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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Fla)
Beeman, Laurel T. ( Editor )
Harris, Andrea ( Managing editor )
Thompson, Sue ( Advertising manager )
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Tampa, FL
University of South Florida
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January 4, 1973
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University of South Florida -- Newspapers ( lcsh )
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The Oracle continues Tampa times (USF Campus edition) and is continued by USF oracle.
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Published history is Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 6, 1966) -- Vol. 23, no. 144 (Oct. 22, 1987)

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Davis: SG Faces Threats Cecil Mackey I fri -day's BY SANDRA WRIGHT Assistant News Editor SG Pres. Bill Davis yesterday said USF Pres. Cecil Mackey and other administrators have made "repeated and clearly aggressive moves against SG as an in stitution" and are attempting to undermine its power on campus. "Students need a way to bargain collectively, so to speak," Davis said. DAVIS SAID administrators, particularly Mackey and Vice Pres. for Student Affairs Joe Howell have made "shocking" suggestions he believes would cul SG's power. He cited last summer's eviction of the Student Finance Committee from their office in the Administration building, the administration's refusal to allow SG to appoint all student committee members and the current controversy surrounding administrative reaction to SG's constitution. I ORACLE Nov. 2, 1973 Vot 8, No. 76 12 Pages Bike Path Construction Still A waits State Okay BY EDALCOFF Oracle Staff Writer The State Department of. Transportation it<'h ;1 sil11;ilion wu11ld not prevt :nl. o r deter crime. "It seem s lik e Lhe rcsidenls <1r I.he only ones that can do Dan Walbolt a brntl llH s itu ation," J11dl'I said. "Tile indi v irlual ri:;id(rits got to gel con -llSF VH'l: l'l rPasons a pl<1i11clolhes dorm palrol w o uld l w helful ;ire ( l l to prevf'nt ;1ttacks ;1nrl (21 lo curb drug lraffic Hut Hulpl sl'lid hP had rnnrlucled "fairly c<1rcf11l in vesti1!,atio11s" of dorms anrl f ell heavy drngs tr

2-THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 Saxbe, Jaworski Fill Gap WASHINGTON ( UPI >-Filling the latest breach in his ad-ministration, President Nixon nominated a frequent critic. Sen William B Saxbe, as his fourth attorney general yesterday and announced that Texas attorney Leon Jaworski would be the new Watergate prosecutor. Nixon personally announced his choice of Saxbe, a 57-year-old first-term Ohio Republican who was virtually assured of Senate confirmation He revealed that Jaworski a Democrat, had been chosen by acting Attorney General Robert H Bork Tape Comment WASHINGTON Twenty-two top officials of the scandal-ridden Equity Funding Life Insurance Co. were indicted yesterday on charges on consp i ring to falsify company records in order to swindle investors out of millions .of dollars Among those named in the indictment, which was announced simultaneously in Chicago and Los Angeles, was Stanley Goldblum 46, president of Equity. r Id news W 0 britfs Mafia Doub/ecross NEW YORK WPilTwo reputed Mafia gunmen got their man yesterday Trouble was. they also got themselves Police tell this story : The two alleged gunmen James Gallo and Joseph Conigliaro, forced their way into a car driven by Vincent Ensulo at a Brooklyn gas station. Conigliaro jumped into the front seat on one side, Gallo on the other, pressing Ensulo into the middle After they drove a couple of blocks police said Conigliaro and Gallo drew guns. apparently to "rub out Ensulo, who they claimed owed them money. Ensulo w a s shot in the neck and right shoulder, Conigliaro in the left shoulder and Gallo in the head and left arm. All three were hospitalized Fuel Pinch WPil-The pinch of the fuel shortage sharpened yesterday in the U S and abroad American Airlines announced the immediate cancellation of 33 roundtrip flights daily, and Saudi Arabia became the eighth Arab country to cut off all oil supplies to the Netherlands American's action followed yesterday's announcement by the Air Transport Association that the airline industry as a whole, which buys about 10 billion gallons of jet fuel a year, will try to cut some 300 flights dally from its 14,000-a-day schedule Israel Refusal ( UPl}--Israel refused yesterday to withdraw Its forces from the west bank of the Suez Canal unless Egypt is willing to negotiate face-t-face on the Middle East conflict. Egypt said its troops would force the Israelis off the west bank if necessary. Israeli Premier Golda Meir announced her country's refusal to leave the west bank after a one-hour talk with Nixon Tapes Issue WASHINGTON -Gov. Reubln Askew issued a proclamation ,yesterday declaring an emergency situation resulting from erosion of an area of Satellite Beach in Brevard and Indian River Counties. It makes the area eligible for assistance from state agencies Askew saiC: the condition was brought about by high winds and tides from tropical storm Gilda last month Murder Charge TAMP A

Oracle Photo By Tony Davies THE ORACLE -November 2, 1973 3 Residents Petition BOR For Visitatio n Extensions Eleven hundred USF residents have signed a petition requesting the Board of Regents

4-THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 Leave Your Pet Pooch At Home Man's best friend, no matter how loyal or adorable, doesn't belong on the University True, it is hard to find a more suitable environment to exercise a dog, but the reasons for restricting dogs far outnumber any which sanction letting them run free. HEAL TH AND sanitation are obvious concerns. A dog should never be left tied up running loose can spread di'sease: However, it is ag?inst Florida law to permit any dog with contagious or infectious disease to run at large. No one may. abandon a maimed, sick, infirm or diseased animal either under state law. The presence of dogs on campus brings on personal safety hazards also. Three people have been bitten by dogs here in the last three weeks. Such casualti_es happen at all hours and aren't always provoked. Campus visitors, such as the school children who .come for the planetarium shows are also endangered. Loose dogs are subjected to injury and cruelty. In addition to being. struck by cars, dogs can cause automobile accidents. PERHAPS THE most inconsiderate violation is when students and faculty let their dogs distract a guide dog. Guide dogs are the only type permitted by University policy to be on campus. A blind student faces a severe peril if the guide dog is attacked or annoyed by another dog. Physical injury to the student and dog is possible. People with allergies and fears of dogs are also irritated. The Hillsborough County Rabies Control Center says dogs running at large can be impounded by their department and held at the owner's expense for $4 for the impounding fee plus $1 per day for five days. If the dog was not previously tagged, there would be an additional cost of $7 for in).. "\,I _..;.: --1 ) noculation and tag. Dog lovers and owners should be more considerate of other people and their dog's safety. The animals should be cared for and left at home. Remember The Prisoners In The Dorms Editor: In case anyone is interested, I'm a prisoner on the fourth floor of Beta Hall. I'm confined to a wheelchair, you see and the elevator is, as usual, out of order. I like to amuse myself by listening to my stereo, but when ever the elevator goes out Cat least once a day when it's working> it usually blows a fuse in my receiver and I'm reduced to having long rap sessions with the janitor The janitor is actually a very in teresting dude; having been here for 15 years, he can actually reipember times when the elevator worked for as long as three days at a stretch! He was telling me about a time back in '67 when the maintainance people fixed the elevator so the campus police could make a pot bust up here on old Beta 4-West. I TRYED burning incense two weeks ago and it worked the fuzz had the elevator fixed so they could come up and bust me, but all they found were roaches. Real roaches, that is; the cleaning ladies have refused to walk up the four flights any more. Anyway, that night I go to eat at Saga, but when I got back the elvator was you guessed it. I locked up my wheelchair and crawled up to my room. I hope my chair is still there, but of course, there's no way for me to know. Well, that's the way things have been for:_ the past two weeks At first I had This public document was promulgated at an annual cost of $1-18,696..15 or 9c per copy, to disseminate news to the students, staff and faculty of the University of South Florida. enoug_h money to order an occasional pizza, but my bread ran out three days ago. Things aren't so bad; the guy across the hall gives me the crumbs from the cookies his mother sent him and if I can resist eating them right away, I can add a few roaches to my diet. If I can devise a way to sneak up on him in a wheelchair, I'm gonna steal the next box. I FEEL so insecure. I enjoyed "Clockwork Orange" because I wasn't crippled at the time, but I can't seem to forget that guy in the wheelchair now. I have these recurring dreams of being raped, too. Since those girls in Gamma were raped they put a guard at the door, but Beta isn't guarded, and I'd just be helpless if a girl tried to rape me (the room number is 418, gals). Actually, I suppose I'm safe since a few fafag, uh, fellows (excuse my typewriter ; it has a lisp), in Beta still haven't signed up for visitation. I guess I don't have long to live. Of course, there were those promises of a new elevator, but the janitor said they make those promises every year at Focus. When I die, I'm gonna be on my feet again haunting Beta's elevator. I can't wait to get stuck in it with one of those foxy women who always visit 3-East. That will b-excuse me folks; I hear the guy across the hall opening a box of cookies ... .... .. John McKenney Miss Uhuru (letters) Uhuru possesses a radiant beauty, however beauty will not be the basis of the event. The selection of Miss America is a beauty contest, but the selection of Miss Uhuru is cultural competition. We are trying to define ourselves in terms of our characteristics, our values, our strengths and our weaknesses as a unique people. Therefore, we are straying from the western values of emphasizing beauty in long hair and light eyes. We are beautiful but realizing it through culture. Miss Uhuru '73 Refugee Plight Editor: In regard to the letter written by Art Piakowsky Cthe Oracle, Oct. 25), I am compelled to write a letter to explain the true plight of the Palestinian refugees. Piakowsky said that the Israelis were more than happy to allow Palestinian refugees to leave Israel but that un fortunately, "friendly neighbors such as Egypt and Syria refused to accept them." How can anyone expect the Arab states to officially accept Israelicreated refugees? The Arabs did not create refugees Israel did when the Editor: Jews took over Palestine in 1948 and The refugee problem would not exist if Israel had not illegally and immorally imposed its territorial aggressions on the Palestinian people The Israelis would like nothing more than to get rid of the refugee problem, as indeed all refugees are an ugly problem for any aggressive nation. But this would be too much to ask of any Arab state. For the Arab nations to accept the refugees would be traitorous to the cause of Arab liberty The ac ceptance of the refugees would give Israel relief from domestic problems of its own creation and would, in essence, legitimize the existence of the State of Israel. How can anyone expect the Arabs to recognize a country which was, in fact founded on land stolen from the Arabs and given to the Jews by the U.N. because they supposedly had biblical claims to it? The Arabs can not and will not accept this until Israeli aggression is stopped in the Middle East. Lynn Jones ( policy] The Oracle welcomes letters to the editor on all topics. All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. Relevant to the article printed in expanded in 1967. Letters should be typewritten Oracle, I would like to The refugees want their own an-triple spaced. The editor respond in the form of a correction. cestral homeland back. Why should reserves the right to edit or Even though beauty is relevant and they settle for an adopted land? Their shorten letters. Letters prevalent in the Miss Uhuru roots are deeply embedded in Palestine Pageant is not a beauty contest, but a but, as we can see, the Palestinians are received by noon will be con-cultural event. I do feel that each of the refugees in their own country the sidered for publication the ladies who vie for the title of Miss country now called Israel. following day. BIBIBllMlllM!IBll!81 iiLllii Iii iii .. I .. frday's LAURELT.BEEMAN ANDREA HARRIS SUE THOMPSON @ ORACLE ..\'P..\ Pa<'tmaktr Award 1967, 1969 ..\CP .-\11-Anuri<'an Sinct 1967 \ 'I ark of Exetllt'tH't' 1972 Editor Managing Editor Advertising Manager CLAUDIA McILWAIN VIVIAN MULEY DA VE MOORMANN News Editor Entertainment Editor Sports Editor PETE DICKS MARILYN M. EVON LEO STALNAKER Makeup Editor Copy Editor Adviser DEADLINES: General news 3 p.m. daily for following day issue. Advertising (with proof) Thursday noon for Tuesday, Friday noon for Wednesday, Monday noon for Thursday, Tuesday noon for Friday Deadlines extended <>ne day without proof. Classified ads taken 8 a.m.-noon two days before publication in person or by mail with payment enclosed. Advertising rates on request, 974-2620, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be submitted to The Oracle in LAN 469 or the suggestion boxes in the Library and UC. 1 r::::m::m:mrnm:: m:11 an 1 "!i-u w


DOONESBURY HAil 1/IE M/6HTY Hl/N,4/VITIES/ YIYll tA ACAPEMIA! \ F!Ne! SeNOHIM JN' R/6111. I l YE55/RI RIGHT f,T AWAY! 11& I VeRY CHECK GOOD/I'll I (3CTON tr1 I by Garry Trudeau YOtlR @IN610 MISS Ya!R 7RAIN, 0AR / HULO? \ ;r SHOt/tPA 56NT 7H /-ITT/.. 1Hl/6 10 0 50{00t.. "' YES? \ JONES HERC. 1 UIA1 IS Jr? AAllllH .. 7HE PEOPL. /31/S/N&55/ 0 "' YGAH? I STEREO WORLD IS ----Crown JBL HarmonKardon Marantz Teac Thorens Ak a i Dual Garrard Cerwin Vega KLH Koss Stradavari Pickeri n g cartr idges Sh ure cartridges Shure microphones C raig Lear Jet Stanton cartridges and most of all-the technical background to explain & match it together! any questions? bring them t o us! S t e r e o World 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 9BU-70 54> Open 9 Lil 9 THE ORACLE -November 2,.1973 5 Student Affairs, Computer Join In Forming Car Pools BY MIKE PIPPIN Oracle Starr Writer Student Affairs and the USF computer are getting together to give students a hand in locating and forming car pools The aid is. in the form of computer printouts containing students' addresses categorized by zip code and college. ACCORDING to Dr. Margaret Fisher, assistant to the vice president for Student Affai rs the computer runs are separated by zip code so students w i shing to form car pools will have a reference source of students living in the same general area. She said she feels students will find it easy to coordinate rides and class schedules because the names are also divided by colleges. Students can find the in formation i n the advising office of each college from today until the end of the first week of Qtr. 2 The computer run for the College of Natural Sciences is located in SCA 248. FISHER emphasized that organizing t he car pools will be Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S INTERIORS 1'12 W PLAn Ph. :t58 2131 the responsibility of the students. Student Affairs will help in di vi dua 11 y any students with extreme cases who are unable to find rides such as inner city and rural students Another help to commuters is the ride board in the UC basement. At present there are plans to establish a board in each college and the library, said Dr. Charles Hewitt, assistant to the vice president of Student Affairs. In addition, information booths will be set up around campus during registration to help students with commuter problems Hewitt said ,M-0 DISCOTHEQUE 2950 w. HILLSBORO A VE. FREE DRINK WITH COUPON ARTIST SERIES FRI. NOVEMBER 2 8:30pm "MAHABHARATA" SAT, NOVEMBER 3 8:30pm "RAMAYANA" U NIVE R S ITY THEATRE $4.00 U S F FULLTIME STUDENTS $2.00 T I C KETS ON SALE NOW! WEEKDAY S-THEATRE BOX OFFICE


6 -THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 of Youth' Exploits Marijuana A 1935 "daring" classic film exploiting the "killer weed" will be the main feature of Head Theatre this weekend Assassin of Youth to be s hown today a nd Saturday at midnight in LAN 103, tells "the true lif e story of a young te e nage girl who gets taken away by the thrills of wild parties, unleashed passion and weird orgie s She finds herself entangl e d with raving mad marijuana addicts with no way out. Then she meets a reporter who like superman, cleans up the scourge of the neighborhood .'' I Admission is $1. Music Department Lists Concert Schedule A major calendar of events has been scheduled by the Music Arts Department for the remainder of the fall quarter. On Nov 6 will be EventComplex Number Four, an evening of films, electronic music and graphic and systems art. It will be in the University Theatre at 8 : 30 p.m. NOV. 8 will feature the USF Student Orchestra and soloists in concert in the Theatre at 8:30 p .m. A Series on Traditional Con temporary and Experimental Mus!c will be presented Nov. 8 through 11. The USF Faculty String Quartet and Faculty Woodwind Quartet will perform Nov. 9 at 8 : 30 p.m. in the Theatre. Miss Uhuru Selection Saturday Nine black womeri are vying for the title in the fourth annual Miss Black Uhuru contest, a cultural beauty and talent competition for black women students at USF. Talent night will be held today at 8 p.m. in the UC. The African ball will be held Saturday at 7:30 p.m. with the coronation at 9 p.m. in the UC Ballroom. Admission to the ball is -$1. Hitchcock Film Shown This Weekend Alfred Hitchcock expfoits the trickle of fear that lies in every man's soul in his film "Frenzy." This tidy little tidbit of organized perversion, presented by SEAC, yields a villain who picks his teeth with a diamond tooth pick on one hand and strangles ladies with his necktie on the other. The film will be shown Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 and 10 p.m: in LAN 103. Admission is 75 cents. '., (musit) ON NOV. IO the USF Faculty Chamber Players will appear in the Theatre at 8 : 30 p .m Sherrie Rosenfeld will be featured on the viola in a Student Recital (Junior) Nov 16 at 2 p.m in FAH 101. On Nov. 19 the USF Band will give a concert in McKay Auditorium at 8:30 p.m. THERE WILL be a Phi Mu Alpha recital Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. in FAH 101. Nov 20 will feature James Ryon on the oboe as part of the Faculty Recital Series at 8:30 p.m. in FAH 101. A Senior Recital featuring Linda Evans will occur Nov 25 at 3 p.m. in FAH 101. NOV. 27 will feature the University Camarata as part of LAN 103 Nov. 2,3,4 EASY TRAILS the Humanities Program, with Dr Michael Rose conductor Gloryann Warner will be spotlighted on piano Nov. 28 iri a Junior Recital at 2 p .m in FAH 101. A Percussion and Marimba Ensemble Concert is scheduled for 8:30 p.m Nov. 29 in FAH 101. ANOTHER Junior Recital is set for Nov. 30, featuring voice students of Annamary Dickey at 2 p .m in FAH 101. Also on Nov. 30 will be a Senior Recital by Timothy Anderson on cello at 8 :30 p m in FAH 101. Concluding the day will be a Madrigal Dinner in the UC Ballroom The Madrigal Dinner will be repeated there Dec.I. DEC. 2 will feature another in the Faculty Recital Series at 8:30 p.m. in FAH 101. Featured will be Pellets for Bean Bag Chairs CONEY'S IN fERIORS 1412 W. Platt Ph. '!58-2\31 7:30 10:00 Annetta Monroe, voice and Averill Summer, piano. Senior Mary Ann Codere will h a ve a recital on Dec 3 at 2 p.m in FAH 101. Dec 4 will feature a Choral Concert at 8 :30 p .m in the Theatre. Concluding the quarter will be a Student Recital featuring the students of Jerzy Kosmala at 2 p .m. in FAH 101. Seniors, Master Candidates: Reservations being taken NOW for portrait sittings for the 1974 USF Senior Directory Ca/1974-2617 or visit LAN 472 to make your reservation NOW for Sittings Nov. 13-16 NO CHARGE FOR SITTINGS OUTFITTERS FOR: The Directory will be inserted during Quarter 111 as a free supplement ... to the Oracle t Quality Camping of 8711 N. 40th Street FLORIDA TRAILS Tampa, Florida 33604 ASSOCIATION, l'NC. TELEPHONE (813) 988-0045 Backpacking Canoeing Camping N Specializing In LIGHTWEIGHT Sleeping Bags, Back Packs, Tents, Stoves, Coolers, Etc. WE ALSO CARRY CAMP TRAILS, OPTIMUS, WHITE STAG EUREKA, WENZEL, MOUNTAIN HOUSE, COUGHLAN'S, TRUE TEMPER, ESTWING CUTTER, COLEMAN AND OTHERS.


THE ORACLE-November 2, 1973 Horror Flicks Halloween horrors didn't end this year with the passing of Oct. 31 because the Midnight Madness series is presenting two fear flicks today and Saturday at midnight in the ENA. Boris Karloff teams with Bela Lugosi, the most "terror-ific" tag team of the cinema, to star in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat." It features a monsterous mixture of necrophilia, sadism and satanism. Then, it's wedding bells for the Frankenstein monster as Karloff stars with Elsa Lanchester in "The Bride of Frankenstein." Admission is $1. Kathe Kollwitz Art Displayed DUPRE AUTO SALES An important selection of 52 graphics works by Ka the Kollwitz (1867-1945), one of the most important female graphics arti s t s of the 20th Century, will be s hown for the first time in the southeastern Uni l e d States through Dec. 14 in the USF TU highlites TODAY 1 a .m., Ch. 8 -Midnight Special featuring Chuck Berry, Fleetwood Mac, Muddy Waters and the Edgar Winter Group. SATURDAY 2 p .m., Ch. 44 Movie Lon Chaney, Jr. as "Th e Son of Dracula." 4 p.m .. C h 44 Mov i e -Marlon Brando in "The \.Vild One." 11:30 p.m., Ch. 44 Movies -Boris Karloff in the original "Frankenstein and Lorr Chaney. Jr. in "Dead Man' s Eyes." 11:30 p m ., C h 1 3 Movie -Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor in "Suddenly Summer." SUNDAY 10 a.m., C h 44 Movie "Abbot and Costello Meet the Invisible Man." Noon, C h 44 Movie Dead Men T e ll," a C harlie C h a n thriller. 1 p.m., C h 13 -Football Los PBS Series Pays Tribute To Film Directors Eight great American film directors will b e featured on a series of PBS programs begin nin g S unday at 7 : :io p m o n C h. :i "Th e Men Who Made The Mov ies," made possibl e by a grant from th e Eastman Kodak Company, wil l take a l ook a t l.lw f ilms C1nd cC1rcc r s of t hese Hollywood direct o r s : J{aoul Wal s h Frank Capra. Howard Hawk es, Kin g V i dor. c;eorge \:ukor, William W e llman. /\lfred Hitch cock and Vincente Minnelli. The s how s arc produced h y commentator J{ichard Schic ke l of WNETTV, NC'w York. V f -.. ( ,-\:::\ ,/'. I \ I ) ,. .. ... dl s /J, .. rAhere. But you must do one. That's the new rule. You can do both. Doing both things would be good but you must do one or the other. There's no getting around it. It's the new rule. It was on the news the other night, maybe you missed it. But nonetheless, it's the new rule. And you have to obey it. Presents 2 GREAT HORROR FILMS OF THE 30's J THE BLACK CAT (1934) BRIDE OF \.,FRANKENSTEIN (1935) NOV. 2, SATURDAY NOV. 3, MIDNIGHT ENA $1.00 7


8 -THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 Brahmans Face South's Finest BY DAVE MOOR MANN Oracle Sports Editor If St. Louis was a crucial game for USF last week, then the Clemson contest Sunday is even more so Ranked first in the South, just ahead of the Brahmans, and sixth in the nation, a Clemson loss would mean significantly more than USF's ninth win "I WOULD think it'd certainly make us number one in the South and pop us int9 the top 10 in the nation," explained Coach Dan Holcomb. "It's definitely one of the most important s e asonal games in our nine years of soc cer." A triumph would mark the Brahmans' second climb in the rankings in as many weeks With its 2-1 setback to St. Louis, USF moved up a notch both in the nation and the South Practice this week interrupted by a 6-0 shellacking of Tampa Tuesday, has gone well according to Holcomb. "WE om some s hooting and hindsight BY ALAN HINDS Oracle Sports Writer It is several weeks before the bowl speculation begins in earnest, however here are some early prognostications on perhaps which wlll the holiday bowl hurrahs and where they wi:l play: Orange -Alabama vs. Notre Dame; Rose Ohio State vs. UCLA ; Sugar Penn State vs. LSU; Cotton -Texas vs. Nebraska; Gator Tennessee vs. Houston; Astro -Texas Tech vs. Missouri : Liberty Auburn vs. Kansas; Peach -Tulane vs. N. Carolina State; Fiesta Arizona State vs. Colorado; Sun Oklahoma State vs. SMU; Tangerine Richmond vs. Miami, Ohio Some games that will provide a clearer focus on this forecast are included below. RECORD 27 Wins 21 Losses 2 Ties AUBURN OVER FLORIDA -The Gators, having two weeks to prepare for this game, are similar to the Egyptian army having six years to get ready for a war. Both continue to have sand kicked in their faces. LSU OVER OLE MISS -Last year the Rebels had the Tigers beat until what many considered a slow moving Baton Rouge clock enabled LSU t9 win on the last play of the game. The 7th rated Tigers will find Jackson to be in a different time zone and the Rebels primed fo:an upset. HARVARD OVER PENN Some folks can't get too excited about the Ivy League. TULANE OVER KENTUCKY The Wildcats are no longer just a nother team on the schedule. As Alabama and LSU found out, they pose a real threat to an unbeaten team. Rated 14th in the nation, undefeated Tulane could be headed toward a Lexington loss NEBRASKA OVER COLORADOIt' s only a home field advantage that separates these two teams. It should be a move up for 13th ranked Nebraska and a week of hiding out of the top 20 for the Buffaloes ARKANSAS OVER TEXAS A&M Both teams are just average though the Aggies are an interesting group. Their lineup includes so many freshmen that they are either building for the future or are a test case for the Child Labor laws. It will not be the Children's Hour at Fayetteville. N.C STATE OVER SO. CAROLINA-There will be no lack of of fensive excitement at Columbia. A loss for either team would diminish some bowl conversation and the Wolfpat:k have more to lose. Chances are they will not be the onf'.s redeyed undrr a Carolina moon PENN STATE OVER MARYLAND -If the Terrapins had the schedule of .Penn State they'd .:bly be undefe&ted also Just how deserving the Nittany Lions are of their top ten ranking will be demor.strated at College Park. TEXAS OVER SMU-The Mustangs are perhaps the only team left w ith a chance to derail the 20th rated Longhorns from their sixth straight SWC title But they will need a G. Gordon Liddy d e fense That's o ne de s igned to stop leaks (as in fullback Roose velt). OKLAHOMA STATE O VER KAN SAS Almost a s often a s the Cowboys choose to run, Kansas will go to th e air. Th e b owl folks 'like the flashy offense of the David Jaynes led Jayhaw ks but probably not as much after the weekend ................ in one form or another. Two of the more noticeable names on Sunday's roster will be Tom Steinbreche r, out of action for nearly a month, and Larry Hyrne who was rested for the Tampa game. Of immediate concern lo the team is goalie Dave Dolphus who "has come down with some sort of flu," according to Holcomb Yet the Brahman boss is "hoping he'll have r ecovere d by Sunday SINCE taking over for Stein brecher five and a half games ago, the St. Louis first-year player has surre ndered just four goals. Clemson 10-0 afte r its latest victory, a 2 blanking of Duke, is somewhat of a mystery team to Holcomb "I haven't seen them but I know they have a lot of new players, he said of the Tigers who battled USF to a 1-1 tie here TBRC Presents 1Rallye America' Tomorrow's "Rallye America" sponsored by Tampa Bay Rallye Club will have USF associate professor Charles Smith as one of its producers. Advisor for the club's USF branch, Smith will be joined by Dave Parker as event rallyemaster. Registration begins at 7 p .m. at the Britton Plaza Woolco sign, located at 4620 South Dale Mabry. First car is scheduled to leave at 7 :4'7 p m. The rallye, offering trophy cups to the first three teams and dash plaques to all cars, features free beer at rallye' s end Needed for entrance into the ev ent is a flashlight pencil clipboard and $2.50 for club members, $3.50 for people of any other car club and $4 for all others. For more inform a ti on call Smith at 977-0058 <974-2433) or Parker at 971-5398. last year. "If their pla yers from Guinea play lik e I think they do Clemson will play somewhat like Howard IF SO, th a t spells trouble for USF Quick m o ving Howard was 1971 NCAA champs, and is currently tied for third in the South The key to a USF triumph this weekend is its potent offense, effectively shut off in its Ione setback to St. Louis In nine contests the Brahmans have a v eraged better than four goals a game their smallest winning total being three. They've also outscored their opponents 41-6. Leading the scoring parade is freshman Mike Knott. Knott needs just three goals lo eclipse the all-lime lJSF scoring mark establi s hed by Phil Vitale in 1966 and tied by Greg McEvoy the following season THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT meets every Friday at 4pm in UC 158 Each College Council is expected to send a representative ( you, too Marty Z.) paid for by Student Government "WELCOME STUDENTS" COME BY & ADOPT-A-PLANT FROM THE "BOUTIQUE PLANT ADOPTION CENTER" .; /\\ va G\'1 .. \\o A l/Ii NEW SHIPMENT OF CACTI, TERRARIUM PLANTS, CLAY POTS AND HANGING BASKETS. OPEN 6 DAYS, 8:30-6 CLOSED WEDNESDAYS ALL PLANTS GROWN WITH T.L.C. FREE COKES TO ALL (BY THE WAY. OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST IN TOWN!) CORNER OF 56th ST. & l27th AVE. BETWEEN FLETCHER & FOWLER 988-3923 wants to invite anybody and everybody who has any question about audio or recording techniques lo visit us and get a complete and detailed explanation of all technical aspects of audio. We want you to know what it is before you buy it! Please -Bring your questions to us, our people have the technical background to answer any question concerning audio! (Incidentally the free "Harmon Kardon" offer is still open -as no challengers have succeeded -, just exceed the FREQUENCY RESPONSE & DISTORTION LEVELS WITH ANY RECEIVER SPEC.) WE LOVE YOU STEREO WORLD 4812 E. Busch Blvd. 988-7059 open 9 to 9


Baseball's Best Oracle Photo by Lorna Ellis THE ORA.ClLE November 2, U73 ,.----tntramurals ------.. Penthouse Tie NFC Primos tarnished Penthouse's previously unbeaten-untied record with a third quarter score and a 7-7 tie. Penthouse 4 0-1, Fae Chugers 5-1-0, Primos 4-1-1, AWBG 4-2-0, Black Soul 4 2-0, 7-Up 2-3 0 Us 2-4-0, FBT 1 -5-0 AFC CFL While the Bosco Nips I kept a half game ahead of the Losers, Live Bait took the Dead Heads out of the running with a 0-0 tie. Bosco Nips I 6-0-0, Losers 5-0-0, Dead Heads 3-2-1, Who Cares 3-2-0, Dark Eyad Woman 2 2-1, Live Bait 2 2-2, Undesirables 3-4-0, Olldballs 1-0 FHAL USF Pres. Cecil Mackey presents Mike Campbell (middle) and Don Ellison (right) with their certificates for being named to the 1973 All-District baseball team in a ceremony yesterday. Camp bell's .439 batting average last season was fourth in the country while Ellison placed 40th in the nation with a .393. Chimps II also came close to having their perfect slate dented, but relied on a third quarter touchdown to escape Fungi. Chimps II 6 -0-0, Docs S-0-0, US Warriors 4-2 o Student Ace 3-1-0, BCMJ-3-1, Fun Bros. 2 -4-0, Fungi 2-4-0, Delta Sig 1 -4-1 With a one-gai:he ead over runner-up Foxes, Zoo has only to conquer three teams who have a 5-6-2 composite mark. Zoo 5-0-0 Foxes 4-1-0, Unknowns 3-1-1, Mass confusion 2-1-1, Teken Heat 2-2-0, Smashers 2-3-0, Heads 1-2-0, Very Dangerous 0-4-0, PFG 0-5-0 Bowlers Mark Even After Two Matches Members of Joanne Young's mail-a-graphic bowling team are learning that waiting for the mail to come in can be more nerve r acki ng than competitive bowling. After two weeks of play in the Suncoast Women's In tercollegia le Athletic League, yesterday's mail delivery left the Brahmisses saddled with a 1-1 record. Though the Brahmisses fell 322 pins short of winner St. Petersburg Junior College in Swim Called Off Because of the Florida Athlet i c Coaches Assoc i ation swimming clinic. intramural director Andy Honker said today' s recreational swim schedul e d for 2-3 p.m. in th e Natatorium ha s been canc e led their first match, USF evened its record against St. Leo College by a 360 pin bulge in the second week of competition. Rose Busciglio had the high se ries for USF both times, rolling a 476 and a 459. This week the Brahmisses are bowling against the University of Tampa. Dr. Harvey Nelson of International Studies will meet at 7:30 pm Wed nesday, November 7 with anyone interested in China, ancient or modern. Details of place from history department ( SOC 260 ) or Dr. Wrong (SOC 245) v QJ ro c UJ c 0 10-4-08-30 SPOON RINGS ByGORHAM YOUR CHOICE s10. LAYAWAY PLAN FOR CHRISTMAS! Gorham's outstanding spoon ring collection offers an unusual piece of jewelry enhanced by t h e elegance of' fine ster l ing silver ffatware. A thoughtful gift what ever occasion. llSI l;UIU101\l S CllNVE'NIENT CRF.DIT T Ef\IVlS Accounts ChJrge P IJns VV1 /\i:1:1pt IL111l.;J'\1111'1 a :.u d n i 1111 r s C l uh Sho ppt'I Ch;ngr M,1' I Charge B 1 011 r:he Arneric11 I\ Express. IN TAMPA SHOP AT GORDON'S: Britton Pl; 1 zc1 Shopping Center Northgate S h oppi1111 C:t!lllt'r Tei 1.1n f'l.11; 1, Tt!111pl e Otlwr Stores in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradt!lllon, P!Lmt City, Sti11ul1, ;111d l..1k e l .111d. Shcip G<)rdon's Co.1st t o Co;ist.


10 -THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 BOR Studies Faculty Evaluation BY CHRISTY BARBEE Oracle Starr Writer A proposal to make student evaluations of faculty members confidential will be considered Monday at the state Board of Regents ' he said. Bedell wrote Davis last week that, "The logic of making student evaluation privileged is to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment to a faculty member" and to prevent a disgruntled faculty member from bringing suit against the State University System. JOHNSON said he would not argue the possible dangers but "We don t consider the potential of embarrassment or lawsuit strong enough to offset the advantages lo both students and the university system." One advantage would be the opportunity for students to preview what other students think of professors, thereby enabling them to make better course selections, Johnson said. The University would benefit by reduced bookkeeping that would result from decreased dropping of cournes, he said. .Johnson said that if the Board of Education does not approve the confidentiality proposal that SG will continue its efforts to have evaluations published. Ilut if the Board approves the policy "you'll hear more from me then," he said PART TIMERS Temporary work, unloading & warehousing materials. Pays $2.00 per hour. There is no job waiting when assigned, you can drive directly from your home. We also have office & clerical assignments. CALL 933-3427 MANPOWER, INC. 1919 E. Busch, Tampa HONDA VILLAGE sales service parts Honda's are our business Our only business State-Wide Meet On Education mo!l. 9 til 9 weekdays 9 til 6 971-8171 Approximately 50 educators from around the state will meet at a conference to be held here Nov. 5 and 6 to discuss career education and its status in the state. The conference, entitled "lmplica tions of Career Education for Teacher Educators," is funded by a $9,300 grant from the State Department of Education. The conference coordinator is Judy Lima, instructor of .adult vocational education here. A discussion of career education in Florida will be presented at 10 a.m. on Nov. 5 by Kenneth Eaddy, bureau chief of vocational research and evaluation for the Department of Education. At 1:30 p.m., Dr. Phillip Fordyce, dean of the College of Education at FSU, will also speak on career education. At 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 6, Hendrix Flood Takes State Job James Flood was named associate director for Personnel and Faculty Relations in the State University System

( 1.4 A S S I H It A It S ) ( HELP WANTED ) SERVICES OFFERED I ( AUTOMOTIVE l MEN or WOMEN wanted for permanent part time employment taking lnventpry In drug, grocery, nd vrlety stores. Reply RGIS Inventory Spec. 5445 Mariner St. Suite 208 Phone 179-3'76. GIRLS-Earn Etr Money In Your S ... re Time Anc! Oln Valuabl Erl1nce As A Model. Fl'ff-Unc Glamor Photogrpher Need1 MOClI For Pert-Time Work. Eperlence Or Perfect Figure Not Euentlal. Call Sue For An Appt. f to s 2481112 Mle-Femal11 DRIVERS wanted to sell ice cream. Prttlme, full time openings. No experience needed. Wiii train. Circus Man Ice Cream 876-5263. ATTRACTIVE female neecMd tor ... rt-time hIP In clothing store. EK119rlence In retail selling helpful but not absolutely necessary. Plnse call fU-3758 MALE lifeguards needed-day and evening duty hours avallable. Tampa YMCADowntown. Must have current cer tlfication; then call 229-6517. UNDERGROUND COMIX Largest selection in Tampa. Zaps, Freak Brothers, Mr. NturI, etc. SurvivI Bookworks. 12303 Nebraska Ave. Open 7 days a week 11.7,30 p.m. SALES-Men's Sportswear. Need two sharp people to work 25 hrs. per week in new men's store. Salary plus comm. Close to campus. Call Randy Hindert for interview 977-0800. JOB opportunity for on-campus student interested in astrology. If you need extra cash send your name, blrthdate, year, place and hour ot to "Campus Astrology," Box 397, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 57401. No fees. this is a bonaflde job offer. JOIN tlle people business. Openings for manager trainffl. We want people who want to grow with us. Ecellent company benefits, 40-hr work -k. salary. Apply In person, 1202 E Fowler Ave FULL OR PART-TIME WORK, I, 6, or 4 hour shifts. Mornings or evenings. General plant labor. CAST-IRON CORPORATION OF FLORIDA. Faulkenburg Road & Hwy. 574 Phone 626-1550 [ MISC. FOR SALE ) 30 I NCH gas range S35 or best offer. Free delivery. 971-2065. FOR SALE-1955 series-Encyclopedia Brltanlca with yearbooks extending to 1'60. In GOOD CONDITION Only 120.001 Call now-988-74'6. 2 blocks east of USF campus. CLOSEOUT on knit men's pants, some slightly Irregular. Only S6.50-palr. Call between s and 7 p.m. Monday and Wed nesday only for Information 876-1908. SACRIFICE. Complete set Encyclopedi1 Britannica never used. Cost S650 will o;('I for S25D. Call anyfirne. 2515029. 10-SPEED Schwinn Varsity, excellent tondltion, Cali 988-2002 evenings. ( MUSICAL l GUITAR STRINGS Lowest pric e s in Tampa. All kinds of musical accessories. Bookworks, 12303 N ebraska Ave Open 7 days a week 11 : JO p m MOTORCYCLES & SCOOTERS J 70 YAMAHA 360 Motorcross-Excellent condition Must sell ; l"m desperate. No reasonable offer refused. scoo or best offer Call 974-2271. Ask for Roy. ( FOR RENT J MALE roommateown a big room in fl nice two bedroom mobile home. Central air, s min. to USF. Pool, laundry facilities. All conve n ience\ seo a month for more Information call 971 -8808. NEAR USF 8x41', 2 bdrm. furnished, shag c.1rp1.'ting, S120 er montt1, utililie!. in clude d 13618 St. M ,1n.19e r next door. '/IJ JRIO c o 1 UNlf\I r;./\Prn=.N s ..,, h.i ./I '/Jlll\llltllll IPlll \ l n11ulf y I.If dlf1f" io H I r o r I 110111 I llP l 111111 l1t d 0 1 1111 fur J11 ,IJ, l l 1 p l 1111 1iJd1 l ,11 111 ,101 HIP 11111111 I'. /\ {. f'llCllH '11 1 I I J ',\Jl\I JI 1l111 fh lt 011111 I 111111 h 1 i1 l\p.11 111111! 1 .... 1 1 1 1 (11111! 1 !1 n 111r H1 l1llfl!\ 'n111 I \JI'' n1l1n ll1 (. .1 I I 'J !I !' I r1 1:,1\ / I { H I\ LI)') T ,1111p.1", i1illll .. 11np 1 1 i '1 1 l .'11d '1 'J/ I ( I I'll : TY PE evervthing-prootreadlnglncluded. Speclali1e In fast service. Maybe same day. Call Linda 977-1903. If no answer call 981-1519 FAST, accurate typing service. 48 hr. service In most instances. 2 min. from USF Between 8:30 and 5:00 call 879-7222 ext. 238. After 6:00 call 988-3435. Ask for Liz. SPECIALIZED TYPIST IBM CORRECTING Selectric, carbon rilibon, pica or elite. Type changes and Greek symbols. All types of work and styles. 5 min. from tlSF. Nina Schiro, 9-712139. If no answer, 235-3261. TYPING: Accurate and last. Tur1blan, term oapers, Theses, resumes.weekly assignments. Close to U .SF. Call Lucy Wiison 9118-0836 BERKELEY TYPING SERVICE 1 MILE FROM CAMPUS: work done by u.c.. English graduate. Overnight servi

12 -THE ORACLE November 2, 1973 CLEP, Cross Registration Scheduled For BOR Vote A statewide uniform policy governing College Level Examination Program :rn-B '\.'.)(> St. 988-:-$896 Tuck e r said a lthough many faculty members hav e c riticized CLEP as tending to low e r academic standards. "people who get good scores on CLEP are the smart ones. But he said faculty members should continue to be concerned with such issues. THE CROSS registration policy is modeled after one now used at USF ailowing Hillsborough Community College students and USF students to cross register at either institution without paying additional fees. The proposed policy would set up a similar arrangement throughout the university system. Also on the BOR agenda is a proposal concerning procedures and regulations to govern faculty evaluations The criteria the proposal recommends to be in evaluation are the standard American Association of University Professors (AAUPl criteria. Other business includes a proposal to require the state to pay costs that could result from a one million dollar lawsuit filed against the BOR and two University of Florida (UFl members by ex-UF professor Dr. Kenneth Megill. Megill filed the suit after he was fired and has claimed his dismissal was a reprisal for his union involvement. rsuK CHU< OUT Tops Jeans RAGE OUS CLOTHES Jersey Dresses $5.00 $8.00 $10.00 $10.00 Knit Sfax Attention Getter Kmart attrncted the at tention of the Halloween Eve twister. Huffin' and puffin', it pulled down both the roof and sign before leaving town. BOB QONNA &LOW you AWA'I \ \ 6 ) ) ) Nov. q lN1HE &Ym t .J.s-o u;ji b 8 Tl C.ILET0 ON SALE Ar DESL HOW STOP IN! Punch and Dip 10 -7 ) )


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