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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Campus Finances: Foundation Examined BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor The USF Foundation, a private, non-profit corporation established to provide aid for the University, is currently being "looked at" by state officials conducting a "full financial compliance audit" at state universities, a spokesman said yesterday. The spokesman in the Auditor General's office said the audit is in progress at all state univer sities in Florida and is expected to be released early next year. "THE FOUNDATION'S purpose is to support all aspects of the university and university programs for which there are insufficient funds," a USF administrator said. He said USF Foundation director Terry Ed mondson is paid "from state .funds although the foun.dation is a separate corporation." Bert Hartley, vice president for Finance and Planning said Edmondson is paid as Director of Development from state funds, but this is "closely linked" to foundation work. He said the pay procedure is approved by the Board of Regents (BOR) and is "nothing of significance." HOWEVER, the auditing of ficial said questions have been raised concerning whether an official in a private organization should be included in a state retirement plan. He said all state employes are included in the plan which operates by a specified amount of money being deducted from their pay. "If he is truly an employe of a private corporation, he has no more right to be in the state retirement program then you do," the official said. "This is one of those hairy areas and we really have very little knowledge now." State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz said the BOR has "no policy" on foun dations, but said they are sup ported partly by state funds. Mautz said foundations are given offices and their utilities are paid. "THE AUDITOR general has raised the question whether this iS a state function, and we have responded that we think it is," Mautz said. At USF, the foundation's office is also the office of Developmental Services. Edmondson was unavailable for comment yesterday. Hartley said the foundation is a "legal entity for handling grants that come to be used for the benefit of the University." "BUT, WHEN you come right down to it, why couldn't all the money be funneled through the University" the state official said. "But we are now trying to find out all we can. "We don't ask any questions about how the positions are used as long as it is state business, and we take the _position it is state business," Mautz said. "That's why we give them a place to lay their little heads." Oracle Photo by Bill Phillips USF's Medical Center Phase I is under construction and the phase 2 contract is embroiled in a legal dispute. The tentative completion is set for September 1975. I -_,.,,_,., .. ,,!,, ....... ......... ,,,.,,{o-,,., __ Oracle Photo DY kobin C141rk Twelfth annual Honors Convocation An honors convocation, awarding certificates to USF students who had maintained an average of 3.5 for three of the four quarters of the past academic year, took place Sunday 1n the Gym. Approximately 700 were eligible for the honor and about 300 participated in the ceremony. tutsday's ORACLE Oct. 16, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 65 12 Pages Agnew Spares America Of 1Paroxysm Of Bitterness' WASHINGTON

2-THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 u.s ., Russia Deepen Mideast Ties \UPll -U.S. and Soviet in volvement in the 1973 Middle East War deepened yesterday. The United States disclosed it had begun a massive airlift of war material to Israel in cluding planes and tanks -to match the Russians' nonstop shuttle flights of supplies to Egypt and Syria, and Russia told the Arabs it would assist them "in every way." President Nixon hinted at the possibility of direct U.S. in tervention and said that U.S. policy is to assure the in dependence of Middle East nations, as it was in 1958 when U.S. Marines were sent to Lebanon and in 1970 when U.S. forces were alerted to intervene in the Jordanian civil war. Agnew Praises Ford WASHINGTON The cost of maintaining President Nixon's Camp David retreat has risen to over four times what it cost under President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Defense Department official said yesterday. Don R. Brazier, a deputy assistant secretary of defense, told the House government activities subcommittee that the cost of maintaining and operating the presidential residence in Maryland's Catoctin Mountains was $640,000 for the 1973 fiscal year. 0. Douglas said yesterday Lyndon B. Johnson told him while he was President that Johnson's telephone was tapped. Douglas also said he was "morally certain the high court's conference room has been "bugged." "We live in a regime where the dirty business of wiretap ping runs rampant," Douglas said, calling the practice "the disease which almost every newspaper tells us has poisoned our body politic." Watergate WASHINGTON .stage paid at Tampa, Fla. The Oracle reserves the right to regulate the typographical tone of all advertisements and revise or turn away copy it considers objectionable. Programs, activities and facilities of the University of South Florida are available to all on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard lo race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin. The University is an affirmative action Equal Opportunity Employer. pound at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala. Standards A Waste TALLAHASSEE 19.95 29.95-44.95 WATERBED HEATERS U.L. Recognized with 2-yr. warranty. CUSTOM FRAMES From $20 Made to your specifications We Sleep Better If You Sleep Better today's world 7034 W. Hillsborough

THE ORACLE -October 16, 1973 3 Smith Selected Chairman By Black Faculty Council Oracle Photo by Robin Clark No Egg On Their Faces USF dorm residents take part in an egg-throwing contest; just one of the games held at the Argos Field Dav Saturdav. Dr. John Smith, assistant professor of music, was elected chairman of the Black Faculty and Staff Council. Smith suc ceeds Rev. William Smith who died Oct. 1. "The Black Faculty and Staff Council is a loosely structured organization for the purpose of protecting the member's com mon interest," according to Smith "WE WILL make a major effort to correlate the council's activities with USF's Affirmitive Action Plan in the way of faculty, and community involvement," Smith said. Contrary to the Affirmitive Action Plan goals, specifically the hiring of blacks to professional positions on campus, there has been a decrease in black faculty from the previous year. Smith can only speculate at t.he causes. "It could be a com bination of reasons. Disagreement on salary and a possible feeling of subdued pressure and isolation. Needless to say this is one of the things the council is extremely concerned about." IN THIS sense, Smith feels that the Council offers a service to the administration. "Our organization provides a meeting place for people with the same social and ethnic background. We SG Open Student Forum To Air Views On WUSF An "open forum" on recent programming changes on WUSF FM radio will be sponsored by SG Wednesday at 2 p.m. on the UC mall, SG Pres. Bill Davis said. WUSF's management changed the station's format in July to include more classical music and public affairs programming, thereby cutting air time hours for the Underground Rail Road, a progressive rock music program, from 45 to 12 hours. OPPOSITION to the cuts on t.he Rail Road has been rising in the form of petitions circulating on and off campus, letters to the in the Oracle and com :>laints to the station 11anagement. Educational Resources Director Manny Lucoff, who Jirects WUSF-TV and radio, has :lefended the on the basis that a tax supported public radio station has an ohligation to provide more public affairs programs than commericial stations. Davis said he hopes all students "who have feelings either way on Student Grants Given More than $300,000 in student grants have been awarded to USF students for the '73-74 academic year, according to George Goldsmith, USF director of Financial Aids. Goldsmith said the Florida Legislature approved $3.6 million for the Florida Student Assistant Grant program, a tenfold increase from last year resulting in 30 times as many student grants. ABOUT 307 students have received grants ranging from $200 to $1,200, but Goldsmith added most grants have been about $1,000. He said the grants are bas ed entirely on financial need :IJll'f 'f f"1111d the cutback" will attend the forum. He said the forum will be similar but not identical to the Free Speech Podiums held last year and finally prohibited by the administration in January. The Free Speech Podiums, held almost every week were curtailed when administrators said that allowing the UC mall to be reserved on a continuing basis was unfair to some student organizations. We're looking for part-time help to promote the campus market for film developing. Our rep will distribute pro motional materials. posters, "free" processing coupons. etc. No photo experience necessary. Good money-maker' Your efforts backed by college newspaper ads. Don't pass this one up. r---------------------: IJ.Ms Ronda Tyler I 100 Summers St Coolville. 01110 5'12 3 Yes. send me the information: nme Address C1ly -Z-ip--: I Collout! 0 1 Univ I _____________________ J can make new black faculty and staff members feel at home." In order to help meet the Af firmative Action Plan's goals, the Council plans to organize a data bank of blacks that would qualify for professional positions on campus. "We are concerned with at tracting blacks to the campus and we're concerned with keeping them here," Smith said. SMITH IS certain that an in crease in blacks holding these positions would cause a total Increase in black student enrollment. An enrollment which now stands at approximately 3 per cent. Although the goal seems practical, Smith is not com pletely confident that there will be an increase in blacks hired for professional P<>sitions. "Action in the past, does not, un fortunately, guarantee that the goal will be met. We'll just have to wait and see." FREE CllARCOAL WITH A PURCHASE ,REGISTER FOR 20 GAL TANK HALLOWEEN GIVE AWAY EXOTIC FINS NORTH 13516 N. FLA. A VE. AT FLETCHER EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EWINEi STREET TIMES VOL. II N0.1 RETURNING TO U.S.F. \'our old alltime farnrites an Lal'k. pe11al-steali11' their way into your heart with dolirns. drums. and l'lt'l'lrir _uitars. OCT. 17, 18, &19 Tiil IUN Fill. lo 11'1'1 lllll H l\ll'T\ hi!. II Ill. \11.llT nwn l\H; "I'll E\ll"rl HI. o I'll II Ill .iii FHU. WITH MIKE BALDWIN


4 -THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 Agnew's Adieu Brings No Tears Former vice president Spiro T. Agnew couldn't even say goodbye gracefully. The golden-tonged ex-veep craftily used his last address to the nation to take a parting shot at the press, the judicial system and just about everybody but himself for the illegal mess he got himself into. AGNEW, PLAYING the martyr, said he decided to step down ''after hard deliberation and much prayer." Evidently, Agnew did not spend much time supplicating the Lord when he accepted those tens of thousands of dollars from contractors doing state business. Agnew just doesn't know when to quit. HE GOT OFF with an un: supervised three-year probation and a $10,000 fine for what just about anyone else would have to spend months in jail for. It is terribly hard to respect a man whose plea of no contest is tantamount to an admission of guilt, but who immaturely maintains he is the victim of inaccurate news leaks and lying witnesses. While standing by his claims of innocence, yet unwilling to face his day in court, Agnew is evading more than income tax. He evades all fairness to his country in his reasoning that he shouldn't have contested the tax charges because the nation couldn't afford a veep guilty of the "appearance of wrong doing." \\ "ISK, T$K! I / WHAT. THE nation truly can't afford is more politicians who accept cash payments as a "part of a long-established pattern of political fund raising." Arabs Blamed Middle East Problems The article by Paul Wilborn giving the views of A. Hechiche was com pletely one-sided and full of errors and omissions. I cannot understand why Hechiche was featured in a news story without inviting some professor to present the opposing view in an article that would appear side-by-side with the one presenting the Arab point of view NOW TO THE facts. In every war between the Arabs and Israel, the main objective of the Arabs has been to wipe out the Israelis. Being unsuccessful in the first three attempts, the Arabs have learned to conceal this objective, by claiming they wish to regain lost territory. But how was this territory lost? Hechiche conveniently forgets that in 1967 the Arabs held the Sinai desert and the Golan Heights and there was refative stability and quiet. Then the Arabs, under the direction of "the great peacemaker," deliberately provoked a war: This is not hearsay or newspaper propaganda but facts I was glued to the TV set during those sad days when the news commentators were interviewing Nasser and he happily admitted that his objective was to strangle the Israelis. If the Arabs really that possession of the : sinai pe11insula and the Golan Heights are so important, then why did they start a war in 1967 when they already held this territory? tutsday 's [tommtntarY) LET US TURN to the United Nations and : the ridiculous resolutions passed under the domination of Russia, a well known vicious dictatorship. Here we find the Russian representative con demning Israel for holding a few square miles How dishonest can one be? Russia has captured and held in one form of slavery or another Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Chechoslovakia, parts of Finland, and God knows how many other lands where the people are too feeble ;ind too inconsequential for the United Nations to ever notice. If the United Nations is really con cerned with restoring land to its "rightful owners," why not begin with the master of all plunderers ---the Russian government? The real truth is that the United Nations has always been a sick organization --but its sickness rose to a maximum only recently when almost very delegate took the view that Israel started the Yorn Kippur war on its most holy day when every fact, every news report, and every logical c onsideration shows that it was Egypt and Syria that conspired to launch a murderous attack. Were it not for the buffer zones, the killing and destruction would have been much worse than it was. The Israelis would really be crazy and stupid if they returned these lands to the people whose objective is war and the complete destruction of the Jewish state. THE REFUGEE problem could have been solved long ago had the Arabs really wished to do so. These people have been deliberately kept in their sad state by the Arab leaders who want to use them as political pawns to make the Jewish people look bad. The Russians have given billions of dollars in armament to the Arabs ---not for defense --because that was never really needed. With these billions of dollars how many homes, schools, and hospitals could be built? How much could have been done with the money to resettle the refugees--perhaps even in Israel, to rebuilt destroyed homes, or start new settlements in land that is newly reclaimed and perhaps newly irrigated? But to the contrary, the Arab leaders have selected destruction and killing rather than construction and peace making. And the Russian government deliberately supports this stupid and evil policy. Peace will come to the Middle East when all of the Communist countries stop pushing the Arabs toward more and more war, when the United Nations delegates become and sincere (perhaps never) and when the Arabs decide that peace is far more important than a few square miles of desert that LAURELT. BEEMAN Editor ANDREA HARRIS Managing Editor Israel needs for the defense of its very existence Prof. A. W. Goodman Mathematics Dept. (letters policy] The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Letters should be typewritten triple spaced. The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters. Letters received by noon will be con sidered for publication the following day. This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. (Fifty-nine per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advertising revenue.) SUE THOMPSON Advertising Manager CLAUDIA McILWAIN VIVIAN MULEY DAVE MOORMANN News Editor Entertainment Editor Sports Editor PETE DICKS MARILYN M. EVON LEO STALNAKER Makeup Editor Copy Editor Adviser ORACLE &. NUS DEADLINES : General news 3 p m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before 'fil ACP All-American Since 1967 publication in person or by m ail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, SDX Mark Of Excellence 1972 Monday through Friday, s a .m ... 5 p.m. Stmies and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to The Oracle in"LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the and UC. .. '!!lll18!111:mllllillllDI .............. ..


DOONESBURY HOIVOY PO, SAPPHIRE/ \ I f0/l60T 10 IT, .. 10 YOV lA51 WE&K. !T'S rR.OM MIKE ..:... A U1TtE 1AG1li 11i!GAT rOR. YOl/R.. 8RAKFAST IA8t&! ,, aAo N&WS, G&N75 1HESE H6RE ARE ACAPEMICS WARNING USTS rlWM-THti 0AN. RICA/WO ROSE, ''SPIKE-" 80NcN81/R6M, JerPY PAVIS, ANP ... 8.P./ \ by Garry Trudeau 601TA IVH/11 fOR. >OI. I I #OW .. 1/l(){/6HTFVt. A f)f,4() 'fROl/T. I "1HE rOUOWING PtAYB!t; ME /NclJ6/8lE FOil. FOOT/JAU {)//& ro l/NSA715FACTOIN GRAPES." WHA1!? NOT I I 5 82 Courses Get Okay By Riggs CAR SALES. 11650 N. Nebraska. Fowler) 971-0990 A package of 82 courses for USF's College of Medicine, ap proved Oct. 1 by the Graduate Council, has been approved by Dr. Carl vice president for Academic Affairs, and is awaiting Pres. Cecil Mackey's approval. At, a meeting held yesterday, the cowicil also approved six new graduate courses; EGE 663, Lightning and Surge Protection; EGE 664, Protective Relaying of Power Systems; EDJt 709, Reading is a Symbolic Process, ; EDR. 733; Advanced Clinical Pracc tic um 'in Reading; :Q.OM 685, Directed Study for Roinaiice Languages; R,OM 689, Bibliography ONE COURSE, EGE 663, is of particular interest to the Tampa Bay area due to the frequency of Center Names Directors The Women's Center elected its first permanent board of directors and an nounced plans for a "Celebration of Women's Arts and Crafts." Jean Harman, Eileen Bresnahan Wendee Wecshberg, Anglea Brantly and Jane Dunn were elected to the board. WECHSBER_G and Bresnahan, served on the in terim board during Qtr. 4 when the Center opened. The "Celebration" is scheduled for Nov. 13 to 15 and is intended to enhance communication between women "We want to make all women feel welcome at the Center regardless of their race, religion or even how they 're dressed. We have to let them know that they 're welcomed here Har man said. The Women's Center is located in UC 159. thunderstorms here. The council discussed the possibility of the planned Picasso sculpture, "Bust of a Womari", being used as a lightning research tool becatise'Of. its 100-foot height. A directed ; study course, ROM 685, is the first gradtlte"level course of its kind offered here for the Romance Languages Both ROM 685 and 689 had the 3<k:lay rille, which requires a 3o-day waiting period for cou11cil evaluation, suspended so that action could be taken promptly Council chairman and Graduate Studies Program .Director John Briggs said tha t 'that the council serves as a recommending body to Riggs-. 1973 .MODELS COUGAR CAPRI.; $2,895 C$VY VEGA MONTEGO, MX Bank l"inancj ng, Open 9 ; 00arn n I: '' oo-DECA-YOUNG DEMOCRATS-sponsored ART PRINT SALE Beautiful, Van Goeh DaH Picasso Renoir Vasa rely fANTASTIC PRIC Full Color Reproductions by Wyeth and many more Rembrandt Monet Toulousei.atrec Japanese Ma$ters or 3 (These prims regularly sell for $4. to $10. each) We'll be at the UC Mall Wed.-Thurs.,-Oct. -17-18, and at the UC Ballroom Fri., Mon. & Tues., Oct. 19, 22 & 23, 9-5:30. Come Early to Ghoose from a Full Selection ( 'Rights' Seminar Slated-" Tampa attorney Arnold Levine will speak on campus tomorrow during an SG-sponsored seminar on constitutional rights at 8 p.m in the UC Ballroom Levine is "one of the best known defense lawyers on the West coast," SG Pres. Bill Davis said llE WILL discuss search and seizure practices and the rights of the arrested, Davis said Levine aided SG last May in its tfforts to persuade the llill s borough County Commission to prohibit developers from using a small lake north of the USF golf course for storm drainage, Davis said. Legal advice is available to studtnts through the SG attorney gtraral's office (UC 156), na1 is said but is limited to onc ampus situation s. He sa i d SG cannot afford to retain lawyers to pro1idt a d\'ice and defense for cast's inn>l\'ing students outside I ht l "I:\ l.lEl' of that we are giving what Wl' hopt' will turn out to be a Sl'ril'S of (pgal seminars. Davis sa i d SG may sponsor another seminar 'on the legal aspects of landlord-tenant disputes at the end of the quarter. "That's when all the rip offs come," Davis said. EUROPEAN MOTOR CAR SERVICE OF BRANDON OTOYOTAOMGODATSUN OALFA ROMEOOFIAT o JAGUAR OTRIUMPH I ,.-,, L.j ,' --.. FOREIGN CAR REPAIR & SERVICE "OUR ONLY BUSINESS" COMPLETE RESTORATION SERVICE 689-0016 BEHIND KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN HWY. 60--1012 W. BRANDON BLVD. BRANDON Grecverr 11An incorrigibly irreverent vision ot the universe. Downey is blessed with a gift for the outrageous that no other filmmaker touches." -Paul Zimmerman, Newsweek CT. 19, 20, 21 7:30 &9:30p.m ENA $1.00 FILM ART SERIES 'LORIDA CENTER FOR THE ARTS <br /> <br /> PAGE 6<br /> <br /> 6-THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 Lit Hour: 1Experiment In Visible Metaphor1 BY DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer An adaptation of D. H. Lawrence's, "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," described as "an experiment in visible metaphor" by Dr. R. J. Schneider, associate professor of Speech Com munications, will be presented Wednesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. It is free The presentation, the second 'TU highlites ... TODAY 8 p.m Ch. 8-World Series Pre-Game Show. 8 p .m., Ch. 3-Dance Theatre of Harlem-a special on the art of dance as performed by the Dance Theatrep f Harlem. 8:15 p.m., Ch. 8-World Series-the third game. 8:30p.m., Ch. 10-Movie-Dory Previn wrote this made for TV movie about an aging chorus girl who begins to fall in love with a young delivery boy. Kim Novak stars as "The Third Girl From the Left." 9 p.m., Ch. 3-Bill Cosby on Prejudice. 9 p.m., Ch. 44-Movie-"The Pride of. St. Louis," about baseball's Dizzy Dean, portrayed by Dan Dailey. 9:30 p m., Ch. 13-MoviePeter Ustinov, Jonathan Winters, John Astin and Keenan W.ylin in the hilarious film, "Viva Max," about a MeXican general leading a present day reoccupation of the Alamo. 11:30 p'.m., Ch. 44-Movie Mae West as "Belle of the Nineties." WEDNESDAY 4 p.m., Ch. lS-.,...The Mystery of Nefertiti-a documentary special on solving an ancient mystery with modern technology-piecing together the temple of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and Paroah Akenaten with the aid of a computer. Life Editor To Speak On WUS. F-TV Life magazine senior editor David E. Scherman will discuss his new book, "The Best of Life," which records more than 700 of the besf photographs from the past 36 years of Life magazine, Wednesday at 5:30p.m. on Ch. 16. Before it folded, Life nurtured such photographers as ordon Parks, Margaret Bourke-White and Larry Burrows. SANGRIA HALFPRICE L.. 5:30 p.m., Ch. 16-Book Beat featuring Life Magazine senior editor David E. Scherman on his book, "The Best of Life. 8 p m Ch. 8-World Series Pre-Game. Show 8 p .m.,. Ch documentary focusing on America's social problems by acclaimed filmmaker Frederic Wiseman 8:15 p.m., Ch. 8-World Series. 8:30 p.m., Ch. 10-Movie Peter Boyle as "The Man Who Could Talk To Kids," a drama social worker's efforts to help emotionally disturbed teenagers. 9 p.m., Ch. 44-Movie-"The Diary of Anne Frank." 9:30 p.m Ch. 3-Woman-the plight of the older woman in a youth-oriented society is Oiscussed." 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44-Movie Mae West in "Goin' to Town." THURSDAY 8 p.m., Ch. 8-World Series Pre-Game Show. 8:15 p.m., Ch. 8-World Series-the fifth game 9 p.m., Ch. 3-Folk 1970 featuring Dave Bromberg, John Denver, John Hartford and Doc and Merle Watson. 9 p.m., Ch. 13-MovieRichard Chamberlain and Yvette Mimieux in "Joy in the Mor ning." 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44-Movie Mae West and Randolph Scott in "Go West, Young Man." Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIO(tS 1 Yi PLATT Ph. 2S8-2131 literature hour of the fall quarter, poses Lawrence's suicidal love theme in a ritual of the last rites for the dying. Using Gregorian chant svmbolic movement and personalities, the staging metaphorizes much of the text. THE SHOW IS to be offered for both the Florida Speech Convention and the Florida Teachers of English Convention this Friday in St. Petersburg. At the Speech convention, Art Guilders To Discuss Art World The guilders of the Tampa Bay Art Center will discuss the world of art Thursday morning in F AH 101. Dr Donald Saff, dean of the College of Fine Arts at USF, will lead the discussion with the topic "The Professronal Artists in the Tampa Community." Dr George Pappas, chairman of the USF Art Department, will then speak on the direction art is taking at USF THE CULTURAL op-portunities at USF will be discussed by John Coker, acting director of the Florida Center for the Arts. The program-"Enter the University of South Florida World of Art"-will be highlighted by three films: one on the Picasso sculpture and two others from "the Personal Films of Will Hindle." The group will also view two art shows-"Robert Gelinas: Recent Work, Paintings and Drawings" and "Kaethe Kollwitz: The Landauer Collection The Following Seats Are Open in the SG Senate Natural Science District 1 Social Science District 1 1 seat open in each Apply in UC 156 before 5 m October 19 (preview] Schneider will use it as a lecture presentation en ti tied, "The Visible Metaphor." Th e cast of "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" includes Cris Harding as the Horse Dealer's Daughter with Jeanette Vest as her second self; Dennis Thomas and Andy Parks play the divided personalities of Dr. Ferguson, his feelings and his reason, respectively; Jerry Rhode, John Korinek and Scott Boydman present the sons of the deceased horse dealer with Deborah Fechlman and Feborah Smith as the ritual onlookers of the scene. The production will be repeated at USF on Oct. 24. 11 WAKE UP!!! .. Oracle Classifieds Are GREA Tl LAN 472 ATTENTION STUDENTS New Owner: TATRAMEATS PHONE 971-3666 Carrying a Full Line of Homemade Fresh Smoked Sausage of the Highest Quality U.S. Choice Western Beef Steak & Roast. Meat cut for your Freezer ''We guarantee Our Meat is the most around At the lowest prices in Town" 10 per cent-20 per cent Discount 12307 N. Nebraska one block north of Fowler CANADY VOLKSWAGEN OCTOBER 10% OFF Of-J PARTS AND LABOR WITH USF STUDENT lD HOURS: WEDNESDAY 7-9 OTHER WEEKDAYS 7-6 @ 6202 E. Hillsborough 621-2411 Temple Terrace, Fla 9231 56th St. Ph. 988-1428 next to Winn-Dixie in Temple Terrace Shopping Center (3 minutes from USt') -ALL DAY!!!! OUTH FLORIDA 2 other Convenient locations to serve yuu: 940 W. Brandon Hlvd. MI BACK YARD 6902 N. 40th ST. 3 miles SOuth of Busch Gardens 4 PORTING GO Hwy 60 afross from Brandon Mall ISrandon, Fla. ph 689-9254 Grant City at Town& Country (opening so0n) <br /> <br /> PAGE 7<br /> <br /> Oracle photo by 8111 Phillips Music Forum Features Panel On Future Music "Music: Paths of the Future," a panel forum, has been rescheduled for Wednesday at 2 p.m in FAH 101. Five Music Arts faculty members and two graduate students will share viewpoints, question each other, and generally clear the air con cerning the future of music. DR. ARMIN Watkins will moderate the panel discussion. Prof. Larry Austin, director of the Sy-Com <Systems Complex) project will be on hand to give his views of electronic music and mixed medium. Prof. Jacques Abram, a traditional pianist, will represent the classical viewpoint, while Prof. Don Owen instructor of trumpet and principle trumpet with the Florida Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, will comment on the commercial scene. Dr. Virginia Bridges, coordinator of Music Education, will 'Assassination of Trotsky' To Be Shown Wednesday "The Assassination of Trot sky a film by Richard Losey starring Richard Burton, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, will be shown Wednesday at 7 :30 and 9:30 p m. in LAN 103. The film is the second offering of the Film Classics Series. s ponsored by lhe Florida Cen t e r for the Arts. Set in Mexico in 1940, the film concentrates on the final four months in the life of the exiled coleader of the October Revolution of 1 919. Tick ets are SI and available at the door 45 minutes prior to showl.imc. BURGER KING share views on the purpose of electronic music in public school and direction for the training of teachers. MARY JANE Matheney, graduate student in voice and graduate assistant to the opera program, will join in with experience from this field. Bruce Brazinski, winner of the graduate fellowship in fine arts, will complete the panel with views as a brass player. Each panel member will have four minutes to present a viewpoint. Each will then have the opportunity to place one question to another panel member. The discussion will then be open to the audience. Admission to the forum is free THE ORACLE -October 16, 1973 7 Knocky's Blues Associate English Professor John "Knocky" Parker knocked out the blues, reminiscent of the silent screen and vaudeville days, Monday night in LAN 103, when he provided the musical ac companiment for two silent screen classics, "Night Cry," starring Rin Tin Tin, and "The Blacksmith," starring Buster Keaton. The house was packed for "Knocky" who returned and will return again by popular demand. I PART TIMERS Temporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There is no job waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. Girls, we also have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC. 1919 E. Busch, Tampa CAMPUS CYCLERY BICYCLE CLINIC-BRING YOUR SICK BIKE TO US. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS H 0 URS: 10-6, 10-5 SAT. 5224 FOWLER 988-9316 1hMile East From USF entrance RICHARD BURTON ALAIN DELON ROMY SCHNEIDER GOT l<l',f I \ I IM 11 I l'RO()l IC ll()N "' I< l',ll' l l I< l"I Y rll f\ \ THE MlJNCHIES? FIRST HAY AHEA SHOWING FILM O.ASSlt:S WEDNESDAY OCI'. 17. 7::Ul & 9::)0 ).111. LAN 10:> AUMISSION $1.00 <br /> <br /> PAGE 8<br /> <br /> 8-THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 Brahmans Delight Home Crowd BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor USF fans, finally getting a 1,:hance to see their soccer team in action, were treated to an offensive show Saturday as the Brahmans dumped Jacksonville University 4-0. As it has in its opening five victories, the undefeated USF Photo by RllDln ci.r11 squad completely controlled the game's tempo, outshooting the Dolphins 33-2. USF's lone problem was consistent scoring punch "OUR SHOOTING was so far off," coach Dan Holcomb said following the victory "I don' t understand it, we've been practicing on it all week But when you attack as much as we did, you ve got to make one some time." Pete Mohrmann another of USF's outstanding St. Louis freshmen helped stake the Brah mans to a 3-0 halftime edge with two goals and an assist. At 7 :45 in the opening period Mohrmann had his shot blocked by goalie Walter Olson George Unanue running down the left side of the field, hammered the rebound in as USF quickly jumped out in front. UNANUE, missing one scoring opportunity, and Mohrmann two, kept the pressure on Jacksonville until USF tallied again at 11: 53. Taking a Frank Bono pass Mohrmann rammed the ball into the right corner of the net to give him his first point of the game and the Brahmans a 2-0 lead. THE FINAL period was less productive but found USF in creasing its offensive pressure. "We must have had most of our shots in the second half," said Holcomb. "But a lot of those were half chances. You also saw some quality defense out there Dave Dolphus, playing in his second complete game since Tom Steinbrecher was injured at Air Force, recorded the shutout. THE ENTIRE team assisted Dolphus, limiting the 5 2 Dolphins to two shots on goal, both of which Dolphus saved The game's final 45 minutes were played mostly on Jacksonville's end of the field, but the Brahmans could not capitalize. Mike Knott, with aGsistance from Eagan saved USF from a second half whitewash, kicking in a 25-yard shot at 42: 54. LARRY BYRNE, seeing limited action and Ron King, who didn't play, were rested by Holcomb Byrne suffered a spider bite on his ankle Thursday and a shoulder injured in heading practice kept King out. Cone] Foley received a bruised thigh in Saturday s win, but all three are expected to be ready for Saturday's game in Miami. JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE. 114 Buffalo Ave Phone 232 0661 1-75 South to Buffalo exit 'h block west of Flo. Ave. Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Wheelchair Discounts to USF Students and Staff Continued. We a/so make xerox nJjlie1 Ille extra d'larp fer ciei.r.d bond paper Sal .. letter1 Envelope Catalog sn .. t. Letterhead Bulletins Circular1 Forms Handbma Notlc.. e Post Carda Dlre;t Mall INchufft J acJ{sonville goalie Walter Olson thwarts head shot by USF's Kevin Eagan The final goal of the half came a little over one minute before the gun, as a pair of first-year men teamed up for the Brahmans. Nearly 30 yards out, Devin Eagan dumped a pass to Mohr mann, whose shot skidded past a diving Olson". lnatructlena HouM Organ Data Sheets C.t Sheets Order Form Price Uats Werk Sheets e 1 .. umea Anneuncem.nts Stuffera USF: One Weekend Victory TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER USF recorded only one triilmph but displayed excellent hitting .dufirig a '' three game fall exhibition baseball series this weekend. After handing Uilivetsify of Tampa a 4--2 win Friday, the Brahmans knocked across 23 runs iri splitting a Saturday double-header with Jlillsborough Community COllege cHCC). AGAINST the Spartans, fresh man Chris Welch turned in a fine pitttling performance but a missed double play ball led io' USF's : downfall. Baum and Sperice Shalip $hut out Tampa after its four-run inning but the Brahmans were Unable to .overcome a two run defi<:it In its first game with HCC at Redsland, USF quickly fell behind, 10-3. A five run fifth, IOW OPEN BOBBY'S SMOKE HOUSF. SMOKED. DINNERs HAM, CHICKEN, 'MULLE'I FREE DRAFT BEER WD'H ANY DINNFJI OR SAN. 6902 N. 40th ST. 3 miks South of Busch Garden including a key triple by Chuck Adams, closed the gap but the rally fell short. JAY KELLER and Joe Lomascolo finisheq up for starter Paul Waidzi.Jnas who surrendered seven first inning runs, while incurring shoulder problems. "I didn't know about the shoulder and I kept thinking we would get them out," explained coach Beefy Wright; !.'But I lhink it's just a of Paul not having worked It was no contest in the second half of the double-header, with USF easily taking a 14-0 victory Lomascolo, Jim Franklin and Steve Ruling hurled the shutout HIITING STARS were Glenn Alvarez who went three-for-four, Adams at three-for-four and Rick Stinholm's two-for-four day at the plate. Tampa, Flo. 33617 985-2083 PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace MAYBE YOU'LL NEVER GET BUSTED But maybe you should know your rights, just in case. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17 at 8pm in UC Ballroom Student Govt's LEGAL LECTURE SERIES will feature local attorney Arnold Levine speaking. on BASIC RIGHTS: SEARCH AND SEIZURE (and some other interesting stuff) This Free Program sponsored by the folks at Student Gov't <br /> <br /> PAGE 9<br /> <br /> Oracle photo by Bill Phillips Lights Please With the help of the UC lighting system and the headbeams of a few cars, Beta Hall's endurance football game went through 32 hours of non-stop play last weekend. Larry Gingrich, co-coordinator of the event, estimated the game raised between $400-500 for the blind students tape bank fund. USF Plans 1Week' MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor Everyt hing s hort of a White House edict has ushered in Physical Education and Fitness Week this week Tampa Mayor Dick Greco made a proclamation Governor Reubin Askew pledged support and USF Pres. Cecil Mackey promised participation Plans at USF for the fitness week, h owever will not be as e laborate as its adva n ce d billing said Terry Wright, one of t h e week's ac ti vi ty coordinators. Event s will be mor e o n an "in form a l,. b a sis instead. "BECAUSE of last-minute notices in getting times on when we can use the fie ld and things, we have nothing definite yet." Wright, a senior physical r ORACLE sports briefs' USF captured a first, a second and two thirds finishing second in team standings at the fourth annual Rollins Intercollegiate Water Ski Tourney Sunday. THE BRAHMANS totaled 4,240 points, while Rollins roll e d up 4 ,845 to take first place Tampa finished third and Miami fourth in the I I-school meet. USF 's Laura Combes took the women's slalom and finished second in tricks as teammate Sherrie Aly leaped 59 feet for a third in jumping. Randy Smith turned in USF's top male performance, racking up 1,430 points in tricks for a third place finish Th e Brahmans tied for men 's overall title. Karen Fellows was USF Bowling League champion last week, swee ping to victory in women's play. Fellows' 177 gave her high game honors and top series was hers with a 495. Men's s ingle game title went to Bill Grothe with 214. Paul Rodgers rolled a 544 for high series. EASILY DOWNING Florida S tate '.M-0, U Sl"s llu gby C lub intran1urals M en's Football Nii 22, Pi K;1pp a /\lphc:1 1J b!L 1 I 6, Et,1 'J 0 Lo<,cr's 111, 0 .1rk E y<.'d Wom;rn 0 'J 111 1 u 1 1 G r o tll cr o f I !AC (onfi i,ion f1, I" H/\I lJ11k11o w n ft (Iii ) nrM n :')t u d :" rn1111111q / I ,., oil/ r 11.rrq 1.1 I 'r 11H1', ti /dpli.i l 1/1)1.t 'If,, l',1 !.1 I I o1.1 l'J l l !.1 ti I .i t 1.1, I\ L t 1 Wi", u 1 ) 1 .ir! I !.i<I'. t'J, fiddli.ill, I J I 1.i I / \ .i11il1 d.i I q t '/ HI, /l'l.i) I raised its season mark to 1-1 Saturday. Pete Gibson was game's leading scorer with four tries Tom O'Donnel a dded two trys and three conversions and Rob Sickling had a try USF's B-team tied the Semino l e B-squad, 0-0. USF SOCCER C lub s season opener was a successful one as it downed Clearwater, 6-2, in a Sunday home contest. e ducation major, said As things sta nd Wright says the Physical Education Association < PEA l o n campus plans to have a coed football and s occer gam e as part of the week e ve n ts Wednesday or Thursday. But as far as ac tual runnin g goes. Wright said informalit y is the k ey "We 'll have seniors juniors, faculty and graduate students running th e track all week, and hope to encourage people and teams to come on out. "WE'RE trying to emphasize people getting together for fun and that running doesn't hav e to be organized. People lose interest in running when you have to do it at a certain time or follow some sort of schedule, Wright said. Dr. Chuck Smith PEA ad viser, has scheduled a 12-hour "Run For Fun Saturday from 9 a m to 9 p m and has lined up USF's president to do some running "President Mackey is actually a very good runner and is in pretty good shape, Smith said Besides Mackey, WFLA radio disc jocke y Jeff Rogo plans to run with his "Rogo Runners," a team composed of Rogo and station listeners. THE ORACLE -October 16, 1973 9 Potent USF Spikers Beat SPJC Trojans After two scrimmages and a foul up in starting time, USF's volleyball team was ready for its season opener last night. And the Brahmisses made the most of it, downing St. Petersburg Junior College 13-8, 15-3. Supposed to open its season against St. Leo Thursday, the Monarchs never showed and USF had to wait to begin its season with the Trojans. "WE PLAYED well," said coach Jane Cheatham of yesterday'sgame, "but we were just getting warmed up and could have played better." "I expected the win and I'm expecting us to get better every game we play." Cheatham singled out Jayne MacCall as USF's outstanding server and player. FOLLOWING the season's first contest, the Brahmisses practiced with a group of male students. The workout was good for the Brahmisses, explained Cheatham, because of the men's harder serves and extra height in spiking the ball. The USF-St. Leo game of last week has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 7 p m. in the gym. Series Shown Here The 1973 World Seiies between the New York Mets and Oakland A's can be seen in Room 123 of Educational Resources Check local listings for game times. WHY? was UNDERGROUND RAIL ROAD re-programmed? Petitions available at Happy Trails KOIN KLEEN WASH-DRY-FOLD 18PER POUND DRY CLEANING BY LOAD OR PIECE DROP OFF & PICK UP IN 24 HOURS ATTENDANT ALWAYS ON DUTY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 7AM-10PM 9307 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE PH. 988-9790 Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek, Time,Ms.i Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The First Big Star of the Seventies" CURTIS HIXON HALL TAMPA H ALLOWEEN OCT 31, Wed. -8 p.m. T i c k ets available at Curtis Hixon Box Offic eAll area Sears storesBu d g e t Tapes (near USF )Mu sic Libtary; B r itton Plaza <br /> <br /> PAGE 10<br /> <br /> 10-THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 -----ORACLE-------------TODAY USF Women's Center The USF Women's Center will sponsor an Abortion Workshop tonight at a In the UC aattroom. Speakers will be abortion counselors from Rap Cadre, Tampa Women's Center and abortion clinics. USF Fencing Club The USF Fencing Club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening 7 to 9 in GYM 006 Chi Alpha Chi Alpha will have its weekly meeting tonight at 9 in UC 158. Tonight's meeting will include discussion of problems relevant to the Christian world. Everyone is welcome to attend. Campus Advance Campus Advance will meet at 9:30 tonight in Zeta 217, for a "Soul talk," an informal discussion about Christianity. Everyone is invited. Suicide & Crisis Center A training session for prospective crisis counselors will begin tonight at i:30 al 1718 W. Cass St No experience is required. Hours are flexible. For further information call 253 3371. Anyone interested is invited. Parachute Club The Parachute Club jumps every weekend at the Ruskin Drop Zone. A map can be obtained at the SG Office, UC 217. Also there will be a Florida Council Meet, in Zephyrhills on Oct. 20 to 21. SG There will be a SG Senate meeting tonight at 7:30 in UC 252. Anyone interested is in vited. Microbiology Club The Microbiology. Club will meet Oct. 16 in SCA 204 at 7:30 p.m. Members and interes persons are invited. WEDNESDAY Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda will have its weekly meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. in UC 203. All business and business education students are welcome. Anti-Imperialist Union The Anti-Imperialist Union will meet Oct. 17 at 8:30 p.m. in UC 204 for a general meeting. All students invited. Psychology Club The Psychology Club will rap with a member of the USF Psychology Department Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. in SOC 037. Everyone is welcome. Ethos "Ethos Presents Heads of '73." is planned for Oct. 17 at 8:30 p.m. in UC 252. The program consists of the art of corn rowing1 gali (turban) wrapping, and applying make-up to three different complexions. Everyone is invited and there is no charge. Medical Technology Meeting .All juniors and seniors planning hospital internships in 1974 should attend meeting Oct. 17at1 p.m. in CHE 105. If there are any questions, see Or. Olsen in CHE 310A or call ext. 2227. Young Democrats The Young Democrats will meet Oct. 17 in UC 202 at 8 p.m. for a regular meeting. Anyone interested in joining is welcome. IEEE The student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is. having an IEEE joint dinner meeting on Oct. 17 for all members and their guests wittl the Florida West Coast IEEE section. Reser vations and additional information for either the dinner or the program in the USF Planetarium may be obtained from Dr. Garrell in the Electrical Engineering Department or from Brian Clark, during the evening at 971-7690. The dinners are $5 per person. Student Accounting The Student Accounting Organization will hear Dr. Charles Landry, assistant professor of Finance, speak on the Small Business Administration at 2 p.m. Oct. 17 in BUS 107. All interested are invited. Windjammers Sailing Club Windjammers will have its meeting Oct. 1'. at 6 p.m. in UC 251. A sailing class will b held on Wednesday at 2 for beginning sailor' in SOC 37. Anyone interested in the sport o sailing is invited. Student Organizations All organizations' presidents and advisors are invited to attend a breakfast for Studen1 Orgainzations' (SO) presidents, at 8 to 9 a.m. in the UC Ballroom lo acquaint all clubs the services SO provides; and to find out hOV!j the office of Student Orgainzations can be more responsive to student needs. If your club has not received its invitation, please call ext. 2615 before Wednesday morning. SG SG 1s sponsoring an open microphone tQ discuss the cutback of the Underground Rail Road, on Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. in the UC Mall. Anyone interested is invited. There will be an SG sponsored Legal Ltcture Series Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Local attorney Arnold Levine will on basic rights and other related topics. Bull ttin Board World At1dirs The World Affairs Council will meet Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. In UC lSlE to hear African students from the Ivory Coast. Everyone is invited. Or. Kofi Glover of the Afro Americiln Studies Department will also speak. Announcement There will be an information session for women interested in trying out for Miss Florida Pageant Oct. 17 noon to l p.m. in UC 158. Susan Deaton, a former Miss Florida ( 1971), will be on campus to speak to interested women. To be eligible, the women should live, work or attend school in Florida; be single and never married; as of June 1974 be between the ages of 18 and 25 inclusive' and be of good character, poise, personality, intelligence, and healthy face and figure. Interested women should bring leotard and or swim suit. For more information call Susan Dea!or at 223-5501. FRIDAY Bicycle Club The USF Bicycle Club will have their regular meeting Oct. 19 al 2 p .m. in UC 200. This meeting is to d i scuss plans for bicycle races, tours, and a bike path. All interested are invited. SATURDAY Recorder Society The Tampa Chapter of the American Recorder Society will meet Oct. 20 at 2 p .m. al the Baptist Student Union, USF. This meeting will be playing music on the recorder Cold flute-like instrument). Faculty, staff, and students with even marginal ability on recorder are invited. This activity will take place the second Saturday of every month. Testing, Advanced Placement On Oct. 20 the following will be given: American College Test (ACT); College Level Examination Program ( CLEP) and Dietitians Examination. Further in formation regarding the above tests can be obtained in FAO 201 or by calling ext. 2741. SUNDAY Jewish Student Union The USF Jewish Student Union meets every Sunday in LAN 116 at 7 :30 p.m. Social events are <1lways planned and suggestions are welcome. MONDAY (0CT22) Humanities Club Humanities Club is sponsoring Poetry Reading and student art and photography displays on Oct. 22 at 2 p m in LAN 124. Refreshments will be served and everyone is invited. Dues are Sl per person. Educators Christian Fellowship The Fellowship will hold an organizational meeting Oct. 22 at 7 ;30 p.m. in TECO Hall (Kennedy and Dale Mabry) for all educators (teachers and professorsJ and ad ministrators (Public and Private). For further information, call Syd Barrett al 935 3242 or Leto High School at 886-1741. TUESDAY (OCT 23) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The Fellowship will sponsor a "men's consciousness-raising" group-organizing meeting on Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, near USF. This is for men attemptfng to deal with their own sexism. For further information, call 988 8188. CONTINUING EVENTS Paraprofessional All handicapped and interested students are invited to a rap group being formed to discuss problems and ideas rel;aled to the handicapped, and to help promote better understanding between handicapped and non-handicapped student5. For more in formation call John Rose, ext. Suicide and Crisis Intervention Center The intervention center of Tampa has a new phone number: Call 253-3311 any time, 24 hours a day, and talk with a trained phone counselor about problems. Call 253-3311 also for information about volunteering or providing support. USF Alums The USF Alumni Association, in con junction with the University of Florida Alumni Association, i s offering a trip to Rome, Italy to its members. The tour will leave Tampa Oct. 24 and return Nov. 1 and will include side.trips to Florence, Milan and the Island of Capri. Cost per person for the package tour is S560, which includes air-fare, rooms and board, taxes and gratuities. For further information call the USF Alumni Office at ext. 2455. Graduate Studies Office The Graduate Studies office announce s Special Courses A course offering com munication skills training will be offered only Qtr. L For further information call Dr Lillibridge at ext. 2833. Students who have had Learning of Ed Psych.can earn course credit for on-the-job training and service. For further information call John Patterson ext. 2832. Paraprofessional counseling programs need students in terested in training and service to fellow students. Academic credit offered at all levels. There is a special interest in Behavioral Science majors seeking practical experience Call Gary Hanks ext 2833. "O'TOOLE IS FUNNY, 1 DISTURBING, m DEVASTATING!" r -Jay Cocks, Time Magazine "A BRILLIANT FILMSTUNNING!" -Judith Crist, New York Magazine JOSEPH E. LEVINE PAESNIS A JULES BUCK PRODUCTION FOR KEEP FILMS UD. PETER O'TOOLE ALASTAIR SIM ARTHUR LOWE THE RULING CLASS THURS. OCT.18, 7:30 & 9:45p.m. LAN 103 $1.0() ADVANCE TICKET SALES 1:15-4:30 USF THEATRE BOX OFFICE National Poetry Press that information regarding 1974 Program for United States-France Exchilnge of Scientists. Individuals from the United States who have earned a doctoral degree or ih equivalent are eligible. wards are made for study or work In the mathematical, physical. chemical, engineering, biological and social sciences, including economics. The deadline for submitting applications Is Nov. 1, 1973. The Announcement of Awards will be made by March 1974. Interested persons may contact the Graduate Studies Office, ADM 229 for further information. The National Poetry Press announces its Spring Competition. The closing dale for submissions of namuscripls by college students Is Nov. 5. Any student In either junior or senior college Is ellblble to submit verse. There is no limitation as to form or theme. Shorter works are preferred by judges due to space. Each poem must be typed or printed on a separate sheet, and must bear the Name and Home address of the student and the college address as well. Manuscripts should be sent to the Office of the Press. 3210 Selby Ave. Los Angeles, California 90034. DEVELOP 11VOUR THING" Film and Darkroom Supplies Complete Processing Service Student Discount 935-9339 **************************** *All Women Should Know The Facts Abo. ut... i ABORTION i : techniques and procedures : : local and out of state clinics : : emotional aspects : : on campus counseling : birth control UC Ballroom 8:00 pm : : alternatives Oct. 16 : : sponsored by USF Women's Center All Women Invited t **************************** GLADYS HAS TAKEN AN OATH she's not going to be her town's leading club woman. Gladys isn't plowing through four years of col lege for that. Neither are you. We can offer you a job that's different-even before you graduate. By enrolling in our Campus Internship program now, you can get started on a career in which your hours, decisions, -and clients are yours alone. Fact: 24% of our leading group of agents began learning and earning while still in college. Stop by our Campus Office today and take advantage of being young. PROVIDENT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA Home Olllce. P.O. Box 7378. Phila .. Pa. 19101 Subsidiaries: Provider Management Company, Provider Sales Company. JOHN SMITH Campus Representative Smith Associates, Suite 101 5050 Smithville Ave. 622-7313 Smithville, Pa. R-1 <br /> <br /> PAGE 11<br /> <br /> ( t: 1.4 A S S I H It ( HELP WANTED ] SERVICES OFFERED NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Attractive girl to act as receptionist & secretary for South's newest & progressive rock concert promoters. No shorthand required but muI have good typing ability. Must be available 12-5 p.m. daily Mon.-Fri. Excellent opportunity to advance in today's music industry wi'h expense paid travel included. Contact Southern Bay Productions 876 or alter 6 call 932-9559. JOB OPPORTUNITY for on-campus student interested in astrology. If you need extra cash send your name, birlhdate, year, place and hour of b irth to "Campus Astrology," Box 397, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 57401. No fees this is a bonafide job offer. MEN!-WOMEN! JOBS ON SHIPS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job or career. Send $3.00 for in formation. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P.O. Bo> 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. SECURITY Guards S2.00 per hr. All equipment furnished. Weekends only. Within walking distance of USF 223-1561 for appointment. NEED EXTRA CASH? Why not work al a fun place with fun people! Steak & Brew has a job for you!! Part-time waiters, waitresses, hostesses, busboys needed Apply in person 1430 7th Ave. CWSP Assistants. 20 hr. week. Some typing and art history knowledge preferable but not necessary. Also someone with gen. knowledge of woodwork equipment. Call 974-2360 or come by FAH 229. A SINGER-GUITARIST is Needed to complete a very ambitious, original rock band. If you {or someone you know) are interested please call 971-1571 as soon as possible. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacDonald Trng. Ctr. for mentally retarded adults 3 or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. 5100 mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. SALESMEN: Must be at least 20 years of age Available to work afternoons & evenings. Radio Shack Temple Terrace 988-2971. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) GOOD BUYS on used radios, stereos, tapes. players, bikes discount on new auto parts, used tires 53 and up. Buy, sell. trade. Menard Pawn & Gilt Shop 14038 Florida Ave. Phone 935-7743. THIS is your LEVI store. We have denim & cordurcys in regulars & bells. Also boots shirts & western hats. Only rn min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. SAi LBOAT '13'2" Thundercal. Fiberglass hull, Murray till trailer plus small electric motor. 110 sq. ft. Dacron Sail 21' mast. Very good condition, 5750. Call George 832-2372. 1 0 SPEED Schwinn Varsity, like new, S85, green. Single lens reflex, ex c ellent cond., sso with lens Call 988-2002 SEALY Posturep e d i c mattr2ss and box springs, AM-FM, 8-track multi-plex stereo with two speakers, l yr. old. 8" General Electric TV. Bed S IS St e r e o sso, TV SIO. Call 971-4666. ( FOR RENT ) SUBLET-I Bdrm, furn. Apt., S123 mo. Call 971-4823 or inquire al W T. Ward Apl. 223E (green section) off 15th St. b etwee:i Fowler dnd Fl e tch e r If not at hom e l eave a not e 1'11 get in touch with you MALE Roommate. Own a room in a two bedroom place. Central air cond., pool. S min. to campus, nice. 580 per month. FOR MORE INFORMATION call Joe al 9718808. MAGIC Fingers-I type everything and specialize in speedy service-maybe even the same day. Call Linda at 977-1903 if no answer 988-1519. EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST plus years of Quality term papers _dissertations-statistica I data-lhesis Turablan-USF-Campbell-1 BM Seiectrlc, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica References on request. Cilll Gloria 884-1969. CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 9357854 Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses & repair frames. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. f rom USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. 'Iller 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. ( AUTOMOTIVE 1967 OPEL KADET GOOD RUNNING CONDITION 5500 971-7259 ) 1973 SUPER BEETLE Full Warranty. Get brand new car and help me get one too! 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NEED money? We buy--sell--lrade Menard Pawn & Gill Shop. 14038 Florida Ave. Phone 935-7743. Discount on new auto parts, good used tires, good buys bikes lo stereo and tape sets. DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call SOLVE 227-8461. We provide maternity clothes-baby clolhes-houslng jobs-transportation & financial assistance 227-8461. [ MOBILE HOMES ) 12x60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles from USF. Shag dishwasher, 6 monlhs old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an inveslmenl. Relow co s S5800. Call collect tor Lee, Clearwate r 44J.6488 Oracle Ad Office LAN 472 Ext. 2620 CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD NOW OPEN Whether you need Acc es so ri es for Performance, Handling, Looks, Practicality, or Maintenance, we can help you for sure. 4818 E. BUSCH BLVD. 988-0501 AltS) ( REAL ESTATE ] ONLY MINUTES FROM USF READY to move inlol Freshly painted 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with central heal and air. W-W carpeting living rm. and comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and only in upper twenties. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Really Res: 877-4922 Off: 877-8227. ( LOST & FOUND J LOST: 3 mo. old female puppy in area of F !etcher & 15th. "Trustey", blonde & white mixed shaggy collie like. Very friendly. I am heartbroken! Reward. Call Suzanne at Music Resources Q-5 p.m. 974-2316. LOST: Gold Man's ring with purple stone. If found call 971-7394. REWARD. LOST: MALE IRISH SETTER around Fletcher Ave. and USF. Answers to "Nick". Was weari ng collar and tags. Call Susan 977-5666. I MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS 1970 TRIUMPH Bonneville 650. Excellent condition, low mileage, 51150. 886-1876-_RESEARCH Thousands Of Topics $2.75 per page THE ORACLE -October 16, 1973 SIGN UP TUES. FOR BRIDGE AND CHESS LESSONS AT THE U.C. DESK A UPTO $$$ 40.00 $$$ PER MONTH ON REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM 7AM UNTIL 2:30 PM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY --CALL FOR APPOINTMENT-HYLAND DoNOR CENTER 238 W. KENNEDY BLVD. PHONE NO. 253-2844 Send for your up-to-date, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage (delivery time is I to 2 days). RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITE #2 LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90025 (213) 477-8474 or 477-5493 <!J CHRIST RELATIONSHIP WORSHIP z Our research material is sold for research assistance only. U!0GJG ;:rHEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 WHISTLE BLOWERS Plus TOBACCO BOODY Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 a: <( I (/) (!) z z <( a: I-a.. I (/) a: 0 s chi alpha TUESDAYS 9 PM u.c. -158 Everyone welcomel TEXTOOOK CENTER DOES NOT HA VE YOUR 'IEXT IN STOCK {AS USUAL) COME TO THE CROSS-I.OIE :OOOKSHOP. WE CA.N HA VE YOUR TEXT IN 3 TO 4 WEEKS AND MANY TIMES MUCH SOONER 10% DISCOUNT ON 1EXTBOOKS DISCOUNT All THE TlME ON All THE :OOOK.S CROSS-LODE BJOKSHOP 2/02 E.BU SCH BLVD 932-'-tOJO A CROSS FROM THE RED LOBSTER 3500 ll -f ::c )> z z G') (/) I )> ::c z G') () I ::c (/) -f <br /> <br /> PAGE 12<br /> <br /> 12-THE ORACLE October 16, 1973 Nore Than 500 Famous Arciscs Oyer 40 lta.lor Labels 0 DJQJw0C3[]00:3@[SGj00D@ffi[b 030M 08U0 BEETHOVEN BRUCKNER STRAVINSKY AND HIS The Nine Complete Symphonies Symphony No. 7 in E Major MUSIC William Steinberg and the ?ittsburgh Symphony William Steinberg and the Pittsburgh. Symphony L i mit e d Editio n Orch-:slro Orchestra P ctrovchk.:1 Sui t e and Others Featuring B Record Set .Value to S.!4 .50 S9.98 2 Record Set Value le S 10 .00 5 2 .98 ErnL",f A.,sC'rm c l 4 RL'cord Sl'I l o 520.00 56. 98 THE CLASSICAL GUITAR WORLD S GREATIST Ct.LLIS T S TCHAIKOVSKY HIS FINEST Limited Edition" MUSIC Segovia, Almeida, Williams, Montoya end many olht:rs 5 Record Set Vciuc lo 525.00 56.98 Pabl o Cami" Pienc Fou,nic" Jonas Sto,k e L i mit e d Ed itio n 3 Record Set Value to S 15.00 55.98 Michael Ponti Pianist THE BEST OF MOZART 3 Record S e t Ylllue t o S 15.00 $5.98 His Most Famous Orchestral Works 4 Record Set Valu e to 520.00 $5.98 THE BEST OF JOHANN STRAUSS MY FAVORITE CHOPIN His Most Famous Waltzes and 0Yertures His Most Famous Works 3 Record Set Value to S15.00 $4.98 5 Record Set Value to $25.00 $6.98 BOOKSTORE & CAMPUS SHOP <br /> <br /><br /> </div> </td> </tr> <!-- end pageViewer.Write_Main_Viewer_Section --> <!-- end SobekCM.Library.HTML.Item_HtmlSubwriter.add_viewer_area_start --> <!-- start SobekCM.Library.HTML.Item_HtmlSubwriter.Write_ItemNavForm_Closing --> <td id="usfapiviewerbuttonstd"><i class="material-icons tooltipped" data-position="left" data-tooltip="PRINT" onclick="javascript:print_form_open('');">print</i><i id="urlcopy" class="material-icons tooltipped" data-position="left" data-tooltip="COPY URL" onclick="javascript:url_copy();">insert_link</i><i id="usfapitoggleshareform" class="material-icons tooltipped" data-position="left" data-tooltip="SHARE URL" onclick="javascript:usfapi_toggle_share_form('share_button','');">share</i><i onclick="javascript:toggleDOdiv();" class="material-icons tooltipped" data-position="left" data-tooltip="DOWNLOAD CUSTOM IMAGE">get_app</i><i id="otherdiv" onclick="javascript:toggleOtherDiv();" class="material-icons tooltipped" data-position="left" data-tooltip="CONTENT VIEWER MENU">more_horiz</i></td><td id="usfapiOtherTD"><div id="usfapiOtherDiv"><a href="">PDF</a><br/><a href="">images</a><br/><a href="">all-volumes</a><br/><a href="">thumbnails</a><br/><a href="">metadata</a><br/><a href="">stats</a><br/></div></td> </tr> </table> <!-- end of SobekCM.Library.HTML.Item_HtmlSubwriter.add_viewer_area_end --> <!-- end SECTION:VIEWER --> <!-- SECTION:POSTVIEWER --> <div id="nhpdownloadoptions" class="row"> <div id="nhpdoleftspacer" class="col s0 m1 l2 xl2"></div> <div id="nhpdodiv" class="col s12 m10 l8 xl8"> <div id="nhpdotitle" class="nhpdotitle flow-text"><h2>Download Options [CUSTOM IMAGE]</h3><i id="nhpdocancel" class="material-icons" onclick="javascript:toggleDOdiv();">close</i></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"> <div id="nhpdoimage" class="nhpdocol col s6"><img src="" /></div> <div class="nhpdocol col s6"> <div id="nhpdotitle2" class="nhpdorow row">Choose Size</div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>SMALL - 72 dpi <input type="radio" id="nhpdocs1" name="nhpdochoosesize" value="small" /></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>MEDIUM - 150 dpi <input type="radio" id="nhpdocs2" name="nhpdochoosesize" value="medium" /></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>LARGE - 300 dpi <input type="radio" id="nhpdocs3" name="nhpdochoosesize" value="large" /></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>ORIGINAL SIZE (JPEG) <input type="radio" id="nhpdocs4" name="nhpdochoosesize" value="original" onchange="javascript:restrictCIDSoriginal();"/></label></div> <div id="nhpdotitle3" class="nhpdorow row">Choose file type</div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>JPEG (.jpg) <input type="radio" id="nhpdocft5" name="nhpdochoosefiletype" value="jpg" onchange="javascript:checkSize();" /></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>PNG (.png) <input type="radio" id="nhpdocft6" name="nhpdochoosefiletype" value="png" onchange="javascript:checkSize();" /></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"><label>TIFF (.tif) <input type="radio" id="nhpdocft7" name="nhpdochoosefiletype" value="tif" onchange="javascript:checkSize();" /></label></div> <div id="nhpdostatement" class=" nhpdorow row"><label for="nhpdostmt">I understand that I am responsible to <span>secure copyright permissions</span> (if any) for the use of this image <input type="checkbox" id="nhpdostmt" name="nhpdostatement" value="confirmed" onchange="javascript:confirmResponsibility();" class="filled-in"/></label></div> <div class="nhpdorow row"> <br/><button id="nhpdobutton" onclick="javascript:downloadCustomImage('SFS0056003','00102',1); 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