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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Union Protests USF Supansions RY RICHARD Oracle Staff Writer Lawyers representing Painters District Council 66 in Tampa have sent USF General Counsel Lawrence Robinson a letter charging George Chavez. assistant Phvsical Plant director. took against three maintenance workers recently "for their union activity." fhe letter also requests the three workers be reimbursed for pay lost when they were suspended for being away from their work-sites without authorization. Robinson acknowledged recei\'ing the letter from the union lawyers but would not comment on what action the Uni\'ersity will take. T\\'O OF THE workers. Bill Obregon and Ron Sims. were caught twice in three days in a staff lounge drinking coffee. They received three-day suspensions for each offense. The third \\'Orker. Frank Villareal. was al s o caught twice in the lounge with the other two workers. but received an additional three days for calling in sick 25 minutes late according to Larry Jackson. an ele ctrical worker. Jackson also said seven other men were caught in the lounge at the same time. Shortly after the workers were suspended. two of them went lo Painters Dis trict Council 66 to r equest aid. Union officials Oct.5, 1973 Vol.a No.60 ... 16 Pages retained lawyers for them, ac cording to J .D. Jones, executive secretary for District 66. LAST SPHING. maintenance workers met with union representatives who obtained signatures from most of the men indicating the workers wanted to unionize. However. Jones said a Florida statute prohibits state employes from organizing. He said a bill was considered but not passed by the Florida legislature last session. It would have provided guidelines for unionizing state workers. On Sept. 10, The Florida Supreme Court heard a case contending federal law allowed all workers the right to organize and it supercedes the current Florida statute No decision has yet been handed down, Jones said. IN A MEETING Wednesday between Charles Butler; Chavez, Bob Kraemer, Physical Plant supervisor; Cy White, the three workers' immediate supervisor, and Obregon Butler and Chavez said the action was not taken as a reprisal against the men's union activity. Obregon agreed unionization was not the issue but claimed Chavez discriminated against these three workers for unnamed easons. He said 10 men were caught, but only three were susJ)'ended. However, Villareal said yesterday, "If they

2-THE ORACLE October 5, 1973 Low Food Prices Still Too High WASHINGTON (UPI) Wholesale food prices took their sharpest plunge in more than a quarter century in September, falling 6 per cent and raising hopes for lower prices at retail checkout counters, the govern ment said yesterday. But the lower food prices and the 1.8 per cent decline in overall wholesale prices didn't come close to offsetting the big in creases of the previous month: a 27-year high of 5.8 per cent overall, an all-time high 23.1 per cent for farm products and a record high 13.4 per cent for processed foods. Japanese Strike TOKYO The US Coast Guard, using something called a "plain clothes patrol 1f lorida ntws britfs 1 boat," made another big marijuana bust yesterday, arresting three persons and seizing 4,600 pounds of com pacted pot. The Coast Guard said it used its unmarked patrol boat to take five Monroe County deputies and a US Customs agent out to board the 59-foot tishing boat "Mr. Mac,'' off the coast of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Yesterday's arrests marked the third time in three weeks that more than a ton of marijuana had been confiscated aboard small private vessels in and around the Keys. Budget Amendment TALLAHASSEE

THE ORACLE-October 5, 1973 3 Papers Filed To Support Class Action Tuition Suit Bookcheck: Following many student complaints about stolen books and a formal request from SG, the Bookstore has set up a bo9k checking service system for its customers replacing the old system as seen in the picture above. Book .store policy prohibits customers from carrying books and notebooks into the store Many students complained of books being stolen from the racks outside the store while they were shopping DIRECTOR of Auxiliary Temporary Service Tom Berry said followin g the complaints he met with SG vice pres. Mark Levine and worked out the book checking system. Using space donated by UC Director Duane Lake Berry set up supervised, numbered racks for student's books. Berry said he plans to operate the book-check for at least the first three weeks of the quarter. "We just don t have the funds to staff the book-check any longer than that," Berry said A brief has been filed in Leon C ounty Circuit Court supporting th' class action tuition suit filed on behalf of USF students Jackson Boughner attorney for Susan W e itzel. said yesterday he filed a brief requesting the case not be dismis s ed. He said he had received a proposed dismissal order for the jugge. WEITZEL s case requests the University be ordered to return excess tuition paid by her and other USF students. because they were Florida residents Jess than one year when they enrolled. Boughner has said Board of Regents ( BOR > regulations which classify students as residents by length of dwelling in the state are in contradiction with state statutes. Florida's laws reqmrmg residence for a specified time before a citizen m a y vote have been overturned by judiCial Bay Campus Renovating ST. PETERSHUHG-More classroom and offic e space. and central air conditioning are in cluded in a $ 350,000 package for renovation of th e USF bay campus that might start early next year. Bay campus Administrator Herm Brames said yesterday that a final plan for the capital outlay project prepared in about two months An architect's plan would then have to be forwarded to the State Department of General Services for a final "stamp of approval" Brames said. Petitions Supporting 1Railroad'. Being Circulated By Groups A Bradenton businessman and a campus ad hoc committee supported b y Student Govern ment are circulating separate petitions asking that the bn; >adcast hours cut from WUSF FM s Underground Rail Road be restored The Rail Road, the station s progressive rock music program was cut from 45 hours of air time per week to 12 in two moves made shortl y after Dr. Manny Lucoff was appointed director of Educational Resources which ove rsees the station. DAN SCHWARTZ, manager of H a ve-A-Hit Manufacturing Co. of Bradenton said he expects to get 10,000 signatur:es on the petitions he is distributing in Tampa and from Port Charlotte to Largo "They 're cancelling something that a lot of people want," said Schwartz, an avid fan of the program. His petitions are available at Happy Trails Gifts Inc on Busch Boulevard and Mason Trading Co. on Fowler A v enue. THE SG-BACKED "Sa v e the Rail Road" petition, authored by the committee for Fairness in CLEP Results Encouraging More than 100 USF students who literally skipped their freshman college year by earning 45 hour s c redit by examina t ions have recently completed their s econd year of college studies w ith nine of the group maint aini n g a perfect 4 0 average. The 128 students are amon g the approximately 1,100 who took the Colle g e Level Equivalency Te sts ( CLEP > during the summer of 1972 t o qualify for academic c r e dit. Of tb.e total group, 8 8 p e r c e nt c ompl e t e d three additiona l qu arte r s of stud y at USF Mor e than a fourth of th e s tud e nts taking the CLEP ex a m s maintiiined a B" average or better These students were of fr e shm a n a ge, bu' t they com ple t e d sophomore level cours e s. The general CLEP tests which consist of five parts < English math, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities) were offered to the students during USF s summer Foc us an orientation program for n e w freshmen and transfe r st u d e nt s Students who successfully completed any section of th e tests w ere given respective academic credit. Nine hundred and four students received academic credit r anging: from nine to 45 hours a nd only 196 students w h o took th e tests received no credit. Eig ht y -three per ce nt of those r e c e iving no cre dit w ere able to complete three quarters of college work while still main taining a "C" average. Programming, is being distributed from UC 156. Lucoff could not be reached for comment but program manager Bill Brady said, "I certainly think a petition is a viable method of appeal." Real Estate Courses Set The Department of Contfouing Education is offering a noncredit course in real estate. Principles and Practices of Real Estate, section one, is scheduled for Tuesday nights from 7 to 10 p.m from Sept. 25 to Dec. 4. Classes are held in BUS 110. SECTION TWO of Principles and Practices of Real Estate is scheduled for Wednesday nights 7 to lOp m from Sept. 26 to Dec 5 Classes are also held in BUS 110. More information for these courses can be obtain e d in the Center for C ontinuing EducatiOn at ext. 2403 rulings. Reg istered voters are no longer required to live in the state any sp e cified time before voting "TUE LAW requires all Florida citizens be treated equally." Boughner said earlier in the proceedings "I am hoping the judge will delay signing the order until I can present my contentions, Boughner said. "I don't know if he has signed it yet but I expect I will know within three or four days Boughner's case contends the power of determining residency may not be placed on the BOR. He said the law involved "may only be amended by direct reference. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS '412 W. PLATT Ph. 258-2131 PART.TIMERS Temporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There is no job waiting. when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. Girls, we also have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3421 INC. 1919 -E. ,Tanipa ILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTE .. the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 \ The Trip PETER FONDA DENNIS HOPPER Jewel Robbery MARX BROTHERS Flash Gordon Road Runner Pink Panlher This Friday and Saturday at lv.CIDNIG:B:T! $1 in the Lang. Lit. Auditorium PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 S'lth St. Temple Terrace


4-THEORACLE October 5, 1973 Uravich Takes First.Step Paul Uravich's plan to set up a faculty, student and staff committee to screen potential University Police (UP) employes is a damn good one. Uravich, the new director of Public Safety and Security, has appointed two of the four members of the committee and says it will begin screening applicants next week. THE FACT that Uravich initiated the plan himself instead of having it forced on him (Editorials & Commentary) from student and community pressure shows a refreshing willingness of one in power to place importance on the views and recommendations of those he serves. The committee will be composed of a student, a faculty member, a career servi,ce employe and a UP officer. Uravich obviously knows what he is doing. HE WORKED with just such a screening committee with "considerable success" at the University of West Florida. Hopefully, the administration will let Uravich alone and not handicap him with petty restrictions. Last spring, Jack Preble, then director of Public Safety and Security, termed the idea of a screening committee "hilarious." PRES. CECIL Mackey said at the same time he was ''not convinced" such a committee was necessary. And now, Ken Thompson, vice president for Administration, has given his reluctant approval-"as long as its just a temporary group." Instead of shackling Uravich to the administrative traditions of red tape and reactionarism, USF officials should be thankful to have a director of Public Safety and Security who is not afraid to implement his enlightened ideas. FOR THE screening committee to become an effective tool for improving strained relations between UP and the student body, Uravich must have a free hand in setting it up and maintaining it. But a word of cautiop. is necessary. Uravich could very easily point to the committee as evidence of how innovative and open to communication he is, but at the same time ignore every recommendation it may make. TO SET UP the screening committee is not enough. Uravich must place high value on the suggestions its members give him. If the man means what he says, he'll do it. Reader Unhappy With URR Cut Open Letter to Dr. Manny -(I ) Thisismyvoteforthebullandifheis down. I cannot understand why this is .1 to express my 6 t t 6 rs a little weary, we could get him a SO, as you get a lot more out of the w1tg the program vehicle and become known as the progra m than you put into it. Anyway, I c anges Y ma eon WUSF-FM. ..., .., "bullshippers would like to urge my fellow students -. I to the essential GET OFF YOUR APATHY-stop being termmabon of the Underground Rail your disdain for the musical Jerry B. Crittenden, Ph.D. so self-centered, and get out and share Road and. the former Saturday achievements of two cultures of which I Assistant Professor some of that love and brotherhood you Bluegrass program, and the great happen to be a member. You have expansion of public information ceased to serve the largest portion of have always been talking about. To .see programming, and classical music your campus and community audience. A h what I'm talking about, gel on over to programming. I have generally enI urge you to reconsider this decision. pat Y Social Science room 7N On the joyed all of the above, but now I am basement>. It'll be the .best thing getting too much of the latter two (Rev.) Adrian L. Melott Editor: you;ve done in a long time. Don't put it entirely too much. I am writing about the current off, do it now I'm glad I did, and The. result is that I have greatly display of apathy that I have seen you'll be glad too. Mark Lewis reduced my listening to the station, and Bu/Jshinners among USF students. I am currently 3 POL no longer intend to seek financial ,_,_ enrolled as a tutor in the Intensive [ ] support for it, as I had intended to this Editor: Tutorial (IT) program and have been a I et t e rs p 0 I i c y fall. I feel this decision reveals a type of Glorioski the bull, "a little tired tutor before. It has proven to be one of "cultural chauvinism" in this case and droopy?" What more glorious the most rewarding, meaningful and .. .... This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of or l}c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University. of South Florida.

. THE ORACLE-Octobers, 1973 USF Student Runs For Tampa Office The Squash Blos.som: Traders in Handcrafted American Indian Jewelry authentications and appraisals by A 19 year-old USF student and novice politico is currently the only candidate seeking the post of Tampa City Clerk. "They gave us the vote. so now maybe we can get one of our young people and shake city hall up." DeFoor said yesterday. "If they (young people l 1fOUld get down and register we could win, if not we'll just get another old person." DEFOOR.a member of the USF Republican Club and the Hillsborough County Young Republicans, is seeking the $10,000 per year position currently held by Bill Stark. Stark is retiring, and voters will choose his replacement Nov. 20. A St. Petersburg Junior College graduate, DeFoor is currently attending USF part-time. If elected, he said he plans to continue as a night student. He noted that although no other Al DeFoor candidates have applied, he expects competition before the qualifying deadline, Oct. 29. "I figure I've got about a 50-50 chance," DeFoor said. "Right now, though, I've got a 100 per cent chance." DEFOOR was a member of the Young Republicans when Bob Benz was president. Benz testified yesterday before the Senate Watergate Committee concerning alleged political "dirty tricks.'' "What happened to Bob was tragic," DeFoor said. "It's easy to get swept up in a political campaign. DeFoor cited lack of young registered voters as a potential problem in his He said there are only about 5,700 voters between ages 18 and 21 in Tampa. DEFOOR said he hopes to influence city government to be more open to citizens. He said he hopes to continue in politics, but his immediate plans are limited to "winning the job of city clerk and doing a good job. ''There is a tendancy in city hall to be a closed shop," DeFoor said. "Government showd be run for the people and not for the government." ProfeS1or Tom Sanders as an unpaid ser-vice to the Southwest Indian cooperative Carole McNally Joan Zhun 832-0881 935-4585 HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 14727 N. N et)raska Authorized Honda Car Dealer Demos In Miami Beach Bugged By Republicans Groups of three get 1 free pizza anytime after NEW YORK

6-THE ORACLE October 5, 1973 Defense Rises, 3-0 TAPE TOWN Spteial lo tht' Oral'!!' CULOIL\I H > SPH J:\(;S. Colo l'SF's SOCl'l'r tl'a!ll continued its ctominanl'l' of the \\'tst blanking Colorado Collt>gl'. :l-11. \gains! l'niH'rsity of DenH'r Tut>sday. the Brahmans limited tlwir hosts to one shot in a 7-0 \ictory. the opener of a threegame four-day stay in Colorado. \' ESTEH 0.\ \' s contest saw the :l-0 l'SF team attempt :l/ shots on goal \\'hile permitting their opponents just fi\'e. It took the Brahmans a mere -I! s'conds to score as Larr:-. Byrn' l'l'l'Orded his Sl'l'ond goal Ill nse. "\\"E l'l..\\'ED good ball." explaint>d llokomb. "hut \l'P just l'OU!dn't gl'l tlw ball in tlw net. Tlwy playt>d a lot of ddt>nsl' and had no attack." It \1as :rn minutt>s into tlw st>concl pt>riod bdon the Brah mans could scon' again. Pelt> :\lohrmann getting lht> tally. Thne minutt>s later Byrne assisted Frank Bono as l 'SF Auto Club Conducts 110ktoberfest Rallye'' Tlw Tampa Bay Hallye Club. ncently moved on campus. has annowh ed plans for its first annual "Oktolwrfest Hallve" Saturday. l 'SF's campus. frc>e beer will lw offt>rl'd. FOH lTHTllEH information call Baron or Baroness \'On (;asparilla 1 Bill or Elaine 1 at 988-7-18:l. knockt>d Colorado College to :l--1. Though coach Dan Holcomb has to be plPased with his third t'onseeutin ngular season triumph. tlwre is concern over goaliP Tom Steinbrecher who rc>cl'i\'ed a kick in the shin bone. "HH;trr \'O\\" I'm sure it's painful... Holcomb said of Steinbreche1"s injury, "but I don't think it"II keep him from playing in the Air Force game Saturday." "\\'p']] be going to the Academy at 10 o'clock tomorrow (todayl and we'll try to have Tom in the training room as much as possible ... The Falcons. hosting USF tomorrow at noon EDT. should give the Brahmans tneir toughest batik of the young season. UnlwatPn to date. Air Force claims Colorado College (:1-0l as one of its \'ictims. "\\'E'LL BE lucky to win that." Holcomb said of the Air Force clash. "They're more aggnssive than Colorado .... J' :'P (of s .. T.. E' 'R ... E,0"1''f .: ... ... l1.r'. ,. .... WE HA VE IT ALL TOGETHER Installed with 2 speakers $49.49 OPEN MON THRU FRI TIL9PM SAT TIL 6 --------------8919 north florida ave NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER 935-8444 --------4115 henderson blvd 872-8444 .\ny make of car is permitted to enlt>r. and dri\'ers and navigators of thl' first three finishers will be awarded trophies. Dash plaques will he givPn to all entrants. Golf Team Has Vacancles HE<;ISTH.\TIO\'. to be con dll':ted at Shakey's Pizza on South Dale Mabry. at fi::lO p.m with a driY;rs meeting scheduled an hour later. The first car leaves at 8 p.m. Entrance fee is $2.50 for Tampa Hallye members. $:l.50 for nwrnhers of any other car club and $4 for others. :\t rallye's end. scheduled near Today is the final chance students have to register for USF' golf team tryouts to be held Saturday and Sunday. Oct. J:l-14. Coach Bob Shiver said 52 people have already signed up at the golf pro shop. open 8 a .m. to 8 p.m. Tomorrow and Sunda v Shiver plans !o conduct two 18-hole qualifying. rounds and said he will do the same next weekend. The Brahmans have three returnees from last season's ( I I I l hindsight BY ALAN HINDS Oracle Sports Writer It is shaping up to be a wild season as the collegiate football talent seems to be well spread throughout the nation. No one can be certain where the next senseless upset will occur. Certainly not me as indicated by the first week's dismal record. I'll claim the year's layoff hurt me and pledge to do better with this Saturday's tough ones. RECORD 3 Wins 6 Losses I Tie FLORIDA STATE OVER BAYLOR-FSU coach Larry Jones was accused of. brutality and inhuman treatment by his players during the spring. Seminole fans are now accusing him of the same offense by having to watch his team perform. But it is the best chance to win that FSU will have in the next 36 days and they shouldn't pass it up. LSU OVER FLORIDA-Why is it that the "Year of the Gator" only extends from January to September? Regardless, there is still some defensive bite in the hurtin' Gators and with a freaky night in spooky Baton Rouge it might be a game. NO. CAROLINA STATE OVER NO. CAROLINA The Wolfpack are back in their own league after proving that the Big 8 and the SEC were not their style. But they have to win the state crown before they can lay claim to the ACC title. WEST VIRGINIA OVER INDIANA The 20th ranked Mountaineers are boiling toward a showdown in the East with Penn State. The Hoosiers just do not have enough to jar West Virginia's Flash--a guy named Danny "Lightening" Buggs. HOUSTON OVER SAN DIEGO STATE Despite impressive credentials, San Diego State is the Tampa of the West. They want to get into major college ball but still need some growing up. TENNESSEE OVER KANSAS Both teams are undefeated but the Volunteers are rewarded with top ten ranking. The Jayhawks quarterback, David Jaynes, and the Vols' Condredge Holoway could settle some All-America balloting. COLORADO OVER IOWA STATE -The 18th ranked Buffaloes usually seem to find somewhere to stub their hooves and spoil the Rock Mountain calendar that claims it is the "Year of the Buffalo." It should be a tight one in Ames, Iowa as the Cyclones are offensively potent where Colorado is defensively weak passing. ILLINOIS OVER STANFORD The early pick as the nation's top thrower, Stanford's Mike Boryla, brings his act to Champaign. But his supporting cast will win no awards nor this game. AUBURN OVER OLE MISS The Rebels have replaced Billy Kinard aft;)r the fans first questioned his coaching ability and then his parentage. Returning is coaching great Johnny Vaught sporting a removable head of hair. Not a bad idea in this close and crucial game fo; both teams. SMU OVER MISSOURI The 19th ranked Mustangs have their M&M boys Al Maxson and Wayne Morris to throw at 15th ranked Missouri. The Tigers will find these SMU runners will not melt in their hands. l'OllPgP division nmnerups, Pat Lindsay. Ian Davidson and Tom Brakee. ShivPr said lw will carry a 10-man squad this year and an Pight-man traveling unit. l!SF opens its golf season with tlw Miami Fall Intercollegiate tourney. Oct. 28-:lO. Need help? Cliff Notes and Monarch Notes From BOOKCfNTCK Floriland Mall Florida Ave.& Busch Blvd. Ph. 935-4641 11CROWN'' POWER AMPS & PREAMPS (from 60 to 2,000 W RMS) ARE NOW AVAILABLEAT STEREO WORLD, PROBABLY THE WORLD'S FINEST AMPS-WE URGE YOU TO COMPARE OUR SPECIFICATIONS. THO 0.0005/o IM D 0.005o/o FREQ. RESPONSE + 1Db only at 0-100,000 HZ STEREO WORLD SENSUOUS SOUND SYSTEMS 988-7059 4812 E. BUSCH BLVD.


THE ORACLE-October 5, 1973 PAESAnO'S 9taQ iatt CQegtaunattt 11 SA VE THIS MENUEVERYTHING AVAILABLE FOR TAKE-OUT PH. 988-1447 paesano's homemade specialties pizzas 9" 12" 16" LASAGNA .... ........ ..................... ... 2.50 With Meatballs or Meatsauce .............. 2.85 PLAIN CHEESE .................. 1.15 2.15 2.75 RAVIOLI .... .................................. 1.90 MEAT SAUCE ............... ..... 1.45 2 .50 3 .15 With Meatballs or Meatsauce ............... 2.45 PEPPERONI .......... ............ l.45 2.50 3.15 MANI COTTI .......... ........ ...... ." ... ........ 2.25 SAUSAGE ....... ............... 1.45 2 .50 3.15 With Meatballs or Meatsauce ................ 2 .60 MUSHROOM ...................... 1.45 2.50 3.15 EGG PLANT PARMEGIANO GREEN PEPPER .... .... '. ........ 1.45 2.50 3.15 With Side Order of Spaghetti ...... .... .... 2.40 ONION ........................... l.45 2.50 3.15 ANCHOVIE ................. ..... 1.65 2 .85 3.50 VEAL PARMEGIANO With Side Order of Spaghetti ......... ........ 2.60 CRAB MEAT ...... ............... 1.65 2.85 3.50 ALL THEW A Y .................... 2.25 3.50 4.50 Above Served with Italian Salad and Bread EACH ADD GARNISH ............. 25 .35 .45 spaghetti WITH SAUCE .................... l.55 WITH MEATSAUCE .... .......... 1.85 WITH MEATBALLS .............. 1.85 WITH MUSHROOMS .......... ... 1.95 WI .TH SAUSAGE ................. 2 .15 WITH CRABMEAT ............. 2.55 WITH CLAM SAUCE .... ........ 2.25 WITH GARLIC & OIL ..... ........ 1.85 WITH BUTTER SAUCE ....... ... 1.75 ABOVE SERVED WITH ITALIAN SALAD AND BREAD CHILD SPAGHETTI OR RAVIOLI 1.25 1 Meatball or Meatsauce & Bread beverages COFFEE All You Can Drink ....... 25 TEA All You Can Drink ..... ........ 25 MILK ....... .............. ...... 30 SOFT DRINKS ..................... 20 HOMEMADE CHEESE CAKE ..... 60 SPECIAL ORDERS PREPARED ON ADVANCE NOTICE ... ASK ABOUT OUR PARTY TRAYS, ITALIAN ANTIPASTO TRAYS, AND ITALIAN SANDWICH TRAYS. to go specia Is SPAGHETTI (Served with Toma_to Sauce) SERVICE FOR ONE ............... 99 SERVICE FOR TWO .............. 1.85 SERVICE FOR THREE .......... 2.75 SERVICE FOR FOUR ............ 3.50 SERVICE FOR SIX ............... 4.75 LASAGNA FOR ONE ............. l.95 MANICOTTI FOR ONE ...... ..... 1.80 RAVIOLI FOR ONE ............. l.20 LASAGNA TRAY FOR TWELVE 15. 75 Extra Sauce Per Quart . 1. 75 extras MEATBALLS (For Two) ......... .40 MEATSAUCE (For One) ....... .40 GARLIC BREAD ...... ...... ....... 35 SAUSAGE ............. ... ... ." ..... 65 MUSHROOMS ..... ..... ... : ........ 65 : : I I I I I I : FREE I I I I I I LASAGNA DINNER I I I I With Meat Sauce or Meatballs I I (With each purchase of another dinner) I I (Tuesday Oct. 9 with this coupon) I sandwiches ITALIAN MEATBALL .. ...... .... l .00 ITALIAN SAUSAGE .............. 1.10 ITALIAN STEAK ................. 1.10 STEAK AND MUSHROOM ... ..... l.25 EGG PLANT PARMEGIANO ..... l.10 VEAL PARMEGIANO ......... ... 1.10 CUBAN ....................... ..... 95 ITALIAN SUBMARINE ........... l.10 HAM AND SWISS CHEESE .... l.10 CHEESEBURGER . .65 HAMBURGER ............ ....... 60 LETTUCE AND TOMATO ...... 10 MELTED CHEESE ............. 10 salads ANTIPASTO Per Person ............ 95 F ITALIAN SALAD ....... ...... ... ... 50 10829 56th STREET TEMPLE TERRACE, FLORIDA COMPLETE MENU AVAILABLE FOR TAKE-OUT PHONE 988-1447 HOURS: MON-THURS: 11: {l0 AM-11: 00 PM FRIDAY: 11: 00-12 MIDNITE SATURDAY: 4: 00 PM-MIDNITE SUNDAY: 4: 00 PM-10: 00 PM


12 -THE ORACLE October 5, 1973 Rush Hour Mass Confusion Traffic Light Ins talling a new traffic light putting in left turn lanes and taking the curves out of Elm Stre e t west of Palm Drive are three USF Planning Committee projects to be completed before the end of Qtr 3 Left turn Janes at the intersection of Palm and Oak Drive is the number-one priority, ac cording to Clyde Hill, director of Faci liti e s Planning and Ope ration. The $18,000 worth of work will be done by the State Road Department he said. An $8,000 traffic light will be installed at the intersection of Elm and Maple Drive he said The decurving of Elm will cost about $5,000 Heavy European Rock France's No. I Band LES VARIATIONS Toured with Rolling Stones Who, Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. Two Shows 9: 30 & 11: 30 P.M. Saturday, Oct. 6 ONLY Admission $1.50 6902 N. 40th St. .. as depicted by darkroom manipulation, represents drivers' dilemma. The state Department of Transportation is paying for the projects, Hill said MI BACKYARD 3 Mi. South of Busch Gardens Davis, Arnade Approve UP Screening Board BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer SG Pres. Bill Davis and In ternational Studies Prof. Charles Arnade voiced approval for the University Police (UP) screening boArd set up yesterday by UP Director Paul Uravich Uravich asked Davis, Arnade and Campus Postmaster John R Boyd to serve oh the committee, along with one as yet unnamed UP officer. DA VIS SAID he welcomed the chance to participate in selecting potential UP officers and that Uravich's decision to set up the ad hoc group reflected a "change for the better." "I just hope that it won't be a one-shot deal," Davis said. "My concern is that it's ongoing." Deans OK Proposal The Council of Deans approved a proposal recommending that eligibility c'riteria for the Dean s List be tightened io make the list more of a distinction, Dr Carl Riggs vice president for Academic Affairs, said Only Faculty Senate has yet to submit its recommendations. When it does, Mackey will make the final decision on University policy regarding Deari's Lists. Charles Arnade Arnade said he would be pleased to serve on the com mittee "Since Uravich has taken this initiative, I am glad to do what I can to help in the selection of UP officer, he said. "IF THIS can become something permanent, I think the University community will benefit greatly, Arna de said. "Uravich appears to be looking for represent!'ltion in the selection of UP officers," Davis said. "I think it would be good to set up a permanent board as the chief has indicated he wants to do." Uravich said he has relied on help from screening boards and Helpline Training starts Oct. 6 at noon in UC 158 SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE Fri Sat Sun LAN 103 7:30 10:00 75c W/ID advisory groups "for the last five years and the"I don't intend to stop now." "IT MIGHT be a first," Uravich said yesterday. But I've used the idea before at the University of West Florida and at Florida State University with great results." Uravich said he would try to instill an "attitude of professionalism" in the USF security force, and would ask officers to remain courteous "no matter what happens." "We'll be looking for men who are capable of maintaining a professional attitude and who desire to become part of the University community," Uravich said. ,, WE HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR ALL TYPES OF BIKES AND ALL KINDS OF RIDING, FROM MOTO CROSS TO CHOPPERS. TRY US AND SEE, YOU CAN DIG IT 4818 E. BUSCH BLVD. 988-0501 THE FOUNTAIN .... ... IS HERE!. THE FOUNTAIN AQUARIUM AND PET SHOP 14633 N. Nebraska Special, Saturday to USF Students with valid I.D. 5% off on all Aquarium Prkes IO gal. Tanks $5.25 saturday only LOOK FOR GRAND OPENING


THE ORACLE -October 5, 1973 13 ARDS G -REA T "TODAY" SHOP WHERE A GUY ... CAN AFFORD TO LOOK THE WAY HE FEELS GET IT ALL TOGETHER AT THE CHAIN DENIM JACKETS 1N1 JEANS MATE WITH PLAID SHIRTS ENJOY IT NOW-JUST "CHARGE IT" 9393 Floriland Mall Tampa Busch Blvd. and Florida Ave. Phone 933-6411 Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sundays 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. SHIRT-JACKET. Brushed cotton denim gives a rich, earthy spirit to a rugged classic! In today's natural shades. 38 to 44. CUFFED JEANS. Denim jeans. Stit ched-down creases give a neat yet downto-earth look. 28 to 36. SHIRTS. A whole new mood for plaid! Natural grounds, earth tones plus today's great gauze look! Polyestercotton. S-M-L. JACKETS .......... 16.88 J EANS .......... 8.88 SH I RTS .......... 12.88


14-THE ORACLE October 5, 1973 Employe Claims His Record Not Corrected One of three maintenance workers recently suspended for taking unauthorized coffee breaks and calling in sick late, claims his suspension was based on information in his personnel records he was assured was corrected in May. this a t a meeting with Ken Thompson He told me Thompson reminded Butler he had two witnesses, and Butler acknowledged it. Zureich said he was there. but he couldn L remember exactly what was said beeause there were so many meetings w ith maintenance workers at that lime. Butler said last night "Thompson was not even at that meeting. It was Villareal, Zureich and his assistant and myself." '"l'llHEE l>i\ YS later I saw r'rank and he said he was completely satisfied with the solution.'' He also denied he told Villareal he would correct the file Letter Explains Situation Editor's Note: The following is a grii:'Vance letter to John Weicherding, director of Personnel Services, from Frank Villareal, who was recently suspended for three days because of his record of failing to c.Jll in sick before 7 a .m. The letter explains the cir cumstances around his suspensions last spring. Dear Mr. Weicherding: This letter is officially to inform you that a grievance has been tiled and to clarify in greater detail than the grievance form permits the exact record of occuri-ences. 1. In the latter part of December 1972 I contacted head and lung congestion that disabled m e to the point that I could not attend the Christmas party. In January, I co_ntinued to work even though the condition did not improve. I thought that it was just a cold that would go away. 2. During the early morning hours on Friday, Jan. 26, 1973, I coughed and choked most of lhe night. About dawn I fell asleep. I live alone and did not wake up until 9 a.m. when I called and reported that 1 was sick and unable to attend work. 3. un Tuesday, when I returned to work as reqularlv scheduled, I was qiven a written reprimand for not notifying the office before 7 a .m. on the day I was absent. I explained that I had been up most of the night and that I had not aYJakened until 9 a.m. I was verbally assured by Mr. Lee Fuller, that the notice was not personal, would not affect my job evaluation, and that it was just a warning that in the future I was to report my ab sence by 7 a.m. I took no further action. 4. Two weeks later on Friday, Feb. 16, 1973, I had a recurrence of coughing and choking into the early hours of the morning. II was simply impossible to call by seven so I called at 8:20 a.m., immediately after waking up. That s<>me day I called my foreman, Mr. Lee Fuller, at his home. I explained that I was really sick, that I had made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday of the next week, and that I wanted lo take a week of annual leave to recover from my illness. s. The doctor diagnosed the disease as mild pneumonia, gave me medicine, and ordered me to rest. He told me lo return to his office on Saturday, but I could not afford that. Maintenance 6. On Friday, Feb. 23, 1973 I received a notice, by registered mail, of a one-day suspension for failure to comply with departmental regulation's of notification of sickness. I was ordered to rP.port to Tuesday, Feb. 27 and to take Wednesday, Feb. 28 off without pay. 7 I called Mr. Kraemer and was informed by him that he could nothing. I calle d Mr. Fuller with the same r esults. The r esult is that 1 have been penalized two days of pay, one tor not offering prompt notice of sickness and one as a penalty. a I plea that the decision that the d E:partment must be notified by 7 a.m. on the day of absence is arbitrary, capricious, and is difficult of attainment. The operator is not scheduled to be at worl< until 7 a.m. That means that it is almost impossible fo give proper notification before the required time. The 7 a.m. deadline ts a departmental policy and is not standard throughout the University. Therefore, it is an decision and should be changed. 9 To rectify the harassment to which I have been subjected, I believe that the following steps should be taken: My past employment record has been un blemished and my performance has always been highly rated by my superiors. II is only the capricious decisions of the current administration that have resulted in this grievance. I request that the days of pay be returned, that my record of em ployment be returned to its former state, that any record of warnings, written or oral, be erased from my record, and that the department policy be changed so that an employe can report intended absence for sickness by an appropriate time during the day. 10. to substantiate my charge of ad. ministrative harassment, after I returned from the persorinel office, where I obtained the forms to submit the record of this grievance, I was orally reprimanded by Mr. Fuller, at the oral request of Mr. Kraemer, for submittinq a qrievance. That was not !he reprimand that was given to me, but that was plainly the intent of the reprimand. The continuous harassment of employ es of the building maintenance department has led to a reduction of employe morale that led to the article that appeared today (April 24, 1973) in the Oracle. Sincerely, Frank Villareal !'011ti1111P1l from Page I OTHER WORKERS have Control verified the sick leave and job-order falsification charges. been taking such coffee breaks for three years. CH.\ \"EZ, WHO denied at the meeting he knew who was in rnh'ed in the union organization effort. said the suspensions were justified by the workers' past records. Butler said each man's personnel record was examined by Chavez and John Weicherding, l.'SF Personnel director, and each action taken was in accordance with the guidelines in the Policies and Procedures handbook. The personnel handbook states tlw first time a worker is found absent from his job site without authorization. an oral reprimand is tlw proper disciplinary action. Thl' Sl'cond time a worker is caught ll'ithin a six month period, a \ITilll'n reprimand should be gi\l' n The third time is punishable by a suspension and thl' fourth time means dis111 issal. 01\Hl:<;o:\ S.\lll, Jn th e rhn1 ;111d a half \ ears 1 \e \1nrkl'd hl'l"l'. I ha\(' nlvcr rt'l"l'i1l'd ;1 reprimand. So. 111tlwut ;111:\ ll'arninl( I :1111 suddth SllSJH'lHicd ... Hutl1 r said Ill' \\ ill rt'-clwck Olirq:ons fill' and consult \\ti.-h!'rding to re\il'11 thl' susp1si1H1 dt'l ision I k ;1 bo s;1 id if t lw otlwr l ll'O \1 t>rk1 rs t"tlt thl'y werl' unjustly suspt'nd1d. could conH' lo hi111 It> h;tn' tlwir suspt>nsions 1"1'\i1w1d charged Chavez's action is also in retaliation to the charges 11 workers made against Chavez and Kraemer to The Oracle last spring. In April, the 11 charged Physical Plant supervisors told them to falsify job orders to account for idle time between jobs, discriminator)'. hiring and promotion practices and discriminatory sick leave practices. An audit by Internal Chavez also denied at the meeting Wednesday he knew who the 11 workers were. Jackson said, "That is bullshit. He knows who these workers are. He has given written reprimands to six other people for being away from job sites, and when he gave them the reprimand, Chavez told each worker he didn't appreciate the bad publicity." The Hogan of Silver and Turquoise "We're back from the Reservation with a new shipment." HANDMADE INDIAN JEWELRY rugs, pottery, baskets, beadwork Navajo-Zuni-Hopi handmade leather goods 2512 E. Busch Blvd. 935-3407 ..#. "1 Tell Our Advertisers f You Saw It In The ORACLE \ ill;1nal 1 a s nimliurs(d fqr H.:"i hqurs qt 111 he miss(d in 'da1 ;111d said Ill' 11as told furtfHr occurrence .. or th(' ;1bo1e infractions ll'ill result in ,1our immediate dismissa 1. Villareal said he was upset to receive the l etter mentioning a previous reprimand which he claims Butler assured him would be erased from his record. lOo/o OFF ON EVERYTHING f(ISH PETS SUPPLIES EXOTIC FINS NORTH U516 1'. FLORIDA AVE. AT FLETCHER PH. 932-6494 USF MENTION AD TheL/ do n o t love that, do not sho1u their loue ... Chobsc Keepsake with complete lonfidence. because th e fomous Kecpsa k e G 11

THE ORACLE -October 5, 1973 ( t: IJ A S S I H It A It S ) $$$ UPTO 40.00 $$$ ( HELP WANTED ) ( MISC. FOR SALE ) ( PERSONAL ) PER MONTH ON REGU.LAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM PART-TIME help needed. Hours CH be arranged around your schedule. Apply In person at Taco Bell on Busch Blvd. or call 935-4169. SENATE CLERK for Student Gov't. 20 hrs. a week OPS. Shorthand, typiJlg, general secretarial skills. Good working con ditions, opportunity for salary increase, Application deadline Oct. 5. Call 974-2401 or come by UC 156. PART-TIME credit collector. Grant City. Tarpon Mall, Tarpon springs. THINGS HAPPEN FAST AT PIZZA HUT New Pizza Hut opening en Fowler Ave. near USF. We serve more pizza than anyoi\>e else in the world. That's because our product is better, and the people who make it are responsible. When you work in a Pizza Hut, you really work. The pace is fast, sometimes furious. But you'll like the excitement and challenge Pizza Hut has to offer. Pizza Hut people are a team, working together to provide the best food and best service possible to our customers. You can join that team now. Our Pizza Hut is looking for dependable people-people who like people-for a variety of in teresting jobs-FULL and PART. time. Good pay and excellent benefits. Visit the Pizza Hut at 1203 Fowler Ave. Sat. Oct. 6, 1973 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for applications and interviews. An equal opportunity employer. MEN!-WOMEN! JOBS ON SHIPS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job or career. Send $3.00 for in formation. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. WAITRESS wanted. Good pay, free pizza. Apply Pizza Hut, 8600 N. 56th St. Temple Terrace. SECURITY Guards $2.00 per hr. All equipment furnished. Week ends only. Within walking'.distance of USF 223-1561 for appointment. NEED EXTRA CASH? Why not work at a tun place with fun people! Steak & Brew has a job .for you! I Part,time waiters, waitresses/. hostesses, busboys, .. needed. Apply in person 1430 7th Av e. STUDENTS needed. Part-time workers on USF campus, .. Will adjust hours to class schedu le. Apply in person to Saga Food Service, Andros & Argos cat: Ph 2587 on campus; PART TIME HELP, 4 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 8 Sat. & Sun. $1.60 per hr. Laundromat Attendant. Call after 6 p.m. 935-0646. GUY or girl Friday to help film prof. with typing;,, appointments,' etc. Will Hindle 977-$959 SERVICES OFFERED I ... MOBILE AUTO REPAIR YOUR LOCATION INEXPENSIVE, GUARANTEED WORK INTERESTED? CALL 988-8778 OR 933-4286 CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs, Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 om Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite, Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nin

16 -THE ORACLE October 5, 1973


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