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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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... .. tutsday's Oct. 9, 1973 ORACLE Vol. 8, No. 61 12 Pages Someone Needs You Oracle Photo Building Funds: BOR To Cut USF Request BY SANDRA WRI.GHT Assistant News Editor Although USf' Pres. Cecil Mackey has requested an ap proximate $56 million in capital outlay funds for buildings for the next six years, State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz said yesterday it "is impossible to meet the demands." "All universities need more money than we are able to provide," Mautz said. "It is a matter of seeing that everyone will have the same amount of unfulfilled needs." renovations at older uni ver sities." INCLUDED in the budget request are funds for two new classroom-faculty office buildings, the interior of the new library, renovation of the old library and the fourth floor of the Science Center. Repair .of roof leaks on campus are also in cluded in the request, as are other projects. Giving of your time and yourself to someone who needs you can make getting a college education a more enriching and exciting experience. See related editorial on page 4. MAUTZ SAID he received Mackey's written financial request "last Wednesday or Thursday." He noted the Board of Regents rotection, health and family coverage), accident and retirement benefits. "THE STATE'S retirement program is inadequate, outmoded, and unrealistic," Mackey charged. Continued on Page :i


2 -THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 Justice Department Denies Leaks \\',\Slll:\GTO;...: < l'Pl>-The Justice D e partment denied that it has engaged in "a campaign of news leaks" in the kickback allegations involving Vic e President Spiro T. Agnew but said it would allow its senior officials to respond to Agnew's subpoenas to a nswer questions In a 17-page memorandum personally handed to U.S District Judge Walter E Hoffman, the department said Agnew's lawyers could not support their charges that the department had engaged in such a campaign. "Analysis of the p a pers sub mitted b y counsel for the vice pr e sident dis clos e s that their m o tion is support e d by neith e r the facts nor the law. They are e ngaged in an attempt to confu se the issu e s and to halt a legitimat e investig a tion by the common d e fens e tacti c by trying the prosecutor," the memorandum s aid. Not Guilty HOUSTON -Two gangling long-haired teencagers, one carrying a Bible and a pack of cigarettes, yesterday unemotionally pleaded innocent to charges they participated in the homosexual slayings of 27 young boys. W o r I d""ws briefs Elmer Wayne Henley, 17, and David Owen Brooks, 18, remained silent throughout separate arraignment sessions until District Judge William Hatten asked for their pleas to murder charges "Not guilty,' ; they said tersely. Subpoenas Void WASlllNGTON -The Reporters Committee for Swamp Development Sult Brought By Shevln BARTOW -The Senate Watergate committee, preparing for a two-week recess, resum e s public hearings today by summoning two alleged spies for President Nixon's campaign organization known as "Fat Jack" and "Sedan Chair II." The committee planned to hold hearings through Thursday and then recess for two weeks along with the Senate. A spokesman said the members hoped soon to conclude their inquiry into 1972 campaign "dirty tricks" and quickly turn their attention to campaign financing Oil Shutdown WASHINGTON

New Library Makes Daily Progress .. Toward the January, '75, completion date. Oracle photo Administration Misplaces Proposed Cheating. Policy' BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor The academic dishonesty policy, originally proposed and approved by the USF Council of Deans in June, has been referred to Faculty Senate after a series of reviews, administrative spokesmen said yesterday. The policy would allow a student accused of cheating to somebody hadn't kept accurate track of it," Mackey said yesterday. "I think this also shows it would be a mistake for you to try to track it from office to office." MACKEY SAID the policy had been studied by Robinson but he had "forgotten he reviewed it." Mackey said he sent the policy, with Robinson's comments, to Riggs. have his case reviewed by a group of faculty and students. The final decision would rest with the dean involved. Carl Riggs Doris Telkin, Riggs' secretary, said Riggs referred the plan to Faculty Senate yesterday. But senate chairman Dr. Jesse Binford said last night he had not received it or been consulted in the policy formation. DR. CARL RIGGS, vice president for Academic Affairs, said last July he had approved the plan and sent it to Pres. Cecil Mackey.for approval. But later in the summer, Riggs said Mackey had referred it to University General Counsel Larry Robinson because "he was concerned about the legality of some of the technical parts of it. .. "I haven't ever seen such a thing," Binford said. "But, I haven't checked my mailbox this afternoon, so it could be there waiting for me." However, last week Joe Busta, executive assistant to Mackey, said Robinson told him he never saw the proposed poljcy. Busta said the plan was "on Dr. Mackey's desk." If the plar receives senate approval, it must return to Mackey, via Riggs, for approval. "I think the problem was that School Goals-------Continued from Page I Mackey told faculty members he had spoken with the Board of Regents (BOR) about faculty fringe benefits. The BOR has fringe benefits as a priority program this year, said Mackey. Capital projects discussed by Mackey included expansion of the St. Petersburg campus and addition of a performing arts center at USF. MACKEY reported he is hoping for donations of land "in the range of 100 acres" to expand the St. Petersburg operation in Pinellas County. He had talked with Pinellas County commissioners and the St. Petersburg City Council about the expansion, he said., "We've not tried to indicate a specific site," Mackey said. He reported he preferred a mid county location "where the access is good." Mackey indicated a site in downtown St. Peter sburg is not expected. Mackey would make no commitments as to possible expansion into the Albert Whitted airport. ANSWERING a question from a faculty member, Mackey said he proposes using student activity and service fees toward the possible construction of a "high priority" performing arts center. Mackey said he had talked to both State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz and SG Pres. Bill Davis on the possible project. Both the BOR and state legislature have recently said "no" to such projects, he said. THE ORACLE -October 9, 1973 3 Library Utilizes Open Office Plan The current library will become a "newer type" of office building in about a year and a half when the new library is finished, Director of Physical Planning Clyde Hill said yesterday "We will have as few walls as possible. There will be no par titions just freestanding dividers," Hill said. "This idea is used in industry. but it is a newer concept for a university." THE RENOVATED library will hold the Registrars, Admissions, Personnel, Graduate Studies, University Studies, Financial Aids, Placement, Human Development and Computer Research offices. Money is the main reason for the open office design, he said. "WE WANT to get as much for our renovation dollar as we can," he said. ,,.. 'J' I USF was given $420,000 from the Board of Regents to cover construction costs, Hill said. Director of Personnel John Weicherding said he would prefer a conventional office design. I WOULD prefer walls, I like the quiet and security but since I had to choose between going over there and staying here with what we have now, I chose to move," Weicherding said, George Goldsmith, director of Financial Aids, said his main concern was for the privacy of students discussing finances. "I have a requirement for a high degree of privacy for student discussions," Goldsmith said. "It is a question of more specific plans, but I certainly do iptend to ask for a place where a student can talk and not be overheard." Pigskin I 1st Baer 1&0 Drinks 11.00 While away the hours watching America's favorite pastime at Steak & Brew. Our Color TV flicks on at 9:00 this iy1onday for the Monday night Football speciai. And every Monday thereafter. And with our twenty five cent beer and free popcorn you'll feel as if you're actually in the stadium. Touch down for the kick-off at OLEABWATBB 1608 GULF-TO-BAY BLVD. (813) 443-0470 ... f (TAMPA) YBOB om 1430 E. 7th A VE. (813) 248.;6256 Pot Dealers' Donation Diverted To Gator Fund I TIRED OF THE BULL? i GAINESVILLE

4-THEORACLE October 9, 1973 "I have the objective in sight. .... ive o t r By Volunteering Want to help collect and compile pollution evidence? How about helping young children in poverty areas? Have some time to be and "Old Friend" to someone in a convalescent or nursing home? VOLUNTEER is not a dirty word. Those who give a few hours a week make many people happier and enrich many lives. University life doesn't have to be just going to class and writing term papers. Part of a college education is experience, and various organizations on campus have programs which can provide as much enlightenment as any student could want. University Volunteer Service (UVS), Rap Cadre, Intensive Tutorial (IT) and many service clubs and organizations have projects which aid and improve the community. These groups always need volunteers. UVS VOLUNTEERS work in area juvenile and nursing homes, halfway houses and hospitals. Students give time at the MacDonald Training Center working with the emotionally and physically handicapped. Project Aware provides a one-to-one relationship with the children of welfare parents; and through the Probation and Parole Project, volunteers spend time with parolees as a confidant, someone a person can relate to. IT volunteers work on personal level as tutors in the Hillsborough County School System and at community preschool centers. THE RAP Cadre offers help and counseling to USF students. This program always needs people who want to give a hand or lend an ear. -Pay is not one of the benefits, but some professors give credit for volunteer work. Self satisfaction is the main return. STUDENTS WHO want to get involved and receive an education of a different kind will find plenty of projects to choose from. More information about the various service. groups and projects is available from Student Organizations, ext. 2615. Help these groups help others. Volunteer to be someone who cares-a friend, a tutor, a confidant. Student Questions DeFoor's Candidacy Editor: I think that Mr. DeFoor's statement that ... maybe we can get one of our young people and shake city hall up ... if not we'll just get another old person," shows blatent lack of responsibility in pursuit of a responsible position in local government. Firstly, it is unfortunate that one can interpret his comment as an im plication that young voters would vote for a particular candidate merely because of his age and not his merits. SECONDLY, JUST just because Mr. Stack.resigned on a technicality, it is no reflection on his job capabilities as Mr. DeFoor implies. I don't question Mr. Stark's capabilities simply because he's older than I am. There is no reason to is there? If Mr. De Foor is seeking a respon sible position, why does his past records This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,6!16.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

DOONESBURY HeY! I CAN j 5G& SOME '1fi; -HIKERS OOWN <.::I o 1HR I'M SAV&Ol < \ UP Charges Dozer With Misconduct University Police charged 21year-old Alan L. Parker of Maderia Beach with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning when they found him asleep in a car parked behind the Andros complex UP Lt. Charles Wilson said Parker told UP officers he was visiting USF, and got sleepy while hitch-hiking home. Wilson said Parker told officers that a student identified as "Hick" gave him permission to sleep in the car overnight. UP are still looking for the owner of the car. a 1962 white Mercury Comet. Parker was rele;Jsed from the city jail yesterday on $;)00 hond. TAPE TOWN STEREO by Garry Trudeau I 5HOt/lfJ HAVE BEc;; ...,...1 1 HOHE rwo /JAYS A60/. WHY /5N'T 111RE A SEARCH PARTY Ot/T HERE tOOKIN{J FOR HE 7 / Hft,,P/ \ 0 -0 CAR SALES 11650 N. Nebraska (corner Fowler) 971-0990 1973 MODELS fully equipped CO UGAR .. $3,575 CAPRl .. $2,895 CHEVY VEGA ... $2,387 MONTEGO MX CPE .. $3,113 Bank Financing' Open !1:00 am to 9:00 pm Sun. I :00 :00 It pays to advertise in the Oracle ext. 2620 Lan 4 72 THE ORACLE -October 9, 1973 5 AAUP Seeks Talks With Administration BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer The USF chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) will examine AAUP survey statistics to determine it's validity and possible solutions to "some of the negative im plications.'' "The administration has never fully responded to us," Moore said. "We look at this as a positive attempt to open up communications with the Mackey Administration." will invite top USF admi.nistrators to its first meeting in early November to discuss facultycadministrative problems, AAUP Pres. Jack Moore said yesterday. Moore said the meeting would be open to all faculty members and would provide a "positive" discussion forum of last year's AAUP evaluation of the USF Administration. FIFTY-SEVEN per cent of faculty responding in the survey expressed a lack of confidence in Pres. Cecil Mackey, and 55 per cent said they lack confidence in Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs Carl Riggs: Mackey said last night he would remain silent on the survey results but he hopes to improve relations with USF faculty members. "Any relationship can always stand improvement," Mackey said. "I would like to have the best possible relations with faculty members." MACKEY SAID he had read the AAUP survey, and that he thinks it would be in his best interest not to discuss the results. "It seems to me Mackey would be anxious to talk about his relationship with faculty Hearing Today The Senate-House Legislative Auditing Committee will hold a public hearing in room 250A of the Hillsborough County Court House at 9 this morning. The legislators will probe alleged bid collusion and conflict of interest relating to a USF .audio-visual project. Jack Moore members." AAUP official Dr : Sotirios Barber said. "But the president has never officially recognized the existence of the AAUP evaluation." Barber said Mackey should attend the November meeting to discuss what he called a "lack of meaningful involvement" of faculty in administrative decisions. "IF THE administration is as eager as it should be to improve faculty relations, I can't think of a better first step," Barber said. Moore said the AAUP meeting BARBER SAID he "looked forward to improvements" iri faculty-administrative relations, but many faculty members still feel an attitude of "dfsrespect" from USF ad ministrators. ''A large part of the dissatisfaction with Mackey results from the feeling among toe faculty that the president doesn't respect them as much as he should," Barber said. "The indications are that the pre sident has a great deal to gain by talking to faculty groups about his decisions," Barber said. "I think the faculty could be a great source of support if given the chance." DEVELOP "YOUR THING" Film and Darkroom Supplies Complete Processing Service Student Discount .... PH 935-9339 VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER .. the alternative pharmacy no lines 110 hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 FILM CLASSICS ONLY TAMPA SHOWING WEDNESDAY OCT. IO 7: 30 & 9: 30 pm LAN 103 $1.00 Note: Film Classics Series Tickets Sales End Tomorrow. 9 Films $6.00 Theatre Box Office Hours 1: 15 -4: 30 p.m. Florida Center For The Arts


6 -THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 Robert Gelinas Departs From Tradition BY PEGGY SCHROEDEH Oracle Staff Writer The second art department faculty one-man show "Robert Gelinas:Recent Work," on exhibit in the Theatre Gallery through Nov. 2, offers an unusual combination of techniques. The show is best described in the artist's own words from a written statement posted near the exhibit. "The works in this show comprise a body of work done since early 1973, which moves through an investigation of spray can and marking pen techniques to acrylic paint-all on unprimed canvas." GELINAS, associate professor of Visual Arts, has been teaching since 1955 and on staff here since 1963. This is his 17th one-man show since 1958 and he has participated in over 16 major exhibits throughout the country from Seattle to New York through the Midwest and in the South. "In the earlier work with spray can paint and marking pens." the statement continues, "I was particularly intrigued with the surface of raw canvas and how these materials reacted to it." "Earth Dawning," a wall hanging of spray paint on canvas is an example of this ex perimentation. In blending the colors of sunset on raw canvas, the earthy motif is heightened. THREE VARIATIONS of a theme, ",Prismatic No. 1," "Prismatic No. 2," and "Prismatic No. 3,'' are examples of marking pen on paper. The use of linear and geometric design is hightened by the use of vivid blues and greens. Four other items were done in spray paint on canvas. The human figure was the main concern, inviting the viewer to expand his vision of body, and respond to the total effect of mind and spirit. "In subject matter," com ments Gelinas, "I was still in1Le Boucher' Scheduled Wednesday Jean Yanne and Stephanie Audran will star in Claude Chabrol 's psychological suspense thriller, "Le Boucher," Wed nesday at 7:30 and 9 :30 p.m. in LAN 103. A series of bizarre murders begin to plague the countryside when a butcher, portrayed by Jean Yanne. returns home after a decade in the army and begins carrying on a flirtatious affair with a school mistress, portrayed by Stephanie Audran. Admission to the Film Classics movie. which has been described as "one of the best suspense films." is $1. ,. art terested in developing further some ideas about the figure, some of them rather personal." This can be seen in his spray painting "Mia and Me," as well as "Self Portrait with Dream," "Self Portrait with Beard,'' and "Mia" done in marking pen and acrylic wash on canvas. "THE MAHKING pen pain tings," the commentary con. tinues, "were an effort to move the imagery of the earlier marking pen drawings on paper to larger sizes on canvas." This transition is most readily seen in comparing the delicate strokes in "April 1, 1973," blue on white marking pen on paper, and "Mia" the same delicate strokes but incorporating blues, greens and reds. The acrylic wash adds a new dimension to the work and the natural canvas provides an interesting background. "All of this led me away from the figure entirely ('Transitional Bag'l," he also stated, "and toward an investigation of the qualities of the materials themselves as subject matter." "Traditional Bag" is a bigger than wall size, two piece item whose focal point is a pillowshaped 'traditional bag' stuffed and ready for punching (only if you're the owner and it's hanging on your wall. This piece uses pen.and acrylic to .convey the traditional rectangular shape with a central point of interest, yet it succes'sfully conveys a need for departure from this routine. GELINAS HAS departed from routine in his latest samples in the show. "The 'Old Strokes, (New Bag)' paintings are UGIG[] J,':THEATRE \. NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 TEENAGE BRIDE Plus BELOW THE BELT Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 Oracle Photo by Robin Clark A work on display in Robert Gelinas' one-man show in the Theatre Gallery. blowups of abstract expressionist brush strokes of paint done thumbnail size and enlarged (on canvas) to the extent that they break through the barriers of the traditional rectangle and become shaped canvases, sometimes larger than the viewer himself." The statement concludes, "This way of expressing the dynamic energy and force of change seems for the moment to satisfy me more than using the figure its elf." The Following Seats are open in the S.G. Senate: Business District 1 Education District 3 Education District 4 Engineering District 1 Social Science District 2 (one seat in each) application deadline October 12 applications available in the S.G. office UC 156 BURGER KING WELCOME BACK!


THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 i ... i Faculty Reading Hour Offers Interpretations Interpretations of three famed authors' works will highlight the first Speech Communications Department's Literature Hour for Qtr. 1. The program, planned to kick off the fall program of free productions, is a second Faculty Reading Hour, scheduled Wednesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. (preview] DR. R. J. Schneider, associate Speech Comm uni cations professor, said last year's first faculty reading hour was so well TU highlitts TODAY 8 p.m., Ch. 3 Black Com posers -a special of four profiles of black composers in America, featuring Stephen Chambers, Ulysses Kay, William Grant Still and George Walker. 8:30, Ch. 10-Movie-Bill Bixby, .Doug McClure, Leonard Frey, McLean Stevenson, Robert Walden and Rene Auberjonois star in "Shirts-Skins," about a friendly game of basketball ending in a heated dispute. 9 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie Gary Cooper and Rita Hayworth in "They Came to Cordura." 9:30 p.m., Ch. 3 Roberta Flack -a special with Roberta Flack singing her most popular songs. 9:30 p.m., Ch. 13 Shaft the debut of the detective series starring Richard Roundtree. WEDNESDAY (If necessary, Ch. 8 will telecast the baseball playoffs beginning at 2 p.m.) 1 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie Edward G : Robinson and Gail Russell in "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." 4 p.m., Ch. 16 American Ballet Theatre -a special featuring the repertoire of the American Ballet Theatre. 8 p.m., Ch. 3 -Essene -Cinematographer Frederick Wiseman filmed life inside an Anglican moi1astery. 8:30 p.m., Ch. 10 Movie Mysterious demon creatures are the forces in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," starring Kim Darby and .Jim Hutton. 9:30 p.m., Ch. 3 Women "Will the Equal Rights Amend ment be passed?" 11:30 p.m Ch. 13 Telly Savalas and Joe Don Baker in "Mongo's Back in Town," the story of professional gunmen and gangland bosses. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie the Three Stooges in "Have Rocket, Will Travel." THURSDAY 1 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie Charles Bickford and Richard Cromwell in "This Day And Age," about high school students defying the law during the Depression. 8 p.m., Ch. 3 Advocates "Should the President release White House tapes, including those pertaining to Watergate?" 9 p.m., Ch. 3 Folk 1970 -a retrospective look at folk music. 9 p.m., Ch. 13-Jackie Gleason "And Awaaay We Go," Gleason's first comedy special in three years. 10 p.m., Ch. 13 CBS Reports -a special on autism, a baffling emotional disorder that affects some 80,000 American youngsters. 11:30 p.m., Ch. 13 Movie -Rod Steiger stars in Ray Bradbury's science fiction thriller, "The Illustrated Man." 11: 30 p.111., Ch. 10 -"Spell of Evil" -a drama of the occult and sorcery. 11 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie Lucille Ball in "The Fuller Brush Girl." received the department decided to host another one. Selections include Schneider interpreting "Bishops: Real and Imaginary;" Dr. ,P. Judson Newcombe, associate Speech Communications professor, interpreting Saki's "The Lu.mber Room;" and Bernard Downs; assistant Speech Com m uni cations professor, interpreting an excerpt from James Joyce's "The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man." Tryouts Set Tryouts for the second literature hour of the fall quarter, "Silence and Shadow," will be held today from 4 to 6 p.m. in LAN 478. The Speech Communication Dep;lrtment, under the direction of George Randolph, will present the production which is a collecton of works by Edgar Allen Poe. ("Silence and Shadow" will be presented Oct. 31 and Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. in: LAN 103.) For more information about tryouts contact George Randolph in LAN 425. Actor Needed A major part has not been filled for the November production of Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," an allegory on modern conformity, to be per formed by the Speech Communications Department. In terested persons should contact Bernard Downs, assistant Speech Communications professor, who is adapting and directing the production, in LAN 427. SOMEONE .NEW.AT. lt&llB.lD-'8 11\.MPAS 0NLY. AUTH"ENTJC TtlRNF THE CENTURY SAl00N r0R FtlN FOOV AN'D mENP.S 1601 SNOW AVE., OLr HYPE rAKICTAMl'A PHONE 25S *_.'! ........_*_,,,,,,,,.__* .ji BRIDGE and CHESS CLASSES BEGINNERS .. CHESS Tues. Oct. 9, 7-9 p.m. CTR 200 BRIDGE Tues. Oct. 9, 1-2 p.m. CTR 251 Open to USF students, faculty and staff. Sign-up at the UC desk Sept. 28 thru Oct. 9. Sponsored by SEAC The Beatles will star in their first and only animated feature length film, "Yellow Submarine," complete with a score of hit songs, today at 8: 30 and 10: 30 p.m. in LAN IOS, opening the Student Entertainment and Activities Council's Tuesday Night Special film series. Admission ls 75 cents. Simple, straight-forward, classic-out of step with today's throwaway culture. Refillable cartridge, ballpoint or fiber tip marker in basic tan or navy blue. Sl.98: not bad for a pen you may use the rest of your life. $198 SHEAFFER, WORLDWIDl, A textronl 7


8 -THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 Brahman Boaters Sweep West BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Saving its most impressive game for a touted Air Force squad, USF's soccer team ended its three-game Colorado trip with a 5 2 triumph Saturday. "That's the best I've ever seen thein," explained coach Dan Holcomb yesterday. "It was mostly attack." THE 4-0 Brahmans suffered a major casualty in the game' s first half as senior goalie Tom Steinbrecher suffered a cracked rib and punctured lung while attempting to deflect a Falcon corner kick "I just got a call today

Oracle Photo. by Danny Caton THE ORACLE-October 9, 1973 9 Puleo And Levica Capture Rallyes Driver Rick Puleo and navigator Danny Caton defeated 24 other entrants Saturday in winning the USF's Sports Car Club's (USFSCC) "No-Name Rallye." Perfect weather prevailed during the rallye which covered 79.83 miles of country roads in the northwest section of Hillsborough County, and in Tarpon Springs. RUNNERS.UP to Puleo, former USFSCC member and Caton, USFSCC president, were a pair of club members, Chuck Smith and Barbara Baier. Third place went to Mr. and Mrs. James Elyea, driving in their second rallye. Anyone interested in rallyes, autocrosses or other USFSCC events, is invited to attend meetings which are conducted every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in UC 201. USFSCC's next event is an autocrOSs, scheduled for Oct. 21 on the Physical Education parking lot. KEN LEVI CA, driving a Gremlin, took top honors in the Tampa Bay Rallye Clul>'s first annual "Oktoberfest Rallye,'' Saturday. Rallyemaster John Hussar instructs Levica with navigator Ginger PJocica, accumulated only four penaltv points in capturing the event. The rallve ended at Toad Hall near USF's campus, where free beer was served. In preparation for their next rallye, Nov. 3, the club will meet Thursday at 8: 30 p.m. at Shakey's on South Dale Mabry. USFSCC's Chuck Smith and Barbara Baier before rallye. SATURDAY there will be a Challenge Cup '.3eries with the British Auto Enthusiasts in St. Petersburg. Registration is at 7 p.m. at Shakey's on 34th Street. The first car leaves at 8 p m. Swimmers Strong Call Bill or Elaine at 988-7483 for additional information. BY ALICE AUDIE Oracle Sports Writer "Outstanding returnees and promising freshmen" make up USF's women's swimming team according to coach Rico Maschino. The team, in its second year, is practicing two hours, five days a week, in an effort to prepare itself for the upcoming season. Returning swimmers include Martha Kernan, Annette Mit chell, Chris Barker and Barbara Ross. SUE SKINNER looks to be the outstanding diver. Maschino said he coached her in high school and that she looks good enough to qualify for national competition. Maschino pointed out that while no cuts were made determining the squad, he will be selective as to who travels to Rico Maschino away meets. "We will have to limit the traveling team to the best 13 to 15 swimmers." Although the entire schedule is not yet complete, opponents so far include the University of Miami, The University of Florida, and St. Leo College. Homesick Kellstrom Leaves Cage Squad Coacl1 Don Williams' banner basketball recruiting season suffered a jolt yesterday when Ken Kellstrom, a freshman forward prospect from the Washington D. C. area went AWOL, returning to his home in Maryland The freshman joined Rob Mineer, who quit the basketball program last week on account of ankle problems, as those missing from Williams' original roster. "WE'VE EXPECTED for some tim e that Ken had been having trouble adjusting," Williams sa id. "He was getting homesick an d was afraid he wouldn't get a chance to play with our c utting out the JV ( junior varsit y) team. Kellstrom one of Williams' first scholarship signees and a 17-point per game scorer in high school had been recruited by East Carolina University in addition to USF and Williams said he 71-:?:?77 .. .. Maschino hopes to host home meets against Florida State, South Carolina and Miami Dade Community College., FOR THE MOST part the team will compete in dual meets. However, it will take part in a few larger meets as well. One such contest, the Region IV AAU Championship will take place at USF Feb. 16 and 17. Most of the competition will be during Qtr. 2, the exception being a development meet at St. Leo Oct. 27. Maschino said he would be very pleased if the girls finished with a .500 year. However, he predicts that within two years USF will be one of the top contenders From what he has seen in practice thus far, Maschino feels that froin "four to six swimmers would possibly qualify for nationals in March." Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W PLATI Ph. 258 2131 KLUTE STARRING JANE FONDA, DONALD SUTHERLAND OCT. 12, 13, 14 LANA. 103 75 w/ID Last night at Shakey's a lady asked the banjo player if he could play ''Tomorrow!' He told her no-it was his day off.


10-THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 Test Fears Eased By 1Deep Relaxation' CSF s tudents who ha\'e a to "fall apart .. at test time may be able to replace their fears with deep relaxation: Counseling Center for Human Development Researcher Bill Anton said yesterday. Anton said that positive results in a series of anxiety reducing programs offered to USF students on an experimental basis last year will allow the Center to offer the program continuously. llE Si\11> results from last year's experiments "demon strate a reduction in test anxiety and an increase in grade per formance ... The program. c alled systematic de-sen s itization run s four \reeks. two hours twice a wee k and results in what Anton described as a step by step r eplacement of test-anxiety with relaxation and selfa s surance. Anton said H students were studied Qtr. 3 of last year in the program. All H students im proved their grades by learning to relax when taking tests and studying. "TllEHE IS nothing more effective to date than this kind of treatment. .. Anton sa id "During the stud\'. students \ Vho were most worried showed the biggest impro\ement. Susan Huttig. a graduate student in speech pathology said the program enabled her to raise her from :Ui to 3.5 and finally to -1.0. "I was r<'ally nervous." she said. "I felt that I couldn't do as well as the other kids in the classroom when I was taking a test. After the program I felt like I'd lost a lot of tension." lll'TTH; S:\ID she learned to yisualize in a particular situation that you didn't like and then learn how to control your inner feelings about it. She said muscular relaxation accompanied by a feeling of "self-confidence in bad situations," helped her overcome the problem of feeling nervous and inadequate in the classroom. SllEIL:\ I.AMBERT. a senior in Interdisciplinary Social Science. said she went from a 3.0 to a 4.0 and leveled off at 3.4. "I know the program had a good bit to do with my grades getting better." she said. "But I think it's kind of worn off a little bit." Lambert said prior to the program she had trouble study ing. She worried it would do her her no good "I COULDN T sleep, or eat before tests," she said. "This thing changed my whole attitude about taking tests. I know it helped me. Anton said juniors and sophomores who want to take the program would have to register with the Counseling Center by this Friday. ---------ORA(L.,......_E -------TODAY MSIA The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness wilt hav'! a seminar, "Con sciousness of the New Age/' tonight at 8 : 30 in UC 255. Anyone is welcome and a donati on is suggested. Marine Biology !;lub The Marine Biology club will have a business meeting and lecture today at 7: 30 p.m. Dr. Robert Smith will speak on recent research on game fish populations in the Gulf Loop Current. All students and faculty are invited. Women In Communications Inc. Joan Reynolds, editor and publisher of "Florida Builder/' will be guest speaker at the Oct. 9 meeting of the Florida West Coast Chapter of Women in Communications Inc. at 7 :30 p m at the Bank of Clearwater, 500 Cleveland SI ., Clearwater. All interested students (both men and women) in the field of communications are invited. Further information is available from Bobbi Campbell, ext. 2181, ADM 190. Student Government There will be an SG-Senate meeting lonight at 7:30 in UC 252. Anyone interested is invited to attend. WEDNESDAY Student Accounting Organization The Student Accounting Organization will meet Oct. 10 al 2 p .m. in BUS 107 to hear Mike .Turner from the Placement Center. Anyone is welcome. World Affairs Council The World Affairs Council will hold its regular meeting Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. in UC 158. Speaking will be Dr. Lou Perez on the new situation In Chile. University Chapel Fellowship The University Chapel Fellowship has an activity planned: "Scripture Based on Meditation" at 7 p.m. Oct. 10. Sailing Club USF Windjammer Sailing Club will meet at 6 p m Oct. 10, In UC 205 for a meeting and elections. Anyone interested in sailing is invited. CEA CEA will meet at 2 p .m. Oct. 10 in EDU 209. II is important that all CEA organizations be represented. Psychology Club The Psychology Club will have its first meeting Oct. 10 at 2 p.m. in SOC 037. The meeting will concern details for this coming year. Anyone interested is invited. Chi Alpha Chi Alpha will sponsor a Jesus Rally Oct. 10 at 7 :30 p.m. in UC 252 E. Everyone is invited and there is no charge. SIMS The Students International Meditation Society is having a lecture on Tran scendental Meditation on Oct. 1oat 7 :30 p m in UC 251. The lecture will cover effects, b e nefits and current scientific research surrounding Transcendental Meditati on All USF studenls are invited. Social Science Council The Social Science council will meet Oct. 10 at 6 p .m. in SOC Lobby for an election of officers. All Social Science Majors are in-vite d USF Photo Club The USF Photo club will meet Oct. 10 at 2 p m in UC 203. All interested students and prospective new members are welcome. The club meets bi-weekly. USF Women's Center The USF Women's Center will meet Oct. 10 at 2 p m in the center localed in the UC The meeting is for persons interested in forming men s or women's consciousness rai sing groups. Anyone interested is invited. THURSDAY USF Women's Center The USF Women's Center .will have elections for its Women's Center Board of Directors, on Oct. 11 al 8 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Current female students (with I OJ are invited. There is no charge. Oral History Seminar For the purpose of drawing up a proposal for an oral history program for West Florida, a group of scholars will meet in the Special Collections Room of the USF Library Oct. 11 and 12. Representatives from the libraries of USF and Tampa, as well as some outside con. sultants will engage in a two-da\' work shop to formulate a plan for the permanent collecti on of oral history of West Florida. Tho s e interested should contact Martin LaGodna of the USF History Dept. Bu 11 tt in Board WEDNESDAY (OCT. 17) IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers will hold a joint dinner meeting with the Florida west Coast Section of IEEE Oct. 17. The social hour will begin al 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn on Fowler and will be followed by dinner at 7 p .m. The after dinner program will begin at 8:30 at the USF Planetarium. Members do do not have to attend the dinner to attend the planetarium showing. Dinner is SS per person. IEEE members and their guests are in viled. For reservations or information, call Or. Garret in Electrical Engineerin!I or Brian Clark, evenings at 971-7690. CONTINUING EVENTS National Science Fellowships Final selection will be made by the National Science Foundation, with awards to be announced on March 15, 1974. NSF Graduate Fellowship awards are intended for students at or near the beginning of their graduate study. Those eligible to apply will be college seniors or first-year graduate students this fall. Eligibility is limited to individuals who by Fall '74 will have com pleted not more than one year of full-time or part-time graduate-level study. These fellowships will be awarded for study or work leading to master's or doctoral degrees in the mathematical, physical, medical, engineering and social sciences, and 1 the history and philosophy of science. Applicants must be citizens of the United States and will be judged solely on the basis of ability. The annual stipend for Graduate Fellows will be $3,600 for a 12-month tenure. with no dependency Applicants will be required to take the Graduate Record Examinations designed to test $Cientific aptitude and achievement. 'JUBILANT' N.Y. Times OCT. 19 8:30 P.M. The Examinations, administered by the Educational Testing Service, will be given on Dec. 8 al des ignate d centers throughoul the United States and certain foreign countries. The deadline for the submission of applications is Nov. '26. For further information and application materiais may be obtained lrom the Fellowship office, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Ave .. Washington, D.C. St. Joseph's Hospital St. Joseph's Hospital Development Council will include a Christmas Card Art Sltow during the 1973-74 season at St Joseph's Hospital Gallery. Ali artists in the Florida area are invited to enter one orignal: water color, oil painting, etching, ceramic relief, banner or photograph. Entries may be in co lor or black and white. A 5500 cash purchase pri1e will be awarded to the winner. The winning entry will become the property of the hosp ital and will be used as the 1973 St. Joseph's Hospitai Christmas Card. It will be reproduced as close to the original as possible. The size of entries may be no longer than SO" by SO" a _nd will be accepted at the Hospital Community Relations Department up to Nov. 9. All of the entries should be for sale, wired for hanging, and have iden tification on the back 1'l1Rf 9-22-7.'l O'BERRY OUTDOOR PRO.DUCTS INC. 1 09:23 N. Fla. Ave. Ph. 932-4325. ,-


THE ORACLE -October 9, 1973 11 KOIN KLEEN ( HELP WANTED J ( INSTRUMENTS ) .. c-..AUTOMOTIVE .... Jlll WASH-DRY-FOLD POUND DHY <.:LEANING BY LOAD OR PIECE 1mor OFF & PICK UP IN 24 HOURS ATTENDANT ALWAYS ON DUTY MEN! -WOMEN! JOBS ON SHI PS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job or career. Send $3.00 for in:.. formation. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P.O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. WAITRESS wanted. Good pay, free pizza. Apply Pizza Hut, 8600 N 56th St. Temple Terrace. SECURITY Guards $2.00 per hr. All equipment furnished. Weekends only. Within walking distance of USF 223-1561 for appointment. NEED EXTRA CASH? Why not work at a fun place with fun people! Steak & Brew has a job for you!! Part.time waiters, waitresses, hostesses, busboys, needed. Apply in person 1430 7th Ave. STUDENTS needed. Part-time workers on USF campus. Will adjust hours to class schedule. Apply in person to Saga Food Service. Andros & Argos.Cal. Ph. 2587 on campus. PART TIME HELP. 4-10 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-7p.m. Sat. & Sun. Sl.60 per hr. Laundromat Attendant. Call after 6 p.m. 935-0646. GUY or girl Friday to help film prof. with typing, filing, appointments, etc. Will Hindle 977-5959 CWSP Assistants. 20 hr. week. Some typing and art history knowledge preferable but not necessary. Also someone With gen. knowledge of woodwork equipment. Call 974-2360 or come by FAH 229. A SINGER-GUITARIST is Needed to complete a very ambitious, original rock band. If you (or someone you know) are interested please call 971-1571 as soon as possible. ATTENTION ACCOUNTING MAJORS: The Student Gov'! Student Finance Committee needs an accounting major to serve as a committee member. Apply in LIC 218 or call 974-2585 SERVICES OFFERED I .... MAGIC Fingers-I type everything and specialize in speedy service-maybe even the same day. Call Linda at 977-1903 ii no answer 988-1519. MOBILE AUTO REPAIR YOUR LOCATION INEXPENSIVE, GUARANTEED WORK INTERESTED? CALL988-87780R 933-4286 CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 pm Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247. -----SPECIALIZED TYPIST I BM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. EXCEL LENT child care in my home during day. Experienced, health card. No age restrictions, reasonable rates, near USF, call 971-4253. FAST, Accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 Call 879-7222 Ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 935-7854. Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses & repair frames. BEAUTIFUL MUSIC IS WHAT YOU'LL MAKE WITH THIS CLASSIC Everett spinet piano. In excellent condition. $1200 new, yours now for 5595. Call Clearwater 531-4019 to see, or Tampa 932-3191 for further into. COLLECTOR ITEM Gibson Les Paul Junior 1959 model electric guitar. Best offer. Call Denise ex. 2881. ( .MISC. FOR SALE ] THIS is your LEVI store. We have denim & corduroys in regulars & bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. GUILD semi-hollow body electric guitar 5175. Call Brian 971-4656. UNCLAIMED CARGO, 712 S. Howard. 2530001. Just received one rail car of zig-zag sewing machines, name brands. Still crated, dial-to-buttonhole, etc. May be inspected & tested. $28.80 ea. until car is empty. UNCLAIMED CARGO, 712 S. Howard, 2530001. Just rece:ved two raf l cars of sofa beds with matching chairs. Opens to sleep. $88 both pieces-all make sewing machines, oiled & adjusted, $2.85. Twenty-five years of experience. AKC Doberman puppies, male and female, champion lines, very good quality, reasonable. Call after 5, 949-2412. USED paperbacks, Comics, Magazines. Buy, Sell, Trade Nostalgia items. Comics for collectors. Over 15,000 different books. Open 9-9 daily. UNIQUE BOOKS 12943 Florida Avenue. WIDE ANGLE LENS VIVtTAR 35mm. F-2.8. Fits all Nikon or Nikkormal cameras. Wide angle metal shade included. Only $55 or best offer. Call 97-7-1151. UNCLAIMED CARGO; 712 S. Howard, 2530001. Just received six rail cars of bedding. Sealy box springs & mismatched mat tresses, $28.80 complete. Name brands, mismatched color sets, etc. 10 SPEED Schwinn Varsity, like new, $85, green. Single lens reflex, excellent cond., $50 with lens. Call 988-2002 APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE FEMALE Roommate Wanted to share 2 bedroom duplex. $72.50 month plus 1;, utilities. Call Jan afternoons or evenings 932-5788 or come by 10006 Lantana Ave. ( FOR RENT ) UPPER Level Male Students. A-C, furn. Bedrm. in pvt. home, ent. bath refrig., parking. Close to USF. Quiet area for studying. Ph. 988-7667. MALE ROOMMATE-own your own room in a two bedroom place. Central air, pool. 5 minutes to campus, nice, $80 per month & 1;, utilities. For information call Joe at 9718808 anytime. BDRM. unfurnished apt. to sublease. month lease $145. Call Pam 971-0678. TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES I BAG END Airlines is seeking attractive Hobbit stewardesses for its Tampa Mordor runs. Call Aragorn Agency 971,t 1 f REAL ESTATE ) USF. Shag, dishwasher, 6 months old. 2 ONLY MINUTES FROM USF bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an READY to move into! Freshly painted 3 investment. Below cost >5800. Call collect bedroom, 2 bath home with central heat lor Lee, Clearwater 443-6488. and air. W-W carp,eting living rm. and 2 BR cent. air-heat. Part. furn .. 10x10 shed incl. Carpet, drapes, new water heater. Call 986-1812. 5 min. campus. comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and only in upper twenties. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty Res: 877-4922 Off: 877-8227. JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 114 Buffalo Ave. Phone 232-0661 1-75 South to Buffalo exit 'h block west of Fla. / Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Wheelchair Wheels-Repaired-Retired Discounts to USF and Staff Continued. 1968 VW BUG in good t.OrH.lition. C"ll evening!">, 1972 VW VAN. GOOD CONDITION. Call 879-7591. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7AM-10PM 9307 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE PH. 988-9790 DODGE VAN '71,6 cyl.-auto., white, ready for truckin'. $1900 firm. 977-1233 or 13131 19th St. Apt. 202. .. .. -----, charge for colored bond r 1971 TRIUMPH TR-6. Gold with black in trior, AM.FM stereo, overdrive, wire wheels, Michelin radials, lighter, center console, and clock. Low mileage, excellent condition, call Dave 971-8049. Sales lett&rs Envelope Catalog Sheets Letterheads Bulletins Circulars Handbills Notices Post Caids Dire:t Mail Brochures I I MUST sell 69 440 Roadrunner 71. Eng. just rebuilt. 2000 mi. Built to RUN. Call Harold after 5. 839-1511. Instructions Data Sheets I ;

12 -THE ORACLE October 9, 1973 EOC Plan Boosts Minority Staff BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer The administration released a revised affirmative action plan Friday, outlining goals for hiring and enrolling from minority groups and a system for complaints of sexual and racial discrimination The means for encouraging increased percentages of minority students and staff will include recruiting, advising and counseling, financial aid, career planning and placement. "IT'S A declaration of what the school is going to try to do," Dr. Maxine MacKay, special assistant on Women's Affairs, said. "It's very thorough." The goals include nearly a doubling of black (from 2.3 per cent to 4.3 per centl within five years and more than twice the percentages. of black enrollment and administrative and professional staff. The plan calls for a "diver-sified student body" increasing from the current four per cent of black enrollment (746 black students in May) to eight per cent in 1977. DR JAMES Vickrey, director of University Relations and coordinator for E .qual Op-p .ollution The pollution index for the Tampa area yesterday was 39 moderate. Air Pollution. Index Scale 0-19. light 20-39 moderate 1.().59 heavy 60-79 80-99 IOO-plu \ery heavy extremely heuy acute Sourt'e: Hlll11borough County l:nironniental Prote('tion Agency. --------I I I THE NICKEL BEER I I I I t I t I I I I I I 1 IS BACK!!. 5 DRAFT S DRAFT 5 DRAFT 5' DRAFT s DRAFT 9-10 P.M. I MI BACK YARD I : : 6902 N. 4.0th ST. 1 3 miles South of I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 P.l!sch Gardens_ In The Oracle Classified Ads portunity said, These are the most responsible goals we could have established." Goals for faculty were derived from a consideration of positions expected to be open in the next five years and the number of Ph Ds in a given field. "Certainly we'll be changing our numbers," used in goals and as bases, Vickrey said, adding that the plan will be reevaluated annually to enable the administration to determine if and how goals should be readjusted. "It's a declaration of what the school is going to try to do." --Maxine Mackay J\ :'\ETWOHK of special assistants in the areas bf student, academic and administrative affairs have been assigned to "monitor recruiting and hiring practices and "mediate" discrimination complaints The E qu a l Opportunity Committee. consisting of six faculty, six staff and three students will be called on to mediate all discrimination complaints that cannot be resolved at the vice presidential level. It will serve as the last point of recourse before appeal to USF' Pres. Cecil Mackey. In the area of student affairs the main emphasis will be on equalization of student services Troy Collier, special assistant that area, said. llE S .\ID special efforts will be made to adapt counseling ser vices to minority needs. "Our job will be to e r.sure that raciai and sex factors don't come into the picture ,' he said. When USF' adopted its originai affirmative action plan in 1969 it was one of the first institutions in the Southeast to make use of such a plan. Affirmative action plans are now required by all agencies and institutions that receive federal and state monies. ALL THE WINE YOU CAN DRINK WITH ALL THE ANTIPASTO YOU CAN DINNER MAKE ALL WITH YOUR CHOICE OF Spaghetti and Meat or Marinara Sauce ______ $3.50 Spaghetti and Meatballs $3.95 Eggplant Parmigiana $4.25 Chicken Mama Mia! $4.95 Veal Parmigiana $5.35 Shrimp Marinara $5.50 Steak Pizzaiola (New York Strip) $6.25 or just char-broiled if you wish Served with Imported Italian Spaghetti and Bread Fresh From our Ovens. Also Daily Authentic Italian Specials. Children's Menu Available ''Tl)e Grat?dest Italia., Restaurat?t Ever'' ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


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