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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Transit Problems Receive Attention BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Although inadequate planning and rapid growth has caused congestion on roads in the Tampa and USF area, officials are now looking to the future with an eye for more flexible systems. "We are right at that point where we are starting to learn quite a bit about our problems," Wallace Holmes, Department of Transportation (DOTl district mass transit operations engineer, said yesterday. "We may not have the solutions, but at least we'll have the problems defined." (analysis) the buses are not used by many students. "They are so poorly patronized it is sickening," Ahedo said. Another bus possibility un dergoing "some consideration and plans". is the idea of commuter buses serving the USF area. Ahedo said a tentative route has been devised and consideration given to running the service at University ex pensP. without charge to students "We are in better shape than most people," Hoster said. "We are starting early enough that we can see how people want the area to grow." HOSTER said a "strong initial demand for rapid transit" had been identified in a triangle between Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. But he said more study is needed to determine specific paths. -------Near-Empty Buses. Run from USF to downtown Tampa. Oct. 19, 1973 Vol. 8,No. 68 12 Pages HOLMES said it was difficult to define the market that would be served by new transit systems. He said "better general service" would be the goal of any new system. Frank Ahedo, city transportation superintendent, said the USF area needs a system of buses connecting the University with major business areas. He said this would encourage students to use buses. JIM HOSTER, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Transportation planner and consultant with Tampa Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority i vidt ho11s 1 luoping d1or1s, and if you'n 1111l111ppy with sorn1t hi or you f1d : ;0111co11c isn't. doinJ.', thl'ir ::J111n 111iilt1 11 point lo talk al1011I ii 1>011'1 ,iv '11ltir11al11111s a11cl wl111kv<"r ""'' do, don t ll'ilV<' 1111!1:: 1111' hook reads. The OC:ll Olf11c'. 11111 clrnly keeps an up -to-date list of apartments available in Tampa. J\ seven-page legal s ect.ion defines leas e s and explains the difference between oral and writ.en lease agreements. ex plains stale laws on eviction and ;1 landlord's rights to enter tenants' apartments. lt include:; a St't tion n11 "hnw t.o avoid getting rippd off. '"!'ht gradcs tnakt'. wlll'llt<'r you drop 0111 or not. and i 11cl1cd Vt'!',\' c1not ion;1 l. 111;1dl'11111 ;11111 fi11a11l'ial survival dqud lo a 1:nal n:!c'nt llll wh;1t .\'1111r livi111. sit11atio11 is, till' hook 11ofto: ; programs it may offer, he said. notified University officials," Edmonson said. "State university officials have not contacted me as of yet. But I will be more than happy to comply with any request they have." Edmonson said. "This matter is one attorneys might not agree on," Miner said. Terry Edmonson, USF Foundation executive director, said the Foundation's purpose is to provide any support the University needs Minor said his review would amount to a massive project and would not speculate when he would release his opinion "WHEN I discovered programs that I thought were not in line with University policies, I r Castor: Tampa Near Capacity BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Hillsbor\;uc County Commissioner Betty Castor said yesterday Tan. pa "will not be able to service any more largescale or high-density development in the USF area. "I have talked to Dale Twachtman ," Castor said. "Over and above what is now going on, the the city is not going to be able to handle it." CASTOR SAID developments now underway will be hooked to the city system, but future large construction will face "limitations of water resources. She said there are no plans for a building moratorium although the sewage facilities are operating near capacity. "It looks like we're going to have a real crunch, Castor said. "I am sure the people in the construction industry are going to feel it. Although USF and much of the surrounding development is outside Tampa city limits, Castor said the area is serviced by city sewer and water facilities. She said this is provided by an inter-governmental agreement. ED ANDREWS of the Tampa Department of Sanitary Sewers said yesterday Twachtman would have the power to refuse additional sewage hook-ups in the area. He noted University area growth has strained present systems. "That's where an awful lot of real big development has happened a couple of years ago," Andrews said "By pure and sheer numbers it's a strain on the system." Twachtman was unabailable for comment yesterday. CASTOR SAID no more major developments can be ac comoctatcd for about two years. At that time, the Cypress Well Field should be 0perating and offer relief to local systems, :;he said Tlw llniver:;ity Square Mall now under construction on Fowltr Avt'lllll'. nnd high rist' complexes currently being buill will be !ht' last major projects that can be ac con1111odallct in Uw 1war future. Castor said. She termed Uie situation "unfortunate." 'This is not ab:;olutdy the last. but it is the last major high rist' or high densily development." Castor said.


2-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Production BEmlT 1tp11--Saudi Arabia. tlw biggest LS. oil supplier in the :\liddle 1-:ast. eut its oil produr tion hy 10 per eent yesterdav and threatened to halt completely the flow of oil to America m1less tilt> United States halts its milila1y aid to Israel. Riyadh rad}o said. l'ngaging lsral'li jl'ts in ;1 dog fight south of Cairn. tlw l'Pntagon nport!'d Yl'Slerrlay. 1) t' f t' n s l' 1) l' p a r I m l' n I spoktsman William Btedwr said tlw air hattlt took plal't' "\\ ithin tlw last:!-! hours ... lie said rwither side shot rlmrn plant's in ilw hril'f tngagl'nwnt and rH'itlwr sidl' took hits ... Id news brief s Ending five weeks of haggling over minor and sometimes unrelated issues. Rep. John Melcher. D-Mont., conference chairman. announced the nH'asure had been cleared for final congressional action. There was no indication when the House and Senate would vote on it. The radio. monitored !Jeff'. said the IO per eent reduction lx>came today and .. will con tinue until the end of NO\ember: The IO per cent l'Utback was twieC' as much as 11 Arab oil ministers agreed o n at a meeting WPdnesday. ThC' radio. quoting a go\'ernnwnt" sti1tpmei11. said after No\ C'lllht'r .. Saudi oil WQUld be in accordance with,the dedsion taken in Kuwait by 0lht;' 'organization of Arab PPlroleum. North Korean Pilots WASHJN(;TUNl UPI )-North Korean pilots stationed in Egypt havt' entered the war in the MiddlP East for the first time. Mideast t UPI l lsrnl'I t'arril'd the war into Egypt in tank and artillery battlt's on both sides of the Suez C'anal. A Sl'nior Israeli ollict'r in thP Sinai' Dpsert said. ;. this day is the most important of tlw war ... With Israel claiming air superiority in tlw l:lth of tht war. the PPntagon rpportl'd North Korean pilots were l\'IJGs in eombat for thP Egyp tians. The Egyptians and Syrians also We're reported to bC' using a ne\\ Hussian-made antiaircraft missile first se(n in Vietnam. UFO's 1 l lPI !-Flying objt>cts ranging from a silent pancakl' to a banana that roan'd \\'tn setn in the skies from coast to coast yl'stl'rrlay. A seitntist said till' sightings an tht rPsult of a lll'l'd AmPricans for di\'lrsion from scandals at honw and \\'ars abroad. :\ cirdl' of lights anrl a magrwt stt out in till' hills of cl'11tral Tlxas tu fl'lch a photograph of l!Fll ;1ttral'll'd nothing Ford Should Testify \V/\.SHINGTON t UPI>-Congress should reject CPrald I{. Ford's nominat'ion as vil'P pn'sident unless he te s tifips that State Employes Get Raise TALLAHASSEE <.TPtarv of Administration Kt'nneth ireland approved the raises totaling nearly $4 million for I .91KI employes in Broward. Dade. Duval. Escambia. Hillsborough. Orange. Palm Beach and Pinellas counties. They go to public health. our5es. mental hospital pei-Sonnel. receptionists. teachers .in state institutions. and maintenance workers as well as other clerical and_ instructional help in the eight counties. State Troooers TAMPA Florida's program of providing birth control pills to minors, sometimes without the knowledgei bf :ilieir parents, has triggered the first policy conflict between Gov. Reubin Askew and his new Health and Partly cloudy tllreagh Saturday with dlaatt of showers. Lows in apper Gos. highs in the milldlel!Os florid a Rehabilitative Service

DOONESBURY 10-10 OH, ANIJ ONG OTJIER. THING ... I Tuition Suit Awaits Action A motion r e questing another review of the class-act ion tuition suit filed for USF s tudent s i s still awaiting judicial ac tion attorney .Jac k son Roughner said ye sterday Bough n e r filed a motion for r eheari n g of th e sui t after it was dismissed in Leon County Circuit Court. The suit asks that the University b e orde retl lo r eturn excess tuition charged to students w ho were Florida rt:1I by Garry Trudeau \ ? ExCEpt foR A SmALL ATrC:.MpTED couP, f-.AOS ,l-JA S BEF3N Ver

4-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 (Editorials 8' Commentary) Commuter Bus Plan Supported The motion for a transportation system in and aroundUSF has been seconded. It is a shame our problems haye to wait to be noted by outsiders, but the Oracle support for a needed bU/? system td connect the University with nearby business and residential areas. SUCH A SERVICE could be used by the large number of faculty, students and staff that live close-in to the University and the dorm students who need to get off-campus now and then. Both methods, how e ver, h a v e their downfalls som eo ne h a s to stay late or a sudden shower catches the cyclist. CITY TRANSPORTATION Superintendent Frank Ahedo believes a bus line to serve the University is worth consideration. The city has three cross-town Jines which serve USF now but aren' t used much by students. A special route for the commuters would probably do much better. Such a transportation system would ease traffic and parking problems here and cut down on the pollution caused by all the cars. Plans are being discussed to set up a bus route to serve the commuters living nearby. Many people drive less than five or six miles to get here each day. Some form car pools to cut down on the expense and pollution; others ride bicycles. The University should support studies into this matter or perhaps develop a project along the same lines to improve community relations and provide its own community with this service. Sidetracked Literature For Prisons Useful Editor: I was really disappointed to read of the Student Senate's obvious apathy toward the "racist, brutal prison system of Florida home is more pressing than the need to do something truly useful Edward Stabler 3CHC Pa.rking Unfair After spendiitg two years as an inmate of Florida's prison system, I feel qualified to speak out about prisoners' Editor : needs. The words racist and brutal are "No person shall on the basis of race, color. creed, religion, sex, age, or national origin, be really rather mild terms when speaking excluded from participation in, be denied the of Florida's outdated system. Cruel, benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or acticity at the University inhuman storehouses on loneiiness and of south Florida The uuiversity is an af. suffering come much closer to the firmative action Equal Oppartunity Employer. mark. Upon looking at one of the opening LITERATURE for prisoners is only statements in the USF catalog cona very small beginning, but it shows cerning discrimination of any type in concern and that is what is really the University community-there seems needed I really don't know how Mr to be a violation of this policy as far as Levine can compare a pledge of our parking system goes solidarity with the Viet Cong to IF, ACCORDING to official providing literature to the women's University policy there is to be no prisons. discrimination-why then is there Certainly a pledge of solidarity to the segregation on the use of parking VC does not pertain to fhe students at facilities on this campus? USF But, since most of the students at In the past, one of the arguments for USF are of voting age, prisons do our segregated parking system has (letters) would USF survive without either student or faculty? It becomes evident that each group needs the other and as such, be treated as equals. We therefore propose that there be open use of parking facilities at USF to conform to our non-discrimination policy. At Florida Internaitonal University in Miami there is this sort of set up and it seems to be working quite well. In short, let's treat everybody as equals, as defined by the University policy and the United States Constitution. Joseph Gabowitz 4EDM 90 Denise Reichert lDUS 10 Bitter Foe concern them The only way our prison been for the University to promote the system will change is through action best possible working conditions for the Editor: and concern by the people who elect faculty and staff members. Our present Isacc Deutscher once compared the state legislators that are concerned system is designed to benefit the Israelis to a man who managed to save with the plight of people sentenced to faculty, giving them the upper hand as his life by jumping from a burning prison far as parking facilities go. building in which many members of his How can sending literature to the One must remember that the faculty family had already perished women's prison possibly jeopardize Mr. and staff are only one part of the Unfortunately he landed upon a Levine's "delicate negotiations" that mechanisms.,that keep the University neighbor and broke his limbs. Instead are underway with the administration? going. of behaving rationally and fairly I just can t visualize the administration toward the unintended victim of the disapproving a needed concern for a IN OUR opinion, a University is unavoidable fall, the Zionists have very real problem : established to attract and create treated the Palestinian Arabs I really feel sorry for those so called education with student-faculty inabominably and made them into a ZIO:'\IST chauvinism has had a deadly logic By expelling the Arabs from their own land and conducting warfare against them for 25 years the Zionist Jews havi> transformed themselves from a persecuted minority in other lands into an oppressor nation in their present habitat. Since 1967. by occupying the West Bank the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula. Israel has hecome a colonial power in the full sense of the term. The struggle of the peopl e of the occupied territories is a normal and legitimate battle against foreign invaders who exploit the labor power and the resources of the regions Zionism has failed the Jewish people It has not protected Jews around the world from anti-Semitism ; it has created not a haven for the Jews but merely one more death trap. If the Israelis are not to be caught in a bloody trap of Zionist devising they will have to abandon the exclusive and aggressive Jewish state and struggle for a socialist Mi.ddle East federation of the Arab and Jewish peoples Daniel Sawyer This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University or South Florida. 7 publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, & @ I : : : .-., '.1'J Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted S () \ 'I ark ()f E X<'Plle1H't' 1972 to The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC.


THE ORACLE -October 19, 1973 5 Readers Write About Rail Road Open Letter to Dr. Lucoff: I'm writing in response to some of the statements in your interview in last Wednesday's nter for th e com;rnd this is particul and 2;) per cent static .-\1\I is for the $2 pocket transislor: Fl\! stereo is why most of us hCl\'l' paid in excess of $200 for a stereo unit. So let s get the Rail Road back on tlw nrninline with plenty of progressi,e freeform music in Fl\1 stereo. Dennis Schaibly 3EGR lf you didn't get your last Rx filled at the Village Prescription Center, you were ripped off ... Oh well, there's always next time. Village Prescription Center in Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938B N. 56th St. 988-3896 Egad! Why didn t I Visit Tnrace Village Nt .. .. 2 & J oportnwnt!-. full boths, dishwashers. !-df c ltOnlh..l free riefn{ ](!'IOl1..)rs utilitv woll t o .woli" coq.JPh. d 1opes e. p11voft> o r balconies. ccnlrol lliundry Pool & Villogf' l t'

6-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 1 Jessy1 Christ: 1He1s Got The Boogie In His Fingers' BY \'l\'I.\:\ :\ll"l.EY Entirtuinnunt Editor Bobe rt DO\\'Ill'Y s "(;n'ast't"s Palace" might best lw dl'SlTilwd as a satirieal. blasphPnrnus l'inematie Dow1wy. who also din'clt>d tht' widely acclaimed "l'utm' y s,,ope ... has rewrittl'n the gospd to suit his needs, which are basically "assaulting the boundaries of good taste ... Ht [films) dot's this with his mn r Pnding UH' of masturbaton and homospxual jokt.s and his imaginatin trl'atnwnt of tlw 11Pink Flamingos11 A trip through decadence or better described as an exercise in poor taste; "Pink Flamingos" will be presented today and Saturday at midnight in ENA, as part of the Midnight Madness series. Tampa-Past, Present Explored In Program The effects of growth and crowding on the people of Tampa is the subject explored in an audio-visual program designed by USF English. professor Edgar Hirshberg. Using taped interviews of some of Tampa' s older citizens and sHdes of raf,e old pictures, Hirshberg a program td "make peoJ!le think." HorstJoost Displays Art Horst Joost, instructor in the Art Education Departm:mt, is displaying an exhibition of paintings, graphics, sculpture and pottery through Oct. 31, at Sedgwicks' Magellan House Galleries, Busch Blvd "IT IS necessary to have a past in order to have a future, he said. The significance of Tampa's history and its implication for the future of the city is the main theme of the program. Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, USF philosophy professor, provides commentary on the effects of urban. crowding on the human spirit. THE P_ROGl!-AM i s funded by Florida's Citizen Committee for the Humanities. The first presentation of. the program will be at the Fall Dinner Meeting of the Friends of the Library of Hillsborough County, today at 8 p.m. in the River Room of the University of Tampa Student Center. Ad. Office: LAN 472 r, Holy Trinity figuns and thl' Wl'stern myth .JESl'S CllHIST I :\!Ian Arbus l is a ctudt' who l'alls hi111sl'lf Jl'SS\'. lit' paral'hlltt 's to Earth dnsst:d i n a wot suit l 'o mplt'tl' \\'ith a pink hat. Ill' thinh ht' can find h i111st'lf lwing a \'audYillian actor si ngt>r-da lll'l'r llll\\'P\'l'r tht' Hol\' Fatlwr has otlwr plans ror hi111'. but nothing for the Holy Ghost an un fortunatt' dressed in a whit<' bed sheet and a cowboy hat. (The Holy (;host probably has tht' mos! hilarious li1w in tlw film while protesting lo the Holy Father: "You'll never know what I can do because you never give me a chance ... l Jessy, on his way to Jerusalem lo audition for the agent Morris. meets some opposition Greaser. a guntoting saloonkeeper dressed in black Greaser suffers from chronic con stipation, has a son named Lamy Homo and a daughter named Cholera who infects the town's men with her beauty WHILE THE film tends to lack continuity at times, it is nonetheless a zany fantasy. And as the song goes, during Jessy's debut as a singer-dancer: 'He's got the boogie in his fingers and the hubba hubba in his soul." "Greaser's Palace" will be shown as part of the Film Art Series today, Saturday and Sunday at 7 :30 and 9 :30 p m in ENA Redgrave Stars In SEA C Movie Academy award winner Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I and Venessa Redgrave as Mary Stuart star in the drama "Mary Queen of Scots" being shown by SEAC Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 :30 and 10 p m in LAN 103. Veal Pormigono or Scallopini Soled, St=-cghetti 3 7 5 { :laoin of: Spaghetti, Losogno, Mon iocotti or Ravioli 2 7 S with solod Pizzo 12 different spices "F11m111n f1H /;,,li1111 1 :,.1111, "/ '""'"'\ (J!./1 / /IJ.I II Uuf/,,/n I' Ii. .: ; ,,., Allan Arbus stars as" Jessy," Jesus Christ in a zoot suit. S11r,,i,,a1I 12303 Nebraska Avenue Between Fletcher & Fowler DISCOUNT PH.ICES 01'\1: GlJitars Banios Chord Harps Harmonicas Strings Rt!corder:s Op"n 7 days a week II :00 AM-7:30 PM Complete Line or Underground Comix THE LOSERS 14929 N.Nebraska the Showcase of the South for Rock Music THIS WEEK HUMBU. G from ALABAMA Bud on Tap 15 glass, day 25 glass, night Entertainment .75 at door 1.00 Fri.&Sat. PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace


Music At The Keg The Ewing Street Times (right) perform their final USF concert today at 9 p.m. in the Empty Keg. Ad mission is 50 cents. Also on the bill is former USF student Mike Baldwin, who wrote the musical score for the film "Wrestling Queen." Rick Norcross (above left), an acclaimed Florida folk performer, will accompany Baldwin. TU highlites TODAY 11:30 p m ., Ch. 44 Movie -Mae West in "Klondike Annie. 1 a.m., Ch. 8 -Midnight Special with War, Mott the Hoople the New York Dolls and the Climax Blues Band. 4 a.m., Ch. 8-Movie -Marlon Brando in "The Ugly American." SATURDAY 10:30 a.m., Ch. 8-Star Trek -animated cartoon with voices of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley 2 p .m., Ch. 44 Creature Feature "Son of Frankenstei n. starring Boris Karloff. 11: 15 p.m., Ch. 10 -Movie "Romeo and Juliet," starring Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. 11 ::io p.m .. Ch. 44 -Movie Th e ghouls gather in a horror doubl e feature "House of Dracula" and "Dracula's Daughter." Sl'NDAY I p m .. C h 8 Football Th e World Champion Dolphins face the Buffalo Bills in Miami's Orange Bowl. 4 l:'i p .rn C h 8 --Baseball Sl'\'Pnth World Se ries Gaml' ii 1wnssary. with New York a t Oakland. MONDAY 9 p.m., C h. 10 -Football Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos. 11: 30 p m .. C h. 44 -Movie Six of a Kind," starring W. C. Fields and Burns and Allen. Kodak Hosts Competition Eastman Kodak Company has a eompetition going for amateur photographers with a "People Helping People" theme. Awards will go to the best photos showing how people devote their time. skills and money to helpling others improve the quality of their lives The contest is in black and white and color photo categories with equal prizes offered in each. There will be eight $100 Awards of Excellence, eight $'i5 Awards of Distinction. eight $50 Awards cf Merit and Special Awards of $25 each. to be determined b y the judges. For information. write requesting Kodak Communitv Service Photography Awards, Eastman Kodak Co .. Dept. 841, 343 State Street. Rochester. N.\'. 14650. Enclose an envelope for prompt reply. B .:w pm .. C h. 10 -Movil' "Lon Story" is rcp"N1al MIDNIGHT MADNESS HEAil OHA\LE Fri. Oct. 19 Sat. Oct. 20 CLASS IF I ED AI>S' ENA Midnight $1.00 THE ORACLE -October 19, 1973 Oracle photos by Bill Phillips YOGA Yoga Postures Pranayama Breathing Meditation Talks on the Joy of Living Episcopal Student Center Class starts Mon. Oct. 22 8:00 p.m. 6 weeks $15 ph. 933-5857 HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 14727 N. Nebraska Authorized Honda Car Dealer Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek; Time, Ms., Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The F!rst Big Star of the -Seventies" CURTIS HIXON HALL -TAMPA HALLOWEEN OCT. 31, Wed. -8 p.m. Tickets available at Curtis Hixon Box OfficeAll area Sears stores-Budget Tapes (near USF) Music Library, Britton Plaza 7


8-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 Crippled Brahmans Tackle Miami HY IH\' E .\IOOH:\I.\:\:\ Oracle Sports Editor If coach Dan Holcomb can stop playing doctor long enough to field a team in I\liami tomorrow. USF should ha\'e its se\'enth consecut i\'e win. But it' s not that l'asy to find 11 healthy men at t :sF anymore. :\ rash of injuril's this \\'l'l'k has turrll'd what appeand to Ill' a l'l'rtain Brahman \ ietory into a rl'asonably dosC' eontl'st "\\'E'HE lll'ltTI:\(; phys-hindsight One of the interesting trends of the 1973 season has been the rash of fumbles. Football dynasties have been stopped and started at the drop of a ball. In one rainy game, Tennessee, knowing the horrors of a dry ball, wanted no part of a wet one and proceeded to punt on first down several times Last weekend Tampa's running backs and the football went their separate ways no less than eight times CERTAINLY there is some reason for the cause of dropsy, but few teams seem to have the answer About the only consistent group has been the Oracle typesetters who have not mishandled one of my selections. Perhaps with a few reverses, 1 might have had a winning record at this date. 13Wins RECORD 16Losses 1 Tie FLORIDA OVER OLE MISS-They say that all the Gators need is a few breaks. One they could have done without was that in Nat Moore's leg And one they need, say some Florida alumni, is that of coach Doug Dickey's contract. The grumblings should slacken this Saturday. HOUSTON OVER MIAMI The 14th-rated Cougars have the flashiest team in the Southwest and Miami is the surprise team of the '73 season. Despite an impressive defense, the 15-rated Hurricanes will probably breeze out of the top twenty. ALABAMA OVER TENNESSEE Despite their second in the nation rating, the Crimson Tide can be had and the 10th-rated Volunteers are one of the few teams that can do it. But 'Barna has more running backs than the Gulf Coast has UFO's, to nullify the heroics of Vol quarterback Condredge Holloway OKLAHOMA OVER COLORADO The 16th rated Buffaloes storm into Norman, Oklahoma, on a Rocky Mountain High. Probably there is no better way to face the third-ranked and powerful Sooners. AUBURN OVER GEORGIA TECH The "gut check" game for both teams, as both have shown some defensive strength but sput tering offenses_ It is so close it could be a tie at Atlanta's Grant Field. If not, then a win for Auburn. NEBRASKA OVER KANSAS Both teams would be undefeated but for a two-point conversion that failed It is the 11th-rated Cornhusker's notion that they can smooth out last week's rough spot and wipe off the 18th-ranked Jayhawks. AIR FORCE OVER NA VY --Last year the Falcons were 6-2 over civilians and 0-2 against the service academies. It is perhaps the reverse this season. TEXAS TECH OVER.ARIZONA Commonly the bridesmaid to Arizona State in the WAC, the 19th-rated Wildcats have looked much prettier and have an unblemished appearance. Texas Tech comes to Tucson in hardly a courting manner and it is back to the beauty parlor

THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 9 'Run' May Bring Eminent Names An OUTRAGEOU/ ffiOVIE! BY :VllKE Ki\ZUrn ,\ssistanl Sports Editor II' all the rumors and tentative commitments come through. tomorrows 12-hour "Hun for Fun" should draw some in t e resting entrees. Sponsored b y CSF"s Physic al Education Association t PEJ\ 1 !h e run will begin at 9 a.m to culminate Physical Education and Fitness Weck activities. T :\ ;\ll'.\ Ma yo r Dick Greco and USF Pres. Mackey haven't given any definite assurances that they will participate. but both are expected to run. "I would expect that Mayor Greco would come and the President (Mackey l will probabl y make an appearance too. s ince they're a l s o supposed to he in a judo exhibiti o n in the gym." Dr. Chuck Smith. PEA a d v isor. said. Chances for Brahman survival strong ... as people support the USF mascot Greco and Mackey are lo meet each othe r in a judo match as part of the T a izo Sone Memorial Brahman To Stay? BY D :\\"E :\IOOH, \ I:\!\:\ Oracle Sports Editor If y ou lik e the Go lden Brahma n as a mascot y ou 're in lu c k if not you had better to learn to. For it n ow appears the much t a lked about bull w ill remain at US F "I made a recommendation to the Senate last Tuesday night that they keep the n a m e," said Pete Holland, original drafter of a biil to do away with the nickname. "AS YOU K!'\O\V we ITIO:'\. \VFL A disc jockey .Jeff Ho g o has promised to run with th e H.o go H.unn ers.' a group of station lis teners. "One of the PE m ajors said h e wa,; coming and I heard him sav on th e radio yesterday t Wednesday 1 that he' d be there at about on e oclock : Smith said. .John H .ennaker. lJSF sports informa tion director. said the va rsity basketball team "might" a lso run. but admitted plans were of an indefinite nature. .\LL WE \\":\!'\T is '.or people to come on out. You can run a mile and then walk a mile, enter as a team or whatever. We're not pushing competition and that' s th e beauty of it.'' Smith said. h .... ... I I < i I /tcrni n9 /AnTAnA The GRATEFUL DEAD and HOTTUnA QUICK/ILVER and BlllGRAHAm Hi1 Friend1 ... And HU Enemi e, Color By TECHnlCOlOR [!!]" 8:30 10:30 LAN 103 75' w /ID Tues Oct. 23 AT LAST: FILM: MIGRANT: NBC WHITE PAPERS Sponsored by Farmworkers Support Committee Monday 7:30 UC Rm 201 FREE QIARCOAL WITH A PURCHASE REGISTER FOR 20 GAL TANK HALLOWEEN GIVE AWAY EXOTIC. FINS NORTH 13516 N. FLA. AVE. AT FLETCHER _zza ub 4 orm .. Pizza Kin;:) TERRACE PLAZA, TEMPLE TERRACE, FLA. I 988-7391 10 EVERY NJGHT, 7-8 P.M. 6 DIFFERENT BEERS ON DRAFT plus PIZZA AND STUFF!


10-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 UF StudentsVote The Following Seats Are Open m the SG Senate To Abolish SG Engineering District 1 Oracle Photo by Bill Phillips Lighting the way to lights? About 20 people showed up last night (at least that's all you could see) for a candlelight march called by the Student Senate to demonstrate the need for more campus lighting. Eleven of the marchers were senators. II\' :\llKE .\H('llEH Oradt Sta H \\'ritn In ;1 str;11r ballot taken Wedat till' of Florid;1 1 l1F1 in (;ainl's\illt'. -Hi pl'r l'Pnt nf thl' studl'nts \'oting opted to abolish their Student ( ;O\'l'rllllll'nt l!F Studtnt Pres. Tyrie Boyl'r said. ho\\'l'\'Pr that only 11 per ctnt of the 25.000 lJF students \'Otl'd in tlw straw ballot hl'ld in conjunction with a Student Stnall' dection. BO\'EH s ,\m Wednesday. the night of the election. that widl'Spread dissa tis fact ion of the student body prompted him to request the straw ballot. ""If the studl'nts here dl'cide don't want S(; .. he said. a sC'cond vote wi II bt' held If two thirds of '.!:i per cl'nt of the student body rnte again to abolish SC. Boyer said it will be formally abolished But after t.:ns out of students voting chose to abolish SG. Boyer said Ill' would not call for a gt'nl:'ral l'ledion. but instead set up a convent ion to write a ne\1 SG constitution. BO\'EH S.\ID that because !.!Hi rntl'd to restructure SG and -lt:l \'Oted to maintain SG, "a show of f;1ith"" in SG had been demonstratl'd liSF S(; !'res. Bill Davis said tlw (;;1i1wsville straw ballot doesn"t indicate that students in general eliminate university go\'ernmen ts. want to student ""l don't think this shows in any that students aren't in!l'rl'sted in stlecting representatives and governing them splves ... Davis said. Davis Named To Drug Board SG Pres. Bill Davis was named this week to the board of trustees ol till' rnuntywide Drug Abuse ( "o 111 pre hens i \' e Coo rd in a ting ()!fin. Thl' offic e i s a corporation Pst;1blished by the city and rnunty to coordinate all local drug abuse l'fforts Fine Arts District 1 l seat open in each Apply in UC 156 before 5 pm October 26 ADVERTISEMENT LOSE 20 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS! Famous U.S. Women .-;Jr, Team Diet llurinl( the non-snow off sea90n tht> ll. S Women's Alpine Ski Team meml>f'rs l(o on the "'Ski Team" diet to loM :.!{) pound& in two weeks. That' ril(ht -20 pounds in 14 davs' The busiH of the diet is chemical action and was devi11e11:1 wilt c.Jo1 TALLAHASSEE The Public Service Commission has initiated a new procedure intended to help citizens who wish to testify at public hearings conducted by the Commission in major cases. While PSC attorneys have always assisted the public in presentation of testimony, they have not previously been available at a specified time before the start of hearings. Under the new procedure, an .attorney from the PSC legal staff will be available on the day before the start of public hearings in major cases, and the times and places where the attorneys may be consulted will be announced at the time the public hearings are announced. In other consumer-oriented action, the PSC has ordered electric power companies to include on their bills the fuel adjustment as a separate item. This is a charge that fluctuates with changes in the price of fuel oil that is burned to generate electricity. Fuel costs account for Soc Science Holds Vote For Council Th} following were elected to Science Student Cowtil: Anthropology Russell Morgan; Communicology Suzanne Horn;

THE ORACLE -October 19, 1973 ( t: A SS II A II S ) ..... J_ CANADY VOLKSWAGEN MEN or WOMEN needed for light delivery. Must be neat. Good car needed. Apply 1 pm 4426 N. Armenia. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacDonald Trng. Cir. for mentally retarded adults 3 or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. SlOO mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. FULL OR PARTTIME WORK, 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Morning or evenings. General plan! labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. raulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550. TELEPHONE Sales and sect. work. 18 years & up. Good pay. Apply 1-5 pm 4426 N. Armenia MEN -WOMEN' JOBS ON SH I PS! No exper:iencc required. Excellent pay. Worldwide travel. Perfect summer iob or career. Send S3.00 for in lormalion. SEAFAX, Dept. K-14 P .O. Box 2049, Port Angeles, Washington 98362. LONG HAIR O.K.! Young men & women for inside part-time sales. Good pay. Apply 1-5 pm 4426 N. Armenia WOMEN or men-Tropical Fish packers and Qualify Control workers. Full or part-time Thn.e shifts available. No layoffs. Ex penence not required. Inside work. Apply Mon .. Fr1. 8 across tram silver water rower 3 miles So. of G1bsonton, J miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So Rt. 41 STUFF TO WEAR Full lime employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person al Floriland Mall. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) GOOD BUYS on used radios, stere-os, tapes, players, bikes, discount on new auto parts, used tires SJ and up. Buy, sell, trade. Menard Pawn & Gift Shop 14038 Florida Ave. Phone 935-7743. LIOU I DI>. Tl NG An Electronic Business. Half price or less. Cassette, a.track. reel to reel recorders & players, record changers, etc. Akai Fisher, Pioneer, Kenwood, Panasonic & RCA. Call 626. UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural. etc. Survival, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7 :30 p.m. CLOSEOUT on knil men's pants, some sligh!ly irregular. Only 56.SO-pair. Call between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday and Wed nesday only for information 876.1908. ( FOR RENT ) POOLSIDE .4 bedroom townhouse; nP.ed to sublet 2 bedrooms at La Mancha Dos tor reduced r;tf('s (>77 a mo.) 971 2976 M.iry or Carla GREEN OAK VILLA APARTMENTS 2 BR, 11 1 Bath, furnished apt. for rent. AC, W-W carpet, dishwasher per mo. N('ar USF & VA Hospital. 14610 42nd St. Phone '"/?1.l, QOC d buys bikes to stNeo and tape sets. WANTED Male Si.amese for mating purposes. Will pay. Lin 971-6385 DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call SOLVE 227-$461 We provide maternity clotheshousingiobs.transportatton & financial assistance 227 -S46 l. DESPERATELY need 10 co;es of HAR DER: Basic Materials iri Music Theory A Program Course. Please call Music Dept. 974 -2Jl 1. HUMAN SEXUALITY FORUM OPEN AND HONEST. A process to enrible par. t1cipants to come into a healthy un. of what it means to be a scxuai bcinq and gives guidance in lear ning how to .respond appropriately to one's S('xuality. This forum i-::. bas('d on the ;Jroposition sexuality 1s good and good for yotJ To rcqister call Bob Haywovd at 988-11 RS [ MOBILE HOMES J 12x60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles from USF. Shag, dishwashe,.., 6 months old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an investment. Below cost ssaoo. Call collect for Lee, Clearwater 443-6488 ... APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I FEMALE Roommate. Have own room in two bedroom place. Pool, air cond., laundry. Corner of 15th St. & 13lst Very inexpensive. Call 935-12.H for Info. BEAUTtl=UL MUSIC IS WHAT YOU'LL MAKE WITH TH1S CLASSIC Evl'rt'11 <:>prntf piano In ei.. Cl'llcnt cond1t1on s1;00 llt'W 'rOUf':> now for -:,595 Call Clcarwi\frr SJl to ':>t't' or T,1mp495. 8J7.2972. 1972 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE--<>ne of !he bes!, most economical ways to get around. Burgundy exterior, saddle interior. Low mileage, fine condition. Call Bob, 988Sb6 evenings. NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW Plus MADE TO ORDER Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. &: Sat. Cont. Shows from 11 : l-S OCTOBER SPECIALI 10% OFF ON PARTS AND LABOR WITH USF STUDENT l.D HOURS: WEDNESDAY 7-9 OTHER WEEKDAYS 7-6 6202 E. Hillsborough 621-2411 Fi JEREMY GOES INTO SHOCK ... .at the sight of an office. He'll never settle: for the shackles of a routine, office-type job. You say you won't either? OK. We can offer you a job that's different-even before you graduate. By enrolling in our Campus Internship program now, you can get started en a career in which your hours, decisions, and clients are yours alone. Fact 24% of our leading group of agents began learning and earning while still in college. Stop by our Campus Office today and take advantage of being young. ., PROVIDENT MUTUAL L IF[ C0t\ 1PAN1 O F PHILAD ELFHIA Subs1d1or1es Providor Management Comoan)' Provider Sales Company COLIN A.SHANKLE TOM BAKISE, Supervisor 5444 Bay Center Drive Suite 215 Tampa Florida Sn-5813 PRESENTS \;",f BACCHUS Free Beer Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 3300 S. Dole Mabry Tampa Florida J);nu'J Open Nightly at 9PM 11


12-THE ORACLE October 19, 1973 'Heads Of '73' Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Denise Young, a Libra Cosmetic consultant from Maas Brothers, demonstrated the sheen look in make-up for women Wednesday night at Ethos' annual fashion presentation "Heads of '73'." She used Ethos Chairman Neva Glenn as a model. The art of head and skirt wrapping was also demonstrated. Student Trainee Programs Provide Job Experience Special to the Oracle TALLAHASSEE Al a time \vhen_ a college degree is no guarantee of. a job, or even of job preparedness. apprenticeship programs offer young men and women a chance to learn a trade and earn a good salary while learning. A n apprentice usually earns about $40 000 during a four-year apprenticeship, according to Steve Augustine, administrator of apprenticeship programs for the Florida Department of Commerce . The FDC's Bureau of Apprenticeship assists employers and trade WUSFGets Grant From Commission The Hillsborough County Commission has awarded WUSF TV Channel 16, a $25 000 grant to televise the Commission' s weekly meetings and to purehase additional color facilities. Alice Zacherl, station manager, said Channel 16's meetings, probably on alternate Wednesdays. The program schedule will be flexible to allow the station to cover the most pressing topics before the commission,--she said. The. meetings will be taped in their;'entirety and edited down to a t\\'O hour version. Coverage may begin Oct. 31 and is tentatively scheduled for 8 p m In addition. the station will produce eight half-hour specials to provide analysis of issues that ar.isl' in commission meetings. Tlw grant also-provides for the purl'hase of additional lighting and auxiliary equipment for color taping. Color cameras ha\'e already httn purchased but wi II not be dtlinn; d before January. Zal'lwrl said. organizations in devel oping and adminis t ering apprenticeship programs. On completing apprenticeship, th e young man or woman will have a broad r ange of s kill s applicabl e industry-wide. multipiying hi s or her chances for a good j o b For example. a n apprentice in th e carpentry trade learns s kill s h e can w;e in any phase of car pentry. from surveying a building site and rough-framing a house. to h anging doors and windows and cutting roof trusses. About 90 per cent of ap pren ti ceshi p i s on-the-job training; another 10 per cent is related classroom instruction sponsored by the apprenticeship program. There are approximately 300 apprenticeable occupations, including, plumbing, sheetmetal working, air conditioning and refrigeration. automotive mechanics, newspaper printing and iron working. Recently, the Bureau of Apprenticeship was empowered by .the Jegisla tu re to enforce regulations that willl increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities in the state and develop on-the-job "trainee" opportunities in nonapprenticeable occupations Florida law r equires that any employer with a public works contract in excess of $25,000 must establish. for the duration of the job, apprenticeship or trainee programs in each occupati on 11wol\'ed in the wnrk The r a t io o f traintes or apprentices t o journeymen mus t be one t o five Traime programs have limite d objectives in comparison wit h apprenticeship programs. and have a s h orter dura ti o n from a minimum o f t wo years l o a maximum of five year s. Trainee programs in non apprenticeahl e occupati o n s s u c h a s ni a nagc>rial. distributive and retail jobs hopefully will be th e result o f the Bureau of A p prenticeship's new enforcement powers. The r e are currently more than 800 registered apprenticeship progra m s in Florida To qualify for apprentic e ship. the applicant g enera ll y mus t be between 18 and 35 years old a h igh school graduate and in good health. For h e lp in contacting s ponsors o f apprenticeship programs. prospective applicants should write the Bureau of Apprenticeship, Ashley Building, Tallahassee, 3 2 301. Employers with questions about apprenticeship and on-thejob training programs should contact the bureau in Tallahassee or one of the field offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville or Pensacola. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS l-412 W PLATT Ph. :.158-2131 PART TIMERS Temporary work, unloading & materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There 1s no JOb waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. W e 1lso have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC. 1919 E. Busch, Tampa Occult Seminar Set For Campus Th e i11trigui11g topi c of till' O\'l'll i l will ht till' sul,.i<'l't of a sP min;1r "Tl1< :Vlod! rn < il'nilt \\' orld ". Clllldlll't:; !Jr W illiam J ll e im a nd Flora J l.i>ar rn1 O!'t :!7-2B. S ponsond Ii.\ th e l lSF ('1 nt e r for Continui n g Education. i t will I>(' op e n t o a rea nside11t s Hegislration for th e semina r w ill rnst $:1S and will be t a ken until Oct. 19. Session s will be h e ld a t Ha.m .. I ::lO p m .. a nd 7 p m o n fi, 6-C:-(\-1 ..... ,'{ ,z1J! \,. f\\"' Va l\-\\0 v \ Jy_ 4/trr@i" __,_ v CACTI, TERRARIUM PLANTS, INDOOR PLANTS, AFRICAN VIOLETS, POTS, & HANGING BASKETS! OPEN 7 DAYS, 8:30-6 CLOSED FRIDAY, OCT. 19th FREE COKES TO ALL (BY THE WAY. OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST IN TOWN!) CORNER OF S6th ST. & l27th A VE. BETWEEN FLETCHER & FOWLER 988-3923 I I


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