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The oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
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January 4, 1973
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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Senate-House Reviews Bid Case BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor TALLAHASSEE Although a USF administrator testified last night that he felt he had con ducted a complete investigation before granting a campus audiovisual contract, a state representative said enough evidence was then available to "put a reasonable man on guard" and that more inquiries are needed. In testimony before the Joint Senate House Legislative Committee, Vice :President for Finance and Planning Bert Hartley said he had "no reasQn to review further a contract :iwarded to Resource Inc." although evidence now indicates over three 'quarters of the work was completed before bidding was begun. BUT representative Kenneth "Buddy" MacKay, D-Ocala, said he felt Hartley should have checked the matter out further because the bid entered by Resource Inc. was equal to the grant awarded by the State Department of Education. "If I had been in your shoes, that would have put me on my guard," MacKay told Hartley. "Doesn't that show prior knowledge of something?" But Hartley said he felt the "correlation between the bid and grant probably occurred because of meetings between Resource Inc. personel and Dr. Carl Proehl of the State Department of Education. He said he did not investigate this when he signed the contract. "THIS was not a conscious consideration on my part," Hartley said. The committee's investigation was sparked by unsuccessful low bidder Art Maynor who charged bid collusion and conflict of in terests in the project. Hartley said he rejected Maynor's bid because William Taylor and Dr. Donald Jaeschke of USF said Maynor's firm couldn't adequately complete the work in the specified time. "They said in their opinion Art Maynor pr9ductions did not have the capabilities to provide the Nov. 1, 1973 Vol. 8, No. 75 12 Pages "If I had been In your (Hartley) shoes, that would put me on my guard." "Buddy" MacKay services required at that time," Hartley said. "IT WAS somewhat of a close call but the overriding factor was the prior experience \vitl_l Art Maynor Productions," he Said: But MacKay said Maynor's qualifications should have assessed before he was invited to bid. One committee member said evidence indicates Resource Inc. could not complete the project without a head start. "Did .. you ever attempt to determine how much work Resource Inc. did before bidContinued on Page-10 USF Zoning Views Asked For Planned Site Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Pottery For Potter's Sake Donald Reitz, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, was borrowed from his duties as a judge at the statewlde craft show being held this month In St. Petersburg to display the Potter's art for students. The Edward J. De Bartolo Corp. submitted proposed plans for the rezoning of land adjacent to the campus to USF officials for review yesterday. The proposed rezoning would change the zoning of the 37.5 acres east of the University Square Mall, currently under construction by De Bartolo, and bordered by Fowler Avenue and 30th Street from a university community to a com mercial classification ( C-1). IF THE land is rezoned, De Bartolo plans to build a University Village consisting of apartment buildings; a bank, a four-story office building and a 150,000 sq. ft. building in the center of the property containing a number of small shops and businesses. Bert Hartley, vice president of finance and planning, said De Bartolo will take USF's recommendations into con sideration when making rezoning plaris. An open hearing on the rezoning will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. in ENA. State Supreme Court Justice Closes Fall Lecture Series Florida Supreme Court Justice .Jarnt>s C. Adkins. speaking here Yt'slcrday in the last speech of the fall (iovernment Lecture Series, deniPd knowing in advance that Transgulf Industries. the subject of ;1 Florida Securities Division innst igat ion in 1971. was. in his words. "going defunct." St\eral hundred investors lost a total of $-ti.:! million when the rorporat ion declared bankruptcy. according to a recent Miami I hra Id rt> port. .\('('OIWI:'\(; to tht> report, :\dkins joinl.'d the Transgulf I hoard of (hrtctors while the firm I was makmg its unsuccessful ;1tttmpt to gPt its stock registered for saltwith tlw state. 1 :\dkins ;1dmitttd rl.'cci\'ing $600 for serving on Transgulf's board. According to the Herald's report, Adkins said the money "was based primarily on the lime they took away from my lawbook writing" to servP as a director of the company. Transgulf, instcad of building a bargeport at Inglis, l"lorida, as investors had hetn told, bought companies, paid exl't'ut.ivcs' travel expenses and paid directors, the llcrald r('port said. ADKI!'\S also slalNI in his speech, primarily tlw Florida judicial system, that a law had been passed abolishing all municipal courts hy .Jan. I, 1\17 7. He alos praised tht' city of Tampa. which aholislwd its municipal court .Jan. I, t\17:1, !or .............. ____ ...... "'"""" ...... -.... .. ....... its plan for merging its court system with the state system. He said the state judicial system was revamped about two years ago, eliminating a huge backlog of cases and cutting the duration of a case, from filing to conclusion, to an average of 160 days. llNllEH the 1ww policy, a non residl'nt in Florida must appear bPforc n judge within 24 hours. The bond pro('edure is the snnw, hut "tlw proc<'dure is ex1wdilcd," according to Adkins. Adkins, ealling his service on tlu Court a "gnal l'XJwrience," the job "111v1'r bteonws dull" and <'ntourn1.wd students to go into lnw. ) ..... ... Don Anderson "WE ARE interested in student input," Don Anderson, director of University Administrative Planning, said. "It would be nice to have a group of students at the hearing." USF will submit its recom-niendations to De Bartolo sometime in the near fubu'e, Anderson said. County Comissioner 'Bob Curry said he thinks USF students "could have a great deal of in-. fluence" over whether the land is rezoned. IF THE Zoning is changed from UC to C-1, Curry said, .the Hillsborough County BQard would have little control over the construction. "The builder doesn't have to stay with his original plan linder C-1 zoning the way he does under the present UC zoning," Curry said. "The board can't force them to stay with the plans." Under the current UC zoning, De Bartolo might not be able to construct all of the buildings he has planned for University Village, Curry said. SOR Examines CLEP Policies BYEDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer A proposed Board of Regents n. ACCOHDING TO spokesman for Evaluation Services at Florida State University, passing score there is 520 on a scaling basis and three hours credit is awarded. According to the proposed policy, "it shall be the responsiblity of the Office of the Chancellor of the SUS, after appropriate consultation witll institutional representatives, to develop uniform systemwide regulations for the im plimentation of the CLEP tests." "Appropriate consultation includes committee meetings with school representatives," Tucker said. "WHAT WE are doing is im plimenting the legislative mandate that is stated in the Omnibus Education Act, Senate Bill 622, passed during the closing days of the legislative session,". Tucker said. The bill contained many educational items, in cluding .the CLEP tests. The bill states, "The BOR ... is authorized and directed to require each university in the system to offer upon request to all students enrolled ... not less than once annually, the CLEP examinations in those general subject areas which are required or may be applied toward general education requirements for a Continued on Page 10


2-THE ORACLE November 1, 1973 Sirica Says 2 Tapes Don't Exist \\.\Sil I Nt;TON t l lPI > -Tlw \\'hitt' llousl has infornwd U .S. I list rict .Judgl' .John .J. Sirica that two of tlw key Watergate tapes l'rl'si(knt Nixon agreed to sUITl'llCil'r to the courts never (xistt'd. Sirica disclosed yl'stl'rday. Whitl' House lawyer J. Fred Buzhardt said a four-minute tl'll'phone conversation between Nixon and former campaign director John N. Mitchell on June : 10. t972 three days after the Watergate break-in "apparently was made from a phone ('Xtension" in the White House that was "not hooked into the recording system." Buzhardt said an hour-long lllt.'t!iing between Nixon and former White House counsel John W Dean III on April 15, 1972 two weeks before the President fired Dean "was not recorded due to a malfunction of the syslt'm or a basic inadtquaty of till' ... Nazi Funds WASlllN(;TON t lll'I > Clandlstint' pfforts to und e rmine Presidl'nt Nixon's 1!172 reelection fot's indud('d financial aid to American Nazi Party workers to woe voters away from the American Independent Party ( AIP > Senatl' invl'stigators said yesterday. The Senate Watergate com mittee. resuming its public hearings into alleged "dirty tricks" during last year's presidential race, disclosed it had found that $1,200 in Nixon campaign funds went to Nazi workers in Southern California as part of a $10,000 effort to keep the conservative AIP off the ballot. IRA Escape DUBLIN The stat<' Supreme Court ruled yesterday that policemen with sparch warrants can make "no knock" drug raids when they reasonably suspect that evidence will be flushed away if they an nounce their presence before P'ntering a place where they suspect drugs are sold In a 4-3 decision, the court ordered a new hearing in a Sarasota Circuit Court to decide whether evidence against Nicholas S. Kelly is admissible The court said narcotics of ficers seized some marijuana and LSD after entering Kelly's house by opening an unlocked door without knocking first. The trial judge quashed the Pvidence, saying it was illegally seized in violation of the U.S. Constitution's fourth amend ment. -A special task force appointed by Gov Reubin Askew was requested by the governor yesterday to study the idea of a state takeover of workman's compensation insurance to head off federal. intervention in that area. "It's no secret in the last few years that the Federal govern ment has heen telling the state in no uncertain terms that if it does not upgrade the workmen's compensation program, we can anticipate a Federal takeover in entire field," Askew told his task force at its first meeting "For the state to create another vacuum for the Federal government to move into would be a regrettable thing," he said. "I don t think that's going to happen because the stale government is more responsive now than it's ever been." Gurney Probe WASHINGTON

DOONESBURY r-,......,.._..... Ut ...... / ::.._ \ 'c; "/?AO. I tJON'T if' l(MJ/A/ HOfJ/10 cXPlAIN : 11, 8l/1 I WANT A JOB 0 1HAT IJOE5N'T COMPROM/5& 11c, A JOB I CAN ... GNJOY/. / !JO YOll 1HINK I eNJOY MY JOB? NO,. I tJON'T-1177 f H.41 JOB, TOO/ Bl/T. ACCPT IT/ /?AP. .. J ""' J J, .; S" {/JO VOV H.4V 1 ,I/NY !0A HOW Ht!Cfl IT (05T TO HAVE OOR POOL RPAINTEO THIE 51/M/>1/Z. ?/I "-,_ by Garry Trudeau ( ANO I [)()N'T Y'cN WAN1 7lJ 1At.K A80u7 lABOI<. !.. ""' THE ORACLE-November 1, 197S s FBI Searches For Boy; $5,000 Reward Offered BY STEVE NORTHCUTT to the Oracle The FBI has entered the search for young Jonathan Kushner and a $5,000 reward has been offered to anyone providing information as to his whereabouts. The developments were announced by Hillsborough County Sheriff Malcolm E. Beard in a press conference yesterday. Jonathan is the 11-year-old son of Dr Gilbert Kushner, chairman of USF's Department of Anthropology and associate dean of Behavioral Sciences. The boy has been missing since Sunday "I HAVE been authorized by the family and friends of Jonathan Kushner to announce that a $5,000 reward has been offered to anyone who can provide information as to the whereabouts of this 11-year-old child," Beard said. "I am urgently requesting that any person who may have knowledge of his disappearance please call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, 228-7311, or his parents, Dr and Mrs. Gilbert Kushner at 932-4498. '' Beard described Jonathan as being 4 feet 8 inches tall, 85 pounds, with a slender build, brown eyes, reddish brown wavy hair, a small scar under his chin and a mole on his hip. HE WAS last seen Sunday wearing a reddish brown tank top shirt, cut off jeans and red, white and blue Hush Puppy tennis shoes "I would like to add that I have been in touch with Nick Starnes, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who has informed me that the FBI has now officially entered this investigation," Beard said. Beard continued that there is "reason to believe an abduction has occurred" and the FBI is now actively working with the Sheriff's office on the case. He said no substantial evidence has been fourid and that the FBI's help is "greatly welcomed." "CERTAIN things make us feel Jonathan is not a runaway But we can't discount any possibility," Beard said. "We're hoping that's what it is." Since he was discovered missing Sunday, Jonathan has been the object of a massive search by volunteers working with Sheriff's deputies. An estimated 200 volunteer searchers combed the woods and swamp near the Kushner house Sunday night. The only thing found was Jonathan's bicycle, parked behind a convenience store. MONDAY, volunteers began inquiring door-to-door in the neighborhood for any helpful information. Tuesday and Seniors, Master Wednesday the search spread through most of northern Hillsborough County. "The search has extended all the way up to the Pasco County line and it will continue," Beard said. "We're checking out allleads and will continue to check out any leads anyone can give us .... Beard praised the community for the help it has given in the search and investigation. "There. has been great cooperation from the community," he said, "particularly the people from USF. The whole county is upset over this and the people have really been helpful." Candidates: Reservations being taken NOW for portrait sittings for the 1974 USF Senior Directory Ca/1974-2617 or visit Survey Asks Dorm Residents How They Like Dorm Living LAN 472 to make your reservation NOW for Sittings Nov. 13-16. NO CHARGE FOR SITTINGS A survey requesting dorm students' opinions and suggestions for improvement of dorm life has been distributed to each resident s room, Joe Vito, SG secretary of Resident Affairs said. The 21-question survey is in tended as "a general monitoring of how students feel about the place, Vito said. SG will publish the results so that resident students can wher e they stand, he said. The questionnaire asks students to rate various services. comment on the new refrigerator policy parking areas, recreation and study areas and security. A long, multi-part question is devoted to students' feelings about visitation. how it is en forced and changes they think should be made Vito said a state Board of Hegent s survey released Sept. 25 indi ca ted that mos t s tudents are VILLAGE PRESCRIPTION CENTER .. the alternative pharmacy no lines no hassle personal service and a student discount on Rx's Terrace Village Shoppin; Center N..56 9U8-:J896 satisfied with the current policy. Visitation is currently allowed at USF from 2 to 11 p m. Sunday through Thursday and 2 p m to midnight Fridays and Saturdays Vito said 900 signatures have been collected on a petition that began circulating at USF last week requesting the BOR to extend visitation hours. The same petition is being circulated at six oth e r universities in the state. The Directory will be inserted during Quarter Ill as a free supplement ... to the Oracle PAESANO'S Italian Restaurant For Fast Take-Out Or Dine In 988-1447 10829 56th St. Temple Terrace


4 --THE ORACLE Novl'mht.'r !, U!'H Plainclothes Beat." 1984 Aready? The Oracle wishes it could dismiss the idea of a plainclothes patrol for dormitory surveillance as just another adolescent cops-and-robbers fantasy from the overactive imagination of one of our assistant vice presidents. Unfortunately. however, we Tl-IE TOUGHER ITGITSare too close to 1984 and find Dan Walbolt's suggestion that out-of-uniform police stalk the halls of the dormitories outrageous. "BUT THEY would not be narcs or anything," Walbolt protests innocently. ''They would just walk through halls (Editorials) and have radios They would not be anything." squawking. sneaky or This argument sounds more like a IO-year-old begging his --TliE COOlER \ &T. parents to buy him an honestto-God machine gun than a University administrator presenting a sensible proposal. A police officer who patrols out of uniform is doing it for one reason and one reason only: to be sneaky. Those squawky radios could be turned off as easily as Adam 12 or Mod Squad. IF PREVENTION instead of surreptitious apprehension is what Walbolt wants, then the more visible the officer the better. Would a student light up a joint if there was a greenie stationed at the end of the hall just itching for a chance to say, "You in a heap o' trouble, boy"? Officials should not be poking around anyone's place of residence without a search warrant. IN ADDITION, police officers should be clearly identifiable wh ether behind the wheel, in the office or walking a beat. Sorry, Mr. Walbolt, but your Stop Campus Crime crusade needs a little dressing up-in uniform, of course. WUSF-FM Program Changes Discriminate Editor: The decision that severely progressive music programming ot \\'USF :Fl\'! was an act of discrimination against a minority of citizens to whom the station is reportedly pledged to serve Tlie Underground Rail Road provided the Tampa Bay area's only airing of contemporary American folk music. as rock music might be more objectively labeled. It seems that another minority group which is also served by WUSF's classical programming has convinced the. station that the progressive minority is expendable in the name of Serious Arts and Letters. In fairness it must be admitted that there are those supporters of the URR who feel that the squares who like "Church Music" should have to go to church for it, and turn over all the air time to "Good Music." Both these attitudes have threatened the station to some degree in the past, but it never occurred to most of us that a coup against the basic concept of the station would actually happen. IT :\ll' ST BE emphasized that, just as no other radio station programs dassical music on a regualar ba8is, so does no other station offer progressive music. No station is progressive unless it is willing to play new music that has 1wt proved itself to be what people thursday's (letters) "want" to hear. The rock of Tampa Bay c WDAE-Fl\H and whatever others there are, are not progressive stations. They are commercial stations that strive for the widest obtainable audience by not playing music that has not already become a "hit," that exalted measure of the quality of art. Suggesting that people wanting progressive music should tune in WLCY, et al. is like suggesting that people who want classical music should listen to the local gocpel stations. People who appreciated the Un derground Rail Road for what it was must impress upon the University and the radio station the need for more progressive programming than the measly two midnight hours offered now. A relentless telethon to both University administrators and the radio station managers could possibly convince them that we won't take this ripoff lying down To broaden the scope of University radio programming is one thing; fair shares of the arts, criticism & review, lecture and forum, and news & public affairs enhance the role of WUSF. But to let its programming be bought out by SJ5 subscriptions.from people who don t like a certain kind of music is another thing ; an intolerable thing. John McIntosh Evidence Here Editor: In your Oct. JO issue you quoted Dr. Lucoff as saying, "All those who argue that this station is unique ... let them supply the evidence." And here it i5. WLCY, WDAE and other Bay area stations have a playlist of 30 to 40 top tunes all of which are singles and many of which arc "Bubblegum" rock This leaves no room for new material or individual album cuts. THE UNDERGROUND Rail Road CURR), on the other hand, plays mostly album cuts, which cannot be heard elsewhere, and new material, including entire albums, which has not yet had time to progress to the status of 'Hit.' I admit that to the listener with little or no knowledge or interest in rock music the programs may sound the .same, but to the devoted rock fan, the URR programming is distinct from all other Bay area programs. And USF students are only a portion of these fans a major part of the community WUSF serves. IF DR. Lucoff feels that WUSF contained too much rock, then Calliope LAUREL T. BEEMAN ANDREA HARRIS and similiar progr ams that do serve the same purpose as other area stations should he cuL and not the URR which is need e d by the community. It was the cut that wa s iopsided not the programming. But don t get me wrong classical and educational programming is important, but it is a question of balancing the programming with the needs of the community. And the community needs the Rail Road. Editor: Joe Applegate lGLY More Jazz Not that I think WUSF should be programmed according to my preferences, but I do appreciate being able to hear more jazz on WUSF. Jazz isn't readily available around the radio dial. Leonard A. Granato Assistant Professor, Mass Com This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $148,696.45 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida.

THE ORACLE -November l 1873 5 HYSICAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELECTIVE.Ii\ .,, >c E: ACTIVITIES ORIENTED TOW ARD Individual Learning Experiences All Ability Levels Interesting Variations -----'-...,..__ ........_ ..........-'............... V\.A....,. Swimming Basic instruction and aquatic safety. Advanced courses for improving endurance. Synchronized Swimming Wrestling Opp0rtunities for all level oH1c1ating an optional conditioning with I enm!'I llnll Boy mdch1ne t unmt'nf play (b or rnorto consistent pr llv1dudl work eymnm11. dfld mtermectlateJ ahow, club participation. Special Conditioning Individual programming for endurance, weight loss or gain and general conditioning. Also karate. ca\\efc, af' Schedule of Elective Physical Education lkginning Swimming Archery Badminton l<'olk & Square Dance l<'encing Golf Advanced Golf Gymnastics Advanced Gymanstics Tennis 12 MWI<'; 9, 10 TH; II, 12 TH 9, 10 MW; 10, 11 MW 12 MWF; 10, 11 TH 11, 12 TH 12 MWF; 6,7 TR 12 MWI<'; :1,4 MW; 10, 11 TH !I, 10 MW 1 MWF; :l,4MW; 10, ll TH; 7,llTH 2,3 TH 11,9MW; 9, lOMW; 11, 12 MW; 12,1 MW; 6,7 MW; 8,9TH 9, 10 TR; 11, 12 TH; 12,1 TH; 2,3 TR; 3,4 MW Advanced Tennis Individual Programming Karate Aerobic Dance Basketball-Volleyball Advanced Swimming Life Saving Skin & Scuba Diving Advanced Synchronized Swimming Handbull-Paddleball Weight Training g :z < rJJ Ci :z NOl.LVJflOl 1V'.)ISUl

6 -THE ORACLE November 1, 1973 1Hunters Are The Hunted' Explores Intolerance Temporary work, unloading & materials. Pays $2.00.per hour. There is no JOb waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. We also have office & clerical assignments. DA\'ID RUTMA!'; Oracle Staff Writer "The Hunters are the Hunted," a stunning film by Peter Fleich mann, is presented today at 9:30 p.m., the concluding film in the Film Arts Series two-day Ger man Film festival. "The Hunters are the Huntu" is a powerful film showing how one person can manipulate fear and hatred against someone who is different and contaminate all around him with his loathing. THIS OF course is the way a wallpaper hanger named Hitler managed to manipulate his way to dictator of Germany by con vincing the German people that the "International Jewish Conspiracy" was going to destroy Germany unless Germany destroyed the Jews. In this film however, it is not hatred of the Jews but rather the hatred of a young man in a small Bavarian village Abram returns home to his village after an ab sence Immediately upon his arrival the rumors begin flying that he was in jail for being a homosexual. HE IS at first taunted by one or two but eventually the whole town begins to hate him. Even his mother turns against him, asking him to leave town. Abram neither admits or denies anything, but is caught by Multi .Media Event Planned Next Week "Event-Complex Number Four," an evening of films, electronic music and graphic and systems art will be presented free Nov. 6 at 8:30 p.m. in the University Theatre. sponsoring the program is SYCOM, USF's art-technology center. Films to be shown are the computer-generated "Symetrics" by intermedia experimentalist Stan Vanderbeek and "Watersmith," a prize winning film by Will Hin dle. A COLLABORATIVE work in progress called "Waveform" will also be presented. It blends the talents of three younger faculty members: Charles Lyman, Stephen Pevnic and Hilton Jones. Two electronic music com positions to be performed are "Octave Box," a new com position by Hilton Jones and "Poem in October" (based upon the Dylan Thomas poem), a recent computer-generated work for voice and electronic solinds by John Mizelle, a new faculty member. The first exhibition-performance of the sonograph "Tableaux Vivant" completes the program. This work is by the head of SYCOM, Larry Austin. his only friend seemingly fon dling her retarded son. Then. to make things even worse for him, Hannelore, the town prostitute, accuses Abram of making her pregnant. CALL 933-3427 l\'IANPOWER, INC. 1919 E. Busch, Tampa IP THE ENRAGED villagers send for the police as Abram tries to leave the town that hates him. He is detained but escapes to the WvJdS where Hannelore con fronts him. He lashes out at her with the ferocity that the people did to him and she dies He is captured and arrested the next day. And then. the simple minded villagers go back to their peasant way of life, forgetting the person who plagued their town By Popular Demand, Worship is Noon. ii S-days Jl It the Episcopal Center on SO th Street Ii Fleischmann's directing and script, based on Speer's play, show in graphic detail how the horrors of Germany can easily be duplicated on a small scale and that people must learn tolerance of those different from them selves For lnfonnlfiOll, We also moire Hrox copies Ne .. tro ..... fw c.i.r.d bend paper "The Hunters are the Hunter will be shown in LAN 103. At 7:30 p.m. the film will be Werner Herzog's "Even Dwarfs Started Small." Admission to each film is $1, available 45 minutes before each showtime. Sale1 letters lnvelopec Cataleg sn .. t. Letterheads Bulletins Circulars Fermi Handbill Notlc e ,.., Cardi Dire;t Mall .-.Churea ln1tructlon1 Hou .. Orton Data Sheets Caet Sheen Order Forms "iff U1t1 Work Sheet1 lumet Anneuncementl Stuffen TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BEITER 5 :. .:J. insly'prints .;; uet ''H_'' a\:;. r .... W Kennedy Blvd. _, .. .'Tampa Flo 33609 5101 E Busch Blvd Dear Akadama Mama The 879'6M Tompo. Flo. 33617 985-2083 l m pon(d h y Sun111r .'' Jnttrn:ni11nal. l.os 1 \ng-cl<1S, Fallen Woman. Dear Akadama Mama: I have all the stuff that's sup posed to get you a woman: a big car, quad sound, Ravel's Bolero, soft lights and a deep couch. Have you any suggestions? Loveless Dear Loveless: Move. Sell all that junk and get your head straight. Cause like they say ,"The love you take is equal to.the love you make:' If you can't get into that, the best I can do is to suggest a Fallen Woman. You take parts Akadama Plum, 1 part light rum, shake with ice and pour over a crushed cherry. AKADAMA MAMA EXPOSES HER GREEN THUMB. Dear Akadama Mama: The other night I had a terrific drink they called a Vodkadama. When I asked what was in it, they told me to ask Mama. Also for the same stamp can you tell me how to get cut flowers to last longer'? Flora Lou Dear Flora Lou: The way I keep my cut flowers bopping along is to crush an aspirin and m ix it with their water. The Vodkadama is one of my favorites too. It's one part Akadama Red to one part Vodka with a lemon twist. Another drink that will really get you there is the Redball Express. Just keep adding Akadama Red to a shot of Gin until it tastes so good you can't put it down. Listen to Mama; and pass the Akadama, the wine tk.1.t tastes a lot more than it costs. I


Oracle Photo by Robin Clark Puzzled Over Photography Students. seem puzzled and amazed at the art of photography exhibited in the Undergraduate Photography Students display. The works can be seen through Nov. 27 in the Teaching Gallery. A ti S T I N -c 1 o s e d f o r remodeling. BRANDON TWINS-1. Scuba-7: JO, H. 2 White Lightning-7: 10. 9. BRITTON UNEMJ\ 111-1. That Darn Cat-I :20. 3:25 5:30. 7:35. 9 :40. 2 FiddlPr on the Roof-2. 5. 8. 3 ScalawagI :50. 3:50. 5:50. 7:50. 9:50. Fl OR ID A-closed due to the fire at Wolf Brothers. FLORILAND CINEMA Ill That Darn Cat--1. 3, 5, 7. 9 2 American Graffitti-1 :30. 3 :25. 5 :20. 7 : 15. 9: IO. HILLSBORO I-Walking Tall-2 :35. 4 :50. 7 :10. 9:30. HILLSBORO II-Jeremiah Johnson--2:05. 4. 5:55. 7:50. 9:45. HORIZON PARK I-I. The Stone Killer-2, 4, 6 : 30, 8:30 2 Night Watch-2, 4 6: 15, 8: 15. 3. Tales That Witness Madness-2. 4, 6:15. 8:15. 4 Scalawag-2, 4, 6 :30, 8 :30. PALACE-Brother on the Run-1:30. 3 :10, 4 :45. 6:20, 8, 9 :40. TAMPA-Save the Children2:20. 4:45. 7:10, 9 :35. Tonn-Double FeatureSuper Star and Girls and Love Games-continuous showings from 11 :45 a m THA:"S-1.l'X-The Macintosh Man-7. 9. T\\"I:\" BAYS I-I. American Graffitti-6, 8: 15. 2 MASH -6: 15. 8 :30. :1. Hlood "f the Dragon--6: 30, 8::!0. 4. Tales That Witness Mad rwss--fi: :io. I!: :m. ON ('AMl'l'S Fl 1.M AHT Sl':H IES-1 >ouhlt f<'mtun l:wn Dwarfs StartPd Small today 7 ::!0 in LAN 10:1 and Tlw 11 un t <>rs a rP tlw I ltm f Pd !l:: m in LAN to:I. ll(' Fl': 1\Tl'H E-l"nnzy l<'riday. Sal urday and Sunda y 7: :!0. to in I.AN 1o:i. HEAi> TllEATHE-Assassin of Youth l"riday and Sal urclay midnight in LAN JO:l i\llllNH:tlT l\IAl>NESS-Tlw Black Cat and Tlw Bridl' of Fr a n k (' 11 st e i n F r i d a v a 11 d Saturda:v midnight in r:NA. NOW OPEN BOBBY'S SMOKE HOUSE Turkey, Ham, Chicke.1, Mullet THURSDAY SPFCIAL: Turkey San., Y, Reg. $1.40, Today 70t 114 Pound Smoked Turkey Your Choice, Kettle Beans or Slaw, and Smoke House Sauce 8902 N. 40th St. Smiles south of Busch Gardens I IO USE of POMPEII BEAUTY SALON OPEN THURSDAY EVENING BY APPOINTMENT TUii\.\( L V11.l.1 \ C1': S1101'1'!.--:<: ( ;,. ; q I I\ THE 111-f ASlllOll STORE WESTSHOR E PLAZA NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER BRITTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER DOWNTOWN: 705 FRANKLIN STREET The Blazer Fall fashion spotlights the blazer. In plushes,cords,polyesters, solids,checks,plaids. 7


8-THE ORACLE November I, 197S Williams, Shaw Air Different Opinions DONATE ON A REGULAR BLOOD PLASMA PROGRAM AND RECEIVE UP TO $40 A MONTH BRING STUDENT ID OR THIS AD AND RECEIVE A BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST DONATION HYUWD-:.ooNoR:IJllMD!ll 7JlJ_ w. Tampa, Fla _3361Q_ BY MIKE KASZUBA Assistant Sports Editor A disgruntled Embee Shaw brought his running battle of words with basketball coach Don Williams to another head yesterday, but found no sparring partner in Williams, who preferred to let their latest controversy slide. Williamsmost recent run-in with his recruit stemmed from remarks Shaw made concerning his status as a second-team player under Williams. SHAW TOLD the Oracle in an interview that, "If I don't start by the second or third games, I'm going home" and later added, "If we lose the first five games, I'm leaving." Shaw's comments came two days after he had been reinstated by Williams following the coach's suspension of Shaw for walking out of last Thursday. "The papers sai(l I was suspended, but I quit. They had me playing a position I didn't want to play, and I just got fed up and just left during a coke break," Shaw said. "With his potential I want to try and help him ... Nowhere is there ever a time when everyone's happy, everyone wants to play. Somebody like a coach has to do this (picking a team) objectively." -Don Williams in case I needed a third center. He seemed the logical choice. "Rightfully he's a forward but he jumped to the conclusion I was trying to make him a center. SHAW, WHO SAID he had been scouted by the Virginia Squires and "maybe the Capitol Bullets" to play professionally, said he told Williams "that pro scouts were looking at me as either a guard or forward". The 6 ft. 4 in. 212 lb. transfer added, '.'I don't like playing back up to somebody I think I'm better than." The Brahman coach stood clear of Shaw's latest words though, saying, "With his potential I want to try and help him. He's played a lot of basketball but hasn't been ex posed to the fundamentals. We're working with him on screens and things of this nature. "NOWHERE IS there ever a time when everyone's happy," Williams continued, "everyone wants to play. Somebody like a coach has to do this (picking a team) objectively." appointment avllilble tO flt yOiirillia,_,,.,.,,. Monday through Friday Giant Hat weekctavs call 263-2844 Giant Cold WILLIAMS, however, termed the incident a "misunderstanding" and said, "I have rules and standards I have to go by and if a person refuses to follow them, then they have to suffer the consequences." Bike Club Features Second Road Race "Last week he walked off the court. I guess, he didn't un derstand I wanted to see him function as a center. I was looking for some place to turn to USF Ruggers Invite Players The Brahman Rugby Club, busily preparing for a trip to Miami next weekend, still welcomes students to its prac tices. The 1-1-1 squad works out at 8 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday on intramural field number three. In its last outing, Oct. 20, the Brab,nans were tied 8-8 by Orlando Rugby Club. USF has lost to Jacksonville and defeated Florida State_ in its (>nly other games this fall. Seven races at two miles in length highlight Saturday's Second Annual Inner-periineter Road Race sponsored by USF Bicycle Club. The main event for USF students is a two lap (each lap equals 2.95 miles) race open only to students with validated ID's. THE OTHER two lap event is the women's competition. Dr. Jesse Binford, advisor to the club, emphasized women may enter any of the races. There will also be a one lap vet race (for people over 30). sprint race and a three lap amateur tubular and race. The day's longest ride is a four lap pro race, open to people who have competed in two previous meets. "LAST YEAR there was 80 people in it and we'll probably get that many again," said Binford of the competition. Notth OTOCRAP *fffm 1022 W. Bush Busch 935-9339 Photo Supplies-& Se1Vice Center *Cameras *-Chemicals Paper SPECIAL 35MM ENLARGING KIT DURSTF-30 W 50 MM F 4.5 LENS TIMER, EASEL (8x10) SAFELITE, 3 TRAYS, 2 TONGS AND PRINT WASHERALL FOR $99.80 Camera Student Discount 'Quilty for those who care" "People are now waiting to see if the wind dies down. ''We're giving away medals which should be on display in the UC today and mugs for some of the races." Deadline for registration, originally set for yesterday, has been lengthened to tomorrow. The $1 entrance fee for each race may be paid at the club's UC table today or mailed to CHE 112. Bean Bag Chairs COHIY1S,fNTERIOIS 1412 w. P\AT.J "' LAN 103 Nov. 7:30 10:00 P************************** : SOUTHWESTERN PLASMA -tc CENTER 1218 Franklin St. : ; Cash paid for plasma donors. Donors may t receive up to $50 in a 4 week period. : Bring this ad and receive BONUS for your t first time in. :; Hours: ""' Mon. 6:30 5:00 Thu. 6:30 5:00 "" Tues. 6:30 2:30 Fri. 6:30 2:30 -tc Wed. 6:30 5:00 Sat. 6:30 4:00 ..


Brahman Tennis Squad Looks For Doubles Game THE ORACLE -November 1, 1973 HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY BY DAVE MOORMANN Oracle Sports Editor Coach Spaff Taylor isn't wasting any time with the tennis team this year. He's had the squad working since the begin ning of school on last season's problem area-doubles play. ''We're concentrating on do ubles solely," said Taylor of the two-a-week practices. We're trying different combinations and slowly we're finding new talent. TWO PEOPLE Taylor is ex pecting good things from during the 1974 season are former Corpus Christi stars, Carlos Alvarado and Oscar Olea. Both Alvarado of Bolivia and Oracle photo by Brian Ashford Fall doesn't mean rest to George Falinski, as he sharpens his skills for the 1974 campaign. Chile's Olea came to USF after Corpus Christi dropped its athletic program. Four returnees from last year's 12-13 squad, Kevin Hedberg, George Falinski, Mike Huss and Gary Roebuck are also being counted upon by Taylor to produce a winning season. ."WE'VE GOT 10 players out there right now," explained Taylor, "and I'd like to cut it to eighf before the year starts. We've sponsored a few fellas on the FLTA circuit and they've played a couple tournaments. this fall." Besides gettirig in some much needed practice USF has done reasonably well in the meets, includirig Alvarado's advance to the semifinals in Cocoa Beach last week. "WE'HE .JUST trying to keep the guys together s o we can have a faster start when the regular season begins in February." Taylor said USF s s ch e dule it s first game slated for som e tim e around Feb. 1:1, is "just a bout complete according lo T a ylor "We have 19 m a t c h es exclusive of ald _N.Y. fnnes Thurs, NOV. 1 9:30 pm lAN 103 admission U.S.F. Bicycle Club Second Annual Inner-perimeter Road Race November 3, 1973 9:00 a.m. Name: ( ( ) 4 Lap Pro Race ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Tubular Race 9 ( ) 2 Lap Women's Race ( ) 3 Lap Amateur Clincher Race ( ) 1 Lap Sprint ( ) 2 Lap U .S.F. Student Race ( ) 1 Lap Vets Race Mail to CHE 112 By November 2, 1973 Ent fee $1.00 er, Race


10-THE ORACLE November 1, 1973 Vets Must Apply To Defer Fees Bob Jett, director of the Office of Veterans Affairs, said his office will begin taking ap plications for the 60-day defer ment of fees for Qtr. 2 today The new procedure differs from that of Qtr 1 by requiring CLEP Continued from Page 1 baccalaureate degree at that university." Ed Caldwell, director of Testing and Advanced Placement, said he will meet on Nov. 15 with a BOR represen tative to discuss the CLEP. "THE CLEP tests have been on the books since 1967 but did not receive much emphasis until the summer of 1972,'' Caldwell said. eligible veterans to complete an application for the deferment. These forms are available in the Office of Veterans Affairs (CTR 161) Monday through Friday from 8 a m. to 5 p.m and 5 to 9 p m Wednesday. The BOR proposed policy inr.ludes "other approved stan dardized examinations." "Other programs here include general and subject CLEP exams. Advanced Placement. Exams. and College Placement Exams l for foreign languages l. Caldwell said The final paragraph of the proposed policy states. 'Credits earned through the CLEP or Bid------Continued from Page 1 ding? representative Marshall Harris, D-Miami, asked Hartley. Hartley responded that although he had made inquiries of Resource Inc. general manager Bill Dornisch, he had _made no other investigation into the point. HARRIS SAID a committee review has shown "over seventy per cent" of the work was done before bidding No transcript of the previous hearing in Tampa was available to the committee until last night because of "an overworke d clerk," a spokesman said Hartley told the committee this unfortunate for him MACKAY SAID a fterward it would be premature to specul a te on the possible legislative reprimands to the University." .He noted he was not sure why Hartley had asked to a ppear at l ast night's session I don t know why the guy came down, MacKay said "He must like to suffer or something." SPEND CHRISTMAS IN JERUSALEM Trace Christ's footsteps from Via Dolorosa to Calvary plus many other historic places. Departure from Tampa Dec. 19, 1973 Return Dec 28, 1973 Round trip from Tampa $696.00 For more complete details contact: AMERICAN OVERSEAS TRAVEL CORP. University: of South Florida Adm.102 974-2695 On campus Travel Agency Flash Gordon 7th EPISODE NEW USF students wishing to use the deferment should provide proof of eligibility when applying. A Certificate of Eligibility, a VA award letter, a VA file card, a DD214 or some appropriate correspondence from the VA may other approved standardized examination programs shall not be included in enrollment data for budget purposes." CLAIRr ROBINSON, assistant director for Finance and Accounting said that the budget is generated on a formula basis "That .formula starts with expected student enrollment so that the budget can be ap propriated for the amount of courses expected to be taught. If a student had to enroll for classes he received CLEP credit for, it would seem like we were teaching more classes than we are. thus unfairly entitling us to m ore money / Robinson said Doug MacCullough, acting registrar, said that to his knowledge, this has never been done at USF CLEP credits are treated just like transfer credits, MacCullough concluded be used for proof, Jett said. Jett said dependents receiving compensation arid those involved in the vocational rehabilitation program are not eligible for deferments. He said students now taking adva>.tage of the 60-day defer ment for Qtr. 1 should be reminded that Nov. 23 is the deadline for fee payment without penalty and Nov. 30 is the deadline for late payment in cluding a $25 late charge. JETT STRESSED that failure to pay fees by Nov. 30 will result in cancellation of registration without written notice. Also; Jett said, the VA-will be notified and could require the student to reimburse the VA for benefits received during Qtr 1. Jett recomrriended that eligible students use their November checks to pay the Qtr. 1 fee . TIME 1Magazine ; reports: i "Gallds Pink Chablis f; recently triumphed 1 ouer ten costl1'er f competitors in a blind 1 tasting among a m cAuro11.NiA I panel ofwine:frtdustry P '-ch b1 executives PINK CHABLIS Mort thiin a Rosi, our a 1s 1s a capht1aliftf ; combining the delicate. fragrance of a suptrior Rosi t in Los .U tlit crisp character of a fine Chablis. This wint Oii 1: most dtlightful creations. Made. and botlltd al tht ; (,QJJo Vineyards in Modesto, Calif. Alcohol 12% I f Time Magazine November 27. 1972 page 81. -:;'-:' p More than a Rose PINK CHABLIS of CALIFORNIA-Gallo Vineyards, Modesto, California


( t: 1.4 A S S I I .. I H II A II S ) THE ORACLE -November 1, 1973 { HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED I ( AUTOMOTIVE ) I MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part lime employment taking Inventory in drug, grocery, and variety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner SI. Suite 208 Phone 879-3876. GIRLS-Eun Extra Money In Your Spare Time And Gain Valuable Experience As A Model. Free-Lance Glamor Phohigrapher Needs Models For Part-Time Work. Experience Or Perfect Figura Not Essential. Call Sue For An Appt. 9 lo 5 248112 Male--Female DRIVERS wanted to sell ice creaM. Part. time. lull time openings. No experience needed. Will train. C .ircus Man Ice Cream 87. 6-5263. ATTRACTIVE females needed for pert-time help In clotfllng store. Experience In retell selllng helpful but not abaolutely necessary. PIHse call 933-3751. MALE lifeguards needed-day and evening duty hours available. Tampa YMCA Downlown. Must have current cer tification; then call 229. UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection In Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. Natural, etc. Survival Book-ks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days week 11-7:JO p.m. SALES-Men's Sportswear. Need two sharp people to work 25 hrs. per week In new men's store. Salary plus comm. Close to campus. Call Randy Hinder! for Interview 977-0800. JOB opportunity for on-campus stuHnt interested in astrology. II you need extra cash send your name, birthdate, yezr, place and hour of birth to "Campus Astrology," Box 397, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 57401. No lees, this Is a bonallde job offer. EXPERT Typi>I Speclallrlng In Turabian Term Papers, Theses, Dissertations & Reports. Quick Service. 5 minutes from campus. Call Janie Odom, 988-2161. FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. ser vice in most instances. l min. from USF. Between 8:30 and 5 :00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. Alter 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Lir. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon ribbon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. S min. from USF. Nina Schiro, 9712139. II no answer, 235 3261. TYPING: Accurate and fast. Turablan, term Dapers, Theses, resumes,wffklv assignments. Close to USF. Call Lucy Wiison 988-0836 BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE I MILE FROM CAMPUS: work d by U .c. English graduate. 0Vernl1ht service available. Call '71-036 EXTRAORDINARY TYPIST 5 plus years of Quality term peper1-dlssertat1ons-statlsflcI Clata-theslsTurabian-USF-Campbell-IBM Selectric, carbon ribbon, 4 type styles, plcaReterences on request. Call Gloria "4-1969 TYPING Books, Theses, Reports Call: 877-5554 STUDENT Movers, furniture moving, hauling, odd jobs. Call Ray or Elaine 4 to 7 p.m. Mon. lhru Sun. 949-5247. CAMPUS ART SERVICE GRAPHS-CHARTS-LOGOS LETTERHEADS BROCHURES NEWSPAPER LAYOUTS-HANDBILLS Call Mel Johnson 971-2634 alter 6 p.m. [ MISC. FOR SALE ) ( PERSONAL ) CLOSEOUT on knit men's pants, some ..... slightly lrregular. Only S6.50-pelr Call I WILL consider solving your problem or between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday end Wed-answering your question, be It personal, nesday only tor Information 876-1908. professional, or metaphysical. For frH estimate Cell 9U-9330 10-SPEED Schwinn varsity, excellent condition, Call 988-2002 evenings. AKAi. Sony, Panasonic, Scott, Kenwood, Electrovoice. Electrophonic stereos, reel to reel, cassette recorder players, record changers: speakers. wholesale or less Some siightly damaged. 626-1314. SACRIFICE. Complete set Encyclopedia Britannica never used. C..ost S6SO will sell tor 5250. Call anytime. 2515029. WE HAVE denims in regular and bells and cords in bells. Also boots, shirts & western hats. Only 10 min. from campus. Bermax Western Wear 8702 Nebraska. ,. I TV, RADIO, STEREO I ... 100 WT Reali>lic speakers with Sony unit. S200.00 or best offer! See Pal, 1024 Fon tana. ( MUSICAL ) GUITAR STRINGS Lowe>! prices In Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Survival Bookworks, 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11-7:30 p.m. c FOR RENT ) LA MANCHA DOS, Tampa's only student apt. Complex. S12-90 per month. I block from campus on 42nd SI. 971-0100 MALE roommate-own a big room In a nice two bedroom mobile home. Central air, S min. to USF Pool, laundry facilities. All Seo a month for more In formation call 9718808. NEAR USF 8x41' 2 bdrm. furnis hed shag carpeting, S 120 per month, utilitit"s Included. 13618 21st SI Manager next door. 253-3870. COLONIAL GARDENS We have swimming pool, laundry facllltles and roe room. 2 BR furnished or unfurnished apts. Include large storage room & AC Phone 971-4977. SUBLET One Bedroom Furnished Aputmnl. Pool, air conditioning, tennis court. Sl23 per month Call 977-05U. BRAND NEW 2 bedroom unlurnl1hed duplexes, 6 minutes from USF. Occupncy on or about Nov. 1. USS a month, gubge and waler included. Cll 915-1126 ABORTION Is .. 1e. AbOrtlon Is legal In Clearwater. Call toll free for Information. Dial 1-800-432-3753. DATING: Computer-style. Complete in formatton, application-write New Friends. P.O. Box 22693P Tampa, Florida 33622. FOR THE BIGGEST leather bargain In town see the Crall bags of leather at Crafts Unlimited. As low as 69 cents per pound. Two locations for your convenience. 4948 Busch Plaza; 4041 Henderson Blvd. "Laceable Leather" was designed with you in mind. EMERGEN<:Y! Psych major needs In troduction Psychology Today Text and complementing study guide. Contact Gary at Beta 114. WANTED: One member Royal Geographic Society, London for show and tell. Call 813 898-0891. 9.5 p.m. daily. NEBHASKA AT FOWLEH 971-0007 Oral Generation Plus Two For The Monev Both Color, X Midnight Shows Fri. & Sat. (:ont. Shows from 11 :4.) 67 DODGE Van equipped for camping. Sun roof, stereo. carpet, paneling. Runs per fect. Must see to believe. Call Fred 977. 1170. Best offer. 1968' VOLKSWAGEN Beetle. Good condition, AM and heater. Black vinyl interior, stick shill, great as a second car or for school. Call and make an offer 971. 4977. APTS. & HOUSES TO SHARE I QUIET live-In rent payer needed. S65. 9888594 Mike or Joe f'EMALE roommate have your own room In a two bedroom apartment. Very nice, close to USF and Inexpensive. Corner of 15th and 131st. Call soon 935-1257 for more Info. ( REAL ESTATE ) SPLIT bedroom arraf19811'1ent. Great J bedrMm home with panelled klq.llie mastr bedroom. Large kftdlen with breakfast arH. Fully carpeted living reom with brHkfast area. Full carpeted living room with lovely bay window. Central heat and air. Garage. Sidewalks. A GrHt Buy! FHA-VA Financing available. Upper 20's. Call tor appt. Pauline Ferraro, Assoc. Coyle Realty. Res: an-4922. Ofl:l77-t227 MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS I 1973 750 YAMAHA S1430. Two months old. Call 833-8171 days. 70 YAMAHA 360 Motorcross-Excelleftt condition. Must sell; l"m dflperate. No rHsonble otter refused. $400 or best otter. cau 974-2271. Ask tor Roy. The Underground Railroad Petition Drive Is Still On Petitions are available in UC 156 Join The Fight Against Cultural Discrimination paid for by the Committee for Fairness In Programming I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --------.. of :Sandwich I I I I I I WHERE BE'ITER GIANT SANDWICHES 1 1 ARE MADE! 1 2.124 E. Fletcher Sun. thru Thur. 8 11 I _& SaL -12 I FREE Pepsi with every $1.00 order with this ad. I I Limit 1 per.,. customer I --------------------: SUPPL y LIMITED I I I I BOB DYLAN'S I I 11T LA'' I I I I I REGULAR PRICE $3.95 I I WITH COUPON 960 I I OFFER EXPIRES : I I I I I I I : I 9353 FLORILAND MALL I -------------------FINE EUROPEAN ROADCARS WHOSE TIME HAS COME AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN COME SEE, COME FEEL, COME DRIVE TWO OF THE FINEST BUILT CARS IN THE WORLD. VOLVO OF TAMPA 7501 N. Dale Mabry Phone: 933-6594 AUTHORIZED SALFS AND SERVICE FOR VOLVO FERRARI AND MASERATI


12-THE ORACLE November l, 1973 SOMETHING FOR YOUR HEAD MOVIES Showings at 7:30 & 10:00 p.m. 75c w/ID Frenzy Sometimes a Great Notion Superfly Learning Tree Lady Sings the Blues : Tuesday Night Specials Elvis on Tour Lectrire-Filn1-Craft-Exhibit White Roots of Peace Thurs., Nov. 28 & 29 in Mall, Ballroom & Gallery NOVEMBER --All concerts begin at 9:00 p.m. Bob Seger and Gravel GYM $2.50 w /ID Nov. 9 Odetta and Bryan Bowers Wed., Nov. 14 TAT Fri., Nov. 16 Empty Keg Sat., Nov. 17 Empty Keg Public $2 Stud en ts $1 Bridge Nov. 8 & 15 CTR 256 Chess Nov. 13 CTR 200 BiUards Nov. 17 UC Gameroom Table-Tennis Nov. 13 UC Ping-Pong Room Entry Blanks in SEAC office CTR 222 $1 Registration Fee SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY TfiURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Craft Shop 4 5 Frenzy Sometimes a Great Notion 18 Superfly Learning Tree DECEMBER 2 FREE HOUR 3 4 5 Lady Sings QUARTER the Blues RING CIRClJS In UC Mall 1 6 2 3 Frenzy LAN 103 Frenzy Bob Seger GYM 9 l0 9:oo p.m. Sometimes Sometimes a Great Notion a Great Notion FAH 101 Odetta and Craft Shop Shop Closes 16 7 Odetta 17 and Bryan Bowers 9:00 p m. Empty Keg Tournament-Billards Superfly 24 Learning Tree 1 Lady Sings the Blues seac


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