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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Police Manual Meet Eyed BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor.._ The State Security Manual is expected to be completed within a week, but State Security Coordinator Palmer Wee said he plans ro delay di'Stribution until he confFs with USF leaders. Wee said he will seek a meeting with SG Pres. Bill Davis, Director of Pui>lic Safety and Security Paul Uravich and possibly other University members. He said he hopes the meeting will lead to acceptance of the manual. "I WANT the manual to be something everything can live with," Wee said. "I don't want it to be a controversial thing." The manual was a'pprov6ld by the Board qf Regents PpartnHnt of Education official apparently inst ructl'd l{csource. Inc. to lwgin work Lwfore bidding. TlllS l\INI> OF a r<'port and investig"ation has never been done before and is setting a precedent according to the of ficial. But he noted he expects no criminal prosecution to result. "What I think they'll do is say 'You really blew it and made a shamb!C's of it. till' committee spoktsman said. "11 showed poor responsibility in ,handling things." The meeting is scheduled for 7:30p.n1_ in room'l6of.lhe Capitol l :hnlding in Tallahassee. It will be open to the public1 Orac1e t"nOTO Dy Robin Clark Arnold Levine Speaks to students about rights, see story page 3.


2 -THE ORACLE October 18, 1973 Sirica Dismisses 'Gate Tape Suit WASHINGTON (UPil Chief U.S. District Court Judge John J. Sirica yesterday dismissed the Senate Watergate committee's suit to obtain President Nixon's secret tape recordings, saying the court lacked jurisdiction in the case. by Cox and the Watergate Committee to obtain the tapes. Production Slowed KUWAIT < The administration is searching for a woman to become the govern* *. *. Illegal Contributions WASHINGTON

THE ORACLE -October 18, 1973 3 Lucoff: 1Rail Road' Not Unique Show t Oracle photo by Boll Phillips BY LAURIE ARKY Oracle Staff Writer Dr. Manny Lucoff, general manager of WUSF, said yesterday the Underground Rail Road is no different from local "top 40" radio stations. Lucoff's remarks came after a large group of students, led by Pete Rooney of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, marched to Lucoff's office and asked him to speak at the SG sponsored Open Forum on the UC Mall. "WHAT YOU hear from the media isn't always how I feel," Lucoff said. But h e acknowledged students were unhappy because of the change. Dr. Manny Lucoff Joins Students Lucoff said programming replacing th e Rail Road will put somethin g of valu e on the air. He said he wants the station to try an a lternative t ype of public affairs s how: featuring documentary and question-answer sessions. after speaking in the SG Underground Rail Road Open Forum yesterday. But students a nd the general Cooperate If Arrested, Fight later, Levine Says BY .\:\DRE:\ HARRIS Managin g Editor Two T ampa attorneys advised students in the UC Ballroom last night to cooper a t e if ever arrested even if the arrest seems t o be an un fair o ne. "It' s go ing to be a tense situation," the lawyer s said "That officer doesn't know yo u from Adam. He s not going to hesitate to use that nightstick o r whatever. ARNOLD LEVINE and Rick L azarra, both criminal lawyers, also told students during the SG sponsored lecture to talk to a lawyer before "spilling your guts." An officer can arrest y ou for a felony onl y if he has a warrant, has seen yo u commit the crim e, has probable cause to believe you committed a crime or is in hot pursuit o f yo u Levine said. You can b e arrested for a misdemeanor only if the officer has a warrant or has seen you Development Applications Are Ready Faculty wis hin g t o appl y for Facult y Development Leave for lltr. 1, 1974 a nd Qt r s. :1 and :i. l!J7c> s hould co ntact th e office of the Vice Preside nt for Acad emic Affair s for an application. Any eligible faculty member who applied last year but did no t rc-ceive an award may reapply. To be e ligibl e, a facult y member must have six years of full tim e \'rnployment with USF, whether on a 9 10 or 12-month contract. qtr. 4. 1975 i s available for faculty on 12-months contrac t s only To lw considered. applications lw nturned to ADI\! 22f i. 110 Lltt r than Nm l!l commit the crime. IH=' continued. "\\TfllOL' T these t h ings h e doe sn't h a\e th e right t o arrest :iou." Le1in e said "In that regard. you h a\e t h e ri ght to resist. But it's generally better to submit and argue about it later." After you a r e arrested. you are booked. mugged and f inger printed. he sai d. The first time yo u appear in court will be for a preliminary hearing. Levin e said. This hearing is not to determine your guilt or innocence, but to determine w h ethe r there i s probable cause to believe a c rime has been co mmitted and w heth e r yo u are probably the o n e who committed it. YOU WILL either be bound over to crimina l court. Le v in e said. or th e judge will discharge the case Even if you a n d i scharge d t h e s t ate attornr:> may still d eci de to and yo u will be arrested again. L e v in e said. The n ext step in a criminal proceeding is a n arraignment. h e said. AT TllE arra i gnme nt. yo u w ill plead guilt>". not g u ilty or no h e said. :\ trial date w ill be set at the arraignment. a nd yo u will be tried in front of a six-man jury. h e said. If th e crime is a capital crim e. the jury w ill co nsist of 12 people, he adde d. TllE VERDICT must be un animous, Levine said. If the jury is hung, th e state may reprosecute. If yo u los e. yo u may appeal to the s tate Supreme Court and then th e U.S. Supreme Court. LEVINE a l so noted that if a n officer e nters your home with an arrest warr a nt a nd not a sear c h warrant. h e may search on l y 'sithin arm's l e n g th from w h e r e h e arrests you "Th e best idea i s for yo u to fin d a spot in th e midc'I P of th e room." h e said 2 OMNIBUS II: Genres of Art A Galleiy for Writert Photographers Poets Painters Dramatists To be ,... Artiru hould moterial to long-lit 472 Before November 9th "What you hear from the media isn't always how I feel." -Manny Lucoff public are not responding to the new programming, SG Pres. Bill Davis said. Few students now listen to the station, he said, so they are not informed of en tertainment, projects and services offered by SG and SEAC. WUSF was rated one of the top ten publi c stations in the nation last spring by the American Research Bureau I'"' J r1}\ \;If I l;irr1-I01ri 'nud;" ,1.r11''11 \11-.\ 11rw11 "1n 1tLn ''T' 111:._r f '..''..'J.! ;1111 J': n n11, 1n


4-THE ORACLE October 18, 1973 Print Sales Bring Warmth Art is a form of expression meant to be shared, and the managers of the Art Print Sale now visiting the campus have a nice way of sharing. Students, faculty and staff can purchase full-color reproductions from the selections displayed on the tables on the UC mall today and tomorrow and in the Ballroom Monday and Tuesday. In thoughtful gesture, they off er some people print in exchange for an hour's work. This is especially nice for the art lover who may be a little short of cash. Such consideration is a fantastic alternative to the impersonal method of monetary exchange and is especially appropriate to the sale of esthetic goods. The Oracle recognizes and appreciates this brief addition of war;mth to the campus, as well as the pleasure derived from viewing the colorful pr:nts. Color reproductions are examined. on UC mall Senate Needs Guidance From Students An open letter to the student body: For at least the past four years, the critics of Student Government have taken I.he position that SG is _plagued with a do-nothing atmosphere. To some degree, 1 must concur that the criticism is valid, but I believe that this validity has been exponentially diminished under the leadership of Bill Davis, Mark Levine, and their associates who have put life and renewed vigor into the executive branch. TO MY DISMAY, such vigor is noticeably missing in the Senate. The problem appears to be simple but I can assure you that the solution is not! Perhaps the most important step to be tl1t1rsday's ORACLE (letters) taken is the one in which you. the students, realize that the Senate must look to you for guidance. To make the role of the Senate meaningful and its issues relevant is not only the senatorial duty, it is yours. The Senate is capable of working for you so why waste potcnlial? If you have reasonable complaints or suggestions, make them known to your senators and College Councils, for they exist to serve you. Together our voice can be heard and perhaps someday soon items like "Alternative Radio" will return along New South with a host of other student privileges. Honald to:. Cotterill Ii POL Social Sceince Senator Dist. 1 Social Science Council Hep. Help Petition To the students: The recent appeal to the students of USF lo change the programming of WUSfo' has been marked hy almost total success. A petition has been circulating by the Ad Hoc Committee for Fair Programming and letters and editorials have appeared in the Oracle. The ad hoc committee has gathered 1,:mo signatures, but not nearly enough to dent the mind of the administration. I I v \j ., '\ \ \ This committee is too small to collect enough signatures. llelp is needed to reach the 19,000 students in school this term. Ninty eight per cent of the students petitioned agned lo sign their names but few asked to help pass petitions. This committee needs help to pass petitions to the majority of the student body. This is something you can do to hdp this University progress to an institution of higher learning beyond the prejudices of a few men. Petitions can be picked up UC 156 anytime during the day. We need your help Douglas Pettit Don Rosso The Ad Hoc Committee For Fair Programming Reduce High Tuition l:ditor: After reading the article of "Nonresidents fo'ight High Tuition" in Oct. 12 Oracle, I feel some clarification is necessary. It is not my intent to start another "radical" organization at USF. But ruther, I hope to initiate an interest in the minds of everyone, from students to legislaturers, as saying that the legislature wanL'i as much power they can get. I feel this type of accusation would lead to dangerous consequences for any issue, particularly when stale funds are involved. Also, I never meant to even infer a declaration of this sort. The legislature is trying hard, in my mind, at least, to fairly distribute state and federal funds to the best of their ability. And credit must be given where it is due But this issue of educational cost is important and should be considered with more effort than presently. There must be more viable solutions to the problem without having to charge excessively high tuition fees or taxes. I feel the aim of state public education should be an efficient system, not an expensive one Bob Scribner LAUREL T. BEEMAN Editor ANDREA HARRIS Managing Editor SUE THOMPSON Advertising Manager CLAUDIA MclLWAIN VIVIAN MULEY DAVE MOORMANN News Editor Entertainment Editor Sports Editor PETE DICKS MARILYN M. EVON LEO STALNAKER Makeup Editor Copy Editor Adviser ANPA Pacemaker Award 1967, 1969 ACP All-American Since 1967 SDX Mark of Excellence 1972 DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising

DOONESBURY HOl18Rf.1 WHA1 NWS? I YOU GUY5 GOT A {{UARTER.-8ACK AGAIN! \ by Garry Trudeau 11A6NIFICO! WHAT HAPPEN{}? I WHAT CHA MAK/37 \ :f Pt!U&P AN AlL-NIGHTER. FINl5H MY ASHTRAY ANO A SPK.!Al PROJfCTI \ A 1WO-FOOT 1ERRA-COT1A 8/31< Mt/G .1 I THE 18,1973 5 Student Senate Shows Lack of Communication Editor: TuC'sday night's Student Semite nweting showed a very specific lack of communication between two student groups. The newly formC'd llSF Women's C'entff. at the beginning of October. con ecivC'd of the idea of sponsoring a march on the :list of this month in protest of the exceptionally poor lighting on !his campus. An ar ticle.was printed in recognition of this fact in last Friday's Oracle. At Tuesday evening's meeting. a resolution was passed (with some controversy l to Im VC' the nwmbC'rs of thr StudC'nt Senate' march on till' 18th of this month 1 tonight 1 This resolution was 1iassl'd with prior knowlPclge of f lie previously planrwd WomC'n 's ('!'liter's march. TllE EXECl'Tl\'E branch Ohe President and S(; Cabinet l worked hard in obtaining the spacl' allocation for the WomC'ns ('pnter on campus. Why thPn. I fommtntar' must ask. was such defen sivl'ness l'Xhibited by members of till' SC'nate at my suggestion lo l'ombirll' the' two marches? As a mC'mber of the Board of Directors of the Women's Center I S<'P a significant nPed to com bine our enC'rgies. We have no intention of working against the legislative' branch. and WC' don't fel'i that they are nC'cessarily or intl'ntionally working against us. Tlw primary reason for having fill' Women's Center's march on tlw :nst is in hopes that there will b< a significant number of people aware by that time. and willing to give tlH'ir s,1pport. It s un fortunate that there are now going to be' two marches. The' l'Xl'l'Ul ivt' branch of SG will. hoWP\'l'r. lw en-sponsoring with us the Oct. 31 march for better lighting on campus. We are in hopes that concerned individuals will support and march with us. AT THE Tuesday evening meeting I felt that, as an in dividual and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Women's Center, I was not given a fair chance to speak to the statements that were being made at the meeting. I can only wonder why. This lack of communication between the Women.'s Center and the Senate has caused an un fortunate controversy. I am in hopes that greater and better communication will occur bet ween the two groups so that in the future we can work together more effectively. K Jean Harman Co"signed in support. Angela B!"antley h.;ileen Bresnahan Board of Directors Clydine Thompson 1 Constitution' Not Ambiguous ORSHIP il If 11 Open letter to Robert Clark. Engineering College Association: Thank you for the concern you Pxpressed in your Oct. 12 letter to the Oracle over the "proposed constitution" pf the Student < ;overnment. As with any document of this f ype. the "proposed constitution" can he interpreted differently by different people. This is eertainly fruC' of the U.S. Constitution. the Florida Constitution, statutes, cirdinances and the like. I'm sure I hat you'll even agree that your own College Association < ECA l Constitution is rlpen to a considerable amount of interpretation. As a matter of fact. one pror:ninent theory of constitutional law concerning the survival of constitution is based on the premise that. the morP flexible the document, the longer if will survive. I ('i\NNOT, however. agree with the proposition you put forth contending that the "proposed constitution" is unusually ambiguous. In fad. it is relatively clear and prccisP in its language. l'urthC'rmorP. I think W<' will both ;1grP<' that in <'ornparison with the <'tllT<'nf ing docunwnf. t lw "proposed constitution" is qui\< an improv<'m' i\l<'ssrs. I IPehiclH' ;rnd (;ood111;rn on tlw Middl(' l:ast situation. I a111 strnl'k hy th<' f;1cili1y of th<' t 0 ('Oil ti 1111 ;ii fin cl 'f;1('t 11;11 j11sf ifi(';Jt ions for f IJ(' iq111H!' l'li111111af!'d hv ;111.v ;1rr:1y of fa!'!:;. SO LONI; ;i:; lilt l:;r;l!'li:; < '011li111w to ltt 'po:;:;!':;s1d' tlwir own and k;1r111u p;il ll'rn of :;11ffni1q',, :;t 1'111'.l',I<' and r<'tril111tio11. tlll',V 1;111 0111.v dqo, dPl'per into the trapa gaping hol<' of collPetivP self-delusion rl'volving around the 'divine' destiny of a peoplP in whom the deity is sC'en as having a personal investrnC'nt. So long as ttw Arabs continue to believe in their historic myth of a unified Arab world. reminiscent of a cultural fantasy and at tuchmC'n! to the past. they will ru isC' their own level of internal strC'ss and collective anxiety. I doubt if the Arabs want to an nihilate the Jews. as Goodman suggests . or that the Jews wish to settle in equal and harmonious accord with the Arabs. The biblical epithet. 'From the Tigris to the Euphrates,' reproduced on the gates of .Jerusalem. speaks of strong .IC'wish attachment to a mythic drC'am F ,\('TS WILL solve nothing so long as both sides believe that the solution is in punishment through violence and destructive acts. which appease' the collective ego. but weaken the' life force and rei11forTP tlw internalization of dl'sfrncfive and violent impulse's. Tlw result is that the rnlltctiv!' !'Xf<'rnal :ind internal :111xiPfits of both sid!'s :1r<' raised whil'h can climax in infernal disin t!'gration. soci;1l ;md pPrsonal. of hoth nrlturcs. :\nything achi!'vcd hy fore<'. pL .'<'r. ;111d must k:1ve a kgac:v of <'roding hatred. '1itt1r1H'ss. a11d spiritual dqil!'tion for the victor as \\'I'll :is t It< v ict i 111. .los!'ph i\. [l!'ll:1 c;roff<' i\ssisf;111l l'rof. History Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S IN l'ElHOl{S l-112 W. Platt Ph. By Popular Demand, Worship is Noon. S-days I' I i! II ti at the Episcopal Center on SO th Street I! II For Information, ca!I boogie on his f/ If Grea1er1 "Director Robert Downey is always like a breath of rare air, and this time out he has given us a frantic fermentation filled with way-out weirdos and marvelous misfits, done with a diabolical dash." -Bob Salmaggi, Group W Radio Oct. 19, 20, 21 7:30 & 9:30p.n1. ENA $1.00 FILM ART SERIES FLORIDA CENTER FOR THE ARTS PAESANO'S lta 1 ian For J<'a..,t Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 IOH:.N Shth 'I' I 'I' c111p e errac1'


8 -THE ORACLE October 18, 197S Schneider Offers Brilliant Theatrical Perspective BY PEGG\' SCHROEDER Oracle Staff Writer Dr. Raymond J Schneider, associate professor of Speech Communications has done a brilliant job with his adaptation and direction of The Horse Dealei:'s Daughter" by D ll. Lawrence, presented Wed nesdav those expecting a full theatrical production, Chamber Theatre may be a disappointment. Defined by Schne ider, Chamber Theatre is "staging the point of view from th e authors perspective ... finding the theatrical equivalent. THE is true to Lawrence' s work with the descriptions as well as the dialogue spoken by the cast. Cristine Harding s interpretation of Mabel Pervin is inten s e as Lawrence intended it. Th e u se o f v i s ible m e taphor s cl a rifies m a n y of L awrence's submerged truths. Various cl ements of the s tor y are given s taged analogues The theme of invited. impending death rising from dt>spair. encourage d Schneider to use the ongoing metaphor of a ritual choir From the Ritual of the Last Rit e s used by the Catholic Church a t funer a l Masses the Gregorian Chant th e dead person into P aradise a nd r verlasting peace in a spirit of cel e bration Replicas Of Art On Sale Include Renoir, Picasso THE DA!\CE struggle un d e rwat e r s tag e d b y P e gg y -Ann Lax e xtends th e a ction to s how a m e thodi c pur s uit for th e un wc lcom e d res c u e The s how will be r e p eated next W edn es day a t 2 p.m in LAN 10 3. A dmi ssion to th e e v e nt is fr e e Three USF student organizations are sponsoring an art sale this week and next week DECA. the Young Democrats and the Pep Band are offering m ore than 1 200 different full color replica art prints of various periods and schools of art. Representati v e artists include D ali Van Gogh ; Gaugin. Rem br a ndt. Picas so Monet. Klee \1odigliani. R enoir, C h agall. L a utrec Degas and C ezanne P r ints are on sale a t $2 2 5 a p ie ce or $6 for three -prints The sale will be heid toda y on the lawn the UC and Friday, Library Offers For Children The Youth Services Depart ment of the Tampa Publi c ubrar) >A ill present a fall storytelling series for pre-school ilnd elementary children lwginning Saturday and con t inuing through Dec 8 from 11 a.m. to noon. Registration for this program is being conducted by Linda ll 'Connor. Youth Services librarian and her staff. on the st'cond floor of the Librarv at 900 N .-\sh St. .-\ limited number can be ac l'omodatt>d so parents are urged t11 their children early. Monda y and Tuesda y in the U C Ballroom from IO a m to 5 : 3 0 p m Henry's Complete Foreign and Domestic Car Repair and Service FAST SERVICE 28 Years Experience All All Models Phone 971-9161 13614 Tampa UPTO $$$ 40.00 $$$ PER MONTH ON REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM 7AM UNTIL 2PM MONDAY THAU FRIDAY --CALL FOR APPOINTMENT-HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. KENNEDY BLVD PHONE NO. 253-2844 0 7oole Comedy Oscar winner Peter O'Toole stars in the comedy film about psychotics, Christ and Parllament "The Ruling Class"-being presented today at 7 and 9: 45 p m in LAN 103 as part of the Film Art Series. Admission is $1. Advanced ticket sales will be from I: 15 to 4: 30 p.m. at the Theatre Box Office. Also in the film are Alastair Sim and Arthur Lowe. WAKE UP!!! Orode Classifieds Are GREAT! LAN 472 DECA-YOUNG DEMOCRATS-sponsored ART PRINT SALE Beautiful, Van Gogh Dali Picasso Renoir Vasa rely FANTASTIC PRICE Full Color Reproductions by Wyeth and many more Rembrandt Monet Toulouse-Latrec Japanese Masters or (These prints regularly sell for $4. to $10. each) We'll be at tbe UC Mall Wed.-Thurs., Oct. 17-18, and at the UC Ballroom Fri., Mon. & Tues., Oct. 19, 22 & 23, 9-5:30. Come Early to Choose from a Full Selection AtSB4KBT'S we serve fun (also pizza) {AND SANDWICHES)


Children's Drama Series Scheduled "Exploring Your Imagination" is the title of a ten class series of creative dramatics classes for children ages six to eight. The classes will be offered Nov. 5throughDec. 5, from 3 to3:45 p m at USF. The session s will include rhythmic act ivit ies, pantomime, poetry interpretation, theatre games, character creating a nd story dramatization. STUDENTS WILL teach the course, which is in conjunction with a credit course. Heading up the student teachers will be Judith B K a s e, assistant professor and specialist in theatre for children. Registration is now in progress at the Center for C ontinuing Education Interested parents may call ext. 2403 for a registration form No auditions will be necessary and applications will be accepted according to the date of release. The maximum amount of s tudents for the class is 25. Fees are $25. film fare AUS"I;IN-closed for remodeling BRANDON 1. Tom Sawyer-7, 9 2. Live and Let Die-7, 9:05 BRITTON CINEMA 111-1. Night Watch-2, 4 6 8, 10. 2 Snowball Express-1 : 30, 3 :30, 5:30, 7 :30, 9 :30. 3. Your Three Minutes Are Up-1:50, 3 :50, 5 :50, 7:50, 9 :50. FLORIDA-The Final Comedown-1:30, 3 :10, 4 :50, 6:30 8 :10, 9:50. FLORILAND CINEMA Il-l. Paper Moon-2, 4 6 8, 10. 2 Double FeatureWhere's Papa-1, 4 :30, 8 and Midnight Cowboy-2:20, 5 :50, 9 :20. HILLSBORO I-Electra Glide in Blue-1:30, 3 :55, 5:45 7:50. 10. HILLSBORO 11-Jeremy-J :30, 3 :10, 4 : 55, 6:35 8 : 15. 10. HORIZON PARK 41. Stone Killer-2, 4 6 ::30, 8:3 0 2. Night Watch-2, 4 6: 15, 8 : 15. 3. Scuba--2 3:55, 6 8 : 1 0 4. Your Three Minut es A r e U p-2, 4, 6 8 IO. P ,\LACE-Double Featurr S up e r Fly-2 : 1 5 5 : 5 0 9:25. a nd The Sla ves-3:55, 7:3 0 TAMPA-I Esca p e d From Devil s I s l a nd--I : 3 0 3: I 0 4: 5 0 6:3 0 8: 15, 9:55. TODD-Do ubl e Featur e Whistle Blower s a nd Tohacco Rood y co ntin o u s s howings f rom II :45 a .m TRANS L U X (T own a nd Countr y 1 -Cahill : U. S. M a r s hall 7 9. TWIN BAYS 41. S ton e Killer--5::lo, 7 : 15, 9. 2. I C ould N e ver-5:30, 7:15, 9. : L S c uba 5:45 7:3 0 9: 15. 4 J e r e m y -5:45. 7::l0, !!: 15. Sunday-7 :30. IO in LAN 103. FILM AHT SERIES-Greaser's Palace-Friday, Saturday and Sunday-7:30, 9 :30 in ENA MIDNIGHT MADNESS-Pink Flamingos-Friday and Saturdaymidnight in ENA HEAD THEATRE-Laurel and Hardy, Krazy Kat Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck W C Fields Buster Keaton Flash Gordon, the Little Rascals. and the Three Stooge s Friday and Saturday-midnight in LAN 103. TUESDAY NIGllT SPECIAL Fillmore-Tuesday 8 : 30. JO: 3 0 in LAN 103. An OUTRAGEOU/ moVIE! .. /1c:111inq /AnTAnA The GRATEFUL DEAD HOTTUnA QUICK/llVER ond BlllGRAHAffi Hit fri

8-THEORACLE October 18, 1973 Small Martin Large On Talent l\llKE KASZUBA A s si stant Sports Editor It s always nice to talk to a basketball player that doesn't have to do a toe touching exercise to come within range of some mumbling eminated from the vicinity of his kneecaps. Especially nice if you're the source of th a t mumbling and make a hobby of clipping out ads hawking, Men : Grow three inches in three weeks or your money back." Opportunities like this come about as often as half price 3 -heel shoe sales, so 5-footOracle photo by Bill Phillips Being S-foot-7doesn't help when Cllrtis Martin faces 6-f Gerold Long. Mackey And Greco May Be In Match Besides displaying some of the country's finest judo this weekend, the Taizo Sone Memorial Invitational and Promotional Tourney may feature a match between USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and Tampa Mayor Dick Greco. "I'm not positive but I'm about 90 per cent sure," said tourney director and USF Judo Club member Tom Rigg. "We (Judo Clubl called Mackey n Monday and he said he' ll be there Saturday at i p .m. The mayor has tentatively accepted." Even if the celebrated contest come about, what Rigg termed as a "mini-nationals" should provide plenty of excitement. "I don t know how the tilrnout will be," Rigg said, "but it should be good. The tourney should be the best anywhere in the state." Juniors Cages 9 through 16) are scheduled to begin in USF's gym noon Saturday. Silnday at 11 a m seniors, in which USF's Judo Club has five representatives, start fighting. Four black belts, Rigg, Phil Van Treese, Bob McCauley and classifieds sell Ext. 2620 Loran Lease, and white belt Bob Ortiz present the Brahmans with a clear shot at taking the team title LAN 103 7 sportwriters do well not to let such infrequ e ncies slip on by. ,\ND THANKS to the work of Don Williams and his USF basketball staff over the sum mer. that opportunity has been presented in the form of Curtis Martin. Williams' new 5-foot-7 hot shot guard from Gary. Indiana's River Forest High School. But in unconscioftsly bowing to the wishes of a few midget sports writers. Williams feels he has in no way left himself short at his guard positions with the diminutive Martin. Indiana' s second leading high s chool scorer last year. averaging 31.1 Martin is another one of those basketball prospects hailing from the Northern Indiana steel mill area. a helluva pla c e to visit if you have a i:hronic respiratory problem. but a necessary trip to find some of the nation's best high school talent. No surprise then why college coaches scamper there like rats to a slice of cheddar cheese. BEING AS l\lll('ll as a foot or so shorter than some of his teammates, let alone the op position, Martin feels quite confident he can do the job against anyone "Mainly I try to work off picks and screens. If a defender is slow on defense or can't go either to his right or left, you take ad vantage of things like that." Williams' freshman also contends his quick release gives him a definite weapon to coun teract his lofty opponents, and goes even further in saying, "I think I've got the quickest shot on the team," in his often thought cocky, but confident attitude. A MAJORITY of Martin's salvos are generally launched from twenty feet out a perimeter where he maintained a 45 per cent accuracy in high school. He added, "I got quite a few tip ins and steals when the big guys brought the ball down (off the backboards)," hinting he wasn' t afraid to venture his smallish frame into unfamiliar territory. Despite all his basketball laurels since grade school, Martin still turns to his eighth-75c w -ID "Mainly, I try to work off picks and screens. If a defender is slow on defensive or can't go either to his right or left, you take advantage of things like that." grade coach for advice and constructive criticism. "E\'EH\' YEAH I go back to him He's seen me develop through high school and can tell m e what's wrong when my s hooting's off or my form is wrong." With 400 letters and 15 concrete collegiate scholarship offers M artin' s form and shooting apparently doesn t go haywire too often. At least ii didn't whe n former USF assistant ba s ketball coach Bob Shiver traveled the 1,100 miles to see Martin play East G a ry High school in the Indiana -Curtis Martin State Sectional, a game in which Martin put on a 42-point show. If anyone wants an inside line on this season' Brahmans, Martin says, "Wr, re going to run a lot this year. IF THING..; WORK OUT right, so will a lot of schools on USF's schedule ... chasing Martin TEKE Unbeaten Tau Kappa Epsilon this seaso:i. PART TIME JOB male or female YMCA School Club Leader Hours 2-4 pm Mon Fri call Jerry-Rupert ph 229-6517 MELVIN STARTS TO TREMBLE ... whenever he looks at the classifieds. Can you blame him? The job scene today is a bummer. But-even before you graduate-we can offer you a job that's different. By enrolling in ou r Campus Intern ship program now, you can get started on a career in which your hours, decisions and clients are yours alone. Fact: 24% of our leading group of agents began learning and earning while still i n college Stop by our Campus Office today and take advantage of being young. 1111 PROVIDENT OF PHILADELPHIA H o me Ottice P O B ox 73 7 8 .Phtla P a 1 9101 Subsid i aries : Providor Management Company, Prov idor Sales Company JOHN SMITH Campus Representative Smith Associates, Suite 101 5050 Smithville Ave 622-7313 Smithville, Pa.


Roll Out oraJZ'Z.a Giant Cold Sandwiches Sandwiches ORACLE sports briefs' ... Head swim coach Bob Grindey w ill join WFLA 's guest host Bob South and sports director Eric Pollock tonite on WUSF-FM's "Sp orts-Line" The half-hour sports phon e-in show will be aired starting at 6: :m p .m. \ CH.\MPIONSHIP autocross, sponsored by USF's Sports Car Club USFSCC), will be conintramurals Men's Football Lambda Chi Alpha 20, Phi Delta Theta 7 US Warriors l.4, Fungi O FHAC Zoo 13, FHAC Take n Hea 7 FHAC Foxes 14, FHAC Heads 12 Beta4 West 14, Alpha4 -West o Beta1 Eiast 13. Beta3 -East 12 Eta. \ 6. Zeta! o Sigma Phi Epsilon 13, Sigma Nu O Lambda 2 26. The ta \ 7 Live Date 7, Dark.Eyed Woman 7 Ifie ) 5-Women Basketball Gamma! 26, Mu3 -Easl I Soulerette s 28, Fontana l 1 6 -Women Basketball Delta D ella Delta 14. Kaooa D elta 7 Alpha3 -E3sl 18, Fontana 11 Kappa Alpha Theta 15. Mu 3 West 1 Kappa 3 East 2, Gamma 4 -East O ducted here Saturday and Sun day. Beginning noon Saturday, there will be a practice "fun-run" across from the LanguagcLiterature Building in the parking lot Non-USFSCC memhers will be charged $1 admission. Registration for the Sunday autocross is at 9 a m. in the same areH. First car is out al 11 a .m. i\1embers of USFSCC must pay a $:J entrance f ee. USF students. staff and faculty $:3.50, and all others $4. l i Sff"'S KARATE Club has annotinced plans for the 1973 So\llh Atlantic Karate Tourna ment. Set for the University of Tampa Gymnasium (401 W Kennedy Blvd. J, competition begins Sunday at 2 p .m Open to all styles. participants must be al l ca:;t 17 of age and possess a brown belt or high e r Admission is $2. Three forms of k arate will be included in the meet: fighting competition. form competition and special MIDNIGHT MADNESS Fri. Oct. 19 Sat. Oct. 20 ENA Midnight $1.00 TAPE TOWN STEREO 3 doors north of Skipper weekrJavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave CHABLIS OF CALIFORNIA Mort than a Rose, our Pink Chablis is a captivating 10in1 wmbining the delicate fragrance of a superior Rosi mil tht crisp character of a fine Chablis. This wirtt Ollt owr most delightful creations. Made and bottled at tht Vineyards in Modesto, Calif. Alcohol 12% by ool TIME Magazine reports: Pink Chablis recently triun1phed over ten costlier con1petitors in a blind tasting an1ong a panel of wine-industry executives in Los T1111e Maga11ne November 27 i 9J2 age 8! More than a Rose. l'INt<. LI IJ\IJI o l CAI ti O HNIA G 1110 C:.1ldor n1.1 --------------------------------------------


10-THE ORACLE October 18, 1973 Senate Leads 1Lighting March I BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer The Student Senate passed a resolution late Tuesday calling for a demonstration tonight to dramatize the need for more and better lighting on campus. The demonstration is scheduled for 9 p.m. in the large open area south of Gamma residence hall Senators agreed to meet there with candles and flashlights. THE RESOLUTION passed after lengthy debate over its timing and opposition from a member of the Women's Center Board of directors. Authored by Senators Richard Bass and Ron Cotterill. the Senate agreed to the measure by a vote of 16-1 with two ab stentions The Women's Center has scheduled its own torchlight demonstration for Oct 31. Jean Harman, of the Center's board, argued before the Senate that its action would detract from the effectiveness of the later march. "YOUR CABINET worked awfully hard to get a Women's Center Don't you think you're going to be essentially working against it?" she said. She said the earlier date would riot allow time to effectively organize and publicize the demonstration. "How many people are going to get it together by the 18th?" she said. The Senate voted down an amendment to the resolution to change the date to coincide with the Center's march. COTTERILL, in arguing for passage. said Senate action was "imperative" because someone could be raped or killed" at any time in a poorly lighted area, and passage would "'show our con"Lighting isn't going to change the conditions that make people rape and kill." -Howard Steele stituents we're doing something other than sitting on our ass." "It's not a matter of PR basically it's the issue of who's going to get killed," he said. Sen. Howard Steele cast the only dissenting vote. "LIGHTING isn"t going to change the conditions that make people rape and kill Steele said. "Assault will be a danger till we all learn to love each other." he said. Student Senate Supports University Wine License In addition to its long and heated debate on the issue of campus lighting the Student Senate considered action Tuesday on student appointments to University committees and the sale of wine on campus. By a vote of 17 to 0 with one abstention, the Senate voted to "go on record" as supporting The following employers will be in terviewing on-campus on the dales as in dicated. Contact Student career and Employment Center (AOC 105 to schedule ap pointments and request complete in formation. More information is available 24 hours daily ext. 2200 (Off-Campus 974-2200). OCT. 29 Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.-BA, MA-all maiors.oec., Mar., June, alumni, Aug. Maas Brothers-BA, MA-all majors Oec ., Mar. Ortho Pharmaceutic;;! Corp.-BA,MA preference giv en to marketing majors, Dec Mar., June, alumni. Union Camp Corporation-BS,MSstructures, materials, fluids engineers. OCT.JO Arthur Andersen & Co .-BA, MA accounting.Dec., Aug. The First National Bank of Tampa-BA, MA-business, econ., mkt., finance-Dec., Mar., June, Aug., aluni. Flori Florida Parole & Probation-BA, MAcriminology, psychology, sociology majors preferred, will consider others-Dec., Mar., June, Aug. alumni. Provident Mutual Life Ins. Co.-BA-prefer degrees in bu-siness, but will give con sideration to others Mar., June, alumni. Thunderbird Graduate School of Inter. natoonal Management-BA, MA-all disciplines-Dec., Mar., June, Aug. alumni. OCT.31 Action.Peace-Corps-Vista-BA, BS, MA, MS.all areas of study, Dec., Mar., June, Aug., alumni. Arthur Andersen & Co.-lnfo same as for Oct JO. United States Air Force-BA, MA.all majors.Dec., Mar., June, Aug. Aetna Life & Casualty-Info not available. The First National Bank of Tampa-Info samo as for Oct. JO. NOV.1 The Atlantic National Bank of Jackson voll<'-BA. MA.all majors.Dec., Mar. Burroughs Wellcome & Co.-BA, MA.all mil1ors-Dec. Mar., June, Aug. alumni. Chf'rter Bankshares c orp.-BA.bus. .:1dm1n1stration-Dec ., Mar. F tr!tf Nationial Bank of Sf Pefersburg-1 nto not aviaililble. eff orts to obtain a wine license for the l'niversity. I:\ :\:'\OTHER resolution. the senate voted by acclamation to recommend to University administrators that SG be the recommending body for all ap pointments to University com mittees USF Pres. Cecil Mackey said United States Air Force-Info same as for Oct. 31. Action-Peace Corps-Vista-Info same as for Oct. Jl. NOV. 2 Allstate Insurance Company-BA-all majors Dec. Bella, Hermida, Oliver & GillmanBA,MAaccounting .oec., Mar., alumni. Charter Bankshares Corp.-1 nfo same as for Nov. 1. First National Bank of St. Petersbur!I,:-Info not available. ActionPeace Corps-Vista-Info same as for Oct. Jl. last week that he would consider naming SG the primary source for such recommendations but would prefer to keep "other ave nue s open to student input on committees. The Senate resolution states that SG "is the representative of the students," (as does the Board of Regents Operating Manual) and that there is "an obvious inconsistency in the selection of members for all University committees. IN OTHER business, the Senate confirmed appointments to four Senate vacancies and the Student Court of Review. New senators are Edward Zizvari, Engineering; Gail Kenney, Education; Johnathan Weiss, Natural Science; and Shane Weese, Education. Kurt Spitzer was sworn in as associate justice on the Student Court. Spitzer served in the Student Senate for one quarter last year and was president of the USF chapter of Zero Population Growth ( ZPG) for two years. He worked as a lobbyist for ZPG during the last sessiw of the state legislature. ....... -tc WHEN Ye>U PM Tt) HAVE> YOUR HAIR De>NEJ--tc Ye>U DESERVE> THE BEST .M THAT' S WHY WE USE REDKEN .M PROFESSIONAL HAIR & BEAUTY PRODUCTS .M Take Shampoo. It's a very important part of your hair care treatment. The right shampoo t means healthier, lovelier hair. The wrong shampoo-well. it means hair trouble. In our best professional sense we couldn't use anything less than Redken's Amino-Pon '"K-11" Shampoo. It's more than a shampoo-it's a treament. .M Amino-Pon's naturally-organic, acid-balanced rormula provides the hair with protein. It Is so good for the hair the second Amino-Pon sudsing can actually be left In the hair for extra conditioning. After your first Amino-Pon your .M hair regains lost life. strength, luster and beauty. And if you have sick or damaged hair ... you need Redken's .M P.P.T. s-TI" Recondltioner. It is a naturally-organic protein hair reconditioner that actually feeds the hair needed nourishment. With correct P .P.T. treatments. damaged. i( weakened hair can be rebuilt and restructured. _M We ol'fer you the best in salon services through Redken products Make an appointment with us today! -tic: &R_EDKEN HOUSE of POMPEII In the meantime, placing lights in areas that are now dark at night "may just aggravate the situation," Steele said. Some dark areas are needed especially by resident students who "need to express their sexuality," he said. COTTEHILL invited Women's Center members to join the march tonight. Members of the Center's board said yesterday they support the "idea" of the Senate march but Wl)Uld probably not participate in its because of "prior com mitments "It seems like such a waste not lo combine our energies," board member Angela Brantly said. IN THE SAME resolution the Senate ordered its own University Affairs committee to conduct an intensive in vestigation of campus lighting and report back to the full body in two weeks so that the Senate can make recommendations to USF's administration. Vice Pres. for Administrative Affairs Ken Thompson said that lights will be installed next month in two areas and that additional areas are being considered. PART TIME EMPLOYMENT NEEDED: 4 individuals to clean, sort, and repack merchandise. $2.50 I hour Anyone seeking employment m 4 hour blocks, please contact Jim Tuten at Star Terminal & Warehouse. Phone 621-4905 EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EWIN6 STREET TIMES= VOL.II N0.1 RETURNING TO U.S.F. Your old alltime favorites are hack, pedal-stealin' their way into your heart with dohros, drums, and electric guitars. OCT. 17, 18, &19 THLR.18 FRI. 19 \lf:D. OCT. 17 2:1HJ.l:llll sUl'l'Y nnrn \ll'TY t.n; rnn:. \\EU. "Giil' E .\IPTY KEG 11 I'M EMPTY l\EG 9 PM ID 511' W/ID 50--WITH MIKE BALDWIN


THE ORACLE -October 18; 1973 CANADY VOLKSWAGEN 11 ( HELP WANTED l SERVICES OFFERED ( AUTOMOTIVE ) OCTOBER SPECIAL! MEN or WOMEN needed for light delivery. Must be neat. Good car needed. Apply 1 pm 4426 N. Armenia. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacDonald Trng. Cir. for mentally retarded adults J or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. 5100 mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 87774J1. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK. 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Morning or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON COR PORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 6261550. TELEPHONE Sales and sect. work. 18 years & up. Good pay. Apply 1 5 pm 4426 N Armenia MEN! -WOMEN! JOBS ON SHIPS! No experience required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer job or career. Send SJ.OO for in formation. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P O Box 2 049, Port Angeles, Washington 98J62 LONG HAIR 0 .K.! Young men & women for i!'lside part-time sales. Good pay. Apply 1-5 pm 4426 N Armenia \NOME N or men-Tropical Fish packers and Quality Control workers. Full or part-time. Three shills available. No layoffs. Ex perience not required. Inside work. Apply Mon .-Fri. 8-5 across from silver water tower 3 miles So. of Gibsonton, 3 miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So. RI. 41. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords in bells. Also, boots. shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. GOOD BUYS on used radios, stereos, tapes, players, bikes, discount on new auto parts, used tires SJ and up. Buy. sell, trade. Menard Pawn & Gift Shop 140J8 Florida Ave. Phone 9J5774J. SAILBOAT 1J'2" Thundercat. Fiberglass hull, Murray lilt trailer plus small electric motor. 110 sq. fl. Dacron Sail 21' mast. Very good condition 5750. Call George 832-2J72. SEALY Posture-pedic mattress and box springs, AM-FM. B -track multi-plex stereo with two speakers, 1 yr. old. 8 General Electric TV. Bed 575, Stereo 550, TV SlO. Call 971-4666. 8 -TRACK TAPE Player-automatic, radio, S50. Hair styler dryer S9. Classic '59 T-Bird in super great condition S550. Good dependable car investment. 977-5012 Apt. 24H Greentree Village. r REAL ESTATE ) ONLY MINUTES FROM USF READY to move into! Freshly painted 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with central heat and air. W-W carpeting living rm. and comb. family and din. rm. Fully equipped kitchen. Inside utility rm. Lovely land scaping and only in upper twenties. Call for appl. Pauline Ferraro. Assoc. Coyle Really Res: 877-4922 Off: 877-8227. J0 S(Ptl[ l[VIN(Pfl!itll 5 A JUI r'.; OIJCJi; Pllll011:110 tl fOllKf_fPfUM:illO PETER 0100LE ALASTAIR SIM ARTHUR LOWE EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term papers dissertations-statistical. Turabian-USF-Campbell--1 BM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica. References on request. Cll Gloria 884 1969. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8 :30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 2J8. Aller 6:00 cail 988-J4J5. Ask for Liz. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 9J5-0018 or 9J5-1476 SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schi .ro, 97121J9. If no answer, 2J5-J261. [ LOST & FOUND ) FOUND: Male cal, part Siamese, brown, cream and white. Call 977-0275. FOUND: Slide rule in Lan-Lil Bldg. Come to Oracle Rm. 472 lo identify. LOST: MALE IRISH SETTER around Fletcher Ave. and USF. Answers to "Nick". Was wearing collar and tags. Call Susan 977-5666. ( PERSONAL ) "RARE" UNDERGROUND RECORDS AND TAPES. Wide selection-lowest prices in area. Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Zep. Tull, More!! Free CatalogSUNSHINE SOUNDS P O Box 18674 Tampa. Fla. JJ609 NEED money? We buy--sell--lrade! Menard Pawn & Gill Shop 140J8 Florida Ave. Phone 935-7743 Discount on new auto parts, good used tires. good buys bikes lo stereo and tape sets. STUDENT GOV' T HAS VD and birth control handbooks available for free Handbooks can be picke d up in UC 156 Monday lhru Friday trom 9 5 :30 p.m. DESPERATELY need 10 copies of HAR DER: Basic Materials in Music Theory A Program Course. Please call Music Dept. 1. HUMAN SEXUALITY FORUM OPEN AND HONEST. A process to enable par ticipants to come into a healthy un derstanding of what it means to he a sexual being and gives guidance in lear ning how to r espond appropriately to one's sexuality. This forum is based on the proposition that sexuality is good and good for you. To r egister call Bob Haywood at 988-1185. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS !97J 750 YAMAHA 514JO. Two months old. Call 8JJ -8171 days. \ THE RULING CLASS THURS., OCT. 18, 7:00 & 9:4..5 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 ADVANU: TltKET SALES I :15-11d0 l lSF TIU:ATIU: BOX OFFICE 1967 OPEL KADET GOOD RUNNING CONDITION $500 971-7259 197J SUPER BEETLE Full Warranty. Gel brand new car and help me get one too! Asking S2200, willing to haggle. Call 977. 0646 after 6 p m or come see it at La Mancha Dos apt. 141. FOREIGN CAR PARTS, used. Foreign .imports used auto parts. U .S. Hwy. 41 just south of Gibsonton. 677..QOIO. All makes and models. Minor repirs. Work guaranteed. 1971 TRIUMPH TR6 Gold with black in trior, AM-FM stereo, overdrive, wire wheels, Michelin radials, lighter, center console, and clock. Low mileage, excellent condition, call Dave 971-8049. BEAT the high cost of gasoline-JO miles a gallon! Private Party selling '65 VW bus. Runs good. Rebuilt motor. New seals. SSOO. Also '65 VW Bug. Runs nice, looks sharp S495. 8J7-2972. 1973 VEGA Hatchback. AC 6500 miles, under full warranty. S2200 or 575 a month paymenls. Call 971-4181. -----------'68 CHEV. Biscayne, automatic, power steering, factory air, radio, good condition S650. Call 689-5043. ( FOR RENT ) POOLS I DE 4 bedroom townhouse; need to sublei 2 bedrooms at La Mancha Dos for reduced rates (577 a mo.) 971-2976 Mary or Carla. GREEN OAK VILLA APARTMENTS 2 BR 11 Bath, furnished apt. for rent. A C W W carpet. dishwasher. S185 per mo. Near USF & VA Hospital. 14610 42nd St. Phone: 971-1424. MALE Roommate. Own a room in a bedroom place. Central air cond., pool. 5 min. to campus, nice. seo per month. FOR MORE INFORMATION call Joe at 971 8808 r MOBILE HOMES ) 12x60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles from USF. Shag dishwasher, 6 months old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an investment. Below cost SS800. Call collect for Lee. Clearwater 443-6488. 10% OFF ON PARTS AND LABOR WITH USF STUDENT l.D HOURS: WEDNESDAY 7-9 OTHER WEEKDAYS 7-6 fl BOOK SALE HUNDREDS 01= HARD COVER BOOKS EACH SALE STARTS THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY Ph. 935-4641 OCT 18-21 800KCCNTet Floriland Mall Florida Ave.&' Busch Blvd. Akadama Mama says, Be Nice to Mice. This \H e k s letter s \\'ere kind of dull. but I did gd a neat package. It contained a h ome built mouse trap. Not .Ji club soda. 1 of a can of frozen lemonade concentrate. plenty of ice and lemon and orange slices. To make more just double. triple or quadruple everything. o n e of those hurt ful. snapper. killer. 5 & IO things. But a genuine can't-hurt ,ou -andI m scared-you i,ind o f a thing. It \\as made of scrap wo o d and \\'indow screen (see illus.) and I irot a Yen together friend of minl' Dl do a and in struc tions. ] also han. a friend with a copy machine. so if you'd likl' a copy o f the phn _just mail llll' I lw mnusc coupon. Nern that \H' .\"l' Listen to Mama. and pass the Akadama. the wine that tastes a lot more than it costs. ?' ,, .... -.... \ I ,..,-'' \ I / /.,.\ /...,. \ ,' !-ti -Al \ ) t"' = :: :. -:. -..;. / ,--,_......... / ,\ ,, ..... / hl't'll nice to mict'. I '1.1" ..... l'dlikl'tog i\"l'_\'Oll I \ \ ..., __ _.. ),....,..-\.-\ a couple.o f myl'-..J-!.. .! ____ --1 I I' fayorilt' AkadanHl\ \ l\lail t11:i k '.\icl'Tn i\!ic, ,.,., I rt'cipe:,;thatwillf'-(r-n. B ox:!t>:!'.\ .,l t 1 l'dn,.; \ l'r,k,.; J ,,11111:.;ula. l a .. \tl_ 1 I ll'l11CL' o ynu. 1 ... .... \ .-\k:td:1111: 1 "Luna. p\,' :l>'<' 1:1, :1 rnpy 1lf I ..., -' ,1ur .,,n tPgctlh'r frit'!Hl'>' l1\11,1wi11<,; I & 7ll P I ,, i11,_1 ru, j,,11,.; ,111 llh'. I f\lix :l !o ;; p;1rt s I :\:111w .\k;1d;1111;1 Plum .\ddn,;,; I \\i!h I p;1rl i l ll'. )1 \."i<.' I Zi1' G1d, l Jll'l'Stlll;tlly lil\.t' I < < < 1 I II \ \ rn rh,t.k111_ g <.h1,.; h1i x .. it in ;1 \\ int' I ., .... I I \ k:1d:1rn:1 1,; l"'k111 g 1111

12-THE ORACLE October 18, 1973 Panel Offers Abortion Advice BY PATTY DRAPER Special to the Oracle A woman who thinks she is faced by problem pregnancy should "have a pregnancy test as soon as possible," women who attended the abortion workshop Tuesday night were told. "That way," workshop panel members said, "all the options will be open when she has to decide what to do." "AND IF a woman decides she wants an abortion, the earlier she decides, the easier and less ex pensive it is," said Diana, one of the panel members. Topics covered by panel members, who asked that only their first names be used, in cluded clinical procedures of abortion. problem pregnancy counseling, birth control methods and vaginal self-examination. "Vacuum aspiration, given up to three months from conception. is the easiest and least expensive type of abortion. said Margaret, who has assisted in abortions at both medical clinics and county hospitals. "Costs run from $150 at a clinic or private doctor to $300 at a hospital. Med Bid Law Suit Pending A Jones-Mahoney Co., spokesman said yesterday company officials have not decided whether to pursue a law suit seeking the USF Medical Center contract. "I have not yet decided what to do." attorney John Bush said. "I may know by Monday." THE COMP ANY was low bidder on the almost $12 million project, but their bid was rejected by the State Cabinet because it was late and not on a "proper form." The JonesMahoney Co., then filed a suit in Leon County Circuit Court asking for a temporary injunction to halt work on the center and asking the contract be granted to the company. However, Judge W. May Walker Tuesday denied the in junction request and allowed the Frank J. Rooney Co., to begin work. But he said his ruling was "without prejudice to the final hearing and disposition of the case." U!0GJG fTHEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW Plus MADE TO ORDER Both C:olor, X \lidnii.!111 Shows Fri. & Sat. t:onl. Shm\ s from 11: f;) "Counseling is necessary because abortion can be a very real crisis for a woman. It's not to make a woman's decision for her, but to help her look at all her feelings so that she can be comfortable with her decision." "OTHER types of abortion are saline treatment and D & C (dilation and curettage J ", she said. "In Florida, D & C is no longer used for pregnancies past the 13th and 14th week because there have been two deaths from it in 15th and 16th week pregnancies," Skippy, who works at an abortion clinic. said. Women were advised to practice some type of birth control to avoid a problem pregnancy and the possibility of needing an abortion. "\\'llEN YOli'HE talking about birth control. JUSt remembl'r that any method is better than no method at all," Diana. who staffs at the Tampa -Faith Woman's Center and the Ladies CPnter in Clearwater, said. "Rhythm is the least effective method," she said. "It works for some women who have perfect cycles, but even a cold or strenuous exercise can upset the cycle." "The most effective method is birth control pills," she said. "I don't push the pill, you have to decide for yourself. But if vou are having -sexual inter.-course regularly. and don't want to get prl'gnant. you almost have to use it." TllE WOi\l:\N who does heconH' pregnant and is con sidl'ring abortion should seek counseling. they said. "Counseling is necessary because abortion can be a vl'ry real n1s1s for a woman," l"aith, who gives abortion counseling, said. "It's not to make a woman's decision for her. but to help her look at all her feelings so that she can be comfortable with her decision." rroceoures of self-examination were also demonstrated. Women were told that all they need is a speculum, mirror and flashlight. "IF i\ WOM/\N docs this vaginal self-examination two or three times a month, she can tell if anyth i ng is wrong with her and have the confidence to insist on treatment rather than being put off by a doctor." Pat, who staffs at the Women's Center in Tampa and at USF, said. She said that a speculum and iuformation on self-examination could be obtained through the Women's Center in Tampa. Women were also told that anyone wishing birth control information or abortion coun seling may <:ontact the USF Wonwn 's Center in (JC 159, ext. 2!i!J7, the Women's Center in Tampa at 251-4089 or the Rap Cadre Helpline at ext. 2833. CYCLE ACCESSORY WORLD NOW OPEN Whether you need Ac-cessories for Performance, Handling, Looks, Practicality, or Maintenance, we can help you for sure. 4818 E. BUSCH BLVD. 988-0501 ftad1e lhaek PUT AN END TO WRITER'S CRAMP. TAKE THIS COMPACT REALISTICR RECORDER TO CLASS Reg. 49.95 3 4 9S;l.liiiiiiiiiii;;: / SAVE $15 ... on handy CTR6 cassette recorder No tumbling w1tl1 easy loading cassettes Stylish h1gh-1mpact case complete with carry handle. Operares on AC or batteries Auto-level c1rcu1t t0 insure consistent volume recording input Handy remote-control with rJesk s'and. Locking record pushbutton Easy to rearl numbered volume control. Cassette e1ect bar 14-B:iB and you can CHARGE IT TAMPA TEMPLE TERRACE 455 W. Kennedy Blvd. 8849 Terrace Plaza 9023 N. Florida Ave. 3806 Britton Plaza 2213 E. Hillsborough Ave. r-. 1 BAHKAMERICARO WtMdO w ftad1e /haek DEALER [01 1/11., In Y1>11r N1q/,/,11tlu>nd


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