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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. "' *Speclal-Qtr. 2 Schedulelnslde* '.' .. A UP Plainclothes Beat Eyed BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor group's first meeting and it was primarily organizational. out-Of-uniform police patrol apartment buildings. COLSOJ'lj SAID such a patrol would not be designed to catch marijuana users. Assistant Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Dan Walbolt said yesterday he has asked a committee to consider the use of plainclothes University Police

2-THE ORACLE October 31, 1973 AID Finds $1.5 Million Missing WASHINGTON \UPI) In-vestigators for the Agency for International Development (AID) told a congressional committee yesterday they could not trace about $1.5 million worth of U S surplus property sent to Laos. the fourth Middle East war to :?.(i.5 per cent. Taber Radwan, Saudi delegate to a meeting of Arab oil producing countries at the Arab league headquarters, said Saudi Arabia also would continue five per cent cuts each month starting in December. ( r Id news .W 0 britfs Two former employes of the U S. Embassy in Vientiane told the committee last week that senior of ficials of the U.S. mission had profited personally from disposing of the war surplus goods. Cox Accusations walked from Asia to Europe yesterday over a 1,000-yard strip of concrete and steel linking th e two continents by bridge for the first time in 2,485 years. Health Research Group, said at least several hundred thousand of the 2 million p e rsons who will agree to be sterilized this year do not realize they will b e rendered permanently sterile. But the AID investigators told U1e House government operations subcommittee on foreign operations they found no evidence of personal profit. WASHINGTON With the top cops arguing that a "field of nl'WS bril'fs midgets" can't handle the job Orlando officials are moving toward unisex height requirements for the city police force. The Orlando Civil Service Board ruled Monday night that all the city's policeman and firefighters must stand at least five feet, 8 inches tall. While women's rights representatives protested loudly Public Safety Director Robert Chewning said all his cops should measure up regardless of sex. "At the risk of being called a male chauvinist pig," Chewning said, "If we can go below 5 feet, 8 inches we're going to put a field of midgets out there to protect 6foot people." Nudists Seized STUART

Oracle Photo by Bill Phillips Dr. D.N. Bammate, UNESCO Speaker ... Opened the national meet held here this wee_ k. 'Week' Wants Writing "Every Other Week," a literary magazine sponsored by The English Forum, is soliciting materials for publication According to Catherine Em mons, editor of "Every Other Week," the magazine is interested mainly in poetry but also accepts short stories, essays, critiques and reviews. Contributions are welcomed from students, faculty, and outside sources. The U nd ergro und Railroad Petition Drive Is Still On Petitions are availab l e in UC 156 Join The F igh t Agains t Cultu ral Discrimination paid for b y the Committe e for Fairnes s In Programming Nm. 2.3.l I.AN 75" \\'/ID Materials may be submitted in the English Department LAN 360 in the Forum mailbox or mailed to "Every O ther Week," USF LAN 141, Tampa, Fla. LUTZ PAINT & BODY SHOP The place to have you ar repaired correctly. 907 I 29th Ave PH. 971 -111 5 1 ::rn 10:00 THE ORACLE -October 31, 1973 3 UNESCO Speaker Says Audiences Are Alienated Dr. Marshall FishwicJi. speaking at a United NatiL Educational, Scientific an Cultural Organization

4-THE ORACLE October 31, 1973 Fund Swap Bad Politics, Policy The $5,000 allocation swap between Fine Arts and WUSF isn't another Hughes-Rebozo fund, we hope, but it isn't the best operating procedure either. Dr. William Scheuer le, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs, initiated the exchange to meet undefined "needs" Assistant Fine Arts Dean John Coker wasn't con sulted about. Coker was simply told afterwards the exchange was to accommodate a transfer of funds. Scheuerle did talk to someone in Fine Arts but he can't recall who. SINCE IT wasn't Fine Arts that needed the adjustment, WUSF must have required it. But what was wrong with the flexible Activity and Service (A and S) monies the broadcasting stations traded off? A and S monies come from student fees paid to the state and can be used for more things than Other Personnel Services funds which were taken from Fine Arts. Student Secretary of Government Finance Tony This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $1-18,696.45 or 9c per copy. to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

DOONESBURY {?, G C' J/ u. 11/IRK, 50N, HAV& YOV 6/V&N ANY 1HOV6HT TO 0 tH& SOl

6-THE ORACLE Octobe r 31, 1973 Exotic, Ornate Characterizes Kathakali BY VIVIAN MLILEY Entertainment Editor Flamboya nt makeup, ornate costumes and exotic musi c will highlight two nights of Hindu myths, recreated by the -renowned Kathakali Dance Theatre of South India The group will appear Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p m. in the University Theatre, as part of the Artist Series sponsored by the Florida Center for the Arts PERFORMERS OF the troup e ai:e members of the Kerala Kalamandal?m Company the leading Kathakali dance troupe in India. Kathakali, which dates from about the 16th century, is a traditional Indian theatrical form which utilizes stylized elements of mime, dance, staging, vocal and instrumental music. Costuming and makeup are used to define character types and retell stories from the major Hindu epics and m y ths Simple stage sets, h y pnotic music and stage propert i es and lightings which contrast with the elaborate decoration of the performers' faces and costumes also charact erize the intricacies of the stories whic h th e tro up e reenacts. The Kathakali Dancers, fou nded in 1930, is a major Indian Disney Night Presented At Library The Tampa Public Library will host "Dis n ey N ight .. Thursday at 7:30 p .rn. The program includes the animated film Ben and Me," the heartwarmi ng story of Ben Franklin and Amos the Churchm ouse, "The Three Little Pigs, "Johnn y Appleseed and ;'Bear Country, a nature film of the American black bear filmed in the Rocky Mountains The show will be viewed in the auditorium at the Library, 900 N. Ashley St. The program is free. SG Features Free Bluegrass SG has been granted per mission by the Administration to host a bluegrass band Thursday from 1 to 4 p .m on Crescent Hill. C and W Mower Company, a group from Athens Ga will perform free SMILE! Buy An Oracle Classified Ad A member of the Kathakali troupe. theatrical troupe who s tri ve to preserve the Kathakali tradition an d encourage its growth It is a governmentally financed institution which both perform s a nd trains most of th e Kathakali dancers, musician s a nd makeup artists. The troupe ha s been high l y accl a im e d by c riti cs around the world Clive Barn es of the New Yo:k Tim es sa id, The m agic of the Kath a kali dan ce, the ge ntl y h yp noti c whin e and ins i s t e nt beat of th e music, th e go r geo u s cost um es and unb elievab l e or nate makeup s assum e posse ss ion. Ther e is a spec i a l experience t o be h ad h e re." The Kath a k ali Dancers will do two Hindu myths during t h ei r two performances a t USF They will p e rform The Mahabharata," Friday. "Th e Mahabharata" t e lls the story of rivalry, revenge and battle between two families and of the int e rvention of the Lord Krishna who h e lp s to e nd the feud a nd restore order and righteousness to the world. Th e play written for Kathakali by Vayaskara Mussathu, is divided into e i g ht sce n es Bean Bag Chairs CONE't'S INTERIORS Ul'2 W PLATT Pt. '.lSB2131 DUDDY'S FOR TIRES NOTICE USF STUDENTS: WE ARE O N THE CORNER OF FOWLER AND PRIMROSE LANE--JU S T EAST OF THE HILLSBORO RIVER COME IN AND PICK UP YOUR FREE ECOLOGY BAG-NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! "Tiu Hamayan;i," lo b e p e r f'ormed Sat urclay. t ells of the alleg i a n ce b etween two out.cast s l{ama and Surgriva who com bin e forc es t o win back their wives and kin gdoms by killin g th e e vil Ba li, king of th e monk eys, and Ravana demon k ing of Ceyl on. Thi s play, d ivid e d int o 1 2 sce n es wa s writt e n for Kathakali by the Rajah of Kotlarakkara. neservcd sea t tic k e t s are $2 for s tudent s and $4 for the public. They may be o bt ained at the Theatre Box Office, ext. 2323. For Tires -Quality with price 100% free replacement warranty -if our tire becomes defective during the life of the tire due to workmanship or materials it wi II be replaced free of charge paggenger cars only. If it rolls try DUDDY'S FOR TIRES .VOLKSWAGEN, DATSUN, TOYOTA, PINTO, VEGA, OPEL NEW 4 FULL PLY NYLON -WHITEWALL-TUBELESS-1st QUALITY 600-13 615-13 F E T l.16 to 1.96 ,:-'.; -WHITEW _ALLS .: 1 4 9 5 ALL SIZES RADIAL BEL TED SPORT CAR TIRE 40,000 Mile 15 5 SR 13 1.50 165 SR-13 1.69 175 SR-13 1.98 165 SR14 24.57 l .05 175 S'!-1 4 $26. 55 2 l>l 155 SR-15 l.75 PRICE 860, 13 $27.55 F60 -14 $33.05 G60l 4 $34.89 l-4 .. :. $40.96 E6ol 5 F60l 5 $j3.36 G60-15 9 :30 to 6 :30 Mon. thru Fri. 1 :30 to 2 :oosat. Spin ':' Alignment Mounti _nt Free 1501 2ND' AVE. (YBOR) PH: 248-5016 ,,_, Mountlnt Spin lalanclng 1 :30 to 5 :30 Mon thni ffl. 1:30 lo 1 :00 Sat 1705 W. CHESTNUT PH: 253-0786


THE ORACLE October Sl, 1973 I Today Is Halloween but festivities started Tuesday with spook games, scary movies and a costume Activities will continue today with programs by Andros and Argos, which Include a pumpkin carVlng contest and a costume pageant. The Speech Communications will present "Silence and collected works by Edgar Allen Poe at 2 p.m. 1n LAN lOS A Creepy Crawler Costume Song Fest ls aiso planned today from 8 to 10 p.m. In the Argos Mall 7 Vampires Receive Unorthodox Twist FRESH SQUEEZE WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL AT THE WHIPPING POST Reviewed by DAVID RUTMAN Qracle Staff Writer An unorthodox twist of the vampire legends is presented in the German film "Jonathan'' presented today at 9:30 p.m. in LAN 103. In this film the vampires have extraordinary powers never before given to screen vampires: They can survive in the daytim e WITH TllIS abilit y, a coven of them are aolc to terrorize a series of sma l l v illag es a lon g the North Sea h olding org ies of bloo d a nd d estruction The stude nts of t h e village realize something must be done to stop the tyranny of the horrible reign of the vampires so they conspire together to get all the vampires killed at onc e and end the horror and death running rampant through the town The students send Jonathan e fun viewing on Halloween, but it also says something important. I Love You I Kill You," a film by Uwe Brandner, will also be shown today at 7: 30 p .m. in LAN i03. Admission to each film is $1. ALL GREEKS ADMI'ITED FREE & 1 FREE DRAFT YOU MUST WEAR YOUR JERSEY ALSO DON'T FORGET HAPPY HOUR EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY NIGHT 8:00-9:00 lOc DRAFT $1.00 PITCHERS I .: :.:-::-:-.-... : ......::-::::::::::: :. ... ....... ;.;. ;.: .... ..... ;.-.;.,. .... .. ... ;.: ,::-: :-.-: .. .,, I D ml I ., I .fq q.,,,,.

8 -THE ORACLE October 31, 1973 Brahmans Breeze Over Tampa BY DAVE l\'IOOHl\IANN Oracle Sports Editor Tampa and USF really don't bel o n g on th e sam e soccer fie ld But th e tw o m e t here yesterday with USF scorin g a co n v in c in g 6-0 triumph. The win was th e Brahmans eighth in nine contests, their only loss comin g Saturday at t.he hands of d e f ending N CAA c hamps St. Louis YET THE 21 setback t o th e B illikens vaulted USF lo I Ith in th e n ation a nd seco nd in th e So uth b e hind C l e m so n who th ey play S unday. Tampa i s at th e oth e r e nd of the Oracle photo by Brian Ashford Pete Mohrmann heads in third USF goal, ... in yesterday's 6-0 victory against Tampa. Divers Go Sunday A dive to Blue Sink," near Tarpon Springs has been planned b y USF's Scuba Club for Sunday. Members of the e x pedition w ill leave the credit union parking lot at 10 a m ADELPHI SCHOOLS Grades 1-12 L.S.A T Preparation G.R E Preparation Private tutonng in all collei;(e subjects 1700 N .WestshoreBlvd. Ph. 879-2581 scale. In 10 matches t h e Spart::ns have ye t l o win, th eir closest being a 4 1 defeat t o Eckerd Ccllcgc. Thf'y"vl' been outsco r ed B l -5. Well it improve d our won l oss record,'' coach Dan llolcomb said of th e lop s id ed victo r y. W e got some goo d passing and s ho oting practice in." THE BHi\HM1 \ NS got. plenty o f s h oot in g, as tlwy set a sc hool record wilh n s h ots on goal. It lo o k USF 34 trys befo r e they finally tallied at :!7:22 of th e openin g half o n an unassisted Frank Bono goal. Jus t over a minute l a t e r Geo rge U n a nu e added USF's secon d point kickin g in th e r ebo und from a Pele Mohrmann s hot THE Hi\SH o f goa l s contin u ed. when at :!9: 25 Mohrmann and U n a nu e again went to work This lime it wa s Mohrmann scoring as h e h eade d in a U nanue pass. The period e nded w ith USF holdin g a commanding 3-0 lead a nd a 39 3 s h ot. advantage. The stor y of the second h a lf wh i c h a l so featured three USF goals, was Mik e Knott w h o scored tw ice to m ove within two of th e all-time USF scorin g the record. TWO BHAHMANS curre ntl y share the mark of 14, P hil V it a l e in 1 966 and T im McEfoy the follo w in g season. Knott has two games in which to tie or better the record. "Essentially we're looking pretty good. We're going to work on a lot of passing and shooting this week. I just hope nobody gets hurt in practice." /\ftcr K n ott 's earl y seco n d peri od sco r es, com in g on assists by U n;:mr l a nd Mohrma nn USF' didn't. tall y again until :J9:40 wh e n Jack Wind i s h pu t i n a : w yd s hot. USF pla y ing w ith a makeshift lin e up all clay, actually had goalie lJav e lJolpliu s a t forwa r d and Con e Fo l ey in th e net. at game's end. HOLCOMB l e t Larry Byrne rest for Su nday's all importa nt game whic h if USF wins, w ill put -Dan Holcomb lh e m in th e nation 's top 10 a nd first in t h e So uth Expect ed t o return for th e C lemson contes t are Tom Steinbrecher, ou t s ince the Air F'orce game, a nd F'e rgu s Hopper, who suffe r e d a s houlder dis l ocation Saturday. "Essentia ll y we're l ooking pre tt y good," Holcomb said. "We're go in g t o work o n a l o t of passing and s ho ot in g thi s week I just h ope n obody gets hurt in practice.'' LA 1\'J:ANCHA New Apts. La Mancha Dos now has vacancies in the new section of the complex. Reser vations are being accepted for im mediate occupancy or for next quarter. 1 block from campus on 42nd St. $72 -90 per month Phone 971-0100 VIVIANO STEREO NOW HAS A NEW UNIVERSITY STORE ON 30th St. For Stereo Stuff like Advent, Boss, ESS, AR, Sony, Pioneer, Dual, Garrard, S.A.E., Sherwood, Marantz, Shure, Grado New university store 11158 N. 30th Street BIG MOUTH vi via no stereo shop


SUPPLEMENT TO THE ORACLE October 11, lift CarriPus Digest CofJ0Y/Jft!/Ji1red /Jy the USf Oi.t1n ull11!u11u.111011 S1.>rvll:1's, ADM 190 Campus Lighting Seen Lighting of three "priority" areas on campus should be completed in less ..-'. than three months. Contracts for the work have been out for some time, but pole delivery has held up the in stallation, according to Sam Ubank, USF electrical engineer. "The university master plan regarding lighting has been revised and updated, and additional lighting is currently being installed and will continue to be installed in priority areas until the identified problem areas have been eliminated," said Daniel R. Walbolt, assistant vice president for Student Affairs THE FlRST THREE interior areas to be lighted are: the old library lot, No. 7, between the F AO and all the way to the Argos-Gamma area; the new sidewalk behind the Lang-Lit building to the student parking lot, No. 22; and the Security building parking lot. Sen. Robert Graham Next To Mackey "The university's concern that the lighting of the campus be such as to provide as much safety as possible to the members of the campus com munity student residents, commuters, faculty and staff, has been evidenced in various ways," said Walbolt. ... with Sen. Ed Blackburn, Prof. Lewis Bowman, Sen. Julian Lane Lawmakers Eye Quality Schools E nrollm ent s t a b ilization is l ea ding th e Florida Legis latur e toward a qualitati ve rat her than quantitative v i ew in terms of f u nding publi c higher educat i on. As a result State Senator D. Robert Graham last week predicted the period ahead will be traumatic" not only for those in the field but for th e lawmakers. THE SECON D OF thre e s peakers in USF s Fall Government Lectur e Series he spoke informally at a lunch eon wit h President Cecil Macke y, the d eans and staff officers befor e his genera l campus address. "In the past," Sen. Graham said to the luncheon group, "it was easy to translate growth and the need to fund it to the public. This is not true when you try to translate quality, which has different interpretations for different people. Sen. Graham, vice chairman of the Education Committee went on to say that in his view "public service funrMiss Uhuru Contest Set Th e fourth annual Miss Black Uhuru contest, a beauty and talent competion for black wom e n students here, will be h e ld Nov 1-3. Nine st ud ents will v i e for the titl e whic h will be awa rd e d a l an African hall Saturday. A prelim inary rap night. w ith con t es tant s will be at ll p .m. tomorro w in th e Busine s s Auditorium./\ r nl nig h t will b e at B p.m. f'riday in the Uni ve r s i ty Cent e r Ballroom. Both arc free l o the publi c The African ball will begin at. 7::m p .m. in the ballroom. T h e c rownin g of Miss Black Uhuru will be at. !I p.m Admi s sion to the ball i s $ 1 for s tud e nt s with USF' !D's and $1.SO for other s .::: .. Campus __ :eom.municators "South Florida Magazine", an IN TEitCOM of th e air, can be heard eac h F'riday on WUSF F M (H9.7) at 7:45 and 11 a.m. tions performed by the univers1t1es have not been r ecog nized adequately in the funding proces s. This is a particularly important rol e for the University of South Florida." The Dade County eittorney pointed out that l ess fluctuating enrollments will lead to more stable university faculties and require in -servic e training for the teaching staffs USF Basketball Begins Dec. 1 Tip-off time for the Golden Brahman basketball season is Dec 1 in the University of Florida's "Alligator Alley." At home it s Dec 3 with USF meeting Florida Tech at Curtis Hixon. Facult y and staff are encouraged to order their season tickets now to insure the best seats in the house. A reserved seat season ticket is $35 USF's family plan offers parents and up to two children a $70 package for the season If there are more children then it is $10 for each additional child A family of four can be assured of choice reserved seats close to the action for only $5 per game. Tickets can be purchased in the Athletic DeJ)artment or call 2125. Mautz At USF Chancellor Robert Mautz (right) chats with Dr. Mark T. Orr, international studies chairman, and Dr. Phlllp M. Rice, dean of Language-Literature, following a briefing the chancellor presented to USF administrators, faculty, staff and students last week. Dr. Mautz discussed budgeting, enrollments and ap propriations in a slide show presentation. Adkins Justice Adkins Speaks Today Florida Supreme Court Justice James C Adkins, Jr. will make an address today at 2 p.m. in TAT. Adkins, 58, is the third and final speaker in the Fall Government Lecture Series. Appointed to the Supreme Court in 1969, Adkins has a long and varied experience in Florida judicial matters. Prior to his Supreme Court ap pointment, he sel'.ved as Judge of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court. He has also served as Judge of the Court of Record in Alachua County Assistant State Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit, and was a general practicing lawyer. Campus Calendar TODAY UNESCO Conference: Plenary session, UC Ballroom, 9 a .m.noon Ph ys ics Colloquium Program: Dr. A.F. Aveni, "Astronomy and City Planning in Ancient Mexico/' PHY 141. 2 p.m. SEAC: Street dance, Cresent Hill, 9-11 p.m. Fall Govt. Lecture Series : State Supreme Court Justice James C Adkins, TAT, 2-3 p.m. Film Art Series: "I Love You, I Kill You," LAN iOJ. 7 :30 p m & "Jonathan," LAN 103, 9 :30p.m. Literature Hour: George R Randolph, "Silence & Shadow. LAN 103, 2 p ,m. Access : Bob Jett, USF Office of Veterans Affairs. WUSF-FM' s (89 .7), 6:30 p m THURSDAY Early Registration Chemistry Seminar: Or. Eugene l:on:tes, "Cl3 Structures of Biological Interest," CHE 105, 4 p m Film Art Series : "Even Dwarfs Started Sm1lli.'' LAN 103, 7:30 p m & "The Hunters are the Hunted," LAN 103, 9 :30 p m FRIDAY S e m inar: "Public Employee Bargai n i n g Is KIVA, 2 p.m. Society of Physics Students Meeting: Dr. J A Llewelly n Science in the Sea, PH Y 141. 2 p.m. Early Registration Midnight Madness Series : "The Black Cat," and T h e Bride of Frankenstein," ENA, midnight Artist S eries: "Mahabharata-Kathakali Dance T heatre of South India," TAT, 8 :30 p.m. Movie: "Frenzy," LAN 103, 7:30 & 10 p.m. SATURDAY Artist Series: "Ramayana-Kathak.ali Danc e Theatre of South India," TAT, 8 :3 0 p.m. Midnight Madness Series : "The Black Cat," and "The Bride of Frankenstein," ENA. midnight. Movie: "Frenzy." LAN 103, 7 :30 & 10 p.m. SUNDAY Movie : "Frenzy," LAN 103, 7:30 & 10 p m MONDAY Early Regis trat ion Observatory Open N ight, 7 :30 p m ., call 9]4 .2580. Speect1 D epf.: Focus D ebl!te No 2 CTR 245, 7 :30 p.m. TUESDAY Early Registration Post BOR Luncheon : Arv.>s Staff Cafeteria, noon Systems Complex tor the Stud i o & Performing Arts: "Event.Complex No 4, TAT, 8:30 p .m. CONTINUING EVENTS USF Art Dept. Faculty One -Man Show : "Robert Gelinas: Recent Work," Theatre Gallery, thru Nov. 2 US F Art Dept.: "Undergraduate PhOtograp/ly Students Show.'' Teaching Gallery, thru.Nov. 27. Wiiiiam Bt>.,ton Museum, of Con n ecticut: Kacthe KollwltI: Prints," 'l.lbrary Gallery. Nov. l D

10-THEORACLE October 31, 1973 Golfers Win First Meet As Coach Shiver Debuts DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONAlJON HYLAND DONOR CENTER 238 W. Kennedy Blvd. BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Since its inception in 1966, USF's golf program has pro duced some fine teams, including the past two college division runnerups. But never had the squad won a tournament until this weekend. And the Brahmans did it in grand style finishing 19 strokes ahead of second place Florida International in the Miami Beach Intercollegiate Tourney ROLLINS FINISHED third with host Miami one stroke back. Rounding out the field were Wichita State, Florida Atlantic, Florida Southern, Jacksonville and Biscayne. Bob Shiver The victory also marked the initial one for coach Bob Shiver, giving him a perfect t-0 record as USF golf coach. "We did great," e xclaimed Shiver of his successful debut. "We expected to do well, but I really didn't know what to expect because it's my first year with the golf team ." P/\T LINDSEY took second place individually with a 295, one stroke off the winning pace set by Florida International's Joe Cianflone. Finishing in a fourth place tie with Art McCormick of Florida International was Ian Davidson at 301. USF's other return ee from last season's numb e r two squad, Tom Brackee. fired a 305 as did Mike Eggeling Tampa, Fla 33602. appointmBnt availablB to flt your class schfldule Mon day through Friday call 253-2844 U N I V E R S IT Y ". BICYCLE' CENTER SALES and REPAIRS 1220 E. Fletcher Ave. Franc-hi1wd Utalc r 011r11 11:00 um h:OO pm l'lln"\ I. '>7 l-:!277 ,....----lntram urals -------THE BBAHM/\NS' two walk ons. Glenn Salwak and Lou Cyrulik shot 310 and 312 FILM ART SERIES NEW GERMAN CINEMA respectively Delts Beat TKE For Green Lead "They played well," said Shiver of the two golfers with just high school experience. "In fact Glenn shot an even par 72 the second day." Trying to explain USF' s early season success Shiver said, "We probably have more good golfers this year. There's more ex perience on the team and the other boys are doing well." I LOVE YOU, I KILL YOU Green Delta Tau Delta broke a two way tie with TEP with a 20-6 win over TKE. TKE's six points were the first registered against the Delts as opposed to the 59 engineered by Delts offense. Delta Tau 3-0-0, TEP 2-0-0, Lambda Chi 21-0, TKE 1-2-0, Kappa Psi 1-2-0, Fiii 0-2-0, Phi Delta 0-2-0 Gold Sigma Nu held its breath while Kappa Sigma launched a 18-yard field goal but came out smiling as the kick went wide and Sigma Nu (2-1) shot to second in the Gold Division in a 16-14 thriller. Brahmans Shine In Southeastern Table Tennis The Southeastern Open in Atlanta this weekend featured some of the top names in professional table tennis, but USF stole the limelight. A small Brahman contingent walked away with five trophies and a former USF student added another. PAT PATTERSON and Greg Gingold pulled off a one-two finish in men's singles. Beith had identical 2-1 records but by virtue of a victory over Gingold, Pat terson took first place prize money The two polled efforts in men's championship doubles to make it to the semifinals where they suffered defeat.. Teaming with ex-USF player John Sholine, Gingold got revenge for his earlier loss to Patterson as he and Shaline beat Patterson and Bev Hess, national women's junior champion, for the -Trass A doubles title. MIXED DOUBLES belonged to Patterson and Hess, a non-USF performer from Florida's east coast. Besides USF. whose players funded their own way to the tournev. other colleges were Florida State. Tl'llnessee. Emory and Georgia Tt'l'h SAE 2-0-0, Sigma Nu 2 1-0, ATO 1-1 0, Sig Ep 1-1-0, Pi Kappa 1-2, Kappa Sig 1-3-0 Andros Zeta l's inability to hold Theta l's running game coupled with Zeta's poor passing attack paved the way for Theta's fifth win in eight outings in a 20-13 spanking. Zeta's offense was held in check most of the game, closing the gap to one touchdown as the clock ran out. Eta 7-0-0, .Iota I 5-0-0, Lambda II 5-10, Theta I 5.3.0, Zeta I 3.3.0, Eta 11 2 4 0, Lambda II 2-4-0. Argos Beta 4 West scored two quick touchdowns before an un defeated Beta 2 East came to its senses and scored 20 unanswered points for its sixth win and sole possession of first place B2E 6-0, B4E S-01, A2W 7-1-0 A3W 5-1-1, A4W 3 3-1, B3W 3-3-1, B2W 3-3-0, B3E 2 4-0 B4W 1-5-0, BlE 1-6-0 USF returns to action a week from tomorrow in the Florida Intercollegiate which will feature stiff competition including University of Florida RESEARCH Thousands of Topics $2. 75 per page Send for your up-to-date, 160-page, mail order catalog. Enclose $1.00 to cover postage (delivery time is 1 to 2 daysl. RESEARCH ASSISTANCE, INC. 11941 WILSHIRE BLVD, SUITE #2 LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90025 (213) 477-8474 or 477-5493 Our research material Is sold for research assistance only "Best Feature"' Chicago Film Festival WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31 7:30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 JONATHAN "The First Anti-Fascist Vampire Movie" WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31 9:30 p.m. LAN 103 $1.00 TIIURS. NOV. 1: 7:30 p.m. EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL 9:30 p.m. TIIE HUNTERS ARE TIIE HUNTED I Last year SG had to go to the county commissioners. Now we're bringing them to you. today I from 2 to 4 in CTR 158 S I Hillsborough County Commissioners Betty Castor, Carl Carpenter, jr. Bob Curry will be here to talk with USF students about life in the USF area. i I sponsored by Student Government


( t: 1.4 A S S I H It A It S ) ( HELP WANTED J SERVICES OFFERED I ( AUTOMOTIVE ) MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking inventory in drug, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner St. Suite 208 Phone 879-3876. FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, 8, 6, or hour shifts. Morning or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550. Male--Female DRIVERS wanted to sell ice cream. Part time, full time openings. No experience needed. Will train. Circus Man Ice Cream ,.,., 5 .263. TELEPHONE S11les and sect. work. 18 years & up. Good pay, flexible hours. Apply 1-5 p.m. 4426 N. Armenia. MALE lifeguards needed-

12 -THE ORACLE October SI, 1973 No New Clues On Missing Yout h BY :\NNE LAUGHLIN Oracle Staff Write1 No new clues had been found as of 11 p m last night as the search for Jonathan Kushner missing son of Anthropology Department Chairman Gilbert Kushner, went into its fourth day today About 100 USF students and faculty combed a 15-20 square mile area yesterday in a house to-house search for the missing boy, according to Jay Haliczer, friend of the Kushner family. "WE'VE turned up a couple of runaways, but nothing that pertains to our case, he said. ''We want to continue the search, and we can't afford to lose momentum,'' Dr. Ira Silverman, director of the Criminal Justice Department here and search coordinator, said. "The meeting plac e for those interested in joining th e search will be at Apartment :!8 in the University Apartments. The police search for Jonathan started 6 p.m S unday night but was discontinued Monday because clues were lacking, according to Sgt. James Walker of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department.. the police weeks to cover because of lack of manpower." A fundraising drive to raise money for a reward has been started, Silverman said. "WE WANT to raise about $5,000 in pledges," he said. "It sounds awful but there are a lot of creeps who will rat on someone for money. 11 ( job mart wE ARE helping to coor di na tc the student search, Walker said. "Our detectives are following any leads the students turn up. "Bas i c ally th e s tud e nts are the eye s a nd cars of th e polic e, h e said Th e s tud e nt s h a v e alre ady co v e r e d in a day what would t a k e Silverman said if the reward money is not used, it will be returned to the donors About $1,400 has been raise d so f a r, but s om e checks are in that w e have n t c ounted h e added WORK OVERSEAS The following employers will be in terviewing on -campus on the dates as In d icated. Contact Student Career and Em ployment Center (AOC 105) to schedule appointments and tor complete information. More information is available 24 hours dally al 2200 (Off-Campus 974-2200) Nov. 13 Burdine's Department Store -All degrees, All MajorsDec., Mar. Data Corporation of America BA-MA MarketingDec Alumni Electronic Data Systems -BA, MA-All majors-Particular interest in MBA majors & systems science-Dec., Mar., & Alumni Florida Power Corportlon BSElectrical Engineer, Energy Conversion


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