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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Impeachment? Reactions varied WASHINGTON .D 0 0 "' Q. .. v "' 0 House said they would support impeachment hearings if further investigation brought out more damaging facts against him NBC meantime disclosed results of a Quayle Poll of the general public, which it com missioned that said 75 per cent of persons contacted opposed Nixon's firing of Cox, and that 44 per cent said Nixon should be impeached and 48 per cent said he should resign Only 22 per cent Oct. 23, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 69 12 Pages said they approved of Nixon's conduct in office NBC said The percentages add to more than 100 because some persons answered yes to both questions of whether Nixon should resign and whether he should be impeached. Many congressmen responding to the UPI poll expressed disagreement with Nixon's dismissal of Cox. A good portion of those who did oppose im peachment proceedings said Nixon's move was unwise, wrong or a blunder but that it was not serious enough to warrant im peachment. House and Senate members were asked: "Would you favor the beginning of impeachment proceedings against the President? In the House which would have to make the first move on any impeachment proceeding, 66 members answered yes, 50 no and 106 were noncommittal. Broken down by party the result were 59 Democrats and 7 Republicans for, 13 Democrats and 37 Republicans against and 49 Democrats and 57 Republicans noncommittal. In the Senate which would have to try articles of imc peachment brought by the House, the tally was 16 for impeachment proceedings,11 against and 31 noncommittal. See Related Editorial, Washington Addresses Of Florida Congressmen, Page4. By party vote, 14 Democratic senators and two Republicans were for impeachment proceedings, two Democrats and nine Republicans were against and 19 Democrats and 12 Republicans were noncommittal The sample represented more than half of the congressional membership-222members of the 435-member House and of the The sample represented more than half of the congressional membership-222 members of the 435-member House and 58 of the 100-member Senate Tampa Water Promises Undergo Reconsideration BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Dale Twachtman, Tampa Water Resources Coordinator, said yesterday the city would temporarily "try not lo make any new committments" to furnish water for l a rge developm e nts and noted he was not certain we can ac commodate" projects now underway. "My es timate is that we have probabl y over-committed what syst e m can stand." Twachtman said "We have to decide whether we can keep the old promises. TWACHTMAN said yesterday he mailed certified letters to all proposed projects of over 50 units which received water com mittments within the last two years. He said the letters requested developers return "detailed" information on the construction projects by Nov. 5. Based on responses to the Hartley To Testify At Meeting I University or State Department of Education would be I BY S ,\:\DHA WHIC;llT : .:.) :\ssistant :\rws Editor "reprimande d Bert Hartley. USF vice preside nt for Finance and PlanTh e investigation was sparked by contr t A t M :;\:: ning. has asked permi s sion to testify before the Joint Senatewho was unsuccessful low bidder on the Hous e Legislative Auditing Committee concerning bidding was awarded to Resource Inc. which had already started on a co mpus audio-visual project, a committee leader said work befor e bidding opened Yl'stcrday. DUH.ING the hearing Resource officials said the company "'lie will lw appearing voluntarily and not under sub bega11 work under authorization from State Department of pol'lla ... committee chairman .James Hedman, D-Plant City Education personnel. Redman then said the procedure ;;; As soon as we hear from him, we will finish it up." showed "a Jot of stupidity." > 11.\HTLEY was subpoenaed earlier to testify al a Hedman said the committee will prepare a report to be ll'gislative hearing hut was not called. Another committee submitted to House Speaker Terrell Sessums. D-Tampa and spokl'sman said although Hartley was not i ss ued another Senall' Pres ident Mallory Horne, D-Tallahassee. He said he sullpol'na for the upcoming meeting the first one was "never is uncertain what the legi slature will do, but said Sessums '' ithdrawn and Horne have requested the report. "'By all standards he is still under subpoena," the "They asked for it," Redman said. "That's why we are k d I s1x1 tsman sa1 investigating it." :\It hough Hedman said he did not expect prosecution to The meeting will take place Oct. 31 in the Capitol Building nsult from tlw in\"l'stigation. he "couldn't say" whether the in Tallahassee. : n '\' "'' letters, Twachtman said he would decide where Tampa can accommodate future large development. He said a large portion of the projects are in the USF area. "A rough look indicates more than 20,000 units are promised out," 1\vachtman said. "If we can' t keep the old committments, I would say we couldn t make new ones." TWACHTMAN said it was "very obvious" development around USF was the biggest in the area. He said he is unsure whether local systems can ac commodate further strain from the area. "There may be a few more

2 -THE ORACLE October 23, 1973 Peterson Takes Over 'Gate Case WASHINGT0N administration lUPll -The yesterday returned prosecution of the \\'atergate c ase to Assistant Attorney General Henry E. Petersen. who once expressed angt>r tht he had been taken off it in the first place. Acting Attorney General Robert H. Bork. who finally fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox Saturday night after his two bos:ses would not. told reporters Petersen would have "direct charge of the Watergate case and all related matters ., Refusing t u answer reporters ques t ions. l:>orK said Petersen ''will use th e evidenee and the staff already assembled as well as other rtepartment personnel to see tha t these cases are pressed to a condusion and that justice is done .. Ceasefire l UPll-Egypt and Israel orjered their troops to cease firing at 12:50 p.m. EDT yesterday unc1er a ,;upt'rpowl'r scttll'nllnt arr:rngtd by thP l nitP d Stalt's :1nct tlw SoYkt l 111ion. But fighting l'Ont inut'd lo11g af! trw a r d on Israel's Syrian :rnct l :g ypt ian fronts. Tht' I sraeli military comma11d said some Egyptian battrries kept firing aftt'r th e truce deadline and that later, Egyptian forces opened fire on Israt'li forcPs in 111m1ernus plac!'s along thl' ceas p -fin' lin e ... 71,000 Telegrams \\ASHIN(;T()N I t : I' I I -\\'('Stl'rn t :nion reporte d veslt'rda\ that a !'l'cord 71.000 telC'gr:rn;s \H're releived in its Washington office about the f iring tif 'vVatergatl' special prosecutor ,\rchibald Cox in the first :Hi houn: after his dio:missal Saturday under Pn'sident Nixon's order. .\ company spokesm:rn. .Jim Foster. said that as of midmorning yesterday. 50,000 of th e messages had been delivered to l wor Id lll'WS s L ________ Capitol lli ll. ti.lllhl to tlw \.\'hill' Hous l' and :1 liacklog of 1 ;),11u11 ll':1s hl'ing proctssld. Impeachment 1 t ;PJ1 :-;Jll'nage he said may have taken\ place during the con ventions on Miami Beach .in 1972 Gerstein said he had promised formeli special Watergate prostcutor Archibald Cox that he woulu delay his own investigation until .u,ec. 5, the date the \\!atergate Grand Jury is schedu1ed to disband in Washingll;m Gersteil\I said yesterday he no longer felt' bound to delay his own innstigatibn. f lorida AFL-CIO news briefs MIA!\ll BEACH t UPI> Delegates to the AFL-CIO convention shouted thunderous approval yesterday to a resolution demanding that President Nixon resign or be impeached for defying court orders to turn over the White House Watergate tapes. We believe that the American people have had enough, more than enough," AFL-CIO President George Meany said in reading he the resolution to the convention. The demand for Nixon to leave office was coupled with a call for Congress to withhold action on the President's nomination of Rep. Gerald Ford of Michigan as Vice President until settlement of the question of whether Nixon himself will remain in office. 'Nixon Must Go' T ALLAH ASS EE

THE ORACLE -October 23, 1973 3 Field Inadequate State Official Says Oracle photo by Bill Phillips MIKE AHCllEH Oracle Staff Staff Writer A St&te Department of Pollution Control official yesterday said the sewage spray field across form USF's main entrance on Fowler Avenue sprays "more than twice as much" water on its 32-acre tract than it should Deputy Executive Director Hamilton Oven said the State Departmen t of Pollution Control is working on a set of rules governing the amount of sewage thal can be safely sprayed over land "AT Tills point, we don't have a definite regulation on spray irrigation Oven s aid "So the operation on Fowler is legal right now but as s oon as we get a polic y es tablished they 'll have to double the land on that field." Oven said state standards would be based on at least 60 acres of spray field per million gallons perday of sewage Secondary-Treated Effluent This is the absolute minimum we need to protect ground water and local wells from excess nitrogen Oven said heads towards the sprinklers for dispersal. Prof's $1 Million Lawsuit Said Response' Dr. Kenneth Megill, exUniversity of Florida , acting UF Pres. E T. York and former UF Pres. Stephen O'Connell Megill, state chairman of the American Federation of Teacher AFI.;-CIO (AFT), said he was fired as a result of his union activity He said he believes being a Marxist was not directly related to his dismissal. Oracle Gets ACP Award For the seventh straight year, the Oracle has been awarded the All-American rating in the an nual judging of collegiate newspapers conducted by the Assoclated Collegiate Press. The Oracle received Marks of Distinction," in all five categories judged. The categories were : coverage and content writing and editing editorial leadership, phys i c al appearance, and photography Robert Fiallo now a graduate student in journalism at the University of South Carolina was the Oracle editor during the period of judging Present e ditor Laurel T Beeman. wa s managing editor at that tim e Last spring, the Or acle was named the be s t s tud ent newspaper in the S outh e a s t l>y Sigma Delta Chi, th e n a tion a l professional journali s m soC'if'ty The American N e w spapn Publishers Association twil'I' i n tlw past designated the Oral"i1 tlw top collegiat e new s p ;qu 111 till' nation "I don't know that my being a Marxist had a lot to do with it. There are alot of Marxists teaching all o ver the country ,,. :vlegill said "A peculiar s et of things came together in my situation and be came symbolic.'" Megill' s l a w s uit asks $500,000 for himself and $ 500,000 for the AFT But h e said his maSor reque s t is to be reinstated at UF 'I mostly want my job back," Meg ill said Megill said the lawsuit is an "AFT case, but noted he did not origi:1ally want to take the case to court. He said he listed O Con nell. York and the BOR as defendants because legal aides advised him to name "everybody involved "It's all tied up in the legal process," Megill said. "Thafs not where I like to see it. JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 114 Buffalo Ave Phon e 232 0661 1 -75 South to Buffalo ex i t -!h block we! of Fla Ave Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Wheelchair Wheels-Repaired-Retired Discounts to USF and Staff Continued. 1c_,utpu OTOCRAP 1022 W. Bush Busch Bl-id. 935-9339 Photo Supplies & Se1Vice Center Film *Cameras Chemicals '* Paper Camera Repair Portrait Studio Student Discount "Quality for those who care" "At this point, we don't have a definite regulation on spray irrigation." -Hamilton Oven MIKE SMILEY, who runs the city-built spray field said that roughly one million gallons per day of treated sewage is sprayed through 3,000 sprinklers over 32 acres adjacent to USF Oven said this volume of treated sewage sprayed on the tract could possibly contaminate local shallow wells with nitrogen which, he said, could poison the red blood cells of infants drinking a rea w ell water.-He said a disease known as m e themoglobinemia sometimes results from drinking high nitrogen water that "effects the oxy gen-carrying capacity of red blood cells in infants." SMILEY SAil> the city plans to expand the field, but that right now we ve got to work with what we have He said the field should be at least 80 acres, but the sandy soil around the field keeps the sewage draining fast enough to prevent build-ups He said 27 acres have been '.'llanted with Argentina Bahia St. Augustine and Bermuda grass to help filter nitrogen from the sewage. Several monitor wells" ring the field where ground water i s tested for excess nitrogin weekly City Water Resources Coor dinator Dale Twachtman said the city plans to add another million gallons per day to the sewage plant and also additional land to meet future state requirements "WE ARE considering ex pansion," Twachtman said, "but whatever we do will depend on what we learn can best ac commodate the volume of ef fluent. He sai d in six months "when the plant gets going," the city will run efficiency tests on the field to determine whether or not to continue spraying. ELMER HAS HIS DREAMS ... an d th e dull. gray 9-5 j o b 1 s one of th em o nl y if yo u cou11t 111ght111a re s Yo u re w i th Elmer? W e ll. w e c a11 o ff e r y o u a 1 o b that" s different-eve11 before you gradua t e B y enrolling i n o u r Campus lnte rn s l1ip program 11o w y o u ca11 g e t s t a rted o n a c a r ee r i11 w hi cl1 y o ur d eci s i on s and clie nt s are you rs a l o ne Fact 2 4 \ o t our leading group o f a g ents l)egan l e a rn 111g a11d earn111g wl1i l e s till i n coll ege Stop b y our Campus O ffic e t o d a y a11li t a ke adv a11tage o f bern g you11g l 11 I I 1 [ \ 1 l j \ 't j !.\ COLIN A.SHANKLE TOM BAKISE, Supervisor 5444 Bay Center Drive Suite 215 Tampa Florida Sn-5813


4 -THE ORAC L E O ctober 2 3, 197 3 Impeachment Without Honor Many Americans have h a d enough. Others have had too much but feel impeachment would make things worse. Impeachment is a strong reaction but it is the only rational choice. Time and time again President Nixon has had the power and the opportunity to take steps to resolve national problems. It is highly unlikely he will break his precedent of inept action. Resignation would be best for the country but is not prob{i;ble. IT IS NOT the threat of im-peachment that brings a crisis; it is the President' s contempt for our laws, our judiciary and our balance of powers. Editorials & Commentary Nixon has failed to cooperate with the judiciary-insisting on having his own way like a spoiled child. Even if the tapes prove him not guilty, his erratic behavior raises questions about his judgment. The people have lost trust in his leadership-the very same people who gave him his historical landslide. HIS ADMINISTRATION has lied to the American people long enough. The r e is no need for more broke n promises Additiona l deceit by the executive branch should not b e tolerated. writte n t o prov ide for s itu ations lik e this. America can overcome corrupt ion, but th e concern and unity of th e p eople is needed. Th e n a mes. of the House of R epresentative m embers from Florida and their Washington addresses a r e supplied so each r eader can t a k e part and have a voice in the democratic process. L e t the representatives know what their con stituents think-write today. Write Representatives However, Congressme n dodge controvers ial issues until voters d emand a ction Th e time has come. E a ch p e r s on has a r es pon s ibility t o express his o r h e r opinion on thi s seriou s subject. The presidency i s not too s acre d t o come unde r constitutiona l fire; the im peachment p owers were This 1rnhlit documtnl wa .; prnmulgaltd al an annual cost or $I IX.4i!Hi..1;. or 111r CllllY lo disstminalt ntws lo lht studtnls, staff and fan11ly or tht Univtrsily or South Florida < Firty-nine ptr \'1'111 or tht 111'1' issut tost is oH sl't ad\'t'rlising n nnut'.) 1st District: Robe r t L. F Sikes Thursday ANP A Paceniaker Award 1967, 1969 noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday. Deadlines extended one day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before ACP All-An1erican since 1967 publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, & SD X Ma rk of Excellence 1972 Monday through Friday, Sa.m. -5p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. Biiii lflliiillllllllllllllllHllllllll!l!llllllWl'i1 .. Wllllllliil!lllllllllBlillllll!llllli!lflllllllllllllllllllllllllllR ..


DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau 1 OROPPEO BY THE /JAY [ARE CENrcR THIS Ofr.'AV, I 6UES5 All IHEL!TTL-E GIRLS OWN THERE HORN/MS HAVE A NEW I IDOL-tUH0'5 !HAT? 8.J If/NG, Of COt/R5EI HEE, J-1 I Of COl/f his office has been working on fringe benefit possibilities for about two years. All proposed benefits must receive legislative approval. "It is now moving toward the .legislature," Mautz said. "We have been making a very determined effort to get fringe benefits of some consequence for faculty members. -RESEARCH Thousands of Topics $2.75 per page Send for your up-to-date, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage (delivery time is 1 to 2 days). RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITE #2 LOS ANGELlS, CALIF. 90025 (213) 477-8474 or 477-5493 Our research material is sold for research assistance only HALLOWEEN TREAT REGISTER FOR20 GAL TANK EXOTIC FINS NORTH 13516 N. FLA. AVE. AT FLETCHER ARTIST SERIES FRI. NOVEMBER 2 8:30pm "MAHABHARATA" SAT. NOVEMBER S::Ulpm "RAMAYANA" llNIVERSITY THEATRE $:1..00 llSF FllLLTIME STllDENTS $2.00 TH:KETS ON SALE NOW! l:l5-4d0 WEEKDAYS-THEATRE BOX OFFICE


6 -THE ORACLE October 23, 1973 Cuban Play Presents 1Tremendous Challenge1 IH \"ID lH'T:\L\:\ Oracle Staff Writer "It's a tremendous challenge to actors." said Thea Ire Arts Department Chairman Herbert Shore describing the presen tation of the play "The Night of the Assassin." I like it. It's very exciting and contemporary. it applies to our lives said Shore who directs the show. THE PLAY by Cuban pla ywrigh t Jose Triana concerns three. children who keep trying through ritual to kill their parents. "The Night of the Assassin" blends comedy and terror, believe a nd frightening re'llity. "It's really a bout oppression and tyranny and what the y do abtmt it, Shore commented. "If you live under tyranny you have' to have the guts to do sorrtetliing about it or you make your own prisons "THE NIGHT of the Assassin''. be presented by the Theatre for New Repertory in the Herb Shore University Theatre Thursday through Saturday at 8:30 p m. with a Saturday matinee at 2:30 p.m. Cuba Lit Symposium To Augment Play Two afternoon programs on Cuban literatlire will be presented in conjunction with the Theatre Arts Department's production of "The Night of the Assassin," the first play by a Cuban playwright to be performed USF. A joint symposium offered by the Modern Foreign Languages and 1'h.eatre Arts Departments entitled "Cuban Theatre in its Historic Perspective" will be presented Wednesday from 2 to 3 p.m. in LAN 115. THE TOPICS of Presentation will be: "Maria.Qo Brull and,the Pr()mulgation of Incoherence" by Cleon W. Cai>Sas; _"Nichola. s Guillen and the Social Origins of Black Poetry" by James c. Tatum: "Alejo Carpentier and the Search for a Lost Paradise" by Carlos J Cano; -"The Cuban Theatre Leading Up to the Revolution" by Warren R. Hampton; and "The Effect of the Revolution on cUban Theatre" by Terry L. Palls. THE MODERATOR will be Edward F. McLean. The second presentation will be a reading of poetry Fnday at 2 p.m. in LAN 256. Readings will be done in English by Herbert Shore, Theatre Arts Department chairman and director of "The. Night of the Assassin," and in Spanish by Theatre Arts Department student Valentin Mendoza Tlw cast and design l'rl'\I' an' l\likl' Ll'ightl1n :\rg(tiio and Cris Trogul' ; 1 s thl' three ehildrl'n : Tando\'iH .ladl' El'l'nia is thl' studl'nt sC't dl'sigrwr: faculty costtlllll'r is .John Schuldt w it h studl'nt assistant Carn Vnrrwll: and Hobert Wolff is faculty lightin g designl'r The rt>plncl'S "Taming of tlw Shn'w .. schedulld for Oct. l\l through 2 1 and :!:l throu gh '27. which has hl'cn cancl'lll'd. TllE Sll.\l\.ESl'l:.\HE:\:\ play was eancl'lll'd. l'Xpl;1i1wd Shore. becausl' tlwy didn't ha\'l'

THE ORACLE""""'. October 23, 1973 7 1Fillmore:' A Fascinating 'Rockumentary' Reviewed By DAVID RUTMAN Oracle Staff Writer When rock music promoter Bill Graham decided to close down h i s "Fillmore-East" and "Fillmore-West" rock palaces the major portion of the contemporary music world w a s s addened. To save a piece of the Fillmore, a t least on film director Richard Auditions Set For Otr. 2 Dance Classes S tud\'nt s interested 1 : 1 enrollin g in d a nce class es during 2 mu s t a udition thi s w e ( for B a llet I will h e h e ld \\'e dtw;;d ay. Audition s for '.\lod e rn D anCl' I are s ch edule d Friday. Audition s will b e h eld a l 2 p m in the Dance Stu :io ( TAR Prefe rred dress are l eotard a nd tights for womrn and t-s hirt and tights for men. Heffron chose to film th e last f e w days of the Fillmore-W es t and show some of th e r e a s ons why Graham was forced to close down WHAT RESULTED from the th e filming is a fa s cinating "rockumentary" film, on the level of "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones and "M a d Dogs and Englishmen" by Joe Cocker c t al. "Fillmore" is a differ e nt music movie becaus e of lhe footage of wha t Bill Graha m h a d lo go through to produce his conc erts. A l esse r man would ha v e dropped d ead from exhaustion long before G r aham h a d lo c all it quit s Graham is a tough promoter a nd it shows. H e i s film e d ha g gling on th e t e l e phon e with g roup s such a s C old Blood a nd Boz Scaggs who are arguing o ver their fees a nd tri v ialitie s s uch as free tickets Graham won't take any nonsense and e ventually the groups are signed WATCHING THIS and other related incidents, you realize that this happened constantly and the TU highlites TOD. \ Y 8 p m Ch. 10-l\lovieBuddy Ebs en a nd Glorge Kenn e dy in "The President s Plane i s l\Iissing ... based on the suspense no\'el by Robert Serling 9 p m Ch. 44-l\'lo v ie Eight academy awards went to "From Here to Eternity ... starring Burt Lancaster and Frank Sinatra. 11 :30 p m Ch. 44-Movie The Old Fashioned Way" with \\'. C. Fields and Baby L e Roy 1\'ED:\'ESI>.\ Y 8 : :lop. m. Ch. 10-Movie-Don' t t lke drugs is the message of "Go ,.\ s h Alice a made for TV flick ll'ith \\'illiam Shatner and Andy G riffith 11::10 p m C h IOWide World of J:::ntert?inment-David Frost l v > s t s a s p e cial examining the w e ird r e cord s contained in the G uine ss Book of \ \' orld Records. 11::10 p m C h 44-Movie \\' C. Fi e lds teams again with Baby L cHoy in "It's A Gift." Tlll'HSD.\ Y !J p.m Ch. 10--Kung Fu-It's martial arts vs. mystic arts a s (' ainc faces a self-s t y l e d warlock in l\lex i c o. s t arring David Carra din e J p m Ch. 13 Movi e (;uess Who's Coming To Din n e r ?" s t arring Sidne y Poitier, S p<'n<:P r Tracy and K atharine llephurn. 11::10 p m C h 10--Wide World of l:n t er! a in men t --/\ Golden :\nni\'!'rsary salute to the magi c of \\' ;lit Dis ney featuring film clips from Snow White and the Sev en Dwarfs. C inderella," "Mary Poppins "Fantasia'' and "Bambi." 11:3 0 p m. C h 13-Movie" R P M."-Anthony Quinn stars a s a college profe ss or who must c onfront studen t prote s tors oc cupying the administration building 11:30 p m. C h 44-Movie W.C. Fields in "Man on the Flying Trapeze." CAR SALES 11650 N. Nebraska (corner Fowler) 971-0990 7:l Pinto Runabout $2'18!1 i:l Gran Torino ldr. $2!15!1 7:l Ford Galaxie 500 Hard Top $2!15!1 1 : 1 Mercury Capri Cpe $28!15 7:l Chev Impala -1 dr. H.T.--S:W!lfi ; : 1 Pinto Sta. wagon $21iI:! 1\ll Fully E1111ippl'cl With Air ( mul. Bank Financing up to :Hi months Ope n Mon. Thru Fri.!I t.o !I !171-0!l!IO Sat. \J :'i S Min. from Downtown Lo' Angel es In A Suburban Community fnro llm e nl Now Bern9 Accepted for Marc h Term lnqurri e s Are Invited By The Deon Of Admissions GLENDALE COLLEGE OF LAW 220 NO. GLENDALE AVE GLENDALE CA. 91206 (213) 247-0770 drain of continual warfare with rock and roll bands is almost to much to bear. It becomes a losing battle. If the sequences about Graham are fascinating, the greater portion of musical segments can be called undistinguished at best. The most noticeably disap pointing group is Santana, who comes across on film as remarkably mediocre. t\T THE opposit e end of the scale, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and It's A Beautiful Da y present the finest ro c k s ound s r ec orded on film since the Rolling Stones filmed Altamount. Despite some minor disappointments on music, "Fillmore" lends lo be an enthralling film about a man and his dream. and th e death of that dream. "Fillmore" will be presented toda y in LAN 103 as part of t he Tuesday Night Special Film Series. Showtimes are 8 :30 and 10:30 p m USF Students To Vie In 'Jeannie' Contest Three USF students are in competition for the title of "Jeanie. With The Light Brown Hair" for 1'974 and music scholarships totalling $4,000. The vocalists are Phebe Farrow, Mary Dorothy Diana and Maria Celeste They will be judged in vocal competition Thursday through Saturday at the Stephen Foster Memorial in White Springs Fla. Don't Strike Out! Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Continues Through October 31, 1973. The cost of an accident or illness could put you out of unless you're prepared for it. Florida's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans offer you a full year's protection at a special rate for University of South Florida students: Single: Family: $35.20 $122.00 The open enrollment for students will continue until October 31. Applications and information are available on the third floor of the Health Service Center. Blue Cross and Blue Shield I.D. cards for enrolled students may be picked up in the Student Government office(U.C.156). We believe there's more to good health than paying bills. 1111 ... I,.,.,., A ...... ... Ult\


8 -THE ORACLE October 23, 1973 1Fun Run' Draws 400-500 Joggers BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor F 'or those interested in black and white statistics USF Pres. Cecil Mackey jogged 12 miles, Tampa mayor Dick Greco put in a brief ap1_>earance good for half a mile, and WFLA 's disc jockey Jeff Rogo gave it a go for better than two hours Mere statistics weren t the bread and butter nor the purpose of Saturday's 12-hour Run for Fun according to Physical Educationn Association

THE ORACLE -October 23, 1973 9 Brahmans Evaporate Hurrlcanes BY D.-\\" E :\IOOR:\J..\:-.;:\ Oracle Sports Editor If USF was looking ahead to i ts show down with St. Louis. it s ure did a good job of fooling everyo ne Saturday with an overwhelmin g 7-0 triumph over Miami. The Billikens, defending NCAA champs arriving here this Saturday, promise to be one of USF's toughest battles of the season. Bl" T THE Br a hm a n s nHer really experienc ed a l e td own with Miami. r e co rding th eir s e c ond shutout in succ es s i on a nd reaching the sev en goal m a rk for th e s e cond tim e. "We kinda w ore them down. C oach Dan Holcomb s a id of th e 70 Brahmans. "We were just too quick for them." In the contest. USF held a slim 2 0 halftime edge. But two second u rac1e pnoro by Brian Ashford Battle Of The Giants Tampa Mayor Dick Greco and USF Pres. Cecil Mackey laugh it up in their judo match which opened the Taizo Sone Memorial Tourney this weekend. US F's Tom Rigg captured the overall title as well as the 154-lb. divisional crown. Phil Van Treese place third in heavyweight competition. Fall Contests Show Promise, Problems A 54-3 f all e xhibition r ecor d i s pretty muc h middle-o f t he ro a di s h s tu ff. S mall w o nd e r t h e n why U S F baseball coa c h Bee f y Wri g ht s comme nts on his t ea m 's p erforma nce fall alon g th e sa m e lin es. I saw a lot of thin gs th a t I lik e a nd s om e thin gs th a t I th o u g ht c oul d use so m e imp ro v e m e nt Wright sai d Th e B r a hm a n s s kipp e r a d mitte d his tea m s m os t g l a ri ng We also malce ""'" copies proble m was "we have n o real leadership right now T his i sli t a rap 3gain s t th e boys, but j u s t a s itu a tion tha t w e h o p e t o i ro n o ut b y t h e season 's start." Beca u se h e e mphasi ze d a n inf orma l atmos ph e re, Wri g h t s a i d h e didn t ge t a c h a n c e t o wor k a t all with his pitc h e r s in th e b ullp e n a nd h o p e d thi s was the cause o f so m e no t ic e a bl e p rob l e m s ;.. :::: :, ., pafNr Soles lettu1 EnvelopH Catalog Sf1Htl Letterh-d Bulletins Circulan Formt Handbill NoticH Pott Card Dire;t Mall ln>churH lnttructiont HoullC> Organ1 e Data 5hffh e C:O.t 5hfftl Order Form Price Ust Work 5hHta RHumH Announcemnh C> Stuffen TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER inslyprints -43.47 W Ken n e rly Blv d Tampa Flo 3 3609 079 "468"4 Tampa Flo. 33617 985 2083 "We were just too quick for them ... We weren't really tested very much against Miami but we'll know how good we are this weekend." Holcomb wasn't sure Satur d a y s victory would catapult them back into the top twenty because "we weren' t tested very much against Miami bu t we'll know how good we are this weekend p e riod g o a ls by Mike Knott and five point s in an 11-minute span suddenly turned th e g ame into a rout. AG.-\1:\ S t. Louis freshmen Knott and P e te Mohrmann were st a ndout s for USF Knott in creased hi s tea m scoring leadership to nin e. and Mohrmann tallied twi c e for his sixth and sev e nth point s. Sophomo r e Bill Pecher. collecting his fir s t two goals of the year. r o unded out USF's scoring. Through it s fir s t s even games. the Brahma ns h av e outscored their opponents 3 4-4 while recording four s hutouts K NOTT i s a lr eady one goal ahead of G eo r ge Una nu e s t eam sco ring m a rk o f last season a nd Mohrma nn s hould pass it so on Thi s wee k tho u g ht s w o n t b e o n statistics. b u t r a ther o n b ea tin g St. Loui s Th e B illik e n s prevai l e d in th e tra ditional r i va l ry last yea r w ith a 1-0 doubl e over tim e v i c t ory. Ye t Holcomb i s co nfid e nt. "WE'V E GO T as goo d a c h a n ce as eve r of bea tin g S t. L ouis thi s y ea r H o l co m b said "We c an carry th e attack to the m Physically th e Brahmans a ppear s ound Hurting pri o r to the g a m e w ith Mia mi th e pla yers h a v e c om e a lon g well, e x plained Holcomb. Only Fred Sikor ski, who suf fered a brok e n nose, w a s injured Survival Bookworks 12303 Nebraska Ave. Between Fletcher & Fowler -Dan Holcomb against the Hurricanes but trainer Tony Jonaitis said he should be ready for St. Louis Ol' T Sl!'l;( E preseason with an Achilles heel ailment. halfback Sean O'Brien is to begin practice thts week a nd may see limited action against St. Louis, ac c ording to Holcomb "I don' t think we'll have a nyone th a t s not at least nearly healthy (aside from Tom Steinbreche r l." explained the Brahman boss. /toning Fellows Is First Karen Fellows continued her domination of women's bowling, taking both high game 079) and series (503> i n last week's USF Bowling League Men s top game belonged to Steve McLa i n with a 233 while .Al Rosen rolled 541 for the series title /AnTAnA The GRATEFUL DEAD and HOTTUnA QUICH/llVER and BlllGRAHAm Hit ... And Hit Wmie1 8:30 10:30 LAN 103 75 w/ID Tues Oct. 2.'l CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Quality products & repair service. 3, 5&10 speed Bikes trade-ins, used bikes Racing & Touring equipment 11148 N. 30th St. Across from Schlitz Open 9 to 6 Phone 971-2439 Fuji Gitane Bottecchia Sutter


10-THE ORACLE October 23, 1973 -----ORACLEir:-----------Bull tt in Board TODAY Campus Advance Campus Advance will meet tonight al 9:30 in UC 217 for a "soul talk,: an informal discussion about Christianity. Anyone is welcome. Chi Alpha Chi Alpha will have its weekly meeting tonight al 9 in UC 158. In addition to rapping about problems relevant to the Christian world, Don Rippy from Suncoasl Cathedral in St. Petersburg will speak Everyone is welcome. Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The fellowship will have its "Men's Consciousness Raising Group for men who wish to begin to deal with sexism. The group will meet at 8 tonight at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship near USF. For information call 988-8188. WEDNESDAY The World Affairs Council will have an information booth for the Sixth Annual Model United Nations. Delegation sign-up is available for those familiar with the Model United Nations. The booth will be set up Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in UC lobby, near the Bookstore. Also, the regular meeting Oct. 24 at 2 p .m. in UC 252 West will have speakers from the USF Delegation, National Model United Nations and Or. Jeffrey Rosner. Anyone interested in the United Nations or international affairs is invited. Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda will meet Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in UC 203. All business and business education maiors are invited. A.S.C.E. The American Society of Civil Engineers will meet Oct. 24 al 7:30 p.m. in ENG 003 (basement of ENG>Speaking -will be Mr. Dale Twachtmann, water resources coor di,nator for the City of Tampa. Questions will be entertained. Refreshments will be served afterward. Any interested persons are in vited. Psychology Club The Psychology Club will meet Oct,24 at 2 in SOC 037. Everyone is invited. Anthropology Club The Anthropology Club will meet Oct. 24 at 2 in SOC 127. Speaking will be Or. Gilbert Kushner to discuss the opportunities open to anthropology majors in the way of careers and graduate school. Anyone in terested is invited. Engineering College Association The Engineering College Association will meet Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. in the Dean's Con ference Room in the Engineering Building. The club president will lead a discussion of current events. All interested are invited. Free coffee. College Republican Club The College Republican Club will meet Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. in UC 204. Anyone interested is invited. THURSDAY Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The fellowship will sponsor "Open Relationships"-organizing an ongoing group for couples seeking to bring more freedom and openness into their relation ship. Please read "Open Marriage' by O'Neil and O'Neil as a springboard for discussion. The g,oup will meet Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship near USF. Call 988-8188 for further in formation. Office of Student Organization The Office of Student Organization will meet Oct. 25 at 2 p .m. in UC 200 for a discussion session. The discussion will pertain to car-pools and lransportaticm problems of commuters, as well as other problems and to make suggestions to ad ministrators as to how University facilities and personnel can help in these situations. Baha'i Baha'i will meet Oct. 25 at 8:30 p.m. in UC 158 to hear Mrs. Alaine Cowen. She will talk about the social and economic progress in the u N in relation to Baha'i teaching. Anyone is invited. FRIDAY Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda Training Conference will be held Oct. 26-28 al the Dutch Inn in Orlando. Testing and Advanced Placement The College Placement Test (Foreign Language) will be given Oct. 26 in FAO 220. Further information about applications can be obtained in FAO 201 or call 974-2741. Jewish Student Union The Jewish Student Union presents a "witching" Hour Special, surprise events to occur. This will be Oct. 26 at 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. al Burlington Arms Apt. 57, 14607 42nd St. If a ride is needed, meet at the UC al 9:30 p.m. Aereopagus Aereopagus (Religious Discussion Club) will meet Oct. 26 al 2 p.m. in LAN 116. The Rev. Bob Heywood of the University Chapel Fellowship will speak about anxieties people have in choosing a religious path. Anyone is welcome. SATURDAY and Advanced Placement The Graduate Record Exam (GREl will be given Oct. 27 in BUS, BSA and SOC. Applications and further information can be obtained in FAO 201. USF Lacrosse Club The USF Lacrosse Club will meet for a general practice Oct. 27 at the Intramural Football Field at 10 a.m. Newcomers are invited to attend and learn to play. SUNDAY Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will meet Oct. 28 al 11 a.m. for "Fighting Down the Urge to Violence," an analysis Ot the repression of our aggressive impulses, and the personal and societal consequences of this. Jewish Student Union The Jewish Student Union meets every Sunday at 7:30 in LAN 116. If interested please attend, all suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. TUESDAY SG and USF Women's Center The Student Government and The Women's Center are sponsoring a march to demonstrate the need for lighting on cam pus. The march will begin at 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 20 in front of the UC on Crescent Hill. Everyone is welcome. WEDNESDAY (Oct. 31) English Forum The English Forum will meet Oct. 31 at 2 p .m. in the Empty Keg (UC 104) for a discussion of Witchcraft and Heresy in literature. Anyone interested is invited. Astronomy Department The Astronomy Department on Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. in PHY 141 will present Dr. A. F. Aveni, associate professor from Colgate University. Dr. Aveni will give a seminar: "Astronomy and City Planning in ancient Mexico." ANNOUNCEMENT Instructional Materials Center The hours the Instructional Materials Center will be open have been increased to include two nights -Monday and Wed nesday. The new schedule is: Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. E. BUSCll t:lt!fF 8LVP.. "" 988 --.J Unitarian Universalist Fellowship The fellowship is in need of people willing to donate some time and energy to fixing up the fellowship grounds, do some work, make coffee one Sunday a month and other chores. Call Teri Martinez at 988-8778 or the fellowship at 988-8188. Continuing Evt!nh SG The SG Scnah1 will meet every Tuesday night at 7:JO in UC 25'2. All interested are invited. Leadership Conference Omicron Delta Kappa will sponsor a leadership conference for leadership training, group dynamics and actual problem solving with administrators in a Saturday session Nov. l, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The conference is open to anyone in a student organi1ation, especially officers. The cost is SJ.SO and includes the luncheon al which Mike Greer, general counsel at University of South Carolina and student ombudsman, will speak. More information is available from Dan Walbolt, ext. 2151; Carol Spring, ext. 2615; or Warren Harris, UC Box 455. SOAB The Student Organizations Advisory Board is accepting applications up until Oct. Jl for four positions:, Academics, Sports and Special Interest. Applications are available in Student Organizations. Graduate Studies The Graduate Studies Office announces that applications are available for Graduate Scholarships tn Africa. All grants include maintenance for one academic year, round. trip international transportation and health and accident insurance. Candidates may apply to one country only but may list two alternates. Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree, must. be a US citizen, where applicable have language proficiency sufficient to carry out the proposed project, and must be in good health. The deadline for applying is Nov. 15. Information and application forms amay be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office ADM 229. W:uu:us Dave Heinz Imports Sales Service Parts 238 8485 1101 E. Hillsboro. Ave. Postdoctoral Research The National Research Council announces the Research Associateship programs for 1974. These programs provide scientists and engineers with opportunities for post. doctoral research on problems in the fields of chemistry, space sciences, physics, at. mospheric and earth sciences, engineering, lite sciences and mathematics. Appointments are made on a competitive basis and are open to recent recipients of the doctorate and in some cases to senior in vestigators. Some are open to non.US citizens also. Applications must be postmarked by Jan. 15, 1974. Awards will be announced in April. Further information concerning specific res0earch opportunities and application materials are available from the Associateship Office, JH 606HP, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Ave. N.W .. Washington, D.C. 20418. If you didn't get your last Rx filled at the Village Prescription Center, you were ripped off ... Oh well, there's always next time. Village Prescription Center in Terrace Village Shopping Center 109388 N. 56th St. 988-3896 l'o11 '"" t'fl// 1ju\ tfu l1i:;l11-.

THE ORACLE -October 23, 1973 ( HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED [ MOBILE HOMES l .LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacEXTRAORDINARY TYPIST FRATERNITY HOUSE BARBERSHOP Sebring certified SHAGS LAYER .CUTS Unisex Shop STYLING RAZOR CUTS PH. 971-3633 Donald Trng. Ctr. for mentally retarded adults 3 or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. 5100 mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. FULL OR PARTTIME WORK, 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Mllrning or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550. WOMEN or men-Tropical Fish packers and Quality Control workers. Full or part-time. Three shifts available. No layoffs. Ex perience not required. Inside work. Apply Mon.-Fri. 8-5 across from silver water tower 3 miles So. of Gibsonton, 3 miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So. RI. 41. STUFF TO WEAR Full time employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person al Floriland Mall. Male--Female DRIVERS wanted lo sell ice cream. Part time, full time openings. No experience needed. Will train. Circus Man Ice Cream 876. SALESMAN Part-lime: Well known chain department store. Mon. and Wed. evenings, 6-10. No experience needed, will train. Must have own transportation. Call 626, Mr. Simpson or Mr. Neloon. ( MISC. FOR SALE ) ROYAL Custom II portable typewriter with case. Good condition. Selling because want an electric. $60 or best offer. 971-8970 GOOD STUFF-Two beautiful rya rugs. Crib with mattress, playpen. Story of Civillzation--9 volumes. Will and Ariel Durant. Best Offers Anytime 988. 10.SPEED Schwinn Varsity, excellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. DALMATION Puppies-A.K. C. males & females, 6 wks. Beautifully marked. 996 2581 UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural, etc. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7:30. p .m. CLOSEOUT on knit men's pants, some slightly irregular. Only 56.50-pair. Call between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday and Wed nesday only for information 876-1908. WE HAVE denims in regular and befls and cords in bells. Also, boots, shirts & westerr. hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax plus years of Quality term papers disserlations-statistlca I data-thesis Turabian-USF.campbellBM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica Ref.erences on request. Call Gloria 884-1969. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971 2139. If no answer, 235-3261. CAMPUS Ari Service Graphs-Charts Logos-Letierheads-B rochu resNewspaper layouts-Handbills Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 after 6 p.m. CARSON OPTICAL 11710 Fla. Ave. 9357854. Eyeglass RX. Sunglasses & photogray; plastic or hardened lenses made. Gold wire frames & fashioned frames. Duplicate broken lenses & repair frames. STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 p.m. Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247. TYPING: Accurate and last. Turabian, term oapers, Theses, resumes,weeklY a;signments. Close to USF. Call Lucy Wilson 988-0836 BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE FROM CAMPUS: work don by u.c. English graduate. Overnight '"' ... available. Call 971-1336 { LOST & FOUND l LOST on side of road-Artley Nickel Flute. Cash reward for finder. Call Bruce 988-7711. ---LOST: 2 male dogs, one Great Dane, fawn, unclipped ears. One Irish Setter with tags. Last seen near softball field on campus. Reward. If found contact Mark 971. -------------BLUE velvet purse was ripped off last week. II had a rose colored wallet which con tained license, ID. letters and pictures which are extremely important to me. If found please call Debbie at 974-6330. FOUND: Male cat, part Siamese, brown, cream and w -hile. Call 977-0275. western Wear 8702 Nebraska. ( ) ,... ------..-.. -PERSONAL ( FOR RENT ) DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED : GIRLS needed to sublet new furn. pt. For 2nd & 3rd quarters. 1-6 '74. 565 a month each, plus utilities. Bike riding distance from USF. Call 977-5435 MALE Roommate. Own a room In a two bedroom place. Central air cond., pool. 5 min. to campus, nice. sao per month. FOR MORE INFORMATION call Joe at 971 8808. POOLSIDE 4 bedroom townhouse; need to sublet 2 bedrooms at La Mancha Dos for reduced rates (S77 a mo.) 971-2976 Mary or Carla. GREEN OAK VILLA APARTMENTS 'Z BR., 11 i Bath, furl"lished apt. tor rent. A-C, w w carpet, dishwasher. SlBS per nio. N<:ar USF & VA Hbspital. 14610 42nd St. Phone: 971 1424. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I FEMALE Roommate. Have own room in two bedroom place. Pool, air cond., laundry. Corner ol 15th St. & lllst Ave. Very inexpensive. Call 935 1257 for into. MALE roommate for same to share two bedroom apt. Armenia area S97 per month plus '1 expenses. Call Dyanne 877.2939 or 876-6801 HELP? Call SOLVE 227-8461. We provide maternity clothes-baby clothes-housing jobs-transportation & financial assistance 227-11461. NEW Pina Hui is open near USF. Pina Hui is where quality, service, atmosphere is the "in" thing. Try our salad 'n sandwich special only .99. Eat In or carry-out. 1202 E. Fowler Ave. Ph. 971. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call HELPLINE at 974-2555 If you are a woman and need to talk to another woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974. ( MUSICAL l GUITAR STRINGS Lowest prices in Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Survival Book works, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7:30 p.m. REAL ESTATE ) SPLIT bedroom arrangement. Great 3 bedroom home with panelled klnQ-size master bedroom. Large kitchen with breakfast area. Fully carpeted living room wilh breakfast area. Full carpeted livina room with lovely bay window. Central heat and air. Garage. Sidewalks. A Great Buy! FHA-VA Financing available. Upper 20's. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Really. Res: 877-4922. 011:877-8227 DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit your class schedule Monday through Friday ca II 253-2844 12x60 1973 AC FURNISHED 2 miles from USF. Shag, dishwasher, 6 months old. 2 bedrooms. Turn rent payments into an investment. Below cost $5800. Call collect for Lee, Clearwater 443-6488 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 1973 750 YAMAHA $1430. Two months old. Call 833-8171 days. -------( AUTOMOTIVE 1967 OPEL KADET GOOD RUNNING CONDITION $500 971-7259 ) 1973 SUPER BEETLE Full Warranty. Gel brand new car and help me get one too! Asking $2200, willing to haggle. Call 9770646 after 6 p.m. or come see it at La Mancha Dos apt. 141. '68 CHEV. Biscayne, automatic, power steering, factory air, radio, good condition S650. Call 689-5043. BEAT the high cost of gasoline-JO miles a gallon! Private Party selling '65 VW bus. Run good. Rebuilt motor. New seats. S500.' Also '65 VW Bug. Runs nice, looks sharp $495. 837-2972. 1973 VEGA Hatchback. AC, 6500 miles, under full warranty. $2200 or 575 a month payments. Call 971-4181. 1972 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE-one of the best, most economical ways to get around. Burgundy exterior, saddle interior. Low mileage, fine condition. Call Bob, 988 evenings. LI NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW Plus MAID TO ORDER Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:45 University of Tampa Student and reserved football tickets avail. 13520 University Plaza & 4303 Busch Plaza Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek, Time, Ms., Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The First Big Star of the Seventies" CURTIS HIXON HALL TAMPA HALLOWEEN OCT. 31, Wed. 8 p.m. Tickets available at Curtis Hixon Box OfficeAll area Sears stores-Budget Tapes (near USF) Music Library, Britton Plaza PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace WED. NIGHT FRATERNITY AND SORORITY SPECIAL AT THE WHIPPING POST WEAR YOUR JERSEY FOR FREE ADMISSION AND FIRST FREE DRAFT HAPPY HOUR TUESDAY AND THURSDAY FROM 8-9 PM. ON FLA. A VE NORTH OF FLETCHER 11


12 -THE ORACLE October 23, 1973 PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS CENTER. INC . 'I 'I '150 N. 3DTH ST. TAMPA, FLA. CB'13J-B7'1-3BDB FULL LINE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Kodak -Nikon -Agfa Konica Fuiica Omega -Vivitar COMPLETE RENT AL DARKROOM Omega enlargers wall mounted Temperature controlled filtered water Individual film developing rooms Pako drum dryer COMPLETE RENT AL STUDIO Professionally equipped -PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL Evening & Weekend Classes Black & White I Color Processing & Printing ATTENTION MASS COM MAJORS COMPLETE PACKAGE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES ALL YOUR SUPPLIES AT ONE LOCATION STUDENT DISCOUNTS AV AILABlE Across From Schlitz Brewery


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