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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. Board To Screen New Police BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer Director of Public Safety and Security Paul uravich said yesterday that an ad hoc staff committee will begin screening potential .. I've had considerable success with screening boards at the University of West Florida and I plan to continue using them wouldn't rule out the possibility of a permanent screening board "IT"S NOT out of the question .that they could not go to a standing committee," he said. University Police (UP) officers next week. here." Paul Urav!ch Uravich said the four-man ad hoc committee will consist of one faculty member, one career service employe, one student, and one UP officer. Vice Pres. for Administration Ken Thompson said last night he was not aware of any such committee but that "I wholly support Paul in any action he's taking." board "as long as it s just a temporary group "This is the way I like to do things," Uravich said "I've had considerable success with screening boards at the University of West Florida and I plan to continue using them here." LAST WEEK Thompson called the idea of a screening committee for: UP "ludicrous" until a Securi!Y Advisory Committee could be set up He said he would get the membership clarified" today, but in the meantime would have no objections to Uravich setting up his own screening "I would rather wait on this screening board, but I guess we just don t have the time," Thompson said "We have too many applicants waiting right now and can' t put them off any longer." URAVICH said the board would meet next week and would help screen 14 new UP applicants. Thompson said while Uravich could not begin setting permanent committees on his own," he Contfoued on Page 3 Oracle Plloto by Robin Clerk The Old From The New The "old" library ls shot as seen from the fourth level of the new library facility next to the LanguageLiterature building. The new building, to be completed Jan. wlll hold approximatly one mllllon volumes while the present faclllty will house administrative offices dealing mostly with student services. thursda y's ORACLE Oct. 4, 1973 Vol. 8 No. 59 12 Pages Pay 1Erosion' Hit By Faculty Senator BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer Dr. Pete Kares told USF's first Faculty Senate meeting yesterday that the state of Florida "has been nickel and dimin' us to death for the last five years Kares, a senator from the College of Business Ad ministration, said faculty salaries have drqpped in "real purchasing power," and the continuing loss of minor privileges "has been a continuing source of irri ta ti on." IN A REPORT to the Senate, Kares said "One of the more important aspects of the present problems faced by University faculties (in Florida) is the recent rate of inflation that has resulted in declines in the real purchasing power of faculty salaries in two of the last five years and nominal increases in the other three years < 1.4 per cent being the largest real increase) Kares also said there have been The State of Florida "has been nickel and dimin' us to death for the last five years." -Pete Kares "a lot of little things" like decisions to make faculty members pay for parking privileges, and elimination of faculty discounts at the bookstore, contributing to what he called "an erosion in pay "We've barely been holding our own these last five years," Kares said. AFTER the meeting, Faculty Senate Pres. Jesse Binford said formation of the state-wide, State University System Faculty Senate Council will begin to influence BOR requests for faculty salaries and fringe benefits KARES suggested a list of "possible alternatives con cerning faculty compensation" including cost of living increases, differentials for high costs areas, non-contributory retirem.ent benefits, reduced vesting periods and fully-funded state retirement plans. He also said the SUS-Faculty Senate CQuncil should work to establish state-wide fully paid medical and hospital insurance, life insurance and accident and disability insurance. Faculty retirement payments are currently paid into FRS after tax dollars are taken out, Kares said. According to Kares, faculty members in th e 30 per cent tax bracket must pay $1,428 to get $1,000 back in retirement benefits. HE SAID because of a four per cent drop in the purchasing power of the dollar during the 1Harassed' Prof Reports Charges Being Dropped "We hope to form a consensus among all state universities on issues that can best be handled at the state level," Binford said When you re talking about our fringe benfit package, it's a well known fact that we just don't have any Binford called the Florida Retirement System ffRS> "very unfair to young faculty mem bers expecting tenure He said because of the "six years or out tenure rule faculty who are fired before the ten-year FRS investment period is up lose in' terest on their retirement. first six months of 1973, and "the fact that continued inflation is most probable," the SUS will have to begin making fringe benefits and retirement packages more attractive to potential faculty and staff members if "we want to be competitive." II Hotline II "Hotline, an open question and answer session with Pres. Ceci l Mackey will be presented in UC 15. 8 at 11:30 today. Interested students and faculty are invited BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Charges against a USF )rofessor who claims he was :hreaten.ed and' harassed by University Police (UP) are dropped by the state attorney sources said last night. Dr. David VanDercar was arrested by UP in August and charged with having no driver s license, rio valid inspection >ticker and driving under the influence of narcotics. After the incidents, which he said involved physicarthreats, he said he would sue the University if an agreement. was not reached concerning the incident. "AN AGREEMEN1 has been made that is perfectly to me," VanDercar said. "I understand the charges are being dropped; all but the speeding which I admit." VanDercar said he was going 35 miles per hour in a 30 mile per h1mr zone on campus when the first arrest ooccurred. The following night he again arrested and the drug charge was filed He voluntarily underwent tests to attempt to clear himself. After the incidents, VanDercar asked for financial compensation to cover legal fees. He also requested charges be dropped and the University ir;isure such e vents not happen again. '.'WE DON' T HAVE the power to drop charges, but we have had some indication that may hap pen, Ken Thompson, vice pre s ident for Administreaation, s aid last night. Thomp son s aid he and Paul Uravic h, director of Public Safety and Security, are "work i n g on improving relations betw ee n UP and the university community." He said he conducted an Investigation into Van Dert c al' s case and will pass his finding s to U ru vich today VanDercar : wid the Univ ersity will nol give h i m th e money he asked for hut. he is s atisfied. Ev c ryhod y 'li m a jor concern a cc ording to Thompson, involves irn;urin g prc v c nlion of similar futur e incide nts V said he had "several lon g t a lk s Thompson s i n ce Augu s t and Thompson said he "spent con siderable time on the matter. "It is a shame it took this length of time VanDercar said Senate Gets Course Info Plan HY SANDHA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor A proposal to provide complete c ourse information to students prior to registration has been sent to Faculty Senate where Chairman Dr Jesse Binford said he expects it to earn approval. "My general opinion is the students have a perfect right to know this." Binford said yesterday. "I feel sure the faculty will cooperate THE PROPOSAL calls for public posting of readings, books and !heir price (if known l writings required, types of tests required and course objectives used in courses The information would be available to students before registration ''This would be a pretty good thing for the to have," Ben Johnson SG Pres. Bill Davis said "It would decrease drop-adds, the bookstore would have fewer books returned. and there would be less friction in class if students knew what to expect." Davis said SG originally sent their course information proposal to Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs April 20. Riggs referred the proposal to the Council of Deans, who decided it was too difficult to institute and required additional faculty "paper work." HOWEVER, SG Secretary for Academic Affairs Ben Johnson met with Riggs this summer and agreed to make the proposal e asier for professors" Davis said. The amended proposal was sent to Riggs Sept. 2 Doris Telkin secretary to Riggs said yesterday Riggs forwarded the proposal to the senate Sept. 25. Binford said he expects it to be referred to a committee "whenever we get our Cuii

2-THE ORACLE October 4, 1973 China Trip Planned by Kissinger WASHINGTON CUPI) President Nixon announced yesterday that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will visit Peking Oct. 26-29, and said he himself will go to Europe within the next three to four months. Meeting with reporters, Nixon said Kissinger will stop off in Japan on the trip to mainland China -a mission aimed primarily at improved trade, cultural and scientific relations. Justice Department WASHINGTON (UPI) President Nixon yesterday supported the Justice Depart ment's handling of what he termed "serious and not frivolous" charges against Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, but said any resignation was a matter for Agnew alone to decide. Placing himself publicly at odds with his vice president, Nixon endorsed Assistant Attorney General Henry E. Petersen, whom Agnew accused last weekend of "unprofessional and malicious and outrageous" conduct in an attempt to destroy him politically. Nixon Taxes PROVIDENCE, R. I. President Nixon paid a total of $1,670.64 in federal income taxes in 1970 and 1971, according to the Providence Journal Bulletin. In an article published in yesterday's morning and af ternoon editions, the paper said the Nixons, who filed joint returns during those two years, received a total of $131,503.84 in refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. VW Price Hike ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. (UPI) The price of Volkswagen's 1974 cars will be 14 per cent higher for Americans because of the devaluation of the dollar and rising cost, the company announced Tuesday. The new cars will be reaching dealers this month. Calley Appeal WASHINGTON

THE ORACLE -October 4, 1973 s Chairman Named Despite Opposition Helpline Training starts Oct. 6 at noon in UC 158 ORACLE AD OFFICE Despite Faculty Senate and SG requests, Vice Pres. for Administration Ken Thompson said Tuesday he has appointed the chairman of the proposed Security Advisory Committee and will not allow an election for that post. "I felt my obligation to have a strong committee leader superseded the process," Thompson said. "I didn't even it (election) as an alter native'." FACULTY Senate Chairman Dr. Jesse Binford said his group recommended on May 3 the committee chairman be elected. SG Pres. Bill Davis, who made a similar recommendation called Thompson's action "wanning of the process of democratic representation. "I don't know if people will have a lot of respect for a committee that's so dominated by the administration," Davis said. "Maybe they want a big rubber stamp." Robert Levitt, Career Service Senate chairman, said he was uncertain what recom-Jesse Binford mendations his group had made concerning selection of a chairman: But he said he felt committee chairmen should be elected unless the group considered ''highly specialized" matters. Thompson said he plans to release names of committee members today along with the amended charges and duties of the group. According to Thompson, Paul Uravich, director of Public Safety and Security will be a non voting advisor to the proposed committee. In this case, Levitt said he felt election of a chairman would be appropriate. "AS LONG as he d from Pag<> 1 Dr. Charles Arnade, an Intern a ti on al Studies Professor, will staff the committee along with Student Government

4-THE ORACLE October 4, 1973 Course Info Improves Classes A Faculty Senate committee will soon receive a proposal which can save time and energy, plus provide students with helpful information. The proposal, originally developed by SG, calls for complete course data to be posted so students have access to it. ALTHOUGH THE ad-ministration feels the program (Editorials & Commentary] would be difficult to institute, such a system could save time and money in -Other areas. Since the operation was proposed last April, SG has been quite willing to administer the file. The only demand on the faculty and departments is that the requested information be supplied if possible. Students have a right to information about a course. If the type of readings, books and prices (if known), papers, number and type of tests, weight of class participation and course objectives is known before registration, other hassles would be decreased. FOR ONE THING, detailed explanations the file would contain would mean fewer students would have to sample a course, drop it and then add another. Students would be able to select the type of classroom environment and teaching method they find most ben ficial. Because drop-add isn't long enough to give an indication of how a student may succeed in a course, the period is only good for finding out if the course is what it sounds like from the puffery explanation in the catalog or for solving conflicts in schedules. WITH A complete, cen-tralized file system, students wouldn't have to shop for courses during drop-add week, and department secretaries would be interrupted less to discuss the course with someone looking for an elec tive. Also, less class time would have to be devoted to discussion of the course and grade requirements under such a system. Professors could get on with the instruction. Readers .wr1"te About Police The Oracle urges speedy approval of this proposal by the Senate committee and Faculty Senate. The file system meets student. needs and is a plus for the University. Editor: Let me take this opportunity to congratulate, no commend, the action taken by the campus patrolman Ralph Dennis--Badge 57 on the dismal evening of Oct 2. His quick thinking must not_ go unnoticed or without JUST recognition. The issue concerned is one of self admitted guilt on: my part, i.e : operating a motor scooter without a helmet or as B-57 so expediently pointed out, I was blatantly violating Florida Statute 316.287 which states: "Equipment for motorcycle riders--No person shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless he is properly wearing protective headgear securely fastened upon his head which complies with standards established by the department.'' THE ISSUANCE of my citation oc curred with such blind celerity that I sensed a sort of mechanically inhuman routine. I tried desperately to explain the extenuating circumstances surrounding my case, but

THE ORACLE -October 4, 1973 5 DOONESBURY HEY, ZONK, DON' T YOU UKE FISHING? by Garry Trudeau UP Officer 1Deals With Contractor I d\ r \. \ N/IUI I I Ji/ST CAN'T STANO 11/E THOf/GHT (;(T OF THOSE 8ARB5 RIPPING THE Fi.ESH FROM HIS FRAGl/..E !10UTH, CLOtl/JING 1HE CL.EAR WATER. tl/11H 8/.-00P FR0/'1 HIS /.l./Ot!N0.1 '\ I' I" ____ r.-. ;,,. A c ontractor for Ass ociat e d Cons tructi o n Group Inc. s aid T uesday he m a d e "an arrangeme nt wit h U P offic e r Anthony Wall to forego pro se cuti o n of four USF' students caught ste aling blocks if "he would get an artic le in the student newspaper to let the kids know I mean business Contractor Ken Smith said the students were caught Sept. 24 loading 13 blocks, worth a total of $3.25, into a van parked inside the La Mancha Dos construction site. SMITH said Wall accompanied by a sheriff s deputy, met him the day after the in cident and persuaded him not to press charges if he "could arrange to have a warning printed inTheOr a cle saying that "from now on he would prosecute students caught taking material from the site BOR Still Looking For U F President "I thought that was a fair request," Smith said. "Wall suggested a wa y to get the word around that I m e an business. I told the officer that m y desire was not to prosecute." Wall could not be r e ached for comment last night, but Director of Safety and Security Paul Uravich s aid UP officer s nor mally don t get involved with that Approximately 85 to 90 can didates are now being considered to fill the post of University of Florida CUF) president, Stephen O Connell a Board of Regents resenl!' d ancl >f'r\'e in S < ; dicate what individuals were c onsidered," Butterworth sai d. I doubt ver y much if the regents will ever indicate who we nominate." Criser said he anticipates selection of O'Connell's replacement before the year is o ver." The nominee picked by Criser s group will be submitted to the BOR for final approval. LU s ort of thing "I DON' T know how Wall happened on to the case," Uravich said "The UP officer is not in a position t o make an offer to an y one about a n y thing." Uravich said Wall "might have designated the alternatives to try to keep the students from being prosecuted." He said Bv Popular Demand, Worship is Noon. :S-days at the Episcopal Center on SO th Street For Information, call 988-4025 UPTO $$$ 40.00 $$$ PER MONTH ON REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM 7AM UNTIL 2:30 PM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY --CALL FOR APPOINTMENT-HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. KENNEDY BLVD. PHONE NO. 253-2844 Cash in on values! Check the classified page Paul Uravich because the incident occurred off-campus it couldn t be referred to Student Affairs, and UP had no jurisdiction over the case "I think Wall was just trying to help Uravich said "He was trying to keep these four students from having a police record URA VICH said that the four students, all dorm residents w e nt to the UP Office the mor ning following the alleged theft and asked for assistance Smith said Wall and Sheriff's Deputy Earl Moore came to his office later the same day requesting that he "let the University handle it." Smith said a rash of recent thefts from the construction site has "left me no alternative" but to begin prosecuting students caught in the act. He said 12 p e rsons were caught during the last three weeks taking blocks furniture electrical fixtures and lumber from the site It s bad when these college kids don t realize how serious it is," Smith said ILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER ..the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 C olumbia Pictures pr esents a BBS P r o duc t i o n 1hel

8-THE ORACLE October 4, 1973 Reflections of Johnny Cash John Stewart : Rural America Musician BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor "John Stewart is our most American songwriter, his vision shaped by his hearing of the beeating of the heart of the country says Jerome Clark in an article in Rolling Stone. And while John Stewart may be s most American songwriter, with a voice that reflects Johnny Cash, he still does not really excite one enough to rush out and buy all of his albums HE HAS been described as a "sort of cowboy-countryfolksinger whose music really i sn't country and western He does possess the rural Americana in his songs. And there is no doubt that he is a natural emotional songwriter and guitarist, as his latest album "Cannons in the Rain" exhibits. Some songs on the album do tend to grow on a person the more they are listened to 0especially "Road Away,'_ "Easy Money," "Winds Die ititiJi.\. musi Down and "Cannons in the Rain the title song Stewart is a cowboy ; his music is country and western with a touch of Johnny Cash and his lyrics about respect for life, love and the land ( well exhibited in his song Armstrong ) make him prey on human emotion But there is still something lacking in Stewart. The problem may lie in the fact that his music while it really isn t bad is not what a vast majority of con tempora1 y young people tend to prefer HOWEVER, it may be worth seeing him in concert. The Student Entertainment and Activities Council ( SEAC) will present Stewart in concert along with Carolyn Hester, a folksinger, Friday at 9 p m in the USF gym Stewart, born and raised in California, was the son of a harness racing man. He learned to play guitar in his teens and in his early 20s j oined the well known Kingston Trio In 1968 he moved in his own direction and formed a duo with Buffy Ford Stewart on his solo career with the album California Bloodlines which has been described as one of the great unknown albums of our time. He has since recorded "Willare and "Cannons in the Rain." CAROLYN Hester (also scheduled to perform), who settled in New York from her native Texas in the early 1960s at the start of the folk music revival, caught the attention of jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd who arranged for her debut. She has performed at the Edinburgh International Folk Festival, the Newport Folk Festival, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Central Park Schaeffer Festival the annual Texas Folk Festival and numerous night spots and concert halls around the country Her most popular album is "This Life I'm Living." Tickets for the concert are $2 for USF students and $3 for the public. They are on sale at the UC Desk. Humanities Club Plans Meeting The Humanities Club will hold an organizational meeting Monday at 2 p.m. in LAN 124. Now in its second year, the club focuses on student and community arts and letters Plans for this year include a visit to the Ringling Galleries, a private performance of the Camerata Chorus and student poetry readings. A special meeting de si gned to explore future plans for humanities majors and to concentrate on their special problems is also planned All majors and non-majors Sly Stone are invited to attend the will appear ln concert with his group, Sly and ._m_e_e_ti_ng-.s_. ______ __. the Family Stone, Oct. IS at 8: 30 at Tampa's ADELPHI SCHOOLS Curtis Hixon Hall. Stone, known for his flashy dress and Grades 1-12 temper, will perform such hits as "Thank You For L E A T Preparation G .R.E. Preparation Letting Me Be Myself,'' To The Music" and Private tutormg in all "Want To Take You Higher." Tickets, on sale at the college subjects Curtis Hixon box office, are $7, $6 and $5. Blvd. USF Graduate Displays Art At Library Award winning USF graduate John Gurbacs will exhibit acrylic and dye paintings during October at the Peninsular Library, 3909 Neptune St. Gurbacs was awarded honorable mention in the Gasparilla Show in 1973. He also earned an award of merit in the Latin Quarter Show and first place in the Winter Haven Show for his painting skills He studied under Assistant Visual Art Professors John Catterral and Bruce Marsh Admission to the exhibit is free and viewing is open to the public during library hours. f USF CREDIT UNION i CERTIFICATES i I OF INVESTMENTS I # FOR CREDIT UNION MEMBERS : # AND NON-MEMBERS # : 6Yi% : : INTEREST PAID OUARTERL Y : EARLY REDEMPTION Adjusted interest of 53 / 4 % # will be paid from the date of purchase I to the date redeemed. # *************************** John Stewart will appear in concert Friday at 9 p:m. in: the USF gym. 0 THELUNCH LIFE TIME /.;!J every Thursday at the Baptist Campus Ministry 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. Only 75 Questions? Ca II 988-6487 COME AND SEE THE PHOTO AND AV EXPERTS AT SOUTHERN PHOTO & NEWS COMPLETE LINE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC & AV EQUIPMENT PLUS AUDIO-VISUAL AND FILM RENTAL SERVICE. AMPLE FREE PARKING Southern News Inc. 1515 Marian -22342 3 9 Film l i brary Phot o & A V Equipt. Soles & Service Monday Friday 8:30-5:30 Saturday 8:30-12:30 Take Florida Exit off I75 South SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNT WITH THIS AD


----------------------'---' ------------------------. .. Midnight Showings Planned Head Theatre will present "The Trip" starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper and "Jewel Robbery" featuring the Marx Brothers, during its weekly midnight special Friday and Saturday in LAN 103. Flash Gordon and Pink Panther and Roadrunner cartoons will also share the bill. Next week's show will !:: feature "I Love You, Alice B. ii 1 kl 1 .. To as, p; l1 i A $1 donation will be asked i ri at the door. '" film fare A U S T I N -c 1 o s e d for Sleep-Friday and Saturday in remodeling. ENA. BRANDON TWINS Ill. Santee-7: 10, 9. 2. Scarecrow-7, 9. BRITTON CINEMA III-1. Godspell-1:50, 3:50, 5:50, 7:50, 9:50. 2. State of Siege-2, 4, 6, 8, 10. 3. Lost Horizon-2:15, 5:15, 8: 15. FLORIDA-Double FeatureKung Fu, the Invisibie Fist-2:05, 5: 50, 9: 55 and Duel of the Iron Fist-3:55, 7:50. FLORILAND CINEMA Il-l. Jesus Christ Superstarl: 45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45. 2. Bang the Drum Slowly--1, 2:45, 4:30, 6:15, 8, 9:45. HILLSBORO I-That Same Summer-1:30, 3:40, 5:45, 7:55, 10. HILLSBORO II-Last Tango in Paris-2:30, 4:50, 7:15, 9:40. HORIZON PARK 4-1. Santee-Sunday through Thursday-2, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30; Friday and Saturday-2, 4, 6: 15, 8:15, 10:10. 2. Paper Moon-Sunday through Thursday-1:45, 3:45, 6, 8:15; Friday and Saturday-1:15, 3, 5, 7: 15, 9: 30. 3. Harry in my Pocket-Sunday through Thursday-1:45, 4, 6:15, 8: 30; Friday and Saturday-1: 15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45. 4. Charly-Sunday through Thursday--2, 4:15, 6:30, 8:45; Friday and Saturday 1: 30, 3: 30, 5:25, 7:40, 9:55. PALACE-Double feature-Melinda-4, 7:45 and Hit Man-2:15, 6, 9:45. TAMPA-Detroit 9000-2:15, 4:05. 5:55, 7:45, 9:35. TODD-Double feature Teaser and Sweet Georgia-continuous showings from 11: 45 a.m. TIL\:\S-IXX (Town and Country 1-Paper Moon-7. 9. T\\ I:\ BAYS 1. Enter the Dragon-'i: :rn. 7: 15. 9: Ei. 2. Santcc-5::10. 7: 15. 9. :L Live and Let Dic--fi:fa 8:45. Double Feature--SSSS-5. 9 and The Boy \\'ho Cried \\'erewolf-7. 0:\ C.\:\ll'ts FII.:\I .\HT SEHi ES-The King of :'danin Gardens today I: :rn. in LA:\ JO:l l < F E .\ T l. H E Sia ughterhouse Fi \'l' Friday. S;1turday and Sunday-/: lfl. 10 in L.\:\ !IJ:l 'lID:\l(;ffT 'L\ll.'\;ESS-Thc .\Lllf('S( F;1kon ;rnrl Tlw Bil-( HEAD THEATRE-The Trip, Jewel Robbery, Flash Gordon series, Pink Panther and Roadrunner cartoons-Friday and Saturday--midnight in LAN 103. TUESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL Yellow Submarine-8:30, 10:30 in LAN 103. FILM CLASSICS-Le Boucher-Wednesday-7: 30, 9: 30 in LAN 103. Tampons are the easiest thing in the world ... once you know what you're doing. Kotexhas a complete Tampon Introductory Kit that takes all the trial and error out of your first time. For starters, you get a package of Kotex Regular tampons-which are much easier to use than those other kind with bulky, blunt-end tubes. Each Kotex tampon has a rounded, narrower tip and its own insertion guide. Then, there's a special booklet, TELL IT LIKE IT IS, that really does! It answers all your "hows", "whys", and "whens" about tampons. You also get a tampon lubricant and a zippered purse-size cosmetic case. Order your Kotex Tampon In troductory Kit today. r---------------, I For your Kotex Tampon I I Introductory Kit, I I just send $1 .00 to I Kimberly-Clark Corp. 1 Box 551-C N, l Neenah, Wis. 54956 I I .ZIP I I I I I I I Kotex is a registered trademark f of J ; I lj1 <;...:.----j I I ----_ ----_ J THE ORACLE October 4, 1973 THE IN-FASHION STORE WESTSH.ORE PLAZA DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN ST. BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER PEANUT JEANS RIDE INTO FALL IN OUR SUPER-LOW FLAIRS. FULL ASSORTMENT OF ALL $8.99 7


October 4, 1973 Thief On The Loose Tau Epsilon Phi's Dave Carter heads back downfleld after picking off an errant Pl Kappa Alpha pass in yesterday's scrimmage play. Carter and his intramural teammates play for keeps starting Monday. Brahmans Breeze Special to the Oracle DENVER, Colo.-Displaying one of its quickest attacks of the season, USF's soccer team easily disposed of the University of Denver, 7-0, yesterday. Hitting on half its shots, the Brahman defense gave goalie Tom Steinbrecher little business, allowing Denver just one shot on goal. "IT WAS a real fine game," said coach .Dan Holcomb following USF's second win against no losses. "We had a lot of short passing." Freshman star Mike Knott gave the Brahmans the lead at 5: 34 of the first period, booting in his first of two goals. Larry Byrne, with Ron King assisting, gave USF a 2-0 lead at 10:08gone in the game. It was the first point of the season for Byrne who was runnerup on the club in scoring as a freshman last year. FIRST HALF scoring was ended by George Unanue who tallied with a little over 11 minutes left. Women Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC) South will be the scene for USF's first intercollegiate competition in women's badminton, Monday. Mike Knott "We really ran today," Holcomb. said. "It was the har dest we've run all season. We were very sharp." The second period began as Con Foley increased the score to 4-0 with 3:18 elapsed. Tom Ratz added another goal just over a minute later. 111\MPERED THE past few games with leg problems, Frank Start Play and Florida St&te. Bono, who played nearly half the contest, make a fantastic shot from 30 yards out at 18:45 of the half. Knott made it 7-0 as he scored his fourth goal of the season, tops on the club, at 34:57. "It's in the low 40's right now and it's been raining off and on," Holcomb said last night. "I can't see the mountains so I don't know what to expect." THE BRAHMANS are in Colorado Springs today to face Colorado College before ending their western trip Saturday with the Air Force Academy. Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. 258-2131 Problems Force Mineer To Quit BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Rob Mineer, beset by ankle injuries the past two years and disheartened with school, with drew from USF yesterday. One of five original Brahmans signed to the junior varsity basketball team of 1970071, Mineer missed the entire season last year because of poor ankles. "HE'S BEEN coming in and I've been giving him counseling," explained coach Don Williams. "It (withdrawal) mainly stems from the condition of his ankles.'' Mineer sat out the 1972-73 season following surgery on his right ankle in which five pieces of bone were removed. His left ankle has a bad case of rheumatism and Williams said he has only "half the flexability" in the two. ''He had three physicians opinions and everyone recom mended he not play basketball again for he could end up a cripple," said Williams. "He's faced with what to do now." CLASSIFIED AS a junior since his change in major to education, Mineer is unsure about his future. "He just wants to get away and take a job in this area and evaluate his next move," Williams said. "He felt it was not fair to use the University's money to pursue an education he didn't enjoy. "He had a strong desire to play and I had so hoped he could," said Williams of the 6-foot-6 forward-center. "We had looked forward to him playing forward. He had exceptional shooting ability." In USF 's first season of basketball, Mineer averaged 13.6 points a game for the 19-4 junior varsity. He dropped to 5.4 points a game for the varsity squad two years ago. 'f-. i paper r i Sales lett&rs c Envelopes I I_ Catalog Sheets Letterheads 1 1 Bulletins Circulars Handbills i I Notices Post Caods i Dire:t Mail Rrochures I 1 Instructions iolousc i Data Sheets Cost Sheets I Order Forms Price Lists I i Work Sheets Resur,1es : Announcements c Stuffers i I I I TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER I I 1 ''" .. I i Tampa. Fl.:J. 33609 Tampa, Fin. 33617 I 879-4684 985-2083 i i .j.. ---11-,._.. .r<'-"' Six schools will be competing in the tournament. Each school will be entering four singles and two doubles teams. The meet will be double elimination with op ponents decided by means of a draw. Coach JoAnne Young pointed out that one \of the primary reasons for going to the MDCC meet is to "gain tournament experience. "After all, this is our first year. MIDNIGHT FILM FESTIVAL ,_<' After Monday, the Brahmisses plan to prepare for the state championship which will be held at USF Oct. 18. Five schools, including USF, are presently entered. The other teams include Palm Beach Jr. College, MDCC South, Jacksonville University Most of the schools we will be facing have the majority of their last year's team returning," she said. However, she feels that "with the practice we should be ready for state." Young announced that six girls are vying for the four team positions. They ar.e Kathy Jahn, Diana Lopez, Paula Thrift, Sharyn Myers, Deanna Mc Donald and Gerry Caudell. BUSCH GARDENS HAS PART-TIME JOBS AVAILABLE in operations and merchandising SALARY $2.00 to $2.25 hr. SIGN UP AT THE STUDENT PLACEMENT CENTER FOR AN INTERVIEW WITH THE ON CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT REP. Equal Opportunity Employer Member of the National Alliance of Businessmen ENA (ENGINEERING AUDITORIUM) ADMISSION $1.00 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA 2 Bogart Classics Friday, October 5; Saturday, October 6 THE MALTESE FALCON Stars: Humphrev Bogart, ,\\,iry Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, Gl,1dvs George Director: John Huston Screenplay: John Huston \ Bogart as Sam Spade, and possibly one of the best "pri vate eye" films ever made. Huston made his directorial debut with this one. and he also adapted the famous Hammett novel. THE BIG SLEEP Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Malone Director: Howard Hawks Screenplay: William Faulkner Private d>etective Philip Mar lowe is callP.d into a case of a wealthy family which has two prettv daughters ar.d he d:scovers blackma1/. murder a5 \,\'ell as lov e. is a famous creation oi .R.a\Tnond Chandler-as S am Sparie .. ,as 01 Dash1el! Hammett


THE ORACLE-October 4, 1973 9 Dobbs: 11 Feel Like A Sculptor' BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor Whenever Gene Dobbs s i ts down to a meal in his rugged, suburban Mango home he s got plenty of company watching him eat his chops and potatoes ... say about twenty onlookers Thank God, though, he doesn't have to feed them all Add to this the smell of animal skin and the buzzing of a battlion of horseflies out back in his open air garage, one doesn't have to play twenty questions to come up with Dobbs' speciality ... only maybe eighteen FOR TAXIDERMISTS not your average lunch bucket carriers, a clue to why they are neither on the government' s endangered species list as far as job openings go, and a factor that may lead to an explanation why Dobbs' workshop is stacked with orders to fill, from as far away as Africa. Sitting beside the wall of gruesome J looking bobcats, rattlers, arid wild boors, that hang barely ten feet from the A Tight Fit Oracle photo by Bill Phillips Underneath this deer skin Gene Dobbs is fitting, lies a fiberglass mold of a deer on which the deer's original teeth are set along with a pair of glass ey_es and an artificial tongue. Tomorrow Last Day To Enter Women's JM Friday is the final day to sign up for the women's intramural sports of ba s ketball and tennis Registration is in PED 100 (ext. 2125). Both sports begin play Oct. 10. Two other activities, golf ecause there's a lot more grease on them (salt water fish) and we have to soak it out in solution For some records, Dobbs has done a life size Shetland pony as one of his bigger projects, but is currently threatening to surpass the pony with a 600-pound shark endeavor, that should keep him off the streets for the next eight ten months On the opposite line, a three inch bluegill is one of Dobbs' smaller mountings along with "a few warblers and humming birds. Coach Calls On Cagers. All non-scholarship tryout candidates for USF's varsity basketball team are asked to meet with head coach Don Williams at 3p.m. Friday in PED 213. Williams will add six newcomers to his nine returnees that brought the Brahmans a 14-12 mark last season. SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE Fri Sat Sun LAN 103 For more information con cerning women's intramurals, call Jill Barr at ext. 2125. RUSH IS ON Interested Independents House Number 932-2713 977-0193 Call for rides Suhurhanette Beauty Salon Distinctive Hair Styling and personalized Style Cuts }-or Mt.n & Women 2211 E. Fletcher 971-7432 ALPHA Fraternity Hosts a BEER SMOKER This Friday 7:00 PM Busch Gardens Hospitality House


10-THE ORACLE October 4, 1973 Tampa Youth Hostel New Starting Point BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer A little south of the heart of Tampa in an abandoned-looking neighborhood of dark, looming warehouses stands a clean white one-story structur-e, the YMCA Youth Hostel. Two USF graduates, Rusty and Sharon Dyak, live there at 209 S. Morgan St. and are round-the clock hosts to people between the ages of 17 -28. They offer a cheap place to sleep and a starting point for life in Tampa. THE HOSTEL opened Aug. 27 under the auspices of the Tampa YMCA and the Greater Tampa United Fund: The building was used for 22 years by the Seaman's Church Institute to accommodate boatsmen who landed at the port of Tampa. It's a sensible location --just moments from bus stations, the airport and pofots where hitchhikers might be let off downtown, Rusty noted. TWO DOLLARS a night (another 65 cents if you need linens) and a promise of 15 minutes housework will get you When Rusty and Sharon showed up for the In terview, Rusty didn't think they'd get the job. "It's a commitment I didn't think I could ever make --then I really got turned on to it." were interviewed, but Rusty said they didn't think they'd get the job. "There's a rough feeling about young people doing things for young people," he said. BUT THEY were handed a key and a $15,000 budget and told to make a hostel. "It's a commitment I didn't think I could ever make-then I really got turned on to it," he said. He's learned to hustlepolitely. Nearly everything at the hostel is donated-from fur niture, magazines and a pool table to the landscaping "almost every nursery in town gave something," he said up to four nights of clean, com-THE AFL CIO --painters, fortable quarters. electricians, carpenters, A h We s "no holding or plumbers and others --all pitched ta ouser i th r Th s stashimr drue:s or booze.'.' It saystm.bont det. renovad10n. t .eyl con., so :i.5 .. uu"l.m:: 1't::g1strauon form ri u e ime an ma eria every guest is asked to sign. "A lot of people have helped a "This isn't a drug crisis cenlot," he said. ter," Rusty said, although he Most of the upkeep and ad. hates to send people away who ditional improvements have been ; are strung out. done by guests. '>":; RUSTY IS 24 and a 1972 USF gl'.aduate in education and social i;ind behavioral sciences. He worked as a substitute teacher in Hillsborough County last year wpile Susan, 23, finished school here in sociology. : In May they responded to a el;issified ad for a married couple to' manage a youth hostel. They "MY FAITH in young people has just skyrocketed with this," Rusty said, leading a tour through tidy hallways and a weU scrubbed remodeled bathroom. There has been no problem getting guests to live up to the 15 minute work agreement. No facilities for food Student 'Night Counseling Counseling Center for Human D.evelopment Director Ed Ailen said yesterday that the Co1.1pseling Center, located in Andros, will stay open four nigh.ts a week froin 6-10 p.m. to handle and night students. Alien said professional will be available Tuesday and Thursday nights for Personality and Career Testing, and Thursday: Career and Personal Counseling; Reading and Study Skills, and Black Peer Managers and Tutorial. Free 9 Films consultation" and that "Abortion: appointments can be made by calling ext. 2832. London's Dilema" Evening Services include: "It Happens to Us" Monday: Veterans Affairs, UC 203 8 00 S h d H T d : p.m. peec an earmg, ues ay: Personal Counseling, Drug Rap TONIGHT Cadre, Wednesday: Veterans Sponsored by Affairs, Career Counse ling, USF Women's Center -------,------I 0 I I I i i I I I I I GOOD PROGRAMMING I : TAKES INTERESTING : I PEOPLE I : Open Positions I I .President $300-$400 Otr.1 :campus Entertainment $250-$325 Otr.1 I

THE ORACLE -October 4, 1973 11 ( t: 4 S S It 4 It S ) 1 FOR A CHANGE OF PACE 1 I TRY THE ALL NEW I 1TREASURELAND FUN CENTERI ( HELP WANTED ) ( MISC. FOR SALE ) ( PERSONAL ) I 4115 East Busch I I featuring : PART-TIME help needed. Hours can be arranged around your schedule. Apply in person at Taco Bell on Busch Blvd. or call 935-4169. SENATE CLERK for Student Gov't. 20 hrs. a week OPS. Shorthand, typing, general secretarial skills. Good con ditions, opportunity for salary increase. Application deadline Oct. 5. Call 974-2401 or come by UC 156. PART-TIME credit collector. Grant City. Tarpon Mall, Tarpon Springs. THINGS HAPPEN FAST AT PIZZA HUT New Pizza Hut opening on Fowler Ave. near USF. We serve more pizza than anyone else in the world. That's because our product is better, and the people who make it are responsible. When you work in a Pizza Hut, you really work. The pace is fast, sometimes furious. But you'll like the excitement and challenge Pizza Hut has to offer. Pizza Hut people are a team, working together to provide the best food and best service possible to our customers. You can join that team now. Our Pizza Hut is looking for dependable people-people who like people-for a variety of in teresting jobs-FULL and PART time. Good pay and excellent benefits. Visit the Pizza Hut at 1203 Fowler Ave. Sat. Oct. 6, 1973 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for applications and interviews. An equal opportunity employer. WE ARE looking tor aggressive, ambitious students who wish parttime employment. We are a national multi-product company specializing in insuring safe, high quality water. Interviews will be held Thurs., Oct. 4, at 1 :30 & 3:00 in AOC 201. The Bartell Mkt. Corp. WAITRESS wanted. Good pay, free pizza. Apply Pizza Hut, 8600 N 56th SI. Temple Terrace. SECURITY Guards $2.00 per hr. All equipment furnished. Weekends only. Within walking distance of USF 223-1561 for appointment. NEED EXTRA CASH? Why not work at a fun place with fun people! Steak & Brew has a job for you!! Part-time waiters, waitresses, hostesses, busboys, needed. Apply in person 1430 7th Ave. STUDENTS needed. Part-time workers on USF campus. Will adjust hours to class schedule. Apply in person to Saga Food Service. Andros & Argos Cal. Ph. 2587 on campus. PART TIME HELP. 4-10 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-7p.m. Sat. & Sun. $1.60 per hr. Laundromat Attendant. Call afier 6 p.m. 935-0646. GUY or girl Friday to help film prof. with typing, filing, appointments, etc. Will Hindle 977-5959 I ... SERVICES OFFERED MOBILE AUTO REPAIR YOUR LOCATION INEXPENSIVE, GUARANTEED WORK INTERESTED? CALL 988-8778 OR 933-4286 CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 pm Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247. SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM CORRE CT I NG Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, '35-3261. EXCELLENT child care in my home during day. Experienced, health card. No age restrictions, reasonable rates, near USF, call 971-4253. FAST, Accurate typing service. 48 hr. service in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 Call 879-7222 Ext. 238. Afler 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. In The Oracle Classified Ads ORACLE AD OFFICE LAN 1172 EXT. 2620 WIDE ANGLE LENS VIVITAR 35mm. F-2.8. Fits all Nikon or Nikkormat cameras. Wide angle metal shade included. Only $55 or best offer. Ca II 977-1151. UNCLAIMED CARGO, 712 S. Howard. 2530001. Just received one rail car of zig-zag sewing machines, name brands. Still crated, dial-to-buttonhole, etc. May be inspected & tested. $28.80 ea. until car is empty. GUILD semi-hollow body electric guitar $175. Call Brian 971-4656. USEO paperbacks, Comics, Magazines. Buy, Sell, Trade Nostalgia items. Comics for collectors. Over 15,000 different books. Open 9-9 daily. UNIQUE BOOKS 12943 Florida Avenue. AKC Doberman puppies, male and female, champion lines, very good quality, reasonable. Call after 5, 949-2412. THIS is your LEVI store. We have dr-_,, & corduroys in regulars & bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. UNCLAIMED CARGO, 712 s. Howard, 2530001. Just received six rail cars of bedding. Sealy box springs & mismatched mat tresses, S28.60 complete. Name brands, mismatched color sets, etc. UNCLAIMED CARGO, 712 s. Howard, 2530001. Just received two rail cars of sofa beds with matching chairs. Opens lo sleep $88 both pieces-all make sewing machines, oiled & adjusted, $2.85. Twenty-five years of experience. RALEIGH Super Course, coffee brown, white nylon fenders, 12v6w generator, toe clips, bookrack, less than 1 yr. old. $150 or best offer. Call 971-5082 after 2 p.m. GIRL'S Schwinn 3 speed for sale. Like new, only 5 months old. call Dale, Epsilon 343 after 4 p.m. anytime. APTS. & HOUSES t, .... .. To-....sH_A_R_E..___.,! FEMALE ROOMMATE needed to share one bedroom furnished apt. $72.50 per mo. & 11 2 of utilities. Call 971-6720. WILL SHARE: Plushly decorated, furnished 2 bedroom house in Forrest Hills. Must be compatable with crazy art major. $60 per month. 1405 Rambla Ave. Phone 932-7838. FREE PRIVATE room & bath in lakeside home in exchange for cooking 1 meal a day and light cleaning for students Call 932-4467. FEMALE Roommate Wanted to share 2 bedroom duplex. $72.50 month plus 'h utilities. Call Jan afternoons or evenings 932-5788 or come by 10006 Lantana Ave. WANT an exciting date? Be scientifically matched by computer. For your ap plication and processing send SJ to Partner P.O. Box 17684 Tampa, Fla. 33601 Ex clusive for students. WANTED Service minded individuals who want to join a constructive organization. Come to UC 251 Oct. 3 & 4 7:30 p.m. THE USF Women's Center needs volunteer staffers Monday thru Friday, any hours. Come by UC 159 ii interested. This is your center. Help keep it open. ARE YOU a Jewish Girl? Do you stay here alone on the week-ends? If the answer is "yes" and you want to meet a nice Jewish boy, call Harvey at 971-7519 after 7:00 p.m. SALE! SALE! SALE! TOPS .PANTS NICE CLOTHES SETS HALF PRICE Call "Big Al" at Upstairs 879-1675 4618 North "A" St. Tpa TEST anxious sophomores and juniors who are interested in improving their academic performance should contact Bill Anton at the Counseling Center at 974-2866 by October 9, 1973. [ AUTOMOTIVE l 69 FIREBIRD fully eqpt. 74 tag. Factory air, four speed with oversized tires. S950.00. Phone 248-3983 or 229-9778. See at the American station corner Orange and Scott. 70 MGB ONE OWNER, roll bar, radio, luggage rack, radials. Evenings and week ends. BEST OFFER. 877-3765. DODGE VAN '71,6 cyl.-auto., white, ready for truckin'. $1900 firm. 977-1233 or 13131 19th St. Apt. 202. ( MOBILE HOMES ) 12X60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles from USF. Shag, dishwasher, 6 months old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an investment. Below cost $5800. Call collect for Lee, Clearwater 433-6488 2 BR cent. air-heat. Part. turn .. 1ox10 shed incl. Carpet, drapes, new water heater. Call 986-1812. 5 min. from campus. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 1972 YAMAHA 250 Enduro like new, must be seen, perfect for trail ripping. Expansion I Foosball I Driving Machines I I Air Hockey I Missiles I I Volley I Rifles I 1 and ; Pool Tables Pinballs, galore I I open at 11 am daily I I THIS AD GOOD FOR 1 FREE 11 1 GAME PER PERSON ON THE I I FABULOUS AIR HOCKEY 1 I Also good at FUN CITY I 1202 Skipper Rd. expires Nov. 4 di Factory Jewelry Outlet EAR EAR PIERCING CLINIC $788 COMPLETE INCLUDING EAR CARE KIT Gift Certificates Available Unique FealiJres of This Ear Piercing Clinic Include: 1 Application B.y Professional Nurse 11 Sterile Procedures CLINIC HDURS Friday, Oct. 5 ( ) chamber, 21 inch front wheel. Knobbies and much more. Call 971-4593. FOR RENT SUilBlllL .. ET:-2bedroomfurn.ishedapartm .. en .. t r LOST & FOUND ) October 15 to November 1,t. Close to USF. 11 Careful Alignment By Our Professio!!al Nurse Insures Proper Placement v 24K Gold Earrings v Instrument Made Specifically For the Ear Piercing HOURS: 1 :00 P.M. -9:00 P.M. No lease required after Nov. 1st. Phone 977-0868. UPPER Level Male Students. A-C, furn. Bedrm. in pvt. home, ent. bath refrig., parking. Close to USF. Quiet area for studying. Ph. 988-7667. MALE ROOMMATE-own your own room in a two bedroom place. Central air, pool. 5 minutes to campus, nice, seo per month & 1 2 utilities. For information call Joe at 9718808 anytime. ONLY MINUTES FROM USF READY to move into! Freshly painted 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with central heal and air. W-W carpeting living rm. and comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and only in upper twenties. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty Res: 877-4922 Off: 877-8227. NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 TEENAGE BRIDE Plus BELOW THE BELT Both Color, X \1id11 it!h t Sh,m s Fri. & !:;;i-1i. Shm\-.; from I I: I.) No Appointment rwces.mry LOST: MALE IRISH SETTER around Fletcher Ave. and USF. Answers to "Nick". Was wearing collar and tags. Call Susan 977-5666. LOST DOG. Irish Setter 7 months old, an swers to the name Jason. Lost in vicinity of 15th and 131st. Was wearing silver choker chain. Reward call 971-7347. Has blond ears. Contact Vic, 1511 E. 128th Ave. or at the Natural Kitchen. LOST: Pair of ladies gold-rimmed glasses in a grey case. I I found, please return them to lost& found in UC or to Ann Horn in Kappa 339. They are badly needed. The earrings used ore specifically made for ear piercing. Tney are sterile, non-allergenic 24t:: gold, applied directly to surgical grade stainless steel. Factory Jewelry Outlet 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 988-9467 NOMINATION FORM !f you arc um/er llJ you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No children under 5, please Social Science Student Advisory Council Must be a major in College of Behavior and Social Sciences Must have a 2.00 G.P.A. Major G.P.A. ________ Phone -----Nomination Forms will be accepted L _____ in SOC 107 through Friday, October 5.


12 -THE ORACLE October 4, 1973


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