoff personally he seemed insensitive" to the criticism and "quite adamant in his decision." That s why I'm going to have to appeal it," he said adding that he may complain officially to Vice President for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs, Lucoff s immediate sup e rior. Snack Box 2 Pieces, french fries, pie, roll, drink, pepper 1.49 PISCES Tropical Fish specials last until Friday, Oct. 5 Beta 99 while they last Angels (common) 19 Serpae 19 Tiger Barbs 19 Kissing Gourami 19 Blue Gourami 19 Black Tetra 19 Cory Cats 29 Hush-1 Air Pumps $2.69 20 gal. Tanks $9.99 while they last featuring a full line of tanks, supplies, and accessories for fresh and salt water 7038 W. Hillsborough Ave. Peacock Alley Shopping Center


DOONESBURY c .. '0 j fir ir> HR. HA6RUOER, 0 ARE YO!/ GlAI? yOt/VE COME CLEAN7 / V.....,/.._....._ Y&A. THE SCAlES HU ,CROM HY &Y/35, I/NO :J SAW /,t/,41ER6A1t: !'OR. 1JiE INSIPIOV5, VGLY MONST"ER IT REAUY j r 1:11. 1 : : I WAS//"'.. L.'--L ,.., IN CONCLUSION, UT (JS All REMU1BR. ro &R.R. IS HVMAN, 70 FORGIVE PIV!NE/ by Garry Trudeau @@g'z OF COURSE.I .Iil NEVER. FOR6ET 1HE MOMENT WHEN :I REAl!ZEO THAT WATERGATE IA!ll5 U/K(IN6 / IT tl/A5 "-.-. 8Af/Tlrtlt-. WHN WA5 THAT? I ro rHE' e&sr or HY RECOU/iCTION, AB{)(ff Hl/?-Jl/Nc. \ J/?f f, 2102 e. {3i!_EH BLVD. ', \, ) HOURS 11 V' r 'A Suit-PAY !2 AM -& ?/r1 -t (i Ne,5 I r s Wf\Ta,tz. ecws) ,Oils \ tlAND IMP>RtCD ClO\)-W I .... CAWDUU5, I SoAps) GiRs, lrc. -v CLIP I WITH Tf-11.S AD LIMiT O"l\/<, Ill /U \ /\ \/ 11' ) A OCT. 19/20 PINK FLAMINGOS AN EXERCISE IN POOR TASTE STARRING DIVINE FRI / SA T HALLOWEEN SPECIAL OCT 26/ 27 TO BE ANNOUNCED FRI / SAT TW,O 30'5 HORROR GREATS THE BRIDE OF NOV. 2/3 THE BLACKCAT N KARLOFF LUGOSI FRIDAY 1/ \/U/. l \ \/O. \ROF I I //JR IU .ff NOV. 9 SOME LIKE IT HOT JA CK TONY CURTIS SATURDAY 1 ... l \ \ -\ ;';I F RI'\ CUS l)F YJ:STE RYE <\R BUSllY \BERKEL EVs GREATES T MUS I CA L TH( CL AS.SIC CANSTER nu .. 1 GOLD DIGGERS NOV. 10 PUBLIC ENEMY OF 1935 I \\11' l H" \ I(_.\, tl\\ FRIDAY THE BEST O F Sfl's SCIENCE FICTION AlTACK of the NOV. 16 THEM CRAB MONSTERS ACAOf.MY AWAY\0 SPECIAL EFFEi,;fS SATURDAY \ ;'\ '. .. !\1...l ,':-'l'\C '.'ESl = r FEDERIW FELLINI'S '"RLl.CLO\l"IRU<\"1 NOV. 17 2 ll-\llll\l \Rlll'-\ll FRI / SAT ltl \l!'HRI \ Bt)( \I{ l I -\l' l U''.'\ l\ .. \ L \l.I. Lill_\ t, Rlltll,:-1>' N O V 30 / Ill\ IR) llh! I I t \1 1\IC.t 1111 fil \ S DEC 1 TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT UTILE CAESAR


12-THE ORACLE Stiff Competition Oracle photo by Duke Hamblin Senior Lauren Scott, one of 23 girls trying out for the women's volleyball team, hopes such hustle will earn her a spot on a roster to be named by.Jane Cheatham this weekend. Last chance for tryouts is tonight at 6 p;m. Hinds To Begin Rating Of College Gridiron Play Beginning tomorrow, Hindsight returns to Oracle sports as a weekly fall feature The column, written by pigsk in pundit Alan Hinds, USF graduate student, offers his predictions of college football's 20 moRt evenly matched games. In the collegiate forecasts, Hinds provides an in-depth an swer as to how Saturtiay s tough ones will go In ten weeks of college ball, plus the bowl games last season, Hinds finished with a 79-38-4 record. Signees Bring Hope To Grindey, Taylor When both a school's athletic director and head swimming coach say their swimming squad loser in 17 of their last 20 regular season meets, is going to be the sport hurt most by that school's rise to University Division there are murky ,waters ahead. Unfortunately for USF, the comments the record, and the problems all refer to Coach Bob Grindey's swim team. But despite this seemingly bleak outlook, Grindey seems op timisti c about this year' s swim team when he considers the following sidelights : I. LAST YEAR'S team, a 1-9 entry lost all of their regular season meets against University Division schools as a college division competitor, a good in dication swimming's rise to the University Division as far as competition goes was really just a tecnicality. 2 During the off-season, Grindey has collected help in the name of ten new recruits to go along with four returnees Among the old hands will be Dean Hardy, Grindey' s only sel)for, wlfo voluntarily sat out last year because of academic problems. Of Hardy Grindey says, "He' d be the guy that a team could be built around. Also returning are Mike Sheffield, last year's team captain and two divers in juniors Randy Cole and Dave Pennington. NEW FACES include Paul Cellato, a Connecticut State Champion John Connelly a state finisher from Clearwater, Jack Gibbs, an All-State High School swimmer, and Californian Scolt Koznar, whom Grindey calls "most outstanding". From Seneca Valley High School, Grindey will bring Jeff Shoup ; whom he bills as "the fastest breast-stroker we've ever had at USF In addition there are a pair of state finalists in Pittsburgh's Bob Jagger and Seminole's Perrin Prescott, Don Schulte a district diving champion, Bill Vargo, a 100-yard free styler, and team's only non-freshman newcomer, K e n Schuetta. THE NAME OF THE game for USF tennis this season is ex perience With four returnees from last year's 12-13 squad, and two former Corpus Christi stars, Coach Spaff Taylor is well pleased." Kevin Hedberg, the team's only senior, and number one man last season juniors Mike Huss and Gary Roebuck, and second year man George Falanski should form a powerful quartet. And juniors Carlos Alvarado and Oscar Olea, transfers from Corpus Christi where the athletic program was dropped, might end up in one of the team' s top three positions, according to Taylor "On paper we look better," said Taylor of. this year's team. "We have a lot of depth It' s important for u s to go to a national champions hip and represent the University in tennis. That's our chi e f goal this year." BUT TAYLOR IS realistic, and knows such a goal will be hard to accomplish, especially since the Brahmans face schools with tennis budget's many times the size of theirs. More than half of USF's 25 contests last season were against major universities and although Taylor doesn't expect such a large schedule this year, he says it will be a quality one. Another pressing probelm is USF's doubles game, practically non-existent last season South Americans, Alvarado of Bolivia and and Chile s Olea should help in that department, and Taylor plans to get an early start on that facet of the game. "IT'S VERY indeterminate," Taylor said of the doubles. "There's work to be done. Last year we didn t do it early enough and we plan to practice on the doubles this fall." CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD NOW OPEN WE HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR ALL TYPES OF BIKES AND ALL KINDS OF RIDING, FROM MOTO CROSS TO CHOPPERS. TRY US AND SEE, YOU CAN DIG IT. 4818 E. BUSCH BLVD. 988-0501 ANNOUNCES NEW Young: Stronger Second Year ggg CHANNEL16 WUSF-TV 10 WEEK SCHEDULE (SAME AS OTHER USF COURSES) IN SEPTEMBER Enrollment Unlimited JoAnne Young, coordinator of women s athletics looks for the won : en's program to be stronger in its second year of competition but said she carries the "same ;:>hiksophy : to provide an op portunity for the gals to com pete." "Were going to try and do well with what we have,''. said Young, whose program has received a $5,000 increase "In all sports we should be as strong and perhaps stronger than last year. f\LHE!\I>Y making preparations for Qlr play are the badminton and volleyball -nate Oppmwnt Silt )!!i Dec I Florida Away Tech Dec 20 Old Dominion Away Dec 22 Mo.-St. Louis Away -f.'l'i .. ::':i ,mr Jan. Hi Mississippi State Away R Jan. 16 Florida A&M Hl're 1 Jan. 19 Florida State Here Jan. 21 Mo. -St. Louis Hl're Jan. 26 Long Island Here ) Jan. 30 Athletes in Action Here Feb. 2 Rhode Island Away 1, State Feb. 16 Armstrong State Away Feb. 19 Florida Southern Away r: Feb. 22 Chicago Here i[i\ I m ... .::: THE FOUNTAIN Is Here! 0 teams. Young said there will again be a mailographic bowling tourney. An attempt to double the size of the swimming program, limited to two meets last season, will be made and a golf schedule is a slight possibility. Basketball. tennis a nd softball, three of the stronger women's sports. look good for the coming year. said Young. TAPE TOWN STEREO R ::::-United ArllSIS Wed., Thurs. Sept.26.27 7&9:30p.(11. LAN 103 Sl.00 USF College Credit Courses by television in your own home or in a reserved room on campus. QUARTER I SCHEDULE 4-002 2859 ANT 371-501 ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES (4) (Dr Evelyn Kessler) ENG 4748 GPY 2412 MUS 5075 PSY 5353 SS! 211-501 CURRENT NOVELS (3) (Dr. Lawrence Broer) 371-503 WEATHER & MAN (5) (Dr. Hans Neuberger) 371-501 ISSUES IN MUSIC (2) (Dr. Jacques Abram) 201-501 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY (5) (Dr. Paschal Strong) 301-501 SOCIAL SCIFNCE STATISTICS (4) (Dr. Karl Achenbach) '1 NEW COURSE BY RADIO (WUSF -FM, 89 .7) 2-l20 205 -50! INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC MUSi d (Dr. Larry Austin) (J J TO REGISTER Fill out an Add Form, September 18-21, at the Y 0 .U. desk in the Gym, or come to the Y .0 U. Office in the basement of the Library UL! 20-D. For additional information call 974-2341, extension 23. PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace, Florida 33617


Oracle photo by Bill Phillips Golf Team After Help Newly appointed golf coach Bob Shiver. has issued an in vitation to all male USF students with a three-handicap or better to try out for the USF golf team. "We're always looking for good talent and we'd like to get as many as possible here for a try out," Shiver said Shiver will hold four qualifying rounds, Oct 6-7 and 13-14, and said interested students should sign up at the USF golf pro shop. "There's no need for anyone with an eight or nine-handicap to come out here, they'll just be wasting our time and theirs, ) the coach said. "If a guy can't carry a three handicap from his home course, chances are they won't be able to do that here, because this is a pretty tough course at USF." Shiver said he had already received 20 sjgn-ups. THE ORACLE-September 27, 1973 SOUTH FLORIDA USF'S Literary Magazine Now accepting poetry, art and fiction contributions to be published as a magazine supplement to the Oracle during Quarter II Plaques will be awarded for best contributions in each category Freshmen may compete in a special judging for awards Send or Deliver Contributions to Coach Shiver awaits tryouts ... with a little golfing of his own. Bean Bag Chairs Coney's Interiors 1412 W. Platt I>h 258-2131 Office of Student Publications LAN 472 (Include Name and Student Clas.sification) USF Golf Shop Posts Schedule, Announces Fees BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor Qtr. 1 hours for the USF golf course located on the corner of Fletcher Ave. and 46th Street, are 8 a.m 8 p.m. weekdays and 7 a m. until sunset on weekends The course is closed on Mondays. Course fees for full -time students are $1.50-weekdays and $2weekends Faculty-staff fees are $3-weekdays and $4-weekends. Foundation mem bers, alumni, guests and public fees are $4-weekdays wiih foundation-Alumni paying $5 on weekdays as opposed to a $6-weekend fee for guests and public Membership fees for full-time students are $30 quarterly and $100 yearly, with a $40 quarterly and $125 yearly tee for students and family Faculty-staff fees are $35 quarterly and$125 yearly with $55 quarterly and $190 yearly for faculty-staff and their families Alumni-foundation members are charged $50 quarterly and $200 yearly with a $75 quarterly and $265 annually for members and t heir families. THEATRE I NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 BOOBY TRAP Plus SIDEWALK COWBOY Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 ftad1e lhaek SAVE $20 ON THIS EXCEPTIONAL REALISTICR AM/FM MUSIC SYSTEM ... Re.1!1st1c S rA 1-1 A/\1 F/\1 Sf<'U'<' R1cr1ve1 W1f/1 SI t) 'l'.1 V.1i11t' Wdlnul Wno<1 C1su In L.uxu11c1us Wdlnut Cdll//it'IS Redl1sh AutcH11.1t1c Cl1dl1r v Mounted C u s ftl/11 B.1se. S t e reP C 1rt1tdt1e lnclu

Nevv Program Aids Needy Frosh .. attended the first street dance of the quarter last night on Crescent Hill. "Fat Chance" provided the sounds for several hundred students. BY JIM BLAINE Oracle Staff Writer USF freshmen who can establish financial need could trade in an eight cent stamp for up to $452 under a new federal student grant program being offered this year, according to George Goldsmith, director of Financial Aids All a USF freshman need do is stop by or call the Financial Aids office for a Basic Educational Opportunity Grant application, Goldsmith said. For an eight-cent stamp the application will go to the American College Testing (ACT) service and return to the student as a Family Contribution Analysis Report. Students Choose Major THE STUDENT then submits the report to the Financial Aids Office and, if approved, can pick up his allocated money each quarter. Of 1Personal Satlsfaction 1 Congress has approved million for the freshman aid program. About $78,770 has be:n "ta::-geted" for USF, said Goldsmith BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer A study by USF's Counseling Center for Human Development indicates the most important single factor influencing a student's choice of major may be "personal satisfaction." The Center's associate director, Jorge Garcia, said last week the study was "close to being finished." The study would hopefully provide a more efficient coun seling and guidance service by pinpointing why students choose particular fields of study ALL NINE USF colleges and Alumni Services were each sent 100 questionnaires asking students and former students who influenced their decisions, what kind of pressure they received to go into any certain area, when they decided, if they plan to continue their education in gradtlate school and how many times they changed their major. Garcia said he is waiting to complete the results of the student questionnaires, but had compiled results of alumni responses. Results so far appear to in dicate the biggest percentage of students decide on the basis of personal satisfaction ranging from 50 per cent in the college of Natural Sciences to 89 per cent in the college of Education. SEVENTYSIX per cent of alumni polled said they were 'totally satisfied" with their choice of major and 51 per cent said they changed their major at least once. Sixty per cent were confident hat their major "would lead to many careers" and 81 per cent said the "conditions leading to" t11eir choice of a major was their "own preference." Jorge Garcia While nearly everyone agreed the choice of a major was their own, responses varied as to what environment had the greatest impact on the decision. Thirty two per cent said college had the biggest effect, 22 per cent said their job situation caused the choice, 17 per cent said home life and 17 per cent said grade school and high school greatly affected their choice. p ARENTS and teachers from grades one to twelve were reported as the top two groups of "most influential people," but 52 per cent said they made. choice away from home m college as an undergraduate. Sixty five per cent answered they "defintely" or "probably" planned to continue their education after getting a bachelors degree and 79 per cent said they didn't feel a major 7% MINUTES FROM USF NEW 2 BR, WW carpet, Central Heat &Air, Drapes, furnished $180, un-furnished $155. Phone988-5263 Days or988-5614 Evenings & Weekends. THE LUNCH OF A LIFE TIME erery at the Baptist Can1pus Ministry 11: 30 to I: 00 p.m. Only Questions? Call 988-6487 should be decided by the freshman year. Most said they were "well-informed" about the variety and content of available majors at USF. "Personality" (57 per cent) and "personal needs" (71 per cent) both influenced the choice of major "to a great degree," but so did "educational interest" (68 per centl. Garcia and the Center's research co-ordinator, William Anton, wrapped up the alumni stucly by saying, "At this point we feel safest by employing this information as a basis for future hypothesis and _leaving the reader to draw his own conclusions." UNIVERSITY BICYCLE' CENTER "If we need more, we will get it Goldsmith said, comthat the amount is not a limit but a "crystal ball" figure based on enrollment. Freshmen applying for the grant must be taking 12 or more quarter hours. There is no charge for either the report or the ap plication. The deadline for applications is Feb. 1. "If they wait until then they won't get help this quarter," said Goldsmith. SALES and REPAIRS 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. Franchised Dealer IS A I lpcn H:OO um -h:OO pm l'llO'E 'll 1-2271 FELLINI lvtOVIE FOR PEOPLE WHO HA VE NEVER SEEN A FELLINI MOVIE. -Time Magazine "FELLINI'S ROMK' LASTTIMESTONIGHT UmtedArhSts Thurs. Sept. 27 7&9:30 pm LAN 103 $1.00 Filqi Series GOLDSMITH said there is some question whether the Basic Grant program will be continued on the same basis next year or be expanded. In Washington, the House of Representatives has passed an allocation of $472 million for the 74-75 program. The Senate has not acted on the issue yet, said Goldsmith. The program could be ex panded to affect seven million students and involve $1.5 billion in federal funds. Goldsmith reported the grants could be_ extended to include sophomores, juniors and seniors. The grant' ceiling could also be raised, he said lD's Must Be Validated All Photo I.D.'s must be validated (co\or coded) at one of the following locations Tuesday through Friday, if not already validated 8: 30 5: 30 -Library, First Floor. 8:30 5:00 -University Center Lobby. 9:00-3:00 -Cashier's Office. ADM 131. Simple, straight-forward, classic-out of step with today's throwa\Nay culture. Refillable cartridge, ballpoint or fiber tip marker in basic tan or navy blue. $1.98: not bad for a pen you may use the rest of your life. $198 SHEAFFER, WORLO-WIDE. A textronl COMP ... N'r


THE ORACLE -September 27, 1973 15 ( HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED I .. (.._AUTOMOTIVE_l.. ( LOST & FOUND J APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE PROF. GOWEN needs part-time housekeeper, cook, child companion. 20 hours a wk. late aft. & early eve., call 971-3925 after 6 p .m. PART-TIME jobs-phone sales. S:i.50 hr plus commissions, 5-9 M-F, 20 hr wk. Shd avg. $75 wk, work in office Mor F. Exp. good but not nee. Good people to work with. Call Bonn i e 872-9236. WANTED: Interested (and interesting) tour guides. People for USF tour guide positions. Give informal campus tours at your convenience. Call SEAC office 974-2637. NEED responsible person to pick up two 6 yr. old boys from Mort School 2: 15 MonFri. Study while caring for them in my home till 5:30 near USF 971-2398 or 971-1256 or 949-2141. S2.50 per hr. 20 to 30 hrs. per week. Hours adjusted to your schedule. Shipping Receiving office supplies, keeping records, etc. Phone Mr. Griffis at 872-9102 Central Truck Lines 3825 Henderson Blvd. Equal Opportunity Employer. OPENING for Legal Assistant. Call Mrs. Comfort -872-8424. NEEDED: Part-time Box Office Assistant. Average 20 hours per week. Primarily afternoon and evening work. $2.50 per hour. Call 9;4-2321. WANTED local band to play at poolside party Saturday Sept. 29 and other later times Contact Cathy 977-1244. SENATE CLERK for Student Gov'!. 20 hrs. a week OPS .. Shorthand, typing, general secretar ial skills. Good working con ditions, opportunity for salary increase. Application deadline Nov. 12. Call 974-2401 or come by UC 156. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) FREE .. white kittens, absolutely precious. Call 238-1522 after 5 p.m. AKC Doberman puppies, male and female, champion lines, very good quality, reasonable. Call after 5, 949-2412. THIS is your LEVI store. We have denim & corduroys in regulars & bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from c"mpus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. USE;D paperback-;, Comics, Magazines. Buy, Sell, Trade Nostalgia items. Comics for collector::,. Over 15,000 different books. Open 9-9 daily. UNIQUE BOOKS 12943 Florida Avenue. REFRIGERATOR for sale. New, never used. Two cubic feet-ideal for office or room. Must sell now. $80 buy but will sell tor $50. s yr. warranty. Call St. Pete., 867-1435 and ask for S. Mason. AKC Irish Setler puppies whelpca 8-13-73. Sired by Canadian Champion Killane Brian. Both sire and dam dark mahogany and well coated. Ph. 689-0504. fJ {8(;1 t1 find them in the Oracle Classified Ads ATTENTION COMMUTERS! Save gas, save time, save SSS Interested? For more information go to the University Center .Rm. 217 or phone 974-2615. CMr. Dale Hartman> FAST, Accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 Call 879-7222 Ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 pm thru Sun. 949-5247. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols ... All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF Nina Schiro, 11110 N. 22nd St., 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. { REAL ESTATE J ONLY MINUTES FROM USF READY to move into! Freshly painted 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with central heat and air. w.w carpeting living rm. and comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and only in upper twenties. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty Res: 877-4922 Off: 877-8227. '67 FORD Falcon, A-T, V8-289, Radio, Heater, Air. Original owner, low mileage. $650 935-6215. 69 FIREBIRD fully eqpt. 74 tag. Factory air, four speed with oversized tires. 5950.00. Phone 248-3983 or 229-9778. See at the American station corner Orange and Scott. ( PERSONAL l WANT an exciting date? Be scientifically matched by computer. For your ap plication and processing serid S3 to Partner P.O. Box 17684 Tampa, Fla. 33601 Ex clusive for students. OVERWEIGHT? A free program for students wanting to lose weight will be conducted through the Counseling Center this quarter. cphone 2866) during the first two weeks of class. HELPLINE is going to be training soon for Qtr. 1. For more info call 974-2833 or come by AOC 211. At night call 974-2555. WANTED Service minded individuals who want to join a constructive organization. Come to UC 251 Oct. 3 & 4 7:30 p.m. THE USF Women's Center needs volunteer staffers Monday thru Friday, any hours. Come by UC 159 if interested. This is your center. Help keep it open. V2 PRICE OFFER Sign up now for the special student faculty discount offer from The Miami Herald. Simply tear out the attached order card and mail to: THE MIAMI HERALD P.O. Box 629 Miami, Fla 33101 Or Call 251-1210 Tampa ------------------------1 want deVivery an or near campus of The Miami Herald at the special student rate. D My check is enclosed Name .. College Address Apt./Room. Phone Home Address City fall quarter Fall, Winter, Spring quarters .City. THE MIAMI HERA/.D We De love $6.18 $18.54 Student No. State. Patronize Our Advertisers! You'll love them, they'll love us, and we 'II love you LOST DOG. Irish Setter 7 months old, an swers to the name Jason. Lost In vicinity of 15th and 13lst. Was wearing sliver choker chain. Reward call 971-7347. Has blond ears. Contact Vic, 1511 E. 128th Ave. or at the Natural Kitchen. FREE private room & blltfl In lakulde home in exchange for cooking 1 meal a day and light cleaning for students. Call 971-9791. LOST: Pair of ladles gold-rimmed glasses In a grey case. If found, please return them to found In UC or to Ann Horn In Kappa 339. Theyare badly needed. BUY a classified ad FOUND: Man's sterling silver ring In FAO restroom on Sept. 19. Call 974-2506. For Tires Quality with price 100% free replacement warranty if our tire becomes during the life of the tire due t o workmanship or materials it will be replaced free of charge paggenger cars only. If it rolls -try DUDDY'S FOR TIRES VOLKSWAGEN, DATSUN, TOYOTA, PINTO, VEGA, OPEL ._NEW 4 FULL PLY NYLON -WHITEWALL-TUBELESS-1st QUALITY 600-13 615-13 560-15 600-15L :". .. .'. .1 495 ALL SIZES ,; 155 SR-13 165 SR-13 175 SR-13 165 SR-14 ._. 175 SR-14 155 SR-15 1.98 2.05 2.10 $24.51 1.75 PREMIUM BIG POLY SIZE PRICE 860-13 $27.55 F60-14 $33.05 G60-14 $34.89 l60-14 $40.96 E60-15 $32.37 F60-15 $33.36 G60-15 Aa NATION'S LARGEST TIRE DEALER !!!! w;!ii."l If-FREE CATALOGNO TRADE IN -7500 E. FOWLER AVE. PH: 988-4144 q : JO lo 6 : JO Mon. ttmJ Fri. 1 :30 to 2:00 Sat Spin Balance Alignment Mounting FTtt 1501 '2ND. AVE. (YBOR) PH: 248-5016 frH Mounting Spin lalon

16 -THE ORACLE September 27, 1973 Prepared and paid tor by the Stud ent Career and Employment Center Employment: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA STUDENT EMPLOYMENT COOPERATIVE EDUCATION GRADUATING STUDENTS AND ALUMNI STUDENT AFFAIRS STUDENT CAR EER AND EMPLOYMENT CENTER Now or Later, Part-Time or Career, We Can Help You! The Student Career and Employment Center is a centralized service responsible for assisting undergraduate students, graduating students, and alumni in realizing their career objectives. In an effort to achieve these objectives several options are available to students and cooperating employers who utilize the Center. Student Employment-Numerous part-time jobs are available both on and off campus which enable students to earn money while attending the University. In addition, there are opportunities for fulltime employment, both locally and nationally, during the summer break. Cooperative Education Program-This program is a plan where students alternate quarters of paid employment in their field of career interest and quarters of on-campus study. This program allows participating students to relate training assignments to individual career objectiv(!s. It also enables the employer to train, develop, and evaluate potential employees. The program is open to majors in most disciplines offered at the University. Placement Assistance for Graduating Students and AlumniPlacement credentials consisting of resumes and recommendations on graduating students and alumni seeking full time career employment are available. These are also available to the recruiter at the time of the on -campus interviews. In addition, a referral service of interested and qualified candidates is available to employers desiring to list employment vacancies with our office. Students Need Jobs While Attending School Numerous students seek part-time employment while they are attending college. Some need to earn at least a part of their tuition, room and board Others want simply some extra spending money. Whatever the need at the University of South Florida, the Student Career and Employment Center offers information, advice and assistance in obtaining both oncampus and off-campus jobs. On-Campus--There are basically two types of employment opportunities available for students to be employed on campus. One is funded from OPS funds estate funds) and the other from CWSP funds


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