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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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USF Aids Search For Missing Youth BY ANNE LAUGHLIN Oracle Staff Writer A search for the missing son of a USF department chairman was still underway at midnight last night although the official police hunt ended about 2 p m yesterday. Jonathan Kushner the 11year old son of Gilbert Kushner, chairman of the Department of Anthropology and associate dean of Behaviorial Sciences, was last seen noon Sunday in the 11000 block of North Dale Mabry Highway. "THE FAMILY has gotten a great deal of students !ind faculty together to cQntiJ!ue., the search,'' Sgt. John Cyron of the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department, said "If we felt there was a reason to be out in the field, we d be out there Howev e r w e 've gon e over th e s a m e a r ea four o r fiv e tim e s and haven t s e e n a nything." About 150-200 volunt ee r s and polic e searche d a squaremile area Sunday a n d yest erda y lookin g for th e mi ss ing boy. "THERE ISN'T any evidence to prove th a t John would be a runaway," Cyron said. "The only other alternative is foul play." The fact that the boy 's bicycle was found hidden beside a path often used b y neighborhood children to go to t he added to the s uspicion of foul play Cyron said. The search was officially started at 6 p.m Sunday According to a family friend, the base for the volunteers search is the Carollwood Elementary School. Search volunteers should Jonathan Kushner ... missing since noon Sunday. c onta c t Dr Travi s Northcutt dean o f S ocial Sci e n ces, a t ext. 2 5 0 3. Almo s t all of th e s tudent s in th e d e p artment have b een helping a nd mo s t of th e Anthropology Department faculty has been in and out of the Kushners house all gay," the friend s aid The police investigation will continue, Sgt. Carl Childs of the Sheriff Department said oracle Photo by Rob i n Clark ... with Prof. David Clement while search : continues. Oct. 30, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 73 12 Pages AFT, BOR Leaders Plan First Formal Discussions BY SANDRA WRIGHT A s sistant New s Edit o r The fir s t form a l mee ting of Board of Regent s (BOR l p e r s onnel a nd facult y repres en t atives w ill o ccur N ov. 1 4 w h e n B O R lead e r s pl a n to hold discussion s w i t h A m erican F e d e r a ti o n of T ea ch e r s ' fac ul ty spokesmen. This time, I thi n k it is o ur t urn to speak,'' Megi ll said. "Managers always attempt to cla i m t hat all workers are very h a ppy. l\'lcArthur said the meeting will be ope n to the pub l ic and noted represe ntatives from other g r ou ps would be present. He said a stat e Ame rican Associat i o n of Unive r s it y P ro fess or s

2 -THE ORACLE October 30, 1973 Meir Crosses Suez Canal I JACKSON'S BICYCLE STORE 114 Bulfo l o Ave Phone 7320661 1 75 Sou th t o Buffalo ex it 1h b lock we! o f Fla Ave Troops to Accept Truce Quality and Reasonable Prices are our standard Wheelchair Wheels-Repaired-Retired (UPl)-Prime Minister Golda Meir, the first Israeli chief of state to set foot on Egyptian soil, crossed the Suez Canal yesterday and told her troops she had no choice but to give in to American pressure and accept a cease-fire. "It is awfully heart-rending to accept decisions and to agree to things we are against,'' Mrs. Meir told some of the soldiers who Israeli military officials claim, were on the verge of destroying the encircled Egyptian 3rd before the cease-fire went into effect. Arab Envoy WASHINGTON lUPilEgypt' s acting foreign minister Ismail Fahmi arrived yesterday for high-level discussions with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. State Department spokesman Robert J. McCloskey said the Egyp tian diplomat will confer with Kissinger today It was not known if Fahrni brought any .,,..-----Id news briefs specific proposals from President Anw a r Sadat on solving the crisis in the Mideast. Carrier Sent WASHINGTON

Oracle Photo by Andre. Harri Co::tumed Bustt>r McDowell ... rinds his finger tastlt.r than his hotdog at the IT party. Area Lighting Gets $20,000 In Funds li\' ED ALC'OFF Oracle Staff Writer .\ccording to figures relcased by Clyde Hill, director of University Physical Planning, approximately $20,000 was requisitioned last January for lights installed in the past week and for lights expected in the next couple of months. .. Funds were allocated during the first three months of thi s year, but bidding procedures ai1ct slow delivery of materials are responsible for the delay," Hill said. TWO -\HK\S b ei ng equipped \1 ith lights are the sidewalks running from tht' UC !\!all and liamnrn Hall to the offil:e building und e r construction The sidewalks will hal'e seven and five lights respectively. E:ight ltghts wtrt sche<1ulel1 to begin uptrating last night. Cy White, '\l<11nlt'narnt' Plant supervisor, ,,atd lltll said that thl' area around l 11t vtrsity d'l-'l lk<1dqu<1rk r:. will havt' si.' lights 1t1stallt-d and the sidewalk behind Lan will have se1en lights. Parking Lot 7 and adjoining sidewalks 11ill have a total t>f ,d.Jllut lti lights installed st>tllt, Hills said. Lot I indudes tht t'nt1n compltx bt'!Wt 't 'n tht .-\dn1111is tratio11 lot and tht Education b uilding .. Wt an t ontmuallv tr.vmg lt> upgradt tt1r lighting t'P1Hliltts l'al'ilitits l'lanning is a11an that t\\Prt lights :1rt ttt'<'bltd down tht costu111ts or th1 tlll\\'

-1 -THE ORACLE October 3 0 1973 No Storm Here At Homecoming The committee planning Homecoming '74 has one strike against it from the start no football game to plan around. But the committee seems to be using that drawback to its advantage -it is planning a sane and sensible Homecoming week for the middle of January minus th-e usual hysterical THE 'WEEK'S activities are still in early planning stages, but some uf the ideas being kicked around include seminars by the Music Department, exhibitions by the Parachute and other clubs, big name entertainment and, of course, the basketball game with Florida State Uni versity. The committee members are to be applauded for refusing to consider such foolish and (Editorials) juvenile suggestions as floats. parades, kings and queens. Most of USF's students come to campus five minutes before classes begin and leave just as soon as they are over. THEY WOULD not be taken in by a cutesy festival with a contrived carnival atmosphere. By drawing on USF's existing talent and including at least one night of big-name en tertainment, the committee will satisfy students, com munity residents and alumni. Fortunately, it seems we are to be spared the embar rassment of an abortive attempt to liven the campus with an exhibition by stripper Tempest Storm. "Try page 45. I'm sure it's m there." \ ) Humans, Tuna Industry Destroy Dolphins There is something in this month's issue of the "Bay Union Press" that I would like to bring to your attention. And that is about what is happening to dolphins Among other rewards for being a friendly and amiable creature, he is now being destroyed by the tuna fish industries. Fishermen once captured tuna by using the hook and line method, but that tutsday's ORACLE wasn t doing the job fast enough and a more financially sound method was initiated That is by sighting dolphin since the two species travel together. Once sighted, the fishermen lay surrounding nets sometimes a mile long. Unfortunately," say the tuna industries, the dolphin just won t stay out of our nets.'" As a result dolphins, ( a which require air to breathe as any mammal, are being strangled in mass. These killings may not be intentional on the part of the companies, but since they show no obvious concern this can easily turn into murder. The companies are not taking the initiative to resort to former methods of capturing tuna so the consumer must provide them with some motivation. Boycotting tuna products and even items like pet foods containing tuna would tip the companies off of your concern Then just so they get the message, write short letters to the different brand names informing them of your actions and concern The tuna industri e s are not going to care until we giv e them a reason Dolphins have already been grotesquely u s ed by the U.S. Navy in the transport of torpedoes They have been exploited for the sake of our own sadistic entertainment. Now they are being painfully put to death by nets laid by man. A dolphin is intelligent ; it can feel as any human. Imagine your own life being threatened, while an audience looked on and no one made the effort to help you. Neva Root Concerned individuals or groups can address complaints to the Florida Fish and Game Com mission in Tallahassee, the Department oJ Natural Resources or local congressmen. -Editor This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

THE ORACLE -October 30, 1973 Bid Testimony Due Tomorrow BY SANDHA WHIgislative Auditing Committ ee !waring in Tampa earlier this month Wt'rt' kept in anothe r room during proceedings For Vista Rep. Visits USF Formt'r \ ISTA volunteer lkbbit Travis will be on campus today through Friday to gi\'e information and help students fill out applications !'or \'IST .-\ and tht Pt>an Corps Sht' will bt in tht l1t' and tht offit'l' of Caner Pl a nning and l'lannH' nt tomorrow through Friday For 11\lll'l' inform a tion wr i t e :\l'TllH\Pl'aee l'orps \ 'IST.-\. '.\\\ lst St .. :\liami. :l3l:!ll. "I don't think there is going to be much substantial deviation from my previous statement. I wlll have to depend on the committee to Identify anything sub stantial." this reason. he said he has had to rely on reports from people who were present during testimony. Before the first hearing. Hartley submitted a written statement and explanation of University handling of the audio \'isual project concerned -Bert Hartley "I don't think there is going to be much substantial deviation from my previous statement," Hartley said "I will have to depend on the committee to identify anything subsiantial." TllE IN\'ESTIGATION was originally sparked by complaints DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Fla 33602 appointmsnt available to fit your class schedule Monday through Friday ca II 253-2844 KOIN KLEEN \l ASH-DRY-FOLD ISPER POUND DRY CLEANING BY LOAD OR PIECE DROP OFF & PICK UP IN 24 HOURS ATIE NDANT ALWAYS ON DllTY OPE!\ 7 DAYS A WEEK 7AM-10PM t>307 56th ST. TEMPLE TERRACE PH. 988-9790 from contractor Art Maynor, unsuccessful low bidder on the project. Testimony given later substantiated his claim that Resource Inc. had completed much of the project before bicliing opened A committee spokesman said yesterday he is uncertain what the outcome of the proceedings will be although the committee is preparing a report to be sent to Senate Pres. Mallory Horne, D Tallahassee, and House Speaker Terrell Sessums, D -Tampa. BerLHartley COMPLETE WATERBED 49.95 Complete bed includes ready-to-stain floor frame, qualit y mattress with 5-yr guarantee, fitted safety liner. and foam pad. Stained and upholstered frame packages are also available WATER MATTRESS (all sizes> 19.95 WA TERBED HEATERS 29. 9 5-44. 9 5 U L Recognized with 2-yr. warranty. CUSTOM FRAMES From $20 Made to your specifications We Sleep Better If You Sleep Better ; 9-1 today's world J Ir 7034 w. Hillsborough \Peacock Aeyl Ph. 884-2054 LIGHTING NEVER STRIKES TWICE IN THE SAME PLACE ON THIS CAMPUS (but rapists have been known to) JOIN 1,HE MARCH FOR LIGHTING TONIGHT AT 8:30PM MEET ON CRESCENT HILL IN FRONT OF THE UC C;()SPONSOHED BY AT S.G. & THE USF WOMEN'S CENTEH 5


6-THE ORACLE October 30, 1973 Halloween Festivities Spook USF HY PEGGY SCHHOEDEH Oracle Staff Writer Phantom. s pook and crawler time again. Halloween is h e r e and th e campus is an ticipating a full schedule of eve nts to celebrate it. Commuters Today is family night sponsored by the Student Entertainment and Activities Council G ift C'e1: tificates. donat e d by V!cDonald's will be awarded in four categories: most be a utiful most original. funniest and scariest. IN\'ITATIONS are extended to children of married students. staff, faculty and alumni and their parents. All events are free Residents Andros and Argos Program Councils are joining forces for the gala festivities planned for residence hall students Wed nesday evening What is Halloween without the pumpkin? SAGA food ser\'ice is providing over 60 pumpkins for a carving contest in the Argos Bob Martinez presents 1973's MOST TALKED ABOUT SENSATION Cover and Feature Stories: Newsweek, Time, Ms., Rolling Stone etc. JOHNNY CARSON: "The First Big Star of the Seventies" CURTIS HIXON HALL TAMPA HALLOWEEN OCT. 31, Wed. 8 p.m. Tickets available at Curtis Hixon Box OfficeAll area Sears stores-Budget Tapes (near USF) Music Library, Britton Plaza Activity Boom prior to the specia l holiday banquet SAGA plans to prepan' for p e oplc on the meal plan SIXT\'-01\E out of sixtv -three living units (.J0-50 t'ach l have entered the evcnt Units sharc in designin g. pla nning and to'xccuting the finished product. .Judging will take placc by the Argos and Andros food managers and m emlll'rs of their staff. Carved pumpkins arc to provide dccorations for tlw dinner "Strange for a Dav" is the tlwme for this yea1:' s freaky costume pa gent co sponsored bv the Argos and Andros Planning Councils. Awards are to be g iven to individuals, small groups of two or three, and large groups of four or more. PAHTIC'IPANTS should arrive at the Argos Activiti es room at 7:30 p.m. to fill out entry cards a nd to receive a pagent number. After judging participants may leave and join other planned events. Prizes are to be awarded at IO p.m Martin Resigns Dr. Edwin P Martin acting director of Institutional Research, has resigned in favor of a new job. Martin, who has been with USF since 1960 will assume the post of Director of Special Academic Programs at Virginia Polytechnical Institute in early January. All-University "Silence a nd Shadow" adapted and direete d by Speech instructor George llandolph from the collec t e d works of Edgar Allan Poe will be prese nted by the Speech Communications Dl'partm c nt Wednesday at 2 p.m. in LAN 103. Admission is free. A Creepy Crawler Costume songfest is planned Wedn esday from B to 10 p.m. in the Argos Mall bl'tween Alpha and Gamma Halls Student talent is feature d Bring a blanket to ward off th e coo l evening spirits. KINGCOME'S TRIMMINGS Needlepoint, Monogramlng, Alterations R 'ugs & Pillow Kits Dressmaking Wedding Accessories 10 per cent Oft on at needlepoint, crewel, and yarn. 1 llil5 Fla. Ave. at Fowler Ph. 935-8168 CHAINWHEEL DRIVE Quality products & repair service 3, 5&10 speed Bikes trade-ins, used bikes Racing & Touring equipment 11148 N. 30th St. Across from Schlitz Open 9 to 6 Phone 971-2439 ARTIST SERIES Fuji Gitane Bottecchia Sutter d?o FRI. NOVEMBER 2 8:30pm "MAHABHARATA" SAT. NOVEMBER 3 8:30pm "RAMAYANA" UNIVERSITY THEATRE $4.00 USF FULLTIME STUDENTS $2.00 TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 1:15-4:30 WEEKDAYS-THEATRE BOX OFFICE


THE ORACLE -October 30, 1973 7 Nine Women Are Vying For Miss Black Uhuru The fourth annual Miss Black Uhuru contest, a beauty and talent competition for black women students at USF, will be held Thursday Saturday. Nine students are vying for the title which will be awarded at an African ball Saturday. The contestants are Terry Rambert, Tanya Darnell, Jackie Baker, Copy Machine Art Workshop Planned Sonia Sheridan, a pioneer in the field of copy machine art technology, will be in residence at USF through Friday She will conduct interactive paper systems workshop sessions which will demonstrate to students of film, photography, interinedia and other areas certain techniques of copy machine art-making as well as her proposition that "the copy rri'achine democratizes the image-making process'' by making the creation of images available to the layman as well as the artist Currently a Guggenheim fellow experimenting with the creative use of high speed copiers, Sheridan will be special guest of an art class taught by ex perimental intermedia artist and staff member Stanley Van derbeek. 'TU highlites .. TODAY 8 p.m. Ch. 13'"'."""Maude Maude's liberalness is put to the test when Carol brings her boy friend home to sleep in her room Beatrice Arthur, Adrienne Barbeau 9:30 p.m. Ch. 13-ShaftRichard Roundtree as the hip detective faces a murder charge 11 :30 p m. Ch. 10-Dick Cavett-Dick' s _guest is William Ruckelshaus WEDNESDAY 8 p m. Ch. 13-Sonny and Cher-a Halloween special featuring guest Jerry Lewis in an opera spoof called "Man of La Monster." 8 p .m. Ch. 44-Movies-a Halloween double feature: "The Revenge of Frankenstein" and "The Mad Ghoul." THURSDAY 9 p m Ch. 13-Movie "Bullitt" starring Steve McQueen Robert Vaughn and one of the wildest car chases ever filmed along the hills of San Francisco. Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S IN fERIORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. BURGER KING GOT THE MUNCHIES? June Williams, sheree Brimms, Linda Monroe, Velma Wade, Wanda McCoy and Nadine James. A RAP night with the con testants will be held Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Business Auditorium Talent night will be held Friday at 8 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Both are free. The African ball will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Claretha Saulter, last year's queen, will crown the new Miss Black Uhuru at 9 p.m. Admission to the ball is $1. MYRA DIEQUEZ (OWNER) BERTHA COLOMBANI LINDA REINDOLLAR JACKIE RODGERS SUZANNE MONTAG GLORIA LEONARD "Uhuru" is a Swahili word for freedom. The competition is sponsored by the Afro-American Society. classifieds sell Ext. 2620 We use and IECAUSE WE CARE "60UT THE HEAL TH OF YOUR HAIR HEAL THY HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL HAIR OPEN 6 DAYS LATE 4 NIGHTS Ph. 971-4891 30th St. and Fletcher 13522 University Plaz:a Don't Strike Out! Special University of South Florida Student Health Care Program Open Enrollment Continues Through October 31, 1973. The cost of an accident or illness could put you out of unless you're prepared for it. Florida's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans offer you a full year's protection at a special rate for University of South Florida students: Single: $35.60 Family: $122.00 The open enrollment for students will continue until October 31. Applications and information are available on the third floor of the Health Service Center. Blue Cross and Blue Shield I.D. cards for enrolled students may be picked up in the Student Government office(U.C.156). We believe there's more to good health than paying bills. Blue Cross'" +' Blue Shield@


8-THE ORACLE October 30, 1973 Dent R11ed By Comments BY MIKE KASZ UBA Assistant Sports Editor Brad Dent a USF basketball pla yer tmder Head Coach Don Williams until last week, gave a rebuttle to statements he termed 'unfair and "just not true concerning reasons Williams gave for Dent quitting the team a week ago Williams statements came in a story published in last Thur sday s Oracle two days after Dent officially announced he was quitting the team. "I REAl,LY didn t appreciate some of the things Williams said about me ... Lreally didn t ap preciate them iif all Dent said The y (the statements) really ticked me off. Coach Williams made it sound like I couldn t walk and chew gum at the same time," the 6 ft. 9 iq sophomore said, referring to remarks Williams made in explaining Dent s quitting Williams had been quoted as saying "He's grown nine and half inches in two years and his body has undergone a lot of strain. He had mononucleosis third quarter last year and had the flu last week. He's fatigued and just can't keep up "THOSE STATEMENTS about me growing nine inches in two years simply aren't true I was 6'7" when I was a senior in "They (the statements) really ticked me off. Coach Williams made it sound like I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time ... I didn't think that was too fair on his part." -Brad Dent high school and was 6'9" as a f;eshman last year. If anything I ve grown about nine and a half inches in the last three or four years, Dent replied Continuing he said, The fact that I had mono didn t have anything to do with me quitting either." Williams had a lso said Dent d i dn t follow a t r aining program set up for him and said Dent wasn t in shape when he came back and as we went further along he just fell that much more beind. "I DIDN'T think that was too fair on his part," Dent said. "There wasn't a player that returned here in good shape, except maybe Tim Dietz and Glenn Dupont.. .I came back in fairly decent shape. As for his training program, Dent "He didn t give me any program to follow during the s umm e r. Tony

Oracle Photo by Bill Phillips THE ORACLE -October 30, 1973 by Rick Cohen phone for appointment 971-8548 WORK OVERSEAS All trades, skills and professions Students and Graduates Mike Knott (far left) and Larry Byrne (11) watch In vain as USF shot clears Bllllkeil Male Female Higher pay, no taxes, travel to Australia, Europe, So. and Central America, Africa and So. East Asia Write for our brochtire: Worldwide Student Opportunities P.O. Box 1255 Miracle Falls Short 1075 Camino Flores Thousand Oaks, Calif. 91360 We also make xeroJC copiei Ne extra dtarte fw coloNCI bond paper BY DA VE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor USF's Soccer team attempted the impossible Saturday and nearly accomplished it. But the loss of two key defense men, lack of depth and the strength of St. Louis' soccer team prevented the phenomenon from occurring Although the 2-1 defeat was USF's first in eight games, they literally gave it everything they had, as coach Dan Holcomb in serted 16 of 18 players into the game. "THE GUYS played a fantastic ball game, I'm really proud of them," said a disheartened Holcomb after the game. "We just don't have the depth. I can t spread out the scholarship money enough The Brahmans' starting 11, which could play on even terms with nearly any team in the nation according to Holcomb, was shaken up 27 seconds into the game. Following a successful tackle freshman fullback Fergus Hopper had to be assisted off the field with an injured right shoulder, later diagnosed as a dislocation. USING a make-shift lineup, USF contained the Billikens until 20: 25 of the opening half when Jim Bokern, St. Louis top scorer, took a Tim Logush pass and tallied to put St. Louis in com mand. With 28 minutes gone, USF suffered its first of two ejections from the game. Playing in his initial contest of the year, Sean Soccer Club Enjoys Win Though USF suffered a disappointing defeat to St. Louis Brahman soccer had one triumph this weekend, a :l-1 victory over Clearwater Sunday. Bob Dodson tallied twice and Lee McGinn once for the 2-0 club. O'Brien received the axe for flagrant elbowing. The Brahmans finally broke through at 36: 48 on a con troversial Mike Knott goal. USF'S Larry Byrne lifted a 30yard shot in front of the Billiken net and as goalie Chuck Zorumski appeared to catch it, Knott rammed into him while heading the ball in for the score. Despite argument from the St. Louis bench, the referees ruled in USF's favor, saying Knott was in contact with the ball before Zorumski had touched it, and that Knott crashed into the goalie after heading the shot. The half ended with the two teams tied at one goal apiece and knotted in shots on goal with 10. DAN COUNCE, Most Valuable Player in the 1972 NCAA championships, ended USF's chances for a dream victory at 9 :05 of the second half, scoring on an open net after taking a Logush pass. To add to misery, fullback Cone! Foley was tossed out of the game for abusive language to the officials "That was uncalled for," Holcomb said of Foley s action. A quality player was out of the lineup and could do no good. He penalized us in that respect. Also I would have liked to have seen what would've happened with Fergus in there." IN THE SECOND half, USF actually outshot St. Louis 8-7, but the Billiken were the epitome of collegiate soccer champs with pin-point passing and tenacious defense. "The pressure was there," Holcomb said of USF's attack, "but with the talent St. Louis has, I don't see how they lose a game." Sales lettrs Envelopet Catalog sn .. ts Letterheads Bulletins Circulars Handbills Notic.. Post Cards Mail Brochu'" Instructions HouM Orvan Data Sheets C:.t Sheets Order Forms Price Lista Work Sheets R .. umn Announcements o Stuff.,. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BEITER The Brahmans, 12th in the nation and third in the South prior to Saturday, must now regroup for Tampa at 3 p.m. today, USF's final regularly scheduled home game for 1973. insly'prints ..... f ;!f <43<47 W Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Flo. 33609 Tampa, Flo. 33617 879-'68<4 985-2083 U.S.F. Bicycle Club Second Annual Inner-perimeter Road Race November 3, 1973 9:00 a.m. C)tb Name: ( ) 4 Lap Pro Race ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Tubular Race I ( ) 2 Lap Women's Race ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Clincher Race ( ) 1 Lap Sprint ( ) 2 Lap U .S.F. Student Race ( ) 1 Lap Vets Race Mail to CHE 112 Before October 31, 1973 Entry fee $1.00 er Race Tern pie Terrace, Fla 9231 56th St. Ph. 988-1428 next to Winn-Dixie in Temple Terrace Shopping Center (3 minutes from USF) 9 RESEARCH Thousands of Topics OUTH FLORIDA PORTING GOODS 2 other Convenient locations to serve you: 940 W. Brandon Blvd. $2.75 per page Send for your, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage !delivery time is l to 2 days) RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD, SUITE :tt2 LOS ANGELES. CALIF. 90025 1213) 4778474 or 4775493 Our r.-earch materi.11 is sold for research assist>nce only. Hwy 60 across from Brandon Mall Brandon, Fla. ph 689-9254 Grant City at Town& Cotmlr} (opening soon)


10-THE ORACLE October 30, 1973 -----ORACL---E -------TODAY Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization will have its weekly meeting Oct. 30 in UC at 4 :30 p m Everyone i G welcome. S.0.A.B. The Student Organizations Advisory Board will be accepting applications until Oct. 31 for positions: Member-al-large, Academics, Sports and Special Interest. Applications are available in Student Organizations. Testing and Advanced Placemen! Testing and Advanced Placemen! will give Graduate School Foreign Language Tests in BSA. BUS and 50. C and School and College Ability Test (SCAT) in FAO 220 on Oct. JO. For applications and further information go to FAO 201 or call 974-2741. Sierra Club The Sierra Club will meet Oct. JO in BSA al 7 :JO p m .. for a general meeting and a free film, "Have Our Planet and Eat It Too?" Everyone is invited. MSIA The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness will meet Oct. JO in UC 215 at B:JO p .m. for a seminar "What is Light? What does it mean to me?" All interested are invited. Donation are up to the individual. For further information call 977-1668. Counseling Center For Human Development The Counseling Center for Human Development will be open Monday through Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. This is for the benefit of commuters and students who work during regular Center working hours. sut dents desiring any of the offered services come to AOC 204 or call 974-2832 to arrange an evening appointment. Services offered on Tuesday are Personal Counseling and Drug Rap Cadre. Microbiology Club The Microbiology Club inyites its mem bers, and interested students to the film and topics about Venereal Diseases, Oct. JO in SCA 204 at 7:JO p .m. WEDNESDAY Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda will meet Oct. 31 in UC 20J at 7 p .m. fall Business and Business Ed majors are invited. FOO SS Florida out-of-state students will meet for an organizational meeting Oct. 31 LAN 115 at 4 p.m. Psychology Club Psychology Club will meet Oct. 31 in SOC 007J at 2 p .m. to hear Dr. C Nelson and rap about any topic in psychology. Everyone is welcome. USF Photo Club The Photo Club will meet Oct. 31 i n UC at 2 p m for a general meeting. Everyone is invited. For further information call Pete Holland at 971-5545. Flying Club Flying Club is having a Hanger Party for club members and prospective members Oct. Jl atthe Gales Apt. Recreation Building at 7 :30 p.m. There will be free refreshments and a film a .bout flying. University Chapel Fellowship The fellowship is sponsoring an evening of singing and playing instruments Oct. Jl at the Fellowshi p 7 to 8 :30 p.m. A Halloween piua party to follow. Everyone is invited. Them is Themis will have a special meeting for early admission students and a regular business meeting for members Oct. 31 in UC 202 at 2 p m Young Democrats Yi>ung Democrats will meet Oct. 31 in UC 202 at a p.m. for a regular meeting. Anyone interested is invited. Engineering College Association The Engineering College Association will have an Engineering Council meeting Oct. Jl in Dean Conference Room at 2 p m The discussion will include a vote on the lending polici es of the HP35 Calculator. Free coffee will be on hand. Counseling Center Wednesdays services offered are Veteran's Counseling and Personality and Career Testing. For further information see Tuesdays events. Brahman Bull Band The Brahman Bull Band will meet every Wednesday in FAH 102 at 9 p m This week will be .organizing the band for this year and "rehearsing. Anyone with an interest in music and has school spirit is invited. READ ORACLE CLASSIFIED ADS! Bull ttin Board Leadership Conference Omicron Delfa Kappa will sponsor a leadership conference for leadership training, group dynamics and actual problem solving with administrators in a Saturday session Nov. J 9 a m to 4 p m The conference is open to anyone in a student organization, especially officers. The cost is SJ.SO and includes the luncheon al which Mike Greer, general counsel at University of South Carolina and student ombudsman, will speak. More information is available from Dan Walboll, ext. 2151; Carol Spring, ex!. 2615; or Warren Harris, UC Box 455 THURSDAY English Forum English Forum will have a Graduate Sludy Seminar Nov. 1 in LAN 116 at 2 p.m. Meeting will involve information about scholarships, fellowships, grants and procedure for ap plying to graduate school. Information concerning studying abroad will also be discussed. All Liberal Arts undergraduate students interested in going to graduate school are invited. Counseling Center The Centers services for Thursday are Reading-Study Skills, Career Information Library APC 103 A, Reading Lab, AOC 104. For further information see Tuesdays events. FRIDAY Newman Club The Newman Club is sponsoring a Halloween Party Nov. 2 at the Catholic Student Center at 8 p m Admission Is 35 cents and everyone invited. There will be games, prizes, horror flicks and wear costumes. JSU The Jewish Student Union is sponsoring a Piua Party Nov. 2 at Shakcy1s Pina on Florida Avenue at 10 p m If a ride 1s needca meet in front of the UC at 9 :30. For further information call Elisa al 9746JJJ Rm. 2JJ. ASPA The Student Chapter of The American Society for Personnel Administration will presents a panel d iscussion on "Public Employe Unions Are Here" on Nov 2 al 2 p m at !he KIVA (College of Education Auditorium). The panel will include Paul Pothin, management consultant to Florida cities; Charles Hall, vice president of In ternational Association of Firefighters; and James Sherman, arbitrator and professor of Industrial relations, USF College of Administration SATURDAY Testing and Advanced Placement Testing and Advanced Placement will give the College Entrance Examination Board (SAT) in BSA and BUS ; !he Admission Test for Graduate Study in BUS 110; and Op lometry College Admissi on T est ( OCATl in Cadre Lines Open To Troubled Women BY CHRISTINE STEVENS Oracle Staff Writer Women who need someone to listen while they talk whether about problem pregnancies, abortion or personal problems now have a helpline especially for them. The Rap Cadre has staffed ext. 2767 with women counselors to help women with their special problems "SOMETIMES Women need to share their feelings and ex periences with another woman We're here to listen and help in any way we can," explained Faith Weathington director of the Women s Program of Rap Cadre "Our training in coun seling gives us the skills we need to let women know \ve understand and care." Staffers are paraprofessionals who participate in an ongoing training program and in workshops on abortion, rape and counseling skills. said women are not given advice consisting of a single solution to a problem, but they are encouraged to realistically explore alternative solutions. For example one of the areas of greatest concern, the problem of unwanted pregnancy is not dealt with by s imply ad vising a woman to g et a n abor tion she said. AL TllOliGH their goal is to be more than just an information center the women have compiled an extensive, up-to -date manual of available community services. The information includes comparison of cost and quality of service for such things as abortion and contraceptives. "If we can t help we have access to information on where to go, Weathington said THE SERVICE is al s o open to any men who want information or counseling in these areas. Class Schedule In Oracle Wed. The Schedule of Classes for Qtr 2 will be released Wednesday as an insert in the Oracle instead of in booklet form as in the past. The Schedule is not being printed as a booklet because of a shortage of paper, Doug McCullough acting registrar, said The Office of Records and Registration will have 10, 000 copies made for the office in addition to the 15,000 inserted in the Oracle, ILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER ..the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shopping Center 10938-B N.56 St. 988-3896 BUS on Nov. J For furthe r information regarding applicahons and times and l o c ations go to FAO 201 or call 9742741. Club The La Crossl Club will meet Nov.3 at the lntt-rmuri'JI F1t>ld at 10 a m for a practice. Any i Htd staff inte r ested are in-v1tec1 SUNDAY JSU The Jewish Student Union meets every Sunday in LAN 116 a t 7: JO p m Social Events are alWdYS planned and suggestions welcome. MONDAY(Nov.S) Parachute Club The Parachute Club will have its regular meeting Nov. Sin the Empty Keg at 2 p m The Drop Zone in Ruskin has been moved to Wimauma on State Road 674. Maps are available in the SG office. Organi1ation Involving Arts and Education The Organization involving Arts and Education meets every Monday in FAH 290 al 2 p m All interested students are welcome. Humanities Club The Humanities are sponsoring a Bus Trip to the R ingling Museum on Nov. 17 to depart from the GYM parking fol al 9 :JO a .m. and to return at 4 :30 p m Those going are asked to bring a picnic lunch. The cost is S2.60 per person. The d eadli ne for making reser vations will be Monday Nov. s at the Humanities meeting. Anyone interested is invited. Counseling Center The Counseling Center's services offered on Mondays are: Speech and Hearing and Veterans Affairs. For further information see the number in Tuesdays events. CONTINUING EVENTS Committee of Seniors A committee of sen :ors has been formed tor anyone who wishes to voice an opinion, suggestion, complaint or comment having to do with !he Modern Language Department. If intereste d see Ms. Mady Flemal in LAN 212 Monday and Wednesday 1lo2 or Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 1 IF IP Congress 74 Travel Grants The National Science Foundation will support a travel grant program for atrendenc e at IF IP Congress 74 to be held Aug. 5 10 1974 in Stockholm. Applications may be obtained through !he Math D ivision, National Research Council, Washington, D C. 20418. Applications must b e r e c eived on or before Dec. 31, 1973. Business Education Students Any Business Education Student (or p erspective) who needs to complete typing and-or shorthand required should make immediate contact with one of the following: Mrs. Rulh Brightwell, EDU J09; Dr. Mary Durso, FAO 22J or Dr. George Vanover, FAO 2J1. FOUND Bob Bradshaw found a Winter Haven class ring behind B eta Hall and a gold arid green bracelet in !he hallway in Bela Hall. Call ext. 6493 for identification from 8 to 11 p m TR I L Foundation Tri L Foundation will sponsor lectures, concerts and media from diverse groups on harmony development and purification of !he physical, mental, emotional bodies of man. E soteric healing, meditation, metaphysics, physical, cultural alternatives and life styles will be presented so thal each individual may choose his or her own path to spiritual development. For further in formation call 935-6992. AtSH4EB!'S we serve fun (also pizza) (AND SANDWICHES) EASY TRAILS Mfii!M LlltWlllllCAflD OUTFITTERS FOR: Backpacking Canoeing Camping us .. Quality Camping Equipment 8711 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33604 BMW TELEPHONE (813) 988-0045 WE HA VE DUPONT DACRON FIBERFILL II SLEEPING BAGS. (1.4 LBS FIBERFILL II EQUALS 1 LB. PRIME GOOSE DOWN) WE ALSO CARRY CAMP TRAILS, OPTIMUS, WHITE STAG, _EUREKA, WENZEL, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, COUGHLAN'S, TRUE TEMPER, ESTWING, CUTTER, COLEMAN AND OTHERS.


( t: 1.4 A S S 1111 H II [ HELP ) MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking Inventory In drug, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec 5445 Mariner St. Suite 208 Phone 879-3876. Male--Female DRIVERS wanted to sell ice cream. Part time, full time openings. No experience needed. Will train. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263 SALESMAN Part-time: Well known chain department store. Mon. and Wed. evenings, 6-10. No experience needed, wlll train. Must have own transportation. Call 626-9877, Mr. Simpson or Mr. Nelson. TELEPHONE Sales and sect. work. 18IL\<:LE <:IASSrFIE')S AllS) ( AUTOMOTIVE ) FOR SALE: 1965 Mercury Wagon. Excellent tires. Runs well. $350.00 974-2227 9-4 949-5655 after 7 '65 DODGE DART GT, 6-cyl., 2 DR, HT, automatic, power steering, heat, air conditioning and radio. New brakes and tune-up. 2 spare tires. Great interior. 5625 971-2318. BEAT the high cost of gasoline-JO miles a gallon! Private Party selling '65 VW bus. Runs good. Rebuilt motor: New seats $500. Also '65 VW Bug. Runs nice, looks sharp $495. 837-2972. 67 DODGE Van equipped for camping. Sun roof, stereo, carpet, paneling. Runs per fect. Must see to believe. Call Fred 9771170. Best offer. 1968 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle. Good con-dition, AM radio and heater. Black vinyl interior, stick shift, great as a second car or for school. Call and make an offer 971-4977. ( MUSICAL l GUITAR STRINGS Lowest p rices in Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7 :30 p.m. Oracle Classifieds get RESULTS! NEBRASKA AT FOWLER 971-0007 PORNO SUPER STAR Plus GffiLS IN LOVE GAMES THE ORACLE -October 30, 1973 EUROPEAN MOTOR CAR SERVICE OF BRANDON OTOYOTAOMGODATSUN OALFA ROMEOOFIAT O JAGUAR OTRIUMPH OFERRARI )) FOREIGN CAR REPAIR & SERVICE "OUR ONLY BUSINESS" COMPLETE RESTORATION SEitVIOJ 689-0016 BEHIND KENTUCKY FRIED .CHICKEN HWY. 60--1012 W. BRANDON BLVD. BRANDON i,,,, too 1n11 r11Jo11. thr hlghrd S.O.(!. 4_Sf a11dard of hPfause has and Sam tone (rr1:/irtJ .\fc.'1rrl11ylro11rr Draperies are rxpens1ve and deserve the best. Using the Adjusl-a-Drapt and Sanilone methods, Spotleucan guarantee even hemlines and lengths Pleats that are absolutely vertical, brighter, cleaner, sparkling colors dnd whiles. -(13524 UNIVERSITY-PLAZA) Pick Up and 'Home Deli very Coll 236-5541 Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. Cont. CLEANERS & LAUNDRY J Shows from 11:45 11 t*************************** t SOUTHWESTERN PLASMA t CENTER t 1218 Franklin St. t Cash paid for plasma donors. Donors may receive up to $50 in a 4 week period. iC Bring this ad and receive BONUS for your first time in. Hours: -tc Mon. 6:30 5:00 Thu. 6:30 5:00 -tc Tues. 6:30 -2:30 Fri 6:30 2:30 iC Wed. 6:30 5:00 Sa t. 6:30 4:00 !***************************:


12-THE ORACLE October 30, 1973 DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau .... ....::;;;i. ) /..; 1 ... "JCOC flt/fl?. Of' <; (/ Wl'M' COVK'SE NOT! j, XPEllEP I S I Jt/ST !flAT fT? OR. CAME HOM JfjST S()SffNIJE07 I PART TIMERS [..AVES, iJAOI TO RAKE TH& lfAVi5! I \l Temporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There is no job waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. We also have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC. 1919 E. Busch, Tampa Student's Golf Cart Found After 13 Days "Big" John Hose's golf cart, r e ported stolen ea rly Saturday. Oct. 13. was found "vl'l'v well camouflaged" in the 'woods behind th e golf practice rang<' at 8:54 a.m. last Friday by a USF' groundskeeper. according to UP Lt. Charles Wilson. Rose. a cerebral palsy victim, depends on his golf cart to get around campus. He is currently using a cart loaned to him by the USF golf course. WILSON suspects that the cart was "hot-wired", by two or three people. Hot-wiring is bypassing the use of the key for ignition by crossing certain ignition wires. UP Cpl. Tony Wall said that it looked like an attempt was made to load the cart onto a truck which caused the front casing of the cart to be knocked off. "There appears to be no other damage than the ignition wires and the front casing," Wall said. WILSON said that an attempt at lifting fingerprints proved unsuccessful due to the moisture on th e cart. Rose, a Beta Hall resident, said that he was very happy to have the cart back. He added tha t when h e went to fill out the report on Oct. 13, he told the UP he thought he saw something behind the range. Rose said he was told by an officer that it was probably "just garbage". CAMPUS CYCLERY BICYt.:LE CLINIC-BRING YOUR SICK BIKE TO US. BICYCLE SALES AND REPAIRS HOURS: 10-6 10-5 SAT. 5224 FOWLER 988-9316 112 Mile East From USF entrance PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace Ultra Sheen Facial Fashions now available in the UC Bookstore: Cosmetician Mrs. Addie Williams


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