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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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( WUSF-FM, Arts Swap $5,000 l, BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer WUSF-FM and the College of Fine Arts have swapped $5,000 -in name only Dr Manny Lucoff, general manager of WUSF-FM, said the station traded its $5,000 in Student Activity and Service e subject to programming demands of a particular group of listeners by accepting student money DR. JAMES Dickinson, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, said WUSF FM and Fine Arts traded funds so the performing departments of Fine Arts could spend money on things other than student assistants and consultants

2-THEORACLE October 26, 1973 Rebozo Suspension Called For WASHINGTON (UPI) Sen and said Frank E Cash, the second ranking officer of the U S Embassy, had been called to the Foreign Ministry Wednesday after the West Germans learned U .S. weapons had been loaded aboard Israeli freighters in Bremer haven --------, som, police sources s aid yesterday I William Proxmire, D-Wis., yesterday called for the suspension of Charles G. "Bebe" a close friend of President Nixon, as an officer and director of the Key J3iscayne and Bank and Trust Co. in Florida I Wilkie, 48, father of five c hildr e n, is pre s ident and general manager of Amoco Argentina Oil Co. A s pokeman for the Argentine firm denied the report and said Wilkie is on a visit to the United States. It has become standard policy for companies to deny existence of a kidnaping or refuse any comment on it, until the victim is released Proxmire wrote trank Wille, chairman of tbe Deposit Insurance Corp. removal as chairman president of the bank until an investigation is completed into a report in yesterday's Washington Post that Rebozo cashed $91,500 in IBM shares in 1968 after being told by an insurance investigator that the stock had been stolen Auto Strike U .S. Embassy in Vientiane were in volved in widespread corruption from 1970 to 1973, using profits from sales of excess U.S. military goods for personal gain. DETROIT CUPll United Auto Workers members yesterday struck two Chrysler Corp. assembly plants as union negotiators sought agreement on a national contract for 185,000 Ford Motor Co. workers before Friday's 10 a m strike deadline Ship Torpedoed Arms Forbidden The strikes against Chrysler's Jef ferson Ave. assembly plant in Detroit and the Missouri truck plant at Fenton, Mo., began at.10 a m. when bargainers failed to come up with local contract agreements. The charges were immediatel y denied by former U.S. Ambassador G. McMurtrie Godley, but he acknowledged that inve s tigators for the General Accounting Office and the Agency for International Development had concluded "there were instances where people didn't follow the regulations to the letter." ATHENS --An unidentified submarine torpedoed and sank the Greek-owned 3,000-ton freighter Hadiotis off the Egyptian coast this week, the Merchant Marine Ministry said yesterday. BONN (UPI) West Germany has forbidden the United States to resupply Israel with arms from German bases and has protested that the United States has broken this embargo, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday. Oil Head Kidnaped It said the Cyprus-registered ship sank Tuesday 60 miles off Alexandria, Egypt, while en route to Benghazi, Libya. BUENOS AIRES -David B. Four of the 18 crew members were rescued by a Soviet ship and 14 were mis s ing the ministry said. An official Foreign Ministry statement announced the prohibition Corruption Charged WASHINGTON CUPil Two former U S officials in Laos charged yesterday that senior officials of the Wilkie Jr., head of an Argentine sub sidery of Amoco International Oil Co. of Chicago, has been kidnapped and his captors were asking $1 million in ranThere were no other immediate details. Fla. Airmen Called To Bases HOMESTEAD (UPI) off duty airmen were summoned to Florida Air Force bases yesterday as part of the nationwide military alert apparently stemming from the Middle East crisis. Air Force spokesmen at the bases said they were not at liberty to discuss the alert, but sources in Washington indicated it was related to the Mideast situatfon. Airmen were called from their homes to Homestead Air Force Base, MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, Eglin Air Force base in Orlando and Boca Chica Naval Air Station in the Florida Keys McCoy is in the process of phasing out and only a few men were involved Teenage Swindler ORLANDO (UPI) A purse toting New York teenager was in an Orlando jail yesterday at the end of a globe-<:ircling spending spree which police said may add up to $250,000 in bad checks and credit card swindles Michael Thomas Hens

Women's Center, SG Set Light March, Open Forum BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Staff Writer The Women's Center and the SG Cabinet will join forces to push for more campus lighting next week with a candlelight march and an open forum. An open forum is scheduled for Monday at 2 p.m. on the UC Mall, Women's Center representative Jean Harman said. A MICROPHONE will be provided to anyone who wishes to speak but discussion will be restricted to the subject of lighting she said. A march around the periphery of the campus and through dark parking lots and sidewalks will begin at 8 :3 0 p .m. Tuesday on Crescent Hill. Harman said students should come equipped with candles and flashlights to light the way. Union Continued from Page t union leaders from recruiting the workers on the site. But he said his personnel will continue picketing to "put pressure' on the company lo raise wages and improve working conditions. "If we could, we would go in there and get the workers to come work with us. Lowe said. Thi s conractor won "t hire union workers or pay livable wages. Bl1T f;,\HCL\ said the Logan Co. has no policy against union worke r s. "Yes, we will hire th em." Garcia said "It's just th a t the union is so busy they won't send us any Low e said his group ; s try ing lo protect wage scales a nd make working conditions liv a ble. He said the Logan work policies crecite a "had s ituation. We hop e to put pressure on the compan y to pay wages lik e it s hould Low e said. Th e poor reap the straw here." THE :\l:\RCll had been scheduled for Wednesday in the spirit of Halloween. Women's Center representatives considered encouraging people to dress as witches but Harman said that idea gave way to plans for a "somber" march. The SC cabinet opted to cosponsor the Women's Center march last week after the Student Senate scheduled its own demonstration. The Senate march last Thursday drew about 20 marchers after two days notice. SC Pres. Bill Davis said yesterday the purpose of the cabinet's involvement in the lighting issue is to assure that lights are placed where they .::an do the most good. HE SAID SC will push for lights in those areas "where we think 'M the priorities should be. not where there are most likely to be students smoking marijuana. He said administrators have told him that lights in one area are there to discourage drug trafficking. Additional lights have been placed between the library and Gamma in the last week. A secretary for Vice President for Finance and Planning Bert Hartley said yesterday that he is working on an analysis of lighting needs. Ken Thompson. vice presdient. for Administrative Affairs said recently that additional lights will go up next month along the sidewalk between LAN and the large parking lot at the southeast corner of the campus and along the road between EDU and the large staff lot. I MIM

4-THE ORACLE October 26, 1973 CLEP Fails Standards Test The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) could be a plus for the University, but it is a failure in its present form. The tests have been criticized by faculty for being too easy and, as a result, lowering the educational standards of USF. THE FA.CUL TY Senate was not requested to participate when the program was first set up. Since then, faculty complaints have been ignored when a review should have been made to examine the tests for inferior subject matter. A very valuable part of education is the exchange of many ideas in an open forum. The computer grid sheets can't compare with a class discussion; it requires little more than good guessing. If the CLEPs are to be continued, more research is needed for determining a valid cut-off point. It cheapens the This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $!.tS,696..15 or 9c per copy to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

DOONESBURY 01/JIEVEI<: by Garry Trudeau I rr t-1391 IOt BEER EVERY NIGHT, 7-8 P.M. CHANGED OUR NAME BUT:' NOT THE FACES CHECK OUR PARTY DISCOUNTS .FOR DORMSANDGREEKS! THE ORACLE -October.26, 1973 5 Mautz: Slowing Growth Causing .Policy Changes State universities are facing an over-proliferation of graduate constraints from legislators and programs." the declining birth rate, State Mautz cited the University University System ( BOR) is now looking at flexible costs such as and policies relating to faculty ... ..... -------. members and seeking to "protect" them as college attendance drops. He cited the recently-instituted faculty "retraining program" as one example retraining program offers professors currently in over staffed disciplines to gain ex pertise in another area. Mautz said the current limitations on graduate students in Florida is one legislative constraint. He said legislators do not understand many SUS programs. "VOU MAY be aware that many legislators believe we have our graduate program," Mautz said. "I think we have taken steps to eliminate Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S. INTERIORS 1412 w PLAn i'h. 258-2131 sales parts Honda's are our business Our only business mon. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 14727 N. Nebraska Authorized Honda Car Dealer WORK OVERSEAS All trades, skills and professions Students and Graduates M.ale Female Higher pay, no truces, travel to Australia, Europe, So. and Central America, Africa and So. East Asia Write for our brochure: Worldwide Student Opportunities P.O. Box 1255 1075 Camino Flores Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360 ARTIST SERIES FRI. NOVEMBER 2 8:30pm "MAHABHARATA" SAT. NOVEMBER 3 8:30pm "RAMAYANA" UNIVERSITY THEATRE $4.00 USF FULL TIME STUDENTS $2.00 TI<:KETS ON SALE NOW! 1:15-4:30 WEEKDAYS-THEATRE BOX OFFICE


6-THE ORACLE October 26, 1973 of Assassin:' Intense, Dramatic Play This Sunday Night "Baldwin & Friends" 5 5 Draft Beer 5 5 8:30 9 : 30 p.m. H\' D.-\YID Rl' T i\L\:\ Orade Staff Writer The a w a rd-winnin g C ub a n pla y .. The N i g ht o f th e Assassin .. ope n e d th e fall qu a rt e r th eatre season last nig ht and it is n o wond e r tha t play wri g ht J ose Tri a n a 's work has w o n awa rd s. The play is a n int e n se dra m a tic w o rk w ell w orth vie win g Th e basi c plo t lin e o f th e pla y i s that three c hildr e n Lalo. C u ca and B ebo despise t h e ir p a r e nt s a nd a tt e mpt to p e rform som e kind of m ag i c r i tu a l th a t \\ill e n able t h e m to kill th e h a t e d o nes TR\' .\S th ey m i g ht t o ove r come t heir o ppr essors a nd gain th eir fr ee dom t h e c hildr e n ca n ne ve r c ompl e t e th e ritu a l and th e murder. The pl a y is a mi c rocosm of oppression in the real world as people who are crushed by tyrants can plan indefinitely to overthrow their oppressors but until they strike back. they're as good as being voluntaril y oppressed. Starring as Lalo is Joey Ai:'genio. Lalo is the leader of the children He feels most oppressed and it is his job to do the actual killing Vincent Price Midnight Halloween Flicks Set Midnight Madness presents a Halloween spook spectacular today and Saturday at midnight in the ENA. Leading off the festivities will be a classic Betty Boop cartoon, "Poor Cinderella." After that begin the three fear features: "The House on Haunted Hill" starring Vincent Price; "The Uninvited" starring Ray Milland; and a collage of great horror and science fiction films called "Monsters We Have Known and Loved," narrated by Joseph Cotton Admission is $1. (reuiew] \HGE:\IO IS a very cap able ac t o r a n d p e rform s t o th e fulles t His concentratio n is int e n se and h e i s the c h a ral't e r h e plays. H e \ \ ast es n o m otio n s and calcula t es ex<1 ct ly \rh a t h e mu s t do a t all t im e s i\lik c Le i ghto n plays Beb o see min gly th e y ounges t a n d m os t frighte n e d of t h e t hree Bebo spent m ost o f his t im e ca u g h t up i n tlw argum ents be t wee n La l o and t h e paren t s a n d as a r es ult w ithdraws int o a n ea r ca t a t onic schizop hrenic s t a t e a t t im es H o w e Y e r \\he n L a l o fai l s i t is little Beb o \\ho mu st t a k e L!P th e fall e n banne r of r evo lution LEI(;HTO:\ com e s a cross with the most difficult a nd w ell done p e rform a n c e in "The N i g ht of th e .\ss a ssin ... He carries off the p art of the schizophrenic boy as if caught up in th e situation him self. La stly. Cris Trogue plays their sister Cuca. who tries to calm down Lalo with rationalizat i ons of wh y the y can' t kill their parents. Cuca though gets swept up in the revolutionar y tide too and plays an integral part in the ritual. Trogue s actions in the first act are uninspi r ed and sluggish at best although she displays fine v ocal ability However an acting LET'S GET ACQUAINTED .... m e t a morphosis a ppears to take place within h e r durin g the int ermissi o n Whe n the pl a y r es um es for act two s h e b e com e s full of v it a lity a nd cap able of g ivin g a well don e second h a lf p e rform a n ce DIH ECTOR H erb S hor e has don e a ve r y commendable job in p u ttin g thi s s h o w t oge th e r fro m sc r a t c h in three week s. It d oesn't appea r as a s lip s hod wor k bu t rath e r as a th eatre e xp e ri e n ce t ha t look e d lik e it was m o nth s in t h e p r e p a r atio n "Th e N i g h t o f th e Assassin" will co ntinu e p l aying t o d ay and S aturday a l 8:30 p m. i n t h e Uni vers i ty T h ea t re. A spec i a l Sat ur day m a tin ee will be h e l d a t 2 p .m. Admissio n i s $ 1 a nd b eca u se of t h e uniqu e seating of a udi e n ce on th e s t age with t h e act o r s, sea tin g will b e limit e d to 1 50 unr ese r ve d sea t s. SEAC Film Stars Harris Irish actor Richard Harris, who made famous the song MacAr thur Park," stars i n the western film "Man i n the Wilderness as a trapper left to die by his companion on an ex ped i tion The film sponsored by SEAC will be sho w n toda y Saturday and Sunday at 7 :30 and 10 p m. in LAN 103. Admission is 75 cents We would like to get to know you! We want you to be our guest for dinner on Sunday, October 28 at 12:30 p.m. AT THE TEMPLE TERRACE 10002-56TH STREET We invite you to meet other USF students who attend our Sunday morning Bible Study at 9: 30 a.m. College students meet in the Youth Center at First Baptist Church for coffee and donuts at 9:30 a.m. Worship services begin at 11:00 a .m. FOR TRANSPORTATION CALL: 988-1138 FALL EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE BEGINS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 Mi Back Yard 6902 N. 40th Street MAN IN THE WILDERNESS LAN 103 75c W /ID 7:30 10:00 OCT 26, '11, 28 I* CONVERSEI White high tops Black high tops White low Black low Sizes 7-13 ATHLETIC SHOES WEEKEND SPECIAL!! FRIDAY, OCT. 26th & SATURDAY, OCT. 27th REGULAR $11.95 $9.95 WITH STUDENT STAFF, OR FACULTY l.D. BUCK'S SHOES TEMPLE TERRACE SHOPPING CENTER 988-5356 EASY TRAILS MS11M IMKAlllllCMll OUTFITTERS FOR: Backpacking Canoeing Camping Quality Camping Equipment 8711 N 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33604 dMNI TELEPHONE (813) 988-0045 WE HA VE DUPONT DACRON FIBERFILL II SLEEPING BAGS. (1.4 LBS FIBERFILL II EQUALS 1 LB. PRIME GOOSE DOWN) WE ALSO CARRY CAMP TRAILS, OPTIMUS, WHITE STAG, EUREKA, WENZEL, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, COUGHLAN'S, TRUE TEMPER, ESTWING, CUTTER. COLEMAN AND OTHERS.


::>unaay Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, along with the Mark-Almond Band and Don Cooper, will appear in concert Sunday at 7: 30 p.m. at St. Petersburg's Bayfront Center. Tickets are on sale at Budget Tapes, Stereo Tapes, Modern Music and Rasputin's and the Bayfront Center Box Office. 1TU highlites :::;t:: ._,_ FILET MIGNON ... Salad, Baked Potato <. _, or Spaghetti 3 8 5 \}\ TODAY 8:30 p.m., Ch. 3 Freddie King a special featuring blues guitarist F reddie King. 9p.m., Ch. 44-Don Kirshner's Rock Concert featuring Sly and the Family Stone, Mott the Hoople and Black Oak Arkansas. 11 :30 p.m., Ch. 10 In Concert featuring an all-fifties show with Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell Jackie Wilson, the Coasters, Dion and the Crystals Saturday Circus Held In St. Pete The American Friends Service Committee will sponsor "Circus McGurkis". Saturday in Lakeview Park, 20th St. and 28th Ave. So., in St. Petersburg. The all day event will feature local talent and arts and cra fts will be displayed and sold READ ORACLE CLASSIFIED ADS! 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44 Movie W C Fields in "Poppy 1 a m., Ch. 8 Midnight Special featuring Sly and the Family Stone, Mark-Almond, Frankie Valli and the Four Season s, Melissa Manchester, Freddy Weller and Atlee Yeager 1 a m., Ch. 1 3 Movie Boris Karloff and Peter Lorrie in th e comedy The Boogie Man Will Get You." Veal Parmig i a n a or Scollopini So lad, Spaghetti 3 i 7 5 C h oicc of: Spaghetti, Lasagna, Mon iocotti or Ravioli 2 7 S with salad Piz:zo 12 different spices "Ft11111111.' for l t11fi11t1 l-' 1}11,/, 'f11;111w, {)!tfr,f Ju. ; 11 ll11JJ11!11 1 1 : : 1 .. ; Cash in on values! Check the classified page THE ORACLE-.,.-October 26, 1973 7 DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WlTH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointment available to fit. your class schedule Mon day through Friday call 253.;.2844 House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price The Uninvited with Ray Milland Midnight Friday Oct. 26 Saturday Oct. 27 ENA Admission $1 Plus these outstanding shorts: Poor Gnderella starring Betty Boop Monsters We Have Known and Loved CANADY VOLKSWAGEN CHAINWHEEL DRIVE """/ 1 \ ';1!. .,..,. 10% OFF ON PARTS AND LABOR WITH USF STUDENT l.D HOURS: WEDNESDAY 7-9 OTHER WEEKDAYS 7-6 6202 E. Hillsborough Quality products & repair service. 3, 5&10 speed Bikes trade-ins, used hikes Racing & Touring equ ipment 11148 N. 30th St. Across from Schlitz Open 9 to 6 Phone 971-2439


8-THE ORACLE Oracle Sports Editor It goes without saying that St. Louis University is the UCLA of collegiate soccer. With its -1-2 victory over the Bruins last season. St. Louis captured the soccer title for the ninth time in the award's 14 year history, an unprecedented feat in any sport. AND IN ITS seven meetings with USF, the Billikens have been on top six of those times, in cluding a 1-0 double overtime triumph last year. Yet Brahman coach Dan Holcomb thinks there is a strong possibility USF will win in its second home contest of the year, tomorrow at 2 p.m. "We have a better chance than ever before

High School Revisited THE ORACLE-October 28, 1973 FLORILAND CINEMA 2 THEATER "'**** (HIGHEST RATING) GUARANTEED TO PLEASE NEARLY EVERYONE. BY ALL MEANS GO AND SEE IT!" K;ilh l<'cr, Cerro!! Npw Y nr k Da!ly News Everything short of a half-time appearance by Elvis Presley accompanied Eta l's nostalgic spoof homecoming featuring a king and queen, a formal dance, parade (left) and an 18-6 win over Eta II yesterday (right). Eta 1 remains undefeated atop the Andros football league at 6-0-0. Golfers Open At Miami 1 :30 3:25 5:20 7:15 9:10 Coach Bob Shiver b e Pat are lhe Brahmans 11 i shing he had stuck to seasoned veter ;rns : Lou Cyrulik bas k etball. and (;ll'nn Saowak lhc Tomo1-ru1r's Miami BPach n ( 1n: 0111crs lo collegi:ilt' 1-(olf. lnlcrcollcgiate Golf \ SCllOL\HSllll' alhll'te in hi s opens the year for l 'SF and fir s t yt'ar. i\likc EF{gding rounds marks Shi1cr's debut as golf out this Wl'ekcnd's squad. coach. Y e t the transformed cager Once this meet i s over. has yet to decide on a final team. ho1H'1er. Shin'r 11i!I im"\\'E'HE DO\\':\ to 14 ... he said meck1tely go back to 11orking on of the squad's size. "I may keep the roskr. or I may c ut to 10. \h're The t1rn p oo rest !!Oifl'rs of ttw keepin g four extra boys right no11 '.\Jiami tourney 11 ill compete in because I sec some potcmi a l in four rounds rwxt IH'ck ;1gai11s t tlw them." l'ight s taying horn (' thi s Sh i 1cr h;1s jus t six golfl'rs. l\TPkl'tHI. including three from last ears Tiii-: TOP t11{1 fron1 th;il tryout coll ege di1ision runnerup team plus the best fc.ur this 11l'ckcnd and !Im 11 alk-ons limited to high 1rill go lo next rnl'et in school experience. gni n g to mid-November. ;\Jiami. Though lw has it all carefully Tom Brackl', Ian Dal'idson and planned nut. Shi1 e r is still un.-----lntram urals -------Docs Keep Pace With Chimps II AFC The Docs let BCM know who was head honcho, performing a 34-0 successful surgery. However, first place co-holder Chimps !I's scouts weren't impressed saying, "Wait Lill we play the Docs, they'll have a rough game." Docs 4 0 0 Chimps 11 4-0-0, US Warriors 3.2. 0, BCM J .2.0, Student Acc. 2-1 Fungi 2 0, Fuzz Bros. 2-J,o, Delta Sig Pi 1-3 NFC A r e f e ree, who whistled dead a FBT kic k -o ff return before the plr1d.1 y O r I ')'I Mr;. Ccul M.1chl'Y will ,1n.ik on pr nqrdtn', oricn1Pd l o w 1v1: ., .pc,iktr, irH l11n1' l'nh .Jtll n n tlw l'f\VI proqr,1111, 1<1rrv ! .. sports brief In Coach .Ja n l' Clwalham thinks the prospl'cls of 1 SF laki n g this Wl'l'kencl"s Florida Stall' In 1itationai \'ollc>IJall a rl' rn uch better. co n sidering 11erP beating th e top [(ams in the stall'. \\"innPrs of the Suncoast T{lurnament la st 11('Pkend. l'SF faces :\Jiami -Dadl' Community \nllE'gc :\orth in its first contes t. Florida Stall' follo11s FIFTEE.'\ TEY\IS, in cluding of :\orth Carolina and Grorgia Co!legE'. will be represrnted in th e Tallahassee meet. USF's Lacrosse Club begins its ,.;eason tomorrow 11ith a practice and clinic on th l' intramural fil'lds at IO a.m. Further in formation may b l' obtained by c;llling Dr. H.ichard !\knningl'r. l'Xt. Sue Thornton and Dave Long captured the 11om en's and men's division in Tuesday night l lSF Blnding League ac lion. c;.\ \"E Thornton top game and hl'r ;)4:l 11;1s worthy of the scril's tit fl' Long rolled a 2'.l:l and liW for his honors. Two posit ion s remain to be filled in the lcaguP If int erested, call Christine llay at !lH!Hl22ti. Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek, Time, Ms., Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The First Big Star of the Seventies'' CURTIS HIXON HALL TAMPA HALLOWEEN OCT. 31, Wed. 8 p.m. Tickets available at Curtis Hixon Box OfficeAll area Sears stores-Budget Tapes (near USF) Music Library, Britton Plaza U.S.F. Bicycle Club ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Second Annual Inner-perimeter Road Race 3, 1973 9:00 a.m_. __ 4 Lap Pro Race 2 Lap Women's Race 1 Lap Sprint 1 lap Vets Race Mail to CHE En tr ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Tubular Race ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Clincher Race ( ) 2 Lap U .S.F. Student Race 112 Before October 31, 1973 fee $1.00 er Race 9


10-THE ORACLE October 26, 1973 Attorney Plans Appeal On Class Action Suit I "WELCOME STUDENTS" COME BY & ADOPT-A-PLANT FROM THE "BOUTIQUE PLANT ADOPTION CENTER" BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor Attorney Jackson Boughner said yesterday he plans to appeal the dismissal of a class action non resident suit filed on behalf of USF students Boughner said he had filed a motion asking for a rehearing, but it was denied this week by a Leon County Circuit Court judge. He said he will file an a ppeal in the court of appeals "within two or three days." "THE JUDGE denied my n)otion on the basic grounds that b-e felt the Board of Regents policy of dividing Florida by res i dent and non-resident was valid," Boughner said However, Boughner' s case contends the BOR does not have the legal power to classify students as non-residents because they have been residents less than one year He said the statute requiring all Florida citizens to be treated equally must be amended by "direct reference if the BOR is to be given the classification authority. "The State Attorney General argued that when the legislature approved the fee schedule for universities, that in effect changed the iaw Boughner said. "But I said the constitution requires it to be amended directly BOUGHNER said the conflict of interpretation of the state constitution is the basic issue involved. If the case is suc cessful, the University would be ordered to return all excess tuition charged to students because they were residents less than one year when they enrolled. The case was earlier rejected Conference Planned To Study Technology How does technolog y affect cultural values and the quality of life? Broad plans to stud y this and other questions relevant to technological and post-inindustrial societies will be discussed by prominent artists educators a11d scholars attending the up-coming United Nations Educational, Sc ientific and Cultural Organization (UN ESCO ) conference to be hosted by the USF Leisu .re Studies Program. The gathering will be UNESCO' s first conference ever held in Ure United States and will run from Sunday through Wednesd a y at USF, M a x Kaplan USF leisure studies chairman and conference director s aid. Regular committee meetings are closed to the public but interested persons are invited to attend four discussion sessions Among the sessions will be a panel discussion on the con ference theme at 8 :30 p m Monday in LAN 103 which will be aired live on WUSF-FM radio. Two general sessions from 2 to 5 p m. Sunday and Tuesda y and one from 9 a m. to noon Wed nesday will be held in the UC Ballroom. RIVERFRONT --EAD THEATRE FIVE HOURS OF MOVIES AT THE USF RIVERFRONT (One mile east of USF on Fletcher) J October 26 & 27 ADMISSION SHOWTIME: 8:00 PM b e cause of a techmcal1ty in volving the number of stud e nts i t repr e s e nted Boughner said the recent rejection was more substantial to the case because it directly addressed issues in the suit. "We got a real meeting of the issues," Boughner siid Although he said he would file an appeal in a few days, Boughner said it would probably be at least three months before oral arguments are heard. He said the delay would probably be caused by technical motions he expects to be filled Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S IN fElUORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. ..) /\\ '. \S <-(\., 1! CACTI, .TERRARIUM PLANTS, INDOOR PLANTS, AFRICAN VIOLETS, POTS, & HANGING BASKETS! OPEN 7 DAYS, 8:30-6 CLOSED FRIDAY, OCT. 19th FREE COKES TO ALL (BY THE WAY. OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST IN TOWN!) CORNER OF 56th ST. & 127th AVE. BETWEEN FLETCHER & FOWLER 988-3923 Don't Out! Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Continues Through October 31, 1973. The cost of an accident or illness could put you out of unless you're prepared for it. Florida's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans offer you a full year's protection at a special rate for University of South Florida students: Single: $35.60 Family: $122.00 The open enrollment for students will continue until October 31. Applications and information are available on the third floor of the Health Service Center. Blue Cross and Blue Shield I.D. cards for enrolled students may be picked up in the Student Government office(U .C.156). We believe there's more to good health than paying bills Blue Cross., ajl V Blue Shield @ ,.,,, N ational o f B lue S hield Plans I I


( 1.4 A S S I H It A It S ) ( HElP WANTED ) c savas OFFERED) .J. CAMPUS Art. Service GraphS-C..Chartstires. Runs well. $350.00 PART TIME rental agent needed for L Logos-974-4 Mirda, weekends included. Phone 9 11Newspaper Call Mel 949-5655 after 7 3114. Ask for Laurie. JohnlOn '71-2634 after p.m. INTERESTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY? .J>t1ot09raphic Arts Center, Inc. a new calftera store, ls looking for people to work JN!rt-tiine In the store, the darkroom, and :1M st11dlo. Those Interested my stop by .,. nuo N. 31111 St. across from li;l!Nb: 'lietween 10 .m. and 5 p.m. PAC Is opportunity employer. WANTED ..::_Flill time attr.ctive female tor stereo sales & bookkeeping. Must tie extremely intarested 1n stereo. (people Interested In sbort time work need not P-. ply.) Apply In person t Stereo World, 4112 E. Busch Blvd., preterbly In .the morning. 9a-1ost. TELEPHONE Salesndsect, work.11Y.WS & up. Good PY, flex Ible hours. Apply 1-5 p.m. 4426 N. Armenia. MALE lif119u9rds needed-day nd elieniriv duty hours avllable. Tampa .. YMCA-Downtown. Must have current cn tification; then call 229-6517. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, a, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Morning or evenings. GenerI plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550. LIVE-IN dorm counselors needed t MacDonald Tmg. ctr. for mentally retarded adults 3 or 4 dys per wk. Every other wln!k-end off. $100 mo. rm. & bd. Schedule arranged. 877-7431. WOMEN or men-Tropical Fish packers and Quality control workers. Full or part-time. Three shifts available. No layoffs. Ex perience not required. Inside work. Apply Mon.-Fri. 8-S across from silver water tower 3 miles-So. of Gibsonton, 3 miles No. of Apollo Beach. Tampa Livestock Distributors, Inc. 12602 So. Rt. 41. STUFF TO WEAR Full time employment needed tor dynamite junior boutique. Experience necessary. Apply In person t Florlland MAU. Mle-Female DRIVERS wanted to sell Ice cream. Part time, full time openings. No experience needed. Will train. Circus Man lee Cream 176-5263. SALESMAN Part-time: Well known chain department store. Mon. and Wed. evenings, 6-10. No experience needed, will train. Must have own transportation. Cail 626-9877, Mr. Simpson or Mr. Nelson FAST, accurate typing service. tir. ser vice In m111t instances. 2 min. from USF. Between 1:19.-and s:oo uu 17J'7222 ext. UI. After 6:00 tall tla.JUS. 'ASll'for Liz. ... '-'. .. SPECIALiZEDTYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or. elite Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles" '5 min. from USF. Nin Schiro, 971 213'. If no answer, 235. STUOENT .Movers, turnitun moving, haullng, JMk1 jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 p.m. Mon. thru Sun. 949-5247 TYPING: Accurte and fast. Turabian, term HP&rs, Theses, resumn,wHkly assignments. Close to USF. Call Lucy Wilson '88-013' BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE I MILE FROM CAMPUS: work done by u.c.. English graduate. Overnight service available. Call 971-133' EXTRAORDINARY TYPIS. T 5 plus years of Quality term papersdissertations-statistical data-thesis Turabin-USF-Campbell-IBM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, pica Relerences on request. Call Gloria 1114-1969. c FOR RENT ) SAVE MONEY! 1 Bedroom 1wnished apt. for sublease at La Mancha Dos. Excellent location at Poolside. S72 per month. Walking distiince of University. Call Mike t 971-6123, Apt. 41. BRAND NEW 2 bedroom unfurnished duplexes, 6 minutes from USF Occupancy on or bout Nov. 1. S 155 a montfl, garbage and water included. C.11 915-1126. COLONIAL GARDENS we have swimming pool, laundry facilities and rec room. 2 BR furnished or un furnished apts. include large storge room & A C Phone 971-49n. SUBLET One Bedroom Furnished Apartment. Pool air conditioning, tennis court. Slll per ( MISC. FOR SALE ) f L:;: FOUND ) AKAi, Sony, Panasonic, Scott, Kenwood, Electrovoice, Electrophonic stereos, reel LOST: 2 male d<>11s, one Great Dane, fawn, to reel. cassette recorder players, record unclipped ears. One Irish Setter with tags. changers, speakers, wholesale or less. Last seen near softball field on campus. Some slightly damaged. 6l6-131 4 Reward. If found contact Mark 971-7245. SACRIFICE. Complete set Encyclopedia Britannica never used Cost S650 will Hll for 5250. Call anytime. 251-5029. UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural, etc. Survival Bookworks. 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a weelc 11.7,30 p.m. CLOSEOUT on knit men's pants, some slightly irreiiular. Only 56.50-pair. Call between 5 and 7 p m. Monday and Wed nesday only for information 876-1908. ROYAL custom II portable typewriter with case. Good condition. Selling because t want an electric. S60 or best offer. 971-8970 10-SPEED Schwinn Varsity, e.cellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. DALMATION Puppies-A.K.C. males & females, 6 wks. Beautifully marked. 996 2581 APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I LOST on side of road-Artley Nickel Flute. Cash reward for finder. Call Bruce 988 7711. BLUE velvet purse was ripped off last WIH!k. 11 had a rose colored wallet which con tained license, ID, letters and pictures which are extremely important to me. If found please call Debbie at 974-6330. REWARD I S25 to person returning 2 rings lost in Library ladies restroom-2nd floor on Fri. 10-19! Contact R.A Kibbey, Ref. Library 974-2727 or 2728. ( PERSONAL l DESPERATE? PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call SOLVE 227-8461. We provide maternity clothes-baby clothes-housingjobs-transportation & financial assistance 227-846 l. '65 DODGE. DART GT, 6-cyl., 2 DR, HT, automatic, Pe>wer steering, heat, Ir conditioning and rdio. New brakes and tune-up. 2 spare tires. Great interior. $625 ,71-2311. 1972 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE-one of tfle tiftt, most economical ways to fief around;, Burgundy exterior, saddle interlor : U!W mileage, fine condition. C.11 Bob, fll-IU6 evenings. BEAT the high cost of gasoline-30 miles a gallon! Prlvte .Prty selling "5 VW bus. Runs good. Rebuilt motor. New seats. S50D. Also '65 vw Bu1 Runs nice, looks sharp $4,5. 137-2972. 67 DODGE Vn .equipped for cmping. Sun roof, ster.eo, C.rpet, f>uMUng. Runs per Must see to believe.' C.11 Fred 9771170 .. Bes1 .offer., 1968 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle. Good con AM radiO and heater. Black vinyl interior, stick shift, great as a second car or for school. Call n'll make an offer 971-4977. ... MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 1973 750 YAMAHA $1430. Two montfls old. Call 833-8171 days. [ REAL ESTATE ) SPLIT bedroom rrangement. Great 3 bedroom home witfl panelled king-size master bedroom. Urge kitchen with brukfast area. Fully carpeted living room wltfl breakfast trea. Full carpeted living room witfl lovely bay window. Central hut and air. Garage. SicleWalks. A Great Buyl FHA-VA Financing Upper 20's Call tor appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty. Res: ln-4922. Off:m-1221 U!0GJ[!J :fHEATRE NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 PORNO SUPER STAR Plus GIRLS IN LOVE GAMES Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. Shows from 11:4.5 PRESENTS THE ORACLE -October 28, 1973 THE COLLAGE SALOON "C. W. Mow" and wuntry Egad! Fri. 3-7 SaL -Sun. 9-1 Why didn't I Visit 1'errace Village Apartments First?. New 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, 2 full baths, dishwashers, self-cleaning ovens, frost free refrigerators, utility rooms, wall-to-wall carpets, drapes & private .patios or balconies, central laundry. Pool & recreation center. Village learning & Child Center is also available ta residents. A professionally LEARNING CENTER withinlhecomplex. 53nl St., & Wlritewoy Dr. TEMl'U TEllACE '" 915-1931 911-0242 NAVASOTA QUIET live-in rent payer needed. S65. 988 1594 Mike or Joe. NEW Pi;za H"",;I is open ;:;;;,:USF. Pina Hut is where quality, service, atmosphere is the "in" thing. Try our salad 'n sandwich special only .99. Eat In or carry-out. 1202 E Fowler Ave, Ph. 971-4414. HAVE PROBLEMS? Call HELPLINE al 974-2555. If you are a woman and need lo ralk lo another woman, call the WOMEN'S LINE at 974-2556. FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS ( MUSICAL ] GUITAR STRINGS Lowest prices in Tampa. All lAinffJ Open Nightly at 9PM 11


12-THE ORACLE October 26, 1973 .... '. ------.... 9393 Floriland Mall Tampa Busch Blvd. and Florida Ave. Phone 933-6411 Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. to 9:30 p .m. Sundays 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m /


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