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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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HEW May Axe Race Mix Plan BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor A plan to desegregate Florida state universities "will probably be rejected" by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare t I f I I ct t I @ ropna ('C or 11g wr e uca lllll are given to t 1e W Legislature cons.titute "the largest and mos t HOI!. in ; 1 lump sum to disiribu(c as it. chooses. r ACE l meetings Tuesday night at City Hall saying "the basic thing behind all environmental probl ems is the problem of population growth." Betz told a crowd packed into the City Council Chamber that the 16-member ACE committee will hold eight public meetings this year, followed by a general vote in November 1974 to "determine the will of the Pf!Ople of Tampa" on a population growth policy. "UNPRECEDENTED pop ulation caused by a huge fn-migration of new residents from other parts of the country," Betz said, is the central environmental problem facing Tampa and Hillsborough County residents. Betz said the county' s population increased 23 per cent between 1960 and 1970, but Tampa's population has increased less than 1 1 per cent. He said booming development around USF and other areas outside Tampa City limits have strained city utilities. Seventy per cent, or 64,000 of these new county residents are served by city water and sewer systems. Betz said. "THE NET result has been decreasing quality of sewer service and more frequent water shortages compounded soai"ing utility bills," Bl'ltz 'Wrote in a lett e r to the ACE calling for the meeting. Tuesday's meeting focused on problems associated with the preservation of possible new county water sources. Joe Rosenschein of the U.S. Geological Survey in Tampa said the preservation of wetland areas north of Hillsborough County is "of utmost importance" in t.i\e search fo1: f'tlture county well fields. "TllEHE CAN be no question that we need to protect area W(;tlands from development." RosP11schci1I said. ''Building in John Betz undeveloped wetlands has always been a source of .problems." Rosenschein said the county should consider recycling treated sewage for use in lawn and greenbelt sprinkling and watering large tracts of grass like those surrounding USF. One must keep in mind that if we want to use water just one time, we will run out," he said. HE SAID recycling will cosf. more than one-time use, but We 'v e taken water for granted. As we move into the future, there is no question we will.have to pay more." Betz said ACE will meet this year to discuss area water, power supply, the effects of population growth on schools, taxes, traffic, housing and "the quality of life." Development and population growth around USF will soon slack off the biologist said yesterday, and living conditions will rapidly deteriorate. "I think most of the developments around USF are instant slums." he said. "What we have now is a glistening. coat of newness hiding future slums." Local trailer parks will become ghettos for the old Area apartment complexes and duplexes will run down and fall apart. in five years." Betz said. The area around USF is going to be regarded as an undesirable place to live."


2-THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 Nixon Vetoes Power limit Bill \\":\SH ING TON \UPI 1 Prt'sident N ixon \'etoed a bill yesterday which would ha\'e limited his war-making authority. calling it an unconstitutional intrusion on presidential pow e r. The bill sought to impose a 9lloYerall limit on the President's power to send U.S. troops o\erseas and to gin' Congress the right to cancel such action by a simple majority of both houses. Nixon said the resolution would have checkmated fast action by the United States at times such as the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and might have even impaired diplomatic efforts like the one to reach a Middle East cease-fire. Nixon's ninth veto this year is expected to be sustained by the Democratic Congress. Ceasefire lUPil -The second l\'liddle East cease-fire in 24 hours broke down briefly in a tank and air battle on tlH' Suez front but pl':ll't' w;1s rl'Stl1n'd. ch;irgl'd in thl' l lnited Nations that its forcl'S ll'l'rt' still under ;1tt:1ck but lsr;wl said. all the fighting has stopped." Egyptian Foreign !\linister l\lohammed l-Lissan ;1ddrt'ssed an sl'ssion of tlw l l .N Council c;.illed at tlw request of Presidtnt :\nwar S;1dat who asked the l1 nitPd States and the Smipt Union to s end troops to police the truce. The United States cilready had rejected the idea. Watergate \\'. -\SHINGTON l UPI 1 .-\c ting .-\ttorney General Robert H. Bork promised to igorously ill\estigate the Watergate scandal and said he would if he found it necessary -sue President Nixon to obtain additional tape recordings and documents. In his first press conference after taking over the Justice Department Saturday 11ight wht n his two superiors quit. Bork said he too. nsig1wd following !ht upheav;tl th;!t follLl\l'l'd Prtsiclent Nixon's ordtr to fire speci;tl \\'atngatt' prosl'cutor .-\rchib;lld Cox. Impeachment \\':\Sll l N(;'L'ON 1 l IPI1 The Democratic m;ijorit> 11n !ht llousl' .Juclicia;'_1' Co111111ittL't' dl'cided unanimous!> >estcrday the> would seek ,.;ubpOL'na powers for their chairman ;is the first step to11ard possible im peachnwnt of President Nixon. 43 Injured KE:\RN\'. N .. J I UPI I At least nine persons were killed and !:l or nwrl' injured late Tuesday and l'arly yLslt'rday in a St'ries of L 'hain ;1tTidents involving more than vd1icles on the New Turnpikl' in a fog reporte d to Ill' ";is thick as a brick wall." St;1te troopers initially counted 11i1il' dl';1d. and s;iid .i:; injured ppr,.;ons 11tre takt to local hospitals. Tilt' s;1id the final toll rnuld ht higher. Trade Power WASHINGTON t UPI l With not end Pd soon, i here would have !Jcl' n no chance of passage this year. Immunity lower TOHONTO tUPll A team of Jlarvanl researchers reported yesterday that applitation of widely used Vitks Vaporub results in a "very significant" lowPring of the natural immunity of mice to cold germs that can cause pneumonia. However, in a paper presented ;it the Fifth Fall Assembly of the American College of Ches t Physicians, th e team emphasized ... ulll' cannot ever totally ext rapola tt the results of a response in mice directly to man. wtather Tampa Job Report Cites Women, Black Hiring Bias thP Middle East cease-fire taking hold. the J{ules Committel' approved for !louse' ;1l'tio11 a I.Jill giving Pres ident Nixo n liro;1 d lll'\I' powers t l' ncgotiatl' trade agret'llll'nts with nthl'r n;1tions. lloust' DPmocrat.ic leaders had decided not to let th e bill reach the House floor until the Arab I s raeli war ended. lf the war had Fair through Friday. Highs in the low 80s with lows in the mid fiOs. TALLAHASSEE

3 ._ .: 'Watch Your Step' One of USF's squirrels was caught escaping the everyday life of Alpha Hall yesterday by Oracle photographer Brian Ashford. Probably finding that Alpha is only for humans, the squirrel quickly maneuvered the staircase and safely journeyed to one of the oak trees nearby. Career Placement Helps Graduates BY ERIC PERA Oracle Staff Writer While many college graduates seek employment on their own, others turn to their school s career and employment center for assistance in finding out what is available in the job market. Donald Colby, director of the Student Career and Employment Center at USF, contends that going through the Center's office means a 50-50 chance of finding a paid position. "TECHNICALLY," said Colby, "the office isn't really interested in what type of job you get. We can only help you decide where you should have the best chance of employment. Actually it's up to you, you're on your own." At. this particular stage in technological advancement the two fields of higher demand for men are engineering and ac counting According to the College Placement Council's Study of the 72-73 year business and industry, engineering and accounting areas are recently up two per cent in salaries THE WOME:";'S survey of the same study lists the largest demand for health and medical personnel. Salaries in this area have gone up 10 per cent in the last y ear due to pressures from organizations represented by business industry local s tate, <1nd national government The tr end nowaday s see ms to br. toward a career that interests the i11dividual or at least that is the response most students give Yet. wh<1t happens to the gradu<1te fresh out of Generalizing, Colby said "He' s most likely to grab the first position offered, unless he doesn't need the money that bad." HIGH GRAlJES don t always prove advantageous, Colby said The employer will adjust to what type of person he needs to fit the position. "In most cases the employer's decision won't be the only one," said Colby "He will usually get advice from others in his firm, sort of a screening process Your financial status can work for, or against you "The millionaire's son has as much a chance as the pauper s does It's just a question of how the em ployer feels about it, said Colby "More often than not they at tempt to hire the more qualified person he said "And of course you can look to the military," he said. Mautz Talks On Campus State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz will be on campus today for his annual visit He will review budgets appropriations and enrollment with the aid of a slide presen tation At 10:30 a.m Mautz will meet with the deans and chairmen in LAN 115, at noon he will lunch with Pres. C ecil Mack e y a nd s taff. M a utz will hold an open m ee ting for the students faculty and s taff at 2:00 p m in the ENA Audit o rium DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit your class schBdu/e Monday through Friday call 253-2844 THE ORACLE-October 25, 1973 3 Regents. Examine Equalized Tuition BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer The state Board of R e gents staff is examining four proposals for revamping university tuition fees intended to equalize the share e ach student pays for his e ducation But the s taff is not con s idering an y change that would incr ease or decrea se th e amount of money the state gets from tuition Ken Boutwell v ice chancellor for Admini s tral:iv e Affairs s aid "WE'RE ONLY try ing to provide equity to the stud e nt," he s aid The current fee structure looks a little bit unfair," he added Under the current system full time stud e nts

DOONESBURY WHO'S 1Hl5?. l0Nlff<, HI, HONY. JOANIE. SAY, WHO's /'1AKING DINNER. IONIGHT? 00 YOU KNOW? \ WHAT?. IVUl, I PR0/115!3() USA I'O HUP HER STRING HE!< R.ACQUGT. IT !1&ANS A WT TO HER, 50 .. \ '-""' .IJ">;...., ;-, 5EE WE CAN' T .\J AU HAVE BILL/ JEAN A5 O()R IOOL. W WOHE.N n1 NEEO OIFFCRENT HOOlS :1 ()/ CAN'T All WEAR I /NN! 5 ORESSES MTH I N----..., BWE SEQUINS Ill 8A51t:ALLY. !T:S I! r ""/:> J UST N OT P0551BLE 1 ( I '-, ( ;Ii 110 L. '-..) ,,.r\ ... : ;, ;-?tff,(i :..: \h, P'.v, by Garry Trudeau /1!K&7 .. OKAY, lOOK MIEN HE COMES IN, COUlO Y()() T&ll-HIM ru BE l-ATE FOR O!NN&f

October 25, 1973 Theatre On The Screen Is Unique Opportunity BY VIVIAN MULEY Entertainment Editor Beginning next week, the American Film Theatre will pro v ide a unique opportunit y for the American public It is presenting the professional ... theatre on the screen Eight renowned plays with a host of prestigious stars will be featured i n more than 500 theatres throughout the United States and Canada Keaton Stars In Free Film St. Pete Campus has fun in store--Halloween(ie) -Friday. First, wienees and beanees from 6 to 7 :30 p m at the swimming pool recreation complex, followed by "The General," a 1920's silent film staring Buster Kea too The film begins at 8 p.m in the St. Pete Campus auditori11m. The General" is a Civil War comedy involving a great train heist by a raving band of 10 Union men. They capture both the train and the girl. Admissionto the supper is fifty cepts and the film is free. [films) A DIFFEREN T film will be shown each month beginning Oct. 29 on two consecutive d a ys alwa y s on a Monda y and Tue s da y w ith a matinee and e vening perform a nce at th e Britton I and Hillsboro II in T a mpa Th e th eatre on film w ill ha v e the e ffect of a perma n e nt repertor y theatre brin g ing its efforts to the public via film in hundreds of communities sim ultaneousl y according to Ely A Landau creator and president of the American Film Theatre. Lee Marvin Fredric March and Robert Ryan will star in Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh," about a traveling salesman who tries to sell salvation to a saloon full of derelicts in Greenwich Village in 1912. EUGENE Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" stars Zero Mostel, who won a Tony Award as best actor of the year for his per formance in the play from the Theatre of the Absurd. Tampa Bay Art Center Hosts Children's Shop The Tampa Bay Art Center will present a theatre workshop for children and art classes for children, from Saturday through Dec 8 The Thea orkshop will be for children 5 through 13. It will feature creative drama techniques, stage movement, speech, pantomine, improvization, character work and study of a simplified Shakespearean play CLASSES WILL be held Saturdays from 9 :30 to 11 :30 a.m. For registration and information call 253-5346 or 971-1567. The foes for six sessipns are $21. Art classes for different age groups will feature different thing s ChildrE>n ages 6 through J wilf learn expressive creativity with d ifferent materi al s. C hildren ages 8 thou gh 11 will p arti cipat e in dra wing, p a inting and construction with different materials. Teens ages 12 though 15 will learn basic fundamentals in drawing, painting and three dimensional design "The Homecoming" is a controversial pla y written by H a rold Pinter, starring Mich ael Jay ston and Vivien Merchant. Kath a rin e Hepburn and Paul S cofield s t a r a s a n upper middl e cla ss c oupl e in Edw a rd Albee s prob e of r e l a tion s hip s in a t e n se situation "A Delicat e Balanc e." THE LIFE of M a rtin Luther is explore d in "Luther. a ps y chologic a l int erpreta tion b y John Osb o rn e. Sta cy K e a c h s t a r s as the famous r elig ious f igur e. A l a n B a t e s won thi s yea r 's T o n y Award for b es t dr a m atic ac t o r for his portrayal in the titl e rol e of ''Sutl ey. Simo n G r ay s tragi-com e d y about a Briti s h universit y l e ctur e r who loses every th ing including his purpose in life Laurence Olivier directed Anton Chekov's Three Sisters" which stars Alan Bates A PASSIONATE plea for racial equality is examined in "Lost in the Stars." Brock Peters and Melba Moore are in the leading roles Students and faculty can purchase season subscriptions for matinee performances at $16, a savings of $8 off the regular price. Evening performances will cost the regular $30. Only those with a subscription can attend the films Subscription tickets are available at the Britton I and Hillsboro II. RESEARCH Thousands of Topics $2.75 per page Send for your up-to-date, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage (delivery time is 1 to 2 days). RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD., SUITE #2 LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90025 (213) 477-8474 or 477-5493 Our research material is sold for assistance only Prestigious Stars Lee Marvin, left, stars in "The Iceman Cometh" and Katherine Hepburn, above, stars in "A Delicate Balance." JEREMY GOES INTO SHOCK at t he sight of an office He'll never settle for the shackles of a routine, office-type job You say you won't either? OK. We can offer you a job that's different-even before you graduate By enrolling in our Campus Internship program now you can get started on a career in which your hours, decisions, and clients are yours alone 24% of our leading group of agents began learning and earning while still in college. Stop by our Campus Office today and take advantage of being young -PROVIDENT ___ II MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE C OM PANY OF P H ILA D ELPHIA H orne Oll1ce. P 0 B ox 7378 Ph1la .. Pa 19101 S ubsid iaries : Pr ovider M a n age m e nt Compa n y .. Pro v id e r Sales C o mpa n y COLIN A.SHANKLE TOM B A K I SE, Supervisor 5444 Ba y C enter Drive Suite 2 15 R-4 T a mpa Flo rida un-5813


Creatures Star At Head Theatre Head Theatre will feature two special nights of movies under the stars this weekend in honor of Halloween. The films will start Friday and Saturday night at sundown and run for five hours, with different films being shown each night. THE OPEN air location will be at the USF Riverfront Recreational Park, located a half-mile east of USF on Fletcher Avenue. Friday night's features will be 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and Flash Gor don. chapter five in the series. On Saturday the feature will be A Session With the Committee" a popular comedy improvization team. plus chapter six of Flash Gor don. THE COMMITTEE. whose routines range from social tu (films) political satire, is made up of Peter Bonerz, Carl Gottlieb, Barbara Bosson, Jessica Myerson and musical conductor P William Mathieu. With the feature films each evening will be a slew of standby favorites including the Little Rascals, the Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Abbott a nd Costello, Buster Keaton, Charlie C haplin Laurel and Hardy, Krazy Kat, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, W.C. Fields, Pink Panther and Merrie Melodies. Admission is $1 and hot popcorn and fruit drinks will be served. rfilm fare \ l S T I :\ -c 1 o s e d f o r remodeling. BR:\:\DO:\ T\\ l:\S I Ii. D o ubl e Feature-Lady and the Tramp--7 and One Litt!P Indian-8: 20. :? Blood of the Dragon I : LO. 9 BRITTO:\ CI:\E:\L\ 1111. Night \Vatch-2. 4 6 8. JO. 2. Blood of the Dragon-I: 50. 3:50 5:50. 7:50. 9:50. 3. That Darn Cat-I ::lO, 3:30. 5 :30. 7 :30. 9:30. FLORIDA-Brother on the Run-2:30. 4 : 15, 6 7 :45, 9:30. FLORIL:\:\D CT\EMA Ill. That Darn Cat-1. 3 5. 7. 9. 2. Live And Let Die-1: 10, :3: 15. 5:20. 7 :25. 9:30. HILLSBORO I-Walking Tall-2 :35, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30. HILLSBORO II-Jeremy! :30. 3: 10. 4 :55, 6:35. 8: 15. 9. llORIZO:\' PAHK I-I The Stone Killer-weekends-2, 4, 6. 8. 9: 15 and on weekdays-2. 4, 6:30. 8:30. 2 N ight Watch-weekends :45. 2:45 5:45, 7:45. 9:45 a nd on \1eekdays-2. 4, 6: 15, 8: 15. :3. Tales That Witness Mad ness -weekends--!: :rn, 3: 20, 5: 15. 1:15 9:15 and on weekdays--2. 4. fi: 15. 8: 15. 4 Scalawagweekends I: :rn. :i::!O. 5:30. 7::lo 9:30 and on wcck days -2. 4. fi:30. s::io. PAL:\CE-Double FeatureC leopatra .Jones --2::10. fi, 9::J!i and Come Back C h a rleston Blue 4: 2 0 8. TA:\11': \-Savc The Childr e n--2 ::!0. 4 : 45 7: 10, 9::15. TOI>I>-IJoublc FeatureSexual Libe rt y r\ow and Mail to () r d I' r c o n t i rrn u s s Ii o w i n g s beginning al 11 :-15 a .m. T\\T\ ll.\ YS 1 -1 AmPrican (;r;1fitti 11 t f'kPnds 1 :HJ. :i:l:i, fi. II. Ill ;ind 11 t'Pkdays -fi, B I:" ., 1\1.i\.SI!. Wf'f'ktnds I :1. "' :i: :lO. 7:1 : 1 10 and 11tPkday s Ii: I:>. H::IO. :1. Blood of lht Jlr;1go11 \\l'l'k!nrb '.!. I. fi. !\. 10 ;111d Wl'f'i. II L'i, 'I 1.-. ;i11tl '.'. l u l.11: 1 : :\11. ii :i11 ( >:",' .... ,., >: I\'\()( 1 < 1 l."({.\l:., Th: i 'l1.! ;!i11l!l 11: !l,1 Opera and Freaks-today-8 in LAN IO:l. lT FE.\Tl'HE-:\'lan in the \Vildcrncss F'riday. Saturday :lllcl S11nclay-1::10. 10 in LAl\' 10:1. :\llll'.\'I<;ll'I' :\1.\11:\ESS-The House on Haunted l!i ll. The l nin\ itPCI. I\lon stt r s We Have Kn0\\'11 And r,o\'ed and Poor Cinderella with Betty Boop Friday and Saturday'--midnight in ENA. ST. PETE C.\ .. IPL'S F1l.::l Th e General-Friday-8 in the St. P e te Campus Auditorium. llE:\I> TllE:\TRE-Friday The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Creature From the Black Lagoon and Flash Gordon Chapter Five. Saturday-A Session With The Committee and Flash Gordon Chapter Six. All at s undown at the USF Riverfront. r Also on the bill are the Little Rascals. the Three Stooges. Bugs Bunny. Abbott and Costello, 13uster Keaton, Charlie C haplin. Laurel and Hardy. W.C. Fields, Krazy Kat. Daffy Duck. Road Runner. Pink Panther and Merrie Melodies. l Theatre for New Repertory Presents THE NIGHT OF THE ASSASSINS University of South Florida Oct. 25 2!i, 27 l\'Lit in!'(' Oct. '.n ?.: :rn i M ;rnd :rn !' M THE 111-f ASHIOll STORE THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 WESTSHORE PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET SWEATER WEATHER SEE OUR NEW FALL COLLECTION OF FASHION SWEATERS. LONG BULKY CARDIGANS, TURTLE-NECKS, SLIP-ONS, VESTS, TWIN SETS, AND MORE. 7


8 -THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 Third Cager Quits Squad BY l\llKE K.-\Zl'BA ,\ssistant Sports Editor Head coach Don Williams revolving door basketball roster took another whirl Tuesday when 6-foot-9 sophomore Brad Dent becams USF's third defector and Williams added walk-on Ron Counts Dent followed junior Rob Mineer and rookie Ken Kellstrom, as the third deserter from the Brahman squad since Oct. 3. COUNTS, A 6-foot-3 180 lb sophomore transfer from the University of the Phillipines was Coach On Radio Tampa Times sports writer Barry Vorse and Oracle sports editor Dave Moormann will be special with guest Dan Holcomb, USF soccer coach, and host Eric Pollock on WUSF-FM s "Sportsline tonight. The show airs from 6 :30-7 p .m observed by Williams during a private tryout. "He wrote me during th e summer and showed interest in coming to USF ... Williams said. but reflecting Dent's loss a dded. "he's not 6-foot -9." Williams said Dent l eft the team because of 11is inability to balance his increased h eight a n e qual of a mount of added s tren g th HE'S GROW!\ nin e and a h a lf inches in two years a nd his body has undergone a lot of strain. He had mononucleosis third quarter last year and had the flu last week He's fatigued and just can't keep up, Dent's former coach said. Dent signed to a one-year scholarship plans to go on a weight training program and take up karate and Williams said Dent told him "he'd be back strong and ready next year. Bald asare Plans Pilot Swim Film Having swum just about everything except the Hillsborough River champion long dis 't ance swimmer Fred Baldasare's next venture could well be seen on the screen of your television. Baldasare, along with Prince Rainier of Monaco and Jacques Yves Cousteau, are the only honorar y members of The Club des Chasseurs et Explorateurs Sous Marins de France, often called the most honored and most famous diving club in the world. THE NOW 49=-year-old swimmer gave a film-lecture presentation in LAN 103 last night However, what Baldasare now hopes to do is make a 48-minute documentary-type pilot film on swimming for a possible television series adaptation. "We have a 43-foot boat and two new cameras, one the models of which the Navy has 'x>ught the first 25 ever made and I have the 26th. They !re the best on the market,'' Baldasare said of his equipment THE SLIGHTLY paunchy plans to write the script, direct and do the acting in his film to be shot in the Bahama Islands "The first film will be shot in the various islands around the Bahamas, and if the series works like I think it will, we'll shoot from an over the Caribbean," the make-shift director said. BURGER KING GOT THE MUNCHIES? "Th e karate a nd w e ight trainin g programs arc B rad's own idea Weight liftin g s hould deve lop his stren g th and the karate s hould boost his s p eed and confidence ... Williams t'xplain e d THE BIUlll\L\:\S' coac h said Dent had been experi encing problems e ver since his bout with mononucl eosis and added h e was "disappo int e d because of Dent's failure lo ge t him self in shape. "He (Dent l said h e had been lifting so m e over t h e s ummer a nd had been playi n g so m e basket ball. too. How much though. I just don't kno w Williams sai d Apparentl y Dent's tra inin g wasn't enough even th o u g h Williams had g i ven him a specia l training pro g ram to follow. Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1412 W PLATT Ph. 158-2131 \\'\MS ('ONTINUEO, "He wasn't in shape when he came back. and as we went further along h e just fell th a t much more behind. His e n e rgy l eve l a nd stre ngth go t real low." Dent and 6-foot-8 Warren Walk were Williams only true centers, a lthou g h th e coach had been a It erna tin g newcomer Gerold Long at forward and center "I h ad plann ed to h ave Long as one of our startin g forwards a nd h ave Dent be com p etition for our first s trin g cen ter," Williams saiq. Brad Dent L/103 w KE.NtVE_DY 8LVD. Don't Strike Out!. Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Continues Through October 31, 1973. The cost of an accident or illness could put you out of unless you're preparej for it. Florida's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans offer you a full year's protection at a special rate for University of South Florida students: Single: $35.20 Family: $122.00 The open enrollment for students will continue until October 31. Applications and information are available on the third floor of the Health Service Center. Blue Cross and Blue Shield l.D. cards for enrolled students may be picked up in the Student Government office.(U.C.156). We believe there's more to good health than paying bills. Blue Cross + 9 Blue Shield@ 1& Blue Cross Association 16). National Association of Blue Shield Plans


THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 9 Cusumano Adapts To Big World BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor To many students, the first weeks of college can be a depressing stage. Change is so drastic and sudden that often it's to much to cope with. For Bart Cusumano, 17-year old _newcomer to USF and manager of this year's baseball team. adjustment has been necessary for survival. WHEN YOU'RE 3-foot-71 /2, life can be rough. But Cusumano has handled it incredibly well. "I don't have as much trouble as people think," he says non chalantly. "The only trouble is that I have to use a bench for sinks and stuff like that." Dorm living hasn't caused too much of a problem, except for the beds and telephones in Alpha "IT'S KINDA small," Cusumano says of the regular Driving an automobile ... is one of Cusumano's easier tasks, UT Tickets Offered Tickets for the University ol Tampa' s three remaining home football games are now on sale to i JSF 5tudents at the UC desk. Brahman fans have the option _of purchasing S2 or $3 ticket s for Tampa's next contest. Saturday at 7:10 p m again s t Northern '.\lichigan The $ 2 ticke ts are for unr es erved s eats in s e ctions G and 0 iside line end zonel. The.z3 tickets are reserved in sections H and N. between the goal and 15 vard lines. Tickets also are on sale at Fraternity House Barber Shop in the Univers i ty Plaza. ADELPHI SCHOOLS Grades 1-12 L.S A T. Preparation G R E. Preparation Private tutoring in all college subjects 1700 N .WestshoreBlvd. Ph. 879-2581 v .,; .i MAN IN THE WILDERNESS lll:l 7'i' \l/111 7::111 IO:OO -oer 26. 21. 28 LAN sized bed. "I'm a wild sleeper. I have trouble with the telephones too I have to use a chair to reach them." A native New Yorker, Cusumano recently moved with his family to Holiday from Long Island. "Everybody is under 14 or over 26," Cusumano says of his new home. "It's a nice neighborhood and everything, but its' not for me." YET HE HAS come to enjoy USF and says "there are no schools like this in New York." "College is pretty good," Cusumano says. "It's something new and I like it better than high school. Of course I always say high school and college are what you make it." Cusumano made his senior year at North Babylon High a busy one. Manager of the baseball and basketball teams, he was also class president for 700 students. FROM THE WA y HE talks, the 73-lb. spectacled youth plans to keep up the pace at USF 'Tm always doing something around here," he explains. "There' s always something going on. "I'm going to stay as manager (of the baseball team) as long as I'm here. The guys on the basketball team asked me to be manager but I m not going to do it because I've got a chance to bring up my grades. You've got to start out right. AN ACCOUNTING major, Cusumano carried a B average throughout high school. Though all Cusumano s ac complishments are astounding une of the more amazing is his ability to operate an automobile. Cusumano says he never had any trouble learning to drive his reddish-brown Duster, a car complete with hand-controls and a black cushioned seat. ON THE left-hand side of the steering wheel is a lever that accelerates the car when depressed and brakes the auto when pushed in. The lights and horn are also contained on the apparatus. A dial is situated on the right of the wheel which allows Cusumano to steer the car with the use of just one hand. As can be expected, fitting clothes for a person with a 16-inch \/amp It. Bette Middler Style 1541 S. Dale Mabry WINTER HAVEN MALL Winter Hoven, Florido FLORILAND MALL Tempo, Flqrida LAKE PARKER MALL Lakeland, Florida EXECUTIVE PLAZA Brandon_ Florida CUTLER RIDGE CENTER Miami, Florida FIELDS PLAZA Leesburg, Florida School pants length and 26-inch waist can be difficult. HUT IN TYPICAL fashion, Cusumano thinks nothing of it. "Its not really that bad,',he says. "We have to cut up the pants and buy a little bit here and there." The secret of Cusumano's success, however, lies in his philosophy. "I keep up pretty much with everyone else," he explains. "I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today if I didn't." Kids Records We are the lowest priced record shop on the West Coast of Florida Specializing in Rock Music Single Albums 2.99 & 3.79 HOW 71:> 9 USF au:sc" -l i .... \!il..V I>. x 4237 Busch Blvd. (corner of Busch Blvd. & 46th St.) l V2 miles from campus ll am-9 pm Mon.-Sa t. 988-0035


10 -THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 Oracle photo by Ruth Lampl Firefighter Mary Duncan ... listens to shortwave radio for fire alerts. ACLU To Establish USF Student Wing The Executive Board of the Tampa chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union last night voted to establish a student chapter at USF and appoint students to the executive board. "One area in which we haven't grown as we should is in our relationship with students," local ACLU Pres. Jack Moore told the group. "There are a number of areas we could help them with and there are a number of areas where they could help us." A STUDENT ACLU chapter has been established at the St. Petersburg campus, and Moore said one is needed at the Tampa campus. SG Pres. Bill DaviS told rnembers he believes students are interested in joining such a group. : "I think it would be a real positive move by the ACLU," Davis said. "You wouldn't believe some of the cases students bring in to SG. Some of them are really bizarre." University disciplinary procedures could become possible ACLU issues, Davis said. He cited a case last summer where a student was not allowed to see evidence lodged against him even though witness did. THE BOARD voted to appoint two student members from Hillsborough Community College and two or three from USF Students interested in ACLU invoivement may Davis at SG. One important issue for ACLU is investigation of evidence held by University Pe>lice CUP>, Moore said. He said he believes UP maintain detailed records on "activists." "None of us know of the various types of evidence kept. on us by UP," Moore said. Evidence points that dossier are kept on politically active students and faculty." Moore 'also told the group they need to examine tbe forthcoming Statewide Campus Security Manual. He has said parts of the doct.irrterit appear to .be "clearly unconstitutional.> THE COLLAGE SALOON "C W. .Mow'' Bluegrass and Country Rock Fri. 3-7 SaL -Sun. 9-1 Local Female Firefighter Dreams Of Saving Lives HY l'llHISTl:\E STt: n::\s Oradt Staff \\'rittr Can a woman from smalllown l\lariann ; 1 Florida. stll't' e t d ;is a rnluntet'r fir d ightl'r in Temple Tt'!Tat't'0 : l:vidtntly yl's. Duncan. 21, is not only Ttmple Tl'rract"s first \1;1n firl'fighlt'r : she s a major at llSF and ; 1 piano teadwr a s wt'll. Inspirl'd to join the firl' department by llw dedication of a friend on the squad. Duncan says. "It's not easy work but it's mon' uspful than anything ebt' I could ha\'e do1w." EXl'EPT FOH an initial two month ti eup to determiIH' d epartmental insurancl' covers women. she s ays she encounter e d few obstacl e s and was formally voted into the department in Seplt>mber She says the bylaws requiring firefighters to be male are being rewritten So far. she has gone to dump ster and brush fires which she says are the most common fires in Temple Terrace. As a new member of the department, her duties have included unloading equipment and watching pressure gauges at the scene of the fires and cleanup work at the station after the fires The slim, 5'6" firefighter ad mits that being a woman limits her performance in areas requiring large amounts of physical strength, but adds, "They are teaching me how to overcome my limitations." DUNCAN. who hopes to do rescue work, says she did not join the department to promote the Women's Liberation movement. "The object of the work is to save lives," she states. She says she usually gets along well with the other firefighters, although "sometimes they find it hard to look at me as another guy." Firechief James Bailey says there was "no question" about letting try the mandatory period, although there was "a little apprehension among some of the men as to whether slw l'OUld do tlw work." In fad, Bailty said lluncan was elected to till' dl'partnwnt una nimously is "doing very wdl" and has ht t n "a lot of 1 tp" to the dl'partm ent. IH :\ C:H l\I: the de pa rt llll 'nt s othl'r t'lt v e n unpaid \'oluntetrs. is furnished with a s hortwavl' radio for nceiving infor111; 1tion abou t fires. ii flashing r e d light for her car to lwlp hn gl'! lo firl' s n1on quickly ;11nl !hrt'l' types o f standard l'O\'trall uniforms for drills ;1du ;il fins. and drl'ss occasions Silt kltps t ht radio in her dorm room on campu s and the light in lwr Volkswagen Duncan and 1-l.ailey are both enthusiastic a bout the dep a rt nwnt 's new $47,000 chartre use firetru c k Studies indicat e that tlw yellow-green color i s more visible th a n the convention a l red, slu says. Th e truck will b e on display al a n open house Saturday al t he fire station The ver sa tile c oed plan s to graduate in .June with a BA in C hemistry and hopes to l e ach high school s cience. She also wants to continue volunteer firefighting work a f ter g radual ion. but a lthough s h e says she likes Tampa, she is not s ure she will slay.


THE ORACLE -October 25, 1973 11 ( t: 1.4 A S S I H II A II S ) Giant Hot 1f1'!'S CRISPY J>IZ'Z-a Giant Cold Sandwiches Sandwiches 1fs ( HELP WANTED 1 SERVICES OFFERED I ( AUTOMOTIVE J PART TIME rental agent needed for La Mirada, weekends included. Phone 971 3784. Ask for Laurie. INTERESTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY? Photographic Arts Center, Inc. a new camera store, is looking for people to work part-time in the store, the darkroom, and the studio. Those interested may stop by the store at 11150 N. 30th St. across from Schlitz between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. PAC is an equal opportunity employer. WANTEDFull time attractive female for Stereo sales & bookkeeping. Must be ex tremely interested in stereo. (people in terested in short time work need not apply. I Apply in person at Stereo World, 4812 E. Busch Blvd., preferably in the morning. 989-7059. AN ATTRACTIVE, part-time receptionist is needed for a new office. This person should have a pleasant voice and enjoy dealing with people. Call 877-6590 for an ap pointment. MALE lifeguards needed-day and evening duty hours available. Tampa YMCADowntown. Must have current cer tification; then call 229-6517. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, 8, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Morning or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed at MacDonald Trng. Ctr. for mentally retarded adults 3 or 4 days per wk. Every other week-end off. SIOO mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. V.OMEN or men-Tropical Fish packers and Quality Control workers. Full or part-time. Three shifts available. No layoffs. Ex perience not required. Inside work. Apply Mon.-Fri. 8 across from silver water tower 3 m i les So. of Gibsonton, 3 miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So. Rt. 41. STUFF TO WEAR Full lime employment needed for dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply in person al Floriland Mall. Male--Female DRIVERS wanted to sell ice cream. Parl time, full time openings. No experience needed. Will train. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263. SALESMAN Part-time: Well known chain department store. Mon. and Wed. evenings, 6-10. No experience needed, will train. Must have own transportation. Call 626-9877, Mr. Simpson or Mr. Nelson. [ MISC. FOR SALE ) ROYAL Custom II por!able typewriter with case. Good condition. Selling because I want an electric. S60 or best offer. 971-8970 Schwinn Varsity, excellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. DALMATION Puppies-A.K.C. males & females, 6 wks. Beautifully marked. 996 2581 UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural, etc. Survival Bookworks. 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 117 :30 p.m. WE HAVE d enims in regular and b ells and cords in bells. Also. boots, shirts & westerri hats Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax W estern We a week JJ. 7 :30 p.m. MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I \ \I/! 1,n YJ\Mf\Hf\ l w n ni1)nft1. 11111 ( 1!1 II! l!l!I rl.1v. THERE WILL be an introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation. Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in the UC room 251. Admission is FREE. All are welcome. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. CANOE RENTALS By Day or Week Call 935-0018 or 935-1476 CAMPUS Ari Service Graphs-ChartsLogos-Letterheads-BrochuresNewspaper layouts-Handbills Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 after 6 p.m. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 971-2139. If no answer, 235-3261. -----------STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 p.m. Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247. TYPING: Accurate and fast. Turabian, term oaoers, Theses, resumes.weekly assignments. Close lo USF. Call Lucy Wilson 988-0836 BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE 1 M'LE FROM CAMPUS: work done by U.C English graduate. Overnight available. Call 971-1336 [ PERSONAL l NEW Pizza Hut is open near USF. Pizla Hut is where quality, service, atmosphere is the "in" thing. Try our salad 'n sandwich special only .99. Eat in or carry-out. 1202 E. Fowler Ave. Ph. 971-4424. ( FOR RENT ) SAVE MONEY! 1 Bedroom furnished apt. for sublease at La Mancha Dos. Excellent location at Poolside. S72 per month. Walking distance of University. Call Mike al 971-6123. Apt. 41. BRAND NEW 2 bedroom unfurnished duplexes, 6 minutes from USF. Occupancy on or about Nov. 1. SlSS a month, garbage and water included. Call 985-1126. ... TV, RADIO, STEREO t 100 WT. Realistic speakers with Sony unit. s200.oo or be s t offer! See Pat, 1024 Fon t ana. t REAL ESTATE ] SPLIT bedroom arrangement. Great 3 bedroom home with panelled king-size master bedroom. Large kitchen with breakfast area. Fully carpeted living room with breakfast area. Full carpeted living room with lovely bo:1y window. Central heat and air. Garage. Sidewalks. A Great Buy! FHA-VA Financing available. Upper 20's. Call for appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty. Res: 877-4922. Off:877 NEBHASKA AT FOWLEH 971-0007 PORNO SUPER STAR Plus GIHLS IN LOVE GAMES Both <:olor, X \1id11 i;.d t Siu ms Fri. S S;1t. Cont. fro111 1 1 : Li FOR SALE: 1965 Mercury Wagon. Excellent tires. Runs well. $350.00 974-2227 9.4 949-5655 after 7 '65 DODGE DART GT, 6-cyl., 2 DR, HT, automatic, power steering, heat, air conditioning and radio. New brakes and tune.up. 2 spare tires. Great interior. S625 971-2318. 1972 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE-one of the best, most economical ways to get around. Burgundy exterior, saddle interior. Low mileage, fine condition. Call Bob, 988-8566 evenings. BEAT the high cost of gasoline.JO miles a gallon! Private Party selling '65 VW bus. Runs good_ Rebuilt motor. New seats. $500. Also '65 VW Bug. Runs nice, looks sharp $495. 837. 1967 VW BUG, needs work. Before 2 call 935, after 6 call 933-5453. Make offer. [ LOST & FOUND J LOST on side of road-Artley Nickel Flute. Cash reward for finder. Call Bruce 988-7711. LOST: 2 male dogs, one Great Dane, fawn, unclipped ears. One Irish Setter with tags. Last seen near softball field on campus. Reward. If found contact Mark 971-7245. BLUE velvet purse was ripped off last week. II had a rose colored wallet which con tained license, ID, letters and pictures which are extremely important to me. If found please call Debbie at 974-6330. 3 doors north of Skipper weekdavs 8:30-11 Rd. on Neb. Ave. CANADY VOLKSWAGEN OCTOBER SPECIAL! 10% OFF ON PARTS AND LABOR WITH USF STUDENT l.D HOURS: WEDNESDAY 7-9 OTHER WEEKDAYS 7-6 @ TIME Magazine reports: Pink Chablis recently triumphed over ten costlier competitors in a blind PINK CHABLIS, tasting among a panel of \Vine-industry executives OF CAUFOR.N IA Mort than a Rose, our Pink Chablis is a capli111fing wint umibining the deli ca le fragra,nce of.a suptrior Rost th1 crisp character of a fine Chablis. This mos/ delightful creations. Made and bollltd at tht Gallo Vinryards in Modesto, Calif. Alcohol 12% by ool. i' in Los More than a Rose.


12 -THE ORACLE October 25, 1973 Nixon Cancels Address; Meets Newsmen Tonight WOl by l\FLCIO President (;eorge Ml'any that "the events of the last seve ral days prove th e da ngLrous emotional iustability of th e President." Deputy press secretary Ge rald L W arre n said Nixon's lwalth was "excellent," and h e tPrmed Meany's statement "one of the most in c r edible. inexcusa ble irresponsi ble statements ever made by a man in a positi o n to have his comments report ed b y th e national rwws m ed ia." M eany urge d Congress to establish a completely in d epende nt spec ial Watergate pro stc utor and s aid Nixon's surprise de c i s ion to surrender th e Watergat e tapes Tu es da y left unchang ed Meany s opinion. Men Try On Nurses Role An unusu ally l arge numb e r of m e n are en rolled in th e College of Nursing 's initial class o f 49 s tudent s. Nursing Dea n G w en dolin e MacDonald said Tue sday. A cco rdin g t o MacDo nald. there a r c five m e n in tl w class expected to gradu a t e in June l\!Ti. Worldwide Student Opportunities P.O. Box 1255 1075 Camino Flores Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360 5326 E. Busch Blvd. Temple Terrace (next to Pantry Pride) 988-3008 NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 5-9 P.M. The USF College o f N ur sing which ope n ed its doo r s for the fir s t tim e thi s quarter. is h o used in six t e mp o rary t rai lers l oca t e d south of the Life Sc ience Building serving our famous EGGPLANT PARMESAN Phase III of t h e Medical Center. e xp ec ted to b e completed in the fall of 1975. will eventually house the co lleg e. plus our regular menu EXPERIENCED REPORTERS WANTED The Oracle is taking applications for students who are willing and able to write news copy. Bring examples of work if possible. Apply in LAN 472, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Quality products & repair service. 3, 5&10 speed Bikes trade-ins, used bikes Racing & Touring equipment 11148 N. 30th St. Across from Schlitz Open 9 to 6 Phone 971-2439 Fuji Gitane Bottecchia Sutter


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