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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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friday's ORACLE Oct. 12, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 64 12 Pages Howell Says: Daycare Related To USF Goals BY MIKE ARCHER Oracle Staff Writer Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell yesterday told a statewide advisory group on student services that daycare on the USF campus is "directly related to the educational goals of this University "We need to justify campus daycare as an educational mission that we as a University need to fill," Howell said REPRESENTATIVES from Fiorida A & M University, Florida Technological Univer sity, and USF met in Howell's office to help draft a daycare "position paper" for the State University System e an K W lonn Smith requesting p e r mission lo l eave I.he senate'. Binford said senate officers met with Mac key Wednesda y and agreed withdrawal by the two colleges would weak en the senate and hurt input from the coll ege s into the "policy-making proce ss "WE Iii\ VE a noble concept of f ac ulty organization," Binford said. "This kind of a mov e can weaken the whole idea of a unified faculty." Senator Oscar Garcia from e ngineering, said e ngineering facult y woulrt meet. next week to discus s the possibility of leaving. "It's something we should co n sider," (;arcia said "II is a major step, but. I don't want to speculate anything right now. BINFOHD SAID any final d ec ision would have to come from the Board of Regents, and faculty withdrawal from the two co lleg es would be "going against the will of th e general faculty and of the University president. "We need to coo p erate more as scholars and teachers," Binford said. "We ne e d to get lo know what one another is doing This kind of a thing doesn l serve any usdul purpose." TuUe said plans for his move are not yet finalized He S<.Iid the University is trying to put the pieces together now Riggs said he is uncertain what Tuttle 's new title will be but said "Dean of Regional Centers" is on e pos s iblilty He also said plans for th e new office and the r eg ional centers are not finalized and declined to s pecul a te when they will be formally announced "He ( Tuttle l will coordinate a c tivities in th e regional bran ches, Riggs said, "wherever they turn out to be.


2-THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Dayan Says Israeli T anks Drive Miles Inside Syria COMPLETE WATERBED .... ........ 49. 9 5 l l'Pl 1 -Tank-I t'd Israeli forces smash e d more than six miles inside Sy ri a yesterday in \\hat Defens e !\linister '.\loshe Dayan said \ 1 as a dri\"l' on Damascus. H e said some Syrian troops \H're i n r etreat and ot lwrs "are running aw:1y I think that in :!-l hours. Damascu s will bt' i n real danger." Dayan said. In th e South. how e \' e r Egypt reporte d the "complete destruction" of an encircled Israeli armored uniit in th e central section of th e Suez front and said it h a d h alted a major Israeli armored unit in the front. Nobel Prize TALLAHASSEE (UPI) The chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee said yesterday the outcome of the .-\ustri:1. and \ikolaas Tinlil'rgl'n. titi. : 1 llutchm:111 li1ing in lhford. Engl:111d. will shart' !ht prPsliginus pri ze th at abo earrirs a l'ash :l\\ :1rd equi1 aknt to $ 1 l:!.:-l:l-l. UFO Sightings D \ YTON. Ohio t UPI l -t\t least lli sightings or unidentified flying object s were reported within about 1 2 hours in this TALLAHASSEE

USF's Natural Gas Supply Not A Problem-Yet Editor's note: This is the last article of a three-part series examining the shortages in food, paper and fuel. Today's Oracle relates how the fuel crisis has affected the USF campus. BY JIM BLAINE Oracle Staff Writer Despite the much-publicized energy crisis, USF's supply of gas, used to run the central power plant, is not en dangered at this time, according to Charles Butler, Physical Plant operations director "Of course, we're paying more for it, Butler said Last year, USF used enough natural gas to heat and cool 1 ,675 homes for a year, according to figures supplied by Butler HE SAID USF has an "in terruptable gas contract," which is less expensive than a solid agreement for natural gas. The drawback is "the gas people can interrupt our gas flow if it gets critical," Butler said. So far there have been no problems, although the gas company did shut off the flow of gas for abQut 50 hours five months ago, Butler said. Bill Hickok, superintendent of utilities for USF, said the University will be one of the first "companies" to be cut off if there is a critical natural gas shortage. CHARLES DA VIS, vice president for Peoples Gas System of Tampa, which supplies USF, said the University will be treated like any other business in the area on that kind of contract. Hospitals may get some con sideration during a shortage, but not USF, he said Davis also said he does not expect a cutback in gas supplies this year. However, Assistant Procurement Director Keith Simmons said, "There may come a time when USF could be cut off from natural gas." NEITHER Simmons nor his purchasing agent for USF fuels, Henry Roseberry, would say when USF could be cut off. "There's no way you can predict whether you'd be cut off or not ,'' said Roseberry. Roseberry also said prices for some fuels not on contract may vary day to day, and large quantity supplies are not always available But the University is not en tirely dependent on natural gas supplies according to Butler. One reason, other than cost, that USF chose an interruptable contract is it has a back-up system. THE USF Physical Plant also has facilities to burn the lowest grade and cheapest oil available, Bunker C fuel oil. The University has a reserve capacity for 50,000 gallons of Bunker C, but i t would last only five or six days if the facilities were operating 24 hours a day, Hickok said. After that USF would have to rely on possible daily deliveries of Bunker C. USF is on a program to con serve natural gas through ficient operations, programming and upgrading equipment ac cording to Butler. The plan was instituted to reduce costs, not save fuel, he said. "WE ARE using less gas than we were three years ago," said Butler The University's gas consumption was almost 10 per cent greater in 1969-70 than now, despite the growth Also, USF's consumption of 90,000 gallons of gasoline each year will not be effected by the shortages, Bill Andrews, superintendent of Grounds and Transportation, said As for regulating gasoline consumption, his department has always followed "sound management" procedures, Andrews said. The only new directives in face of fuel shor tages are use of low octane gasoline and following Gov ; Reubin Askew's limit of 55 mph in driving USF vehicles, he said. ONE CHANGE for the University Police

4 -THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Light Shines In US F's Future The administration has seen the light and is bringing some of it to the campus in co-operation with the new Women' s Center. Measures are being taken to get more lights on campus and set up priorities for locating them. ADDITIONAL lighting will be installed this quarter in the major parking lots south of the Gym and along the street from Education toward Gamma dorm. Officials interested in finding other locations would do well to walk the campus during the Oct. 31 torchlight rally, sponsored by the Women's Center. In addition to experiencing the -darkness of the campus, administrators should note the nuniber of lights out of order. It may be necessary to have a second rally a few weeks later to make note of which lights are still inoperative. There is a lack of consciousness for personal safety and security at USF. For one reason or another, lights are off or out for weeks at a time. THE NEW lights that are planned have been needed for a long time, but it is also necessary for the University. administration to have a positiveapproach in deciding where other lights should go. Attention should be given to [Editorials & petitions and suggested locations. Other university campuses have established escort systems to provide added protection. Florida State Commentary) University has had one for years, and the University of Florida Budget Comm ittec recently approved spending $4,200 to finance a student night-time auxiliary patrol to discourage campus crimes. It is unfortunate that USF has neither operation. As long as classes arc in session after dark and it's a long v1alk to the parking lots and dorms. sufficient lighting will remain an important matter. USF can no longer affonl to put the prnblcm aside. Proposed Wording Disliked Open letter to ( I ] Mark Levine: 6 t t 6 rs Absurd Thoughts high position at USF." If his Please read the following at the next treatment of DeFoor was n.othmg _more senate meeting. <.As you know, we are ... Editor: than an of his candidacy currently replacing out senator and for SG president, we should reward him feel we are not completely represenHowever, at the Oct. 9 senate In regard to Charles Bautista's letter with a defeat which he will righly ted.> meeting, legislation was presented in Tuesday's Oracle,


6 -THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Frightful Flicks Jane Fonda gives a gripping performance as a New York call girl hunted by a psychopathic killer in "Klute," the performance which won her an Oscar for Best Actress of 1971. The film, which also stars Donald Sutherland, will be shown Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7: 30 and 10 p.m. in LAN 103. Judith O'Dea's frenzied escape from the cemetery in the beginning of "Night of the Living Dead" keeps the film at a high level of tension barely relieved until the final few minutes. The film will be shown as part of the Midnight Madness series, today and Saturday at 12: 30 a.m. in ENA. Admission to both films is 75 cents. 0 Class Rings Woody Allen$ 'Sex' Offers Broad Guide ILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTE Unbelievable. College class rings that are jewelry! Rings so stylish you'd wear one for the sheer ornamentation of it. It's our antidote to Establishment rings. On our man's ring, you have your choice of degree sym bol or fraternity letters. And the women's rings are feminine Just for women. Not scaled-down versions of the man's model. Come see them -no obligation. REVIEWED BY DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer The book that people swore could never be turned into a movie, Dr. David Reuben's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask", has been turned into a movie and a tremendously funny one at that by the neb bish," Woody Allen In Allen's transformation of a sex guide into a highly comic film he employs the questionand-answer technique of the book but with a twist : in response to "straight" questions from the book he uses broadly written skits to answer them FOR EXAMPLE, in a question about aphrodisiacs Allen brings us back to old England where the queen of a jealous monarch is served a love potion and is im-Fager Opens One-Man Show The Florida Gulf Coast Art Center. 222 Ponce De Leon Blvd. in Clearwater, opens a show of works by Charles Fager, USF associate Visual Arts professor in the Library Gallery with a receptiOn Sunday from 7:30 to 10 p.m Fager has been at the University since 1963; is widely acclaimed and has received numerous awards for his art. Woody Allen mediately smitten with the first male she sees: Woody, the court jester. Never one to pass up a situation, Allen dives in for the kill but alas and alack, Her Highness is wearing Ye Royal Chastity Belt. Woody almost gets it removed but manages to trap his hand in it just as the King arrives. Several other skits like this occur through the film, not all of which contain Allen The fun niest of these is a spoof on quiz shows called, "What's My Perversion?" where celebrity panelists try to guess the per versions of the guests. "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask" will be presented Friday and Stururday at 7,9 and 11 p m. and Sunday night at 7 and 9 p.m in ENA Admission is $1. I I I I 44Ji6 I I I I ITALIAN FRIED CHICKEN 1 I Carry-Out Restaurant serving Fried I I Chicken, Spaghetti, and Subs. 1 1 I Caesar's Brings Back The Beer! 1 I Busch Beer, 10 cents With Each Purchase. I I Our Dinners Include Caesar's Salad and I I .Garlic Rolls at No Extra Charge. I I TERRACE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER I I (Next to Laundromat) I 10910 56th St. Tel. 988-9771 I .. the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 10 PER CENT DISCOUNT UPON PRESENTATION OF l.D. CARD ALSO OTHER STYLES AVAILABLE FLORIDA LICENCED WATCHMAKER ON :EMISES. 1#{14" Floriland Mall Tampa 0 Tel. 932-5087 PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace X7D'D::J On Saturday, October 13th at. 8:00 p.m. at the University Chapel Fellowship building, the USF Jewish Student Union is holding a rally to raise money for the Israel Emergency Fund. Featured speakers will be Mr. Stan Rosencranz of the Jewish Community Council and Dr. Hans Juergensen of the USF Humanities Department, who will read selections from his work, The Hebraic Modes. There will also be a memorial service for those Israeli soldiers and civilians murdered in the latest Arab incursion. The state of Israel is fighting for its very existence and our financial and moral support to help repel the Arab invaders from its territory, and to restore peace to the Middle East. Shalom! JEWISH STUDENT UNION


1Knocky' Plays Host To Keaton, Rin TinTin John "Knocky" Parker. associate English professor. returns by popular demand Monday at 8:30 p.m. to provide musical ac companiment to "Night Cry," starring Rin Tin Tin and "The Blacksmith," starring Buster Keaton The sound and sight ex perience takes place in LAN 103. Admission is $1. The program is sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America. THE ORACLE -October 12, 1973 FARMWORKER SUPPORT COMMITIEE Organizational meeting Film: NBC WHITE PAPERS: Migrant Monday 7:30 p.m. UC Rm. 203 CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD NOW OPEN 7 TU highlitts Gloria Jahoda 1Golden Ibis' Author Talks Author of "River of the Golden Ibis," Gloria Jahoda will speak on campus Monday at 2 p m in UC 256. Admission is free Her book concerns the Hillsborough River, habitat of a spectacular and colorful species of wild fowl, the golden ibis and the history of that river. TODAY 8 :30 p m., Ch. 3 -Pacem in Terris III -a report on the national convocation on U.S. foreign policy 9 p.m., Ch. 44 -Don Kirshner s Rock Concert featuring the Allman Brothers Band. 9 p.m., Ch. 13 Movie Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren in "Arabesque," a romantic-Italian Club To Celebrate Columbus Day The Italian Club will hold a Columbus Day celebration today at 8 :30 p m. in LAN 202. Members and interested persons are in vited to attend Refreshments will be served AtSR4KET'S we serve fun (also pizza) (AND SANDWICHES) chase film about international murder. 11: 30 p m., Ch. 10 -In Concert featuring Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Savoy Brown, Bobby Womack, Roy Buchanan and the Persuasions. 11:30 p.m ., Ch. 44 Movie -the Marx Brothers in the revolutionary satire "Duck Soup 1 a m., Ch. 8 Midnight Special featuring the Bee Gees, Barbara Mason Chuck Berry, Lee Michaels, King Chrimson, Apple and Appleberry and Monty Python's Flying Circus 2:30 a m., Ch. 8 Movie Lana Turner as "Madame X GLORIA JAHODA River of the Golden Ibis "History of the Hillsborough River" Oct. 15, 2p.m. CTR 255-256 A HARMON KARDON SYSTEM-UNSURPASSED! our most popular system-HARMON KARDON 630. .. . . . . . .......... : ... ........... $359.95 (the receiver that can t be beat) exceed the frequency response & distortion levels & we give it to you! 30-30 RMS WA TIS both channels--8 OHMS 20 to 20,000 INTERMODUCATION DISTORTION-AT FULL RATED POWER-.15 per cent frequency response-1 to 100,000 HZ at +Db! twin power supplies for less distortion better response! the 630, 330, & 930 models have maintained the same appearance & model number since 1958! this means tremendous trade in & resale value even after years of use 2 "CERWIN VEGA"24 speakers ................... .......................... $149.95 these speakers must be heard to realize the amazing difference frQm other speakers they are the most efficient available-requiring only 3 WATTS RMS! (Vega produces speakers up to 100,000 WATTS RMS.) if you heard "Woodstock, you heard CERWIN VEGA!" 4 0 WATTS RMS frequ e ncy response 30-25,000 HZ tot a l sound level-210Db FOR SOUND YOU CAN FEEL! turntabl e "DUAL" 1214 .. .. ..... ........................................ $142 includ e s wood bas e & dust cov e r anti skate damp e d c u e ing e x ce ptional tracking pit c h control "PICKERING Vl5 AME" cart.ridge or "STANTON 600 EE" cartridge .............. . ..................... ... $55 total list price $856.95 SYSTEM PRICE-$699.95 STEREO WORLD SENSUOUS SOUND SYSTEMS 988-7059 4812 E. BUSCH BLVD ..


8-THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Dolphs Cause Of Concern For Unbeaten Brahmans WHY? was UNDERGROUND RAIL ROAU HY lH \ E :\IOOIOL\:\':\' Oracle Sports Editor It s appare nt c oa c h Dan Holcomb hasn't forgott e n the s c a r e Jackson v ille g a v e U SF l as t se a son. Down 2-0 at halftime. the Brahmans had to fight back in ord e r to pull it out 4-2 "I hope we don't g e t a start like that this time." said Holcomb of tom o rrow s h o me opener at 2 .lacks o m ille s g o t the bes t !Pam the y '\'e e\ er had ... TllE BIL\IDL\:\'S arc' also expe ri e n c ing one o f the ir fine st socc e r se ason s Haying swept past its first five oppori 'nts USF has tallied 2 3 tim e s and d e feated a 19th ranked A ir Force squad "I didn t h ear offici ally but 1 111 hindsight BY ALAN HINDS Oracle Sports Writer The debate as to which section of the country has stronger teams does not wait to be settled during the bowl games Schedules were once as localized and sectional as accents However with the advance of innovative scheduling and the progress made by speech therapists both are beginning to pass from the American scene THE MIDWEST and particularly the Big 8 have been the most impressive against outside competition Now the league battles begin and mid-October has some interesting ones RECORD 9 wins 10 losses 1 tie MARYLAND OVER NO. CAROLINA STATE -For years the Terrapins more resembled those found on the Interstate than this year' s hard shell variety that has not allowed a touchdown in their last 3 games. They will not shut out the Wolf pack, but they should t have to crawl back to College Park. NEBRASKA OVER MISSOURI There are so many very good teams in the Big 8 conference that each week it will be a case of family genocide. Second rated Nebraska will not have a easy day in hosting the equally undefeated, but 12th ranked, Tigers. AUBURN OVER LSU The bayou brand of Tigers have not been out of their Baton Rouge lair all season, and they will find their un defeated record and top ten ranking on the line in the sunshine against the eastern breed. GEORGIA OVER OLE MISS -If the Bulldogs can stay even with Alabamaior 56 minutes then they can certainly surpass the Rebels in 60. UCLA OVER STANFORD __:. The football players at Stanford irritate the hell out of the Los Angeles teams by often upsetting them and constantly referring to them as intellectually inferior. The 11th rated Bruins are out to beat the pants off of these smarties. OVER ILLINOIS The Big Ten is gradually the Big Two and the Little Eight. These are the other guys and their championship is commonly called third place behind Ohio State and Michigan. ARKANSAS olphins "TllEY 11.\\' E t : l lt-!!trn1t11 returning but a tPam ." lloll'omb l'Xplained Tlwy ha\'P ;i solid defense and are \'er:v fas t and aggr e s Si\'e in tlwir play Of the tPam s LISF has met Holcomb rates the Dolphins near es t to r\ir For er. The Brah man s. sc orin g five s traight g oals. dumped the Faclon s S 2 "They' r e tryin g to upg r a d e the ir pro g r a m Holc omb s aid of J ac ksonvill e. "They r e playing Howard Duk e a nd N orth C arolina --all the b ette r te a ms in the South WITH TllE e xception of Tom S t e inbr e cher out with a c rack e d rib and punctur:ed lung. USF should be in good phy sical s hap e for tomorrow' s game. Holcomb tested Keith E a gan Conel Foley and Fred Sikorski W edne sda y for assort e d foot. ankle and back ailments but s aid they should be back in play tomorrow "We' re still emphasizing the attacking aspect ," Holcomb said of USF's workouts. "We're developing our shooting A lot of the players are finding the mark on goal and scoring is really spread out. DAVE DOLPHUS the man who replaced Steinbrecher as goalie, has drawn quite a bit of praise from Holcomb. "He s very good," Holcomb said of the St. Louis freshman "Just because he hasn t started a lot doesn't mean he isn't a quality player. Two weeks from tomorrow, USF has its second home game of the season, an important contest with St. Louis, defending NCAA champs HOLCOMB discounted any notion that the Brahmans are looking ahead to that game. "I wouldn't think the players would want to jeopardize their record like that," he explained. USF knows ahead to the Billikens may result in a loss to Jacksonville. re-programmed? Petitions available al Happy Trails By PopularDemand, Worship is Noon. S-days at the Episcopal Center on SO th Street For Information, call 988-4025 r zza iID EYEJt/ NJGH7, 7-8 ))."11. 6 BE:E:rt.S ONCRAFT plus ANO UNDERGROUND HORROR CLASSIC!!!!!!!! Nf GHT OF THE UVfNG DEAD Friday October 12, Saturday October 13 12:30 A.M. 751 ENA-Engineering Auditorium !I !! II i i


THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 9 Beta Readies For Benefit Game Beta Hall's endurance football game, slated to start today at 2 p .m and go through 10 p m Saturday, may run longer depending on interest according to assisent resident instructor; Larry Gingrich "We had planned to have it run between 30-32 hours, but if enough people and sponsors get interested, we'll go longer," Gingrich said GINGRICH estimated th e game had received $400-500 in pledges from sponsors, adding resident assistants were Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Debra Gunter works on serve while waiting for St. Leo which never showed. currently see kin g pledge s fr om area _merchants All ple dg e money will be don a t ed to the blind stud e nts tap e bank fund. Bob Bradshaw, whom according to Gingrich is in "5 0-50 with him on the game's planning has secured the services of Saga Food Services for refreshments and the UC for lighting "Bob first went to Phyllis Marshall who gave us the idea for giving the proceeds to the sports brief ID Out to even its record after a season opening loss to Jackso nville last week, USF 's Rugby C lub m eets Florida State tomorrow. Action will imm e diat e l y follow USF s soccer game on the soccer field. USF's b a seball team continues its fall exhibition season today in a 3 p .m home contest with the University of Tampa. Tomorrow USF clashes with Hillsborough Community College in a doubleheader set for Redsland. In an effort to get its Qtr 1 activities begun, USF's Wrestling Club has scheduled an organizational meeting for Monday at 4 :30 p m All are in vited to attend the meeting in the gym 's wrestling room blind stude n ts tape bank and also directed u s to ge t u se of the lights from the UC, Bradshaw's assi s t ant said. In add ition Bradshaw has r eceive d promis e for coverage from two loc a l television stations. "Both C hann e l 10 and Channel 13 said th e y would give us some kind of coverage at least verbal anyway because we called too late and the ir cameras are book e d up for tonight," Gingrich said. Beta Hall residents, who will play the game, will compete for two hour intervals of six-man flag fo0thall "We don t have any trouble getting people to play from say, fqur to six in the morning but we cari t get enough people to sign to play in the afternoons, Brad shaw explained. RESEARCH Thousands of Topics $2 75 per page Send for your, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage time is 1 to 2 days). RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD. SUITE :tt2 LOS ANGELE:.S, CALIF. 90025 (213) 477-8474 or 477-5493 Our research material is sold for research assistance only TAPE TOWN WE HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER COMPLETE AUTO STEREO SYSTEM Installed with 2 speakers $49.49 TAPES SPECIALS!! LIST-$6.98 NOW_,:$4.97 Jim Croce-"Lite & Times" The Allman Brothers Band-"Brothers & Sisters" Jethro rull-"Passion Play" OPEN MON THRU FRI TIL 9PM SAT TIL 6 Brahmisses Opener Delayed ---------------8919 north florida ave NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER 935-8444 Due to a mix-up in schedules the women's first regular season volleyball game was cancelled last night. The contest was to have taken place in the gym against St. Leo College Coach Jane Cheatham had bei:!n told the game was Oct 11, but St. Leo's team was under the impression it was to be held Oct. 18. The game is to be rescheduled at a later date. CHEATHAM has scheduled a scrimmage, similar to the one in Winter Park Wednesday to be hosted by USF Oct. 23. The same schools plus Stetson will par ticipate. Although USF lost to Rollins Flagler and Florida Tech. University at the Winter Park exhibition, Cheatham said they did "absolutely fabulously "All ten girls played and all ten girls were an integral part of the team. The experience we gained was extremely valuable," Cheatham said KLUTE STARRING JANE FONDA, DONALD SUTHERLAND OCT. 12, 13, 14A 7:30-10:00 LAN. 103 75 w/10 Monday in the gym at 7 p m., the Brahmisses will try to open their season against St. Petersburg Junior College. P' ._ _, ___ DEMONSRTATOR SALE Suncoast Stereo Center wishes to announce it's third annual demonstrator and display sale. Some new, some used, all good stereo components now available on a first come, first serve basis at radically reduced prices. 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PENN C REST R R r ecorder SHURE mik e mixer VIKING B G deck Reg. $99.95 119.95 102.00 ea. 139.00 ea. 68.00 ea. 213.80 301.85 399.95 599.95 529.95 329.95 239.95 159.95 249.95 249.95 239.95 199.95 1:18.00 ea. 299.\15 :l9.95 SUNCOAST STEREO CENTER Now $57.00 71.00 92.00 ea. 110.00 ea. 60.00 ea. 129.95 195.00 349.95 519.95 459.95 249.95 189.95' 99.95 169.95 199.95 199.95 155.00 89.95 ea. 229.95 29.95 make offer 40.00 99.00 25.00 75.00 .1539 S. DALE MABRY -TAMPA, FLA.


10-THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Oracle Photo by Robin Clark One Of The Few Streetlights ... now on campus, plans for more are underway. New Streetlights Planned Near LAN & EDU Byways BY CllHIST\' B.\ltBEE Oradt Staff \\'1it1r \'iL't' l'ns. for Admin istratin Affairs Ktn Thompson said Yt'sll'nfay that addition; d lights are sdwdultd to lw inst;ilkd in two ar<'a s m;ir L:\N and Ell!! within about a month Tho111pson is studying "a St'L'ond st'! of priorilits" for mon lighting I l'xpel't llt' 11ill ha\'l' lo t:1kt' a bro;id look ;11 thl' 1nt>ds frll!ll lht> south conwr of parki1 :g lot 22 !south nf !ht I to till' north end of Fine :\rts ... lw said. I:\ THE lllt'anti111l' lht' Wonwn 's (\nter is organizing a rally lo demonstralt tlw 11t>t'd for more lighting and p;issing petitions urging the Ad ministration to hurry it up Thompson said additional lighting will be installed about midNo\'ember a long ttw new walkway leading from LAN to parking lot 22 and along the street that runs adjacent to EDU toward Gamma dorm. ".ll'ST LIKE C\'erything e lse it just takes monl'Y 1 sure there are a lot of areas that need lighting." h e said, stressing that he is studying other areas. Wendee Wechsberg. a member of the Women's Center's int erim board of directors, said that a !Or('lilight rally of WOJ!H'!I will 11alk the t'ampus Ot'l. :\I in the "spirit of ll;dloween. Siu said lJSF Pres. Cecil l\Lt\'kty will lw i11vilt'd to join the lm1r ,;o h<' can S('(' art'as that do 110! havl' adt>qua!P lighting. Kt-:HH\' KEl'\NED\', S<; t'oordinator of Wom<>n's J\ff;1irs said sht has nniv<'d several t'o111plai11ts fron1 wo1111 about unlighlld anas and about other ;1nas wlH'n' lights don't work I don't want lo be afraid and 1 don t want any 01w l'lse to have to ht>." she said. SPI f-ddt'nse ('our,;ts sponsort'd by S<; will hl'lp lo prqiart' women for unexpectl'd aliek last March. Tlll'y said sevt>ral hundred signatures were collected but never sent to the administration. Carol Spring, assistant dire<.:tor of Student Organi;rntions. who coordinated Women's Week said s h e had thought sonwonl' else would C'harg(' of the pdition. "I thou gh t one of them was going to pic k it up and do som<'l hing with it but no one did there was nothing I cou ld do about it. sh(' said. The Following Seats Are Open in the SG Senate Natural Science District 1 Social Science District 1 1 seat open in each Apply in lJ C 156 befor e 5 m October 19 ACTS IS BACK Federal.Grant Awarded For Co-op Program Undoubtedly you have heard what Barbara, Ted, Sally, Bob, Grunhilda, Fenwick and others have to say about Jesus Christ. Most everyone is more than willing to tell you what they "think" about Jesus. Maybe now is the time to spend some pleasurable moments finding out what God has to say about The Christ. BY OLGA PARRA Oracle Staff Writer A $20,000 federal grant has been awarded to USF to increase and retain the number of minority students participating in the co-op educational program. The aid, granted by the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare CHEW), is the first federal grant the Co-op program has received for a minority oriented program. The funds \,\Till be used to administer a program aimed at minority students, especially blacks, majoring in the liberal arts area, according to Glenda Lentz, assistant director of the Co-op program. CO-OP education enables a student to alternate quarters of on-campus study with quarters of "Co-op education firms up a student's curriculum and gives it meaning. It gives students, especially minority students, an opportunity to work where they may not have had one before." -Linda Lentz paid on-the-job experience in their field of major study. "Co-op education firms up a student's curriculum and it meaning. It gives students, especially minority students, an opportunity to work where they may not have had one before," said Lentz. "Although it's not financial aid as such, it's a tremendous assistance in defraying college expenses," Lentz said. ANOTHER Co-op program $$$ UPTO 40.00 $$$ PER MONTH ON REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM 7AM UNTIL 2:30 PM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY --CALL FOR APPOINTMENTHYLAND DoNOR CENTER 238 W. KENNEDY BLVD. PHONE NO. 253-2844 aimed at minority students is pre-co-op which puts students to work their first quarter on campus. Andrew Minor, grant project director, notes that paid em ployment during the first quarter "may make the difference be tween going or not going'' to college. Minor predicts that an increase in minority participation in Co-op will cause an increase in the total black enrollment at USF. Students interested in participating in the program should contact minority specialist Sarah Northern in the Co-op office Come study the Bible with us-ACTS. ACTS was formed last year for only one purpose: to promote BIIBLE STUDY AT USF. All are welcome so why not come to U.C. 205 each Monday Night at 7: 00 and bring your Bible. Remember! ACTS-Monday nights at 7: 00-U.C. 205 I You Asked For It-Now He'sBack-I I "KNOCKY" I providing a musical background to: Night Cry 1927 I The Blacksmith 1922 starring Bu0ster Keaton5 SI Monday, ctober 1 LAN 103 8:30 p.m. Sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America i


( t: A S S ==A==l==t ( HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED ( INSTRUMENTS ) NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Atlractive girl to act as receptionist & secretary for South's newest & progressive rock concert promoters. No shorthand requir

12-THE ORACLE October 12, 1973 Trial Date Picked For USF Professor BY S .\:\DH. \ \\'HIGHT .bsistanl :\cws Editor Dr. Da\'id \'anDercar. l lSF proft'ssor who has l'la i mC'd l1niversity Police 1l1P1 threa tened and harassed him. pleaded innocent to four charges. including dri\ ing under thP in fluence of narcotics. in Tampa City Court yesterday. .-\ No\. 12 trial date was set during the arraignment. but VanDercar said he is still op timistic charges will be dropped. He has previously said he may sue the University if the case is not settled. "IT SEE!\IS this (arraign ment) is just a technicality." VanDercar said vesterdav. "I am hopeful charges will be drop ped." Stanley Marable. a Florida Education Association attorney representing VanDercar, said he is unsure which witnesses his client plans to subpoena. But VanDercar said he plans to call Social and Behavioral Science Dean Travis Northcutt. "I am not sure who all I will call," he said. "But I am cer tainly going to have people talking in my behalf." NORTHCUTT was witness to an encounter between VanDercar and UP officer Joe Moore. Northcutt said Moore "followed" David VanDercar \'anDercar "almost bumpe r to bumper" along a campus street a nd later made r e m a rk s th a t he was not competent .. to teach at the U niversity. \'anDercar was arrested in late _.\ugust and claimed UP officers threatened him with a fla s hlight and their fists durin g the arrest. He said he was later h a ndcuffed and taken to UP headquarte rs. where derogatory s t atements were made to him Charges filed against VanDercar by UP include: driving under the influence of narcotics, speeding, having no drivers license and no valid inspection sticker. VanDercar said he underwent a blood test at his own expense to establish his in nocence 110\\'E\'EH. te s t results have not vet been released. He said he is tincertain what is causing the delay "I don't know what s causing the hold -up," he said. "ThPY l'ertainly sent me a bill for tests. although I haven't paid it yet. .. VanDercar sairl his con versations with USF' ad ministrators have led him to believe "the University would prefer charges be dropped." Eariier. Ken Thompson, vice president for Administration said there was "some indication" charges would be dropped by tht State' s Attorney THE TRIAL is schedul ed for Nov. 12 at 9 a m in Courtroom I in Curtis Hixon Hall Last spring. VanDercar clashed with UP and Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies when he refused to summon a s tud e nt for them during class. UP r e port s s tall'. he was threate ned with arrest for obstruction of justice, but no arrest was made. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W PlATI Ph. 258 Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek Time, Ms., Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The First Big Star of the Seventies" CURTIS HIXON HALL TAMPA HALLOWEEN OCT. 31, Wed. -8 p.m. Tickets available at Curtis Hixon Box OfficeAll area Sears stores-Budget Tapes (near USF) Music Library, Britton Plaza TELL THEM YOUR EXCUSE "' ...... / NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SiftJATION WE HA VE A VOLUNTEER JOB FOR YOU CONTACT INTENSIVE TUTORIAL TNIVERSITYVOLUNTEERSERVICES ROOM 7 SOCIAL SCIENCE BLDG. BASEMENT


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